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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, May 28, 1873, Image 3

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J. W. BOWKN, Kdlto and Proprietor,
MO.VKTIf UK, OHIO, . . MAY S8. 187.
Aiti.K8 promise altundnntly. .
Stkaw huts ore now the rage.
The Strawberry scmhoii is nenrnt
The weather mid tlie roads are
Tub Fourth of July falla on Fri
dnj this year.
A Codfish will keep a man drier
than an umbrella.
Have just as good a garden as
you know how to make.
Gen Caniiy was hurried nt India-
impbUH, Ind., on Friday last.
Koot78 under uwniuga arc in
ood demand these warm days.
u Meet me by moonlight alone, "
Is now tlio song of those who turtle
dove, Somk of the vineyards it) this
oouiity were severely injured ly
the cold weather lust winter
Last Sabbath wns a warm and
sultry day, but it did not deter the
young people from' enjoying them
selves. An Iowa merchant won't adver
tise in the papers, hut paints 'on
the fences, " Go two Allen's for yqr
dri goods. ''
Tub County BoaS of Equaliza
tion, composed of the CMnll,,fi,on"
us and Auditor, met at the ' . Aucli
tor's ofllce last Thursday.
Foutv-kight ei reuses and me
nageries have inaugurated the
tenting season for 1873. We're
not bothered with any of them.
It is predicted the coming sum
mer will be a cool one, because the
:moou is the ruling planet. The
moon's prophecy was a failure on
ilast Sunday.
The . hoys aro using their sup
ply of fishing-tackle, and are turn
ing over logs and pulling up last
Full's, corn stalks in search of
" worms for bait. "
- Wauukn C. Fosti:k, who own the
Pivcknrds' Mills, in Knox township,
in this county, has purchased the
Jjrown House, in Athens,, of Leon
ard Brown, for $9,000.
Wk should conclude that the
streams, springs and wells in Vin
ton County, were thoroughly re
plenished hy the copious rains
which have lately fallen.
Fairs. A horso Fair will be
held at Athens 011 the 11th, 12th,
and 1 3th of June.
The Highland County Fair will
he held September 24th, 25th, and
A hule that won't work both
ways: Spading in the garden will
give a man an appetite for break
fast, but breakfast won't give a
man a good nppctite for spading
in the garden.
Thk work on the County Infir
mary Building, Ullom Farm, 1
aniles north of McArthur, is being
pushed forward witli great rapidity,
hy Messrs. Oilman, Wakd fc Co.,
the contractors.
X Lady told us the other day
that s'kc didn't object to a good look
ing gentiemnn gazing square in
her face, hUi tlutt it does make her
itwt'ul mad wbow she looks back to
see him staiin bock toof .
. One of our young men ch
knows, says that a flirt is a fool
who delights in fooling fools, and
the fool w ho is foolod hy such n
fool is the foolishcst kind of a fool
Ho was probably badly fooled.
The mail train bound west, last
Friday afternoon, severely injured
a valuable cow which had attempt
ed to run across the track, a few
rods east of Mineral City, on the
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Tim Vnrner House changed
hands last Tuesday, L. C. Damariu,
Trustee for the owners, selling it to
Philip Kelley and R. F. Coates, for
$15,000; one-third of, which was
paid in cash, the balance to be paid
la ono and two years. -- These
gentlemen will, no doubt, rent the
building for hotel purposes. Ports
mouth Times.
Lkvi Wyuan, whoso post-offleo ad
dress is Duudas, and who- resides
1A miles south of McArthur, has
:greatly increased his facilities for
the prolongation of the yellow Nan-
semoml Sweet Potato Plants. , Ho
will now furnish good plants du
ring tlio season for 25 cts. per 100.
Death of John Mayo, Esq
On Friday evening, May 16, 1873,
the Bar of Vinton comity met to
take action on the death of John
Mayo, Esq.
