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Ohio Valley Editorial Union.
The sixth annual meeting of
- the Ohio Valley Editorial Uni
on will be held in Gircleville,
on lhursday and Friday, June
iztn ana lain, ibii.
' A full attendance of the
members of t he members of the
press is desired, in ordor that
the meeting may le more pleas'
and profitable.
Not a Democratic Outrage.
, The attempt of' some of the more
ignorant Administration organs to
make capital out of the lateLouisU
ana riot renders-it. necessary to
, keep the facto before the people.
: The attack on the negroes at Col
fax, was led by a Christopher C,
Nash, an Administration man, who
was duly elected Sheriff' of the Par
ish last November. He was com
missioned and recognized by Kel
logg. His right to hold the office
was disputed by a gang of negroes
under the leadership of some par
ticularly obnoxious carpet-baggers.
Thy scizod the office of the Shei in"
: and the record therein, In attempt
ing to recover possession Nash and
his party had a pitched battlo with
the resisting force and fifty or six
ty negroes were slaughtered. We
want to impress these facts on the
minds of every reader, for we un
derstand the tactics of the opposi
tion. When sufficient time has
1 elapsed for the exact circumstan
ces to be forgotten, the orgaus will
revive the story of the " Louisiana
Massacre " and distort it to suit
their own partisan ends.
The editors of Ohio are to
moet at Columbus on May
22nd to deliberate on the recent
changes in the postal laws, regard
ing exchanges and the circulation
of papers within the county where
published. There is a general in
dignatiou at the fight which Con
gress has made on the newspa
pers, and if we are not greatly mis
taken a correction of some of these
things will be forced upon the next
Congress at a very early hour in
its existence. Of course it was the
privilege to stop the free exchange
of newspapers because the news-
papers suggested thai it was not ex
actly just to the tax-payers for Con
gressmen to seud tons upon tons of
matter through the mails free, but
tliey will find it n kind of revenge
that isn t so BwovLPomeroy's
New York Democrat. '
The Convention met at the time
above stated, and did but little be
sides riding about the city in fine
A bill was passed by the late
Legislature which provides for a spe
cial disbursment from the county
treasury of funds collected for
school purposes. The Auditors of
the respective counties, instead of
waiting for" their full settlement
with the Treasurers in August and
February, are empowered to draw
on the County Treasurers in De
cember and June annually, for an
advance payment of sixty per cent,
on all sums that have been levied
for the use of schools, cities, town
ships, dec, By this process the
money is promptly returned into
the hands of the people instead of
keeping it needlessly in tho hands
of the' Treasurers " for several
'months after it has been collected.
Tho only wonder is that this new
law was not passed long ago.
A Good Law. One of the best
laws passed by tho recent Legisla
ture, was one to punish the obtain:
Ing of money or property under
false pretenses with imprisonment
In the . Peuitentiary when the
amount is $33, and with fine and
imprisomeut in the county jail
when tho amount is less; the pen
alties to apply when persons under
false pretenses procure signatures
to notes, drafts, etc., Tho necessity
of this law seemed to spring from
tho many fraudulent transactions
of persons who travel the country
obtaining from farmers and others
what are understood to be ordors,
but which are printed or written
in a way that make them notes of
1 Consistency.-. The Republi
can Stafcj Convention con
demned the law increasing sal
aries and at the same time, re
affirmed thcif confidence in the
wisdom and integrity of Grant,
who approved of the law by his
Members of Congress now
get $50 for every (fay in actual
service. At home an average
. Congressman is worth from 3
to $iy per day. Rut John T.i
Wilson says the country is rich
and vim afford it.
Administration Extravgance.
The Administration has forfaited
the confidence of the peoplo iu the
essentials of good government. It
is fearfully, recklessly extravagant,
and is mounting up expenditure at
a startling rate. The increased ap
propriations alone this year would
have sufficed for the support of gov
eminent un entire year in former
periods of its existence. And in
the seven years sinco tho war more
money has been expended, exclus
ive of war legacies, than during the
entire seventy years preceding the
war. And it is here, that the re
marks of tho JluJ'alo Courier are
seen to bo very forcible, Convince
the people that this reckless prod
igality will be terminated, and the
Administration will find itself with
out support, Tho civil service ftf
the nation is filled with men who
are growing fat on the substance of
the people, and they must be eject
ed from place, and rigorous reforms
inaugurated by true mcu.
In Louisiana the usurpers, first
by legal chicanery and then by open
violence, seize ,upan the Executive
office and Legislature. Then the
Governor so chosen calls upon the
President to aid him, and the latter
does so upon tho pretext that it is
provided iu the Constitution that
that the United States shall protect
any Stftto in tho Union on applica
tion of either the Executive or Leg
islature against domestic violence.
Isn't that a funuy way of going
around Robiu Hood's barn? It Is
like a man stealing another man's
pocket-book, and then when he
makes an outcry about it having the
police seize him and lock him up on
the ground that he is a disturber of
the peace. Kellogg and his crew
are public robbers, and the Presi
dent is their backer.
Mexican Soldiers' Convention.
