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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 09, 1873, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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MUAUTIICIR, OHIO,' - 'i J0LY 9. 16T3.
Atlvoi'tisingr .Agent,
100 mt jroiikni stiie'ex,".'
diiraljisrjLrri. oxif o.
In an authorized Agent to rucluvo advertise.
ni(i 11 u for ()il paper. Jlii .Ik.ii apuniul nr.
rrfiifr'tnentw-ith religious,- ayriculiMral and
otliur newspapers.. , ......
1 ' : M0AlU'HUIt,OliO.'
jpilww will ba cheap after tho
present harvest is gathered in.
'rMpRK raltt fell yesterday; morn
ing. It is not "too dry" at present.
lQf.A:''lt'SodTT, 1
;Wi'i1 Pr(?pr(jei)ii'oi'the (
1 cni 1,)- m, njn ?
I1H8 been
Ohio TJni-
Nob. of the ''groat men o'f history
ev.n' JojvK'Jlon 'tiro 'corners'' orHrhit
t In.;:,
,. ,ii?. ujMr frjCJ.tV; -'-'' f
liS"i)j,fo$i Dal-ojih an, dTZuleskVli
iV ttnialia, whore, ho will roinaiii
' i&n'e'evM'fil -if tVifcij, J-...: '.'-'.. . ';
-' . i . .---.... . ' .
,XoAMiit.lV. Mot to bo 80011 upon
the strpets .or'hlipKtjthe. stoi'es ; in
Zuhvtki, A II Jin cl work Jo (lo. ' '
J0Bflfy(i:S'iiiivy , 'Mjrsoii
wiliiiii i&J'XIMpWstf'. Organ
'IJaosIE liytm V&aye Jragu," old
btfdlfs,' iu'j)u':: to'tliiSL of-
fice,'ai'4xi;h:Ai;t,heuVX(i: paper,
envelopes, ' '
-r-i-' : 'M , -i-'.
J, AicGiiyjiAYhfig boon appoiat
eil : A d in iitj ta tor of tho estit'to of
John Mayo, Tate of Vlntoi County;
decern?.-!.'' ' '
Tn: I'uitauii Seiond National
Banks lit Circieville, publish their
Reports' lii "iknsa: .'paW. 'of.; tho
comity, iThatls.bunjUPSB. v u'.,.i:-.
iTniii oatr ei'iipji Vinton county
v.-i'l b fully as. -iiuw as that of
v. r 'f ; . ' J
last. year,, l tie- harvest Will begin
late, owing it the lute season, ,
iTuie wife of Mil.:T. A,-MtrEBiP,cam'j
very lu'ar inei'tiiig. with -a iarioiw
iccideut, ou thd. ttb, by . the upset
tiugofa buggy,.-
Jou ' PaiN-riNt of all Muds neatly
and promptly executed -ut this of
flee, at "prices and in a style '.of ex
cellence that -.bid 'defiance to all
coinpetitioQf '
WiJ wiwb Justices ...of -tho l'eace,
Constables, .Notaiios. CouW
cors,, and. overytfJdy who wish
blqnks or blank b'oo.ks,' lo call and
Men us, ; : ' ,
- r i
TiiK dance "at t6' CJoljrt ; Ilouse,
on iijo uyeniug. of tjMi 4th, t was
laiMy atteftdod, ;ftnd;; all who par-?
t'fjwdi,1 speak-- or.v the occasion:
Xi08T, -A pockotbook containing
several postage stamps and) some
smuIH JiMiige, . 1 he IJnder will be
libcrallfyi.rfcwaj:ded by .leaving it at
-. mml , '. ;'' :' ''
..iui K'Ciir'n elk If nils , at. A th e ua
FASH.:v(Mf.'SJCT.rv ;proprlutor-is a
pUtasani plaiio, rg 'slqu" at Good
Vlctijai,. clean .bods, and cheap
rates is .Fiuvk's xduiiqi :.
'BtionTS)', Aiora. aH '.jfertj. of the
oontra! portion of tlls Fitato give
distressing a'cequnts of . storm of
Thursday V fluid'., Frklay last.""'. The
iaiaaetp.r'()p3 Is; heayy;.'
, telegraph. pplesf and : wires
along tljo. Hue of tlfe. M. k 0. Rail
road ? wor'o.' greyly thrrjaged by
lightnhvaifd wind -oil Friday even
Jug ist.'-'j-;i ?;i',-'.'.-r-'"'' 11 " -
. l,R. FfsiifeRrop'ibtor of the Meat
Shop, at alcski has put a pair of
Fiiirbnnk's hcales inj front of his
business house, iipon which stock,
coal, raln; etc., can be correctly
wcigfloa, ,! ; i '. - '
;MANy.of the farmers of this ooun
ty coinineijced.iutting wheat. oq
Monday i week.; agov "The ; hcayy
rains or jaflt wtiok caueof no liar-
yest U resb.awhilew -Thu orop will
tu'K'i ybiiiVg "man' that harrowed
a j ht. f and - left his in its place,
Jia'ijijrh tfjf tho 'jlustUal, Inst week,;
will Kain Roiuetlifng . to his advnn'-
tago, by leaving it-at this ofltco Im-
mediatclyj:,.. i . v.j , . . ..,...- ,
- ' u i '. i ' in. i -
Dr. Nl J.Boior, Deutlit. Mii Arthur. 0
.-r imiin i (ii. iJ,, ., mtkM
Ify Bowkrs desires to call atten
tion to his Bpeclulity, tfiat of treat
ing" and 'preserving 'the" "natural
teL'tn!ted' to this rigTit awa
!.. Kli JrfiAulr- -- .. '.-'i -Si,
ft" C
"1 v.r t't'ji : I w ', fl3flmoJ'. !
, 4liauipieit Jlcaper tindjllower.
, for sale on Verymoderato , . . t ''
;7 tMji.fqi pASli, ..
r wllVcichauo it' machine.' fiir 'a
pivif of mnlesy ' " ' v '.i
The FuiLrtli .'atiZalt'Hki, jinaned
off very quietly no aecidenta and
no distiii-banteu hut unifd'aul and
extraordinary good hehavior in th
grove and elsewhere ..Tho danciii''.
comineiieod early in the forunoois
...,1 it ,1 ....in .. -1. ....1. 1..
nun vuiikiunuu - uiiLii u bmm iii iui 111
lin appeamnee. at 3 o'ulouk,; wheiv a
' 1. 1' " i.A'-j-'
lufcss m, "jm."HMX. .wiitt mvM wa-t
this the , Bcatterod, icwwd IJftthered
in tho groviv. again nnu;vouuuucu
the VlaiK-liig, t' until"; the ' evening
storm brought a close to tJie "hap.
py soeiiesot tuq Uay,:.. lhe. daue
lag lloor is 21 ' by 3G feet, the larg-
est that hau ever been erected at
that .place--laige" euougli' fur six
8ut ; A8' t luut f as one party' got
througu witu h mazy eyolntions,
another were neady, ' and the scene
was indeed a "gay. one to witness."!
