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HcAftTiiuR Enquirer
T. W. BOWEN. Editor and Pabllsher
MAY M, 1673.
Ohio Valley Editorial Union.
! The sixth annual meeting of
the Ohio Valley Editorial Uni
on will be held in Circleville,
on Thursday and Friday, June
12th and 13th, 1873.
A full attendance of the
members of the members of the
press is desired, in order that
the meeting may le more pleas
The Constitutional Convention.
The Constitutianal Conven
tion met in the Hall of the
..House of Representatives, at
Columbus, on Tuesday, May
13th, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and
was called to order by Hon. W.
H. West, of , Logan. Hon. T.
W.Powell, of Delaware, the
oldest member, was chosen
Temporary President. Other
temporary officers were then
appointed. The oath was then
edmlnistered by Chief-Justice
White. Messw. Rcfus Kino,
ofHamilton,L,D. Campbell, ef
Butler, M. R. Waite, of Lucas,
and Peter Hitchcock were plac
ed in nomination for the Presi
dency. Mr. Hitchcock declined.
Six ballots were had for
President, the result of the sixth
ballot being as follows:
Waite, (Rad.) 55
King,(Dem, and Lib) 85
Campbell,(Dem) 7
Scattering 5
Mr. Waite was declared elect
ed. On the fourth ballot D. W.
Rhodes, (Rep) of Delaware, was
elected Clerk. On the third
ballot, J. B. Wilbur, (Rep) of
Cuyahoga, was elected Sergeant-at-Arms.
The officers were
all elected by secret ballot.
On Wednesday, the Conven
tion elected R. F. Hurlburt,
(Dem.), editor of the Delaware
Herald, first Assistant Clerk,
and David S. Fisher, (Dem.),
editor of Allen County Democrat,
Second Assistant Clerk. Mr.
Hurlburt was elected on third
ballot, receiving 57 votes to 39
for A. 0. Myers, of Pickaway.
Charles Rhodes, a printer, of
Jackson, was elected Post-mas
ter for the Convention.
The Modoc War.
The Modoc war promises to
be a repitition of the Seminolo
war in Florida thirty years ago.
Then, as now, the purpose of
the Federal Government was to
force the Indians to remove.
The best officers of the army of
that day were, one after anoth
er, sent with troops to dislodge
the small band of Seminoles,
who were headed by Oceola
and Billy Bowlegs. The war
was a protracted one. Occa
sionally an Indian was killed
or a squaw captured. The
main body of the Indians, tak
ing refuge in the everglades,
could not be got at. Finally,
after a heavy expenditure of
money, and the loss of many
troops, negotiations were re
operied, and the Indians in
duced to remove. The San
francisco Bulletin says: "About
forty Modocs, having at the
last accounts, nineteen guns,
several squaws, and a tolerable
supply of whisky, have defied
the Federal Government for
over two months to 'gather
them in.' An old hunter up in
the mountains offered to deliver
the scalps of the whole lot, at
the nearest express office, 'G.
0. D.n For less money than
the Government has expended
in a single month in treating
with the rascal. The Modoc
war thus far, has been a curi
ous mixture of comedy and
i 'J.J . . JJ JJi !.L .1
Municipal elections held last
week in Indiana have resulted
In Domocralio gains. Indian
apolis elected n Democratic
Mayor by 178 majority.
Gallipolis, McArthur and Columbus
May 15, 1873.
J. W. Bowen, Esq.,
Editor Enquirer :
Dear Sir: Your favor of the 13,
to hand this morning as noted.
Our work is steadily but slowly pro
gressing. Wo have at work from
seventy to eighty men. Have had
a small force at work through the
winter, and thus far this spring,
with from forty to seventy horses
and mules. Have worked through
the winter principally on heavy
and rock cuts. We expect to in
crease the work materially in about
two weeks. We have had no
estimate of the work done since
January 1st made, but will send
you herewith the Engineers' report
to that date.
It would be impossible, under
present state of matters, to tell
when the work will be commenced
in ypur County; but I believe if
the Board would make arrange
ments to commence there at an
early day, that most of your sub
scriptions would bo paid promptly.
But you are aware that there has
been a strong disposition to hold
back, to ee what the Supreme
Court would do with the Boesel B,
R, law that foot having now been
ascertained, and said law been de
clared unconstltuioual. Our citi
zens will see that if we are to have
a railroad that we must go to work
and build it. That has always
boon my opinion, and I have worked
steadily auead, witu tnat qojeci in
view; and must believe, that if my
efforts had been supported by the
stoek'holders of the Company, as
they should have been by tho pay
ment of the installments on their
subscriptions as they matured, our
road would have been graded to
your town before this. Rut instead
of encouraging the enterprise, every
effort within the reach of a few
disappointed, selfish and envious
aspirants, has been resorted to for
the purpose of defeating it, or fail
in that, of delaying the enterprise,
Finding that their inisrepresenta
tions and abuses of the officers of
the Company had not the desired
effect of stopping the work, as a fi
nal resort, they determined to with
hold the payment of their subscrip
tions; finding the work still pro
gressed, whether they paid their in
stallments or not, this opposition
found that they must adopt
some other plan, or the road would
be built in the face of all their op
position; and to effect their object,
every effort was resorted to that
tricky minds could bring to bear,
by misrepresentations, to carry the
election in January. Failine in
that, the next move was under
writ of quo warranto, which was to
have been tried in April, but ha?'
ing failed to give legal notice, they
could not have it tried, and the Dis
trict Court adjourned to July 8th,
when it is said, the opposition will
have the case tried ; if so.you will find
it will end in smoke or gas. But
to some extent, it is having the ef
fect desired by them, viz: giv
ing lawyers, (some of them have
sued on their stock,) fees,
and discouraging some of the
friends of the road.