The soldiers who served in tho
war against Mexico propose hold
ing a National Convention in Wash
ington City, Janunry 15, 1871, to
prepare a memorial to Congress for
pensions to the survivors of the
Mexican war, at the same rate al
lowed to the soldiers and sailors of
the war of 1812; also to adopt meas
ures looking to a National Brother
hood of the survivors, and a gener
al assemblage on the occasion of
the centennial of tho Anniversary
of tho Nation's Birthday at Phila
delphia, July 4, 1876. - :
The Vnrner House, the purchase
of which by Messrs. Kelly and
Coates, we mentioned last' week.
nas been leased by Messrs. I Yen
dergast & Jennings, of the Biggs
House, for the term of five years.
They will take possession in a few
days, and it will bo known thereaf
ter us the "Massie House." The
lessees are the widely known pro
prietors of the Biggs House, which
they will continue to control, and
their well established reputation
will furnish a guarantee that both
houses under their management
will be well regulated and popular
with the public. Portsmouth
Throughout the South generally,
there seems to be an expectation
that tho incoming cotton crop will
be the most valuable ever raised in
the United States. The Montgom
ery Advertiser thinks that the
money paid for it will not fall short
of $330,000,000. Of this sum $35,
000,000 have gone to the specula
tors and first purchasers, leaving
$295,000,000 to the producers. Al
abama's share of this magnificent
sum is nearly $35,000,000, estima
ting her crop at 400,000 bales.
It is understood that Chief Jus
tice Chase was worth, at the time
of his death, from $150,000 to $200,
000. In his will, made about two
years ago, he bequeathed a consid
erable sum to Dartmouth College,
and the University for colored peo
ple nt Worthington, Ohio. It is not
known, however, whether the terms
of this will have been changed by
later codicils.
TnE McArthur Ohio Enquirer
gets out its big gun and fires a sa
lute over the adjournment of
the Uhio Legislature. It had been
in session seventeen weeks at a cost
of $1,500 a day, and all the good
It ever did was to adjourn, It
would have created better feeling
with the people if it had done this
sixteen weeks and four days before
it did. Pomeroy's New York
Democrat. .
Bt merely signing his name to
the back-pay steal bill, Grant gets
an extra hundred thousand dollars.
We know a great many people who
would'sign their namo one hundred
thousand times for half that amoint.
Tie true mission of the Demo
ocratic party Is the preservation of
liberty and tho economical adminis
tration of tho government iu' the
interest of the whole people. '
! sssss '
Win didn't President Grant veto
the steal bill? The fact is, ho
wanted it a law for his own person
al benefit. lie Is one of the most
avaricious men in America,
Foreign Summary.
Tho debate on interpellation,
demanding a conservative Cab
met, yvus resumed in the As
sembly, Saturday, May 24th,
and President Thiers made a
speech urging the deffiuite es
tablish ineiit of the Republic.
His utterances were received
with loud cheers by the Left,
while the Right remained silent
A simple order of the day, pro
ceeding from the Lett, support
ed by the government, was re
jected by 262 against 3iS.
An order of the day proposed
by the Right, declaring that
the present form government
was not under discussiou, and
regretting that the reconstruc
tion of Ministry did not afford
conservative gnarautees,. was
then adopted by a vote of 60
against 344. At the evening
sessionrM. PejWe fiunonced
that the Ministers had resigned,
and preseted a messago from
Thiers resigning the Freeze
Air rs-C i"L. T 1 1 mi
ui mw uepiiDiic. ine re
signation was formerly accept
ed. The Assembly then elect
ed Marshal McMahon Presi
dent who received 390 votes,
the Left abstaining from vot
lug. iub proceedings were
tumultuous, and caused intense
excitement in the streets.
The Carlists deny that the
volnnteers who surrendered at
Sanahauja were butehered.
They state that they hold them
subject to exchange fo.i Carlists.
The Pope contemplates an
athematizing the members of
the Italian Cabinet and all
others proposing to the monas
teries to secularize. Elaborate
preparations are making for
the funeral of Count Manzeoni,
The CnuTES fok Fish. Why do
not our citizens along the water
courses, in this county, as well as
others, petition the Commissioners
to carry into effect the statute for
the passage, of fish, at the dams
which now almost prevent them?
The law passed by tho Legislature,
January 31st, 1872, ami took effect
one year afterwards Hence It has
been in operation two years on the
31st day of this last January, but
we hear of no proceedings to carry
its provisions into effect. It is en
acted that " the Commissioners of
any county in this State in which a
dam may be situated, when the
owner or owners, or occupant, neg
lect to refuse to construct a chute
or passage way for fish, to proceed
on a notice in writing to them from
any five freeholders of the county,
to let tho making of it to the lowest
bidder and charge it to the owner
or occupant," If the people would
have the streams, once more filled
with fish, as in days passed, let
them take immediate steps to car
ry this law into effect. No notice
to tho owner or occupant is requir
ed. It would appear to the common
mind that if the government can
afford to purchase tons of paste
board of an expensive quality,
print it handsomely and send it all
over tho country In form of cards
which it sells for one cent each, and
also carries these cards in the mail
free of charge; that it could as well
afford to carry an ordinary letter
for what it sells a card for, when
the writer supplies his own paper
on which to write it and tho envel
ope in which it -is inserted. It
really does look a good deal as if
the Post Office department did not
exactly know what it wus about,
when it resorts to such a singular
method of increasing its revenues.
Another Great Fire in Bos
ton. The city of Boston was
visited Jmday by another of
these awful conflagrations
which have been scourging our
large cities. Several blocks of
manufactories and stores were
burned, and theaters and
churches are in ruins. The
loss is over three million of dol
lars. There must he a better
system of fire protection in the
crowded cities, or there wiU he
no security for property.