At night a -balll was. -given at, the
Haughman Iloiiat, ' hib.. waa- at-
teucica by sixty coiiiV'Fourth-of
July picnics; , -and 'jiVfiosi" that
place aru alwilys: a suecoss,. let the
state, of tko..veather.ba wliat it may.
ii Vu'ii'sm foV'tue'luecasion was-fur-
nte,W. bythe 'aloski Brass Baiul.
T5Jia.iai;s bit thol
Baud ai'o as folIotfkE; '
Jaud ttl'0 as rollortfcj;; Eii'J
1 - !.. 1'. 1 IT
laiW JVi " MJWV '? ty-k-i1,,l,r.
1 ' v mw i mu. v .f c i .. .'.1 Jl
iiv'.VMwuiV,.niii4U.'V ugdhJf liiiuJ,
John Boh u, Lewis Beets, John
Jvaku.AioU. ..CiMJilli rUiiiWl-.ii-
. t v-v..vwk, iiih),j.
j; -About the 2.(i of Auj'nnoth('r
lfliic will bo hold at tliapjace; at
yjijch Prof. J. H. Bolky is expected
to make an ascenfiou in-Jiis' iiev
liailoon. ti'.i'.i.'.. ' i
To Keep Off Cholera.
' Foil the beneilt of the many read-'
crs-of this, paper yyo TprtbliVh. ,t lte i
following which may ,ljf , 801)1(3
beiieUt to them diu-ing thCholer;i
season: - 1 vu. ,.-;.
Flasr.- clean all- thff tii . wnv
from yards, slaClcs, raid outhouses i
then scntter lime ovor fclir- Hurf.iM.
Pour -hot water to Suiphato of Iron
(coMoras) till vbu'iMTv'satura-
ted solution : that is-, as W as the"
wnt-wUL- ,liUH,.Kn tl,',,--.:-.;"
Take-your gardcir'sprinklir'and
eprinklo tlie lime with tiie solutioas
liikt, h-vn.i wmiM flonv. i,n,i
Immediate clicminil action 'is ; tile
rcHiilUrthe'Sulphuric d leaving
reHuiu-riiie isiiipniiric AWU Jeavius;
Vl.r.-ii-ftr. nn,l -fV.,.,t.l,v.- Wr.r..!. '-v5
pWtytlie- iron uniting the okvgeii
bt t!ici:ur. lorinuii'.tliL' UAd bvl(ieoV
rather the S..sniiKoifl'irm.'
The' sulphate of lime luistcnVlU
decay. oTtfie.tte.nd iniittei' iesci-tblo
bouate oflimo, harmless SiihsUmtvesS
,1'liis is said to l.o a most cxcelldlit
j .'i.i... i i.: '. ... ' J
umiiiiui.-bUiJb- 1III I JlJ I1IXIIIV rciwin-
mended for keeping-oil' the cholera.
It is yory chcupand can he' Used
ho i.vi'v mio' , T lii f.w n ..
disiiifcetant would do much good.
- - - ' , ' b'
KlttfoV JSeliifcl S&perihteiilont;
(.1 .J !1V:.-'.. . 1 I TIP 1 n 1 .
evening.. ,IIe'si)id he.wasml'skep-
resentcit iu tJn'e paragraph itvh,
appeared iff last. woeX's p'ajpdfj thaU
ve allele wns "ailtj"that he with-.
drew from pnnt.i'af 1 nhnnf -9 1
'i . i - ,j , .. '
clocks P. 31, two., hours-before
the meetirtg- at "the1. School Honso
tha Judge i.Kausb'. and
ithoii say that thero are Nearly
00 voters inVtiifs sotiptil ! district,'
four-fiftlis. pf tho-v-voters,. did
lot express an opinion on the !quos.
ofi$u'peiiii'teudent.at that 'meet-
!M'.0 Wehare.. hcanljij njbe'of
fersons say. that .'.there are 125,
)Vlup" Is oorrepLi ?J-"i iy. I -1
i : . ,. -!?..; t P1-- - -, v, t
ng, the 4tlU about 0:&0, th:greter
portion of this county was visited
y . tyMW ,,with ft
envy rain, acooinpanied by tlmu-
fler andliglitilig, whlclf "cquiinued
jlowi). ft)icos. fiiiTT 'fiicss. forest
trc:o4iiq&w kit7Smm.u4'
the corn, oats qn4 yieat brops,- Al-
Inost ,avery tamet'k waa?(tiunased.
more, or less,, IU'Spme ..localltios
the1 ffro'wlns? corn"'wai'"wa' ' wiihid
6tt'T thV ' eido-rbiHi7vheal
harvestodf; being washed way(; the
meadows wel'0.- Worllbwed and' 'tha
grass ruined by nd n'd tho toil
washed off tho fluids.
tkss painter,; we;w6uld relet? you. to
i r,r j , i . , ' .
now pngaged at thuf place bt paint-
tno.,.r i "J i ,i ' 'vr'l
ing qfeyciy deoripllon.obptjor
paintor 9f fancy or plainrwork j
Lj, 'i tJu', 'l . 1
handled.a palh.tf .brlJn;thfa .coun- ,
ry. ' lie was formed chip ojcd 'at
etc., and '-is doing ,8orr(!J Ircautifu u
KM lie' in Ilamden! ho
sign overd(r6rtn8i
Nictv lVrAt6i3 fa'tbrniiig1 fiitrtl
niarkot, liijfr.iWtlj'.iKitiw,. our
1!ljlj: Administration,
cither as aCongrsaman with $7,500
histcyl of $5,qgd)o'r- yeaiv,1 or' a ;
niomlcj'.of GttAnxy. Cabinyt,' f
ixwJrfWfy H'K''Wo postal , law
t1at toolf efl'oct o'l th H Inst,' bfl-'
.oi' 6ueriiioull V (fo i'tl Wujipoii 'fof!a
ni'ifq: fkriiliy : wftli" theau " lcUoltwi
!CiiB':Miiifclit',A CinclhaatlJlait
roail Jclntlly, nccpmmotlatcd tU'o peo
1)9 who wislioil to pcliibrato thai 4th
half-fare 'ftrrangcmijiit' J a ' (
Tiik Fouilli. at JI Arthur, ns we
learn from . tltoao. prcnent, waa a
very Cujoyablfl .adail.'-.' The', people'
of tho town and for miles arortnd
asscinbled in Arnold's Grow, one-
fourtli mile distant, whore, nntij tho
11 d't.''-i' ...... 1' ii
1 uiii-u ui'iuciv BWirin 111 n veil, iiiey
we ro' regaled .by. the . .McArth'ur
i... .1 .lull ' . ' . ..' A
iiinns dhihi witu mu uuusi iiiusie;
a bountiful repast of good things
by U. F. Rcoo, the reading of tlio
Doi-larntioii' of independeiuMJ 'by
0. T. Gunxinu Esq., and a most
appronnate and interesting address
by JI011. II. C. Jones. There was a
largo number of people presentand
niorewonldhavo beeuthcre.hnd.it
not been for the 'storms' and the nu-
mcrous picnics ! and . celebrations
clscwliero w.hich served , to scatter
the people to other quarters. The
usual number of the young ladies
and gCHtlemeii, amused ; themselves
by dancing un6n a floor;' 28x28 ft.,
laid in the .Orove for the , occasion,
Of Cout-se ; all wei'c : happy not-
withstandiny; the cxtremelv warm
weather, j--" ' .m .
