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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 02, 1873, Image 2

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McArtiiur Enquirer
J, ff, rnnvKKi K(lt(ir mid Publisher,
Jl'I.Y 9, 1M
The Democratic State Convention.
To the Democracy of Ohio:
Hi Democratic State Central Committee
and Liberal Republican Stntu Central Com
nilttee, in joint meeting assembled In the city
of Columbus, on tlia nth of November, Wi,
adopted the following resolution:
imlJ. Hint tliu whole nil est Ion of cull
lii If the next Htute Convention bo r Pen ml to
fllO axeciHIVO voilliniuees 111 (lit) 'I'llliH-rntii-
gnd Liberal parties, empowering them to cull
the Convention at such time, alter ilue con
sideration of the subject, as they hIihII deem
On the Kid of May, 1HT3, aald mate Kxocn
tivo Committee held a conference in the City
of Columbus with reference to the Conven
tion i and after line ronilderatlmi, It wax
decided to hold the Democratic State Conven
tion and the Liberal Republican State Con
vention OS WIDnlBDAY, AOfll'RT ftTH, 18T1,
At 11 o'elock A. M., In the city of Columbus, to
nominate the following candidates for State
Two Supreme Judges long and short term.
Attorney -General. '
Comptroller of the Treasury.
Memlier of Board of the Public Works.
The Democratic State Executive Committee
have dxed the haul of representation at one
delegate to each county, an a county, one dcl
cf ate for ev.ery 500 votes, ami one delegate for
every fraction of 80 ami over, given to Gen
eral Wiley for Secretary of state in Oetnln'r.
1878, which will make the following ropresen
tatiou; We omit all the count leu except those con -.
posing the 11th Congressional District, which
are aa follow:
... l.tBl
... l.W
.. 1.4H0
tiallia .1,047 3
Vinton..: 1.601 4
The total number of delegates to which the
several counties are entitled, being 59.
We respecfully suggest to the several county
committee the propriety of inviting all per
sona who opposed to the flagrant abuses of the
present Federal Administration, to unite In
the selection of delegates to this Convention.
That corruption and demoralization a xUt iu
frightful degree in almost every department
or the Government, and that Instead of dimin
ishing they are constantly on the increase,!
facts too well attested to lie successfully de
nied. That it is vain to look to the dominant rul
ers for relief, Is evident frotn the lact that In
the many years they have held power, they
have mad no substantial reforms, but on the
contrary have either boldly defended or insid
lonaly endeavored to hide. the grossest wrongs
and misconduct.
That there can bo no good government
where such corruption and misrule prevail,
and that the very existence of free Institu
tions is endangered by thorn is plain to every
man who will take time to reflect.
But the people have the remedy in their own
hands.' 1 All that is necessary to put a stop to
usurpation, misrule and corruption is for all
good men, without respect to past differences
of opinion on dead issues, or to present differ
ences of opinion on non-essentials, to unite
in one grand effort for effective, reform.
There is uo good reason why such an united
effort should not be made. On thecuulrary,
every instinct of patriotism and interest de
mand It. The Democratic party, while It has
ever been conservative of tho Constitution ami
of liberty, is, In its very nature, a party of
progress. It is a practical party ton, and has
given the most coucluaivo evidence that It can
rise to the height of sacrificing its pride and
prejudices for the welfare of the country. A.11
it asks of those who agree witli It in the desire
for reform is to do likewise, Let u) all unite
la an earnest and vigorous effort to accom
plish what we all desire. That is the business
of to-day. And to time and experience and
full consultation can safely be left the question
ajn what manner shall our Union lie organized
and preserved.
Arrangements have been made with the fol
lowing railroads to return all persons attend
ing the Convention who have paid full fare,
free or at excursion rates, upon the certificate
of tho Chairman of the State Cet t.al Commit
tee, viz: Colmubusand Hocking Valley; Co
lumbus, Springfield and Cincinnati; Clncln
nati, Sandusky and Cleveland; Baltimore and
Ohio Central Ohio Division, Lake Krie Di
vision; Cleveland, lit. Vernoin and Colum
bus; Atlaatic and Great Western; Pittsburg,
Cincinnati and St. Louis Pan-Handle Route,
LittleMiaml Division, Indianapolis and Chi
rago Division; Cincinnati and Muskingum
Valley; Marietta and Cincinnati; Cincinna
ti, Hamilton and Dayton; Cleveland, Colum
bus, Cincinnati and Indlnnapolis "Bee
By order the of Democratic State Central
Committee. J. G. THOMPSON, Ch'rra'n
K. B. E8HILM AN, Sec')-.
Selection of Delegates to the State
convention i
Saturday, Angnst 2nd, 1873.
The Democracy and Liberal Republicans of
Vinton County, are requested to meet in
County Mass Meeting, at the Court House, In
McArthur, on
Saturday, August. 2nd, 1873,
At I o'clock r. ll., for tho purpose of selecting
FOUR DELEGATES to represent the Do
moeraer and Liberal Republicans . of Vinton
county, tn th State Convention, to be held at
Columbus, on the 0th of August, 1873, and to
transact such other business as may come be
fore th meeting.
