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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, June 25, 1873, Image 4

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J oArtdur IE nquirer
An Impudent Bull.
JjAKf ypars ago was
the'casten parte ol ,Massachu
setK ji'wpiiby-pia D.JD., and
thou?!t !o w;isSn eminently bc
nevoLut nun and a good Christian,-
i yet it must bo confessed
he loved a joke fully as well as
the most inveterato ; jok'er. It
was before church orgaus were
much in use, and .it so happen
ed that the choir of his church
had recently purchased a double
bass viol.;. Not far from -the
church Was ft large town pas
ture, and in it was a" huge
town bull. - One hot Sabbath in
summer,' tho bull got out of hi?
field, and came bellowing up the
street. About the church there
was aplenty of untrodden grass,
green and good, and Mr. Bull
stopped to try its quality per
chance to ascertain if its lo
cation had at all improved its
flavor--at any rate the Rev. Dr.
was in the midst cf his sermon,
boo-w'oo-woo went the bull. The
clergyman paused, looked np to
the singing seats with a grave
face and"'said, "I would thank
the musicians not to tune their
instruments during service time,
as it annoys me very much."
The people stared and the min
ister went on. Boo-woo-woo-woo
went he bull as he passed to
another green spot. The par
son paused again and addressed
the choir: "I do really wish
the singers would not tune their
instruments while I am preach
ing, for, as I have already re
marked, it annoys me very
much." The people tittered,
for they knew by the merry
twinkle of bis eye that he knew
as well as anybody what the
real state of the case was he
went on with his discourse.
Boo-woo-woo-woo, said the bull.
The parson stopped and again
said to the choir, "I have twice
already requested the musicians
in the gallery not to tune their
instruments during sermon time.
I do particularly request Mr.
Lefavor, that you will not tune
your "double bass viol" while I
am preaching." Lefavor got up,
much acitated at the idea of
"speaking out in church," and
stammered out: "It's not me,
Parson B , its th th
that town bull." "Oh,"
said the parson, "the sexton will
please drive away the bull."
The people laughed; but with a
eratified look at the success of
his joke as he went on with his
Heaven help the man who imag
ines he can dodge enemies by try
ing to please everybody. If such
an individual ever succeeded, we
should be glad of it not that one
should be going through the world
trying to find beams to knock and
thump his poor head against, dis
gusting every man's opinion, fight
ing and elbowing, and crowding all
who differ with him. That, again,
is express. Other people have a
right to their opinions so have
vou; don't fall into tho error of
supposing they will respect you
more for turning, your coat every
day to match the colors of theirs.
A curious " case of conscience"
is related as having recently occur
red in Omaha. A' Baptist clergy
man had his house broken open
and robbed - by some midnight
prowler. The daily paper noticed
commented upon the outrage, when
lo! the next night all! his missing
property was 1 returned with this
characteristic, note: "Rev. Gild,
Diddent know twas a ministers
lious or woodent a took theas
things, llear they is.
Sir Fletcuee Norton, was
noted for his want of courtesy.
Pleading one day before Lord
Mansfield on some question of
manorial right, he chanced to
say: My lord, I can illustrate
the point in my own person
I myself have two little manors."
The jadgei immediately inter
posed, with his usual blandish
smile, "We all know it, bir,
Fletcher. "
As ' the season for Methodist
camp-moetings is near at hand,
Dreimrauons are ueintr ma.uc
for these popular gatherings in
various parts ot tne country.
Mrs. Partington said that
she was much elucidated last
Sunday, on hearing a fine con
course on the parody of the pro-
nous son.
4 Minister having remarked
there would be a nave in the
new edifice the Bociety was
erecting,"' an old lady said
"she knew the person to whom
he referred." - ' - ' " -
Philological Peculiarities.
Tub Hindoos are said, to ha vo
no word ior a "menu.
Italians have no equivalent for
our "humility." . The Russian
dictionary gives a word the defi
nition of which is, "not to have
enough butcons on your foot
man's waistcoat" a , second
moans to "kill over again;", a
third "to earn by dancing," while
the word "knot" which we have
all learned to consider exclus
ively Russian in meaning' and
application, proves upon inves
tigation it) be their word"kmit"
and to mean only a "whip of
any kind." The Germans call
a thimblo a "finger-hat, which it
certainly is, and a grasshopper
a "nay-norse. a giove wiui
them is a "hand shoe," showing
that they wore . shoes before
Pn..Hi-v is "feather cat-
jU,. V t V-KJ a
tie," whilst the names of the
well-known substances "oxygen
and hydrogen, are in their lan
guage "sour stuff." The, French,
strange to say, have no verb :ito
stand," nor can a Frenchman
speak of "kicking" any one.
The nearest approach liehvhis
politeness makes to it. is to
threaten to "give a blow with
his foot," the same thing, prob
ably to the recipient, in either
case, but it 6eems to want tne
directness, the energy ot our
"kick.,' : Neither has Tie any
word for our "baby, nor lor
"home," nor "comfort." The
terms "up stairs" and "down
unknown '
French. In ISnslish we "cure
meat and "cure" 6ick people,
and we like our girls, to be
"quick," but never wish to see
them "fast."
;3owaro of Counterfeits!
Art xtnrily COUMTKItrilim. IHtJnmi DrvtfiM
ftrfiwor to eil UU tomUwr-nU to wtakm or
S ft hum 4m (Ac mmw of Job Mmkm on meh
paekagt, AU oUttrt mrm mmthlm imuianonM. Yh
gknitins Pills are aniUnff in the ear of all thoM
painful and doDgeron dieoaace to which the female
ooiMtitatiow is sobjeet. Tta moderate all exoeserre
and ear all snppreaaioa of toe meoeea when caused
by cold, inflammation, or disease, la ail eases of
Nerrone and Spinal AiTefftiena, Pains lo th Hack
and Limbs, Katitfae on shht exertion, Palpitation
of the Heart, Hysterics sad WhiU. they will effect a
cur when all oUier means bare failed, and although
very powerful, eontau DoUuaf h artful to Uie nost
delicate oonsiitntion.
Circular in Knglmh Gmaa and French around
err a bottlt jriTen rail direction and advice.
TtmoiTNuini ftlb ax soM at roost dri stores, bat
If yoar drag-gist cannot supply the oknitikr, do not
to pAnnjaded to accept any counterfeit car buanis ar
ticle butind One Pwllar to tne sole proprietor, J b
41m?h M Cortlandt Street, Hew York, with nam
of eipress office at which yea wHtl call for th pack
aire, and a bottle of the otwnrNK Pills aenrly end
aafoly packed in plain wrappers wiU b sent by retarn
eiprew. .
biitaws pvritoinc watkbs
Onr, CXFiiruL Coilia, Asthma, BKmairtM, Sou
Thkoat, HiWnuiNrM, Dimoxi hsuA tnima. Is
cipikmt CoNaiiMKtimi amd Lnso Dmraie,. Thty
dat, DO tAst, of medicine, and ,njr child will tAk,
thera. ThoaaAnds bav, bmi rwtored to tulth tht
a Xivtimv Oei'Airra. TofuiH"ny riTim in nuonrrli
of CAjst. Ank for UKTAH'S HI KW, WAKKHS.
l'rirn 35 rem prr JOB MOiia, rropn
tor, in CortlAndt Strott, Nnw York.
PEIiAJTATtIlE'9 ttrT.CITIC riX.1.8.
PrepArod br J. OAKAMMKRK,
No. 214 Ro lombArd. Patia.
ThAO pilk are highly reooranitttidMl bylh, ,ntir
ModioAl FAonltr of rrAne, m tho vory bm rnmdy
in All civoa of bpermAiorrhapA. or fSemuul WeAknoM;
WAk 8pioo; lopnita in tb. Urine ; Nitrvoai 1
bility. And ail tho chAAtlf tntla of LriaeaAM thmtut
from AboAOAod Booret riAbita. Th7 rurr hta au
other remedial fail, and hare been ttd with aatonisb.
inn euccenA by th, leading Fronch 1'hratcteue during
til, pant U yeara. PAOipalat of Adfice ia each bos,
or will be Aent free toanaddraaa, 1'rire SI prr
llox. Bent br null, emeUf ilrt r.mi nil, Jrr.
r-j: im, on receipt of prie, by Any adroitiMd Arenft.
Sol, tiaeral Aaeat for Ameoofc .
jSAtabUnnod is 1837.