On motion of 0. T. Gunning,
Esq., Hon. H. C. Jones was called
to the Chair, and J. M. McGillivray
chosen Secretary. After a state
ment of the object of the meeting,
the Chair, on motion, appointed the
following committeo on resolutions:
Porter DuIIadway, Gen. C. II.
Grosvenor, J. M. McGillivray, O. T.
Gunning and E. N. Barhill.
Thereupon themeetingadjourned
to meet Thursday evening, May
23, 1873, at which meeting the
committeo reported the following
resolutions: .
The members of the Bar of Vin
ton county have assembled to pay
their tribute of respect to their de
ceased brother, John Mayo, Esq.,
These meetings of tlie Bar, pain
ful in every case, are rendered
doubly so in this instance, when
they commemorate a life so bril
liant, 60 promising and so brief.
Admitted to the Bar at the early
age of twenty-one, be at once com
menced the practice of law, and
with no other resources than a well
stored mind, an indomitable will
and an untiring energy, he succeed
ed in establishing himself firmly iu
the practice in an nstonisningly
short period of time.
Mr, MAyo wa a young man, of
great promise, possess.?! J. (f Arm
convictions, decided action fine
discernment, and quick perceptions,
he bade fair, at no distant day, to
take his place among the foremost
members of the Bar of Southern
We ImU)' proud of Mr.
Mayo; wo take pride, BOt i" the
lawyer, oilv, but ia the jj an, iyv his
ornate Jife hut the c.ou,terpart
professional Ml, J him
the Bar ,fl 'ost oue M.gM
est orname., 01,6 ot its
most useful ineinf" nt
one of its best citizen,; wo, Uia
brethren of the Bar, can ir oul
otter our condolence to his fu.b'
and friends in this their great be-
reavement, and drop the sympathet
ic tear over the loss of him, once
so universally respected, uow so
universally mourned.
Resolved, That copies of these
resolutions be transmitted to the
wife and aged father of the de
ceased, that the proceedings of this
meeting be published in the Vinton
county papers, und that a copy .be
spread upon the Journal of the
Court of Common Fleas of Viuton
county, Ohio.
Poutek DuIIadway,
Chairman of Committee.
Ou motion of Mr. DuIIadway,
the said report was received and
adopted, and the committee dis
charged. Thereupon the meeting
adjourned sine die.
PnoF. J. II. Boley, the balloonist,
of Allcnsville, Vinton county, came
near being drowned in the Hock
ing river, at Nelsonville, Athens
county, two weeks ago, last Satur
day evening. He ascended in his
mammoth balloon, Gray Eagle,
and as there was little or no wind
at the time, the balloon arose nearly
perpendicularly, but in descending
the balloon took a southward
course and dropped into the river.
The Professor swam to the shore
in safety.
To Business Men.
If you want circulars,
If you want handbills
If you i want envelopes,
If you want business cards,
If you want neat bill-heads,
If you want tasty letter heads,
If you want nice visiting cards,
If you want colored . printing,
If 3'ou want any kind of job work,
Leave your orders at the McAa
tiiuh Enquihkk ofllce, and you can
secure them on short notice and at
low ru e8, ' !
At the lab examination of teach
ers the following amod persona re
ceived certificates follows:
For 12 months, Sa.'a'- M. Logs-
den and Mary Howe.
For 6 months, Ann Dillon", Julia
Wells, Margaret Geer, Rebecca
Trimmer, Jennie Curry and Ander
sou G. Ross,
Cl'k B'd Examiners.
New Hack Link. Our friend,
Horace Redd, lias established a
Hack Link between McArthur and
Vinton Station for the accommo
dation of all who desire to take
trains nt that point. Trips will be
made in connection with evory pas
senger .train. -. Wo wfsh the new
line success.
