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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 13, 1873, Image 4

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Mildew on Vines.
f-i iFrtm ittvestkations made at
?;tuCDep&f tment oi , Agriculture
fe by.r, 'Thomaa 1'aylor, who is
k conducting th6 microscopic in
5A'Osfcigation3 :;oti! ;.fungpulci, or
"nrildow, we learn .that a prepa
ration of carbolic acid soap
: used 8. a ;wash, is - a means of
preventing or destroying these
'minut3 parasites.; : A ; solution
of sulphuret of lime or carbolic
soap destroys the. 'seed-spores.
.Mr. Taylor found that .' the
' grapes might be tripped ever
so sl03ely, still enough--, ot the
seed is left to davelop 1 rapidly
.-wherever heat was.; applied suf
ficiently to start them "Into veg
etation. It was fqtvvVJ'hat dry
' heat . developed i e j?iiropea n
mildew (Erysipho Tuckeri) very
'rapidly, and that, initst heat
"was' very favorable" :-to the
growth of Anierican mildew
(Botrytis vilioca). The trim
mings and leaves of vines in
: grape-houses shonJtji gather
ed up and burngd,' an; .if ap-
pears, that the- vine? :-: when
, trimmed should be washed
carefiilly with the solution of
" sulphuret of lime and carbolic
acidj and thus the spread of the
mildew may be materially
checked. . ,
Palatable Hash.
Cold beefsteak is always a
doubtful subject to- aii econo m
icar "housekeeper, ""'and 'Roper
' . generally begets the benefit of
the' doubt. Some years ago I
i learned how to make a verv
iv palatable and nutritious dish of
,it and now consider the second
sjrgtiite as 'good as the first ;
besides, very little steak is. re
; quired. This is how I, do:
Tlrstjtake out all the bone, gris-
.tle, and all tough stringy por
tions. The chop is fine next,
finer, third,: chop it fin
- est, ,' Much of its goodness
, comes from the elbow grease
used. When finer than ordinary
. mince pie .meat, put it in the
' killet with a pint or more, ot
water to four tablespoonfuls of
'''steak, with salt, ' pepper, and
butter the size of an egg. It
will bear pretty high seasoning.
. Let it -simmer until the water is
all dried oul Exactly at this
point add two teacups of cream
or milk (for the above quanti-
;;ty) and thicken with one heap-
( Vi.ingteaspoonful of flour rubbed
t .smooth in cold milk. Boil ' up
(p-pnce, .And dish, and , unless
tastes diiler, it will give a pleas
ant relish to your baked p'ota-v
j toes and buckwheat cakesi
Kansas Farmer.
. I
, .The fence law of Texas h
Every man was required to
fence against his neighbor's
stock. In other words, it was
required to fence out stock in
stead of fencing them in. i A
DUi' introauced into the Texas
i1" Legislature proposes to change
this, and make a farmer fence
& siftJiisjKattle Instead of fencing
out those of his neighbor. Geor-
vK gia also has . just passed a law
on this pnbjept,, on? rvpry jmpor
5-iant (o ail agVculJiWal tom'mu
boundary Tine of i each lot or
parcel of .land 19 io i cbnsid
Lived, a lawful fence, and no an
Inial used or fit for food or labor
wilt be alloweil to run at large
"'if'-. 1 - ..' . .
mty, Under the" statute,
ceyona tne limits ot tne Jana 0
r the owner. ,u,t Vt v t.t), ni:i t
riSs'ifc i A local Option law. how
C' eyer'and many f tl'cou'ntjcs
mlU it is eaid oimose rt: thoncrh
it ia 1 'Drobahlfl ' that in ' innsfr nf
weiq wm pe adopted.
'"Ah OU City sheriff levied on
'ZlJoaQ hundred . poilnds of nitro
glycerine, but dared not remove
and the debtors winked and
laughed. ' .
Housekeeping Department.
Afw Tea. Roast eight fine
apples in the oven, or before the
fire; put them in a jug with
two spoonsful of sugar, and
pour over them a quart of boil
ing water. Let the whole stand
one hour near the fire.
Frozen Sangaree. Nothing
can be more refreshing at the
dinner table in hot weather
than claret or port wine made
into sangaree, with proportions
of water, sugar and
nutmeg, as
taste shall direct, then frozen,
with the addition of a few whites
of eggs beaten to a froth. Send
to' the ' tabfe exactly as you
would Roman punch. v
Beverage of Figs and Apples.
Have two quarts of boiling
water, split six figs and cut two
apples into, s.ix or eight slices
each; boil the whole together
for twenty minutes; pour the,
liquid into a basin to cool, and
pass through a seive when it is
ready for use. The figs-and ap
ples may be drained for eating
with a little boiled ryje. .
Imitatiox' Alabaster -A 1 a
baster ornaments may be imita
ted by brushing over plaster of
Paris models with spermaceti,
white wax, or a mixture- of the
two, or by steeping the models
in the warm mixture. Or in
stead of this iproeess, they may
be brushed over several times
with the white of an egg, allow-
each coating sufficient
time to dry. Only models
made of the finest plaster are
suited for these purposes.
To Wash Chintz. Boil two
pounds of rice in two gallons
of water till soft, and pour into
a tub; let it stand till it subsides
into a moderate warmth; put
the chintz in and wash it (with
out using soan ntil the dirt
disappears, then boil the same
quantity of water and rice as
before, but strain off the rice
and mix it in warm water.
Wash the chintz in this till
quite clean, afterward rinse it in
the water the rice was boiled in,
this will answer the end of
starch and dew will not affect
Artificial Coral. This may
be employed for various kinds
of ornamentation. It is made
as follows: To two drachms of
vermilion add one ounce of
resin, and melt them together. !
Have ready the branches of
twigs peeled ' and dried, and
paint them over with this mix
ture while hot. The twigs being
covered hold them over a gen
tle fire, turning them around till
they are perfectly smooth.
White coral may also be made
with white lead and black, with
lampblack mixed with resin.
- Court Plaster. To make
court plaster, take half an ounce
of benzine and six ounces of
rectified spirits, dissolve and
strain, then take one ounce of
isinglass and half a pint of hot
water, dissolve and strain sepa
rately from the former. Mix
the two, and set them aside to
cool, when a jelly will be form
ed; warm this, and brush it ten
or twelve times over a piece of
black silk stretched smooth.
When dry, brush it with a solu
tion made from four ounces of
Chian turpentine and six oz.
of tincture of benzine.
Scrambled Eaas. Melt a ta
blespoonful of butter in a sauce
pan; beat the yolks of six eggs
a ' few minutes; then add to
them six tablespoonfuls of milk
and a teaspoonful of salt; beat
a little longer, and pour them
into melted butter. , When they
thicken slightly, pour in the
whites inbeaten, and mix them
with the yolks, carefully with a
fork,: and 1 serve 'on pieces of
toast in a hot dish; or if prefer
red omit the bread. The whites
should not be beaten in hard.
only stirred with the fofck so as
to mix slightly with the rest
Eaas-ACTLr. It is stated that
the annual sale of eggs b the
United States amounts to over
$00,000,000, ' and in Boston
alone to over $2,000,000.
Does it Pay.
