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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 02, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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; There is iv spirit in.jiuiii, unil
tho iii iUii atioa of the Almighty
civcth them understandm- -
Instinctive life and sentient
soul belong to nature, but ra
tional spirit crowns nature, and
of .right takes dominion over it
As the season for Methodist
camp-meetings is near at hand,
nrcnarations are ' bemu maae
for these popular gatherings in
various parts ot the country.
To listen to enemies as well
. as friends is a rule which not
only increases sense in common
life, but it is highly favorable' to
the increase of religious' candor.
Sydney mitii., , r
To the true rpionner no in
stitution is sacred, no belief
above criticism. Everything
shall conform itself equity , and
reason;, nothing shall l)o, snved
by its prestige. Heiuikut Srax-
CER. .
Never do we do more, and in
a holier way, than when we
know not how much - we do.
Nev?r do we do worse, than
when we know what and . how
much wo do, for it is impossible
that we should not be pleased
with ourselves.
A -movement to institute a
relief fund for the benefit of the
widow and children of Captain
Hall, t he Artie explorer, was
started at Cincinnati last week.
Mr. Miles Greenwood was ap
pointed chairman of a committee
for the purpose of receiving
Mirth is God's medicine.
Every one ought to bathe on it.
Grim care, moroseness, anxiety,
all this rust of life ought to be
scoured off by the oil of mirth.
It is better- than emery. A
man without mirth is like a
wagon without springs, in
which one is caused disagreea
bly to jolt by every pebble over
which it runs.
Those most learned in cere
monies, and most precise in ob
servance of them, are not al
ways best behaved; as those
deepest read in creeds and
scriptures are not therefore
the most religious ; nor. those
who have the clearest notions
of legality and illegality, the
most honest. Herbert open
It is not proper to under-
stand th e Intelligible with ve
hemence, but if vou incline
your mind, you will apprehend
it; not too earnestly, but bnng
g a pure and inquiring eye.
Things divine are not attaina
ble by mortals who understand
sensual : things; but only the
light-armed arrive at the sum
mit. Zoroater.
Man can monopolize and in
terpret facts, while the animal
can only uulgo accordins: to
facts, By the insight of reason
which no animal can exercise,
man attains. in many iacts the
principle which was before the
fact, and which, wholly uumade
itself, controlled and guided the
maker of the fact in all its con
struction; II ICICOK.
Either very few death-beds
are Christian ones, or else tri
umph is a very different thing
from what the word generally
implies. Solemn, subdued, full
of awe and solemnity is the
dying hour generally of the ho
liest men ; sometimes almost
darkness. Rapture is a rare
thing, except in books and
scenes. Robertson.
When you shall say, "As
others do, so will I : I renounce,
tun sorry for it, my early vis
ions; I must eat the good of
laud, and let learning and ro
mantic expectations go until a
more convenient season ;" then
dies tlio man in you ; then once
more perjsh the buds of art and
poetry, and science, as they
have died already in a tlious
and thousand men. Emerson.
' Tho Bank of England covers
five acres of ground, and em
tdoves nine hundred clerks.
Thcro are no windows on the
street , Light ja , admitted
through open courts; no mob
could , take tho bank, therefore,
without cannon ' to latter tho
immeuse walls. Tho clock in
tho center of tho bank has My
dials . attached to it. Largo
cisterns are sunk in tho court,
and engines, in perfect order,
are always in readiness in ciuo
of fire. This bank was incor
porated in 1 GO 1. " Capital,. ?90
000,000. I
The Pope Prays.
The Pope, in a speech yes
terday declared h had ever
prayed for France, but he would
now pray with, greater confi
dence, tor the election of Mac
MahouVto the head of that
country was a guarantee of or
der and justice to civilization,
which was menaced on all sides,
.' ?. i V
Tho above telegram comes to
us from Rome. We are glad
that Mao Mahon's election awa
kens in the pld maiv acRomej
such a devotional spirit. Pray
ei is good tor mm. "lint one
swallow doesu t make a sum
mer." 'The Republic isn't dead
because the mere circumstance
put it in the power of the mon-
arclnsts to make Mac luaiion
Preside Thp ;poople Jielie.ye
in Thiers, Gambtta JDemocra
cy. At any rate, ir one will ac
cept the verdict of history, it, is
quite evident unit tfqtl lias nev
er had much palate for-th
pravcrs, q Pophaa. ne.vfi'
V6ry propitious auaieuce. And
f r
so they themselve have be
licved, 'of else thev wodld liai-d
ly have taken matters in their
own hands and gone o work,
by jiiikand . diuigepn; jipd . ax
and fire, to persuade men. Per
haps no sadder, calaipjty, .991114
befall Mao Mahon just now
than -to bo prayed ; for by ,,Pope
Puis. Some men s objurgations
are infinitely better than" their"
supplications. ,! ," "' " ' :
Beauty Sleep.
. ,
Sleep obtained two hours before
midnight, when tlio ifegutivc? f6recs
are oli oppiatiQii.. is Jhc, irest which
most recuperates the system, giving
brightness tct tho eye. and a glow o
tho cheek. Tho differaneo in the
appearance of a person Who habi
tually retires at ten o'clock and that
of one who sits up unlj , twelve "Js
quite 'remarkable, Tho tone of the
system, so evident in the complex
ion, the clearness and sparkle of tlm
eye, and tlio softness of the lines of
the features, is, in a person of
health, Icept at "cbnecrtpitchlj'
taking, regular'' rest, two lours l)c
fore twelve o'clock; and thereby ob
taining the "beauty sleep" of-tha
night f There Is. a heaviness of the
eve,,' 4 ?Uownes8 of ttheJ skin J ad
nn abseiipa of thatlowjiiijtli(j face
which renders it fresh in expres
sion and round in appearance that
reaciuj' uisltnguisnes tqc person
who keeps late- hours. v J -
"Hon, is your sister' at home?"
"Yes; but . shor vj.m secyon to
nitfTit! I Why?"a ?Bee6use Islia
said she was going ..to have ouq
more plate ot. onions U. sne never
.Dowaro of Counterfeits 1 '
An nfntivU OpCTtrrrrilH, VUwilDmfUl
,'"t'a'nr '!- lo mU,. mealer ryiu.
porii7. ah omm are (tmIAw imilaliime -'Hl
UliNI.ni Pillir..nf,llt thsOTMoUn hJ
.iti.tMti Is ahci 1'Im ml-iJ
iii oaiii ii,r,k,B ot th sew vtii wuwd
y u.ll. ini Um.nnUon. or tfuwsm. ,Jiii cum ol
i 11.. Hrt. ii,,ri uyibui ;;iit"u
ciirowhon ll othiw mauii li..e fil,l, ind ulthaiub
W powerful. conUji Bothiiig iuirtlul ta Um mmi
xory pownrfol, cotiUi luiUluic Ll
I ho sill I'lll am sold t mmt Arag itnrcs, bnt
t .sir ilnu-,.k cnncit niiplf Ui uknuikk, do not
Im ivirantiloil In tocapt nj connu.rti.it ur txsnu
tKh, hut Mni On DulUr to thu sol. Bmorlol.Srjoh
... . ..cm, is -uii(lt HlrMt, N.w York, wrth n.m.
of uiprnu oBIm obi.li ,.m m e,u th mil.
fa. id boli40et U OKNIimil Pilfi iKJSnd
wfoly pukd la pUm wrpp. will b. mm bj retun
JtllTA' IriMiiT1l vviwna
l?""' ""'T' "T"". rtROKCMlriV Nom
rillinAT. llOAttUMktrua I iui..in. li....,..n
is hi . i "J""""1."". "7 "nno will Uk.
nf o.csi., ilk lor RTA H'Hl'l)l.lt)K 111 W A i L
Uir.Htinrll.ndt HtrMt, York. IruV"
ItliXA'MlIIIK'N HPF.rtFTCf I'ltl.k.
I'TOiorod br J . OAHANdlHItr, ,
No. alt Una Ixmibarrf. I'.il.
h-'nF mo.nun.iHod birth, antlr
M..dll tulir.. Kranoo u Mm trf brat rcmndr
In ill oiumi ot rlH.rnhrrhOM, or Hi-mlnnl Wo.kn.mi
Woitk hplno: l.poll In th. llrin.: Korrou. Int.
bllltf, nd all th. Khull. 1rM0 of IIm...m .n.ln
(mm Alin.oncl Hocrot lUblU. Thrr ri.i-Kholi til
oth.r romadKi. fll, .nd h lon asnl iii.ll 4i.
ln .11. Ton. jr th loitdlnir Kr.noi
isMini rranoli I'liytM.n. ilnn'
1'unphlot of Advlc In tvll box.
io put 11 jnnrt. runpniMnt Advlo. In
or will In imnt Kro to tuf ddria. I'rlito
rant by mall, twwr'ftf uU.I i
nil tymtr
tklo iiouen
mi inns, for distribution among tnofit.UU
nuiocrinun 01 iiiu
iit A.ix.xx,.a7-rcl if.
Th iiumbnr ol premlMiii ira lwy lu
elriiNcA wlim Km hninlHituf nuiiie. oxccJil lii(
number calculated upon,
Wo now offer th following! I I',,1! '
1 ( null I'ifinliini ur......,.;.,1... . .. d,l?'
SUChhIi I'rcnihiiinof $1(10 each U.liU
IH) Hlem-wludiiiK WHtrlim, NI each 4,M)
KHI ( ash I'remlmui or I'itl each I U.utK)
tun " of tin cadi K.ooo
1U) " " Kfii acll.,.',,,.. 1 WW
orMeHdi i mm
Hill Miclllil.iNiu. I'rem'n, M to 11(1 diicl 7.SH0
MnkliiKU Total of TWO THOIIhA NO1 I'rt
mlimis. worth TWKNl'V TllOUiND
HOM.AHH. - . . . .
