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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 23, 1873, Image 3

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McArtuur Enquirer
IfdAUTUUB, OIHO, - . JOLT SS. 1878.
Advertising Agent,
190 WIST fockth 8tui:et,;
In tin authorized A gout to nir.levo advoitlHo
nioiita fur tliU paper. Ilo h:.s special ar
rangements with religious, ag riculluiul and
other uewapupurs.
Advertisers who may wish toreaoh the
People of Vinton and adjoining counties,
can And no batter medium thau the Me
Artlior Enquirer.
R'pfi apples are becoming plenty.
And now everybody Is complain
ing that it is too hot. - .
Fruit is dropping off premature
ly this season. " .
Green corn has made its appear
ance upon our hotel tables.
Of course we have no Rail Road
tiewd to give our anxious readers.
The late rains have brought
forth much mud in the already bad
Tiituu is a general complain
among business men relative to the
scarcity of money. ,
Dr. N. J. Mower. IKutist, MoArthur, 0
. ii i i i (
W'k want all the rags' and old
books, etc., in1, Vinton county. Send
them in forth with.
Tuic weather, the past week, has
been of a variegated nature hot,
cool, rain, sunshine.
ii i '
Akk the teachers of Vlntou coun
ty making preparations to. hold a
Teachers' Institute this fall?
Ouk "Levi" says there is noth
ing like the shake of "the light fan
tastic toe." lie ought to know.
Those trespassers upon the prem
ises of John Huhn are requested
to read the "Notice to Trespassers"
iu this paper.
SuocKtv's brands of cigars are
the best, most fragrant iu the mar
ket. The local has tried them, and
knows whereof he affirms.
"Spades arc trumps in this sec
tion." Logan Sentinel;
What! with those pretty girls
j oil speak of? We should suppose
hearts were trump.
"it iip t
Wu.UA)t Bavguuan returned
from the West on Friday last,, hav
ing enjoyed himself iiumeuse
- ly during"' the trip. His health. Is
much improved,
asj , a- i 1
tart fruit crop will bo smal' in
this county, especially the apples
and grapes. The grape crop ' in
soiuo' parts of the county will be a
ttuccess, "
Ohoumd Hoo. A ground hog
was caught upon the premises of
Air. J. J. SitocKEr, on Monday last.
It was a fat fellow; saucy, and
created considerable amusement
far time, , ,
Oi'K friend, Charles Miller, of
llamden, returned a fews days ago
from Germany, inthebest of health,
and highly pleaded with his trip.
JIo has resided , in . thh uountry
about 28 years, .
Two freight trains on the Mari
etta and Cincinnati Rail Road, col
lided near Londonderry! on Thurs
day morning lust, reault-a brake
man, named Chaklls Mannino,
getting his ankle brokou,
A VALCAUI.E cow belonging to H.
C. Mamkt, of Zaleskl, was badly In
j 1 1 red by the' Zaleukl Accommoda
tion Tl'ftlli, westward bound, at the
crossing (towr'nl vyoHtof Raccoon
JJrldge, on $attirduy evening lust,
QttAi'ua, the most appetitive, de
licious, fruit II) their season, are
"gone hp" In this lucallty-nblusted
by the rot. Our friend 0. T. Guw
NiNO lost several hundred pounds
yf tho Concord variety. ' i I
Y, K, Adam, mi' WupHi'luwadent,
purposes leaving to-morrow for a
visit to hi parents in Nebraska.--Ho
will be absent about three
weeks. The reader will hear from
; M) through Tut Enquirer, an to
his oplnlon'of tlio fur west, ; :
Lost Tkkimkr Doo Glossy
1 black color, white spots on fore feet
Mid breast, ! The dog Juno pod from
tho train butwoen McArthiir and
Vinton, on the 3(T oT July. Liberal
reward paid for tlie dame. , ;'
Zaleski, O
. Ir. N. J Beware, IMiutlat, WnArtliur, U,
. , ,i - - - hi .. .
,.!-.'. Wi! believe It a good motto for
every person to 4,blow his own
lioru," so far us ooucerns business,
but tho horn that bio wed every
day, not far from this offloc, 1 ' too
' much of a gootl thdig for people
inclined to nervousness. '
Two Men Crushed Beneath the
On Thursday moriilrig jast -our
community was shocked by the re
port that a torriblo collision hud
taken place between , two freight
trains, a few rods east of Vinton
Station, and two men crushed be
neath the ruins. . Vehicles of uvery
description were soon brought into
requisition, and a large number of
our citizens hastened to the scene
of disaster. The report proved too
true, i "" i. '. ; .' '
It appears that the Express
Freight from IfarRersbui'g Is gone'i1
ally made up in sections a loeoino
tive for each section each train run
ning separately, and following each
other; leaving Parkersburg at 5 p.
