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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 06, 1873, Image 3

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McArtiiur Enquirer
Mc.VUrillK, OHIO, t . AUGUST , led
Advertising Agrent,
Is an authorised Agent to roc leva advertise
itioniJt fur UitH paper., lie In., special ar
riingemnts with religious, agricultural and
ulUur newspapers.
MoARTllirR,OHIA " '' '- '
Advertisers who tnny wish to rli the
People of Vinton and adjoining counties,
can And no better medium than the Mo
Arthur Knojulrer. -i i.ii ; '
New chickens sell in - McArthur
for 12.40 per dozen; :-t
Limh in oue . of ., the Wst disin
fectants for filthy places. ' Scatter it
freely: "
It ii said dark-hatred people mar
ry earliest. - - Isn't .ittliu light-
Tim. will bend;- old men,-, but
green apples are bettor to double
up boys. ,t . . : .';;;;:.. i
Don't cat. anything that 1 you
cannot get, or you maggot' the
cholera. ; ! -'",
a i . i , ) '
ltr. N. J. Dowers, DoutlUY cArthnrr 0.
.... ; (
Sevxral coinniunieations are
crowded out of this nlinbcr; '.T.Jiey
will appear next week.,,., ) j
Tiikre is no. longer fears' expresii
ed of a drouth. , The'nexV0pinplaii t
will be something else, . .M .
The most popular intoUterSr-ace
those who preacb'tha Bhoitjst aer
mmi.-i this warm weather. ?-.s
Farmer iiayiii&f'' and' business
men usihg . the ' Sit tlown of their
trousers more tUau the soles of their
'..'. i . , ';"vV';-tI
A special term of the District
Court of Gallia county' will einive'no
at G:i!lipoli3 o'u ,f hat 5$ of Sijppejn
J ,,i
Rags. If . 'yon' . :have;'rag'si Void
books, t'iv.,. ,briugf theiu"i tiik'hi'"or-
. -1 ?t I .!.(.! I' .'inn: i i
envelopes, etc, ;.., , . ; ' ; ' ;
. ' , . - , ., I" ill-. ".nil j
AVhat is neodwl.ii) MeArthur to
make business lively aiid enhance,
the villus of property?, The Galll
polis, 'McArthur and: Coliimbus
Ruilroad. . 'v
With the exception of some cases
of what is generally termed "sum
mer complaint," McArthur Is as
healthy now as it ever was at ' this
season of the year.
A picnic will bo held at Ash
Cave, eighteuu miles north of .'Mc
Arthur, ou Saturday. next, the ,9th
iii8t.:, Many of the young, people of
this section will be ."thar.,'.;;:',; ;,; (
i m ie m a 1 " ' ' ' ' -
Bcildinu lots nro; very plprity, 'in
this town .: and can bo bbught.at
reasonable I flgilres. ' Why ' don't
somebody Tony a ft.w fots .'and erect
buildings? ' Waiting for a'pailrqad!;
Yk local is undet obligations t!o
Mr. J. J. Shockey for late favors.
Ho has just received a fresh supply
of the best brands of cigars pure
candies, huts' etc., aa alo a full line
', , , lij.'.'i l" '.I " ' " i!
of groceries, i.. . ..-.u
,a.' Ii
A Maxskield lady had twice ar
ranged to hang herself the- othr
day and her . plans wcro frustrated
by callers. Spine people are always
poking in where they ' aro not
' .-tMV.IV Uufv''f -i.IT i
wanted. . , , .,!, .,,' ..--, - - : .
' m a m- " i
A' Massachusetts ' postujilstresi
has resigned her oillec; s a : matter
of honest', because she cannot find
time to rend all tho ' postal cards
and attend to her other duties ; be'
sides. ' " ". ','
. .i . t
G n.ii ah, Ward & Co., are mak
lng . preparations ' to ' repair tho
Water Mill, in the ' south-eastern
part of town, for the manufacture
of flour, meal, etc., during the fall
nnl winter neurons. n
The mite societies of the M. E.
Church, at J.- 8. , IIuhn's residence,
on Wednesday evening last, and
tho Presbyterians at their Church
on Friday evening, were larguh at
tended by old and young. Lyery
body seemed to l. delighted d
of course i tlio rocotpis snonea
...ii...attn.ltnfT ll lukrO 1 itv .h . .'Mi i :.
1,-; o , .. , 1 ii.ii
, TowNSHir Treasurer have : tiielr
attoutioii calipd ' to' tlie' fact'' ihat
they hare ta ,'thake their i' re)ort lo
the County Auditor jdctween th 1st
an'd lDtU of September,' tnstoad.' eff
between the 10th of Fubiumy and
tho 1st of March ss heretofore.
. The farinors look more cheerful
' this year than usual,',' ' Poptoui
rains . have vUlted all seethins o
i'tho coiihtry, 'fllllngf up the 'iprlngi
and' 4)i)ttliWa:,'ffreei(or'- t'lnge thai
usml ' iiioi) 1 all vegetation,' ', tu
: growing crops never promised a fi
ber yield. It. gives u4 pleasure) t6
.know." tlMtMr'fun
are prosperous, for. upon their ros
poruy uepvuus trort.,.,, . ,.. i a
l , )..' , .i!,'ir .' I u' ! '' ' i"'' 1 1 ""
Herb It Is ! The August number
of Wood's Household Magazine ! It
brings - with it 'A'ray' of sunshine
which reaches clear to the heart.
We always feel 'better' for'Yeadfiig
it, and it will make any household
brighter that it enters. Among
thfc k fiia'njT (articles' 'of th present
number are: Advice to Young
Men, by Hort. Joel - Parker ' 'A'
Glimpse at the' Siamese, by Karl
Kase; The Other Girl of the Period
by .Mary Ilartwell; Darkness, by
Hi V. Osborne; Old Pinchem, No.
II, by Chns. Dickinson, kc, Ac.