A full attendance of all those opposed to the
open, high-handed, (and glaring corruption of
the present administration In squandering
publie moneys upon pet corporations, In the
Credit Mobillor frauds, and in the action of
Congress iu the passage of the infamous
act known as "Salary Steal," by which the
servants of the people purloined from the
public a large sum of money, over and above
the amount which they agreed to serve them
is respectfully requested at this meeting.
By order of County Central Committee.
, .; , . ; c. p.waku.
J. W, How IN, Chairman.
I,,., . W. W. Bxi.ronn, See'y
Important Decision.
On the 24th of last month, the
Supreme Court of Ohio unanimous
ly decided that the Constitution of
Ohio does not enjoin or require ro
ligioua instruction or reading rejig
ious books in the public schools of
the State. The Legislature having
placed the management of public
schools under the exclusive control
of Directors, Trustees and Boards
of Education, the Courts have no
rightful authority to Interfere by
directing what instruction shall be
given or what books shall bo read
is ou the incrcse in
(As it should he.)
asked n number of our merchants
niul KusineHs men how the railroad
was progressing. Wo urn tuiH to
learn, if possible, something defi
nite as to the work being done.
Wo are sorry to report that our in
quiries failed to solicit a favorable
response. Nobody seemed to know
anything about it One fellow re
ferred us to that mau in the store,
just across tho way, and to that
other man over there, etc., until we
became confused to such an extent
that we almost forgot our mission,
We halted at a street corner, sat
upon the curb-stone, and rested ;
saw plenty of .inanimate people sit
ting in front .of their business
houses, with hands in their pockets
lest some loose change should slip
out of them for tho benefit of the
ailioad, and for McArthur in par
ticular. All were evidently waiting
for customers. The saloons did "a
staving business," but the stores
were "dry."
Having rested a reasonable time
we entered another store, shook
hands with the proprietor, and .
talked railroad. Saul he was in
favor of the railroad, in favor of
raising the five thousand dollars,
in favor of building up the town,
and-so-forth. We asked him why
ho did'nt get among his fellow
citizens and talk, preach, and pump
railroad into 'em, and have them
"come down" with the needful.
Oh, he did'nt have time was too
busy lots of other fellows had
plenty of time, and they could
easily do it Well, but they don't.
We returned to our humble abode
and arrived at the conclusion that
so long as one person holds back
to have another do the work for
him, just so long will McArthur be
deprived of a railroad, . and nary
"screech" of a locomotive will
arouse the people from their dor
mant condition.
Even the ministers in their pul
pits, on last Sabbath, looked de
jected and "down in the mouth
for want of confidence In the rail
road. They did expect the road
forthwith, aud hoped thereby to
receive an increase in tlie numner
of nickels as the hat passed round.
But the road isn't built, conse
quently there are lamentations,
loud and deep, for something to
sustain the church and ministry in
this place ; and, railroad or no rail
road, the members are invited to
"shell out."
If you want a railroad, you've
got to furnish the means to build
it otherwise dry up. Talk won't
build anything.
hince the above was written we
learn that a movement is on foot
to select a committee to go to Co
lumbus and get permission of the
members of the Constitutional Con
vention the Legislature not being
in session to have McArthur
fenced in, and the name of the
town stricken from the map of the
State. Good.
Farmers' Convention.
We repeat our advice to the farm
era of Ohio. Let them organize
throughout the State with thorough
ness and dispatch. Let them hold
a State Convention toward the last
of July and nominate a state ticket
pledged to their interest, and one
which can . command the respect
and confidence of aJl the people of
Ohio who are not blinded by parti
san prejudice. Let its leaders be
men of high character and com
mantling ability, and the Democracy
on the Cth of August can, and we
believe will, assure the election of
that ticket by seconding the nomi
nations. The Democratic party is
the friend of tho people as against
their oppressors ; of the many who
toil and spin as against the few
who are enriched thereby, and its
paths lie side by side with those
of the farmer. In hostility to the
tariff and to all monopolies it i
the fellow-laborer of the farmer.
The farmer, who should have long
held the power in this country, has
the opportunity to elect the next
Governor of Ohio. Will he do it ?
Cin. Enquirer.
Since tho passage of the law of
Congress ordering the election of
Congressmen in all the States of
the Union on the second Tuesday
of November, wo will be obliged,
under the present Constitution, to
have two State elections every two
years, instead of two in four years,
as heretofore. The Constitutional
Convention will save ten times its
cost by establishing a single State
election for each and every year.
Fourth of July, 1873.
The Fourth of July, 1873, is near
ly upon us. Although one hundred
years, an even century, will not
have elapsed from the dute when
independence was actually pro
claimed, yet we have passed tliat
period when the great revolution
ary events occurred. The firing of
the troops upon the people of Bos
ton was in 1770, one hundred and
three years ago. What a century
has that been to the United States!