Asiatic cholera has appeared in
New Orleans, There wore two cases
in Memphis last week, Tlio steam
er Kilgour from New Orleans lost
several passengers by this dread
disease, on her way up to Cincin
nati, ' " " "'
Kimtok Enquirer: Allow me to
say a few words in regard to our
railroad the Gallipolis, McArthur
and Columbus route. There seems
to be a disposition on the part of
soiuo persons to forestall everv
movement made for the building of
this road, just because they can't
all be Presidents and Diroctors,
and labor under the delusion that
they could have created more sym
path' and good will than the pres
ent gentlemen in charge. I speak
disinterestedly am an entire stran
ger to mi: JjAngley, ami own no
property along the line but urge
co-operation, because it will add
money and improvement to every
town, hamlet and farm from Logan
to Gallipolis. What is now com
paratively a barren waste, so to
speak, would soon bo crowned 'with
enterprise and wealth by the build
ing of this road giving us an out
let for our coal, and iron ore.
Build the road to McArthur, or
through to Logan, and then tell
me, two years hence, the incalcula
ble benefits that our town will have
derived from it. Instead of bleak
and dilapidated business and dwel
ling houses, tottering fences and
snail-pace fogies, there would spring
up new stores, new dwellings, large
furnaces, factories and . mills, and
the hum of machinery aud'clank of
the hammer would echo on every
hand,and the snail-pace fogies would
give place to live, energetic per
severing bnsiness-men.
From the tenor of Mr. Langley's
letter, in the )a&t issue of the En
QuiHEit, he it, determined fcQ build
the road, and only asks & reasona
ble demand to put through the
work. I believe he has mado an
honest statement iu regard to tlie
application of the funds thus far
eol!Q.'t?dj and lias pushed the work
as rapidly as j:f wefins nt his com
mand would warrant. H.Q seems
h.QP?J j.n this matter, and TrL'v
withhold your r?.W)y n.nd influence
from a corporation that wjll yield
yc.n return an hundred fold. Do
the aspirant for tl!? Presidency
jmoginc that they ca pu.Ld ffie
l'0:t W'JthfJ.jt money any more than
MPi tAKGLEy? U tkes money to
build ra.,.'l'oftl,H 03 wi-' ft,ul
1 iKa Mnn1
a determinntic wu mivat
ilications we bel.c " MP, Langi.ey
to possess.
Now, looking from my "
point, if the people of MeArt..'U1'
and the citizens along the line de
sire a ruili'oiid, they must go, to
work and help by their money and
influence to build it. If you con
tinuo to 6nap and snarl at every
movement your President makes,
you will never get tnc coveieu
There are some people so self-
confident and knowing that they
would find fault or pick a flaw
with the best man in the world.
As I said before, this road does
not concern mo in the least it will
not b'encfit me ono cent, except, per
haps a Binall saving of fare from
here to Columbus and return but
I desire to see McArthur prosper
and grow, and become a prominent
manufacturing town, which it will
be destined to become so soon as
the locomotive passes within its
In conclusion, let me urge all to
unite upon the resolution to build
the road to work, talk and pay
money for its construction, and in
less than one year the " shrill whis
tle of the locomotive" will be sound
ing within your town. A good pull,
a strong pull, and a pull altogether
will secure the object
As you can't all bo Presidents
and officers of the road, don't wait
for a new election, but march to the
work in earnest, . fully armod and
equipped, and let come what will,
determine to have the road.
Where is J. A. Felton?
Can anybody tell where ! J. A.
Felton is at present. He left here
last week, and wo did not hear the
first thing about him until the mo
ment tho paper is put on the power
press. . It is true that lint is ip
tho "Queen City" selecting oue of
the grandest stock of Fashionable
Goods, especially for tho market
und for thi seasoj),- Jfejs '-bound
to pleaao his numerous customers
this time. He will bring tho most
beautiful ever brought to tho town,
and will sell them for a great deal
less. Hit is noted : for the excel
lent taste and judgment ho dis
plays hi the selection of gooda for
this market. Now, go and seo his
goods, which aro now coming in.
