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J, W. B0W1CN, Kililor ami Publisher
MuAUTHUU, Olim - MAY 187!).
o iwiiii imiiMiMu at
j The citzens of Jackson county
are not willing., to surrciulcr
their "Lidiluing , Calculator"
Harvey Wkup. They are con
testing bis election to the ollice
of Delegato to the Constitution
al Convention from Vinton
county. Hakvkv voted in Jack-
snh county in the months ol
January and February, and a
few days after, ho commenced
running for odico in Vinton Co.,
and received more votes than
his opponent j to which the cit
izens of Jackson enter t heir sol
emn protest. Why the Credit
Mobiliers of Vinton county did
not enter their protest, wo are
unable to state, unless it was
because they wanted to secure
some of the "Lightnen Calkela
tor's wealth." Did Harvey dis
tribute any "wealth" among the
Credit Mobiliers of Vinton Co.
to aid in bis election say about
$1,250? How much "wealth"
did: Harvey remove from the
Jackson Nat. Bank, a few days
previous to the election, on the
8th of April? Who can furnish
a list of the names of the indi
viduals who carried the "wealth,'
to the several townships of Vin
ton" county? If these things
are true and correct, then -some
other things are coming to a
pretty pass.
Four hundred dollars per an
num was the stationery bill of
the Legislature of South Caro
lina when that body was com-
posed of some of the most intel
ligent men of the State and
nation. Sixteen thousand dol
lars is the stationery of the
same body when it is made up
of plantation negroes and i
small sprinkle of carpet-bag
gers and a smaller infusion of
respectable white men. JNine
tenths ot the negroes caunot
write, and yet they get their
share of the stationery steal,
and the old white residents of
the State are burdened witli un
Monnow county has all along
been one of those strong Re
publican counties, that it would
have been about as reasonable
to expect water to run up ' hill
as that it would elect a Demo
cratic candidate to any repre
sentative body. Yet at the
late election it elected Judge
Gurley, the Democratic candi
date, to the Constitutional Con
tention by a majority of 188 !
Grant's majority was 508.
We feel like calling for three
cheers ior the gallant Democ
racy and Liberals of Morrow
Ex-Sheriff Grosvexor now
lives in the oldest dwelling
house in Ohio ; we mean that
' venerable old frame, on the
Stockade, once the home of
Gen. Rufus Putnam, and after
wards, for thirty or forty years,
the residence of Judge Nye.
It was part of the fort built in
1790, and is all that is left of
that structure. Across the way
is the Ohio Company's ollice,
long used by Judge Nye as a
law office. It is in good order
yet.- Marietta Register.
John A. CockerIll, Esq., the
managing editor of the Cin
cinnati Enquirer, delivered a
capital response to the senti
ment "The Press," at the ban
quet given in that city, on
Thursday evening, to Judge
Straub, on his retirement from
the bench.
y ; For the first time in twenty
years have the Democrats se
cured a majority in the Con
necticut Legislature. The ma
jority is 11 on joint ballot
The Democrats have a majority
of 12 in the House, and the
Republicans have a majority of
one in tho benate.
We have not seen, in any of
the organs, an authorized state
ment of the- purposes of the
President "to refuso" to receive
the extra one hundred thousand
dollars voted him by the back-pay-stealers.
i. Hon. S. S. Cox has sent his
check to the Treasury of the
United Stales for back pay as
member of Congress. . .'
TlTfJ"'jnU,u i-'iulli .y'r'"""'
1 ,.(.,.
it.;.-. .-VVH Klr-.!' ; . '
Tliis lladical Legislature has cost
the people $15,00 per day for the
past seventeen weeks !
Few people realize how
many acres are unoccupied in
the Great West. There are elev
en Territories, two or three of
which are twicp or three times
as large as all of New England,
and it is n small Territory that
is not at least ten times as large
as Massachusetts.. Colorado is
fourteen times as large as Mass
achusetts, while Dakota and
Arizona are half as large again
as Colorado. The eleven Ter
ritories contain over one billion
and a quarter acres, exceeding
py nearly two hundred thous
and square miles the aggregate
territory of all the present ad
mitted States of the Union.
The Territory of Abaskq, con
tains 369,529,000 acres.
The Logan Republican, says
the following joke is too good
to hold over. .Our Chief of the
Fire Department, last summer,
after an alarm of fire, was ac
costed by a man from the rural
deestricks, "I say, Mister, you
be the engineer, aren't you?"
Our friend Hughes surveyed the
quizzical genius of the farmer
with a senc-comic air and with
a sense of offended dignity re
plied: "Engineer? Why, d n it,
I'm Chief Endneer." The ig-
norant rustic took a large lem
onade with a fly in it, and pur
sued the uneven tenor of his
Nebraska is a nice countrv.
Storms come along in April
and freeze persons te death
within two rods of their homes,
and trains on the Northern Pa
cific Railroad are blocked by
snow-drifts. It is into this
blooming country that Jay
Cook's advertisement invite far
mers who are looking for a for
tile wheat belt.
A number of Toledo, Colum
bus and Lancaster capitalists
have formed a heavy coal com
pany, to oparate in Hocking
county, Ohio. They have 3,000
acres of the best coal lands, and
intend to "lay out" a town.
The project is in the hands of
some of the best solid men of
the three cities.
Mrs. Cherry, of Canal Win
chester, has obtained a verdict
in Franklin Common Pleas, for
5,000, against P. C. & St. L.
R. R., for damages sustained
in the death of her husband,
who was killed while in the
service of the road as brakes
man. This was the second tri
al. Application has been made
to the Post Office Department,
for the establishment of a mail
route from Salt-creek township,
Hocking county, the terminus
of the Adelphi and Saltcreek
pike, Haynes' settlement, via.