Imagination usually outruns reality,
but this is a ease where it falls far
short of it. Of all our revolution
ists there were none who saw furth
er into the future none who left
better evidences of it than old
John Adams, the second President
of the United States. Iu 1755,
when but twenty years old, he wrote
a letter to a friend in which he gave
a partial foreshadowing of the fu
ture of this country. He had evi
dently read Bishop Berkeley's
poem about "Westward the star of
empire takes its way ;" hut who
could have foreseen the develop
ment of this country ?
Then four months was a passage
across tho Atlantic. Now it has
been bridged by instantaneous tel
egraph, and by a ten-days' passage
by steamer. There is nothing in
all history like the rise ami pro
gress of the United States. We
have achieved that in a single cen
tury which it usually requires ten
centuries to develop. A hundred
years ago we were nothing. Now
we are, all things considered, the
greatest empire upon the globe, ex
ercising more influence upon cur
rent events. 1773 1873-what a
mighty chasm separates the two
Miriods and marks the passage of
time I We can hardly calculate
that there was then a germ of that
country of which we are bo mighty
a development ! What a wonder
ful century we have passed and are
Cin. Enquirer.
Political Notes.
The farmers of Richland county,
this State, met in Convention on
the 23d and nominated a full coun
ty ticket,
Senator Casserlt, of California,
is the Inst recruit to the immortal
few who refuse their back pay. He
directs that $9,70 1 lie paid into the
United States Treasury.
With Henry A. Wise for its can
didate for Governor in Virginia,
ami Ben Butler in Massachusetts,
we don't see what the Uepublieans
have to complain of.
E. B, Esiiemian, Esq., editor of
the Wooster Democrat, has been
nominated for Representative by
the Democrats and Liberals of
Wayne county. Mr, Eshelman is a
man of ability, a souud Democrat
and should, as he doubtless will, be
elected by a large majority.
The Wheeling Register says:
"The Rads are getting badly scared
at politics in Ohio, Senators Lo
gan and Oglesby, of Illinois, and
Morton of Indiana, are coming to
stump the Btato to prevent the
election of a Legislature that will
ret lira Mr. Thurman to the Senate,
The New York Sun has opened
a hornet's nest, It charges direct
ly that members of Congress and
others in' official positions secure
places for their mistresses in clerk
ships or subordinate positions in
Washington, and that their harlots
are known to be such by the Presi
dent and Cabinet
Lands Unimproved and Improved.
A lady having two lovers, accep
ted the one who was poor but smart,
rather than the other who was rich
but an imbecile. When asked the
reason of her choice she said: "A
roan who is poor may get over it;
but if one is a natural-born fool he
never can eet over it."
She is a trood model for a farmer.
Let him prefer a Nebraska farm,
for its caoabilities thousrh unim
proved, rather than improved but
infertile land runner juwt. jn
braska land has no defects which
it cannot Boon vet over. But this
is more than can be said of the
sterile retriona. where the charac
teristlcs are stumps, stones, steeps
and swamps, as well as a soil on
which ono may sow a busliel and
reap only a peck. No making a
silk purse out or a sow s ear.
Better a routine in than with a
man or farm. The ono must grow,
the other may dwindle.
So think 5.000 farm hunters who
have bought railroad land of the
Kurlineton and Missouri Klver
Railroad. Manv- of them have lit-
tlo or no capital but they pay
nothing but six per cent iuterest
for two or lour years ana men tne
principal in seven installments,
The big snake season lias been
successfully inaugurated. His
snakeihip now average about nine
teen feet in length. He will grow
as the season progresses.
I !
Ctlonel MAxrrEMMY,of Columbus,
baa resigned the office of General
Agent of the Lessees of the Public
Works, and the lessees have ap
pointed in his stead Charles Parrott
of Dayton, who will take up his res
idence in Columbus.
General News.
All the Modoe piJaciieM are
snfe in the stockade at Fort Kla
math. The Ashtabula, Your.gstown and
Pittsburgh Railroad "lias just been
Rev. Peter Get. er and his broth
er John were drowned at Ripley on
Wednesday liis..
The Empe?ror of Morocco has
eighty chiltlreii so far and so
The flow of oratory in the Consti
tutional Convention is generally
The Ohio State Fair, is to be held
at Mansfield, on the 'first five days
of September next.
Eight thousand dollars a year for
fuel for the President's house is
what Uncle Sam pays.
Governor Hendricks, of Indi
ana, is to deliver the 4th of July
oration nt the Soldiers Home, at
William Richison has been con
victed the second time of murder
in the first degree, for the killing of
Fogwell, at Xenia, Ohio. ' '
Juuoe Green, of Columbus, has
decided that .that portion of the
Sunday law which closes houses
where Ohio wine, beer, fc, is sold,
to be void.
A Bkrmcdah letter announces
that a family named Knowles, con
sisting of father, mother, and two
(laughters, mere murdered in Ham
ilton on June 18th.
Thomas Jefferson's family car
riage, imported from Europe by
him, has been seut to a shop in
Staunton from Charlottsville, where
it is owned, to be repaired.
The Shnh is doing London by
gaslight with Albert Edward,
and is wondering what possible
objection the English could have
to his traveling with three wives.
The Cherokee, Iowa, Times, of
the 7th, says: "As we go to press
the air is filling with millions of
grasshoppers. The cloud is so vast
that the sun seems to shine through
an Indian summer fog."