Kvery mibiicrllior who remits fJ.(K) for a
year'n mihscrliitton will liavo Ids name. t-crU-ioieil.
imil will lie ruriiitlied hv raium wail a
receipt, ic'vlntf tiioiliiUi And number to wlilcli
his iiniuu Is ii'kIsIcitiI, said number Is-lin
it'priiscutud hvaduiillcsla In lliedlntrlbiitioii.
Avenls seuillnll 10 name mid 11.00 at omi
lino in. iilve a ( in paper on yosr anil have
their names reuistercd at imrtlclpanU lor
premium. . . .
ripecmiens oi ciin"i i-iw,.n. . i
I'niiiplilKt soil HiihaorlplioH llliuik aeilt troo
to persons
ClucluuaU. Cllilo,
"Is 5'. ' " U .'
Tlio ninny ovMoiicoh of extrnonllnary cures
Sarsaparillian Ee sol vent.
Ilcaily ltellof anil I'erdic.t l'urgiitive Tills. In
writtun tuHtiniuiiiiilo fmm all parts uf the
worlil. 8iiriii3 in womlcr tlio inot Bxtiavagnnt
niiraclcs uf ciH'lKiiihacnt. l'liysiiiaim mill
niciliea) raun in nil countrie.i pronounce these
womloifii! remvilici u mystery, that neitlior
theiinuii)ureif aiialysinor clu'Jakal skill ran
explain. .Truo, these medicines effect the
most marvelous cures, and restore the dyiiiK to
life, and relievo tlio must wretched pum-suf-ferlnir
victim of Ills tortures, in from one to
twenty luiiiiiteis, and uUIioiikIi they know xoine
01 loo uiieuieiHsui iiiiMr rtiin)iin(iin, uimi . i.
livlwiiy lias .published their (oruiuln (with
liiil(lhi(,'Oiily twA newly discovered roots), still
holli t'viH'li,icruian, ug'.ish ainlAnierii an
I'heiiiisLs mid oliai-inii(etiti.sls titlerlv fail ivitli
tliu same iiiKieilients us prepared liy thcni.'J'hc
great success, which these wonderful remedies
1HV ciMiHiaiiiiv acuieviM, ties lit uie fcii-iusu-erel
of coiuhiiiin the ingredient locllicr,
nfterextMTisiiiKilue cure in selee tins the iure
ttiidgenuiuerijoU. i .
, T 1 ; ' 1 ; '
Such wonders of Modern t'liemistry as the
S.UES.U'AItlM.IAN lti;s(ll.Vi:.T, lti:.,l)V
KKI.IKK& HAKWAVrtlMl.l.s. aiu wiilmut
imrallel lit llio Uistory of Sledii ine, for there
ait- some iiilli inilies and diseases that are t:on-
tidcru I us ini'iiivthlc. um surt dcatli. Vel tue
most astouniliiiK cures have liccn ma lc tiuii'
tneso remeilicsorsoiiieiiisenses timtimve nov
er been knou u to lie cured bv medicine.
fiMsl'Ml'TlOX, SL'liOrl'I.A, WHITE
SWKriLlNti, Tumors in tlio Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries. Uowels, J'.riu'lil's Disease of tlio Kid-
ueys that luive been pronounced incurable,
l ancers. IMiers. Swellinirs. Stone in the lllud-
der, Calculous (.'oiieretions, Ulcers and Sores uf
tire Woiips.-Klckets'so rlcpplvneatcrtthflt lift
oilier medicines have been known to reach.
havhuuinMireil bv tho S A US A I' A Itl M.l AN
ltKstiLV KX'V, ai.ledliy the UKADV UKUlKK
aim i iLi.t, f 1 1
l'ulsy, rnralysis, llry (ianirene that tlnent
ffls nlrvlliff death dailv roitinir awav of tlie
ttnibs ami Ilosli Diahctcs, Iiiviiluntai'y
onargo or water, rimgi in me liuinacr uao
Riuperor Nitpol(Hirs.iliscase), 'tVirtui'lnif pituif
wueu (lisi'oitnriau. viirmov ejiijiAlioM,
(iOUT. NJ'-B liA lUi IA cuw li iiuiU'vt'irr 01 of
cismiilnfntariii'iU'H but ri fetv-'ot Ymt
many uiuoraiseitses, Kuuwav'ssui'saiiarillian
Itesolvent lias cured and isilaily curinginull
parts of tlie world.
1110110 worn, any lisense no matter under
T hut (irtine yoHi'rnated, that is iieurMicd o(
mil uiiBi-n uuii, iiiiiure. ucinaveii, weiiK,
tliin, watmr or puisonwl blood eau been reii
SOl.VJi.NT, .- , . .
Dr. feiidway Co, have licvnr cln fined mn
hundi'uth piiilof tho cm atlvoTli'tucsroi their
reniediosiis IsaseriUe'd to thcinbylhe peuple
wholitivo used ttium ; for buar in mind, only
such diseases and eoinnliiinlsas I)c. Kailwnv.
after successful treatment with their rtMiiedies
kticw4huy would cine, were ciiunieralcd in
their,e illative list, so that many of the extraor
dinary cases feluU have been renoi led Hwaken
eilnl much nstonishmeiiO In tlio ilircovcrv of
mew reineiimi airenw us in tiioso w
ho had been
rescued fivni
death, iiiul inndi' wliule
v... y
AsinaUi'lieisons discredited their etranr
dinary power, from the fact of their disap
pointment iu tlie use ot other advert isedremc-
itluti and some believed it impossible; for
simplu iimiliciuei mude mdy from vegetable
suiiHiuuees roots, ncrus, e. siioum possess
such marvelous pow er. 1 ot thoy can lcJutily
comiirehi.'iid that the siinplu irnisses of the
Held. iifti'i'iinilorKuinK tho chemical puc uf
uisiiiiauoniiesii;neii or nnuire in cini cfiwttuil
cliurn, rurnlslies ua with hutter ci-iln ml v the
most iilmndant fat, euldi io 6r licat-m:ikin
bone, tissue, mtiscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents toe tne iiuiiiuu ootiy.
Hut when thosfl peojilo wmTflrst doubt the
cllicacy of these remedies commence their use,
they become their most e:i most udvoi ates.
. ... .: ryrc?3L&. , ,.:
, TAI'K, 1'IN, & WOUJIS 0K,1j.Ij KINDS..
Never has a medicine taken Internally, been
known to have r tired Tumors, either Of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovuries or Ilowcls; the knilg
uns oeen tne soie reliance in tuc mums or ex
perienced stirtrcous; but Dr. Kadwav's Sar
saparillian settles tliis.ittestion. II ha. cured
ovor twenty persons of Ovarian ( ysls aiuj
I'limoiH, ns well us Tinnoi in the Kowels,
i icrus, oiiP, j.iver, ninpsiciu , l.itusion,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretion
Xuittou.of is JTewti' CirowlU.Xurad by
Itadwny'a Itesolvent.
' " 1 ' UliVBIir.Y, MA93.,''.Tllvl.tH01.
1'K. UDVit I hav liad Ovarittb Tumor
lu the ovavios iana bowels. All 4hu 'dooUnt
said there was no help for it. I tried e.vcry-
uiinfr unit was recommended, nut notlunii
hplxl me. 1 saw your Resolvent and thounlit
I would try it, Imt'lind no faith in it. because
I miu siiiieifiifis-j Jfeaia. d Jloouwi
of tho Kclofvotig tuc bos f liaihfa
and used two butt is. iif j oiirlUnily 1;
there, it not ' a -sitrii of ti tinnor tu b
felt. Hi ml I eel ifmtttr.'. Slnai b'r uml 'liamaV.
lliani iblisve foa It yuan.. '1'be AwrUtuntor
was in tlie left side of the bowels, over tlie
rcolm-1 write (bis to you for the benellt ot
others. You cnu publish it If you choose.
rum a lironiinont irentleninu and resident of
t 'inclnnati. Ohio, for the past forty years well
known lo the newspaper publishers' through
out tlio United States:
Ml. Uiliwi yJlDtaf' Siii I am iiiilitled bv il
sense ofm hit loA i siillerinir to kinks il hi
.4... ,!..' mil 1 till ui.
If sun
slafeincnt of the workiux of votir medicine on
inystdf. ror several yeitrs I have been iiHltet-
ysciii. ror several years i nave tiecn iiiniet
I with siiuic troulile In the bladder and urin-
Iry ui'Kant, tvbiel) some nioiiilis lii;o cnlpila.'V
'd iu H molit terribly lilllietiiiu-Lsliti. vlili b
Win physriatm allaid was simsirtolic triit-f
tore in tlio tirctna, as also iullaiiiation of tlie
kidneys anil hlaikkT, and gin e it a tlielr
opinion that my iiki years would prevent
my over vott)iijt tmlicullv.iiiid... had tried
a numbc f of plivsiciiius, ind badtuken u Iiii ko
'inutility o( invilioiiia, liotli aiioiatliie ami ho
inaiipalhlc, but pit' no relief. 1 had read of
asloni'diiiii cures liiiviiiL' bcen,tuude liv lour
remedies; ami smlie fii mouths luuad a
iioiice iu ine j'liiiuiieipuiu iMiiuriiay r.venin
l'ost of a euro having been effected on a per
son who had loiiKlieeiiMlireriiigusI IimI Ikcii.
i went riant on aim Kot some oi earn your
(tMtsiailllian Itesolvent, licady ldlirf. aiiuV
Ri'irtiittt ifr ,1'ilU-aml comuieiued, fakiiifr
thoui. littlir. ilays I, wa.igtcBtfli liyttfco!,
ami now (tIL'Lioi e 1 as OS ori ! it ! "
I a! I fc'iv- j-v'H iii'ieti..?
rrj!,.n,,ii J, fill ,.,... iit i j..i.i,i .
sisls everywhere, and at Dr. Railway's, JCo.Si
Warren, wr, Church St., N. V. ,
B.ViH;: - ZR,.