: A.t the oIoho of the 6:80 1 etorinl
........,.. . . . j . 1 ...
Uu dniieing was' renewed' at the
Uu)t Uutist Hnll.. ..n.ul j ,. ...'.
I r"1 -it-' :': f'-l " 1 I-
i uMa iiui-.miwiues. nouses in
1 .
tin! town were closed duriii"; the
, Tuo OoiiiuiRLob -r Anransrcmonts
mi vua vu.cuuiLiuii hiiu picnic were
A. J. Swaim, George Lantz, T. A.
Murray, a George Kuler, George
Rcah1, T Marti n, J; AFelton;
and W. D.. Gold., Thero will be
.4auother memo ami ilnunn f. tim
II l ..vw V VIIV
fKrovtfsbiiiitund ili'UaWst i J
; . 1
i .! fL6gn.' WepkbUcdri,- 'of last
vek, in speaking ef tho postal
Jwt, sadi-,. ..., ....
1 mm wui UfQ,.wa.i tiogt&M Ja-ws
JmS8e" l1,e V"" Mobiher Sal
?UA: vVVfaM i. I ,CM
K'uss ,Yne tUQ legislation of
the co"try was done by honest
Ine"'. lfc wa,8 ee'ned all important
imohiip3p eferj Wbteefr'61kiin
Wn?.c!. To 'Wsond e franking
P"F iwwsniiijers were carried in
feif&lajd fco'uy 'papers
r 11lTOtt,lJ l" MWSP,
' ,
M'C COUIlty.
I , ,.W . .aj??'! ,In
v. . "M".. privilege,
r?ni.lf? VWgl' ha.VQ their
f'm yeur-uliuer
f " WWXXJW M7. e WS to
r" 1 ISor; in the
!V'H vote
iiuiujTa-iu-ciu:n" jncnitier, anil tnoae
lot used wil be for sale, tli
P.,n 11,0 ll"'ett terrl,lc pay" of
r , -iiiihi.t
I In order to keen th
f ' F -i-. ...
norce' a,ln.MCM fl poSsilile, a
llvT Mx is laid upon publishers
nu.rflv,,u,,',i ut- urus una noon
. "WowMnrit i.ejfpQSnre of the
primes -of 'tfie ilonorablo Thieves
to s't them, ant hence the tax.
&H5''eimf'Jm,V9 'i
O w " ww . Ul tO
leeds, and then tho present law
viWM tedtwV u ilii
A fev weeks agefihe Republican
endorsed the acts of Congress, but
Its tiriieha chnnged.,'; '
' ' '. ,'.'
: fc
U'..N' Uower. Dentist, MeAitluir, 0.
' f .i m .
Tun festival given by the- mera
organized beis'of tVe.-irtliup'fl'ras 'Uancl,
fsaiftted l)yJhO;34t;Plfca8aht",.'attho
poiutIIoisj).Ha.lJ,oniTiiesdajf jven
jhat ng, the 2d iist.,.Vas agrand and
happy affair; and the large i assom
ioii m .prese'ntj'at tested their ap'preoia
ioii .py', a. liberal expenditure of
crirt'i'.Xte.'iilcewjiiim ;'aii4 '. .oacs
Jvero splendid, and tho music by
pi JtoAUfiut: li&il iiCl feloasau't'
Bands excellent. Later in- the'even'
IngVe yqunpeople' join'lna
Social da'noa 'wh oh' n wi
tothe.tlwea sna' . l(QUrs," when all
Uispereod , fo tW- anes, Highly
pissed 'with tlio nWht-V fov.(vifii.a
' i '' I Hnm - ' "
-.TME,CaqgLtpa.u1' U0ms.c, at alesV
' fMUor)y Jia'piVlTM' fiAuli"'
Wty Viy;.by- V.A Dooob',.
tft''011 Pacsaion bf; ty ; G. 7.
Tihmam nd , 'Mrs.:. ' Hxso.v,'! ' on
f.'fiif.thlii; !,'ino.uth,',;':;,wh6
Uv'fiverha'uled''and.:i'refltted : it
nm 9 a nrst-ciass, qtoi,;. '.tio
li:Y,?l tig pijUlc taay'.jc'ost assured
Hia.Vtll9" Ww ?a"agors 1 v ill take
:dro of their wants aud raako them
J Tl T , W .
bcdif clean eewunts klhd and at-
tontivc, , Stop there. , ' ,
. . . . vl !(;
t'ii . -.'' ,. , ' iZfoibll ,
If reported that -the storm of
. v..i.i.v.v;.t.'l,.V -A a
iKrt . , . , . 5 , u ,
, . n,C J , , ' U,ir rl
flwl, A number, of brldges on the
Columbus. & Hocking , Valley ;.Jtall
riincqundor ("oitd "were alsotesirbvcd! 1 w 1 " "
. AkHeb llglit m ,lfl' iVon.f
fiHfti''EVl fIV.cory OvOr,",'; Uie 4tli',
"WWl'td" 'sevpral ; knock
fl6wnt)Tra4...tliA, ,cry vwai, aiyong
nur: cltloUH, whorq Is tho Marshal?
county, fs attondlng .'(rftmnt.lv f
calls fh hisli-.aof bll8llle8 v .
.att.'l'lNi.'sl." -I '., ''j!
iuiiusi in-, uiu viciuuy i
On lira iM til liltf. At Hit lninlnli k'i ((.ntlm
lliO CI111rr.l1. lu l.oitaii, by tlio Uov. I. C. I all
a b '11 . f . 1 1 ...m f i.,. n.,..i
w. nun. iiHWiM uiruii, emuirm inn im
iiiK StHtinat, lOKn, O,. nml Mittn Anulu M
ik pinilHL'S US BUll.T, tllllb
v "One ii piir.ijtu jivV fc JJ
Wciiry ol'lll'o, .
ltuiflily Imimrlwiiito
Tiikon (i wife."
