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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 06, 1873, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McArthub Enquirer
J. W. BOWXX. Killtor n(T Publisher.
uciKTHtTit, onto
Appointment of Delegates to the
Appointment of Delegates to the State Convention.
The meeting; of the" Democracy,
Him uiuciui m-j.iuuiictniB cut ten ior
SuWrJuy afterhoon' lusty W Iftrnjoint
ti i- T ." -i .- - '" - '-,! -i. 1
iour uaiugates ot represent1 v niton
couaty,-T6'i5&i'te oMnlion, - to
be'heWaCCblumlAiSi 'to-dtiy; I (this
6th;) wiaTs ttentW'by 'oiily a few
persona j' tBe" larnieri Wd other at
'iliTa tifne n" flifr busy- seaison;
'Buaifig :it c Iticodyenlthtto at
tfendt'fe3 n6lLfrrj- Except f,their
Work.i'Tre fsnot he Waat doubt
feurwKatneVry'an had a'reasona-fiie'-WciiSSr
elng absent from
Me toetfi?t last 'Saturday. ''Svftih,
cre-iroitTng in- tht cSfti,1 'Sor.iS(M.n
tliel Mi -flolif s- sorter it?; tlir&ad
wa,19oine0were' thrashirig "iVlitat,
ome-aWhe thing and's
rother-'atl busr- and 'tiding Jcom
pelled"rto Hake advantage of :rthe
somewhat "unfavorable 1 weather''
Wfcblriktn, pe'rliaps, Hh8'9tti
!feal "Land - 5rabbing,u"r Postage;
Grabbing,'; the "Salary -Stealing,"
ir that it requires jii8ne',hirhilred
i iuid thirty-seren bushta- of -;thej
VKeat tb'ey have raised liis year to
pay r Grant's increased salary,'-or;
that they vero"comp8lled- to 'work
haVd last Saturday,'1 a' well ras all'
other days to earn'7 rtoney "to "pay
members of Congress' an' extra sal
ary of iwenty-ilvcr fiiihd red -"dollars
"a yeif.: it conld hoi: be;;xfjecled
ot them to leave' their1 work'un'der,
tiuch circumstances, to travel mllesl
to attend a meetings-being' neces-i
isary for. them to "make 'hay whHe
'the sun'' sanies;" ' "rTh& fdlowfrig,
persons' were'" appointed' -as de!e-
gates and alternates td " "represent
the coiiiily in the' Stiite Conven
tion: "";- ' - '
Delega'teW.W. Belford, M.'
K.Pottr, 0. T. GunnIng. J. W,
. Alternates Tbedeuick Cradle-
(' On "kollbicatf: a.:T-"G'oK!tnji
.Esq.', bevefldeJggatSsT tVere fclidserd
'to represent Vinton -county ,iii, the
J udicjal Conventionale be held aj
" Portsmouth," a&d in the Senatorial
' Convention, to be held - at : Galiipoj
. lis, at some future day, the calls for
: the conventions not haying been is
sued. The following are the names
of the delegates appointed to Senaf
' torial and J udicial Conventions :
Delegates W. S. Clavpoole, J(
M. McGiLLiVRAr, C. W. IIoilamci,
0. T. Gunning, ' Wm, Baughman,
J. W. Bowe.v, T. A. Murray. , ., ,
The Judicial and Senatorial Con
' ventions will be held the last of
- this, or about the first' of 'next
month.' v . .,- ; -
A Salary Grabber to Open the
The1 Radical: State Central' .Com!
raittee have determined to open the
campaign at Athens oit. the 23tl of
; this mopthi ';The -services', of, th
. great ."key note sonnder,"- Senator
0. P. Morton, has been secured and
he will make t the opening speech,
1 As Senator Morton voted for, ' and
. has jecelvediria part of the salarv
; steals he 'w4H 'ho doubt" maRe a pow:
erful speech In behalf ofthe. prin
ciples of the Republican party. The
honest. portion , of the , Republican
,rparty may5 think ' that a" salary
-'grabber is not exactly thcCpersoii
l to ''Bound the key note,'5.' yet tHeir
-Staite Central Committee, dpe.s nbit
rexactly agree with.'them, or else it
woul4'r not liave selecte"d rMorto?
i- -V'.. ' $ -1 !.'.:;
iwr tins purpose.
How They Did It.
l:l Daring' the; campaign' last 'fall
rthOxRadka'l feartv leaders
that,-if. tin people'would vote foV
'Gkamt and all the other candidates
on the Radical ticket, the burdens
- of the people should be : ligutenwl
.The nlanner in "which the burdenp
rr were lightened as,W impose pvsii
c. age on oewspafpers that have 'hltlt-
krto been delivered' -tq the people
free. Do the 'people intend to vote
for ; any uiore Radicals this1 fall
. lnE4toclipal party has six.. do
""grees.Ar crime. lie who steals a
rmniIorf is alshrewd : financier. lie
fwho ftOAls b'alA million is a do
r layiter.'ne wpo- ;stealtf 4. quortef
r or a million is. an t'irregular Jinan
cler. r lie who. steals a, hundred
Uhousand is a' ogue.. lie who. s,teala
c flftlEou'aan(l is a knave; :But (he
whoetealaa palrof boot! .rdr.'a leal
. f lreal j a ppound"rl qf AeVdeep:
cf dyc, iind;deseryeB. bcarcejatlqij
in a prison.'.. ,: .
Tux Republlcflns have an ele-
phant on their hands; In the shape
df that bad pen,- Butler, anr they
ppcar to be anxioua to act rid- of
Bim but still ho Is an immense- iu-l
mM. 1 I 5 t, l.Li.j ; .V I. . i . . !
'uucucyn tll party 'anoT,.l Jrirracti
the loader of ih'i greal Credit 'M6-1
bilier party. .:. '
'''-"-v '-Z n T
VT)i CHicaiA) Tost. Ta Matlhm! AA
Inlnistrfttirm , organ,,, dcejarcg f0'r
free trade." ' - - x '.' -il
lzrz ti'Ac '10 T ao '
..vj;Lii:",;-u cj nitotix a lce
A New Party—Nomination of a
i ii f I 1 H '
i About two hundred fretful .poli
ticians aasombled at Columbus Inst
W ednesflay," aiid gave birth
to, a
new party which they
call the
"People's Party." " The movers fii
this Third Party enterprise, know
ing tluit,th Administration party
refuse to check .the abuses that ex-:
ist in v.the Government, - seem to
thtnft lhat tlie" ftemocrattC-Ltberal
p'jirty is tiot strong eiiouglt at' present-to
put i stop 'W 'the " curruij
tiou,,.usurpatiqnaiid auis. ulo. . The
Third, New, or.'People's Party plac
ed the following ticket in noinina
tion : f " t t' '!.' i . ' .s : ' ; :
' for Govmiwil. C. Collins, of
Hamilton county. '. ,
Lieutenant vernorAA Saun
ders Piatt, of "Hardin.