South Bloomfield and lies' Mill
to Logan, semi-weekly.
Berks county, Pa., has eigh
teen Odd Fellow lodges with
a membership of 2,855. The
amount paid for relief for the
year ended March 31st last,
was $24,059,07, and the bal
ance in the hands of the treas
urer $72,919, 61..
The Government is collect
ing between eight and nine
millions of dollars a month of
internal revenue about one
hundred millions per year, more
than half of which comes off
the poor.
Political journals through
out the West are quite general
ly pledging themselves to op
pose the re-election of. any
Congressman who voted for the
back salary-steal.
The Grand Lodge of I. O. O.
F. will hold its annual session,
in Zanesville, Ohio on the 13th,
11th 15th inst. ';
Terrible Calamity at Dixon, Ill.
Fall on a Bridge with 200 people—Thirty
two Bodies Recovered-Fifty others
Believed to be under the Ruins.
A terriblo accident involving
a fearful loss of life, occured at
Dixon, Illinois, on last Sunday
afternoon, May 4. Tho rite of
Baptism was being administer
ed to a number of recent con
verts to one of the Baptist
churches, at a point on Rock
River, just below the Trusdell
iron bridge. - About 200 per
sons, including many ladies
and a number of children had
congregated on the bridge to
witness the ceremony. Sud
denly, without warning, the
bridge gave way, and precipita
ted the living freight into the
stream below. The scene
which ensued was indescriba
bly terrible.
Up to G P. M, thirty two
bodies had been taken from the
river, and it is almost certain
that others are still under the
wreck of the bridge. Of those
saved, twenty-lbur were more
or less injured, some fatally.
At midnight several bodies were
reported p icked up at Sterling,
six miles below, and doubtless
the swift current has borne oth
ers farther down the river.
The general estimate of the
number lost, is from ninety to
one hundred. There are sup
posed to be at least fifty bodies
yet unfound ; most of them, it
is thought, are under the wreck
of the bridge. There were a
number of remarkable escapes.
There is so much excitement
and confusion that it is impos
sible to procure more definite
information in regard to the
number lost, but the estimate
given above is believed to be
nearly correct.
Ixaguration of the World's
Fair at Vienna occurred on
Thursday May 1th, by the Em
peror Francis Joseph. Ad
dresses were delivered by the
Arch. Duke Charles, and
Prince Von Auersberg, The
American Department, remains
in confusion, but Minister Jay,
is endeavoring to repair the ef
fects of previous mismanage
ment. A movement has been set on
foot, at Little Rock, Ark., for
Federals and Confederates to
join in the decoration of the
graves of the soldiers of both
sides on the 30th of May. Mc
Pherson Post, N. O. G. A. R.,
will join in the movement, also
some of the most prominent
Confederate officers residing in
Little Rock.
The Legislature to be electee
this fall will choose a Senator
Judge Thurman's time being
out. We are in favor of keep
ing Thurman there. Bingham
is talked of as the Republican
candidate. He took ' Credit
Mobilier stock, and voted for
the back pay and salary steal.
Jaccson Ilerald.
Shellabarcer accepts th
five thousand dollars stolen
from the treasury because "his"
duty to his family required "it"
and also for fear of hurting the
feelings of his associates in
Congress who voted for the
swindle. He also accepts . the
appointment of Civil Service
Wednesday morning, in Union
township, Crawford county,
Indiana, Mrs. Mary T. Scott, a
highly respected lady, taking a
portion of her dress from a
drawer, dislodged her husband's
revolver, which discharged in
falling, and the ball entered
the back part of her head, kill
ing her immediately.
Oxe of the Ashtabula farm
ers writes the Cleveland Her
ald, that "the dissatisfaction
with and the sorrow for the
vote of General Garfield on the
increase of Salaries is almost
universal." '
Illinois local elections in April
resulted, generally, to the sat
isfaction of the Democrats.
The: Credit Mobilier party
labored under great disadvan
tages. There has been a perfect
flood of Democratic victories
throughout tho coountry this
There was held at the Chris
tian Church on Friday night a
union of the Sunday Schools of
MCArtnur. -
Additional Locals.
The Musical find Dramatic en
tertainment given for the benefit of
the M. E. Church, by the Musical
and Dramat'c Association, at the
School IIouso Hall in McArthur, on
Thursday evening lust, was the
grandest and most interesting ever
witnessed in our town. Tho audi
ence, a very large one, were so well
pleased with the music and per
formances that nn attempt will be
made .to have another entertain
ment given on a different pro
gramme during the present month,
so that our country friends and
many who could not attend last
Thursday night, on account of the
inclement state of tho weather, may
have tho pleasure of witnessing it.
All who took part in the performan
ces acquitted themselves with honor.
Aakon Will, President of tho Asso
ciation, deserves the highest praise
for the prcperations bo made for the
success of tho entertainment. The
McArthur Brass Baud enlivened
the occasioned with excellent mu
sic. The opening remarks we're
made by II. W. Coultrap. We are
sony that our limited space this
week prevents the publication of the
programme, in full,
' Mr. Editor: One of the most dis
tressing accidents occurred ill this
neighborhood on the morning of
April 24th. Lewis Shurtz, young
est son of Charles arul Jane Shurtz,
while in a field plowing, fell dead.
He had left tho houso with the
team about 7 o'clock in the morn
ing. It is supposed that ho had
been at work about one hour. It
appeared when he fell that he had
been in the act of removing a small
log off of bis land, as his arm was
partly under the log when he was
discovered, His father and broth
er were absent from homo on that
day. His mother rang the bell for
dinner at 12 o'clock, and after wait
ing sometime for him to return,
went in search of him. He had
probably lain there 4 or 5 hours
and from nil appcarauces,died with
out a struggle.