I have tho samo opinion I have
always had in regard to building
the road, but it cannot be done so
rapidly by a part of the stock-hold
ers trying to pull it down, as it
could bo by all working together.
I have intendod, for some weeks
past, to visit your town, but I have
had my hands full, and the roads
have been too bad for anything but
slow traveling. I cannot say w hen
the road will bo finally located to
your town, but that is a Job that will
require but a few days, and can be
done almost any time. When desi
rable, I may bo ablo to give you
some further items, and should
often have written to you, but much
of the time homo matters have
kept me closoly engaged in the of
fice, when not out on the line.
I will send you herewith, the
prospectus of tho Berlin and Pom-
eroy railroad, by which you will
see that other parties ai-o moving
to reach the immense beds of mine
ral that line our route. This road
will cross our line about twenty-two
or twenty -three miles from here,
and some of the parties interested
in it, assume that it will be built,
and I think many of the discon
ttcd people here would be willing
to connect with t))Cm ftt that point,
and go no further,
A few months ago this opposition
were all up for the Ohio Val
ley road, which Appeared to be al
most exclusively dependent upon
the action of tax-payers under the
Bcosel railroad law. Jf pur road
was completed to Logan, we would
have the cheapest most valuable,
and best dividend paying road In
the State for its length. It would
be tho main trunk mineral railroad
through the best portion of the min
eral portion of tho. State. It would
be but a short time ubtll In addi
tion to the Berlin road, referred to
above, we would have a connection
by rail with Circleville, at or near
your town, and very probably, also,
with a -road from Washington, Fay
ette couuty.
As an investment, I do not believe
there is an enterprise in the State
of Ohio, to-day, that presents as
good a prospect for a large profit, as
there Is in the stock of our railroad.
True, it progresses slowly, but
every week is adding something to
the work, and if all interested
parties would do their duty, (we
ask no more,) we would soon have
a railroad; but if you hire a man
to publish your paper, then tell him
you will not furnish him with paper
and ink and type, as you agreed to,
you cannot expect him to print
your paper, neither should you ex
pect a railroad to be built by your
directors when you refuse them the
means to build the road that you
have contracted to furnish them
simply because all the stock-holders
cannot be directors. Yet the
most of the work thus far done on
our road, has been done without
any money in the treasury of the
company; but those doing the work
have had confidence enough in the
company to continue the work Un
der the asauranoe that their pay
was sure, though they might have
to wait for it longer than they
should. And you wtfl notice, by
tho report for January, that I send
you herewith, that the company was
between twelve and fourteen thous
and dollars in debt, on January 1st,
1873. The annual election was
held on the 15th of January, arid
before the discontented stock-hold,-
ers could vote themselves Into of
fice, they were required to pay up
their delinquencies, and some of
them done so, to the amount of fif
teen to eighteen thousand dollars,
(not being half as. much, as, we ex
pected, from their boasts, would be
paid,) which enabled the directors
to pay off the indebtedness of the
company; and, on the first of April,
the company was entirely put of
debt, unless there may have been
some small amounts back on pay
rolls, unaccounted for. I don't
know of any. Since January, pay
ments have been again almost en
tirely with held.
Yet our people have faith, and.
are working steady ahead many
of them workjng tq pay up their
subscriptions; and if we had the
money that is due, and now paya
ble, on hand, or if it was due from
men that we could rely upon pay
ing it, when needed, we could have
the road ready for the cross-ties to
McArthur, except one tunnel and
some heavy treble, work, ftfld PQssi
bly the whole of it, by the first of
October, and no doubt much of the
iron on it by that time. But under
the present state of things, we must
do as we can, antj nflt as we would,
if we had the tools to work with,
I hold that to get the greatest
benefit from this road, our citizens
should own and control it, to de-
velepe the resources of the route;
and to induce capital to come among
us, we need cheap transportation
Of the ability of our people to
own and control the ralrpad,
with but little inconvenience
to them, I have not a doubt,
neither have I a doubt, but it will
prove the best investment th.ey ever
made if the affairs of the company
nre properly conducted, and I have
no doubt but what they will be,
With the road graded, there will be
no trouble whatever to command
all the money necefsary for the
iron and rolling stock on favorable
terms. The merit of the route it
self would insure that result' I am
told that a learned member ftf the
legislature, from our county, stated
here a few days since, that if our
people would grade our road, a
company could, be formed that
would finish and operate it. How
knowing he must bet Get this
road graded and ready for the su
perstructure, and you have a basis
that upon first-mortgage bonds, will
bring all tho money you need at
fair rates; and you will not need
much aid to find customers, abroad
or customers on the line for the
bonds. If we have to go abroad
for aid, my theory always has been
to do all you can at home first, put
every dollar ii)p work on the road
that you can; show all that have
interest enough in the enterprise
to enquire, that you have confidence
in it yourselves i thus whon you go
to seek aid go with something tan
gible in your hands.
I promised my friends in the out
set that I would do my best to
buijd this road, withouC regard to
the backbiting! and mtlloe of any
one that might oppose the work.
So far I have done, paying but lit
tle attention to any napping' or
snarling that was outside of my du
ty to the company. The grumblers
and falsifiers at home are generally
well-known, and have hut 1 If tie in:
fluence on the work.
This Is two or three times as long
as I Intended it, and has not been
written ff,r publication: fottf I leave
it to your own discretion. If jou
think any of it will Interest your
readers, give it to them.
Your Respectfully,
May 15, 1873. W. H. LANGLEY.
Lord Hope's Choick, Mrs. !A. S.
Stevbns' new novel, has just b$en
published by T. B. Vets rsoh fc J$ro
Philadelphia, Pa., and will meet
with a very large sale, for Mrs.