J udge of Simrenie', tioux t Long
term P. Jfc'EwiNfy'ttf IiVirfleld.
supreme Judge bnort term'
D. W. Ci Loudou,' df BrdWn.';
Attorney , Geiieml
MErERi,-of btarfc -- ";'" (.;. .
iC'omplroUer. ojn Treasury C. P,
L! Butler,' of FranTdifl..' ' 1 !
Boaul ofPublto Works James,
MclJETn, or Athens;'''
Treasurer Jonathan. JIari'hxa,
of Montgomery.?
It being necessafy for tho,. mov-
ci a in tins ucn cuireeni u n;ivu n
platform,, they; adopted the follow-t
ing, which cousists in part of good
Democratic doeferines: j
rkeMvei. Thai &4 Qiiuiaru InTitilliliie tli'a In 4
fnllibilitv of party; that when tlio.faiii'iia or
Louveulmn (aiU to presunt llt'caiHlidam .for
omca It is tue nigh .privilege ft well aa.tlitt
bouiiilou iliity of All gooil uiiiclu to witliUolil
their yoos from such fs:indUlittu,4iiiit rcgnnl-.
lonu of party ,alUliutioy uiipiort the host
iiien proteiitolfor olllciitl,K8iUijiiiiv i
'I'hAt 1 both' thtt'-Kepiililiottu' itaU"t)eiho
crittiu, piirtios h(vor ouilireil-.tlio itwiiun in
which they '-had tlioif WrlnnHfcnvo-outliv
eil their usel'ulnejw.anij n Qiiwprjrnnizationof
fiartiea ia dcniamluit ittthoiuterest-of tlie puh
icwelfrtrc .., r . i - i
. That- the Kcunhlleah niiitv.-'liftvlnu-thu
control pf both branches -ql Congress uml of
aililu for tlioleffilntion -kuowu as the salary
grab; for the squandering of the public ' lauds
m grouts to private corporaMous;. fur tho re
lease of railroads from 'tltelrjust Abligationil
to the Govoruiuout; and otUuc inniiifestatioiia
of corruption asilovelopod by tlie" t'rwlit Mo
bit1eraudotlHr in vest igation,jiHil.,tUatthosei
ihembci- of tti'fl lMmncriniu ivff -Vho havo
Ukid or., MuukpiveA ritii sttuh . lugislarton
equally doserve pubric eo'nfloninntlon. . "-
4. TUutlv believe .thatr. tlm. fundamental
purpose of (iovominont is the ' protection of
ei-6uu and pii)ei'ty, hud not uie laediiiing
with and regulation of the business, industry
or conaeiehcea of it citizen, nor the asuinip
tion of such works by Federal, .state or Ma
4nipnt Owveminetttoaa nmrmffHy n-nri nftull
properly be left to individual cnterpriHe.
5. That corruption wan he successfully ooin
bateil only by the removal or lessening of
temptation; tv are, ia favor of a reduetiou of
the lunctions now exevclseilliv the Oovern
meut.' anil a conaeuinnit- ilhriiniilion of thej
njovernpicp Ilureaus and oflleials, believing,;
as we no, .mat . a ; onti.qp:0y ; Inoreastug
army of federal ollluers is an evil increasing
in danger u the.countcy griig,'
6, That ,tho practice of sulJdies in 'land or
motley, amlof spedul privileges and .c.veiup
tions to National Hanks anil .other great mou-
ereil corporation), aud aU loitoriug.ol' ni(uii)p
olies at tlie expense of the whole people, ara
unjust unit oppressive; ; . , ;. ; ; : t
1 That the practice of electing stoek-holdn
em and odlccrs oCNational Ranlu to: seats in
Cougress, whereby tlie great gains of coutiiii
ucd irredeemable paper mouey are secured to
those institutions, by the votes of interested
parties, is a national. Scandal, which deserve
the condemnation of everv mod citlzon. ami
ought tope prevented by 'Oit proper ligisla-
8. That wo Insist upon a strict observance
by the Ueueral Government pf the constitu
tional limitation of.its Dower, and we-de
mand home government in all local affairs. '
. v e ueiievetnat tne piwiness or the jov4
vrnmeiitl should ibs transacted ou the earns
principles that regulate he business of pri
vate Individual!; wo buliuve, Uierci'ore. tliat
me aiiuoiuuncnc oi auooniinateolUcers sbould
deMenil upon their oualilluationsjiiid that
depend iiwn their fjualillcationnnd that
their tenure should decnd on theirntuess and
etlicieucr. aud in this rosuect a return ta the
practice of the earlr- day of the Kepublic is
highly desirable am) necessary.
10. That duties on imports, as long as such
duties aro necessary, slioul'L be iuiposed for
purposes of revenue only, and not for the pur
poseof benellting or euricliing private indi
viduals or companies, or.favoi-ing particular
branches of industry at. the expense of tlie
whole people. . . . i .
11. That it is the duly of tho Government to
repeal all laws that favurcauit.il th nr.-ln.
dice of labor. ..,,, . , , ,i
The new pa'rtyites'. do' 'not desire
the least assistance, fdm tjie Dem
ocratic :partjj'i 'altljoiigh''the leading
spirits in mis inoyeineui arc un
happy Democrats.,'. Only' a .few Lib
eral Ilepublfcans took part'iu 'this
revolution. .Tho, Liberal .Republic
cans in eyeiy, cpiinty in r tlie State
wim act a? nerecoiore wiui tue jji
..."We must not p'rnlt to'.say.that tlie
persons who took part iri tliisrev
olutionaryrTair' called ytlieniselves
."delegates',' ,tilt ' tj'e -Iain imtli. is
ii..:. L .'it A .i - -'.';' ' '
nicy rupresenieu aououy diii tnem-
selves; andJfr'omji''nuinVer of the
Congressional TDwiricts ' of the
State there was' not a'single person
The nominations, were made, and
reported by a cohiniitce'acd adopt-
yvi nitiiuitb u Mttseiiunr voice tue
entire, poceediriff being "cut and
dried'! befojeliiid by a half a dozen
nanagers wbo ought to be fivvngin
, world where mc pd siJy pol tt-
i- . i) .1..:. .j f i.n
cians are never to, be seen.