Superior L.IU ol Copper ad'
Tin. DiotlDteJ itb llio bi'A
Kotirv Htnoioci. for Crfl'PCHES
8choi)l. FAtws, Tactorih, Csurr
UhiMES, ltC. r any warrtntoa.
Illtutnlml Catalvpu Bent JVer
102 ,nd 104 E,( teoond Slrwri. Cindinniii
The New York Ledger
. FOI11873.
Tnutriiprlrn nml ontprtnluliiir Ri the Lelor
hit bet-n In tlio pHt, w hope and IiiK-ikI to
ninku itBtill more instructive auj cntcrtnin
ini; ia thi) future. Our experlenre In Kit-ater
than liurt'toforo, nud our ambitlontto iniikc
tne iMtgrr tne nei paper oi um kiuu ywimt
ed in the world, in nndiinlniifhed.
ir. im inn mm oi tne i.aaer w vuiiivnw; i
tuste for rnsdinir ill tlierisinit generation, aud
nt tim uutiu tiniK. lv the cliHrucier or iU con
faiim. tii r-i.iitrihiitu constantly to their moral
,ii I li,t,.ll,.,.iiii.l liiiiirovnmunt and irrowth.
An epicure niiiflit aa well undertake to write
town lint, lie would have for dinner every
day for twelve month, to come, a for u to
niunnpi, nimia time, a iibi
good tliinffn that will be Aiirefl hufoie the
reanurfl oi mo itngtr iu inw. vur pn.,
Dcrlliern will bear lit witness that' all 'the
prnniiHes we have ever made have alwaya
been more than fullllled. We never let slip
an opportunity to obtain any really good and
ral..l.l .lilni. t:rlmnUl Allfl t mil blfl IIUl Ml
stand lu our way. And in this respect, ailt
has been in the pant, so it willbeini.no m
1'h'o Ltdqtr la particularly devoted to the
welfare of the vounif. A vant
number of nucntions about lovers' quarrels,
....iu.Mitl,m df mrrliiuR. lllllim for lrotlHe-
keepln, and the let means of brlhtoulnf
tne lutiiro oi youtiiiui uiurnuu vuiiiiui, iv
anwered in its columns.
One great and frulding principle with us U
to iiiciiIcaU) the seutimunu of soll'-rcspect and
tlniH to strengthen and ren
der more manly the characters which nrc lust
assuming form, to enduro through, al telr
dauB Ltdgtr is always full of life. Nobody
over coinplulns that even a single number is
It has the largest numborot great nwldls
ttnirtiiulinil IvrilirA.
It contains the purest, sweetest and most
floilKlitltil stories, sinning narratives, mm
liistructivo biogra)lii'iil and historical
sketches. '
It lias the most popular and carefully pre
rmmil collection of sciuntillo facts.
Many of the most distrnguisliud clergymen
nf ihn rinntrv write for It.
All our favorite old writers will continue to
write for the Ludgmrl and we are always on
the keen look-out tot any new dvelriiieirt
of real rising genius.
ptnglo copies, $t per annum J four conies, $10
which Is i.B0 a copy; eight conies, p. The
party who sends us puior a nun ui uiii i
les, (all aoilt at one time,) will ho entitled to a
copy re: Postmasters And other wlio got
up chilis, in their respective towns, can aner.
w..r.u n.l.l iilnirln ooiile at VIM. No aubcrlp
11 tun r.,i. lia uerliMl than one vear.
Canada subscriber must senil twenty cents in
, i. in ia tim aniiseriiiiion. to uav Ana Aiiir-
i Au....a whnii a drnft or moner order
citn coiiveniently lie sent, It will be pfeferred,
as it will prevent the posHlhillty of the joss of
money by mall, me postage, on "f'T
all parts of the country Is only twenty cents t
yeAr, or Ave cent quarter, payable at th
Olnce wnore uib ppr " """ ,
n Wo emidov do traveling agent. Ad
dres all communleatlons to
ROHrSUT jionnx.it, ruiiiisimr.
Corner of William and. Sprue U, ew York
Ml 1 W
3 . 4 L
: " 1
men c nc8i
-" -;
The many ovldouccs of extraordlnaiy enraa'
that are daily reported as effected tliivugh
Sarsaparillian Eesolvent.
Ready Belief and Perfeet Purgative Pills, In
written testimonials from all parts uf the
world, surpass in wonder tho most extravagant
mirnulus of enchantment, l'liynicians ami
medical v.ien in all countries pronounce these
wonderful reiuodic a mystery, that neither
tlielrscienceof analysis or eheinlcal skill can
explain. Tiuo, these niodicines efleet the
most marvelous cures, and restore the dying to
11... n...l h.IIiih. fill! IllAut lL'lltllllll llllln.Hllf-
ferAig iotim of Ills tortures, in from on to
twenty mnuiies, sun muuuuhh huj ,,v
oftheiugredients of their composition, and Vv.
Kadway has published their formula (with
holding only two newly discovered roots), still
blli rencli. Cioiiiuin, Knulish and Ameiiean
clioiiiUts and pharmaceutists utterly fall with
the same ingredients as prepared hy them. The
grontsucuoKX, which these wonderful remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in the grunt so
riot of combining the ingredients together,
nrturcxoroisingdiiccaroiu selecting tho pure
audgentiine roots., i .
Such wonders of Modern Chemistry as the
parallel in tho History of Medicine, for there
are sumo inllrmitles and diseases that are eon.
sidered as incurable, and sure deivth. Vet the
must astounding cures have been mude thro'
these remedies of some diseases that have nev
er been known lo be cured bv medicine.
SWLLl.INU, Tumors in tho W'oinii, Stomach,
Ovaries, liowels, Hriglit's Disease of tho kid
neys that have been pronounced incurable,
Cancel's, I'lcers, Swellings, Stone 111 the lllad
der, j itlculouN Coueretions, Ulcers ami Sores of
the lioues, Hickets so deeplv seated that no
other medicines have bueu tnown to reach,
have Wn cured bv tho SAllSAI'iVUll.LIAN
and PILLS.
Palsv. Parulvsis. DrvGaniteno tlict threat
ens a living death daily rotting away of the
limbs and nesii Jiiiiuetos, involuntary jiik-
chargd of Water, Fungi in the Jllndder (tho
Kin peror Napoleon's dUease), Torturing pains
when diseharging urine, lillKUJI ATISM,
(iiU'T, NKCUALGIA each and every one of
inese Tompiaints inoiign out a lew ot tne
many other diseases, ltudway'sSaivannrillinn
Itesolvent has cured una is daily curinginall
parts of the world.
- in one word, any disease no matter tinder
what namo desisnated. that is nourished or
Increased by bail, impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or poisoned blood can lie cured
Dr. Bad war ft Co. have never claimed one-
lmndrulh part of the curative virtues for their
remedies as tsaserined to uieinuy tue iieopie
who have used them; for bear in mind, only
such diseases and comnluints as Dr. ltadwnv.
aftcrsiiccessful treatment with their remedies
knew they would euro, were enumerated in
their c urutive list, so that man v ot the extraor
dinary eases that have been reported awaken
ed as much astonishment in the discorerv of
their remedial agents as in those who bad been
escned from death, and lundo whole and
man v nelsons discredited their extraor
dinary power, from (ho fuot of their disnp-
loiutiiient in the use oi other advertised remu-
ies and some believed it iniDossiblu for
simple medicines niailo only from vegetable
sitnsiunces roots, ueros. tu. suuuia poAsess
such marvelous power, iettney ran readily
coiuurclii.'ud that the Hiiiinle grasses uf the
tlulil. after undergoing the chemical procsss of
instillation designed uy nature in tne cow and
chum. fnrniKlles us with butter eerlaililv the
most ahnuilHUt fat, calorie or hent-ninLfnr
Dime, tissue, muscle, sinew aim uioou-maKjug
Constitnents for the human body.
Hut when those venule who first doubt the
etVlcaey of these remedies commence their use,
tliev become their most earnest advocates.
Never has a medicine taken internally, been
known to have urod Tumors, either of the
Vt om b. I terus. Ovaries or Bowels: the fcmrc
has beeu the. sole reliance in the hands nf ax
uerienced surgeons; but Dr. Kadway' Sar
saparillian settles this question. It has cured
ever twenty cersons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, as well as Tumors in the Itowels,
I tems, vtoniD, l.lver. tinivirai tuusiou,
Tumor of 1 Tears' Growth Cured Uy
Kadway' Itesolvent.
Hkveblt. Mas.. Jnlv 18. IS69.
