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McArthur' Enquirer
J. WBOWEN. Editor and Publisher
MoARTIIUIl, OHIO - MAY 88, 1878.
Ohio Valley Editorial Union.
The sixth annual meeting of
the Ohio Valley Editorial Uni
on will be. held in Circleville
on Thursday and Friday, June
12th and 13th, 1873.
A full attendance of the
members of the members of the
press is desired, in order that
the meeting may be more picas
and profitable. "
, WALTER C. HOOD, Pros't.
V. S. .McCoixister, Sec'y.
Last week we published a letter
from President Langley l'plftting to
the construction of the Galllpolis,
McArthur & Columbus Railroad,
in which ho spoke of the decision
of the Supremo Court of Ohio, on
the unconstitutionality of the Bocs
Til - Railroad Lawr This decision
has somewhat surprised the people
most interested in not only this but
many other railroad enterprises.
There J8 now no way for the people
to do but take the matter in their
own hands and push it through. It
will not do to manifest a want of
energy or determination at this
time. The question now arises,
where can tho necessary capital,
required to complete the enterprise,
be procured? It is hardly necessa
ry for us to say to the people of
Vinton county and in McArthur in
particular, that there is no county
or town in tho State so much in
want of railroad facilities a north
and south route in particular as
the people of McArthur and Vinton
county. There is not the amount
of business and wealth In the place
there should be; and, until we have
more railroad conveniences, the
business and value of the place
will be only of a meagre and limit
ed quality. With our present de
ficiency in railroad convenience,
wealth and business is driven away;
and hence we drag along in the old
stage-coach style. We must not
flatter ourselves too much on the
very, few improvements we have
made during the past twenty-three
years. Other places, with less ad
vantages of population and wealth,
have lone since grown far away
from us because of their railroad
accommodations. We should not
let this opportunity pass without
making a united eifort to raise, in
some manner, the means necessary
to secure the completion of the
road to this place at least Who
will make a move the matter?
Since writing the above a com
munication has been received from
"A Citizen," which will be found
elsewhere in this paper, to which
we call the especial attention of
It seems that the " Litenen Kal
kulator " has reached tho City of
Columbus, where the Constitution
al Convention is in session. Wheth
er he has presented a copy of a new
Constitution for the consideration
of the Convention, we are not ad
vised, but we havo heard from him
in a different niitnner. lie must be
there we mean our " Kalkulator "
Wells from Jackson county. The
following paragraph from the Con
vention proceedings given in last
Friday's Columbus Dailt Dispatch
will explain itself:
Mr. Alexander, from the Commit
tee on Privileges and Elections,
submitted a report stating that the
credentials of all the members are
correct, and they are entitled to
their seats; that the scat of Mr.
Wells of Vinton, is contested, and
appoint the 28th inst. as the time
in which the Committee will take
testimony in that case.
A we have before stated, the
election is being contested by a
citizen of Mr. Wklls' own county-
Prospect in Ohio.
The people of Ohio are tired
of Radical rule and greatly dis
pleased with the Grand Salary
Steal Law enacted by the late
Radical Congress.
With anything like judicious
management and the selection
of Gen. Thomas Ewinq for Gov
ernor, and of other proper can
didates at the Convention to be
held next August, there can
scarcely be room for a doubt
that the Democratic and Liber
al Republican Ticket will be
elected by a , handsome majori
ty; that the revolution in the
State will surpass that which
culminated at the recent elec
tion of Connecticut.
A Morning pajwr Js of the opin
ion that nothing was too low for the
Forty-second Congresn. This is a
mistake,, for their salary wus too
low; so the members rftWil it, by
lowering themselves.
Though the prevalence of pub
lie corruption is sometimes dis-
heartning, yet the signs of bet
ter times coming are plain
enough to cheer the hearts
all good men. We will note
some :
1 It is the practice of some
lawyers (deserving themselves
to be called criminals) to foist
into jurys one or two supple
tools, so as to compel a disa
greement. Recently, in Phila
delphia, in the trial of a keeper
of a gambling 6aloon, two jurors
tried to prevent a verdict. The
remaining ten kept the jury, to
gether eleven days until they
compelled their dishonest asso
ciates to ' a conviction. Some
day we may have a law which
will go sharply after the law
yers who follow the practice of
packing the jury-box. -2
The farmers of Illinois
have taken in hand the tyran
ny of raijroad corporations.
In a large delegate convention,
they have oaJed on the Legis
lature to abolish the diserlmin-
ation made against local
freights; to enquire whether
some of the railroad corpora
tions have not forfeited their
charters, and to provide for the
execution of the laws affecting
the companies. This lu, we
think, only the beginning of a
popular uprising against the
domineering spirit of all corpo
rations. It is the beginning,
too, of the assertion of thejll?
powers of the State. The State
is the ereatov of corporations,
and their master. It grants
each franchise, and can revoke
it again. Moreover, the State
confers the franchise as a pup
lic benefit; J?ut if, in the hands
of a corporation, it becomes a
public injury, the State can en
ter and take possesion. Still
further, every corporation pas
duties to the community, and
the State is bound to see that
these are properly perfonned.-rrr
Tbe farmers, who are the ma
jority in every State, are the
very men to bring to an issue
the question of insubordination
of railway corporations to the
3 We have reformed New
York city, and the obstruction
ists who are trying to make our
charter partisan, are, inch by
inch, giving way. Reform will
not be defeated. Public opin
ion is too strong even for dis
honest legislation.