C'j'i C2
' It is pfbposed tq .'make mehiberB
of the Ohio Legislature swear that
they havcu't tttke'u"tt;iy brjbos and
won't take any. : , That oath would
not be much of .a pafef guard. "The
developmejits'.of ' tlie late';' Cbhgre-;
Bionnl' TnvcBtiifatmnB ' 'fAutw '" ti'ink
bribe-takers ili'r'not J tlicsjiaVe : t6
becomevperjnrers. tThe onlywa; r
aiftti Lttil Avh..i .'.vj.1 .
w, oiu DIIV.I1 vuiI UIilUU IB JJlUIIlllliiy
cApui every poiivicteii orioe-.taKer,
and to elect ho.'morqof tliem to any
' "Back-pAt' eost ' $1,173,000 for
work paid to AM (lohe ''Forward
pay" c cost "IO'CS.TGO'-Ibefore "any
work 1s" done; : 'Buck - pay", and
Forward "pay'f cost' ketween' Maroll
and Dcciftnber bfihiipyear, ;with
"I ' f ' ..".hnmi. Mr,,
VUlljHJI IQ B088IOH ..tfj,.ril,ti)
Coh'gro8Biiienl,who'eipcct this storm
to blow ; over ' will ; ho' wanting 1 to
know next yea, if : ahy bod; heard
anything -drop; T, 'j e( Z"-'::''
i rns' la, unaotfld last wi nter b
thd iU(Ucl Oojigrestfj prpbibitin
the ;freel Oxehange of -newspapers'
tend- the free cif culntjopuf , rjewspaj
pern- jnhecffijnie ty-herfl pHblished,
dirqcY twfojv-kQwledge, aid 4
direct, i Aack ; on Anjielligen.cq! and
literatures., , Vote, againsti Kndipnli
iinii i Ti j ia
ttAvt I 1itnhAH
iW) ?fftt hhe. u avntt 'M oil I
Horrible Massacre.
The story comes of a horrible
massacre 'at Alcoy', Spain. There
is, some doidit as to tho Cause of the
wholesale murder, but it appears to
have originated in a phase of the
labor question, which is not uncom
mon on the other side of the Eng
lish Channel and oii this side of the
Atlantic, but which 1s comparative
ly new oil the Continent. The hor
rors of the affair seem impossibld
to-be exaggerated. " The bloodies.
scones of Paris, the' massacres; w
Ireland, the dread days when babes!
wore butchered in the anus of their,
parents or tossed fr6m baj'oiiet to
bay Oiiet-j with devilish, skill, when
inconceivable brutalities made thd
time forever odious, were repeated
about the .."Town illall". at Alcoy;
Workmen are said to have demand
ed an advance of fifty per cent, inj
wages; and when the demand iwas
refused they "struck," and threat
ened violence. The Mayor took
possession ; of the Town Ilall,! autj
endeavored to hold it against the
mob, but unsuccessfully.' The in-,
mates, of . the1 Hall were stripped)
exposed to the gaze pf tho howling
mob, then either ' beheaded v6
thrown upon the pikes and baye
nets of the x:rowd beneath, when
the -most revolting barbarities took
placed ; The clothing of persons was
saturated 'with petroleum, set on
lire,, and the running, ronstiiig vici-
thus were made the targots ' fof
Spanish' Sportsmen'.'; These Atrc-l
eioiis attempts, to solve a,, vexed
qiiestiorrnre-notj unlikely to bo or
to become icontipjtsj .across" : f lie
seiu" At. all events, they n do uop
argue in -favor- of tiiatprcVafeiic
ol lw' jind 'order ;esseirtial;y tr);,
success, of a rrovpirnniflnf. 'nf t.hi
people; -A SpanTsh'Republr'c, to lie
perinane;it,' in,nrje, hliTOlliIl
other material tliftn fhisr-v . .?
TnE-'Cincrnnati 'I!ifquir'err- say's
"Vhile .Uio' "Western farmer pays a
duty of more than one hundred ue
cent, onthe salt which he. uses iij
his' pork, beef and butteV,' tlie 'NW
Englaiiirilshertneir wlie'f iit i't ifVirt
fish: arc : allowed'! it' freo .of duty
This, discruniuatioif) agaifist- tj(d
West has been niadq for yfars,,aml
yet Western Congiessuien have.Hnb
. r... i . .... . .. :,' ' ' 1 1
iiiHiL'tt to ii, wiiiHmi rcmoiiHii-aiici',
What do the-Western ;people -ah ink!
of;itr c J) j; -AT ,ua
T 11 PfkI li
.ILLINOIS: lias it,OSb miles ef Wi
, " ; . j..i...'l
Way service, tlie largest nmOllllt.Qf
any ofthe United States:" Ohlo
nesyt - with 4,81Tr miles' and Kew,
- - i
York . is third. Massachusetts has
about; 1,700, - miles.- .Nqne."ofr 4hq
other Ne w England States have .as1
many' as 1,000 ' miles'. Thc'to'tl
railway service of the countiy" i
63,514 miles, an increase "of 6,C 03
miles during the. past year.. . . ,'; I
Political News.
The Democrats in 'Maine "will
hold their State Convention at
Portland on the 12th of August '
TnE salary of the Governor of
Nebraska is ostensibly $1,000 per
annum, but "pickings and stealings"-enable
it to reach $10,000. s
Unrkb the ' law of tlie last 'Coni
gress the new'y elected member, of
the- body will draw over $5,000 of
eats m Deceml'er.- . , ...
The Chicago TMes says thatoiie
of Senator Carpenter's "Websterial
equalities is to be.' calmly and sepioiis
ly in debt to every one who will
trust him." -' ' .
Elihu B. WAsnuuBNE says, tiie
people don't; send their reprcsentaj
tives to Congress to live like ."irinL
ces, buclc the tiger and keep';a half
uozen mistresses. 1 ' ,
The Indianapolis Journal oalls
Beast Butler "the cock-eyed man of
destiny." .' Wlien'Butlc'r gets to bf
rresmqnt tne Journal wi l- -take
tUUl UllLIV, . , .