Last week we stated that Gil
man, Waud & Co, had Bold their
store to Rov John Dixon, We
were correct, but soon after the In
voicing of tlio goods Mr. Dixon
concluded to let the Arm keep tlie
store, ' ,
Faumkiu began planting corn
last season about May Cth, this
year some of them hayo hardly
commenced plowing as yet; but the
season Is not to far advanced yet
but what good corn crops may be
raised. . . . 1 "
New Time Table, Etc. A new
Time Tnblo took effect on the Ma
rietta & Cincinnati Pailroad at 6
o'clock on Sunday morning, May
25th, 1873.
Trains will pass Duudas as fol
KftHt Lino . -St.
I.ouls ICxpTOM
Clncliiniiti KXIM'CAR
Kat Stnt'k. . . . .
Nl(lit Krc'Mit " .
Way Krclxlit .
KxiieKi Kreixlit -ZuUski
11:10 A. M
8:20 P. M
1-S4 P. M
1:08 1" M
:49 P. M
:11 P. M.
:( A. M.
5:00 1'. If.
am NO KA8T.
Cincinnati Exjirenn
Kant Llun .
Ht. LoiiIh Exirena
Way Krolglit .
FhI Stock ...
Nlifht FrulKht - - .
Zaloskl Accommodation.
. 1 :08 P. SI.
(1:11 P. M
8:S8 A 51
8:04 A. M,
0:4(1 A. M
0:30 A. M.
The St. Louis Express West, pas
sing Dundas at 3:20 P. M., and the
Cincinnati Express East, passing
at 1 :08 P. M. carry tho mail. The
eastward bound fast lino stops at
Dundas at C:ll P. M.
The Fast Line and tho St. Louis
Express bound eastward, run daily
including Sunday; and the St. Lou
is Express and Cincinnati Express
bound westward run daily including
Persons desirous of visiting Chil
licothc and return tho some day
enn take the Fast Line nt Hamden
nt 11 :30 A. M., and arrive at Chilli
cothe at 12:3!), and can return on
the Fast Lino at 5:00 P. M.,ieach-
Dundas at C;ll P, M.
A regular passenger train com
menced running on Monday morn
ing, under the new time schedule,
between Znleski and Parkersburg,
called the Parkersburg, Marietta
and Zaleski. Accommodation, leav
ing Zaleski at G: 10 A. M., arriving
at Parkersburg at 9:30 A.M.; and
leaving Parkersburg at 3:10 P. M.,
arriving at Zaleski at 6:50 P. M.
This train wll )e very convenient
for the people of Vinson cpunty,
who have business to transact
along the lino of the road oast from
Zaleski and wish to return home on
the same day. '
It will be seen by the above time
schedule, that sixteen regular
trains now pass ij brides the
extra trains'.
The business of this road is dai
ly increasing, and the line and
branches are well supplied with
passenger cars (sleeping, palace,
etc..) ne postal, express, and
freight enrs, as any on the Ameri
can Continent, being fully up to the
Standard, jn all equipments and fa
cilities for business, and fhe run
ning arrangements are na carefully
and .skillfully managed. It is
hut nn act of jif stp Jo Bay that the
uecrm or tje fine, are Ufa most
8killfu? energetic, and successful
in tho couiH.7. 'J that they man,
age the road adm.V'ohly. Capt, Wjtf.
W. Peaiiody, late Masu1 of Trains,
recently promoted to tho pitlon
of General Superintendent, is the
most courteous and prompt railway
manager. .
W. II. Lankester, recently Mas
ter of Trains, and promoted to the
office of Master of Transportation,
is an excellent and efficient officer.
They conduct tho business of the
road entirely satisfactorily, and in
Biich manner ns to secure the hearty
cooperation and good will of the
' In the next issue of this paper
we shall have the time- card of the
road changed and corrected.
Coukt. Among tho cases
posed of were the following:
Grosvenor & Dana vs. Abram
Wilbur and S. B. Downard, Judg
ment for Plaintiff for $214 75.