4 The Congressmen who
filched the Treasury of "back
pay" already "have their re
ward." They are followed to
their homes by a storm of indig
nation, which must be the re
verse of comfortable for them.
The list of members who voted
for this piece of dishonesty
has been spread before the
world. They may affect to de
spise puplic opinion; but public
opinion can express itself in
votes, as they will find.
Altogether, these gleams of
light are enough to inspire hope.
We shall not die, but live. -There
is much corruption, but
the heart of the people, is
A terrific tornado or whirl
wind, accompanied with hail
and rain, passed over the coun
try, about six miles north of
Washington, Iowa, on Thurs
day afternoon last The torna
do was about one-half mile in
width, and tore into fragments
everything that came in its
course. Houses, barns, fences,
trees, cattle, and human, beings
were caught up and whirled
through the air like toys, and
then dashed to the ground with
such violence as to produce In
stant death to animate beings.
Houses and barns were torn to
fragments and scattered for
miles around. The fields are
dotted with large timbers driv
en into the ground at an angle
of ninety degrees, and cattle
were actually driven head-foremost
into the ground. Eight
persons aro tfius far reported
The Boesel Railroad Law Unconstitutional.
The Supreme Court of Ohio,
on Tuesday, May 13, 1873, de
clared the law known as the
Boesel Railroad law, unconstitu
tional in its provisions Chief-
Justice White delivering the
opinion of the Court, the entire
bench concurring, in the case of
James Taylor, vs., Commission
ers of Ross County, Ohio. The
decision being unanimous of
course puts this matter at rest.
Elk township will bo disap
pointed by this adverse decis
ion, and her $25,000 bonds,
now deposited with the Treas
urer of State will be cancelled.
The Constitutional Conven
tion, now in session, will be
looked to for some provision in
the matter of the people taxing
themselves forB public improve
The decision of the Supreme
Court in tlie above case. Is as
follows :
1. Taxation can only be au-
tlioried for public purposes.
Wherp, therefore, a statute au
thorizes a county, township or
municipality, to levy taxes not
above a given per cent, on the
taxable property of the locality
or the purpose of building so
much pf a vaijroafl as can, be
built for that amount, and the
part of a railroad so built can
be of no public utility unless
used to accomplish an unconsti
tutional purpose, such tax is il
legal and cannot be imposed.
Sec. 6. Art. 8 of the Consti
tution declares, that " the Gen
eral Assembly shall never au
thorize any coantyj city, town
or township, by vote of its citi
zens or otherwise, to become a
stock-holder in any joint stock
company, corporation or associ
ation whatever, or to raise mon
ey for, or loan its credit to, or
in aid of, any such company,
corporation pr association."
What the General Assembly is
thus prohibited from doing di:
rectly, it has no right to do in
directly. Where public credit or
money is furnished by any of
the sub-divisions of the State
named, to be used in part 3Q"
struction of a work, which' un-
? the statute authorizing its
uer tu
construction, must be coiiip!?tll:
if completed at all, by other
parties out or tneir own means,
who are to own or have the
beneficial control and manage
ment of the work when com
pleted, the public money trr
credit thus used, can only be
regarded as furnished for, or . in
aid of, such parties.
4. The act of April 22, 1 872,
to authorize counties, townships
and the municipalities therein
named to build railroads, &c,
(69 0. L. 84) authorizes the
raising of money by taxation,
which Is equally applicable to
the unlawful purpose of aiding
railroad companies, and others
engaged in building and opera
ting railroads, as it is to any
lawful purpose, and gives to the
officers intrusted with the con
trol and application ot the mon-
1 1
py tnus raised, no means or
power of discrimination as to
the lawfulness or unlawfulness
of the work or purpose to which
it is to be applied, and is thus
m contravention of Sec. 0, Art,
8 of tho Constitution, and,
therefore, void,
The Phrenological Journal for
May is an excellent number ; con
taining many particularly interest
ing features, viz. The portraits and
and Life Sketches of twelve Editors
of leading Religious Newspapers
such as the Observer, Christian
Union, Evangelist, Christian Intelli
gencer, Liberal Christian, Church
State, Baptist Union, Christian Ad
vocate, N. J, Messenger, Jewish
Chronicle, etc,; Ifuman Knowledge
raet and Present; Mouths we meet
and their Meaning; illustrated;
Pocs Sorrow Kill ? a pathetic sto
ry; Jas Blake of Indianapolis, por
trait auu Character; Justicp Ward
Hunt; Building with Rough Stone;
Does the Human race Degenerate
In America? The Gulf Stream; Cu
riosiMes of gufpjdc, etc, The num
ber merits general approbation;
everybody read It, Price 30 cents;
three months on trial, 50 cents;
a year's subscription. 43, S, R
Wells, Publisher, New, York.
School Lew, The School
Law enacted on the Jet inst,
allows aj Boards of Education
to make a levy of seven mills
on the dollar valuation, which
will be beneficial to sever
townships in this county.
Proceedings of the Vinton County
S. Union Convention.
Editor Enquirer: Pleaao publish
the following synopsis of tat min
ute8 of the S. S. Convcnti held
at Ilamden, on the flth and! 10th
inst: (
The weather was very inaienent,
and tho roads most uuprecedeitly
bad; owing to this fact wo antici
pated a failure. But what ws our
surprise on reaching Ilamden, on
tho evening of the 9th, to find Bros.