While Congressmen who voted
for the salary "swag" receive only
five thousand dollars extra, Grant
for his signatu.ro to the bill gets one
hundred thousand dollars extra-
twenty times as much! Now who is
tho biggest grabber?
Fourr- THiiEE townshiDs In Ohio
nre named Washington. thirtv-nlo-hr.
Jackson; twenty-threo Jefferson,
twenty-two Wayne, and tho same
number Franklin,
Cost of Living in Tennessee.
There are few places where
the cost of living is so small as
in Tennessee. In the country
most kinds of provisions are
very abundant and low in price,
beef and mutton can be bought
for from 4 to 6 cents a pound :
1 A A A a
poru lor lrom 0 to 10 cents a
pound; butter for from 12 to. 16
cents a pouud, and wajs fur
ironi o to IU cents per doxen
chickens are sold for from 15
to tweuty-five cents each, and
all varieties of poultry are to be
bought at a correspondingly
low figure. There is also an
abundance of fish and game in
most places. Of natural fruits,
such as whortleberries, black
berries, etc., the amount is lit
eraily exhaustless, while for
size and flavor they are unsur
passed. I here is no section of
the btate ui which tho hsual
domestic fruits are not found.
I'while the various graius( aud
vegetables are grown readily
i i i . . . .
aim a mouerate cost. . It fill
be seen that the enenan'nf liv.
ing In tbo country is almost
nominal. (
In tho cities the costs is com
paratively increased,. though
even there it is quite moderate.
Indeed there are few States in
which the means of living can
be obtained at so small a cost,
while the conditions of life are
usually of the most favorble
character. These will bo treat
ed under distinct heads.
The Duty of the People.
The evils of which the Democ
racy forewarned the country
have come speedily. There is
but one remedy. The intelli
gent and honest of all
races must unite against tho
besotted and- depraved. To
parley with the Black Empirf
of the South is to be lost To
recognize secured' rights, to
protect and educate the colore.
race, but not to submit to the
worst elements of that race, is
a duty the whites owe to them
selves, and intelligent blacks
owe their peobleas well as the
country. A State or nation's
government which submits ko
unreasonable exactions for the
sake of a corrupt vote is un
worthy of respect. ..
And now the People's jZX?-
fendcr has taken to asking ugly
questions, it wants to know
why the Republican party,
which was strong enough in
both the House and Senate ijo
pass any. party measure it
wished, was nevertheless so
weak that it could not prevent
the passage of the Salary grab!
bill, if it is not responsible for,
its passage. Republican editoj-s
are not expectadto all answer
at once.
uur village "goes off" into ex-
citcmeiit now and then; und. there
is, at present, soino excitement 'in
tho village ' over tho arrival mid(
opening of the carefully selected
ana extensive assortment ft Drjr
I Fancy Goods, at tho h6mtptK
van. ill dc lsnos., from thtf
v Witt Xr T . . ., I
lN. WILL & BUOS., from thtf
Philadelphia market, to which tip
people in all parts of tho'coimtr ,
far and near, are invited to' co'ii o
and see. Their stock, which is fir
Buperior to any beforo Drought to
thia COHnt.rv pmrmrtuna !..L
- ..j 'uvg CClvmill
in their line, and tho peoplo m
rely upon tho statement that gooi
purcnased at that cstablishmen
will Invariably prove to bo of firm
class quality; all of -which they ar
ofterlng at tho very lowest possible
There arc a largo number of new
styles of Dress Goods, which wil
greatly plenso the ladles.
An election was held, on Satur
dny last, in tho Independent school
district of Zaleskl, for levying a'
special tax for CJ mills, for school'
purposes; nine mills for tuition,
and throe wills for contingent fund,
on all tho taxablo property of the
district, being 'a total of 18jf mills.
There being no opposition to the
tax, forty-eight'votes' were cast In'
the afllrmatlue. ; , ' .
Now Advertisements.
Charles W. Barnes, Proprietor.
. I" "5 UjTog MArtlmr Post Offlc t 10
oVIook, a. M ton.wt Fast I.lno Wert: t t
?.,.n!et,"e KxproS. Jour' at;
at o'clock r. u., to meot the At. Loula xDrua
Il...k i a5 rarkerabu, Marietta and
nlenloftt'thePoIOflloo, MoArthur Or
)ui-ltrta. C'UABliJfla W. BABNKTT.
AlleBSTillHroolm Mills.
W are prepared to Jo all kimli of work ilnnn
la a.aWcUwa woolen factory, ",01, m
Highest market .price paid for wool.
DatOK, Huston A Co.
O. L. CORSMNE, H5. D.,
aUU tiwn4 P'0"1""' talh promptly
at an iiiupj, and on rea)uabl tornii. elU-6111
To Douglas Putnam and Joseph
01U sr?Jle"lb iofll, that at the June
SftiiOD, lfrra, of the CommfMlonera of Vinton
county .Ohio, Ruben 11. MoOona,le and others
Bled petition fpr a county road along- the fol-lowing-
iletcrlbed route, In Knox township,
Vinton county, to-wlt: "
Commencing where JaiperBobo't east line
cross the llobo road, and thence south with
aid liueto the fooi of the hill: thence the
nearest and best way across the lands of Jns.
per Bobo and lands of l'ntnam, to a slake at
Die corner of the orchard Sold of B. U. Mo
Uonarle't lands; thonce across tald lands
Sifhiinf s'm t?ul'et the lower corner
of the hill Held; thence the nearest and best
way across laud known as the Dana land, to
'i'lnTit"'? rosd rir laid ont from cie's
Mill to the Lentncr Bridge at the end of Hi
ram S il rou's lano, and there to end.