A., Burtenshaw vs. Hope Fur
nace Co. Leave given defendants
to (lie amended answer, and case
J. R. Madeira vl, S. W, Ely et,
al. Sale of lands situated in Elk
Township on tho road leadiug from
Vinton Station to Zaleski, near the
residence of Isaac Shry, confirmed
and Sheriff ordorod to make deed,
and case continued for further or
der In distribution of proceeds of
State vs. Benjamin McCawber:
Nolled. ,.
Mary Olds vs. . Joseph Wolf. Mo
tion for new trial overruled and
plaintiff ordered to pay costs.
State vs. John Hendricks; burg
lary; verdict pf juryv-guilty. The
trial of this enso was quite lengthy,
and did not close until about 3
o'clock Sunday morning last.
On Monday, about 4:30. a. m.
Court was again opened by Judge
Hastings; and Edmond Qulnn,
found guilty of cutting with intent
to wound, was sentenced to the
penitentiary for ono year, and John
Jlendrlcks, found guilty of bur
glary, wns sentenced for twefyears.
At ft o'clock, Court adjourned line
die, and tho Judgo departed for
Hnmdcn, to take the early train for
Jackson, his place of residence ,
-W0 sincerely pity this young
man, Qulnn, but qui sympathy will
avail nothing. Lot his sad fate bo
a warning to all who may be
tempted to Join " belling parties"
and tasto. strong drink. (
' Como and see tho largo assort
ment of Seeds, . ' ., , ;. ' '
The Rad. Credit Mobilier
State Convention.
This Convention convened at
Columbus, on Wednesday last,
as directed by tho State Central
Committee, and placed the fol
lowing ticket in nomination:
For Governor, E. F. Noyes.
Lieutenant-Governor, Alhion
so IIaut.
Supreme Judges,
Long Term, War. White.
Short Term, Walter F. Stone.
Attorney General, John Little.
Treasurer, Isaac Welch.
Comptroller, William T.Wilson.
Member of Board of Public
Works, Philip IIeuzino.
Not a very large number of
the endorsers of the increased
alary and public plundering
bill were present. Nine resolu
tions were adopted. The read
er , will observe that Noyes,
White, Stonk, and IIehzino
were renominated. For Lieutenant-Governor
it was deem
ed advisable to drop Mueller
and . substitute Hart. This
Hart was a member of the
State Senate last winter and
devoted his time and cast his
votes against the payment of
the Morgan Raid Claims. Who
will vote for him in Southern
The Indian War.
rilmi a dispatch of the 22d
inst.J it is stated that twelve of
la. ...
Captiin Jack's men Lave surrenddr-
ed, ebmiug into camp and giving
up tlielr arms. Jack Is still at
largi, and his whereabouts un
knorn. Those surrendered, em
brac ;d Bogus Chai, Steamboat
Frai k, the Curly-headed doctor,
and others of less- note, There
wcr sixty-three persons men,
won en and children twelve men,
twci ty squaws and their children.
Thi virtually ends the Modoc war.
P it there is another outbreak in
an unexpected quarter. There
wa.k a vigorous fight on the Mexi
can border on the 8th lust., fight
mil s from Fort Clark, Texas.
Th Indian loss was nineteen kill
ed i nd two wounded, and tho former
chid" of the Ltpans and forty-one
woi an and children captured, he
sidi two villages and tho accumu
late prdppity destroyed. Col.
Mckenzie's lo was tliree men
wotmded, one mortally.
Il Is paid that tribes of the Sioux
Indians on the upper Missouri, are
Organizing, aud have five thousand
warriors in tho field. The War
Department has information that
Foit Abraham Lincoln was attack
ed by one hundred Sioux Indians
on May 7th, the troops losing three
hories but no men; one Sioux was
killed, Thus tho War cloud on the
frontiers grows darker and heavier,
and things look portentious.