Dr-KapwaT: 1 have had Ovarian Tniuor
in the ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
aniil tliere u-iis nn heln for It. I tried every
thing that was reooiiinH-nded, hut nothing
nwliiMl tn 1 uw roar BwrtUAut and tlmiiizbt
1 would try it, Ulll lisl no laiu in it, ueeause
f had suffered for 13 veank I took ix bottles
of the Resolvent- one box of Kadwav s Pills,
and iisihI two bottles of your Ready lselief.und
there Is not a sign ef a tumor to be seen or
felt, and I feel better, smarter anil happier
than I have for 13 years. The worst tumor
was in the left side of the bowels, over the
groin. .1 write this to to for the benefit of
others. You can publish It if yen clnsse.
From a prominent gentleman and resident nf
Liiicmiiiiti. oiiio, tor tne past lorty years wen
Known to uie newspaper puuusuers tmongn
out the l uited States:
NEW TOM. Oct 11th, 1KJU.
Dr. R aii WAT Dear Sir: I am induced br a
sense of duty to the suffering to make a brief
statement of the Hoi king of your medicine on
invself. For several rears I nave lieen afflict
ed wit aoBiai trou bi in Om Madder mlim
arv nrinns. which some months airo elllnnna
ted In a most terriliiy ainictmg uiseane, tvnn u
the phyoiciuns all said was spasmodic stric
ture in the u ret ha. as also humiliation of the
kiduevs and bladder, and cave it as their
opinion that my age 73 years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, and had tnkoun large
quantity of medicine, both allopathic and ho-ina-ouathic.
but not no relief. I had read of
astonishing cures having been made by your
remedies; and some lour niontns ago i rend a
notice fu the Philadelphia Satnnlay Kvenlng
Cost of a enre having ln eireeted on a per
son who had long been sufferingas I had been
went right off aud got some of each your
Snrsanarillian Itesolvent. Keady Relief, and
Regulating Pills and commenced taking
them. In three davs I was greatly relieved,
anu now leei as wen as ever.
.T. W.JAMKS, Cincinnati, O.
Price one dollar per bottle. Sold br Drug'
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Railway's, No. 32
warren, cor. (.nurcn St., .n. i .
Cures the worst Pains In from 1 to SO minutest
BiriNOT ONE llOCH after rem ing this
aiiveriiseiliuuv nee.1 uny ouu suuur wnu puiu.
lu a ejira fur nvsrv uflln. It was the Unit and
I tne only i'aln nemoxiy mat insiantiy sto)is
the most excruciating pains, ulliivs Inllainina
tions, and cures coiiKestiuus, w hether of the
Luiiitn. Stomaeh. Bow els or other glands and
organs, oy one application. Hi Iroin one lo
twentr minutes. .v matier now violent or
exernoiatinir the iialn. the Kheumntie. lied
ridden, Inllmi, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrnted with tuseuse may suner.
Will afford Instant ease: .
Inflammation of the Kiduevs, Inllainiiistlon of
tne iiitwiaer,' innammuuoii oi tne Downs.
Congestion of the Lungs. Sore Throat, 1)1111
cult Breathing. Pnliiitntlon of tho Ucai t.llvs
terirs. Croup, Dlptheria, Catarrh, (iilliienia,
iieaiutcna ioiiMn awib,'iia
tlwm. (JuIiIm. Chills. Airtie (.hills.
The Application of the Ready Relief to the
part or parts wnere tne pain oruiiiieiiity ex
ists will afford ease and comfort.
SO Drop in a half tumbler Water will.
In a few minutes, cure ('minus. Rnamns. Horn
Shimntdi, llnartbum. Sick Ileailnche. Diar-
rhieo. Dysentery, Colic, Wind In the liowels.
and all Internal Pains,
Travelers should alwnys carry a bottle of
uudway s koiici witn tuein. Aicwiinnisiu
water will prevent- sickness or pains from
chango of water. It is hotter than French
Brandy or Bitter a stimulant. , ,
Fever and Asrue cured for CO cent.
There is not a remedial agent in this world
thnt will cure Pever and Ague, and all that
Malarious. Billions. Hrnrlet. Tvuho d. lellow
and other Fevers (nlded hy itnilwnv's Pills) so
quick as Knuways Ready Keller. GO cents pe
bottle. ii '
i ,' lW.'.KADWAY'B 1 7 !
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for tho
cureoi an disorder oi tue ntomacn, j.iver,
Bowels, Kidney. Bladdor, Nervous Diseases.
lleai ache. Constipation, Lostiveness, Indlgss
tio,,DyspepHliL BIIIkhsDOss, Bilious! Fever,
Inflammation of the Bowels. Piles and nil do.
rnngementsof the Intorual Vlsccrn,warranted
to effect a positive cure.
PVRKL Y VEGETABLE. Containing no
minerals, ofdeleterlous drugs,
IWfirobserve tne lollowlng synnitinr
lilting from disease of the digestive organs
. '....u,l. f..... I lllA. T..ll-... .V. !..
v.i,ni.ifni.,u,,, inn rii t nvn, r u iiiii'nn ui mi
blood to the Head, Acidity of (he Stomach
Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for fond, Full-
mi.. ..v wfitlirtit. In tlin llf ,,f II.a Ui..,uI.
Hwiinmiiigof the Head, liurried and dilllctilt
Breathing, Fhitterlnr at tho Heart, Choking
Ions when In lying Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
the Sight, Pever and Dull Pain In the Head
Deficiency in Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Kyes. Pain in the Side, Chest, Limbs
and Sudden Flushes of heat, Burning in the
Flesh. A few dose of Railway's Pills will
free the system from all the above disorder.
i yi Prlos US Cent per Boa.
BADWAT CO., M Warren cor Church St
New York,
Krrltesil False and True, Send one totter
tamp to Radway at Cot Mo. HI Warren, eor,
Church Ht,, M. Y. information worth thous
and will bt aent you.
. MioHiHinflo. ... .
Sin Parson cnii take these Bitter accent
ng to directions, and remain long unwell, proviils
heir bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or otht
Iteans, and the vital organi waited beyond tli poiii
Dyspepsia or IndlRestlon. Headache, Pal
h the Slioulderi, Coughs, Tightness of the Cheit.Dii
Ineu, Sour Eructations of t lie btomacn, Baa Init
tlia Mouth. Bilious Attacks. Palpitation of til
Heart, Inflammation of the Lunes, Pain in the region
(f the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful lyinptonu
Ire the offsprings of Dyipepsia. In these complaint
i hat no equal, and one bottle will prove a letter guai
pjtee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Female Complaints, in young or old
parried or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or 111
um of life, these Tonic Milters display so decided
ntluence mat a luarsea iinprovemeni n soun pertcf
For Inflammatory and Chronic Rhtn
matiam and Gout, Bilious, Remittent anil Intel
nittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidney
Ind Bladder, these Hitters have no equal. Such Dil
laset are caussd by Vitiated Blood, which is general)
iroduced by derangement oi tne uigesuve organs.
1'hey lre ueutie rnrgsun wesa m
a Tonle, pestesiing also the peculiar merit of attin
is a powerful agent in reiieving Congestion or InHanl
nation of the Liver and Vitcer.il Organs, and in Uiltou
For fiktti Diseases, Erunlions, Tetter, Eal
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Cal
Hincles, King-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, try
lipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration of the Skin, Humor
ind Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature.
literally dug up auci camca out oi iu sjriitm
lort lime by the uie of these Bitters
3rAtefuI Thousands proclaim VlNIGAR Bit
raas the most wonderful Invigorant that ever suitaint
he sinking svslfm. . -
f WALKKR, I'rop'r. n. II. SrcTJOJf AI.D 4i CO..
pnigRists and Gen. Agts., Srjn Francisco, Cal..
auncor.oi vva,uinKloiiaimun.iriiuiiiA., wt
as 1BJ .J AirlAtsCounMlorulli
IsXa.r2TlwiE:0 Usrrled or llio. Alul 10
7 , W msrry on tho rhjlolo5icl
fAsl A iroyorlMAinlrovliittoDol
UWUimi We .J.lon, ilk ilia
latest dlieovcrln In prodncti. j Anil ,rof uuilua oI.ptlAf,
ThUl a u lutemllnj ois o f lo Suailrtd sod ilsl
n.eoi.wllk aumerous .mrAvli. Aud eaalalas valSAbls
tafuraullon for ihou who AreniArrlod.orcoowliiplAltDiAr.
rlaco. llli a book UiAlouilit lo bt koptuadrlc
AndkoT, And aollAld CArelouly About Iho hoiiM.
ltooalAlAA IL. eiperleacA aa advlos f a iikvsielaa
irboMrepulAlloall norld-wlde, nd iLould boia issprl
Tsw drawn a( i.orj mAle And fomtle uirouluutlheDUrt
ilobo. llnibrcsrr.?Ui,nsoA ths AuWcct ol 'lbs ion
onilto ijiieni UiAl Is vonh kDosU,aad biuca UiaIU
aolpublioUedlA Any Ur work.