; The intemperate youth ; of
twenty has a chance of living
fifteen and a half years, while
a temperate youth of the same
age has a chance of living
forty-four years, or nearly three
times as long. Think of this,
you who drink; you who give
for the pleasures of dissipation
two-thirds of your life. Will
it pay to make such a sacrifice ?
But it is not merely the time
you lose. You lose a good
name j you lose the comforts of
health, aud influence, and do
mestic happiness, the joys of a
pure conscience aud of God's
favor; you lose the joys of an
eternal heaven you might win,
but for drink. Will it pay to
make such a sacrifice ? ''Could
you know that when a third of
your' future life shall be spent
some enemy will pursue you to
death if you remain within his
reach, would you not put im
passable barriers of space' and
concealment betwSn'yoii and
your deadly foo ? TJie impas
sable barrier between man and
his deadly foe, intemperance, is
total abstinence. Will you not,
my friendrnterpose that bar
rier between yourself ami the
cup"of 'death ? Will , you not
lay aside'this brief exhortation
to take the solemn pledge ?
Will you sign the 'pledger-with
an earnest sense of its impor
tance, and strive manfully and,
religiously" to keep it?
Where arc you going so fast, young man,
With cun lu vour liiiml. a HiibIi on vnnr liniu- f
Though pleasure unit Tumulty iuciiuiaiiy you
It tells of a sorrovr to come by and bv ;
It tellt of a fang that U Bealcd with ii sigh ;
It tells of a shame at last, young man,
A withering uhamo at last.
American rnrtnoloyical Jitimml.
A bov being asked how many
chestnuts he had in his basket,
replied that when he' counted
them by twos, threes, fours, or
sixes, he had always one lelt ;
but when he counted them bv
sevens, they came out even.
How many had he ? ,
2cwaro of Counterfeits!
ArtmtmHnly OommtMtrnm. J)nuKUU
mibawr u ! Uu nHmtn-fnH to Mb yrtatsr priM.
tnekag: All other am ttotthluu imUatumt. The
"'."V!?" filtaawnnftiUiiBtn theonrvof til thou
lulafiil and (Unmrou diaruM to tthieh tho femil.
unaUUition u iubjot. Thn modmla all HooaWa
and eoraall tupprasaioa of tho meats, when catued
bf eold, InlUiiini.tiou. or diasuo. In all oaioa ol
!,TTf,"1i,8l!inml Affactiona, Pln In th llaok
??u i. t. la'oa lleht aiortion. Palpitation
trf tha llaart. Jlj.terle. anif Wbiloa, tlie; will offeot a
nra whan all other mean, hava failed, and althoojrh
.rf pow.rful, contain nothing hurtful to tho moat
afloat eouutntion.
Ctroular in Kncll.h German and Fnmoh around
ach botU. (Ire. foil diraclion and adle. "
If yum aruginat cannot anpplr tha okndikk, do not
Ua peru.ld toaooept any ooanterfolt or biurul ar.
tlrJ. hul uiJ I in IV.. 11.-... ... 1 . . .
tlcla hut Miid On Dollar to tha .1 prouriator. Job
.u ... ia (jortundt Street, New York, with name
ml eiprea Met at which run will call for tha pack-
. '. ? . , nila aecurelyaad
ulel, paokad in plain wnppora will ba Mat bj ratora
TnaOAT, HnAHHKNiaa, Vmwvvr HnKA-ruiMa, Ih.
iirit uunvumm UDMms UUIUIU The
kaiw bo taala of medicine, and anr child will taki
nad befora fle. paired. Teatlmonr aiveq In hnndreda
&'T?rSK!!ftK2!,.l,S15i mobiis, rroPrt
Prepared hr J.QARANOIKRK.
, "A1."' reoomanenaea l.y III. wnltr
Medieai taoaltfof Kranca aa tha Tar t.rt remadf
E'i,r" ' opcrmatorrhcaa, or Seminal Weakneeai
Mhtr, and all tha ihaatlr train of DUeaeea arlain
from iboaaand Heoret llabita. lite, c.r. when afl
auer ranteUiea fail, and hare been nacd with aalonieh.
iof aoeeeac b tha kwlirw Vench Fhruclen. durina
W.' " "' I'nmphtot of Advice in each boa.
J will be aent Vrw to any addreea. Price M I per
"'on, on receipt of price hrnnr adreitiaed Annt
OHOAR O. MOSKH, f0TiuNlrr Br.. UW Vuu.
ftole Ueseral Aa-eol fur Amarluev
A ttrlvtl Couuifflnp to thm
MarrlffA or tbax about i
(BiM-rf on the pltyiluioll
fB)MrlflRD(l re re It 1 1 ou tof
ilht tctutl mtm. with Uxm
UtMt 4iMrcrlf prfldaHng tad yrtTUB OiprlDt,
kw t prtMi-vt ihtf-cnmplnclnn, At.
Tklil InUreiltnB work f two buiflrM to4 illlf
tt4i,wtth auBieroui n(r.rlcid eootalu vtlutbl
trerMlttfr iboM wtMrt iarr.c4,rooil4niilUur
rlM. KUilItU bosk luti ouckt lob kptuB4rwfck
ta ktf , tvnd Ml I lid MrtltMly about ht bo mm.
1 1 ooNUUm ib iffl.(i ul 4f lot f a ptaTiUlas
VhoM ropuutioB ia worl-ldo, ul ihouM Im la tht prl
? au irawtrof orory malo and fomalo throaibomt ih ontlrt
globte li labruw trorythlnt the inUocI o f tho i,u
trailrt ivium thai la orU kMwlBf.ui bmb kaak 1
ot f ibltahod ia any athor work.
Soot it aajr ao (frat af poitai") for fifty CanU.
AMroM Dr. BotU blavaour .Mo. XQ M. k-1. bill tCraal
It. Uali, U; 4
Uotlcd to tha Afflicted tnJ UnfortuiiAU.
Itoran aa-alf ia tha notsrlaaa qaaaki who adartlia l
tnblla aopori.or HBlng an? quark ranadlaa paruaa Dr
atta' work aa ajatiar wkatyoar dUaaaiU, or haw tfaplar
atafaur aoadlUoa.
Ir. Hatu aaoaptM ft doabla baa at f twratr-MTt
ffaaau,! alaaWrood by anant a t ibt nat oolobrtud aiedi
aalprarktaariartaUooattir aad Kuiva,fta4ta baean
lallrd paraonaltf ar bf ami I, oa ihtdlafiaooa manllune'l laj
bUwnr.i. Olfioa and I'arlori, Na. UN. Kiflttb troat,
botvooa fclaraoi aud (Jbaaiiui, Mt, La all, Ma
niiuma, fur lltrllnition union j the fx.W
Hnlwcrlbem of tlio
The number ol proinliiiiu arc nlwiiyit ln
ereanoil when the numlxtr of naiiiun ox!fl(l tit
niimborcalMiliitod IMH111.
na now onor tne following!
1 CMh l'rvmliim ol' ,
Ml Ciuli rreminniii nf IUO oh'Ii, , . . .
m 8 torn -w Inilintr Wtitction, M) oitr.h
1(10 Ck.Ii l'rpmluriii of fJU eucli
oo ofiiu each
KM " urilteiu n
JW " " oras.
Kin ..r a.i ....1.
