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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 13, 1873, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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State Ticket.
.-op noss.
r.vTJ ,- -:.T - ....?. i
J J--For ileutonunt'Governor, -
( i l-or Judge of the,Supretn,o Court,; j
," , W.' C Wi lit MA.N? 1 1
-' i'tf;:2.riforjrMMttMt of" rUnte, : j
j For Attoraey-GoiiM'nJ, ,
''i,K 0a' A.L DAUGHEttHf c
t -Vat Comptroller of the TrsasVry,
' i r-'JAS..jK.fNeWGC)51R,' ! ' '
Matnber of B jird at l-uUlto. Works,
; , , 'cimis. sciiunck; :
Democratic County Convention.
... . .
ine ueniocrntic central l uiiiiiiiiieo-oi in-
, i toi Coiro'ty, flo hereby calpu? J T V' 1 ,7 !
PeleuXte covnjv con vkntios, -.
' Tobohciilttt'thot'onrtllonsp, hi McArtliur,
t M aridity, $ejteiilei8, 1873,. j ".
' '"At 1 o'clock r.ll'.ot tliatjii7'forltib i)iirioso-
-Ij.oi seieotingcnnuiuaies lajypwogi'uuu
fy otUpen, to be, vote. I for on the sceonjl , .Tuea-
! Mtoyof OectotWaoxt, tdjglt.-CJ fl0i:.3
Representatlv.c. r, TrontiiiK AUcirqeJr
r Aauitor, " -' -wiius.uoiiiJVw .
i1rf.. piWiDomocracy. and jOUwjjiMuiiIisevi
oral Townships of Ynuu couiii?Vw1i'5re oy
f raiuistratiod, wilj, tlicrproreiiuet at U(V' ""ilMl
'' jikidosof h6Ul!iil'ctidiiJftltfcifliu6JjIiJ ! ,1
e: :attn,.S,ep.f6i:18;3ao3:
, ' Bytwen , .(,Ug ..Uoum' of, a iiijrfl :-.loclt Ti
'u and ero'ct delegate to reJirtniiitlireTowii
'shlplo'JllJt'oiivcntlori. r) ; x;). j
Ttw( ratio of represcutstioa js..one delegate
j tor cVery itwehtj-flvo votes caot.for "AquiUa
, j Wiley for Secretary of, Statej in J8T3,,nnd one
' delegate for every fraction of twalve Votes. .,
,The tollowiiig'ii the DiiiiiorroTdtileiratva to
which the several TowuBlii'in are remc'eUvey
) ontwedf.3j:.-vr:;!.v,' a Li??.?
.,. ,NO. NO.,
. -SO.
"!, VOTKS. DBli
Si . '. 110 . 9
Wilkeitvillo 152, ; T
Vinton.-'- 4
Hadison - SKH . S
Krown -.i -105: 1 ,A
JCuox - - - M ' ,
Kilt - 181 8
, Harrison It t-t
Eigle- . "'
Richland-..-. 9
Jaoisoa. 1U1. 4
Clinton --lit B
.Tha. Convention Will ithmiaet jmicIi other
. business as may come before ,i.U ,p..,, j ' -
- - The houeat nien of every ls, without , ro--,
:&ard: to- party nama or past dilTorouctfs, 'arc
earnestly invited to unite with' ns 6u rornn of
: perfect equality in tho struggle, to put 'a, stop
to the usurpation, misrule, salary-grabbing
and corruption. . . '" ' '
,.. A. ,K SWAIM, ) -"
- -- J. W. WWKS, . . 1)oik.
.-.' 'll( CP. WAttl),' ' . Cen.-"
.,,.. T .. - W.IV.BKLF()K1, ...-.. ,
J. W. BOWEN, Ch'm.
W. W. BELFORD, Sec'y.
Every County in the State Represented.
,f,).' ',r-p a resented. ; . .
Enthusiasm and Determination on
Every Hand.
Hon. William Allen the Next
Governor of Ohio.
Patriotic Resolutions Adopted.
The Salary Stealists Condemned.
Tle Dpnyxsratiie State Convention
asaerabltii? t&lj(5T)cra- IloustViu
J : ( tolirrnbtr,m3'5f i Hc"I to', order
- by Hbrq J.Jg. Tffbir?piv, Gliairinnn
, ef tbetateCentrftLCommitteo,! at
11 o'clock. riiir tliVforoopon,, j on
WednesdajVAuuitli; 1373;vNaver
j did thje St'ateof. Ohio turn out
, sucl) 'am i asVe"mTage.orjeoplei as
1 waa'gathVeir ori that" tirfy forJ jthe
inlrpboing gta'fe'Dejrjo
cratic In num'uiatlona Every county
I , the $ fao-wa3) w'pj'esented. j A
glance at the irelogatQ6f,vei4l'8OW
jiny dipintftrres;pd ' mu) 'tliat t ley
' r ' -wvrti Terrbry-'iri "Earnest. GJray
haKatlinfeil who h"ave hereto ore
been promincrdrin tlifl x'Diincila of
the f arj jayogng-Hitrn,' wholare
jiist coming intvjpolitical notoriety,
, freely , fniingleil jn, conversation,
and one idea seemed to prevail that
i(r thj$( .eoryitQn?nust takeia bold
i ' , siandi must iip'minabe -honest,. ;up-
: right' men, 'givVVhejcoltirshoider
, theValary;fali(3 ill otier ideas
that had the" slightest tiheture "of
if, ) f T 'I"- " r')'- 7 11
!,by Kiti(BVof-Richland town-
YA mml tfBoM.bf Eik.1 r
. . Jn pursoauce.lo the programrae)
' ''tb'0'legatioMvon,.Va'o1t Co'ngres
' ! sloual Distrlt nssin.hlcd ,ftt 01 b'
.'11 J...--.-i4. ;.-.V.t..-A-l' -r.i". 'J. Ij.
ciocon umi inof iiiflg, in ine nwm
' assigned iit'lho Ahicrfcnii ""ITouse
" and the' Neil lloiise 'for' tho'piirrjose
orBeiectyig: I , Vicc-i'resiaciir bihj
''' ?m'cmbW'6'rlopVcoin'mlttCM, to
Hdckrntf tdinitvL.ttj
ie .Chair, hti(jl
" v. . r.
1 ccfeaiyTlifi Jib jfowin, j?AM.
" Vwe're YelecteWB.ecvcon lh'e7ctnv
I i t r .. . i
' H Prdtni!nldJ: IVrtawttH. of TlritUn
7'i , ''rvwWfM 0rovWf7i, Half -ami Ordfr
, .ffc,.,f, w. xki iN.of K.-iot i
I Il j(e unit iCttitrat (JmiitnUlf A Jl.,
Qalet Cask
- KqiLJVVlV-'VY'ABnAiaV ofJucksou,
was Meeted hi the VMot-rrodentlf
in 11,11 iinit iui, i l vi
yTJo Oporsj 1 Hoilse Yyas iifibd
soinely decorated witli flags, while
a band of jnusip enlivened theoc.-
t'tision. In caIHngthe Couvehtion
to order, Mr. Tuompson said :
KNTLLJit;..:-.,.4t- becomes iny
.plettHuros Chairman of the State
Dehiocratio ! Executive Coinraittce
to cull the representatives of the
jXMiiQcratic party ana Uberal-uund
ea men-ot trie state to order in
Convention' aasclnblcd 'to - put in
nomination a ticket to be sunpoi'ted
by the people of Ohio, and in order
to proceed; at oncje! to; pusincss.: J
will state that the Executive .Corn
mittce hayo recommended thi Hon.