Rev. D. Story is said to be the
first ordained ' minister in the
Northwestern territory. His first
sermon was preached under nsi
elm tree, on the bank of the Mus
kingum opposite Marietta.
Gen. Jackson's Bible, which was
given to him during his Presidency
by a Washington lady, and after his
"death was preHunted to tho Hermit
age church In Tennessee, was sto
len from that placo recently.
A I KNNsvi.VANiA man owns a
Bible 117 years old, that has never
had its leaves out. If such careful
usage continues, tho sacred vol
umo will answer tor his descend
ants for twice aa many years to
A Maine paper announces, as an
item of State news, that the first
naval battle of the Revolution was
fought at Machias Harbor, in 1775,
That is an interesting fact, but it
has been a little slow in finding its
way into the local journals.
During the year 1872, the people
of the United States consumed one
hundred million dollars woith of
bread, two hundred and fifty mil
lions worth of Tobacco, and six
hundred millions worth of lntoxi
eating liquors. What in the world
did they want with .such a large
proportion of bread?
The Athens Journal says the
wheat crop bids fair to le much
better than the furmers anticipated
a few weeks since.
The same paper says, the far
triers' movement still goes on, am
we hear the organization of Gran
ges almost daily. It is reported
that more than one Grange exists
in this county, but think this news
is premature.
It is antonishing what perfect
Cherterfields the murderers are
getting to be. At the trial of Wag
ner, the Islo of Shoals assassin, in
Alfred, Me., wo were told that as he
entered the court-room his manner
was dignified and pleasing. Tho
handcuffs having been removed
from his wrists, he cordially shook
hands all around, his fuee beaming
with a pleasant smile.
TnE New York Sun may be prej
udiced, but ho tells a power of
truth about President Grant. Says
the Sun;
"All crreat men have their full
Ings; none are immaculate. Civsar
was ambitious, Marlborough was
lHiimrlous. Nanolctm was a iiiUllnt-
but Grant combines the oualitiea nf
tuein all. iirant is ambitious, Grant
Is penurious, Grant is destitute of
It a...
religious sense, and in addition ho
may be fond of whisky; but he is
our President nt the rate of $50,000
a year, and who knows that he will
not wish to be President for two
years to come ? And If he wishes
it, who would be so baso as to op-
Hse iiimr '
The old house at Morristown. TW
Jersey, used by Washington as
headquarters during tho New Jer
sey camnaiw). was sold at anntl
day before yesterday. They will
sen ins pantaloons out of tho Pat
ent Office some of these days. '
Additional Locals.
Ocn friend, II. W. Coultrap, Is a
very lonest and clever fellow, but
ho should not be flattered by those
who do not know what is best for
him to do. All young 'men, like
himsej.', should "listen not to flat
tering tongues." Quite recently a
few flatterers persuaded him to
thinK that his "eddycashun" was
acct nplished, because he had "been
into College," ns ' Artemus Ward
useo to say j had read a good many
big jooks, filled out lots of pension
pap rs in Jones' law office, etc., etc.,
anujhe must go right into the Un
ion School House and superintend
thejsehools. Ho concluded that he
coijld fill the position for a salary
of $C00 per pear $200 less than
the very small salary of Prof. M.
R. Barnes. The Board of Direc
tors were appealed to silently and
secretly. Those acquainted with
the superior qualifications of the
fresh applicant did not want the
people of the district to know what
a good thing they had found, but
lyiinru me pit si six (lays 1110 liot-
tom dropped out of the meal tub.
The three directors were divided on
the subject ono said yes, one no,
and the third said let us hold n
meeting at the school bouse, arul
vote on the question. Monday af
ternoon, between tho hours of I
and 6, wa9 tho time fixed. At 4 o'
clock the meeting was organized by
calling J. II. Kino to the Chair, and
appointing T. A. Murray and Al
exander Ward, Tellers. , The
Chairman stated tho object of the
meeting. The ballotting then com
menced and tho rain began to fall;
the voting and raining continued
for two hours. Just 103 votes were
cast, of which Prof. Barnes received
99 and Mr. Coultrap 4. At least
four-fifths of the voters of the dis
trict expressed an opinion on the
subject. We would advise Mr. C.
to quit running for School Super
intendent, and heed the advice
once given by the Into Horace
Greeley, viz: "Go west, j'oung
man, and grow up with the coun
try." Once more all is quiet in our
The Allensville Woolen Mills
Houston, Dillom & Co., Proprie
tors, is the place to take your wool
this season. They aro in success
ful operation, and the mill is the best
in Southern Ohio. Having the best
of machinery, the' can guarantee
to the farmers and the public gen
erally satisfactory work. It will pay
those having wool, to go direct to
that mill With It. You will always
find a large stock of all kinds of
first class goods on hand which will
be sold low for cash, or exchanged
for wool at the lowest prices,
i m i m
We learn that a meeting was held
at Wilkesville, last Friday, in the
interest of the projected railroad
from Berlin, Jackson county, on
the Portsmouth Branch of Marietta
& Cincinnati Railroad, to Pomeroy,
on the Ohio river. We hope some
one will send full particulars of
the. meeting.