Cures the wornt l'nins in from 1 toaOiiiiuiitwl
ilTyNOT ONE HOC It lifter lviuliiiK thin
Qm ui'tliuiuu'iit jiuudimy ojio miII'it with lmfn.
. flijAVA m.'JiJUJ) iu'MJil'iKJr'
Is ii euro for every pain. It tvns the Unit mill
islliuonly I'n I u liuincily thitt Innlnnily tos
the iiioatexcriiciutinir puliiK, nlluvs inllitiniiin
tionsi itml cures coiiKexllonH, tvlictlicr of Ihf
I.uiiKS, Sloinnch, llon t'ls or oilier vlaiulu nnd
oririniH, hy ono ittipliciilion, iu froin one to
lHCtll;IIIIIUll0.1.. .0,llllltlCf now UlllCIlt 0(1
ctcniciuliiiK Ilio ui!n, tlin Illuiiiiiintic, Ifi'il-T
rlililcil, lnlrm, rlpiileil, Nervous, eurultfiv
ir pvtral A,witUijiii'S(j li:i,v Kplli'rj j
Will nfTonl liiBtnnt ciihc:
Inllniiiniitllou of the KIiIiiovh. Inllniiiumtlnii of
ktliuJIUclch'r, Itifliniiiiiiljon; of iho Jiowcls,
vuhudviiiis oi x,lliitn, XIUIV llllOlll, I'llll-
cult 11 ri'ii thing. l'iiliilnlionof tlio lli'Uit.IlyH.
toricn. Crout). llllitlii'iia. Cuttu rli. InJIuoniui.
IIcikIiicIkv 'J'onlluclid, .'Mtsirnlu;! jtbtuistAi.l
tmiii, ColilH. I IiIIIk, Ague C lulls,
Tho aiipllciition of tho Heady Unllef to tlio
nan or imrts wncro tlio nn n; or i men tv cx-
JkI wlllslUwil vwtif mid miiiforU , . t
iirdiisvlii ahull 'titiitblor'AVlibir'wUt
in a lew minutes, euro ( i minis, Miiikiiih, sour
Stosinch, ifcnrUmni, Hick llciului lic, Uini--
rhien, liyscnlery, C'nlic, Wind In the Ilowcls,
and all liitoriuil l'uiiis.
Trnvclors should nlwnys carry A lint tin of
uiuiway iicui't won tiieni. a lew urons in
nJr Tnll.prcvrutisickiirss or patns Inioit
chnne Tlf water'. Itr is fietter fluifi T'tciirliTr
Hi iiiuly or Hitters n a stiiuulniit,
I' over uml A gun cured for Alt routs.
Tliero l not a renicdiiil nent in (his world
Unit w ill cure Fever nud Airue, nnd nil Hint
Jliilurlous, Jllllhius. Hctirlet, Tvihohl. Vollnw
aod other revars (nlilsil livlfsiutiv's I'lllx) ho
iptlck as Itiidwitys Itcttily Itelief. 6(1 cents lier
I'eructly tasteless, elennutlv coated, for the
ouiuul iilr dlsonlerk of tho Ktoinncli. Mvor,
ii"i"'i"i iiuion. jiii,iii,;r, ii.'1-voiin llenics,
11. ......1. II.l....... in... i.l.... v -
iiuHiinriiv, s-onstijniiion, uistiveness, intllKCHr
Hint, IHniirixiJit.l lllllniisnrss. Ilillous
fnllniiiinntiiiii of tlm Howe s. Piles iinilnll de
rauoiuonll of lio interiiitl VisciirB,wurrnnleil
to rflVrt a rWisUire euro. 1 .
I'VHKLY VEUKTABIK. (.oniulnlnir no
Mercury, Mlnernls, or ili'leU'rlousdru(fs.
ir()hsorvo the followlnir syniitoms ro.
li 1 1 1 UK from disi'itscs of thn iligi'Mtlvo oricinm:
I'oimtipiitliili, biward I'llns. Fiilliiifsif the
iiMHMiiii iiui uiuun, uii'Hiity i.r thn niomarli,
niiiini'ii, iit'ni loiirn, l
Disirust for fmnl. Full
ness or wclcht In Ilia
J'lt or the Hlomnch,
Hwlnilnlnir of tlio lleiul, Hurried and dll!lelf
Ureal lilnu. Flittlerinir lit the Hcml. ciioLlnir
qr HuffocatliDt Hrnsnl ions when inalvlnff I'os-
lure, itiiuiiKH ot Vision, Hols or Welis heforc
IhoHiKht, Kovt-r and Dull l'nln In the llcnd,
llpllideiirr In I'lmmlmtlfin. Vf.llniL.(,uu f it.n
KU in and Kyes, I'liin in Ilio Hide, Chest, Llnilm
sud Hiulilcn FIiihIics of hunt, Ilmnliiir in the
Hosli, A few iloscs uf Itmlwny's I'lllsttill
fi ve tlio system from all the nhove diHorders.
I'Hce 95 Cents per Wax,
UAIlWA Y ft CO.. at Warren nor t Iinri h HL
New Vork, '
Bioi-Uesd KsImo anil Trim. Ncml one letter
mo o to Itadwsv A Co.. No. 8'i Warren, cor.
Cliurcli HI., M. . Information worth thous
ands will b scut you.
No Person can take tlicso Bitten accnri!
li to directions, and remain Ions unwell, provide
heir bones are not destroyed by niiner.il poison or oth
nenns, and the vital organs wasted beyond tho poit;
f repair.
Pyspapstu, or Iiidlostlon. 1 Headache, VA
ti tlie Shoulders, Couglis, Tightness of tlie Chest, Dil
line, Sour Eructations of tlie Stomach, liad Tail
h the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of til
Heart, Inflammation of the I.uiiiis, Pain in die region
f the Kidneys, and a hundred oilier painful symptom!
Ire tlie offsprings nf Dyspepsia. In these complaint
it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a Letter guat
pitce of its merits than a lengthy advertisement,
l"or Fcnielj Complaints, in young or old
narried or single, at the dawn nf womanhood, or (Ii
lurn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so decided
n licence tii.lt a marked improvement il soon pcrcer.
For Iiiflnmiiintoi y nud Cbi onlc Rhcn
mntism and Gout, liilions, Remittent and Intel
iiittent Kevers, Diseases of tlis Blood, I-iver, Kidney
md Bladder, tliese Hitters have no equal. Such Di)
siscs arc caused by Vitiated Dlond, wliicli is rcuci.iII
Jroduced by derangement of the Digestive pilaus.
J'hey arc n Gentle I'mgnll vc as well at
i Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of actin,
Is a powerful ngit iu relieving Ciinsastion or Inllnnl
nation of the Liver and Visceral Orsana; and in Hdiou
For Skill Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, S.i.
khetim, ISiotchcs, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, lioili, Cai
mncles, Kine-warms. Scakl-i 1 cad. Sore Eyes, Ery
ripclas, Itch, bcurfs, i iiscoloratibnsof the Skin, Humor
ind Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature
ire literally dui up and carried nut of the system in
bort lime by the use of these, Bitters
Grateful Thousnmls proclaim Vinsoar Hit
TBRs the most wontbiiul lavigorant that ever sustaine
he sinking svsteiu.
Pruggists and Cen. Ajjts., San Francisco, Cal..
aud cor. of Washington audCharltisi Sis., fiew York
A I! O O K F O It Til E K I IXi OX l
B i tllinrt'jr cil llli! lli,vU.o,;icK
LsTTT n I 'in -U'vl'i niiU rt-vuhi lloii.t
uA WariWVWi J'lhV'jCKUNl ivnteui, iih iht
Intent (UsiTOvtiici :i prmlnelr. imj .rcveiiUurj rlljpiiii,
how to (irt-'iurve llita wimitU'X itui, jo.
'I'lilitM mi liitorcsiii s uri( 0 I ttro bilirlrcfj oinl nlxt
r.n tr. with numeroiii ciiirruvlut. RliJ coulains rnluabls
lnUrmtitvlor tlioiu i hutiruiiiurrlcd.urcqiiii'UinlatOHrv
riiht. fiUllUl-ifT lifJpV tlmtouglit toliB koptuuJurleoit i
tuilkcy, find notlaltl ctirtjU-JtiiT Hiwuttua uouie. 1 .
Itooattluf tit Apci-Jouco aol nthtfi ol n vbTiIoltft;
?hoiarfiutitioDi nerM-wido, aud iUolM beln tho prl
vato drawer of every walu ntnl fojunluthronchotinbocmtrt
filobc. It embraces tvcrrlhluft tin ihoBulijcctof tlicfiCD'
eratiy j.nm that fi vorth knotiBi.ud muck ihat, ij
not publUlicd in any other work.
Bent to nny one ffrco of poitipe) Tor Fifty Oonli,' r
' siddreuuf. ButU'UHiRr,Ko.iaN.Ki8UUiitretk
Louis, llo. (
UoticQ to tlio Afflictca and TJnfcrtunate.