Colkax is beginniiig.,to.8liov
himself in public again, since Ame
is.dead.' He thinks Uiat 'dcad rriQii
tell no talcs " Where's Ames' lit
tie book? - v- ' J v' i" ' 1
TnE swindles committed by - the
Rev O. '0. Howard.' and his -jiordi
of dishonest subordinates, nre.about
to receive a coat or oiiicial "-white
wash. ' r ".':!
. , It will be easier on an'clerilianl
to dance a hornpipe on, the point of
a neeuie tnan lof back pay Cbn:
gres8m'erxtb.be elected 'tor any olfliii
uvunio or elsewhere a year hence,
It is said that Grant will not re
fuse bis increased Salary, ' Grant
never has refused anything; and ijj
is not lively the wilt, refuse a cool
tinn mux - 11 " 1 - - - - i
' ' Gov. '?siaPA. vf SniiVii;; 'r&Jkfi-rf
- . j Via VM1 VllllUt
ispoor but lionofit"rThe.:faot.rthaf
ue, receives a, salary, of 3.600-.a
year .and spends. $40,000, iq sudlcii
enr, eviaonco or that tliobry. .' -'
TnK greatest Joke of -the;1 6ca:rffli
is in the Iowa Republican party!
platform, as follows; . Proud as wd
ui mom oi me pastTCCoru or tlie
Ilepubl'icari party; j , Lo :, r.ij
- No further concealmmit ia nnJ
made of tho'design of the adminlsi
A. i! 1 "i " ' -
irutiou iugiers to run (jrant for a
third termj. jSlinon Cameron coined
1. 1 - a 1 1 - - -, . - - .
ouii in uivor oi lu ,
SiMcii the'abelition'of 'the frank
Ing . privilege,; ma'ify TnernbcM i of
uonirress nave ordered tue r. auotn
of Pub. Does, to bo' sent to tlmin
residences i by . rail, . as' ordinary
freight Even, the extra 5.00n
which those gentleman pocketed
will not induce them to 'be liberal
with-UncJe Sai)i. rn zj.;n,
,8ats the,. Cincinnati.
"How fast one 'generation' oTbublid
men In this country succeed an6th-'
er! HHookinir over the veas and
ndy Jri4the; United State Senate on
thoiiniioxotionrof Texas, in 1845,
which -stood 27 .for to 1 25 1 WalniV
wo distjorer' thdt;: U hvfii'v oilo
bhjKi() survivor, ana , no lo. WJliinm
Allow. Of flKIr..' ! '"'.ram
lo iJ'ifji niif'i.v h'Kj't.'j
New Advertisements.
Worker' V ail t d
V)... F v , ,
which, with Its rrisiy inii'j, to one or thw Inost
tti-iu-tlv. In thu ioifiitrA- lJ -i
Comniimlons Jlheral, olTcrliig (ft lurrntiv
nm'. affineahlebii'tuosa to thoso wilting; to gire
It iroer attention. r, . ',
? . vol. xu, :tatiu witK tfnxih I '
fomin otu- CUbbta sad , , PteojlniB Xlstti
'Twsflnf-elass lterloilldals-for tlio urine
.lgr.For DvooLuiun'&lagaiiuo tinj further
Information,-, AdUrei,,, 'WOOD'S HOi:SK
HOLD M AGAZ INK,' SreWh'ti'N,' T. , " ..
!iifrtiSt T,'o4W-)t.- B. K.Shutkh, I'ub,
Dave nnn
ami tlttod tin the
f y iiuuvv iiiiiini (..iviauiii.iv ii.wi.iikio v,
the l;i tin era of.tBlsVif.iulty. ... , .
above mil
..i'cii..i. ".Ki.. .....rid t
BmoMiiI alte'utlou gl vl'U I
CUStOM wokwsi,
- i "
And care trlvito" to plcasoulloustoilers. ' MK
A. A. t'OZZKNS, unexperienced luillcr; lint
chnrireof the mill, Hml will not tail to ileal
Kllll mill miw (JCIIOKIl niiimiui i-i'P'. fj
Floijri Feed
; ! - "' buhniiii; bid oui'at ' " ' f'-
-XOWE8T jlttnJtUTrPBli
.Iltly IW.-IW3. '' '" t'OZZHNS JlM'lXSOk
-i -r'r':.? ' "' "-'
2-f boy i Ji tgftOTi8 ."Icp'J
S llA'il L0IU:H ft Mil L L;
XV Kiripsk1,TitoB'oiinrj)ifc7on f lie il j
riettn ft C'iiicliivti rnilroail, vith Mil Ynnl
of ou'o aiirc, Aiid with all.th,'UcoeHar-jmnobit
Cry for l i'SToirund Mkkciunt Wok. Al(
two acres of laud". tiUoiniii')r-tliJMifl,.Yli
lilion Wllieh Is good' Dwcllnft lldiile,- cin
ttiiniiiR 1 ooiiiH.ft Well, t lti'ri,v asB-liouse,
Stalile-aiHl-otlierJoonvoiileiineii,. w4t)illii-avs
And all kinds of Fmiit.. Aim,
Now located mile from Hope FtirnicSt-j
tion, miles Inun ZlU'skl,hnil ciiLUiik h.Qin'4.
v located M mile from Hone Furnictt
, miles Inun ZiiU'skl.hnil ciiLUiik h.Qin'4.
so in
to-uofs. .Ttuuns. H ana-ss 4"d''(ro
pK'tu.ii-iiinu'ctcdwWi rtie-.MilU"Alwi,
i tie-.MilU"Alw..r'-"
(iitimti-il ill asliinjitmi couiav,.loiM4,i; utiles'
Irotfi afiiilfoad.Jwith: Um'cIUiiU'JI".!. 11
all '.lit ImlldiUKs; tiuacrcii of which tav.lui-n-HVfi;
liilitt-'torte itoilt iti-n'r to limlM-;,a very
iUisii'kbliV4niiirtv. nild alitor uwiaa r:n.
HONAt. rROFKUTy." r ,,Wj,'"
Tho r liiUMiig- llill ituilf-ait '-Mill ar iii l'-hkI
rumilnir.oDlor, and iloiug a vcrj- pmllislilo
iiHsitiei-s, - , i) i I .,',' i (;;- .,i v.-'i-
- All of said imiei'ty will lie Hold at lw irl
iuw, IntcUicr.o&.scpiUntiK Uio. whole r one-
I IIUCIX-!"t 111 IIIU flBIII M VI 1,111115 C?i,-f Mill.
