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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 16, 1873, Image 4

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Let Her Drive.
mxr wmwm the
1 'A'J: :'? ii'Vi!9U0iKti' -oniuatinff
th6ermon-.fromr.thatv passage.
ft'iW .-a', preached' who was
.!yo'w&,i tongue y arid eccentric.
He was wondeVfuUy popular for
awuue, ana no nlace could hold
..tu uupie wneane - preacuea.
; Ilioiode of taking. ;upircollec
f,ttibh3Vs;.jpWiaJJfcror the
E ,'plafdyWiti startM-ort Ita rounds
-'it Was broughnnliUhe pulpit
It waili ,p.asfesipractice to
;,CWU9. to his fect,siiake;Out his
wallet, lay a bill on the plate,
.VU 0 Jfc-itCa J If .which
... said: "I would, like to . see the
") ..'linil. 1 ' r .
man wno
would' "do jessv than
"thafiTTho boyS;'8aid':tbe bill
was taken back ; ill; they vestry.
One hot Sunday night the pas
tor came into his pulpit dressed
in whiter-white;.; -Vest and
H pants, with a red neck-tie fas
M'tened toiis rcoIIaK'tUfler, the
,:p.r?lftninary' exercises,' he ' rose,
threw ' his coat'VaW, ''put his
thuhifcs Iri the afnhples of , his
vesl;"and gazed steadily at his
ig.congreation (or ajminute; or two
amid" profound silence. "Let
her drive'," said tne, pastor. He
'''then1 waited a - moment, and
then repeated, "Let ter-' drive."
b;;;Lowe,ring his1 voiQe;' he said :
jeYfiTl Will finrl Kr4nvf' fn A nla
'xxvii. l5." "At the close of the
service & plain-IcEbkihg man ad
dressed another; "mnr. "Can
you tell me who this man is that
preacied r to-day t "Oh that
fcrsf-6uaf pastor f CfWniv. com.
pliments-tQinjiram from
. tho West, and am coins to Bos
'6ia. " 1 shall be back next week,
and he -would oblige" me "very
much. if he would preach next
Sunday ; night rom the text,
New York Correspondence
Boston Journal.
i.-''AWAOTERiNa showman m In
?tdiana"' found " the - ugliest and
? most misshapen man he ever
gsaw,' and engaged him for a go-r-'rilla
in his show, "said gorilla to
look as much uglier than na
jj ture-made him as- possible, and
keep his mouth y shut, and re
'poive his board and $25 a week
i'.pto bis paw paid. He agreed
tu ucuymo a uumD Deast ror
these tempting considerations,
ana maae a great Biiocess m
s playing- gorilla ; in ; looks . and
; manners ana gorilla repulsive-
- ' 11 mt m -!
s jieas geuerany. , riie snowman
r'eyentually made'a pilgrimage
to Chicago with his fat woman
rand emaciated man,' and an ed-
b cated pig or snake or two. The
i Chicagoans believed in the go
Tilla and wanted him to settle
among ; them. He might have
: : made a big speculation if lie
1iad lonly known-! jL'Chicagd
".would have come down hand
: somely for such a citizen,' if he
ifcad consented ta hooome civil
" lzed.'.But the poor gorilla went
to the Mayor,, the other day,
and told him "all about l it, and
complained that he wan' nAm.i-
- starved, and thatf th
"Tiad" never r.J rf. f
'Ms'w-.::;;': C'j:: -V : Ai snowman
u.- '": .ta him a cent, of
iges' for mlMng 'a beast of
''"himself. , Tjko some .other mon
keys,, he could not . keep his
mouth shut, and if he don't get
! .'outof Chicago very soon he will
have to go work again with a
, hoo,' or some other industrial
implement. '.' ", J
.Society, r is.) commonly . too
cheap. We meet at very short
''intervals,' not' haying had time
to acquire a new value to each
. :.' i : other.iWe meet at meals three
times a day, and give each
' "other a taste of that old musty
- cheese that we are. We have
.- had to agree on a certain set of
rules, called etiquette and po-
Jiteness,' to make the frequent
iieeting tolerable, and that we
" need not come to open war.
m't 77' D. Thcireaut .;';i'V .
Uxcle Sav,' -Bays the St Louis
w-i Democrat, will issue
u. 1 1L, . ... J
new silver
dollar list as soon as he
can get
- isame silver aucL prepare his dies.
"utfirVtll roscmbld the qjd silver dol
"""krwfar as possessing the circle of
rlitk,"'lhe "AttOi-icatl buzzard, E
wTJhuSr ActuUIiB'' female who
t:: iffiilMont 'to , Blt OH tha old dollars,
,ytlflutho collar' tliltpri; ''gone from
,i!.Tt,lJljv,11'r bcai HoTb,wIU not be seen
'oirt!5"ew. ' Biifl mifj been arrested
1 ;'
"WiM'ft tho; furiners are oreani-
iwiiii.iii i,?.. " fi l.-u v.
f cure i
I'll! I i
JiiWaUXariitliajn to erpMs tueir op
fJ.lrtliVojiathi extension, of pt
fn.iOWPpUc'l to"" pay slxty-flv
tdt!f thm.tffacturerp fifteen.
Boston Journal. Things Worth Forgetting.
. How much wiser we should
be if we could remember all . the
things worth remembering that
occur day by day ptOAiud us!
And how much better we should
be if we could forgot all that is
worth forgetting, says a cotem
porary. It is almost' frightful
and altogether , humiliating , to
think how much there is in the
common . ongoing of jrjestic
and social life 'which deserves
nothing but to be at Imeft and
forever forgotten. Yet it is
equally, amazing how F l!Vrge
class who hava'-'noithbusi-ness
but to repeat and perpetu
ate these very things. 1 This is
the vocation of gossipsan or
der of society that pbl;petiates
more mischief than all the com
bined plagues of Egypt put to
gether. Blessed, is that, man
or woman who can let drop all
the bursjand Jfyistlejy instead
01 picKing mem, .up ana iasten-
ing on to the passenger. Would
we but let the1 vexing"iHid ma;
licious sayings die; how fast the
iaceratea and scandal-ridden
world would eret -healed r and
tranquilized. . Forget tliey gos
sipings f-and. bickerings, the
backings, and sueaklng'anuen
dos, and remember only . the
gleams of sunshine and poetry
that 'illuminate thenumblest
life, if we would drive away and
forget the clouds engenered by
things that would. best be for
gotten' tixiJZL '- '
Boston Journal. Things Worth Forgetting. Us Boys.
; Billy Ross, a temperauo lectur
er At Riisliville, Illinoi-'tras'proacli
Ins to the
He said :
"Now, . boys, when I ask you
question youjnust not bjrVfriifd to
speak right out and answer
When you look around and.soe . all
these fine houses, farms and cuttle,
do you ever think who'-'oWns-'them
now? Your fathcrs'-Wft them, do
they not?". , : i.ViTl)f .....
"Yes, sir," shouted; a hundred
voices. 1 - 'it-r- ,v '.
: f,. . T r., ...
"Well, where will your fathers be
twenty years from now ?" , .
"Dead!" shouted the boys.
"That's right And who wiHown
all this property then ? "
"Us boys," shouted the Mirchins.
"Right Now, tell me, did. you
ever, in going along thestreetsj no
tice the drunkards lounging fro.und
thesaloflu door3jaJtUia!jiixjoni
body to treat them?"
"Well, whero will" thcylie in
twenty years from 'nofV
; "Deadl'l exclaimed the, b
i t.
"And who will bcl.tlu! yruavds
then?' rrr..