Stevbns' stands among tho first of
our American novelists, always
teaching a good moral, and writing
in a facinating manner. Th
scenes and characters in "Lord
Hope's Choice" are mostly English,
the parties coming from their bjprne
to JNew York under assumed names,
on account of family difficulties.
Lady Hope, or, Mrs. Hurst, as 'she
chooses to call herself, leaves Eng
land and flies to this country, , be
cause she knows her husband has
transferred his affections' to their
child's governess, a handsome
and accomplished lady, named
Rachel Closs. Lady Hope brings
her daughter Clara then but two
years old with her; and, in order
to make her concealment more se
cure, gives the child into the care
of Elizabeth Yates, an old, faith
ful, family servant, and her foster
mother. The Yates's are vanr iwir
and live in a tenement house. As
w "(
soon as L&ay nope leaven pgtand,
her husband nnl tho mvnrnn V1
low he hoping to lie able, without'
difficulty, to obtain a divorce from
his wife, He looses no time in dis
coverine her nlaoe of cnncaalmnnt.
and- seeks her consent to the di
vorce by threatening to take their
daughter. Mrs. Hurst sti-nord
for tlie child, and dies in the at
tempt, rather than see this accom
plished. During the confusion of
this scene, the child, frightened,
crawis inrougn tue darkness into,
the street, where she is. picked up,
hours after by pjd. Mis, fates, the
ysvvi-Hwmoi aim carneu io ner
Own home. A few davs nrevinrw
to this, Mrs. Hurst, fearing events
wouia aeveiop rapidly, gave a box
of malachite, of great value, con
taining the family diamonds, and
money to a lrrge amount, tQ Mr
Yates, with ina.trctlcina far their
disposal jfl case of her death,
mat nignt, a sou of Mrs. Yates
was seen coming out of Mrs.
Hurst's house, and as soon as the
murder was dscovered, thU faot
being known, together with the ac
knowledgement of the box being
in their possession, the crime natu
rally fell upon him, for which he
was tried. The mother, in order to
save hereon, falsely swears at hav
ing cqinmitted the murder herself,
and for Which she is sentenced for
life to hard labor. Lord Hope,
iearing ne migut bo implicated in
the murder of his wifo, secretly
marries the governess, Rachel
Closs, and leaves for his estates in
Ensrlano. takinsr with him hi
daughter Clara, etc., but we must
leave mo rest lor tne reader to find
out, It will prove to be immensely
popular. "Lord Hope's Choice" is
issued in a large duodecimo volume,
and sold bv all Book-sellers At the
low price of $1.75 in cloth, qr $1.60
in paper caver; pr copies will be
sent py man, ta any piact, post
Daid. bv the Publishers. T. It
terson e Brothers. Philadelnhia.
Pa., on receipt of the price, j All of
airs. Ann a. Stevens nineteen
books are put up in a neat box,
. it ...
oounq in marocco ciotn, rim guilt
backs, (fee. Price $33.:
,25. ,'
Death of Oakes Ames.
Oakes Ames, who figured so
disreputable m the Credit Mo
bilier investigation in Congress,
last winter, died on the oth
inst., at North Eastpn, ' Mass
of paralysis, ffca result of
the over-excitement of the last
few months speedily following
James HnQogs, hU fejlow fiufler-
er. His age was 69 yeais and
4 months. He was tha most
extensive manufacturer ftCehciv
els and of agricultural maohin
ery in New England. He bad
immense establishments in
Worcester, in Groton Junction
and in Easton. Massachusetts
in each of which several bund-
red men were empJqyedA
was a blunt, hearty old; eiant
a man of massive frame of
heavy features, of immense
muscular power. He was the
Representatiye jn Qfliigjiesg, flqt
of bis district, but a' railroad
interest ana iron business. He
was not a statesman in Any
sense, but a business man onlv.
and his policy wqs according
to the Jogio ot bis position. He
bribed Congressmen as if the
transaction was simply ah in
cident of railroad management
and when threatened with ex
posure he defied those who
thought to influence him in
that manner, saying that ever;
body who had business . with
Congress, bribed. Congressmen,
In these days of investigation
neither corruption nor careless
ness can escape exposure or
punishment. Athem Messenger.
"Carelessness!" That iaanew
name you have Invented fpj the
benefit of the thieves who are
stealing the earnings of the peo
ple! Is the law, passed by
your late IWdicaJ Congress,
which allows Gkant an extra
$100,000 and the members of
Congress $ 7, 500 per ysjij fo
stead of $5,000, an act offcare
lesaaess" or "corruption?" Will
tbiii thievery "escape exoosure
or'tionisbment?'' . '"
New Advertisements.
Will attend to professional calls promptly
t all times, and on reasonable tenui. ellMlm
Dark and Light Brnhmna, Buff and Par
tridge (Joclilns, Homliuis, Leghorns, and all
leading varieties. Jiggs for hutching M per
dozen. Fowls 111 pur pair; ftt per trio. We
warrant one-halt' or mora of every dozen lent
out by ns to hutch, if they do not wo will send
mother dozen, at one-half price. Kggs sent C.
0. 1). if desired send stamp for Illustrated cir
cular. Addroas Dr. C. LKWlft, Murlboro,
Stark Co., Ohio. 18
Legal Notices.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice is hereby given that Snmiiol It. Dar
by, as guardian or llenry V. Fryjund Perry
Ilidlebaugh, has tiled his accounts with laid
Wards, for llnal settlement ;!and that the hear
ing of the same is set for the 14th day of June,
ltflS.atluo'clocka. ni.,
II. 1). MAYO, Probate Judge.
Notici is horoby given that Joseph Cox and
Abdallah GrilUn. administrator! of the Ks-
nto of i Denjamiu ltuins, dee'd, have died
ereln fthulr account with said Ustato, lor fi
nal settlement, and that tho hearing thereof
u sot lor tne Ttu day of Juno, A. l. 1878, at 11
'clock A. u. H. B. MAYO,
May 13,isra4t. Probate Judge.