Price of this Magazine only $1 a
year. Address, Wood's Household
Magazine, Newburgh, N. Y. 1
) The Marietta1 " and Cincinnati
Railroad Company, opened ; a .tele
graph office at Vinton Station last
Friday:-; There is no "little coun
try statktn" on the whole line of the
-iu: i..!- c.i : -i i
road und branches that is in greater
need of a telegraph ollleo and care
ful operator than Vinton, which, on
account of' being low down in the
valley, is surrounded' by-many dan
gcrs. such as short ourves through
deep cuts, steep grades, switches at
the point : where the. grades, meet,
etc. We loam that a very careful
and attentive young man has charge
of the office. ' It is hoped that no
more accidents will occur there. ;
: LAst' Saturday evening we paid
the live town of Zalcskl another
visit We were greatly surprised
to" tco that so maoyi buildings aro
being erected and that improve
ments are being made in all parts
of .the town. . From, the. manner in
which' soino of the' merchants were
disposing of theyr goods wo conclu-.
ded that "hard times" wore very-scarce-'
and'-nionby - plehfy.i' WcllJ'
they havo a Railroad over there,
and the car . shops arc . there tooj
No wonderVtiwy;i'aria iiaiiiiV and
No newspaper man of any expej-
rience expects to please everybody,
nor docs he try. He just sails
along jn" hU b'vnr, "way--inlakjng his
paper the vehicle of his own
thoughts, nt tho same time seeking
tb'repres'eht the iicst interests, - of
( ! Mll-AHl ..I . : J! .j " V'l I I V
uiseomiuuuuy,! eoiniug in auutgo-
n win with' whomever' And whatever
stands in fits' way," and? le'a'vtng
those who. are offended to stop their
paper, or start another to their
likingi: ,i.(), ;:
r pNGEp'b.B: ;C.hilUcotb:vPi)i
of August 2d, says: A company of
amatou rs I from ' " Ch HReothe--Mrs.,
W. V; Lawrence, .Misses Lin a and
Ida Row, Mary -Dunlnp, Dr. Jos.L.
Dunlap and Herbert Holland will
gi ve a vocal and instrumental ' con
cert in McArthur for the benefit of
the M. E. Church, somo evening
during the last, week in August. ,
The (Modoc Cornet Band gave
this office a handsome sorenade on
Wednesday last jThe little boys
are now well supplied with horns
and drums, and the Big Band will
have to look to its kurels..""AbaIiQoh
the circus,' boys -and' stick to your
music. The members aro as fol
lows: 'Elmer Spragie, Hal. C. Brat-
ton, Willio Shockey, JElmer King,
Lew, Sprague and Harry Hamilton.
Dr. N. 1. Vowrt PoutUt, UoArthur, 0.
,.Qur Dutr- It is the duty of ev
ery citizen to look kup'and work for
their town, Its business and towns
men ; give encourageiricht to every
useful mcritoi'lous entrpfisci for as
certain as ". effect fdllowa ' cause, "jo
certain ' wllVjoVefy Vehtc'rprlso "of
merit repay every cltizeh. ;,W6'.can
not live for ourselves, and .cannot;
discourage1 any1- movement in1 be
half of. our 'placfe, 'Witlibil nfll.Iftg
upon ourselves personal irij urj,, !
"Wt should patrortl hotaf) talent
and home induatrles; i and thereby
sustain and encourage" a ,Bplr;t;or
rivalry and etcollenco In. workman
ship that will equal the best foreign
pi-o.luctloii8. Bii-linohuRsi1 excells
in Pliotds and Pictures, and for the
truth of this remark wo refer tho
reader to the numerous specimens
of his skill, to bo seen at his art
Gallery.i .u.,' ll'.
Did ud thoso tiarlv looklnz docks
... i .. . . i' i i
on your premises, before they, go to
seed and ' pollute tho ' whole neigh
borhood, y, Cutting .down ' ;wllt not
answer, as the roots ' will "soon
sprouti ain'SyWag thrifty! aneer,
Dig them up once or twice, and you
win nave riu your prom isos oi is
unsightly nuisitoce. . . '
' - - i m " r.j'2 t
' Ur. K. J. Bower, lXntUV McArthur, I
u.i i in n' lam.
Our huiitif O Incn : complain of
tlte scarcity of inoney, j No, wonder
that ' inoiiey U ' o .scarce w(ie
Grant Is draw(nor one hundred and
thirty -seven dolinrs ' per day as ' his
increased salary! j No wonder poor
people can't get money enough to
pay tuetr uodwi . - .
RAitnoA Niews.The RalLrou
news, is very rsbort but Important
and .ubstantlal' We find it in the
Galllpoli'a eif'bf Satdayi; AW-
gusi a;Wuw;;,.v..;.;M i
: 'Thefo'ai'e how 'M'.M'i'tli
llairond from Gallipolls out, 110
moo; S2 wagons,' scrapers) carts and
plOWV. i " ij'it'fu i
vi vi; .mil', i
ll i n.
Ml tJ.JT.1 T.HAl'i iU f
' w I'm t M U" t
Picnic and' Dance. The Com
mittee of Arrangements, Jasper
Bobo, John Kate, John Hall, James
Sands,' John Bohn, T. D. Book, Sol.
ShipleyV and H! ' ll. Heskett being
members r of , the Zaleskl Brass
laud, havo made, all. the necessary
preparations for' holding a grand
picnic in the beautiful Grove, east
of , the Car Shops, at Zaleskl, pn
Saturday, August 23d, 1873. An
excellent platform has been erected
for the especial benefit of those who
may wish to dance.
Everybody invited to come and
!inve a pleasant time;
It is expected that a Balloon As
cension Will ho made by Prof. J. H.
Boi.tr. ", ' ";';';.;'... .
The music will be furnished by
the Zaleskl Brass Band.'
Refreshments of all kinds ' may
be; bad. in the Grove, -.ir
Strict, order will. i bo maintained
during the day.' , , 1
John Hall ; and John Bphn are
Floor Managers. k
McArthur Steam Flouring
Mill. Messrs. GiLuan, .Ward fe
Co.,' the. proprietors of this mill,
having re-arranged many parts of
the establishment, are now turning
out much better, ifloiir . and ', meal
than have ever before been , manu
factured in the county. ' They give
specialty to custom work and are
careful to please all custoiriersi
Xhey solicit the trade of the far
mers.of. Vinton' countyV. with of
ivhom they will . not fall to . deal
'airly and give general, satisfaction.
