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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 30, 1873, Image 2

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J. W. DOWKN, Kdltor and Publisher.
JULY JO, 1813.
Selection of Delegates to the State
Saturday, August 2nd, 1873.
- ' I i w t iHi '(1 - ',(.- '
The Democracy and Liberal republicans of
Vinton County, art , requited to meet in
County Has Mooting, at the Court House, In
Mr Arthur, bo . ' ' '
'.Saturday, August 2nd, 1873, ! :
At I o'clock r. it-, for the purpose of selecting
FOUR DELEGATES to represent the De
mocracy and Liberal itepublicaua of Vinton
county, in the State Convention, to be held at
Colombo, on the 6th of August, 1678, and to
transact such other business as may comojie
fore the meeting.'
A full attendance of , all those opposed to the
open, high-handed, land glariug corruption of
the present : admiuUtrraUou raCaquandorlng
public moneys upon pet corporations, in the
Credit Mobilier frauds,: and la the action' of
Congress In the passage of the lufamqu
ct known as "Salary Steal," by which (lie
servants of the people purloined fruni ,c
public a large sura of money, over and above
the amount which' they agroed Id serve theui,
Is respectrully requested, at this neeting.
By order of County Central Committee.
1 .: f it ,t-A. J.swim,. .
. J.W BowKS,tbalruW
!' . ! I" i) .il.WljWf.BBlFOBD, Beo'y
The Democratic State Convention.
The Democratic ;State Convention
will meet at Columbus on Wetlnes
day next, and we hope that Vinton
county will be represented by a full
delcgatlon--every' delegate chosen
by the Democratic and; Liberal
Convention next Saturday, to . be
present. without fail. The condition
of thing demand the attendance of
men who are true' and Will work for
what they honestly' consider ' the
best interests off the; organization
If ever there was; an , opportunity
presented by which those opposed
to Radical Imposition, Salary Steal
ing, Postage1 Gi&btn anl ;ljkud
Grabbing ca'galii then,spendancy
ij ta''Slje,: that opportunity l is
now, presented, andj iqoly ;remaiins
for those preqenji,-, act with . wis
dpm to bring about, this end. We
ojol urge all who can make( it
convenient ' to come to the Mass
Meeting, to ' be iicld,; at tlie Court
House'next Satdrdayy for the 'ptatt
pose of closing four delegates , to
represent the. county, in the State
Convention. And we would say to
all who'can possibly go to be present
at the Convention at Columbus, on
the 6th. As half-fare arrangements
have been made for delegates on all
Railroads leading into Columbus
including the Marietta fc Cincinna
ti, and the Columbus A Hocking
Valley' Railroads, the expense of
the trip will not be heavy, there
fore a number of the Democrats
and Liberals of Vinton county can
well afford to attend, te. Conven
tion. Make your, arrangements so
that ypu can, certainly be preset) t
oh .the occasion;: . "5 il..:
'' ' - '
Election of Delegates to the State
Election of Delegates to the State Convention.
Aga,to.ie' w.oqld.urge'the Demo
crajia and Liberals of ;Vihton co un
ty to make It a point to atteatl the
weetlng called for Saturday next,
the 2d of August,-' at the Court
House, to elect Delegates to the
State' ConVebtion.jTho county , is
entitled to four votes in the State
Convention ; and it would be well
to elect all who, will attend." Why
cTn a Democrat -or Liberal in
ech township' go? i. Only; half-fare
TUl lfte charged on the railroads.i
W&vy persons ' havo never been to
the Capitol of the State, and this
furnishes an opportunity for all to.
go there cheaply. Come to lihe
meeting next' Saturday! ' ,
The Dcraopx;ft.cy of Detjance coun
ty, Copnjy Conyenpij, condema
,al who voted, for the ."Back Sal
ary Grab," declared the Preskloot
responsible for the. law, inaauweh
as'lvft approved the bill; they point
w.Ua pride and satisfaction to -the
course pursued 'by: Senator, Tnua
man in regard to. thia matter, and
are determined to. use all honorable,
means.' secure hia return to the
Vpjteci States Senate, believing that )
Vie- interests of the whole country i
demand it 1 ' ' .'
I j ; i... j., aj I. ; I A i.
Tas . Medina Gazette r (Ite'ubji
ca'n ) ,' admits that President ' Gbamt
"could have killcd'thd1 Sa'.ftry 1 Bill
Ij hia veto," I knii it ' j8M can(lid
taough to aay that inVirauch aa he
failed to do 80 "he lo ttn opportn
mity to do a politic for ilty
as well as rlghou, Befvic for the
country. ,
-::1' '-
say; . that
"M'ronctl ve s Salary . Bill?
Ied ip im,-1860, and; lWl"
Aoy ifii)it Just,, ai well, state the
a'dtlklonal fic, that V 'one
tktti oacaiiotd did the Democratic?
party have a majority in vie lower
iTwe;ftrongreu't:' ' '
I" IIW "GaKiWf been, jcqted ( aa
fMsldeht hit IJoycmbor, the coun
try would no't have been, scujiHlallzotl
and anured' iiy 'i'uch a tUljig air the1
Salary Grab, f 'wk " '
Election of Delegates to the State Convention. The Soldier's Home or President's
ThU nlnr. la a lino A'...
