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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, May 28, 1873, Image 4

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The Fattening of Cattle.
The great trouble, writes
correspondent, is that we do
not tret enough for our meat
The consumers in our cities
have to pay money enough for
it, but the money does not seem
to find its way into the farmer's
pockets. If I want a beef
steak, the butcher will charge
me eighteen cents a pound for
it, and it is not unfrequently
very; poor stuff at that. If I
want to sell a carcass of beef,
I should probably get no more
than seven cents a pound.
I dd not say that the butch
ers. make exorbitant profits.
One would think there is com
petition enough to prevent this
I suppose one trouble that our
beef is " not as good as it ought
t5 be.4 There i3 too much bone,
tallow and inferior parts of the
carcass in proportion to ,the
choice cuts. We want better
bred animals. .
One 'of my neighbors t has
some thirty two-year-old steers.
"I am overstocked," said he,
"and all them rascally butchers
will offer me is $35 per head."
I presume they offered him
about' what they are worth to
kill, but why kill them? To
make them into really good
feeding. Many farmers in this
section senvto have come to
the conclusion that it does not
pay to feed cattle, and are sel
ling off everything the butchers
will take. The consequence is
that the meat market is flooded
with inferior beef that must be
sold at a low price and is dear
at that It seems to me that
those who have good young an
imals, should keep them and
give them good feed. But ill
bred, inferior animals may as
well be sold as not. It is im
possible to fatten them in Win
ter or to keep them over to
good advantage.
Convenient Houses.
Many a fine house is made
a mere shell of because it is
not built With reference to the
convenience of those who are
to occupy it. We think when
a man proposes to build a dwel
ling, a woman somehow should
have a hand in it, for she alone
can tell just where she wants
this closet, or that store-room
or that room. A kitchen is bet
ter if it is built in the shape of
an L, with two doors opening
out side, so that the odors of
cooking may not pass into the
main body of the house. Be
side a better circulation of air
is afforded in the heat of sum
mer. It makes work very hard
for a woman when there are
steps to go up or down between
the kitchen and dining-room.
A short hall or lobby is not ob
jectionable between the two
rooms, as that can be occupied
by a chest of drawers, or two
or three shelves, which always
"come handy" in a house. The
kitchen should be provided with
two closets, sink, cistern-pump,
and , always have a painted
Working a Pooh Farm. A
correspondent "having nothing
to Btart with," purchased on
easy terms, "one of the poorest
farms in the township," and
made it productive. Ilis plan
is as follows: first, plow deep,
then seed with wheat; in the
spring sow clover on the field;
the summer after I take off the
crop,l pasture one season, and
the next season I let the clov
er grow up and coine out in
bloom, and when the heads be
gin to turn brown, I take my
three horse plow and break up
the land nine inches deep; let
it lie until the first week in
September, hen I take my two
horse plow and go four inches
deep, and then bow in wheat
again. The year following, m
the Spring, turn up for corn to
the depth of nine inches as at
The new school law, enacted
by . the late legislature, con
tains 158 soctions and requires
several Iavs for enrollment.
As soon as its enrollment is
completed the Secretary of
State will have fit printed, to
supply the large demand from
different countries for copies of
the bill. J ust what the changes
in the law
are, we are unable
to etate:
Make a Map of Your Farm.
System is the soul of success.
Order is said to bo heaven's first
law, but there can bo no order with
out system, and so, surely, there
can bo no long coutiuuuil success
in farming, without system and or
der. The first thing . essential
to the establishment of system
on any farm, is to lay it out in
fields. Upon this operation, far
moro depends than the great ma
jority of farmers have any idea.
Aside from the looks of a farm be
ing spoillcd by badly arranged
ilelds.au almost incredible- increase
of labor is often entailed upon the
farmer by fences wrongly placed.
We know of no better plan to secure
a convenient and economical laying-out
of a farm, than to make a
map of it, putting down every nat
ural feature in its proper place, and
then markingoff the fields according
to some settled plan of rotation of
crops, and laying down the roads
so as to occupy tho shortest possi
ble route, to and from tho fields.
Nothing will so much conduce to
the adoption of a system of work
ing the farm, as a well prepared
map, when hung where the farmer
can see it every day. It will be
sure to set him to thinking and
planning how to best pitch his
crops, and how best to work to save
work. And once a farmer adopts
a system of farming, ho starts on
the road to success. It matters
not that the system is not the best
that could be devised, so long as it is
a system, is infinitely to be prefered
to the hap-hazard practice of many
farmers. We therefore advise ev
ery reader who owns a farm, to
make at once, or have made, a map
of it, and hang it up where he can
sec it ewery day; aud having made
it, study" it.
A New Method. One of the
best teachers iu Ohio is Prof. C. S.
Smart, of Circleville, Ohio. The
schools of that city are under his
management and rank among the
Ieadin7 schools of the State. Prof.
Smart has adopted a very good
method whicn is ciescnoeu Dy me
Circleville Union as follows:
" Mr. Smart has so systematized
the work of his teacheis that they
work in unison ana decompiled
great good. He has been in the
habit the past year of sending to
parents a monthly statement of the
conduct, studv. tfce.. of each pupil
which has tho effect of interesting
most parents in the schools and wel
fare of their children, Many pa
rents are yet, however, negligent
with their children and do not
evince the interest they should in
tho schools. Hereafter reports will
be made out weekly, giving a full
account of the attendance pi ine
scholar, his conduct while in school
and advancement in studv. rarents
should make it their business to ask
their children for these reports
every Friday, ana assist tne teacuer
in every way possible to improve
the mind of the rising generation,
It can not be expected mat ine
tonehnr can control vourbov or cirl
when out of school, and It is your
imncrative dutv to yourself and to
your child to see that his attend
ance is regular.
Bedrooms are healthy up
stairs; but with a one story
house, this cannot be. And in
any event, the sleeping room of
the mistress of the house should
be on the ground floor, opening
into the living room, with a
large closet to it ; the bedroom
to be large and well ventilated.
Tt would not be a bad idea if
there would be two or more
bedrooms down stairs' for the
convenience of guests.
Of course, tho parlor, living,
room etc., should be designed
according to the taste of the
builder, but these general hints
are thrown out for the benefit
of those who contemplate erect
ing a substantial, sensible
house, which shall be a home
as well.