He was well respected by all who
knew him, being kind and gener
ous. Ho was a member of M. E.
S. A.
SIVERLY, Swan Tp., May 4, '73.
We regret to have to record the
death of Andkew S. IIiggins, of the
late firm of J. A. Martin & Co., of
Zalcski, which occurred at his resi
dence, in that town, from consump
tion, after suffering for several
months, on SuncUry evening, May
3,1873. Mr. IIiggins was born in
Virginia, and came to Zalcski, about
three years ago. He was, for about
two j-ears, Superintendent of the
Eoad Bed of the M. k C. E. It.,
when his health failing him, he re signed
the position. Among all
who knew him he was highly re
spected; and in the social and bus
iness relations of life be was oblig
ing and courteous. He leaves a
wife, an aged father, and many oth
er relatives to mourn his death.
His remains were conveyed to Har
per's Ferry for burial, by the side of
his mother,
A meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of tho M. & C. rail
road was held in Cincinnati on Tues
day, April 29th, The following ap
pointments in the Executive Depart
ment of the road were made :
Superintendent. W. W. Pea
body. Master of Transportation. W.
II. Lankester.
Master of Jload.S. W. Stone.
J. P. Williams, formerly Master
of Road, resigned.
These gentleman have been on
the road for many years past, mud
are worthy of the responsible posi-)
tions which they occupy.
Accident. Last Friday morn
iug, on the Grand Trunk rail
road, as tho Portland Express
was passing hear Soixauter;the
three last cars left the track by
the spreading of the rails, broke
their couplings and rolled down
an embankment over thirty feet
in Light injuring thirty-two
persons ; who were bought , to
Montreal by the forepart of the
Codevs' Ladys' I5ook. -Tho Jlay
numbcr of this exceedingly popu
lar magazine for ladies litis been re
ceived. As a fronticepieco we
have a beautiful steel plute, " The
Two Mothers." A double page
fashion plate containing six figures;
any quantity of plates for patcrns,
just tho thing for the ladies; nnd
then comes pnges full of good read
ing matter. Trice $3 per year. L.
A. Godky, Philadelphia, Pa.,
The Great Rush!
There Is n great rush at tho Dry
Goods Emporium of Will tc Co.,
at Zalcski, since their new assort
ment of seasonable goods have
been received tho most complcto
assortment ever brought to that
that place. The prices are unques
tionably the lowest all who are
looking for bargains can bo suited
Tim following is a list of letters
remaining in tho Post-Offlce, at Za
lcski,. 0., on tho 1st. of May, 1873:
William Wagaman,
Caroline Smith,
Itebclla Lightfoot,
Claraca Loiters,
William McAtherine,
S. B. McCarty
Catherines Daughorty,
Amice Cenl,
Adileno Clark,
Geo. or Sural Banks,
Robert Alexander, .
Geo. Miller,
Crist Ilcrbot,
Geo. Malvreon,
Win. Ilollreu,
Wauhler Henri,
. Johannes Hopnuster.
J. G. WILL, P. M.
The attention of tho public is
directed to the card of Mr. James
Workman, late of Columbus, Ohio,
now proprietor of tho Hulbert
House, in this town. To the trav
eling public wo would highly rec
ommend this House as one of tho
best regulated hotels in this part of
th c State. The arrangements
about tho houso since tho present
proprietor has taken charge of it,
are complete as well as neat. Stop
at the IIouso whon you come to this
New AdvertisementSi
Sweet Potato Plants !
Early Tomato and Cabbage Plants.
Cultivated anil lor sale, by
A. L. WOOD, Webster, Iron Furnace P. O.
Scioto County, Ohio.
Furnished Until July 1st, 1873.
Having increased my facilities for tho pro
pagation of Yellow nml ltixl Naimenionil
Sweet Potato Plants, 1 will furnislt auun
thrifty (ihinlH at tho following prices, ot cither
variety :
1KKI lor $1.35, $3,00 por 1000, $18,90 por 8000,
n.OO per wm. Tomato Plants, rc. per do..,
$1,50 por 100, Caubago Plants, f 1.00 per 100,
$7,50 per 1000.
In ordering from nio you may rely on re
ceiving liOOl) TH1UKTV PLANTS, put up in
damp moss ho an to carry 8000 miles if neces
sary, and arrive in good condition. Any ro
eponsiblo person in authorized to act as agent
In ordering give plain direction for shipment,
also Postoilicc adilruss in full. Largo aiuouuts
should be registered. Address nil ordors to
A. L. WOOD, Iron Furnace P. O..
lfl-lm-o Scioto county, Ohio.
"Chinese Corn.'
Discovery in the Would.
Endorsed by tho Press ; endorsed by tho
(,'lergy ; endorsed by tho Medicnl Faculty ;
F.ndorscd by the (Seed Dealers ; ondorscil by
Druggists ; endorsed by Planters and Far
mers ; endorsed by Every Foinou.
Extra Early 32-Rowed Oorni
It is a genuine :i2-rovcrt sweet com, grow
ing from 10 to:) feet in height. Lastyenr
planted the first of May ; it wus sold in the
market, July tttd, (ftl days). A later planting
wnt ready ill 7U days. t
1. It will produce more corn to tho aero with
tho sumo cultivation and In nny variety of
soil. a. It has a greater depth of kernel than
any horso-tooth variety. 11. It has a smaller
cob than nny Hi-rowed variety. 4. It weighs
(15 pounds to the bushel, sealed measure. 6. It
lilts better at both ends than any other corn.