'I' ' I ,' -1 y I 1 I' i ! 4 - M
(ii V1CX ANDKEWS. Tnemiav evenluit,
.lunu 17. 1KI-1. at 8 o'clock, at tlietliiiivliof tlie
(IihmI Sliuiliunl, on Uuhhi'II 8 1 root, Columbus,
()., Uov. I,'. N. Ktiimn ollluiatln;, Mr Jimeph
n. is. i.iveii iihii Allan Jooinntio i Aiuimwi,
(lauirlitur oCUtin. S. W. Andrew, nil of Co
mmon!. . j .. '
T,ovo' vonnir dromn fleur ftilllllinont liath.
When Willi warm liortn And olftsiicd liuiids
Two aniiM uciflu IIIc'h llow'ry imtli
To tread: clniuuil with (foldon bunds
Tluit imnglit but Offttli should rcml la twain
(in iiuavun to uejoiiionaniuni
Wlillo liuroon earth, may iildun gy
lu uulou awuot hold nuth your Uvea.
Special Notices. ''!
To Knnaat and Colorado I During the
Hummer teason of 1878, the Missouri ' J'ftclflc
Kallroad will soil KxcuriUm Tickota from St.
Ix)iili to Denver aniVrttiirn, at very lowtatea
of fiuo, and a rare opportunity Iq thereby of
forud, for lover of nniure to viow the beau
tic of Colorado nud enjoy the (k-llghtful
Hcciiui-y and heiilth-iiisplrl'ug vliuiate of the
fsrlii or tlio Hooky-Mountain. -.
Kuuitas, with it broad od fertllo plain n, In
directly on the route, togetliur with, all the
other Western State and Territories: Is ronch
cil liy tlio Mlssiiiirl l'aeillo HitilroHd and- It
coiiiiuctlons, Tho 'I'iiu imnneisiiut.'thif
road I now i-iinllil, and iuguin are
ollereil. a llrirt-Hsh-ulbittll route itom Ut
i.iiiiik to loxH. oitiii'r over tnu Alisnotiri,
KanenH A Tesa H.ll. vlaSuttalia, or ovor the
Atlantic. A-1'iuiille -It-lcti. Vlnluw. For
nmM, time tubluv, liiformutiou a to rate,
route, to., -wo iiitiur oiir.raaui.i' to .)..
'l'iioui(niii.Soutlit'i n l'ast'iirur Aeent, Clint
taiiilOifli, Teiin.. or K. A. Kiird.ti'uVl l'asH-
K-i- Axudt, at, Iani, Al,' giiostlon will be
ciioumiiiy umi piouiiy uu.woroii, i-iy
JfoR Loss . of, .AeruTiT.it), Xlysjicnsja,, liidl-
Koslion, Depression 6f Spirits end General
Debility, iuj'thuiy yariou1 !jrorhia FkbIio
raoaroBAntn IMxiatv.(i:X(UATii'iud by
CiSH'KIl H43ARD & Co.(NewIark, and told
by ulf drugulBu, is ho bust tunic, Ae a stlm
ulent touio for pntloute rccovurlng from fever
or other sickness, it has no equal. If taken
duriiifr tlie season t prevents levo
and otlior'lnfonilltteiit fovCrs; '
Emigration "T'lifnln. Cheap Farms in
South-west Missouri. The Atlantis & Pacific
Haili oad Company.offoi'A 1,300,000 acres 'of laud
in Central and South-west Missourj, at from f'S
to 1S per acre, on evei) "years' time, With free
transportation from &.Iau1. to llpur'ch'av
erv C'llioftto, )ll, linbor, 'mineral wealth
schools i-huri-hea. and lftw-ahlillnor sor,loftn.
viteumigrauU fjpiii all point to .thls-iu'lof
fruits and flotfor. FVw Aart(cnlar addnwA,
Ti'dlt, Land CommbiaKiiiei'St.'Uml; Mo.-t-ly
- - ,t i ... . i..i. I,.. a .1 ( ..l:. .
!A ' ' -T. j FiTCSBpBOK.'Ma'rch, i'si.'
We have used lilrge quauUties ofSeymer
Bftiiniiio, Co. 'a , BIcUyfurt) WJjlte ead,
and liavo alway fouudJtunifojuiiy.andlueiy
grotind, . very waitp-aud of ,,excollent body,
I(s purity wo hi(yntver (iiielH,pvd tra
met jriwKtk
It purity wo hnyentver qi
cheeW-bllyreiKiniiii it.
j ikrniH
A CAKO. A Clorj;j uiuu. while residing in
South America, a Miftlonary, discovered a
safe aud simple rpippdy fqr.thp eue pfuiev.
on weakness, early decii,l(elMb Tp the
urinary and seminal organ, and the whole
tiulu'of dltardursbjrought on by baneful and
vlu'uiia habit. Great iiumbori have been
i-iirnl by this noble remedy promiptei by f
desire to iie'neflttbe aOlfctod and unfortunate,'
I will send the recelptforprepariugaui using
till medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one
vli uiiids It, Frit of Ohargtl . . Adilreig. ' : .
: i. ..r. .-: JOSKP1I T; INMArf-.r r
Station n, Bible llouiorS. Y. City.
March 1. Iin3-v7.iil0.
To the 8un'c(ig.Tue Itev. Win. It Nor
ton, while residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered in that land of medicines a remedy
for Coustiiiiptinn, Scrofula, Sore Throat,
ConqtyiiUpku, iAsthmai, -apd. Norton (Weak
iies. "lias roinedy liai' cured niyielf aftor all
other medloliieshadialled.'- .'.i i .
Wishing to benefit the sufTorliig f will send
tlievqdpe for preparing flnuljng tills rem
edy, to all wlm Uusn-e it, Free of Charge. 1 ; 1
Flcase cnd lin cuvelopci with' your' name
luiil address op It. Addrosi,' ' " , ."
. j.; . nev, nil, fi. -huk'IVS, .
. luBipadyay. J(irt'e.Uty.
March 19, 18T8-v7,nlO; . v : : - I
For Fine rei-mmary, go -to BlBvon's Drug
Store.' . . ' .'" :,'
The llest Vlaeo. Tho choicest lbt of Gro
ceries, Quoenaware,' .Glassware, Motion, Ac,
paa be had at Davis Duucau'i 6tero, in Zo
leskl, at all times.' ' ' ' . " " . .