Samuel,,. F... JJvui,;: of .IHaroiltpn
county1 as temporary -Chairmnn 'of
tliiS Convention1; ' Cheers, r , 1 ne
question. Is oii: agreeing ta ilieirc:"
qnimendatiori v oflt;the Executive
Committee: j7v l" " '
' lThe Irecoinnie'ndation was utiaiji-
inoualy agratid: to Mr.'i IIcntJ ! upon
taking the; Qhair spoko fls fows.i
Gentlemen of tiie Convenmon;
I appreciate tlfe.distingulshea'bin
pliment of iaving been caUattlnpon
to preside oyer the dclibetatiohs
VI L11I9 UWIV, Jib 13 U ICUUl'llllilllll
which assarcStioe of 'tile, genivbnsi
contldencc, of. ,the. Democracy, iof
Ohio. vi!....iu
:.: We hmJufe'issembleiS tO-dav'iti1 a
.Convention with a constituency. tin
every county,' in every township, ,ht
every schoblf district, 'in L3s "great
htato) there are hearts, that beat jui
sympathy 'with', the worlT of this
hotuv i fApplfise. " aJpa'rtyMts;
not a-crcatiorr;. if is a flrrowth." lit
is not of to-Vlajv but of yesterday
ahu to-meiTow.' It tmisf have; a
belleff a ::creda pui'iwse, & .dtsti-
nV. . It, ni ust arise in the necessi-H
tie of the - time.'-TIrerc iniut? m.
'either a.' grea grievaljco,, to )$ rej
drcsffed.or ,a great, principle to me
. ,Thy DdVnjicratie iJartiis'tlrevpiit-
jjrbwth of t)iat feeling of insecurity
Jwlrll'1i'tHe or'Mdc'rnl pKrty ins ir:
edijjrhBfit': BdS'ftedja) tenancy
wlrTO'ir- BinnpathiVod '-yore cw t1i
iwvperth'iirwjtliihe peopielj eW th '
it th National .question jof unjty is
based ripon the internal - question
of liberty;: .Wiuiv itl Statehood is
pivil freedom and . centralization is
ponucai uespousnv 11 maiDiains
that tho State cau 0iily1)v(J preserved
in. the integrity of its pwn separate
existence by a strict construction
of the pdwers of thje GdbeYal 'G6v-'
ernment,.by the exercise of...an. En
lightened " patriotism, ' aud.'-tlie
cultivation an JBnIagM 'spirit 'of
nationality.' , It cherishes the fhitt
of the futherjj," and teaches" fidelity
to the .'Union, fidelity t6W'"Cn
stitntioil, ' ildelity to the .rights I of
the States fapplausel, ildelity. i to
tiie rigiita ut iiiu ciuizeii,.- h insists
that the" only ' way to ;maki.tatn , the
Government is through the Stat
the only way to preserve the Stkte:
is through. he citizeij-tlie 6nly
way to protect the citizen j i'i
through equity and justice to all
men. : (AjiplaiiBe. .In the Stat
it, is. the party of people against
power lrTthe Union it i tho party
of ' local ; self-government agaihst
cousolidatiou. Its teachings are
so broad in their application so
beniflccnt , in their" influence -so
comprehensive of their r patriotism
that they embrace the whole coun
try.' Applause. ; - f V j".,
.With every English -jurist and
statesman from the first yeaf of the
reign of Edward III'.', when the" 1'aT-'
liament of England . reversed . thej
attainder 01 the fcarl of Lancaster
hdcause hel 6ouId'hav6 JieeiT t'rjed
by. tli; peers of the realm, ifrjhas
cohteh'e'd 'for tho v'ishts ,f he
citizen against arbitrary-arrestv
It stood forth in -the full glord ol
its manliood when 'tlie supreme tri-
bnnaFof tlielaiiU lndldated"ts pp.'.t'
Bitipn jfy rclaniig Jhatwlonj the.
iieace 4nljiidgiiient"and"-'iu raw.rH
'Applaiwe. These prirJciplerflifyjc,
riot ouiivedrtlLcir U8efu1iie8s.,They
we're bornYor the whole -'lffe1 of1 pe:
NatiSnr-for- thewhdlb da3f:of : lib;
erty. . Thoy will maintain their viff6r
nhd jiowerso long hs1 -the State's'
have free governments',1 aml.Hhe
Union jshall be a free Republiq.
They) 1irpeiW'onry-'with the'
UonstiuitioiK itself.1- -f Applftuse.n r...
'rI,t vlias "peeh weu'said .that, (ibf
more-than two generations of ipiyi"
thjs- part largely ruled. tiro. States,
and Nation, ind, bravely and, lijuii-
estly met every-' great question ' "of
principlfjidj policy ;wjthout; bi
eiiuuuig its name or srrtiug
color. uf Appfause.l '-it is theHr
of history Wiatwhehi itino'nniret
iretained. power tho.cala.mity pciyil
war came upon ine country, ana
the idaridal of Credit ; Mobiller And
corruot and iniauitous lep-inJation
dishonored tho halls 'of" Congress. 1
It faow floihiuds, in'trro.name.'afaji;
the people, r ar thorough t reform in
Governmertthl'affalrs: If h6wv de
mantis peace ifld Order and stabili
ty of GoyerunenJ in all parts.of the
land's, and adopts for its' policy the
teachings of history and philosophy
by beUeying.wlthJtitmuBd Kurlse
that Providence has decreed vcU
tlon.tonfcyrinfe":and':p(rv'ertjt to ra
pinq, and that by considering their
reuow-citizcns in a Hostile light,
the whrdrei7bbdy of :th'er;riatl6ivTbe.
pomes less dear to. usy Kheers A,
That'pArty-' appeals in lis' to-pay
for 6iiif-X6nfldinco.rritliiun6n tud
glorious history ofj.thOj better, jljoyg
of the'Re?pubIic'; witl i'lw ancient
and Abiding loo "foUr froe iiitfl
tutioirs; with, ts cputlnuod 7 ddfo.
tion to tlio iVinciplerf of 'constitu
tional liberty) ajid thelprjvilegOB of
the;c1tUeH jvltir -itf faithu.iue-
rence to the rights, or toe btnies.
nit A 'tit a iiuLnfjMuViin f VmAfirul
.oflauthofitvr ifuden th rOonstitntlofi.
and with its teachings of-patriotlsm
and 'sitesmitnshtp that have '(oh-
tri hutfd BoJtuich to. National lidnof
and material prosperity, and which
can alone secdrO 1 the blesstngfl 'of
good government ApplauseJ
Shall this errand old arm v inspired
liv Hi mi'iimricH nf ' gnl(n(lid 'tH.'l
mnnh's'.fiiJ irreati'.achlevemehts.
of..ti'ial8..uu(V defeats f suffered in
coujinon-animatett. hy tne con
scinusiiey of Justice hnd right, and
ultimate vletory.iabandon the field
In ,he xe'ry .face-of-tlie enemy?
Shall we fold the old war-worn flags
witha hundred battles inscribed
upon" them when defeat was not
less honorable than Stfcccitei and
piit 'thorh away forever t Shairthe
dnst of the arsenal gather upon
drums ,that have so often , beaten
thd long roll? Shall wo 11b longer
answer the bugle call, where on
every fields j in other days, , every
maft like tho heroes of Trafalgar
Wa found ready to i do his duty?