m., and arriving at Vinton Station
(when on time) at 1 :35 a. M.' "
On the night of the accidCni the
train was made up In four sections;
and the first and socond sections
passed over the road' all right,
but the third and i fourth i sections
wore delayed from some cause, and
collided at Vinton Station tt2:43
a. St. the rear train or fourth sec
tion, striking , the caboose of the
third section. . "
The front train Thomas Uiiown,
Conductor ran from Zaleski
to Vinton, 3 9-10 miles, in twenty
one minutes, and at the time of the
collision was mo ving at the rate of
eight mKes an hour, and was pre
paring to s wi tch on a number of
cars loaded with coke for Vinton
Furnace. The rear train of
which John Caupuell was Con
ductor, and Goodhue,, En
gineer came from Zaleski . ' to
Vinton in 8 minutes, at the
rate of thirty-five to forty miles
per hour. It struck the ca
boose of the front train in a ter
rific manner, demolishing in its
course three or four cars! The loco
motive leaped, as it were, up a bank
ten feet high, where it careened to
one side and fell back into the cut,
crushing beneath its ponderous
weight two human beings one a
breakman named N. M. McElwkb,
who, it is supposed stood at his post
signaling the danger with his lantern
until the shock came, aud ,lu wad
hurled into eternity. His body lay
beneath the ruins for sixteen hours
or more, because of tho seeming
neglect of somebody. Loud and
bitter were the complaints made by
the citizens from the country for
miles around, numbering more
than two hundred, and, it is said,
that a superior officer who appear
ed in the early part of the morning
and ordered a subordinate but hu
mane officer to let the dead body
lay until the following morning,
was threatened with vengeance, if
the terribly mangled body if the
unfortunate ,'young man was uoti re
moved and properly cared for on
that evening. Some of the Rail
Road employees and citizens wish
ed to excavate the earth, ' which
could have been excavated1 .! very
easily, so that the body could be
removed from Under the engine,
but they were not allowed to do so
for some reason,, but a promise was
made that the body should be re
moved that evening.'!, There' is no
doubt, but for the compliance of, the
officer to the earnest and determin
ed demands of the citizens, - that
there would' hayo'bedn a struggle,
and perhaps bloodshed. The body
was removed at dark on that even
ing, ', The young man was, the son
of a widow wdraaU' living in Phila
delphia, and upon his person were
found sixty-seven -dollars and four
cents in money, a pocket knife, mem
oranduiu bookt. and some other ar
ticles, which were placed in the
hands of a railway official to be sent
to his hoai't-strlckoh pother: ':
residence is' .Columbus,' 'Ohio,1 'was
the Jiahie of thcother 'young r man
who wtts killed, i He had been em
ployed as a ffrotftfTi) W''PtM'and
was the fireman on the engine of
the, Zaleski and Parkersburg Ac
commodation train that collided on
Monday, the sjigkeu of else
where in this paper, Having' con
cluded ' . to , leave tho ""; road
ho was ' on .his ' way " to ' Chil
lieotho , foif , ' tho',' .".purposo of
illH'Injr , tho l)dftnoo qf l, wages.
He wns asleei) in the cauoo'se'of the
frobt train jat.' the time of the col-'
nsion. - his i Dotiy , was recovered
soon after the collislon;aud was prop
erly .pftWl.fbr,'- Tho remains were
taken east nhont T i o'clock uu that
evening On tho LflBf line, aud sent
to Columbus on the following morn-
lhis collision, undoubtedly, was
caused by the sheer neglect of duty
on the part'of'the engineer of the
rear train he running his train at
greater f peed than specified Inihe
Bcl;edule, and knowing a traiu was
In advance., It is said thatjie had
been in- the employ of the railway,
company but a nhovt iiwo, aud was
only slightly acquainted ,;with the
road, and did not know where he
was goings when he, made the fust
timo, ; between' - Zaleski and Vinton.
Why tlo the ofllcers f itho' road !
low straqpfori to take ',, charge of
trainer. i tils-collision should be
thoroughly Investigated,' and. then
It ' enn be' tiscortnlnod, ! from , svyovn
testimony where the Manio i roally
''iboldngs, 'ii",,,.,(lH,ii.;..:i '';;'
Vinton County Sabbath School
' The annual celebration of the
Sabbath Schools of Vinton county,
will be holdn Arnokl' jGroye,
near MeArWir, Friday, September
the 49th, 1873. -r A -prygrainmo of
tho exerciscsj whcn' ' wlllbo ' pre
sntcd on the occasion, will be pub
lished in duo time. The Execu
tive Committee propose to ilwnrd to
tho township that shall send the
largest delegation to the celebra
tion, according to its population, a
prize banner that will make any
township receiving , it, feel proud.
Tho banner awarded1 to the' Locust
Grove School last yeatv,' will' be re
turned and presented to the largest
individual1 , school.! present on. the
occasion. ' These, rba'nhers 7 are
themselves worth .-.striving for, but
the township and school that shall
win them for having excelled in the
sabbath school ! caUse,, .Will, 1 have
earned a noble distinction' 7
It is hoped that every township
and school in the'conntyj 'Will be
present, 60 as to participate in the
celebration. - Good speakers will be
secured for the occasion, and the
Executive Committee will make an
effort to secure the services of the
McArthur, Ml Pleosanj & Zales
ki Brass Bands. Any further in
formation in regard to the arrange
ments for . the ,cc(lebratjoiV. pan bo.
had by nddresslngtno Secretary."
By order.of Executive Com.
Grniud Excursion from Quincy to
Denver, Colorado.
ovl JhA iVe.u.e '.wf(i heltU nf
pleasure seekers, and all those
wishing to "Go West," the "Old
Reliable'.' ilaniiibal -St. .' Joseph
Short Line have placbd on" sale
round triptifketj.yfji'op Qjijncy to
Denver and return, good for throe
months from date of issue, at
greatly reduced rates.
! This JVail( pypiiljvf oh i-pfa's.
three thro passenger trains daity,
equipped , with ' Pullman Palace
Slea)iiig C!ar,jand new and elegant
Day CoachesV . supplied with all
modern .improvements conducive to
safety, comfort and speed.
For any" further' information' 'In
regard to 1 rates, Jj'ney et), .please
apply to' 'E. 'A.' Pakkek, 'Gfen'l Tick
et. Agent;; f. STJpseph, R.
Hannibal, Mo. e&wjuly23-3w.