0. It is a solid whito transparent corn, with
white cob. 7. It grows moru vigorous nml
ripons Its wholo crop earlier thnn any of tho
other largo Held varieties in America. 8. It
makes belter meal, being sweeter and richer,
II. It bears morn foliage which makes more
feed. 10. It can be planted on land from which
wheat has been harvested, or from which po
tatoes have been dug, fully ripening beforo
frost. 11. Tho spikes shoot out within four
feet of tho ground, consequently tho crop is
not liable to be prostrated by high winds. It
is likewiso easier to gather, l'i. It bears more
full grown ears of corn on each stalk than any
large field vnrloty. 13. The tap roots pene
trating (ho subsoil to a very great depth It
will stand severe drouth better than any other
variety of corn. 14. It can bo successfully
grown in any State,
Wo glvo the most satisfactory references
that the corn is, in every respect, what wo re
present it to lie ; nml furthor, we are tho only
persons throughout tho countrv who have In
troduced this variety of corn. Having a quan
tity, wo are now able to 1111 all orders for those
desirous of testing it. Last season we could
have sold 8000 bushels more, but could not ill)
the orders.
In oider thnt all may rocolve seed, we liavo
reduced tho iirico to $1 per packngo. Any per
son who will get up a club of live will receivo
a packngo grails. Fifteen packages for $10.
Kilty packages for $10. A corn-stalk will ac
company all orders abnvo $10 with from 5 to 8
spikes for samplu. Address,
Uolston, Virginia.
Messrs. ( has. Benton ft Ilrother, Bankers ;
Morrison & Ilnlilv, grocers and commission
merchants ; F. U. Mtalev, proprietor of Plan
ter House; Stout & Wilson, agricultural
warehouse, or any of tho gentlemen named In
the indorsement of our advertisement.
We, tho undersigned citizens of Oseaola,
Va., having examined some of tho Chinese
Com, grown on Mr. James Whithorn' farm,
ono niTlo east of this placo, do certify that
some of the stalks produced six spikes, tho
largest spike we noticed measured 11 Inches
in length nnd H' inches around.
('apt. C W Morgan,
Henry C Kennedy, Esr.,
10 K (iardon, Merchant,
11 8 Clark, Pres. National Hank.
We, the undersigned, do hereby testify that
tho above named gentlemen are actually resi
dents of Oseaoln, Va.
ciMH. K. Loiiij. Justice of tho Peace.
Kkv. Am'iiku 1. Tompkins.
' Ohkaola, Va., Oct, 10, 18711.
Messrs. Marshal It Moriran. Uolston. Va.i
(ienlleiueii As you rcipioslod nio to glvo
vour i niiieso lorn a lair irini, i uiiru ooiiu so,
iiml will stale that I was disappointed nt It;
I planted on the Kith of June, and ripe enough
to shell the latter hurt of August. I planted
seven and oiio-clghlh of nn acre; when shell
ed It iiicnsurcd HH bushels and 8 pecks. I
cheerfully recommend It to my brothur fann
ers, Imping iiml It may revou Ionian tho ag
ricultural world. JAMES W11IT1IEIH.
A premium of fJSO will bo paid by tho un
ilcrHlgncd, through Flint National llatik, Os
niiola, Va., U.S. Clark, president, As follows:
lino In llictierson nroduclnir tho Inmost vlchl
of Chinese Corn to (ho acre. 75 to of an
aero. (W to of nn aero. $'.'5 to 1 of nil
acre. ATiiport must be sont to First Nallou-
n 1 ilnnk, Oseaola, Vs., ly tno 1st or Decem
ber, signed by tho poison nml sworn to, esti
mating tho corn at OH pounds to tho bushel.
A samplu car of corn must ho sent with
A. W. Henderson of Groen Custlo, Indians,
received the IW premium for producing tho
largest yield ol Chinese corn iroin a x poaaii
package, lloro is his letter:
tiltll! (.'AKTI.R, Intl., Hoc, 80 187J,
Messrs. Marshal ft Morgan, Uolston, Va.:
liontlemim Your letter of tha Mtli of this
month cnmii to hand yesterday with tho Draft
of $I0U on tho First National Hank or iiniiun
npolis. Allow mo to thnuk you with my best
Wisnes lor success in nio. ...
Kor sale by ltlchmond ft Iluhii, McArthur,
Flowers, &c.
My now priced, desc.rlptlvd Calalnguo of
Choice Flower anil Garden Heeds, llo sorts of
olther forfl; new and choice varieties or
Fruit nnd Ornamental Troon, Hlinihs, Kvor-
f reens, Hoses, tlruiios, Lilies. Small Fruits,
louse nnd llordur Plants and llulbs) onevimr
grafted Fruit Twos for mailing! Fruit Stocks
of all kinds; lleilgo Plants, ftc; tho most
complete assortment In tho country, will bo
seutgrnlls to any plain address, with P. .
box. Truo Capo Cod Cranberry for upland or
lowland, $0 per 1,000, 1 per 100, prepaid by
mail. Trade list to dealers. Heeds on Com
nlsHlon. Agent, wanted. j M WATf)(m(
OldColony Nurseries nml howl WRrohouiw,
Plymouth, Muss. FsUbliihodlMI.
Miscellaneous Advertisements
Sll D r For all forms of Chills A niir
U (1 U ami l'ovor, Intermit- M U U t
tent and itcinittcnt lo
ver, art- found in Kress
Fever Tonlo.