That Tiewers and a surveyor of said road
were appointed by said Commissioners ; and
that sa d viewers and surveyor will meet at
tho point where said Koad commences, on
Monday, the 80th day ol June, A. J. lwi at
10 o'clock A. if., to enter npen thedischarrb of
..linen. uur. ij. MOWNAGlJi,
June 8, ltJTS-iw. Principal Petitioner.
Five New Subscribers
"Inflnstries of tie Met Slates,"
Or an extra copy of THE MoAttTHOK EN-
QUIUER, for one year.
Is a valuable voluniu of
1.304 Pages, with 500 Dlustra-
tions. .
Well bound, aud contains a large amount of
Information, concerning all the great indus
tries of our country. Bond the names.
Address: '
Pub. Enquirer, McArthur, O.
Tho Now York Ledger
FOR 1B78.
Instructive aud entertaining as the ttilger
"as Jeen in tho past, wo hope and Intend to
" ' situ more instructive and entertain.
liiK in the future. Uur experience is greater
than heretofore, and our ambition to make
Ww Ltdgor the best paper of the kiud publish
Ki ln the world, is undiminished.
, It Is tho aim of the Mgtr to cultivate a
aste for rnadins' In the rial II It tfMflUPatlnn m.til
,it the same time, by the character of its con-
""t t iiinuuw) constantly to their moral
and Intellectual improvement and growth.
An oplcure might as well undertake to write
down whut be would have for dinner every
(lay for twelve months to coins, as for us to
atutmpt, at this time, a catalogue of all the
good things that will be spread before the
readers of the irf.r iu iffh. Unr old sub
scrllmrs will bear us witness that all the
. V vwnumij M OlllMln any
liral,le thin. Expense '
really good
H n H Imnhi. t n w a
stand In our way. And in this respect, as It
t'ure pa,t' " " the fu-
The l.tdvr Is particularly devoted to the
interests and welfare of the young. A vast
11)10 ut
young. A vast
numlwr of questions about lovers
flVftra' fili.mw .
propositions or marriage, plans for house
Keeping, and the nest means of brightening
the riituro of youthful married couples, are
answer! In Its columns.
One great and guiding principle with ui It
to inculcate the seutiinsuU of self-respect and
selr-rullance, and thus to strengthen and ren
der more manly the shsracters which are lust
assuming lorai, to endure through all their
days, .
The Ltdatr Is always full of life. Nobody
ever complains that even a single number Is
It has the largest number of great auddts.
tingulshod writers.
It contains the purest, sweetest and moat
delightful stories, striking narratives, aud
Instructive biographical aud historical
It has the most popular and carefully pro.
pared collection of scientific fnoU.
Many of tho mostriistfuguishoil clergymen
of the country write for It,
All our favorite old writers will continue to
wrltofur the Astfiw; and we are always on
the keen look-out for anv neur dnvnlnnn.anii
otrtal rising genius. '
ooy frt. Postmasters and others who got
up clubs. In their respective towns, can afUr.
wards add single eoplea at fs.M, Nosubsorlu.
tions taken for less period than one year.
Canada subscribers must send twenty cents In
adiUtlon to the subscription, to pay the Amer
ican postago. When a draft or money order
ran conveniently lie sent, It will be preferred,
as It will prevent the possibility of the loss of
money by mnil, The postage on the Udatr to
all parts of the country is only twenty cents
year.or Ove cents a quarter, paraulo at the
office where the paper is doliverad.
IkV We employ no traveling agents. Ad
dress all conimunli'atlons to
Koiik-KT Bonn Kit, Publisher,
Corner of William and Bprtice sU., Mew Vork
Ringle copies, S per annum ; four copies, tlO
Which Is lifiO a enpyi eight Copies, I'Jv. The
party who sends ns fit for cluk of sight cop
ies, (si I sent at one time.) will ha antitiwi .
158 West Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO.
Incomparable in Workmanship Matchless in Tone.
The Favorite Valley Gfixn
The only popular medium-priced Piano;
well and thoroughly made,
Fox Parlor, Church, or Library.
Second-Hand Instruments
Of all styles and prices. Second-Hand Instruments taken in
exchange for new ones.
Low Prices for Cash. Easy payments, or rented so the
rent will pay for j;hem. Send for circulars.
J. S. IIULICK is our traveling Agent for Vinton county. Ad
dress, McArthur.
Pianos. '
Legal Notices.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
motick la hereby given that John 11.
Gregory, aa guardian of Kliza Jano Orcirorv,
in nor, lias died horoin bis account with his
said ward for final settlement, and that the
. K"1 18 loruieannaayoiJun
A. D. ItflU, at 11 o'clock A. u.
T nm. ll- D. MAYO,
June o,1878-4t. Probate Judge.