Dr. N.J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O.
The following are the salaries
paid to1" School 'Superintendents In
tho yiripus citi,cs of Ohio:, ....
Cleveland.. . . . .'. .. .'..'$4,000
Cincinnati 3,600
Columbus:':1 . ..r; . V 3,00d
Toledo: . r: . f-jrrr.v.-.-. 3,000
Akron. . . v. .-. . 2,500
Xdungstowpi 1 . .. ,.L . . j ij. 2,500
SaiidinifcV. .V. .'". .V 2,500
Salem rrr; 2,500
:PJt9V8- -JMfl P00
The vilUigomJ I McArthur has
been paying a salary of only $800,
but refused to engage, the .services
pWwi'Pt $C00,, ,";!;"-,; : : ,;!.;
m. m
, FiyE CENTSIfrtimeet a mis
erable .looking .man1' who 'askV you
for five cents for iJOBtage oni "your
uouhtyi paper, Ahat;aiwayB pi,rcidated
free prf vjeus, Jjljr jL.,3, (you
may be, pur.e, .he ijj, gmj( of Uncle
Sam's Postmasters collecting your
portion, of !fhe Salary Steal. Spoon
thi'ef BwtLftn; sai
paign, ' last fall it 'was only ' three
cents a head, but these i fellows' want
AVl'fttttllJiat (fyttipe; a
year,,., ....,.,..., ,., .., ,
.. WANTBp'Want a correshond-
ent ,:Weyer?.1 to.wn-' and,' hamlet1 in
v ju iwii county. w& ao not desire
lon' letters; huVtoniy want' a brief
announcement 'of taach and - every
iocai event ' tnat tranatres,- which;
would; -hv sultahjeifor 1 publication.
It is our aim to raak'e. Thk .Enquiu-
u 'ii '.I'll''" " '"' "V.' '
kr better than ever, ud our friends
cn- very irHiteriafy7a(i4,Hs,',witli no
Tub Steamilill,!atij:,Hamden' has
been purchaietl UylllOu Cpzzkns,
'i II.1' ' 'Krf'lJ -L'lWlii'l ...... 4m.
iuM) mi 4.1m, u u.eny iue , oiean, fliiu,
and J.. Bu.JpaNM'of, Elk Town
ship, who have lvfltted! it, with new
uiafjhiftery,and are, prepared: to
mauuiaeiure iiie cnoicest Hour,
mealetei, and 1 .deal fairly , with the
people qf ViutoW'eauuty'u There -is
no better iniUer, oumerlcaa soil
tht...rjjCpafieHg, ZOiv.e -'hTm a
, Ouk farmers have a very serious
time gathering their' wheat 1 Most
of, the wheat .has, Men, jiut and put
in iiiocka, . antf tfdmp: In, stack, bt
ii.,. ' i ! ,.1'uiiJ..Ill . . .
mute 1. yvi, a.iurgo amouni ion to
i.uu muivv, uA AHUiweatuer.' u rain-
d' pVopy ast ; y.eejrj and truly
the 'anner has a trying time.
continues" the favorite ston-
ping.'piawl ,Uh,,,'i)V'pVybQdy.': The
HouBo,iMwnder.ttip'; .management of
Mr. 21.' ' MmikLli, 'id, m(lo equal in
oorafor;bu4 gopiA,yjng 0 tho best
Hfttcls.in Ikfi ,fifttU;ryM f you visit
ChlMlcothc,, B,ton at the Depot Ho;
.''tlWtardo this paper:',',";
, Jiw, ak'skl'-Bj'ass Band, was
OlVt sirmnug luMalufiluy-; night
l:ast')"Tf;! '!'')' i'-i'ii'"'',,...!' ,','',',.','; ' .,. . 1
. . ,il :K .11. 1 .. I ,; i ., ... 1
Tuk NatioiiiiV PiiLii'stilg Com
pany of Cincinnati, have eutT us
specimen pages of "The Undevel
oped West, or Fivo Years In the
Territpres,f being 'description; ft
that .vast region between the Mis
sissippi and the Pacific' TheVdrk
treats a great deal of New Mextco,
Arazona, Mexico, and that part of
the country which was once1 the
home of the Children of the Sun,
and as fully develooed and civilized
as any part of Ohio to-day. It is
written by J. H. Beadle, who lias
spent five years in that region as a
correspondent. '
Messrs. L. D. M., Ed. D.,' Dr. B.,
Misses Mollie F., Nannie M F. and
and M. Brown, from McArthur,
paid a visit to Logan last Sunday.
The young men were gallant, and
the girls are so pretty we almost
mistook them for belles of Logan,
which Is saying a great deal for the
ladies of McArthur. Logan Senti
nel. We never knew but ono stranger
visiting Logan, and his first expres
sion npon entering the village was:
"My G d! what an ugly ,. class of
girls." , ' ,
Judicious public improvement
such as add to the beauty of a place
and promote the health and com-,
fort of its inhabitants, enhance the
real value of property largely over
original cost As instances,: look
at the neighboring villages of llam
den aud Zaleski. ; In these two vil
lages the people are alive and hap
py. They have a Rail Road. '
If you wish anything more In
the Dry Goods or .Grocery line, go
to the House of Will & Co., at Za
leski, and look at their fine assort
ment and learn the low prices at
which , they are now selling their
On tlio Otli of May, 1873, In Knox Township,
Viuton county, Ohio,, KZKKIK1, KOBINKTI,
aged IS rear. . , . ,i, :, . ,:
Tho deceased was born in Maryland. Ho
had resided In Kuox Township Vnt a!raot SO
year, being one of the first neUlori Iu tue
township.' Hewu useful and well known
citizen, and highly respected by alt who knew
Mm. -
DIED. Special Notices.