Mr. Jonathan. BftiN Jr,,,', 4, first-
class miller, has charge pf tho mill;
and we can- assure the public that
fill flour -that he makes",',' ,111 ; be
equal or superior to any othr man-1
nfactured in the country. .Their
rates of toll are the same as the old
I'water mill
rates" being ; ppe
mealj, feed, etc., al
Give them a trial.
tenth. Flour,
ways on hand.
Grand Excursion from Quincy to
Denver, Colorado.
For tho benefit of ...health and
pleasure seekers, and ' all ..'those
wishing to "Go West,";, the; "Old
Reliable" Hannibal & St Joseph
Short Line have placed on sale
round trip tickets, from Quincy fto
Denver and return, good for ; three
months from date of issue, ; a
greatly reduced rates. t
This old and popular route; runs
three thro' passenger trains daily,
equipped with , Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars, and new and elegant
Day' Coaches, ' supplied '' with all
modern Improvements conducive to
safety, comfort and speed,
For any further information in
regard to rates, time, etc., please
Apply to E. A. Parker, Gen'l Tick
et Agent; II. k St. Joseph R. R.,
Hannibal, Mo. efewjuly23-3w.
' 3 a m
Ws are informed by L. W.
French that a test haa been made
of the coal found on ' Isaao Demp-
soy's lands, near Milton Station, by
tho Orangd. Furnace, and it, proved
to make a good quality of iron. A
company was organized this -week
and Intend, commencing a furnace
at once. ' The -'incorporators and
officers are M.. SL'Willard, II. G.
T anlAit A " A i Aiiafln AlonoAn
Bobbins, LViW. F"rencbj ' J. 'TL Fer
reo, and J. W. .Morley. , President,
A; Robbins; Secretary,1 J. ' K.' Fer
ree'; Storekeeper, L. W. French ;
Matingor,.!!. S. Wulard. Jackson
Herald. '
i Milton Station
i ' :i i .1
ia- in
county, on. the .T Portsmouth branch
of Marietta and -Cincinnati Rail
road, about two miles south ' from
Hamdeu, Vinton county;
i ,Tue '.'Allonsvillea-Wbolen . 'Mills
are now .mahufacturingevery de
scrfpUoh, of woolen goods. The pro
prietors;1 : iMossrs. i Huston, Dillon
& 'Co!!', are honorable ihen and doal
fairly With everybody, and deserve
the patronage of tho people of Vin-
tdh "coantyil'-'W ahd eee their
Alius; tane your- wow. .ajoug..ana
sell it, , or, exchange it for woolen
goods of some description; take
your wheat to their steam flouring
mill and get it made into the choic
est flour; go and seo .thera often;
then youl;'wll always' ,;be' happy.
They, know how to raake.you. '.fee
.in j i '
) Don't - swear at the Postmaster
bocause he charges you postage on
your county paper, since July 1st
He Is compelled ta do this under an
odious Jaw vof ..ihe , Radical Con
grcssi passed, last winter , for the
puVfeMe'i.'of ,fcreakloig i'doii."ihe
fPtry Vprcse by). c6mpelllng 'i'ub
scrjber to;pfty as much postage' Cn
t'onio aW '6il.''forlgn papers. Con
feres 1 is aloue responsible, and
not '. thtj Postmastcrj or"f , the pub
been - resolved
University -. buildings, at
Athens, be put in presentable re
pair, which will require about 1 10,
OOdK tfr pay expenses. , Of this
(yttrorat $3,000 had been subscribed.
, , Tni! hay crop wU , bo. large ;thi
ye4r;,nd Jtho';famers; re,;,nH;ila
the rnidut .of, thq a'vThisyy
rains of Wsteek, in aoiw), partirpf
tho jcqtjui y, f r;eatljt , t ntorftf red 7 l t,h
' M . ' ' ' I ' .1 if ' I 1 '
Ull.ll -i M iImii 1.,
has been - resolved that the
,.i 1 4 vuliii
JV.i! , Y l 11. 1 lit I' t . I
hd n l 1 B iO ,1 :
' The wheat trop has all been har
vested," ixnd much of it stored away
in barns, "while the greater part wa
shocked in good condition and was
but little injured by the rains. ;In
some Jocalltles the straw was . thin
Upon the ground, but well neaciea
aad'weU filled. Taking it all in
all, " we learn from the farmers all
over ' the county, that it is a Mt
crop In, 'quantity and the best In
quality that Vinton county can
boast of for many years. The corn
crop promises an abundant yield.
The fruit crop will not bo so fine
this year as usual, and with that
exception the farming community
seem to be peculiarly blessed. The
wool 1 crop 'has,' been, generally
bought up. Some parties in differ
ent localities, not being willing1 to
sell at the present price, are hold
ing for a rise. ( Land is becoming
so valuable in this county, that our
farmera cannot afford to give their
attention to sheep' raising,- unless
they can sell the wool clip for at
east, 50 cents per pound. The
probability is that the next asses
sor's report will show a marked de
crease in the number of Bheep in
the county. ' ' '
Tux following corapllobcntary no
tice of B. F. Armstrong, who has
commenced the practice of law in
this county, we clip from ,the
Enterpriae, printed at Londrva, 0
of July 16, 1873: ...
B. F. Armstrong was admitted
to practice1 law at Newark, Ohio, a
fews days ago.' "Coose" is a young
man or fine social and literary at
tainments, and; has a erood head.
wiih . pjenty jn it, and we expect
him to make an! ornament to the
profession Mr;. A. .will, swing
out his 'shingle ' at McArthur,
Vintoni county. Ohio. Success to
; In that paper of July 30, we find
the following: , .