"Us boys!", x -r r
Bill was thunderstruck, for a mo
ment, but recovering, himself, he
tried to tell the boys bow to escape
such A fate,; i v
T ;
-owaro of Counterf' r
1 r
.a A rtmtltemtu to wtaJu nrmUr proUi,
mt th mnmt mf Jab Hjmm am anek
Ail ffcra .... ttntU.ljM TW.
uuruia PUla ra infullDc In Uia mr of all thoM
fusN b4 aafnm dueuM to Mck thm fanals
onaUlutkio ka tubct. 11i modaral all Mnwrfr
Mil mu tU MitprmuHi ol Ui mmu tao oaaml
If motd, tniUauiutHia, tm 4imm. la ll mini at
XonuM sb4 Hniul ASrtiu, fulM In ths Bulk
S t Limbs, Iisti on slutil usrtion, PalplUtisn
J Um liasrt. UatsriM .nil WhlU-s, Ouif will sITsot a
ir rhi an stbar unl hm lailnl. sod althonah
rr ptfwaaliil, aoauia ootlung AurUul to ius most
ClrraUr ! Knaluh German aad Freneh around
aak bntll, giwm fall dirMUan and sdrtca.
iiuuaiim mis an aoia at most droit (tons, txit
If "ui dnuiiat eaiiBoi snpplr the oxauiHK, do not
! TMruali
mi ui aeaaftt any oonnUwUlt or boens ar
nd On lnllar to tho sola tnvmrlalAr. -luh
M mil asn4 Um lmlar to tbo aolo
.H... U (Vvtlaixlt Nlnot, N.w York. wrtb nanis
at lirOM o4Maa at which vna will flail fav Lha nlt.
sa. aad a buiila of tho ohoim Pills saonrslr and
ai l pos4 ia fUia rappors will bs tm bj rotura
aipraai. ...
OaM Oovnua. Ooum. A a-rnaiA, Baimcirrrii, 8oaa
iit, Himuhiu, Dnmmn.T Hhiuthiso, 1m
oinasT Coiisuhjptiom and Lima Dibrasm. Thr
km mo tasto of Hodioino, suit any child will Uko
Usom. TWaaaasda ban boaa raatocod to hoalth Uiai
u4 baioto doapolrott. Toatlmonr aivan in hundrails
ofaasss. AoktorUUTAN'tlA'UI.MUNin WAtKKti.
rrtra aSccataMrboK. JOBliOSUtL lYoprla.
lor. I OlUadt HUtmi, Hmw Tork.
mHAKMr an-tTwrT nijgjBt
Pntwradbr J. UARANIIIKRIC, ,
K,.IIIHuUh,l P.n. . ; '
Thoaa ollla ara klchlr noommaadNt bt tha anUr)
Modish rsoalla of Vraaw aa Uio nrj Lent remedy
jaaltoaaosof HjMnaatorrhoM, or 8minal Wnknaaai
Wl bvla
liopoaiu ta tha Urln.; Iturmi !.
Diliir. ana all uo ahartlr
uo inanir iraia ot Umm artdog
4 He ret Hablu. The r mhmm .11
fnxa Abwio aad Heerei Hablu.
otaar ramadli. fall, and han been ucl with aatonlah.
i wins brtaalaadlaa IVenoh Hijmoa durlna
Um oaat II rears. faojphM of Adrlo la Mrh boa.
w will be aoai froe to an addroas.
aalilrMe. frlee a I per
If .v. neat D email.
-y hmm rrm ail otoi
i tee, aa raoalptof arloa brsnr adrevtmed Aaent.
-'(.'A R (I. MOHKH. ft LIobtunui He., Maw Yuaav
..I. Uaaaaal Aa-exl foe AArto
1 20,000.
mluma, ror nistrmuiion among inei'e.uu
Bubtorlhen or the
ZXT Jfa.P3R.XXi, 1078.
Tha Dumber ot premium' are' alwnyi In-
ereaaea wnen tna numooroi names exceeu tut
Dumber ealmlatml upon.
We dow offer the following; ' '
1 Cash Premium of , ,
HI Cash Premliiiui of II Ou cm h
.'. 4,I0
ft) Htem-wluiUng Watchea, M each
100 Cash Premiums of I 'll each
or IU e
of in each
of 3 each
lyre Mlteellar.aoui Prom's, it to 110 each 7,J0
faking a Total of TWO THOimANO J'ro
Krery tnlaiflrlber who remits ti.W for a
year'a tuhscrliitlon will have hla name '
lured, end will lie fumlshod y rf'"' "
reoeliit, giving the date a-irnliniborto which
bit name la reglsr. ald nnmhnr Uilng
ranreaented by plicate in thedlstribtitlon.
Agents aorJunn lUuainos anil fi.watnne
i.r ,iek froe paper one year and have
their aiaaa registered at participants
participants for
' BiMeoimana ui toniun. i wbmiiii.
of Copies,
Posters. Premium
Paruohlet and Hubsorintlon Blanks tent free
to parsons aeairing insm.
.r aaas
Mel. KAN.
WsVal u .1. CUtaiu naU, Ohio.
. . . -
j 4'i ! sVAlsUM 1 J
" Medicfnes.
-f - ' ' . ' -
The mnny evliioncpa of extrHonlliinry curas
i that ftro luiy rHrtd a ellccteU (limnli
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Roaily Roliof ami I'orfoct rnritatlvo rills, In
wrilUm timtlmonlHl from all purt of Ilia
world. siirin88 in wuiulerthuinoHtuxtravURant
miriiclus of nchautiiiout l'hysk-.Imis ami
medical raen la all couutric.i pronouiiuo these
wondurful romodlea a myntory, that neither
theii-seloiKMiof analyHiaoi- rhuinical nkiUoan
exlain. True, these mediuiuvg effect tho
ntiMtiuarvoliMiseures, and reatoro the dying to
Win and relieve the most Wretched nain-suf-ferniK
victim of his tortures, In from on to
trKu minutes, and although they know some
pf the ingrediouts of 1 heir coinnoiiitioii, and Dr.
Iludway has puhlisheil their forinuln (with
huMtnironly two newly discovered roota still
biilhti'vnch.Uomiaii, tiiKlish anil American
eheiiiistsnndulinnniM-eiitUtHultcrly fail with
tlieMimeiiiHrodlcntfaiipiepiHdl liy them. The
great aueoi-ss, wliluli tht.se wourterful rmiiedies
are constantly achleviiijr, lies In tho imiat se
cret of coniblnliiK tlm iiiKrodiuiitM Ciiretlwr,
afterexereUiiiKiluocaroiu selectinir the pure
ami genuine roots.
a Cum1'. S?n.,,'.e.1'8. of M,"l'"- Chemistry as the
BKUKK KAWWAVS 11 tW are without
parallel In tho HisUiry of Medicine, for there
are some inllnnities and diseases that arc con.
sldered as incurable, uudsuru deatli. Vet the
most astounding euros liavo been made thro
these remedies of some diseases that have nev
er been known to be cured hvmodloiue.
sw:?1lilH!0N SUKO'l'l. WHITE
SWhLLlNt,, ruinora In tho Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries, bowels, Uilght's IJlseasa of the Kil
neys that have been pronounced Incurable,
Cancers, Idcers, Swellings, Stone in the Blad
der, Calculous Concretions, V leers ami Sores of
the ItOUCS. Rickets an .I.m.i.Iv, i .i,. ..
other medicines havo boeu known to Teach,
ii!'.etvn,..Ce''-,!' ,,ie SAUSAl'ARII.LIAl
".V'.X ' bJ the READY KEL1KF
l'aljy, Paralysis, lry Gaiifrouo-thut threat
ens a living death-Hlally rutting away of the
limb and flesh Diuhctes, Involunturr IIS"
charge of Water, Knngl in the jiladdur (the
Knipcror Napoleon's disease). Torturing pains
when discharging urine, RIIKU JUTISM,
HOUT, NEURALGIA each and every one of
these complaints though but a few of the
nittuy other diseases, Rudway'sSarsaparillinn
Resolvent has cured aud is dally cu ring in all
part of tho world. w- -.7.
