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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, July 30, 1873, Image 4

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iX"" v!:r 1
. .v.-
A Settled Policy on the Farm.
.. .. i ..' .' . ': ' . ' 1 1 .' i
The whole secret bf" the sue
it, u'i.li I ; - ; - . J
cessful .farmer often lies, in his
-.' j 1 4ii
Having ,a iixeu plan or opera
lions. viiMultUudos liave no plan
but to f;'nlej?t ' tjifii'r .Jrortiediate
necessities anil'-' mafc'e money
by the .cSsrest5S(tw seemingly
the shortest Inetliods. If wool
brings high? prices, they will
gradually "give up'Mairying and
worn into sneep, wun expecta
tion. of making their .fortunes.
If wool and mattou raisu'jor
" t i ' - - 4'"" .y J
a time does not pay, tlwy sell
their flocks at a great sacrifice.
Jf hops are sixty cents, a pound,
they '.invest In- hop poles ' and
kilns for ' drying, and expect
sudden wealth. , If, -when their
yard comes in full 'hearing, the
prices fall oil one-half or moro,
they arp, disgusted, 'aud ready
to plow up their yards, conclud
ing the business jviH not ' pay.
There; are men who arc always
taking up a good 'thing a little
too late to make money by it.
The farmer cannot iift'ord this
continualx'hamrc.- His business
h less speculative than any
other; and, -.after providing for
his family andtock, he should
giyet his .attention steadily t to
the production of a few animals,
crops, or- other products'-"on
whioh hp can rely to raise .mon
ey. Any v branch of farm
industry, steadily followed, will
be found profitable. ' Dairying
in a year of short grass ", might
not ' pay very well. : But ' dry
years- are exceptions, and . the
man who makes firstrate butter
and cheese, will find, them a
reliable source of income.
Where a speciality is made of
some one crop, it is particularly
important he should follow it
steadily. The raising of hops
or tobacco requires fixtures that
are useless to any other branch
of farming, and a change, of
crops involves a considerable
loss of capital. Besides, we
are always learning'ln a busi
ness to which wo give habitual
attention, and this-knowledge
is as much a part of our capital
as the money invested in tools
and buildings. . If a man should
make potatoes his leading crop,
he should study to lessen the
cost of production, and should
resort to devices jn the prepa
ration of seed and soil, in the
of manures, and cultiva
tion, quite unknown to the far
mer who. pursues', a" careless
-style of husbandry.;:." Ilq should
..raise, potatoes, cheaper than his
neighbor, by reason of his, im
proved methods, and, if he. sold
at th0 same price, make mon'ey.
Whatever, branch of farming
' you follo'w, stick - to it; if it is
moderately profitable. Lay your
plan$;ahetfu7 and be--prepared
or-jexcoptonaj"; years, when
large profit" fconir 'from high
prices,-.or Josses, from', unfavor
able seasons.---"A mixed hus
bandry is always the snfer, and
is not inconsistent with the cul
tivation of Commercial crops, as
tobacco, hops;, flax, onion seeds,
or vegetable 'seeds of any kind,
garden vegetables for' market,
fruits, etc. Thei introduction
of these require close ' .'calcufa
, tion, definite plans,, and thor
ough business management," if
New York
New York Day Book.
ScttATCirES. -A.
( very, simple
'cure, is to wash the parts affeci-
ed witir warm soft,, water and
castilft soaWhcu'dry, apply
jvuuapainc nrusu, or your liana,
linseed oil a nj wh jtc lead," about
the .consistency, of paint.
lemons are placed n ' a
jar tilled .with .- Vater,"ancL the
water renewed every ' day- or
two they will keep fresh and
sound ftif several weeks., t, .u . I
Housekeeping Department.
Pound CAKE.-One pound of
flour, one pound of sugar, one
pound : of s butter, t eight eggs.
Beat well and bake till done.
Mousses Cake. One and
one-half cup butter, one and
one-half cup molasses, one-half
cup water, one egg, one and
one-half teaspoonful 'saleratu's,
moderately stiff, with flour.
Knox Ginger Cakes. Five
cups of'flpnr,liour eggs; one cup
of sagar one of butter,' one of
sour milk, half cup of molas
ses, one table-spoonful of soda.
Roll but and bake.? .' - i':'
& Green Corn Puddixq.
Twelve ears of corn grated, two
quarts of milk, four well-beaceu
eggs, onoteacup and a half of
sugar; mix and bake in a butter
ed dish: "bake three" hours; sweet
com should be used,
' . r.:
OiiSQEa'iyvmD wras. Rub one'
gharte Wjiif pound of butter in
one pound of flour, half a pojunl
of sugar, one ounce ginger, peel
of one lemon, and fhrep eggs,
Work it weljj-anclbiike in small
iuii cakes, rqueti, out. ,
Kra'ixa IIoxeV. -To' keep
:iouey all the year round, let it
un through -a?sleve to separate
it from particles of wax, then
boil it gently . in an earthern
vessel, skim off the foam which
ers on top and oool it in
jars. Atter covering these tight
ly set. them away in a cool
Slet Pcddixg without Eggs.
For a small family, one cup
of sour milk, one-half teaspoon
ful of soda, one, cup of chopped
suet one cup (hopped raisins,
one cup Zante currants,a pinch
salt; mix up stiff, like bis
cuit dough v roll' so as lo flatten
oiit a little ; lay on a plate and
steam two hours. To be eaten
with sweet gravy, made as fol
lows: One cup sugar, one-half
cup butter, put in a basin ; pour
on a pint of boiling water; set
on the stove; take a table
spoonful of flour and mix in . a
little water,' so. that it will not
lumpy; : and stir into the
gravy ; 5 stir till it .boils ; season
with nutmeg or lemon extract.
To Make j Chicken ' Saud. T
Ten pounds' of chicken before
is cooked, four bunches of
celery, yolks of - twelve raw
eggs beaten stiff, add slowly
three-quarters of a bottle of
sweet oil, beating all the time ;
add salt, pepper, mustard, mix
ing these witir vinegar j when
beaten in, and just before
pouring on to the chopped
chicken and celery, add one
half cup of cold water to whi
ten'the .dressinga'crd also, very
tflowithe' well-beaten ? whites
the eggs. Cut" the boiled
chicken with a knife, and do
not chop, it; 'also cut the celery
with a knife. This makes salad
enough for twenty persons, - Do
not pour the dressing on to the
chicken, and celery until just
before serving it.
Lemon Bunc - Mange. To
make lemon blanc-mange, take
one gallon of cream, and soften
a small portion of this cream
(cold) two ounces bf isinglass.
Have ready blanched two ounces
isinglass ; have ready blanclf
ed.two pounds, of sweet air
monds, with two dozen and a
half peach kernels or bitter al-
. , ,, ; -
monas. iseat tnesc nne in a
mortar, with a little rose-water
'prevent their oiling.' Put
the gallon V cream' "(with ?the
melting isinglass into a pre
serving kettte 'over the fire, and
stir until perfectly. -dissolved,
adding meanwhile f one pound
and V quarter 'of sugar.1 ' Let
the cream come tb'a boil.' Stir
the almonds smoothly, just
you. takej the? , blanc-mange
from the fire; set aside in a
bowl to cool, stirring occasion
ally until lukewarm, when pour
into molds' pVeviously dipped in
cold water. . i , ., ; -
No book is worth anything
which,ia i'jiol .V6ith "much.
Language of Animals.
Certainly all animals have a
mode of expressing their feel
ing,? to others of the same spc
cies. Wolves arrange attacks.
hunting together , in packs.
