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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 20, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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How Much Will Keep a Horse.
A horse weighing from ton
to twelve hundred pounds will
oat about six tons of Imv, or'its
(HiVulo$t, in at year. ; Ami wo
snpposVjfiio rent point to ut at
is, wIh'Ukm one can ke) his
horse cheaper , on. m'o other
product than hay. -This is an
exceedingly. Ifflicult. question
t o an wer?-it ' dopen d so in ueli
on cii'euih'Stf-uccsi- ;We shall
not alfQuipf li) answgr it hilly
at th is fiii'iV,' but ' .wil I mere, v
say that, in our' opinion, three
and a half tons of corn stalks
and two and a half tons of corn
would keep a horse year in
...... i 1 .
fully as good condition as six
tons of good hay. We' may
estimate, also, that it wiil take
three and a half tons of oat
straw, and two am? a half tons
of oats to keep a tfofse a year.
A bushel of oats jtigbs thirty
two poonds, so that it'.yiH'take
over 155 bushels uWr.thfee afcid
a' half tons of stnfw to' keep a
horse a year. It, would take
two acres of good jivail to pro
Am. Stock
Hen and Chicken Rules.
. The following rules applica
ble to setting hens and young
chickens were contributed to
the Mobile Jlegister by a lady.
1. Never set a hen iu a
close box ; give her plenty of
room to turn about; she will
not do well if cramped or
,2. Always set her on the
ground i( possible. The eggs
will hatch best with the nest
directly on the ground.
3. Don't give a hen more
than thirteen eggs for setting.
1 know fifteen is the rule, but
experience has taught me to
consider fifteen just two too
4. Be careful to mark the
eggs, for other hens are apt to
lay in the nest with your setter,
and unless the eggs are pro-ply
marked you might not bo
able to identify the eggs you
understand .that eggs laid to
setting hens should be promptly
'.5.', Make a record of the
time when you set your hen, in
order that you may be looking
out for the hatching.
6. Some eggs will invaria
bly hatch a little sooner than
others. Remove the young
chicks at once, "and keep them
from the hen until all are
hatched. If you do not," the
hen will be likely to quit the
nest.i for. first comers, leaving
the iinhatched chicks to chill
and die.
7. Don't pick at the bills of
the little chicks in an effort to
remove what Borne people call
the "pip." It Is ' all right, and
will 'disappear as boou asnatife
5. Never udvrtake to tWil
youA j-t'mg heus-outho nest
jpjn,(?,.oiyfor their food. Th.ey
jjioJ stay off too lonfc. jW
VHO-WS; tthat nho is about
(kin li ot sure but the eggs -require
about the amount air
ing Ihey. receive while hen
istuVfor food.
jkpeo that the bits do not
tun" about' tod much whilo the
chicks pre. . yrt ' youug if; will
cftUji'rtvw. to droop and will
l9)ufcruM! give iheni a disease
(fj!cdraddles .'
Ji'lttiWii it would la flangor-
ft)Jf rt.tu: K)HHL'H!i the llbili-
lie covet;; it, in "always
safe .,.tf.-' coueeerate , those wo
-l IU- 11 I'"- ' - '
. ..in''.
.11. t.r.,,-Trr-
LWlo'M vvu'uld I'Hteem in vo
latile;' nfl? enpricious, psleeni
without , love in. laiiuW and
Democracy of o lr i o.
. -at- i ; :
Utiailnil, 'i'lialtlio l)niitocralii(iai ty s"oks
to .civivo no ilc. hi Ik.siu's, but hIiiiiiU by iJrt
ii nii-iHi'e, wiiii'ii iii-u Hiiuuii it nil miii'a ii im
. in inii-taino.i; it MiiKiru llio Koiltiiiil liov-
iM'lllili'llt ill 111! ta 1'iiitMt.iliil.iminl ii'.it llnf ll.v.