TT-t rt-Tr
To KnngftJ'and' Colorado! btlrlng'tne
summer season of 1873, tho Missouri Paoiflo
Riiilroad will sell Excursion Tickets from St.
IxuIb to Denver and return at rqiy ovt rate
of fare, anil a, rare opportunity Is thereby of
fered, forlovor of. nature to vlow tho benu
tles of Colorado anilenJo the dcllghtfol
srenert nnd heBltli-lnspirlng cllrii'aWof the
rai'Ksoi tne iiock v oiouiuuiux.
Kunsas, with lu'broad and fertile plains, is
other Western States and f errltories, is reach
(lireeiiv on tne routo, uKOiner wnn an mc
ed by the Missouri l'aoillo Kiiilniod and It
connections. HH Texaa. ouo4MUjm of this
road is now completed, and passengers are
offered a flrst-class, . all-rail route from 8t
I.ouls to Texas, either. over the Missouri,
Rannas A Texas 11. It. via fiutlfllla, or over the
Atlantic A l'ac.Mo R. B. via Vlnlta. For
maps, time tablef, information aa to rates,
routes, Ac. we il'er our readers to J. K.
Tlionipson, Southern l'atsengor Agent, Chat
tnuonga. Tenn.j or K. A. VirU G'n'rT Passen
ger Agent, St Louis. Mo.' gnmthins Will be
cheernilly aud promptly answered. 1-ly
, ,' ., I. . . i !" I 'I' i "::
. r, . ill i- i.t : i ' ! !)' V r 1 i
.For iLoss of iAwktim,, Dyspepsia, . Inair
gestion, Depressloii of Spirits flnd Ctnoral
bebiUty, la tbel vSrlpas' forins,. j!T,itBO
PnosroRATBO iixir OF CaiiiiAYA maiUs by
Ciswici.L, mi akd AlCd.,N'ewT6r1t,tnd irtld
bv art dniirirists. is the best tonic. As a sttin-
ulcnt tonic for patients reepverin froKn, fever
or other Rlokness,' it has no equal. ' IT taketa
(lu rm r t no season it prevents lever ana agne
and other intermittent fuveit. , ' 19-4jw -
i .' '.JV ' 'i . .' -t ri-'i '.I,. in-.'
I EmlcTotlosi "Tarnlns;. Cheap Farms. In
South-west Missouri: The Atlantic APaciflc
Railroad Company oflTers 1,300,000 acres of land
In Central and Sonth-west Missouri, at from $3
to 1S per acre, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from 6L Louis to all purchas
ers.: Climate, soil, timber,, mineral wealtn,
ichooli, churches, and la w'-abidlng society in
vite emigrants from all points to this land of
fruits and flower. . For parUculat address A.
TiTOg, Lanrt teinmissioner, su
For Ayert Uedluiuea, go to O. W. Sisson'a,
' ' ' : ' ' '' 1 'PlTTsiltaoH, March, Mtt ,
We hate used-.largo uuautiUcj.p Beymer
Baumau A Co.'i Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always fouiid.it unjforroly and finely
ground, very white ana of excellent body.
Its purity we have never questioned, and we
cheerfully recommend it.'yy ,'. r a, rr '
,, ,, , Vaster Palritera,
A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in
4itji Amuia ff ,Mlsijjiaiir, la.tovored a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of norv -
ous weakness, early decay, disease of 'the
urinary and seminal organs, and the whole
train of disorders brought pu by baiiefid.arsl
vlu'ous habits. " Great Humbert have bec
ciireif by tliisuoble remedy. rro,inpted by a'
desire to beneiltthe aDlfctod and unfortunate,
I will send tho receipt for preparing and using
this medicine, in a sealed cnvelore. to any one
who needs It, Frt4 of Chargi! "Address1 '
Station D, Ulble Houie,N. T. City.
1 Mnrch 19. 1HTO-Vl,nia .i ,, , ,
Ta tha Sua-erlag The Ev, Wmili.Hor
lou, while residing In Brayil as Hhisionary,
dbieoversd in that landof, nioilliiluos a rented;
for1 (jbnsnmptlon." Horaiuta,. iSora .TUrooi,
Cough i, OoUli,, Asthma, and, Nervon W edi
tion,. Tlds remedy has, cured. Hiycir after ill
other medlolnes had failed, i. i . , . ,
. Wishing tp beueflt the sufforing, t will scud,
tlie roclpe or'preparlng and Mlng IbU rem
edy, to all who desire It, rce of Clmrge.
Pluase send an enveloo, with, your nam
and addrssaob lt." Addreas, !'! V
... llroadway. New Vork City.
March 19, im3-v1,ulU. .
9 rt . ,7 r l vi ':'
For Vine Perlumory, go to Bjssoa'i Prug
Store. ( "Jv-j i1 '
' Tli Beat Pla The choicest lot of fro-
cerlos, QuoOnswarp, Glassware, JlptUjns, Ao
eaa be bail at Davis Duboah'i BiorpJ In Za
leski, at all tlmo. - I j
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken In exchange fur goods, at
bit store. In connection with his atort) ha has
aKaddlo and Harnoiis flhopnand will repair
anything In that Una on slMiiulcJ ml at
(owgnres. Go and see hlin. ; tf
' "M, ShlliSB. I ..