NOTIOI is hereby orlven that Kil. Crnuhv haa
deiosited with the Treasurer of Vinton Co.,
Ohio, tho amount required to redeem tho fol
lowing described laud, to wit : The north
west uuurtor of the uorth-west quarter of sec
tion 18, Township 10, Kuuge 19; said land hav
ing boon told for taxes on the 3rd Tuesday in
January, 1 818, In the name of Kd ward Crosby
to Peter Bttyce. W. W. Bklkord.
nay lii, iiJj oT. Auditor Vinton Co.
NOTICE is herebv'eivon that the eo-uart-
nerehip heretofore existing between N. Kich
mond and J. 8. lluhu, under tlte tlrm name of
Richmond & Huhn, was dissolved on the fith
day of May, 1873, by mutual consent. All bus
iness pertaining to (lie lute arm, win be set
tled by J. 8. lluhu. who remains at the old
stand. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to said llrm are hereby uotilled to call
upon, hiin.aud settle theiraacounts. All a counts
not settled on or before the 1st day of July,
1873. will be promptly put in the way of col -
J. 8.IIUI1N.
May 13, 1878.-Sw.
The undersigned would ask n continuation
of that liberal patronage heretofore given. I
win sou Liny run (jahii. out snau Jvr.tl"
NO BOOKS ; so do not ask for credit.
Mny 13, 1873-Sw. J. 8. IIl IIN.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice is horcby given that John Calvin, as
guardian of F.sthor ltllUo.has llled his account
withfeaid Ward, for llnal settlement, and that
the hearing thereof is get for tho 241 h day ol
May, 1.873, at 1 o'clock, P. M.
April i '73.-4t II. B. MAYO.
Probate Judge.
Mary Lecdom, Nancy Tllnke, Eliza Edging
ton, Letta Dodd, Eliliu llobo and Pilaris
Bobo, who are non-residents of the Ktate of
Ohio, and heirs at law of Sarah Bobo, de
ceased: Will take notice that Henry lleynolds, ad
ministrator of tho citato ot Sarah Robo, dee'd,
on the lath day ot May, A. li. 1873, filed his
petition in the Probate Court, within and for
the County of Vintgn and State of Ohio, al
ledging that the personal esftyte of sgid de
cedent Is hiBunicent to pay lusrdubts and the
charges of administering hor estate; Tlmt she
died seizedlu fee simjrto n( tho ful lowing do
scribed real estate, situqto in Bald County of
V In ton and State of Ohio, to wit: The south
west quarter of the northeast quurtor, and
the west half of tho southeast of the
northeast quarter, of Section, number
twenty-eight (28.) of Township number
eleven (11,) of range number seyenten (17,)
containing in all "Ity seven acros, more or
lessi The firaycr of said petition is ror a sale of
said premises, for the payment of the debts
and charges aforesaid.
Said petition will be for hearing on the 26th
day of June, A. D. 1873; or as soon thereafter
as leave can be obtained.
Administrator of Sarah Bobo, dee'd.
U.S.Claypoolk, Attornoy.
Th Thltd Aaansl Sums Session
Will commence on MONDAY, March iota,
1873, and continue four months. The course
of Lectures is1 full and complete. ENTIRE
rr.h.s, G5. For particulars, address Profes.
sor CU AS. W. CHANCELLOR, Dcau, 14-4w
and dealer in all kinds of
Picture Cord and Picture Nails.
COPYING rarefnny done, and tho
smallest Pictures enlarge,! to any siaie, end
finished In Oil. Water-colors, or India Ink, or
any" other stye that ma bo desired, at the
Large and Anely finished Photographs can
be made from scratched and faded l'ldnm.
Pictures of all kinds Krnmcl to order, and
u wura wnrranieii ragivo siiusiauuon.
' " 10-etl
.WAGNEK,willninketheicaHonofl873 at the
stable of the subscriber, in Porter, Gallia Co,,
Ohio; will be at the stable of Dr. tlhip, In
Wllkesvllle, Vinton coumty, Ohio, every ol-
tornnte week. Will stnd fur frmrcs kt M5.0Q
for qommfin, for tui
sure. Address ll1o
r Tt.orougnnruus lou.uy to in.
utters to
VlMO Uiove, Ohio,
March SO, cnc.
New Name.
Tho Village at Kaleikl Company'! Coal
Mines, In Brown Township, will from and
after this data be known as
Ink Eraser.
Ths Great lightning Ink Eraser.
Tat Instantly removing Ink from paper, cot
ton, linen, without injuring or soiling the
fabric It does away with all scratching
where mistake are made, and rvniove blots
tiMtantiHuoiulf. It should lie on the desk of
very lawyer, book kocper and teachon, and
e It not only removes Ink snuU but also fruit
ii an
ly n
at 6
stains and Iron rujt, every family needs it.
Ik 1 put up hurtdaViinnlr, and sold at 60 cents
stains and iron
ev'ory family needs it.
pur esse. Aokjts wanted to introduce.
everywhere. U. O. HUTCHINSON. Btattun.,
cr, tt uuits LtMi n. i , ejHirnim.
Jackson C. H., Ohio.
IRS" Can at nil times bo found at his odlce.
TEETH EXTRACTED absolutely without
pain, and with perfect surety, by the use of
Land Agency.
MaJ. JOHN W. BERKS. Manager.
Sauna, Kan.
