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J. W. BOWEX, JCdltor and Publisher.
' -"JULY is, im.
Selection of Delegates to the State
Saturday, August 2nd, 1873.
The Democracy and Liberal Republicans of
Vinton ! County, are requested to meet In
County Mass Mooting, at tho Court Houso,ln
HcArthur, on ' , 1 ' . !
Saturday, August 2nd, 1873,
At I o'clock r. M., for the purpose of seleetin
FOUR: DELEGATES to represent the- Do
raocraoy and Liberal Republicans of Vinton
county, In the Statu Convention, to be held at
Columbus', on tho Oth of August, J878, and to
transact such other business a mar come bo-
fore the mooting, ' " j
A Oill attendance of all those opposed tp the
opon, .high-handed, (and glaring corruption, of
the present administration In squandering
public moneys upon- pet corpomtlona1i the
Credit Mobillar frauds, and In the action of
Congress In , the passngo of the Infamous
tut known as "Salary Steal," by wlTlcli the
servants of tho pooplo purloined from the
public a large sum of raouoy, over and above
the amount whioh they agreed to serve tneoi
la respectfully requested at tM meeting.....
order of County Central Committee '
A. J.
.1. W. Bow IX,' Chairman.
W. W. Hilkord, Sec'y
As application has been.mace to
the Governor for the pardon of Ed
Ml'ND QuiNN. T, ,'','
Thb. 'Constitutional Convention
has settled " the question' that Pro
bate Courts are to remain a part of
our judicial system. 'Tis well.
.Mbmbebs of the Forty-third Con
gress were oloetod last fall with the
understanding that their salary
was ' to be $d,000 per annum, It
they fail to: repeal the salary steal,
they should bo held to be as culpa
ble as the members ' who passed
Chillicothe Gazette.
The wool trade is rather dull in
this vicinity. TVc notice that sev
eral good sized clips have been de
livered to buyers in Urichsville du
ring the past few daj'8. TheL rul-ing.price,,
js 4045 per pound.
Chillicothe Gazette. Tuscarawas Chonicle.
' Caucuses . are being held upon
every street cbrner just now, in
view of ihe near approach of the
nominating conventions, and con
siderable feeling is being manifest
ed upon candidates to be proposed
for election. '.:.
A. G Thcrman, the .Democratic
United States Senator from Ohio,
refused to take the back pay, un
der the Salary Steal, ' but i John
Sherman, the Radical United States
Senator from Ohio, leaves his back
pay "where it will do the most
good." r By this -Sherman means to
let it remain where he can get it at
some future time.
Tpe ' Constitutional Convention
cotfld 'do the- people of Ohio no
greater service than by fixing elec
tions so that there shall hot tie but
one election day in a3'ear. Such
a provision would impoverish, a
large number of person's -who get
then ; living.. out of politics, but the
people;wh6 go honestly about their
business would be largely benefited.
The State of Ohio, with its forty
thhnsand Republican majority, has
ben for nearly six years misrepre
sent in the. United) State Senate
by a Democrat." Jackson Stand
ard v..;, , . .
If thei Standard simply moans
that 'the State has ' been misrepre
sented for six years by Hon. A. G.
Thcrman, ; why does it not come
out with the name? : In what man
ner has Judge Thurman misrepre
sented : the State, .'Mr. Standard"!
Speak plain; ' . ,. '
,Thk, Back Pay Swindle Again
Denounced. Ah incident at Won
ewoc, in this county1, shows' the
feeling ' .among the people on the
back salary steal, and kindred sub
jcctSj of which professional politi-
clans have little idea. The Hon.
James Ross' oration of yesterday
was mild in contrasting of the por
traits of Congress of 70, and their
acts,. with those of the last Cop.
gress.' r When he alluded to the
"back1 pay"'-'business, ''the.j "people
cried, "Thut's what we want to hear
about," (iad fairly compelled the
speaker to give voice to public in
dignation in language that was
. 1
Madison Dispatch to the
Chicago Tribune.
The Right Way to Talk.
"We i(isi to 1 remark' that wa in
tend to. edit this paper according to
our best judgment nnd not accord
ing; ta anybody else's best judg
nteht. ' Ve shall publish jtist such
articles and communications as we
.shnll deem suitable and tvholcsome,
aud sliali s.ipreH8 nil otliers. Pcc
fh'ttb at perfect ' li'uertyf to con
deWiU,' 'and criticize and they can
bate- space Jn thee columns for
thai purifoso If 'they will clotho
their criticism lu 'decent hjngungo.
If any1 injustice is done to tny per
son oc party, : by accident Or other
wise, ia any editorial or selected
article, we shall promptly correct it
iWlien the fact is brought! to our no
tice. We hope we have written this
paragraph in Buch plain terms that
Its points will be fully understood.
Springjldd, Ohio, Republic.
The Farmers' Movement.