norta ot.the capital, aad contained,
until the Harewood estate was pur-
chased of Mr. Corcoran, about
tains perha, sevoa, hundred acres,
lue .Seventh, streeti road-is the
main one that leads to the heroe's
last comfort and reposethcre they
spend their last days, and arebn
ried from the conflict of battle's
fiercest array. , , ,
It is a mile and a half from tho
suburbs of tho city, and just inside
the line of fortifications that encir
cle it. ' Forts Totter and Slemmer
are the. nearest, being only a,, few
hundd yards distant, This is one
of. the highest points in the Dis
trict. The front of the Home over
looks the towering dome of the cap-
itol, And all the country' as far as
Mount Vernon. The' rear of it
gases on, qOrOf the most beautiful
valleys, some thirty miles in width,
direction of BaVtimorei while
jore'rtweBtwardly rises ' the' hazy
pealcof - Sugar Loaf uio'uhtain. One
coidfflU snr.l.riiito'werfof the Home
IJreckenndge and Early on ;J?ort
ptevens, somp three miles distant,
as plttfiily as ! if tlie 1 smoke1 rolled
beneath its own coluhns;1 "There
was a Naval i Asylum at Philadel
phia, jfqr sailors , and seamen , who
had ( served twenty , years or been
disabled; but there was no home
for soldiers, whose' j:cbnstitutior.s
had been wrecked in their country's
service. So at the cIqbG of; the
Mexican war, Gen. Scott proposed
to take some money that was cap-
turea in Mexico, ana add to it a
tax of twenty-five cents per Vtfmth
on the wages of eyerji oJdier ' in
the Tegular army, 'l-hree. Homes
were ctftlajished all in. the South. ;
Sjtncp.tle la,te. war quite a num
ber have bpen built. All of the
buildings, except the present hos
pital, tho house ' that Lincoln "lived
in, arie built of Sing Sing marble.
There is .nothing, peculiar in (this
raariU, fiwthorhan that it is ofan.
cauuiiii quuty ueing a, clear
White1, it shows at a great distance.
atHP looks: well when 3o1oW' to' ii.
lw housq. .where Lincoln iived , was
the rcadenpo .of MjTfRiggsj'jwhoj
sold H to the ljtoveriment ( for the
& . - i
imnxjsu mui it was ue voted in.
The architecture 'of this nouse ial
on the style of the cottage resUVf e
of the great Scottish po?4,, lft' rng
The present dispensary HlOA 'tue .
brary qr Lincoln. vrA othcr
choice and rare yiOft c8ter and
twine themselxea a-or tlie house in
mids-ftmm sa thio Ay that ouo
scarely VcJi what'it wa8 built of
wi hrebeen pleasant for
Lincoln, to bar, e sat there in that
rural Uome, where the memorv of
tlie treat ' n,i tna noma nt Kir flin
very assrjatioQ 0f thingsi.after'he
hod.be' en waiting for the' news from
Bull, Vun Antietam,, Gettysburg 'tJr
sosr.e -other,, important point- 'f he
ome was finished under the, ad
'ministration of Pierce, "ahd'. 'Jiis
Secretary of war established ' the
fii1e and they hang there f tow in
full force,, signed', by Jen) f Da Vis.
Buchanan was the first ,Pr'sident
who resided there, and Linooln was
the last Secretary Stanton, resided
in an old fashioned house nearer
the city. - ' i '
'At the close of tho' late warGen.
Dimick, whose, palmy days "were on
the battle-flelda of. Mexico, was
placed in command, and , Colonol
Mack, ho. was on the sta ff of Gen.
Thomas during the lo'te war, was.
htxi next iu command. There is
,oa old soldier there, Peter' Teste,
who served in the campaign under
Napoleon, in tho battles of Eylau,
Fleilaberg, Friedland, Jena, Eldin
gea and Austerlitz. .Then ho came
to the United States aiid served his
stewardship here. He jwasesses
more than a common fund of gene
ral knowledje not only of this
country, but of Prance and Europe.
He is eighty-seven years t of age.
He lives nil alone , in a cottftge ,that
he 0ujlt jltynaplf tnj jthej woodfi i near
half -way between the Home and
w.'erp Stanton livecl. There are not
rnany e'6llier8 of the late war there ;
ii I..- 5, ii.i '.-i L'' r.. l.fA
iney are m vt;njiim huiuwo k
war of 1812, Florida ;hnd, Mexican
wars. k There Is , a cemetery on the
farm for tho ( use, of , tlie Iome; also,
it was the burial place of those
whose lot it was to fall near there
in the late war. It is a place of
great interest The r grounds! art
well fixed up with graveled. ,wal :i
m . .1 XL.
ana tntersiMtrsea, uanhjuiu were
wtyh rowi. and choce flOjWer.hat
wave and bfoora from which o.swect
fragrance' rises' to meet tue lew of
tne cigui as ii iaus in icoxs oi sor
row on the grave of Wi yoithJ
Foa oyer,-,tbjity - yw--ilp i tb
1856, wherrtlreDemwtlo partj
wore without a majority luf the l)ui
tod State i iHouse) of , RflpresCnta-Uvesr-tho'iipay,
of, j,he ! . United
States ( Senators ; and (Membcrs of
uongress was fa per aay. xuatyear
the salarlei of the servants of 'the
people weudncrtoased to $3,000 a
In the election pf a Legislature in
Ohio this fall, the great; turning
f!-.t tk. til
1'"" UF" Wiliest Will
rnciaa"S-""Td" theUnited ' States
Senate. That he;has; made A iio4
j i rt'"' .all-.
accepiaoie senator oue possessei
of dignity, honor, ability,, influence
and unscrupulous' honesty no ' one
will deny. During his. six years'
servico in, the Senate ho has won
the undivided praise of tho Democ
racy of tho nation, and commanded
the respect and admiration of all
honest and fair minded Republi
cans, and we believe that if harmo
ny is preserved in our party, and
good men nominated for the Legis
lature, that he will be triumphantly
returned to the Senate. : The nation
cannot afford to have him retire to
private life at this time, when -so
many bad men are getting into the
Senate through bribery, corruption
ana carpet-bagism. We want somo
honest men there, so that ' if they
cannot control Its action, thev can
at least expose its corruption to the
people. . . j
'i ' Ii
' One of the best laws passed by
the recent1 Legislature
puni8h the obtaining- of monj
mWflT W falJe Iret4:.ieilh
imprisonment in, tho Penitentiary
when the amount $35, and wil
fine and imprSi80nment ln th- min.
ty jail wb'ri the amount is loss j the
penalties to apply when persons un-
- ww pVKVUOC flTULC Dig lilt"
tures to notes, drafts etei Tlie ne-
ceS8ity of this .law soemed to Bpring
from the mmy Irairdulent transaC'
tiona of'f 'person's ' who', travel' ' the
couuiiBjr- obtaining'from farinet's and
othWa what ore' 'understood' to' be
orders, ,but which' are printed! or
written in a way that makes, -the;
notes of hand
i. i". Mr
Ik 1866, tbe Republicans had a
more than two-thirds majority in
congress. That body ' increased
their pay from $3,000 a .year (to
15,000, making it retronctivq to tlie
4th of March, 1865. And some of
the AdraihikratioA ; Wpers1 seem U
thii thht? fteeVee mi&Miaotfaf
the people was occupied with a gra
ver matter at the time and did nog
cause an uproar about . it there,
heed not b much fuss made about.
the' la'fS" Salary Grab.1 There is
logir f0f you!' Because they w&l
9r.itraged in 1866, and made no:oirt?
cry against it they should quietly
submit to this second outrage, too.