For Pur Drugs and Medicines, go tols-
Plva Hundred Thousand. 000,000 bottlol
f arecna's iAuguat FloWcf hnvia beea 1d la
this State In throe months. We onljj ask you
to, go to the drug atorca of Onnnlng orStoaolt
Me Arthur, Ohio, and got livUlers vckkvt
of a' regular alse' at W eeata., Svery bottle
warrantwl to cure llyspensla of Mtorentri.
piaiut, Hick ueailache, Cwtivon,', id.art-
liiirrf,. Wntorhrash, Sotit'Htnnineh. Indigestion
impure lllimd, nmt all rtUl io rKriwd by Inr-pui-e
Dlood, or deranged Stviuaub, and Mver.
Trr it. . U. UUKEN. l'ranr otor. '
ill I,- I
I I p. ..,'
' I '', I I .'"'
J-'.'l .
New Advertisements.
Is the. best blood penman of
the r"$, becauso it stlinulutos
In huulthy action; the organs
carrW'jit of the sysU'in the Impurities of the
HIoqVI Iil'CHU toiK'lius the Klilimys tlie
Diiiuloilon wultdH up the Liver mid stimulates
the ItuiVels la riHi' action. Tbeu uigitns
acting jainllu, cTmir tho system aud carry
away (be gi'inis of illscuso. (jut this remedv.
KATI.O. ' 4w
ieed. Il.sievlable employment at home, duy
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'...'.''. w
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jnev Huiuu'kiieper's Manual, by Miss liuerher
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-TTTANTED. Wholesale .Purchasing
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Maoliln. made at Ianlmry, Ct.
iMUtt ini Bat. Th SUVt. rnxtut and Bay
Utt lockstitch, Strait Xtell MacKln in the
market. Better terms than any mwnpany.
Address, t . JOUtf A. DOOOK.
. , ., '; Gen'l Agent, DanbuVl Conn.
' " F.Barnham'sHe TarUaa
To be the Best Ever Invented, frj
Pam pHut free. A'dr'ss York, Pa. 4t f-H
By Bev. Alfred Nuvin, L. B., D. D.,
embraces the International Scries of Lessons
tor throe ycars.t Kvery pastor, teacher and
family needs it. 'Kndorseil by Presidents Mo
CoshCobleiKh, King, Wallaeo, BishopsSimp
son. Stephens, Haven and the Clergy and
Press -in all parts of the country. Agents
wanted. Liberal semis given. Address Zl K
ULKKA McCUBllY, WO, West Fourth St.,
Cincinnati, U.
I - 40,000 Ih-awn Kvery IT Days,
Wliolo tickets Sfl,' halves fli, quarters 7,
..... tenths I2.8C, twentieths $1,10.
Saxon, (ff.OUOTickPts, 41,500 Prizes
Brunswick, 81,000 Ticket, 41.0UO Prizes ,
Hamburg, 64.500 Tickets, 4H.k Prizes
Prizes cashed and Information glrrin. Rend
4U P. O. Box fiOBO. UU Nassau St., N.Y.
Write tor Iarge Illustrated Price List. Ad-
Srbcch-loadlngshot pins $40 to $300. Double
Shot Guns, $9 to 1150. Single guns D to $00. Bl
n(8tO75. BevolrorsMtorio. Pistols 1 to
fA, (Jim Material, Fishing Tackle. Large
diicoiint to dealers orclubs. Army Guns, Ko-
vslvers, Ac; Doiight or traded for. Goods
S(li t by express C, O D. to be exanii ned before
ptiU for.
' Fever and Ague Cured by
which combines all the alkaloids of the Cin
shopa Tiiirlnt, and ts nm flrn4Mil s reme.iT
the tulphato of Quluino, while it is inuob
cheaper and mors pulatnlile. tesy Send
stamp lor ucseriiiiivn circular wiui lomiuic
stairiD for iIphitmiIIvb circular
forudn theCINOHO-QUINl
tlmoilals llcini I'liysioiansall ov
ike, and 'lea-
over the country.
Chemists, successors tojas, U. NioUols A Go.,
Boston, Massachusetts.
, Kilirosented in Now York liy 8. It. Austin,
4tJUinilF.Uoury,Na8 College Place. . .
Kasfleci a Cough! 'Nothing ht more 6ertain
to -luy the fouudutlon for futore evil coaiie
dtmices. , . ;
Iri'asiiresiiro for all diseases df the respira
tory,, vi-Kans, sore throat, Colilt, Cronp,
iMplboriii, AHthiiia,Caturr)i,lIonrsuness,irr
boss of the throat, Wiudplpu or Broiichfal
'uh(i.aud alldeiwesoftlio.Liings. - -,,
Jo ml vasoii of siiilAon cobl, liswever taken,
tlirwU'nbli'ts kliould be promptly and freely
UKeili XlK'y eqimllio tho circulation of the
blood, nijtigiilo the severity of the attack, and
svili i. a verv short time, rciiloro healthy ac
iioi'toUiemfuctedorirans, ,
Wells' ,JiLkiIIo Tablets are put up only in
blut. Iioxe.. Tuks no sulwtitutes.
ii ii
oau't lie had at your dniKKlst's, send at onc
.to tUaiccutiii New York, who will forward
then bv return mail.
i Itrti'l be deceived by tin itntlons.
sua by druggist, mayi'rice use. a ix.
. JOllN O. KKbLOlTli, 18 l'lutt St, K. Y.
Sitid for tirculsr. Sola agent for United
Statoi. . -i ' . l . : w
i li s!