Nichols, Swaim," Clayton, Pinnlee,
Dr. Teters and a number o other
veteran soldiers of tho S. S. n my on
tho ground looking as cheetful as
though they had not seen niitl for
a month, 1
Wo attended tho night
which was " well attended
friends at Ilamden. We t
seats chair occupied by
Clayton, appointed seerret;
tern. I
After the usual opening exreiscs,
the topic, " The model Supefintend-,
ent," was first taken up; wiregiot
that space will not permit us to al
lude, to tho many portlnenf .and
'"practical remarks from the numer
ous speeches made. Sext the
topic " Model Teacher" vas pre
sented by Rev. Parmlee yho was
followed by several members in
short, spicy speeches, Tie ques
tion elicited some earnest! discus
sion respecting the proper qualifi
cation of the teacher. Cajt. With
erspoon, a non-professor, but a thor
oughly live S. S. man, took strong
grounds in favor pf ealisiiuf that
clement In our 'S. S. work. Ho be
came so earnestly engaged h the
subject, that he was called dovn by
a motion to adjourn; wlnq wn,g
At 8 J- a. in., we were all In place,
and after opening exercisei, tho
following committees wen ap
pointed, to report by noon : i!
On fymwW) Wev,' J, N,
NicholH, Dr. S. C. Teters, Ctptain
J. S. Withcrspoon.
On motion, the topic ol last
evening was again taken up, to al
low the Capt, to finish his siooch,
wUioU was interrupted Jn'stj eVliung,
by a inotion to adjourn,
The question box wus next
opened and a number of impa-tant
practical questions, such as most
often perplex our S. S. teachers
were read and discussed.
Next followed the cliscussim of
tho question, Shall our o. H, idopt
the international uniform sorbs of
lessons?" It' was ably openei up
by Capt. Withcrspoon; pa the aftlr
matiyo, and Mr; playion, ol trie
negative. They were followal by
several others, every one of thorn
favored the adoption of the icries
of lessons. '
An election of officers for the en
suing year was then held, VesAifyiflg
as rouows! rresicient; j, ,viionn,
Secretary: II. W. Coultrao: Treas
urer; II. II. Swaim; Corresponding
e..rntarv. j. S. Tlnlin.
UCLIVUM.J , ... ...
Executive Committee R6bert
Thompson, R. 8. Barnhlll, Dr. fe. C.
Teters, l. M. Steele, Dr. Go'riline,
J. S. Witherspoon. ' I
Delegate to State Convention
J. S. Iluhn; Alternate Dr. i C.
The following were elected yice
Presidents of their respective town
ships to wit: )
Wm. Walker, Wm. Vest, II. II.
Swaim, W. S. Crow, Charles kW.
Taylor, Robt. Thompson, Clark Mc
Pherson, M, Steele, The other town
ships haying no representatives, no
Vice-Presidents were elected, but
will bo supplied by President ap
pointing, 'l
Next, came reports fronij the
schools represented, ten in number;
mqst of the reports were quit en
couraging, especially those ol the
Ilamden Furnace and Locust Crove
Schools. The former rcportefl an
enrollment of one hundred and
twenty scholars, an average attend'
ance of 90; No. of vplujnes Ju li
brary 500; No. seini-monthl pa
peis taken, 100, out of debt) and
money in tho Treasury. The lftttcr
almost up to this; it is the school
that took the banner last fall We
would publish aj j,l(o ropqrts if
space would admit. I'
The Committee on Finaucl re
ported as follows:
Rksolvkd, That each School in
the County be requested to raise
one dollar, and forward to the sec
rotary, as a fund for defraying the
expenses of the association, and to
pay the traveling expenses pf a del
egate to the State Convention, . .. ..
Committee qn resolutions. j'e:
ported the following:
Resolved, That this Conveution
earnestly solicit the co-operation of
the S. . to aid in organizing, sus
taining and making more clllctcnt,
the S. S. of this County,
Rksolveo, That tho ' Vinton Ilea
o?( and McArthur Enquirer, are
requested to publish 'tho proceed
ings of this convention.
pEsoiyEK, Thi.tthe hearty thank; a
of the members, of this Convention
be tendered tho kind people of
Haindcn for their hospitality to
members and delegates in attend
ance. To this shquh) l)nyo been
added one of hearty thanks to
Miss Payne, who was faithfully
present to enliven and sweeten our
labor with the melody of song:
Wo closed with a chlldrous'
meeting, which was fecllnirlv and
ably addressed by Mr. Long; of
uacKson, wno camo lu near tho
close of the Convention to infuso a
ney enthusiasm,
We shall long remember this
Convention, and shall never forget
the kindness of the citizens of
Ilamden; both the Jackson ftnd
Fqx Houses, opened their doors to
tlje dejegatos, r j
We had the pleasure of enjoying
tho hospitality of the latter, and
can freely recommend It as a pleas
ant and every way desirable pUce
to stop,
y the
oik the
fa' pro.
liio time and placo of next
meeting was left with tho Exeeu
tivo Committee, also, the grand un
ion pic-nic to be held sometime du
ring tho summer or fall, was left
for them to arrange.
Let schools get ready and all tho
S. S. army rally at that time, and
present a front that shall "put to
i 4.1,-.m
iiiiib tuu ui laics ui iuo evil one.