Real Estate Business; also have for sale all
the lands of the Kansas Pacific Railway Com
pany, amounting to over 5,000,000 acres of the
most desirable in Centrnl and Western Kan
sas; also Mill Sites, Coal Lands, Farms, Cattle
Ranches, and City Property In Halloa and the
neighboring towns, for sale at all times.
Bert" Send for the " Kansas Central Advo
cate' a lorgo iW-column land paper, see what
we have for sale, and read all about the great
Keystone 8tute ot tho West
March 36, lH7Hew'
Sveet. Potato Plants !
Early Tomato and Cabbala Plants,
Cultivated and for sale by
A. L. WOOD, Webster, Iron Furnace P. O.
Scioto County. Ohio.
Furnished Until July 1st, 1873.
Having Increased my facilities for tho pro.
pagation of Yellow unci Rod Nnnsemond
Sweet Potato Plants, I will furnish uood
thrifty plants at the following prices, of cither
variety s
800 for f 1,35. $3,00 per 1000, M3.C0 per 5000,
$25,00 per 10,000. Tomato PluntB, site, per iloz.,
(1,60 per 100, Cabbago Plants, (1,00 per 100,
In ordering from me you may rely on re
ceiving (1001) TBHIKTY PI.ANT8, put lip in
damp moss so as to carry 81100 miles if neces
sary, and arrive In good condition. Any re
sponsible person is authorized to act as agent.
In ordering give plain direction for shipment,
ttlsoPostoulce address in ftdl. Largo amounts
snouiu oe regiflicreu. Address ail orders to
ii J. n vw, nun r umnvui. V,,
10-lm-o Scioto county, Ohio.
iWilh tli. K('l,KCT!C WKKKI.Y anil WKKKT.Y fllKIS i
HAS AT WOilK (CMoHdtod), for Klw.
KTna oMfciMCIiramMtM lb. ilu of "Wide J
Awtk lira FftH Aalttpj" tM outtft
CubKrlbm fnrnlih4 AT ONCE
wilb Ibatr I'BrtKM.
em mtk bttUr tonni A
, with ui tuftn wltti any A
oiuflr puoiuuvri.
tii Divkuuui i
Oh French Lono-livkd Bittehs, havo been
used in France for more than 100 venrs, and
are now being introduced into tills country.
They are composed of Vegetable extracts and
are designed lor the piirillcatioii of (he liluod.
thus7rpntfN(7 as well as cuft'up nearly all
diseases to which tho human system is liable.
As a blood pui'Uier, and aa a promotfr of long
lift, they are liclievcd to bo uucqualed. Price
SUcts. per bottle. We wish to introduce them
Into this section, and desire an energetic
Agent, to whom liberal tonus will bo adored.
A. W. DESPARU & CO., Solo Agents, No, t
Ccdur street, N, M, caw-is-lin
Young Men.
Just Published in a Sealed Envel
ope. Price Six Cents.
A lecturo on the Nature Tnaatmcut and
Radical cure of HucrpiftorHiiH'iv or Seminal
aim r its; Aientai and VUyslcnl incapacity, r
sultingfrniu self-abuse, etc. bv liuuftftT J.
CUUTsiMVELL, M. IK fttimrul be "Oreuu
ltrtk." Jkc.
The wui'ld-feuowned author, In this admira
ble locturo, clearly proves f rom his owu ex
perience that the awful consequences ot scll'r
abuse muy bo effectually removed wltimui
medicines, and without duugcriHU euvjfical
operations. bougies, hiHtrmuttukt, nugair cpr
dials, polntingoot-uiadviutcuru (it mice cer
tain and bpwlual, lj which. cve?y sulToier,
uq matter, fhat his condition 'tuny U nv
cureldinseUclil'tiply, prlvatoVv iul rmllcnllv
1 his lectui-U will lf"V Uwn to tliousuudt
and HiQtn,amU,
Sent, uiidur seal, to any address, iu a pluiu,
scaled envelope, on the receipt of six cents, or
two postage stamps. Also, l)r. Culverwell's
"Marriage Guide," price 60 couts, Addresi
the publishers.
Of AS. .T. t If T.tVF ffi
187 Bowery, New York, P. O. Box 4,58a,
W eplriu.
riu, depression, involuutarv
. lose ' mi? k.tn. i-!ZT
emissions, lose of
ii.ilJr! 'Z. " rwr, mnr bead.
-F 'V.U.M
elsrn cure In IIIIHPIIUWm IiomY?
up , Uie syijtliw. arresle the dlwhanres, and tZ
ThUT hvn Atittt.1 i
Mum uuioe inny fiavo oui
rnsBJllrtlfM ftW tkma lu. t
TiaU, Wllicn U vnrv tmiwHunf i.. nV..j..' "
DO.1 Ofill llaoADWi. M. V. u ...i.i"
olfl-ly .
y ick's floral mm
lEflQia THE YHA.B 1873.
THE GUIDE Is now published Quarterly.
IB exuts pays for the year, four numliers,
Which is ulit half the cost. Those who after,
wards send money to the amount of tine Dol
lar or more for seeds, may also orders 15 cents
worth extra the price paid for the Uuldo.