Notice Is horeb
will be received
by given that scaled proposals
d nt tho Auditor's Onion. In
McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, until three
o'clock, r. M., on
MONDAY, JUNE 83d, 1873,
for tho building of
Two Open Box Bridges,
with stone abutments, at the following places,
to-wit: .
One Across Cassill Run,
nox township, near tho rosidcuco of '
r-tanloy ; and
One Across Flat Run,
' the residence of Levi ltobinett.
tors to furnish all tho materials.
Plans and Specificationb
are on fllo for inspection at tho Auditor's Of
fice. All bidders for contract or contracts
are required to file with his bid or bids a bond
Iu double the amount of such bid or bids, with
good and responsible surety or sureties, to the
acceptance of tho Commissioners, for tho
faithful completion of such work.
The Commissioners, however, reserve the
right to reject any or all hide.
By order of tho Commissioners,
Auditor Vinton Co-,inty.
May 88,1878. 4w '
"Vhemas, my wife, Betty Allman, has left
my bed and board without Just cause or pro
vocation, I hereby forewarn all pitrsous not
to harbor or trust hur iinnn mr .,.-..., ,, i
ahull pay no debts of her contracting.
May 24, 187S. 8v
"Wiiireab, my wife, Margaret Hiincswoilh.
has left mv bed and board without In-i
provocation, I hereby forewarn nil persons
against harboring or trusting her nu my ai
coiiiiL as I will pay no debts of her oontract-
Ing alto.r this date,
May S3, 1878. 8it
William Ilaughman, plaliitilf.)
Peter Burg, dofenclant.
ll..f(.w l..li.. 'r UI....I, r.. .11 x. .
. .. !, ; , ",,"""u UI 1110 j-once
of Madison township, Vlnlou raunty, Ohio.
On the 17th day of May, A. I., 1878, said
Justice issued an order of nttiichuient In the
above action tor the sum off II ,40. Waidaction
is tewur nenriug rfiiiv iin, iht. at 1 o'clock
aV.S.im '''-VM BAUOUMAX.
Egbert Bowen, iilalntlff, j
J. II. McChesnev, defentlant.S
... I" "v"0 x "'acit, j ustico or tho Peace
of Madison townshlji, Vinton county, Ohio.
On the mh day ol' April. A. D., 1H7S, snld
JustitM Issued ttn ordor of nttanlnnont In the
above notion for the sum of 8.(sj. ld action
Is set for hearing June 80th, 1878, ntl o'clock
May 38, 1873. 8w
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice Is hereby given that Bninucl It. Dur.
V'.V,""'? of. I,en,y V. Fry, and Porrv
Jildlebuugh, has filed his accounU with suiil
Wards, lor llnal suttleineut; and that theheur
ltiv nr th mini Ihui r..M i...
IOIO. Bl 1UV OIOCK a. 111.,
o II. U. MAYO, Probate Judge.
.?JW,I10!1' "flPB'nHiat Joseph Cok and
Abdallah Urlnln, mlnilulslratiirs of the Ks
tate of Benjamin llalns, tlec'.l. have filed
noreln thoir account with said Kstato, lor fi
linl settlement, ami that the hearing thereof
is set for the 7tU day of Juno, A. U. Jff7.1, at 11
clock A. M. h. B. MAYO, .;
May 13, 1873 It.
Promt te Judge.
Mary Lewdosa. Nancy Blake. Kllza Kdglni
Inn I a. .a 1.1.1 11, ....... ..1 '
j-.., cm,,, uuim aim I'nnris
Bobo, who are aon-resldenU ortheHtate of
Olllfi. ftml h.tlra Afc nur nt U..H..I. .1-
1 . r.w .11 rr v. Nil J.UIIU, 1 1C
ceased i . '
Will take notice that Honry 'Reynolds, ad
min strator of the estate ofMarnh Bobo. tlee'tl,
Mli 1 1 I. '.Y " n"h "leu nis
petition In the Probata Court, within and for
the County of Vinton and Htnto of Ohio, nl
leilglng that the pcrsounl ostnle of said do
ceilentls Insulllceiit to pay hordchts and tho
charges of administering her estate: That sho
(IIajI tali-ail 1st .a .1... 11 1.. .
oHlMHlpealeHtHt.iiituato in Aid County of
. ...,.. ...... v, uuiii, wj win x ue soutn.
Wfllt IIIIKftMr Ilia 1. ...... .. . , ,
the west half of tho southeast of the
northeast nuarmr, of Hectlou numlier
twentylghl (SK.) of Township number
TOiitalnlng in all fifty seven acres, moro or
lossi 'Iho prayer of said petition islor asuleof
anld promises, for tho naymeiit of the dubts
and charges aforesaltl. . 1
Hald nelltlon will be for hearing on the 10th
dav of June, A. I.1878 or as soon thereafter
as leave cnu beobtalncd.
. Admlnlstratorof8arahBolio,doc'd,
IT. B.CiAvrooi,, Attorney. , ,
Mayl8,im8.6ir ' : ' '
Park and I.lirht nrahtnn.. n.,r .i n.
Jrldge Cochins, Uondans, Leghorns, and all
trading varieties. Ktrira for i,ui, i,i... i ....
doaen. Fowls lh per pair; U pur trio. We
warrant one-half or more of every dosen tent
out by us to hatch, If they do not we will seud
irmiiiT iinma one-nan price, r.girs sent C.
I). If dnslred send aUimi r..r m,,...t..i i.