Special Attention. The house
of Will & Co., Zaleski, is the place
to buy the most beautiful Goods at
the lowest prices. ' To those ladies
who wish the loveliest Dress Goods,
wo would say, go to Will & Co.'s,
in Zaleski. They have an elegant
We have unintentionally omitted
to call nttention to the professiona
card of Dr. G. L. Gorsline, physi
clan and stirtreon, Hamden. The
Doctor will attend to all profession
al calls at all times day or night
He is a good physician.
Judge Van Trump has published
another letter defending his course
in taking his back pay. It won't
avail, Judge. A salary grabbing
Democrat is no better than a salaiy
Grabbing Republican. The great
demand of the country is for honet t
men, regardless of politics, although
we freely confess that the supply is
Very limited.' The people are de
term i nod that salary grabbers shall
hereafter take back seats, although
they may be temporarily forced to
the front, by President Grant, as in
the ouho of Bingham.
That was a happy thought of
the Department which guards
against improper uses of postal
cards. The carriers are not to read
what is written on the cards, unlets
it is scurtillovs. It will be Been
that this is a perfect security
against tho abuse of tho new sys
em. It was invented in Ireland.
All tho worn out Radical politi
cians out West liavo suddenly con
eived a violent affection for the
runners, uiul, adds a local journal,
here Is noticeaMo also a decided
ndeucy on tho part of candidates
abandon all other pursuits in life
ind rush Into the cultivation of the
Jesse B. Grant, the aged father
f the Tresldent of the. United
tatef, died at Covington, Ky.', on
unday evening at seven o'clock.
e was 77 years of age.
Chillicothe, Ohio.
OF ALL LATE STYLES, Made a Speciality, ,
S. C.
IPixrnlttire !
ni lM ir
4ir-TI ' rf - ,fitir,w r,"
I nmimfiK tiiie to onler nnd repnlr Fiirnltiiioof
ami acconiimny thfin with IUarse. iUdTTL puMlo nr iu lU.il to oitll and
J ... Ctmlr
March lUlli, 1B73.
SWIFT, Chillicothe, Ohio.
Fnrxxltvuro !
'i'ii i v ' '
nil lln.U. nt Hie ui.mt ieonuUe price. I ui
111 IlU'lliisIl
Agricultural Meeting.
Tho clti0118 of Vinton County. Ohio, nro re
mientaul to moot nt the Court House, on Sntnr
lnv, July l'i. 1K78, nt S o'clork r. M , for tho
purpose of KlectiiiK ollli'ein for the Vinton
County Agricultural Sorlety to serve for tho
J. S. HUGH, Sec'y.
Dottle and Profitable Proper
ty for Sale.
At Znlenkl, Vinton county, Ohio, on th M
niella Cincinnati rnilroml, with Mill Ynnl
at onions nml with nil the necessary ninclii
rry fur Ci'htom anil Mkki mant Woiik. Al,
Civo acres of bind, adjoining the Mill Ynnl,
noon which i n kooiI Dwelling llniiso, con
tnlnlntf 7 ltomiH,a Well, Cistern, Wnli-hotie,
Btnhle nml oilier conveniences, will) (inij:i
am all kimln of Fruit, Alsc,
Now located H mile from Hne Furnace Stn
tion, Smile from ZiilcskLiind cutting- from 4,
000 to5,U(XiJlt.ori.iiiiitMrilllv,nniUKct for loirs
HiiaicieiittoiiiakeilliO.OOU feet of lumber; two
two-horse Tenuis. Hnruoiw nnd Wagons com
plete, connected with the Mill. Also,
1G0 Ackks ok Land,
Situated in Washington county, lowft, miles
from a railroad, with Dwelling House, nml
all -iiit buildings; IK) acres of which an im
proved; limefttniin null, near to tiinher; Mjvery
desirable property. Ami iilun, OTHKH l'KH
Tha Flouring Mill nml Snw Mill nre in good
running order, nnd doing a very prolltable
All of said property -will He sold nt low pri
ces, together or Hcpiimte, the whole or one
half iuterest in the unlit Portable Snw Mill.
TERMS: one-thirdcash, and the remainder in
payments tn suit the purchaser.
Tills is n rare chance for one or two enorget
ic. men to make money. Hiitisfui'tory reasons
given for wanting tosoll. i'.SHADKS,
Julyfcl.ltfti-lf Zuleski, O.
Zachnriali Jewell's, plninti tt,
against !
John Cochran, deft. )
Before K. 8. Uanihill, J. 1'., or Jackson
Township, Vinton county, Ohio.
On the 4tti duv of June. A. I). 1HTL sltlrl Jus-
tlce issued an order ot attachment in the
above action for the sum of (107. nnd th
said cause Is set for henring on tlioOntlulay of
IUiy, A. 1'. 10 Li, HI l O CIOCK, P, M.
JuueSO iwa-3w. . I'lttiutirr.
Lewis C. Day's Assignment.
