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. W. BOWKX. Kdltor and Publisher
afeARTHUR,, OHIO v'VXK M, 1911
Arlington Estate.
The Pittsburg Com?ncrci(d, as
illiberal a Radical paper as is
published in this country, has
had its say about the proposi
tion .that the government do
justice by Mrs. Robert E. Leb
in the matter of the Arlington
property, It says:
The patriotic feeling of the coun
try will not tolerate any such pro
position. Mrs. Leb has reaped as
she sowed ; and the nation must
not be asked to pay her for the un
productiveness of her harvest
The "patriotic feeling of the
country" seems to tolerate the
flattery and enrichment of such
rebels as Longstreet, Mosby,
Settle, Akehman, and others.
If we mistake not they "sowed"
a good deal mom than Mrs.. Lke
did, and it cannot be said that
their harvest has proved unpro
ductive. The reference to Long
street and Mosby may appear
hackneyed; but in the face of
such out-croppings of loyalty
as the CommerciaTs, it cannot
be made too often.
The Radical interests in three
States have been run by three
notorious es-rebelsLoNGSTREET
in Louisiana ; Settle in North
Carolina, and Mosby in Vir
ginia. These gentry have been
surfeited with Radical favor;
and what offensive cant it is to
talk about Mrs. Lee having
"reaped as she sowed" in the
face of this political back-patting
with ex-Confederates ! It
is enough to make a Radical
ward politician sick with dis
gust The government, in its
policy towards the Southern
leaders who do it a little dirty
work, has fairly estopped itself
from urging the "disloyalty" of
Mrs. Lee as a ground upon which
to refuse her justice. Cleveland
A Deeaying Party.
The Republican party is far
weaker to-day than it was last
summer, and its leaders proved
their consciousness of its alarm
ing weakness by bringing
more powerful official agencies
and more money to the task
defeating the weakest antago
mst it ever had, and ever wil
have, than were ever employed
before. The attachment
these masses to a party which
is admitted on all sides to be
growing more and more cor
rupt, and whose policy is pro
voking serious complaints in
the West and Northwest, is
feebler now than it was when
these enormous agencies
required to hold them to
their duty. The Republican
farmers of the West are dissat
isfied with tariff, and the Re
publican masses of the whole
country are dissatisfied
the proved bribery and perjury
of the leaders of Congress, with
the lawless treatment of the
Louisiana question, with the
breakdown ol civil service re
form, with, the robbery of the
treasury by the late Congress,
and with the bankruptcy and
repudiation in the South, which
the party policy has produced,
Tbb President and his family
are not so much inclined to gifts
as formerly. They have actu
ally declined a present Some
admiring fool in Louisville, who.
doubtless, wanted an appoint
ment,' sent the President's son
Jebse a live alligator the other
day. -The President paid the
express charges, $14, but de
clined to take the animal away.
It laid around the express office
for several days,, but disap
pointment and neglect told upon
it, and it died. The Louisville
man made a great mistake. He
should have sent a dog.
Thing are decidedly mixed in
Spain, and each day makes them
rore interesting. Figueras who
used to be President has gone to
France. He no doubt has an anxi
ety to see how MeMabon runs a
'Republic?." '
Growth of Farmers' Organizations.
, tions.
There are now 10,000 socie
ties in the couutry, connected
with agriculture, comprising
over 400,000 farmers banded
together for mutual support.
In the open organizations, how
ever, there is generally a finan
cial deficit The Order of Pa
trons of Husbandry seems to
be the only practical way of or
ganizing, as it is conducted on
a solid financial basis.
The combination of farmers
and working-men now being
organized throughout the nation
does not consist solely of the
Patrons of Husbandry. This
order is only a part of the move
ment, which embraces different
open associations. No one,
however strong his prejudices
against secret societies may be,
should object to the secrecy of
Us component parts. The Pa
trons believe their manner of
working to be the ' most bene
ficial, but, if others desire to
aid the cause by different means,
no member of that order will
interpose- the slightest objec
tion. '
The Modocs.