1 4,m
111) HliMllar.M)ni l'rrni'a, IH to 110 each l.auo
Waking Totul of TWO TIIOIJMANI) 1V.
"'"". ortli TWENTY TIIOL8ANI)
Kritry uliH'rllior wlio rcnilta !!.00 tf ft
Ifl nlnorliitlon will have lilannma rvi.
lareil, and will ha funilnlnxl by rcturo mull a
nsiolpt, glrliin the (lain anil iiumlwr to whlna
bli name la rnltrMl, aalil numlier iMilnr
ranreiiented by ailiiiilicute In thelintrilutiou.
Agduia annainll iO on in en ami tito.uu at ana
tlina nmalraa froe iianor on year and liara
tlmlr namna reglularua ai iiartlclnnnt for
rrmnlmna. '
HrMinlinrma of f'oplna, ronton. I'rmnliim
Pamphlet and 8ulinrrlitlon Jtlnnka uit fi ve
(O paraoua denlrlng thi'in. Aililrota
, . , rAHAN a Mclean,
0.tf.-wAe Cincinnati, Ohio.
The mauy evldeucee of oxtraonllnary cure
. .oiviivii neuuuuteti tiiruugu
Sjirsaparillian' ResolTont
woi ltK surpass In wontor the moHtextrRTagAut
lllllA,..ll.a tit nilnk.n... 1. ... I
;l " " -"""uijiia. . i -iiygiuiana aim
modliiiiJiaon In all oouatrioa pronounce these
wonderful rcmedlcii a mystery, that neither
tlicirsaieiiueof analysiaor oheinloal skill oan
expluln. I rue, tiiese medicines cfleot tho
most marvaloiw ourea, and rostoro the dying to
1 1 fit. ill i.l ntlinvai li a . a. . . a . r
... -.r,'""v." muoi wrutenca imm-aui-
farillO Vlntillt at l.lu .vi. . . 1 . . j.
; 4, ' i V "r .-""-unit, in innn m w
ftMHiV minutes, and although thoy kuow om
OI till, lllL-rMllintitaiy. ihni. :!i... I U.
Kadway lias nublNhe their formula (with,
ho Mlngonly two newly discovered roots), still
hoth r louch, German, Jintflish and American
r, p...., iiihhiuhui mieriv.inii
the sumo ingredients ns preparcl bv' llieui. The
c . . .. .... , iUBU woniierrui reuieniea
are coiistnntly aclileviug, lies In the great se
crot of (oiiililiiintr tho ingreilionts Eigetlier,
ttfterexerclsingduo care In eolooting the pur
and xomtino roots. . , ,
?...,,?;'i41JIP,,IAN KKSOl.VENT, KKA1
L 'i l .WiyAv., with,
arc some intlrmUiet and discuses that nre con.
siderclasmciirahlo, aud sure death. Vet the
most aloumllng cures have uoen made thro
these remedies of some diseases that have nev-
SWls,LWi(,, Tumors in the Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries, Bowels, Brlglifs Disease oi the Kid
neys that have been pronounced incurable,
Calipers, Ulcers, 8wellings, Stone in the Mad
der, Calculous Concretions, Ulcers anil Sores of
the Bonos, ltlckets so deeply seated that no
other medicines have been known to reach.
l,.?A,i"",,,,by t'e 8AltSAI'AKIM.IAN
ltfcM)LV fcNT, aided by theltEADY ItKLIKF
and PILLS. . .
Palsy, I'aralysla, Dry Gangcne-thct ihroat
cus a living death dally rotting away of the
limb aud flesh Diabetes, Involuutarr Dl
charge of Water, fungi in tlie Bladder (the
Kmporor Napol eon's disease). Torturing pains
Wjicn ilist'hiiririnir urinn. 1iii.'i'm f i'kxi
(.our, NKUHALGIA. each and every one of
those complaints though but a few of the
niauy other diseases, Jladway'sSai Hapaillllan
Resolvent has curednud. isdaily vuriugiuall
In one word, any disease no matter under
what name designated, that is nourished or
increased by hud. Immim. ili.nmuu.i un
thin, watery or poisoned blood cun be ciiioil
D. R mlnrnw Cn V. n . . .. ; ,.1 ! ... 1 ....
liundrcthpart&f tlie curative virtues for their
remedies as isascribetl to them by tho people
who have used them; for bear in mind, only
aftersuccessful treatment with their remedies
' '. wouiu cure, were enumerated In
tlli , 1,1 It'll If. II . on II... .11 .
, fc now, mv .inn uiuu v ui iiiuuairaur
ilinnrv .mial inlli.t.nl i i.
........ f .nv. ,.viiff)DLiVIJii iuiurivu atvaaeu-
edas much astonishment in the dlwovcry of
lIlAll. V,.IA.tI.il n ...... .- .... :.. .1. i. ,. i .
....... oigcu, a9 ,n tiiiiAt, ivuo una uouu
rescucil from death, ami made whole and
Amilflll.lini'Bmia .1 !..) I f ...1 ll.nl.
dinnry power, from the fact of their disap-
lllllllllllMnr I,, ik.na.i.1 All. ..u n. !.....!
ics and some believed it impossible for
oi...riD iiiouiciaes maun omv irom vegetame
sulwtnnccs roots, herbs. &c should possess
conipruhend that tho simple grasses ot ilie
ttl. ll. Hri.),..l..H..Al...M.l.n Vl..nl ""E
ir .1. . .i'tniiii( wic uiiuiiuri process of
ii HI 1 at .Inn .laui. I f.,. .. I.. .1 ' wnwv;
v ... uitviuv 111 u'.eeowana
churn, furnishes us with butter certainly the
most abundant fat, caloric or heat-making
...,, ,,o1 iiiiieLiu, eiiiuiv nun uiood-makinir
constitueuts for thelniman body. 8
But when those people wlio first doubt the
efficacy of these rcinodles conimence their use.
they become their most earnest ad vocates.
Never has a medicine taken Internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, eitker of the
V omb, Uterus, Ovaries or Bowels; the knife
has been the sole reliance iu the hands of ex
perienced surgeons; but Dr. liadvay'a Sar
snpar llian settles this question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, as well aa Tumors in, tlie Bowels,
Uterus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical Kffusion
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions, j
Tumor of 18 Teara' Growth (Cured by
lUdway'a Resolvent.
t BKV"BP. 'A89., July 18, I860.
Pr.KadWay: I havo had Ovarian Tumor
In tho ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
jh (I there was no help for it. I tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped nie. I saw your Hesolveiit and thought
would try It, bntliad no falUi in it, becniiso
hud ntiirMn.il tt io n t .....i. ..i I...... . .
of iha Hosolvent, one box of Jiadwav's l'ills,
knil nun.) lu-A I...I.1 , .... . I
there ia not a sign of a tumor to be seen or
felt, uiul I feel better, smarter and happier
thun I have for 19 years. The worst tumor
was In the left side of tho bowels, over the
groin. 1 write this to you for the benefit of
others. ou can publish It If von choose.
From a prominent gentleman and resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty yenrs well
kuown to the newspaper publishers through
out the United States:
newyobk, Oct uih, mo.