Mr. B. F, Armstrong, a Madison
county boy, whom we all know' and
esteem, After graduating at Dickin
son Coifege Cftl'lisle, Pa., last June,
and receiving his diploma at the
Law School, in Boston, Mass.i In
June of the present year, has pitch
ed his tent and hung out his shin
gle at. 'McArthur, .xjhlpn .county, Oi
"Coose" has " many - friends here
who .will .rejoice. In . his prosperity
wherever-he' may be." ' "
--tl aal m Sal aaaaa
il AloARTnnt can beast of at least
one " enterprising manufacldring
It.stftbliahme'nt" ' We refer to the tin
ware I'manufactPry of Mr. J. , S,
Hpij!. ' This establishment is now
capable of turning out any style
and variety of tinware as rapidly
$nd with as much ease as can be
done in the cities. New and im
proved jnacbincry. has just been
placed in the shops,' and none but
flrst-cjlass workmen are employed.
Mr. HuHN, we are glad to learn, is
rapidly extending his wholesale
trade to distant points, and his
wares are popular everywhere.
Country dealers ; will be supplied
upon liberal terms, and orders are
Solicited. ., Satisfaction guaranteed
or no sale. ' See advertisement
Falsehood Corrected.
me, editor: 1 wish to say
through the columns of your paper
that the ' report circulated vby'"cex
tain individuals that I am. selling
whisky, brandy, - and intoxicating
iq'uors "on the sly" is false. I sell
no liquors of any description what
ever. - loose parties who nave cir
culated this base falsehood would
find Bome-more; profitable, business
to attend? --to, it they wore capable
of doing anything but lie about
their neighbors. ; ?
EAKIN'S MILL, Aug. 5th, 1873.
Bowen gets his horn up to whis
Logan Sentinel.
ye say
nas no nana in tuis 'ere ngnt," anti
furthermore, Bowen does'nt imbibe,
neither do his employees, which is
more than can be said of the Sen
tinel establishment ; but if we did
feel inclined ltd partake' we'd give
Logan the cold shoulder. It is re
ported that Logan whisky is strong.
ly impregnated with water , since
tho late flood in the Hocking.
The following is a list of Letters
remaining In the Post-Onlce at Za
leikl, Ohio, August 1, 1873:
Lewis Devault, Louisa Cramner,
Mary Curno, James Casey, Mary
Cooper, Jane Bruse, Samuel Sails
bury, M. E. Andrews. Houston HalL
Owen Harrison, Susie Jones, Henry
C. Doft, George W. Dalton, Nancy
Sutron, James Noven, Henry Ret
sell, Alfred Neman,'Almlr Riffle,
Lou Snodgrass, Rosa Scott, William
Llghtioot, Magaret Love. ;
J. G. WILL, P. M.
a) 1 ' !.
, Turn Ohio Agricultural aid Me
chanical College ' will be opened
September X7V Vintort county! is
entitled to-two students in this Col
lege, free." Who they will be Wit
be decided by competitive examin
atloq; '.VV'. . , . . ,l
The people of McArthur let their
teams , run off in order that their
county papers may have some fresh
news. jjognn benhnel. "
Tho, people of Logan cannot af
ford' toanW'tna are Capable 'of run
ning W.;' They have'nt the. wind
nor , strength. Como to Vinton
county for fast hones.
Emigrant's Home.
Emigrant's Home. BY PROF. J. D. BUTLER.
LINCOLN, 1873.
lk about the Emi
grant's Home atthe Burlington and
Missouri River lailroad station, in
Lincoln, as a nev thing under the
aun.uYet Solooon; wapjright in
saying there is 10 such new thing.
Analogous establishments abound
abroad, and maj be traced back a
thousand yeare. : ' ; " '
In Hamburgh, traveling work
men llve"in lodging houses, called
"Ilerbergeri," or harborages, belong-
ne to their various trades and
are furnished with the loan of such
tools as they need. But they pay
the cost of whatever is furnished
them ; while, In Lincoln, shelter
and lodging-room are free answer-
in 2 to the negro's definition of
grace, as "something for nothing."
llerocrgen or industrial cara
vansaries, each serving as a house
of call or labor mart still survive
in Prussia also. : But the best coun
terparts of theNebraska Emigrants'
home are in Switzerland. At 01-
ton, Stanz, Beme, and throughout
the canton ofNeuchatel, itinerant
workmen find beds or other acco.h
modations, free of charge.
Moreover, tni "Hospices" scatter
ed over the pisses of the 'Alps,
open their doort and tables to all
comers.' The writer has' himself
been entertained in more than one
of them, on tie St Bernards (Great
and Little). t Uotharcv etc. no
payment is expected from the poor,
but other people are led careruiiy
to the contribution box in tue
All these European homes or Hos
pitality deserve the highest praise.
The difference between them and
that in Lincoln is this: that they
all send forth their guests to toil on
the same loir level as before, while
the-'LincoU house is a stepping-
stone to a higher plane. It was,
last year, a refuge for hundreds of
of new immigrants till they oouu
command higher wages than they
had ever earned, and lor nundreds
mora till they secured homesteads,
which raised them into the - rank
of landlords and lords of the'land,
The Alpln' establishments are ob
solescent and ready to vanish away,
as having butlived their usefulness',
that beyond the Missouri is still in
its cradle, but is yearly doubling
its development.
All of them are as suns to guide,
gladden aid save; but, in spite of
astronomy the grand sun is setting
in the East and rising in the West
Helped in the way by the sister
Reception Houses in Burlington
and Lincoln, 4,525 farm-hunters'
had bought 478,988 acres of rail
road Jand leforei New. year a, 187o,
on ten years credit, six per cent
interest, aid on contracts made
since that idate, paying nothing or
the principal till, the end of the.
fourth yeait
Picnic In recent
become R custom in
years it has
ties in Ohio, for the
young people to have a Picnic at
about the close of the busy harvest
time a khd of "harvest home" re
joicing, as i may be termed. This
ia the greai mid-summer joy of the
farmer boy; who has toiled late and
early to reach that desideratum de
nominated, "done harvesting." The
time for these harvest ' picnics
among the farmer boys is now near
at hand, wlen the fields, garnered
of their rick stores of ripened grain
are desertei by the rustic swains
for the shady woods. Music and
the dance , enliven the scene,
brightened by the smiles of rosy
cheeked girls. , The circular swing,
the balloon, the horse race and
other attractions are at times
brought Into requisition. But the
platform, jthe music, the dance and
thegirh, these are always to be
found; and the trees bend to the
Orphean strains, and the murmur
ing lesves rustle to the rherry motion
of, the dancers, , 'Just' go' to the
Picnic and Dance at Zaleskl on the
23d of this monthrand have a good
time.i , , .., .