Indeed! , ,
In the last United States Senate,
the Republicans had ;57 members
and the Democrats 17 making a
Republican majority of 40. In the
House the Republicans had 138
members and the Democrats 103
Republican majority 35. On . joint
ballot therefore, the Republicans
had 75 majority! Now, If with this
majority and a President just elect
ed by ah " overwhelming majority,
the Republican Iparlfy 'Would nwt tlo-?
feat .the Salary Grab, what sort of a
majority would i be necessary for
that party to nave in uongress to
prevent the perpetration! of such n
outragi?:!liv ,"-r.l ff ! I -
-,'l I n. . "gig ;.
To the Farmers of Vinton County!
We wish to" apeak a few words to
the farmers of .Vinton county.--Should
thei market for new wheat
6pen atone dollar per bushel, as
some wheat dealera'expect, it would
require oho hunt'ired and thirtyseven'
bushels of , wheat a day to
pay Grant his Wly salary, as pro
vided in the SaWy Grab bill which,
he made a law by , giving it his ap-
proving signature at the midnight
hour. Just one hundred and thir-ty-seven
bushels a day! Farmers!
what do you think of that?
All the papers; of his Congres
sional District, wi thout reference
party, are calling loudly ou Mr.-.Wj
P. Snraerne to t 11 how he has dis
posed of his a'uare of the salary
grab. Mr. Spr.ague should let the
people tngnAU arietta ?im el.
Gra kt. too, a ught to jet the, peo
ple know how jier 'disposed of 'his
extra. $25,000 icr year, lie signed
the bill whhci nermit's him to stofl'
$2"J,000.. per ..year extra Intq vhis
pocket. What do tbqsa voters
vintxm county who yotc for (Jrant,
lasfc November, think of this, In-'
creasou salary. . ,
The Democracy of Wayne courf'ty
could not. have made a 1 hbtter;nomi-
lnatlon for member of . the ..Ohio
House of . RepTesentatiyes than
Iloiij E. B, Eshelwan, Edi tor of the
Wayne' County democrat.' ' This
a "time" that' ' able,' ' 'and' pure hiert
should be sent ,to represent 1 the
wholo people. He should be elected
by a large majority,-- -
1 Presioknt, Gbaxt cliurgos oiie
hnhdred 'and ililrty-scveh dollar'a
day ttnd foanil Tor 1 his' amices'
President of thaSDnited Statcn.4
Such mon as .WAsnrxaToir, JcrrLuv
son, ( Madison, oniioe,: Jackson,
llARiiiaow, Tailor and Lincoln
were satisfied to serve as Prestdcht
for half that mm, and they thought
they wef handsomely paid at that!
Additional Locals.
p as.' boated herf, for, the nurposn U
waa'bne'tokrttcing laK innton and'aiU
Tub Board of County Comml
sioners met theAu(j ' to?2s.ojgceJ. pn!
Monday last, pursuant to hotieov
(or the pufrlfftttjivlng prop
f plf for Jhe building joLlhe-covarcd'
bridge across Middle Fork of Sal
vreek, in Harrison township, near
the residence of Jonathan ' Rat,
Bids were opened 'as foll'owsV ''' '' '
R, D. Edward. . .v $2,875' Oi)
G. R. Bell. ..... 1.944 0t
Alexander Ward .:. '. ; . V : .' 1.599 00
Thomas TweEO proposed as folf
lows:-;' - , ;, !,' ' v f'i
ffo to the masonry at .the rate of
24 cents per cubic foot foundation
timber - counted as ' stone-fthe'
Bvidge of 1 00 feet span; . at $ 1 5 per
foot; tlie protection stone at , l0
cents, per nerch 25' feet to, the
porch ; excavation for foundational
cost; the approaches at the rate, of
ii cents per cubic foot.
;The contraot was awarded toXL-
kxder Ward,
New Law OFticE OfknedBy
reference to our , 5 ad ertis'ing jcol
nmnslt will Ma WiUh4t ;BJFi
JiMSTaoNO, late.nf.Londoiu' OliiK
louung counties, ne is a most ac-
ieM'itfg?j'onhg' mirtf, ah'd' wrfvould
i.i -m ti t .
taTcelpleasure inledoMiAeuiHnftlliinl
o tlioso; who wish vlegalJvietbt'1
egal documeuts drawn up as hon
est aiid reliable. His office is in
jihe second story of Da vis' bnilding,
ppposite the Vintoh tfou'nty Natiort
plBank. i;?'i .yija '' r. 1 ; i
! ''ItEtiGioiis NotiCE3,.--The Presby
terians 'will hold -their Mite Socie
ty meeting i at ; the 'Presbyterian
Church, on .. Frijday evening. ; A
general invitation, i extended to
aili Proceeds' for 'the benefit of tlie
Sabbath School.
' Thi: Mite Society 'of' the m!'E.