Tremendous applause. . Tho Old
Guiird may dio, but ft cannot sur
rcmler. Apii(lause.: 'iLet us then
call in -every vecruit: let. us close
up the' columns; fet us no longer
innrK time but maroli'loi-wttrd; and
etj us, yith stout Jiearts and brave
resolves, and with' an abiding faith
ti&deii-'tliQ' sam old -' flag,' charge
along Iho lino Jor the authority of
law, lor tne peace or our streets and
for the liappiness dB our Jioraes. '
J.Ajnidst I jclQa'fening-tjheeijH . Mr.
Hunt-took his,, seat. . Temporary
Sectaries and Assistant Sectaries
were ' tltelt ' announced.' ' R. ' E.
Constable, if' Athensf'was : named
tds Secretary.. , The committees be
long named, the conventioij ; took a
i recess until 2i,.M.rvik ,1V
" ' At 2 oclock the 'Coiiveutio'n 'was
sicihe lCohimittee! ';6n 'Cro'dCn'tials
repjuted thrjj .every country; wasrpp
resented, amlhat tee jyero. no c6n-
tested scats..
The 'CoininiUoe' oh Tehnauent
Organixationsj - etc.,'rcported - the
fbUowihg:listx)taflttersr:l . : ';;
r J'rtulilmt V. Irrnnll. oX .Muskingum,
l'lt(iiA-lnHlitriet-a'lN)as U
(luinn: iul..L. W. lions: 3d. J. O. .Asldiuru:
tii; aoiiiiJlptW)uUtn.iJ- .ifJWom; ptn,
viiiti it's nuAa, iiii. uuuu vaiunuiit 0111.
Clmniii':in;.UthWilllkiii F, K('l;-HHh V.
Noble? lltH. W.-T.v Va8haoi:-iatli. John
i M.
ciliisoj- rtith, J. -i'.-Tarpcj ; i(Uli,- John- Ivan
retmj nth, W. A. v.ncli;)Stlif Jacob ILildu
tatifd; Mit: I)h jizrft , Bos6;J 1 Wliitwis
RKUt.i'iin) .loimjMcnoiuai, itn, James Jr..
.WAl-fW.'S. llrowil,.f IHtftllrtOII..
Anfintuta Secretiirlet-lt.n'i Hulliei't, (SIM.
...rw....- r I. t .
y. ... .J ... . i f-.
The Pi eaideut appeared and r ad-
Iressotl tho Conyentioi as follows :
TtijiloNi I.vefV'gfatefullv'aiiiifcci-
ata. the, wholly .unexpected' honor
that you have conferred upon me.-1
"sliair. endeavor td dlschahre -thc
duties of the position to the utmost
of my ability, but I,Vn'ost sincerely
regret that your selection-lias - tot
fallen-upon one' more' familiar with
tne dupes 01 presiding over a de
liberative body.1 Ybii - have asseiu.
blod as tlie ' representatives. Of the
people, for the. purpose jOf again or
ganizing to endeavor to redeetn
.tliis ;Governnieiiti ,of jOilrsI from a
party wlucu I verily believe to. be
the-band of" our liberty arid the'
blight of ouf, pro&perity.j.TGreat
npplause. I ki'iQw.( "from . .yoiir
earnestness mat you mean woi-k.
aii tnat ypu ' appreciatq , the .'duty
that devolves upon you to. redeem
the' State of Ohio," and aid in the
redemption of - this Republic of
ours. Applause. . Rut, J, dp not
propose to detain 3-011'' by" any
lengthy remarks at all, but liropose
to proceed,, to the immediate, dis-.
charge" of our duties. rApnlause.
7l1he': Com'inittee oil llesoliitibiis,
through'the Chalrmair, Judge: II.' C.
WtilTM AfeporteL us .follows : - j
Hmilrnl, That Uie Dcinoeratio narCv' sueks
priitvlphDHf which aniBiiiteiL to all times ami
viroumttanciMi; it oiiiporU the Federal Jov
epiinunt in all its constitutional aullioiltv;
uo.r opiiotwi iiuiiiii(-aiii)iO")(l' ec?silon.r li
(lel'oiiilx the rcs.trveil rights ol the Suites and
to revive no load Uhiis. bur hILdiIa bv iu
lliu mirfle, anil oliiios M-eutriilijilioii tli:it
would impair or'deiitroyHMcar.' In'ovdcri to
inaiiitiMii aud preeryo-t)nwe xili( IdlnlsU
iikjb tliuJ strict icuuMruittkiii-oC Ibu Kwliiml
CoiiKtitiiliou; it rAsiats all attvmpU of oiicdi
mi biiK-iii. ui bun iiivi;riinivii iu usqi l'
Kirov the ciinstitutinnal rights or In
dance of other dMnCiiu'uU; it oppeMis alllin-
iiKwt of ni.'ii. hiitruuuiruil hv theuiiblic mu.-e
ofTifutj-, -ami a.lvm-.atsthe greuttwt-hirlivld-Iml
liliuj'tv couslnMul A illi Huliliiiorrtt.r: it be-
rttciiiJ tlnn,ai(itii,y.(if the .ii(-uplA Xofwlf
-government, aiidopiXMet-tttl prowrty qimlHW
tuti.uiKHHrouilitli.in to. the right olVsnll'i-iiife
orelllflOilltJt ttfhdld OlUceiJt. I'aVow 'libdrut
lairs for the naturalization of lorelirnerxt -it
-iiiitM uK)iieuiiuland exact JuKtioeiooll nifen :
UolMi.won all iiioiiololius,'anil ile'nfeit-tliiit it
iswiWiiiLtlie pnivinceif the .Uovurnnieal to
Icgislutioii i.H- the benellcol partioularcla-iW-et
at, tluttwiiense and to. the dujtrlmcut ol tlw
TcUoftlll) 1-OlllWHltltV! ft theicfoio OHlKHi-S
the syatcin by which a Inrge ortioii of.tliv
profit-lirhducinir wealth of th ciihnuy : u cx
oiuptprl from taxationand demands that all
rjiiiHtUytlotiul.inciiiirbe iiicd, t) rcinoly. this
Injustice :-ll insists that our arlu"5avwhoilbl
lie framed with a view to roveuue, and ,nijttO
tiis ih(on,rpminlcyloK the benefit oriiafllcii;
1111 iiiuiimniui; 11 rmwnizes (lie oviih 01 an u -reiR-emabnt
uarrenoy bift insKU that Jn Mhe
rcturu to wucde iiavnients-.carc xhall he tuUm
Slot to seriously iWittiirb tlie binius ofitbe
i-onUtry, 6cidi3nUy lujure' the. dcbuiir cIBkh-;
it apprecialus the liciictiw conforj-c.C bv nill
Teails, biit?opiHiws all"Cohiblnalioit if ntH-
road companies -to prevent coinpctltion kind
thns ei)lianr.eilie eostrof transtin-ttUou; ttjoT
uumm an inwiuai. givs co capital mm t.ill
tageovar labor: It roaulrei honestv and e.x.ii-
OiffV In'Bvrfry; departmetit of GbvjiJriiUii'ut,
Federal or Stato. and It condeinti) corruptim,
iriiieever jnaV Um'IIi nilltv iiirtlun -ll. .is in
lu very nature; and as a iiecesaary'reAlt'of:
u jirniupios, n-pany ul nrogruis, ouil' s,un'
iioru .all nisiwiiros of- rnforai- iu.l -improve'
rnoiU that are sanctioned liy Justice aud b-n- f
Uirli(rt by sound prttctlralwiiUlW.',.! I r 1
nrttnmi, i iiac ine weaitn ortlicrcoiinirr-is
tho product dt -its labor, 'and the- lll use of
capital is thatglvl-s' enn.r.iynioiit airil lllS'i'41
wages to tie lu-Mliiniug classes iienr jpt'y
lust. ineiiHUro that tenils to urotect diem Trmn
opnrcsslon, and to Imoiove the r condltlod
and dignily-their culling, desnrf - and rer
cvlviis our sympathy aud support, aud that
wo. ..cordially feconunend. the oousnrvntlve
resolutions -ndopted fr tho- rrent National
La4x)r Congrsss at Cleveland, favoring arbl
IrfttlimiBUU tiMiperatloaJ . . 1." ',.".