Oflorle&s and- Noa-Poisonous .
i nnnmivm
- ") cv
j Its flnliy II (lentrvys nil nnu quors nnirpsis
Onous emanations about your premises, lud
thereby pntvonts ooiitagion and disease; coa-
tains uo poison and bus no odor of Ita own,
atd Is always aafo. -j
Dr. HHOCKKTT.a onlebrateil writer on Choi
vraand Vullow t'ever, uiaiiitalns that a few
drops or imoao-t iiLoHAi.UM in a tumbler of
wuter, drank dalli will prove a sure proteu
tioB from tbcao illscnHPS.
It is thd bint disinfectant for Oil HOUSE-
RObn I'UitrosKs.
Prepared only by 1 TILDEN A CO., .
Sold by all druggist, i Now Vork.
Is t ii a unar rnwitamn, oil ANBIR. st rength
oner and remover of (ilandular Obstinctlons
known to MnUHa Mtniou
Iris sroim,Lr anArran to constitutions
"worn down" and iliibllltatod by the warm
weather of Spring and Summer, when the
blood la not In active circulation, consequent
ly gathering Impurities mini sliigglshnens and
important action of the secretive organs, and
Is inaniMitled by Tumors, Kruptions, JlltiUihea,
llotls, riiKtuUm, Scrofula, An. r
Which wkarv and LANimtn from overwork,
n,i iiiiiiimx. riMiwxIiums anil Inortia take tbu
plane or energy ami vigor, mo iiiwm 'i!';"?
a AONIO to DIIUU iy 'Up HUM m"l' nil ...
v... tn rMi.uii. iliulr rcnunuratlve nower.
Ik tiii hut nir SUUMKK. l'renuentlv the
Mver and Hplmm do not irowrly M)rllln
tlmlc functions I the UUirlna and Urinary Or
gans ar ina'otlve, prodiuilna; weakness of the
sUimach and IntimlimM and a preiiisposllloa
W bullous ilorangomeiit.
is raaf ATinn nmacTi.r from th BOCTll A-
M KKIOAN I'l.ANT, and Is nociillarly suinwl
bi all tlinseiliniiMiltlus I
1 1 it win cieanau ma v
TIATKI lll.tlOD, strengtlii'ii mo iir
niviNM puw Kits, ami kkmovk aU.oh.
strptigthcn tho MKK-
, ltanoi'i.hrKiti.T TasHh, aa JiiriiUba
la iimiiiixiii.uwI hr iiiixIIi'aI wiilora Ihn linHt el
fliiWllTllirlKlt,'l'iNll! and DKOltTSItt.
KNT known M tlio wlmlii range oi m.incinai
m!S (). KKT.T.OMO, 18 PlattSt..Ncw Vork
' '1
hnlil hv IHuuuiala. Solo agent lor tlio i; nl-
tutl Hluti 1
rim II bur bottle.
Bend for Circular
"W4-wae jm.. .
1 1. , I,
'1 !
.LV.'il 0F;TIIE -! ' i' ')
Is being agitated, but the excitement iovori this is , not .half bo
,;' !, great ng the announcement that' ' '' ''
"' . ' is being oflei-ed ' T-r,'i "! ; ''": ' '
'' ' ' ' . ' . it: ry':.- ; ! . ';.,; ;..
Within a fraction of Cost !
In order to run it off ia the
for an IMMENSE STOCK, to
Hous e . Furn
1 :"
. y:,'l, p .. ...1 .
Bo sure! td call on mo before you pufchaso elsewher'e. I 'am makinf?
a specialty of STOVES, AND TINWARE; anil.ftll kinds of, HOUSE
FURNISHING GOODS. 'I. offer good Jjargaiis in , ' )(' '
' "
.Y.Vt , ...... :
and all kinds or GENir.nAL HABp.wAtttv bbI wislj tOjSell out my entire
stock of this cluss'of Goods; and put my capital into ,'tlie' STOV' AND
TIN TRADE. Come late, come early; como'ariy Stiniej and! you yfi find
me at the Sfcore rfadytto?-pive VWA bargainijl.TwUi positively sell Low
tfoK'CAsfi bWOotrRYtticJDrfiiJ VJ. " '
i.-i'i ''.i. ,'.(... .;n , ' . , ."':M;'.;J
lT"Bring youroli Stoe and tado it for a NEW ONE- While at
tho Post-Ofllce step in and see what I have. ..ShaUbe glad to. see every-
body. . ; : '; t AX P HUHN,
Agent-. for. " the '-Champion Mower ) andi? Reaper.
; June Il.th.-tf, , .., , , , -i . t'i kUU cvi.. m.WAn ,
II ; I . , - , - . -
" "' 1 " i i m i i ii
'''! -Ii .1 ?! ' .ill'.l . -. i I - sa : ' ' ' i
. i . . .. i . i . .
; .' vi-"d well selectea
JUT.JLV JL., iJ,1V-k-'.,rlM; I -f
i'.-!'1.T,;li!;,.,;;!, itivtjt'yrnn
The stock is aft present large and better assorted than nV provlonstlme. Byers can
i . i .; roly npon Boding the latent aud newest things out.
:;;V!:i-''''ri.;:2Sa'iS-S J GOODS
Cut in tho vary Meat' ittfwt m iflhic up of
I'.-'-ll tll'it .