H. SWAIM, Pres't.
J. S. HUHN, Sec'y.
A correspondent has been wri
ting up Grant's stable " fixtures. "
lhcy are pretty nice. Here is
little list:
Twohorsos , $2,000
Three trotting horses 3,000
Two ordinary horses 300
One barouche. 1,200
One dog cart 1,000
One ptuvton 150
One trotting wagon 350
Harness, saddles, clothing, 1,050
Passing by tho dog-cart, the har
ness, " bright, massively golden and
" wagon for speed in trotting, " we
come to tho cap-sheaf of all this ori
ental magnificence. "But still
more conspicuous as they approach
you, says tho correspondent, " are
tho driver and his companion. Jet
isn't a circumstance to the blackness
of their faces; while their costumes
aro white corduroy and white flan
nel, trimmed with'silver, with white
top boots as nearly as you can make
out; and the contrast between their
costume and glossy hats and faces
is marked and distinct as that of
daylight and darkness. The taller
holds the reins, but ho is euual to
the emergency, and, so far as the
unpractised white eye can deter
mine, there is not a ripple on his
Nubian face. The shorter seems
entirely for ornament, and p,ita with
his arms lolqetl across his chest -
DiaoK and white monument
wealth and social greatness. "
there you have the President of
our republic at his best,
under ordinary cuoumstanccs the
Cftutettts of n eontlemau's siibla-f
coma nowise legitimately concern a
newspaper; but it may be different
in Grant's case. Grant is a sala
ried government official. Dog carts
and fancy negro driyersi, a,nf foot-,
rnp.ii,, aqd gjkleu harness, cost mon
ey, A little while ago, one of tho
Grant organs contained a plaint
that tho President spent yearly
ten thousand dollors more than his
salary. Then, as ho went into the
office poorer than a church mouse,
he must have obtained pyiuce-ly
su!ti8 outside of in legitimate- In
come 10 enablo him to live like an
Eastern nabob. Is there any prop
er way whereby ho could have reaV
ized such U ' no has niailo
biniHolf immensely' rich in three
years, by means unbecoming his
olllce, is he a fit man for President?
Can any Grant organ or orfltw, or
any sane lemiViicnn citizen 'an
swer, these questions satisfctonly?
tiuestipns buniliU -to tliv-tavc
been asked time and again, but aro
yet to bo answered.
The lato elections indicate
that the Liberal "leaven" is
working. And this is owing to
the ereed and corruption of
men in place and power, practi
cally demonstrated by the last
Congress. If the people had
been as thoroughly convinced
during the late Presidential
canvass, as they now are, of
the rottenness of the leaders
they trusted in, the Democrats
and Liberals would have swept
the country. Tweed's circum
scribed rascalities pale before
the barefaced law. makers who
sell their votes and tax the peo
ple for the benefit of rings and
monopolies, to swell their pri
vate gains. The farmers who
feed and clothe all, and are the
basis of the wealth and prosper
ity of tho country, have had a
very small volca iu its govern
ment. They are now organiz
ingfrom one end of the land to
the other. And this is the
power that will save the Repub
lic.. They niay bo called Liber-;
als or Democrats; it matters
not ; they are determined that
the existing evils must ho rem
edied, and those now in power
removed. Revolutions of this
kind never go backwardl This
is an " irrepressible conflict. "
rew Advertisements.
ft Ij. 40USLIIE, m. d.,
Will attend to professional calls promptly
at all times, and on reasonable tornis, cllj-fliw
Sweet 1'otato T
Early Tomito and Onbhsgt) FlanUi
Cultivated and for inlo by
A. I.. WOOD, Webster, Iron Furnace P. O.
i Molotn County, Ohio.
Furnished Until July Idt,
Having liicroaMd my facilities for the pro
pagation of Vullow and Uel Nansemoiul
Hwuet Potato I'lauts, I will furnish noon
thrifty plant at tho following prices, of either
variety i
HUO for 1,S, .'1,00 per 1100, $18,00 per 6000,
ttfMX) per 10,000. Tomato Plants, Jtfkv per dor..,
l,M per 100. Cabbage PlauU, l,00 pcrllK),
$7.00 per lOtKI.
In fiiilerinu from tio Jim u,ay r.nly oil ro
milving (iot(T TiiMirlMr n.anth, put up in
damp iiiosi so as to carry yooo mite If iiiumw
ary, and arrlvu in kkkI condition. Any ra
IHinsililo person Is authorized to act a agent
In ordering glvo nlnla direction fur shipment,
also I'ustolllue address In full. Large nuioiiuts
should bo reglsUired. Address all orders fa)
A. L. WOOD, Iron J iirnsre P. (,.
l-lm-e Hclote county, Ohio.
Legal Notices.
Notice Is hereby irlvon that sealed Drniioanls
will be recelvou
at tho Auditor' Ofllce, in
McArthur, Vinton comity, Ohio, until three
o'clock, v. M., on
MONDAY, JUNE 33d, 1873,
' for tho building of
Two Open Boa: Bridges,
with stone abutments, at tho following placo.
One Across Oassill Run,
Jii Knox tornthi, near tho residence of AVil-
iiiuii autuiuy ; aim
One Across Flat Run,
near tlio residence of Levi Itoblnott. t'on-
irnctors to luiulsn all the materials.