RMlt$. That, although always oonsUltii
(Ink a-liirfonmjoritr of (the- Amertcnn pedplc,
Airrlc'iiUm'Hth lirtvo never tlomaiiiled of (inv-
ernmunti 8tU3jor Ksderal, anyvsutuJal privir
He. got have never InfimMd-IIslls of Con gift.
r igiiaiurt)s with lobliyists and ring, but,
otf thu MlntraTv. n4Ve SUlTered'iiiiilfir dbicfliir-
iig and unjust laws until forbearance lias
d to! he) a vlrt'noi wo hereby pledgo our
llncoro amdlioneHf eitorts to nbtnln f.,r U...1.1
redress ojgripyanoosjtnd iai and eactjiiji-
Xfilrrt), That tlie public lands 1I1011H lie
ftcrCilly reserved lor actual snttli.rs. wlin wlil
'dwell upon and cultivate them, and that wo
win . onniiiie-u aonounca and oppose, as we
hiivcnlwavs (Icnonnced and ontKimvl. all irlua
f such huuls by the Uomrniuout to uvoiiHir.
IMoltoiL 'ji'hat the greatoit danger to Ifroe
:;'",tJ?'""' S . Clio fldp-Hpniad .comtptloh
' ,.ai, rant . i .
Unsu'whsn credit Mobiller Traiids pass hpun
. . vw,l" """0 aged In tbenrsre clpva,
turnnioiis utMrucstriiRMon to imiuiii vir
hrenluus utlr destruction to publlo vlr'
ted) high olHoial position: wbon seaU iiftl
" . """MW ,MQlfrl.,M, ...nit H.V.HI .'V
Federal emiato. aro . notoriously iimrchalupcli
jibiycd In popiilar eleotTprisiwhihiairariiJy.of
WHCU VastSIIIIlN of tnonMtf arW Mkrhinillv li.in.
uflleo-liolders wllhllio sanction of thetlowrn
fmiiiit uu Iholr, official InnuartC.e t4i,vtrol
o uuu ii., wiicirui-iucry or uustnin-house oiu.
claUisan established usagei when rlniis of
pliindvueps are thn. roeiiieiitSi ,nf millions of
"J'Pf'I'riateuror puhln osp; when of-fii-lal
dernkntlons aro of such frenifiit om ur
rnmte as si Ar.uiW to nci'lin stnii,.to i...
Presidential ;pardons relieve dofaultitrs from
ne-nrT.n luinisnimuis, ami J'reslilnutlal ap.
polntments reward Credit .Mobiller and sal-ary.-grabbliig,
Congressmen,' itnrt when 'oii
(i-essloiiNI Investigation is gsiiorallr awhile-
-washin nnnH,M Is not strange that mmt bo
vlll Uldse l!Ortltdeil(ia In free liiallli.tl am. anrl'
iliat-theJ-smeoC the grest Konnbllo Isltar--olsliml
tbi-uuglHiut the clvllliod worldj 'So
rxme.IT inns ovus wa insist tlmt the receipts
and expenditures of the Oovernmont .lhaJI lio
Pltloss. Nevtllq,, 11. B. Kolley, hi L-
Orw Ik, JiiAien Qiiiiiu, J. llullentiue,.Vuidvke
Stavjiiitu, John bti'iuklMjid, A. L, AdimiH, Will,
l'arf, A. J. ilaek, M.-SJcMIUuii, Jxilm lieatou,
A.tVPacliard; N. L. Johuson. 11. 1). Hunt
It shall c cane to usurp functions to which It
has no title; thatolilcial mlsconddctnivl fraud
ami corruption iii idocti.uie shall be rlgorouH-i
ly puuishu.l, 1111.I Ui'it publlo vlt-tue lisH he
upnci.i, ami wane 01 iccoiuiuimiad, by the uni
ted voice of tlie piviple. 1 ! I 1 ,
Hemlrt,L That wo condemn, I without re
serve, the lato aotof C!oagras granting ail. II
tlonal salaries, as unlust and unJuHtiilahlo,
aud duinnnd its Immediate and unconditional
repeal, and we denounce every member of
Congress, whether ltopublican or' Uotnocrat,
who supported the law or received and re
mined tho1. money procured tliereby: iad vre
.espeulally Ueuouuce. the conduct of President
Urant in using the inlluonceof his high posi
tion for ite passage, and whoso olUolal signa
ture made It a law.
yiw((,,TJiat tho a.jt of the Preujdunt In
sotting upby bayonet Government In Iiu
Isiana, not chosen by her people, and having
no title whatever to rule oertbenr, was A fla
grant violation oi lier right and of the Feder
al Constitution.. , . -
Moitwiii-Tlijit every Department of Oover
mont beiug in the hands ot tbo- Ropublicau
party, they aro Justly responsible for the ovils
and wrongs in tliolegislatlon and administra
tion of which the country complains.,
Kfoltfd,, That, - under the tinio-honoicd
Domocrntio bilunor, with this 'declaration of
firlnoiplus inscribed on its folds, woongago in
lie oonlliot, and we earpently iipimul to patri
otic uieu of every class, without 1 ward to par
ty names or" past dilfuronce, to utilto with us
on terms of perfect euality in the struggle to
rescue the Government from the hands of ills
houost men, and nduein it front the flood of
corruption wliluli threatoui its ruin.'1
The platform was adopted ' with
out a dissenting voice.? ;' '
The Chajr theri aimoiinced that
the next tl(tng to bo done, was the
nominatio1i:of Sjato Ticket. 1 Hon.:
J. II. lTAi'6r'RosB, "addreased.
the Presidcpt o"f -the Convention us
follows: j ... a 'i L v
Mk. PiCesibent:. I have thS lono,v
of pro(jiitiiig"or. the oonsideratioli
of this Convention K til 0 "griii dost
man of riis'iime; ; the ohl Noitor of
Dmukvatirwhoa .'Vtiw-ip' .',t"
nym f purity; .a; secon'cVj; t)ittjiiiu
tus, wliditf "you propose t6 call from
the p.tb take the helm '-:o .the.
State,AKetatesmarrji tho sage and
the fa5netTTii,ijAM AUbKXi1
cheery.: - ,." .-'f-, .' 'iv-,
IldNr'pnABLfeS Follet Mr.
rresidtjnt,,4 desire, sir, to second
that U'pmiiitioiJelicving1 jj; to be
one fit "to .ba. jnadcV a-gentlenuihy
that svnb,wnio't' prily .to : evejy.