The President and Secretary
of the Interior have under con
sideration, and will probably
adopt as a means of settling
the Modoc question, the entire
breaking up of the tribe, bring
ing all belonging to it east of
the mountains and distributing
them by families among other
tribes and nations. None will
be informed as to where the
rest have' gone, and the object
will be. to separate them widely,
care being taken that families
are not divided. Means will be
taken, if this plan is carried out,
to have the knowledge of the
punishment inflicted well circu
lated among the Indians, and it
is believed it will exert a most
salutary influence and especial
ly cause the chiefs,' and those
who hold positions:- among 1 the
Indians, to maintain peace, lest
their tribes be broken up in the
same manner.
A special dispatch from Wash
ington to the Boston Post, says
that "within a few days, it has
been discovered that all the ar
chives of the War Department
pertaining to the secret histo
ry of the Rebellion have been
stolen. It is known that they
were all in the War Office when
Mr. Stanton retired. He had
them briefed and stowed away
in a safe place, and had he lived
and remained in public life they
would probably have .figured
largely in preventing the ap
pointment of men to office who
have since shown that they
were no better fitted for the
Civil Service than they were
for positions of trust and high
command in the army. These
private archives covered a pe
riod of time from the first bat
tle of Bull Run down to the
surrender of Lee's army. They
embraced orders for court-martials
with their findings, some of
them sentencing the offenders
to be shot, records of which the
people were ignorant."
A Town Destroyed.
The town of Mlohagamme,
Mich., wan entirely destroyed
by fire on the 19th inst. Over
two hundred houses were burn
ed, and the loss of property im
mense. Eight lives were 1op,c.
The fire originated from the
burning woods. The place r?as
a mining town m the iron re
gion and contained some eiirht
1 J J J I- I ! . 0
uuuureuinnawiams. While the
fire wai raging the people took
refuge the lake.
Ik his address to the West Point
graduates the other day, the illus
trious Secretary of War, BolknaD.
referred to the President as "that
aural-crowned leader " and praised
the cadets, especially for their visit
to Washington on the last inausrur-
atlon day. : ' '' ' ' ' '
Vaw Wirt has a sensation, and
gray-haired rascal, who is a pp 'rt
in a case of infanticide, in ',',
the victim iiilxtcen.
Postal Regulations.
:. 1. Franking privilege abolished.
. ..2. Postmasters supplied with of
ficial stamps.
3. Official stamps must not be
used except for official business.
4. Stamp of one department can
not be used for correspondence of
5. No matter can pass through
the mails free.
6. Postage must be collected on
newspapers published In the county
where delivered.
7. Exchanges not free. Publish
ers must pay postage on each ex
change received.
8. Postal cards uncalled for are
not sent to the dead letter office.
9. Postal cards cannot be sent a
second time.
JO. Ordinary cards can be transmit
ted through the mails by affixing
one cent stamp, providing the en
tire message is printed. The ad
dress may be written.
Letters Three cents for each
half ounce or fraction thereof.
Drop Letters Where delivered
by carriers, two cents for each half
ounce of fraction thereof. At otn
er offices, One cent for each half
ounce or fraction thereof. ,
FtrnWtl -Matter One cent for
each two ounces or fraction there
of. Seeds, bulbs, cuttings, roots,
scions, chromos, and engravings are
classed with printed matter.
Merchandise Two cents for each
two ounces or fraction thereof, lim
ited to twelve ounces. When any
of the above matter is mailed whol
ly unpaid, and by inadvertence
reaches its destination, double
rates should be charged and collect
me i'ostmaster General on
Thursday determined to issue an
order directing that all postal
cards which cannot be dolivered to
the persons addressed, shall bo im
mediately returned to the writer
without charge. Postofflce Ga
The Radicals have increased
the salaries of officers of the
general government more than
one million two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars a year
and this in the very face of all
their pledges in favor of re
trenchment This is a speci
men of Grant's Civil Service
Reform in which Radical lead
er amuse simple loiks in their
party. It is a wise and pater
nal government we have just at
the present writing. An Indi
an policy that brings on a Mo
doc war, while the President is
putting his race stock through
their paces at St Louis; which
compounds felonies for a share
of the stealing, and fines an im
portant merchant $250,000 for
errors by which the government
came near losing a couple of
thousand dollars. It gives two
State . governments to Louisi
ana; one of the people for the
people ; one of the carpet-baggers
for the negroes, and for
Grant and his brother-in-law
What Can Be Done.