Plans and Specifications
areou fllo for inspection at tho Anditor's Of
llce. All bidders for contract or contracts
are rconlred to (lie with his hid or bids a bond
in doublo the amount of such bid or bids, w ith
good and responsible surety or sureties, to the
auccptnnco of tho Commlstilonors, for tho
milium completion of such work.
Tho Commissioners, however, reservo tho
right to reject nny or nil bids.
Uy order of the Commissioners.
MJ Auditor Vinton County.
Hay S8, 1873. 4w
Whereas, my wire, Hetty Allnmn, has left
my bed and board without just cause or pro
vocation, I hereby forewarn all persons not
to harbor or trust her upon mv account, as I
shall pay no debts of her contracting.
Way 81, 1878 . 8w
'VIIKRKA8, my wife, Margaret Iluiiemvorth,
has left my bed and board without hint
or provocation, I hereby forewarn al) persona
wgi.iuav win uui mg ui 1.1 usiiug uer ou my ac
count, as I will pay no debts of her contract
ing after this rtuui.
May 23, 1678. 8w
William lintiglimiin, plaintiff,)
Peter llurg, defendaut. )
of Madison township, vintun county, Ohio.
On tho 17th day of May, A. U., 1878, said
Justice issued an order of nttachinent In the
auove actum for the sum of $U,M). Saldaction
is not for hcarlntr Julv 7th. nt 1 n'i-1,,,1.-
May 88,1873. 8w
Egbert Ilaweu, plaintiff,
3. 11. Mct'hesnev. ilefoudnnt.)
Iiel'ore John T. Illack, J ust Ice of tho Peace
oi luumson township, Vinton county, Ohio.
justice issued an order of" attachment In tho
above action for the sum of 8,IKI, Hnld action
is bci ior Hearing June xutn, itri ati o'clock
P. M.
May 28, 187
l'robate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice Is hereby given that Samuel It. Dar
by, as guardian of Henry V. Fry, and Porrv
Hidlebnugli. has Hied his accountH with anlii
Wards, for ilnul settlement; and that the Uear-:
lug of the same is set for tho UU day W J uliO.
1878. at lOoVlock a, in., W W. 'V
, Xotick U hereby given that Joseph Cox and
Abdullah Uriflln, administrators of the Li
tulo of lleiiiamin ltulvirt. dee'd. line iileit
herein their account wllh d fcstalb, for fi
lial settlement, nv, Uiut 'the buaiing thereof
tlcment, nv, luut the buarlng thereof
r tk,o 1th day'Of June, A. 0. 1H78. at 11
VV' ' H; B.f.Y 1'
is bui. iyr
NOTIC Js hereby given that Ed. Croshv
..posited with the Treasurer of Vinton Co.,
Ohio, the amount required to redeem the fol
lowing described land, to wit : '('1)0 Mirth
west iiunrter of tho riortb,-u,.et 'qUartor of sec.
tien llj, TqwdsIiIp )i, ltniigU 111: said land hav
ing been told for tuxes on the !)rd Tuesday in
January, ltfii), In the name ol Edward Crosby
to Peter Uovce. W. W. IlKI.POUli,
May 10, 1MT3-8W. Auditor Vinton Co.
NOTICH is horoby given that tbu co-iiart-ncrxhlp
lieretoloi-e existing between N. Hii h
mniid and J. H. Iluhn, under the llrni name of
HlCHMiiND .t 111 UN, w;idissnlved on the Bill
day of May. 1873, by mutual consent. All bus
lucss pertaining to the lato linn, will be set
tled by J. S. Iluhn, who remains at the old
stand. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to said II rin are hereby iintiilcd (oVali
upon lilin.nndi'Oltle tliplrneu'iuiits. Ail aoounts
not settled op' or hclure the 1st dav of .hi I v,
lsfiS, will lie promplly put in the way of col
lection. K. Richmond,
J. 8. Ill UN.
May 13, 187i.-3w.
Tho undersigned would ask a rnnttiinallon
of that liberal patmnage heretofore given. I
win sen ijjw MJit CANII, hiiV snail KEr.l'
NO HOdKB ; jo do not Ask tor credit.
Muyl3,lM-8w. J, ti. I If UN.
Mary Lvcdotn. Nancy Illakn, Eliza, Edging,
ton, Lottu Dodcl, Ellhii i(l,ii jilur lOiai"
'Ln!ft Yi'tl'lH'U liuli-reslilenfs eftlieHtutu of
OTilliriCuil heirs at law of Hiirah Ilobo, ile
ceaied: MMII take nntlee that Henry Reynolds, ad
ministrator of the estate of Harnh Ilolm, deu'il,
on the 13th day of May, A. D. 1R73, llleil his
iiotitiou in the Probate Court, williln and for
the County of Vliiton anil Mlate of Ohio, nl-
leilging tlint the personal estate of Si
eharges orailiiiliiliitnr n l.or ostsUi That she
died lioWadlii luukiiunlu nf ilin f,,llnu.., .1...
scribed real estate, sliuate In said Couniy of
V Intou mid StatoofOluo, to wit: The south-
wubi, iiiuiier oi uio nuriiieast iiiaiter, mid
tho west half of tho southeast of the
nuiuieiiMi iiuarier, or Muctlon
twenty-idght (sh.) of Township
iriuTuii in ran
n (11,) of riiniro number seventeen (17,)
l III US III all illtv Miivnn iti...u i........ A..
lessi Tho uravor of salil nntlilhii l.i .i..r
am reu lies, ior uio payment or tho debts
and charges aforenaid. 1
i Hald petition Will he for hearing on tho With
day of June, A. D. una; or us soon thereafter
as leave can boobtulncd.