an. I ojiiiisis iiuliitlcutiini anil MuctHsiiiii. It
lii-U'ii.b tlu' romirvuil rlj;hU ut tun .Stati'i iui
tlin iicoiik', ami iiosi's (cuLiallaiion that
wmilil iuiialr op iliwtroy thi'iii, In iiiiIit to
maintain .mil mwrvn those riitliu It irmlsth
n kii t Im Htrii D construction til' tins 1'i'iloml
Cinisiitiilioii; it nwisU nil Httt'mitri ofoiKiilo
mrt iiiiu.t of tint (iovoi'iiiuunt to ihiu ii or ilo
slioy tlio (oiiMlilutloiiiil riliU or linlciiun
ilimi u of iillKM'doiiaitiiunits; it tiii)HiM nil in
Uiri't'iriico liy luw with private ulliiiiH of bun
iiiuH.s nf men, not i't'iiiiri'il liy the public iii'.icc
nl'iiiifi'ty, mid advofiitpx tho (jvoiuu.-it linlivitl
ual lilu'i ty I'uiinistont ith piiblicoiiU'r; it lie
licvc in tlici-iiiacil.y nf tho ictiilo lur m-lf-Kiivoruiiiviit,
niiilniioeK nil miivi'tv tiuilill
i iiliotn us ciiiiilitiiiiiH to tliu viiihlnl' stiil niTO
in1 1'Ultibility in hold (illlccj It favors IIU'ihI
la us lor the nutimilixntioii of Intviiit'ivi it
Insist ii)ion c(iialanil uxiu t liiHlituj to all m m;
It iippiiKi'tf till iiioniioliis. Hint ili'liles tbnt it
is v. il hin till! protim n of the (hivorniiicnt to
loj;isliition lor tho Imiiiillt.ot paitii-ular r!nn
Ob at llic u.vpeuso uml to th tlotrhiiouUil til I
ivst of Ihu i umniiiiiity ; it tlioioloro 0iiimok
tlicH.vstein liy n hlolFn nrtxa iorliin W thv
pinilt-proiliii inj,' wealth of the rotintry Ik ex
i itiiitcil from taxatioiu anil doiiiiiiitli 'iliat all
consunil'ioiial miiaiis Im use. I to rcniedy this
iiiltisnoe; it iiisiiii.ilnttottvtiiriirliiVH Khiwtlil
ho trained with n view lo revenue, nail not to
lax the eoiiiiiinnily Jor .tliu heneilt of particu
lar HiiliistrieM; iLitciiuiuizes tlicuvilHofan lr
leilceinaliUieili reney, but insists iluit in tho
irtiiia to npcuiu pHyi)ieiit.s;ctireilittll bi tiil.en
tint to seriously ilistnrlj tliu husinon ,of tliu
itiiintiy, or imjtiMilv in) lire thy ilelitor Wlass;
it iiirociuio tlio bjiietlU conlVirrD.J bv niil
voads, luitopjiiistM nil (..oAililniilliii otl ratl
rtiail iniiipaiiioH til prevent coinpetitloii ami
tliuit eiihaneo the e.istof tnins...ilalon; It op.
piiHOs all laws that :ivo to caiiltiil ami iiitvaii-t.iL-e
over lalmr: it requires lionestv ami a.:nn-
oni.v In uvory ilciaitnii'iit of tinVcrmiient,
Krilurul or Statu, ami it niiuIoiium eorrupfion,
whoever may bo tlio guilty parties It ii in
its very nature, anil as a necessary, ruiult of
its iirlnciplcs, a ptirty of jiroKic', uml up
polls all inca-siiies of worm Ninl' iimuovo-
mciit that are sanctioned liyjuilico na, caul-
lie linen oy sintnu practical wimIomv . 1 .
That tfui wealth ol'tlia ituiiiilrr lo
Hie product ot its labor, ami tlio best use of
capital isthutcivoD eniployinutit nml libeflrt'
wanes to Ihu iiroilueini t-lasses: Iiimicii nveev
just ineastire that tends to protect them tiniii
npiHTSHion, nml to linprovo their ouilition
ami iiiitniiy tneir calling doserves ami: re
ceives oiirsynipatliy ami 8iiiioit, anil that
wu (iii'dially ri'eu.iiineiul tlio coiwerviilive
re.snliilioii ndopteil at tho rvccfil NatioiiHl
Labor I 'outruns at Clevelaml, favoring nibi
ti alien uml co-operiilion.