The January Niimbor la beautiful, giving
flans for making Rural Homos, Designs for
lining Tablel)ecorntlons, Window Hardens,
Ac, ,vnd containing a moss of Information In.
valuable to the lover of (lowers. Ono hundred
and Ulty pages, on line tinted paper: some flv
niiiiiiruu engravings, anil a
a uuwrk Cwraoi
lust printed in Kn-
i'iate and enrotno Miver,
nu viiiuiiiu wiTfi. ,imuiufi
Hundred Tliauskna just printed
Two 11 u
and mvwtiAn. Mini mnilv ts. .unit nut.
jamii vm. iiocnostur, a. i.
ftjiQ., tteO., &0,
Eleven large green-houses ful oj elkojee
Green-house and llediling Plantsv' A nt-imge
Catalogue free. Also, 5V, Roses, llalta Ml,
lion Norwav Snntce and other Kveruruiuia.
and 60,001) cltnlee Ureixi Vinos, W,OU0CVut
Kaanberrlos. Ac, 500.000 Sweet Cbosluut.
ao. omj,uou nweet viMistuut,
Trues. 6 inches to el ght fvat ig,K tfeA biotl nut
and timber tree on tho Continent. ("Uteyesr
ling trees by mall, only W per 100, thoitun'u
preserved for planting, by mall, )ir lb, 'o0o
Aim, nuiui.u V.IHWHIIII. vrr.m, Iliaca WSlntlt.
lluttuiiut. small Norway Stuuce. ,, i. i
mall, If desired. A ClWttlar MHt frue on '
plication. Tulip trws, Bcoteh uirch, Kiiaar,
White and Norway Mania, in r i . c.ir..
ortninto4 tfruanleulal, Deciduous and Ever,
irreea trees. Nursery established ill years,
W acres, U OTouhonei, Address
Paluesvllle, Lak County, Ohio.
, luruiiiHiaii emissions, noxilUI
Uty, anil impediments to marriage gen
y, NorvbUsuoss, Consumption, Eiloiisy
Miscellaneous Adertisementa.
I UliO itrxuutj
.1 l llunnvma . How. nf Ka-
ton", Ohio, testify that onk bottle
ArL'.uu.Vvi'vunuin piivmiI fillip
Ul ABAn. s, ,... wii.w . ... .
cases of Ague. Write Ilium and
sue about itl A box of PILLS FREE With
every bottlo. SMALL IKISE8 and QUICK
CUHESaroWAKUAN in.il uy
(9 KT A AGENTS' profits per week. Will
IJO I .UU prove it or forfeit 500. New nr.
tlcies jusc patented, nampios soni irue w 1111
Address W.II. CHIDESTEIt, SB7 Broadway,
New York. 4w
Henxy Ward Beschex'e Paper, with the
largost circulation in the world, grows
wonderfully because it is th but paper, gives
subscribers th inott btauttful premium, and
offers Canvassers the most LIBERAL TERMS.
Send for Circular. J. B. 1'OUI) A CO., New
York, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco. 4w
teed. Respectable employment at home, day
oreveninir: uo cauital required: full instruc
tions and valuable package of goods sent free
ny mall. Address, witu six cent return smnip,
M. YOUNU ft Co., ITS Oreenwlch St., N . Y.
To be the Best Erer Invented.
Painnhlctfree. Address York. Pa. -4r
Writeor Large Illustrated 1'rice List.
Breech-loaning shot guns $40 to $300. Double
Shot liu us, 18 to 150. Single guns 3 to tit). Itl
flestto(75. Revolvers ft) to S5. Pistols 11 to
a tiuu Mntorial, Fishing Tackle, Largo
discount to dealers or clubs. Army Guns, Re
volvers, Jtc, bought or traded lor. Goods
sent by express C. O. li. to be examined before
paid for. 4w.
Neitlect a Couglit Nothing is moro certain
to lay tho loundutioti for future evil conse
are asuro euro for all diseases ot the respira
tory organs, sore throat, hoarseness, dryness
of the throat, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Asth
ma, Catarrh, Windpipe or Bronchial Tubes,
and all diseases of tne lungs.
In all cases of sudden cold, liowe1""- taken,
these Tablets should be promptly a.d freely
used. Thev eon a li.ee the circulation of thd
blood, mitigate the severity of the attack, an-
wui, in a vuiy snort tune, restoro neuitny ace
tiou to the anected organs.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets aro put up only in
blue boxes. Take no substitutes. If they
can't be had at your druggist's, seud at once
to the agent in xow i ork, who will forward
them by return mail.
Don't be deceived by imitations.
Sold by druggists. Price S!5c. a box.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Plutt St,, N. Y.
Send for Circular. Solo agent for United
States. 4w
Wo will pay AGENTS I0 per week in cash,
who will engage with us at once. Every thing
funiixhud mill expenses paid. Addreas,
A. COULTElt & CO., cu abi.ottk, Mich.,
psycliomnncy or Soul Charming." How
I cither sex tuny fascinate and gain the love
and affections of any person they choose in
stantly. This simple mental acquirement all
ctin possess, I roe by mail, for 25 cunts, together
with a marriage guide, Egyptian Oracle,
Dreams, Hints to Ladies, wedding Night
Shirt, Ac. A queer book. Address T. W1L
LJAM A CO., l'ubs., l'hilii. 4v
. V d i
Agents Wanted. Send for Catalogue.
New York.
Tho spiciest and best selling hook ever pub
lished. It tells all about the great Credit Mo
belier Scandal, Senatorial Briberies, Con
greHsnieu, Rings, Lobbies, and the wonderful
sights of the National Capital. ItselUuuluh.
Send for circulars and see our tortus and a full
description of the work! address, NATION
AL PUBLISHING Cti ' FhOadeiphia, p,,
Chicago, or teU Louis, Mo. w
Till U l.nl,i-L inni'nu. HU.I... 1
P'-nTi'mwyi ii"iu,.. louniaiism.
tbo only ntmwl American Illustrated paper
.. " ., '. i '.. vury iniiscri her, tho
inngnillccnt chromo ".)vht in Hum." Vhe
most beautiful ever puUMied. Sold onlv by
subscription. Ag.saro aaving unheard-of
snceess, one Iwviugr (aken over 1,500 nniiius.