I, SB-
If, Bro. Bowbn's acquaintance
with strangers visiting Logan ex
tends to but 'one mani that man
must bo himself; and his - remark
was natural enough;' for when our
girls saw him at a distance, with an
utter lack of appreciation in .his
miaanthroDio.vlsaie they all turned
theirbacks on him. Look, in tneir
face, Bowitr, if you can when you
come 'again, and you'll think you
"want to be an angel and with the
angels Btand." Logan sentinel.
J Altogether a mistake. Somebody
else was "thar." It's natural for
Logan glrhi to turn their backs O j
strangers-rover the rigns suouiaer,
and at the same time squinting
over the ' left' That's -how your
rirlsbecariieicrQssyed. !Whenth
localdeslreitoflnJ au "anger he
will ainr iliftr ' of Lbfiran :. he'd
rathei ' "stahd'' ron - other bottom.
In this Instance it is true that "dia-
tance' lends enchaatment to the
view.' '.' '
Tni i-ditor of the MoArthur Ejf
oinaiax :wahts" all the'raizs'in the
county.' lie must have the contract
of cleanirii the orpines on the tal
llpOllS, AlCLaVnUW au
BallroaoV'i-Wan Sentinel.
AnotherWstake.1- They are for
use ia cJeDlng the filth from the
nneiiuth ' fcoiintenances of Logan
ditors. " "
I ('wt regrjet to aay (hat busincsa
dulland iioncy scarce In McAr
thur. ' President Gbakt is toot,' as
uhwl nn'l a MftArthnri he.re-
celvea hlJ $50,040 a' year salary,
and cheat! the IMlroad Companies
out of his, fare.
He has plenty
' t.1ox of letters remaining in tic
at McArtnur, unio, au-Post-Ofilco
gust 1, 1873; '' !'-'"' Cath-
Thos. Barkea, I. N. h,. ,, John
erihe' Bull, Henry F. Drake . ?
Duncan, Sarah Cunniugham, F. iw
Cooper, J. S. Hard, agent;. Miss
Viola Lafellete,1 Patrick O'Ddrinell,
Edward Quin,' S. S. Rnggles, Mrs.
Eliza Sallois, Miss Jennie Simpson,
Mrs! Sarah Smith, Mrs; Susan Tyr
lor, Mraw.Oharlca Tyrlor, G. -W.
Tucker, James White. , 1
Thb place to get a most; excel
lent glass pf iced-lemonade is at
Swetland's grocery. Joe knows
how to ' get them up. We' ve tried
them without a "fly" and they
were good. -. ... .! ? : "
8TR AHL 8IIRRR0D. At thB Prctbyte-
vian Chureb, la lUuiden, Ohio, ou Sunday
8, 1878, by Rer.
Bchwefal, of Athens, Mr. OBROBN htbahi., oi
Albany, Aiuant county, unio, aou mii mi
SuftmioD, of llamdeu. , . .. r' , ' ".
1 LfAUTtvriTT T.nn thn 98th' of Auiuak
IKS, athlareldenc8 In Richland Township,
Vinton county, Ohio, Andbw J. Matin
dill, aged 44 yean. , ,
WILCOX. At lila residence, in Allensvlllo,
; Vinton couiity, Ohio, on Saturday ereninn,
July toth, WS, at 4 o'clock, Dr. Josmh
Wilcox, aged 64 years. , .
Th daceaaed waa. a aatia of Maryland;
and at an early day1 removed to Belmont
county, Ohio, and about the year 1840, he re
moved to AUeniville, where he resided until
his death. lie had practiced medicine for many
years, wai man of studious habits,' and was
abr1 posted op all matters, civil ana nuj
lous, but a man of liberal' views oh all sub
ject. In all the bdslnest (relations of lifer he
manifested unswerving Integrity, and as a
neighbor, he1 was kind and considerate toward
all. He leaves a ..wife three sons, and four
daughters, and a great number of relatives
and friends,' to moun, fij death, Blsremaliis
were burled in tho graveyard, north of Al
lensville; t J o'clock, i oa Biinrtay afternoon,
July nth. ,- , ,
' ft'KKKFFE ia McArthur.' on Saturday af'
ternoon, August 2d, 1878, JiMM K., infant son
or Patrick O'Keeffe, aged 8 months anil 11
y- , ,' 1 ....
" I take these little lambs," Bald He, '
"And lay them in my breant; r 4 . .
-.1! Protection they shall And in me, !.":, .
In me be ever blest.','
; Special tTotices.
To Kaasaa and Colorado! During the
summer season of 1873. the Missouri Pacific
Bailread will sell Excursion Tickets from St.
Louis to penver and return, at very low rates
Of fare; and a rare opportunity ia thereby of
fered, for lpvers of nature to view the bonu
tiea of 'Colorado' and '' (enjoy the delightful
scenery and health-inspiring climate pf t,e
Parks of the Rocky Mountains. -. -Kansas,
with Its broad and fertile pl'". '
directly on the route, together with all the
other Western 8tatB and Territories, is reach
ed by tho Missouri racitic Railroad and its
connections. The Texns connection of this
road is now completed, and passengers are
offered a first-class, all-rail route from St
Louis to Texas, eithor over, the Missouri,
Kansas Texas It. It. via scuniia, or overine
Atlantic jk Paciflo- R. R. via Vinita. For
mum. flmn tahlns.- Information as to rates.
routes, c; we icier our readers; to J. V.