Inouo wenl, any diacaso no matter under
what name designated, that is nourished or
ncreased by bad, impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or uolsoiiel Mood can be cured
l)r. Radway ft Co. have ncrer claimed one
huudreth part of the curative virtues for their
remedies as Is ascribed to them hy the people
who have used them; for bear. In mind, only
such diseases anil complaints as Dr. Railway,
afiorsuccossful treatment with their remedies
knew they would euro, were -enumerated in
their curative list, so that many of the oxtraor.
diimry cases that have been reported awaken
ed as much astonishment In the discovery of
Uieir remedial agents as in thoso who hal been
rescnem from death, aud made whole und
toiwm. ,
Asiuanv nersniis iliaiM-anlitml tii..!- ..vt.i-
diimry power, from the fact of their disap
pointment in the use of othwuilvertiscd reme
dies and some believed it Impossible for
simple medicines niuilo only from vegetable
substances root, herbs. c should possess
such marvelous ower. Vet they can readily
comprehend that tho aiimilti grasses of the
Hold, after undergoing the ohemicul process of
distillation desigued hy nature iu the cow and
eiiiii-ii, lumisnes us witn. nutter certninlv the
most ahiiiidunt fut, culorje or heut-makfng
bono, tissue, muscle, sinew and blootl-ninkiiig
constituents for the human bodv.
Jlut when those people who'tlrst doubt the
eiuciiey or inese remenies commence their use,
uniiu mm, iiiuvi. etuiiest uuvucuies.
"" i, n, x tt U1U1S OK ALL K1MJ8,
S'cver has atiieillidnn tnkn t,ti,muii.. l.nnn
known to have cured Tumors, either of the
IVOIIlll. UlerilS. Uvar S or ltim-n U- llm kolta
has been the sole reliunco In the hiuwlu of .
penunceii surgeons; but Jr. Kadwav'sSar
saiiarilllan settles this question. It has cured
over twenty person! of Ovarian Cysts and
i uiimu, ui, wen mb i uinors nw 4iie Jiowe s,
Ascites, and Calculous Couuretious.
v tin. i, uiiiii. jjivur. ivniiiKii-Hi n.ifiiuinti
Tumor of 19 Years Growth Cured- by
Ivadway'a Kesolveut.
BKVIKLV.-M ABB.'. JlllV 18. 1861).
I)K. lUllWlV: I lisvn IihiI ItvniMiin Tiimnr
IntbA ovarici (nd bowel. 'All the doutors
sa id the.i-e was n help for It, 1 tried every-
iiiiug uisi was rccommoiiueii, nut notiiing
bullied mo. 1 saw vour Hesnlviiiifinil rhiiiiiriil
i woniu try it, nut nail no faith In it, Ijeeause
hail suffered for IV years. I took six bottles
of the Kesolveut, one box or Railway's 1'ills,
and used two bottles of your Ready ltelief.and
there is not a sign of a tumor to he seeu or
felt, and I feel better, smarter and happier
than 1 have for IS yearn. The worst tumor
was In the left side uf the bowels, over the
groin. I write this to you for the benefit of
others. You can publish it If voit chouse.
Krom a prominent gcnllomau and resident of
Cincinnati. Ohio, for the past forty years well
known to the newsiianur uiililiHbei-a iliwim.li.
out the United StoUw; ...
AW YOUK, Oct. 11th, IfiTtt
Dk. RaDWAY Dear Sir: I am liulm-eil iiv
sense of duty to the suffering to make a brief
statement of the working of your medicine on
myself, for several yours I have been ntlliet
ed with some trouble In tho bluddor and urin
ary nrgaus, which some months ago culmina
ted in a most terribly alll let leg disease, which I
tiiu iiiivniciuiiB an miiiii was Niifljniimiif! . , .
tiirointho uretha, as also lnflB""-"
klilnuyi and bladder. n ' ' " 1 Wiric-
opiuion that my as v - i I ...uum of the
myevorgetn- - - gave-It as their
nuni-" ,a years would prevent
...g radically cured. I had tried
r nf nlivaii-iiins. and had taken a large
.inntitv of medicine, both allopathic and ho-,.,..-w.,.ii,i.,
hut iri.t im relief. 1 had read of
asUinishlng cures having been made by your
rmiieilies: und some four months ago I read a
notice In the Philadelphia Saturday Evening
l'ost of cure having be-n effected on a-)K-r-sou
wiio had long been suffering as I had been.
I went right elf and got some of eaeh-your
SarsapariUiau Resolvent, Ready Relief, and
Regulating l'llla-and comnienceii iiirmis
them. In three ilnvs I was greatly, relieved,
and now feel as well as pvc.r - i n rt .
.1. it. A Jir..?,, niriuimi i. v.
I'. l. nnns dollar ner iMittlc. bold by Drlig-
rists everywhere, and at 11 ri Hudauy't, Jfo. 8
iVurren, cor, Church 8t.. Jl. 1 f ; j,
rn.a tho n-nrat 1'sins In from 1 to 30 nilnutotl
payNOT ONE HOl.'U ftfU-'r rcailiiiK thit
advertisement need any one suuer witn pain,
t nm fni. .ion nnln. It traa the first ami
is the only 1'kin ltmiuily that tnstnutiy stops
ll..,....! tvniw.ini ii v iiiiins. N.11UVS lnnauuiia-
tions. anil cure coiiKcationa, whether of the
i.nnirs. HtoniHi'li. Bowels or other kIhihId ami
orKiuis, ly one niipllcutlon, In from one to
twuntv minutes. No matter how viiilfiit or
excruciating the pain, the Khetimiilic, Bel
rlililcn, Inllrm, Cniiiilol, Neryoiis, Nfiiriilglc
or prostrated with disease may timer,
Will afford Instant vase!
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inlliimmntlon of
llm Itlaililor. Inllanimat on of the Jlowt'ls.
Uoivatia of tha Limits, Hnre Throat. Dllll
cult ItreathinR. Palpitation of the ili ui t.llys.
tnrlcs, l-rouii, I'lptnurin, tntarrn, iiiuiiuiizb,
Ifeailaclie, 'inothai'.he, Mnirnlgla, uneiima
tlBin. IoI.Ih. Chills. Air lie (hills.
Tho application of the Heady Hollef to the
part or parte where the pain or (lllllinilty ux-
ints win anorn ease ami comrorr.
90 Ilrona in a half tunililer Water will
ill a IIIW I1IIIIUMTH, 1.111V ,jii,hi. ' 1. 1
HUnnai'h, Heartburn. Slfk IluadaohH. Dlar-
rha-a, lvscnuiry, iMiic, rvinu in tne nowois,
and all fiiLMrnnl Pains. i .
Travelers should always carry nlioUloof
Itinlwny's Heiief with them. A few drops in
wutur will nrevent alcknesa or ua ns from
rhnniro o' water. It is better than French
lirnndy or Bitters at a etliniilant.
Kaver and Ae-ue cured Tor oil cents.
There la not a remedial aaent in this world
that will cure Kerer ami Agtio, and all that
Alularious. 1)111 lone, ncarlet. J vimioIiI. lello
ami other Fevort (aided hy Itnilway'a Tills) so
quirk as Kadwajt Heady Hellvf, Ml cents per
bottle. - . .
I'erfnctly tasteless, elogaatlr roiitoil, for the
cure of all illsonli-rs nf the rltomach. I.Ivor,
Bowels, Kidney", Bladder, Nervous Diseases,
iiuaiiaciie, unsupnimn,i;ouvr.ncss, jmiiKea.
tion, liyspcpsin, Jllllousness, Bilious Kever,
lnllaminatlon of the Dowels, l'llet ami all ile
ranKninonUof the Internal V iHtera.warrantoil
to effect a positive cure, . .
PVRKLY VIUBTAKr.K. Containing no
aiemiry, Minerals, or iieiuieriousiiriiKS, ,
Brer ' '"serve the ioiiowiiib? aymptoins
ttiTtiug fnim dlseaai' of the illgnatirn ngans
i tliK"suru
I.IiwnI to the 11
inivarrl I'llna. s iilieit'Hs 01 iiii
ead, Acidity f tho Mlomanli,
Vhiispii. llearllinrii. llla.IHt for foofl. Fllll
. . 1 ... .L.HI ... ,1.. u, ...k
niws or wniaut iu nimi-.,i.