They are all animated by the
same thought, and therefore
travel with energy for hours to
accomplish a design of which
each member of ''thcenterprise
hasj a rational understanding,
Deer and Buffaloes are in con
cert in regard ' to; seeking food
or' water. Perhaps the'" govern
ment of wild horses, through
is which any horse in
groiip of hundreds, instantly rec
ognizes as an imperative coi
mand of-one individual, who
prances jup and down the line
like one in authority, is about.
as perfect and as mysterious as
anything in natural . history .-
Birds and dogs are exceedingly
sociable, enjoying the society
oi ineir Kim anu Kin -as much
as 4? country1 Cousins when j they
visit ..city relatives. Rats and
mice, too, aud even insects, are
supposed to have the faculty of
communicating their wishes and
opinions to eachthe'r .1
Kept his M'ord.--A' young
married man in Arkansas was
displeased k at something . hjs
wife did recently, and struck
her.' Then he went to' his
mother and. told her that if his
wife did not do better' in the
future he. would blow his brains
out, as he did not intend to slap
her or complain of her. again. 1-
few days after, thinking that
she did not come at his request
with the alacrity she ought, he
drew his pistol; and shot him
self dead. '.-' 1 ' - ;
The Inspectors of election
who allowed Susan B. Anthony
vote have been fined 855
each. ' '
-w.'.ro of Counterfeits i
liorViHfi-.rODHTIItyKITtn. IHilumtM PrvgjiiH
1. tti at tl Int rittmtrraiit la ffKlA griMtr wiAti.
a VtHuiM h,,f I. fnmt ,10(, flf,, ,
..,). AH vhm mrf mAJu tmUakimt. Th
riiunlBiHntin tfaoouraol tU thoM
.miul im.UInrotu (lnauaato wUloh the faroalg
imtuti.mi tulijw 'lUfiycMKlermwdTtxcewiTe
ii.l wire kIJ auppiuMiigu n tli eoi whao ouud
cula. inilaiikuijiUon, or dtiMM. - In all cum o(
iub ?iii,i tntftuu, rainl In the Back
. I I.iml, l atiKuo on allKhl aiMtion, PalpiUtion
!. Ui-art. Hj.tBrinand Whitfn, they will elloot a
in nlien nil otur nieani bavs failed, and although
n r Dnwmftil. oonliLin nuthini. Iint.l A .1.. .......
t '.UH-AlllKtillltiflll.
iroliir in l.uihsh Connan and French around
!i l. ntli mvc . full dlructlon and adice.
k iij'uink I'illa are aold at moat druc ttorn, but
or dnimt c.unot anpplj the okhbiMi, do not
l- r-u; n.l la accept any oonnurfeit or bocni ar.
i, : .. 'ii't One Ihillar to the anU proprietor, Job
. !..! tjiirtlandt Ktreet. Nw York, with name
"I""" at which ron will eall (ar the pack-
:, iid ahotilaof the omirrxa Pllla aecorelfaad
tuukei m (ilain wraopera will be lent h reuun
iihtat's pmioinn tcji-phs
'tiro t it itt, i j Cm i iii iu.uu i Hn.mHn. gm.
ririkxT lJ'iKruf-rio and Lend Iukahes. Thei
4 "m1 "' diclne, and anf ohild will uke
tlioin. Tninuwndi hare been rentorod to health that
belore .rioMiaiml Teatiimmr rlTira in hnndrodi
mmh, Atk fiir BIITAN'8 rUI.ltfONIO WAFERS.
re .1 ( n iirrbox. JOB MObKS. 1-roorie-
1H t .rtlasdt Hlrooi. New Tort
l-r.'tird I17 J. (1ARANCIKRIL
No. VIM Roe Iximlinnl. l'.ri.
1 'lb arehiililr reooninii-ndcd by the entire
1 I'aCllltVnf .MM - a .Lamm. t. ... 1.
cannot wrraatorrhOM, or rkminal Weekneiiai
ly, n, all IbnjiliMU trju t.l liiH-awa ariainn
iin AliiBaB, riocmt lialata TbnT -'r.when all
llinr rnnclii fall, and barn lwe urnd withaatnninh-
HlllXIMI llV the loaHill lTrtl,tll I hni.n. JM
Mi.t H rtMN. PaninhlAt. tj A.lr. in .h k.
will li,. nt 1 re to ny addrone. 1'rire Ml lief
i nam ny ni.ll, crfiv fulfil Jrom nil (ifcJrt-,
U wriMnl ARent f.if Amerioa, t
itrna or in out) aiMiiti in
irrr ou thj ul.vHieilKief4
luj-atcrtraand rctclifluti'it
,thr txuieli4t((n, wlihtln
liuit dinarcrlea ! prodafttig hd4 irtvi:i)Ua( Uipriui,
koU ttttrrv the cnu)ixiua, kti.
Tbiitim iousreiitiif work tiwo bond red tail fitly
fiiRfi.wltli nameruut oiravlnfi, nd codIhIon valasltlo
n formation for tUoi who krt nt,rrlNj,roobtempl(emur'
riM MUllitisa book that ought to b kept uudtir look
utd key, tDd soiUld cireleulj about the bouit, 1 1
1 1 floDtalo th xprlf no and dtl of i )hnlcltit
TkM rcpuutionll world-wide, tviid ahoold bt la the
v&t 4rer or ivtrf in ale aad female Ibroug heal ilia eoilri
Rlub4, ItembracnerjihtDg the aotkjeeier the w
tratlre iTileoi thai la worth koonlug, ud Buch that II
ot rHkUahdlBny ether work.
Heat to any one (freeof poiUfe) for F I fir CnU.
Add r n Dr. UulU' Dlipeaiaxv .Is'o. 1 2 N . JCihtb itreet
Notice to the Afflicted and VnMun&U.
W lert tplylti U till tMtertme qwaeki whe tdrefitM la
(obli pafrori.er mint ay ajaaak reawediee aereie Dr.
tie' werk ne matter whatyufdiaaaie If, r hew depler
bleyoar eondltlen.
Dr. ltutu ceeaiiiefl dooble heaw f Iweaty-MTftt
reomi;! iludorefld liy fomie f the uoeleelebrated meill
calirof4iioraof(lilieftuairvaD4 Kurope,aad oao hooon
t tilted ycraonally r by mall, on ttaedUeaiea mentioned In
bia work. Otltct and parlora, Mo. IV N. Kiglitlt airuet,
berween Uutt tend Chejaui, Hi. LouU, Mo.
niiunin, for (Ustrlliotldii iiniong t lie $1.00
riuliKcrlliom of Iho
; f l f ' ' 1 .
"Ttia nnmMr ol preinlinnM aro alwiiy. In.
created when the nuinuerot' naiiioi execud tin
mimlwrcalcnlaUwl upon. . , 1
w e now oner tue loiiowing:
1 .n.'n j'rviiiium 01
SO ( iwl I'ronihinii of tlOO carli
ftl HtPTii-wliKlTnn WAtvhfn, M each.
Cah rremluiiii of I'M each
' of 10 fiK h
" " of tr eaoh..,.. ..
" um ot each.
- t i t tit 13 eali..
M.ccllr.floii Pmn'il, to IOem-h 7,!i00
Milkliiga Total of TWO TIIOUHAM) Vrc
nil h. worth TWKNTlf THOUSAND
1KJLLAIW. " ' ',
Kvery milwrrlhor who remit 5.flO for it
year's inhMrltition will have hia name wut.
terad, aud win lie fiinil.lietl hjr return until a
rooelpt, irivltig tliodate and number to which
name It nlntoird. bIiI number hninr
repreiwutoa by ailiijilicate in the distribution.
Afrenta aoniliull 10 naniea and fM).()0 at one
receive a free paper ono year and liuvu
namoi rogUtered a. partlvipanta for
prcniliiinn. :.!,. 1 , 1
tipoeltneua of Coplea, I'onteni, I'romlum
Pamphlil and Hulnc.rlptlon lllauka tent frcu
toprnoui(leli'lnir Hum. Addi'KKH -
4-tf.-we CinoiouaU, Ohio. ;
-l:.,... ,u i-jj j . y
The many ovldunoea of extraordinary, cures
thatai-u daily reported am-flectcd tlii-ougli
dr. radwAY'S-
Sarsaparillian Eesolvent.