The dliplny Include! every novolty in Hhade
1 - 1 -Mr.b-MKM.ol
r novolty in nha1
V f -r --r
Inofftn-tnff Uiiintook U Ocwde to the pnhlid
nooetnlUoM of Uie timet mane sainii iirouu me
PA. o
the worth of lilt or hoi' mono v. I Com and! aotv aiul ioTgao4 gtoB.aolccted from t large
. , ': .1 ,'. ...: variety, at the lowViWiiaA I -i i
tfiffcounl,ry rodi)o aln'ays taken lnK change (ff tioei and tho blghea prinos al
lowed. - , , ,.' 1 , .... .ri!(.,..ii .IJ.'.A-'MKIjLOII.-''
june-H-tr.' -'l' ," ( ...... a.... 'oYft-fr u.'4riy"'i-
1 r. 1 iiii.i-,
.. 'i.l
l . ,i,.i IT
1 ..III I
l.ll. Il"l
158 West Fourth Street, I
i . , . 1 1 1
V .'Iiicomparable la-WtttkfiiAn
'.'nr. I
il .
Tlio oniy'liopular
'J ' J
I 1 1 .'.
'"''..''a j
i .ii ... ., i
'.-ANii' OTltEli HTANDAJW riANO&. r,
.' ' 1 I "ii. , ;.: .., ! A,l..!m C.tr. l.-ift : I . '
' 1 ' : l i: ' " in 1 1. hi i, .. ..jiii ii ', ! (Jr. : "i . hi I
. ' . ' I mi , ! . ., il l
i . I - ''. -. I '( i
Of ill' sty le f' ni!ti ' 'price s." ;; 600.11
: :" KSaf: Ldwi Mcto ft)f Caslii
rent' m pay foribcBil'.'' Bonl'for'fcu,c.ul4ra;.'l,.,'i, . ',:
'. I...I P ! I ...l.'I- (. . I tf I'.'VMlfl I'.' , .1 1 ' ') t ''' il'" .
dresi' McArthur'. 1 ''V' .,'.4i" I ' ' - ' ' 1 ;
' I. 'I
stock of
.;,! 'I
I il'
(; i! !
it;; l
next sixty, .ilajs, to make room
be opened-in: .September,
' ! it i. i fHAMDENy OHIO.
N A L ! !
I I'
AND ' i ' '''' .'
is h i nGood s !
; r
'f.vi rl Ui.-ull ':!'!'. !; t,;. ,:(
III 1 lie Podge nuildingr,
Two Doors East of the Post-Office.
trr; i-
if ' i i ,
rA-iOMl -j.Jj
f r , r
.. it'
' l; r
'l - - '" T7ll lit.. . , ,-; CF.
(.1 -if
on - Se'colid'StreetJ KalesH, 0.(WIO ft Juige
stack of, uran ijcw jj 1.) . ,.f,
1 Js' V
a choice lot of
tw,' mrtSVW nM f veI7
aMIAfl sU., '
tud le.frtenaere enrOftjliy selected by
Air till. IriLiitiL. . . , . - 1 ' '
--r it:-t..."i T-t rjl' 1 . I
ffprtti'BlWfNEfWMd' 'Mr rorifrtrin U the
inty, iy WJ9 oyprT .?w.rcwi irnvvtvr
Ciai 1st. l'r IjlaT 0,p M- I-
ucji: id ass;
,'l .l.n.l," .1 1 I'
-f. fM nun' I
,'A..1 I" .
,.' i-'i.
i'i u i
uipvf l. yr, T-
"1 ;.
medium -nrlcedTkna;
" " Avelhiud tliorouglily raado,
for DiiiLi , " ; .
ll ll.'l I
d-I la n d " I n strument s 1 1 ake n in
Kasy'pa'ynicnts, ot frenM M, tho
'i.l !i. .' iv'i '."I !' .ii
f I'
11 It" m'-r-Jtut v t ri - i t
i. 'j5 fsl a U RI k'7 i ' .in .-. I l.'I N--. .
it '
buA.t-f'.all&v,! ja , q T i 1
I .''! i 1. 111 In 4 !" ")l
ill 4 ' l. ' , " I . VI ',:'' .I '. .,.,1
,t '(.., ,1. iitMiiii'Ini '( . 1, . .ii
M.f 'il t, ' !!. !'
i.'i ,(jr.inl-i:l'.i '"'' ' '' .
'If. i M 'MM ."(.?
IS s
1 vV'Vl
W "illFMnMsmwrsmsfM
,ln ativauco of all comuetiuirs. It is tli
MlV I lls run II Inn. tlir.,,.,,1, .. . .ir.-7
Omnibus transfer, furriago, all changes and
' " i ''roraiiiwints'iij ! ' ;; i--i-H
Iowa, Nebraska and Califorhiai'' 1
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati 'at 9 -Ti.
IndlanaiwU at 8; 45 A. m., running i
Burllnirton.Ottiimwaand;rst()n,arrivlnai ,
OM Al A a lOiuO 4. H.. NEi'f IAY, boa,'"' il!
advance of any other route, making but on
changiiof oarato., .. .' ,M( , ",,,;,,
Get your ticket via IndlauapolU and Peorlit '
1 - 0-'' ' ' 1 .i;".. V. I
For all points In, - ' . .. ,.i
Kansas, Colorado and tho Southwest.
Tha Through Coach V-ave Cincinnati il 8rof
r. inuianapoiis at 8:W) r. u., runnln
throuirh Danville. Inrli,r .T..r..r.i,iu ....
Quincy, arriving In KANSAS t:rr v At. in. jii
r. m., iiiiniinnpoin at s:w r. u., runnlna i.
tlirpugh Danville, bocatur, Jm knouvitla and:!
r.u- je.r UAT, hours in jMlvanoeof ,., I
Irwi'AT'A'SP h"t0e chanire of cawf ' ' "
uuMBoivr, fv, scorr ana ukR vkk. , . i
tot your tickets via Indianapolis, Danville'1'
and Qulnoy, . ,
Eock Island aacLi.DaveiiTjort. Vi
The Through Coach leaves Clntlnnatl ; OW . v
r. m., Indianapolis at 8; 00 p. m. ruiinior
17 v
POHT at U: M a, M .. next dayl makiua
bnt one chaugu ut oars for uuiut i
Get your ticket via Indianapolis and 'Peoria.''
i Ll lll.lj-'I.'i 'it. HI
Pullman's : PaJace iDrawingEoom v(
ii and Sleeping Caife, t;;J iw
Itun tlirough from Cincinnati to Peoria and,,,,
Indianapolis to liurlington.