The Cleveland Herald Is a Re
publican newspaper of the ultra
school. It is without guile in its
own household, and hence is utter
ly mean in its partisanship. It has
caught a suirT of the Farmers'
movement, and as no reform can be
brought about in the interest of the
oppressed agriculturists without
sapping and undermining the foun
dations of the Radical party, this
sentinel on the tower raises a cry,
Says the Jferttld
"We took occasion awhile since to apeak of
farmers" as credulous class of men, easily
humbugged, and very much disposed to bo
carried away by a good talker. In their po
litical sentiments farmers are honest and can
did, and they Infer the same traits exist In
othor people. We talk about packing ward
meetings In cities, and we toll the truth in re-
gam w c ty manipulation or primary meet.
lairs, but t he eas tat of mil itlnsl minimi l nn
i th.t r .... .,'.,..
plausible man can tako a horse and buggy
aud In a woek's tluto have every township
of this or auy othor county undor his thumb,
A call upon threo or four of the leading men
In each township who attend to the political
machlnarv of tk. tnwKhl. a ft.- .nluut..'
conversation exnlalnln. the nrincli.le. that
govern the candidate and tho great' need of
tho rural districts should have a potent voice
In the Convention, with a few shrewd Inter,
Joctions against the rascality of th city in.
fluence if there be a city within said county
and nine times' i'n ten that candidate will
get the oouutry support. That Is the , way
the thing works. And we shaU soon see that
same thing sticking out of the present farmer
movement to control the elections, Mark our
words for it, the era of demagogues will bo
inaugurated when our legislative halls are
controlled by tho men sent there by tho
Grangos of the Patrous of Husbandry,"
This is not at all flattering to the
farming community, and unless we
are greatly mistaken, this insult to
their intelligence will not be lightly
passed over. When the Herald
comes to talk ot candidates it is
equally absurd and malevolent. It
is willing to concede, however, that
n some of the Wesieru States the
sons of Agricola are likely to make
themselves felt ' It continues
"The farmer movoment in Ohio, compara
tively, is insignificant. We doubt whethor
it will hold tho balance of power In this State.
It may. But in Uio Western States the farmer
movement is a powerful one. and for a time
will carry evory thing before it, and until the
farmers come to see that as a party organlia-
Hon It Is the biggest humbug yet Invented."
Oanada xbistles. Any farmer
who permits Canada Thistles to
ipen on his land lays himself lia
able to a flue of $10 for every of
fense. The following is the text of
the law:
Suction 1 Tin if. nmr.fl(l hv rho
General Assembly of the State of
Ohio, that every owner or possessor
land shall cut or mow down all
the Canada thistles growing there-
on or in' the highway adjoining the
same, so often as to prevent their
going to seed; and if any owner or
possessor of any land knowingly
shall suner any such thistles "to to
thereon, or in any highway
adioininr the same, and thft hp.p.A to
ripen sons to cause or endanger
the spreading thereof, he shall for-
feit and pay. the sum often dollars;
and any porson may enter on the
landof another who shall neglect
or refuse to cut or mow down such
thistlcsi for the Durnose of cuttinir
or mowing the same down, and shall
not be liable to be sued in any ac-
tion of trespass thereof. .
Section 2. That all fines accru-
ing under the provisions of this act
shall, be collected before a' Justice
the Peace, in the name of the
State of Ohio, and paid into the
township treasury for the use of
Wool Items.
The avorage prioe offered for
wool by buyers in this county is
forty cents, but most of the grow
ers are holdinsr for half a dollar.
They gay it will not pay them to
uibpuw.ui hihh ngure, and
buyers eay they cannot aflord to
pay that amount There has been
very little bought at the present
writing.. Ihe wool .i ; in a much
uetier vuuuiuuu tunn ii .nas Deen
or some years wing to the fact
mat uiu Wttier 1U Wllicn me SUeen
were washed, was in such condition
uiai, mo wooi waa moroucrn v
cieanseu. rv e nave neara Of several
1 1T 1 . . -
sales in the past few dava at 45w
mostly in Greene townshiii. 0,tli;,
Sentinel, July 3.
Boston, July 12,-r'vvnnl market
uncnanircd: sal, ntu
!l3l8IvanU- fleeces new" and old
i-(Sia4 Michigan and Ohio
arrive 47i50 !cts Wisconsin,
M cts, tub 5245 cts., scoured 43
(,&0 cts., Ohio Delaine, 55 cts.,
Western unwashed combing 49
cts. .
Philadelphia, July 12. Wool
market quiet, prices somewhat
nrmer; Ohio 48(a50 cts., Wisconsin
blood 40 cts., Western low
fleece 45 cts., Western tub 4850
cts., Ohio combing 60G3 cts.. uu
washed combing Indiana and Mis
souri 40 cts., unwashed Ohio and
Kentucky, 3333 1-3 cts.f unwash
western 31 cts.
WoouDuring the past week a
largo quantity or wool has been
sold and delivered in New Phila
delphia. The ruling price has been
to 42, but quite it number of the
better clips sold at 44 and 45, cts.
Tuscarawas Advocate.
The wool trade is becoming
gradually more active. Very little
what , is now being bought is
purchased at less than 42 and
Occasional clips have been
sold ' one ' or two cents highor,
jsewark Advocate,
The Cadis Jlepublican says flint
there is two hundred ana fifty
thousand pounds of wool in Harri
county unsold from last year.
Nkw Yobk, July 12. Wool rr.ore
active; unwashed 31 cts., washed
fleece 4852J cts., extra pulled 45
fine Ohio, 48 cts.
Hercules Helps When you Put your
own Shoulder to the Wheel.
bllt let t be remembered that they
havo c08t the United States noth
of in? 8'nce as many acl t!S uav"e oeen
sokl at tlouble l)vico as have beeh
8lven away that they havo brought
"" tc uuuer otuiu nuu
local taxation sooner than they
would otherwise have Leen subject
il! that they have rendered rail
grow road acreH an(1 others &ear them,
!ailch...i installments, extciid.lnr
tllfougl half a lifo time, with'nrttlf
of of tlie principal in tho first
four years aiid asking only six
"Never give to a beggar," Baid
i'oor Uicnarcl, "lor, ir you pay a
man to do nothing, ho will do it
"Luxury," said gruff Dr. John-
wn, ueiier wan onaniy, lor ux-
I il 1 1 A. J. 1
ity the idle; and the (industrious
improve, while the idle deteriorate,"
Through disregard of these so
cial laws, tho doles dispensed in
mediaeval monasteries . proven a
parent-principle of modern pau
perism. ' .