Kwiinmlng of t ''vail. Hurried anil dlflli'tili
lireathluir. rihttiirlne; at the Heart, Choking
or Biiwi'ivtlng Hensations when In u lying 1W
eurn, Oimncsaof Vision, Dots or Webs lief ore
the Hlght, Fever and Hull Pain In the Head,
licflciuni'y In Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Hkln and Kyea. Pain In the Hide, (.'host, Llmh
andHiidden Flushes uf hear, Ilurnlng In the
Flesh. A few dose of Railway' Pills will
free tho system from All . tho above disorder.
Prjoe IS Cent per Iloi.
R A f)W A Y ft CO., M Warron cor Church Mt
New York.
fTl?"-Head Falaaanil Tru".' fend on letter
stamp to Radway1 tt Co., No, I W arren, nor.
Church Ht, N. Y. Information worth thou.
ands will li nt you. i .
Ho Pertort can take theia Bitter acton)
RI to direction!, and remsin long unwell, provide
eir bones are not daitroyed by mineral poiion or olhi
neant, tud the vital organt waittd beyond tha poiq
f repair.
IlyspepiU or Indigestion. Heidnche, P
b the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Dit
liness, Soar Eructationt of tha Stomach, Bad Tait
k the Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the region
)f tha Kidneys, and a hundred oilier painful symptom!
ire the offsprings of Dfipepaia. In thete complaint
a nsa no cquai, ana one noiue win prove a Letter guat
Ultee of ita merits than a lrnrlhv ldvartiaemenl.
ror Female Compluints, in young or old
Bsmcu or aingis, at ino aawn oi womanliood. or
nini of life, these Tonic Bitters ditolav to decided
nfluenct that a marked improvement it toon percep
For Inflammatory and Chronle Rhear
oiatiam and Gout, Bilioui, Remittent and Intel
nittent r evert, uueaicj ol Uie Ulood, Uver, Kidney
uid Bladder, these Ditlert have no equal. Such Oil
laws ara caused by Vitiated Blood, which general)
iroduced by derantement of the Dicntive Oreans.
Pher ara a Mantle Fargatlve aa well ay
t a onie, poiietiing also the peculiar merit ol acua
it a powerful IKeuf in relieving CnngrMtion or Inntnl
nation of tha Liver tad Visre! organt, aad iu BUiou
Kin Diseases, Erumiun., 'Teller, Xti
kheura, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Puitulet, Boils, Cat
junclta, Ring.worrai, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
pelas, Itch, Scurfa, Diacolorationtof the Skin, Humor
lad Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or natun
ire literally dug up and carried out of the lyslera in
aiart time bv the uie of these Bitters
Grateful Thousands proclaim VmaaA Hit
rata trie most wondenui luvigorant uiat twi tuttaiue
he sinkine system. ........
(.WALKER, Prop'r. B. II. HeDOM A tD at CO.
pniRPitt ana uen. Agts., San rraociKO, vaL. 1
and cor. of Waahington and Charlton Sts,, Mew Yorlt
Patat ! m Mamfl AprtvsUCtiBielrtotait
fJXL&PPlclEaQ Married or Hiom about to.
m , 0 lprrr d iheiiatT-lalofleal
. f ,n1n ,. jieTleiaDilreUtloiitl
; : atl mmm.0m ibeMxulirLatu, wltlitbt,
m dUaov.rlts la prodnclna aud privtatiai offiprtiif,
bow (o praitrva tht eotup.tzlon, 4o.
Thlil au .ntcrtiiliiff work ofiwo hnndred and titif
fiagoi, vital nuroaraua tjtLf ravlogi, and coDiaioaTaluabls
uformaiioD for ihoM whoftrimarrled.arooDUmpUtaHar- -rial.
Bit lilt Li hook tliatoufht tobt kept neder look
and key, and bo I laid oxrUaily about th tioai.
IltoatalDi Us iirrM u4 ad-ifl of a pkysUIW
boM ropuiatton la world-vld, and ihonld M In tb prt
Taudraverervi7anal andfnmaUthroughouttbtonilr
fioM. iiUDratMiTr7iniog cm lDtiuojataviiDs -w
ratlr arttni that ii voriti knowlBi,!.!
Mailt Vai ll
iiin ! ut ur won .
a anr on IItm of DOitan. far Tlrtr
diddrulr. UutW' DUpiia4pNo. 13N.KllitaltrHl
Bt. Louli, M.
Notice to the Affllctel nl Uiifortunatt.
Veror tpplylof t th Dotoriftni qaaekt wh adrertUe t
Rubtl papera,or uilag anr , nmcditi ptrni Pr.
otli work no maltar what jour diiu 1$, or now deplor
bit jour eoudltioi.
lr Jlut i oooanlai t tlookl bona of twittrWT
roomi ; I doraod by -om f th noil eeltbrated aitdW
alprofeiaort of taUoonntr and Kurop. aad ean bB
ulled peraonalljr or by mall, on thodlieaaot mollonedl.
bliwnrka. onto and parlra,No. UN. KlgbU Lrta
IxjffWMa Uawktt nod Cbotnut, Bu LouU, U, .
test hw proved Dr.Crool
V IneofTar to have mo
'merit tliun any almlL
oreparatloii everofferad'
. . ML.:
tha public It la rloh I.I
tAe medicinal iufititioa
Tar, and onenaaled f
dlaeasea of theThro.it
E. antra, performing tl
'J? efTectuallycareaallCoai'
t-W aad Colds. H has cored
-"mniiv coses of Aatbia
,!ri3B? m . j i i
Ilraaaf- murt or lliu-l
fsravel r Kidney ell
ry Onrana, JTaandlo
or any Liter Couiplali
IthasnoeauaL '
'A la ailao is anpcriur Toeiie,
Beetorca the Appetlti
" Strentrthena the System,
Kettorea Use Wea.lt and Debilitated,
Cauaea the Pood to IMgo'
ftemovea Pyapepila and Indlrreatloi
Preveuta Blalarloua Vever
Blvea ton to your Sy atom.
And the health of th cyatei
will follow. XhereiaupriiiKri
tlon of Iron and lok itot
Wore efrectual than all other
wmon win remove from yoi
aystoin the Impure and vitiate
blood which cauaoa d iHeaao, an
atthoaametlme build up you
health and strength Itnavo
i .w run, XI - I
tyrofnlii,(eF jUa hat 1
. ea r . ..aloas Ulaeat
.s Eyeo or Jr, o
..crofnla. In any ffornt, Tet
'lter, White Swelllntr. ..
dorea. (Jleera, or Serofulon
Inflammations, you can rel
on being oured with thla prept
ration Known aa Dr.C'rook'
( oropourul ftyrnp of JPok
BuC Hhennintlatn. I"iln
In tlmbaor llonea.t'onatHo
hMtLemioan uv xmeruv
Vial or other Dolsons, are a)
cured by lt For Hypullla, o
MrpblllUe taint, uiere is uoii,
Inif equal to It. A trUI wU
prove it.
Beautify your Complexion.
Ho not nee ualnt or powder, but ret t mot
Permanent beauty by purifying yoor bloot
hla preparation of Iron and Poh Moo
tiRVAiamiiffaaniiKaiy .am ihiiumiiiwhw.
shanaoa that aallow complexlou to one c
rreshneti and health, and remove liny Urnp
UveIlaenaeeortlieHklii,liuirlea, lu
lnla,Ulotctaeaaki:ruptlona. IfyouuiH
osy oheetraana a neaiuiy coinin-iiu, uae
jrook'a tuuiiMJuaaityruDoj roiMiiujov
CASLOinviscsiir," "aoosKoisTiDv." .
t. ' AWAS.k"aaS"ASLIU;i'," .
k wuk lb. m.tme writi.T ,.s wrwi.T rHu-
1 IAI AT woaa tuain.ws), r sa.w.
tTe e UeuCVreno. ere U. k. e Wi
Awak.aasiaHAUeeii" I
.awh.l aaaUet.
talaariWn tarsliM AT OMCB
Wll. war .i.iiiii.i
. altliuaw (di"yi
ASS reel.