DR. Radwat Dear Sir: I am Induced by a
sense of duty to tlie suffering to make a brief
statement of the workiug of yonr medicine on
myself. It or aevcral yours I have been allllct
ed witlt some trouble iu the bladder and uriu
ury organs, which some months ago culmina
ted in a most terribly aflllcting disease, which
the physicians all said was spasmodic stric
ture in tho u ret ha, as also intlainutiuii of tha
kidneya and bladder, and guvo it as their
opinion that my ago 18 years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. I hud tried
a number of physicians, anil had taken a large
quantity of medicine, both allopathic and ho
mojopathio, but got no relief. I had read of
astonishing cures having been made by your
remedies; and some four months ago I read a
notice in the Philadelphia (laturdny Evening
Post of a cure having been effected on a per
son who had long beenHtilTeringasI had been.
went right off and girt sonio of each your
Harsaparilliau Resolvent, Heady Relief, and
Regulating Pills and commenced taking
them. In three days I was greatly relieved;
and new feel as well as ever.
J. W. JAMES, Cincinnati, O.
Price one dollar per bottle. Hold bv Drug
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Radwaj ', No. Ul
nrrou, cor. Church SU. N, Y.
Cnreatlie worst Palna In from 1 to SO mlnntea!
IStSTNOT ONK HOUR after reading thU
advertisement need any one suffer with pain.
t cure for very pain. It was the first and
Is the only Pain Remedy that instantly stops
the most excruciating pains, allays inflamma
tions, and cures congestions, whether of the
Lungs, Htomach, Bowels or other glauds and
organs, by one application, In .front one to
twenty niluutea. So matter how violent or
excruciating the pain, the Rheumatic, lied
ridden, Iniinn, Crippled, Nervous. Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may suitor,
w ..Will alTonl Instant eases
Inflammation of I lie Kidneys, lulliumuntieu of
the Bladder. Inflammation tif the Bowels
Congestion of the Lungs, 8ore Thmat. Dllli
cult Breathing. Palpitation of the IIeart,IIys
terlcj. Croup, j) ptliurla. Catarrh, InfliieuM,
Headache, 'loo to. , rfrnriilgla, Uiicumtv
tism, Colds. Chills, Ague Chills.
l'h ippl leal ion of the Ready Relief to the
part or imrts where the pain or dilUenlty e
Ixts will afford case and comfort.
90 Drone in a half tumbler Water will,
In a few mlntitea. cur (Jramps, Kposiiis, Hour
Uinach, Heartburn, 81ik Iteiidiu-.he, Ular
rhua, Jyeiitery, Colio, Wind in tlie ttowela,
A tif I 111! liltiirtiiil I'falnaa
....... j . ..... . a rewnropiin
water will prevent sickness or pains from
2& ol tins rTb
i l.".1"? mi uot '"edlh. agont iu this world
that will cure Fever and Ague, and all that
Ma arlotis, Bllllous, Br arlct Typhoid. Yellow
and other revers (aided by Railway's Pills) so
in -k ai Radways Heady ltelief. So cents per
oottie, .. t . , f f . . v j
- VU. RADWAY'8 ; , ' j
.m.?0!!? ',",,tel?M- l'ntly coattid, for the
iw.u u - ,,ll"orll',,r" "f tlie Htomach, Liver,
ii?.I u,.1.,.UflJ'?l1J ?,,(or' Norvous Diseases
TXrilX "-".warranted
J-VtXiV V SQXTAHhlt . ContalnlnB ao
Ma7o Minm "J 'loterlous .7ngi. g
iryf)l)serve the to owing svinntonu ro.
luTtrng from diseases of the X"s ivsor"s"
Omstlpatlon. Inward 1'iloi Kl ntZ 5tthi
nZ',? WJr1 A?!'1"' of the HU-mJcl
Nausea, llenrtburn, 1) sgust for food roll.
llShi5 iri ' ,i?e,d' ","T,,,, "' 1lIC"l
itT.fr L.K,,ifi,LtU)rl,!rf Ht tho Heart, Choking
KSKSa WES' KL'f A !"' '
ii ui,.i.V ;. v . ." " wens ueiore
-vn.(1 PnlnlntheHoad,
an.i bT.Vi.i..-' A.. i ."!" "'""i Chest, Limbs
S-leah A I.- "ZZL ' U.n'"ft.
i-nea cents par Box. ; j ,
RtliWlVlrn as,.,. ... .' .
flew York. w, "arroo cor t liurchBt.
f'hiir v vT l0- No- Warren, cor.
an'istn? b,,1.e,Ttyouf0nntl0n WOTth
Ho Psrsou can take thei Bitters accord
ng to dirKtiooa, and remain long unwell, provide
heir bona an not destroyed by mineral poison or otht,
eeans, and the vital organs wasted beyond tlis poin
f repair. .
Dyspepsia or Indtgestlon. Headache, Pa)
h the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of ths Chest, Dit
linen, Soar Eructation of ths Stomach, Bad Test
a ; ths Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
Heart, Inflammation of tht Lungs, Pain in the region
if tha KidnevL and a hundred other nainful avnintomi
Irs the offipringt of Dyspepsia. In thtsa complaint
jl has no equal, and one bottle will prove a letter guai
nitee of in merits than a lengthy advertisement,
For Female) Cotuplaluts, ia young or old!
parried or (ingle, at tlie dawn of womanhood, or tli
lurn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so decided sj
nnuence that a narked improvement it soon percei
For Inflammatory and Ch ramie Rhea
histism and Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intel
uittent even, Diseases ol tne Blood, uver, Miiney
knd Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Such Du
uses are caused by Vitiated Blood, which is geuentll
roduced by derangement of the Digestive Organs,
tfhov are a Gentle Purcative as well av
i Toule, possessing also.thi peculiar merit of actiii
( a poMeifid .aent in relieving Congestion or Inflanl
nation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Uiliou
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Sal
Itheum, blotches, Spots, Pimples, Puntules, Boils, Cai
wndes, Hinf-werras, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Ery
s'nelas. Itch. Scurfs, Discolorationsof the Skin. Humor
uid Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature
ire literaUy dug up and earned otlt ol the system in
hnrt time by the use of these Uilters
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vimscas Bit
raas the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustains
he sinking system. .
bWALK-tK, 1'inp'r, II. 11. itlCIHJn 11J oi. tu,
rucaisls snd Gen. Azts San Francisco. Cel..
ramUor. of WjJiiiisKniiuidCluirlton Sis., New York
Ten Tearsj ofannbt
wAeiS. line nmvoft Tlv TViwik
1 WincofTnr tohavemo
merit than any aP,'iu
preparation ever Offered
the public. It Vs lieu 1
tlie HieUlcOno Qualities
lar, aud unemiolea I
' duteaieS'nf IhaHnuit. '
vtBEa linn'..
ram jx i0-. remarkable curt.
Tftctually cures all Couj
a. -ta, - -k- .ru 1 11 HI IV JtUHXS Ul JUillss)
Bv7 .tJ& and Bronchitis, that
speelflo for these con
plnlnta. ForPainsintMi
Breast, Side or liacl
Gravel or Uldney ell
ary Organs, Jaaudlw
or any Liver Complain
it has noeaual.
,s ia aiso a anperior -i onic.
Restores the Appetlts
itrengthens theHystem,
lestores the WeaU and Iebilltnteil,
CaHaca the Food to lilies
teuiOTes Dyanepaia and Indlcestios
Prevents Malarious Fever"
Blvea tone to your System.