CM (1 C It contains no poisonous Ingrc
U 1 1 U (llenls, nnd cures Ague by cancel
ling tho Ague Poison In tholli.oon,
and ejecting it from tho system, ltox of Pills
Willi CIICII uobliu, I L'llKS ItU AHANTKHi) oy
4w Cincinnati. Ohio,
MPLKS sent by mail for 60c, thnt ro
1 quick for 10. It. L. WOLCOTT, 181
in Square, Son- York. 4v
I V. ;..7i
JL Ml 'llllA
Chatham Sqim
ALL TH K N ATIOXA L 80NH3 of England,
Ireland, Scotlaud and Wales, words nnd
music. 4 Vols. $1 each, or cloth rilt. Ji. lino.
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T I 111 Vl'llii-Il Uiimuninii .iiiiii.i i.r UXII'IHIIQ
MAGAZINK will ho sent we. A gents wan t
cil. Wrlto, Pliny F. Smith, Dl Liberty st, N. V.
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on iiuimiiig. A. J. mcivfU'XL & Co.,
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nl ctfli,.! , .,,.. ......... I..
v...... ......... iiifii-ii buiBvnic in iiiti iiriuy,
,.';ln,?5 1'8'""" ' writing to JOHN KIUK
PAlltlClv, (jlovcrnment, Claim Agent, Cnni-
Lflil.... ...tit. tn ... -
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ork, Itoston, Chicago, or San Francisco. 4v
. umiiTiiiiiiY ihtuuiisu 1L is lifUl nitnp. irlves
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tjpt I tUU prove it or forfeit 500. New ar
ticles lllMl. mit.ltlfo.l ....- f..n.. ... ..II
. i7 ' ,.v v " '"'"I'", m-ni. uvu IAJ 1111.
Address W. II, UIIDKSTlSlt, 207 Broadway,
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We Will linV All flffimffl 1.11) inv ii-.wlr 1 nn.li
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teed. Kesnueluljlo einoliiv input nt iwmu. ilnv
orevcnlng; no capital remired; full instruc
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17 ,-i"ss, wuu six cent return stamp,
H. OUNU ft CO., 173 urconwich St., N. Y .
Cflfl AUF.'.STS WANTED for our largo
U "II. Ut. ... M,. ...111. I..,,,,....V,..
World' Mm, nit iin-iiruo uf.li. I...l, Mini
40x(10, Largo sales I Tho best Maps out.
flfi Agents wanted for our Religions and
JJ'.ossing Little Children." Will llnd a place
in every Christian lionieoftheliiiiil. Address
iiaasis K i.ujiKKCHT. jKinpiro Map and
Chart Establishment, lot Liberty nt., N. V.
Wanted fof
Address ZllCGLKK & McCUUDY,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
$10 A. IDA.!rT I
Easily mado by nn Agcucy of
"Our Own Family Doctor."
Host medical work extant Everybody buvs
tluitseesit. Unusual inducements to Agenis.
8end for circulars mid terms to lll'UST ft
CO., 7.111 Ilroadway, N. Y.
tfrfj An easy ami sure way to makemoney.
Double Map
Small canltal
required. Bend
OHIO ft U.S.
(or clrcnlarto
Is the Best in the World
Agents wanted. Send for Circular. Address
DIO LEWIS, Editor.
' The greatest, success of modern journalism,
tho only original American illiiHtrated paper
published. IXHTUI'CvriVK, Kntkiitainino anp
Pltodlii'.ssivn. FKEli to every subscriber, tho
ningniilcent chroiuo ".lusr ho Hliiil," The
most beautiful ever published, hold only by
subscription. Agents are having unheard-of
success, one having taken over l.MHJ mimes.
All pronounce this great cmnliliinl ion the brut
chance for moiipv-iiiaking ever ollered. Cir
culars free. M A CL li A N , HTO I ) D A 1 1 T ft CO.,
Chicago, Illinois. 4w
Fever and Ague Cured by
which combines all the alkaloids of tho Cin
chona Harks, and is as ellectual a remedy its
tho Sulphate of Quinine, whllo it is miicli
cheupor and more palatable. JBffiV Mend
stamp for descriptive circular with lorimihe
for using tho CINCHO-O.IJ1NINK, and Tes
timonials from Physicians all over the country.
Preiinred by UILLINdS, ('LAPP & CO.,
Chemists, successors to das, It, Nichols A Co,,
llostun, Massachusetts.
Represented in New Yorlt hv S. II. Austin,
at John F. Henry's, No. 8 College I'luce.
Unabated buccobs of
Crumbs of Comfort, the greatest success of
tho age. Crumb of Comfort, the pride of the
kitchen and parlor. Thousands of Indies ill
test lis worth, nnd unhesitatingly iironouncc
It Hie "tjueen of Lusters." The Press uni
versally praise it and proclaim It woman's ev
ery day lriend. Kconoinicul, lustliig, iinap
nroiu liable. Price 10 cents. Ladles w ill llnd
Crumbs ot Comfort for sale by nil ilrst-class
grocers, hardware dealers, country storckcep
ers, Ac, throughout tho l ulled States nnd
Camillas. II. A. 11 Alt TLETT ft CO.. Manu
facturers Hartlett's mucking, Pearl lllue, ftc
118, 115 117 North Front street, Philadelphia;
li:l Chainburs street, New lurk; 4:1 ilroail
street, Boston. 4w
Neglect a Couglil Nothing is moru certain
to lay the luiiiidaliou for future evil conso
oiicnccs. ,
ftronsurocuro for all diseases of thorespirn
lory organs, sore throat, hoarseness, dryness
of the throat, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Asth
ma, Catarrh, Wiiididpo or bronchial Tubes,
and all diseases of I lie lungs,
In all cases of sudden cold, howc-"" taken,
these Tablets should be prompt'. a.il freely
used. They cqmilir.o the circulation of thd
blood, mltlgalo the severity of thoullac.k, un
will, in a very short time, restore healthy ace
tion to thoallcctud organs.