111 llauj
. B.I. i
t tf 'i
Jgeit Thing in the WU77 j
nitwit In and mar th A rttantii Valltvi '
.... pin fin Portion o Kantatt , j
Eloveo yearf tf4lf Seven pur cent. Inter.
t. K pur tj reilucllon to i
,;;p;;.. tevwkpmr .:.
wisp j?a TQ.t'A?":avtfl
B FiCTH alioitt this Grant 'uru-Ix)
M,'TOng Credit, and a Rebate to settlei
arlvone-fmirth: -a Rich Hull aud atulei
did ( llmatat short and ailld Winters; early
planting, anil no wintering of HIM k ; plenty
of Itaiiifall, nd Jntt at the right season; Coal,
III Ifclllll !, .IM, JHWW .. .n , ww,
HUme nndllrickan the line; heap Rale on
Lumber, coal, , pa Iftnii. ownen ny bmcii.
InUimt Ilomeateail an 4 Fre-einptlons now
a V
abundant: a flrat-clats Rail road onthellneof
a great Through lloutet Proijuctt Wl" ,V1
lor A.ana uu jmpruvaineuia, j ,
Irough SiewSut
completion of tht Itoad. "
For Ciroultra and general Information, ad"
dross , ,.,., A.M. TOIIZAI.IN.
jtauagcr i.nnii iieii t.
IkaVFor Information and Tickets apply W
.. . J. I. IIVIIN, Agent, '
il If- ll '
j 'i i .ii r I
MCAruiiir, o.
off i . " .e ami xtrouriiiiis, i.iiiii.
baa been pronounoeii
ZTm JT i apeelflofor theae
' ' B Dlalnu. ForPalnaii
.vjIIio eitU la ('jl)i oi nil yt
The New York Ledger
Instructive and entertaining at tho Lt&gtr
has beeu in the past, we hope and luteud to
make It still more instructive and entertain
ing in the future. Our experience Is greater
than heretofore, and our ambition to make
the Ltlijr the beet paper of tbe kind publish
ed in the world, is undiminished.
It Is the aim of the Ltclgtr to cultivate
taste for reading In the rising generation, aud
at the same time, by the churacter of its con
tents, to contribute constantly to their moral
anil intellectual improvement and growth.
Au epicure might aa welluuilortuketo write
Town what he would have lor dinner every
day lor twelve months to come, as for ut to
attempt, ut tills time, a catalogue of all the
good things that will be spread before the
readers ol' tho Lriiyrr iu 181S. Our old lull
soribeit will bear us wituesa that all the
iirotniscs we have ever made have alwavt
keen more than fullllled. Wo never let slip
an opportunity to obtain any really good und
desirable thing. Kxpense ami trouble never
stand in our wuy. Aud ill this respect, as it
has been in the past, so it will be In the fu
ture. The l.tdyfr particularly dovoted to tho
interests aud weli'ure of the youug. A vast
number of questions about lovers' quarrels,
t repositions of mnrringo, plans for house
eeplug, and the host means of hrightuniiig
the future of youthful married couples, are
anwored in its columns.
Una great and guiding prlnclnlo with us It
to inoulcatu the sentiment of telf-respeot aud
tvlf-rellauce, and thus to strengthen and ren
der more manly the ehnrautert which are lust
asthuilug form, to endure through all their
Vne Itiluer isaivtnys hill or 1 lie Nobody
ever coiupiulus that even a single numbor b
dull. . ......
It has the largest number ot great aud dis
tinguished writers. si
Itcnntaina the purest, sweetest and most
delightful stories, striking narratives, and
Instructive biographleal aud historical
It has the most popular and carefully pre
pared collection of scloutillo facts. .
Many of the most dietfuguished clergymen
of the country write for it. .
Ail our favorite old writers will continue to
write for the Ltilr; and we are always on
the keen look-out for anv new iletuioimumiji
of reul rising geuiua. . t i
Single copies, 3 per annum; four copies, 1U
which Is T-i50 a copy: eight conies, t'W. The
mriy n no senus us f m lor a ciun ol eignt cop
ies, (nil sent at one time.) will lie entitled to a
copy frrt. l'oHtniusters anil others who get
up clubs. In their respective towns, can alter,
wards add single conies at K.SO. Nosuhserlu.
tions taken for less period than ono Year.
Canada subscribers mustseud twentv cunts in
addition to tne subscription, to puy the Amer
ican postage. VI hen a drafter money order
can conviiniently be sent, it will bo preferred,
as it will prevent the possibility ot tho loss of
money by mall. The postage on the ItJjtr to
all parts of the country Is only twenty veutt a
year, or live cents a quarter, payable ut the
oniee wnore ine paper is ueiivereu.
J6jf" We employ no traveliug agents. Ad
dress all communications to
Corner of William and Spruoo U., Mew York
IXU TO 4 1,000,
Every subscriber to that Popular Weekly,
Onr Firesifle Friend.
Chroinos are dclivnrml at nnna. Tha .nu..
billion Will POHTI VKI.V Ink.. t,le..a
OUUCHR0M0CUTE"l8 IOxTj in0ie, in
tlte, acknowledged to be the flP es't and lioud
toinnst picture ever given wit', anv Jali. r
OUR ilRESIDE FulliNU le an elaht uairo
llluttratcd f-lly ,nditorv Tll'f it. ffifd
' .m.a tintl TtiiVf nil'.. DLUl'wrrv VllL'
,,,11111 ll mi" . , 1.7 aj f Mil Li A 1 t I I SI
THOUSAND SUllSCtt'BER 8, audrapidly In
creasing, which lusuves the success ol the pre
sent distribution, 'ihu Publishers of Our Fire-
ide r rleim nave acut to its sutiscribeia this
earoverSEVENTY THOUSAND conies i.f
be chremo "Ctito" and are shipping hundrode
WliLiAnn rr.n a jaiv, which gives tna sun
tcribers KlTl'V-TWO numbers of the host
Family Weekly, the chrorno "tJUTK" finely
framed, and a numbered CKRTIi'ICATK eu.
titling the bolder to oue snare in tua instrtnu
tlon ofpremiuma for W8. HTBSCH1BK bow
with the agunt.or tend direct to tho Publisher.
SPECIMEN COPIES, particulars, etc, tent
In every town, ut home or
traveling. Large cash puy
aud liberal premiums for get-
fit. Send at um
tins mi cuius, i ne oest out-
once for Tornis and particulars.
eVw."- WATERS A CO., PubtM Chicago.
1 , i I W '' J
. " ' Pateutee and Manuratnirvr or '
Improved , 1 1
Head Blocb, Post-llole Borers, &o.
CuBKSBUBu, West Va. :
TIIK Grist Mills, being portable, ftro ou
Iron Frame, ind
And the best Mill over made for all' kinds of
grinding, can ne easily attacueu tonaw nuis
or any other power, and warranted to grind
Flour and Ileal or a superior quality at
groulrr rate of ed than any
without iatng or other ill
wclglit belngj.toQ pfmnds.omii
' otner aim.
n..l.. u
feet square ori the floor. Wll grind 20 to 60
n, ,ri:i'iii, nil, ..ui, w
liuslieis per lion r. ii wiiniii miriy iiiy, me
Mill does nut prov taf staclory, R may bo re
turned and money and all cliargW fi'fDi)t!4. -
HaH'B Post-Hole Borer,
' ol guaranteed to make two holoi to
i . Ar owe of any other) duet It work rap
, jhr . idly ana periecuy, , , i ... .
Ir . Off 13 DA!
.... , eat
. No lault en b fo-ail wiUi It fter
rial, scut to ay oue oh trial who
will tend roa (he endorseiuent Of I
l'OSl Mawtur, AgeilHl wsniwi, ,
. , ., IRA HART.
, ,i Clarksburg, W. V.
Farmer and other fan ee' the
Post-Hole lioror at the Enuuihkr
Ottloe. . ' ''', ;
M . ..
Poultry Yards.
Park and Mint II rah mn, Buff ami j'nr
ti-lilira lwhlna. Ilomlaua. I.eirhorna
ilite Ox-hlna, Ilomlaua, l.egno
anil all
leading varloUei
varloUi'H. Kgg ror nateaing. i
;i. ....... ir..wi. ill nr nulr: w ner trio, w
warraatriavairDrjTloniof every cVnwm lent
out ny ui to natcii, ii mpy on nw " ""
anotliar noieii at oue-unii urm. i rsi -y
U. I). If deal red aeml alaiiip if)
euiar. enures ir
BUrk lo onie i
TOI PRISTINO of every description near
si iy gun uronipuy eaeeiiveu biuiis viuca.