The undersigned. Assignee for the benelit
ot creuiu r i, Lewis t . uuv, nt lvljy gives . no
tice that lie will make application to t lie Pro
bate Court of Viiilon County, Ohio, on the &l
day of August, ltll, for an ordcrof mid I oui t,
to sen in lie niguesi uiiuter, me claims, ilcOU,
and demands of said Assignor deemed cWs
perata. A schedule nf such debts and demnmls are
now on nle in tho oiuce or said Court.
Cuahlm K. llovxr,
July S, 1873-W5. Assignee,
v. a U. blvmlOM.
Cincinnati... 8:30a. in.
3:10 p. in.
8:18 a.in
10:40 "
S:15p. m.
4:10 p. m.
4:20 p. m.
11:10 "
l"ihuleli?lu. lU:Hii
II; VI a. Ill
1:U0 pin
Mew York.. 8:U5 "
N.York .. :80a. m.
l"ilndclp'ia. 13:40 n. in.
rlttsburir... 1:35a. in.
- 5:00pm
0:00 am
4:00 p m
8:30 "
fi:00 p. in.
.1 u
:iu "
U:t0 "
The Home
Of Columbus,
Irf ono of the best managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
Rates as low as any No.
responsible company.
Losses " promptly adjusted
without litigation.
II. C.JONES, Agent.
Legal Notices.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Wntlc Is herehv irl veil that. Aaron Martin
as guardian or Adeline and Nora It. Carter,
minors, has (lied Ids accounts herein with
kHld wards rnr partial settlement; nnd that the
same will he for hearing on th Stub, day ot
July, A. D. lineal 11 oviock ,4V(1
July 9, Itf3-n25-4l.
I'rolaiU' Judye.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Niilicals'hcivh? elfen. thntTlioinns "Weav
er, idiurdinu of Margaret. A. Hansford, minor,
lias tiled ids account with said wnriT. lor par
tiid settlement, and that the sniuo Is set for
he.'ivintf on the '.titli nay oi.iniy, a. i. iou,
July 9, 18T)-nS-4t. Probate .lude,
William ttiuitfliuian, plaintiff, )
v. I
Hi.f.M.. .l.,hi. 'IV iclnfk .1. I' til" MiLtlUoh Til..
t I.. A .......1 J ll.
U IIIV IUIII uiU M if II lit:, i, uih, nnmM"-
tire .mhiumI Ail order ol nttttchment In th
i l.. lutl. .1..,, ,.' 1 Ik Ll J it a
HUUt V ui uvn iui hin: mini n f
h set for hern ial: Julv Jrtllh, 173, a o'clock
. .. ti'n i 1 t tf n i lL : la ftsf V
pnsaU will lt viWtivotl tit the Auditor's Ollfce,
III iHCAI llllir, llll'Ul 1'UUIIlf MIIU, UI1MI fcUI Vl'
Mumhuj, July 2Hth, 1873,
For the building of
One CovtKico Hkiimik wtm Stone
Across Ml. Idle Kotl or Sail Creek, in llarrl
aon Township, near th csidnuce of Jonalkan
Plans and Si'.'ificatiohs
are on file for lusnec-lion at the Auditor's Of
lice. And tho county Coiiiiiiistiuuei'4 do
nereiiy invite
rnopo.sAi.9 on Any Otuku Plan
Thau those on (lie at Cm Auditors Ofllcu, at
the option of bidders, will be considered, hut
proposals on other plMs are required to he
accompanied with plans ami specluVatlonr
si miiu; loriu inu uiiiuiMir ol spans, the Iriietl
ot iMcii.wiiu 11 at u iu, ipinlitv and sis of the
materials to be used Iti the erection of the
i-aiiie, tneatreiiKtiiurtne structure when com.
plctcd.thn separate cost of the bnse and super
slriictlire anil iilin U'lii tliiM' thure inn, out
ent rluiit on the piouosed pl iu.andlf so ou
what pan; If not on the whole. All proposals
mint lie accompanied with a bond, with at
least two Kod securities, iu double the
H, noun t ol such III. 1.
'.'he Coiinuissioncis, however, reserve the
lIKlin" reject any or an uuis,
11 V order ot the Commissioners,
V. W. UKI.r'OBD,
Auditor Vinton t'unnty.
In nursiiuiii. of th order of the Prubatu
Court of Vinton C'ouuly, Ohio, 1 will offer for
sale, at public m.vtlon, on IheBiuday of July.
A. 1).. Ik, '3. at o,vj o'clock, p. in., upon tin
premises the folio H'lng iluscrilied teal estate,
situated In Vinton iliiiity. Ohio, Ui-wlt:
The Mouth-east iua.le'' (9. JO. )') of Hectiou
No. ten (10) of hange? . -No. niuutoeu (IU)
Township Mo. nine (U) Kxcepting M IOOol
uii Hern uuiiii me nouin .vvcsbeuiiicr tuonioi-
said tract containing pu) ucr , more or loss.
Appraised at t:!,;in.uu. '
Terms of Bale One-tlilrd sb Iu hand, one
thlnl in one ynr, mid oue-thlnl Jn two years,
from day of sale, the deferred payment
uraw iuterest and be secui'rea 07 luurigagt
011 jreililNos sold.