Hefbro applying to th uatorUmtiaioka vho tdrertU l
EubllG pper,or uIuk T quack reniodlcl pernio Dr.
utti' work no matter what your dlioftte li, or how dejrlor
allyour conillilou.
r Dr. lliitU occuplrl A ou1U hnwt f tnent-ieTeq
jTonniiil b lrtdorc J bjr iomo oTllie moil oflalirttod modi-"
ctlprofoasnriof llifivounirv and ruioire,nd oii ho eon'
iiilUid ncrwinpHy nr hi linif.oii ilio JIsi.-u.hb maiitfoiird In
hliwurki. Olik'o mil narlrnn, No. 1'J N. KiijUtU ulracl
bciwccD llarltctund Oliwuui, ilu Louis, JJo,
Ton Tears of r jmbl
(est hns proved Dr.trook
merit than any Rimth
. propamtloaeveroflhrod
fiw - the iMiblio. It in rich I
uietncui4nai ouauue3
'i'ur, mill uneuiialeil f
tfrm niHeiiJk's oi mo i isroui.
K.m .. Lnncs. ncrl'ormlnu; tl
jnnny casen of Astlira
- nntl Eroucliltlw, that
lias beeu pronounoeJ
apoclllo for thosa con
plaints. ForPainii in th
lirensr, Nitln or llacl
tirnvel or Ultliiey ll
ease.disouscs of the Ifjrlt
nt-y Orirnns, Jauuilic
or nny Liver i omjiliUii
It liUMimi'dual. .
,t 19 also rt snncrlop 'Ionic,
ItcKtorcH tlio Appotlti
StrenR-lJiciiu tlioKyNtvui,
Bestorcs tlio WcfiU nntl DcbilKatril,
('mines tlio I'ooil llljrow
Heniovcs Dysiw psl.i nml Irntlemioi
I'reveittit Miiluriouai Jrevvs
Blvea toue to your ulcus.
Anfl the lioallH of tho Fystoi
will to I low. 'i'lioru In it pliiiin
tloit cf Iron unii H'i:,e l.ot
rnoro cfieetual tlinu nil oilier
which will romovo from yoi
cystcin tlio iuuniro nml vitiate
blood which iHUim.illt.eus;. nn
, tUtlios.tmftlitnj blld up you
hiftltU tiuj r.tren jtit'' , J t move
V Hue of it Li. Kc io!nl on u t liMmn
ii i' S!'f'"' iu nny fbrm.fvi
fiiii ". V.'lillo.SwIin. i.
if, Morf, liKici fc, oi'tvcrotttlon
uiuwu iu Jt). :s oo k'
unit yriii of I'olt
Uit)tan:llsr,i., l'r:ii
A J I toiik brukeusioivii by ili-rco
i nn ur ottiur iioiKoiiH, nru ui
cured by It, For h-, utilliM.
Syphilitic (atuiLtliurclsiinll,
nn; ciiuni to iu A iftal wll
prove il. .
Do not upo pnlnt orpowder, but r.'t a mot
permanent beauty by purllylr.y v(,ur ,!(0,
thin prepmntlon of iron nmi i'o:.o t'.on
aialccsarouKliand Houlyslttiihortuiiili.iiuxjti
illftllizos thnt mtllnw rnmiilnvinn f.t . . r
freshness unci health, nnd reinovoftuc i:evti
tiro Di'iciisc-jotH.ohk tn. I'iuiiiUvi, fi,
tiiloi.IIIolcdesit: DriiplioiiH, ll yi. i .
osy clieeksand alicitlUiy complexion i:. j;
3rook'a Cotupouad Byruo of l'ol:o Xl.).i.
asp JffJVT'rrVT.1Ht
I'usLor.insKiS!'," "cccsacsHias,"
V With Ei l.CITIC IVKKKLT ! WKI Kr.V fltnill..
V, IIA r !lUllk(ttililoUilikll,Iur
kTwo t tliM Cliromos nn ths ii fit " WIJ
AULt US 1 Wt AfiimTij" Uittllul (
, . . suicwiuit euiAilcr. .
fiibtnlbfri (anJ.SpJ AT 0CS
viid invir cnrotuoi,
tan mnk 9 butter Urna
with tlUii,n wlllrtiiiy
y; lk'ktiuri
1 1 u.x.
jgest Thing in tho 'Wegt ,
ATfilJrtOX. TOlMih'A & HAN'T A Kit tf. It.
! iituiite In tnid near Mo A,rbtmuin 1'ofcy,,
i ,1 ; tl" ft i nt Pnriton 0 Kimnit.';
'1 , ' 1
Klcvcn J Stirs' eredlt. "even per eont. Inler-
est. per cent, reduction to ..
I settlers who liniitove.
I A Kltli lMifl f rkKD IlvVjCItS I
I TilK KACTH itlK)ut,tliIs (Inuit avo-rT'Ow
iMces, Tiring 'rdit., nnd n Kehalo to HeVllotH,
of nsiirly oiia-foui'tli; a Hlch Hull nnd Hplcn-j
did t liinnlo; short and mild Winters; early
iilnTtlilur. Slid 110 ivinterlnsr of Klm-.k Mih'lltv
of llulnfitll, nml. nt at the rlfchtsoiwor.; Coul,
si one and Ht'tet on inn 11110; ctioap Itnuis on
Lumber, ('mil, Act lie lands ownwl liyKpoeit
llitoinj ifnnii'slend and rre-omptlons now
iiliiinrliitit:ullrl-cliwi llnllrond oil tlicllneof
a prent 'i'lntiugli Itoulu; lioiiicts will pay
lor Lnnd nnd liuprovuiiionts, .:
in ra the few opportdnity evkh or.
FJJBEB 10 1HB paUWO, ilirouxli tfio recent
(KHiipletlon of tlio Itonil. '
For Circulars and kcikm hI Infornintlon, ad
dress A. I!. TOtJAI IN, ,
, . i idHiintrer f und l)ni't,
' f ry " inltiniiitlioti and 'i'ickoLs njijiy to
' J.H. HI'IIN, A pent,
McArtliur, Oi
afmi'"r.-rr. nr lemnrKauio euros.
ftV? effectually curcsall Cong'
0vte snil Colds. It linn cured
1W -Jt.-.-!.
efrkx .on
rfttefi Maot.I
1. f :
1 1 ,V.
. .. . -
Prospectuses, H " v
The New York Ledger
JPOJFL 1878.
Instructive mul onterlnliilnj,' as tho Ltilytr
lias heen in tho past, wo hopo and Intend to
nuiKc it still more instructive anil entertain
UiK lu the future. Otir expci lenco is greater
than heretofore, and our ambition to liiako
the Lttiqtr the best paper of tho kind publish,
(id in the world, is undiminished.
It is the 11 ini of tlio l.ttlytr to cultivate a
taste for 1 'ciidinjr in the rising gpn.orntio.11, nnd
tit the same time, hy tint rlutrartor ol its con
tents, to eontriliiiti; eonstnmlv to tlielr inoritl
and Intellectual Ininriiveiiieiit nml irrowlh.
An 0iu tne (iitjrlit us well undurtnkc to write
down what he would have, for dinner everv
d-iy for twelve nioiitliB to'foiuo, as for us to
;i; tempt, id this time, u citlaloirtio of all the
p.;o I thin;;:! that will be spread before the
readers nf tlio .eitttr In Il'ol. Our old siib.
(criliers. will lu-nr us witness that idl tb
iinnniM'S wo liavo ever iiindo have lv(tv
heen more than IV.llUlcil. Wo never let slip
un o;iport unity lo nhinln imv rc;dl v piod nnd
ilesnralile thin;?. ,'-:.qn'iifu Ind trouble never
stitiid in ntii- vyit.v, Alul in this lespect, ns It
tins been in the past, so It will lie in the lit
tu re.
Tlio Lrtftjrr ia particularly devoted to the
latcieids and welfare of the yoiintt. A vast
nuiniior of questions about lovers' ipiariolii,
prouusilivim of liiairiagc, plans fuy house
ltcciir.(t, and the be-'t nieitiis uf lirlfrlituninir
tlie t'utiii-e nf yoiilhl'td lminlod couples, arc
anwuicit 111 us coiuuins.
Onu K' cat . mul Kidding priucliilo with us Is
to itu
uk iite the senlimeiit' of scir-ie,tiect and
ticll-reliiiiinf, and thus to .'trciiKlhcn and re'
tier inure niniily tlio ehaiaulers vltieli are Just
assuming folia, tu cuiluiij iluuugll a(l teir
tin vs.
Tlio .",'( is always full of life. Kobodv
ever couiilftlns that even a single uumUcr &
It has Cue l.ti guist nuiuhyir of (fient iiiMdis
tliiKuisheil writers,
lteoiitiiins tho piirKt, sweetest nnd most
(Uilighll'ul (.lories, sti-iklng narratives, uml
lustriiitive , bio.v rapliii al nnd historical
' It bus the most popular and carefully pit;,
pared collection of scmntillc I'auls.
Jinny of tlie most distinguished durgymeu
of tlio country write foe II,
All nttr favorite old writers will continue lo
wiito fur too .djei',- nnd wo tiro nlwnys on
the keen lonk-out for tiny new developments
of real rising genius, . . . . , ,
.. OmTKKMS FOR 187:).
Siiij-ie '(miles, j:) per linniiin; fhfivcoples, $111
which Irt a.60 11 tiy; eight eopior i'.HI. The
purl v who. sends us &'() for 11 club of eight cop.
lc, (all Sent at one time,) w ill he entitled Ion
copy frre. I'ostitutsrevs and others who get
Uli clubs, irt tlielr resnet (ivo towns, ran alter
warils mid single copies at tS.KU. So subacrip-.
tiong taken for less period than one year.