THnmninn Rnni hurn PftBHcniter A Kent, Chat-
tannnira. Tenn.. or E. A. Ford. G'nVl PaHsen--
ger Agent, 8L Louis. Mo. Quostiona will be
cheerfully and promptly answered. 1 1-ly
For Lobs of Appetite, Dyspopsia, Indi
gestion, Depression of Spirits and uenerai
Debility. In their various, forms, Fkbo-
PnosroBATtD Kuxia op CiLis ava maue uy
Cabwbli, Hazard A Co., New York, and sold
i.v nil n,..li im khm bemt tonic. As a stlm-
nfent tonio for nationta recovering from fever
or other siokness, it has no equal. If taken
during the season it prevents fever and ague
and other intermittent (evers. i-w
ERRORS OF YOUTH. A gentleman
who suffered for yeare from Nervous Debility,
Premature Decay, and aU the oflects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of, suffering
humanity, aend free to all who need it, the re
cipe and direction for making tho, simple
remedy by which htr was' cured. ' Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do goby addressing, In perfect, con
fldence, JOHN B. OGDKN, '
Y -8m e. ; -t ( j - : No. 4J Cedar St., N. T.
Kmlrration Turning. Cheapi Farina in
South-west MUiourl. The Atlantic & Pacific
Rsllroad Company offers 1,200,000 acres of land
In Central and South-west Missouri, at from 3
to $11 per acre, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from St. Louis to all purchas
ers.' Climate,' soil, timber, mineral woalUi,
schools, ohurohes, and law-abiding society ta-
vite emlgranta from all points to this land or
frulttar-d flowers. For particulars address
TOOK, Land Commissioner, 8U Louis, Mo. 1-ly
FIK Ayer'a Medlcinea, go to G.-VT. Blsson'a.
' PiTTSBimnH, March, 18TS.
We have used large quantities of Bej iuor
tauman ft Co.'s Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have alwayi found It uniformly and finely
rrotimT. tertr white and of xoellent botly,
Ita purity we havo. nevor questioned, and wo
cheerfully' rdcommond it. ,' ' ', ,",1.. ;
"'.''.'."" Master Painters.
A CAKD:-A Clergyman, while residing in
South America; a Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of ncrv
pus weakness, eariy aecay,. uiseasq oi. me
Urinary and seminal orgaus, and tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious" habits. ' Great numbers have been
cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send the receipt for preparing and using
this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to anyone
who needs It, Fit of Cargl Address
Station D, Bible House, N, Y. City.
March 19, ISTS-VJ.nlUi ' ' '
To tha SufTerlng.-The Bev.Wm.II. Nor
ton, while residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered in that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumptions' Sorofula; .Sore Throat,
Coughf,' Colds, Asthniaj-ahd Nervous Weak
ness. This, remeuy oaa curwi iuysci wwt -
other medicines had failed; ''-'- :
'.Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will tend
the recipe for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all Who u ox ire ii, j ree oi vunrgo.
Please aend aq envelope, with your name
and address on it Address, ' -
tie Broadway. New York City,
Itnr. wu. ti. raiMiiun.
March 19, lSTS-rnlO,
I'-M ' M-li I
! .!.( I 'I n I -
For Fine Perfumery, go to Blssoua Drug
Store. ,' ,V , . i ,
i ; h
The Bast Place. The choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quecuswaro," Glassware, Notions, 4c, '
eat be hod at Davis Duncan's Store, in Za
leakt,a " tlrn'oo.' ' ' 1 " . ., , ,'
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken In etchsngo for gooils, at
hi store. In connection with hi Store lie lias
a BadiUe and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything In. that line on short notice and at
towlgure. Go and see him. .' x f
Wat Pur Drugs and Medicines, go io Sis-
son's, -t l ' 'H-
ive Hundred Thoasen6V-600,00S bottle
of Greene's August Flower have been Bold In
this State In three months. Wb only ask you
togototbo drug Uirsof GunningorBlssou
MoArthur, Ohio, and get abqtt)e.fWs 0 covf
or a. regular aise.at TO cout.. .Every bottle
warranted to cure Dyspeiisl or Liver com
plaint,! SibV headacU tiottiteneas, fleart-
hurn. Watorbrash.Sour8tomach, Indigestion
Impure Blood, and all disease oansedby lm
nura Blood, W deranged Stomach ah(, Liver.
Try It. . ' . O. CiOttEEff, Proprietor,
- - Columbus, Ohio.
, 1 I . , r .,.',1 '-on, 1. 'I' '
New Advortlsementa.
Is the best blood rimiviia of
tne age, because It stimulates
to heslthy action; the organs
wllinh BatllM hll
rry out ef tha system Uie impurities of tha
uiiuhu (ouciiea uis jiiuneya tne
lllob.. wakeaun the Liver anil Mtimuiates
regular aouon. xuoso organs
the Rowels i.
-ear me . sysiem and carry
acting Jointly, . -'sease. uet una reineily.
away ine Kennii ui t. -i m iv. iiv-in-W.
' C. HAAULTO . , ' i ' 4w
NATI.O. . ,
'".TO day
orevenlng; no capital .reqraj ""'"T
tlonl and valuawe pacaK "",D
by mall. Address, with sir eenf return stomp,
IrySt'a Lfbrary of Poetry 1 Song; Tto
New HousehespeVa Manual, by Jlisa lftk ber
and Mrs. Btowe. Both selling fast and tor,
Kxcltislvo -rerniory, uni
vnnn CO.. New Yolk. Iloslon. thlcago and
San Francisco. 1
TTTANTED. Wbolesalo Purcliasing
W Agents for the Kartram 8Bwlng
Machine, made at uaunury, ls.
Latci and But. M M annn. -ittt
Lock Stitch, Strait JTttdU MaeMnt in the
market. Better terms than uy company.
Address, - JOHN A. DOJttAft
fj3 ' H-P.BnrnUm'sHtw TarWn ' 2
To be the Best Ever Invented.; hh
Pamp'let free. A'dr'ss York, Pa. 4f
.1 ;
"Tjsyehomanoy or Soul Charming." How
' r Alihnr mx dimv fascinate and rain the love
anil affections of any person they choose ln
tntlv. This Simula mental acquirement all
can possess, freo by mall, tor cents, togetlier
with a marriage guide, Jigyptian . Oracle;
Dreams,' Hints to Ladlea,i Wedding Night
Shirt, Ao, A queer book. Address
LIAM CO., Pubs-; Phlle, - .. t r
! 4w i
, . S45.000 Prawn Xf rr IT Pays. , i
Wliole tickou ISA, halves li,' quarters $7,
ten tbs ii.su, t wenuetna i.tu. , . -, .