We cannot overrate the strength
of laziness in one who has all his
lifetime lived in beggary, Hence,
when I told a veteran mendicant I
wondered that so able-bodied a man
as he would beg, it Was perfectly
natural for him to answer, "You
woul1 ot woder at all, if you only
. . . '
Kew now lazy J am,"
But, helping a man, you always
hurt him, whenever you do not
make him help himself. This was
the spirit of Moses biddill" the
iam t ,.,. fi, ,.,. ?,e
JeW. I10t 1CaP tu0 COrnOW Of lllS
flell a t SOinO hlUldfuls fal
on purpose, and to leave them for
the poor to glean. ' It was the
sulrit of Christ, who oulv twinn fil
n,- . , ut Z,
the. hungry but times without
number healed the sick, enabling
them to rise and cam bread for
Acting on a similar principle with
regard to paupers, and helping most
those who most helped themselves,
Massachusetts has lessened their
number in her territory by fifteen
per cent within tho hist ten years,
and that while her population has
been fast increasing.
In like manner, those safe from
pauperism are luted still higher
bteamers and railroads, bringing
immigrants oy iniUions into the
Mississippi Valley, have done them
good just in proportion as their
new opportunities have stimulated
them to make the most of them
Pre-emption and homestead laws
aim so to bestow the public domain
that it shall become a public disci
pline. Both require a man to make
journey to his farm both teach
him to prize it, the former by mak
ing him pay something for it, and
the latter by making him till it
Wlmn th mihlin Inn.l nour Mn.
and navigable streams was all oc-
cupied, Congress enabled farm hun-
ters to reach other land3 and bro't
their produce nearer markets, by
the only means in its power, name
ly, land grants to railroad com.
It is fashionable to condemn those
grants both in Iowa and elsewhere,
uesiraDle that tliey are bought
at a cst several times fi;:iater
tnan. W0UU1 8ecure laD'is equally
thcr from f.Viroads. ,
A railroad depending for dfvi-
den(l9 on local traffic which CfVr..
fSo without the doyeloment
tae. country through w'hih it
"uns' is nt likely to charge exor-
rIiailt Pnce8 r itii im(i The
Kurlingtou rand Missouri River
faiiroaa, consonung to bo Daid for
ccut interest, .. grant tr;rms
wmcu mriii witn Uones of OWnin
farms, tenants, mochanlaa nn (1 In
borers who were sinking in. despair
over our older States Their
hearts with glad surprise to liigher
levels riseii ; . ' .
The advanco jruard! in tho cmi-
grant liost, fVom thone regions have
already, within, thirty-three months
long the B. & 31. Rail-
road, either in Iowa or Nebraska,
4,525 M0X containing 478,988
M than 25,000 home-
.loader wkl jwHsmptora haye takl
land in the same region. ' .A
fami ls a fifth irosnol to aericitlta
laborers, wlFo are a majority in
mrvKnmmnn.V.. :BI,I,I
chance it oftera electrifies land
" Fast they c mie, fast thoy come;
Hue how they gather;
Past they comi-, fast tliuy come j
. t , l!,tl r and faster;
Chief, v aasM, pug" aud groom,
Ttf'jaalaud master." '
Theiu; wad a large railroad meet
ing at Wilkesville on last Saturday,
which 'A-as addressed by Dr. I. T.
Monp.cau and Irvii Punsran 1 of
Jackson, 0. 15. Chapman of Pome
roy, Cam)bell and Wright of Cin
cinnati, MeQuigg of Poimvoy, Cobb
-Latrohe Furnace oiiii W, II.
Tu District Court within. ,and
for the county of Gallia was i in en
tire failure on the 8th of July r, the
timo fixed for tho hearing of th
case of the Gallipolis, McArliliur,
and Columbus Rail Road. . ; The
Judges failed to reach Gallipoli at
the right time. . ,
ir our supposition is correct; .a
Coroner's Jury sat upon the .re
mains of a buggy -top, Sunday
morning, in the shed adjoining the
enrriago factory. Verdict rendtrud
-umashed by two runaway horse.
Onr clever friend,' N. Richmond,
acted as coroner. ' ' ' ' ,f i
Tub wool trade ia'not very brisk
In some counties of this State. In
.Madison tho price.' Ia 43c; in Ross
38c. to 40c; ,in,.' Licking 43c" to
45c. For thb b.Bt lots the price lias
reached 52
R. E. Rjt esc, of Hocking county,
is tho De tnocratlo candidate : for
Senator In the district om posed of
Athens, Ilocklng and Fairfield
Additional Locals.
r . . - i i.
ivunavays.--a lively runaway
occurred lute Saturday evening
I. lie agent of the, Champion Reape
and Mower engaged a .'double rw
at lur. swETLAND's stables, and
accompanied by Mr. N. Riciimond.
proceeded to McArthur Station.
Their business transacted, they
turned homeward, and all was lovo
ly for nearly a mile, when suddenly
the buggy Jumped into a deep rut,
winch alarmed the , horses, and
both occupants of the buggy were
thrown overboard. The bu-v
turned completely over, top side
down, and the horses came flying
into town at a breakneck speed,
and lauded upon the sidewalk in
frout of the McArthur ITmi
tngntening tho proprietor, Mr.