Delcga :to $lilf Goivontiou,' but
th ronghpfjltJLlie State and Ration
man ltlio neither' asllained of tlu
name jeinotay. nor itsjiViuciplo.
Applrfiise'.; Eaiiovo, -wo - dispense -with
the. ftllrtary'riiiesj and that ,
his no'n.aip.ir.lie .'iii'adefj avhi
lnatiooii Applause. , ; - j'
ThiV'csldentput the' quistUiu: .
"Gelitle'nieir, t'lip' name of1. lion.
Willi a Allej, o Rosa county, is
ptcciited.a8.aJ?an.didato for Gov
ernor, and fir is ' moved that the
nomination b.cVjriado';by acclitnia)
won.. All who are 111 . tavor ot tie
homtuatibii b'Diiig'iiiade 'nnaniinous
mil-sign uy tire, same -tiy saymg
AV.S. jj j.,. f .. i..,.( 1
Instantly shouts' of , "aye," ''aye"
aye,M"werrt iip'o'er the whole house.
- The Presidelit"of tho' Conventjou
saidM j c-..'J i ; t elm:
"Gentlemen, it . is not necessary
for he to put the. questioji 011 the
other side. ! I will only piit'it again
oil the afilrinutive. All 'you who
favor the nomination of Hon. Wil
liam1 AlleoI1 Ross,1 for Gove'riioi1,
wjll fide. to.youx feet. iji-ni .
:i The next mpineutthe vast crowd
ivas ,011. its feet," while the . wildest
cheers drowiied the htill in a tu
iiiultf 1 Hats were thrown up,' hand
kerchiefs waved, and the - most' en
thusiastic demonstrations of delight
were exhibited by the large assem
bly.,., The" band aided ' the' enthu
siasm ljy playing "The1 Stat Span
gled Hauiier,"-' - 1" ' ' ' .
: Oivmdtion of Col. Putnam, ialtcl
cjram jvaa sent to ;Mr; Allpn, iu
fonnin.hiin of his noininatioiK j
The lollowing noininatioris '.were
made: ' i l'Kl
Hx. .Kiadtd'atea werefliihouiiced,
b 11 1; t h ree twe re w i tl id ra w n, 1 1 cay i ii g
tlie, Ususifoilo;,," F, CaueYj. of
iianilifon : v. rc)BLE? pf Liuya
l(i)Mt' 'BabMaVxA 'lluuNS,' ' Vf :; lK-UV
.!rA.Jallot..'wn8. liavl, tlie first'
suiting as lolldws:,- ' . ,
,( arcv
Noble .;
liiirns .'
v '.'Vl
" Trcii.'J CAitm' .wlitr was "Seated , Hi
tilt? galli'i-yj glit up and tliankcrt'tlie
CohyenUoq for tlie'Jiierhl vote; ,lie
rtcivcdp;tpdj said; that his jiant
was prcjijented witiVout his k(iowl
cd'3e aild beLred tliat it! 'b:e"with-
kl'i'iiwnl 1 (tdm 1't'rfoV-Qf iio ? iaotj
General GAasrinsiBteTlr.oik lt,' and
his- fridmls-, finally njlolded. ,Th
Ht'.cond- halloj jculted : , .( t) I .. .
Ilu'rns . ,' .' .' ti
j--MrrNoBLE. inoyed, twmak jthe
111)111 1 UllLIOIl. ,01 itr, lil'HNH 111:1111
.iv , . ,i 10 v- r.i,--, -i.) t. i
inn, which was carrieu.
nui'iir.jaiL ji i fit km.
term 'were1 H. 6'.: Wri mi kxl ot Haiti -iltoit'Joiur.'.llt
BErav, ufiiwvn",
ma J:, Hv) ypjrNr, of ClifHupa; mi
Vonng .
JV Sckibneb;' of liucasV'Tvas n'oitiiira-
forr HvfnnrdaiAotfrtH V i- 1 'M
The candidates were' CiiAitl.Ks
W'.PKWBY.of , Mpntgomcry : ,Honi
- ... ' ... .... j. 1 .''
ji. rA. uouoiieiuy. of 1'ranklin
Avitii am A; tYNCir, bf - Stark?
L- ...- - - . . '.
Vj.M.'IAV'foNi ;of .'Auglaize'. .The'
ballot 'Btood: ::1 ; . j
Lynoli... ,.,,..! v
pewcy ;:;..;;..,),,-.,. 6.....
ri)eioro.inB voteon Aitorney-lieu
t a ii... 1 . a . .
prat wiw announced, the ; IVesldent
reaj, the following telugram ' froin,
Hon. WiLiaAtf Allrn; tho Tioriiince
for Govdrn'ori- I :: J :.-;;;
CMILLICOTHE, August 6, 1873.
To W. H. Ball, President State
Democratic Convention, Columbus, Ohio.
. I accept the nomination., and 'desire the
(onvonllorf to accent niv.irirtiitiiiid wi. . r
f-accept It bocatite tho Convestlon, by bwUiw
f lug It, cxpnw.ss tho bid lof that i mav bool
;rrT' . ,n PO'noong th success, and
nimn that alone, rests the prosperity, HlicxV
...... ni' ..ni mi tiia iiiiitirii-Mii nnoiiin.
Democratic Convention, Columbus, Ohio. WILLIAM ALLEN.
ThtJ-rijaJLugof thiti.dhpatch w(s
rei'ijlipipvitli titndoaapplause.
One jiU'leoite moved--inat three
F.L-1,. 1... t.i ni. .J'. ....
xuuj ncic fjivcii nibii v;iu illinmtiiii,
and. a "tiger" added.
OThi&VliddteJ' werQ( ftiiwitf,
N,MHs,.p(. Jcffej-sQtj j, .Charlic?
Basil, ofAiiglaizej Geo. Weimek,
of Summit. TI1.0 llama of Joma
jtuan Ihkshman, Who was nomina
ted 011 t)io "3th"of July ticket"
was presented by Mr. Clay, of
Montgomery, and was received
with su'eh unmistakable dissatis
faction 1 that it was , withdrawn,
though Iri. jLAv in doing so gave
the couvo)itiou"to understand dis
tinctly j that Mr. IlAnsiiMAN and
hims&lf proposed to vote for Hon.
WnttiAM Allen. The vote stood :
Leeds,.,.! ..'. , las
Basil;... j;., : .,.ias
Alien ...,,.,.. ... .;..,..'., ...1115
Weimer. f ........... , ,16
M?. IIeisley, of Cuyahoga, made
a fe'v reinarks in relation to Mr.
Gicouoij Weimek, and said that the
Doipiicrats of the Western Reserve
prese'ntbd ,his name, and asked his
iioiiinatioit us a representative of
thnleotioiVof the State.
wmuier. .1. . ,f. . . . ,om
Basils , 57
Leeo'...j. .; las
.Alica;..... ,.
Mr. WeimIcu's noininatiou
)i)iug iiiiaiiimous.