All llt'llTU.UIll-U 11, - H.. ... . .
r-,,'nn.T ., fT,f rIHUirMlfl lU 0
c(Uiioe fur i,noiiey,niHkliig -vor olleiml. Clr
culms f,ve Ai,CJ.-JAN, STODDART A IX).,
Chicago. NUuota, 4w
Fever and Ague Cured by
wlilch coinlilnes nil thu alkali,!,!, nr ii.n ct.
ebon a Burks, and is ss etToctual a remedy as
tho Hulphiito of Quinine, wliilo t Is miivh
Prcimred by BILLING, CI.APP CO.,
t hemisis, sucwKaoi-s to Jus, U, NtidmW A Co.,
Bostou, MasHschusetts,
Hoproseiitod in No Vrk y H. II. Aust'n.
at John F. lie,nry I No. e Collegti Place.
is iineiiualod bv any known romed v. It will
oraillciito, extlrpalu and thoroughly destroy
all iolsonous substances hi thu Blood and
will effectually dispel all predisposition to
billions derangement.
Is there want of action In your I.lver
or Spleen? Unless relieved the blood be
comes impure by deleterious secretions, pro.
duclnaneVut'uWs or skin diseases, lllotclios,
r emus, i 'iisiuics, cauner, rnnpius, m:
lUve you a dyspeptlo stoinavliT Un
less digestion Is promptly aided the system
is delillitutod with poverty of tho Blood,
Dropsluul toudeucy, general Weakness ami
Have you weakness of the Intestines T
You are In dnngur of Uhronlo Dlarrliwa or Iu
flainmatioi) of tho Bowels.
Have You weakiieae of the Uterine or
Urinary Organs T Yon aro exposed, to suf
(oriug in its most agravated form,
Are you delected, drowsy, dull, sltiirirlsh.
or depressed In spirits, with henUiv.ao, back.
none, coaum wiuguu aii( iiauj numng moutlir
For a certain remedy fnr ll of these diseases,
weaknesses and tioules: for eleajislng said
piirlllii(t the vlttnted blood and linparllai
vigor (a M tuo vital lorceii fox buWAUg up
and restoring the weakeurxlcwnstltutWi.USK
which , pronounced l(y tho JowVmir miHllcni
authorll us of LomUjn' and Paris, "the ni'jf,t
powjirfiil ton o i s,ul allcvUve known to Vuo
uie(llcalwai.l TkW U no mv and nntrlod
dlsyei-yAutaaji kmi boon u.o.ihytho load
, n In v'
UMVSlclnns Of Other imr ..... ,ui. .
I....1I.I M...wulir.l L 11 .UU IVm VtlVU TTUU
UU..U. .v.., vi, i,, IV. II I
Tihi.? " lrend health Is mnm
a,3 iil KELIiOGO, 1H Piatt St., New Yo
lf.it for the United States,
unr bottle.
Send for Circular
uuary IW.ltna.
Press and 8tralner.
ANTED. A vents and Peddlers for our
ruiyiS a in o H i u aim . presses anil
trains Jains, Jollies, herbs, vsgetahles, lard,
tallow, meata, cbeeso. Ac, Over Kl,0u0 sold la
a few localities. Hells quick. Every family
wants It. ttewiuf Machine an4 other eslnh.
Ilshed asanle are fludliiK this very iirofltaide.
Circulars fi-ee. IdlTLK JKLli t DAMK,
Wi Washington BW, Vvston, Mass. awitt-tr
:neiier niiii more liaiavalda, Kay-Muuil
stamp for descrintWe circular with formula)
for uaing tlu i)tS)HO-guiNINl, ami Tes-
timuiiftrs fiv.m PVyslciaiiB an oyer tho country.
jiptt-i wMs null impr theillirestlve
orgau V tmthart and iSiyslcV. they ve
dL,HITuHf)r ' wllef-IiOon yfl5!u!
leucy. ami dvsi-..i.. i.i. o. i,i.,.i.i
It Is gratifying to us to inform the public
tat Dr. L. O. C. Wlshart's Pine Tree Tr
Cordial, for Throat and Lung Diseases, lias
valued an unviable reiiiitHtion from the At
luntie to the Pucillo coast, and from thence to
some of the first families of Europe, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
states actually benefitted and cured at his
ofUce. While lie publishes loss, so say our re
porters, he is unable to supply the demand It
gains and holds its reputation
First. Not by stopping cough, but by loos
ening and assisting nature to throw on the
unhealthy matter collected about the throat
and bronchial tubes, which nim Irritation.
Second. It removes the cause of Irritation
(which produces cough) of the mucous mem
brane and bronchial tubes, (insists the lungs
to act and throw off the unhealthy secretions,
and purlllcs the blood.
Third. It Is free from squills, lobelia, ipecac
and opium, of which most throat and lung
remedies aro composed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect on the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
rugiuus, urns reacmng to every pari or tne
system, ami in its invigorating and purifying
effects it bus gained a reputation which ft
must hold alKivu all others in the market.
Being under my Immediate direction, they
shall not lose their curative qualities by the
use of cheap and impure articles.
HENRY 11. WISH ART, Prop'r.
Dr. T.. O. f. WUli ,! ni!..o n..-i
mien nn nlomliiTu 'I'lu.uil.it.a u.,.1 wA.i....-.i...
., .... - ..v.. ....j a ...... ., viuiuun,
I""" A. M. too i. v., lor consultation by lit.
i. ui. x. mnguu. yiui nun are associated two
FoliHiiltliiir iilivnli.liiiiu ..t flVn,,,l,ui-.i -i.u
1 n.t , . J . VV.UUI, .VUHITtt nUll-
ltV. Tills opportunity is nut offered by any
other institution in tho city.