Horace Redd and Mr. Geo. Clem
ents, who sat conversing upon the
porch in front of tho hotel. Thesfa
gentlemen at first supposed that tho
horses camo from the clouds, be
cause their approach was so sudden
and unexpected. . Tho horses land
ed upon tho sidewalk between th
hotel and sign-post, arid directly In
front of the gentlemen named
above, and one of tho horses foil as
if dead. An inventory was made,
and the result showed a complete
wreck and annihilation cf the
huggy, while the horses wore more
or less bruised, but not serkmsby.
Railroad Accident at Moon
ville. On Monday .morning, July
14th, at 6:35, tho Zaloski and Par-
kersburg Accommodation, going
east-W, II. Galligiieii, Conductor,
and F. Rumpp,. Engineer, ran into
the First Section of Express Freight
John Rahdin, Conductor, and
Jacob Hoppman, Engineer on the
Marietta and Cincinnati Rail Road,
about one-half mile east of Moon-
ville. The force of the collision
was so groat that a: brakeman on
the Accommodation Train, named
Michael DAvirr, stand ing between
the passenger and baggage cars, was I
crushed to death, while in tho act
of putting on ,tho ,brakes. , Th,o de
ceased was the son of a widow woJ
man .residing at Vincent . Station,
on the M, C. R. R., 20 miies west
from ; Parkersburg. The Accom
modation Train . was runniusr oil
card time, but the Express freip' t
was "running without orders,'' nri
about eight hours late. T'ue
ginoorsand firemen of 0"k .;.,:
saved their livos by lumping off be
fore the Jocotives. tJ a Jogetuer.
The enirvnes were ;laniao-fld f, hnJ.
cannot bo repaired.
number of
are were .smashed in'
Riggs House, Pobtsmouth. We
take pleasure in calling, the atten
tion of the traveling public to this
Hotel, located ui.the center of .the
city, opposite the , steamboat land
ing, of which Messrs Pkendekg-vbt;
& Jennings are proprietor. . . It is
without doubt the best Hotel in tlis
State. Ihe chief features of the
House are the comforts1 and accom
modations bestowed upon its guests.
The gentlemanly proprietors spare
no pains or expense to make all feel
at home; and we ' would say .to tlie
public that if they once stop at the
Biggs House, they will be Biire to
make it their future I stopping, plaio
when occasion may bring them to
tlmt cit'. 1 Since tho;6p'c'nIn of the
House, April 18, 1872, the increase
in their business has been such
that they have purchased aud re
furnished the Varuer House in that
city, and are conducting it also in
rst class' style, , with' -Mrvi S."L
Mitchell as Clerk. - See card of
Biggs House in this paper. ' i
The ' citizens of McArthur and
vicinity are making nn effort to
prevent McArthur from being I fen
ced in. : They have given! notice
that u petition will, be presented to
the Commissioners at the ; Septem
ber session, praying- for the estab
lishment of a respcctablo road from
the town Ju almost a direct line to1,
Duudas. , : The .notice of 'the preseo,
tatipu bt the petition, ; will bo found
in another part' of. -this paper. A
Asnrl SAmi nnirA i..
UVVUI4t 111U .yilU Jiiujr DJIYC lift, j
I Still , Anotheil Monday lastj
another runaway -occurred by Mf,
Swetland's team, starting from
tho west ond of town and striking
for the , country. Mr. Geo. Clem
ents was again encountered, who
this time, concluded to try what
virtue there was in a rail, and at
the approach of the team struck oijo
of the horses down, tho horse ful
ling upon him. Mr. C. was severe
ly bruised, but not seriously; (j
, ' ni ii i t , . ijji'
The wheat In, Vinton county is
all harvested,, and tho yield will bo
some hotter than last year. , . ,;
Corn is looking well, but on low
la.ids much lias been Injured by tlie
r i '
uea-yy rains. , , ;j f . i
llie Oats' crop will be as Iargd'as1
that of last year. The crop is no w
being harvested. Many fields were
partly destroyed by the' storms of
the 3d and 4th Inst 1 ., ' , I
Tho Potato crop is ' in a promis
ing condition.
THE Concert given al, tho School
House Hall, by the Merriam Sisters,
on Monday evening last, is pro
nounced a rare fsast of song nnd
ecstatic, nmsicv . The attendance
was large, and tho Sisters wore
coinmcndod by the mo4t cordial ap
pltiuse. lney uavo made many
friends here, and hiive won a high
place in the esteem of the commu
nity. Wo wish the m success every
where. ;
A New Thing. Mr. J. S. Huns
is now in possession of one of the
most com pic to and perfect fruit
canning arrangements ever made.
It is "Payne's Improved Steam
Fruit Preserver," lbr preserving
and canning fruits aaid vegetables,
wither without sug.kr. Will pre
serve from litty
fruit in an hour,
to sixty Jars of
It Is a curiosity.
Call and sec it.
Editors' in Town.-Col. Mont-
tio.Mt'iiv, of the Lotjan-' Jlepublican,
was in the city this , week. , He
had narrowly escapot I the Hocking
Hood, and was trying to find Ara
rat. . : .
Up wen, of the 'J 9 Arthur. En
Mrer, was in town on business, and
gave us a call. ; lfo tu Inks a beech
trco is n good thing to tie to in a
storm. The dangers of late by flood
and field are marvelous to hear.
Portsmouth Times ' "
Accident. We learn that Mr.
Agrh'pa Wells, of Wilkesville, in
this county, on Mouday afternoon,
July21st, in making , effort to
tep from a fence upon a wagon
oad of hay, his fuct slipped, caus-
ug him to fall to tho ground, nnd
breaking one of his legs. He is
slowly recovering.
