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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, May 21, 1873, Image 3

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McArthur Enquirer
J. W. 1IOWKN, Kdlto and Proprietor.
MeAnrmiR, omo.
The length of days are 13 hours
and 50 minutes.
Tub roads are 'beginning to be
somewhat better.
Main street is in a dirty, filthy
condition, at present.
Ouk vardcu hills and beautiful
dales are very beautiful.
Ed. Mayo, returned home from
ho South last Tuesday.
Quite a number of people are
laily in attendance at Court
Straw hats and parasols are be
omiiig to be quite numerous.
To-morrow an editors' conven
tion, will be held in Columbus, 0.
The Cincinnati newspapers are
squabbling about the price of beer.
Efforts to raise the fallen bridge,
at Dixon, 111., so far proved abor
tive. G. V. Sisson, Druggist, caii sup
ply families with the finest Wine
Mr. J. A. Fulton, litis moved into
his beautiful residence, ou Main
Several citizens of Cliillicothe
were in the village attending Court
ast week.
Thk farmers have been very
bnsy for the past few days in their
corn planting.
Roosts in a few days will bo in a
good demand if tho temperature
continues to increase.
Mr. Finney Strong, of Wilkes
ville, formerly residing here, was in
our village last Saturday.
"Ducks without end." They
must be curious ones. They say
they !ave 'em out in Iowa.
We were visited last Tuesday
evening and Wednesday morning
by a severe thnndt-)' shower.
We hnvo not heard anything
"Jately about the erection of il depot
:at Duudus on tin 21. fc C. Railway.
It would enliven this village a
little, since business affairs run
(dull, were a first class chicken fight
to come of!'. -
When the new postage law takes
effect there will bo a general over
hauling of exchange lists among
There are fifteen hundred stal
wart horse shoers on a striko in
New York City also two hundred
in Brooklyn.
Have a little patience. You will
'have an opportunity to wear your
-straw hats and linen dusters in a
month or two.
Our craft was out last Saturday,
participating in a fishing expedition
taking from the creek, aw
eral largo fish.
Ik you have a dog worthy of note
you had better have him taxed, if
not, you will have to abide with the
Sunday was a beautiful day and
crowds ot well-dress ed fellows con
gregated on tho corner of Main and
Logan streets. f
The frog concert season has
commenced. As usual, the com
pany opened to a large and miap'
preciativo audience.
Tub weather is getting warm
enough to permit female neighbors
.to lean over tho fence and talk
tibout the pooplo across the way.
Persons who do their advertising
cm fences should mix a little good
(spelling with their daubing mate
rial. Don't you think it will look
We think there are some of our
young men, who are on thin Ice
as an author says, those who drink,
swear, gamblo and idle away their
Would'nt it bo a good idea
If our citizens should erect a steam
iiiufigo factory here, and dispense
with noma of our curs and pussy
cats? : '
Pit, Charges JLFKiWH.of Chilli
cothe, was lu our village the forot
part of tho week, looking very wall,
The guest of his father, Mr. Ches
ter French,
About 3,000 persons wltnossed
the base ball game, between the
Mutual of New York and the Phil
adelphia nine, last Monday week
tho latter winning by one score,
A viw Hquor law of Weet Va.,
went. Into affecv .My lt There
was considerable gathoriii of Jugs,
bnrrels and bar fixture gonofftlly,
and shutting up of shops, took plcs
Jn many placef
Ax Old Citukx Gosh. John
Wi:sr, an old citizen of-this place,
was called "from labor to refresh
ment," early on Saturday morning
of last week, cause supposed to be
a paralytic stroke. Thus sud
denly the postillions of death halt
at tho door, and send in their mes
sages of the grave. Wo saw Mr.
West coining into town in appa
rently good health, lato on Friday
evening but scarcely had the gold
en rays of tho sun flaunted their
banners of light in the face of the
next morning ere wo heard that the
old man v as asleep in death. They
folded his hands and closed his
eyes. The flowers of spring sang
of life, from petal to leaf and the
birds were filling the groves with a
natural orchestra,but on the wrink
led brow of the old man, death, and
years sat in state, and the flowers
of fancy and dreams of youth were
fled, for the die had been cast and
the race won. Thus one by one,
the battle and scarred-heroes of ov
eryears fall side by side.beneath the
yellow mound of the tomb to silent
ly sleep in listless slumber, until
the arbitration of the future.