IttMlvftl, That, iilthou(li ahrav count ilii
tin;' a larjtc mainrity of the Anicrican iicoile.
n.'iriciiliurists have never tloniuiiilial of liov
cniiiient, Stateor l-'ederal, nnv s,iej-iai jirivi-llei-c;
luive never, iiil'esteil Halls or t'onross
or Legislatures wii.li lolibvistn nn1 rins, hut,
on the contrary, have sull'oroil uniler discrlni
iiiatin anil unjust laws until I'm bem-ance lias
censeil to he a virtue: wo heivliy pledge uur
sincere anil honest cilorts to obtain for them
retlrew ol'arievanci.'s uml cipial anil cxackjns
lice. , - 1
Jtmali'td, That tlio nutilif lands thonlil lip
siuTcdly rucurved lor actual settlem, who w ill
dwell upon ami cultivate tlioin, ami that wv
will continue to denounce ami oppose, as we
have nl ways ileuounccil and opposed, all gifts
of such lands by tlio Government to iui orpnr
ated coin panics.
utiuirtii, I nut the greatest danger to five
iiislitations is the wiile-spretul ciirriiptiou
that threnti'iifl litterrtcstruction to iublie. vir
tue; when Crc.litMobilior frauds pass iiiiptin
irtheil; when those encairoil iu tlioin tire eleva
ted tuliiuli ollicial position: when seats In the
tcderul Senate are nouiriouslv piuTlmseil;
when vital sums of money uro wirruptlv eui
ployeil in popular elections; when nu army of
ollice-lioldnrs with the sanction of the Govern
ment use tneir olUoiul inllueneo to control
elections; w hen bribery of Custom-liuuso olli
cials Is an cstalilisheil us;i(re; when rinjfs of
pliindereis are tlio recipients of millions of
money apiiropriateil for public use; w lieu ol
licial ilelalcaiioiis urc of such fre.iient occur
rence as marcely to excite attention; when
Presidential paiiloiw relieve ilofuiiltcni from
ileservcd iiiinislimeut. uml I'reslilentlal 110-
pniiiliiients rewaril Croilit ilobilier ami sal-
iiry-urniiliiiix loiiirrassiiien. ami when t 'mi.
gressional investigation is gencrallv a white,
wa-liing itllalr, it is not strange that men be
gin toliiso coiilhlenco i,t -IVU institutions, nml
that the lamo of the grent Kepnlilic is tar
nished thriiughiiut the civilized world. To
remedy Uumo evils we insist tliut the reci'liits
and expenditures nf the (ioverinnent shall be
iliniim.-tiieu; tnat its patronage shall be cur
tailed ami all useless oilir.es abolished; that
il shall cease lo usurp function to which it
lias no title; thatollicial misconduct autl fraud
anil uorruutton in elections shall bo l iimmiis-
ly iiunlshed, ami that public virtue shall be
upheld, ami want of it condemned, liy the mil
ted voice of the people.
y.VW.d, That we condemn, without re
serve. Hie late act. of Congress graining addi
tional salaries, as unjust and linjusiilluliie,
uml demand it., immediate ami uucsindilional
repeal, mid -we denounce every member of
Congress, whether llepiiblican o'r Heniocrat,
w lio supported the law or received ami re
tained the nioney procuivil tlierebv; ami rt
especially denounce the condui t of l'lcsidcut i
(iianl in using the iiilluencuof his high pusi
tion for its passage, and nboso ollicial sina
ttiro in mil- il a law.
Jlrmilfnt, That the act of tlio President in
setting upbv havonet a Cloverinnent In Isiu
islaii.i. not cliosun liy her people, ami having
no title whatever to rule over tliein, was a 11a
graiil violation of her rights anil of the Feder
al Constitution.
ItmilMii, 'i'hatevoiv Dopartinxnt of (iover
tucut being in the lianils of the Republican
liarte. tllev an lllstlr resiuttisilile for rtio avila
ami wrong's in the legislation and adinlnlstra-
Uon ot w nicii tnc country complains,
ftW), That, under tho time-honored
Democratic banner, with this declaration of
principles Inscribed on its folds, ucemrau-n In
the iiinlliet, and we. earnestly appeal Ut patri
otic men of every elas, without rogunl to par
ly iiiiiih's or past diirerence, to unite with us
on terms of perfect eiun!ity in the struggle to
rescue ine (.oveininent man me luiiuls ol ills
honest lueii, ami redeem it from tliu flood nf
corriiitiou w liich thieatum its ruiu."