Varnish" for Harness. pul
verize and put in a jug or bottle
half a pound to a pound ot gum
shellac, cover with alcohol and
cork tightly. Put the mixture
in a warm place. In about two
days, it shaken frequently, ' the
gum will be dissolved and ready
for use. If the liquid appears
to be as thick as thin molasses
add more alcohol. To
quart pf the varnish add
ounce of good lampblack
an ounce of good camphor,
occasional coat of this is
good for rendering boots water
Fathers of marriageable
daughters should bear in mind,
that this is the proper season
of the year for repairing front
gates,by putting on new hinges,
Btrong and durable, and see to
it, also, that the latch is in tune.
Nothing is more detrimental to
matrimonial prospects of a
koung lady, than a rickety gate.
Young men wont endanger
their lives by leaning on them.
No Use. Brigham wants seven
thousand of his followers to
go with him to Arizona, beyond
the reach of telegraph and railroad.
In vain, Brigham. Though you
were to take the wings of the morn
iuff and ilee to the uttermost parts
of the earth, the telegraph and lo
comotive would follow you up.
a he, tuiuu huu uiuuuuicut "i .. inc
ident Lincoln at Springfield, 111.,
are said to bo in a disgraceful con
Twelve Reasons no Rational
being should use Tobacco.
1. Tho habit is at war with tem
perance. Tobacco is an intoxicant.
It is part of tho merchandise of
dram-shops and an incentive to
drunkenness. Tho toper, is rebuk
ed by a professed teototlar, with a
quid or a cigar in his mouth, might
pertinently respond, "Physician,
healthy self."
. 2. Tho habit is a self indulgence
in flagrant conflict with tho self-denying
spirit of tho Divine Founder
of Christianity. It numbers among
its slaves moro than 150 millions of
human beings. It hinders moral
reform, and it impedes progress.
3. The habit is essentially filthy,
"cleanliness" says tho proverb, "is
next to godliness." Ladies of re
finement involuntarily shrink from
the man who chews, or snuffs, or
smokjs, unless custom has render
ed them indifferent to those vile
4. I he hps of the tobacco chower,
or habitual smoker, are swelled and
saturated with a disgusting poison,
tho gums are spongy and tender, and
tho whole mouth and throat affected
by its use.
5. The habit ot using tobacco is
inconsistent with the character of a
Christian gentleman. "St Paul,"
Bishop Hooker tells us, "was em
phatically a gentleman." Would
he have poisoned tho air with sick
ening smoke, or deluged tho floor
with liquid filthiness? Never!
6. The habit injures tho voice.
The smoker articulates huskily.
The chewer often croaks. The
snuffer speaks through his nose.
7. The habit is . costly. Ullicial
statistics show that more money was
spent for tobacco in tho United
States during 1871, than lor bread
the staff of life. $350,000,000 for
tobacco in its various forms. $200,
000,000 flour within the year !
8. It oltoii lowers tin self-re
spect of those who practise it. . "I
love my pipe, saic a clergyman,
"but despise my self for using it.
9. The habitdisturbes regular pul
iation of the heart. Tobacco users
are thus In constant danger,
Many fall dead suddenly,
10. The habit weakens the mind.
It enfeebles the memory, paralyses
the will, produces morbid irritabili
ty, diseases the imagination, dead
ens tho moral scnsibilites, and is
therefore an "assault and battery"
on the nervous system, the intellect
and the soul.
11. The habit is a rebellion
against Conscience. Those who in
dulge in it know that it wastes time
money, strength nud life, and train
pies on-the law's" of nature, which
aro the laws of God, Hence it is
a sin.
12. The habit is as contagious as
the cholera. Every mature smok
er or chewer infects dozens of
youths with a desire to follow his
pernicious example. Ilius tho evil
Bondsmen of "tobacco, break
you chains. After a month of ab
stinence you will not care for the
poison, and within a year after
your self-emancipation ' you will
loath it. It is God's command that
you do yourself no willful harm.
For this reason, added to those al
ready placed before you, give up
the use of Tqbaoco forthwith and
for ever!
The President to Blame. The
policy of the President toward
Louisiana is producing its anticipa
ted results. It is, indeed, a lament
able state of affairs, but the respon
sibility for all the blood shed and
for all the implacable hatreds en
gendered nui9t lie at the door and
weigh upon the concicnce of the
President of tho United States. lie
has commissioned and sustained
the most godless crew of cut-throats
that ever knotted together for the
common purpose of rapine and op
pression. Ho has fanned the flames
of a devouring animosity between
the races which will throw its
gashtly glare beyond the limits of
unfortunate Louisiana.
Beware of, Counterfeits I
nrs tittntivelv cnnKTSsrsiTiD. Dtehtmeel Drur-
gitti tndravora tell the countereite tomake rrttter
frajiti. Tut genutnt ntvt intnanuqr 40 tnosea
on each package. All athert art vtrthleee tmttalteiu.
The osseins Pills tit nnl'iillnf in tbs cars of aU
those painful and danfsrous dis.usi to which the
fam&ls eon.tltiittnn inableet. Titer modermta all
eiceiie and remove all obstructions, from what-
vsr oavte.
thsvir particularly suitod. Tiiej will In a short
time bring on tlia month period withrnruUritn
and although jury powerful, contain nothhif hurt-
im to tuo constitution, An mi caaai 01 ntrvous ana
Spinal Affection!, Pain! In ths Rank and Limbs,
Futla-na on alight axartlon. Palpitation of the Heart,
ilratnrlna and Whites, thor will sifeol a cure when
all other inaat bars failnd. The olraulara around
each packs? jrtvs full direction! and adrlca, or
will he sons freo-o all writing for them, inalad
from observation.
N. B. In all cane whore the aiXOTKI cannot It
obtained. One Dollar enclosed to the Sole Proprio-
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lr. i UU fJUOASi JO UUrilBUtlb DkitflDI lurk. Will
itnure a bottle of the genuine, containing- Silly
PUlt, by return mail, ttcurtly eeal4 bom mf
nowioaKe 01 lie content.