Canada uli.-ei iberA lnitstseml twenty cents in
addition lo the subscription, to pay the Amer
ican postage. When ti'drnlt or nionev order
can conveniently he sent, it will lie preferred,
as it will prevent the possibility of the loss of
money by mull. Tbu postage oii the Itdftr to
all parts of the country Is only twenty cents a
year, 01-livo cents a quarter,' payable tit the
olilce wheio the papor is delivered. ,
lf" Wo employ 110 traveling ugeats. Ail
dress nil (iinimiiiilentlous tu ' '
lioHKltr ItoM.NKlt, Publisher. :
Coiner of William ttud Sprucu ats,, New Vork
SECOND , , ,
HUTIOX OF 8730 l'itliJUl'WS, A5IOUXT
IKU TO 911,000,
Every suliscrlberto that l'ojnilar Weekly! '
Oor FiresiJe FrieDi
Chromos 111 ileljve.reil at once. Tho distri
liution will 1'OMTIVKLY take tdino on tho
tkv.s m;xiiti;u and sKViiji'fv-
TilHKIC. "' . ' : '
OlincHltOMO"Cl'TK" U liixSO inches in
iirx; acknowledged lo he the lliiesttmd liund-some-1
picture ever given with any paper.
)C1I FIlti:sil)l.;rMtli:SOISnn eight page
llliiludiiiniil,v nndstory weeklv In its tilled
voliimii, has now over Hi: VK'XTY-FI V K
TJWiJlArtlOslHlsttHKHrBnm'Bp4dlf In
creasing, which insures tlio success of the'ire
sent i!istriliiititn,. TlmdSibliflwr. otOur Fire
side Friend PaTO cnt rb its Stlbsctibois this
ycnrovursilOVKNTV THOUSAND copies of
tliucln 111110 'Cute" mul nre shipping hundred
,cvry atJ!JUB.-JltIl''i'I9a'itlck, TIlllKhJ
DorTfyiivIt II. h'K Alt, -which gives the sub.'
seribers Fii't'V-TWO numbers of tho best
Family Weeklv, tho eliroino "Cl'TK" finely
I'liinieil, and u liumbered CF1IT1F1CATK cie
titling tlie bolder tooncHhitro In tho distribu
tion id premiums for 1H7D. sSl'Il.SCitlllk: now
with the ligeijB.orsemliluoi ttotlief ulillslnir,
M'L'CLMF.N COl'I ICS, partlculiirs, etc.. sent
a nrtsTi
In every town, at home or
tiuvelinir. Lariru ciioli nav
Wf ft M Tri i a'1" tmu'i'l pin'iiiitnus torgct
WlM I LUi ting lip clubs. Tlie liOit out
lit, bntl at once for Terms and particulars.
A dd reus, .
eAwjyj ir A'i'KllH & VXi.A'ulirMtoltWi.t
JRA HART, ' ' 0 ' '
Ii J'attuU'O aufli umincli'ivir Wii' J'.
Head EkcLs, Pcct-IIclo Bororc, ;c.
CuuivSiiUiia, Wkst Va.
" . ' ... ;Mi , . 1 ', ,, ' , f.-.Y.
s t' r wtcit'1 - 1 . ' ;ini'iil
TITR riUi,M,iltKi-,he)ns 1oVtnhlu,"Ar'e on
Iron Friiine, and
And Ilio best Jlill over mado for all kinds of
grinding; can lie eitrlly uttuched to Saw Mills
or any other power, and warranted ip grind
Flour and .Veal of a superjor. .quality at
8riVnt4ijiW.eTofNt(il lh;ni irlflmr 1?.
wltliofitf lieillih'g wuV litller1 'dlrfieiiltv-lTie
weight being 1,4UU pounds, occupying imlv 8
feet squaro on tho floor. Will grind SO to IX)
hii diels per hour. If w illiln thirty days, the
Mill iloes nut prove sntisfiielory, It mav ho re
turned ani juonvv. and all clitirges rol'u'ndciU
, j.'.j 'pi. I. 1.. j:. i. ,v , 1 '.,
UnrtN rosMIoIc ISorer,
Is giui-. nnleed to make two holes to
one of any oher; does lis vrl inp-
uiiy 11 11 1 1 isMieciiy. ,, , .,
iw'v oririi Ayi
J No luuit cnitbe fpiiiiil with It after
K rial, fco.iit to. MIT 0t otr trial who
2 M ill send mu tho endorsement of tlio
& l'ost Master. Agents wanted.
Clai lsbiirgi W. Va.
Kinnier aud others cuu una the
EoHt-ilola Jtm-ur ut tho.. fcscu Hutu
IS Bi Ij L N
l slabllslud in 11137.
1 Rupctior UWli nl Coppar nn
tin, umnutrd Willh lls U-i
Rotary Hsnjinjo, for CsUtCHFt
llousu, fire Aunvs, Tov.'iA Ctccii
CillMls, tTO. Fully Vtarnnitd.
lHuettatti Cataloglu fitili I rn
IC2 am) 104 East Oaoond trail, Clnolnnati
1 Oil l'UINTINi dr every description noat
I )y and promptly oxocuted at this uulce.
lOT.,XjlaiJs4gI"J. itXsi
iUCIC BY.. .
i'"V :
.1 .. ; , ;,(.
It is griitlfylng to us to iu to 1111 tho public
that Dr, l ), c. Wishurt's i'lne Tice Tnr
ordlal, fur Tlirnal uml Lung Diseases, lins
g.iiiudiiii cuviaei.i reputation limn tlie At
iautiu to tin) I'm Illc coast, and from theneo to
sotnuof the til st lauillics of Kuroiu, not thro'
tlio press iiliiiie, but bv perMins thioiigliout the
!littes actually beiicilltct mid cured at his
aillcc. While he. publishes less, so snv ourie
porlcrs, he i.stinniile to supply the demand. It
gains nud holds ils reputation '
First. Not by stopuing tough, but bv loos
ening and assisting iintiiio to throw iiir Hie
unhealthy, matter eullei teil about the throat
and bronchial udws, i7iW anint irritiiivii, .
fecund. It removes tbu cause uf irritation
(which pniilui es nuiigli) uf tho mucous uieni
hrituoiiud bronchial tubes, assists tlie limits
to net and tlnow oil' tho unhealthy secretions,
nud pui illes tlie blood.
Third. It isfl etitvinustpiflls, lolmlin, Ipecac
and opium, uf wliii it most throat nud lung
remedies ro composed, which allsv cougli
only, nml disorgani.o tlie stoniaeb. "It has a
soothing effect .011 the stomach, nets 011 the
liver mid kidneys, and Ij tnph:itie and nervous
roghuis, tKa roiicitiug to every part of tlio
system, nud iu its invigorating and purifying
effort it litis gained. 11 reputation which it
unit! bold above all otliets in the market.
1 .-w -i.N I.. .-..,). . i
' AX I)
wK.ii suuAit i fit or. s,
llelng uniler tny Innnediide dlreclioii, they
shall not lose their curiilive iitalities by tlio
use ol'cbenp ami iniinri' arlielcs.
Dr, I,. Q. I'. Wisliart'i OlUro l'arlors are
open on lloniluysi Tuesdays and M'l'.lnesiliivs
from t A. SI. to 5 1'. it., for consultation bv Dr.
Wm.T. Mugec. Willi liim nru associatci! two
consulting pliyslcians of ccknovlcde:cd tihil
l ly. This opportunity Is not ollerod by any
other Institution in tbu city.
!.,! . r
All luttors must be addressed to ,
No. 232 Noritii Secmut St.,
November CO, lb13.-0in ' .
Tha ) Groat Achiovsmont of the
. ,. Ninstssnth Century.. , .
All tlicXcwM aud Full of
' ." Picture.- ; -
Tin: 1) Ail. v cuArmu is I'no tlile of a ni.'ws
paper. published iu New Vork, which is
achieving the nw.-t jeiiiiiikaiile Joui'iittll'iiic.
suit ess ever ihroiiii led. It is uu eight-page,
nvetiing paper (three edition daily.) elegant
lc printed, and uiiulti. led by die ablest edito
rial talent uUiitiinble.
Asa iiot'spaiicrTiiit DAavCHAl'lMi'Mitni.U
In tho Hist itink, and cuuiuiiis regularly
The Very L:itet nnt Full
est News from all Paris -
; of. the World. '
Its great feature consists Itl the Hu t hid It
Is not only a newi'papee, but nn illustriiieu
newspaper til well, rom-uf its 1 nn- till
O l W illi choice reailingliiiit'.ev -lelegiuiiis.e.l-ilorltils;
ge.neinl and lui'al tic,Vi, items, gos:p
and corrcsioudence oil tbu freshest unit ui"Sl
Int TCsting topics. 'The leniaiiiingfDi.riuiges
consist of - . ,
exci ttled in tlm.upsl jiuil.less ami nristle
style, and port laying accurately ami fully till
Ii itiiiug cents within ttveiity.-lyur lu lit after
their oeeurreme. ' 'i'hnsr! tvlni lime iiiadw
Jouriinllsm a study, nml fully iippieclatu the
great enterprise iimiillesteil in tlie celleilinn
and piildienlio'ii of news by the aid of IheU I
egrapli, steam presses. Hint the tlcvelopenient
of Otir j.miliallslic tuleiit, have 'heen
fond, of udvuiie.iiig. the : theory, that, the
next advance iu thnt Held -h'ould re
sult .iu a, newspaper furnishing rcgultd'
Issues lectures of nil ' eurrent pronilncnt
events. That theory is n, tbcoiy 110 long
er; tlie newspaper of tlie future is (lie newspa
per of lo,duy, mid that paper is I'm: I'aii.v
(jllAl'liio. Tlie processes whiih lender this
marvellous ni hlevuimiut ua evicting fatt mu
thereriullof the most taroftil study and an
endless variety of oupcriiiioiils, gradually pci -feiteil
during 'ilio past twelve years. They
depend upon . iuipioveuicnU dil .litlmglUliliy
and tlie application ihotographlccaiuoio, lly
llielr, aid a picturu Is iiagiavuu , and iiimlu
readvlo print iu from twenty minutes, lo two
hours. Co.tlr iintlvUliiMuto phitii,. works uf
art, sceiies of Interest, (ire rcpruducnil mul
pictured forth with asrt.nl : f.ulllty audi tlio
most seriipiilous IbUllty. . Jllustrai.ioiis of
leading ovvuU are angra'vett and pruinrtd tbr
the press even before the accompanying w It
ten iiniTiitive or deiioiiplifiii lenvos the. .Itaitda
of the con) posi tor. , ,
Fot tlunnnpcrvrnctlCnl working of so ginuV
an enterprise. Til 10 Ult.W'lllC CO.Ml'ANV
was foi mod has
A Capital of Gold.
months iin'l montbs'lieforii tin! llrst rsstio of
Tiik Daily liUAi'iiio, the most extunslvo
prelinrntions weld inadu,, and til-day ,XH IS
UllAl'MICl CMl'ANV has
. , : 1 nil.