Jf JC.-Nkwcomeu, of Marion, was
noun iiiitod by... acclamation for
Coiijiti-oller of Tr'efetlrv '
1 r I
C. Schunck, of Mercer, Vas
nominated. byT acclamation for
board qf. Public Works. ' "Mf,
At tliiJnucture it was noticed
that Senator Thurman wiis'otfiic!
stage. 'Loud calls . were made for
him, andjie responded as follows
If it jivere 7)ossible for ii'Jftfiii ' in
my physical condition to speak at
nil, tins would seem ail inappropn
ate tnno lor me to appear; but
when it is known that I havejust
arisen from a" sick bed, it would
sooni luruiy .nie tupe to make a
speech; Tlie .severe sore throat
under whicli? I -afn e'u ftbi-i n forbids
thu,t, but I . h4vft voice puQugh to
thajik you with m whole heart for
;yonr'-kindness; and I have vo'ce'
enough to M prpmisejybu that; you
slum near me to your heart s con
tent; God willihg.'between'no'w and
the Oc'tobei-'eleotidn.: PApplause.!
.It "has. happened to men most
meritorious, anu wnouavc deserved
ell of. their countrymen; that,, owing-to
prejudices, they have ,not re
ceived commendation ;' but " I can
s;ij with gratitude myself that if I
liaye done anything that deserves
to be J rciiiehi'ber6(l by' my 'fellow
men, . 'I have been far more than; re
warded -by their good will.and.com
hicudation, and whatever hiay be
fall lrie in. the future, it will be one
ofthe-most cherished, thoughts of
uij me inat ine great democratic
party to whom I owe every thing I
haver ever achieved has, said to me,
'Well done, "good and faithful ser
vant. Applause'. ' "
I iieoil .not say to you that I a.11
proud of this day, that I am proud
of this''' Convention, but I will say
to'you that while others may have
been surprised at the outpouring of
the' Deiiiocrsicy to-day, I have never
been surprised fn". it- was precisely
what I expected. Applause. , Rut
I fain proud' of it lor niaiiy rcasoiis
iind first and above ill. things be
cause it bus conclusi vely 'am) irre
iVagibly proven' that ye u'fo a party
of principles .'ApplituseiJ It has
c(iiii:usi vdy and ii;i'elVagiblyTrovcn
Hint we wil not,, no matter w;llat
lilrtiidWiniL'iits ; nii'iy'. M 'offered,;
isiiiivniiloi jpur . pii'iicipli-Si . Ay-!
i!1:1!1? "r!l ,"r. '
Mi..iaiicj linn'
11 it', biit piiliciples
I pie
arc eieriiu.: ;; ,t pt niav luive aavtu-
. .. .... ... 1 , , . 1
cnted measures,, ijiul hey.-iiwy
have bec'i'i tlcreafJed ; Mx' inaV ' hfive
Opposed .lni'uWMi'iiiiid they, .'img-j
navv ivji'ih ailopt.eJ;,ve (UiuyT.uavc
heMl ."thus 'upon, issues1,
upon luiMtsiirti. bnt :irj)(irt urSiiieinlc
we wenr never :tlufnated, and never
...;ii -I.-., i -s i '-' t ' 11 -'.w.:
"iu m, L-n I'l'iiium:. j jvim .nie
nuist i'6uitWktlila .ttiCti i iiow'exiiib
iteil ii'y.jiifi'i(uv,tliat U(Jt,hing.' eycr
(lid siici'.ee'a in LImr iniiiitrr fiic n'mi
cWuldialiU :fciWtll-of- Hlnie 'xcent
.tnroiign, tlje dnepiiini of Dfunocratie
principles, for 'they ai'e'the jirinci'-'
liles til'-f friiS iliHtiliil.ifina- ' llinv ; a 1-0
:tl)eilJ,.'l.l.Vll'!?f..' iii fW gIVW;ivUHnt;
they are the, prineijilt's upon wilch
(irpthppriociple4 thatimUHt.'he' 6)
.erv,ed if tlijs Itepublic js to bo eji
(lu'red ; khi ' lust-1 sd; latilr 'as ; the
Stafa 4(1(1, Htrijips Bhajl i)ta ve over
our uaiw, just to King whatcyerittay
ho the namo1 oJf tho party Demo
ciati! prliiciplcB:, musf bo tlie cav-
ernuig power thihmd, ., Apf
plituso. j 'Theifrt fs rigllt to fciUl us
bemoQfatsjTlIlave tidant Tespiict
rfoi-.the(judgtnpit,of the, man that is
asfiaihc'd'or Uid'naine; 1 f Applausfj.1
ovJJiir I Iind' I am tlbiug what I said,
I wpuldnQt.r,4,liaye.,,beu, in , Mc
hands ' ot 'the "doctors aiuf in mv
Wd,-and they' said t should fi6t get'
out,iori;tr:ClghL .iiours, ,hiit the
Democrats begau TO call, upoi jjje,
ana nicy ta;keu ii'ieiuwnip to;ine,
jiud I doclar t'vyou tliat though I
have a skillful' doctor aud giteat
faith In.,' wotUcatio'u, whdn the
DeiiMM'iuts came to ine that did m?
A great ' dfial' nio're gbbd ' than ; the
niediclncb. J.But it will (nut -doMu
you longer, t.yqa luiye dono a noble
.ii..l.1j. .. Ll'.:"--VJ.. 1.' -1'1 i l.
wuin. to-tiny. 1 ou ri'nvo ativptofi a
piatfofhi) that i w Hi : dciy "Htibliri.
You Jiavo prestmted a j ticket rs(ioli
'At heyer before, was ""presented' to
t)io ixirtple 6f tlHsTitate'v atid I ay
now to joti In all lionewt slnccrty! as
a man who has never bc'eii oversan
giiineaiur jievei4 (lesp6'ndent, I pay
to voir- that I firndy lic.liuvo.that the
tcket you have this, day made will
be'efected 'on the scco'iid Tuesday
of .October riokt. Grolit applause.
I, return you thanks for the honor
you'havo dotio' m6' U tailing tor
Bpbeclrr;.) ,:;i,-;;. :ti o- J Imf, .
Ratification Meeting at Columbus.
In line evijng,rntetl''at journ-
npnt yf the (Uemocrati Jstatp Com
veiltiotl, in Columbus, graiid. rat
ification meeting was) held at the
west front of the State House.- A
irowd pf about 3,pop .was present,
ncludfnjg' iiiilny ladies. Brief and
cxcollenr 'speeches ""were "made by
Hon. Bakkabus Bubns, our candi
date for Governor, Hon. Willlam
IIeisley, Hansford Smith, W, II.
Safford, S, F. Cabey, Dj M. Wilson,
R. Ei Reese, cnadidate for State
Senate in Fairfield district, and
Mathew Martin. During the pro
ceedings of the evening there ijraa
quite a handsome display of fire
works in tho yard of tho Capitol.
Legal Notices.
Notico Is hereby given that a petition will
bo nrcsented to tho Commissioners of Vinton
County. Obi'
at uieirnext session, 10 oe neiu
on Moiidav.
iuutcinber 1st. 1878, praying for
tbo establishment of a county road along
lollowing route to-wlt: Hegluulng at
South end of Market Street, in the I
town of
McArthiir In said countv of Vinton, from
thence South about two and one-half doirreen,
West 011 a line with said street through the
lauds aud premises of Ezra 1'. Uothwell, Jos.