Core (Jooona, Colds, Asthma, BitANOitiTia, Boss)
TnnoAT, Hoarsrssss, Difficult Hssatiimo, Im
cipisht Ooif sumption AMD Loxo Sissasss. They
bare no taots of medicine, and any child will take
them. Thouaanda have been restored to health that
fiad before doapnired. Testimony arlvan In humlriMla
of eaeei. Aik for UHTAN'S PUT.MONIO WAfKnS.
Frlre 33 con' per box. JOB 110HK8, Proprie
tor, J uorilMllir, rairoei, nnw l urn.
No. 114 Rue Lombard, Paria.
Theae villa are highly recommended by the entire
Medlmil Faculty of Franoe aa the very beet rrmedf
In all oniws of Spomiatnrrhosa, or Seminal Weak
neaa: Nlirhtly, Dully or Prematurt Bmlaalont; Box
tial Wenkneeaor Impotenryt Weakneasartatnfrom
SearntUablteand Hoiual Kieeiaee; ftelaxatitmol the
OenltalOnrane; Weak Spine : Deposit! in the Urine,
and all tne anaetiy tram 01 uiaeaeea amine rrota
Overuae or Eiceams. Theyeurewbenallotherrem
edies fell, faniphlet of Aarice In each box, or wlU
be eont Free tony address. Price SI axir Box.
Sent by mall, exurrlyetaleifrom all obiervaltm.an
rieht of niwe. OHOAH iS. IIO8K8, II Ouhthb
Bt.. Nrw York, Sol General Agent for America,
Ten Yfurejof ejmnbl
t c Hi na proved Dr.L'roos
yi lneofTar to h ave mo
merit than any (ilmlh
Rrf paratloaeverofTonxl
le pulillo. It Is rich) I
the medicinal qunlltlcS'
Tar, and unenimlotl
dlJieaaea of the Throat
La n are), porforailDW U
moat romajk l)lo euro.
iIT orrecinnuycuresiainjonr
4 f and Colds. Itliacenrml
many ease of Asclii
sumI Bronchitis, that,
nua oeerA nrunouaueu
ipectflo for these 000
plaint FoTPnJnafn Mi
llreasit, Hl(l or Marl
Uravei or Iikln ell
pry Oraranejt JlawiaHllo
or finy Llrr toiuplala
IMina no AMlloJ. :
UalMoaanperlor Tonlr. 1 '
trcnarthrna tbeWyateim,
teatorea the) Weak and liwbUltatMl,
CaHa tb food In IHarotr
IsmoTti Iyep-pli and IndlcMtioi
'Lj-tir Jl
BIvm tost tortyitia.
Tho mnny svliloncos ot extraordinary on if a
Mint mo diiuy iflpiii iiMi an ciieoieu uinniKli
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Itonily Kelicf ami rerfoct 1'nrgativo l'ilis, In
wrllti'ii li-Htimonliils from all parts of the
world. 8iirn8H In wonder tlioniostoxti avagaut
miracles of enchantment. riiylclaiis unil
medical men in all countries imiiioimuo thexe
-wonderful remedies ft mystery, Hint neither
thuirticioiicoof analysis or rliemieal skill can
explain. True, these medicines effect tho
liiostniarveloiiH cures, and rentore I lie living to
life, and relievo the moat wretched pniu-tnif-f
ell 11 k victim of his tortures, in from out to
twenty minutes, and altliouli they knowsoino
of the ingredients of their composition, and Dr.
lindway lias published their formula (with
holding only two newly discovered roots), still
both French, (ierinnn, Knglish and Americaii
cliomlsts and pliariiiiieeutists utterly fail with
the same ingredients as prepared by them. Tho
great success, which these wonderf ul remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in the great se
cret of combining tho Ingredients together,
afterexercislug due care in selecting the pure
anil getiuiuu ruuis.
Such wonders of Modern Chcmistrv as the
ItLMKl'A KAIIWAY'S 1MLL8, aro without
parallel in tho History of Medicine, for there
are Homo inurniiiies aiiiiuiseases unit are con
sidered aa incurable, mid sure deuth. Vetthe
most astounding cures have been made thru
tlioso remedies or somodiseascs thalliave nev
or been known to he cured bv medicine. 1
SWbLIilNli, 'iiimors in the Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries, Dowels, 1'right'e Disease of tho Kid
neys that have been pronounced Incurable,
Cancers. Ulcers, Swelliuirs. Htone in the Blad
der, Calculous Concretions, Ulcers and lioroa of
tho Bones, Itickets so deeply seated Unit no
oilier niciiiciiics iiuvu iiccu kiiowu 111 irenrn,
have been cured hv the HAUSAl'AUILLIAN
ItKSDLVKST, aided by tho REAM' UK1.1I0F
ami 1-1 li,.
I'iilxv. Hnrnlvsls. nvvnanimiiw Tliiittbrojit
ens a living death dally rotting away of tho
limbs anil ilesh Diabetes, Involuntary. Dis
charge of Water, Fungi in the Uladder (tho
Kin peror Napoleon's disease), Toi-tutlng pains
when discharging mill RHEUMATISM,
(iOUT, NEURALGIA each and cvrryoneof
theso complaiuts though hut a fer of tho
many outer uiscascs, iiauwav'ssarsiipariiiian
Resolvent has cured and is dully ounuginull
uni ts of tho world.
In one word, any disease no mattrr under
what 11 nine designated, that is nouiished or
increased ny uau, impure, uenravee wcaic.
thin, watery or poisoned blood caimoourcd
liir PallWAV'S H If S l A U! I 1 1 1 II K.
Dr. RadwavA Co. havo never claimed one
liundreth part of tho curative virtues forthrir
remedies as is ascribed to them by tho jicoplo
wnonavo useu uiem; lor near in inino, omy
such diseases and complaints as Dr. Railway,
aftersuccossful treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, were eumneralod in
their curative list, so that many of the extraor
dinary case thuthavo been reported awjken
Cilas much astonishment in the discovery of
their remedial agents as in those who had been
rescued from death, and made wltolo and
Asmany persons discredited their extraor
dinary power, from tho fact of their disap
pointment in tho use 01 other advertised reme
dies and some believed it impossible for
simple medicines inudo only from vegonblo
substances roots, herbs, &c should possess
such marvelous Hwer. Yet they can roulily
comprehend that tho siiiiplo grasses ol the
Held, aflerundergoingtho chemical procissof
distillation designed by nature in tile cow and
churn, furnishes us with butter certainl the
most abundant fat, caloric or heat-makng
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents for the human body.