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description- taken In exchange, for goods, at
Ids store,, id conuectlan with bin s(ore he has
biulille and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything lu that Hue cm lqrt notlco and at
low tlltrp,
. ,.; :j . -!rl .trra i.:..n::V
five Hundred ThoiigMd.-SOO.OOO bpttleaj
oiurucno' AVSV' flower navo been sold in
till Stata u tln-ee nionthso Weonjy ask yon
to go to the drog stores of uningbrSlsson
McArthur, Ohio, and getabottloro of chary
or a regulr site tt TO cewt(, Every bottlp
warranto4 to euro Dypoplal or Mvercomj.
plaint. Hick headache, Costlvene, IlearU
burn, WKterbrash, Sonrgtumatht Indigostion
Impiira Blood, and all disease caused by Im
Tfjr It,
Culumbus, Ohio.
t ,o.i.t
, f
rining iu tnat line qn il(qrt notice; and at
ifllirnms nirand ann lilm ' I t i " (
'"SUre". fcffamMPeWnt.. V''. blood
Pure Druirs and MoilltiW -1 in mJ 1y
, " ",.!lt, "n.a. S'3.jW..f?.si:-
I. . la
ii v Ai'WM U 1M Mint.fl90 vausvu U Jilt- I W
lca.V or Uerapjra.1, 6toiu.cH,na Llvtr '
t. " G. Q. GKKEN,Trt.PfietbV ' " ,
t v
toh .la.-.rf.i.'-.
j ... i j ,ii,k. i u int
re at TNmjfltirars f
-i.' I .: : -.o m luK Kid il
.. 'i ,. i. A.: l;i..ut U1I.J -..I . h-lil 41,
wewiu'Give As
.. . u. ii i .' . ; .-' -1 14.1.1.
I: KM-. .ii J. ii
0? JRYEAAjji joAcaj
'- fji I i,i,l i 1 ll,.i JUf,l l"'
.1. il . ..I ,v.k4 ,t. I
Or, an extra conv o( TM1! hiAhYPmH;. t:.
i It
i :'i A i" rifci4 ml K
1.804 iragea,. ,;ti..6O0' IUuBtra-i
well tionniV, a,,fl onntaln a large mnonnt nf
irini ,i, ronroiniiig an tne grea liKiint
ylesof or.reonntry, Hend tlio iiamo. .. t,
Addrol,;- t ,i I '.."'.,",7.',,;;A", i ,.,', ,
' Pub.EiuulrerTMeArthur,fi
JOB rUTHTrNfl of every rlrtcriutlfnS irici
iy aud promptly executed at this otlloa.
,! i
Now Advrtisohicnts.
illnuik "iinit' ttftrtditunl' t i ur
A ijn in all iji liiiiin--our Ague
Mniii iiu', liroKH rvcr. "
1 Iiiu '.( l'l UM Ij o.i ivHIk avMuv
tl 't fi.ies liy.i'niueliii itguu I'Wrttiifln
i(t- libfud, ii ml inn -Kiiiir -it nut (' iSc mvhIiiii.
rilVJM ViVii. IIAMIT.TOK Si '0-., IN-
1 O SA.Ml'IdOrtsent.ljyiBuU ior SO,'..; tRit re.
J tail .jiii. L tor It, f- WOIiOtrUT, 1H1
Cliatlinm :jiimre, Now Ynf kjf '.A 4w
V .Mil .
ri:J. J J - .
A larir book, full of gnoi thinR, valuable Hereta,
nd iuiiiortant hiformation, ratilea for two tamp(.
x.t s uu., bixin Ave., New York.
.til l.aill'J liLHCVl H.I.-1 o-,.,.b
teed. l!eiii'e.talile employment at home, day
m-evoiilii;; no capital requirodi fU iiistruo
tioua and valuable package of goods sunt froe
:..Ay,;i!1'. with sixcent return stamp,
ii, yoUNU A Co., 173 Uieenwlcli St., N, Y.
. 4w
2 Brilliant -Book -for Canvaiisrs
and .Suliwinmil Brvant'eLUuI 7Ri.t?u .El
Song, and Miss Beeeher's New lionsekcoper'a
.""m uuu lar. exclu
sive Territory. Ilhoml terms. ,J. n. FOillj
w v. ... ... . , "--.y., vmmjju nuu oau x rait
CIBUV. '.. . . ..At 1
M FoWLEa's 's?.EiT";woiii:,
On Manhood, Womanhood, and ttinlr If ntnal Tntnr.
au-i lielatlowi Love, It Laws. Powsr. etai , '
'nguiiH-ar wiiiug room KU to30 copies of
... HI..V, 7iuii ivuseni a canvassing
book frcei ef cuurgu to any beok agent . Ad
dress.. HwtlHg exporienoo, etc.,- ii AT10NA L
I'irKIIStUS'i; UKtl'lillikdelpliiSi Va UkUa.
KUf-tHirnr si. iiuiii, aio.... ,..mw
.... ..i .. ,i , .,1. n. ,, , .
Negileii t a Ont-ht 'ilnjr-4miiip'ortalii
to lay Hie KiiiiulaMon'-l'of future evil )iiko-
one nc.Lff. v
:-"n-lir ilnj.4miii
fOiiiulaMon -l'of future e
'- , .... t.v .
WEti,s "CAiiBonc Tablets
aie asiiru'c'iii-o forallillsScrttiVs oftllb'fept'ra-'
.r; .wtruiwr. MID Jin-ljilf,, "Colds, .'Croup,
Diphtheria, Asthma, Calnri-h,nTohii:Iioi,Dry.
liens of tin) throat. tfliiiTlilnn- m. -liv,ii,.i,IV,1
i K " "t1 "isseqi Uio I.UUSi ; ,
In iill rnsesof sudiloii cold,' however taken,
.tuuw iauiets Biiouui oc proiniiiiv and freely
iiBed. ., They equalize the circulation of the
uiouii. nireignie mo severity or the attack, an
will, in a very short timer restore healthy no
tion to the alfeoted orn-iim. ' -
can't bo had ntyour druggist's, send at once
to-the aient In 1
them by vetnrrt, mnil. '
. o
York, who will forward
liou't Ul lllituilUj 111-linll (i,,,J -..
ol(ii"rir;ttit??':' ShjItre Jflei a box.
Send for .(Jlreulur. "..Suln oi.otit it,,i,.,i
.W..,.,.h.l.RIF,;..f fta r',M aV
iM.tniiM(i'i "lo i.iii .i t::l ,
i,AgenU',-:vYN Wanted fo
D'fssectcd, analyst an'dljiorfrayeil'M real nion
and women, lust lik-Kulniii un,l S; ,..:. r
vf .""M. HfiX-J Krlg.Ii.lacyf Mnauig aud
dVliulaiviiuMiKe a Noyef. Reiid for cir
ufoiv SfTfcJ.IJk ,Mc(uit,DY, 180, riVest
. ,,j i.-,,. luinviiirtiirmi. nit I 11 IPtyi
f ASK.YuCTH fifuilt.lklifel'lill Fp ft IT.