Court. The Court of Common
Pleas is still in session Judge W.
K. Hastino presiding. Judge Has
tings is disposing of business rap
idly and to the' general satisfaction
of litigants. His decisions are
characterized by a very clear state
ment of the issues involved, and
they receive the universal approv
al of the members of the Bar. So
cially, he is courteous and affable,
unaffected by that haughty arro
gance which often attach to men
who are placed in these positions.
A number of civil enses have
been 'disposed of since the com
mencement of the Term. The crim
inal cases are being disposed of at
present Last week the case of the
State vs. Edmon Quinn was tried
the second time, resulting in a ver
dict of guilty of cutting with intent
to wound Thomas Hafferty. These
were the parties engaged in the
belling of a newly married couple,
living near Dundns,
Boquet Thanks.
The editors of The Witness and
Enquirer desire to thank Mrs.
Jane M. Dening, living four miles
east of McArthur, for the presenta
tion of a very handsome bouquet
tiisefully selected and admirable
arranged. The variety is so great
that we cannot mention them nil
but as we write these lines sur
rouuded with their sweet fragrance
we hearty appreciate the kindness
of the estimable giver. There they
sit blooming in richness, smiling in
their beauty.and filling the sanctum
with the aroma of spring time.
Our hearts feel cheerful as we keep
them company, and breathe the
perfumed Bweetness they fling upon
tho air, Again we say, "thank
'.you," kind lady,
The Dramatic and Musical en
tertainment, that met with 80 much
success the 1st of May, Intend to
repeat it Saturday evening this
time, it being for the benefit of the
Presbyterian Church. Any person
who wish to enjoy a rare treat,
should not fail to witness it The
programme will be altogether dif
ferent from the first. Tickets to be
had at all the stores in town.
Last Suuday week, Mr, J, J.
Bell, of Adamsville, Muskingum
county, (X, father of our young and
esteemed compositor, J. Irba Bell,
while making )a way down a flight
of stairs, leading to the loft in
his barn, fell, breaking three ribs
and injuring himself otherwise.
There are a gpod many pjapps
around towrj where t!e crossings
are wanting repairs ftt4 tho coun
cil ought to exert Itself to have them
put down. It is not right to compel
our citizens to put down side walks
and then fail to get crossings to
connect with them.
"The commissioners are raising a
large crop of their favorite flowers,
in the court house yard, called the
"dandelion" or something else."
Kenton Democrat.
That's spsalflng well of the Com
missioners they surely must be an
industrious set
The Kenton Democrat says :
"Irontoa dark ey buy reserved
seats at the entertainments. Thus
the 'swan and the crow shall clasp
hands together, and three twenty
five cent shinplastors shall cement
. A coufw of ypimg poraposltprs,
belonging in Chillicothe, left for
Cincinnati a few days ago, to get a
Ht,v never to return. They are
oow boarding jjPjr families;
Tkay y they are not foun4 of
ple(pL) Good enough, ,
; A span of horses attatched to a
wagon,1- belonging ' to Mr. : 8. B.
Snider, starting from his residence,
east Mill street, made fust time for
whH0-rtotnjf no damage of any
Pic-Nio and Dance on the 4th
ok July. The people of Zalcski
never fail to celebrate tho 4th of
July. The old and tho young as
semble and have a good tinio gene
rally. Arrangements have already
been made for. the celebration of
tho coming 4th of July, in .tho
grove east of the car shops, at that
place. Connected with this celebra
tion will bo a plc-nic and dance. A
fine platform will be erected for
those who wish to dance from
" early dawn to dowy eve." Re
freshments of every description
will be served up in the grove. .No
intoxicating liquors will be allowed
on the grounds. Music will bo fur
nished by the Zaleski Drass Band,
for the especial benefit of which
this Pic-nic is given. II. C. Manky
and John Kale are managers.
Posters will be issued from this
office soon.