Rut when tjiObO peniilo who II rut dotili tho
potency ot these reined ics commence llieii use,
they becomo their most earnest advocates,
Never has a medicine taken Internally, teen
known to have cured Tumors, either of tho
Womb, Uterus, Ovaries or Dowels; the kijfo
has been the solo reliance in tho hands of ex
perienced surgeons; but Dr." Railway's ar
saparillian settles this question. It has cued
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts mil
Tumors, us well as Tumors iu the Dowels,
Uterus, AV'omh, I.lvcr, Dropsical Effuson,
Ascites, nud Calculous Cuncrclluuo, i
Tumor of 13 Yours' Grow th Cured by
Ilnthvny's Resolvent. '
liEVKiaY, JIA8S., JulV 18, 1B0.
Dn. IIadway: I hnvo bad Ovarian Timor
In the ovaries and bowels. All the d'iitors
said there was no help for It. I tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped mo. I saw vour Resolvent and thought
I wmiM try t, but liil up fuith in It, bocalso
I had sulFured for IU vears, I took six bniics
of tho Resolvent, 0110 box of Railway's I'lls,
and used two bol ties of your Ready Rellef,ind
there id not O, sign of a tumor to bo seeiior
felt, and I feel oeuer. Bii'.rfr bauiicr
than I havo for 13 years. Tho worst tin or
was in tho left Rido of tho bowels, over lie
groin. 1 write this to you for tho benell of
others, You can publish it if you choose.
From a prominent gentleman and rcsideni of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty years vldl
known to the newspnper publishers through,
out the United States: 1
NKW Youk, Oct, 11th, 1870.
l)u. Radway Dear Sir: 1 am induced liy a
sense of duty to thu Hiill'ering to make a btlef
statement of the working of your medielnnbn
myself, For several years I nave been nllllr.t.
od with some trouble iu the bladder and urin
ary organs, which some months ago culniinn.
ted in a moat terribly alllicting disease, which
the physicians all said was spasmodic stric
ture in tho urelhn, as also inllnmation of'tbe
kiduevs and bladder, and gave It as their
opinion that my age "3 years would prefent
my ever getting radically cured. I had tried
a number of phvsicians, and bad taken a large
quantity of medicine, both allopathic and ao
iiKeopalhie, but got no reliof. I had read of
astonishing cures having been made by your
remedies; and somo four months ago I read a
notlco In the 1'hiladolphla Saturday Evening
Post of a euro having been effected on a per
son who had long been suffering as I had bren.
I wont Hght off and got some of each jour
Kiirsniiarillian Resolvent, Ready Rolief, Hid
Regulating Pills and commenced taking
them. In three days I -was greatly relictcu,
and now feel as well as ever. I
J. W. JAMES, Cincinnati. 0.
Price one dollar per bottle. Sold hy Dipg
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Radway's, He, 83
Wurren, cor. Church BU N. Y. .
Rj. SRj. IRj
Cures the worat Pains In from 1 to 30 mlniltes!
te?-NOT ONE IIOCR after rcadinglhis
ailvcrtlsement need any ono suffer with imiu.
Is a cure for every pain. It was tho llrstlmul
is tho only Pain Remedy that Instantly imps
the most excruciating pubis, allays inllaniinii
tlons, and cures congestions, whether the
Lungs, Stomach, How els or other glanilH,tiid
organs, by ono application, in from onp to
twenty minute. No matter how violent or
excruciating tho pain, tho Rheumatic, B.-d.
ridden, Infirm, ( 'rippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with, diseaso may suiter, : ,
Will nfford instant ensn:
Inflainnintlon of the Kidneys, lull iiininnllon of
tho iiladiler, Inllamination of 1 1 1 o RiKvels,
Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Dllli
cult iireathlng. Palpitation of tho lirart.llys
terics, Croup, Diptheria, Catarrh, tnllncn.a,
Headaclio, Toothache, Neuralgia, llhouinu
tism, Colds. Chills, Ague Chills,
Tho application of tho Ready Relief to the
part or parts whero the pain or difficulty ex
ists will alTord citHe and comfort.
80 Drops in a luilftnmbUr Water frill,
In a few minutes, euro Crumps, Spasms, Four
Htomiich, Heartburn. Sick Jlcudachc. Diar
rtura, Dysentery, Colic, Wlud iu the Hofela,
and all Internal Pains.
'Travelers should always carry n bottle, of
Railway's Relief with them. A few drops in
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It Is better than French
Brandy or Hitters as a stimulant.
Fever nnil Ague cured for DO cents.
There Is not a remedial agent in this world
that will cure Fever and Ague, and all that
Malarious, Ililllous, Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow
and other f evers (olden uy Railway's Plilsl so
quick as Railways Ready Relict. 60 cents I
i per
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly couted, for th
cure oi nu aisoruors oi ine ntomacii, I. Her,
liowols, Kidneys, Uladder, Nervous Diseases,
Headaclio, Constipation, Costivencss, Indiges
tion, Dyspepsia, llilloiisness, Dillons Fever,
Inllnminatlon ot the Jlowcls, Piles and all de
rangements of tho Internal Vlscora.wurrantccl
to ell'ect a positive cure.
PV11ELY VEQK TA BIS. Containing no
Mercury, Minerals, or deleterious drugs.
iyob'ervo tho following symptoms re
sultiiig from diseases of the digestive organs!
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the
blood to tho Head, Acidity of the Stoinscb.
Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, full
ness or weight iu tho Pit of tho Htomnch,
Swlmmlngof tho Head, Hurried and HilUeult
Iireathlng, Fluttering at the Heart, Choline
or HuirocatlngKeusatioiiswIicn Inalylag Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain In the Head,
Dellelcncy in Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Kyes. Pain in the Sldo, Chest, Limbs
ami Sudden Flushes of bent, linrnlng in Clio
Flesh. A few doses of Railway's I'M will
free the system from all the bovo disorders.