MTrttoLurjuU'Vrati)l I'lireLlsf. Ad-
'- 't'; i .!,c) tiWH- y.r
iMATUrCTrBU " .' W CJt
Tilfl'i-ll-tiiliillnff m)i
Phot Guns. H to 1150. Single guns f 1 to J'M. Hi
Jqs to fir,, i Ie.volvers&to.fi; ..l'iHlolsfl to
Gun Maloiial, Fish!nr 'ai'klo. J.aiW
discouut to,leiile"isorits. AnnYHuns. Ito-
VoJver. &.. Iil.nirl.h in. I.iiiiIhiI 1W1
uy exprcs u. o, u,
paid lor.,, i.. . ...
te lie exumlnpil before
Fna T t nH A cri I A imA t...
TXTmrri .. nTTtMTxrf
- -U - - '-
Wlllull I'.Otllhltl'n j nil t.hA ol1rn1.l,ru
choiift Vnrks, ana Is as effectual a remedy n
Sulphate of Quinine, wlillo ,it i. uiueh
cheaper and more palatable. y B&y-Send
stamp lor desiy-iptivo circular Willi ibrinul!
tiuionlals lroiu I'lij-sieiansnUoverlhotountrv,
rtvn ,i -.v.'..; -.
Piihixii i.u nrr f Tr,--j -nv-i
I l,l.rtl - iX KM.,
PIlAWllttta Qlluuteu.kli .i T.o' I UI..I...I., . f. '
. ., h, wna. ... muiiUlO VO.,
iMnuint miwBituiiusctl. ..... ,
Jtepreseutad in Now York by 8; II. Austin,
John V. Henry's, No. 8 College Plnco.'; v",
Tt) tilt MOST P0 TKHViri; CI.HANSKIt. 9t.lf nrrth.
cner'nnd remover of Glandular fllinli-iintinns
known to Mirtirin ynllctf. . ' '-. y
BHKClil.LV AIAPTIcn-t tonatltutiOll
''worn down" and debilltiHed itf the warm
''worn uown" ami tieuintirieir iy tne warm
Weatlier oT Hpring ind 'fjuiK'tluri: Tfln the
Is :not in u.tlvo circulation, consequent
'or ?tl'ering lillinirillo frqin Inggl8liilcHS nud
lmpertut:t Hitloilof the se.-itivu organs, and
mniiltiiNti il liv 'i'ninnrs. Uniiilloiii. llliiiMii'j.
manifested bv Tumors. Kriuitlons. Jllotches.
Jtolls, Pustnlos, Scmfulu, Ac. " "
"WnicN WSAKY ANniANfllnnhwrn overwork,
nnddiilluc..drowitiessniid lncrtlit tuko the
of iwi KJ nud ilgiu',.'the.,systeni need
i psto w uuiiii it uiii ana help tlio v'tal
FoVee tb regain their rccuvovntlvo poer." -1
In the hkat of SomJiJii. i'i-on',.rir'n.
und Hpleeu do not iror;oiy perforin
iuuuHoii inio uwe and Utnvv4iiw,
aru iiiaetivo, irouv.clng weakni-s of the
Htomneh nud lntef',ue UJ- a predisposition
billions Uer-jimtnt.- w
W U 111 111 ix
M "A ' f assw J nu BW fP" B gt
nViu'tiii iubkotW iVom 'the Sm)riC'
MERrCAN PI, A NT, and Is nccnllurty sultodli
nil tliesndlllleiilLlns it will idniiiiuu lJu, V I M
WAl'liU) lliiOOD, strengthen the
vino i'uv Kits, iui hkhidvk Abhou
STBCCTtOiil IVoui iUUPAIltKD AND. iif-FKliJt,KIKrgaii.-i
u-. .. . . . i. V
s)iioviii iy vuKtxv taikn, as Jurulieba
piun.'iiiieoil Hr nieillcnl writer the nioftef
lleientH'C Ul FI fill, TON KJ and DICDU'i'SKIJ
KNT known hi the whole tango oMiiwlielnal
Is." -"' ,v
JOHN (K BLIiraa, t PlBtt St, N w York
totateV 8','t'' 0-,!?W "f tli6 Vnl"
I'ric ti pofiliotiJi),"; Scud foV Circular
New Avertisotrients,
Musiq ! xMusio ! !
. i . 1 .
" -v - - '
..li.a i.i 14 j ' ' -' i ...( i:.ii
u ....i i .'u.., .iu . ..4 iw .lv
I v, -,.."( wj .1 il.i.-:
HTKIN (V A Y'd'Planos, aeknowloilifeil tmri-
r..f Ju.ir.jtui i.J'i .-.:f:i
J. F. HA UltiH & CO'S., Piaiin. positively,
best uiudiuu) priced lilanos uii'do. . 1
ACV CA BjllrV;jiy.J ryitehi'
t'.SMiTH'H AfiiiA-nrti)i-f iriM-,th.ionly hiMrn-Bient-UKwl
h.Mr. Philip rtifillp. In liiseMg
H.J,nign.(ic,VHlW.t;(:5-,:1'i i'iW".; ;
'SpAO'SOrjr ins. ii!luiitnd rW'i1r prlJ
..W l,",u t'i!,'; '.',;4T:j
CBiiiwi.fOKUMbrg.iin,' : :';,T, ,'s.
v.oou;aoaftns., ., .
tV m'oflerliiir l1ialMViUuiai4ienUtul
to llllevn per cont, ,-, ik,i; il-wrtu j
, in i ,nr--: ,1 Ii '. n,.u.'.' "'Ii
i-u-LqwKii for Cash, "lL
TllititlicVrsi'i ln(!i)iin:liiwiiil t'lsnwlww. (
see ti at our (vsl.li'neo, liv a.in-.r. by
lultU. - W l,lIAkANiruMATIFIl'AC'no.H.
.H.cl.r.iA M R BARN ICR, Agent.
July 9, ltfT3-8m. McArthur, O.
Willi IlJiJMOVA.L7:
' (i!iu: 'i j
1.1 ti
, . - - . -x rom ; iucArtnnr to II nmden, ; ,
ptMmt, ag'Hatetl, but the, excitement y'e'lliis W'not' liaif; "so
great as the announcement that '
..i. tsyfi-A
- 'I J ..'. , ' .
: ir...v 'I
"-TJ .
' .1.
1 y.i ;iO i"
Tolxrx X'V. "7VIioo2s:'o '
. . - 1 . .
.' 1 u i- .u,.,,i ii ,. i -; u. .1
entire stock of
;tl A.'i-
''; . is being offered ,' . '
i Yithin0 a ; Fractibii of, Cost
i--;.r ,,. i 1 1 , 1 . . . , ' - 11 ! : 1 ! . .....