Administrator of tho Estate of If, C, Moore,
i. M. ML'iiii.i.rav, Att'y
June 11, 1W8-W4.
ItnAll'rnirit .lititalNl itflA. I
TOTICK Is hereby Kren that the following
. ibi i-n ,invv uvuu luaue iiv me j.ru.Hro. ui
the townships iiaiiini helow tor road purposes
r.ii. Dim turjt " "
- ' ' " J ' .w.u, wv nil a
Tho above Rond Tn xes tnav lia ilhlcharired
by labor on the Public Ronds under tlnsdlrec
tlon of the HiiiMirvltors of the several Bold
Districts within the time prescribed bv Jaw.
W . W. HKI.I'UltO,
Juuo!,18T.-8w. Auditor Vinton CO.
"TTT keep iwnstuntly on ham at this of
VY nceaetipply of KNVKIiOPKH, upon
which cant or aay nscrlpllon will be
printed to low that all aay afford to bare
card on tit Envelop! need by theru.
' WM"1"
New Music .1 1 .
J, L Petera. 699 Broadway. N Y.,
Aud mulled, pust-pnhl, on receipt ol jiiuiksd
Above and Below, ftucreil Honrf .oy
Buck to the Old Home. Song tUo-
rus HttUlt. ou
Beautiful Form of my Oreaius . Utewart. J
UBillnif, Weep uo more. Bong and Clio-
rut ..Hay. ao
Ho not Weep so, SUter darliui.
rionu Blewars. 80
Don't forget to W'liw uie. Song aud Ue-
rus.. tux. m
fold we our hj J- M
"tfe U,eU,y feunbe?'l
!f you f I, would yon? a..8l.atuck. ft
Llss in.. 4' I''1! w
.Ittle Jiud N. Soui aud Cru.
tittle Song and C'hotut . . . '
Lord, forever at Thy Blue "
fieet ma, Bessio, In the Dell . . Stewart.
Meet me. Dearest, with Kiss . ..Orvks. SO
Mybov across the Sea bays. 39
Oh ! Oive me a Homo iu the South . . Hays. 40
Oh, Sam! Sou it and Chorus Hays. 40
Only for You I Ballad Delioux. 35
Our Little l'et. Hong nnd Chorus .Hays. 40
Pnua, stay Home, leiujwrauee ooug.
Hays. 40
Save one Bright Crown forme. ... Hays. 40
V pray you oing inai sous. vim.
Wilt tliou Weep wlien I am low
Walker. IU
POLKA:l.-Suubeaia, b KinkdW 3 M t
JitTl I . W. n.n .i. - - . '
it'lowers, lysinuu Silts.- , ,
M VfMHt A1.-iwnkeu uf h lllni. 00
ils.i H.ipp.- XiionKlit. Vjr walsef HO tt.i
Luus-lilnif vo. k- lViUo,0,Jctsi;nlbaiu,
tiol.ui .-i-lniilio'J and iUdIe'by Lii
kel.eu h i ts. . . , ,
DO vu'; May -Morning, by BchuiiUt 3dct.; Bun
bcnni, hy liBinpl,cis.id Wlllie'eby Kiu
wltnik.H.-Belle of Sarntoua. by Uauin-
tach, 40cls.; Mollle's by Klukel, SJcts.
WALTiitS.-C'larita, Oeorpie's, l-ott'e'l,
Sallic's aud Maggie's, bv Kiukil, each U oU.i
Drops of Dew, by Aliaru, so cis ; ousuram, uj
Mue U5 cts
tol'K 11ANU8. Auiaryllu, SO ct; Jooes
Polku, ft.! Love's Chase Gallop, Do uty,
Pnnse ( Woiuau Polkft ilaanrka-all by
HALo.W PIKCd.-Uane of the llnynia
kers, Wileou, Tfteis.i Lofsy Caieeaes. blo
kel . 40CM.: Mar BIosmibM. Kinks. W cts,;
i'luiuts 4t i leiis, Touel,je cts., Wki.periug-
Breezei, llsou, 60 cts.
Any of Ike above mallei pot-paid, uu re
, . eeiptorprite.
Address, ,
jtw. J. L. PETKUS, Mt BiwuSiray, N. Y.
Vol. VII.
The People's Magazine.
SJII'd ly Jifirard S. Hale.
Thu euliirged resouiees placed iu the bauds
of the old a no nsw by tha public and by the
proprietors, enable thuin to announce a vol
ume of wider iuterest than they have ever
Mrs. UrecutiiiKU' story, "Pytuonla," and
Mr. Hale's story, "Ups and Howun." will he
continued and completed iu this volume
A scries of short artHe by Miss Meredith,
Mrs. Mtowe, Mrs. IVhltni'V, Miss Hale, air,
Poikitis, Mr. . lxriug and others, bai been en
glided. ""'
Vis. Martlneau'e Series will be continued
Iu paoemou '"i'lie C)iurcu and its Inclusive
Claiuis," "UoJ iu Iluiuaulty," Ac.