The Democrats and Liberals
can achieve a triumph in Ohio,
next October, elect the Gover
nor, secure the Legislature, and
United States Senator, if wis
dom and harmony prevail in
their councils, if their organiza
tion is held intact and perfected,
and they work untiringly, de
termined to win. The Radicals
are distrustful and apprehen
sive of. the situation, as they
have cause: to be. ' The Dem
ocrats could haye carried the
last two Legislatures, and the
Pnn aifn fin rial nAmraniAn
vvumuuuuuai vuu ? vu lylUiJa,
strength and saved reoorf
counties that nould Bo(. haye
been lost Dmoprjlt(1 Wlv
golden opportunity , Jf they do
-v- n..M U) inner away their
strength, or allrw thei wil
scheming energy to distract or
impair our r:rmLninn
duce any from the path of dutV(
In this 'county, the Radicals
are playing a deep game, en
deavoring to divide the Demo
cratic ranks, and need oIoha
watching. Their object is to
elect the Representative, to as
sist Gov. Noyes, or some other
Radical, into the U. S. Senate,
as the successor of Judge
Thurman. Stand firm all along
the line, -and checkmate the
Circleville Democrat.
The American cholera, which
put in an appearance here, does
not see m to spread much.
Three deaths were reported yes
terday. ; Very little, if anv. ar
prehewsion is felt The citv of
Nashville, however, is undergo
ing a terrible scourge. Seven
ty-three deaths were reported
yesterday from the "prevailing
disease." The never knew
Enquirer, 21st.
Political Notes.
The Connecticut Senate has fixed
the rate of Interest at seven, per
' . '
The New York Police Commis"
sioners propose to appoint twenty
five colored patrolmen. ! I,:: '
General Mosby is engaged in
raising tobacco, , and . assisting
Grant in making appointments, '
Fourteen Senators, all told,
have had their back-pay covered
into the Treasury. And still there
is room. '
There is a big split in the He
publican party of Californiaall
about who shall bo United States
Job Stevenson, ex-Congressman
from the Second Ohio District, has
published a 40-page pamphlet on
the subject of " Credit Mobilier
Legislation and Operations." ,
It will be a severe blow to Chris
tianity just as it has secured toler
ation iu Japan to have such a spec
imen as Bingham appear on tlie
scene, as a representative of tb
United States 1
At the Democratic convention
in Hocking count, on SnturcW
last, the following ticket was nom
inated: Representative, O. Caa;
Auditor, John. M. Floyd; Sherii
Robert E. Curren. ' !
Grant 3a nnnr lrwntrd nr. Twi
Branch, for a summer's leisure, ffli
a salary of $50,000 per year. Yit
the Republican State platform e i
dorses him.
The Democratic and Liberal R i-
publican State Convention is callfd
to meet at Columbus on the 6th
August next. :
It is said that not a single Peril
sylvauia Senator or member bf
Congress has refunded his bafik
pay. Pennsylvania elected I a
thief to the governorship of that
State. ,'
It is estimated that the "?ub.
Docs.y printed by the Government
in 1872, which are worth about $45
all told, cost the producers of this
country the nice little sum of $2,
436,052.49. ; . . '
Fred. Douglass has turned a
wag, and says, that in view ol the
Credit Mobilier investigation, there
is no danger of negro suffrage low
ering the standard of liglslative
honor. I '
Habt, the Republican candilatc
for Lieutenant Governor, refused to
vote in the Ohio State Senati to
condemn the salary grabbers, 'lie
is not the kind of a man the pet-
pie intend to vote for this fall.
The Radical city officials, of
Zanesville, have finally been com
pelled to appoint a committee of in
vestigation. Now look out fir
white-washing, . '
The United States is again diB-
graced by an appointee of the gov
ernment to Japan, who, It Is said,
rollicks about in a beastly state of
The Titusville Courier observes:
"A three ton . grindstone was -
celved In Cleveland he other day.
Contrary to the general suppoaitloa
it was not intended for the use cf
the Leader office to grind the edi
torial scissors on,"
A heretofore active Republican
Informed us the other day that he
Intendod to work henceforth tn
break up what he termed that rot
ten and corrupt organization.
Scores of honest Republicans have
made the same resolve.
General William O.
the Democratic candi'1 - v.
t j . . . .ate for Vice
PreMdent In IP 0 . . , .
with Gener- , n . .... ,. .
. . .l Cass, is still living,
lie is ' , , .
( . ,m ins eigniy-inira year, out
- Kentucky journal says lie walks
at least six miles each day.