Soul ui Mir am (rm of paiujo) for fifty Ce""- , .
AddrtM llr. LulU' DUpoaAAry,Ao 13 KljlitallrMI
bUauHHtj., . , ,
ITotlcs to the Afflicted and Unfortunata.
Volara Applrln U tbt oottrloai qaiets wha adrertlio Is
publlo pAiiors.or aiini Any qasck rtaiealts porujo Or.
hutu' work nomatur ht jourdlMAH It, or how dtplor
AblATAtir eoadltion.
Dr. ButtA oecopifa a donblA Banst ef twenty-Hvea
roonisii siDdoroed by wni.f tho molt tolAbrttcd modi
CA 1 inwloAMrs of lAioeeuaU'r And K ulopt, AOd An bo eon
uitid perionnllT or lv msif.on ihcdi.eAioo mtnUoncd la
h! works. ORl'oo an.! parlors, No. 11 N. KigbUi itrMI,
bciwAta llArhitAnd tbc.aul, EL Louis, Xlo.
Tn Team of Bvinbl
test lins proved Dr.Crnol
V ineo fTar to have mo
merit than any simlli
the public, It is rich t
the medicinal qualities
Tnr, and uncnuiUetl f
diseases of the Throat.
Langs, perfoiminK u
-ar"W :rVrn most remarltaDle cure.
mZrJ effectually curesaJl Cesf
jAfP suaaCclda. Itbaa cured
many casea of Astlinj
kC?T VBSS ana BroHchitlav that
Has Deen pronouaosoj
speclflo for these coo
plaints. For Pain. In tb
lircwut, SW or Hafl
U ravel or Kidney ttl
dry Oreanaw JoaiMlao
or any Uver 'ouiplaia
it has noeoual.
,t la Uaoenprlor Tonic. i
Keatorea the Apptli
BtrartbTna thetTlem,
tcatoreai lite Westk J lettlitatxi, -Causes
the t ooii to HI gear
KenioTca Dyapepalsi and Indttreotioi
Preteula Malarious t'ever
SItm tone to your Syateua.
And the health of th tyxtei
will fo How. 'i'hero Is 11 pri-imn
tion of Iron ami l'olae Ito
more effectual tbna ull oUn-r
which wiil removu from yot
VKti'tn tho Impuro and vitiate
blood which cauaellHeno. uo
at tho same time build up yot,
henltii nud strength It neve
falls to tar. If you bnv
crofula,f)rrolaloas DUeui
a or the I'.yea or Lars.
Ncrofolu iu asiy form, Z
ter.Uhilo Swtlllag, ol
Ho res, Vlerru, or Serof uloa
InliatiBDkAaiouay you cull tel
011 tielue cured wltli this preps
ration known as Dr. t'rouat'
CoanpooaHl Syrup of 1'olc
Boot. lilaeoiaattan), Vnlu
in I.IihImiaa Hammi I'nA.tilH
ri tlous broltraUowr n by Moreti
V yVrlal or other iwImihsl oro
cureti nyiL ror nypniiiN,
Syphilitic taint. there lxuotL
lux equal io IU A trial Vrll
prove ib ' .
Beotitlfy your Complexion.
Do not use paint or Dowdcr. but cot a mm
Permanent beauty by purifying vour IiIisk
his preparation of Iron anil PoUe ltoo
nsses a mugu anu acuty hki 11 sou ana uunjou
Jhangc that sallow complnxiou to O'U
!rosbnea and health, and remove nuvl.rnp
UveUIae or the Kklii, Piioples, l-u.
tales,Ulotebewl Krnption. Jlyoii v 1
oeycfieeksnndahenltliy cnmplexlon tisc
Jrook' Compound Uyrup of Poke ltuuL
" Casio is w:eni37," " cojd ifciimio,"
" AWitE" and ASLaar,"
t,'us tlx Rd trrir wmi.r M wi rm.T ruRif-i
1USU noil(CooUUUd),(.r tt to-
kTws of IAAH ChraaM An tla Alia f 14 WUUll
Awaas aim mi i)Mii" taavUMrs
tutssrlVm farAliliA4 AT ONCE
win, luiiUiilnu.
tn ratks bur UriM .
k wits MlhnA with Any j
VUiT im-itiiawA. .
UI.W.AllAltS i
, N.r.
rgest Thing in the West'
Situate tnnntl near tha Arkm4a VHey,
i yinext Portion of Xutuut
Eleven years' credit, floven per cunt. Inter
est. ')( per rent, reduction to '
settlers who Improve
" ' - ,,
THE PACTS nlsiut thi Grant are-ljiw
Prices, T)iin Credit, urn I a Rebate tosettlec
or nearly onii-rniirth; a Jtleh Hull and Hplun
illil (Hiniilo; sliort nml mild Winter; curly
plniitinir, nnd no wintering of Hloi kj plenty
of Rain lull, and Just at the rlKbt season; Coal,
Mtouo nml llrick oi) thu line; Clicup Rulesou
Lumber, Coat, An. j no lamls owned by Hpecn.
tutors; Homestead and Pre-emption now
abundant; a ni-st-e.lnss Railroad on thellnuof
great ThroiiKh Route; Product will pay
for Land and-liupivvemuiits.
completion of the Rood.
Kor Circular and K''nernl Information, ad
tire . . A. K. TDIIAI.IN,
MiinnKer I, nml Dep't,
BUT for Information and Tlckou apply to
J. S. UUHN, A lent,
, . McArtliur.O,
I-pvt- iv r i -
i n'vv jvj .11
- , r
J. L PeisiB. 599 Broadway. N Y.,
And mailed, post-paid, on receipt of marked
Above and Bolow, Sncred 8ong....Ily
oiieii. u mi
Buck to the Old llouio. uong nml (iio
rut.'.: ...i. Stewart.'
Beautiful Porm of my Droam. .Stewart.
Darling, W eep uo mure, oong auu 1.110
rus Hays.
Po ot i Weep, so, Bister Hurling, t
.1 - (' 1 Song ..Htewars,
Don't forget to Write mo. Song and t ho- .
- . rus cox, 1
Fold WO our hands. . Song or ;
Duet Doildtou.
Uono to tho Heovonly Uarden. Song
If yon were I, would your 8ong..hattucli,
Kiss me, Ibivling, eru wo pint. .Stewart.
I.ittlu Blind -Nell. Song . anil Chorus,
. . 1.. ... . . Waey.
little Dim. Hong and Chorus Hay.
Dird, forever lit Thy -Side Dunks,
Meet lilt', llessie, in the Dell.. ..Rtownrt.
Meet me, De:uet, with 11 Kiss. . ..Dunks.
Jlv hoy across tho Se.i lluys.
Oil! (live men Homo In the South, llnys.
dh, Snm! Soug and Chorus Hays.
(uly for Vou! Ballad Delioux.
Our Little Pet. Song and Chorus. .llnys,
l'apti, slav Inline. Temperance' Koug.
Save one Illicit Ci-own Cor me llavs.
V'e PW vou fciiug that Song. Duet.
Wilt 'Ihnu Weep when I 11111 I.owV
Walker. 35
POiTlt AA Sunheiim, by KinV.el, 35 ets.!
Belle of Sni iitogii, hy letor, 115 cts.) May
Flowers, bv Siiiiim, 8riets.
MAZl'ltK AS. A wakening of the Birds, K0
Cts,i lliippv Thougnis, by Walker, 30 ets.:
Laughing U iue. by Wilson, SOcts.j Sunbeam,
bv Peacher, 4lK'ts. . . ; T 1
(JUl.OPS. Charlie's ami Pmldie' hy Ken
kel, each 85 cts.
8HOTT1SCHKM. fatal (jiance, iiy roung,
SO cts. ; May Morning, by Sulimitlt.oueta.; S1111-
beiim, br IIuinpt'l,ao cts.jauil willie'shy Mn
kel 85 cts.
SIARi HKS.BelleorSanitoga, by Biimn
bach, 4ilets.j Mollie'sby Kiukel, 85 cts.