All letters must ho addressed to
L.Q.0. WISHART, M. D.',
No. 2X2 North Second St.,
Novemlicr SO, 187 6m
Chinese Corn.
"Chinese torn."
Important to Virubhuth.,
DlgiJOVERY IN H Woul.ll.
Endorsed, by tho Press; undorsoil by the
Clergy ; udur,t0i by tha jieilical Faculty
l.lliloruj,.l l.u tl... o...i . . . r '
.v, ,w .llu neui, Ln'iuurs : eiiuorsvii oy
JHngglsts ; endorsed by Plauters nud Far'
Wei i uudorcd by Every Pe.nou.
Extra. Harly 32-Rowed Corn.
It iS h viinulnn iM-wiiKa.!
l)K from 10 to 13 feet In height. Last year
P.ttntcdthelli-Htor liny ; it was sold in the
inariei, juiy van, (in unys). A later planting
was ready In 79 days.
1. It Will Urmllleil lllftrjl luirn ti flm u.,m uilllo
thu same cultivation ami In hhv vhpUIii i
soil. ). It has a greater deidh of kernel tham
any horse-tooth variety. 8. It has a smaller.'
cob than auy iri-roweil variety. A. It tti
ta iKiunds to the bushel, scaled measure. 6. Ik
II lis butter at both ends than any other euro,
n. It is a solid while trauspareul corn, with
white cob. 7. It grows more xlgoroes and
ripens Its whole crop earlier taw any ot the
other largo Held varlotloa hi America. 8. It
makes butter llieal. bulllir aurentur ami rlnlmr.
tt. It bears more foliago whidi makes more
leoii. iu, i tcan no piaiiio.1 on land from which
whout has been harvested, or from which po
tatoes have been dug, fully ripening before
front. 11. Tho spikes shoot out within four
fcut of tho ground, couieiiuuutly the crop Is
notliahlotobeprtistratedby high winds. It
likewise easier to gather. It It bears more
lull grown ea'.s of corn on each stalk than any
largo lluld Variety. W. The tap roots cno
tratlng tr.a subsoil to a very great depth it
" "ik.u severe uroum usitvr man any oiuer
variety f corn. 14. It can bo successfully
groVu ai,y State,
iVegivo the most satisfactory references
.hat the corn is, Iu every respect, what we re
present it to oo ; and nirtnur, we are tne only
pel-sous throughout the country who have iu
tiiMluited tliis variety of (Mini. Having a guan
tity, we are now aide to 1111 all orders for those
desirous of tcHtlng It. Last season wo could
have told X000 bushels mora, but could not All
tho orders.
In oidur that all may receive seed, we have
reduced the price toll per package. Any per.
son who will get up a club of Ave will receive
a package gratia. Fifteen packages lorIU.
fitly packages for A coru-stnlk will no
company all order above I0 with from 6 to li
spikes lor sample. Address,
Holston, Virginia.
Messrs. t han, Ronton lirother, Bsnkei-s (
Morrison ,t llaldv. vrooora anil commission
merchants ; F. O. Stuloy. proprietor of I'll',;,,
tor House ( Stout At Wilson, agricultural
wureliouso, or any of tho gentlemen named in
tliu Indorsoiiient of our advertisement.
We. tho undersigned citizens tf Oseaola.
Va.. havliiB e.xainlued some or dm i i,i.,.,7
Corn, grown on Mr. James Wnlthers' farm,
onu mile east of this place, do certify that
some of tho stalks produ'ood six spikes, the
aruest spike wo not cod measured 11 Inches
in lenglli ami 8 liiclio', mnd.
('apt. C W Morgan.
Henry C Kennedy. Ksii.,
II S Clark. Pres. N.n,,nl ii.nk.
We. the undo' iigne,!, do hereby tostlfy that
"T.ed guntieiiieu are actually resi
dents of Osu.uis, a.
V" At. K. Loan, justice or tne rcsce.
R'rfv. Ai.rao T. Tonriim.
nnvim.l. Va.. Oct. 1(1. 1071.
Mossra , Marshal Morgan, Holston, Va.1
""n'.lemen As you rouoated ma to give
3"r Chlnuse Corn a lair trial, 1 have dons so,
',' will state that I was disappointed at It;
1 P iBnUilon the loth of June, and ripe enough
v, ahull the latter iiart of August. 1 planted
soveu aim ono-eignin oi an acre; w lien snuii
ed It measured 6U4 bushels and I pecks, I
cheerfully recommend It to my brother farm
ers, hoping that It may revolution lie the ag
ricultural world. JAMES WHITHKRS.
A premium of $450 will be paid by the un
dersigned, through First National Rank, Os.
eaola, Vs., H. S. Clark, president, aa follows!
111)0 to the person producing the largest yield
of Chinese Corn to the acre. 175 to of an
acre. 60 to ,' of an acre, f5 to u of an
acre, A report must be mint to First Nation
al Hank, Osceola, Va., by the 1st of Decem
ber, signed by the person and sworn to, tl
mall ii g the core at Co pounds to the bushel.
A sample ear of corn must bo sent with
A. W. Henderson of Green Castle, Indiana,
received the IIUV premium for producing the
largest yield of ClilnoseCorn (ruin It I pound
package. Here Is Ills letter!
OatmCASTi.t, Intl., HectO. lfffl. 1
Mossra. Marshal k Morgan, Holston, Vs. I
Uentlsuiun Vour letter of the 14th of this
niimlli name to hand veslanlav with III Droit
Of 1 1 Won the First National flnnk of Iadlse-
apolls. Allow me e tnaua you wivniHjr wis
Wlnhns fnr succoM In Him.
For sale by Uleliaiond Iluba, aioArthur,
Ohl'i. ; .
17-eaw r Ai tvi yaroawvs,
k Li r? e

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