The constitutional convention
agrees to change the day of thi
annual election in Ohio, so as to
correspond ' with ' the 'time" of "tlio"
presidential election tho
Tuesday after the first Monday
November. Right.
- The Ohio Legislature passed
bill changing the weight of clov
seed, from 62 to 60 pounds; oats,
from 34 to 32 pounds; corn in elr,
after the first of January next,
68 pounds and dried apples from !2
to 20 pounds.
The first constitutional amend
ment adopted by the Columbus
convention was adopted on Wedne
day. It amends section 1 cf art!
cle 15 of the constitution, acd rem
ders women and others, disqualified
as electors, eligible to appolntmenl
to all offices not elective. There i
Justice in It"
H 1 1 a a. .
luetic iega tccnnicalitles ar ;
funny things sometimes. And yc ;
we must admit that there Is Justic i
In them occasionally. For instanc ,
in the case of Susan B. Anthony
tM; counsel for the prosecutioi
blandly "conceded that the defend
ant was on the 6th of November
1B74'.' a woman." The method
whereby this conclusion was arriv
Cd at is not stated. Susan cannot
say Hereafter that wan is always
General News.
Gov. Dix has signed the New
York Industrial Exhibition Bill.
, Crop reports are very unfavora
ble from Arkansas, owing to con
tinued wet weather.
Miss Susan B. Anthony, for ille
gally voting, has been sontencod to
pay a fine of $100, and the costs of
prosecution. ,
The grain crop iu California, the
harvesting of which has beon begun
in many places, promises to be a
full average crop.
The repairs to the W" elland ca
nal have been completed, and navi
gation is again resumed.
Albert Shore has been elected
President of the Chica go & North'
Western Railroad, vice J. F Tracy,
Henry Ray Myers of Alabama,
has beon appointed Consul at IIam
ilton, Ontario, vico Blake, suspen
It is reported that rich gold plu
cers have becu discovered near the
head waters of the Big Laramie
River. ,- ,
The President "accompanied by
General Baucock," reached Wash
Ington, yesterday, and will return
to Long Branch to-ni ght.
A decrease in the custom re
ceipts, and an increase in cattle
stealing, are reported by Treasury
Agent, Abbott, at El Paso del Norte.
The assets of the firm of S. R.
McLean & Co., Pittsburgh bankers,
which suspended a day or two ago,
are said to exceed the liabilities.
The pig-iron manufacturers, in
session at Cleveland last week, re
solved in favor of an increase of
currency and a decrease of pig
Graveyards and tombstones and
monuments therein are Church
property, xne Kepubucan press
which have undertaken the cham
pionship of the taxation of all
Church property, would, therefore,
have this sort of Church property
Additional Locals.
Reconstruction Needed.
The Methodist Church gave a
public Festival, a strawberry and
icecream blowout for the benefit
of the church last week. In order
to accommodate everybody, it was
held in the Church. Samuel Poin
dexter, a colored man and a school
teacher, took his lady, paid his dol
lar, and went in. We understand
they took their seats quietly, and
paid no attention to any one except
themselves. But when the people
were invited publicly to go down
into tho basement for their straw
berries, etc., Poindexter and his
lady was refused admittance; their
money handed back, and were told
by one of our most loil stumpers
that they might have had more
sense than to come there. 'Tr
surprised at you; got out of he;fe,"
and they got. We were no, pre8.
ent, but presume the lojal crowd
felt relieved when the'y were gone.
If this had hi,ppened down
South, what a ho;ffl these same fel
lows could have setup for equal
ngnts puck the beam out of
thine own oye heforo you tear out
tne mote in & eye of your South
ern broth,crtracjt,07l Herald.
On Saturday and Sunday last,
we, paid a visit to a number of our
relatives in Benton township, Hock
inj county. During our visit there
wf came to the conclusion that
tllere are many good farms and
first-class farmers in that township,
but-we are sure there cannot be
found a more rocky and uneven
quality of lands between the Alle
gheny and the Rocky Mountains
than some of those we observed
west of Ilcsboro, and especially on
Queer creek, below; Cedar Falls,
about two miles west of the resi
dence of Sidney Bainter. The
highest of the rocks at Cedar Falls
is one hundred feet, more or less,
according to tho distance from the
top of the rocks to the cool
stream away down below. We
were highly pleased with the
Falls of Queer Creek, but really
think it is the quocrest place in
tho Ohio Valley. We have conclu
ded to visit that wild and fright
ful region again during the water
melon harvest
S. A. Gkiswold, of the Lancas
ter Gazette, learned the printing
business in the same ollleo with
Jason Case, Esq. They met at the
Editorial Convention, in this city,
last week, for the first time in for
Circleville Herald.