Tho .Largest . and Most , Conapleto
' Hevspapor illstablichment , h,, ,
; , the United Stato3, . ,
tu the great1 work of illlmtriiting tlm gvonts
ot the day an cNtenslvo crops of tho best
known snil iliust accomplished artists arecoii
stantlv engaged. ,
The, JHii.y tiiiArniu alnis to lie In Its slilit
est sense a neu;iiier. Mlilvlngiilwavsto bo
Just and truthful, it discusses iillipiestlons lu
diipendeiitly mi l Impaitially. It is nut . tlie
organ of nnv party, sect, or creed. It is al
ways hlgli-loiied, and contains nothing lo of
fend nny tnsto. Its contents givo lb an lul
iiiunsu advantage over tint "ohl fasliloucd"
pupem. The iiuuual subscriber gets ' '
A.'iiWoEiAL msf cii, op" tiie
a volume of twenty-four liundreit luigus, con-
.ll...tl...- M ...I. ...ill I ..f ......... .....1
a volunio of twenty-four liiindn
stlttitlng a valualilu r'Qoid of
griipblc paiioriimii iil'oiir llnie
It possesses not merely a local I
o, ini 1, nil i
1 ami progress.
liiljit'esL. but. Is
a paper for every render of the language. It
ls,,einphatli iilly, , . . 1 , ' I ..,
, I Tho 1'wpur for tlm llouseliold. . ,
Tonus, per year, or fl for llirt'O inontlis.
Address, '
1 Tni' Daily tinArnio,
' H'liamUt l'ark place '
Jim ll-SnieAw. 1 Js'ew Vork City. ;
gouts 10 coimnuucu buslntw with' and Urge
commission allowwl for selling. Address, .1.
9. CUXOVKU, Coldwnlor, Mich. U-8iii-vv
t.,3 ..m'-Fj-"
Tlmo Tables.
TO ALL ritiNC'il'AL ' POINTS ''
Tho "Did Helinble" and l'mmlar . ; , .
XJ Through Express Trains Daily
U Kmiipped tvltb Miller's Patent .Safety. .
I Pl.iilorin, Coupler, and lluller, and
1 1 ' ' the Ccleliratod , 1 I , 1
Woftlnghouso Patent Airbrakes,
The most perfect piotectloil ngalnst ix!l. '
dents lu t!'0 worlil.
iff-fr New nml elegant Day Coaehca and
10 dully lines of i'lillnian's Palace Slipping
Cars are run Ihtout'li :roiit KANSAm 'Cl'l'i
to tjuiuey, t'idisburg, ."Mrllilo'.a and
Witltout Chattn;o. '
Also, a dally lino of Pullman's l'alsii'eSli s-t
Ingt ltrs froin ATt'lllSOX and ST. JOSKf'l!
to .Jacktonvlllu and Siringlled, and nuw and
elegant Day Conches from Kniii-ns City lu ln
diaiinpolis and Clue inunti wilboul ilpjuge ,
. Cfi5"To secure all tho modern' lmiirci
incuts In Hallway traveling, purchase tickets
via tliu il ANNiiiAl. A .St. .it)i;i'ii Hliour Link,
itvolding nil. trltqsfersi. iforrius. ;iinuj chiyiges
of cues. 1
IJriy Through Tickets for aula. it nil. print
ripal olllces. Fare always ns low as by any
route, iiXggngo checked'through toall pi n,
titial points. ' O, S. I.VKOltD,
' . ' . ' i ,1 1 (Jeneral.Snp't.
K. A. PAltKIOIt, (Jen'l Tickut Agent.
Beauty Sleep. "BEE LINE."
iff ' ;'-t . ' 1 .'. .:. in itl in
Tho following lire tlio illiilnncu ami flues
fmitf tol um bus, Ohio: , ! ' 1 ' '.'''
iliWs To , ,
Wilclowuru -
fi.W-iiillon - - -til
.'rest I i no, -
71 Mhelbv
W-N. Loiidon
,1 . ,. Frtrfs.
f Ki
- 2.05
ltd Wclllngtoti.
l&i llurua .t I . -v - . . , , 4.4(1
138-I leveland - - 4..'.0
711 ilarloti .... --uit.t
ll'.l Dellel'oiitiano - S..U
1 Pi siiimiy -- h. !.. 4 ..... i. ((.is
177 1'nion - a.io
7tl-Miinsllehl - J . ... ,. . j . . 2.1U
llkS Alliaitcu o.kb
104 Forest .-.I . .-n-.i.. - w. i.m
PI.", I-j 111 it - -- -- j- -- . - -- -- - 4.vu
HW Van Wert w - a .1 j. . am
l'.ll l't. WsMIO .............. II
1IM Sandusky 1 .-- . ' Ji ... . iT4.p1.
nil joieilo - . . r . . ......... n.:jr,
3IU Detroit -------- '... . j X Jx,
i'iltsluirgli ., . 7.4(1
301 HiiriiKlitirgh . . i i ;. KUO
Ikl7 l'liiliidelphiil j;,H)
SMI Haiti iiioru ' . ' -. -;. . .-'i . ir,.!
Ji-'l Dunkirk ................ ts.Ht
nn Riiivahi - - - - ' - J J'10 to
11!.") Niagara Kails,- - - - -- -- - ,).rs(
;l'-4 ISiirAloua ..-..-i-..i.ii J'ltMV
711 New Vmk
liVl-lloslmi via New York - .'.-a'. .' )Vtt GO
Bill ipistou via Albany o.N)
1W8 lnilianirpoliH ..... -- -'. - 1 .' o.St)
ISO t iiiiinnnU , 4.00
tiO St. Louis - . - u . . 'hi.oo
PI'.' Kansas C'itv ,(
759 Leavenworth'- v - - - -. -!J'i.l).o(i
771 l.nwre.icii ---: :it).fi(l
7(11' 'i'opcktt S'i.i5
KOO-fSt. Joseph I i.s.(K'
S-P! ( liieago - -11,45
4i7 Milwaukee 14.4s
4)H Jlurlinirtiiu r-( tr-i 'tl
rji.l I.......I.. w ...1 1
rsiil-IVoriu - -
7MI St. Paul
,i r -
BS4 La t .'rosso - - -
7O0 lies .Moiiie." -,i- .s- - T - -
5S4 Itoek Island - -
HJi Omiilia - - - - - -..- T (r-
W, Codar Haplds
.7711 Iowa t il v.r
230 Dinileitli
- . MI.M)
- -,r,r )-.'IUr.
57!).'J-b.iii Kliiucisto, - t- 1
The above rate nf lure are t-ubiect to ehuii ir
es. Address 1 ' ' "i 1 '
i:. FvlRTl,
Passengor Ag'b "llt-n I,iip, Coltniiluisj, (.
. ,. .. : 1
On nud lifter Monday. May SStli, 1871, Jix
pioss Trains will leave Columbus iiiidCiest
lliie and ariivu at jiuipU named below as lid
lows: "Ktaiions. S ()!!. j No. 4.
Tt-hr a.in
Coliiuilnis. ...11
Crestline i.. U
I'M p. 111.
:ii'J : , 1
:tK)n, Pi.
:4S '
li. til,,,
4:1b p.m.
:vb ...
1 4-XO
Cleveland.,. . 8
11:45 ' ""' 730
ill I.
Itullsl.i .. . 10
Xiacarrt K'ls 7
Ilocliustoi.. . 1
Albany ... II
Huston, . .'. . s
S. V. Cily...'8
4:10 ; . 8:U0i).ui.
6:45 arm. 4:40 '
1:05 ,,- 6:03 .
JtlWp.iii. li.Tia.lrt.
U:V0 . , , JliOtl ,.,t
:ao ' :4(
Crcbtllui! ..12
I'iiUibui'gli U
iJnrrlsbui-J .' 7
P:iftiiio,ieTk 10
Wiisliintoii. 1
43 111.
as . , ..
IS a, m.
40 . ,
10 p, 111.'
IS tt. In.
8:35 p.m.
1 li'.'Stt.UI.
11 :M
... y:4ilp,0(.
8:r)5 a.m.