WAI.tStl'-S. Liorito, i.eorgies, i.oitic s,
Sallie's and Maggie's, by Kiukel, each 85 cts.;
Drops 01 Dew, by Aliard, 40 els; isuuucnm, ny
Muse, 85 cti.
I Put' It IIASDS. AmaryliH. 50 cts; Joc.us
i'olkn, 85 cts.j Love's Chase Gallop, 85 cts.;
'raise ot Woman Polka-Masnrku nil by
SALOV PIECKS. Donee of the Ilaynin
ers, Wilson, 15 eta.; Love's Caresses, Kin
ku . lOct.s.: May Blossoms, Kiukel, 50 cts,;
Plain to lie r'lcurs, Tonel, 40 cts., Whispering
Breezes, M llson, ou cts.
Any of the iibovo imilled, post-paid, on re.
cehifol price. -.1 . r ,
Address, ' . ' ,
iXv. i. J- rti nMzf, twv urouaway, pi. 1
D i st r ib utioii.
ING TO 41,000,
Every subscriber to that Popular Weekly,
Our Fireside Frienl
Chromes are delivered at once. The distri
bution will POSITIVELY take place on the
TI1REE. UL RCHR0MO"CUTE" is lGxW iuehes In
site, ncknowleded to be the nuest and bond
souiest picture ever riven with auv paiier.
Ol I! rlttbMLir. tlili-Mi Is an cifc-lit pae
illustrated family and story weekly in its tliiid
voluiuii. has now over r-EVENTY-FI VE
THOl SAN D si llst- RIBEKS. aud rapidly in
crrasiii);, which in-iires the success ot the pre
sei.t di.tributiou. The Publisher), of Our l ire-
side Prieinl have sent toils eiiixi riliers this
year over SEVENTY THOUSAND copies of
ineenroiuo-tiiic - aim are snipping numireus
every dnv. SI !(. KIITION PUKE, THREE
DOLLARS PER YEAR, which gives the sub
scriber EH-TY-TWO numbers of the best
Painily Weekly, the ehronio "t l'l E'' llnely
nsnieii, anu a nuuinereu i. r.11 1 it n, A 1 r. en
titliiii.' the holder tooueshare in the ilistribu
Hun of premiums fur lfii. r-TlSUilliK now
w ith Hie n(ceiit,i'rs. n, direr-t toUis Publisher.
M'tClJlt-N Lol'lES, particulars, etc, sent
ftprMTO In every town, at home or
rtUi-lwlv) travulini;. Lnrue cash pnr
Ul k IJTtrn and liberal premiums for get
MAr.ll.Ul tinir 1111 i-lub. The best out-
lit, send at once lor Terms aud particulars.
ew. WATERS & CO.. Pubs.. Cliieaito.
Patentee and lliiiiufscturer of
Head Blocks,. Post-Hole Borer3, &o.
CtAKKsnuuo, ' West Va.
TIIK Crist Mills, beiug portable, are on
Iron Fi nuie. ami
And the best Mill ever made for all kinds of
griuiliiig; rim he easily attached to Saw Mills
or any other power, aud warranted to grind
Flour and Meal of a superior quality at
greater rate of speed than anv other Mill,
without heutiuir or other difficulty the
weight being 1,4(10 pouuils, occupying onlv 8
feel sipinru on tho lloor. Will grind 30 to CO
lim-hcls per hour. ' If within thirty days, the
Mllliloes not prove satisfactory, it may be re
turned and money and all charges refunded.
Hart's Post-Hole Borer,
I guaranteed to make two holes to
onu of any other; does its work rap-
r niiy nun puriecuy.
No limit enti he found with It after
riiil. Hent to any one on trial who
will send me the endorsement of the
Post Master. Agents wanted.
llt.V HAUT,
Clarksburg, W. Va.
Fanners and others ran see the
Post-Hole Purer at the KsyuiHKu
1 20,000,
I inliinis, Tor distribution nmong tnets.uu
i Hiilmcrilinrs of tho
IW APItIIi,1878.
Tli s number ol premiums nro always lu
cres ed when th mimhorof name exceed tlic
ti ii in iur calculated upon.
W now offer tho following!
1 ush Promluin Of........ $ 1 ,t -
to ash Premium nf 100 eiudi il,lilt
80 tern-winding Watches, r) eaeh. .. . 4,H(Xi
100 ash Premium or 'A each 5.IHKJ
500 of I0 each 1,000
1(S) of 0 each 600
100 " " of fU each !K)0
1110 " of pleach ShO
Ym Ilscellar.eiius Preiu's, VI to tlOmrh 7,W
Alnk ii' Total of TWO TIIOUHA.ND Pre.
mi ins. worth TWENTY THOUSAND
IX IdiAlW. . . . .
Kv 17 siibmirlher who remit I'l.OO fur a
yosr' subscription will have his name regl.
tared and will Iss furnished by return mail a
rsoei t, giving the date and number to which
III 11 una Is registered, snld number being
re lire unteil by a duplicate in the distribution.
Ag' us sntidlnfl 10 name and I'JJJWatone
time 1 ri'eUe a free paper one year and have
tholr name registered as participant for
promt mis,
Hpo linen of Cople, Posters. Premium
Painp ilut and Mubaarlptlon Itlnnk sent free
10 Durton iiesiring tuein. . jiuums
m muuj,
ClncluuRtl, Ohio,
- sjj. V
MEmc'iMPS.- t
, - ...
port the
It is irratilVliiK to us to Inform tho public
that Dr. L.'o. C. Wlshnrt's Pine Tree Tar
Coriliiil, for Throat nml Luna lllsotises, bus
f.iilned an eiivlai".-j reptilation from the At
nntlc to the Pncille coast, and from thoiico to
soineol' thu first families of Europe, not thro'
tho press alone, but by persons tlirouirnout tne
States actually benelltted mid cured at his
olliee. While be publishes less, so say our re
porters, lie Is tumble to supjily tbu tlumaud. It
gains anil holds its reputation
First. Not hv stopniiiK foiiuh, but hy loos
ening and nssisliujr niilino to throw off the
tiiiiie.iiiuy uiaiter conecteu aoout tnu tiiruat
and hroiiclihl tubus, whivh ctuttei irritation,
Sui'Mnl. It removes tho t nuse of Irritation
(which produces eoui;li) of the mucous mem-
liianenuil iironciuiii tiioes, iissints tuu iuiikb
to net nml throw oil' the unhealthy Secretions,
mi l pin Hies tho blood.
riiiril. it is ireo iiom sipiuis, lonunii, ipecuo
ami opium, of which most throat and limp
remedies are composed, which nllay cough
only, nml disorganize the stomach. It has a
snoihiug effect on the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidnoys.uiidlyinphaticnnd nervous
reirioiis. t::;is loaeilinu to every part of the
svslem, aud in Its invigorating and purifying
e'lleets it has gained a reputation which it
must hold uliove all otuors iu tno market.
! . . . n., , ..
Ilelnir under mv humedlnte direction, they
shnll not lose their connive iiialities by tho
use ot tnciip and impure uiticies.
Dr. L. tj. C. Wlshnrt's Oince rarlors are
open on Mondiivs, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Hum D a. M. to 6 i. ii., for consultation by Dr.
Win.!'. Jlageo. With him nro associated two
iniisiiltini; uhvsieians of c( knnwlcilk'cil ahil
ily. This opportunity is not offered by any
oilier iiisbiiiiiion in mu vii
All letters must be addressed to
No. 233 North Second St.,
November 20, 1S72.--8IU
Great Achievement of the
nineteenth Century.
All the New and Full of
Pictures. , '
Tag Daily murine is tne title of a news
paper, published in ew iork. which is
Si bievin the 1110-it reiuuiknblu Journalistic
success ever t in oniclcd. It is nil eight-page
evening paper (thief edition daily.) elegnut
ly prime, I, aud coinlucic-rjuy the ulilest edito
rial talent utiaiiiuble.