A number of cases of cholera
have been reported in Cincinnati
within the last few days. No alarm
however, is expressed by the pa
pers there on the subject
Dr. Lewis, of Zanesville, shot
and dangerously wounded ! Tom
Smith, who was out buggy riding
with his daughter. Married men
should be careful
158 West Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO.
Incomparable in Workmanship, Matchless in Tone.
The Favorite Valley Gem Piano. : ; ; : ' ? I
The only popular medium-priced Piano;
well and thoroughly made,
For Parlor, Church or Library.
Of all styles and prices. Second-Hand Instruments taken in
Low Prices for Cash.
rent will pay for them. Send
J. S. IIULICK is our traveling
uress, MCAnuur. ',
House Furnishing. G-oodsI
s sure to call on me before you purchase elsewhere. I am making
jcialty of STOVES AND TINWARE, and 'all kinds of HOUSE
a specialty
FURNISHING GOODS. I offer good bargains in
builders material,
, . saddlery,
Carriage goods,
and all kinds of General Hardwaui, as I wish to sell out my entire
stock of this class of Goods, and put my capital into the STOVE AND
TIN TRADE. Come late, come early, come any time, audyou will find
me at the Store, ready to give you a bargaiu; I will positively sell Low
for Cash oh Country Produce.
rjflTBrine vout old Stove and trade it for a NEW ONE. While at
tho Post-Ofllce step in and see what I have. Shall be glad to see every
body. J.S.IIUIIN,
Agent for tne Champion Mower and Reaper.
June llth-tf.
It still st MRS. DOLAN'S OLD STAND, on Second Street, Zaleikl, O., with huge
and well selected itock of bran new
The itock li at preoent largo and better Maorted than at anv previous time. Byeri can
rely upon finding the latest and newent tiling out . ;
Clothing for
Cut In the very latot itylei aud made np
Ibons aii Milliner;
The disnlay Includes every novelty In shade
1 ' Mrs. Mli.o
Inofforlnir this stock of Goods to the puWIe
gousaities of the times make small prollU the
he brings
the worth of liU or hot money. Come and see, and get good goods seleoted from a large
variety, at the lowest prices going i.
tup Country produce always take.ta.ex change for goods .'nd the hlghee pricee al-
ioSSI i - J. A. MELLOlt.
June-ll-ti. . , . , . .,
for new ones. ...
Easy payments, or rented so the
for circulars. :. f - v' ? f ))
Agent for Vinton county. TAd
!' - r r
0 ..,!;
CHEAP A K;vi 'i:
li". .,;.'! .
In fhe Dodge Buildinff,
Two Doors East of tie Post-OSce.
' : - ;
Men and Boys
of good material, will be sold at a TJr small
above cost.
and style, which were carefully selected by
for this trade.
I mean BUSINESS and shall cod form M the
tn BUSINESS and shall cod form to. the
and try to give every purchaser, whether
To Douglas Putnam and Joseph
You are hereby notified, that at the Jun
Session, 1WI8, of the Commissioners of V Into
county.Ohlo, Huben B. MoUonagle and other
Sled lietltion for a county road along toe tel.
lowing described route, in Knox township,
V Inton county, M-wlt . , . '
Commencing whore Jnsper Bobo's east line
cross the Hobo road, and thence sputh witl(
said line to the foot of tho bill: thence the
nearest and best way across the lands of JaSj
nor Ilobo and lands of Putnam, to a slake Si
the corner of theorchard fluid of B. B. Me
Uonagle's land thence across said laudl
near tlio stable to a stake at the lower corner
of the hill Held; thence the nearest and beM
way across land known as the Oana land, to
Intersect the road formerly laid out from Coo S
Mill to the Lentner Bridge at the end of Hi
ram W llson's lano, and there to end.