Heady Hollof and" l'erfoct I'urirntlve Plllii.ln
WTltlnn tenllimminls from all parte of tlu
world. HiirpusH in wondur tliu nuuiluxtravairiint
uiliuiU'H of enchantment. Phyaielun. anil
inulicu) r.ieu lu all cotiutiles urunotiura these
wondtfi-ful ronioili"!3 a myntorv, Hint neither
tlieiroi-ieneeof annlynln or oluiniloal skill can
explain. niio, thega iiicdiWncs eifoct the
incwtnmi-vel;nicuveH,iiil rcHUiretliudvlnBto
lilo, and relieve the inimt wreiehod pain-mif-fei-iiiK
victim of his tortuiOH. In from out lo
ftwiitynilmitu, and allhoiifrli they knowiomo
' ''e""i ineir roinniMitkiii, and Dr.
Itiiilwiiy linn piildiHlied their formula (with
ho (tiiiflroulytwonewlyilUcjivorod rH)ta, Bllll
IhiIIi I'lviielHiuniiiiii. Kiik'unIi and Aineiiiiin
f ll f ' 1 1 1 I M f U fl.,.1 . 1 11 ,...... ... I ... .- . .. . .,.
1, , i": '"' tMiiisiH uireriv rail wun
the twine in jrreilli'iiu us iireiinnul bv iluini.Tlie
irreiitsiuvi'MS, uhleh Hickr U'litnliii-rnl i',.iiifi. Ill'ri
11m eoiiMiiiiniy neiiievhi)r, lien In (he greut net-rot
ol cnuilimliijr tint iiiKii'ilicntH tiii?ellicr,
iifli'i-exerclrtlnyidiioenielii m-liMiuir the pure
mid jrciiuinenmiH. . . ,. n .
Such wonder of Mmr.11 It I 'llitltttattxir IJ tlt.t
SA USA l'A l( I M.l A N II KH( MA KNT. It K A DV
It K LIKK It A I) W A Y'S I'll. LS, afi 'wlll.ont
pitritllel in l lio lliHUiry of Medicine, Mr there
iircKOine Inllniiliit'S and i,.,, 11, ,. u .,..
Miilemiiisincni alilii, undsiiiv death. Yet the
must, usioiiiiiiiiijr niirua have been made tliro"
thexe iiimuduwof NomiKliuoiiuo. 1. u 1. ...,,, ..v.
er Ikhiii known to be cured liv medicine.
' CONSIIlll'Tlov . Ni:mi'k-i:r.A wiiri-K
M-.M.INt;, J'unniii in the Womb, Btouiach,
OvanoB, Dowels, Ui-lght'a Dineime of the Kill
neya that have been pronounced Inctirtilile,
t.ai;c.ci. t!lcoiu, Swelling, .stone in the Blad
der,! nlciiloiisCoiieielioiiji, li leers nndSia es of
thu llonos, Rickets no deeply notl thut 110
oilier medicines have been known to reach.-
liayo lieene.uied liv the N A lis A l'A KIl.LI AN
If I'.MII.N KNT. uliludbv tlu UK t HV l( I.J.Ilili'
and 1'ILI.S.
Palsy. 1'arillvslH. Urvlinniriine Unit threat- ,
Pus a living dentil ilnlly ivitlno; awiiy of tlie
lilllllH lllld llcsll Dlllbutos. lnvoluntnr llis-
rliargo of uter, Kuiifri in tho Jlladdor (the
huiicror Napoleon's disease). Torturiiig pains
when dischaririiiLr urine, lill KIM VI IsM
i)UT.M0l-tA.(aA-eacfi iiml every ono of
tneso l iilllliliuilts l hoillr 1 hut )i few of the
many oilier discuses, Ituihui
is daily ciiringlu all
Kcsiiiveni iiii.s cured mid
oai-tnof tlie world. 1 '
inona wold, niiy ilidc.-wi--tio inattrr under
wha$ 11111110 iliwitfiiHtud, tliat is lotirlshcd or
ini reiiseit ny hud, impure, depraveil, weak,
Hun; watery in- poisoned lilond can lincuied
hv KADWAY'ri K iiha I' ini.i.iA v -in-..
OOI.VI'.JTm ' . 1 . .
111-. Had IVHT & To. hnvo nnvor rlniiif.(l iiini,
litindreth imitof the eurativo virtues for their
remedies as Isasci lbeil to tlieni liy tlie people
Itlllf HIIVU I Wll 1 111 li 1111 IM.R1' 111 til 111. I- flllll'
siicli dUeases anil complaints n Dr. Kadwav,
iiflei-siiccesnfiil treatment with their remedies
knew tney would cure, were cnliinerateil in
tlicli-cural i ve lisi, so thut niaiiy of Hie extraor.
dinarv easeH tliathnve benn roiiuWud au nkon.
ed as lunch astoiiisliiiiojit in tliu discovery of
then- remedial nifoiiU as in those who had been
rescue.i irom li atli, ' anil made wholo and
A.l UlftllV Ili-l'SOlm diMf.n,llt,1 tholf iivtriini'
Iinary iower,' from the fact of llieir disuii-
iiiintmeiit 111 the use of oilier udvertiscd ruine-
i.ies aim some lielleved it linnossiljlo for
iniple uiediuines iiiaile onlv from veuelahli)
tilistances iiiots, herbs, Ae. should Hisses
mien iiinrieiiiii. power. 1 et tnev can renilllv
comprehend Ihat tho iiiiilo grasses of the
Held, after iindurgoInK the eheinical piMecsa of
distillnt ion designed by iinturo In the cow and
churn, furnishes usj witl halter certainly the
most abundmit fat, cnlm-ic or licatinnkiiiir
bone, tissue, musclu, ninewund liliHsi-nmking
,.,Mir.iiiii,.iin uu, fiuiiiitn oouv.
Jlut w hen those peojilo who'lli-st donht tlie
elllcncyof tliese reiunlies cominenco their ii.o,
imv uLtuiue iiieii iiiusi earnest nuvocatea.
Never has a medicine taken internally, heon
known to have cured Tumors, eitkor of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovaries or J;wolftue knife
hns been the wile relimica in the hand of ex
periemeil Kun,oonH;'lut Dr. lladnav's Sar
saparillian settles this question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian t'vata and
Tumors, as w ell as Tumors liv. Die Howols,
Uterus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical JOtusion,
Ascites, and Calculous Concivtjutis.
Tumor of J Yer Growth Cored by
Itndway's Itesolyeut.
llEVgllLV, M ASS., Jlllv 18, 1S6U.
IUdway: I have had Ovarian Tumor
tho ovaries and bowels. All, tho doctor
mere was uo Help lor It. ( (rHM evi'rv
thiiig Ihat was recommended, hut nothing
helped 11111 I saw your Resolvent mid thought
would try it, lint hud no faith in it, bccniKu
had suH'ere.l Mr 1!! years. 1 took six botlies
tho Resolvent, one box of liadwav's I'ills,
used two bottlos of your Heady llelief.and
there is not a sign of a tumor to lie seen or
felt, and I feel better, smarter and happier
than I hnvo for IS years. The. worst tumor
was in the left side of tlie bowels, over the
mill. I write thia to von for the luuiollt. of
others.' You ran publish it If vou clioone.
From a nroinlncnt irentleiuan and resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past fiy-tv years well
known to tho newspaper publislu'ra through
out the Uniti'.il b(tit - 1
.Miw 1 011K, oet. 11 tn, imu.
DbvRadway Dear Sir: I Bin induced hv a
sense of duty to tho sulTering to make a brief
statement of the working; of yotfr medicine on
myself. For several veiira I have been ullliet-
with somo trouble in the bladder and urin
organs, which some months ago culmina
ted In a most terribly nlllietiiig disease, w hich
physicians nil snid was Miamiiodin stric
ture in the tiretha, as also inflaniiition of the
kidneva and bladder, and irnvu it as their
opinion that my ngo-7.'l year would prevent
ever getting raiiirauv eureil. 1 nail tried
llllllllier of iiIivnIoJiiiim. mill lihil tiiknn n liii.,n,
qiiiuitity of medicine, both allopnthic and bo-
iini.ooiuiii-., nui, gm no reuei, 1 nan read ot
aHtoiilsbing cures having been made by your
remedies; and sonic four mouths ago I read a
notice in the Philadelphia Saturday Kvening
Post of a euro liavinc been ctfectod mi a uer-
who had long been suffering as I had been.
went ritrht on and irot some of eneb vonr
Harsaimrilliun Kesolwnt, Iteady KelU'f.'and
iteguiitnng t ins anil coiumenccil taking
them. In three duvs 1 wnw irri'iulv i.oli,.vir
now feel as well us ever.