Asa newspaper Tug Daily Chapbic standt
Iu the llrit run a, ami coiitatus regularly
Tlie Very Latest anil Full
; est News from all Parts
. of tbo .World. -
Its great feuture roiisists in the fnet that it
Is not only a newspaper, hut an illustrated
null Bp.i(it:i n vu uiii ui 119 j. nico ui v ii li
ed with choice reading matter lelegrams.ed.
itorinls, general uud local news, items, gossip
and correspondence on the freshest aud most
interesting topics. The luniuiuiiis four pages
consist 01
executed in the most faultless and arlstle
style. and inirtraviiiit accurately and lull V all
lending events within tweiity-iour hours lifter
their oeoiirience. Those who have muds
Journalism a study, and fully appreciate the
great enterprise luiiiillesteu in tue collection
uud publication of news bv the aid of tho tel
egraph, steam presses, anil the tlevelopement
or our journnllstiu taleut. have been
fond of advancing the theory, that the
next advance in that Held would
suit iu a iiewsiuiuur furnishing regular
issues pictures of nil current prominent
events. That theory is a theory no long
er; tho newspaper of the future is the newspa
per ot to-diiy. uud that paper is Tin Daily
(Jkaphio. Tho processes which render thi
marvellous achievement an existing fact are
the result of the most careful study and an
endless variety of experiments, gradually per
fected during the pust twelve years. They
depend upon improvements in lithography
aud the ainilicntlou idiotoinniihiccHinoro. Ily
their aid a picturu is engraved and made
remly to print ill from twenty minutes, to two
hours. Costly and ulaboiatu plates, work of
art, scenes o'f Interest, nro reproduced and
nlc.tiired forth with entiiil faeilitv and tho
most scrupulous lldulity. ' Illustration of
leading events are ehgi nved and prepared for
the press even Defer tho accompanying writ
ten narrative or desoi lptlon leaves the hands
of the compositor. 'I "
For the proper practical worklugof so groat
an enterprise, tne lait.n juc luiui a.i a
was formed has
A Capital of $500,000 in Gold
months and months before the first Issue of
Tiik Daily URAriuu, the most extensive
preparations were tnndo, aud to-day THE
OHAl'im- lUMi'AH I nus
The Largest and Most Complete
Newspapor Establishment in
the United States.'
In the great work of Illustrating the event
of the day an oxteusivo crops of the best
known and most accomplished artists are con
stantly engaged.
The Daily tinArmO alms to bo In Its strict
est sense H newspaper. Htrlvlngalways to bo
Just and truthful, it discusses all question In
dependently and Impartially. It ia not the
organ of any party, sect, or creed. It i al
waya high-toned, nml contains nothing to of
fend any tnsto. Its contents give it an im
mense lulvantnga over the "old fashioned"
papers. The annual subscriber got
. , TEAH, ,: . .,j ...
a volume of twenty-four hundred pages, con.
slllutliig u valuable record of events and a
graphic panorama of our tlino and progress.
It pnasesse not merely a local interest, but I
a paper for every reader of the language. It
Is, emphatically,
' The Paper for the Household,
Tonus, li per year, or J for three month.
' Tha-Daily Grai'iuo,
30 and 41 Park place. '
' J tan II -Sine w. , Now York City.
80 DOLLARS S?f?4p
guut to coinnienoe business Willi, and large
commissions allowed for selling. Addres, J.
b,CONOVEK, Colilwator, Mich. 14-8m-ew
w!-a :','-aVsaw.i
-if'- !. ;d' .x.v.a? J"'"'
TO Alb I'BlflUl'Ali lUl.iliJ ( (
The"Oia Reliable" and Popular. .. c,
Through Eipress Trains Daily
L i Eoulpped with Mlllor'a Patent Safety 1 1
n PLiitorm, Coupler, and Buffer, and
I. the Celebrated
Westinghoase Patent "Ail1 Brakes;
Tho moBt porfoct protection against awi-
tliuitu In t!m world.
iS&yNcw. and elegant Dfiy Coacho ahd
tvoilally Hues of Pullman's Palace Weeping
mi-a am run throuirh 1'roni HLANMA8 vl 1
to tluhiey, Galcsburg, Mendota and .
; Without Cliaiiri.,J
Also, adatltline or Pullman's Pal BfoKleeii
( -.V. iv..n VIV1IISON and ST. JOHKPII
i.iVruniianuvilla nnd Hnrinirfleld. and new and
elegant Day Coaches from Kansas City to In-
(IIUlllipOIII UBU H11U1UI1U,W lllimiiiviwui. -i j
1 i , ', ' ' : , .. i . '.
iKnirn DM,m ait tlin 'modern 'hnlirov'n.
-t y. v""'. . ii..i...
mnld til Itmlwnv Ll-llVOllIlir. UUrcllllHU ah:iwi-ui
via the Hannibal Bt. Joskfh 8nont Di,
avoidlnir all transfei, lurrloa and changes
oi cars. , ,, . .
nujr Throiicii l icketi lor sale ar an pun
clpal oflicea. Pare always us low as by any
route. lIBggago chocked through to a t pim
..I i, 1 imiiilu (). S. Ltl POltD.
i ; uunerat oup i.
E. A. PAltKKU, GOtt'l Ticket vgenc,
and INDIANAPOLIS Railway, via CREST-
The following are tha distances and faro
from Columbus, Ohio: '
Wile To ---- pare,.
!I5 Doleware - - . - - w - u-si - i - m
40 Cnnlluglon - ai - 1-45
Mt I In I Inn .. . S.05
ftl Crestlino - . . . --.' f
71 Shelby
IK) N. Iindon . - -
. . .. ' ,:t a -
1U1 Wellington - -e
125 lierea . si .
J'r B.4U
l!H-( leveluuil
TO Marion -- - -
lilt llellelontinne
M'J Sidney. - . . i.. j . i . .
m union -
. .
1(18 Alliance -
1114 Forest
1H5 Limn
tm Van Wert
1W Ft Wayne -r - - - - -
- 5.65
- t v 6 a
- .,,;N36
- ' '"r.86
i 18.00
11.1 Sandusky
101 Toledo,-
21(1 Detroit - '
SSI Pittsburgh - .-,-- -BUI
Ilarriaburglv i. - - -W
Philadelpliia - -.
oao iiaiuiiioro -------
281 Dunkirk
B21 lluffalo i
(i5 Niagara FaJUsi r r - -824
Slli-otoga - a.-.--'-
741 Newlork - ..: -
1171 Boston via New York -
- . . . ."10.OO
-.-,,. 10.50
. , . AJ. - 11.50
- - zu.ou
81 Boston via Albany ,.r t rt .-ir1
ino luiiiuiiapoii - -- -- -- -- -- - u.u
120-Cinciuuatl . r 4-00
4oO-St. Louis- 10.00
WJ KausasCitv ,--.-,- J -;rt-,.S8.00
75U Lcaveuwoitli - -- -- 211.00
771 Lawrence - - - M i- -frt't SU.50
7H0 Toncka -
800 St. Joseph - - r -
842 Chicago - i
427 Milwaukee r - t
448 llurlington
503 Peoria ----
18 7
4 I- 4
7HI-St. Paul
524 I,a Cross . 4
700 Dcs Moines
--- 20.86
, . . 12'J.45
524 Hock Island . - -
8114 Omaha
5(11 Cexlar Rapid ----- . -
67-Iowa City - -
2:K Dunloitli - -- - - -
5133-Sau Praucisco .vtjw -
Tho above rates of fare are sabjept U cgayg
I. Address "
. ... , , -rKT0RD.'
Passenger Ag't "Bee Line," Columbus, O,
On and after Mimdav. May 28th. 1871, Ex
nress Trains will leave Coluiulms and LreHt
line and arrive at points named below at fol
Stations. No. 3. Xo.T
Columbus.. ..11:10 a. in. ' 4:10 p.m.
":85 a.ni
Crestliuof.,.. 12:30 p.m. , (1:25
Cleveland.... 8:45' 0:45 "
Iliiffttlo...... 10:30 -. 4:10
Niagara P'ls 7:00a. m. B:45a.m.
S:00 p,m,
6:05 .
ltoehester .... 1:30 . , 7:05 .
Albany...'..' 0:46 8:00 p.m.
1 :80 A.m.
Huston ,.5:20 p. in. 11:20
N. V. City. ..' 8:30 8:80 '
,11:00 rx
0:40 '
Crestline ... .12:43 p. m. 6:35 p.m.
8:85 a.m
l'ilt-linrgli.. V:H5 . 1 :','S n.ii),
llHrrishurg . 1:15 a. m. 11 :25
lliilthnoro... 10:40 2:40 p.m.
Wiishiiietnn. 1:10 n. ill. (1:25
8:45 p.m,
n:i a.m
PUilnilerpbiull:15 a. nf! VJ"
Crestline ... H:S0p. ni, 7:45p.m.
6:55 a.m
PoitWavue.. 0:80ium.L 1:15 itm.