A Vert Interesting Work. We
have just received from the Nation
al Publishing Co. of Cincinnati, n
copy of Prof. O. S. I owler s great
work, on Manhood, Womanhood,
and their Mutual Interrelations;
Its Laws, Power, etc. We hail its
advent with undisguised satisfac
tion. Forty years experience as a
teacher and lecturer on science,
and a long life devoted to consulta
tions and advice in connection with
subjects concerning which men and
women hesitate to confide even in
their physicians have enabled
Prof. Fowler to give to the world
the most remarkable and useful
volume of the day. Its low price
brings it within the reach of nll,aud
the information it contains is be
yound value. Its circulation will
be a benefit to society.
The book is sold by subscription
only, and the publishers want
agents in every county.
Admitted to The Bar. We
have omitted to say shot our young
and talented friend, John C. Pugh,
of McArthur, was admitted to the
Bar as an Attorney and Counsellor
at Law, at tho late term of the Dis
trict Court held at Portsmouth,
Scioto county, O., on the 25th of
April, 1873. We are informed that
a very favorable report was returned
from tho committee on examination
every question being satisfacto
rily answered. His studentship
has been close and cxtensive.and he
has a general knowledge of the many
miscellaneous books belonging to
the profession. John, your future
is all glorious! May you bo suc
cessful in all things!
Almost a Serious Accident.
On last Sunday, Mr. aud Mrs. John
IIchn, who reside about miles
west of McArthur, came to town to
attend the fuueral of Mr. West, of
whose death we give an account
elsewhere. They were driving
along Church street, in front of the
Presbyterian Church, in a two seat
ed express wagon, and the boy,
who was driving, struck the
horses with the whip, when the
the horses started In a quick pace
ejecting the old folks from the ve
hide, breaking thrpp yibs for Mr.
Huhn and knocking his wife sense
less. No serious danger apprehend
cd from their injuries.
It is said that the Potato Bugs
will appear this season in greater
numbers than last year. In some
localities these saucy Bugs have al
ready commenced operations, and
the prospects for raising potatoes
are not flattering. Mai)' peqple
think of raising Sweet Potatoes in
stead of Irish Potatoes. All those
who wish choice Sweet Potato
Plants should call upon evi Wv
man, who resides one-and-a-half
miles south of this town, and whoso
P, O. address is Dundas, Vinton
cpHnty, Q,
Walter C. Hood, President of
the Southern Ohio Editorial Union,
called at our office on Monday. We
cla)pp4 tO ll9 ffom an4 cflnao
quently did not meet the gentleman,
for which we arc very sorry. We
solicit ft call from Mr, Hqqd when
ever convenient so to do, whon we
shall happily enjoy his pleasant
company. We are sorry to be in
formed that Mr. Hood is in ill
health. The new postal cards are out,
We have rocelved.ono. They are
printed on handsome bond paper,
and are 58 inches long, by 3 wide,
bearing on one end a stamp with
tho old-fashioned "Liberty" head,
surrounded with the words, !iU. S.
Postage, One Cent" Printed on the
other end, near the top, are the
words "United States Postal Card.
Tho address is written on one side
and the message on the other side,
The attention of tho people is
directed to the card of Dr. S. T,
Boogess, Dentist, of Jackson, Ohio,
qcptQf wurfc iii the most 8atlsrac
tory manner. ' I
. Alfred Burtensiuw, formerly of
Ilope Furnace, in this county, Is
now mauagpr pf Jackson Furnace,
Jackson county. lie was in this
place last week.
1 The Annual meeting of the Free
Masons' Mutual Benefit Assocla
tion, was held in Circlovillc, last
Wednesday evening, tho 14th
East Again. Experience has
taught the firm of Dan. Will A
Bro's, that poor qualities qf Goods
are the most expensive articles in
the end. Good goods always prove
most satisfactory; therefore, they
make it a study to present the peo
ple with goods that arc the most
desirable and Advantageous to pur
chase. Many years experience has
given thorn a thorough knowledge
of the wants of the people of Vin
ton county; they have the facili
ties for keeping their stock well
supplied with all tho novelties as
soon as they appear in the market.
Aaron Will, of the firm, is now
in the Philadelphia market, select
ing a very full and complete stock
which embrace everything in. .their
lino of trade, and will bo sold at
lower prices than ever before. The
grand opening of goods will prob
ably begin about Saturday next
Prepare to visit the House, and to
see the beautiful goods.