That viewers and a surveyor of said road
were apitointod by said Commissioners; aud
that said viewers and surveyor will meet at
the point where said Boad commences, on
Monday, the BUthday of June, A. I. .WIS, at
10 o'clock A. N., to enter upon the discharge of
their duties.
ts. KUl.n ji. Buwnsuum,
Principal Petitioner.
The Village at Zaloskl Company's
Mines, In Brown Township, will from
artertmsuaieueauownM i' ' '
R. THOMPSON ,v . ;
; Of Columbus,
It) one of 'the best managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
. Kates as low as any No. 1.
feBponsible company. '. , , . .
' liOBBes promptly adjusted
without litigation. ,
.11.0. JONES, Agent.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Not id a Is hereby given that oh a E.
GrOrr, at gaanllnn of Eiisa Jaue KlmKorj,
minor, lias filed herein his account Willi his
said ward for final settlement, and that the
hearing thereof is set for the With day of t awe,
A. as si vcutca a.
Probata Judi.
Legal Notices.
Zauharlah J. well' s, plaintiff,
against ' ; ; I i ! 4
John Cochran, doftr $ I !'
Beforo U. 8. Hamuli!. J. P.. of Jackaoa
Township, Viuton county, Ohio. .
un inesin uny 01 June, a. v. ioio, sniu jus
tice Issued an order ol attachment In the
above notion for the sum of 1U7 , and the
said cause Is set for hearing on the With day of
July, A. I. 1U78, at 1 o'clock, r. u.
JuneSft J87l-w, ... .plaintiff,,
,: Solomon Shipley, plaintiff. ) '.'
' ". vs., ' I'..
David B. Snivel. Defendant
Before John T. Black, J. P , of Madlso
Township, Vlntnn county, Ohio.
On the 10th of April, ltftft, said Justice Issued
an order or Attachment iu the above actloa
for the sum of fitt.
Said action Is set for bearing oa the tttb of
Juno, 1873, at 10 o'clock, a. in.,
la pursuance of the order of the Probata
Court of Vinton County, Ohio, I will offer for
sale, at publio auction, oa the 8th day of Jnly,
A. 1 laa. at one o'clock, p. m., upon the
premises the following described real estate,
situated in Vinton couaty, Ohio, to-wlt:
The ttouth-east quarter (S. K. H) of Section
No. ten (10) of Usage Mo. nineteen (IV) of
Township No. Blue (V). Excepting 16.100 of
an acre out of the Houth West corner thereof-
eaid tract containing 160 acres, more or less.
Appraised at fl.917.00.
Terms of Bale One-third cash In band, oue.
third la one year, and one-third In two years,
from day of sale, the deferred payments to
draw interest and be aecurred by mortgage
on premises sold.
. . JOHN BKLIi, , ,
Administrator of the Estate of H. C. Moore,
deceased' , . , ..
J. u.McGiLf,muiY,Att'r. -, ,
. Junell, 18T3-W4. " '
McARTHUR, June 26, 1873.
NOTICE Is hereby.givaa that the following
levies have been made by the Trustees or
the townships named below for road purposes
forthe,earllfia,;t r.Trtrirtr
, ii. -v, j . :
1 ,: :;:;c;;! '.'.ro'r tzU:r:::;:r
" I
.: - -
fe.lk , '. ,
Wilkeeville . .
The above Boad Taxes may be discharged
by labor on tie Publio Koads nndor tbedlree.
tfon el the Biipervltors-t the several Road
Districts within the time prescribed bv law.
June 9t, 1S13.-8W. Auditor V inton Co.
T Aepreeeieia, lavadsueearr
suaay laea ef i
sesa, lew eT ft
a Bmuwairjr, sut
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lllMlHf. MA A '-
Sf"ivai";t;tIC. Me. TWEKTI.
" system, arrssta the dieebaivsa, aai lav.
eotirsmea. Thtj hsr. euil ILoumuuIs of mm
ff sT veheaeeeada Urge l
rial, whkji is vary fan portwt ia obateute er elt
es-e, of il per ebgls n. Sold by ALL brag
ruts, and emt by null on netipt of pric. Address
tm wu.s, n. , psaa weer mat.
Ycuna Men.
Just PubiUhed in a Sealed Havel-
. ! " ope. Price Six Cents.