Price SS Cents per Dox.
RADWAY A CO.. 82 Warren m rw,d, BL
New York. T '
Bkrfteiul False and True. Rend nun hittor
Stamn to Hadwnv A Co.. No. M Wurman ur.
Church St., N. Y. Information worth tbous-
unus nm uo suui on.
Timo Tables.
Tho "Old Reliable" and Popular
iiAiijnoA.D : tiipr hi.
P Through Express Trains Daily
A Enulnpcd with Miller's Patent Safety
I Plallonn, Coupler, and Duller, and
IJ tho Celebrated
Westinghouso Patent Air Brakes,
flli.- ' . M . -1 . . .
jnu most ponocc protection against noci
dents in the world.
J(aSNow and elegant Day Coaches nnd
two dully Hues of Pullman's Palace Weeping
Cars am run through from KANSAS CITY
to yuincy, unlcshurg, Mendotn and
"Without Chanrrn.
Also, a dally lino of Pullman's Palaco Sleep
ing Cars from ATCHISON and ST. JOHKPH
in jiic.Hsooviiie nun npringuciti, ana new and
elegant Day Coaches from Kansas City to In-
iiiuuitpuiis nun v. iucj iiuuvi wunouv cuaugu
JK.To secure nil the modern Improve
men is In Hallway travelimr. mirchaso tickets
via tho Hannibal .t St. Johki'u short Link,
avoiding all transfers, ferries and changes
Ol mm.
Dto? ThroilL'll Tickets for sain at nil nrln
eipal olllces. Faro always as low as by any
route, luggage cuecKeii turougii to nil priu
cinal points. O. 8. LY FORI),
General Sup't,
rj. a. i Anivi.ii, i.cin j ickci Agent.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to the Lakes and the North
As follows;
Depart Depart .
Athens 0 :3U a. in, :15 p. m.
Arrive Arrivo.
Columhus 0:50 a. m. 6:40 p.m.
Clovelaiid ... 8 :B5 p. m. 7 ;80 a, in.
Pittsburgh 8:15 8:W)a.m.
Indiannpolis 11: " S:40 "
( hiengo 0:30 a. m. 8:45
Xenia 13:10p.m. 8:15 p. in.
Davton . 1:10 " 9:45 "
Spriiiglleld 1:80 " 8:U) "
Closo connection mado at Lancaster for ('ir
clovillo, Zanesvillo and all points on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad.
Direct connections made at Columbus for
Dayton, Spriiiglleld, Iiidlnuapolla, Chicago
and nil points vtosr. Also, lor ( lovoianii,
Ruirnlo, Pittsburgh, and nil ilnts East.
Take tho Hocking Valley and Pan Handle
route toCblcairo and the Northwest; it is the
shortest uyslxty-aix nines, giving passengors
tne liencnt oi quicKer tune ami tower rates
than by any other line.
' .1. W. DOIIERTY, Sup't.
. A. Buki.l, Gen'l Ticket Agent.
and INDIANAPOLIS Railway, via CREST-
Tlio following aro the distances and fares
from Coliui)ju, UIio
Miles To Faros.
SS-Dolewarc - - - - no
40 (nrilingtou 1.45
f)-tiallon 3-06
111 Crestlino - 3.20
71-Shclby 9.50
IHi-N. Uiiulon 8.S0
101 Wellington - - 8.55
isn-Jlorea ' -M
Clovebind - 4.50
Til-Marlon - r
lilt-licllefnntiano 3.40
143-Sidnoy - -- -- - - 8.15
lilOU O.OU
7d-ilnnslleld - 3.70
108 Allianco--- 5.85
104-Forest 8-i0
18J-L iiih - 4.:iu
KW Van Wert - -- -- 5.(15
1U4 Ffc AV'nvno (1 85
nS-Hnndusky 4.10
Ull Toledo - ...-.-.,,,--,t 0.85
SIS Delroit t'-Tr,t.-.-t- 7.85
25.1-Pittsbiirgh 7.4(1
501 llsrrlsburgh 18-00
(K)7 Philadelphia 15.50
5K0-llaltimoro - - - 15.60
381-Dnnkirk 8.H0
8-.'l lluffalo - - 10.00
IU5-Nlngara Falls - ...... 10.51)
8-J4 Sarologa 10.80
711 New York - 17.00
im Itoiloa via Ney York ; , - 5 i - : 30.50
am .notion yia aiuaii) it itsitst
jw Indianapolis ' fl."
iai-Cinciimnll 4.00
IhO St. IOUiH - - - 1U.UO
Wi Kansas City - - c . - . .oo
759 Leavenworth - 311.00
771 Lawrcnco so.no
70-Toioka ::u:;":!!"" tri.ua
800-81. Joseph - 38.00
813 Chicago 11.45
427 Milwaukee - H.45
4-18 JlnrliiiijUiu 18 711
sua reoria jo.i
7MI-St. Paul 20.16
524 LaCrosso 24.45
700 Dcs Moines 2fi.0
624 Rm k Island H-w
14 Oinuha 81.4J
501-Cedar Rapids 20.85
57!l-loaCily 20.50
2:!0-Dlllilcltli 10.40
07:-8iui FriUlcsco J20.45
i'he above rates of fura aro subject to chang
es. Address
. E. FORI),
Passenger Ag't "Heo Lino," Columbus, O.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
On and aRcr November 0, 187 Trains will
run as follows;
iC :
e i
ti i iijiiilMl
'3d. ' : ; ; : ; : .
;::::::: :. s i
: :
. to
: s i
:- B.
pi : jl :i If :
a :
Mi let
? i i : i i : : : i : : :B ':i
i I : i i i i ! i i : . : i
o Ji " wtnManoS'
TjltTjlj": . i j ! I i S i j j j i j j
18 j! : : !.:
ii ::::::
& i : 5 i '
ai"1 i
C1NCINMATI KXPRKSH will run dally. All
other trains daily, except sundny.
stod betweon llamden and Athens.
Portsmouth Branch.
Mail Acconimodnt'n
Dep. llamden
" .lackion
Arr. I'orliiiiiolllll
1:00 " 11:10
Den. Porlsiuoutli IMA a. Ill
1'J:!Klp. ni.