Over in Albany, Athens county,
they have n Postmaster who writes
his name down as "A. Palmer, P.
M." A few months ago a citizen
of this county requested us to send
1 he Enquirer, at his expense, to
James Nickols, at that place. This
A. Palmer, now writes us that
the paper is not taken out of that
office and gives this reason: "The
;aid Nickols Is a 'Modoc' and has
left the lava beds of Raccoon." Wo
have never met Mr. Nickols; did
not know that he was "a Modoc;"
did not know that there were any
'leva beds ou Raccoon" entirely
ignorant of all these things. We
warit a little imformation. Will A.
Palmer bo so kind as to inform us
whether Mr. Nickols is in any way
connected with the tribe of Modocs.
Dissolved. By reference to an
advertisement in another part of
to-day's paper, it will be seen that
the firm of Richmond & Huhn, who
have been engaged in the Hardware
and Agricultural Implement busi
ness in this town during the past
three years, has been dissolved, J.
S. Huhn having purchased tho in
terest of Nelson Richmond in the
Mr. Huhn has adopted tho most
convenient and proftablo system of
doing business that of selling all
goods low for cash. He has a com
plete stock of goods which he is now
offering at greatly reduced rates.
Go'and see his goods.
Three Cheeks!!! The house of
Will fe Co., Zaleski, has sent a
shrewd buyer to the Philadelphia,
Dry 'and - Fancy Goods market for
tho purpose of purchasing a grand
stock of goods for the Summer
trade. The goods will begin to ar
rive this week. Every body go
aud see! Low prices! Lovely
Open Letters. J. T. Wilson, late
member of tho Increased Salary
Congress from this District, has
written an open letter to D. Mack
ley, editorofthe Jackson Standard,
to which an open reply has been
dolived by tho editor. Tho contro
versy is rich, rare, and extremely
The late spring has discouraged
some of the farmers. Corn plant
ing is far behind. Tho last few
days and recent pains have made a
depided improvement in the appear
ance of grass and wheat
We learn that a new tim,e card
foe tho running of trains on the
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad,
is being prepared. It will take ef
fect next Sunday.
ii. n in i m is
The report of the Sunday School
Convention, held at Hamden, on
tho 9th and 10th Inst, is unavoida
bly crowded qqt this week. Will
appear In our next issue.
Gillman, Ward & Co., Dry
Goods dealers, in Wiu,'s, qld build
ing, Main Street, have sold their
store to Rev. John Dixon, who will
carry on tho business at that stand.
To cokrespondents. Letters on
subjects of local and general inter
eat will hayo the b,e,t attention qf
the Publisher of the Enquirkr.
No letter will be published unless
the writer communicates' his real
name and address, not necessary
for publication, but as a guarantee
qf gqpd faith. '
." . .
Fwwm mm
Come and see the largo assort
ment of Secdi. ' . ; , "
J. F. Towell, Portsmouth, QhJo,
offers to morchants a superior
stock of Dry Goods and Notions,
on the most favorable terms. 8-ly.
' The President has now two
important vacancies to fill
Chief Justice, and Minister to
Russia. ' . He will probably as
tonish the people again by mo
diocro selections. That $50,-
000 per year ( is' quite aston
ishing. ,,, ' u ;.' ;
A Wonderful Invention Re
oently Patented. An elegant lit
tie instrument which combines
twelve practical useful tools, viz
Pocket Rule, Ruler, Square, Bevel,
Screw Driver, Chisel, Compasses,
Scissors, Button Hole Cotter, Paper
Knife, Eraser, and Pencil Sharpen
er. The article fs made of steel
and evidently durable. Agents
are wanted in every town. The
proprietors offer to send steel pol
ishtxl post paid by mail for fifty
cents. Silver plated, one dollar.
Gold plated, two dollars. Persons
desiring an agency or to obtain the
tools should apply at once. The
proper address is Combination
Tool Co., 124 Nassau Street, New
York. Also, the new Revolver
Lightening Trap, which winds ip
like a clock. Kills Rats, Gophers,
Sqirrels, Mice.&c. and throws them
away and sets itself as quick as the
name indicates. One trap sent by
express for one dollar. Also a new
invention that scours or polishes
knives and forks instantly and will
also sharpen carving knives.