.'i ii.';
It is gratifying to us to inform the public
that Dr. 1.. O. C. Wlshart't Pine Tree Tar
Cordial, for 'I'll ion t Aud I.ung Diseases, has
gained nn envlue'.j reputation from the At
Iantio to the l'ncillo const, and from thence to
some of tho first tumilio's of Europe, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
Htnlen actually benefitted and oured at Ills
o;ice. While lie publishes less, so say our re
porters, ho isunnlilu to sup lily the demand. It
gains and hoi. Is its reputation ,
First. Not bv stopnlng cough, but by loos
ening and assisting nature to throw off the
unhealthy mutter collected about the throat
and bronchial tubes, wicA ninsss irritation.
Second, It removes the cause of irritation
(which produces cough) of the mucous mem
brane and bronchial tubes, amiislt the lungB
to nctaiid throw oil' the unhealthy secretions,
anil purities the blood.
Third. It is free from squills, lolielln, ipecac
ami opium, of which most throat and lung
remedies are tioinpo.ed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It hat a
nothing effect on the stomach, acta on the
liver aud kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, tl:;.s rcacdlng to every part of tho
system, and in ill Invigorating and purifying
ellocta it has gullied a reputation which It
muse hold alsive all others iu the market.
lining umlur niv iiiimeiliate'dirertlon, they
shall not losa their curative quulittee by tho
use of cheap uud impure articles.
Dr. L. Q. C. Wl.havfs Office Pa-rlors are
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdayt
from a. M. to 6 p. ii., lor consultation by Dr.
Win. T. Mague. With him are associated two
consulting physicians of ccknowlcdged abil
ity. This opportunity la not offered by any
other institution in the city.
All letters must be addresstjd to - '
No. 2.33 North Second St.,
November !M),IM..4lin . .
The Great Achievement of the
. Nineteenth Century. -
All the News and Full of
Pictures. .
'f Hi) Daily tiKAFHto Is tne title of A newa
PAier, published in New York, wbich is
achieving the most remarkable journalistic
'stiiM-ess eve.r cliruniclwl. It is an elglnt-page
eveuiuir uuuer (three editions daily.) eleguul
lv printed, and condiieluiltby the ablest edito
rial talent attainable.
Asa uuwauaperTUK ijailt ORAPllic sianus
In tho first rank, and contains regularly
The Very Latest and Full
est NewH from all PartH
-.. of the World.
Is great feature consists In the fact that It
not only a newspaper, but an Illustrated
uowspiiper as we.l. rourol Its pagea arenu-
ed with choice reading mutter tulegrams, ed
itorials, guuerul aud local news, items, gossip
aim currespouueiice on tne iresuest anu nionv
and curresuoudeiice on the freshest an
iiitereKtiug tuples. The remaining tour pagea
consist of , .......
executed in tho uiokI laultless and arlstie
style, and poitrnving accurately and fully all
luadiug events witluu twenty.four hour after
their occurrence. Thoso who have made
Juunialism a study, and fully appreciate tho
great enu.-rpi-io intiiuetieu in tne roueciiou
and publication uf uews by the aid of the tel-
egrapn, steam presses, unu tne uevoiopemom
of our journalistic, talent, have been
fond of advancing the theory, that the
next advuiito iu that Held would re
mit iu a uuwapapur furnishing regular
issues pictures of ull current prominent
events. That theory Is a theory no long
er (he newspaper of the future la the uewspa.
er of idHiny, anu mat paper is ah a unu
1KAFH10, The procenscB which render this
.,.A I., it. iM.lil..vi,nii,nf nn Avlnl.lll IP fact Urn
(ho result of the most careful study aud au
eiulless variety of exiicrlments, gradually per.
fected during thu past twelve years. They
depend uon Improvement In lithography
anil the application photographic camera. Uy
I heir n
olr aid a Plot ine It engraved and made
ready to print
int in
roin twenty minutes, to two
hours. Costlv
Costly ami elaborate plates, work of
art, scenei of Interest, are reproduced and
pictured lortll Willi aquai llieilivj nuu hid
inost scrupulous Odelity. Illustration! of
leading event arc engraveu ana preuareu ior
the press even before uie accompanying writ
ten narrative or dusorlptlon leaves tha hand!
of tne compoaiior.
r the proper practical working of so grei
an entermise.
wai lormed na
A Capital of $500,000 in Gold.
montlit and month beforo the first feme of
tl.' ff .t v liitufftn ,1m mnat flKtunslve
THE Diii.v tiiiAPinu, the most
preparation wera-mrmp,
dp, and to-day TUB
The Largest and Host Complete
Newspaper Establishment . in
;: the TJnlted States. : - j .
In the great work of Illustrating' the events
of the dav an extensive crop of the best
Known ami most accompusueu aruai. wu
I I, .ill v Amrf. iriifl. ,.' '
The DaihV UbafwO aim to pelrins ,tTl
est sense a newsuaiier. Strlvliui ", "V0
Jurt and tnithful. to.Miir'fZ
organ of -V imrly, aeet, or creed. It Is al
ways liitfh-tonud, aud eontaliil nothing to of.
f7.,wt anv taste. Its content give it an im
i-ltilkMIKIflllLlV mill wii'MatiiJ
mense advantage over the "old fashioned"
papoit. The annual lubscribcr get i
..... ...... ! -,. , i , " . i '
a arntnma af twantVefaur hundred utiles, eon
siltiiUViik a valuable rwuiril of even
ill or events anu a
friipliiepaiiiifairlifWoiir t)mo and progrosi.
t poaspsse niilrofljM'.a liaial ItitujVeHtJ'but ll
a imuer fur every roller oft lf 'languages it
is, euiphiitleally, , ., , T
Th Paper for the Household,
Terms, l!l per year, or H for three month.
Address, , i
Tb Daily Obapbio, h
it aud 41 Park place.
Jim ll.liue&w, : ! : ... New York Ciiy,
Vftft. Biid larire
,iv.VWIqfrv tfMvtfi wf wff
I ,! t;.
Time Tables,'
The "Old Reliable'' and Popular ; ! ;
n Through Eipress Trains Daily
A Elultiiod with Miller's Patent Safety
I Platlorm, Coupler, aud 11 u Tor, and
II the Celebrated
Wesanghouso Patent Air Brakes,
The most perfect protection againit acci
dents in tbe world.
JKiTNew and elegant Day Coaches and
two dally linos of Pullman's Palace Sleeping
Cars are run through from KANUAH vlX Y
to Quincy, tialotburg, Mcndota and
.'- ' Wlthent Change. !
. A1""! dally line of Pullman's Palace Hleeii
Ing Car from ATCHISON and ST. JOSEPH
to Jacksonville and Hnrint Bold, and now ami
elegant Day Coaches from Kansas City to In
diunapolie and Cincinnati without change
Jf,iyTo tecure all the modern Improve
ments In- Railway traveling, purchase tickets
via the Hannibal A St. Johktb Huoht Lini,
avoiding all transfer, ferries and cliangos
of cam. .
Kcff Through Tickets for sale at all prin
cipal oOlcea. Fare always as low asbyauy
IlDggage checked through to all prln-
cipal points.
o. s.x-
I Will),
Oeneral Hun't.
A. PARKER, Gen'l Ticket Agent
The following aio the distance and fares
from ColumBus, Ohio: .