8;40 p.111,
2:40 a.m.
ti ;y
. :15
! '7;0ii:
Creitlln?.i!. 11:fl0p, nii , IM3t.ut, B;5fninu,,
KorlWiiyue.. S::ill.i. 1.1. l:1Sa.i)i. 1188
tj.i ngo'' liilliplnu ff::-( , :aj00i,ni
BS5No.'i.- Utiv Itifr ' I'MiuuiHns nt4:10 1). ill
Iiiu il 'l'li;oii;h Civ t in 1 .elliwuin forKprliiff.
lieil, rcil. ui.fg , , i-Jit ; 71! 1-1 W ilhuliU tlliantft at
7:!i0 i. 111. . . . ,
Train No, .!,i um Ilio 'Coltmibiw MiHoekinif
Vull. -V li illi on I I'liiincet w ith Nn. 4 tnilii.
l'llllllli!ll :l li l-'lis tin- Mllll III' AdiMiS.i 1
I'A.sni.St; i:tt Tlt.VJ.NM returning arrive nt
: oliiuiiiitsiiti' n-MtJ m.i lifts a. in., iiiiiii:nu
a. ui. , .
l irrakr; 'JDuy mid Slbipirif 'Cart
Oi All Trains. ' .i"1' i)Ji'
Nn. (I It'iiviug t olumlius nt i :3 a. iu.,'tiu
Siiinlitr runs tiiri.MKlt wiUnitit ihslsntiumliy
I101I1 Kiie and Sew York Central Kuilwiiys,
ilrrivlng ut New Yoi k on. Monday ulrtrirlir); lit
1I.411 11. in. . .
r'or p nlleiilar ' liifoiiiintlnii In ' regaM' til.
llivni,'li ticked, turns oiiiieullois, etc., to nil
points K ist. V'4t, Ntirtn aml rtoutli, tippl.r to
Headdress K. FOltD, Columbus, Ohio,
' V.. Ri FLINT, OcmHniW."-
. , J A. PAITIvllSOX, ,,
! (icuer.tl .Vi(efit;l'olillnbi'.i,iJhl().
. . , , KlHiKNE KDltD, 1 , ,
'" i I'lisnnrirec .xtreni. Cidlinibiia,Ohl. 1
: 1 ; .,'!.. i !' : m ' il I'M l!tt.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West. Northwest and
,, ...
(Ids Is tho Short Lino viu Judlnimpulls.
', Tliu (ireatTliroiiuirslairTmV lCxpress l'ns
sepger Line to Kt, Louis," Kansas ,'lty, 8t,tIft
s4M.ii. Denver. Han r'ruueisco. nnd all imiuts in
MijitOlill, Jvaiisiifiiuiil.lioliitaiUii 1 I 1 ii
I 1 lie sliortest aim ouiy uiroci route, to in
iliiumilolii, . Lafayotte. . .Terro : ll'iutiuy Cam
lirldgu Cltv. tspriiiglleld, I'eorla, lliirliiiKt'in,
Cliiiiaxo, MllwiiuUue, il. 1'aul, and all puiiiu
in the Noi l Invest.
' Tbu iBiliaiiiiiiollsiHJIut'iimiill k il.fhyu
Riiilriiinl, with its connuctlons, now ml erf
pa.seligins.indiuiiitCilltJt'.s .In 'I IrnaighJKiaidi
uml tileeiilnif Cnrt-ci vlio llian nny other line
front Clnclniiallt Imvingi tilts (uifniil Itgo of.
Ihrougn J Jill IV t ars irom ijuciiiuiiii 10 nt,
Limis Kaiisai Cilu', Stu Jossilli, d'eoHa, Hint
liiiglon, I lilcaifo, Ouialiii, nud nil iiilei'uicilfate
poinU, pnwcNilug ti) Colonists nml Film ilUis
siielt comforts mid accoiiiinoilntloas as me
iill'oriled he nodt'lier louti. I'"'f ' c " !v i
'I liniin.li Tiekuts uml lliiifir:iife( lietksto nil
points. 1 - in ' ' f '' 'I ' '!'!
Trains li livo (. Iiiciiiiiull ut 7;riU rt. III., s:uu I).
111., nml ;H0 p.111. 'i.iii'. it . 11.
Tiekuts can be obtained ut No, 1 llttrmd
House, coVniirTlilnl mul Vine, l'nbllc dilut
ing, corner M.ilu and Itivcr; ajso. at Dpiiot,
tsirner i'lmn and Peail utrnets.' i.'liWInMiiti.
Itu sure to iiiirchasu tickets via Jmlliuiai.
oils, Clnclnuitll A Laliivotle llnllroifd, ! "
, (i. L. llAltlllNHKIL . '
MftMcf Tfanspoitiiflim, ClnclnaiiH. '
. . , C'.K.LOKD, , .1
: ' ' t'liief Ticket t'lerki flnclnniitl, '
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
i-..,' - 1, . . ' .1 ii yf.'n-sl.w
Kliort Line to tho Lakes anil th North
. .1 wost. '(..; J. list"
1 1' TWo'KXI'llEHHTltAIXli DAlIiV, nil
; mI; c; .
Clevolllllil ...
Chicago ..,..1
Hiirlngtielil ..'
if ay ton . ..,
Ah roiiows:
' Dciuirt.
1. ..'Depart.
M:S l. III.
' I AMIvn. i's
BfKIn, 111.
. 0:10 a. 111.
1 Arvlyfl'1
iii'Wa. in.
, 4:00 p. In.
I .17110 id ni.
t.M " )' " M: (I '' ' '
IP.DOa. Ill, . ,HM ,
1 .III in. ' '''.t'ltn l.tlj
.oV:"7 "IJ ,
Closo connect lon-sinnle st-I.sAuuwUir fur Clr .
I'lovllln. y.iio.'svllle and all liolnls oil tlio ill-
cliiiinlliiailMiisHliigitin Valley ttnlr-sjrifcri I
Direct connections lunilii at 1 oiumiiiis lor
Dayton, Hiirlngtielil, Indianapolis, CliivMg
and all pel ills West. Also, for Cleveland,
lliiir.ilo, Pittsburgh, and all silnu t'.ast,
'lake tlio lliic.kliig Valley and Pan Handle
route tol hlcsgoan.l th- Nnuliwaat; It Is tlm
.shortest by sixty-six miles, giving pasMingcrt
tlio bene lit of ipilckor time anil lower rates
than by any other lino. .
iF. A, Ill'KI.L, Oen'l Ticket Agent.
f A .AVVUlofllIIII.K I.OnRlXH-(ir.ASS,"
i (tnivhitu, urinific itunitui-itil'H J
, A: d r l-n.n : Mtii'n-h, or rntieit
4. .'rV. t:.J VlKtrL-b nsi 111,1.. VVv.Ii.vsiii- Mtsri'cll'
. ....... .. .,,.r.-
'III illvlii!. Tliu 111 "ft tttiiqiiii
ri'lik-lotii lnuik nf tlio i'CU
r ' . , 1 I Uiri ftt
. : ' Ls'"... "I '1 toiW-r
ti noiii-r if iintiilil bfrvlll
11 'fill 1I1 nt NimIIIoi, fUt u
. ii.ai
i-ii, 'tii'i in Tianiiiiory wnn "U4
1 1 Vut rti.,(;iniiliinHil. (,',
-'...-IS K.itl.-VliHL, I'MlRauiplsli
; HT 1, 0
:i i tu !
I A Fine German Cir.omo
W4i SfXtf ldJMsJ OlltllmOj HimSiHtB A)ll
"lt" Attof. ' 1
) BY, Til OS. IK. a:v oi: '
Oli bilges ()c(avo'.': i.'IO I'lneKiigravlngs.
1 ItelnteS Inoistontsi! ttull Autdrtonts liny end
the Light of D i tstarlliug Advenltiics in all
iiafll ol'thu Wll lilfilinei.nuU Mntlo ol'AVork
Ingtliem; llnderciiiruiits ol'Sueiely; tlainb
,li( iiml its -llurrovHfi Cuveriiiuaml iheir Mys
leriej.; Tlio Dark Wnvs ol",V lekedness; I'ris
oiisniiiUlHtlr ttccrmjl;. lov,j. ill tbu Deplhs of
tbu Hea: strange, .'.llowies ul tliu Detection of
;(lriino. IVhiv hodk roiit of experience w ith
lii'iifiiiuls; uiglits Jii opium delis and gaiubling
biills; life in Ipi'lsmi stoi iei of oxilesj 111'., en
tures among Indians; Joniiieis I In ongl, Sew
eis Imd Cntaeumbs: necliUuit' In iniiies; id
'ile ntnl pir.scy; tnrtures ol the luipiisii'ou ;
wontlerful bneiilivrle.s'j'lindenvorldof ibe treat
cities, etc., qtc , . 1
VJ'u vrmit nenU tor Mils wot k m which we
ust vh exclusive territory. Agents can nrliio
toil a week In selling this blsiK. Himd forclr
riihirs iiiul special t'Ji'tns to agents, ; .
" J. C. UUHKAi 1IVD12,
IIAHlVoiin COtiS., OV ClIICAlio,' III..: 1 '
Agents .
' Great .Industries
KJ ,( J , I'lili I li- ..sT U ... ,
1 l.lfK) pages" and 600 oiigVnvlnis, printed In
Knglisli i,ud Geiinaii,, written LyM' emliieol
liuljior.i, Including John 11. Ufriigli, Hon. I.eon
I'flVu, Ldwnrsl Jlowlaad, lley. lp.- lCilvcin llnll,.
Philip Uipley, 'Albert lirisbaiic, lloracoOice-
lov, eto.: ,,.,,) 1 , , ,,, . , , .