-c-.vro of Counterfeits!
.103 MOSES' feI"iSlS3cViiSL?I'8
Jrr 'jtemittly COTJVTWnTVTrTTK lUthmwt DrwjMS
the tSinuin Air th lAk Jl JL.l
lmrlmi. AU oit lira fotlklmi (milalionl. Tf
iiKNUiMC Pill tn nnftillnir la th.cor. of all Uk '
liamtul mid cUoeeroo. dlnun to hioh tli it !
o miUluliuDl sulniN-t. 'riiaiMUi.u.ll.V -1
if coll, lliNMiniialion, or duwwii. In
.ifrviiui. kjiil hniin.l A A...... 11.1 li
j ei
M oi
ii.i.l IsmUm V.l urns on ltcht trV? ,l,tf,B'!,,
ol His lluurt. llyslMlGnanil Wl-jtV . FuloiUUon
lira whoa sll othor metim rVtT. ""'""f
ory limvorlii , conuUn D'lnn V "?il IUloiMtll
u li. i iBoonsi tiiUunT 'luD unrtlul to Uic most
( iB iilnr in KiiIii nnn - n . .
ci ii: ls.nl. diteii 1. I'i.liT" ni'Fimich round
l.f i...: 1. l" , fVify th. ajmiiiHii.do not
ii'i.. V b Mat bf nton
limi'i iiJ8ri''OLn"' 4r'". Bimimuhitiii. Bona
1 iwiiii'- '"'""". liouw HmtiTiimo, la-
li .i"tm "', ".Iknln.. ., oh,M ,tl Uki
hil"' I1""""1' li" "0 wfairsil tohonlth that
JJ"1 ,foro itssiiilrrt. TiimnnF lsn In huni1.l.
P .""""j. .Ak '"' ilHYA N' l'l'l." N 1(1 W A KKItH.
! iT!,5,i7'!,1,,"','.,'2x "SE8, l'roprl.
jhctaw Annr.'M nEnrrr pijllb.
l'n-purs.l hj J. IARAN('IKlm,
, f"' S 4 'mb.rU, Pari. j
hnMPlll .rtiitiihlr rMininnilMl lirlh tntlr
Mwhuil l utmUyot l i.no. u Ui.vorr ls.it nMMl
l! RlLu5""""' wJ"",nt'h,or H.ininl Wmknmi
W.mlt M-inii: I ..po.lti In Ih. Ibliif 1 Nsrtou. Im.
Iilbly, mid ill Ih. chutlr UUu of LiUmm rlln.
tmin Al.onnsfiii Hournt I1llta. '(hrr bon U
1UI1.rrs111n.lir fall, anil h l u.sd ilh utonlnh
In; mico.... iMitli. Wlln tranuh l'h)lniii 4urinc
Ih. liiisl II rr. l'nililt nf Ailflr In - toi
or will I10 lout I'm tu aujr ililr. I'rlca Wiper
llox, Hnt hf mll, M-ur.ly ttalfl frvm tut isWr.
it 'en, on rscelol. of nrlr hv.nv arfrtwllM AMnt
,..-... ... m. isrs, in Hum i.anut 0T. (VKw SO
hfT m4 m maI ApilTiUCoanittlortotM
JDACirriulKO, MurM r ti.. .k.i t
rTl i rt myiirii ftiittrtrclfctlooiof
tv :thtiualriin, wltliilit
IrU-H 4UAtcrtl in prrWlffHtiX nn4 frTffuUo ul1ajirll..
bow t firfifrT tho oiniifilu,(i.
Tlit I nil liiiaroftUu work I iwt fcuudiHl ud iltlf
rurva.wlth nitnitrui ciiK' tvittgt, nu oohuIim valushl
Itiinr innt for ihono honraniiiir)il,ronunipkttnir
knit hjr, itxl RnlUtd ftlily tliotlh ItnuM.
UrtiMitalHi tht oirttnii fttftUiivf (rtttiMtn
tnr rnpntMlloli i firliwldp, kbdnhnultl litla tht prl
ttito UrBrf mvntf in it in4 ientlolhriitfhf)iit ititnilft
glnKn, ftfmhraritt TfrTlhlUR Ida ihMmI o f IH w
ti iitv Tiom that li vrth inwliigi ui mimIi tluii it
DutiHikitiiif tlln iii? vilivr wAth. , t
Hfiil lu nnv ftiifl 'rrmt nf iitt)t) for f I ft f relit I.