And the health of tho eystet
will to How. There is a preruin
tlon of Iron and Poke Itoc
more eflectual than all otlter
which will remove from yoi
system the Impuro and vitiate
blood which causes dlxease, an
attliosanio time build up you
health aud strength It neve
fall to cure. If you lm
(scrofula, ScrotoloD. IMaeai
ea of the Eyea or Enra, o
Scrofnla In any form, Tei
ter, W'liilo (swelltnsr. OI.
Horea, Ulcera, or Ncrol'nloa
Innaminatlona,you can rel
on beinK oured with tlila preps
ration Known aa Dr. Crook
Compound Syrnp of Fok
Koot. Bhenmatism, Fain
.ii ajiuiosor uones, vonstiin
Mens brokendown bv Mnrnr.
'rial or other misinn. nm nl
cured by IU For Nynhilla, o
ntyphllltlo taint, fltere Is noti
lug equal to II. A trial wi
prove It.
Beautify your Compleiioru
Do not use paint or powder, but get mor
PBrmanent beauty by purifying your blooc
bis preparation of Iron and Vot.e lloo
makes a rounU and scaly akinaoaaodantooU
shanges that sallow complexion to 011.1 c
joHhnesg and health, and remove, an v l rnu
"Sl'auiu nowKKS," "SUMMER FIAWEBS,'
kWllli tb. KI I.KTII tVKKIil.V aad WKIIKI.T OHIIB.,
iiaa ai niiua ti;ou)lia.tl), t,r ae.ou.
LTwj i
l or UeMCbronio. an th. ila. ef "
AwUe end Fait Ail.cpi" UMUhua
eooMaiiai .maiur.
Bsiwllien fsmlihel AT ONCE
wim uur caronut.
eaa laeke b.M. W
. Willi tulken wklh.
0U1U i.Lll4lllM.
avi UerkDuni
. Bwl,
jra haet, '
..'.;;.1'to(U Mr& nIailuf(M!turcr of '.
' '' Improved ' 1 ' ' '' ;
Head ElcckV Poct-llolo Borors, ko.
' CiARKSHuau,'; West1 Ya.
TlllC tlrlst MIIIh, lieltiK portable, nre ou
ai"tl aT i mil j n III , ,
And the best Mill ever1 ainde ior all kinds of
rriniiius;; can ue eustiy itttaeh ed to Haw Mills
or any oilier power, and war ranted to grind
Hour aud Meal of a superior qualify at
greater rate or speed than a ny other Mill,
without boating; or. oilier dllllculty the
weight bolug 1,400 pound, orvnipying only a
feet smisro on tho floor. Wil,' Krlud SO to U0
lius iols ierhour. It within tk lrty days, the
II ill does not prove satisfactory , It may lie re-
f i. " ' " uiihi'jcl's reuiuued.
Hurt's; rost-Holo Borer,
Is gunruntecd to m 4V0 J wo holes to
one of any other; dmis it Work rap-
lOty nun jioriueny,
' ',1" "T ' v : v , ;
I.-' IT CAST ! ,
j JVi(ONE:M.fli'!
1 N lault.an le found with it after
. iiui nvM w 1111 iiuv on armi who
' Will semi nm the endorsement of the
Post Muster. ' Agents wanted.
" . , 1KA JIAltT,
...v ,1 .. , I t'hii-ksburg, W. Va,
r'ornW and others t an see the
l'ost-llole Itorer at the KKquratB
Olllee. . . , , , j
Pbyaician and Surgeon.
AVill attend promptly at all professional
calls on most reasonable terms.
July DO, ltflj-tf.
Time Tables'.11 '
The "Old Rellablo" and Topular j I
7 Through Express Trains Daily
fy Eoulpped with Miller's Patent Safety .
I rutlorm, Coupler, and liuffor, and
y the Celebrated ...
Westinghouse Patent Air Brakes,
The most perfect protection against aec.
dents in tha. world, 1
, feS New and elegant Day Coaches and
two daily lines of Pullman's Palace KU-opiug
tars are run through from KANSAS
to Qulucy, Ualesburg, Memlota and
Witlient Change.
Also, adailyllneof Pullmau'sPalaco81eet
ingt ai-s from ATCHISON and 8T. JOHKMI
to Jacksonville and Springfield, and new and
elegant Day Coaches from Kansas City to In.
diuiiupolls and Cincinnati without chaugo
jftjy To teoure all the modern improve
ments in Railway traveling, purchase tickets
via the Hannibal A St. Joseph Suobt Link,
aV(lIl1illCF All trAnttrAra. fitrvlAH liaMasi
O " svisivs atsivt wiinuaca
of cars.
Bm" Through Tickets for sale at all prin
cipal ofttces. Fare always aa low as by any
route. iiSggage checked through to all prin
cipal points. - O.8. LYFOltD,
, . General Bup't.
E. A. l'ARKEU, Gen'l Ticket Agent.
Tllft frkllAwlne. mm ih. .1 i., , I
, . . " w v . U1.1M1W.-. nun iniv
froni Columbus, Ohio:
Miles To ... Tares.
ii5 Delewaro - .., t 85
40-Canllugton - . L,-. 1.4s
, (M Crestline .x)
71-Slielby .. K.BO
Wl N. Tjmi'nn - .OA
1111 Wiii' ... ';! . ' o'kk
-urea 4.4U
.-Cleveland-- 4.BO
1-ilarion r- S.rJO
llti-llellefontiane - a.40
144 Sidney - . - H.1&
m-l'nioii H.IK1
711-Mansaeld il.70
KW Allinnco T - - . , 6.83
104 Forest ....... 8.IKI
1 Lima ' 4u
liw-Van Wert - ... - . 6.0s
104-rt. Wayne ; .. , . 0.25
113 Siiiii1iiuL-t ............. 4io
101 Toletlo - ,. '6.85
210 Detroit - - . 7.86
SiMI-Pittsburgh ......t... 7.40
SOl-lIarrisburgh 13.00
(107 liiliiilnliihi ............ 1K.M1
(.Sti-Iiultiiiiure 15.60
SHI Dunkirk e.KO
Sa-ilutTiilo . - - 10.00
W6 Mnirara Falls ........... lfi.flO
84 Sarotoga --. 10.00
mi .-sew lor n.nu
iril-Boston via New York W).50
Hlil-Hostou via Albany i.0.50
dim i.iin.....i;u . . a on
liiU-C'lueinnitti , 4.00
io ei. ixiuis - -a- 10.UU
ti Kaunas City iiaOO
7M) I I'll n.il,nrl h I.Q IS1
771 Lawrence 80.50
nsj Toiicka - - :w.85
800-tit. Joseph M8.00
S4'2l lii,.U(T,i . It AA
i, iiiuivuuKee
448-Ittirlingtou 18.18
603-1'coritt I6.6t5
Ant llil . . Am
7MSt. 1'aul ..... 80.45
624 T.A I 'rnRun ... M A
700 I)ea Moines 86.00
624 Kock Islund - 17.WS
KS4 (IninliR Ml AT.