' Saxon; 96,000 TlckeU, 4100 Prizes . . ;
' Ilruns wick, 81.000 Tloketa, 41,000 Prizes -.
Hamburg, 84,000 Ticket, 4S.8U0 Priaes -,
Prizes cashed and information ttlveu. rend
for circular. THEODOllaC ZSCHOCK,
4ti ! i P, O. Bo? 6080, ; ; ;j .1JS Nassau, (St Hi Y.
Write for Large IUuitraUd Price List.
Breech-loadina shot inns 140 to tt00. Double
Shot Guns, 18 to 1160. Single guns (3 to $90. Ri
tH. Gun Matoxial, Fishing Tackle. Large
discount to dealers or clubs. Army Guns, Re
fles to fro. itevotvers M io to. risiou si 10
volvers.- c bou ilit or traded lor. gooos
sent by express C. O. D, to be examined before
paid lor. -
By Rev. Alfeed Nevih, L. B., D. D., !
embraces the International Scries of Lessons
for three vears. Everr pastor, teacher and
faniilvneeds It. - Kndorsed by Presidents Mo
(Joshdoljleigli, King, Wallace, Bishops Simp
son. ' Stephens,' Haven'- and- the Clergy and
Press in all parts of the country. Agents
wanted. Liberal terras given. Address Z1B
GI.Elt ft McCURDY, 1, West Fourth St.,
VMCinnatii v. t . .. . . ,.i ,. i
Fever and Ague Cured by
which combines all the alkaloiiis'of the Cin
chona Harks, and la as effectual a remedy as
the simulate oi uuimne, wune it u mucn
cheaper and more palatable. ' ItoV" Bend
stamp lor descriptive circular wim lormuue
for using the CINCHO-OUiNINK, ami i'eg
timonials frpm Physicians all over the country.
Chemists, successors to Ja. B. Nichols A Co.,
Boston, Massachusetts. "
KoDresentod in New York by 8. H. Austin.
at John F. Henry's, No. 8 College Place. '
Neglect a Cough! Nothing is more certain
to lay the foundation for future evil conse
quences. ) ,,.. . , . ;
1 ' . "1 ' ' l-f
are a sure cure for all diseases of the respira
tory - organs, sore throat, Colds, -Croup,
Diptherla,-Asthma, Catarrh, Hoarsoness,Dry
nees of the throat, Windpipe or Bronchial
Tubes, and all diseases of the Lnngs.
In all cases of sudden cold, however taken.
these Tablet should be promptly and freely
used. They equalize tha circulation of the
blood, mitigate the severity of the attack, and
will, in a vory short tima, restore healthy ac
tion to the anocted organs. -, , . ,'
Weill' Caruol o Tablets are nut ud only In
blue boxes. Take no substitutes. , If they
't be had at your druggist's, aend at once
he agent iu New York, who will forward
to the
them bv return mail.
Don't be deceived by Im Ration.
Bom uy uruggista. mny-rrice oc a iwx.
JIN q. KKLLOGU, 18 Piatt St., N. Y,
Send for Circular.
Bolm agent for United
States. ii.-i
w ,
: . and-) . ; --i.
, 'l, PRKVKNTID BT U81NO . , , ,
. ... -... i -. m j,iw.-'-- '--.
;'jf Otlorlcss and : NonwPoisoii'ons f 1
Its dnllv use destrovs all bad odors and doIs-
enous emanation abojit your premises, and
increuy prevenM conugiou auu uisi-aHo, cm
tains no poison ; and has .no xior of, 4t. own,
and Is always safe. " " "
. l)r, llBooxarr, a celebrated writer on Chol
era: and Yellow Fever., maintain that few
drops of ItKOMO-CHLORAUm In a tumbler ot
water, drank dally, will prove a sure , protco-
liuiliruui (iivihi fiiMinvfiii.
It I the best disinfectant for aU; HOUSE
. Prepared only, by
' Sold by all druggiita.
TILDElf ft CO.
flaw lorlu
Is Tiiit iioht powikPOl. bit ANSia, strength.
oner and remover of Glandular: Obstructions
known to Mattria 4dia".-
It is araoi ally -adaptSd to cbnstltutiont
u-nrn dn-n" and debilitated .by the warm
Weather of 1 Spring and Bummer,; wnen. tne
blood la not iu active circulation, consequent.
I., vatiiAtitiv'imiiiirl G.M from sluffirlHlinossand
liuiwrfuct action of the secretive organ, and
is inauiTcsieu uy x amwi, Arui.iuuB, uiv-.i.q
11., 11.. I'liutiiimi. Humiuia. u .1 1- '11
, Whkn wakt and LAhUiiin from overwork,
and dullnoes, drowsinesa and inertia take thB
place of energy and vigor, the system need
a Tonic to build it up and help the Vital
VAWtaa tj. -...in uietr rMflnnsrmiivii nuwur.
IN TBI HB AT Of SOMNKB, frequently th
Liver and Bpleen do not properly perform
tlmir functlous ! the Uterine and Urinary Or
gans are inactive, producing weakness of the
suuiiach and intestine and a predisposition
to bullous derangement.
t ..in nintoTLT Irons this SOUTH A
MEKICAN PLANT, and I pneallarly (UlM
toaUtlie-edlnlcuHlv 1 It wlllclano ttie u
i-iki-vi. Iilmll) . sbi-mi a-then . ilia lilKK-
vs LIU VIWtviranL, ' ,' " ' ' '"'
Is pnmonncod by meilical wrltrs the 1 nio-t ef.
flclent PUlliriKR, TONIO ami DKOUI-HRC
ENT known in Uiwhole rauge'ol mwliclua
V jo W Q. K KLTGd. 18 rlalt St) York
, Bold by DrugKlU. Bole, agont for th Uul-
Lul Mtatesi t
.1 -Tal - I.-I.-.I
l.-t..a tl nnrhnttle.