Chicago 12:10 p. ni. 7:20
0:00 p.m
r-,vii. 4. loHviiiir
hns a Throuirh Cur via Delaware for murine
fluid, reaching Springlleld without vhaugu ul
I sai p. in. -
xruiniso. s, on tnu uiiuiiiiius a, jiocaing
valley Kailronit connect witu o, 4 truin,
Throuirh Tickets for Mile at Athous.
PASSKNUEIt TKA1NS returning arrive at
Columbus at 12:30 a, in., 11:15 a. iu., aud 9:00
a. in.
esrPalace Day and Sleeping Cars
On All Train.
No. 0 leaving Columbus at 2:33 a. ni on
Siindav, runs through without detention, by
I....I. !.. ....1 ATi,..7 V....L- l"1., l.,ll.-o...
arriving lit New York on Monday morning ui
0:40 a. in.
Por particular Information in regard to
through tickets, time, connections, etc., to nil
points East. West, North aud South, apply to
ut.tii 1,1 iu mm ..rcnr .vim ihviiii iiiiuniiia.
or suitress u. r uuu, i oiiitnnin, uuio. ,
'. i l!i. O. P Al l, MOD. Olip A.
, .: , .Qenoral Agent, Columbus. Ohio.
-I Pipunnirer A gmtt.ColimthiiQhlo.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
riil I the Short Line via Indianapolis,
Tbe Great Throngh Mall and Expi-oss Pas
senirer Line to 8t. Louis. Kanss CItv. St. Jo
seph, Denver, Hun Francisco, and all point in
Missouri, Kansas and Colorudo.
The shortest nnd onlv direct route to In.
dlanapolis. Lafayette. Terre Ifnute. Cam
bridge City, 8pringllld Peoria, Burlington,
Chicago, Milwaukee, tL Paul, aud all points
in the Northwest, , -" . ,
The Indianapolis, Cincinnati A Lafayette
Railroad, with its connections, .now offers
passengers more facilities in Through Coach
and Bleeping Car Hervlce than any other line
from Cincinnati, having the advantage of
Through Daily Cars, from Cincinnati to fit,
Louis, Kansas City, Ht. Joseph, Peoria, Bur
lington, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and accommodation! a are
afforded by no other route. ,
Through Tickets and Baggage Check to all
Trulnslcav Cincinnati at 7 :80 a. m., 8:00 p.
m., and 0:00 p.m.
Ticket can bo obtained at No. 1 ' Tiuruot
House, corner Third uud Vine, Public Land
ing, corner Main and Hlver; also, at Depot,
corner Plum and Pearl streets, Cincinnati.
Bo sure to purchase tickets via Indianap
olis, Cincinnati & Lafayette Itallroad.
Master Transportation, Cincinnati. . .
... Chief Tloket Clerk, Cincinnati.
Southwest. Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to tha Lake and tha Worth
' .'. '!.. "2?:. I -l-.il" v.K
' km Cllna. .. . i
1:15 p. m. '
' ',i Arrlve.-
i -,- 6:80 p.m..
, 7:10 a. ni. ,,
. 11 145 a. ui. '
:10 "
7:40 p.m.
,-i;j. 8:30 .
Cloveland ....
.. 6:10 a. in.
,. . 0:85 a. ni.
... 4:00 p. m,
,. 8:15 "
., 6:55 "
.. 0:88 1 m.
,.. 1:10 p. m.
... 1:00 i ,
Close connection mode at Lancaster Tor 6lr.
olevillu, Zanesvlllo aud all point on the Cin
cinnati and Muakingum Valley Knllroad. "
- Direct connection nnulo at Columbui for
Dayton, Bprlngneld, Indianapolis, Chicago
and all point West. Also, for Cleveland,
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and all point East. -
Take the Hocking Valley and Pan Handle
route to Chicago and th Northwest; It la tha
shortest Iiy sixty-six tulle, giving panengora
tli bonoflt of quicker time and loweraratei
than hy any other lino. ' ' ,
' J. W. DOIIERTT, Sup't,
. K. A. ByctL, DonT Ticket Agept. u ,
&;i'u- ii
Pokb., Lr'
r i --
of" SIStJt f-nOKIll-"'it,"Cn. M
work ol Arl i m mm aa d 110 en.
jofOUrUBi yeCtMh,rrrinMlu
9 If, IT Wl.tWwlHrl ssi
'l . i i "I mlDn.lIVlUM. J nfl lalCMl WhIi
a , . 4 u-fsrlli.l Mil rf out lHWk of th
turv-tht fwnr t uqieU btnM
mr, ,n ibwAwiA ( iMnlliAi.i, air
t-'SrtL owl ill.fi'T WllAH via
,rj How.'i Vino Hk.Claolaaalk O.)
a no. m.yorOi m, ridiAswijiui
a i . oi
Jtn "
I. i
IJI'i- ft-iu S '(4ii
a a 'fine Germicnr-omo. y jr
lCiSKHD AW LOAI 0Oto kotf.StKB
04 I Page Ootayo. 1 SO Tin Engravings,.
"'f olate Incidents iul AcbldoBts 'bbfobrf
tbi Light of Dayf lt-aHlto 4ures fa all
S. i. ..r .. ...l . l 1..... - n.l Al.wlu tF VV.M-lr
nuits of
the World; Minet and Mode of Vork-,
In J them; IPhdereurrent of Bociety; Oanib-
Ih.A- nml its HirlHllaW:tWISBl MMIir MT8-
toilesjTho Uiu k; Ways of v.ieeuues, rrji
hni mirl their Secrets: Dowf. In th Depths Of
thdSea; Strange Storlei of th Detection of , u ,
CrttllO, 1I1B OOO Aieaisui Cin3liuvw niLii
bruranils; nights lit-Aiium dai,n.i gambling
heUs; life In prison; stuflesof cfilus j ftdveu-r
tures among lndians; Jouiny through 8etv
eia, and Catacombs: accident li mines) pl j,
rt4s and piracy; tortures oi'the Inquisition! "
Wotidomil BtireianwBUrwoiuet vue i,rea
oittes. le-i eto.
i 1 1 w , 1 1 t
for tlili work on V
w o want agents
rlo exclusive territory,, agsnw can iau
100 a week in telling this bfxik. Send for eir-
ouwrs anil special termi cragcBTST
j.;B. BPljn hyde, j,"-.;
mil imt lire R'tt1: I'
I. '".-
HARTFORD, QKJI,.or gBOAO. ,.11.1. , (, ;
i -f.l LwiJi. .r-UwnVa 'i 1..74.1A
1 , , i . i ..... i i ..il
ium pages auu ow eugruviugs,' pnnnn il I
Kliglish and German, writUm oyS) eminent
authors, lucliirtlngr-jeftB.Xfgnriloh. Leon
taie. ltd ward liowluml, Kov. Edwin Hall,
Philip Kipley, Albert Brisbane, Horace Gree
Umcv. a .iii )'! i."pii '-"; n
Tjis work is a com plots history of all branch
es if industry, pi-oeessos ol'uiauufotr..ete.. -J.'
iu all ages. It is a complete encyclopedia of
art and miiurac,til'res,aba IS'tbJ most eutor
taiping aud vnjiishl work ol Juforamtloal on I
lUlijecU of general interest ever offered to the
publia v W give our ageutt the oxcluslve. 1 1 -right
of territory. Onoot our'ftgents sold 188
copies in eight daysj uiiolliiirold 11(18 In two- -week.
Our gentshijll,iji tfurd uld 827 in on
week. Suechneus oTtllo work sent to agents,
AliliwSrtlie'liablHdleiVsT..'B. HUt
UVDF, Hartford, Coun., or Chicago, 111. ,
iiiavl4-awi ' u u a ja - -,
'.'ill, . ' a L i ,.!.,, r ; tl i
. T:itas ivga Okfkrkd Attbntiom AoknTii f ; !
.1 ll-u-rianl l l.lrVtAll1S flV" '
MoatA UraiibLc iPpliliual Jllstory C'nnilor, ,
Fullness. Truth. Iinnartialitv A Book for
the Peoplo A Book for the Laboring Man
". A Book for Htatesmvn, Hcholars A Think-
,crs A Book fare i wsfrAmewetin Family,
-jjo' bWgrapnlc'al wdrof rdWIntefesf td44
tUa whole -iieopls astaVlialOssj appparert In A
nlef iuin literuture. It Is a full, com pleie, l)oa-
eat- account" of the life of the most iubonous
and iuilueatlnl of purcouuti'i'a refbriuors, that ( (
lirst journalist of bis ago, anil the busiest man
who' ever lived. -Xhsre are alio, fxlfaided nui-i;:'
tites of very many of ' . 1 '
' Mr. Creelay'a Coteuiporarlo .' A
whether In Journalism or general politic so ' 1
tliat tho whole Is a rather. Tjill, Jjuat, and faith
ful representation "W-Ahietrean politics for -,
period of'loity ytara:i!j ive. i. in'i
, Here you will learn of tho rise and fall of, .
partrcl; tf tint triumph and defeat of poiioiea; ' '
ul the lives uud characters of ( - . .