-rKn-Msone-tliird cash, and the reiuaindvriu
.divuuww Maitiitne uiirahati'n.J t
, 'fhisiiia rare chance lor one T two uer-t-,
hnlf'interertMrrtlienalir Itirtahle av Will
jr-men timinkr nioircr.j SiUif fnrtory reanons
given ior wnuiuig iom'h. r . imhi.i..-.,
i.JHiy at. lo.a-ii . - , .-, f ,i aiu.ii. v. ,
-C'ouHirtinr o arrosl Witimtcd in Madison
Totvnship, Viutoir County, Ohio, foir niilm
iroiu JliLirtliilr, ami.ouc nine iron luiou
Station, nn the Mariitt.i A t'inciiiiiUl Kail
road, on the road leading from sleVtluir to
Athens, Ohio. 100iw.-resof Vuod.Lasd: hal
aucc under cultivation M acies 4 Uuttom
Land. Well waU-nil. MUhriently ijirKe for
tM'o t'nnns. Ttvadu ellliit 1ioiim! ant all otli
er huildings,'alout 1-8 of a mile 3ap, upon
the preiniiM.-. Ju a gixnl uelxhlxirhoodand lu
the , , J .
Gkeatest Coal Regto
On tlia lino of said Railroad Thi are !
veins nf Cyal. 4 feet in thickness on i rciii,
Ues. (Juvi-tn covers the entire traiaof land;
one coven all vxretit 40 acres, and oie rovers
all except about IiWmtco. Within J roils ot
the K.iilunv Switch,' nnmlnj; froii Vinton
station toVinlon Kiirnace; a switii ran Ix
txjnveniently.built acntiw tho laui t the Citnl
Veins. Auy erin wanting proiei y of tuil
devription, coulc not dobettwrthati lurdins
tills. I
S4.-iflereaofthel.md Ix-lonir tll. laiieiuiuir,
who -will Kiie -anv -'further informftion thai
tuny he dwired. Will-sell- at a lufslD. If
am half, is 4aid at or about tlie tin) or sale,
tlie Inner may have . such time of deterred
. payment, hot to exceed ten or- nftwn. years
as'will be sntifactory. IiicMiircniiHin lh
premises.nrnddrex' H. K. 1KINU.
-j ( j
Is" one "'pf' tlie, best nianstged
insurance' uompames in unio
Llr-h c;I) f" - ' r
; .cllale'a as .IfJw.aS any Kb.vl.
responsitle ;companvi
J Losea.'.I promptly indiusticd
witliout; Jitigatroiij,
;:.' ,(...'.li
)N MWf.:f!
'','J - Are-offered to Ag-onM for firoourlhg'
... Uubs fortheCmjIIKA'TI : ' .
..J 1.4 MVEKKtVCJArm "' '
: 1 1 ':-ria: ja gkaettibj'' ,J
. . r r
..i lJthJifyt8Tioluri)D p'
pr, and eon-
nuns uiiriv-iour columns i
ing matter. itlsileVn.
ted to j
NEWg- UTKftAfl'KK.VbMTICIi; Aim)ein,TiiiJ
j A ana iloultura patier.-tlie W,tHff Vatt)
JftiiuoUi, .i.ed,. T lounnnd, of fanuersl
and hoiisoeeiiiirs contriliutod to this deuart.i
meiit during Jhpjiastytat. " '
Tbe Oazatta f ig ilia
republican Ner7Bpapex-;,.
oi me nvest. . . .
'k mi has'Jliej'nriflst cVrcnlatlon of iny hfiiuh.
Ilcan paiwr west of tho Mountains. UT
ejuiy-n. ,
. iii eyerT coillltv of OBcli Hlul.. '.
iNittionai Hook, (Tim i,ivi ; I0C
re i
W llo ft 't "o.r Job w.'
W'iluioiIw',vv,? ' if
;)rlntod so low that alf nuiTsff 7'" bo
rd on the Itoy &$'SS . ?"
I4? rniNTisro or v. rtortoIhwT
'"" ''if (!, ;a 1 j 'i "it
c cl Insuriinicei '1- -" "'- ;-
" I 1
. ore
mi with jr. i. " t
uie t'ociarat on of indfiiKa. T v,1 of
urewelTAddres, ,?, ""TlhifUm'i
Jof tnln.nl... .r lf" lilna m , ,!?,
i t
rt wtti n tt n ttt n v t sSi t m ft it tt n w v m
wmm mm u mm
la tUI,ft NRB.iV'Jl'ASI'S OIVO exVpi
until al.uiriWt
1 iTrrr TJ.T ... VT"VT"V5t
A l HI I I I k
ii lix'il.v wfi- :.a'OGTKEn wihiia choicelot ok . f i;
"Tho' stock is at pnwoitt' larjro and linttot1 assorted than at any previous-time. Itj org can
, ,. ,, , ; rely upon llmliiiR' the latest aud newest tbiugii put.t. ,...-..' . ., , ,
C Jo thi?Vg ;'f or
Cut In the veryMiUctt eiylcs ma mmo up bf
-J IV , ... I
The display Includes every novelty In shade
Iuoffcriiin thisetoijk.or'tiooilstotliefitihllc I meatlliUStX'KSSaiid shall conform to the
necessities of the thuds nuiKcsinttll in.llt the motto, and try to give every purchaser, whether
'r.a":iovA.'S3E '
the -wSrth h'f liit'Uf her iiioiJy. ''onij"ii'i
i - YUrfcmv. HL IllU IowuhL nrinia in .. i V , t
JfcrV" Contr proi
umo' Mwnyn tukt'W lit ex
Lr&lit -ilhiai tah-oli ud T
yjhlcob oil
- w-aftrr'
rswntea ito. i ana septal, ibbk,
"'XI '!'.) C
k V 1.
.?Ji'.V,,,'lti,r.(.,?f,KI;(ii ST'!VKS l,'!."?,t '" P"'! 'X y Mow outside of the .-Itlcs.' Those
r .-. n. ,,lllfj, r.ir.vinin uiey need lo tiiiniNti akitclieu. He
Su.?.:'!? i?m'."ia'iaf "''fi-Mr1rtii!Wi-.. nail will ill order. IVora n
" '---- a.v. I'luirrv
wnrr wi linn, -(.,-
Hpoutin anil KooHnir done with oeatiless and
unic, nu,i on- ik-i r.M.I .M, W A. III 1110 llliirkl
elsL-wheru. Two ilo,irs Kact of the rost-olllco. :
July il),im-tt. " j
Fror! McAa'thui: t ;IIf imilen, ; , : ;
Is Leiii agitated,': Wt'.-lhe excitement 'over-; tliis"; ia " n.it half si
. - J '.; .: ' ;.: iffoat as; the a'i)nouiioenient;liut-i.; .:.;oi.r v.'.' I
JpliicL W.