It.hviiK.Mo. '
ITotico to thi Afflicted and tTafortumta.
Kefiirt ni't'l.rlnt lf tint itaUirirnii qmrki wtit Hrlfertli la
mlill uicri, nr ilii( n? quark nkMIii pmit Dr '
Hutii' muUn itiBliur nliat; uilMiMir topUtf ,
l.lc jrniif rnodtiloii.
)r, Ituita 'wui'li'l ft rtniihl hnntt of lttilv-ira
rnniiin;! inlirM-4 hftHimvofl.it Mart Uhrtil4 mM
ft I I'tvtfoianra nf (III ftuntry IMl KuiflM,4 bt
ii)ii i iiri)iiillr or Itr iimll. un thcdUctMi nitntlum1 In
M wiriii, lilntiii nti'l (hi "Ion, o, it N. K.lfcth tlrMl, ,
b iiotn lrl HHil litatiywifl- I4)ni4t M. ,
whlrli a i tii-fl Hiiy (luHirliitlmi will bo
iirlntrtl ho lowr lliitl nil iruiy nil on I to Intro II
oin I 011 thv Kuvci)ich imuil hy I Ik
Medicines. J f
The many fviilenees ot cUraordinnry cures
that tiro ihiily reporled asell'ected through
Sarsaparillian Eesolvent.
Heady llellef anil I'erfect . I'urgntlvo l'llls. iu
wrii ten ti'Hliniunluls from till pails of the
world, surpass in wonder the most extra viigaul
miracles of euchaiitiiieiit, riiyslciiius and
mudical rami In nil count riiii prouiium e these
wonilerfu! reinedl''o n iii.VHlniy, that neither
theirs: ienccof analysis or eheniU al skill can
exil.'iln. True, these nuuliciiies effect the
most marvelous euros, and restore the dying to
life, and relieve the most wretched pain-suffering
victim of his tortures, iu from one U
u-ivify minutes, ami although they know some
of the ingrediontsof their composition, and Dr.
Hailway has published their formula (with
holding only two now ly discovered tools), still
hotli Krench, lierniuu, Kng'.ish and Amci lean
chemists anil pharnineeutists utterly fail wilh
I lie siiiae ingredients us prepared by llicm. The
grent success, which these woiiilcrf'ul remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in tlio great su
i ret nf combining tho ingredients lnge:hcr,
aflerexercisliigiliiuciire In selecling liio pure
Much wonders of Modern Chemist rv ns liie
Hl-:i,li;i'& IIAlUVAY'Sl'll.l.S, me willmut
paraUcI hi the History of ilcilicine, Tor there
iii'esiiineinllriuities anil diseases t hat are cim
slderediisiiii'inablo, andsuro death. Yelllic
most astoiinilliig cures have been made ihro'
these remedies of some discuses that have nev
er been known lo by cured bv medii inc.
fV KM.I.NH, TiuuoiH in tliu Woiim, Sloinm di,
Ovaries, Dowels, Height's Disease of the Kid
neys th ii I. have been pronounced Incuriililo,
Cancers, dcere. Swellings, SLinie Iu the Kind
lier, ulculoiisConerelions, l lcersiimlsoiosor
tho liones, Itickela so deeply ieated that no
otnr luvuicliies linve been known lo nuch
have lieeii cured by the S.Ylis.U' A till 1.IA N
(kmU h.M , aided by thul ! ADV UDI. 1
and l'llj.I,w,
I'alsvj'l'nhllvsis. Ilevl 1111 'l.tOI llo'f III l-.lllf.
ens a living deiiihilallv rotting aw.'iv of the
limbs and llesh Diabetes. InvolnnlMve His.
charge of AVntcr, Kuiigi iu the liladder (the
min-nr .-Mipoieou s uisease), tori uring ptilns
when tlisehargiug urine. 1C II Ml" MAT1S.M,
liUdT.NUUUAUilA each and every our nf
uieso ciimpimnts itiouuh hut a few of the
many oineritisenses, liadwaVsSarsaparillia!