J. W. J AM KM, Cincinnati, O.
Price ono dollar ner bottle. Sold bv Drue--
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Uadway's, No. Hi
arren, cor. Church St N, Y . ,
ItKMKFll :
Cures the worst Pains In from 1 to SO nilnulesl
MTMir ON r. HOL ll after rending this
ailverllscment need any ono suffer with pain.
a cure for every pain. II was tho ilrnt and
the only Pain Ueuicdy that- instantly stopt
most excruciating pains, allavs inflamma
lions, and cure -congestions, w liether of the
Luiiits. Htoniach. Dowels or other irlands and
organs, by one application, lu from one to
iwiiiiv uiioiiies, .o niiincr now violent or
excruciating the pain, Iho lilieiiiniillc, lied
ridden, Inlli-m, ( lipid od, Nvrrous, Neitialgiu
prostrated with disease may sillier, .
HAnwi rs heady reukf ;
- Will ull'ord instant eiso:
nimii nl ion of Hie Kidneys, Inflammation of
llliiilder. Inllainiiiiition of the llnuols.
Congestiiai of the Lungs, More Throat, DilIU
llreathliig, Pnlpilationof the lleai't,lly4
teilcs, ( roup, Dlptheria. Catarrh, Jiillticnza,
llciulnclii), '1 ool hac.ho, Neuralgia, , HheuniaJ
tisi.i, Colds, C hilis, Ague ( hills.
'iiiu.tppiication oi the Heady Keller to the
inrt or parts wher the puln or (lilllciilty e.
will uirord ea"io and rmnfort.
iill Drops tn u hulf liinililer Wntrwi!h
a few minutes, cure Ci ninns. Rnasins. Sour
Ktomach,' lfeartbiiru, Slc flcadaehp. Dinr
rhnift, Dysentery. Colic, Wind ill Iho Itowuls.
all liittirtiul 1'nltiM. v
Traveler should alwava enrrv abnltluof
KHllWSV's KDliet WIIH tllelll. A fete iliHioy in
Water will provnufr sickness or pains fiimi
cliango of wntm-.v It 1. better than French
Brandy or Hitters n a stimulant.
iir'riiilA flrue" cuiS i-orrJotiHlt
There is not a remedial uncut in thi nnrirl
wdl cure Fever mid Airue. and all that
OIiiiuvioiis, llllllous, hcarlet. Tvu bo i . Ye lour
oilier Fevers (allied bv tiailwav's Pills) so
iiilck as Itadways Ueady lieiicf. U ceuts iter
bottle. t lit ...
Pit. ' kadway'8 ':;'',''
Perfectly ta.telnss, clcganllv coated, for the
of nil disorders of the Htoniach. Mrer.
Howols, kidneys. Jllndder, Nervous Diseases,
Headache, lnstlnallon. Costiveness. I
Dyspepsia, Jllliousncss, Hi lions Kcv.r,
Inllnmination of the llon-els. I'lln. nnit all fto.
rangeiiittnts of the internal Vlsccr,wi-riiited
toeftect posltlva rure, . ; ,i,
PUBKtY YEORTAni.K. Contnlitlnit nil
Mereury, Minerals, or deleterlouadrngsj i
KffOlMwrvo the followino- sviiintimis m.
stilting from diseases of the illgostlveorgans:
nnsupatton, inward Piles, Fullness of the
blood to the Head, Acidity of the Mtomaeh,
Nausea, Jluartburu, Disgust fur food, Full
ness or wclilit lu the Pit of the Ni,,,n..ii
swlnimlng-oi the Jlend, Hurried and difllciilt
Itrsathiug, Fluttering at-the Heart. Chokluir
Mull'oeatliig NeiiKallons when In s lying Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs livfurt!
tnewigni, r over nnu mm rain in tho Head,
jMlcicnc.v in I'crBDliatliiii. YellownnHs .it tin.
and Kyt-s, Pain In tho Hide, Client, f,l)nl
.Sudden Flushes of heat, lliiinlnir in the
Flesh. A few doses of ltadway'a Pills will
the system front ull tho above disorders.
' lrlee SB Cent per Box. '," " ) j
HADWA Y A CO.. an Wnrrim mr f iinr.il, Ut
Br-jyitcftil Falaa and 1Vn(i Horn! nnn lMl.i.
StlllllD toltUllwsv A Co.. Nir. XI U'armn. .....
Church bt., N. Y. Information worth tlions.
will lw aout you. ... j .- , . ... ., 1
No Person can take these Blttcra accord
lig to direction!, and remain long unwell, provide
heir bones art not destroyed by mineral poison or othe
scans, and Ilia vital organs wasted beyond tl poii;
f repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Headache, Pa
h the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chesl.Dii
lincss, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad l ast
n the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the region
(f the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptom)
Ira the offsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaint
il has no equal, and one bottle will prove a letter guai
pitee of ila merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Feiust! CouiplHluts, in young or oM
Married or ainele. at the dawn of womanhood, or th
lurn of lift, these Tonic Bitters display so decided a
finueuce mat a marked improvement is soon percer.
fuie, ,1
For Inflammatory and Chroiilo Rhen
aiatlsnl and Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intel
iiittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood. Liver. Kiiinev
hid Bladder, these Hitters have no equal. Such Dii
uses are caused by Vitiated Blood, winch ia general!
Iroduced by derangement of the Digestive Organs. '
i'hey are n Gentle l'mgut ive as well av
i Tonic, possessing also the peculiar merit of actio
Is a powerful aent in rnliaviuR Conntioa or IiiAani
naiion 01 in. L.iv.r ana v iscerai uigans, sua in sniiou
For skin DlHeases. Enmtinnit. Trtirr. R:i
Hheum, Blotclies, Sjiots, Pimples, Pustules, Hoils, Cai
luncles. Ring-worms. Scald-Head. Sore Eves. Km
lipelas, Itch. Scurfs, Discolorationsof the Skin, Humor
ind Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nalitn
ire literally dug up and earned out of tho system in
ihnrt time by the use of these Bitters
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinegau Bit
rHKS the most wnmlerlul Invifioraiit Ihat ever sustaine
It ii.L.iiin iveti,i
fwAI.KKK Pni'r. It. II. ItlVDONAI.D . CO,
Pruggisls and ficn. Aj;l., San Kiancisco, Cal..
and cur, of Waiiiiiatoii.iiHiCliai lton Sis., New York
' Ten YenraofRipiibt
leat hns proved Dr.C'rooi
Wlncol rr to liuve mo
merit thnn any Niniib
firepnratloa ever oflVircd
lio public. It 1h riuh l
tho medicinal qualities'
Tar, and unequiUett t
tllsensoa of tlie Throat
I.nnirs. ncrformiim tl
i'sLK most remarkablo cures.
euootuaiiy ourosauuoug
and Golds. It has cured
many caseas of Aatlnal
anU Itroucbltia, Unit
una oeea pronouaceei
eclflo for these con
plaints. ForPainainth
iiuuutn. ffurraiiisni an
renf, fiiu or Unci
vravri or miiney mi
entie,dlaeuscts of UiolTiii
ary Orgnnia, Jimndici
or any Liver 'ouiiluiil
ltlins noetiual.