Doddridge. David F, llalrd, Harvey Bobbins,
and the fieirs of Sarnh llobo. deceased, to a
point in the center of the Jackion road north
of the rcsidunce of Levi Wyman; thence
Mmili tu rough the lands and premises of Levi
Wyman to a stake, 40 links wont of an spptl
iroe near ine souin line 01 mini wyman prom
ises; thonco South about 8 degress East to au
oak tree on the jmmiiecs of Ivy lilxsou, near
the South lino of Elk township, and noarthe
South line of tho lands of said Ivy llixon;
thence South about 8 degraos West to a v.'lilte
oak tree near the residence of John Salts, and
through tho premises of the heirs of Stophen
Salts duceased, said last mentioned point be
ing the terminus of said road, and being in
1 nniou uiwnsiup, v iniou county, unto. -Many
.Inly83,1878-w4. 1
Martin II. Brand, a resident of Covington.
Kentucky, will take notice . that on the 21s(
day of July, 1873, John M.Sloan, filed his pe.
1st 10m in tho Court of Common l'leas, in aud
for Vinton County, Ohio, setting up a mort
gage lien upon the following lands, situate
in Vinton County, Ohio, to-wit: The undivi
ded (M of tlie east-half ot the north west
quarter, aud the north east quarter of the
north west quarter, and the north west quar
ter 01 me norm cum quanor 01 section 91,
towusliip 0, rango It) Also the south ea.it
qiiarccr oiiiue norm east quarter or socuou.su,
township v, runge 19. Also the north west
quarlurol'tlie north west quarter of section 81
anil the south west qnurter of the south
west quartorof section 80, township 1), range
icv except iiiu norm west quarter 01 tne norm
east quarter of soction 81, township 9, range
IK. and lining thitt'sttid mortgage be foreclos
ed.'suid -lands sold.--The proceeds brought
claim, ni;aiiii'tjV)iie Thomas M. Lytle,'for the
sum of 1,7111 93, ami interest from January
20th, 1H7H. Hahl Thomas M. L-ytle aud wife
are parties defendant with aaid Martin H.
Brand; said defendant Brand is' required to
irt, nun 1
t trill, ixf 1,1
answer said petition on or before-th third
Saturday after the 8d day of September,- A. P.
lty.l. M. MCUillivbav, Attorney,
July m, 1873-llw. : : 1
NpTiCK , is , hereby Klvon, that , a potl.
tldn will be. presented to the ComniU
sioners of Vinton County,' Ohio, at
their next regular session, to lie 'held on
Monday, September 1st, A. D. 1878, praying
forthccHtahlihhmentofacounty road, along
the following described route, to-Wit; lie
ginning at or near a pair. of bars on the prcm
Isch of Abel Wells, at tbo loot of tlie hill on
Wilkcsvillu road, thence in a northerly direc
tion along the shortest and best route through
the luuds and premises of said Abel Wells, of
John 1). W. Jones, ot Martin Dufl'oy. of Ed
ward Fletcher and of Amos Hartley,, to a point
In the Wilkosvillo and Jackson road, at the
line dividing the, lands of said Amos. Hartley
and said Edward Fletcher,' the saihe being
the place of tei illiiius:' ' . 1
, Mtsr FktitioJjkrs,
V. S. CtAYi-npLx, Att'y Ipr petitioners.
July 3, 1874-41. .'.','
Xotiok is herchv
givou that I forbid all
pel sons from trespassing upon mv nruniisus.
situated In Klk Township, Vinton county,
(Hiio, in any iiiHiniiir whatsoever.- Any per
son l'oiuiil 011 my premises .without oriuis.
siou will be pronmrnted to the full extent of
the law. j JOHN liUHN.
- July m, 1SH-4W. .-..-.r-.-sni
L'oitr(,r inton Co., .Oii,io.
' Jotiiui lii lieliOiy given that' Mrs. Ann'linr
croi't, as liiuiliaft .)l"Amanda Jiui croft, (now
Poland) hits illod li r account lor Dual settle
ment, uud tint I In- same is sot for hearing : on
the 4th day HopUunbcr, 1U73, at 11 o'clock
A. U. ' ' - 1 - ' li. It. MAYO.;
August M, 18;a-4i, . 1' rebate Judge.
Jj'iliilf t' Aiuti'fw J. lifiMytlee'J. ..
Tliu'lin. lei signed hit's iioeu appointed, nnd
iMi.ilillc-il us A.i'iii.iistrutriix of 1 the .csUto ol
'Andrew J. Ilig'ilns, lateof Vliium eoimty,
, , ue.;i;ji.-eu, i
) luted tlio lUttl jliiy ofiJuly, A 7. 387, !'.
R A It A II. I. Illl.i:l.'-I
uglist 11, lM')r).f.;
m lu-f tou,W',iw:'
ICItKAS. 111 v wlfo. taiTll.ni T.ivunuh
is npihiiiK bruiin-'utiiitl la leave, in vi bedi ami
hoard, w ithout just causo or provk-ntlon, 1
hemhy notary lull . a)ious not to harbort or
wtisi ner at anv nroe, or in any -manner, a I
nuiiii 1111, nay lit:
'lt(H ftf lir rnntrniti itiir.
Allg.B, 1878-lltt
Jackson Toft usbip.
. : 1
At'Uleskt, Viiit.ui' olnnty, pllloUirtlie Ma
rlotta .1 Cincl.niiatl railroad, with MU Vard
of one ni-re, nnd with nil the neccHMary pim bl
ory foi'Ct'aroM mid Mkkcrant Won. Alao,
l.vvoaercs pf land, niljoiiUnff tlie Mill ,Yard,
' ....... n h ..... , .r null, 1. llvuic, V.I M
lainlngl Hooiim.a Well, Clstern,Wasb-houae,'
nwn inn oiuur convenionocs, WHU jurtues
and all kinds of Krult. Also-, r I
7 ortabU SraAii' AWMirliJ.
Now' located )l tulle fi-oiii Ifope iuraaee 8ta
tlou, A miles iroui Zalonkl. and cutting from 4,
ww is. ui 1.1111101, runny, aim aset ior logs
sulllcieut lo make 400,000 feet of lumbar; two
two-horsol'esnis, II111 ne am Wagons .com
plete, connected with Uieililt. Ano,"" j
'.'l i:'l(JO Acaiiis 6 LAtwOT.1
Hltuated hi Waslilnglon count,,tow dniilo'
from a ruilrond, with Dwelling House, aud
all out buildings; :(Kl acres of) which are im
proved; I linen tone soil, near to timber; a' very
desirable property.., And also, OTHiaKK
oKAisViiorKHtr. in 'i,..T j.iii.s,
The Klonrlng 11)11 and Saw Mill are in food
runnlug orders apd; doing :a iyery,:RIJlble
. All n( anld urouurtv vlll lie Old.at lour uri
nes, tiigother or- separate-,' the who! 0 or 6nf4
111111 inieresi in inu said roriapte saw JU ill.
1'h.llMH: ouurtlllrdoasli, and tlie reiuaiudijr In
liavmentj. til uiiik i.lm iiiii.f.liMiini.. i
'i'hls i nrare chance ibroneortwo'energeU'
In men to make inouey. Satisfactory reasons
given for wanting.Ui sell
nuiy.xo. loidtu
.I ..J :'J.l ..i. v.. ...1.....1
" " I . ti ; 'I!'"
ilyou ' v ' "-t
.inn 11 11. jiuyvu
.n.i:."S'!-. liO
! i 'i 1 1 ' against
J I )
JohnWi Allen
Before ll. S, Karuhill, J, P., Jackson Town
ship, V (n lop PouhU. (ihlb,. i 'l ' . 1; ' '
On the lid day of July, A. P, 1878, aald Jut.