Arr. Jackson 11:(W "
llamden 11:43 p. in
mn k nil enuvvlT IT lilVFI.AVI)
For all points on the Little Miami Railroad,
and at the Indianapolis A Cincinnati Rail
road. I unction for all point West.
Master 01 1 ransportnuyn, ,
Patentee and Manufacturer of
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &c.
Ciarksduro, West Va.
THIS Grist Mills, being portable, aro on
Irou Frame, and
And the best Mill ever mado for all kinds of
grinning: can be easily attached UiSaw Mills
. . J v.mvi iu vy. dun win rauteii to grind
Hour anil Meal of a superior cpialltv at
gii-mui- rare oi specu innn any other Mill,
without hoatlmr or oilier illfllen1itiiio
weight being 1,400 pouuds, occupying onlv 8
feet sipiars on tho floor. Will grind 20 (o 00
luishols per hour. If within thirty days, tho
Mill does not prove satisfactory, it may bo ro-
vuiuuu nut, iiiunc uou Ull CUIirgCS rOllllUICU.
Hart's Post-Hole Borer,
i Ts guaranteed to mako two holes to
one of any oilier; does its work rnp-
nuj huh iici'iei'iiy, t
No limit enn bo found with It after
rial. Sent to any oho on trial who
will send mo tho endorsement of tho
Post Blaster. Agents wanted.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
Favmei's and others cn see the
Post-liolo Horer at (be Knquihkii
1 Vf.
H Is? V
1 'V't'syif'
No Parson can take these Bitters sesors!
ng to directions, and remain long unwell, provide
heir bonei are not destroyed bv mineral ooiaon or olha
neana, and the vital organs waited bevond th noia
jf repair.
Dyspepaln or Indigeatlon, Headache, Pa
n the fahauldera, Coughs, Tightness of the Cheat, Dit
lineaa, Sour Eructaliont of the Stomach, Had Taat
h the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of til
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the region
If the Kidnevs. and a hundred other painful ivmmomi
ire the oftspringe of Dyapepiia. In theas complaint
jl has no equal, and one bottle will prove a belter gun
pile e of ila merits than a lengthy adverliteinent.
For Female Complaints, in young or old
lurried or tingle, at the dawn of womanhood, or th
lum of life, these Tonic Hitlers display to decided J
(iflnence that a marked improvement is toon percep
For Inflammatory end Chronio Itheui
niatlsm and Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intel
nitient Fevers, Diteaset of the Blood. Liver. Kidney
Mid Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Such Dil
fates are caused by Vitiated Blood, which is generallj
jiroduced by derangement of the Digestive Organa.
Tlicy nre a Gentle 1'urgative as well as
t Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of acliu
i a powertui agent 111 relieving congestion or in nam
nation of the Liver and Visceral Organa, and in Biliou
For Skin Dlaeases, Eruptions, Tetter, Sal
Ulieum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustulet, Boils, Cal
uncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, liry
lipelas, I tcli. Scurfs, Discoloration! of the Skin, Humor
ind Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nnturc;
ire literally due up and carried out ol the system m)
linrt time by the use of these Bitters
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vihigah Bit
rsas the most wonderful Invigoraut that aw tuetaius
lie sinkiiie ayattin.
bWALKt-K, nop'r. It, u, tll'UO.K AL.U i IU,
ruggisla and Gen, Agtt., San Francisco, Ca '
.n.in... r U..l.i... .M.WI.4.I - -. .
.,..,v....i "vw.jijii,, new Your,
"nPj-a mmJ Mix'l AfrlvnuCoimiielnrtotlif
jyi&aTrl&gO lla'nd or tliuM lmil t
j a. l,inrrjr on ihfl itliltlif lfi
Utft dlvcnrtrleti lu prodnrltij and pmimlag uRiiirlUf,
how 10 1 ire or v tin ciiiHiiXit), Jte.
TliUU Hti lutervntiiiff work d t two btiBdrfi tod tlxlf
rnfli,nlth uuiiirroua t'iigrvlim, ul coutntm rtluftbli
iitormallon (or Ihoi wlio urc Ufinltd.ar oonletuplftleiuar
i luro. Uiill ll I m bnoli thnlmisht lo b kepi uudor look
uil kfjr, nJ imtlkM caiuUiiiljr uboui tlie kouit.
ll etintiln lit xprlaucti tut adflce o f phTtloUn
hrtio reputation ! world-wide, and ihould bain tho rl
Tate drawer of erery male and renialo tbroithU(t the tutlrt
t loin. It mbraceiavaTTlhlQft thtautijectoribt gta
railv arstem that U worth knowlDf , ao4 iuob Ijtai ll
pot publiibad In any tbcr work .
Heat to any one (frw of poitase) for Fifty CertU.
Addreu Dr. Uulta' Diatuiarj,No. la N Kllbtk ttrMl
fit. LouU, ilo.
ITotlcd to the Afflicted md Unfortunate.
It fort applylnf to lh oUrloui qaaoka who adrtrtlia la
Itiblle iiaieritor ualni any quack rem edit peruao lira
lutta' work nomatur wbatyourdlattvalia or bow Ooplor
bit your eoodltloo.
Dr. lluiu oecuplri ft doubl hfttiM of twoolyiav
rooniil In dor ltd byiomaorihemoitotlebrated tuedl
oalprofinoriof thlaoonntry and Kuropt, andean bo eon
ntlU'd paraooally or by mail, on thodlioaiea mantlooed In
bliwnrk. iHVito antl (rlora, No. l'J N. Kigblti iirnl.
biitwtau Uarket and Cbeauut, Ht. Louli, Vo.
And tho health of the gystoi
will follow, Tliore is n pn-jnin
tion of Iron and l'oke Ilo
moro efleotunl tliua nil ollior
which will romovo from vol
Bystm thn Impure end vltfato
blood which caiiHparilHcnso, an
Rt tlioBiimo tlmo build up you
lii'fiUU and BtrongUi It sio
fsilla to cur. If you linv
Ncrofola,feiiirolaIoaN llntu
ms or llitt I'.yvs or f;nrs. o
Jcrofnls) fa any Inriii, Ti
lr, Wlillt) Swelllnir, Ol.