Bead for Circular
'Ilwi.BMl th) Kill 'l,
'l'.;1I .
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
On and after November , 187 Train wlU
run as follows)
,ms, i :
: C
i3 5:::::'!i:MfJ:-:-5ii
i t
. .. w e
mm mi
-(-Mcj miiJmh ea t!
a::::j fiii! iH
III! ?!2i. nxn
7, U 13 5 5 m 99
: o
in -in
Br! " : . . I
L.r! a
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will mnilallv. All
othertrains daily, except Sunday. . ,
injijMATi JVAriif.ss, i-.at, makes no
stod between Uaipden and Athens, .
Vi s : :
'S I 'i
5I, il
Portsmouth Branch.
Mail Aocommodat'n
j ,8:45 p. mt , ; 6:15 a.m.
4S4 " 1:81
8:45. f .UM'i 1
Dep. Hamden
Arr. Jackson
i . ? Portsmouth
For all points on the Little Miami Railroad,
and at the Indiannpolis ft Cincinnati Bail
road Junction for all point West. .
. . , , . W. W.PKABODY,
I j" - -i. . . .. j. Smwriutendeat.
Wild LANKKSTKR, , .. . .
. , Master ot Tranciortat,on. . . . ;. ,
,,lt 1" ... ! ! ' '.
i TskoUhriJ'' 1
Ia in advance of all om uet I tors. It is tha
only line 'running through isara to tha. West.
umnious transier, lerriage, an manges nnn
delays avoided by .ninniiig THKKE SPK
UOCHE8, As follows: , , , ,
For all' points in '
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
Tha Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 9
r. it.. . indianauoui at 8: 46 a. u.. runnina
throiiKh liloomington, Peoria, ualesbnrg,
iiuriiiigton, ottumwa ana (..res ton, arriving at
OMAHA at 10:00 A. at., NEXT DAY, hours la
advance of any other route, making but en
change of care to - -
Get your tickets via Indianapolis and Peoria
. 0
: For all point in ' . ''-"'.'
Kama, Colorado and the Southwest.
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 8: 0C
P. M.. lmliananolis at 8:00 p. m.. nmnlni
r. M., Indianapolis at 8:00 r. M., running
kw...K n.n.lll. T "I
through Danville, Decatur, Jacksonville and
Quincy, arriving in KANSAS CITY at 10; 40
t.m., jn n at mj, hour in advance of
Louis lines, making but ona change of car
Uet your tickets via Indiananolis. Danville
ondQulncy. -; ..... . t . .
it i'i ,-?;. i-f.-.n -'-'
Eoctjsknd and. Davenport. .
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 1: 00
P. N., Indianapolis, at-8: 00 P. M. runalnr
through liloomington, Peoria and Gaivo, . .
riving at KOCK ISLAND atll:S6A. M.,T)X
V EN PORT atll-.M a. m., next day, making
but one change of cars for point in . .
Getj onr ticket via Indianapolis and Poona.
Ptillnian'p , Palaco - I5rawing-Eoom
and Sleeping Cars.;
Run through from Cincinnati to Peoria and
Ihdiauapoll to Uurliugton. ' '
Travelers to-any Western polut eon now,
taxa their satchels, bandboxes and bundles,
select a comfortable seat and keep it to desti
nation On. account, of these throue-h and '
convenient arrangeinenta,elegant equipmenta
and Quick time, this route is now th art
ihorovah far bttwttn thtXutt and.
'Mt. I . ,. .-.
C.W. SMITH, Otn'l Manager,
11ahniin 111
KOi tV. BllOWNi Gtn. Pom. Tkt. Agt.,-
-;V ''.!i
. tUIlllIUIAa, jhu,
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward.
On and after Monday, November 19, Train
will run a follows) -1 . -i . 1 . , ,.
(55 Am
. 8.1 Am
11. Pm
4 45 ,' .
8 08
11 14 Pot
llBiliers Kerry
80S "
888 "
5 81
84S .
VYiuningtion June.
.... Arrive
Haltiniorev..i . .'..
Wnhlngton. .,t.
New York. .....m.,
. Depart,, 1...
New York "...
Wasliington.i. ....
.1... Arrive
Washington June.
85 Am
.4,10 '
S 80 Am
4 00 Am'
80(1 I'm
A AA if I
64 Am
11 45 Pm
S4A I'm
800 "
8 80
4 04 Am
narfwr a Jferryi.,
111 04.
ll 00 . ;
Parkers bu rg
Fsllaai Falao Drawing Beoa SUeplDj Quti
Which are as comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almost equal to a a re-side, are on aU
trains from . Cincinnati to liuftliuor ami
Washington.' Roc Schedule of Cincinnati an1
Marietta Railroad for time of arriving and lie '
parting from McArt'iur. - . I
Theadvantaaesof this route over alt ultima
is, that it gives all travelers holding throng)
tickets the privilege
01 visiting liitlUiiHare
1'linaiieipnia.anu uia national 1 apiioi lire. ,
Time quicker and ratosol far luwar timm
bv another routav
'1'lie acenery aloar this Railway fs"HAI
equallodKgranikmreo. tills Uiiut .
' ' a.ii' . n I n h . n 11 . , w 'mw. a. ... t.a. i '
Thit' line-offer Sniieilor lndiicn'nt--lVB
rates Ixilng on-tlilil lower to jmd froiw lli.
ton. New York, or any other estrn rilit.
in oniennr priwoi waj ni-riirKn irmntiie
Fast give diriM lloin to "lilp ciit ItaHtmoi- A
Vino H. .ana inni'iniii r.'.nj imvk smvis ill-
reclliiiis. rreigiiw suiiipKi by tin mute will
haVBiUniiatrh, and lie hnnilUHl v itlirsnj un4
save thlpper much aiouev ' - . ...
kl i-ntr ..in.. .
1 , , n..u,iii,riimi,
M J .Wl Oon-Trelifbt AK't, I-Nil
- l fil. oi,E,
1 l'U.JtlvllT.,,;,'ol.A't- ',iiun.i-e..

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