TraTelera to any Western ioiiit can now ,
take their sutchels, bandlioxes aud bundles,
select a comfortable sent and keep It to desti
nation. On account of these through and i"
convenient nrrangemenM.elrgant eiuipmenta ,
and quick tlme.'thla route. ! now tkotit')
popular thoravghari Mwttn th JEW autt
"" 1 ; I. -II I',- ,...0 ji-v
. C.W.SMIXfl, cu'l Manager.
TSO. VT. BROWN.' Gen. 'Pan. Tkt.Agt., ' 1
inuianaiKiiisJii'l.. j(
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. TIME TABLE.
Ob and after Xuvojulier 0, JifiS Trains will
1 'run aa follows: '-'Jl .
t iV-,.i;
it a
: JS;I irj i :jl:iVijii;i"
55 J
r.i nf.
.58 : s I'll : ! I i ffiij.fi! 5.,:4..:.A.f
y;Wmw't-'joiq liiitiis..lji;; .'J
1 ' 'l . ' .r
4 !
ii i ( k' jt'Iii ft iiiJV is ii
a c : : : : : : : : : : :i .a
't ii 'vifi! fi 1 1: iij.rj ni ..v J
I) ; ifiri'T""'"''f'"f?'f Ti jiy?.... I
i:ii!::vc'ij?'H(jiiai i
u . o ...... r"
Igi '" i",''J'fj ''i''i lb'V iaIJi!l
ISAil'v.l :sS'rii: ii.h'.&IO til
g5 .;! "'.n e:Dc.og r ;..ilf
iCINClVNATI KXPUK88 will run dailv. All
other trains daily, except Sunday. '
tod between liainden aud Athens. - - "'i
iortainomthi Braaiekl ;,J'-'ci
Dep. Ilnmdeii , 8:45 p. m,
arr. oacsHOtt . .11
" Portsmouth 6:4ft "
'all oointa nm. li Little Hinani ItailrViad.
ana at tne inuianapoiis uiacinnait n.i-
. : ' - -- --- t- -j-, . -
1 . Superintenrlant.
W. K.IiAKKFPTKU; riu,3) iVji'i to
tVInaifii it l'itiHuiutf nf lAtt.
Mtor ot TriiiKiKrtfttion
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. TIME TABLE. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
East and West. Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
East and West. Only Direct Route to the National Capitol and Eastward.
On and after Monday. Novcmbor 11). Trains
wovcmiicriv. xraini
"(J;i CJ OUOlil
win run as loijowaj - u .1
EAST 1V AltO. idiulnatl
. i. l4airM
I, ill ..in'
lennrt 1
i so I'm
(.uiii uerianii
s an a in
Jinrpaiv inni ..
Waslilnu'ton June.
us "
... Arrive
It ill t l inorw ; . iO. . .
New York
10 00
a Am
1 0 Pm
410 -
'Tami m. , , , .
New York... .r
Waahiiigtoii -
Baltimore .,
. Arrive.Lk i:
U 90 1111
U M Am
ll 4T Pa.
4 00 Am
8 00 Pm
10 "
a 45 I'm
aou "
.,!.,!( I
8W liKirm
4 08 Am
Waalilngton Juno.
Harper's mirryi
l'arkeraburs; Y..
4(1 An
t ullnjaa Palau DrawlB loom 81ping Cut,
Which are as comfortable, elegantly furulabed
and almost equal to a lire-klile, an ou i
trains from ( lin lniiutl to llnltliitoiw .anit
WaMhtfigton., .trli.tiiloof Clix InaaM a,ij
Marietta Kiiilnlad for time of arriviugaud le
parting from WnAn.hurj . , , . )
The ailvknlagea ot thia Vnnte over' airotliri,
is, that it gives all travidera ixildlna. tnnniif
tickets thn prtvllere of 'vKIting liiiltii,,,lr,
i'hilnilulplila, ami tli National Cnyltul tia. '
fl'lme ipiloker hud ravfiof (aroj (owrfvlfiaa
by another routo.' ' ' w""
The ai'imery .along this Jtalln-ar le, ot
iialiUed fur glaailotiro tills tutitiuuntT
, This llnf offwr anpelor:hidii.mi.nUibe
reus lining cxwt-thi i,l lower hi Mll.) ,., j,,(4
ton, new ora, or .any Dinm -Hi.i n put
la enlurlng giavtsef tuiy ilrrw itpii,,,, rt,,,,, tlf
r.HVKive uin'iiiiB ,o snip .u ralliiiitmi A
OhlilU. IU,aii,lliiHblpiilM,rK.iit trite vil",l(
vWtloiiH.' fn'IghtH cliliipi'il 'ij 1I1U n.tii.i hi
taveilrpaU'h and lie handlul mil, iii,,,'a) vil
aval ahlpM.'rs nini b nlniKM , .."
, , 1. ti' H.r-OIMI. .
.H Ut.a liOli.J'rd;ilit. t. l;,,!!.!,,.
I.. ,M 1 1,1 1.
'1 . viOjj.Tk'ki't'Aii'i. luu.
,8.B.JOtiK," 1 I ' " '

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