Noros. tilofiris, or ficrofiiloa
Iiillninumtlons, you cull rul
on bolim cu rod with this prnni
rutlon knowo na r. t'rook'
S'omponiKl Syrnp of I'ok
Itoot. Hltsimiintlsm, l'nln
At In... I . BU . ll . . I m. I . MnMH
V(V.Wrltd or otlior ixilNons, nro a)
curea nyiu ror nyiiiim, o
Nyplillillo tftlnt.Umrolsijott
iiik iuni w iu a irine wa
prove it.
Ucautlfy your Complexion.
ponot tiso paint orpowdnr, but Rot amor
Fnrrannoni bftwoty by purifying your blooc
his proparatlon of Iron ninl Ioko ICoo
aiiikosnroiiKUtiiidsoitly sklnsoftnnilMniiHitl
JhmiRos tlmt sallow complexion to ono c
freshness and heiilth, ntul romovo any Inn
tlvelsbirtisraol tho Nklii, I1iiiii.m, I'm
lnlen,Ulol(iliaa(:Krnptloiiii,. 1 1 you wIhI
rosy cneoksaiidalieiiltliycoinploxlon into in
jrook Compound Uyruo Of t'oko Itoot-
Uew York Office. 27 BEti'V VI ST.
morican Submerged Pump.
"Tun Bkst Pimp in tub Would,"
tt1U A1I.'.:TH VM,,nrl nvitr tmin.OlMMVnvth Of
pmiwrtjr svoil from Klra this yenr by Hums
pumps, lii'lns; thtt most iMiworl'iilforco-piimpa
lu thn woihl,uawllinNoN-HiKK':iN(i.
I... M ,.a,n lllHl Ihd Pl-A.
uiliini Lint, pftKU W'i of I"" Ainorli'iin A ri Irtil
IiiiM,. Tills piipor ni'vor dir.nlvs tho fmnicrs.
Hosiiolliio III rVIriiiry niimlior. piiK(i43. Try
one. If It don't ihi thn work rliiliiiH, solid It
. ..... n. VI ir u A II II a NT
our pumps to do nil wo islnlin for thorn on our
cimiiinrs. ,
Hi'inl for clrrulnrs or onlnra to thn nrlilaro-
port M'f'trCo., No. WV hmnlicra Ht,Now York,
Anonliir for nlnsNo. 1 t'timps seciirt'a sn
exiiluslvs town Agvncy, If-tr. .
Newspaper, Hook and Job
Printing Establishment
Second Story IIOWKN'8 BulUllng.Maln Strool
Hi) Just ucenonlnrtrrd from n 7-colunin to an
S-uolumn linntir. uml olotlieil in now tviiG
throughout. Its columns will he dovotedto
General News of tho Day
Givinir a synopsis of events as thoy occur.
The InturosUofotir town ami county will re
coive particular attention, It will, as here
tofore, be
OF 8KNTIMKNT8 111 regard to the riirhts of
the pooplo of this country, cvor opposed to the
MThe Christian Witness"
The Organ of tho Christian Union Ccnenil
Council Of tllC Pill (I'd HtiilLH lu liU., iioLllul.,,.!
from the uninenllico.
Ilaviiiir nurcliiiiir.il now Lvnn nml iii,ii.-inl
lor our
Wo aro prepared to do all kinds of ,
General Job Printing:
In tho noaloHt anil highest stylo of tho ni t, ami
At llea&oiinblc Katea!
rnurr lists,
CHECKS i ; '
visiting: CA11D8,
srurriNa Cahdb,
', .. .;(. i i '
Executed on Short Notice!
Ilrhic on Your Work
- . ' !' . ' . : , .
' MoArthur, Ohio,
Books, i
Books Which Are Books.
Work, which should ho found iu every 1.1
Innrv within tho roach of ull renduia. orks
to eiitortaln, instruct aud linprovu. t'oples
will ho sunt liy ruturii post, ou receipt ol
price: ; ; "
New Plilsoirnoiny I or, Slirns of Character, ,
in niaiill'ustoil tlimngli Teiiipcrnmnt and
Kxtcrnal t onus, and especially in the "Hu
man Face Divine," with moro than Ono
Thousand Illustrttloiis. liy S. It. WKLLH.
Price G.O0.
The l'amlly Pliyslolnn. A Ready l'ro
sorlhor and Hygonic Advisor. With Itel'or
once to the Nature, Causes, Prevention and
Treatnieutof Diseases, Accidents, and Cas
ualties of every kind. Willi a Glossary and
copious Index. Uy Jokl ,shkw, M. l. Il
lustrated with nearly 8(K) Engraving, "no
largo volume, Intended for use in thu family.
How to Character. A Now Illustrnted
Hand-Book of phrenology mid Physiogno
my, for Studonts and Examiners, with a
Chart for recording the size id tho Organs
of thu Brain, in tlio Delineation of Char
acter, with upwards of 170 lingravings,
Intent aud host Jluslln, fl."6.
The Patents' Guide) or Humnn Develop
ment through Inherited Tendencies. Ity
Mrs. Hkhtkii 1'KNIii.KTON. Second edition,
revised and enlarged. Ono vol, 12mo. 1.50.
Constitution of Man. Considered in rela
tion to External Ohjccts. liy UIonuK
C'omdk. The only authorized American Edi
tion. With Twenty Engravings, 11.75.
The Hygienic Hand-Hood I a Practical
Guide lor the Sick-ltoom. Alihnhtitically
arranged with Appendix. By it. T. Tit all.
One vol. 13uio,8U0 pp. Muslin. $!!.0u.
,' How to Write," " How to Talk," "How
to liehavc," and " How to Do Iluslness," n
Hand-Hook iiidisponsahlo tor Homo Ini
provoniHiit, In ono vol. !I.S5.
Wedlock i or tho Right Relations of the
Sexes. Disclosing the Laws of' Conjugal
Selection, anil showing who may and who
i mav not Marry. A Guide for both Sexes.
Oratory Sacred and Secular i or tho Ex
temporaneous Speaker. Including a Chair
man's Guide for conducting Public Moot
ing according to Parliamentary form,
fllaniigomon.of Infancy. Phvslologlal and
Moral Teeatment. Ity Andrkw COMBK, M.