Ailinllllitrator of Harnh IIoImi, doe'd.
I, Venn I. II, Attorney.
U. fl.t
May la.ltnj-dw
Jitgkaoit O. H., Ohio.
Can at all times he found it M nAlon.
TE1.TII KXTItACTKl) slmoliitiilv ivliln.nt
pain, and with pei-foet tafuty, by tho usq uf
LA UGH I NU OA.- ' '
. ;.""Jill LU. .. j L
Press and Stralnor.
"XTT ANTED, Agents and Peddler, fbr our
v r rii
i'UKM AN l) HI'IIAIM Ell-pressei ii
strain! Jams, Jellies, linrbs, vegetnliius, uri.
i jai
. me
innuw. Miosis, ciieesn, sr. tver I,UUU sold III
ft"T V'Vt i"'' tM'" H"1""' K7 family
wants It. Hewing Jlnelilne and other eitsb.
lisheil agonU aro llndiiig thlsvsry priilllabln,
Circulars fron, LITTLKKI KLU i DAMK,
104 Washington Ht., lloston, Mass, awlo-t)w
'if Mt( Mglik llrahiiins, fluff ami Par.
trldun CoebliK. II
trailing varieties.
.1...... " Li 1- .1.
uiiiuiii., i.egiiorns, anil all
KltM IVkl. IiiiI.iI.Im . .11 .. -
onsen, rowis in per pulr; Itt per trio. We
i .V . "'I- '!" in ? lirr
n.i nun, miu iiiim orniiireoi every (losen sent
out by li i to haU h, If thev do not wo will vend
another iIomiu at onu-bulf price, Eggs sent V.
O. II. If rlnlrfltil uiml .LMinti n. lll..-i?.i..i ..i-
cular.Addr.-si Dr. C. LEWLH. MirlhAhi.'
Ulark Co., Ohio. ' Si
t ...... -1
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
.1. I'. UH00KIN8 Rj hON, OI r.ll-
ton, Ohio, testify tlint onk bottlo
of KrkhsFkvkhT onio cured four
casus ol' Ague. Wrrto tneni ami
iiliniit It! A box of PII.I.S Fit KB with
ovorv bottle. SMAI.l DOSKS.nnd QUICK
Cincinnati, Ohio.
ffi KT C A AGENTS' prollts per week. Will
9pO 1 .OU prove it or forfeit two. New ar
ticles just patented. Samples sent true to nil.
Address W . 11. CHIDKSTKlt, SIIT liroadway,
New York. 4w
Henry WuJ Beaebaz Fapur, with tho
largest circulation in the world, grows
wonderfully bocauso it is tht bftpaptr, gives
subscribers th mint btautiful premium, and
otiiii'B Canvassers the most IA 11 Ell AL TKltMS,
Send for Circular. J. U. EOHI) & CO., New
York, lloston, Chicago, or San Francisco. 4w
WORKING CLASS UOa week guaran
teed, h'espeetable employment lit home, day
orevening; no capital required; full instruc
tions nuirvaluabfo package of goods sent free
bynuiil. Address, withsixoentretnrnstitmp,
M. YOUNG & Co., 178 Greenwich St., N . Y.
To be the Beit Ever Invented.
Pamphlet free. Address York. Pa. -4w
Write for Largo Illustrated Price List.
Ilrecch-loaniDg shot guns $40 to $300. Doublo
Shot Guns, 8to160. Single guns 1 to -m. Ut
iles JB to 175. Revolvers it) to US. Pistols 1 to
H. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle. urgo
discount to dealers or clubs. Army Guns, Ko
volvers, &c, bought or traded for. Goods
sent by express C. O.U. to be examined before
paid for. 4w.
Neglect, n Coughl Nothing is more certain
to lay the foundation for future evil const-
are a suro euro for all diseases of tho respira
lory organs, soro throat, hoarseness, dryaom
of the tliront, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Aslh-
nin f '.i. fiii-l. tVMiil..l...i .... Mi-.t
and all diseases of tho lungs.
in un cases oi suimcn coin, novvo"- tar.en.
flllt.1.1 rl,.ll.ll. ul..i.il.l l.n 1. - .,' .7
...pu .... oitwuM, w m-iMit-.v lreeiy
used. They oiuulia.c tUo ohvulation ot thil
bliiod. mitigate tho severity of tho uttack, wi
.wUUh Very short timo, restuvo Uealtliy uee
tiun to thea-Tci'ted organs,
Wells' Carbolic Tablets arcput up onlv in
blue boxos, TakO no substitutes. If they
can t bo had atyour drugglHt's, send nt once
tu the agent in New ork, who will forward
them by return mail.
Don't be deceived Uy Iiuitiillons.
Sulci liv druggists. irPrico SSo. a U.
JOllX O. KELLOl 8, 18 I'ialt St N Y
Stas! l01'tim,lil1- i ftut ' Unltl
We will pay AGENTS 40 per week lu ensh,
who will engage with us at once. Everything
furnished and expenses paid. Address,
A. COULTER & CO., CllAW.OTTK. Midi.,
psychomanoy or Soul CltHntUutt." Hw
1 eiiher sex iiiny f,ii,ciHU nnd gain the luve
aiidatlectinnji uf-luiy-pvnwn Oley chouse in-W'WMy-
W sluiplo mental aemilrement till
can possess, free by inuil, for 2a cents, Uuelhor
with a niairiago giiidv, EKytitmu. Oracle.