Iu orejAo run - It 'off in" the ' nerfc; sixiy 'dayato' make" looni
lor an lAlMENSE STOCK, toehed in September.;
j.-lo; - tin; fi
ii t rJJ,.,M A ''.'I
'i.ii't, iii J.ijiii
J .l.i t.- J ar.ifM ,'
.1 .( ji Ij
-AND i' -i
:o.uso J31 urnisiVinff"!fi-nnH !
v.:' :
... . .ii iJj.-.; . -'J r.i.
TWo- Doors East of the Post-Offlce.
-:. i - -',"-.- 1 - 1
il.!.S j.
. Be suTe toicall,6n -'mo before vou Anrehnsa' ekAwhnW" t m ' Wlclnr.
a siWBialty of STOVES AND TINWAWKi irr.il . U '1-lnrl f.Tim.TSR
Ir uyUL,s- -1 offer gobd tonrfeaioB inAJ:
..'..ijij I.
aSU IiiJJSj.;
.A ...
stock of this'clasrorotods,' and put ny capital into; the; "STOVE AND
TIN TRADE. Come late. come early, come any time.' and vou, will find
jne nt; thb Stoi-ereadyl to'givd bargain. will positively; sell Low
FOR .CaSII 0JX!dUtTRY, PltODUCE.' " ' -A r. . t' I , '!:. ',',.
'yl; ',:'''''' .'..'l'i';'-''.'. in ' t , 'Wm ' .r a.'. .' , 1 j; :l ( 1 1 V . i. h
! . jCBrinVjour old 'Stove and tradlcf'it 'tot aTfEVV. ONli1 .hilo .at
tlio .Jfosf-Offlcc step n and see what I havei Shall be glad td sqe evcry:
body.'-' -Li,. i,-... .... , i'S' jSrilUHN.f
Ant 1 : for" the Champion; Mower ; .;and-Eeapef.:
Jiinff llth-tf.'.J '
vj :i
ij ..ii-o i i
if , !
, , T.. V T, in. "77 w. r jut. v v WHW la-'
t- i.'i, --r nt a- . h. ' .!', .,.4, -.. rt , ',,(... - -4 . . , , I
I still at MRS. DOLAN'S OLD STAND, on'ftecand fltreet, Zaloskl, O., With ft hnge
.'. '' "l'l t'-',"i i' ".'slid woU selected tooi' of bran, evr.r i" , .;:...
The took is at present large and better Msbrted than at an preWou l'in. Eyers can
.. . -. rely upon ilndlng the latest and newest thing out... .
'4l !,'' .'" -'i--,':T''"'?;':"; ! ; ' '.
v ix a u: st ,i, o ir jvi.
Cut In the yory ltet, style aud made up of good .'tuarlsAlsVu'btjrsoldiatr' sntall
J j )tr - ui 1 1 ajiivauco flUUVB von.
I M l.i' ;-i -. I .if
Ul ihnii Pi; n ri fl:M l inninr nrihH n
lim u u 11 o ! fl 11 U 111 1 111 U fi 1 1 II MM
The display Includes every novelty In shade and s'tylb, wbichworo carefully selected by
' .-a. Jirr Mkllor for this trad' ' -
'In offwlnif' tiilsStobic 6r Qoodi to tlio ptiWlo I Un V RS8andshal'l eoifforra'40' the
hMbrlB - - - m- 'If' . P tU s !! lve e ery PBShBrOhctheT
I , , T' .' T " " " ' "V 1 ' "1 1 JJs ... 1 'iv---..-i t-j -i 1 '. .-.
tho .woih of.Tiis ot hoi money, pmr',- .nJ loo UliJ Ko uinl'so'pds MleeJofl frort ft a'rgi
'."J,''' ' '' "''' ' ' ''' y'tJ''4t the lowest prices going. , . ,
oJr ,m ry pr0'U,'f :.MW'ken cbuft w ao,, the hlgieg prices; al,
jiHMtf.:.'V.-w '.;t..'.r i"'';-;;';.' : ; ;'i:;".A:i J..-A. MKIQJl.-
., 1 i-
1 --"A -,
i i i
w .!.. ..-j.l :. ;. ,
;...!.,:; J J ,-f.
-:ui.-':i ' ;
D. II.
5fi V;est Fourth Sfrcet, ':
1' h .J .1 , ; ..;M"
;iAn Ajj.wi
1, -1.:
4 --! if I- (V-J-.
,llr-ciV n -:Wi 1 i.dtt a -i
11. - J - l -: i.:.i
IV l 1
r -nTrTiT, -rvnftrriTTTvneil ffPTTTTJ A rnrn t)T A UTrtCJ :. '
I Kl ; K r, rt rirtUlUCjIiO' , UXiJjJjUIkillijL AAXlllUOit . t
Incomparable in WorktPAftship; Matchless, iu Tone
.'.'... ( f. -i. -
. i i;,i.-r iu i
ii .i r i w.,
iLv;!:, i
(P4yprit Valley Gem Pianos l
"iTii: only popular medium-priced Piano; " "
'II 9 ,'
i-- ,ii j
:-: '''"' v-'v'f 'r?' .- ; v ! well and thoroughly inde,
viTOj other Standard 1'iANOs.
1 I
' ? f ;4 '! l:)TA i') ' '!"'' -' i
-...A.A.Aa.v.t .i,m rTTrTjj.
l . .--.lf.. i W''l 1 !'.. I I.
.. " - II 1) -i -..i'. ,1 .i.
- ' -t 'I
..il i.:-i I I.,
Of all 'Styles- "aiicl " prices. JSeconUand., sBJs'liWm
I. V-i .:'.'.''..''..;; V. .' ..-', i- ,'f'V4""'.' ''twu.ti
u..ti3n Prices for.'Cush, Easy pavrnfiaifor.-watAil.
rent wilt pay for thorn. Bend rpr.ciitJljoT
I , fT,K,IIULiqii3ur traveling jAgent fojV?":,;'
fiiWsa,. MiAjihup r,r':i;i?i xtiJJi i-"- '"' I '
MARRIED. Railroad.
pptV l,Wf ""wcr-
I in nnvnnce of nl) uni)etllors. It is tha
only lino miming through uaiw to the Wt..'
OinnlhiM trainfor, ferriaie, all change nntl
delay avoided by running TllUI.Jc Sl'tC..
.lU-a,,AlY,. LINKS of TlillOUOU
(JlJilEd, Aa lollow: ...t :.,,. 4.. I
jUUOc Kor a)J pQhitt (n i ,,'.
owa,Nebraska and California.'
' l'J . "li-'A... , 1 .1 -, 1 . ... : , .!-...