601 Cedar Rapids !W.85
679 Iowa City - - - ........... 80.60
230 Dunleith .... .... 10.40
o783-Sau Francisco - 129,46
The above rates of fare are subject to chang
es. Address
' ' W.FOttD,
Passenger Ag't "Bee Line," Columbus, O.
1 .. ....1 ...... r .1 .. it... n... 1 . ion ut..
vru null iuivc juouuaj.. Mil jk,vu, loll,
f rass Trains will leave Columbus and Crest
lue and arrive at points named below as fol
lows: tstutimis. ( NoTJT j No. 4. Ko.tT
Coliiiiilius. . .. II :10a.m. 4:10 u.iu. 2:35a.iu
Crestline ... .12:80 p.m. 6:85 4:60
Cleveland,... 8:45 :4 7:80
Ittttralo 10:80 4:iu 8:uup.m.
Niagara F'ls 7:00a. in. :45a.iu. 4:40
ItociiesUjr... 1:80 6K
Albany..... 0:43 2:00 o.m. 1:80a.m.
Ilostou 6:20 p.m. 11:80 11:00
N. Y. Ckly... 8:80 :80 0:40 .
CiustUuc-. . . .12:45 p..m,
6:85 p.m. 8:35 a.m.
1:86 a.m. 8:45 p.m.
11:85 2:40 a.m.
2:40 p.iu
8:15 7:00
Pi tt burgh.. :85
Ilitrrihburg . 7:15 a. m.
liultiicioru... 10:40
Wiisliingtoii. 1:10 p. in.
Crcstl inn . . . . 11 :30 p. m.
7:45 p.m. B :55 a.m.
1:15 a.m, 11:25
7rti0 :00p,iil
Fort Wavne.. 5:80u. m.
Chicago lililOp. m.
HI'tVNo. 4. loavinf Columbus at 4:10 n. m
him it Through Car via Delaware for Spring
Held, renchlugBprlnglleld witlient vliungual
1 :u p.m.
U'rnin mo, x, ou tne uoiuinoua . nocking
Vnlley lt'tilroad connect with No. 4 traiu.
Through Tickets for sale at Athens.
l'.VssKNtililt THA1NS returning arrive at
Culuuibusat 12:86 a. 111., 11:16 a. 111., and 0:00
a. in.
SOrPalace Day and Sleeping- Cari
On Alt Trains.
Nn. 6 leaving Columbus at 1:85 a. ni., on
Hunday, runs through without detention, by
both Krie and New York Central Railways,
arriving ut New York on Houday morning ut
6:40 a.m.
For particulnr Information in regard to
through tickets, time, connections, etc., to all
points Kast, West. North and South, apply to
or address K. FOUD, Columbus, Ohio.
K. 8. FLINT. Gen. Bup't,
' Geueral Agent, Coltimbtts, Ohio.
. ; .,- Passenger Agent. Coliimhna. Ohio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
This is the Short Line via Indianapolis.
' The Great Through Mall and Express Pas.
KOiigur Line to St. Louis. Kansas City, Ut. Jo
seph, Denver, Kan Francisco, and all points in
jm iKMiiiri, ivnusas ami oioraoo.
'l'lio shortest and only direct route to In
.iiii,,wiin, umiijvkKii iuiid ainiiii;. v-nill"
liridge City, Hpringlleld, Peoria, llurlington,
Chicago, Milwaukee, Bu Paul, and all points
lu the Northwest.
Tlie Indianapolis, Cincinnati A Lafayette
.11.... .....1;. 1 ......... - n- ii...
jwiiiruiMi, wiui ji. connections, now oners
passengers more facilities in Through Coach
and Bleenlnir Car Berrice than anr othen line
from Cincinnati, having the advantage of
Tiiroiign uauy .,ars irora Cincinnati to Rt,
IahI. T 1- 1. 1. n.
..will,,, u it ij . . iv. , uvi eiuecuii, anuria, uur
lington, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and accommodation! as are
anoriieu ny no other route.
Through Tickets and Uaggage Checks to all
HMiii.e. .
Trains leave Cincinnati at 7:80 a. m., :00 p,
ui. hiiu e.wir.iu.
Tickets can be obtained at No. 1 Uurnot
House, corner Thlra and Vine, Public Land
lug, corner Main and Hirer; also, at Depot,
corner Plum and Pearl streets, Cincinnati,
ite sure w purenase tickets via Indianan
ol is, Cincinnati A Lafayette Knllroad. , .
,, , U. L. ItAHltlNOKIt,
'' ' Master Transportation, Cincinnati;
j 1 , c.K. lokd;
, , . . Uilef Ticket Clerk, Cincinnati.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Idne to the Lakes aud the North
"' ' I 1 - 1 west, : ,; .... . , ,
1. i ; . As follows! ,
llnnart . ... TlAtiarrl ' I
Atlitins. 0:10a.m. 2:15p,t,M,
' Arrlv. . Awfn :I
Columbim..,,,., t:8fl a. m. '6:80 p.m.
Cleveland ' 4:00 p.m. '' 7:10 a. In. '
Pittsburgh...... 8:15 .A 1. , 11 :45 a. in.
lllfllnnHltfill. ... . K'Nl H, B'tO U
Chicago.....,..,., ":110a, m. ' 8:45 ..
Hirlng0eld... 1 :10 p. in. ' 7:40 p.m. '
Dayton . I u .1 ItW " ..
Close ronneetlnn made at Laneastor for Clr .
cloville, Zitiiesvllle and all points on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Kallroad.
iiirect connections mane at t oliimliiis for
Dlivton. HnrinKllelil. Indlananolia. (.'hleaen
anil all points West. Also, for Clorelaud,
Dnffalo, l'lttsliurih, and all points Kant.
anetnaiiocaing vauey ana ran Handle
ronte teChloaao and tlie North westi it Is tha
shortest by sixty-six mllos, giving passengers
the benefit of quicker time and lower rates
tnan 07 any otnor line.
. TV. uutust I, BUp'k
E. A, BviLLi Oeo'l Ticket Agent
r ' !!; 'I i ,;J x
Periodicals. , , , .(u
l! ! Vt!!. :. .. '' to :)',:
Tho 1 Great Achievement of tho
,,,, Ninetoontli century. .... ).
H :t:U 1-'f-rw !'' ;i;tl 11 1 ,
i , ,; ,; .u:.r ii ! ..
All the News and Full of
ll .'I I
Th Dailt Gairnio Is the title of a news-
1 1 : . . V 1. . . .h la
fioper, puuiivucu iu new iui.i , ....... ..
achieving the most remarkable Journalistic
success ever chronicled. It is an eight-page
evening paper (three editions daily.) elegant
ly printed, ana conuuctod'by tne am
rial talent attainable.