The : Presbyterian Sabbath
School, at this place, is "being large
ly attended and rapidly growing in
numbers. Now hymn. books have
been obtained, antUhe scholars are
making praiseworthy, efforts to
earn the beautiful songs and tunes
in "Sunshine."'
New Advertlspjments.
SOO,r,00 4 00 1
o bffored to Agents for procuring .
Clubs fov tho CINCINNATI
. , T.HE O-A.IS1?TB '
Is n thh-ty-slx column pnpor, and cm
tains tliirty-fnur columns of read-
lug inutttir. it is Uuvo- ,
ted to
As an ligrlflultural pnuor,th WkUj Gamttl
cannot lie surpassed. Thousuuds of furmors
and housekeepers contributed to this depart
ment during tho past year. . ,
The Gazette is - the Leading
Eepublioan Newspaper .
of the West, . i
And has the largost eirculatlon of any Ueiiub
iieaii paper west of tho mouutalus.
CIN. (iA-ejuly-113.
EITKCO., Cincinnati, O.
Thu Ulllir.l nf Hnlmnl !v.,L.,.. li-i,... ,L
dupeniieiit School DMtrlct, of Zaleskl, Vintou
Comity, will meet at tlie School House, for the
piV''V?,e.ol!0:xu",i"'"T"l,l,UcauM t lu
said District, oil .- i
' Tuesday, July 29th, 1873. '
Examinations txJ mniiimin..k 'n Mn.v' .
M. Satisfactory ovldeiiceof good moral chai
actor required. ' . I!.: . ..
ltODBRT TuPMMOl(, Cll'm, ; v . Board
1ohaiIHastI!uh, "'School '
Cj'ok MikKfiT and Front St's. ,
" qTQMCjxrTH', '6. '
This IloitlO frailts Ult Khlimlu.it T.nn.lln.
ond convenlout to the It. It. Depot. Elegau'i
ly.aml richly fuimisliod for, eouvenieuca 'ad
comfort, , .
Notice I tanr..f,v
- . n ' i Hum , iuriiiii itir
I'iU.,.T"ifr?"' i.r,lL',',,f,H,,'uK.,,l'"ii my premises,
sitiiated. in Elk Toviuliipl.:cl0l! ,ni.tv
unio, in any manner whato-jver. Any nei
sou lound.on my pn-mlsea wiUioiit porinls
slon will be prosecuted t ,tho full extent of
the law. . ! ii i JOHN lll.H, v ,
JulyM,l7Mw. .. "
TflTn Property firr-Saie.
"i.l'V M"""a ""d kM'r tho
. .I,! ' !r"l"!n'; '."l,""t'!l1 0,1 ''"Kan "truot,
In the nort part ol McArthur, will be sold oil
tho moat iavorablc- terms. Tho Divelllnir
House Is none-t.m Vi-ick, 80 by (10 feet, eon-
fit Bacies In gooil and hciilthy Iwution.u short
HKiimi o oi uio psoimiicl u. MeA. A ii. K. It.
line: g.l well on thu prvinlsus, U kinds of
rholre li jiits, l.i ai ru r 81UM.ery, Ac. It
cu to dlvidol into (.uvoral parts. Beautiful
- , j..., ...
The Oldest ' and Best of the
ii-; 1873. i 'I.! '
With the nuinher for Jan nary, the Eclectic
liters npoa lu tweuty-ninik var. It gleans
he ehoiisest articles from the entire sold ol
foreign periodical literature, aud offers
I'hehostScinntino Articles, Kssays, Reviews,
Ciltl.ilsni. Itloirruuliical Hketohes. , Novels.
Short HUirlcs, roeius, Mlirollrtjjles and the
The nim of the ECLECTIC is to be instruc
tive without beinr dull, nnd antertalnlug
wiinoui neiug u-iviui. uoauers w no seen ,
Slioulil rive It atrial Terms. IS a vaar: Sin
fie copies, 45 cents. Liberal tortus to clubs,
he KCLKCTIC will bo sent wi.h any other
periodical at lowest ruin rauts. .Amiress,
W. K. PKLTCK. Publisher.
''I' 1H-:T, J 108 tulles stiKet, N Yi
fin TJOrJiATJR wivihoe,d !?
gents tooomuienui biisluca wltli, and Urg
ooinmlsslonn allowed for s lllng. Address, J.
S. CO NO VJCB, Col.iwaterMlch. M-Hm-sw
TOU PKINTINli of e cry description neat-
U if ana promptly o jcuioq at tnis uiuc.
ani iroitaft Proper
ly for Sale.
At Zaleski. Vinton nnmitv. Otilii.
rlutta M Clucliinutl rnllroa'd, with Mill Ynrd
in uiio hoik, aim witn an too novt'Hsary niacin.
cry lor CI'htoh aud MicaoH ant Wobk. AIko,
twoaures of laud, aiUoiuliig the Mill Yard,
iijiou wiiiuii is a good Dwelling House, con
taining i uooiu,a Won, UHtm u.Wnnh-house,
Stable ami other conveniences, witli Urapes
wuu mi &mu ui r rui. Also
Portable Steam Saw Mill,
Now located X mile from Hope Furnace Sta
tion, Smiles from Zaleski.and cutting from 4,
0UO to 5,000 It. of Lumlier daily.and a sot for o
sufllnluut to make 800,000 toelrot lumber; two
two-horse Teams, Harness and Wagons com
plete, connected with Uio Mill. Also,
ICO Acres of Land,
Situated In Washington county, Iowa, 6 miles
from a railroad, with Dwelling House, aud
all -iiit buildings; 00 acres of which are Im
proved: limestone soil, near to timber; a'very
unmrKuiu property. Ana SI SO, OTUIH run
gONALFROPUKTY. The Flourllitr Mill nnd Raw Mill are In rand
running ordur, and doing a very profitable
All of said property will be sold at low prt
00s, toirethor or separate, tho whole or 0110-
nnir Into rest intliesa 111 rortahle Haw Hill.