,t is also a anperlor Tonie,
lteatorcti the Anpetiti
Ntrng1Iien the Ky steiM,
teitorea tlie Wcaknnd Debilitated,
. fansos the Food to Klgesr
temovea Dyanepiln nml IndiceNtioi
1'rcveuU Mnlnrloua Fever1
Blvea tone to your by atom. ,
And the health of tlie) syste
wlU follow. There Isa prtiir.n
tion of Iron unl I'oho Utn
more effectual than nil other
which will romovo fro-ji ,
ayatem tho linpura sjnU vitiate
blood which causcatliKonao, mi
at IhOBainotiaui liallU up you
health and strength It neve
fuilH to fUltv. If you liKV
Ncrofnln.Merololoua Wiaeti)
ea of I ho Eye or Kiirs, si
Kerofnlra lu any form, Xei
tor, White Swelliiit;. oi,
Morea, Ulcers, or Kerof ulou
InllniunintionH, you can rel
on boluu cured with this props
ration Known aa Ir. Crook'
t'otnnoiind fiyrnp of lcO
Itoot. ItheninntiMni. !.,(
Iii Limbaor IIoiion, CnnssUu
tioua broUeiidua ii lu liini,
rial or othor ruiiitfi4. ' n o ui
cured by lu For Hypfillls, o
NyplillUle taint! there Is not ,
Inn equal to iu A triul nil
prove It,
Beautify your Complexion."
Do not use paint ornowdor. but tret, n mnr
Permanent Meauty by purllylug your lilooc
Ills preparation Of Iron and I'oko Itoo
snakes a rounU and aealy akin aoft uiul ainoutl
ihatiKes that millow oinjloxlou to one c
freshness ond health, and reiuovoniivFrnn
Uvelilsenses or (lie Skin, I'iuiplt-N, 1'uV
ulea.ltloteliea A Eruptions, lrvou wi-l
5y cheeks and ahealthy coniplexloii use 1 n
3rook' Connound UyruD of l'oku IUhjU
Chromos, ,
:isio i;t itueaiip," "cood uoiitisb,"
' frillNU FLOWKna." "RUMMim FLOWKltS,"
- AWAli 1 and ASi,Kuy'
r-.i:,'i.i:iTic hki HI V ..il n nn.v riiuis.s
l in at rroiiK (ContolliluUil), for 41.00.
of llm ChromM sr. tlii ! f " V
Aitalu aud li'ut A,Im j" Uis.tasn
Swmawliftt siualitr.
futicrlbm fumlslinl AT O.tCK
ttlUl Mlr vurraws.
can mnfci bttr t.,
Kllb IMthAS Willi
s; l!ln
Improve. I '
Her.d Elock3, Poit-Holo Borers,
; Ci.AKKSiiuito, -;.West Va..-
'TlfKtJrlst Mills, helmf iuutnlill-, aro on
Iron Kriiiue, nud , ' '
-,-.'... I 1
And the best Mill (tfer made for all l.lntls of
griiuiiiig. ran neeiii'iiy iiitnrlled to Haw Mills
miy oilier iowoi', Hint warranted to grind
Hour and Meal of a superior quality at
greater ralo of sa-ed than an oilier Mill,
without healing' or other? illllleultv the
weight being ,Xt pound, i-eiiivlng onlv 8
feet iuare on the lluor. . v ill K' i'l hi ill
I'Jis ii'ls pel-hour. If wit hin thirty ditvs, I lie
Mill doe. not prove satli luetnrv, Itmav lieru
lui iieil and money and all eliarges lelu'iuled.
UaitH Toftt-Holo Horor, J
IsKiiarnr.teeil to make two liolss to
r one of pnv olherj does Its work raii
y5f idly ill- d iierfoctly.
tTl ne.'.'t.v
IlV"""ONI5 '! tiAX.l
'' !to inult can fie found with' It nfler
rial. hunt to any on on trial who
will send mo the eiulorsoinont ul' tliu
Post Mh-ter. Agents wniiled,
' ii .' . l.larkaburg, V. Va. ,
Kornior nnd others ran see llin
Post-llolo Borer ut tliu Kxuiiibk.ii
Olliefl.. - ' . I 'i
-,l -t r.'t i r.i.,,1 s on 'i . t .
In every eoutity' of eiich State, for new
Miitlniial IliMik. (Tin t.ivKS and roHTHiirs
TIIK rRKHIIIKNTH) With 1 110 silllllu l-opy of
Dvi'luiiitioii of liiilopendeni-e, I lie Consti
tution of (Jnlled Ktates, and Washington's
Farewell Address, with lit line steel plates.
r'on clrciiliirs mid terms, address (luhusou
llton 1 Co., 87 Jlockmait Hi, X. Y. ., -.
Pf4 satctat
U1V ff . .
7. . -t i,
Time Tables.
, ALL PUrNCH'Ali l'OINTS 1 'J' i
Tiie "Old Unliable" aud Popular.
S Through Eipress Trains Daily
Koulniiort with Miller's Tatont Saruty
1 l.itlorm, Couplor, and l!uuer, and '
f ri -. ' . .'ho Ct3lobrutot ; , ,
Westinghovisa Patent Air Brako3,
rm. ..... ... '
a uu most lierioet protection against acel
" ' ilenU in t!e world.
. w" now und eleitant Day Coaches and
IWU I HI V 11 neSOl I'll Minn's l,lln..n K nii
Cars are run throiiKh iroin KANSAS i.'IT:
to gulncj", Ualesbui'K, Mcudota and
1 ' ! Without CUanrje. '
I,,.; i 7 v::;,:;....:r"" r..2."n?",.v?A,r
JVINII. K U M llllft.ll 'II m.nlu k. n.Ulr...
...,,,,n io oinu.i mm rr. ,iu 1'j I'll
tO .JUI'KSolll-illu mill Mlirimrn.il. I ,,.! ....... u...l
churuiit Dm- Conches from KunVus Cltv to In.
uiiiiuiioiis tin t i inciuuittl without eliango
ClrWTo seciiin nil Hi,, ,.ui,. !,,. ,..,
"'."W" ' Hailway trnvulins, purcliusu tickets
'i.iA.mAl, , OT. .lOMKl'll H1I0KT LINK,
tiyolilinir all tviuisfors, ferries aud chaniros
ol e Hi's.
:-. ThruMKn Tickets for sale at ull priii-
ci.i.i umevs. rare ninavs as low asbvauy
route. KSgatfe cheeked through to all Win
ei)itl pumtr. O. S. LYt'DltD.
... ... i .iimun, uuu i aickoc Agent. .
ujdw ... ...... ,
' The I'ollowhiK are the distaurra ' and fares
ii-uiii solium, u, imiio: . i , ,, ,
Miles To ,.
SB Delewaro -
41 Canlington -
CH (iiilion . . ....
(I Crimtline - -.-......
tl Shelby ...... J ,
(HI N. London ................
lul-Wullhigtou . r
1-J5 lloiea ...........
l.'W-f levelnnd -
111 Marion ..... ........
llli-Hollelontiiiiio- .
II'.' Hidnev - ..,
177 fnioii ... i .... . . . .
7(1 Mi.iisilnl.1
. l.M
. 9.IIA
. S.20
. S.BO
i S:M
i 4.511
, -J.K)
' S.4U
. 8.15
, ri.n.5
. a.tui
, 025
' 4.10
. i fiM
. T.M5
I. 50
15. HO
, 'MM
. SH.00
. IHI.50
II. 46
. 18 TO
. S4.45
llW-Allitiiii'U - -. .
104 forest . .... ,
H5 Muia
KIJ-Van Wert
HU-rt. Waruo , . . . .
lia Haniliisky ti...
1111 Toledo
Jill Detroit
.,'.-. L-. : . .
SKI l'lttsbumli .
isu iiiiriisiiiii gn . u .
H Philadelphiii
5H lliiltiinori! i- . . - .
-'HI Dunkirk - .
fl Ilullalo . . . ,
IMS Xingiua l-alls . - .
8S4 Surotoira .......
7ll-.ew Voi-k - .
".171 Huston vlu Ne ,v Yovk
Hill itoston via Ailiniiv
1W Inilliiiiapolii..
w i mi iiiimii .
..al St. I.OUIS -. . ,
r;l2 K h ii km. i i.u
7.VJ l.nave-jworth - -
771 Caw ..!,. ...
7H0-To.H.ku ------
" 7 i. Josetoi
1 Milwaukee ------
oi I'eoria - - -IHII-Ht.