Asa iiowenaner Tin Duly Graphic standi
in tne nrst rauit, anu contains regularly ,
The Very Latest and Full
est News from all Parts
, .'. of the World. , '
Its great feature consists In the fact that it
Is not only a newspaper, out an iiuiHtraieu
newspaper as well. Four of its pages are All
ed with rhrilie resdlne matter teleirrains.ed-
itorials, general and local news, items, gossip
and corresiondeiice on the freshest and most
Interesting toplus. The remaining tour pages
ciasisi 01
T.intMl In tha mnnfc ianltless and arlstic
style, and portraying accurately and fully all
leading events within twenty-four hours after
their occurrence. Those who have mane
Journalism a study, and fully appreciate the
great enterprise manifested In tho collection
and nubllcation of news bv the aid of the tel
egraph, steam presses, aud the devolopenient
01 our journalistic . taient, nav. uvuu
fond of advancing the theory, that the
next advance In that Held would re
sult in a newspaper furnishing regular
issues pictures 01 an current prunnu.nt
events. That theory is a theory no long
er; the newspaper of the future Is tho newspa
per of to-day, aud that paper is Tin Daily
Graphic. Tbe processes which render this
marvellous achievement nn existing fact are
the result ot tlie most careful study and an
endless variety of experiments, gradually per
fected during tho past twelve years. They
depend upon improvements in lithography
aud tha application photographic camoro. liy
their aid a picture is engraved and made
reudy to print iu from twenty minutes, to two
hours. Costlv and elaborate plates, works of
aft, scenes of interest, are reproduced and
nlrtiinul forth with eaual fat llitv and the
most scrupulous fidelity. ' Illustrations of
leading events aro eagraveu aim prepared mr
tlie press even before the accompanying writ
ten narrative or desoription leaves tho hands
of tlie compositor.
For the proper practical worklngof so great
an enterprise, tub, uiiai uiij wjii aj a
was lorineu nas . ., ... 1
A Capital of $500,000 in Gold,
months and months before tbe first issue of
Ths daily Urafhic, the most extensive
preparations were maao, sua lo-uuy 1111.
liltAl'lilC tuurAK x nas . ; i , .
The Largest and Most Complete
Newspaper Establishment in
, ,'. the United States,
In the .great work of Illustrating the events
ot the day an extensive corps of the best
Known ami most acuonipiisneu artists are con
stnntly engaged.
The Daily Grafhio alma to be in its strict
est sense a newspaper. Striving always to be
Just and truthful, it discusses all questions in
dependently and impartially. It is not the
organ 01 any party, sect, or crueti. ji, is al
ways high-toned, and contains nothing to of
fend any taste. IU contents give it an im
monse advantage over the "old fashioned"
papers. The aunuai sunscriner gets .
a volume of twenty-foitr hundred pages, con
stitutinsr a valuable record of events and i
rrnnhin nanoi-ama of our time and nroirress,
It possesses not merely a local interest, but is
a paper for every reader of the language. It
is, empnaticauy, , . .
Tbe Paper for the Household.
Terms, 1S per year, or f3 for three months.
' Tbk Daily Graphic,
39 aud 41 1'ark place,
Jun 11-SmeAw. New York City,
.. .'..... i ' ' ' ;'
It Ih gratifying to us to inform the public
that Dr. L. O. C. Wisliart'a l'lne Tree Tar
Conliul, for Throat and Lung lisouses, has
f ;uined an envla!!3 reputation from tho At
sntic to the Pacllle roast, and from thence to
some of the first families of Kurope, not thro'
tlie press alone, but by persons throughout the
Mtatua actually benefitted and . cured at his
olUco. Willie he publishes less, so say our re
porters, he Is unable to supply the demand. It
iruiiis suu uuKts its reputation
First. Mot by stopging cough, but by loos
enluar and asslstinar nature to throw off the
unheultby matter collected about the throat
ami uroncniai luoes, much tuutfirrttatiim.
Second. It removes the cause of irritation
(which produces cough) of the mucous mem
brane aud bronchial tubes, assists tho lungs
h, act ami tnrow ou mo uiineaiiiiy secretions,
and otirifles the blood. .
Third. It is free from squills, lobelia, Ipecac
and opium, of which mosf throat and lung
remedies ,re composed, which allay cough
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing effect on the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic and nervous
regions, thv.s reacding to evory part of the
system, and In its Invlgorntlng and purifying
effects It has gained a reputation which ft
must noni anove an others in tne market.
i ; i
.i ' AND ; ''.'! .'"
. . . .' : ,.; '. i
''''',' ; ' " j tv
'' ' -i ,
Ttnlfl IV nnrlnn Mtlf I m m nA I aa a illwuii I ask 'ikuas
" O sssmsva asij iiiiiiivuiHiss uiltn.IUUi ilinj
ball not lotn their curative qtmlitlet djt tlio
'Mil-. ;(;!. fJ'.ri u. .j i j
Dr. Ia. Q. C Wisliart'a Office Parlors' are
open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
ironi v a. a. to o r. m lor consultation ot nr.
Wm.T. Mstroo. with him are associated two
consulting physicians of ccknowlodged abil
ity. This oiinortunitv Is not offorod bv env
vuier institution in sue our., , ,,M,
AU lotters m ust be sxblressed to
: i. .,;.( '.1,'I.J
I ... . , . .! ''.)., , ' .r I .r
No. 232 North Second St.,
Nevem her 0, lerrt . 4m
. , 1 J ...
Books W&ci :'Ax9 Bdoica.
.r 1 . I - L 1. . t A . . T I
I. nuraa wmun shuuiu urn luuna in vvnrr
brary within the resell of all readers. Werka
to entertain, instruct and Improve. Copies
will be sent by return post, oa receipt ot
New Thlsognomy j orj 6lgnt of Character,
as maniiesteo. uirougn xempermans ana
Kxternal Forma, and especially In the "He
man Face Divine," with more than On
Thousand IUustrttions. By 8, B. Willi.
Price 16.00. -
The Family Physician. ! A' Bead Pre-
surlber aud Hygenio Adviser. With liefer,
ence to the Nature, Causes, Prevention and
Treatment of Diseases, Accidents, and Css-
ualtles of every kind. With a Ulossary and
copious Index. By Jokl 8nsw, M. If. Il
lustrated with nearly 80U ICngravings. One
large volume, Intended for nee in tho family.
- PrlceM.00.
Bow to Character. A New Illustrated
tland-Book of rhrenoloiy and Physiogno
my, for Utudents and Examiners, with a
Chart for recording tr j slices of the Organa
of tlie Brain, in tb', Delineation of Char
acter, with upwards of 170 Engravings,
r latest and bos t. Muslin, 11.85.
The Patents' (snide j or Human Develop
ment through Inherited-Tendencies. By
Airs. Hkstkb Pkhblkton. Becond edition,
revised and enlarged. One vol. lilmo. f I.SU.
Constitution or InTan." -Considered In rela
. tion to Kxternal Objects. By tilOBOs)
Combk. The only authorised American WI
tion. With Twenty Engravings, $1.15.
The Hygienic Hand-Bood a Praetleal
Uuide for the Slck-Koonu Alphabetically
arranged with Appendix. By 11. T. TSALL.
One vol. ISmo, 800 pp. Muslin. $100.
,' now to Write,1' ' How to Talk." How
to Behave," and " Mow to Do Business," a
Hand-Book indieaensnble for Home im
provemsnt, In one vol, $8.9(1. , ,
Wedlikt or the Uiglit Kelatlons of the
Sexes. Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal
Beleotlon, and showing who may and woo
may not Marry. A Utildo for both Bexee.
Oratory Sacred and Secular I or the Ks-
temporaneous Speaker. Including a Chalr-
man's Uuide for conducting Public UeaU
' ings accoi-dlng to Parliamentary forms.
$1.60. .
Hanageroen.of Infancy. Physiologist aad
Moral Teestment. By Andkiw Come, M.