. .4 i I, J . v l
ii,.;, .1 .4
" intir'e
UW) t-.J iWMf..l !wvi ... ...
is beiiiff
, ' 4
orter-to-Tun it;Y,ir in'tlio
----- k. i
:v nxr': ri iv:r.-.:
158 .West: Fourth StrceV 'i
lO.Ttl'J') 'J.
.1 4
DEOKEK BE0THERS1 OELEBBATD iVfrffnlu'''1 hh'n ' ll I
c ; : '..: . . 1. i. c :Ui;.i ..ii j i.i ,-...'. i .
.... . . 1. ... . . r 't ..f ... 1 .1 1. . .1
ThoKvorlte'VaUey' O''pioV ' ".v1 ' ' . " . "'VT
.:.. I" Mu,rf tV y J; ::- :.v a .i?!.,.r-,s.-j 1
".j -r-l . J 1 mi
f 01 f uigr,aiU6a w WDtarj,
' .'li,;
i '
i- A1.80-
,f ;u i v .(
1 v Tj a IT " -4 -1
VJiJ f I IX JLC .1. J.l.iAJ.
all styles aud rifcCHi JStond-iHaiid, InslrniiiVntH taken
! A ....!lt I.....' ... a I ! i ti 1 - i!
ruus win juiy ior liiRm.'.r nenu
;',f 'lOVO JlliiJ I;n
i I-.f v, '.);'!'; I i.'.'vi
ill VI t
on Seeoiul Mraeyatcskll O.. vltll a htifre
afAnb nlXaii itttw
!M.e ixd Boys
good lnntevlal. will Ixs soltlnt a vary small
and stylo, which wero curofully selected by
see, and jret irou4 Roods selected from a large
chitUKc for ni.'l tlu liflioa pricei ai:M
-;,-J. A. MELLOR.
o ,7 ra
... I
I-a.-: .iiigj,. .East of! "tlietii.il
, !
i I'll'.'
" is Closirier
) ! ::!!
I,.. 4!
out hiu 1
,, vs:; .:i;,'f "
; At Great Bargains,, Wia
' -i:
v.) '.m
win mid iv Ui i
itlieir advaDtagO to purchitso
All lilnild nf Pill' IT l:AX f.v
- l. II,
u siiiii to cull ihi hint hcfoie purchasing
. ' .1.8. IIUIIN. ;
' i
stock -of
I",. ' v. . - -X .1 J. .. , i
:. -.v ( I'll) 1.
9.:o he. ,r::i
iexf sixty aYs, to milw r6oi
bo mn ii 3epttml)er. 3-, 0lI :;
.1.4..: - u,.,. v .j;;iii
. r
r :
'i -i J 1 J .t ,(i ii; :. . j
w61i:aivjd,iliorbu'glil)f madeL
m J1 .
ii.) "b i'-i'il.;! !,:U
."1 T a-v a i- -v -"v -4- j -a
(.a-4J.p UA . mHOil Ij'CS .
'sypayiiro'iitsV'ttr renl!ifB6 tU
or circulars.
- i -
0(!) I in. ,li:.'il'J4i) Vjiih t'.
(!il i'aii'iif IiO;!:!)
a uuuro luni. -i-, -a. ; . .i r t-.jt
Millinery Goois
"prSi . . ' j;:
. . j:'vi'.!.r (
To Close" oiit '
A.tMn.oH Less tHan Cost !
:n .1
i !.; .
. - ; . . !
. ..... ,1 ... ......
V AlI X'
rV Jt 4jOr .-rT-Srfl. y. fl-
IA. "AJjjsMM" I ! ai I m JTTr
. . ' i - '
I uianufacturo tq order uud.rcmilr Fu1-uTti1re of all kinds, ut the ntost reitsouublo iiricus I am
' ' ' ' iircia.ri!d to furnish i-""-" -
aud adcompari)' t'licni vitit a" Ild'arso. JfTk pail'ldOarciTtJivif it. U mnA
,wi3wSt!? .--I :I)l::t:(;:KAiii3tnoRTON.
., March lOlh, ,187a. , ,, (.,-, '
Balance of - this
1. 1;, a
.i j -.in!:. '
i" - - "! v'W'..-" ,-t'-,i lit. tit--
... 7.
ill li-.i.:,l -U-liJ j... :
1 .VIJII,',
. " i- .--
Ttf TliOlrliniafdvitli Scrofula
,'irADIl.!iTV.', Vluldll Co.'iO. i
July ill, 1H73. ,t
i '. ,. t... .,,:..,?..!
To all who he alllictud with
persons may
Canoe rn c.Sei oiilu J take pica surt In m-uin-nrvuiliii(r
Dr.M-.-l'owiiR, "of Wehster, Scioto
county, (Jurto you. ; ,A son of. mine, 13 years pf
Bite, who was so badly altlicted with rScmfulti.
that his IkkIv was drawn Out ol" slut nu. ami
ftliiiost blind with quo eye, uftor uciiijt treated
for four years, hy a (freut many doctors, all
oi witoiu taiieu to cure mm, i iiiaceit nun i
tlie care of Dr. 1'owku, and ho has ntfocted
lierniauent cure, lie lias been w.ciy'or ievu
m iiioiiiiis; ins eye sirii oernir rcsuneu.
May the Lord bluss- JJr. 1'owkk. and K
liim strenirth to do uood ami. rollevu tin
.Who sillier. ISH.kL.',.IONK-j
v at j aMU
.1 n tl Mil lWl.llii n in ' i a i i .
:l ,1,' ' in I.-
WITH Ha frloomy atUsidant, low
aplriu, Uepresalou, tuTalunUirjr
uslisruiu, lo of man, sparata.
torrhtxa, los of power, tllzir head,
lo. of mimmr, end threatened liu
potoMe, and Imbecility, find a aover
Jffi?e.?.r XL mvmvuukw nowic.
u the. srsUm, arrosU th duvlianjss, and lmk
tMTt Tlffor ana ennnrt. Ilfn mA wil ll.
ntu nisn. l'hey have mimd thousands of earn
Jriee, ti psrpeekMf ftr txne nd a larve It
rial, jftiioh ta vrr important in obrtlnst or old
tmt ot (1 per slnglelsix. Boll) lif ALL Drug.