Paul -
Ii--'4 lM Cro..so
Kit) Des Moines - - - -u-.'
t-lCoek Jiihtud - . . -
(Jinalia - -
WH Cellar llaiiids
Mil Iowa City .
S.KI Jiunleith , - .
o.'ia-San Kiiinelseo - - -
The above rates of faro are subjout to clinntt
e, Aildictis
piusenger Ag't "lleo Line," Columbus, ().
On and after Moiulav. Slav SKth, lffil, Kx-lVi-uss
Trains will leave Columbus and Crest
line and ail i vw at points uuiued below us fol
lows: ..Stations. f.o. No. 4.. Kii. tl.
(oluiil)iis....ll:10a. in.
Crertlinu li:'lo p.m.
Cleveland.... -:45
llulVnlo .. ..lUNiO
Niuguin P'ls 7:00a. lu.
lioeliestor ... 1:110
Albany 11:45
Huston. ...... 5:0 p. in.
X. Y. City... M
il M i a.m.
. 7:03 '
i!:00 p.m.
II :'M .
S:85 n. in
2:IKI p.m.
1 :80 a.m.
Crestliiii1 ....12:45 p. in. Ii::i5 p.m. M:85u.m.
I'lttiburgh.. t:45 . lr.'Sa.iu. 8:45 p.m.
Iltn-rikuuru . TiCiti. an. 1 1 :iift XrtOn.in.
Ilaltlnnira,. .10:40 . . ,X:40p.ni.,
Washington. I:iu p. jii. 0:-J5
PhiluduidiiaU:15n. di.. 8:15 . . .. 7UX)
Crt-btliiie . ..Il::i0p. n,.
Kurt Wiivue,. B::ain. in.
7:45 p.m. . 0:55 a.m,
1:15 a.m. U:V5 .
7 :-M llOO iKtn
. k"tfXti. 4, lunvilig t'oliiinbus at 4:10 p. in
lias a Tliivugh Cur via -Delaware forripring.
Hold, rem'liiiig S,jrliigloj 1 wltliout change ut
7:'.'0p. in. , .
Train NO. On tli. Culliinbus A Hocking
Valley U'llliicul isiuueer witli No. 4 tialii.
Tliimigh Tiekvta for sale at Athens. '-
i'A..SKMU'.lt TJCAINS vntuiuing arrive at
Columbus ut l:8tt . lit., 11:15 a. m., ami U-.UI
a. in. , ,
JkirPalace i)ay and Sleeping; Cars
"Ci i l All Trains. ' :
No. 0 lenv' tu- rot i,im si Q'in u. m.. r.u
Sunday, Viii js tlivoiigli without detention, liy
Iioiii l.rie nnl New l ork Lenlrul Uailways.
arriving t.t Now York on Moiiduv liiornlnir ul
0:40 u. n
rur .lavllculiir inioriiiatlou lu regain to
tlji mt f tii.kots, time, eoumietions, etc., to ull
I'oii'.rs Kast. West, North and South, aiuilv to
or Address i- KDltli, Coliiinbus, Ohio.
I-.. h. r i.iNT, t.en. Bup'U
r 4AK, PATTKIf.ON, . ,
Ccnerul Agent, Columbus, Ohio. .
, KCUKNK Miltl),
Vnssenger igent.Oduitihiis, Ohio, j
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to All Points West, Northwest and
This is the Short Line via Indianapolis.
The (ireut Through Mall aud K.xpress Pas.
setigitr Line to Ht. I.eiiis. Kiinsas I ity.Ht. Jo
scpli, Denver, tjnn Kiiineisi-Ai, und all jiohits In
M ismiiii'l, Kansas and Colorado.
, The shortlist und only direct route to In
diuiillpolls, Lafayette, Terra llaiile. Cam
liridgu City. Hpriiiglleld, I'uoi lii, lliii lington,
( hicago, Mllwuiikue, St. Puiil, and all poluts
In tin) Northwest .
' Tim JtiillanaKill, Clneinnatl A Liifayette
Ituilroad, with its roiinuetioos, now ofl'ui-s
iliengers more faellltles In Through Coiie.h
nud ttuieplng Cur Service Hum any oilier line
fmiii Clneinnatl, having the advantage of
Throutrh Daily Cars from Cincinnati iu ht,
Louis, Jvlllisas City, HI. Joseph, Peoria, Ilur
liugtoii, l.lilc.iigu, Oiuiilin, and all Intiiruiedlate
points, presenting to Colonists mid Fninillos
such isniilorts anil aeeoinmodatious as are
alliird d bv no oilier route.
Thr augh Tickets nud ling-gage Cheeks to all
point I.
Traois leave Cincinnati at 7:80 a. m., 8.00 p.
in., and 0:00 p.m.
TIcKota euii lie obtained at No. 1 Burnet
I lour e, corner Third und Vine, Public Land
liiKliMirnerMain and Itlver) nl.o. at lusit,
coiner Plum aud Pearl streets, ('inelnunll.
lie sure to purchase Mckets vlalndlunap.
olis. t liicliinuil A Lafayette Itallroad.
. ! (J, L. BAIlltlNUKU,
Muster Transportation, Cincinnati.
i : ' C. It. LOUD,
. Oilef Ticket Clerk. Cincinnati.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. Short Line to the Lakes and the North
O I.-- .'I'
I, AS loiiows;
i Depart '
0:10 a. tn.
1 , Arrlvo
., 11:15 p. m.i
'. Arrive, i
, , 0:lp, in.;
' ' ' 7:10 a. in.
I 11 :45 a. m.
' X:10 :
.,; - B:45
7:40 p.m.
;f "tl:W !
Coluinlius.7,, ,,
Clovelnud ...
9:1151 ui
':00 ii. Hi.
IlllllllllSISllis . .
hli-ago.,'.,, i. !. ni.
Hiirliigllei.l.,, l:ll'- "
Dujum -.i...,irf l.-U "
loue fonneotlnn miule' At luneasler for ( II-.
elevlllo, anesvllleand ill points on the tin
clnnnli and Muskingum Vulley U Iroad... .
lilioet i iiiimietlons niiKla at c lumbiu flir
Davton,' Hprlngflehl, ' Imllnuapolla, Chicago
and all point West. Also, for d vvolaud,
Buffalo, PIMsburgh, and all jsilnta Gas,,-; -
Take the Hocking Valley and Pan Hindi"
route to Chicago and the. MOrthwest; It Is'
shortest by sixty-six miles, giving; pasieng.ra
the henollt of quicker time aud lower ruK1
than by any otuur line.
. . i j.
JF. W. IK)IIKRTY, Bap't. I
I'lTt. liBt, A.uut. ,1 I
K. A. Bvxt.Lt QeB'l licket Agent.
TAR ' cbRDIAL ! "
I , ,"
( );!:
f..- !
It Is gratilylng to ua to Inform the public
that Dr. L. n. c. Wlshart'a Pine Tree Tar
Cordial, for Throat anil 'Long Diseases, bus
ulned an envliiliij ruiiiitutlon frnm iim it
lantic to the Pacific roast, and from thunco to
aomoot' the first families of Kurope, not thro'
tho press alone, but bv persons throughout the
Hlutes iK-tiially benefitted and cured at his
olllcii. While no puhlishes less, so say oiiriu
porters, he Is tillable to supply the (luiiiaiul. It
(ill ns uiul holds its reputation , .
First. Not by stopiilng cough, but bv loos
ening and assisting nutiire to throw ad' the
unhealthy matter collected about tho throat
and bronchial tubes, wtivk etivtt irrltatiuu.
Second. It removes the cause of Irritation
(which produces cough) of the tniii-ous mem
brane nud bronchial tubes, assists the lungs
to act and throw on" the unhealthy accretions,
and pnrllles the blood.
Third. It is tree from squills, loluillu, Ipecac
and opium, of which most throat and lung
remedies are composed, which allay rough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect on the stomach, acta on tho
liver ami kidneys, ami lymphatic and nervous
regions, thus retted In a; to every pavt of tho
system, and ill its invigorating and purifying
elfeets it has gained a leiiiitiitluu wiilih it
wiisi i44 ivtt Mil oilier iu the. niarkct..