I reams, ITiiits to, Ladies, Vulding Mght
Shirt, &e. A (juei'v lw-ls. Address T. WIL
LI AM Vuus., Phlla. 4w
Agents wanted. Send for CRtlogiie.
'lir Ton,
Tlje snieicjtt and best selling bonk over pub
llshuij. l tells idt iilKint the iroiit Credit Mo-
Di-iiey. nruiiuiu, ronniuriiil lirinerles, Con-
ni.nuun.iin llii...u f..l.l.i..a
. B,.,,.,,, ..1F.fl, n r., ,,,,!( ,liu 1,11,1111 111,
sighlsof the National Capital. It sells quick.
Mend for circulars and see our terms anil a full
descrliitionof tho work; address, NATION
AL PUHI.ISlIINti CO., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Chicago, III,; orSt. Umis, Mo. 4y
VJQ LEWI3, Editor.
Tim areutiMt success of modern Journalism,
the only nvHllnul American Illustrated paper
published. Inmtim'ctivk, Entkktainixu and
Phoiihkshivk. VWV.K lo every siibrmi l' er. tho
mngnillceut I'bronio "Jubt 10 Illiiii." The
most beitiitll'ul ever published. Sold only bv
subscription. Agents are havlnif iu)eari.iif
Simeons, one hjivmg taken flyrir ti.StMl iiiimeK.
All proiHHiucO this VftMtunMnitUiltbnt
ciiiiuce ior iiiHh.Viini,Klng ever offered. Clr
culiira lro. M ACLKAN, STODDAUT ('.,
Chicago, Illinois. 4w
Fever and Ague Cured by
which romliiiivvihll HioVikaloMs of tho (.'In
cliiinn llurl.., ami is at eil'ectiial a renicdv as
tllll Mlllllbltte of ( llilliim, u-lill., I, i-
ohvapiir and more palntable. Bfoy send
siunip ior descriptive clrculiir with formula!
for using the INCHO-Ql ININK, and Tcs
tiiiioniiiUfiom I'liysiciiius nil over the country,
1'riMinretl by Itll.I.INliS, CI.Al'P CO.,
CluMiilsls, successors t,u-its. M, N Ichols Co.,
Iloslon, .Miii-nvii-oii.,
Ki'l)iuiMllel lu New York by 8. II. Austin,
t OnTm t;'. llunry's, No. 8 College Place.
ennrand remover of tiluudular Obstructioua
known to Mutrrla ihdi&t.
It is hi-koi ai.lv adaptkp to constitutloiu
-worn uown- aim ilcDIIIliiloil by tho wariii
weather of Spring and Huninuii', vlien tho
W'llKN WKAHy AND LANdlilll from avurwork.
and dullneHi, drowxltiun and Imu yii into tho
placo of energy and vlc,r, the sysU'iu needs
a Ton 10 to ( up and help tho Vital
r'oi-oc,.) tu reKalii their reciiperailve power.
In THtf I1KAT Ul Hunmkii, froiiiiently tlio
Liver and Hpleen do not properly pevhuui
their functions the Uterine and lvlusry Or
gans are Inactive, producing. ukucH of tho
l l III i "'"""MW HUH ". lW'spwtiiion
w mi.mipu. lO'tiloavnoiov,
M iTll II A IU 111 Aw 'n ,f0m t'10 "TH A.
Mhlf CAN PLANT, HBd is lM ullarly sultea
-ri"J i.'i'rf0! 1,m"" " will cleiinso tho VI
A '.A J'.1,'.'1. '. iri(nglhen the LIFB-
f)S1M"' Ud Itl'.MOVK ALL Oil
IT hhuhlhiik kuki.v Takn, as Jurulxiba
I,. ;u ;y meiiieni writers tho must of.
'I'hV U,llf 'KK.TNIO anil DKOlllHltll
,,'",uwu ' Ui whole range uf medicinal
JOHN O. , KELIiOOIl, 1t Plait 8t., New Vork
8olo agent lor the I'ullod Htutes.
PrlimiiperbotHe, Bend fovt'lroular
Land Agoncy.
g! n .i.ijjimmu
WJ, JIOUH W. HKI1KH. Manager.
. halina, Kan.
Ileal Estate tluslnetst also havo for nla all
the land of the Kansas j'ncllle Hallway Com
pany, amounting to ovur6.lnw.iKKI aero or tho
most desirable In Central and Western K mi
ss.; nl tllll Hltes. Coal Lands, Farms, (til0
llnnehos, and City Property In Kalina Hiul the
lielglilHirliiff towns, for siilo kA all llines.
rty Hiiiiil for t(( Wsnsas t eiilnil Ailvo
miu," a laiMVM'uluniu land paper, set what
we have fur salo, ami rend all alxiut tho great
Keystone Ulato of the Wii.t,
i'i nvnvy crcuni.io.ei cwniHueni;
ly gathering luipitr)Uo from sluggishness and
huperi'uet UiHIuli of tlio ifciutlvu organs, and
li uiaiiirested by Tumors, Eriiptlont, lilotohes.