TERMS: one-third cash, and tberemuiuder in
navmenui lo siiil thn iiui.iii.nr.
This is a rare chance for one or two energet-
u; mull 10 iiiuko muuey. aausiaciory reasons
given for wanting to sell. F.Shadich,
Julyd,187S-tf Zalcskl.O,
t'onslhtlnr of 800 acres, sltuntnil In Ma.llami
Towimhip, Vinton County, Ohio, four miles
from McArthur, and one mile from Vinton
Station, on tho Marietta & Cincinnati Itnll
road, on the road leading from McArthur lo
Atheus, Ohio. 100 acres of Wood Laud; bal
ance under cultivation; 8-1 acres of Bottom
Land. oil watered. Hiillloientlv lurira for
two farms. Two dwelling houses and all oth
or buildings, about 1-8 of a mllo apart, upon
the premises. In a good neighborhood and in
Greatest Coal Region
On the lino of said Railroad. Thero are 8
vvius of Coal. 4 feet in thickness on the prem
ises. One vein covers tlia entire tract of land:
one covers all except 40 acres, and one covers
all eveept about 1O0 aores. Within 80 rods of
tho Railway Switch, running from Vinton
Station to Vinton Furnace; a switch can be
conveniently built across the land to tho Coal
Veins. Anv nerson wanting nronortv of this
description, could not do bettor than purchase 1
win. 1
343 acres of the laml Imlonir toll. H. Dnmln
who will give nny further information i'.mt
may be desired. Will sell at a bargain. If
one half is paid at or about the time or Bale,
the. buyer may have such time on dMorred
payment, not to exceed ten or nfuier. vmh
as will bo satisfactory, Inquire upon the
iiumiiuo i.r iMitiruKii h. It. VJ!.r.IINU,
Jiuy v, iB(a.ii. Vlutoutation, O.
Mp.sicI Music!!
I'rices Prom $00 to
STEINWAY'S Pianos, ackuowledgcd unrU
J.V. HARRIS & CO'S., Pianos, positively,
the bust medium priced planes made
BACON & CAKIUS, good and very cheap.
SMITH'S Ajnorlcan Organs, the only Instru
ment used by Mr. Philip l'lilllips, in his song
tour through Kurope.
SI ANG'S Organs, celebrated for their puri
ty aud power ol tone.
WOOD'S Organs. ,
We are offering thoaliove Instrument from
ten to mteen per cent.
'' Lower ron C'Asn,
Than they ran bo purchased elsewhere. Call
nun m-u in in our resilience, orauiiresH us oy
letter. Wk OrAKA.sTKK Satisfaction.
M. .B. BARNES, Agent.
July 9, 1873-8m
McArthur, O.
Insurance. ,
Of Golumbus
Is one of th best managed
I:isuraijce iUom.panies in Ohio. '
..itates as'loyr as. any Na' ll
responsible ' company, j :y
Losses j , promptly -adjusted
Without litigation. ...
II. C. JONES, Agent.,
Americaa Submerged Pamp.
"Thu Best Pump in jhe Would."
OU it AGENTS vcportover $300,000 worth of
Kropercy s.veii ironi rire this year by these
limps, being the inost powerful force-pumps
in inu wuruu iw wen its nuN-r bkkzimj.
See Ocbiber number, page atMl, also the 1'ro
miumLisU uaire 8118 of the Amorlnan Airrinul.
turist This paper never deceives the furmors.
Sue uotloe in February numlier, page 48, Trv
one. If it don't lo tho work clahiioil, senil It
back aud gut your money, as W K WARRANT
our puinpii to da all we claim for them on our
eirciifars., ( .., (, . .. ,
Send for Circulars or orders to tho Brldge
UortM'f'rCo.. Na&oCbaiubersSt..Now York,
An Order for nine No. 1 Pumps secures an
uxumwive (own agency. j , 1171,
X - . ,; M . ..I
O. L. CJOKSLIIVE, in. !.,
Will attend to professional calls promptly
i nn iiiuua, iiuu uu ruusonauie Hiniil, eiv-oin
Tiie Home
' A N E W" KAMEl '
Tho Village ZBlfcakl Company's Coal
Mines, In ilrown Township, will from and
after this date be known as ' ' i
In every county of each State, for a new'
National Book. (TBI Livaa Axu roiTMAiia
ov thb FaKHiuKNTS) with fao simile copy of
the Declaration of Independence, the Consti
tution of United States, and Washington's
Karewell Address, with l(lne steel plates.
For circulars and twrmi, address Johnson
Wilson k Co., IT Ueekman Bt. N. Y.
AViiwliiiig-toii, JBiUtimoro, JPliilfidel
pliin, f5v Yorli", ,
Cincinnati & Return,
InrnltrcLiro 2
4 h ..
InmruLfucture to order aud repair Furniture of nil kinds, At tlie moat rennonablo pric. I mu
and accompany them with a Hearse. JfcPTu pnblio air invited to cavil and
examine my Stook,
Sfarch lUth, 1873.
SAVED. !'.iu
lPixrnJLtru.ro !