Vitality of the Democratic
Party. The vitality ot the Dem
ocratic party, and its ability to
recruit its strength, renew its
vigor, and give repeated exhibi
tion of its power with the peo
ple is remarkable. And the
decay of the Republican party
in numerable strength, as in
moral force, is still more strange.
In860the Republican party
was in an actual minority on
the.'aggragate vote of the coun
try of 947,289. This minority
it his wiped out, not by gains
from the Democratic party, but
by 'adding 1,032,475 voters
fr m the colored race. The
gains of the Republican party
haye not been from the white
race, but from the black race,
for the Opposition to-day is
able to bring to the poles from
the great Reserve ot the country
350,000 more voters than it
was able to poll in 1860 ; leav
ing still a million and a half of
non-voting citizens subject to
the call of that organization
which shall host succeed in
quickening their consciences.
Why Money is TiaHT.--Vhen
we1 compare the value of our
exports with our imports, the
prpblem of a tight money
market seems to solve itself.
Here aro the figures: Imports in
1872, $640,438,766; exports
same period, $494,597,747.
Balance ot trade against us,146,
041,012. Add to this the in
terest on $2,000,000,000 of
bonds held abroad $1 20,000,
000 and we have $206,041,
012 in gold to pay annnually
out of our home earnings over
and above our exports. "That's
what's the matter."
J. F. Towstt, Portsmouth, Ohio,
qflers ' to merchants ft suporlqr
stock of Dry Goods and Notions,
ori the inost favorable terms. , 8-ly.
More Radical Deficits.
The State Treasury of Ohio is
in an impecunious condition,
and it is proposed to take $500,
000 from the present years tax
revenue to pay off tho deficit.
The Kadical-Credit-Mobilier-In
creased-Salary State Conven
tion, which assembled at Co
lumbus last week, and re-uomi
nated G'ov. Noyes, did not pass
a resolution denouncing the
robbing of Peter to pay Paul,
Special Notices.
ReyomltlieMUaUitiiipl. Thousands have
already Kone, and thousands more nro turn
ing their ayiw toward now home in the fer
tlio V eat. Tothoso going U Mlonourl, Kan
sas, Kubraskm Colorado, Utah, Wyoming,
Nevada, Oregon or Califourla, wo recommend
a cheap, Bftfp, quick and direct route, via St
I.ouls, over the Mlgaourl Pacldo Railroad,
wiucn run It linn Day Coaches and Pullman
Ploi'pcis from fit. Louis to principal point In
tho Went, without vhnnga. We helluva that
tho Missouri Paclllo lUilroad lia tho host
track and tho llnnst and safest oqulpmcntof
anyliuo west of the Mississippi, ami ltt con
nections with roads further West are prompt
and tollable. The Texas cnnni-ti m nt (Ilia
road is now completed, and passenger are
ollercd a llmUci., l),ri)ll route from Ht
Louis Texan, either over tlio Miisoufl,
Kansas & Texas II. it. via Scdnlla, or over tli
Atlantic & I'aciilc It. It. via Viuita. For
maps, vimo tames, information as to rate,
routes, Ac., we refer our readers to 8. If.
monipson, Kastorn l'asseuger Agent, Colum
bus. Ohio, or K. A. Ford, Uencral I'assonifor
Airont.tt. Louis. Mo,
Questions will be choc;
fully 1 ut jiroiiijitly answered
Fob Lobs of
CA8WKU, jiazakd Co., New York, and sol5
by all druggists, Is tlio best touic. As a slim
lilent tonic for untienU rnnnunri,.. r.Z r." '
n..i,. !..!..... s "?""'