Wells' Carbolic. Tablets are put tip only In
bluo boxes. Tuku no substitutes. If they
can't bo had at your druggist's, send at once
to the agent in New York, who will forward
them by return mull,
Don't bo deceived by Imitations.
Bold by druggists. JRy-Prlco Sac. a box.
John u. kklloi.i;, is Piatt St., n. y.
(Send for Circular. Hole agent for United
Status. 4w
Agents Wanted for tho
Five Yoars ia tho Territories,
IlvJ. II. IHOAD.f.E,
Wkhtkhm couhkhi'ondknt ok Cincinnati
Commkhuiai.. Tho only complete history of
unit vase region ueiween ine iinssissiiipi ami
tho I'aellle i Its llesources, Cllniutu, inhabi
tants, Natural Curiosities, etc., with lil'u and
adventure ou Prairies. Mountains, and tho
Pucille Coast, Mr. Ilendlo has spent five yean
traveling in tno now Mines ami Territories,
and knows more about their Itesoiircos, etc.,
than any other writer, The book is illustra
ted with over lino II nocngravlngiiof thoHconu-
ry, Cities, Lauds, Minos, People, and Curiosi
ties of tho (Ireat West, ami Is the best and
fastest sol. Ing book ever piiiillshcd. Mend for
specimen pages and circuinnr, wuu terms,
cage, HI,, Cincinnati, Ohio, or NU lxials, Mo.
&0., &sO., flcO. ,
Eleven largo green-houses full of choice
Oroen-housti and Holding I'lants. A Bfl-pngo
Catalogue free. Also, W),(HXJ Hoses. Unit a Mil
lion Norway Hpruco and other Evergreens,
nndWl.OdOcliolcoOrapo Vines, M.OOU CurinnU
Raspberries, & MW,(KKI Hweet Chestuiit.
Trees, 0 Inches to eight font high, tho bust nut
nml timber tree on tha Continent. I'lneyenr.
ling trees by mall, only pi per KM, Chestnuts
preserved for planting, by mall, per lb, MIc,
Also, HpnulHli Chestnut trees, lllack Walnut,
Ituttornut, small Norway Hpruco, Ac., , by
mall, if delred. A Circular Rent free on ap
plication, Tulip trees, Hcotch Jllrcli, Hugar,
White and Norway Maplo. In I'uct, a full hs
sortnientof Ornamental, Deciduous lunlEver-
grccn trims, Nursery uslabllslioil ID yeftii,
3UU acres, 11 green linusen , Add rflsft
r lull in, ii a iiiimuji nut,,
l'ulncsvlllo, Lake County, Ohio,
T7eful Knowledge, Romance, Amuse
ment, Etc, Eta.
The best Story ami Skotch pnpor published:
tho most Interesting Stories always to ho found
At present thoro aro eight great storios run
ning through its columns, and at least two
storios are begun ovory month. Now subscri
bers aro thus sure of having the commence
ment ot a now continued story, no matter
when they subscribe
Knch number of tho NEW YORK WEEKLY
contains several bountiful Illustrations, dou
ble the amount of readinir matter of anv na-
papor of its class; and tho sketches, short
storios, poems, olc, aro by the ablest writers
of America and Kurono.
ThoNKW VOHli. WKEKLY does not con
fine its usefulness to amusement, hut publish'
cs n arront ounntitv of ronllv Instructive mnt-
tor In tho most condensed form. The NKW
YOKK WKNKLY departments havo attainod
a iiign reputation ror tnoir urevity, excellence
and correctness.
Tim Lamks' Wokk-Box. Information In
Ntructinff the Indies how to cut and mnko
dresses, o.
Jo.mii Jlii.i.isiiH' Knck-Uox. Contnlning a
number of fresh humorous anecdotes every
Tiik Pleasant 1'AKAnitArns aro made up of
tno concentrated wit una Humor or many
Tiik Knowi.eduK Box Is confined to useful
information on various sub octs.
Tiik Nkwh Items give in the fewest words tho
most notable doings nil over tho world.
Tiik Gossir with Cokhksi'ONoKNTS contains
answers to inquiries upon all imngiuablo
su bl cuts.
The Ktiijuettb Dkpartmknt. Giving In
structions on etiquette, ana answering nit
questions as to social customs which should
no understood uy every lady and gentleman,
Tiik Kihtohioal Dkpaktmknt. Containing
concise descriptions of notnhlo hlstorica
Tiik Mkdioal Department. In which test.
ed and approved remedies for various ail
ments are recommended.
liaoh Ismio of tho NKW YORK WKEKLY
contains from eight to tun short stories and
sketches, and half-a-dozen poems, in addition
to the eight serial stories and tho varied de
partments. BffiY Bpoclnion copies sent frco.
TKRMS to subscribers.
One month ..a 25 cents
Two months i B0 cents
Three months 70 cents
One yenr single copy $3 00
Ono year two copies 6 00
Ono year four coplos (?2 50) 10 00
Ono year eight copies 20 00
Those sending $20 for a club of eight, all
sent at ono time, will be entitled to a ninth
copy free, tieltem-up of clubs can afterward
una single copies at &i ou cncii.
No. 55 Fulton street, N. V.
75,730 Premiums,
SSIO to S5,000
Every Hubserlber is cure of ono premium
anyway, nnd also has an equal chance of ro
ceivinga CASH Premium, OR A PIANO, OR
Large Site, Jllimlrnteit, the 'aiiiili Weekly, is
in its 'I'll I U 1) VOLCMKnnd lias 'attained tlio
LARGEST ClltCti LATION of any paper pul
lishcd in the West. Its success ENAltLES
the proprietors to furnish THE REST, MOST
ETY, thnt monev can buv, and to mnko it a
HOME WEEKLY suited to tilt) wants of overr
family. Subscription price, 1. per year of 62
The Elegant Chi-omo
"CUTE, " ..