Sent by mail for ono dollar. Also,
tho Telegraph Knife and scissors
karuencr. It sharpens dull
nives and ilscissors instantly and
will cut '' glass like a diamond.
Sent by mail post-paid for 50 cents.
nease auena io inis at once or
memorandum of the address.
Patrick Berry, aged W years and t months,
departed tins uie last Saturday, the lust and
only son of his name in the family, Patrick
was born in Ireland, and leaves a sad and
affectionate mother to mourn his loss. May
tho kindness of Providence sustain the af
file tod and aged parent.
Specia Notices.
Beyond th. Mississippi. Thousands have
already gone, and thousands more are turn
ing their eyes towards new homes in the fer
tile West. To those going to Missouri, Kan
sas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming,
Nevada, Oregon or Callfonrla, wo recommend
a cheap, safe, quick and direct route, via St
Louis, over tho Missouri Pacific Railroad,
which runs its tine Day Coaches and Pullman
Sleepers from St. Louis to principal points In
tho West, without change. We believe that
tho Missouri Pasluo. Railroad has the best
track and the Unest and safest equipment of
anyliuo west of the Mississippi, and its con
nections with roads farther Weit are prompt
and reliable Tho Texas connection of this
road is now tompleted, and passengers are
offered a flint-class, all-rail route from St
Louis to Texas, either over tho Missouri,
Kansas 1 Texts It. II. via Sedalla, or over th
Atlantio t Paciflo H. It. Ha Vinita. For
maps, time tables, Information as to rates,
routes, &c, w refer our readers to S. II.
Thompson, Knitorn Passenger Agent, Colum
bus. Ohio, or I. A. Ford, Goneral Passenger
Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Qscstions will be cheer
fully and pronptly ansnorcd. 1-ly
Fob Lost q! Arrrrmt, Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Dcprasion of Spirits and General
Debility, In tlfclr various forms, Kibko-
PnosroRATKD KUxir of Calisaya niado by
Cab will, IIaja A Co., New York, and sold
by all druggists, tho best tonic Asa stlm-
ulent tonic for pal en t recovering from fever
or other sickness it has no equal. If taken
during tho seasouit proven ts fever and ague
and other Intermittent fevers. 19-4w
Emigration turning. Cheap Farms In
South-west Mlssoiri. The Atlantio A Pacific
Railroad Compun-offors 1,200,000 acres of land
In Central and Soith-west Missouri, at from 3
to$lSperacre,onieveu years' time, with free
transportation fran Si, Louis to all purchas
ers. Cllmato, sol, timber, mineral wealth,
schools, churvhosnd law-abiding socioty In
vite emigrants nom all points to this land of
fruits and flowea for particulars address A.
Tuck, Land Coitnissloner, St. Louis, Mo. 1-ly
For Ayer's Mllclncs, go to G. W. SUson's.
Dr. N. J. Borers, Dentist, MoArthur, O.
alliohint city, Pa., Feb., isti
Mossrs. IliYiit, B avkan ft Co.:
It gives me ptoiiura to testify to the supe
rior merits of vpur Pure White Lead. I bars
been a praotlcal painter for tho last fifteen
years, and during that time hnvo used, many
brands of whiU toad, made horo and In other
cities, but never save I used a lead which was
as finely ground eovorcd as much surface,
and gave as flit and white finish as your
lou. y . W. C. COOK.
A CARD. ACIorgyman, while residing In
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and iiniplerimedy for the cure of nerv
ous weakness, Urly decay, disease of the
urinary and senilnnl organs, and the whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vlo!ous habits, Great numbers have been
cured, by this nolle remedy. Fromptod by a
doslre to boneflttke afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send the receipt for preparing and using
this medicine, it a sealed envelope, to any one
who needs It, Frm of Chargtt Address
HtMlqi n, Bible House, N. Y. City.
Marou (0, ura-vLulO.