... BivmiuM, it iihh no equal
durimc the seiuon It prevents f(
1 nm
If taken
eyer and ague
mm uuiui liituriiiuicnc IV
K m I Drill I mi TufniTi r i...n v
South-west aiisRourl. Th0 Atlnnllo ArncMo
Kail road Company offers 1.200,ouu acres of land
in Central and South-west Missouri, at from fc)
to fu per aero, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from St. Lonlg to nil mii.i.
ors. Climate, soil, timher, mineral weallli,
schools, churches. nnil lnw.nliiiiin. i '
yitoemiKrijuLs from alt points to this laid ol
fruits and (lowers. For particulars ol'r.c. a i
iuuk, Land Commissioner, St. Lonis, Mo. l-iy
For Ayer'a McHejno, go to G. W. SlaBon'a.
Dr. N. J. Bowcri, Dentist, McArthur, O.
1'iTTSBCRan, March, 18.
Wo have used largo quantities of Boymor
Bauman Co.'s Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always found It uniformly and finely
ground, very whito and of excellent body,
Purlty we have never questioned, anil wo
cheerfully rpcpmmcud if.
Master Painters.
A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of nerv
ous weakness, ciirly deoay, dlseaHO. of tho
urinary and seminal organs, nnd the whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers havo been
cured by this uouo remody, Prqmptcd by a
deslro to benefit tlio nltlicfed and unfortunate,
will send tlio receiptfor preparing and using
this mcilli'inc, in asenlcd envelope, to any one
who needs It, Free 0 Chtxrgrl Address
Slntlon D, lllblo House, N. y. City.
March in, 14-vl.nlO. '
To the Suffering. The llcv.Wm. If. Nor
ton, whllo residing In Ltrazil as a Missionary,
discovered Iu that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Hcrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself after all
othor medicines had failed.
Wishing to tenant tho suffering, I will send
thoreclpo for preparing nnd using this rem
edy, tq all who iesiro It, Free of Charge.
Please soud an envelope, yth your namo
and address on It. Address,
Itov. WM. if. NORTOX,
070 Uroudway. New York City.
Marcli 19, 18T3-v7,nlO.
For Flno Perlumery, go to Sisson's Drug
Tl(e Jtest Plttco.-Tho ciolcest ot of Gro
ceries, Qucensware, Cilassware, Notions, Ac.,
can be had at Davis Duncan's Store, In Za
leski, at nil times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and proiluco of every
description taken in exchange for goods, at
his storo. In conpectlop with Ills store ho has
Saddlo and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything in that line on short uotleo and at
low figures. Go and soe him. tf
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sis
son's. Flva Hundred Thousand. 600,000 bottles
Greene's August Flower have been sold In
tills State in throo months. Wo only ask you
go to tho drug atoros of Gunning or Slsson
McArthur, Ohio, and get a uottleWs of charq
or a regular size at 75 cents. Kvcry bottle
warranted to cure Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Sick headache, Costiveness, Heart
burn, Waterbrash, Sour Stomach, Indlgostlon
Impure Blood, and all disease caused by Im
pure Blood, or deranged Stomach and Liver.
Try It. . Q. G. GREEN, Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio.
r. N. J. Bowers, Dontlst, HoArthur, O.
f oil loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia. Indi
fvT! i. JAl,M 0U of Spirits and o'ene
..,. '.'. V, """" lorins, FEiiiio
.. and dealer In all kinds of
. Picture Cord and Picture Nails.
Jffi COPTINO carofullv done, and tho
snuillost l'letnres enlaricud to any size, and
finished in Oil. Wator-colors, or India Ink, or
any other stylo that may be desired, at the
Largo and finely finished Photographs can
be made from scratched and faded Pictures.
Pictures of all kinds Framed to order, and
all work warranted to glvo satisfactloa.
&c, &a., &o. :
Eloven large (rrcen-houses full of choice
uicuii-iiiiii.u nuu wiMiiiing rinnis. Am-paire
Cataloguo free. Also, 6O,0X Hoses. Half a M n.
i - j-n.j ii .
i ti
lion Norway Borneo and other kvenrranna.
and 80,000 choice OrHiie Vines, 80,000 Currauu
KaupborrlcB, fto. 600,000 8woet Clicttmit,
Treos. 6 inches to eight foot high, the bout nut
and timber troo on the Continent. Fine year
ling trees by mail only por 100. Chestnuts
preserved for planting, hy mail, per lb, Nk).