Church, will ineei'at the residence
offllr. J.. S, Hdjbn,; -.this (Wedncs
(lay) evening., , ).f,,, ,. :
,"AJHEADVM,i,Ki'P,l girl, who was
ooking-jbt .ft (ciousjclowh whirling
ahjt,wth,a.s,tieh;, jjiqrled ,to iher
vountx man that she. "used to do
IhV at a' 'co'htortiCffist1 fhATioHiei3
ptrt'if the oretiawLo' liacE hik'legs
tied, around hjs nock-Jand an e-tpla?
nation was, necessary, i ....
A, western, edition wiiidi up an
di'torial on the; .Indian; question
with a quotation from memor3',,nnd
aaya: , ' " , ' ' ...
. i u i tne poor imuun. i - i, '
1 ' Whose untutored mjnd , ' .
;lothu him before i .
.And lioveslilut baar bhiHl." . .
( Salt i valuable to hay, if lighttf
sgatteretl over the mow or stack,
with each load. Especially is this
true where there are weeds mixed
among the hay.. ni .
; The attention of th' poblic is di
rected to - the professional' card of
Dfc E. cL.i ; C4RELT0N, (iwhp,has re
cently located at Ilamdpn.in- this
county. , He will, attend all calls at
any time. . '
1 ill 11 f;l i' -tih'-j
lipohs, Ohio, sayqijTIiero is a dif
jference between, whtcn' pairing
nrid':ivalch'utc'bririg.''l ' We agree
'with hini.ij.'i 0.: bwd? aloof 1 :
( JKL08i.' kalkulasHafis' hitter been'
mJde' that korh; fcutoinrSbbri fimd1
kolera ape in kordiallkahoats ",
mm m m m
He who subscribes for no news
paper is only Spared'jof heaven that
he may sit on a jury, i f
General News.
Tpk. nav-roll.-of -the, New York
Central railroad is $70,000 a month.
A mouse in St Clairsville, Ohio,
built a nest pf ,$1,6, .worth of green
backs. . . , xi -, , , i . , 1 1
Connecticut is the heaviest hard
ware mahufacturligJSbatoi-lu the
Delaware has purchased qn $8Q,-
000 " public ' park: v Maryland or
Pennsylvania? '.Y; !.
A crowd. In Jeffoisopv Texas, ,re
cently drank 30,00ff gallotia of soda
water n ft' aay.. ?nvt vm.w .;
I BumBiii. is sojd-itt restaurants
AbEaWW the 14th of July
ariftttiind: toc-lcdgaii (wci-c ..td). bp
...A .Jt'vwo .(amphibious monster,
(went? it"lon'W1Wa'ri."tho
newspapers around Lake Cham-
P1.1?'-- l,'i!.bioii: ; -v. !f':
: . England is . beginning to . ,bo
alarmed at the rate Of emigration
anong ner rarmersi - juiey prcior
to cr;?P out
. a -M...V York inan has witnessed
the dcatli'i tnree'swani ana', ne
say that-BOtiPf)thrn Dg bp,for;o
tiliAir rlloil ii . ,
Tiie .British Ae.'Onautical society
is dusciiBsing the
substituting i ballooitj :;powcr., ,fc
steam and horse power i runn,ln
engines. v ii
IftW UttVAVltS IIBUIHlluo " 1
ibV- haV!iioirtriUtdli'$2ft00a.it)-l
and punishment ql IncenUiarifcS.
ijii'ioi iii ,fi)j)-?iui 'iir,'n!!.
Till shower pf strange reptiuis
that fell a few flayM'slft'ce' W She!
bourne, county trMhnn., , has Just
been followed by a, slower or tne
boots in which thb strange reptiles
were hatched.
mmw r?ta yipK y j i mzcm
He can.filford to go .again. s '
of 'July show
AViien SlichaerAligeTo hail flhTs'lT
ed fine! fresod.ior tlie: Jpe, his
holiness gavehimiai purse, pf gold,
saying: The days1' rtro ''past when
the Jiiftlci at the gate of .the tem
ple . must say to the poor cripple,
"Silver and gold have we none."
"Yes," replied tho artist and' alas!
the days are also, gone when, Peter
could enable that sanio man to move
about and Cam air independence
by his wonder-working words, "Rise
and walk!" , ' .
I But ocean 'steamers and railroads
(re now in place of mjracles--the
brmer annihilate w,nter, the latter
land.' i Millions of despondent 'Eu
ropeans! havq they, strengthened; to
"vise and walk." They have borne
them' as 'On angel wings, ten times
faster and a hundred times further
than they-could . move,, in former
ages. In 1870, 5,50G;646 persons
of foreisi birth were living hr the
United States. Four if not five, of
inese minions una crossetr tne ocean
by steam, ivndc a lai'ge proportion
of them have- reached tUe"W est
its 'tree 'farms or cbenp' iauds, by
MaW.".rl V;t i '.-:
othiiig, b)pj teani reould JiaVK
givpn tn em power . to . "rise anov
walk." They'I WfcW 'otrt ' of ; work ;'
bt4ftiiiai!fie'diJt4lijrjni whoreho jnahH
stands nil the day idle in labor
markets. Those born where ' an
acre cost3 three' years toil, steam
has carried where.it may be bought
for the Wages of one day. Those
brought up to bo content with meat
twice a week, it has, wafted .where
they eat it three times a day.
Those nurtured where' cottages are
pulled down because cottagers are
possible paupers sjo that laborers
must walk nn hour before and after
work, steam has , conveyed , where
workmen can live close by their
labor. ''"' '" !
The main tide,kpf ,'AinericanC mi
gration, alike of native Americans
and of foreigners, has flowed West
ward, on. an (agricultural bl, the
middle of which,' is in the latitude
of New York' city-tiweelng over
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indi
ana, and Iowa, into Nebraska. , Ne-,
braska has been settled by about
equal proportions oC, people, from
each of these States as well as from
New" York, ' though 'it' has some uqi
tnd territory. ...
t'ToiVthTOtelWuntiw ltd fh'st
liiiing witn larmers, anit tnoAtiU8-
t rials of every name who follow in
their'traini-- Accbrdihnj tol' tno1 "re-
fords,..pC the,,UiiitMdi,Statcs, Laud
pfllce in Lincoln, 7,917 homestead
ers and 0,100 prc-cmptors had-fllefl
cjainjs Jo faipi.Jlitei'i within three
years ending wan iia, wlnle, witn-
In a less leno'tri oi tune the 'Bur
lington and Missouri River, Rail
road had sold along their line. 498,-
'J88 acres to no less than 4,525 pur
chasers ou ten yearn' - credit and
six per cent, interest On sales
made since lust New 'Year's that
company require i no ipayinont; on
the principal until tho beginning
of the fifth year, hud tlieu'only one-
sevOnth iinmiaHy. i.