To the Buffering. The Rev. Wm. II. Nor
ton, while raiding In Uracil as a Missionary,
discovered ll that land of medicines a romody
for Consunptlon, Scrofula, Bore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. Till remedy has cured rn.yse.lf a,fr all
otlior medicines hs,d, ffttlpd,,
Wllllm) tft UuinUt suffering, will aend
thQ reciim for uropartug and using (his rein
ody, to all who doslre It, Free of Charge
Please tend an envelope, with your name
and add it si on It. Address,
6Te Broadway. New York City,
March HjipS-TVlO. ,
For flfi? rrrlViner a ft Siqns Drug
Tl Bot Ploe,-Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quoenswaro, Glassware, Notions, Ac,
can be W Ils Duncan's Store, In Za
leski, at all tlinis.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken In exchange for goods, at
hlr store. Id connection with his store lie tas
aSAddle and Harness Shop, ami will repair
anything In that Uno o,n, short notice aud at
lowfljfurosj Go and seo him. tf
It. N. J. Dowers. Dentist, MoArthur, O.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to 81s-
Flve Hundred Thousand 400,000 bottles
of Greene's August Flower have hoen (old In
thlsBtate In throe months. W only ask you
to go telhe drug stores of Gunning or Sisson
MoArthur, Ohio, and gotabottloyVM ofckmrv
or a regular slae at TO cents. Every bottlo
warranted to our Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Sick headache, Costlveuoss, Heart
burn, Waterbrasu, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impnre Blood, and all disease eausod by Im
pure Blood, or deranged Stomach, Rd Liver,
Try It. O.Q.UK. Vnrloiar,
(fcdtunbud Ohio,
Jlr, K.J. Uwsrs, Pontlst, McArtbnr, O.
aOI T. w sOi ax
TiT'P mfPPivl.'.n MENS'
, lot of Manufacturers' Samples, which I bought for ONE HALF they
cost to .nan ufacf tire them and I am offering them at 75c.$2 50; nil be
in" of .the latest style and best material. They are worth at wholesale
from ?1 00 to $3 50; Four dozen Calico Shirts at 37$c. each.
Wool, bought at Bankrupt Sale, at $8 00, $10 00 and $12 00, sold else
where at $10 00, $12 00, $15 00. 15 dozen Suspenders at 25c.40c.
t etb- nf RPi? AftTTE L.AWNS at 15 cts wer yard. Large Stock
ttxtt?ci? ni?AftS f!T.fVTTT 4ft
Ladies' Linen Culls, and uonar8,JNew iyie, on:y &o cuj per out.
DOZ. Ladies' Hose, only 20 cts, sold elsewhere at 30 est; 500 'ards
COTTONADE, at 18 to 37c. 1,000 yards BLEACHED MUSLIN
at 9, 11, 13 14, 15, 16, and 18c :
An Immense Stock of
SDraffues' American, Merrimack and CocMco Prints,
UlMjJ. III:. IXllV
Positively No Goods Sold On Credit.
tw- ha humbusrered bv merchants who tell you these prices are for
inferior troths, but come and see
goods to bo o" FIRST QUALITY.
Marou SO, 1IT73.
Cliillicothe, Ohio.
"W J-JLmILm I A. 3P 33
OF ALL LATE STYLES, Made a Speciality,
-ST. C.
ITir xxltm.ro !
.Mgggm; if,:
I niftnufacturo to order and repair Furniture of all kinds, at tho most reasonable prices. I am
and accompany them with a Hearse. aSTXh puWio ar lmriUd U call and
xamins) my Stoo k.
u .
March 16tl(, 1878.
t. .a.. i.A.Tnxisr &o sonsr,
Desire to say to their friends
general, that they have nov
Positively Sell Mi Cheaper
Do not buy goods More you
We shall hereafter sell our
EQUIVALENT, thus enabling
Better Bargains
All kinds of Produce bought and sold at the Market Pricesj
Coino and see us when you come to town, and we guarantee you
satisfactory, dealing.
Ono door West
L-ii O 4- yv ti y
find BOYS' Fine Fur Hats beinsr
inches wide, oulv 25 cts: Large
only 30 cts, new styles; 3 dozen sets
for yourself. I GUARANTEE my
. H
SWIFT, Chillicothe, Ohio.
aPxxrxxltxxro 2 !
and customers, and the public in
in store a splendid stock of
to any Eoise in Vint! Coiiy
goods only for CASH, OR ITS
us to give our patrons
than Eycr Before!
of Court-house, McArthur, Ohio.