Itesolvent has cured and Isiiailv curiugiii til!
parts nf the world.
in one word, any disease no mutter under
iwiiit iiaiue uesigiiatwl, that is nourished or
Increased by bud, impure, depraved, weal;,
thin, watery or poisoned blood can be cured
y ii.AiMi Ai n KAltbArAKIJ.I.l
IAN Itlv
Dr. Railway k Co. havo never elainifil ouu-
ii iiiiurciu parrot tnc etirnlivo Tli tues for their
'"""'"bed to theni liy the m ople
.......... , mem; jor near ill niitiit, oinv
such diseases and eonipliiints ns Dr. Kadwav,
aftersuccessful trentment witli llieii-reiaeiiii's
mew uiey woiitii cure, were enumerated hi
laeiicuiarive list, sot lint inaiiv of theexliaor.
diiiary eases Unit have been reiiorteil awaken.
edas uiiteli astonishinent In the discovery of
uieii- remedial agents as in those who bad be
reseueit rimu ilea th, nml made whole nml
Asniany peisous illserediled their exti nor
uiunry power, fiiuii the fael. or ih.de .lis,,.
poinlnient iu the use of other advertised ivme-
uies nun some iietteved it impossible for
simple niciliclnes inadu only from vegeuble
substances roots, herbs, ,v.c. sluuild possess
siu li niarvelous power. Yet llicv can leadilv
c.oinpieheiid that the simple grasses of the
llelil, after umlergiiin g the chemical proevss of
distillation designed bv lialuro iu thecow ami
i.iiiiiii,iiiiiiisnes ns wiiu inivier certainlv the
most abundant fat, caloric, or lieat-miiki'ng
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew nml bhiod-iiiakmg
CAinstiluents for the luiiiinn liodv,
Hut when those peojde who'llrst dotihl tlio
nllicitcy of lliesp remedies coiinneuce their use,
.... . ... i ..,,- iin-,1 most cnriicsi aiiviicaies.
Never has a medicine taken iuternallv, lieen
known to huve cured Tinimis, either' of the
onih, I tents, (Maries or llowels ; lot-knilo
has been the sole reliance in Hie linnds of ex
perienced surgeons; but Dr. lladwav's Sar
saparillian settles this question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian I'vsts and
rumors, as well as Tumors In. the Uowels,
Uterus, Womb,. Liver, Dropsical Kllusion,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions,
Tumor of 12 Years' Orow tli Cui eil by
Itailway's Resolvent,
ly:VKRi.v, SI ass., .Inlv is, !;-G!i.
lilt. UaIiWav: I have had tlvariaa Tumor
In the ovuries and bowels. All tliu doctors
said there was no help for it. I tried cverv
lliing thai whs recommended, but nothing
helped mo. 1 saw your liesiilveul and thiniht
I would try It, hut had no faith in it, because
I had Mill'ered for 19 years. I took six hollies
nf Ihu Itesiilvent. one box of lladwav's Pills,
and tise.ftwo botllos of your Iteadv ltidief.tmd
there is not a sign of a tumor til lie seen or
felt, and 1 feel bet I or, smarler and happier
than I have Tor 12 years. The .vorst ttijimi
wns in tho left side of the bowels, over the
grniii. I write this to von foi-Hi,. l..,.,o, ..f
others. You can puhlisli H if vou choo.-.i..
il ANN All 1. 10;A1,J
Kroni a Prominent ircntlcinun nml . . ; .
t'inclnnati. Ohio, for the past fortv wars aoII
know n to the newspaper publishers thro .rj,.
out the l.'nited .States:
Nkw YottK, Oct. Uth, iS70.
Dtl. llAHWAY Dear Sir: 1 am indue ..i lo-
sense nf duty lo the sull'erlng in make ii brief
siiueineiH oi me working or your hum jjuincon
myself. Kor several yean I have he -n allllet.
eil with (ouie trouble in the bladder mid urin
ary organs, which some utiiiiihs ng j ciiliniua.
u ii a iiiosi lerriuiy aiuicting iln .s,s which
the physicians all nahl wns spas nmilie sti In
jure in tho iirctha, us also Inllii! nation of Hie
kidneys nml bladder, and cm., n .i,..i,.
opinion that my age TI yenrs wcuihl nreveiil
my ever getting nidicnlly cuieil. I had tried
a number of physicians, and lfu tt ken a large
ipuiimiy 01 meiiii iiie, isjtli illlopii'liii. and hii
uiieotiailile. but rot no roller. 1 ii 1 ..1
nniumsiiiiiK cures Having nouTl in nde by vour
remedies; uml some four months ago 1 read a
nonce 111 1111: 1 iiuniieipnia riaturr.av Kvening
I'ostof a eurolmv ng ber cffce.t.vl on a per
son who hail loiig beer. Buffering as I had been.