These terms tho best; ever offer
ed 1i:ive rung hi tlie ears of many
who had long sat crippled iri hope
lessness, with iil the soul-stirring
'inspiration of lJlie'iipostle,s"uRise
and walk.?' : ; iiiil'f V '('l-'i.riiii
. Well may the Dnthmln, roun
tli'o wpJil via'''tlieJPacfib:'ltiiil
wuuk'ivtliiit thtika-itliv dwellers oih
the Missoiuj, j iV)W)t;, wff '1C
Niuaiu L-nyiuc nuieii mia uiuugut
them to iill' tlio hleasings-'lib has
faccied tpmpjoiiu on the, car,
oi duggernaui.
i'lA 4qliIoJtniel.laiUi;ivsll-of a
CliltlU IMlUVIJIlt:. ..Mil
New Advertiserrtents:
pjAMDEN.8. iihi;i..ti
...... M,.l .
'.v :'.
. '-I ; 1 1 .!-
-'T7"E havo purclmsod nnl ftttwl up the
VV' abovo mills,. n. l sollrit the tindo of
.....: .1. iu ..i..i i... - '
lliu luillicia v. .1,10 . i...
fiuoclul attontlon glvcu to
l ,rlJ.'
1 ' 1
And cure kIvcii to ilono all custoiiiArs. Mr.
A A. ;)MNSjua rxiiii'lniwii miiior.'iiut
c.linigoof tlio mill, iitni will not full to tluul
lainy aim giva genurui iu(i-i.iii.. , . (J 'j
Meal and Feed
r , ; uu band, ami for sal at i i
jiiiy . i pmnxs a jonNsoNi
S'.H I iV;-!lt.f'.rffi-)M,1 .i! ni'
To ull iwraoni H ho iuuy. bo JifflicM Willi
tir Hi;mfifliiI take nlrnsilrilii revotii-
HlfUUing ST. Bit l UttlllfUl ..ia...i, nbivw
orniulv, Om to )u.5 Astilofiilao, lyurol
' . 1. . St.. ill I. ...til. Ll...t'..l ..
who wan iinuiy miihuuhi wimouiuium,
tliatliU IkmI.v w(v ilrivwn out) or ilmpfl,-mihI
iilinoit bliml witli ouu eyv. UfUir liuliift iruutetl
forliiur vur, ly t gvwMwuy doctor, uU
nf whom fnlltMl A iMiiH-lllini 1 ulaovd hltn Iu
llio cars of Dr. 1'owr.K, and ha luis alfovtod
IMjriuuuent euro. ' Uo'ks buoafttoll'fotf scler
al months; lilsoyo sight living ruHtorvd. .
May tho lord blims,Ar. I'uMaH, ana l
h in strunirt i til ilu enotl aim roimra ino
Who minor. ISIIABJ. JONJC-
July 80, larra-lm.
K.iil i riill H
IIW Hh .11
In (1,
Sofond Htory of IaTl' lluild-
ill ipiiKo
n V dUin County NMIpjtal thank
i. ltn ly.
i i ;r f i ii
I' Phyilolantt.ii
ni .V,
P L. CAltlLTON, UV, ,
U WlU taiia:prmiil fr Alt profetsldnal
calls on ni)' rBHSonanin isnn. .
July so, itns-tf.
" . Newspapers. .
T " r t
inBucements 1
1 1.' r '
" - ; '. 1 , J'
Hve New Subscribers
''' A COl'Y OK THE '
0-xtxa.v '"'
"lnflMtrtes oi" tne sJnilefl Stales,"
' '.:'.!' .
Or an extra copy of THE MOARTHUR KN.
ijnitKlt, for one year.
IN a valuable volumii of .. ". -
-I'. 1 -.- .
1.30iSge3x with 500. IUustra-
;Well bound, and contains a Inrge amount of
tries of ourtmiiiitry. RoniJ tlio name.
AdtMM:. ,. '''!. 41, . .
- Tub. KiUiuirer, MoAithur, O.
iiiiomifHiou. concrmiiK an iiiujrruni, iuiiub-
H t;
Of CoMiiibus,
Is ' one ' of the 1 best ' managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio;-
, . .UaUs as , low, as any Noi 1.
i:sp.onjbe comany i;
i, ;Losses , , promptly , , ,adjui d
without litigation. u , .
' :': i ! ;"'" i J ,'Ui.'; ) Oi"
530,000 OO
;"; KiN;toidMsr;
'' 'Arc oll'ilrcil ti 'Audits for (irOCuriiig''-' 1,1 '
....,.!(; qylifo.ftliisCI!fCLflAT.I ',;!
'thcs gazette'11'"
) ' - Id a ibii-ty.hi j column piipvr, and cou-' ' '
tiiiiiit tlili tv-finir columns of rtml-
;.i i '!. , i"S tnutwr. It U.ilevo- .. . '
tuil to
As an agrli-.iilttn-iil punor, tho Wr lly Gittt
rannot Ixi hiii'iium:!,). TluiuiiniM of fannors
aad lioii!iokoomrn eontributcil to this diisit
nuiut tl 11 ti n tho intyt'ai-.
Tlie Gazette is tho'' Leading
- nepubhean Newspaper
,;j .of the vTestji !. .
Ami has tlii.lai-(r.Mt(.irciilutlnof any lli'imb
Uutli iuK;i- tvo4i oi Hi j mountain. , , .