East and South,
East and South, TAKE THE
L. UXdiLuJi 1
Jt Is tho HIiortCHt, Quickest and only lino run
ning through Coaches front
Kansas City to Indianapolis
c m. nir 93 jc ir tv j. rjp sr.
Without clmtiKO or additional charge, In ad
vance of other routes. The only di
rect route to
Louisville and the South.
The Shortest Line and Quickest time via.
Indianaiiolis to Coliimlius, Newark, Zones,
viile, WheolinK, linltiinore, Washington,
1'itUburg, I'liiludelphia, New York and Jk
ton. The best route to
ALBANY, and all New Kn glaad Cities.
SSeg" Pullman's Falace Drawinf-Boora and
Sleeping Cars are run through on this line
from Burlington to Indianapolis and Peoria
to Cincinnati.
BW Get your Tickets by the I. B. W.
ROUTE. Bee that they read via Qufacy and -Indianaiiolis,
and you will avoid the omnibus
transfers, ferriage, changes and delay inci
dent to other routes. C. W BMITII,
Cion'l Manager, llrbana, 111.
Jno. W. BBOWN, Uen'l Pass. & Tkt Art.,
19-eaw . ' Indianapolis, Indiana.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National Capl.
tol and Eastward.,
On and after Monday, Kovembor 10, Trains
will run as follows:
"iSA8TVAlti. 0in'nati I'cut I JOSif.
Emprett Lin Xmprtn
6 55 Am
i 35 Pin
03 "
880 "
8 55 "
0 4OPm
8 S3 Am
844 Am
1 14 Pm
4 45 "
505 '
S5 "
Harpers Ferry....
Washington June.
6 51
Haiti more
10 00 "
885 Am
815 "
410 "
144 Pm
New York
Now York
H 30 Pin
12M Am
8 90 Am
80 Pm
4 00 Am
800 Pm
860 Am
1404 '
8 45 Am
11 45 I'm
6 45 Pro
8 00 "
8 90 "
800 u
4 06 Am
Washington June.
4S5 '
8 59 "
Humor s terry..
Pfl.Uman Palaos Drawing Boom Blsepuu Cars,
whirh ire as comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almo.'t equal to a lire-side, are on all
trains from Cincinnati to Baltimore and
Washington, nee scueuuie or uincinnati ana
Marlcttu Railroad for time ot arriving and. de
parting from McArthur.
J 116 UUVtlIHllVl Ul MIL. IVUIVVT.I .!( UUIUIl -
is, that it gives all travelers holding through
tickets tho privilege of visiting Baltimore
Philadelphia, and tlia National Capitol free.
Time quicker and rates of fare lower than
by another route.
1UO scenury biub hub nmiway is hu,
equalled for grnmlciirou this Continent.
to snirrsjis or rnsianr.
Thin linn nffri-H sunerlar Inducements the
rates being one-third lower to and from Bos.
ton, New York, or any other eastern point.
In ordering goods of any description from the
Knstgive directions to ship via Baltimore A
Ohio ft. It., and in shipping East give same di
rections. Freights shipped by this route will .
have despatch, and be handled with care and
save shippers much money.
N. liUlLFOKli,
Gen. Freight Ag't. Baltimore
L. flf. COLK,
Gen. Ticket A g't. Baltimore,
Gen. Pass. A g't., Cincinnati.'
Great National Short Line Route East and West. BEE LINE.
Ou and after Monday. May 88th, 1871. Kx
iireHa Trains will leave Columbus and Crest. '
die and arrive at points named below as fol
lbv,! Htatk',n.
No. 4, No. 4. No. 8.
ColunibUbV"" '
Crestline.... ? P-"-Cleveland....
4:10 p,ui.
. :45
(:45 a.m.
(WW p.m.
8:35 a.m
80 p.m.
1 :H0 a.m.
Niagara F'ls 1 m
Rochester ... l:8o
Boston 6:20 p.
N. Y. City... 8:o
Crestline.. ..18:45 p. m.
0415 n.M.
Pittsburgh.. a
Harrisburg . 1:15 a. m.
15 a.m.