E?'".- jkdi?M Ur' c' LEW 18, Marlboro,
Htark Co., Ohio, tS
Jackson C. H., Ohio.
B6F" Can nt all times be found at his office.
TEETH EXTUACTKO absolutely without
pain, and with porfoot safety, by tho uso of
and dcalor in all kinds of
Picture Cord and Picture Nails.
COPYING- carefully done, nnd the
sciiiUcst Pictures enl.-u-ged to liny Hi.e, cud
O nishcil iu oil, Wntor-tmlors, or lmlia Ink, or
-nny other etyle that may bu desirod, ut the
Largo and finely finished Photograph!) can
be niuile from Ht-.rntchetl and I'nded l'li-lui-cs.
Pictures of all kinds Framed to order, and
nil work warranted to give sutlsfuctiou.
Sweet Potato Plants !
Early 'Jomato and Oabbtgs Plants.
Cultivated and for sale by
A. L. WOO)), Webster, Iron Furnace P. O.
Scioto County, Ohio.
FuiiNiSHKi) Until July 1st, 1873.
Having increased my funilitles for the pro
piiKntloti of Yellow nnd ltod Nanmcmond
Hwci't Potato PlaiitH, 1 will furiiislt uoon
thrifty pluntH ut tho following prices, of cither
variety . 1
80(1 for 1.2r.. S1,00 per 1010, 118,00 jior 6000,
9,(XI ier 10,000. Tomato f 'bintu, iAc. per d"?-,
', per 100. Cubbiigu l'luuts, 1,00 )Mirl0O,
7,50 pur 1000. . . ,
in ordering from 1110 -vmi miiv rely on .-c-CCivillg
HOOII TUHIFTV"ri.ANrH, put up tn
dnmil A" A to can- 8000 miles if nocos
nry, and an-ivo In giMM I condition . Anv rc
sptinnihle person is antra- irized to act as agent.
In ordering give iditin tlirectiou forshipnieut,
alsoPiwtoiHi-eaildressin full.. Large amounts
should bo registered. Address nil o.-ilors to
A. I WOOD, lion Furnace P. (.,
lu-lm-o Scioto couuty, Ohio.
TO '
: ;. .
Young Men.
Just Pubilshed in a Seated Envel-
' ope. Price Six Cents.
A lecture on tho , Nature, Treatment and
Ittnllcnl cure of Hpurmatoi-Tboea r hciniiml
?; w,.1"""' '"voluntary 1-iinlssionM, Sexunl
nubility, and Impediments to marriage gen
erallv; Nervousness. Consujuptloii, Kpllepsy
anil i its; Mental and Phj-sl csl Incnp.u ilv, ro
?" I,1 "K ' torn Self-abuse, ete-by ltOBEltT J.
i;l,,i.v.!''Llw-KJ-''i U., au Uior or the "Oreen
Book," e. . .
ine wortii-renowiied author, intlilsadniira.
rouiiii.-, riuHriy proves irom ins own ex
perience thnt tlui au-fiil run RHiiiiniii-ui ,.f ...H-,
ahuso may lie effectually reinovod without
medicines, and without d Juigomua surgical
..... .... i.M.n, iuiiKHia, insirun tenia, rings or cor
dials, pointing out a mode of euro at niun rr.
tain and eil'uctunl, by which every suft'orer,
no matter what ids comUtlon may bo, may
X"r himself cheaply, privatelv nnd radically
Ibis lecture will iirovo a "boon to thousnndi
and tlioiiMtuds. , ' , ,
Kent, unili-r seal, to any addi-ws. In a nlnln.
sealed envelope, 011 the receipt of six cents, or
two postage stumps. Alao, Jr. Culvorwull's
"Biarriage uuitio," price 00 co nts. Address
tho publishers. ,
V.JIAB. .1. 1 . jvi.ik r. It t'O.,
1S7 Bowory, New If oik, P. ). Box 4,580.
"ITTITII iu oloomr attend ats, low
T iV-rU; depression. luroluntrv
loss of nicmorr, and thrtusl tmv.
poteuce, and Imbecility, nnd so-ra-L,
SvATiflSmBPKC,,,,,t VJaTr.
KlfclHT. TBJ8 BOVEEElON RtslliUY tonne
, r,tml rmU th disohsvwes. and inv,
parts vigor and energy, Ufa and vitality to the
snurtnian. Thsy bare snrad tliousandn of oases,
t-rios, U per piuikags of ilvs boxes ant a large ii
Vial, which is very lmportnt in obsUnat or out
eases, or Jl per singl.box. Bold by ALL Drug.
Slits, and sent by mail on nxylptof nrioe. AiVlreia
SO., mat BaoABWAT, N. Y. 3uxd fpr cicuar.
elfi-ly 1 , . , 1
"' O-i toO., cScQ. ,.( "
Eloven largo g.cmi-hoiiscs ftill of oholce
Oreon-bouse and Boddlug PlnnU. A SO-page
Catalogue free. Also,50,000HMes.HalfaMil
llon Norway Hprune and oilier Kvergreens,
and 80,000 choice Urape V f nee, 60,000 Currnuts
Itasnbnrrles. An. niMilsUl Hvimt l lii-.iinii
Trues. 8 Inches to eight feet high, tho liest mil
ii'4 i-iiiiiiur tree on 1110 Miiiuuciit, r ineyonr
ling trees by rtiniLonly 8 per 100. Chestnuts
preserved for planting, by mall, per ll, 60c
Also, Hpiinis'i Chestnut trees, Black Walnut,
Butternut, mnll Norway Hpruoe, ftc, by
mall, If don I red. A Circular sent free 011 ap.
plication. Tulip trees, Hootch Birch, Hugar,
While and Norway Alaulo. ' In fact, a full as-
Sortmontsit Oruanieutul, OecldnnusandKver.
green trt es. Hnrsory established IV years,
(00 Mures, 11 greenhouses. Address
I'alneavlllo, Lake County, Ohio.