1' A It 10 UUUIUAi
. ,
Vntlpn iii liereliv riven tlmt a. netitinti w ill
bo presented to tlie Commissioners) of Vinton
County, Ohio, at their next version, to be held
on Monday, September 1st, 1H73, praying for
me esnioiiKiiineiii, ui a county muu uiung tne
fiillowinir route to-wit: lleirlnuinir at the
South end pi' Slarket Street, in tlie town of
AlcArttiur in snui county or i mum, lioin
thence South about two nnd ono-hulf Uegreus,
vet on a line witn sum street tnroueu tue
lands and premises of Ezra 1'. ftothwcll, Jos.
Doddridire. David F. Ilainl. Hnrvev ltobbins.
and the heirs of Uarall Boljo. deceased, to a
point in thu center of the Jackson road north
of tho residence of Levi Wyman; tlivnce
Sonth through the lands and promises ot Levi
Wymau to a stake, 45 links wet of an apple
tree near Iho South line ot'snld Wyman prem
ises: thence South about 8 (ICircs Knst to nn
oak tree on tlio premtsos of Ivy-Hlxsou, near
tue Houin line oi r.is; uiwnsnip, Hiiunenrrno
South line of the lunds of said ivy ilixou;
thence South about 8 deicrocs West to a white
oak tree near the resideiico of John Salts, und
through the premises of the heirs of Stephen
Salts deceased, said last mentioned point be
ing the terminus of said road, and being In
Clinton township, Vinton county, Ohio.
July3, 187S-W4.
XI.. !.. IT n .nB,n,.l,.r iV.,l,.l.,H
JiHIUU 11. ....UU) U IV.1IIL1I.III lllff tl.ll.
Keutucky, will take notice that on the Slat
day of J illy, 1813, John M. Sloan, Died his pe
tition in tlie Court of Common i'lcns, iu and
r... in,.i..n.'n..K.., iil.ln 'I'l... ....,ll..l
ded(S) of tho east-hnlf of tho north west
quarter, aud tlie north east quarter o the
north west quarter, aud the north west quar
ter ol tue noun east qnarmr oi seciivu i.
townshiii 0. rauco ID. Alo tho smith east
quarter olllbo north cast quarter of section 8(1,
townslitpv, range iu. Also ine norm west
quarter oftlie north wtt quarter of section 81
and the south west quurtor of the south
west quartorlof section 3U, township 9, range
IS, except thu north west quarter of the north
east quarter of section 81, towiiidiip 9, range
18. und asking tlmt suid mortgage lie forculos
eu, said lands sold. The proceeds brought
into court, and applied in satisfaction , of his;
claim, against'one Thomas M. Lytic), for the
sum offl,7!llV), and interest from January
SOth, 1813. Said Thomas M. Lytlo and wife
are parlies del'eniluiit with said AlartlM II.
lirand; anid ilei'nndant Brand la required to
answer said petition on or Ixtftiro tho third
SstiiiMay atterthuUddayofHeptenibcr, A. O.
ltffil. ' JOHN Al. SLOAN,
uy .1. i. muwii.i.ivbat, Attorney.
July tS, 1878 BW. :'.
Notick Is liurebv given, lliut a lctl-
tlon will -lie presented to thu (kjniinis.
sloiiers of in t u ii County, Ohio, nt
their next regular .sessioui 'to ho held on
Monday, (September 1st, A) 1). 1H78, pravlng
for the ebtablihhuientol'a county roail, along
tho following described route, to wit: lie-
f inning at or hear apulr of bars on theprcni
es of Abel Wells, at tho foot of the hill og
Wilkesville road, them e in a northerly direc
tion aloug the shortest aud best route through
the (anils and piemisus of said Abel Well, of
Johu 1). W. Jones, of Martin Dulley, nf Ed
ward r letehur and of Amos HurLluy, to a iMiint
In thu Wilkuville aud Jackson road, al the
lino dividing the lands of said Amos iUntloy
and said Kilward Fletcher,, tlio saiiia lining
tue pince oi turiuinus. -
U. B. Ci.atpoolk, Att'y for potitlpueri.
JnlyxB, ISIMI, . , , . . .. .-,',
Notice Is herelrr iflvou that tlio uiiilerslKii-
ed has been appointed Administrator of the
Kstatcof John Mayo, lute of Vluton county,
Ohioducensed. -. - i r r .
:Jniyva,i'env-Bw.'J i . ,w ii u j 1 1 .
"ITTI Its rlonrny attendants, low
sinui asoress
depression. Involuntary!
is of aemen, spanna
of poosr dlaay head.
missrons. l.
torrhosa, lorn
loss of sncmorj'f nnd tbjreaUned Itaf
pottnes, and Inibeellltjr, And a sorer
Inn cure in IJUMFllItEVlO Iio.hi.
vp Uia srstsm. arrest tlie disohargM, and Im,
parts vigor and snertrr, life and vitality to the
jiitir. n.a, 'iher bava ma tuoussndi of oun.
rrlos, U pr packuMof nvs boxes and a largt It
TU1, wlioa la wry important in obstinate or old
easjs, or 1 pn kglslios. Sold by ALL irtviZ
rtst,andsntbrinailonnei4ptof prifl. AiMmU
X-i Mil Broadway, N, Y. Dsnd Un otular.
Just Published in a Sealed JUnvdl
ope, .Prict Six Cents. '
A lecture on the Nature, Treatment aad
Radical cure of Seminal .Weakness, oriw
matti'rrnoea, inuucen oj ioii-aouu, inyoiun
tary Emissions, ImpoUincv, Nervous jHibll
Ity, ai vl linpediinents to Marriage gennrftlly:
tonwii.oiitlon, Kpllepsy afid Kito: Mental and
I'liysicKJ uenimoii,r, ae. iiy nun mil u.