Semi for I'lviuiumXist. etc., to CI.V.'UA
lj;rflit.Vl.,,(i.im jnn;ltl', o. , ojujuia.
fur.-'T - '.'-;! i-it-: i
.'f 'i I I I..-. I
Coitllitliirf of IKK) arret, nltiinti)i
of m nciot, sUiiHtod iu MadUm
luti:i, (jiunty, Ohio, four aillw
-tnllr.- hiwl nitn it.ll.. f-M.n. VI......
'y'uj M, tou.:i. County, Ohio, four mllus
statlou, on the Miii.tta A Ulpoliuutti- ilnll-
....it. wv.iii.iiur,
ro.-iu, on i no ru.vi Iciulintr' fnibt McAitliur to
aviiuiih, iinio. lUUftcri'tof Woo!l laiid; bnl
jne iiajk-r cultivation! Si ura ol' tlnttoiu
i.aini. nun wmniwl. HmllciinitVv Inrga for
iw? ,.,!"' a,vo lwHliir Iiousbm. iind all oih-
r iuiiiiiiijm, niHiuti-Hoi ainilo apart, tiiioii
1 1 iirumlcis, Jn a gml uolgliboihood aid Iu
Ou tho lino of huIiI ltiilliibd. Tliura nra
nuns i i.oai. 4 ii'ot. in tniciiiu.s on tlio limn
ISet. Olio vein vnvor tint nitlrd triu-.t nf lund
ono i-ovoi-H nil uxcoiit 40 a jreti. and onoViivurs
all evcoiit iilwiit 100 ii.-iva. willilu HO rods of
tlni Itjiilwiiv Swlti li,' running hum Vinton
Statioh to Vinton Kiii.imiw.; swlu-li call bo
rouvcuiontly buillarjMKS Ibu laud to thi'Coitl
Velus. Any ioimiu m antliiK irowi ty of this
doncrlptlou, tonld not dubottor thaw iiurchano
till". 4, ill ' " ' 1 I "
S4i acres orijiolmul liclnng toll. R. Doming,
who will giro any, fui-tlior Infonnatlnu tbnt
oiiehair.'imldiitorulioutth timo of salt,
niav un n.,R win si.ii ni ,i ri
lao bUfeV iiiny havo miUi thno on (lolorred
paj'u'jnt nottoxood in or UReon yrart.
("."ii. ft annHi-iry,
jr.- jniMIITS IIIHin ill
piiiil.., sir nildlVHS
JUI)- , lS79.tr.
Viutou Htdtlon. O,
";r -r-r
!.,:. ij fcr Sale. ;
'.j'.'i. . .if l ' I' l HI ' 1 '
r sVt Znlcslri. Vinton r.niiutvOtil..on tlio Ufa.
t-lotta A Unclnnittl rnlli-oad, wtli Mill Vnrd
of ono aero, ami with all tho nenwnry insohi-
ery mrcuHTon anil mikusast-Wohi. . Alt,
two auroi (if land. KiUoinlnir tht Mill Ynnl.
liuoii which Is a gooi.l Dwulllntr liimnvi oiin
talnlngl ltNins,a Well, I IhIiiiii.WihIi-Iioiipm),
tnblitand olhor convonivnniw,, witb .UraiHis
u Ail ktaiAsurrrvia, 'aW "i.
yl'oiurAHLKSTEAU 8av MlIX,'
Now locntod y, mild from Hope Turnado Hta
tlou, V in lies from Zslotkl.Rtidouttlug fmin4,
000 to I).(KI0 It. of Jaimlmr dally.ainl a sot for logs
suuVUml to make WiO.OOO foot of luilibar) two
iwo-norso x ratlin, imrnuss ami ivagnna com-
i)nii-.liuooieu Willi ui0NUUliAhu,i:i, i f
, . OOAqjies or LAflp,
Hltuatoil In WRuliloUin county, Iowa, 6 miles
irmn numnw!, WMin nwnninu; nousa, am
aliiitliiilldiiigs (Klacros of willed aim Im
iinninino pniptnry, Ana also, OTHia rr.a-
SOI Al. l-HI)PKTr. i f I i
.I'l'lMi KVuirlug Mill and HaWMlll ara'tn goml
running ordur, and Uuhig a Tory tirolHnhlo
-niisuiuss, . ..' oil-. i H 4 ni".
All of snld lironorty will be solil at low tul
eos, toiruthor or sopsrato, the iwhole or one-
niin inwrum in mo sain rortanie Haw Mill.
I'KK.MM! ono-thlrdcaslii and tharemalndor In
.uavinuiits toSult tha iiui-iihasruf . i ji:T.
'i'hls Is a two ohancn for ono or twqannrgat-
io limn wi iiihsu iiiiinny. nsiisianrnry niMOns
ivvniiir wiiiKing ui soil.' f , nu adks,
Julvfil.IN7X.lf I I 'ul.,.1,1 II
i- i ! . iT 'i
Desirable :
ohn- J.' linyjju ! J lit la 'it' mi
agulust . ..
. : (..loliaVV. Allsn. .! 1 f II
ItoMr It. S. Dsmlilll, J. P., JAokson Town-
ship, Vinton County, Ohio. L , ,,.,11
Ua tllsHflttavor Jiily.'A, VMmt. kadi Juk
tic Itsuwl au oritur of attai'lunont In the
abovar aotion. nir tha sum nf fa an. Rail!
cans Is sot for horn-In on tho wl day pf An
nft A . Ik IITTH. tt. Ill aIMat A. U. i I.
July SO, imt-lw.
" To Close out
,fAZv.rr: ."A . ,
- Seasons
AtMuon XjiOoo tncurjL Cost !
' : , cillLLICOTIIE, a
st"" a, - ij, - '- -e-"i.ni rf '
rniaimfnctiii-0 to onlor and repair Furniture of
and accompany them with
examine my Stock. .
March 10th, im.
-Balance of this
"" ', -
Stock, !
all kinds, at the most reasonable prices.
I am
to iurpmu
a Hearse. Jtfc9Tk palllo ara tnTlUd t call amd
Lewit.C. Day's Assignment.