Books Which Are Books..
Works wliloh should he found in every Li
brary within the reach of all readers, Works
to entertain, Instruct and improve Copies
will bo sent by return post, on receipt of
price: - - - - -
New l'hlsognomy or, Signs of Character,
as ninnil'uNtuil through Tompurninut ami
Kxternal Forms, and especially In tho "liu- .
man Kaco Divine," with moro than Ono
Thousand IUnstrltious. By S. It. W'KM.B.
Price 15,00. . ,
The Pnmlljr Pliyslclnn. A Ready Pro-
scrlbcrauil Hygeulc AdvlKcr. With Refer
ence to the future, Causes, Prevention and
Treatment of Discuses, Acci.ionts, and ( as.
unities of every kind. With a (ilossary and
copious Indexo By JOKt Hiikw, M. 1). 11
lustrntod with nearly 800 Kngravings. One
largo volume, Intended for use in the funilly.
Price 14.00.
How to Character. A Now Illustrated
Iland-Book of Phrenology nnd Physiogno
my, for Btudents and Kxainlners, with a
Chart for recording tho sizes of the Organs
of the Brnlu, In tlie Delineation of Char
acter, with upwards of 170 Kngravings,
latest and best. Muslin, M.86.
The Patents' Guide s or Human Develop
ment through Inherited .Tendencies. By
Mrs. IIkstkk I'kndi.ktON. Sccoud edition,
revised aud enlarged. One vol. IS1110. fl.liO,
Constitution of Man. Considered In rela
tion to Kxternal Objects. By Ukohuk
Comm. The only authorized American di
tion. With Twenty Engravings, $1.75.
The Hyglonie IIojpd-Bood a Practical
Uuldo tor the Siek.KHoiu. Alphaheticnllv
arranged with. Appendix. By JR. T. Tball.
One vol. ltimo, 800 pp. Muslin. i.O0. ,
How to Write," " How to Talk," "How
to Behave," and " How to Do Business,'! a
lland-lliHik Indispensable for Home Im
urovemsnt, in one vol,, fg.25.
Wedlock 1 or tho Right Relations of tho
exo. Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal
Holection, and showing who may and who
may not Marry, A Uulde for both Sexes.
Oratory Snored and Seeulnr i or the Ex
temporaneous Speaker. Inclndsng a Chair
man's Guide for conducting l'ulillo, Meet
't.50 "teorili"'f 10 arliamentury fonns.
Ma.nagemeni.of Infancy, Physlologlal and
Moral Toeatmont. By Akdrkv Comsk, M.
D. With Notes. 1.00.
Medical F.lectriclty. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing tho most tcieotltlu and ra
tional application to all forms of Acute aud
Cbrohio Iiseases by the different combi
nations of KlccUicity, (inlvaniKin, Klcctro
Magnetism. Magneta-Klectilcity, and Hu
man Magnetism. (ii.OO.
History of Salem Witchcraft 1 "ThePlan
chetU) llystory:" and "Modern Spiritual
ism," .with "Dr. Doddridge's Dronm," in
one vol. Price 11.00.
loop's Fables. Tho People's Pictorial
Kdition. Beautifully Illustrated with near
ly Sixty Kngravings. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. Only 11.00.
Pope's Eeeay on Man. With Notes.
Beautifully Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
bourds. 11.00. : .
The Rlflht Word in the flight Place.
A Now l'ockct Dictionary and Rel'urenco
Book. Kmbrncing Bvuonyms, Technical
Terms, Abbrcvintiouu, Foreign Phrases,
Writing for the Press, Punctuation, Proof
Rending, and other Valuable luforiuittion.
: 75 cents.
Phrenological Bust. Showing the lutcst
eltisHlllcation, and exact location of ull tho
Organs of the Brain. It Is divided so ns to
show each Organ ou one side; and all the
groups ou tho other. Sunt by express.
Price !1.00.
Inelose amount in a Registered Letter, or In
a PostolUce Order for one aud all tho alnive,
and address 8. It. Wells, Publisher, No. 880
Broadway, Now York. Agents wanted.
Chinese Corn.
J ' KING !
"Chinese Corn."
Important to Fabmrkh Tni Gukatkst
- D18C0VKKY IS Till WOHI.n.
Endorsed by the Press ; endorsed by tho
Clnrgy ; endoi-scd by tho Medical Faculty;
Kudorsod by the Heed Dealers ; endorsed by
Druggists ; endorsed by Planters nud Far
mers ; emlui-Hed by Kvcry Pei-sou. .
Eitra Early 32-Rowed Corn.
It Is a genuine 8-i-rowod sweet corn, grow
ing from 10 to 18 feet iu height. Last year
planted tho first of May ; it was sold iu tho
market, July i!8d, (HI tluys). A lator planting
was i-cudy in 70 days.