Holts. Pustules. Hcrofulu. c
It is gratifying to us to lulbnu the public
that Dr. h. O. C. Wlshart's Pine Treo Tar
Coiillnl, for Throat mid Lung Diseases, has
guined an enviable reputation from the At
lantic to the Pacific coast, and from thence to
some of the first famlllosor Europo, not thro'
tho press alone, but br persons throughout tho
States actually benelltted and cured ut his
olllce. While ho publishes less, so say onr re
porters, ho is unable to supply the demand. It
gains and holds its reputation
First. Not by stopping cough, but by loos
oning and assisting naturo to throw off tliti
unhealthy matter collectod about the throat
and bronchial tubes, wkiek eavtetlrritation.
Kocond. It removes tho cause of Irritation
(which produces cough) of the mucous mem
brane and bronchial tubes, assists the lungs
to act and throw off the unhealthy secretions,
and purines the blood.
Third. It is free from squills, lobelia, Ipecar
and opium, of which most throat and lung
remedies aro eoniposod, which allay coughi
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect on the stomach, nets ou the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous?
regions, thus reucding to every part of tho
system, and in its Invigorating mid purifying
effects it has gained a reputation which ft
must hold aliove all othors In the market.
Being under my immediate direction, they
r.1 101,0 their curative nuulitics hv the
iiso of cheap ajid impure articles.
u- n t0 6 K'.rf- tor ""'sultntion by lr.
T;.?lMfirf0- .With him are associate.! two.
S ""'!,1,1 I'hysicinns of ccknowledgcd abil
H.y. 1 his opportunity la not offered bv any
other Institution iu the city. ' y
All letters must bo addressed to
L.Q.C. WISHART, M,lj.f
No. 232 North Second St.,
November SK tS7-m
X Vm..m S1
swung IIIOM.
Just xubils?ied n a Sealed Envel
ope, I'rice Six Cents. .
A loeturo on tlio Nature, Traiitment and
adlcal euro of Hperniatorrhoea or Hcmlnal
enkuptfu. Inu.,lii,il 1... u i
Debility, and impedinieiitH to lunrriage gen
" i t'i!. ,'rITOIls"u,iM. Consumption, Epilepsy
nun mmcai iueaiiaeltv.ro-
! Vv,,l.',;!!V.?,,Jf"?!11"'0' iy itoiiKlrr j.
, C e.It W Kl .1. l li u..i...u ..p .i... ...
Hook," ,1c.
The wnrlil.vnnnw,inil ahIIih- I., il. t- .1... t
, , , '1 ' , uiiiuiii, ii, tin, MIUI1I i
iICIt'turis-clearly proves from his own ex
,.. .v. i.iw .in, v viiu ii,, mi con sei ii enecs or sur
nbuse may bo ellectunlly removed without
lllClllcllMiM. Bltfl U'llltn..,. .1......... .
operallons, bougies, liiHtriiiuenU, rlngB or cor-.
'" ""i iiimiiiKuuvu nioiie oi cure u t onco eor
tnin mid effectunl, by which every sufferer,.
........ .1, ,,in.v inn coiiiiiiinn niiiv ne, may
:iire himself cheaply, privately nnil'radleitllv
I bin Icct.ii ii, n'lll i.wii'.. u I.,..:.. ... ,i .....'i.
,' , ii... r i " i.wi.1, mi iiiuiiniiiiiit.
and tliouiwnds.
Simt-. Illlilnti .mil In mi,' n.l.l..nuj l . .,lnN.
l":i V '", vii.j iiiiniv-nn, in n iiuiiuk,
scslod envolopo, on the receipt of six cents, or
.... 1 , """l"1- iso, ir. v uivorwvirsi
"Marr age Oulde," price BO rents. Address
the publishers.
187 lluwery, Now Xork, P. O. llox 4,5Sfii.
mission. a.s rof me. in.liZ
tirrhura, ot power, lrAPhH?r
up Ui. .ystem. arrest tin ujsclutr .id im
PrS: M Lffi ol S'reJ, nd. of
iiALr..$L P??1 of Uv xe and a lann il
mZZ- vTu 7J. 1' Tf)r,u,lt ln obstinst. or oUI
v-O, SOU JJboaowat, N. Y. tknd fprui-ulur.
" iabio ih wucaur." v coos mbo,
ulWiU" U V A.'ALJLKV.'I '
In. Kl'I KlTir WKKRLT MS WKKILT f iuis ,
UAH Ar wom cuwolij.M), Aw A
i .issmniiN im Mat r iiwu.i
Awl. MA.Ir?' (,. o.mWUV
alt. IL-lr Ckia. unt
w vublUL.ii. .
New Name.
Tlio Vlllago at Zaleskl Company' Coal
.n !,li,,.,0,w'". township, will from and
after till dale be kuowu as :
K. TII03IPS01,
Bi" 1,KXtNiTON, diiiu DUCATOUNBt
W AON Kit. Will mnko tliBteason ol'IWJrt at Ilia
liable of thesnlisnrlher, In Porter, Oalllal'o.,
Ohio) will he at the stable of 1 r. iln, iu
Wllkesvllle, VltiMin conniVv, Ohio, iivnry l
ternnUi wwk. Will slim. I hir mnnm at an.uo1
for eiHiiinou, for thovuiKalods fMI.UV to In
sure. Adilruss all leimin to
Msrcli 10, "tU omp Plus Drove, Ohio.
AJ'Irm, m
Vsi UhIiiiiu

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