.Many: Emlnienl: 'Ttfcn. '"
. r. P ' .,
This work Is, in snort, the great blogrnph
ico. historical work of tbu limes. , ft. is Uia ,i-i
grout literary succsss of the times, Every iu
telligetitmuuaudwflmsnwlllliavatt. Order .
uie already eouiiug in in (sell at waf a lot
bow they will suou begin to pour.
iucciaiHuiiy it ia uio iiauuaunius& noes pno- m
lislieil, being profusely aud eleguutly lllu-
traios wai-u auouv waj uagraviugsi jneiuami
portraits, also a steel engravlug of Mr. Uree
ey, walch 11 tha-iuost ploosing und natural "
ui any yet puiiusnsu maauig a iVO.Uine ol .
over (100 royul octavo pages. 'I'n. - v,
To whom tbe bent term aro offered. Agents .., .
aro'iuuatlng with unp'sralieUd miooew, Thd ' '
givat popularity of the book insure to be-
gltinars- auooiiHS. V secure Itnniedlnte ter- '
ritory soud 11,26 for tha handsomest Prospec
tus Bgetiieverhad,'Orw4.l0 fornumplij eopv,,, ','
library style, aud Prosneotas. either of which . - .
will he sent nropaid. address, ,.;'
, j uiuiuuihwi4ra,
' ' ft iH WllliR.n vnnnn. I Jilt-VKrA a
J78 WVeHirtrVstrcet, Cincinnati, O.i di'Now
York City, iwhkhever, may bo uearoat to,...
your place of ro(mlemxV. J i 10-eaW'
BooJp "VTJaich Aro Books.
' Works which sborHd be fonnrT In everv Li
brarywithin tho reach of all reader. .H arkaf t
toeiitorCaln, instruct and Improve. 'Coplu?
will be seut by return pot,-eo rciptot i.Ti
New PhlsogrnoiUT ! or.'
:r- A.i ;i u i r.'.;i.u
tr, bigni
of Cli
. us niauiie.-itun torougn ,uempeTiiliilt anou ; .
- External Forms, aud espouiully In the "Jin
man Pace Divine," with more thun Ow .
Thousand llliistrttions. By 8. It. W'KLL.
j'ricef5.()0.,ii . A,
Tha Family Phyrtc1rth.rTfndy Ti-o-
scrlliov and Hygenlo Adviser. With lie lev i
once to the Nature, Causes, Prevention and
1 'Prentiaentof Disease, Accident andCasJ Ji.,
uulties of every kind. With a Glossary and
copiqu ludox, By JotL HlIKW, M. 1). ll- ' .n
lustratcd with noarly 800 Kngravlngs. One
. lurg volume, butomttid far use Id thu family. i
Price M.OO. -
Sow to CharltCtBr'teST'Tnuatratod ,
llaml-Boolt of Arhrenolbgyinnd Phylogo. (
my, for Studonts and txttmlners, with a
,- Chart for rocordini tiro slzsa of the- Druaul In i
of tbo llraiu, In Uio Delineation of ( lnir.
. aeter, with upifunlli.. of 17( Kngrav lugs,
latest anil best. Muslin, 11.15.. , ,
I I 'i , j ;"x J 1- 1 .A. ; '
The Patents' Galdefor lluuinn I)ovelon- ,
uient through luhcritoiVenAlbiKlssi-vliyr.
Mr. llKHTKlt Pkndi.eton. Sc-cond edition.
.ti '. s. :
rj(vlsod and onlttVgW.-' WiWifl.Hiiio; fl.50.
i fi "'omi i ;ii ; .
tltutlnn of Mini. Considered In rela
tion to I'.xtornal Ulilai-.t,i.i Jtu:
te i'.xtornal , Utvac.ts, i' iiy : (itoiiua . itj
iComuk, The only nutliiiilA-il AmSrlinii Kdi
v.-r t r., iiiuuiiij nii.ii.ii i.cu .1 mci I unil
tioiu. Willi Twcnty1Eliravl4141.7&. i
The Hyrlenlo Uand-Bopd -a .Iinctli nt , f'.
Uulaufortbe Hick-Room, Alplinhctlcallv
arranged witbjAupepdix., iSy ft. T. TitiLUil
One voL I'Jmo, ixi pp. Miulln. 12.00,
, How to Write," " How to Talk." 1-tIriW" '"' h
to Jionave," and now to Do iiusincas," a
1 land-Hook IndlaWeiistfihV
tot iioms un-
pnivumsiit, in oa vou .). , n i i i
Wedlock l or thu Itlght Kelatlons or the
rtuxeti Disclosing the Laws, ut Conjugal i fia
Uelectlon, and showing who may and who
may not Many. A Uuldo Dor botli HtiAt-s. "u
1.50. . .
Oratory daerad ainlSeculrtrl or. tha Bx- -i ll
teniporaneous Hpeakur. incluilsng a Clnilr
1 man' Uuld lor eoiiiliiotlng Piildlo Moot- '4;l
lugs according to Purl lumen tary forms,
I1.50. .-1.-. i:j
Manugememof Infancy. Vjiwluloglnl mid
Moral Teeutment. Bt ASniiKW CorniB, M.
D. With. Nolo. 1.60 ).. ., ,. f d
Medical Electricity. A Mniltlill for Htii-.
; dents, allowing tho niost u leutllle-asd r-. u,u
tloiial apjillcalion re all forms of Auuto uud
.Chrohlc DiseiuMw) Ily, .the il liferent 'roqiblwI''
nations of Kleetileilv, Oalvmiisin, Klnelio
' Maguetlsini Afagn.et-iih.i)ti'itiity, ami Uull V
niau Hngnutlsin, t'-'.no.
History of Halem WltehcrafU "ThcPlanbJjUl
chette Mystery ;" and " Modern' Hplrltual-,
'. ism," .with " Dr.t ioddridg' Dream,." idlMi!
one vol. Prlco 1.0. -vKaop'aFablosi
Tb People's IMclotlal' Ji'l
Kdlt.ion. Beautifully Illustrated with near
r 'ly Hixty EngravtriaA,ACUilh,-glit, li.vi'lud t':"r
-boards. Only U.WUia, . .
PApo'a Easny oii)vian,,WlHi Note. .
Itoniitlfully lll.stratcrli Cloth, glll,ew)lii,lA
boards. fl.OO. j ,
. " i : ' 1 1 1 . yu 'it I-1a1 a ayM'i'
ThaRlflht'Wofd In tha Illqht flaie.
A New Pocket Dlollonary .aul.tlitaWtaioa S4i
r Hook. Kmbrae.lng Hvuouyms, Tech nil al ,
Term,' Abbravlat(anilf.lForalgaiU'l"'dut! lata
i Writing for tlio Press, Piinr.tuatlnn, proof-,, .
, Heading,. M(fa 0(hUl rslualUtf lalWittltuyllu
7oonts. dili, UUJiiftl
Phrenoloatdaf QuaC Showing tlio laliist
olasslilpatiiin, and ex8i ti;locsU(is p all tluia-Jl J '
Organi of the Brain. It la divided so fts to
show each Organ on one sldo; ami all tha-iiU'l
'group on the other. Bent bv exnres-.
Price WW. ' "
, ,l..(i- ti '-frtti V ii. .i!lU
Tnolose amount In a Iteglutercd Letter, or )u
a I'ostolILo Order for enu sua all Hi above. Ml'.
andaddrostf4.lt. WkLLS, Puhllshur, No, 8b .
Broi(lway,uw TftrlaAganU wauudtoA .Ot'tlwl
feli6tf. ' .... , , . ,
- -,. , 1 i 1U
fT'T'T" koBo constaatl on danil at fliliof-'i
VV flee a supply of KNVKLOl'K.8, umm .
which a -card of .any -doserlption will b
nrlnted o low that all mav afford to have
ard on thiKuvaUiue until byA.hetit. 1 '
VIl! , .

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