The undersigned. Asslgneo for the benefit
ri.rvlltjtra- iif TjiwU 13. Dilv. hArnhv vlves no.
tico thnt ho will make application to the Fro
Imto Court of Vinton County, Ohio, on the Sd
day of August- una, for an onlorof said Court,
10 sell u ino uigiioK uiMiiur, ioriniiiia, uvihs,
and demands of said Assiguoi1 itoemed ties
peidto. ' 1 ' '
A scliedulo of such debts and doinands ' are
howoii'fibHri.tlieofflfeof saldlourt.
- ' t'HAHLM H. Hotit. '
WITn lie cloomr atUaatatt, lew
plrita, deyrsaalait, iitTOlaistorr
nttssfona, laaa f anm, innu.
tonrhom, lose of power, dlaajr keait,
loae af tnamorr, susd tUr.nUnaA ana
pokasue, aad ImbMllltr, find a eavctx
up the systMn. anwta tht diMlisms, and ban
parte vigor and energy, life and vitality to tbe
entire nun. They hero eat4 thousands of eases,
l'rio., UpMrpukamof Ave Boxes ana tlunll
Vial, which Is vsry important in obstinate or eQ
euacs, or 1 per singlebox. Sold by ALL Dr
tists, anil sent by msilonrufHptofprlo. AddrM
ZO.t S4 UaOADWAT, N. V. Baud b erular.
great; CAUSE
Just J'uhlfrhed it, u
' .Vi , o6i. iVs'M- Si
i.-ii , , ...A .nt...i.i ' -.i.
Sealed Envel-X
ix Cents. ' : '
A li'ctuto 4in tho Nutiii-o, Treatment uud
Riiilicul uiii-o of KiiiiiIiihI Weakness, or Sner
nuiKirilmi ii, induced by Holf-AhiiMi, Involiin
tnry Km i.ixtotiH. Iuitennv, Nervous Dehll-
IV, nil. I l uii-iii,mTiu it uairinK Kviiufau.
Cotmuiiiiilinii, Knllepsy ami Kits; Mnntiil and
1'hvnii nl Iik npacitv, &i'j-lly. UOUtitT J.
(.'I LVKKWKI.L, M. D., author of the "Ureen
Kouk," itlUa.li'..- ....
Tho worM-rQiiownud nutbor, In this admlra
hlo Iim tiii t.,cd,!in;ly ini.vea,fi-oia his own ex
perience thai the nwfiil coi'isuiiiiiiices of soli'
abuse may Ihi eifpctuiilly roinovod without
medicine, and without dangerous -surgical
0(hm at iniix, bougies, instrniueiitt, rings or cor
diiils, iwliitlng;oit u mode of cure at oune cer
tu In and elToi'tuiil. bv which everv sufferer.
uo mutter wluit his condition may be, may
ciirolilinnolf cheaply, privately and radically.
This locture will prove a hoou to thousand!
ami thouKiiniu.
mm iiiiil.Ti fvhi. in m j.imii i3i,Tc,tfiu, w UJ
address.ou receipt of six cents.or two poslage
Slumps, ity nunresHiug me piiiiiisnent.
t HAS. .I.C. KLIN K CO.,
' ' l'il Ilowery, Now York, V. O. Box 4,580.
... . elO-lv , .
Music! Music ! I
M 1
Iricoii From 00 to
,1,000. .' ,
HTKNWA;,d l'luiio; MkUowledgsd unrl
vailed. . ' r- 1 i' - .1
. 1 . 1 -
J. F. HARRIS ft CO'S Vlanos, iosltlvely,
vita peH AHwijiu ynoeu pinnueeaaue. .
1IAC0N CAUUiyi-Ood ami vory cheap,
uui'Plrta A n.-l,.... f .1 ,1. i.,.im,.
...... . a - .,..,., .... m , unnn, .iiv uiii w
miiut used by Mr. I'lilltjii'hlllips, In Ills song
wur uiruiigii f.unipe., . , . . . i
HPANU'B Organs, ealebratod for their uif Tl
ty and power oi Umo : ,
SJIOSUs'UKR'SOrpins.,; .' ; ', , l;
WOOU'S Orgimsi
We are olToi Ing thabove Instruments from
Ion to llileeu per cent,
,',.. : ;.'. .."n'L'pwEtt ,jro Cash,',. ',. ...
Than tlioy can be put chased elsewhere. Cail
and see us at our roth Unee, or addrese ua by
lotur.-. H a Uvaaatrrai BATisr ACTioKi '
J uly , ISTD-yia m U t Ff 1
ICS, Agent.
rtnur, u.
I 17.
Charles VV. 'BAftHMr, proprietor
XAT,',, ru" ",ftuUrlr M 'ArthnrBUtlon
'VVj to meet all train.
itu leave MuAHhur Pout 001c at' 10
n-wima, A. M tomsct Kaot LlnS Wcstfail
vinmmini icxuirpss going 1
at Velmik ivn., to mtwt the flu. Ixuls Ksi
gdliig west, at r, M,ur rmli Idneeasl. '
IT-... T 1.. . ....
, 'V, V ri -iar.iriir , . wn.rioi.iB -Dt
tml AeooiiiodaUoa ou apiVllostlou laiwr
soil or by lnttc ' ' ,
will me the .rrkrslnira, Marietta and
, 4nlara left t the Poat Oflloe,
rHsntliaisrug'.iiti aiu-iwlol uT
u. 4.13. - 'CUAKL.KS
AXT-1 ,P aonstanll n Iianll at Mil of
y Y ,,Seasupuly of KN Vtl, I'KH, upon
Whloii 4 card of any 1 Vesi-rlptlan will be
I'rJ'.iUiclso.ow that all m y afford to have
9bril oa the Aovslope us ad by thsi-a,.
Legal Notices.