Sl.o 10x20 inches, 111 colors. Acknowledged
by nil to be tho HANDSOMEST and MOST
ALUAHLK prenilinn picture in America.
EVERY SCilSCHUIEIt Is presented with this
Chroiuo nt tho time of subscribing, (n mi it.
iug.) and nlso rccleves a NUMHEREDCER
A SHARE ill the distribution of fc!5,0UOiu cash
and other premiums.
tho second Tuesday in June next. The Chro
iuo and Certificate sent on receiptor price.
any address.
Either local or cnnvtisslnjr Tn
every town. Large cash pay
UfftfJTCn lllu best outfit. Sond at
ninillLUi once lor terms. Address,
i.iiiuugo, in.
iiiiiiuin, ior iiistrinuiiuii among tnefv.ou
Subscribers of tho
I IV APIIII,, 1878.
Tlio number ot premiums aro ulwavs In
creased when tho number of names exceed the
number calculated upon.
no now oner tno following! .
1 Cash Premium of
80 Cash Premiums of f 100 each
(10 stein-winding Wntches, $00 each
100 Cash Premiums of PM ouch
WW " f I0 each 2,000
! J ' " of 5 each 'soo
W " " of VI pitch 300
100 of Wench
l'iil Miscellaneous Prem's, I'i to $10 each 7,S00
Making n Total of TWO THOUSAND Pre
Every milucribcr who remits $2.00 for a
year's subrcripiion will have his name regis
tered, and will bo furnished by return mail u
receipt, giving the date and number to which
his name) Is registered, said number being
represented by a iluiillcittu in tho distribution.
Agents sumliiiti 10 names nml 2(l.00ut one
lime receive a I'rco paper one yenr and have
their nuinea registered as participant for
Specimens of Copies, Posters, Premium
Piiniphlft and Subscription Wanks sunt freo
to persona desiring them. Address
1' A It AN & McLEAN,
M2-tf.-w.YO Cincinnati. Ohio.
f on tiik
800 Paces, 250 Eugraviiias.
A startling expose ot Medical Humbugs of
the past and present. It ventilates Ouacks,
Impostors, Traveling Doctors, Patent Medi
cine Venders, Noted Foniala Clients, I'ortuno
Tcllait and Mediums, nud gives intmestlug
accounts uf Noted Physicians and Narratives
of their lives, It reveals startling secrets nnd
Instructs all how to avoid the Ills which flush
is heir to. Wo glvo exclusive territory and
liberal commissions. For clrciilurs and terms
address tho publishers,
J. 11. BURR Jt HYDE,
Hartford, Conu,, or Chicago, Illinois,
English and (ieriimn. Written bv 20 eminent
authors, including John II, Goiiuil, Hon,
Thli work Is a complete history of all
branches of Industry, processes of manufac
ture, etc., In all ages. It Is a complete ency
clopedia of arts and inniiiifnetiires, anil Is the
most entertaining nud valuable work of In
formation on subjects of gcmiral Interest ever
ollered to the public. It Is adapted to the
wants of the Men hunt, Manufacturer, Me
chanic, Farmer, Student and Inventor, and
sells to both old and young of nil classes. Tho
honk U sold by agents, who are making lar ire
sales in all parts of tlio country. It Is ofleiud
nt tho low price of (il.fto, and Is the chnapest
book ever sold by subscription, Ho I'p.nilly
should bo without a cony. We want Agents
In every town in the Un(c Stales, and no
agent can fall to do well with this hook, Our
tonus nro inicrjii, vr givo our II gent l tlieax
elusive right of territory. One ui our agents
sold 11)8 copies In eight days, another lold 8(18
in two weeks, Our agent in Hartford sold 811
In ono woek. Specimens of the work lent to
ngeiits on rncQipt pt stain n, For circular and
turnil tongeuts Address tlio publishers, .
Ilartfuril, Conn,, or Chicago, Illinois.
A NEW pOt)K 1
lly a well-known ',,V popular mithnr.on fcn
entirely new iu':Ject. The Isiok will be pro
fusely lllu'lnitecl anil himilsomely ImiuikI, and
Will dell readily to nil classes. Agenis wish
ing to secure territory should apply nt once,
.1. II, ill! It It It 11YDK, ,
'' Hartford, Conn,, or Chicago, Illinois.
, 1 i
It is gratifying to us to Inform tho public
that Dr. L. O. C. Wishart's Pino Tree Tar
Cordial, for Throat and Lung Diseases, has
gained an enviable reputation from the At
lantic to tho Puclllc coast, and from thence to
souioof the first families of Europe, not thro' .
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
States actually benefitted nnd cured at his
oftlco. While ho publishes less.'SO say ourre
porters, ho Is unable to supply (.no demand. It
gains and holds its reputation
First. Not by stopping cough, but by loos
ening nnd assisting naturo to throw oft the
unhealthy matter collected about the throat
and bronchial tubes, which cmitetirritation.
Second. It removes tho cause of irritation
(which produces cough) of tlio mucous mem
brane and bronchial tubes, assists tho lungs
to act and throw off the unhealthy secretions,
anil purillcs the blood.
Third. It isfroo from squills, lobulin, ipecac
ami opium, of whit h inoiit throat and lung
remodieis tiro composed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize tlio stomach. It has a
soothing effect on tho stomach, acts on the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, thus reacding to every part of tho
system, and in its invigorating and purifying
effects It has gained a reputation which it
must hold above all others in tho innvkct.
lloing under my Immediate direction, they .
shall not lose their curntivo finalities by the
use of cheap and impure articles.