The Through Coach loaves Cincinnati at 9s
r. m., in uunaiKii at Si 45 . u.t running .
through Bloomington, 1'eorlii. .tialoshurir.
Jturlliigton, Ottmnwa and Crcstoni an-lTinr nt
OM AifA at 10:00 A, M.. NEXT DAY, houri in
advanoe of any oilier rente, makiug but one -
i! 'U;
. f
I ' (::;. ...7 77 Z7 , l .i J
Get your ticket via Indlnnanollsand Peurla
, ' '"-I' '0a .,;.... .;it
, v ; "or all pointaln i .; r,,
Kansas, Colorado and the Bouthweat,
The Through Coach leave Cincinnati at a: Of
no it
P. . St.,
through Uanville. Decatur, Jacksonritle and
F. W., UAV, hours in advance of
!V,1?.,,V5"xnM,kl"50,'ton!fhnnKeofcarsC i
andQuin'c tifkeM vUk '"'""nniUl. UanTUU !
i ' Hock' Island-' Davenrjo'rt.''
tlio Throng toaiflt hinVits Cinelimati at 8: VtJ
r. ii., Inilianupolis . at B: 00 u. TiiuiUny
through liloomington, Pooriaand Oalva,
IVSMV0 ISLAND at 11; 85 a. u.,i
VESroiiT. nt U: 63 A. u:, next day, aiakiua I
bit t one cliaugo of ears for points iu ,. "
! l' VfOBTilEBK ILLINOIS hill IOWA. t'. i''
Cot your ticket via liullnnniiolfs and Peoria'''
; v'r.i) y.- v.j.Ux.i ii -.-..' y;-;!
Pdlman's" Palace J Drawing-Room ;
I r'v':'1 .anasiDeteCartv-'- i ij
Itun through from Cincinnati to Peoria and
ImUauaiKillH to Burllngto)i. iZ'JZL iJ A
Travelers to-any Wen tern point cam now
take their Mitcholrt, baiidlMtxes3 aud buuillns,
Select a coinfoitnble'seat and keep it to destination.-
On -aoeoiint ef these-through d'
Convenient arranKeiii'iits,elefutciuiiimeiits
ana (iniek -time, Hi la routo is-now tksarat'
popular, thorvugiort. W tic fen tk Sat md
WetU- ' ...... :nvi ji i. . .,,uj
0 i .U PrW.SMIXn'Manaarer, ;
k.Hrniina: 111.
JNO, W. BEOWH, Crtil n.f Tt. Agt.. ,
' " ' ' ' " J riidranhiwll, Ind.-
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
OA and after November W, 178 Train will
nn Hu'rnllnu'S! - " --
d :
Jit V
6a- fi
M - E 4 t ' ' 1 It-,
i. 5 j . :(l,.'j.i-uv
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. :& :-'S
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(CWC9(Ot-tCtO, W - 00 0Q 9t
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, ... I .
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., 0 '6m i
SZI - O i9SOl
cw . te "t-aja,aoo j .1 .
.V- -N . -g-rl
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will run dally. All
other trains daily, except Hnndav
siod iMitweoijllajuUenjiiiil Ayiyns. r a-,,,,.
Portsmonth 'Braaiilu'' .'I
.. ; Uall . '. Accnromodat'
. 3:4& p. m. . , 8:1S a. m.
0:45" 11 SO A
Uopi V. aniden .
Arr, Jackson ;
Forall points on the I.lttlo Miami Hiillroad,
and at), tho Indiitnaixdi- A Clnelunati llall
10111I Junction. for all point West. '
l); . : ii, ' , 1 t-W, W. PKAOOPT.
' Buperintenduui.
W,J7I.ANK:F.1'Elt, rT .
4 Jdastorol(TinnHiiortfttlon. t-. --'1'
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Direct Route to the Capitol
and Eastward.
'.4 ,w.';.i'.i- it "J;tju--t I ,
. On and aftor IMomlay. November 10. Tralua
Will run ust'oUiiwi iiJl,-.i lis, '. 1J.UJ.
: j 1 1
.nrpnrt. .'...'
Harpers Kerry....
Wusniilirton June.
1 .-..'.' Airlvo ..,
Now York.
.. ..i.Keilsrt......
New York.. '.'.....
.. Arr vo ... .
WBttliins; ton June1,
Harper's ferry..
I'arkursuurg . ....
an'nati Tatt .
Krprm Lint
i .. ,. '
OKI Am t40Pm
il HA Fin SHHAm
0 03 f Bftl "
, 8WI tt
B M - i4lf
10 (HI , 10 W) "
85 Am 1 MPm
iiarJVm lab a iu
12W Am 11 45 Fill
a 41V I'm -8)-
. IJW..." tAm
. 810 4 85 "
. 1S00 Pm 9 M M
, a 00 ' , 10! ,'
, A "
i. i.
144 AM
1 1 I'm
4 44
tOS '
t DO Pin
4 00 Am
aw .
Pullmas Pilaos Drawitif Boom Bletpini Cars.
and nhiHist CiiuhI to a flre-siilc, are ou all
Which are a comfortable, elcu-antly furnished
trains from tluclnnatl to llnltlinorv aud
Wacliinirlon. Hee Hclu-iUile of lliiuimiHtt nuif
ttarititta Itailitiail for time of arrlvliinaud la
pnvtlng fropi MnArtliui'. .i. , 4 ! ;
, '4 nu H.lYlllintfen ui huh runic ovor nnoillfliri
In, -that ilKlsall tinVuloii hnUUuK tluiumll
liiknlii ,llm nrivileue of vlaltiuir l.nll,uu,,m
l-Hilliiduiliiilai and tbSatiiuiil.-l apit.J fre, '
Time ipui'ker ami rauwoiiuro luwur limn
bv another route. . ,' . j
'The si-uuKiy alog..llili T'lillway is not
eipmllnd.ior Kiauiloiiroii this Continent.
'j ' to 'iiitrpeixa ' vr-rnktout.
' 'This It nn, otter" vtilHRrlnr 4iiAiioniitiitsi aha
rates U'Imk one. IJiltil lower lo and fmui I'.os.
I, m, New York, tir any illir eastAru pih,t.
In iinloiliiji (rlsof any (li-soilpiloii frum (lis
f'.imt. rrp iHieetlnii to Milp ri- l;.ltnii.ir 4
llilo U. K.. nuil liiuliliiiiiK'Kiit five samu ,).
i wlhuis.- Ki-el-'hlii liiiiint l,y lino rniuu ll
hiiwil.'spnteK nud lm liamlluil IUi, i itffj, jud
wave hlpie r aui'lrmiit.v, v . - i
"rJ. I.. Oi-m KiHSin A'U f. 11,1 ,,
Oen. Pas. Ag-'U.CIm u.i.u .i,

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