K- wwtuHiimuiui linn. AOiirsa
CO., Stt Uboadwat, N. Y. lieud tor oJ-ular.
,1 : ". . . the
Just Published, in n , Sealed EnveU
'oe.""ijic.5i' Cents. t
A ' lei'.ttiro on tllcKulurp, i TreAtmuiit and
lladictil cure of Kpiii hull Weakness, orSticr
tiiatorrhvea. Induced T(- Self-Abuse, Iiivoliiil
Urv Einiodohiiji, Ii)iiou'tuiiy Norvoils Debil
ity,' and Impediment tt Marriage Kcnernlly:
(.'ohHtimtitiion, Kpllepsynnd Kits; Mcntiil ami
I'hvHlrnl' hii ajnwltv, ; &e-B"lM)JlliltT .1.
bLVKKWIiU., iM)., author of tlm i'i;eun
look." Ac. . : '. i .- '. . k t !. I
The worlMmtwnod utithor, iu this admini
cle lect ure, clearly, proves li'nni Ills own ex
pi ricnce that tli awful t'onseqtienees of self
iihuse may hu cflfctiially rcniovod without
iiii(dlcliii.K,'and wltlioiir. dnniterous surgical
operations, bougies, lnstriiiueiiM,rliiKS or cor
dials,iioliitin)rotitB niwleof cure at Ottce ccr
tuiu aiid etl'ectiial, by which every sullorcr,
ih mnlU-r- lint -his condition may- be, may
I'liru himself cheaply, privatelytiiil i adlcully.
'1'liU li'ctui-o. will, prove, u boou to tliousundc
and thousands.
- Mont iinilcr sent, In a plain envelope, to any.
Htanips, lly .ad'lVfssiiig lMe pilhlishurff. i 1 f
ta t vowery, .new t oik, l'. u. jiox
G y is.,..!!! T' . t ti i. r n
Music I -Music ! !
1 1 . ri , . ,-. . i"i..'.j ::i V. .; . K i.
.Mv"i .lo fin "! is-. ii I if; t !: 'ii.
.' '" t"l i:ia 'i nj'. I b.'uini Jfi-jii , i
3(?ricGH From ,0O to
t ' ! i. 'l ..vr. ti, ;, - .ii - iiri i'J.I U. -11 :
- STEINWAV'H I'innoh, Ackiiowlodgoil itn'r
Vallod. ; ., , Veil i !t.il.,l ,l.:M::..!'g. .
j'.V. ilAUltla A,CO'ii,; ,lMn'oi, poslttvoly,
llio best tnoilluin jirlccd pianos tiniilu. , r j
.VBACO.V X CiA Itll IH,' ffoojl nuh vory cheap.
" -uw.'liffld' i i. I. II... A..i. l..u.....
O 1,1 1 4 II U 1 II II! I I1LUII ll III1D. 4IIU 1UIJ, IUD1I II-
inent used by Mr. i'liillp 1'liillliM, lu Ills song
tuiir iiiruuuii CiiiiviH. -.
i. ...-.-.. v , - . . ... ,
'6PAN0"8 OrKaiis, celebrated for llielr biir
ty and power. ot tone, ,;. (-,
B HONING EU'8 Organ. : - v-
i.' . :. . . '
wa are omring.tnoauova tusiriiiuenu irom
ten to fifUHin per cenl,
LoWfiu ton Casit,
Than tlioy can be piirchasod elsewhere. Call
and see us at our residence, or address us by
letter. Wit WvaxNTKK Hatibfaciioi. , j
- f; (, i 'M
i July 8, ltni-3m.i
, . .i.. , , i . i ., i
John 3 1 IiiljrtD . )
ii . I airaliiat , i h,
i':'. John W. Allen,- J- ., ,i
i. h, n . ,. , , , ,... r ... i.
nuiure n. n. iiiiriiiiiii'.ii'-'if iwiw mfiir.
imp, v inton uotinty, unio. i ,- i i
- Uu th id day of Julyv A. P. 18T8, said Mini.
tire Issued au order of attachment in tlie
above action, for th sum. of 87,
use I set for hearing on the Sftl day of Ai
iiLl.l). l-13.at 1U (Tulork a. ll. .
v ii a ri" .yoMArf
WANT. ' A book containing Information of
creat hnujrtauco. sunt fre foil two slluniin.
, IWtlWV.,,
1-11,1 '
'llll H I
.;' ii t fit. its 't alii I :n'l.ii it b)i aidiiy iierfiiii
JX.U ti.l 'HIU I J'i l I .cj.'I m,'jailj
el in'i .rii", ,n'i,ioU ,.)'.' i,'-':nil.'( t 1
Legal Notices.
Xotii-e h litMi'liv irlyeu that n. tietition will
he iircxentcd 'to the ConiiuiskloHeiv) of Vinton
County, Ohio, at their next ecsiou, to lie held
ot) Monday, iSepteinhcr 1st, 1878, praying for
tho csuilifisliment of -n county wad aloiikr tho
roII6A'iuit lotile. to-wlt: ' lleeiuninir at tho
o rsuiiiiiniinieiiMii-n uooiiiy roaa aioujr tno
II6A'iug loule. to-wlt: ' lleeiuninif at tho
South endi.of Jaai'kct atrcut, lu- the towu of
AluArlhtir in uuul. .county ot Vinton, livm
thence Kiu,tlh about tyo jtvd onu-hiiil' decrees,
West oh-a ljuu-AVith said street throuli the
lands and liremlsus of JCzra 1. Jiutli well. Jos.
pixhlrklife, Uuv.F,,llaiid, Harvey Itobbins,
iind tlie lie'
eiis, or,,iaaraii Vouo. ueceaseu, to a
lie ceiUet' Of .tlltt'vlucVsou load north
uojut in ino c
of .tfili rviJIiU
tsoulli flirou'ul
oiijhc in tlio col
oft the feSlduuti!. (if. .Levi Wymaii; .thence
noma iiirouuu xuq lam
fliroujjli .t,tiQ IiiikIn and premises of Levi
.Wytnun lo . a stake, 45 links wont
treu neiir the SulitMino of said Wy
iscs : "thence South alioUt.8 deirrts
7.!.u" IL.... ... .1... ,.v.,.i, i.... lit
of nn tipple
man prom-
tvasi to an
ttvuoittheViremiaoS'df Ivy liixson; near
the South
outli line of Elk towrislilo. and ueartho
South lino of the lands of said Ivy lllxon;
Wionco South nuoutiidOB-roo West, to a white
oak tree near the residence of John Suits, and
throuKh the premises, of tho heirs o .Steplieii
halts deceased, said last uientioiied point be
hijr the terminus of said road, and being iu
Clinlou towtiHliip, Vluton. county, Ohio.