Ill Issued au- ordoi it attachment In the
above ai-tlou, fur tho sum of ()U 87. Said
cause it set tor uouriny op tho 81 day oflu
gust, Ai at 10 o'clock f J
July 80jj8tll-W..
..- j. li.lOk.S,u I -
WANT, A hook containing Information of
rtnt linportaure, send free Tot .two .stamps,
Address, Mrs. II. MfcTZUKH, llapover.i Fa.
n.i vfiUT
r it .n, 11
To Close out
j..ri. M'.a ya Hii o"
.. ,4l-TtJ-Jf;j.-iT'J'ir.-TT
1 f
. & A M P L E L 0 T
' , ,, -"'
, i -
'- " ' !
re s
'. -. ; . ... I'lI 111 Sit'i LM l T"
m i Mscvi ; ;.yv v v
., 1 .i 1 lu-f.iAUv a i. .--vi-iu.ta-..il' ..nj i
'- " " '"' - '' -;t v.i :.:
i '.I'll. ,,.1..,'.: ... 1 m , ' ,'
... a'?, ?1"'t Ma'S.;.troiiiiMv:-,.
, j ft t ft' tail
I manufacture to order and repair Furnitjire of all kinds, at Uie uiostVoVspnaulf .prices.,.
ui'..tl "O Vv''-H-t1 Prepare" w iurnisn
and accompany them with, a Hearse., MirTh pubWo r Ittvtted to oallstmsl
Marcli'lbtlrl87i 4 '-' IM- .,...... ,
...... 1 -i .V'-iyfi'r ';;-jttrM
... iu..i 0.1 ,.., ,,-..i.a-i ,jinji.o -ioVjli.oi. ) 1 is-m '
rv-. r.'.W.-v'- :.-.--Ty I I,..:,.-!,!.!-, to lU.,;l r,.;.,.. j
-j-OF Tilt .i..fnt s.-ij 00 jlifal' 1'cu
.Cft.lCtp. -"'" J CT. SJSaXvsa.:;.-! toH .
'.TTycf -r -I?rthui to Hamden, Q
Is tieirig agitated, but tti'e exceiii,:IIVeriitiffj'ftf)t vl!f so
gWat k& Wo annouiiQemcnt that
l -.'l
1 ... -1 1 .',, 1 - j 1 .-.-,., .1
- 1 L;! 1 : I s-1"' i-'!ll.'!i ' I'lM .lli'inqi .1 li .-
. .j , ji -..j n ,.ff, , ...ehtire-stocKifOt.-ii.i-ioiaUi.ttiii!..'!..!. j
l.li . ji ..: 1 i,.; tl- .... ; I -d..;if -lil I t r-arT :-. ' U.'J. '.. .
" Withinaiaction --Of 'Ost !
, i i )V.iir.O-;i I !';. ' ,'A-4:07r e.. Kit,
Iu order to ruu it off in the uext xty - days'to inake room
for an IMMENSE TbCft ! to U r;;1jfcpte,'';-rJ
j.i 1
M. Bap
1 1 ' " ' .'it .-I . ji 1 n 1 Tifi-p..r".'
, 1 1 1Y1 lTri n . Ira T tTi
t'.:'is. ',)rr '; "rr-r
1 "1
1 j..
:.Y - ' V - . ; v3 I
' . i Lm
.:. . ...' " .
., ' W ohlt BToyi iupa mm;'; I
Jzi 9 ra s e t P.uti ish i n Goods!
wishing tp set up house keeping, yilll Uii.ViivOrVMil ii thuS rlcc'd. U lurhlsh a kitchen. He
I't,."? JSSrfAti Vf WSSA1?? tbetnhuulacnro'oTtiA?K,e,:lid ilU';ilU. ordtrs , from
wS5 f bl yiiiOLi'A W 'Wti W ' PM m 1 M t leljflilvatjtio .tj; puKliasf
.. , . . . . " " L1'.1-.' J""''! "'," 'ii'lf. .Mo24 fii
s' 8Mnr and Itoofltig done with heatness and dlsjiatoun-i AU kinda icA'iKRurf .CA'iiS for
sale, Mid the bust S1CALI NO WAX In the market. Be turn to call on him betoro pon-Jjaslng
elsewhere. Two doors Jiiut ot the 1'oit-olliuo.
uuijyoo, pxis-MV" -i .' .. i..;,. i i.w
. . 1 asBs-asasssaMiajiwiwa
C, T' 5 '"?- ,t F
"j.-.vr t
f . M S a" ' p
158 West Fou
i ft..i ii :.i
vi. .i- ,w.i.i:i.r
'i;,.-.u'ii,.:e.'J.llie only popilar
.iii 'f ...if '
M I ,x .'-.l i4 CI l -J rU OiJ'.J
i r or Jtranor, uxxuxcxv or uorarr.
TUEy possess .p,q)y4, sweetness:and variety,
it n 'I'. ' .ii ''. I ".i'i. i.i: J or. , '-'l , . , Jf
u::;ec6ndiHaJfo . , ;
Of all 8 in
vt i'ii ( . i exchange for 'newonosi
' "ar Pfes for Cu8h.,1Eai?yri)a the
rthtwilVpoy ifo mmi Beh.rl ,fot.jila'i-ji '
dress,- JVlcArtuur; ;.? i-au fu io
.I i. " '. w-. i l ;. ', .' , . :
I I'-'
A. i
I- ... .i A i.'w.-6:i. -n.l.Uit m Qti4tIKik. VV ffUsia
r.-ui'.-j -tot ; ,m.'( w,.ati(ii-!iij sjv.t .'?! '.li
"-'- '- e'-' 1 ',-' If Hi -m,X'; S'uan-t I,Vlnifl 1vl II K ,
.J.',rii..O I .11-7 .,tii2ll-frU!ltVilt
-Balance of-this
Stocl IMUdOY
Iliooa tUcvrL c?oat J
S ; S 0 L I GI T E D..
ttxi nauf.)..Mto.- 1 1
'! '' " 'i-n 't.v'l v,!ti : .,,1 1-
ll A' t .l..f .
V V J-' )
' J v.v ,..- . mi i,.
Iff!...' I
'' ' ' -M(l '.I J..1.I!...
ii". a louli 'n.i..-, m. .1. ... i.f ......
,.S1SU) s iil I
t-rt. .1,1 ,,,.(
. H :.-. I
' "lu'.-i'fl.i.ii I .!..
. . , . --ti ... ... ( ft 1 r
1,iltwj-w',, , "V,,,,,, ,
, , . , . . . 1 .1
;u .ni.ii ):a . iw o:t -fl.lil'i '.i ..1 ,. !
to! ,110011 ;i ji
3H frfJUunltt'ttofX ffiair
n .& uni at H n.t ru f h:.n
. ivn.,
i uTiiV. U'j-jwld lrnV.fiov.il:, ri
Is cIoalnf :i
iin i...iti!iioti "iisiinui riion ui r
.OXXXO , "iVX002IOX)
i s:ifj:-.i i.:rjiu,.j .
.1, Will1
;vj1 ei.i i.'iipievoi;(.:-ii
rj 'y.t sum-, i
.VJA-t"' al
medium-priced Piano:
- nni'i'i jr.w vi , titiiq ,t ,t .
J ."wen ana tuoroughiy made,
.i.ii a m
M wi4tt to. iiua'n i"i i
ds i .. line.
TmiC rvo

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