INTOtiOOa. '.
- :'. '.
llolng under my Immediate: dlrcctiott,' they
shall not lose their curative qualitlus lay the
use of cheap ami impure articles.
,f i-.K:)-t
Dr, t.. (). (.'. AVIshart's Oflieo Parlors' are
open ou llouihiys), Tuesdays und Ycdiiosdays
from V a. H. to 6 1. at., fur i-onsiiltation by Dr.
Wni.T. Mnireo. With him arc tusootiiteil two
consulting physleiana of reknowledged abll-
iiy. xnis nppoiTiinity is inn, uiii'iei) uy any
other Institution iu tho city. -
: ! "....'. ' ! : i. : rv.t
All lettora must he Aihlrrssed to' ; '
L.Q,C. WISH ART, M;fi;,;?
No. Nort ii Secoiitl St.,
Xovcmlier 50, 1N72. Om'
Periodicals. '
Tho Great :': Achievement of the
Nineteenth Century.
All the News a nil Full of
Th Daily l.nAViilo Is tne title of n News
paper, publislu'il in New York, which is
achieving tho most leuiurkablii journalistic
success ever cliiouleleil. It is un elglit-page
evening paper (inice eiutions uuiiy.) eieganr.
ly printed, and iiniiliii leil by the ablest edito
rial talent attainable. -
Asa iH-wspaperTnK Daily Uhapii io stands
In tho hVst rank, ami contains regularly
The Very Latest and Full
; est NeAvs from all Tarts
of the World. :
Its great feature consists lu the fact 'lint it
is not only a newspaper, nut. an iiiiisiiaiei)
newspaper a well, 1 nr of Its pages are till
ed Willi choice rending matter iuleirrauis.ed.
Itorials, general and local news, items, gossip
und corrcspoiiileiK'41 on tlie freshest and most
interesting topics. The remaining four page
consist, oi . '
i'rcutcd In llin most limitless find' arlstle
style, nml nortiavinir acrurnlelv and lull v all
lending events within iwenty-lbur hours after
suoir oceiirieiico. -j nose wno , nave niuue
Joiirnnllsni a sliiily, anil fully appreciate the
great enterprise uiiiniiesieii in me couci'iion
uud iiiiblication of news liv the aid of the tel
egraph, steam presses, and tliu devolopeiuciil
of our Journalistio tuluut, have been
fond of advancing the theory, that the
,,.. 1 ,..U u I.. II... O..I.I .. I .....
siftt in a newspaper furnishing regular
issues pictures or ail current piiuuinciii
events. Thut theory I a theory no long
er; tho newspaper of the future Is the newspa
per of to-ilnr, and that puper is TilK Daily
CaAi'inv. The processes which render this
inui'velloiis a. lileveiiii-nt in existing fact are
tho result of the mrast carufiil .study and an
endless variety ol experiments, gradually per
fected (luring tho pust twelve years. They
di'iii'iul u mm liiinroveuieiits tn lithoirruiihr
and the application photographic camera, liy
their aid a picture is eugiaved and made
ready to print in from twenty minutes, to two
hours. Costly and elaborate plates, work of
ait. scenes of Interest, aro reiirisluced and
pictured forth with inu facility and the
most scrupulous fidelity. Illustrations of
leading events are eagrnvod and prepared foj-
the press even Isjlore tlie accompanying writ
ten narrative or dosoriptlou leaves iho hands
of the compositor. ' ' i
I'or the proper prni th-al worklnffof sfi great
an enterprise, TIIK CltAl'llIC COMPANY
was formed has j , ; ; ., . i
A Capital of $500,000 in Gold.
months and months before tho first Issue Of
Thk Daily UkaI'UIU, the most extensive
Iirrparallons wore made, and to-day Tlfli
iKAPVICHlilPAJSY bus , ,;; , , .... , j
The Largost ' and Moct ' Comploto
' ITewspaper - Establishment
: ' the United States.1
' In tho great work of Illustrating the events
of the day au extensive crops of the best
known and most accomplished artists are coo-
staniiy engiigoiii , i
The Daily (Humid alms to beln Its strict
eat sense a newspaper. Htrlvlng always to be
Just and truthful. It discusses all questions lo
dcpcndcntly and Impartially. It Is not the
organ oi buy party, sect, or erven, it is al
ways high-toned, anil contain! nothing to of.
fund any tasUi. lis conlonts give It tulm
inunae aiivantage over the "old fashioned"
papers, .Tlie annual subsurlber got '
a volume of twsntv.four hundred lisires. eon,
stltiitlng avaluulilo rorord of events and a
graplile panorama of our time and progress.
It possesses not merely a Will Interest, but Is
a paper for every reader of the language. It
is, emphatically, ;
, , . .,..,.!,,,' I . , 7 I ,
' The Paper for the Ilouaehold. ,
i ., i ,! . .. .. . -;r ',
Terms, ia per year, or M for three montll.
'.Address,,:'.,! '.'- ('i.M i ' ,
TlllDllLTOKAI'llll), I
..'. v nt't .! aud4l Park place, 1 j
Jua ll-8inelw. . Mew Vera Clt;
, Mew Voi k City-
I I' I . . ' 1 .. . ' J L ....
W. .CO I.Vil riTBLIRHtn T,li'j.tiS :
J.'LPetf3rsi 599 Broadway; NY.,
A nd mailed, post-paid, do receipt of marked
r 5
-- i - v , .. I'HIUK.
Above and Itolow.- Sacred 8ong....lly
' ' '- ' ' ' Juch. fO 80
Hack to the Old Home, Bong and Clio.
' . rua...-. ....Htewart. no
Ileaiitlful Form of my Drouins . Stewart. SO
Darling, Weep no more, bong and Cho
rus.: .... ...... Hays. SB
Do not Woop so, 'Sister , darling. .
Pong. .'..;..Stewars. U0
Don't lorget to w rite me. bong ami Cho-jf
ins Cox.
Fold we i our handsv , Song or .
(... , v , : , inei...-i.'.BoUdleii.,
Gone to the Heavenly tiarden. Hong
. , . I -. Chamberlain.
If you were I, would you? 8ong..Hliu(tuik.
Kiss me, Harliiig, uru we part. . Htewart.
Llttlu llliud Null. Hong und Chorus.
... . Maey.'
Little Dan. Hong and Chorus., ..Han,
I-siril, forever at Thy Sidi) ,,. . Dnvks.
Meet me, Bessie, In the Dell . : . Stov.art. '
Meet me, Dourest, with ft Kiss),,lmnks., : .
klyhnv across tho St-a Havs.
Oh! tilremealloiun In the South' Hays,
Uh, Nam I Hong and Chorus Havs.
(July lor You I liiiUnd ............. Del loux. .
Our Little Pet. Song and Chorus. .Havs.
rapa, stay nome. Temperance Hong. .
Hays. 40
Save one HrlghtCrowft fbrine. . . ..Hays. 40
We pray you sing tlmf Song. Duet.
Dolphiis. 85
wilt thou ,-VVcep when I am LowV
Walker. 3.1
POLJA8.-8uiibeani, by Klnkol, 35 cts.i
Kcllo of Saratoga, by Victor, S3 cts.; May
riowers. by Nimon, 1)5 rts.
MAZfJISKAS.-Awakening or tho BlnU; B0
cts,; Happy Thoughts, by Walker, 80 ets.:
Ls.,Rhl m wr mii, aa. , !l.,,nMlll.
by Pearlier, 40cta.
GOLOPS.-Cliarllo's and Froddie's by Ken
kel, each 85 cts. " -
WHOTTlH('HKS.FatalOlancc, by Young,
SO cts.; May Morning, by 8chmldt,!S0cts.; Suu
beairi, by il ampul 30 cts.; and Willle'sbyKin
kel85cts. '
SI A U( H ES. Jlolle of Saratoga, liy Ilaum
bach, 40 cts.; Mollle's by Khikel, 35 eta.