1. It will produce more corn to the acre with
the eamo cultivation and in nny variety of
soil. 2. It has A greator depth of kernel than
any horse. lootli variety. 8. it has a smaller
cob than any muruwed variety. 4. It weighs
U5poiindii to the bushel, sealed measure. 0. It
(Ills Letter at both ends than any other corn.
8. it Is a solid while transparent corn, with
whito cob. 7. It grows mure vigorous aud
rl iiens its whole crop earlier tbau any of the
other largo Held varieties In America. 8. it
makes bettor meal, being sweoter and richer.
V. it bears more foliage which makes more
feuil. 10. It eun be planted on land from which
wheat has beuu harvested, or from which po
tatoes huve been dug, fully ripening before
frost. 11. Tho spikes shoot out within four
feet of tho ground, consequently the crop is
not liable (0 be prostrated by high winds, it
is likewise easier to gather, l'-l. it hours more
full grown ears of corn on each stalk t han any
largo Hold variety, is. Tho tap roots pene
trating tho subsoil to a very great depth It
will stand severe drouth butler tliun any other
variety of corn. l-U It nan be successfully
grown In any State.
Wo give tlio most satbdiictory references
that the corn is, in every respect, what we re
present it to bo S ami further, we are the only
persons throughout the country who have in
troduced this variety of corn. Having a qunu
tlty, we ure now able to Mil nil orders for thoso
desirous of testing it. Lt season we could
have sold 9000 bushels more, but could not till
tho orders.
. . vJC3Eja:i
In otdtir that all may receive seed, we have
reduced the prloe to 41 per package. Any per.
sou who will get up a club of live will receive
a package gratis. Pllteou packages for f 10.
Fifty packages for A torn-stalk will nc
company all orders above 10 with lrom & to 6
spikes for sample. Address,
llolstoii, Virginia.
Messrs. Chns. Beubon Brother, Bankers ;
Morrison & Dalily, grocers and commission
merchants ; '. (. Staley. proprietor of Plan
ter House ; Stout .t Wilson, agricultural
warehouse, or any of the gentlemen named iu
the Indorsement of our iidvertiHcmout.
ir.. t... ,i,l.ulmtwl ..ut-..... .r st... ni..
Vi., having exaunued some of the Chinese
Com, growu on Mr. James Whlthers' farm,
one jiiile cast of this place, tlo eortlfy that
some o( the stalks nroduiwl six spikes, the
largest spike we nuticed uiea.iiie l 11 Inches
lu length and 8)4 Inches around.
Cnpt. O W Morgan, , ,, . ,
Henry C Kennedy. Esq.,
K V Gnrdon, Murcliunt,
II B Clark, Pres. National Bank.
We. tho iiudei-sigaeil, do hereby testify Hint
the above named gentlemen are actually resi
dents of OscaolH, Va.
C'iubj. H. Loan, Justtre-nf the Peace.
' luv. AlphhiiT. Tonrxins. .
Ohsaola, Va., Oct. 18, 187.
Messrs. Marshal it Morgau, llolstou, Va.i
Oentlomen As you iwpicstod ine to give
your Chinese Corn a fair trial, I have dono so,
and will state that I was disappointed at It;
1 planted on the 10th of June, anil ripe enough
to shell the latter iiart of August, I planted
seven and one-eiglith of an acre; when shell
etl It m ensured 804 bushels and 8 pecks. I
cheerfully recommend It to my brother farm
era, hoping that It uiny rovofutloiil.e tho ag
ricultural world. .lAMiOS WHITlllilli.
A. premium of 150 will bo paid bv the mi
derslgued, through First Natiouul BsnU, Os
oaola, Va., II. H. Clark, presitlenti as follows:
100 to the person producing the largost vleld
of CUInuse Corn to tho aero. 175 to V of au
acre. to K of an aore. ilb to til nn
acre. . A report must be sent to First Nation
al Bank, Oscaul. Vs., hy tho 1st of Decern,
ber, signed by the person ami sworn to, esti
mating the corn at M pounds to the bushel.
A sample ear of corn omul be sunt with
A. W
W. Henderson of Green Costlo, Jadlana,
votl tho 1100 premium fur producing tho
utt yield of Chin osc Corn front a u notimi
neceivod I
psetage. Jicre, is ills letjor; ( , .
,.GB!tE? i;"TI''t. ul. Coo. 0, 187.
Messrs. Marshal A Morgan, Molstuu, Vs.:
Uentlemen Yonr letter of the Mth of this
month came to baud yesterday with the Dralt
of f 100 on tho First National Rank of Indian
apolis. Allow mo to thank you with my best
wishes ior success In Hie.
For sain by Richmond & Hulm, McArthur,
17-eaw , ' A.W.IIkniijcmoM.
V Horsemen. '
Kl. wtll ninlrrt tliA.mAtwin ,f turf a s.t ti.u
tOilllMks ftllll slllls(.sB-il.At In Uk.l.. i'.lll.s-n
Ohio; will bo at the stable of Dr. ( line, in
nii.oiTiim v iuiov roiiiniT, inio, vvei v ni-
...v....lu IV Ml I . kl.M 1W.
for common, for llioroiiiilihi-oils IhO.OO to In
sure, Addreits all Ullois to
March M, 78 (enj.) Plue Orore, Ohio.

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