4:40 p.m.
. 6:45
Baltimore... 10:40
Washington. iuup.m.
PhllttdelplilallilS a. ni.
Crestline ... ll:30p. m.
Fort Wayne,. 5:30a. m.
Chlcngo ... .13:10p. m.
1:45 p.m. 6:55 a.m.
1:15 a.m. 115
1:40 6.-00 p.m
. . , 1 1 t nliiml.ii. .ii'lA n. m
hasa Through Car via Delaware forSpring.
Held, reaching Bpringllcld without change at
:'i0P:nl. . ... ,..u... nvu.
Train mo. , " "'a '""',".r
Valley Railroad connect with No. 4 train.
Through Tickets for sale at Athens.
PASSENGER TRAINS returning arrive at
Columbus at 12:86 a. m., 11:15 a. ui, and:W .
VrPalace Day and Sleeping Cart
On All Trains.
No. 6 leaving Columbus at 8:85 a. m., on
Sunday, runs through without detention, by :
both Erie and New York Central Railways,
arriving at Now York on Monday morning at j
6:40 a. in. . , , .
For particular Information in regard to
through tickets, time, connections, etc to all
points East, West. North and South, apply to
or address K. FORD, Columbus, Ohio.
E. 8. FLINT, Gen. Bup't
Goneral Agent, Columbus, Ohio,
Passenger Agent, Columbus. Ohio. ,
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
rhls Is tha Short Line via Indianapolis, j
The Groat Through Mall and Express Pas-
sengor Line to St. Louis, Kansas City, Bt Jo
seph, Denver, San Frauuisco, and all points In.
Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
The shortest and only direct route to In
dlannpolis, Lafayette, Terra Haute. Cain
bridge City, Springtleld, Peoria, Burlington, '
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and all points
In the Northwest
The Indianapolis, Cincinnati ft Lafayetta
Railroad, with its connections, now offers
nassenirers more facilities in Through Coach
and Sleeping Car Service than liny other Una
111111 iiuciiiiinki, unvmg wiu HiivniiinKv ui
Through Daily Cars from Cincinnati to St.
Lou. 'i liansns unv, Joni'iin, l eoria, jiur
lingtoilf Chicago, Omalia, and all Interinetliata
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and accommodations as are
afforded by no otlior route.
Through 'i'lekots and IJaggage Checks to all
i,, and 9:00 p. ill.
Tli-.knta can be obtained at No. 1 Burnet
House, comer Third and Vine, Public Land
ing, corner Main -and River; also, at Depot,
cornor Plum nnd Peurl streets. Cincinnati.
lie sure to purchase tickets Via Indianap
olis, Cincinnati & Lafayette Railroad.
' II llllJIIIU.!L-n
MostorTranaportution, CincinnatL
Chief Ticket Clerk. Cincinnati. .
Cin'ti & Muskingum Val'y R. R.
On and after Monday, November IS, 1S7S,
trains will leave and arrive at Lancaster,
(Sundays excepted,) as follows; -
KarprM and Mall. Jetiommnitirtlon
Arr. iu:i a. in. rr.
Arr. 1:10 p.m. Arr.:la.m.
Direct TOiiniMtlons mail, at LANC AH'I'KR
With trains on the Coliimbns and Hooking
Valley Railroad for Athens, MnAHhur, Chii
llcotbe, l'oitsinoulh, Marietta, and for Colum
bus. . . '
Direct coniioctlons made at kanemv iij.e
with trains cm llio llHltlnioro A Ohio K. It., f.r
KiiHtcin ( itls:at MOUKOW aud DKKsiIk v
JUNCTION with trains on the PIUnliurpli,
Cincinnati A M. jiiis i(auiiait r.ast. mm
Went. K. II. H AlL.Ii. i, Oen'ITiuket Ag'U
0. C. w AITK, Hupui'iiiteiKleiit.
so dollarse
IVwth t g!o!
gents loi'ouiiiH'iii e Inimnes with, Bed l ir'io
commlKBlons allowed for selling. Addis.i, J.
9, t'ONOV Kit, Cnldwnlnr, MU h. U-Dim-nw
JOB l'RINTINO of evy description m j.
ly and piumptly executed at this oiiice. .

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