Milea To : v -i:tf't ;' Fare.
ift-nelowaro ........ .... bn
. 40-('anilngton -i,...V...... 1.4s
68 Ualioa . .... . ............. S.U5
Kl-Crestline I SO
71-Khelny .................. S.5
(tO-N. Londoa 4 8.0
101 Wellington 8.66
J25 llerea - .'.U. ..,,.. . . ... 4.M)
l:- leveland - - - 4.50
1 Marlon ....... , . .. . j . . . . 'l.f
119-llollel'ontiane .............. H.O
Ut Sidney .- - - 3.1u
ITT Union .' - - - -J ...... a 1 0.110
TO-Mi.nsllold 2.TU
lrt Alliunee . - . . . . . .... 6M
KM Forest --r?-i-.- ....... 8.110
136 I.lma 4U
la-Vun Wert - - .'. - . - . . B.5
IIM-Ft. Wayne'. : i : ........ 6 S5
IIS Sandusky ..-..i 4.10
101 Toledo 6.t
818 Detroit .-. r j . . .... -186
B3 Pittsburgh T.40
501 Harrlsburgh ...... f . .. . . . 19.00
607 Philadelphia 19.60
6H0 Baltimore ...... ...m... 16.60
V81-I)unkirk 8.KI
mi Uiiffalo - - j i. . 1C.0J
tM5-Nlagara Falls ....... 15 80
8H4 Sarologa ...... w ........ ir. 0
741 New York - 17.60
V71 llotton vin New York S0.50
ma-Uoston via Albany .......... S0.50
188 Indianapolis 0.20
ISO tJincinniiti 4.00
450 St. Louis . :1.00
Ti Kausae City 5IM.00
769 Leavenworth -
TT1 Lawrence ........... so JO
790 Topeka ViM
800-8t. Joseph . 28.00
849 Chicago--. ...... 11.46
4S7 Milwaukee ...... 14.46
448 Hurllugton 1B7
508-Peoria 15.66
78-St. Paul 811.45
6S4 IjlCrotse . - -- ...-.-- S4.46
700 Des Moinet - sft.eo
684 Rock Island - -. iim
884 Omaha 81.45
Wll Cedar Rapid S0.86
670-Iowa City r S0.60
m Dunlelth - .... 1D.40
6738-San Francisco 129.46
The aliove rates of far are tuhjoct to chitng
et. Addreta
Passenger Ag't "Bo Line," Columbus. O,
On and after Monday, May 28th, 1871. Ex-
riress Trains will leave Columbus uud Crest
Ine and arrive at point named below at fol
Stations. No. a. So. 4.
Ko. 6. "
Columbus ....11:10 a. m.
4:10 17. m.
S:85 a.in
4:50 .
1:80 ;'
11:00 p.m.
1 :80 a.m.
Crestline. ..j. 14:80 p.m. 625
Cleveland.... 8:48 T :4IS
Buffalo .10:SO 4:10
Niagara F'ls 1:00a.m. 0:45a.m.
Rochester... 1:0 1:05
Albauy .:4 :oup.m.
Itoston 5:Wp. m. 11:S0
N. Y. City.. . 8:80 8:80
Crestline.... 1:4B p.m. 6:85 p.m.
Pittsburgh.. (1:86 l:x6a.m.
Hurrlshurg . 1:15 ft. in. 11:2ft
8:86 a.m
8:46 p.m
t :40 a.m.
Baltimore... 10:40 S:40pan..
UiLhlnnln. 1'IOn m. a9i
Phlladufphlall:iaa.m. 8:16
Crestline ....11 p. m. 1:45p.m. 6:66a.m.
Fort Wayne.. 6:80a, m. 1:15a.m. ii:!
Chicago... ,18:10 p.m. 7:90 6:00 p.m
itt.jy.Vo. 4. leaving Columbus at 4:10 n. ro
has u Throuirh Car via Delaware for Spring.
Held, reaching Sprlnglleld without change at
Tup, m.
... . . . a .... . 1 . , . T. .
nam no. a, on too ixnuiuuus cl nueamg
vsui.v uaiiroau connect wun no. t train.
Throuirli Ticket for tale at Athena.
PA.sSenuKU TRAINS returning arrive at
Columbus at li:8o a. m., 1U5 a. m, and:W
a. in. i
i-Palaco Say and Sleeping Can
On All Trains.
Nn. 6 leaving? Columbus at 9:8S a. ni.. on
Sunday, runs through without detention, by
both Erie and New York Contral Railways,
arriving at New York on Monday morning at
(1-40 a m.
For particular Information in regard to
through tickets, time, connection, ote., to all
points Fast, West, North and South, apply to
or address Hi. luuu, i oiimiiimih, uiuo.
. H. FLINT, tien. Hltp-t,
- General Agent, Colnmbtts, Ohio.
Passenger Ag"t.ilnmliiis. Ohio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to All Points West, Northwest and
This is the Short Line via Indianapolis.
The Groat Through Mail and Express Pas
inger Lino to St. Louts. Kansas City, St. Jo
soph, Denver, sau Francisco, anu an poiutt in
Missouri. Kansas and Colorado.
pnesnnnest biki only iiirect roup
to In.
dlanauolls l.afayatto, -Terra Haute, Cam
t.I.I.. J'll.. 0...i:.All..f.l t.Ml. U...lln.,.,n
UI 111(0 niiiuHiJvivi, . w, .m, .... iiunu,
uncago, Milwaukee, ou raui, auuan point
In the Northwest.
The indlauapolis, Cincinnati a i.aiayetie
Railroad, with It connections, now offers
nassenirera more facilities In Through Coach
and Kliienlnir Car Service than any other line
from Cincinnati, having the advantage of
Thrnnah Dallv Can from Cincinnati to
. v r i, . r . . v. ii . i.
1)1118, itanSRB Llty, DU vuiuihi. ovi 1U, jur-
llugton, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate
point, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comfort and aooouimodatlon a are
at City, St. Jotei
ffonlod by no otner route.
TReoiiKh Tickets and Baggage Check to all
points. : 'i- IP-
i rnius ienv viuuuuAm a, I .uw a. ui,
m., and 9:00 p. in. 1 .
Ticket ean he obtained at N. 1 Burnet
House, corner Third and Vine, Publio Land
ing, corner Main and BJwTS 1i ' ?ep,
coi ner Plum aud P" itreeti. ClnclnnaU.
' Be sure to nurliaao ticket via Indianap
olis. Cluclun" Lafayette Railroad.
Master Tranaportatlon, Cincinnati.
- C.lf. LORU,
, . Uiiof Ticket Clerk. Cincinnati.
This is the Short Line via Indianapolis. Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to Lakes and the North
A ioiiow:
,.i I Depart .
Athen 0:10 a.m.
Arrive . :
Columbui 9:85 a.m. '
Cleveland 4:00p.m. '
lMtlslmrgh. 8:15
jnlaiiaiJllt I65 '
Chicago .'ii', Mai.
Sirlngtteld 1:1 p.' '
Iiayton ., "
8:16 p. m,
. Arrive.
6:80 p.m.
"1:10 a.m. '
11:45 a.m.
IrlO " I
1:40 p.m.
. 1:10 ...
Clot connection male at LaneMter fbrClr.
clevlllo,Ziinivllleandll point Ah' Mi din
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad. .
Direct connection made at Columbui for
Dayton, rlprlnglleld, Iudlanapoll. Chicago
and all jiolnU West Also, for Cleveland,
linlfalo, rittslnirgh, and all point Kat.
Take the Hocking VaUy and Pan Iltndl
mteloCtlcagoandtlie North
Northwest; It It tin
inrtmthvatxtv-six mile, giving
th benefit of uuirkar time and lower rate
than by any other linn.
J. W. DOHURTT, Snp't.
; I -
, Cooks.,,
Q.WEN away. : ,
A " Fine German "Chi cmo.
l AOHM". , l ,
A-Or'TiTm waT'd yon.
. OR,
my tjio3. r. xitor.
91 Page Octavo. 180 Fine Engraving.
Relatoi Incidents and Accidents beyond
the Light of Day) Startling Adventures In all
fiarts of the World; Mine aud Mode of Work,
ng them; Undercurrent of Society; Onmb.
ling and iti Horrors; Caverns and their Mys
teries; The Dark Way of Wickedness; Pris
on and their Secrets; Dowu in the Depth! of
the flea; Strange storlei ot tne Detection or
Crime. The Imok treats of experience with
brigands; nights in opium den and gambling
hells; life In prison; stories of exiles; adven
tures among Iniilunn; Journeys through Sew
ei a and Catacombs: accidents in nunc; pi
ntos nnrl piracy; tortures of the lnqnlsltn :
wonderful burglaries; underworld of the 6rea t
cities, etc., eto.