CCLVKICWKLL. M.I)., author oftlie "Green
Book," he. ' ; t
The world renowued author, In Nils' admira
ble lecture, elearly proves from his own ex
perience tunc me awnu consequences oi suir.
abuse. may he eS'ectuully removed Without
nieuiciues, auo witnout uangomiis surgioai
oiwratinns, oongiiv, luvLruuienui, ringn ur cor.
dials, pointing out mode of euro at once cer
tain and effectual, by which every 'sufferer,
no matter wnnc ins conuuion may on, may
cure himself chritply, prUalely and radically.
This lorturo will prove a boon lo tlionsauils
and thoiiHands. -Sent
undor seaL In a Plain envelope, to any
address, on receipt of six cents.or two postage
stamps, oy anaressiag inn nuniudior-,. i
CH AS. J. C. KLIN K A CO., ' ' '
1ST Bowery, New York, V, O. Box i,6S8.
Legal Notices.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice Is hereby given that, Aaron Martin,
as guardian of Adeline and Nora 11. Carter,
minors, has filed his accounts herein with
said wards for partial settlement; and that the
sumo will be for hearing on tho iMth day of
July, A. 0. 1878, at 11 o'clock A. If.
II. 11. MAYO,
i JulyS, 18Ta-n25-4t. " Probate Judge.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
I Notice Is hcrchv given, that Thomas Weav
er, guardian of Margaret A. liassl'onl, minor,
lius II led his aeoouut with suid ward, for par
tlul settlement, und that the same is sot for
hearing on the 20th day of July, A.D. 187S,
nt 11 o'clock, A. M.
H. It.' MAYO,
July 3, 18T8-n25-4t. l'robuto Judge.
William Baughman, plaintiff,
James Chambers, def't.
John T. Black J. P., of Madison Tp.,
Vinton county, Ohio.
Ou Ihe lHtli day of Juhe, A. D. 1873, said Jus.
tice issucil nu order of attachment ju the
alaive action for the sum of 18.Wj said action
is set for hearing Julv th, 1WI3, at I) o'clock
July,187S-3w. 1
Lewis C. Day's Assignment.
The iindorslirnCiL'.Assliineb for tlie" benefit
of creditors, of Lewis C. Duv, hereby gives no.
nco tiini ne win mane application to ins rro
hate Court us Vinton County, Ohio, ou the Sd
day of August. 1873, for an order of said Court,
to sell to the highest bidder, the claims, debts,
and demands of said Assignor deeiuod dea.
A soliedulo nf such debts and demands are
now on Hie in tho oflice of said Court,
. .. cuahlks It. HOVIT,
July , 1878-wS. Assignee.
William Baughman, plaintiff,
Amos McNeal, def't.
Before John T. Black. J. 1. ot Madisoa
Township, VinUm county, Ohio.
on tue liBtn day or .nine, itns, saiu justice
issued an order of attachment iu the above ac
tion for tho sum of wight dollars aud sixty
cents. (i 00.) , ,
Said cause, is act for hearing on Monday,
ApgustlS, lHTi, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
William BaVohban.
July 10,1878-8w. 1 1
Notice ill hereby given, that sealed propo
sals will be received by the undersigned, un
til I o'olock F. M.,ou . '., ,
Friday, August 5th, 1873,
For the building of a Brick Cliureh, near
Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio,
Plans and Specifications
Can be seen at tho residence of Patrick Kelly,
8 mHes west of Wilkesville. The party recelv
ing the routrnut, will bo. reouiiwl to enter
Into bonds with good and sulllcieut security,
fur thu proper purlorinauco of tho work.
ki. K. Coo It ,
July 16-at. Sec'y Building Society.
Probate Court, Vinton Co,, Ohio,
Notice Is horeby given, that Thomas Stocks,
guardian' of Charles 11., James W., and ilen
Janiln F. lleskett, minor clillilrou of John N.
lieskott, deceased, has lllcd his severul
amoiiuts for partial settlement, with his said
wards, ami that tlio same are sot for hearing
on the Wlb day of August,, A. J). 1H78, at 10
o'clock A. M. II II. MAro,
July 10, luT3-dt. Piobate Judge.
ft i ,, . i . -1
Notice Is hereby given that sealed p
posals will be received at the Auditor's Oflice,
in iic Arthur, Vinton county, Ohio, until three
o'clock, r. M ., o ' ' . . 1 . , .
,,, M6nday, Jul0 28th, 1873,
For the building of i .
Ons Cqveued Bridge with Stons
Across MldillwFork'ilfftiili'croiik, In Harrl.
son Township, near tho reslduuce of Jonathan
are on file for Inspection at the Auditor's Of
fice. And tho county Commissioners do
hereby iuvite . i.. .1 .1
Proposals d 'AnV Otuicr Plan
Titan those en (lie at the Andltor'i Onins, at
the option of bidders, will be oousldsred, but
proposals on other plans are required to be
aocohipantml with plans' and specifications
setting forth the number of spans, the length
of eaeh.lthe nature, quality ami sine of the
materials lo bo used lu the erection of the
saino, the strength of the structure when coin
pletd,the separate cost of the base and super
structure and slso whether there Is any pat
mitrighton the proposed plnu, and If so 011
what uart; If not. on the whole. All proposals
must beaocompanlod wall a bond, with at
least two good securities, In double the
aiuouutof such bid.
, The Commissioners, however, reserve Die
right to reject any or all bids.
, By order f the Coiumluiloners.
Aooltor Vluton County,

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