Many I'ktitionkhs.
July S8,li-w'.f t'h. ..
M.-irtfn II. Brand, a t-csident of Covington,
Kentucky, will take notice that on the Sllst
day of July, 18TS, .lolin M.-fSlonii, tiled Ills pe
tition in the. Court of ( oniiuun l'lens,- in ami
for Vinton-County, Ohio, setting up a mort
gage lieu upon the lollvwiiiir Innils, situate
iu V intou County, Ohio, tii-wtt: Tlie uudivi
ded () of tho east-half of tho north west
quarter, and tho north east quarter of the
north west quarter, and the north west quar
ter, of the north ,east quarter of section SI,
township 0, rahgu' lu. Also the south east
quarter o fit lie north oast quarter of section 90,
township 0, rungo 19.- Also the north. west
quarter ofthe north west quarter of sectlou SI
and the south -went quarter of tho south
west quartorfof Section 80, tnu'hsllip il, range
IU uvl lw. M.....1. ..,..... ..1'
.u, V , , VJ U , ' " ... n (.,l IV ,. 1 .111. HVI VI.
east quarter of section 81, township tl, range
IK, hii J asking that ifald mortgage he foreclos
ed, said - lHiids sohl, - Tlie proceeds brought
iiito court, and applied In satisfmaion of hi
claim, a?iiinHfJoiiuThoinas M. Lytlo, for the
siiiH-of H.7MW, and interest from January
With, 1873. Said .Thomas M. Lytlo and wife
are parties defendant with (aid Martin II.
Itrand; said defendant Brand is required to
answer said petition on . or before the third
Saturday after tlictld day of September, A. U.
ltfl.1. - JOHN W. SLOAN,
Ity.T.M. MolilLl.tVRAV, Attorney. .
.; .,tily.l, HflU-Ow. . . . . .
VflTtt!R U lini-nliv trli-ni, l,na i.atl-
t ion will ho presented to tho Cohimis
Miotiois of Vinton C'p'untr, Ohio, at
their next regiilur session, to bo hold ou
Monday, Sfiitumbor 1st. A. f). 1B73, Jiraylng
for tlie ostnlilii-hiuontol a county ltiail, along
thir following' described route, to wit: He
irinniiigiit or ileitr a pair ot bar ou the prem
ises of Abnl Wells, nl-tho foot -of tlie hill on
Wilkesvillo mad,-theuco In a iioi-thorly tlireo
llun along the shortest aud bout route through
the lands and premises of said Abel Wells, of
John It. W, Junes, of Martin DuU'ey, of Kd
rward Fletoher aiidiif Amos Hitrtley, to a point
iu tliO'Wllkesvilhj aud Jackson road, at the
litio-diVlding tlio lauilmilnald Amos Hartley
mid wild' Kilw-ftrd. Fletuherj the sumo boiu'g
tho place of terminus.
r Many I'etitionkhs.
F. 8, Ci.AYl'OOLlt, Att'r for petitioner.
July 23, I8W-4L .,-' -
', "
' ! "Wlllinin ItauKhuiini, plaln'tlir; i :l
itgainat .'
i L. ., , Amos lle.Seal, doriv , )
" lleford Johu 'IV lllaek, J. 1. of Madison
Township, Vinton county, Ohio. ,
i Outhfl llSth.day of June, 1H78, said Justice
IfMicit an ordoror.attnclilnentiii the abovo ne
tlon for tint-stun of -uig'.it, dollars uml sixty
.oentsfBtH).) .,,.'.' , .,- , ,.
Bald cause' . Is jet Mr houring on Munduy,
August 18,-1878, at It) o'clock, A. tl. .. , ,
Wll.l.IAM llAl'OniCAH.
.Jiilylo,l8r-8w.- . -'..
Notice I hereby given, that sealed lirouo-
I will bo received by tho undersigned, uu
I S o'clock r. M., ou .
; t J'ridayi: August Voth, 1873,
For-the1, building' or a Urlck Church, near
Wilkesvillo, Vlntoti County, Ohio. , ? -,-
' V Plaks, ani SrjeoincATioMS .
C'titi be (oeii tit tho residence of Patrick Kelly,
8 tulles west of Wllkcsvllle. The party receiv
ing tho ion tract, will be required to enter
into bonds with good Anil uillc leiit"ecui1ty,
for the proper lierlorniauce of tho work, t .
JlJy 16-8t.;;f., ;n tl getVy Building Society.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
guardian of Charles- HM Jama W., and livu
Juniiii V, Jluskntt, nil nor children of John N.
tloskett, deecsied, ha .Illed hi several
amounts ior l ariiai Mitrintnent. iviih hi, ..i.i -
wards, and that the same are sot for hcarluif
o'clock a ; . 1 ir. n. ma vn.
IT ar , k ax W HtV
Jlqtlee I horeliyiilrph that tho uienlgn-
uwu nppomieu AuuiiniHirauir oi mo
rstutenf John lllavo. lata ut Vinton uonutv. .
y-jW$t 'ii'Movi'M. IjcidltliiVaiv.'
' NbTlAlt Is lidreli'y' given tnilt t forhliV all
pmsoiis ffirttl trespniiHiiig'upon Iny prflinlsds,
slliiatB'1 in Klk rJow'lilil, Vinton county,
llliln. In Mtiv.ui.intlii, u'lmiuiinvAi. - Anip rim--
ou fonmi on my promises without poiiuls-
sion will b pivocijuU.il to, thi fnll eUiiit of
the law.'- ' '.'"''JOUN llUll.V.
UffVWiieio'i'liii.il'.'i,'.i '..ii-' '
l,i.t ,n,.l ft .Egts.rX'l . ,vj,"i'l i"J'l
I J.(lrtTHl ll'T 'IM.IHI'

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