Also. Snnnlnh Chestnut trens. Iilm k u'i,i.,..i
lluttonuit, small Norway Spruce, fo., &c, by
mall, if daslrod, A Cr'"ilar m.,l(; (ms on p.
plication. .Tulip troos. 8cot-.h Ulrch, Hugiir,
White and Noray Maple. In fact, a full as
sortment otOruamcnUl, Deciduous and Kvor
green trees. Nursory estubllHlicd 19 yuan,
JO0 acres, 11 greenhouses. Address
, .Vniiiosvillc, Lake County, Ohio.
80 DOLLARS WW fri'
gents U) miiimhuow busuivst Willi, and largo
coniinlsKlonK allchvcd fur selling, Addross. VI
H. t,tJNO.vklt, CoMwater, MiclV. U-8m-eJv '
JOB PRINTING or evory description noa',.
'y and prnmptlj exerntcd aj this ijiUco, ,
Cheap Cash Store !
JUST RECEIVED 201 MENS' and BOYS' Fine Fur Hats being
a lot of Manufacturers' Samples, which I bought for ONE HALF they
cost to .nanufacfure them and I am offering them at 75c.2 50; all bo
ing of tho latest style and best material. They are worth at wholesale
from $1 00 to $3 50; Four dozen Calico Shirts at 37e. each.
Wool, bought at Bankrupt Sale, at $8 00, $10 00 and $12 00, sold else
where at $10,00, $12 00, $15 00. 15 dozen Suspenders nt 25c.40c. '
Largo Stock of Sl'RAGUE LAWNS at 15 cts per vard. Larca Sto
COTTONADE, at 18 to 37Ac.
at 9, 11, 13 14, 15, 1G, and 18c.
otuutv ui vni-njiniiino, uuiy ot CIS, HCW SlYlCS.
T 1 ! T f .. ( 1 11 -T "rs. '
L,amea iinen t.;uns, ana uonnrs.iNew otyie, only cts
DOZ. Ladies' Hose, only 20 cts, aold elsowhere at 30 c
An Immense Stock of
Spragues' American, Merrimack and Cochico Prints,
Positively No Goods Sold On Credit,
Don't be humbugged by merchants who toll VOU thpHft nrirfa urn fr.i.
inferior goods, but como and see
goods to be of FIRST QUALITY.
March SO, 1873.
Chillicothe, Ohio,
OF ALL LATE STYLES, Made a Speciality, -
S. C.
IT1 xi.rrjLilru.ro !
limnufactuio to order and ropii Furniture of all kinds, nt the most reasonable prlcei, I m
and accompany them with a Kearse.
zamine my Stock.
March loth, m.
O?. -A.. MA.K.TIiT Sz SOU,
Desire to Bay to their friends and customers, and the public in
general, that they have now in store a splendid stock of
Positively Sellii Ms Cheaper
Do not buy goods before you
We shall hereafter sell our
EQUIVALENT, thus enabling
Better Bargains
All kinds of Produce bought- and sold at the Market Trices l
Come ami pee us when you como to town, and we guarantee you
satisfactory dealing. ,
T. A. MAliTIN & SON,
; ' i ......... ( - ' ' 1
One door "West of Court-liouso, McArthur, Ohio, (
inches wide, only 25 cts; Largo
J dozen sets
per set. TEN
;st: 500 varils
' ;
for vourself. I GUARANTEE mv
' . .
( )
I3 J. 3F
1 1
SWIFT, Chillicothe, Ohio,
iPrirxxltxiro ! ! .
ifeTTh publio aro inritad to call mnA
than any House in Vinton County !'
goods . only for CASH, OR ITS
us to give our patrons ', ,
than Ever Before!

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