1). With Notes, fl.50.
Medical Electricity. A Manual for Stu-
, dent, showing tho most sclent I lie aud ra
tional apjilicatiou to all forms of Acute and
Chrohio Diseases by tlio different combi
nations of EleeUlclty, Galvanism, Electro-.
Magnetism. Magnets-Electricity, und II u
man Magnetism. 12.00.
History of Salem Witchcraft "ThePlnn
cliette Mvstory;" and "Modern Spiritual
ism," .with "Dr. Doddiidgo's Dream," In
one vol. Price $1.00.
Esop'e Fables. Tho Pcoilo's Pictorial
Edition, licautifully Illustrated with near
ly Sixty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, hoveled
boards. Only $ 1.00.
Pope's Essay on Man, With Notes,
licautifully Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. $1.00. ,
The Right Word in the night Place.
A Now Pocket Dictionary and Reference
Book. Emhrncing Svnonyms, Tcchnlcul
Terms, Abbrcviationo, Foreign Phrases,
Writing for tho Press, Punctuation, l'roof
Reading, and other Valuable Information.
15 cents.
Phrenological Bust. Showing the latest
elssnitlcntinn, and exact locution ol' nil tlio
Organs of the Urn in. It is divided so as to
show each Urguu on one side; ami all tho
f roups on tho other. Sent by express,
rlco $4.00.
Incloso amount in n Registered Letter, or tu
a Postnlllco Order for one and all the nhovii,
and address H. H. Wellr, Publisher. No. 8W
Ilroadway, Now York. Agents wanted.
A Fine German Chromo.
by tuos. ir. A'VO-r.
043 Pages Octavo. 130 Fine Engravings.
Rclntes Inciilcnts and Accidents bovouil
the Light of Day; Startling Adventures hi alt
parts of the World;Miues und Mode of Work-,
ingthein; Cndercurrents of Society I Gamb
ling nud its 1 tin rot s; Caverns und their Mys
teries; The Durk Ways of Wickedness; Pris
ons and their Secrets; Down iu tho Depths or
the Sea; Strange Stories of tho Dctecliuu of
Crime, Tlio book treats of cxporiviu'o with,
brigands; nights in opium dens mid gambling
hells; lil'o in prison; stories of exiles; ntlveiw
turosamoug Indians; Journey through Sew
ors and Cntacombs: accidents in mint's; pi
rate and plracv; tortures of the Inquisition;
wonderful burglaries; underworld of tho gr I
cities, etc., etc.
Wo wunt agents for this work on nhich wo
five exclusive territory. Agent can niiiko
100a week In selllnir tills book. Send forcir-
culnrs and speciul terra, to agents.
J. . ISC Kit & HYDE,
haiitfokd, conn,, or Chicago, ii.i..
Great Industries
1:100 pages mid WI0 engravings, printed In
English ami German, written liv VO eminent
iliithoin. incluilluir Jo iu 11. Gouuru. Hun. l.eon
( use. Edward ilowlanil, Rev. K. Edwin Hull,
rump itipiey, Allien iirisiuinc, lloraeeGree.
lev, etc. .
This woik Is a complete hlstorv of all brunch.
cs of industry, processes of manufacture, etc,
in all ages. It is a complete encyclopedia ot
arts ami niHuufacturc, and is tho most enter
t it i n 1 n tr ami valuable work of information nu
subjects of general interest ever offered to tlio
public. Wo give our agents the exclusive
right of territory. One ot our agents sold ian
copies In eight days, another sold 80H In two
wcok, i;ur agents in iinruoru soul nvt in ono
week. Specimen of the work sent to agcuts.
Address tho 'publishers, J It. llCHtt is
HYDE, Hartford, Conn., orChicago, HI.
Tun Rkrt Hook in tiik Mabkit Hkht
iNUKHHoi.L'g Lick aniiTimks ok
Tho Most l'opuli.r llingrnphy extant The
Mimt (iniiilile, Political History Candor,
EuIIuch, Truth, Impiirllnlitv A Hook for
thu People A Hook for the liiihoring Mail
-A Hook forSlatesmun, Scholars & Think
ers A Hook for every American Family.
No biographical work of such Interest tu
thu whole people lias before appealed lu A
nierican literature. It Is a full, complete), lion
et account of thu life of the musi laborious1
and inlluontiiil ol oitrroiintry' reforineis, tho
Itrst Journalist of bis age, anil tlio busiest mail
who over lived. Tluue me ul.o extended no
tices of very niauy of
Mr, Grsaley' Cotemporarles
whether in Journalism or general politics, so
that tho whole Is a rather lull,' just, nml faith
ful representation ot American politics for a
period of forty years. .
Here you will learn of tho rise anil fall of
pintles; of the triumph and defeat of policies; 1
of tlio lives aud charactors of , .
. finny Imminent Men.
This work is, In short, tho great blogrsph-Ico-hlstoilesl
work of the times. It is the
great literary success of tho times. Every In
telllgeiitinun and woman will have it. Order j
are already coming in in such a way as to
show they will soon begin to pour.
Mechanically it Is the handsomest book pub
lished, being pnt'nsely and elegiintljr Illus
trated willi about 40 engravings. Including
fmi tin Its, also a steel engraving or Air. (iroo-
ey, which Is tho most pleasing and untiiial
of anv yet published making a volume of
over (too royal octavo pages. . . . i ,
To whom tho best terms are offered. Agent
are meeting with unparalleled success. The
great popularity of tho hook Insures to be
ginners Hi'iior.flH. To secure Immediate ter
ritory lend $1,116 for tho handsomest Prospec
tus agents ever had, or $4,50 for sample copy,
library style, and Prospectus, either of which ;
Will be sunt prepaid. Address,
. Onion puhushino to., '
JU5 Wiibanh Avenue, Chicago,
1711 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, )., or New
York City, whichever may bo nearust tu
your place of residence., lu-eaw .
I! 13 L 1Y H.
1 Ji.ubllab.il 111 ISO.
ftuiwrlor Hulls ol Counsr n
to.1. -.i.i.
i in, uiwiiiiiuu vim " ""i
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uSoiwoti. Faims, Iactoriis, Oomij
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