Notice Is hereby given that a petition will
be presented to tlie C'oiuniisiloneniof Vinton
County, Ohio, at their next som1ou, V 1o held
on Moudny, uitcinlier 1st, ltfflj, prnying for
tho establuhineutof a county l-oud along the
following route to-wlt: - llcgiuuing at the
South end of Market Strevt, iu tlio town of
Mo Arthur in said county of-Vinton, frum
thunod South about two and one-hull' degrees,
Went ou a line with tniil street through the
lands and premises of Kz.ia 1'. Uothwell, Jos.
Doddridge. David K. Knlnt, Harvey Kobblua,
and the heirs of Sarah liobo. deceused, to a
point in tbe renter of the Jackson road north
of tho residence of Levi Wynian; theuco
Ninth through the lnnils and premise of Levi
Wymau to a stake, 45 links wert ofannpplo
tree near the South liuo of said Wymau prem
ises; thence South aliont 8 degrevs Knsttonu
oua tree on ino premises oi ivy fiixnuu, uuar
tho Kouth Una of Klk townshin. and near the
South line of the lHnds of tuid Ivy Ilixon;
theuce South about 8 duirraes West to a white
ouU tree near the rosideuve of John Halts, mid
through the premiHos of tho helm of Stephen
Uulu decenssil, snld lust mentioned Klut be
ing the terminus of mid road, and being iu
Cliutou township, Vinton county, Ohio.
July 13, 1878-w4. '
Mai-tiii II. Brand, a rasldent of Covlnirton.
Keuttickv. will take notion thut on the Hist
(lay of July, 1878, John M.SIoau, Died hi pe
tition in the Court ol tomuiou l'leas. In and
for Viutou County, Ohio, sailing up a mort
gage una upon tuu loilow nig lunos, situate
iu Vinton County. Ohio, to-wit: Tho undivi
ded (U) of the osyit-half of the north west
quarter, and the north east quarter oi tbe
norm weHi quarter, anu ine noriu west quar
ter of tho uuitb east quarter of section SI,
township 8, range ID, Also the south east
quarter oflilie north east quarter of section ,80,
township u, range iv. Also tne nortu west
quarter of tlie north west q unrtor of aectiou 81
and the south west quarter of the south
wont quarter)of auction 80, township 0, range
18, except the north west quarter of the north,
east quarter of section 81, township 9, range
1H, and asking that said mortgage lie foreclos
ed, snld lands sold. The proceeds brought
Into eourt, aud applied in aatisfnctlon Of his
claim, aguinstjoue Tlioinna M. Lytle, for the
fi.vn A
urn nf 1,7M In, ami interest from January
mu.im. Said Thomas M. Lrtlo and wlfo
are parties (leionuunt wiui sam aiarcin ii.
lirund; said duiuudaiit Jlrnud is required to
answer said petition on or before the third
eatunlny after the 8d day of Meptembor, A. 1.
ibis. . . juiim fli. sluaa,
Ity J. M. MoUillivrat, Attorney.
July 113, ltfia-ow.
Nonce Is hereby given, that a notl-
tion will Ihi nreseuted to the toiiiinis
sionera r of . Vinton , County, Ohio, - at
their next regular session, to be held ou
Monday. Seutember 1st. A. D. 1873. uravlnir
for the establbbmuiitor a county road, along
the following described route, to wit: He-
luniugat or near apuir oi uars ou me prelu
m's of Abel Wells, at tho foot of tlie hill on
Wilkesville road, tlienee In a northerly direc
tion along tho shortcut and bost route throu gh
the lands ami uruiulHus of said Abel Wells, of
John I). W. Jones, of Martin Duffey, of Kit-
want t letcner ami oi Ainos inirney, to a point
iu tho Wilkesville and Jncksou road, at the
Hue dividing the lands of ssld Amos Hartley
and said JCdward Fletcher, the same being
the place of terminus.
XT. 8. C'LArrootK, Att'y for petitioner!.
July IIS, 1878-41. . .
William Baughintin, plaintiff, - i -agalnat
Amos aluNuiil, doPU
lleforo John T. lllack. J. P. of Madison
Township, Vinton county, Ohio,
un in mm any oi June, in is, ssiu -jusiue
Issued an order of attachment Iu tbe above no
tion Tor the sum of eight dollars and, sixty
eenta, (8tW.) t--- - '
Haid causo Is sut'for homing ou Monday,
August 18, 1873, at 10 o'clock, A. M. V
. , 1 1 William Uauoiiman.
July is, terra-sw.
Notlco Is hereby given, that sealod proo
snls will lie rot'elved by the undorsigued, un
til I o'clock r, M.,on
,Friday, August 16th, 1873,
For the building of a Brick Church, near
Wllkesvillu, yintou County, Ohio,, ,
Plans and Bi'KcificATioKS
Can be seen at tbe residence of Patrick Kelly,
a 01 1 ics west 01 wiiaesvuie. -rue party receiv
InJthe routraot, will bo required to enter
Intii bonds with good and tullluleut security.
fur l9 proper perlormance of the work. -
. UEII, A. tUUK,
Julylff-St. ' ' ' 8ec'y Building Hoolety.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
. Xotloe Is hereby wlveu. tlmt Thomas Stocks.
!ruanlian of Charles JL, James W., and Iin
amln V. lteskett, minor children nf John N.
leskett, deceased, " liaa It led hi several
amount ror partial seiiionteni, w 11.11 nissam
wards, and tiiat tho tame are set for bearing
on tlx Vth day of August, A. I). 1878, at 10
O'clock -a. si.
II. II. Mayo.
July IMtflMt
Jl'rojiate Judge.
-iu i.a
Notice la hereby given that tlie undersign
ed has been spiMilnUxl Administrator of Uie
Itatauof John May, lata of Viutou county,
July M. w,"lw,.l,l,l,l',l -1 ; 'j--' r I
Norioa la bersby given that 1 ftirbld all
persons front trespassing upon my . prainlses,
sIMintml In Klk Townsbip, Vinton oounty,
Uhio, In any wanner whauoavnr. Any per
son found oa my promises wltlwu p-niils-sto
will be prvteouUd to- '!' ot
Uielaw. JOHN liUMNi

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