W'ALTZKS. Clnrlta, Hoorgie's, Lottie's,
Sallie's and Maygie's, by Kiukel, each 8S cts.;
Drops of Dew, by-Allarit, 40 cts; Sunbeam, by
Muse. 5 cts .
KOU 11 IIANDS.-Auiarvlis, CO cts; Jocns
Polka, S5 cts.;, Love's Chaso tinllop, 35 ols.;
Praisu of Woman Polka-Jlasnrka all by
Dressier. , .
SALON PirccKS.-rmnco of ttie Ilnvma
kera, Wilson, 75 cts.; Love's Caresses. iiln
kel, 40 cts.; May . Jilossoms, Klnkel, BO cts,;
I'laintcjles Kleura,Toiie, 40 cts., Whlsueriug
Ilrefaus, Wilson, 60 cts. , , 1
Ahy of tho above mailed, post-paid, on re-
. .. ., , .. . . teiptol price.
eiwi J. I PKTF.KS, fiW llroadway, N. Y.
A Fine ; German .Ch; omo.
: ' . .- i . Oil,- ,,
' ' Jii' TU0S. W. KXOX.
il Pate Octavo. ISO Pine Kngravlugs.
Helutrs' Incidents uud Accidents hevoud
the Lighter Duy; Startling Advuntures In all
parts of tho World; Mines and Mode of Work
ing them; Undercurrents of Society; (Jainli
ling mid its Horrors; Cavern) and their Mys
teilos;Tho Dark Wnyaot ".V Ickedness; Pris
ons nnd their Secrets! Dowt. in tho Depths of
the Hea; strange Stories of tliu Detection of
Criino. Tho lasik trealaof experience with
brigands; nights lu opium dens and gambling
hells; life in prison; stories of exiles; adven
ture among Indians; Jouruoys through Sow
cis uud Catacombs; accidents in mines: ui
ritos aipl piracy; tortures ot tho inquisition ;
wonderful burglaries; underworld of the Li-eat
cities, etc., etc.
Wo want agents for thia work on which we
rive exclusive territory. Agents can mate
100 a week iu selling this book. Send for cir
culars and speoial terms to aguuts.
, .in J. D. UI7BR St HTDIi,
lW pages and H engravings, printed in
hnglish nnd Ueiniun, written by SO euiineiit
authiuv, Including Joliu li. Uoiigh, Hon. Leon
Case. Lilwurd Ilowlund, ltev. ii- Kdwin Hall,
Philip ltipiuy, Albert lirlabiuie, llorsco Ores
lev, etc.
This work is a complete history of nil branch
es of industry, processes of inauufaoture, etc.,
In ull ages. It is a complete encyclopedia of
arW aud manufactures, and li the niost enter
taining and valuable work of information on
subjects of general interest ever offered to the
public We give our agents the exclusive
l ight of territory. One oi our agents sold 188
copies, in eight days, anuttiw sold 368 in two
week. Our agents in Hartford sold 807 in one
wck. Specimens of the work sent to ageuts.
Address the publisher, J. II. I) Cat It ft
IIVDK, Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111,
Books Which .tire Books.
Works which should bo found in every Li
brary within tho reach of all readers. W orks
to uiitcrtiilnv instruct und improve. Copies
will bo sent by ret uru post, ou lucelbtol
price: ' i ii .' i . . . .
Now riilaognomy j or, Slgna'of Character,
a. manifested, thiougli, Tamperniaut and
Kxternal Pornis, ami cspoolally In tho "Hi"
' ii mi Pace Dlvlue," with more than Uk
Thousand Illustrttloiis. liy S. It. WKLLS,
Price f5.00.
, l
Tim Pumlly Physlclnn. ' A Hcadv Pre
. scrlbor and llygenio Advisor. VithUufur
eucu to the Nature, Causes, I'revuutioii and
:'i'i'entiiii'iitol' llisuases, Accldeiita.innd C'as-
unities of every kind. With a Cloi-sary and
, copious Index, liy .lOKI, SUKW, AI. IK Ji
"liiNlraU'il with nearly 300 Eiigravlugs. One
' large volume, Intruded for use in the family.
Price 4.00.
How to Character. A New Illustrated
Huuil-llook of rlirenoloity and Physiouiio.
my, for Students and hxaiuincrs, with a
( hurt for recoriliug the sizes of the Organs
, 01 the Itraii), in the Dcliiiratiou ol Cbur-lii-tor,
with upifarils of 170 l-Jngraviiigs,
latest anil besU Muslin, 1. VS. .
Tho Patents' fluids f or Human Develop
munt tbiviigh Inherited Tendencies, liy
Mrs. IIkstkk I'tCNlH.KTON. Second edition,
nevlsedaudtnilargiKh Ve vol, liinio.
Constitution of Mnii. Coinldcrod In rela
tion lo Kxteinal Objects, liy OXOHUC
- ( nuux. Tlinonl) Biilliorlzeil Aiuurlrnn addi
tion. WlthTwuiity Kngrnviiigs, 1.T5. . .
Tlia liyclenle' Hii'niV-llood a Practical
' toiide liw the Hick. Ilooiii,. Aliibiils tically
arranged Willi Appeudix. liy K. T. Tu A IX.
: One ol. Piiuo, fiOOpp. Wuslln. lt.lXI. ,
How to Write," How to Talk," "How
te Hehafe," ami " How to Do lliulnuss," a
Hand-Hook Inilleficiisuhln for Homo iin
1 provonisnt, In ono vol. pj.STi, . . .
Wedlock i or tho Itight ilolntions or the
Sexes, Disclosing tho Laws of Cnnjtigul
Selection, and showing who iniivand who
may not Marry. A Culilo lor laith Sexes.
l.tiO. .... , .,, .-, .,....,.
Oi HlorySnereil and Hemilart or tlie I'.X'
tompornneniis Sienker. Includsng a Chair.
, inau's Uuldo for conducting J'nlillc Meet,
logs according to Purliaiueiitury furina.
I1.B0. t i .
Managenien-of Infancy. Pllyslnloglal and
. Moral I'ecutiiieuLi liy Aniuikw Combk, M.
D. With Notes. 1.D0.
Mod I cal KlMitrlclt.y. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing the most sclentillo and ra
, tlimiil apidicatlou to all forms of Acute and
Chmhic lliseasos by the different ronibi.
nnlftins of KIcoLileity, Hal vnulsiii, Eleutro
Magiictisui. Magnets-Dloctrluity.aiul Hu-
ninu aiigiietlsiu, V.(J. !... . ,
History of SHleinvltdicraft 'TliePlan
clietto Mystery;" null "Moduin Spiritual
ism," .with llr, iiuddrklgo's Dream," in
one vol. Price I1AU, , . , ,.
JEaop'e Fnblee, llie I'eople'f Pictorial
million. Peautlfully llliistrateil with near
ly Sixty Kngravlugs. Cloth, gilt, l;,v-oleil
boards, Only 1.00. '
Popa'a Eeaay on Mian. ' With i.'otes.
Itoautlftilly Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
; . boardt, i HOW., h i ; u.l t iiiu;'..i
ThRlfjrifWorA In th Plight Plsioa.
A Now Pocket Dictionary and Itefcrenoe
. Ilisik. , Linliraelug Svuonyms, Technical
Terms, Abln-eviauone, Koreign Phrases,
Writlsg for the Press. Punctuation, Proof
Heading, and othor Valuable Information,
.iWccula, lW Y,.. s : r f ; 1.1 .1;,, ,. .,,;
Phranoloqloal Bust: Showing the latest '
elnssiHcation, and exact location of all the
Organs of the Drain. It Is divided so as to
shew each Orgau on ono side; and all the
f rouM on the other, , Hunt by express,
rice 19.00, ' ' r ''
' Inclose amount in a Itculstered t.etter.br In
a Postollice Order for one and all tliu alrove,
and address K It.1 ll llu, Publisher, Mo. 8W
Jlrosilway, New Totk. Ageuu wautea.

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