Dr. L. (). C. Wishart's Ollice Parlors aro
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
from 0 a. M. to 5 1'. H., for consultation bv Dr.
Wm.T, Mageo. With him nre associated two
consulting physicians of ccknowledgod abil
ity. Tills opportunity is not ollered by any
other institution iu the city.
All letters must bo addressed to
L.Q.0. WISHAET, M. D.,
No. 232 North Second St.,
November 20, li2..--0m
Bcoks Which Are Books.
TVorks which should ho found In evcrv Li
brary within the reach of nil readers. Works
to entertain, instruct and improve. Copies
w ill bo sent by return post, on recoipt of
Vriee :
Now riilsngnoiny ; or, Signs of Character,
as manifested through Tcmperiiiaut and
External Forms, and especially in tho "Hu
man Fare Divine," with lnoro thnn One
Thousand Illuslrttious. ity S. 1. Wlii.i.s.
Price 5.00.
The Family Physician. A Ready Pro
scribor ami Hygenlc Adviser. With Refer
ence to the Nature, Causes, Prevention nnd
Treatment of Diseases, Accidents, anil Cas
ualties of every kind. Willi a Glossary and
copious Index. Itv Jokl siikw. M. 1). Il
lustrated with nearly HMO Engravings. Ono
largo volume, intended for use in tho family.
Price M.00.
How to Clinrnctor. A New IlliiHtrated
Hand-Hook of rhrenology nnd Physiogno.
my, for .students and Examiners,, with u
( hart for recording tho sizes of the Organs
wi mu jrmu, in mu j'uiuicniion ui i.nur-
ucter, with upwards of 170 Engravings,
latest and best.
Muslin, si.vu.
Tho Fatents' Guide; or Human Develop
ment through Inherited Tendencies. Ily'
Mrs. Hkhtkh Pkndi.kton. Second edlHon,
revised and enlarged. One vol. 12mo. $1.60.
Constitution of Man. Considered in relu
' tion to External Objects. By GKOHUK
Comdii. The only authorized Anierican Edi
tion. With Twenty Engravings, $1.70.
The Hyslenlo llnml-ltood n Practical
Gllldll fill' tllll Kii'k.llnom. Ali,l.ul,..ll....ll..
urranged with Aiipcndix. Hy it. T. Tit all
Ono vol. K'mo, 800 pp. Muslin. 2.00.
,' How to AVrlte," How to Talk," "How
to ilehnvo," and " How to Do Uuslnoss," a
Hand-Hook indispensable for Homo Im
proveniHiit, in one vol. $2,115.
Wedlock i or tho Right Relations or the
Sexes. Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal
Selection, and showing who niiivnml who
may not Marry. A Guido for both Boxes,
Oratory Sacred and Secular! oy tho lix-
....... ....... ....w,lo ..,,M,nvi, ii.-.iimsiiK uunir-
inau's Guldo for conducting Public Meet,
lags according to l'arllaiiientury forms.
Manugernen.or Infancy, l'liyslologlid and
-'.".. wnuiium. j.y ilMIKKW CUUUK, Jl ,
1). IV l i Vl- tl Ul '
Medical Klcetriclty. A Maniinl for Stu-
.iviibn. nmnviiiK inu most scieniiiio ami ra
tional application to nil forum of Acute nnd
Chrohlc Diseases by tho different conilii
nntlons of Klec.Ulclty, Galvanism, Electro
Magiiethun. JUagnets-Electrlc.ity, and llu-
U It f-ttitflott. tO itll
History or Malem Witchcraft "ThoI'lan-
. -1. ...... l.......u...ll -...1 ... .)...!. .
wiuim , nun "uiiiuurii npiricuiu-
Ism," .with "Dr. Doddrldgo's Dream," in
ono vol. Price 1.00.
Esop's Fables. Tho People's Pictorial
Edition. Hcnutll'iiHy Illustrated Willi near
ly Sixty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, beveled,
boards. Only 1.00.
Pope's Essny on Man. With Notes.
j.vi.uiiiiiiiv iiiiinw(iM.ii, lyioiu, gut, ucveiem
KUlVlllO, fl.W,
The rllfjht Word in tho nirfht Place.
Reading, nnd other Vuluablo 4nlV rniatimi
75 cents, .
Phronoloolonl Dust cdiowl iim infest
( rgans of the llral.tu it it divided so as
show each Orga, , one. V, c: and all I
fWJiSt w otl,or' 0llt by 0X1"'t
a V, ' ' , ;, "V ''-OR i".rcti i-o tor, or in
n.,d i..i.i.... o' " ie iiooyi)
H, 'J, "V" . n'nisnor, no,
fubiitr ' Agents wanted,
aiwvt i .M.nui. jiiioiiiu-y iuki neiereitr H
Hook. Enibriiclng Sviiouynts, TocIid'
Tcrnn, Abbrevlntiono, Foreign IV .
Writinir for llin li.... I',.,.t?il.. .:n8c?
1.... ' power, uii7 neail.
nt.Jl ""fr. threatened lin.
poteuo., and l.oh.eHKr, find a lover.
oftAT.'.'rS ' "HWHHltBlIP 1IOMI0,
?i Si 21. b7 kV8 ""J thousands of oiuhis.
.i.,r n l i """"Hr u ooiwana large ij
Tiiil, which Is vsrr Important in olwlinsU or old
R!lM"4 "lbTnlloniiKelptof pri. AddraM
(M4 Uhoadwat, N. Y. Bead tia oiuUr.
OB PniNTINO or every description noni
I )y nud promptly executed at this office.
W"1?.1? .I Ioo",r tteiiilaiiU, low
....-.i p ,U prslon, Involuntary

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