Tho series of .lrticleson Political Science,
by gentlemen of recoKniied ability, will com
pri.ie papers 011 "Kaili-oads. rtervauta or Mat
ters!"' ' The Ballot in Kuglnml," "l.aml,"
"l lie Law of Maratime Jurisdictiou." "The
Indian Ouestion," "Tho SulTraire of Women."
'Kuiinl Tavatiou, i'aritrs and Piotectlun."
"What the New Ailiiiiuistratiou must do,"
"Labor und Wage tjuestlon."
The siibiect of critical interest lu
will be llltitrted by different gentlemen ein
luent lu their lines ot research. We shall
s. Kin have the pleniure of printing; papers,
aiming other, by Pmf. I.eslev. Mr. llall, ir.
Kello, Hi. th-av ami Prrsidentilill..
The V.xaiiiiuer is not ccuUni d in the review of
the publications e4' a few houses, but attempts
to itlve some aeceunt of ta more liniMirtaut
issues Ironi the rVm h, lvinail and Kugllsh
press, as Veil as eur own'.
Tho I'baortl of rocres tlesuritio the sub
tantiateVlvauou which Um world kas made,
Is whatever dii-eetion, or in whatever reeion,
with special reference U iiuproTeinunU iu
domestie lire which may bo attempted iu
Auiuiica. '
. Thu uiaoa.iue will be under the editorial
charge of Ldwnrd K, ILale. who will have Wi
der assistance thau heretofore lu the tuauagu
111 e 11 1 of its Journal Department.
Tito beautiful Chromolltti "Cniittdeiiee," by
Ilaiumult llilllnrs. is presented to every Re
newal and Now Subscriber to "Old and New"
for 1B73 nt HOO, or at 4M tho Croiuolith will
be furnished handsomely mounted, ready for
framing. Bias 10x14.
Bnlnci litlons recieved by all book and
newsdealers at publishers rate.
KotiKitT S. lliioTHEHu, Publishers,
.No. 14t Wenhiagton St., Boston.
ITU He cleonr tteudaaiti, Isw
SBllllS. ilan...a m 1 I .
uuaiiuu, less r BUUtu, euerstia
tarrbew, loae of rower, sHam luatl,
ieae ut ucmary, siii.I (breaiasual tsia
peteuee, and Imbecility, find a severe
' in lllaiPMltKVk tlOMK
dp Uit eysUui. amste the dlsohanree, anil iuh
sirU viaur aud easiyy, IJb and vluahty to the
entire mso, TheybavoauiesjUieuMnslsoroaaii.
.' FT ulttve oorne in4 a large u
TlsL wluck ia very linpunaa lu uIhumi or old
ossss, or I per auarltlwx. feuld by ALL iJru.
rtsts,audiwtbynailonrwieUtuf uiwe. Addrose
ByMPHREra' BOMnopZfHKf joimcinI
0., 00 iiaoAiiWsT, N. Y. tfoud bsrJuUr.
. .7 r - - - - w
Young Men.
Just l'ubilshedin a Sealed Envel
ope, Price Six Cents.
A lecture on the Nature, Treatment aud
Radical cure of Spermatorrhoea or Seiulnal
YVciikiiess, luroluulary Kinlsslons, Soauat 1
Debility, ami impediment to marriage gut
orallv; Nervousiioss, Cnnsumptlou, Kpllepsy
and Fits; Mental aud Physical Inenpltcitv, re- .
suiting from svlf-uliiise, etc. by KoUKllf 1.
CC1. KltWKLL, M. U.. autlior of the "tiieuu
Book." Ac.
The world -renowned author, lu this admira
ble lecture, clearly prove from his own ex
perience thai the awful consequences of sclir
abuse may ho eliutltiully removed without '
medicines, ami without daiiReroiiH surgical
oiiernlions, IhiiirIch, Instriiineuts, rings or cor
dlnls, pointiuir out a mode of euro at once cer- '
tain nnd eUectual. by which evuty uuerer,
no matter wliut Ills condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply, privately and radically
This lecture will prove ft boon to thousand!
aud thoiisanils.
Sent, under seal, lo any addrrsi, In a plain,
leiled envelope, on the receipt of six cent, or
two postage stumps, Also, lir. ( iilvet woll
"MarrinKU Outde," price CO rent. Address
the publishers.
I'I Bowery, New Hoik, P. O. Hox 4,m.
t"U VHIaiFaa V.l..trl f I
Mliu'it, In Jirown lownMhlf. will frum ul
mtWW llllBTJIelM 1IV 1UUWU Al
Press and Strainer.
ANTED. Airnnts and I'edillen for our
PK K4S A N I) Ml' K A IN Llt-iil esses ami
trains Jams, Jellies, herbs, vegetnbles, lard'
nupr, iiiviilu. ou, vrflr n,wu slll III
a few localltlea. Hells nuiuk. Kvei y family
wants It. Sowing Mnchliiu and other rtli.
llihed aaente are ItniMne thle verr iirofltahln. '
Clreulais free. LITTLBrLKLU lu DAMK,
109 Washington St., Boston, Nae. eawltr-Sw

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