A lsctnre hit th si.ture. 'TmjifcniAnt and
Radical cure of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal
Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual
Debility, and impediments to marriage gen
erally; Nervousnoss, Consumption, Epilepsy
and Fits; Mental and Physical Incapacity, re
sulting from self-abuse, etc. by kUHKBT J.
vu x. t t,nn ,ul,, ml, u- aumor oi sue -ureea
Hook," c .
The world-renowned author, In this admira
ble lecture, clearly proves from bis own ex
perience that the awful eonaequenoes of eelfr
abnso may bo effectually removed without
medicines, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings er oor
dlnls, pointing out a mode of cure at pure cer
tain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition aiav be. mar
cure himself cheaply, privately and radically
Tills lecture will prove a boon to thousand!
nu moiiBHnua.
Sent, undor seal, to' any address, in a plain,
sealed envelope, oa tbe reoelpt of six eeuts, or
two postage stamps. Also, Dr. Culverwell'a
"Marriage Oidde," price U eents, Address
the publishers.
? 4a-anwa art tivts sl art-v.
I J. V. Skill A B. m lU.,
,137 Bowery, Mew York, P. O. Box ifiSL
S ir ...... . .
. '
Ne-vV Music ! !
"J j- ! i Jcsusaitt it
J. Is Peters. 599 Broadway, N T.,
And aailed, post-paid, on receipt of marked
AboVe and Below. fleered ; Song. i .By?.
- Juoh. ao w
uacs iv, sa mai uome. song ana uuo
. ru ...Wsmari,
Beautiful Form of my Dreams. .Stewart.
Darling, Weep no more. Song and Cho-
. . i i, rue..v. Hays,
Do not Weep so. Sister darling.
' Hoag.' i btewars.
Don't forget to Writ me. Soug and Cho
rus Cox.
Fold we our " hands. Song or
Duet Boildleu.
Gene to the Heavenly Oarden.. Song
If you were I, would your Song..Hhattuck.
Kiss me. Darling, ere wa part. Stewart.
Little Blind Noil. Song and Chorus.
Little Dan. Bong aud Chorus Haye.
Lord, forever a Thy Side. Dauka.
Meet me, Bessie, in the Dell . . . .Stewart.
Meet mo, Dearest, wlUjalkis,...Danks.
alyboy across the Sea.: Hays.
Ohl Give me a Horns in the South. .Days.
Oh. Saml Bona- and Chorus. .Hays.
Only for You I Ballad Dei ioux.
Our Little Pet. Song and Chorus. .Hays.
Papa, stay home. Temperance Hong.
Save one Bright Crown for me Hays.
no pray you mug mat Bong, awes,
Wilt thou Wsep when f
ax Lowf
POLKASv-Suebeam, bT llnkel, U eta.1
Belle of Saratoga, by Victor, J eta.) May
lrlowsre, by Simon, S3 eta.
MA.CUKAH-.AwakolnjorUe Birds, M
cts,; Nappy Thoughts, by Walker, at) eta.
Lauublng Wave, by WUeon, 0eU. Sunbeam,
by Psacher, eOcts. .
OOLOl'Hv-Charlle'g mad Pred die's by Kea
kel, each 15 cts. . . ,;
BHOTTIHCIIES.-ratal Glance, kv Teaaa'. :
teets.t May Morning, by Sobasidt.Mcte.1 flea.
neam, Dy uampeio oia.aaa n uusrsity aviev
kellSets. -. - w -i ,
MARCHK3.-Belle ef Saratoga, by Bauai
ba h. eOcto.; Mollie'a by Klnkel. tt eta. .
WALTZlLrt Clulta. Uwtrtrie's. LeMle'a.
ffullie's and af angle's, by Hlvkel, tsoN cts.;
Jrop pi iew, by AUatru, eu , BUBuaasa, oj
FOtJR HA5DS SO esi Jsnea .
Pilka, U ctn.; Lovs'e (i4ma, M ete, :
Praise of rV'moaa t uiaa-Weaiuaa ail by
SAMK riKCKS. Danea of the Haysna
kra, Wilson, Iftets.c Love's t.'anwees, JLIa
kol, tuoM.t May Blossoms, KinkeL W ets,
Plaiuto de rieiirs. Toeel, 40 ots- Wbisperluf
Bree, Wilson, W cts. .
Any ef the above mailed, pout-paid, ea re-
' ' ' :, , eelptofprlca. ' ,. ,
Address. ' ' s
eAw. . U PKTEB8, m Dmdwsy, B, I.

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