1). With Notes. $10. . ....
Medical Electricity. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing the most sclontlflo and ra
tional application to all forms of Acute and
Chrohio Diseases by the different combi
nations of Electiieity, Galvanism, Electro
Magnotism. Magnets-Electricity, and Hu
man Magnetism. $2.00,
History of Salem Witchcraft "ThePlaa
chotto Mystery;" and "Modem Spiritual
ism," .with " Iir. Doddridge's Dream," ia
one vol. Price $1.60. .
iEsop's Fables. The People's Pictorial
Edition. Beautifully Illustrated with near
ly Blxty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. Only $1.00. .
Pope's Eseiny on Man. With Notes.
Beautifully Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. $1.00.
The RightWord in the Right Plaoe.
A Now Pockot Dictionary and Iteference
Itnok. Embracing 8vnonyms, Technical
' Tonus, Abbrevlatlone, Foreign Piirases,
Writing for the Press. Punctuation, Proof-
- Beading, and other Valuable Information.
13 cents, ,' t i
Phrenological Bust Showing the latest
classification, and exact location of all the
Organs of the Brain. It is divided so as to
show each Organ on one side) and all the
f roups on tlie other. Bout by express.
'rice$S.00.: ,. . . v . i . i
Inclose Amount in a Beglstered Letter, or In
a Postomce Order for ono and all the above,
and address S. K. Wills, Publisher, No. 5M
Bindway, New York. Agents wanted.
.' A' Fine German Ch;omo.
''-'"fv ' AOINT. ''
- A3-IiCI'a WAIVO ron
- OR,
.MT iff os. r. Kiror.
04 Paces Octavo. ISO Fine Engravings.
Relates Incidonto and Accidents beyond
the Light of Day; Startling Adventures In all
parts of tho World; Mines and Mode of Work
ing them; Undercurrents of Society; Gamb
ling and Its Horrors; Caverns and their Mrs
terios ; The Dark Ways of Virkednesa; Pris
ons and their Secrets; Dowu in ths Depths ef
tlie Ben; Ntrange Stories of the Deteotion of
Crime. The book treats of experience -with
brigands; nights In opium dens and gambling
hells; lite in prison; stories of exiles; adven
tures among Indians; Journeys through Bow
els and Catacombs: accidents in mines; pi.
rates and piracy; torturos of tha Inquisition t
wonderful burglaries; underworld of the Area,
cities, etc., etc .
We want agents for this work on which we
five exclusive territory. A (fonts can make
100 a woek In selling this book. Send for cir
culars and special terms to agents.
aT. B. BVRB et HTDX,
BAHTKUtn, C0K!., or CHICAGO, Ul.
Great Industries
1800 pages aud 800 engravings, printed ia
English and German, written by SO eminent
nutbtirs, Including John B. Uough, Hon, I.eon
uf!?? JKi?rfr,J Ufffland, Kev. K. Edwin Hail.
Philip Ripley, Albert Brisbane, Horace Grss
lev, etc.
This work Is A cnmnlHta Mlv . .11 l.nh
cs of Industry, processes of msiiufature, eUi..
in all ages, it Is a comulete encvclouaiila of
arts and manufactures, and is the most enter
tain n and valuable work nf Inform.,!....
subjects of geueral interest ever offered to the
piioiic, n e give our sgentt the exclusive
ritfhtof territorv. Onsofnuranuii, vii.1 it a
copies In eight days. anoWior sold 8C8 In two
wees, uur agents in nartlord sold m in one
woek. Specimens of tho work sent to agents.
Address the publishers, J. Is. BtVBIt at
HYDE, Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111,
niarU-e&w. . . i
ISTew.j-iMusic ! !
J. L Peters. 699 Broadwavl N Y..
. r
And mailed, post-paid, on receipt of marked f
i iince. i i ' i i
,'i iii ;
Above and Below. Sacred Song.
Jnch. $0 SO
Back to the Old Home. Son and M.,.-"
r. . ' ctewart.
Beautiful Form of mv nnum, cn....i
Darling, Ween no more. ..Sous and tho,
- rus iilays.
Do not ,Wep so, Bister . darling.
Hong Stew am.
Don't forget to Write me, Song aud tho-
. u.h, , , VOX.
Fold v we ' : our .hands. . ' . Song or
Ik,, , n..n.ii...
Gone to the Heavenly Gardun. Bong
. t. 'iismoenam.
If yon wore I, would youf Song..8hattuck
f i.Ti i,V .'vl.,nl,w' pars, .etewart.
Little Blind Null. Bong and Chorus.
-Little Dan. Song and Chorus..
Ixird. lorever atThv Side
Dan Is.
Moot me. nnaalA. In tli IIaII . . Si.
, - - w...,, . vra wn, .
Mnoftliin. llnsnML with a tri.a ,.L.
Oh I (live me a Home la the 8outh! . Ilava! so
ay iiwr auroe. tne oen.'
Hays. $5
Oh, Sam I Hong and Chorus
iiayst so
Only for You I Ballad, ,. Delioux,
Our Little Pet. bong and Chorus. .Hays
Papa, stay home. Temperauoe Son sr..
Save one Bright Crown forme Havs!
We pray you Slna: that Bona. Dual.
1 - - i - . Dolphut 15
Win thou Weep when 1 am low!
- !. . v, waikn t
wPOLKAS.-Sonbsam, by Klnkel, U eta.)
Belle of GAratoga, by Victor, (ft ets. Mar
Flowers, by Simon, Wets. ' ,,
M A7.II RlT A a lw.t..l.-iJil.. nii. ma .
cts,i Happy Thoughts, by Walker,, 10 -at. I
Laugliing Wave, by WUson, Meufctauabeaia,
by lreaelier, 40:t. . . , ' . , '
vuuii, . aau m isuuie s uy asn-
kel, each Sit els. ).--- .
HlioiTist n va .i.i ti' I -
N ots.; May Morning, by Bohmldt,B0et.t Cuai
beam,' by Ilsjupel.SO eta.; aad Willie uy kin- )
MAitdiE.-Iielloof8sTtoga,r tr1 Bauw,.
bacli.4ttcts.:Mollle'sby Klnkel, IS ots...
wli.rh 1 1. -ii. k , .j,,,.,. .
Same's and Maggie'sVbr Klute,eaeh Hets.;
Drops pf Dew, by Allard, 40 cts; Suabsata, ty
Muae. 80 cts. . , ,?T
FO(JB HANpS.-Amt.ryUa, BO ctsf'Joeas
Polka, OS fts.l LSSre's Chase Oallopj 15 cU.
Praise of Woman I'ulka-MAauria all bf
Dressier. i ... . , i
UAUlFiT PIIffTO n.a At ii.. ,.,
- ... . v.... v, v.. ui, ma
kers, VV 11 sun, 15 cts.) love's CamsmM, Ilia.
k-i sn -i- . iff.w hi . . . . .1. . . .
mv.. I..-, , aimj .1 n.iaii ainiri, ev
Plalnte ties Fleurs. IWel, 40. ets Whlspt ring
Breesea.Wilaon.Unta. "
Any of the above malle.1. ioi.,.ad, oa re.
AMres.. "
saw. J. X PKTERS, BM Broadway, X. Y.

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