; Tills work is it complete history of nil brunch
cuf iii(h.iplry, processes of liuumfaetiiie. etc,,
lualliiges. it is a etiiuplets uueye.lopcdia ot
arls and iiiaiiiil'iittuvu aud ii tiie inut cider
lain lug and valuable work of liimrmnlion 011
Bulijorls of g6nMsMittoutvor dieted to the
pulilie. We givo our agents tlio exelusivo
l ight of tenitorvv liu(J of otvitgsnts sold 131
copies in ci jrlit days, anotlii c u'd HW in two
Week. Our agerrtHiHIastl'ifrtl cold 31)7 iu one
veol;,.,peeliieiis uf lbu,woi;k scut lo aguuts.
Address 'ibu uubllsliers, J. I;, lll'ltll Jii
MVIM-'. I(iJ'lfiiillC0Hli.,ori;illg(i, 111.
I niavll oAw.
Tn 11
! 'i i
11 n l'liax llooiis:, it4lAaki!T lli:sr
( "SltKIWI'OK'ClBfltiftlitil fDt'C NI.-W Wolta,
I Isi;:.h?ioli.'3 lUivNiiTiiu of
'The Most .J'o;iulk.r. lliOgrajlliv . cstitnt Tho
: Most tirapliie Political llisloiv C'andor,
j Fullness, Tiulb, JmpiirtiiilUv i Book fur:
the Pnoplit A lioyk for tliu Luiioiiiig Hail
A liuok I'orStiltdsibiACSidiiilars Sc. I'hiuk-
I I'l s-f-iV bunk for every Aiuui lcnu Family.
i llo biographical work o such Iuferusl lu
tlm-wliole pcoiile lias before appeared in A
incricnii literature, it Is 11 full, complete, hou
ct necount of the life of the most litboi ions
Slid inlluelltliiloXjiiu WlUUiiys-iuloiniels, tlie
II tat Journalist pf his age, and tlie busiest man
who fcver lived; Th'it: nru also cxicmled no
Ueyu! veij.v many of M, , .
J . Mv. Groeley'a Coteiuporarioa
t betliur in Jouruiillsnl or gduoi Hl politics, so
that the whole lim-riitUur jiiU, ju.t, and faith
ful j-c'in osculation o( American politics torn
period of firrly vcar. " ' t "
, Hum you will leacn of the rise and fall of
tiirth'sf of the triumph ami del'eatof polleles ;
01 Die lives uml clianu.tersOjf ,
lYIaiiy liiiincut MctJ. ;
This work Is, lu ttltinr, tint grent biograph-ko-llistoilenl
work of tliu times, lt is tho
(rent lltwrary fuoeoss of tli1iino' liven In
telligent man and U'On'iiU Will have il. Orders
arts ulrundy coining )n in such a way us to
allow thsry will soau begin'topou!'.. 1
Aloeliauicidly it Is the handsomest hook pub
lished, beiug profusely hull elegantly illus
trated witli about 40) engravings, includl'ig
lioiti'itlts, also 11 steel engraving of Sir. OrUu
lev, whi,:)t jartbe must pleasing aud uauiial .
ot any .Vet published making a volume of
over 000 royul octavo pages. , i , , ,
To Whoni the bust' tx'iinj'arb' offered. ' Agents
are muetiug with nnpinulUdud success. The
greni; pupularlty of the book insures to ho
gliiieisf sueoxss. To setiure iuunudlate ter-' ,
1IU11 y seud $l.f for tlio b.iiiilsuiuesL l'eospic
tittt agents ever liaii; ui HW (ur . sample conv,
library st le.'aiid Vrospec'.ui, either of whliili
will be sent prepaid. dilic. .. , ,.; . .
UXiO.V PCItLIsillxC CO,,
fflj-Wahnsli'-rveriiiu, Chicago,
1711'rVcH.yTon.rtu lroot,Cinciiinati, O., 01 Xew
i Vork City, Whichever mav bo nearest to
JVliVjilacppf lostdenfi!., vi, i : .JO-eaw
QOI),,l9pl FOR ALJL ..
Books WM'cli '"Arb' Books. '
' ll'oika whlidi iliou4tl be round line very LI
llia.y within 1uu reach bf all iruileii, V01ks
to ifvi1itAiii.lii4liuut oad Jinprove. loplsi -will
bo a-iiit, by rutin 11 post, on recclptol
pikirl ill ilUliKsit ,il in,.!'' ',.:
Nevt: I'lilsuArnoeiy fori iUgiis of t liaiaeter, ;
I a maiiilcsU'd uniiugh Teiiipmiunnt auc
t LKteimU li'lirliiBvailii4xyilully lullKWIle i-'
' ihuii t'ai'O Divine," Willi uioru tlian Ol.
'J liotisiittd Illustrttlous, liy S. H. waiii.
Pl icu fa.U0. .-
tliU'isiW'liy 'rrryall'lild.' A ' lleltilv Pite-.
' serlber nud llygcniti Adviser. Wliiriiel'er-.
erlcii's the .SiitnY, Causes, 1'ivveiitlon anil,
j Ti euinentOf Dinuuaus, Aeeidouls, and ( in-.
I tiiilriitt of eniy l(lntl. ' With a fllossnryaml
loplotiM Index. -Jly Joni Spuw, M. I), II-
I'.istintedVithiiiliily SOO'Kngrilvlngs. Ono
I htrgvohuim, liijeiiilyiljfor usf III tiu IJiiniUy,
How to t'liilinclei.. A New. Illustrated
ilaud-JUiok of rlironoloify Mul Pliysiogno.
i my, for httulciitttiiijil MxMuincis, Willi a
Chin t for reeoidlnir the sl.es of the Ononis
of Hie "lr-nliilii tlio IMiilehllon ofChitr
i ncter, with .upifarils ,of 170 lingravings,
I liitisilitiniHiiiht; JUnllli.lfl.k5, . , .
Tliu I'll flits'. Quldtll or JIu1111.11, Develop- (
j nieiil lliroiigli luhurlteil 'Temleiieies, . lly
iMNViliKHTKIt. VltK'OLiaiOMi . Hiiollll cdltlllU, .
revised and enltirgeit. One vol. I'Jino, (l.uU.
. li nlj f'Usi i taliiitt v, .l, ....,: . ... , ,
Constitution of Man. Considered In leln
I tiou to l.xlonuil O'ljecU. ,. Jly Ckoiiok .
, ( (lutli:. Tlieuiily attUiuriziul Aiuerleaii Ldi
tiou. With Tweiliy EngfuVTiigs, f 1.75.
1'lie lfygfenlo Tlnmf-ilood A Practical
. yul(lp- Vi,tlmii)k-ilioia.. 1 Alphabetically
' arranged with Appendix, lly ft. T. TltAll.
I Ce9v. 1 tlui Hi HIKi pu, I M lsl 1 11. , UUML; ..t,..
, I tow to Write." " How to Talk," 'How
1 tltclins''iid' Jtoiv In Do liiisiiiiks," a
11 .A A ii- U'!
I liitiil-liuok liwlissstmsiiblo for Homo, I111-
1I0 li
privenUiii,'iiioiui vot. fv.vo,'
Wedlock J , or, the Itlght llelallons or tho ,
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: lugjiiujeproiyj tp1i;a,vliunviil'l;, forms. ;
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illeillcul Klcctriclty. A Mitminl fur 8I11-
10). snpwinrine iiipsi leieiuiliu aiut;isi
tional apiillcauon lo all forms of Acute and
t hiolilu lllscnses hy lu.jlitl''l'cpt combip ,
lintlons of Kleelalcitv, (alvanlsin, I'luclio
MiignotlHiif; Mr(rti(Hslfloetrt( lly,nnd liu
...u., o,.u.,iik,,i. si on. 1 ,. , ... r
History of Hiilem Wltolieral t I "Tlio t'lan-
( l IJi! fiyswyi rniiij;"; nnsiofii ;o,iriiuui
Isni," .with "Dr. DoddrlilBo'i Druaiii," In
1 inVfl Wrli4M '"i ,'." !
Esop'sj Fiiblea, TlieTeople's Plclorliil
I UtlUioa. 'HisiidifUlfy UUiMtruU'il Willi iieiir-.,
1 If tdxty Ihigvnvings. Cloth, gilt, hoveled
' laiarU Imlu M.UU.tU 'lull ' -
ropo' EHuiiy.ou Mnn. With otcs.
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) lioarils, '"' .. . . mm -
TlipmJahfWIordl In-tli4, Tllqln Pli
' A Now Pocket Dictionary and llcfoit
1 uok.'.i Jtialnaniaa
iorms, Ablii'ovinllon
ivilu)'.IIH, 'fcellllil'lll
'i orms,' Abln'iJviallone, rorelgn Phrases,
Welling fun Uiel'vtsi,, Punctuation, ,1'riAif
Itendiug, anil other Valiialdo liilovinatlou.
73K'Ut. i lilt; , 'i,U ,.,, 1 ti .ini
PhrianeloalcK) Bvt. . Slmwlinf tho Idlest
elassllleatlinl, mid exact locution id all Ibu
i Oroiuistir the llrpin. , It Is dlvkleil so as to ,
I show each Drgan on one side; anil all tlio
i Kf.aipHlonjjisitlivyi. , .Hwit.by ..M'i..
, ; Price fi.OU.
! Inelose amount litAUvKto, Leller. or lo
ti I'ostiifllev Onler ToV one ami all tlio lllnivo.
mvi irt.trskiM. IU' Mull.,' Publisher, No. W
imiilway.cw Vork. .Jlginiis wnutwi.
feUtf.l ,.l.u,:i 1',Ji,.i"i,r i . ; . ,
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Wa kuep cimstonlly on li 1 ml at Ibis uf
lleaaaupply of KN.V LLOCJiH, upon i
which a cnrl nr any iloseriitlon will be
minted M low W'Ut all may afford to lutvil a
raril on tin Ktivulopoa iisol by tlieiu.

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