We want agents for thla work on which we
give exclusive territory. Agents can mala
1100 a week In selling thla book. Sand for cir
cular ailU ipeeial tenni to agent.
Great Industries
1800 pagot and 500 engravings, printed In
English and Cei man. written by SO eminent
authori, Including John B. Oougn, Hon. Leon
itiS, Kdward IIowlnnd.Rov. JB- ixlwln Hall,
Fhllip Ripley, Albort Brisbane, Borave Oreo
lev, etc '.i
This work i a complete history of all branch
e of Industry, processoa of manufacture, eto..
In all age. It is a complete encyclopedia of
arts and manufactures, and Is the most enter
talnlng abd valuable work of information on
subjects of general interest ever offered to th
public We give our agent the exclusive
right of territory. Ou of our agents sold 188
copie in eight day, another sold 808 In two
week. Oar agents in Hartford sold 807 in one
week. Specimens of tho work sent to agent.
Address the publisher, J. B. BUKlt t.
HYDE, Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
mavl4-e&w. ........ ,i; ,
Tni Best Booc in thi Market Bnat
Tho Most Popular Biography extant The
Moat Graphic Political History Candor,
c uiiiii;... j nun, jm,.ai iinuy j.wji iu.
the People A Book for the Laboring Man
A Book for Statesmen, Scholar A Think
ers A Book for every American Family.
No biographical work of such Interest to
the whole people has before appeared In A
mei lean literature. It is a full, complete, hon
est uccount of the llfo of tho most luboilou
and InQuuntiul of ourconutry's reform em, the
ll rat Journalist of his age, and thobusiuatuiao
who ever lived. There are also extended no
tices of very many of
Mr. Greeley' Cotemporarlc
whether In Journalism or general polities. 80
that the whole is a rather lull, Just, and faith
ful representation of American politic) for a
period of forty years.
Here you will learn of the rise nml fall of
parties; of the triumph and defeat of policies;
of the lives aud characters ot , 1
many Eminent ITIcn.
This work is, In short, the great blogrnph.
ico-historlcal work of the times. It Is the
great libsrary success of the times. Every in
telligent man and woman will have it. Orders
are already coming in in snch a way aa to
show they will soon begin to pour.
Mechanically tt ia the handsomest book pub
lished, being profusely and elegantly Illus
trated with about 40 engravings, including
iini-traita, also a steel engraving of Mr. (iiee
ley, which 1 the most pleasing and natural
of any yet published muting a volunio of
orer 000 royal octavo pages.
To whom the best terms are offered. Agent
are meeting with unparalleled success. The
great popularity of the book Insures to be
ginner uccKsa. To secure immediate ter
ritory send $1,26 for tho handsomest Prospec
tus agents ever had, or M.50 for sample cony,
library style, and Prospectus, either of which
will bo sent prepaid. Address,
885 Wabash Avenue, Chicago,
179 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, O., oi New
York City, whichever may bo nearest to
your place of residence. 10-eaw
Fullness, Truth, Impartiality A Book for
Books Which Are Books.
Works which Ihottld be found in every Ll
brary within tho reach of all reader. Work
to entertain, Instruct and Improve. Copies
will be sent hy return post, on receipt of
NewPliUognomy; or, Signs of Character,
. as manifested through Temperuant ami
External forms, aud especially in the "Hp
man Face Divine," with more than Ol
Thousand lUustrttions, JJr 8. R. Wrlls.
Price 5.00. ; '
The Family Physician. A Ready Pre
scriber and Hygenlo Advisor. With Refer
ence to the Nature, Causes, Prevention aud
Trentmontof Diseases, Accidents, rand Ca.
uultiet of every klud. With a Qld&sary and
copious Index. By Jokl Siiiw, M. D, II
lustroted with nearly 800 Engravings. On
large volume, Intended for use in the family.
Price 14.00.
Bow to Character. A New Illustrated
Iland-Uook of rhrenology and Physiogno
my, for Students and xumluers, with a
' Chart for recording tbe tlzos of tho Organ
of tho II rain, in the Delineation of Char
acter, with upward! of 170 Kngravlugt,
latest and boat. Muslin, $1.25.
Th Patent' Guide or Human Develop
incut through Inherited Tendencies. By
Mi's. HehTkr I'kndi.ktos. Hsuoud edition,
revised and enlarged. Ono vol. lilmo. $1.60.
Constitution of Man. Considered in rela
tion to External Objectn. By UKOKul
Com BE. Theonly authorized Amcrlrnu Kdi
tion. . With Twenty Engravings, 11.15.
The Hygienic lland-Bood t a Practical
Uuide tor the Slck-Room. Aliihnhctlcally
arranged with Appendix. By It. T. Tball.
Oue vol. lilmo, 800 pp. Muslin. S2.00.
,' How to Write," " How to Talk," "How
to Behave, " and " How to Do Business," a
Hand-Hook ludiapengnbln for Home lin
provemsnt, In ono vol. J12S,
Wedlock i or the Right Relation! of the
Bi'xo. Disclosing tbo Law of Conjugal
Helectlon, and showing who may ami who
may not Many. A On Mo lor both Sexes.
Oratory Sacred and Secular I or tho Ex
tuinporaueoiis Speaker. Including a Chair
man' Uulde for conducting Public Meet,
lugs according to Parliuiuoutai-y tonus.
II. M).
Managemen.of Infancy. Physiologtal anil
Monti Tceiitment. By Aniirew Co use, il,
D. With Notes, fl.60.
Medical Klectrlclty. A Manual for Stu
dents, allowing the most selentltlu and ra
tional apiilieation to all forms of Acute and
Ch roh to liisoasea by th difToreiit comlil
nation of Kleclaiaity, Oalvanism, Klectro.
Magnetism. MagnetH-Klectrlulty, and Hu
man Magnetism. $..oo, .
History of Salem Witchcraft I "The Plan
r.hette Mystery;" and "Modern Spiritual
' Ism," .with " Dr. Douilridge' Draam," in
ono vol. Price 11.80.
yEaop'a Fables. The Pooplo'i Pictorial
Kdltion. Beautifully Illustrated with near
ly Sixty Kngravingi. Cloth, gilt, beveled
board. Only 11.00. '
Pope'" Ey on Man. With Notoi.
beautifully Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
board. 11.00, .
The Right Word In the night Plaoe.
A isew rocKot nictmnai-y .and Koierence
Book. , Embracing Hvnonyms, Tuchnfcwi
Term, Abbreviation, Foreign Phrases,
Writing for the Preti, Punctuation, Proof
Reading, and other Valuable Information.
76 cent.
Phrenological Bust Showing (he latcit
eiassiucauon, ana exact location in an tne
Organ of the Brain. II I divided o a to
ihoweach Organ on ono lido; and all th
group on the othor. . .Bent by express,
i-t.ioftj.00. .... ..- . .
Inelos amount in a Koalstercd Letter, or In
a Poetolllce Order for ono and alt the above,
and adilrut H. Jt. WELL, Publisher, No, 8t
Umadway, New York. Agent wanted.
feb5tf. '
n E L L H
. xataDHsuaa in ttwfi
Piip.rlur li.il. of Copptr tni
Tin;' inounisd with th bn-
Hour? nsnginss, ior UHIWCHEI
fioHoott. rtiui, Factobies. OauM
House , Fin( Audmi, Tgwt Oi iiwi
0."Mi8,tro. Fully Warrpnt.d.
. JlltrtJtd CatalofMt 6tt Tr
101 an 104 tisl asoond Itraal. Clnelnnstl
I keep nonstantly nn hand at tills of-
nee supply or mvMAiriui, uhb
Which a rard
i any
dascrlitlon will b
nrlntad so low that all may ailord to hat
eanl oa tne fcutalop ated by Uiu,
"' . ' .. luT.t
Ml 1 IL
.3... T

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