I went light offttr.i gt sniue of each-your
jarsaiiaiilliaii B-esolvent, Jlendy Itelicf, and
Uegulnting J'diKimd iKiinnieneed taklnr
liieiu. In tlCfuo ,vi 1 was ijifiitly ixjliovesL
and imw'jel as well h- ever.
.1. W..IAJ1KS, Clmiiiiiml, O.
1 TJ A .1..I1..H ,...S Itf.lll.. H.,1.1 l.
FA" everywhere, nml at Dr. Itadw ny's, No. :J8
arren, cor. ihurcli hu, -V. 1 .
Cnri' the wnpH ralimln f.tini 1 toSUinlniitw!
Bi-KOT Ua 1MJUK nftiir r.liu thin
ailvertleineiit nect uny one fuller W illi iun
I n cure for every imiii. It wiih the flivt titul
U tlie only I'liiu lleuiclv Hint inxtiiully bIo.h
tliu muni uxrruclutiBirpuliia, ulliii h inihinmin-
tiiiiiH, nml cure -oiixetiiii, wlu'llivr oftli.
Limit". Moiiinelt, lioweU or iitbcr kIiiiuIm nml
oririniH, liy one niiilicatluH, in from one to
wirntr iiiluuli'H, Nu niuller bow violent or
f xeineiiitin tlie Jill III, the Itlieuinlitir, I'.i'il
rhlilcn, I nil rin, Crli)ilc,il, NemiiiK, Kcuinlglc
or pioxtrutcil with ilieuo uiuy suffer,
" Will RITuvd Inst.mt cnxfl;
Illlllliiliu.'illou of Ihu Kiiliieyn, liilliiiuiniitlon of
tliu llliiililei', tiifluinuittlion nf I Im . liowi'K
L'vngi'Htiiin ui till' J'liiijfH, f-oie Tliriitit, J'Jtll
cult Ilrcnllilnp, rnlil!ntlnn if tlie lfeliil,Iryii.
ti'llcM, I loll 11, Hiillierill. I Hlill'l'h, 1 11 II 1 li' ll .H,
llPliilnclie, 'r.Hjlhacbu. NiHilllili, Khuiiiii
tin, ( ibl, ( IiIIIm, Anne ( IiiIIh. ' ' . . ' . .
The ,iiilicnlinii of the llcmly llelicf In (lift
pnrt or juittx wlii'iu the uiin iir ililllctilly
A will nll'iii'il ciibc anil I'liinfiirl.
itO Drop 111 lmlf tumbler AVulerwIII.
In n few luintiliu, cine ( iiiniiw, Hiiihiii, Motii'
WIoiiiiii.Ii, Jlenrlliiirii. Hick llei'liiHie. l j 11 1--rliu-n.
liKcntcrv,1 ( ullil, Wiml Iu Uic ilvwuU,
ml nil Inhuiinl I'iiIiih. .
Ti'iivclui'H kIiiiiiIiI tihvnVH ciii'iv n hoilleof
IMilwiiy' Itcllef Willi Ihcin. A few iIiiiiihIii
unlec will iiri'viuil rickiicHii or puliiM iroin
cIihiikc ( v tiler, if In better than Krenili
llrniuly or Hitler tin 11 mliinilitnt,
Fever nml A(iifl aurtiT for Su wmIh.
"l lier N nut a renieiliiil iiirent in tliln worlil
Hint will I'll to Kct.ij- Huil- Agiui, Hint till Hint
JlnlHriium, llllliotiH, Hcuiiit,Tvililil, Yellow
nml oilier Kcvor (nlilcil bv lliiilwnv'n I'IIIh) ho
Itilck uh Itiulwiiy Huuily Itcllef, UI cenln ier
Perfectly InnUdesx, elcKftnlly conU.L fur the
rorof nil dlMirder uf tlie HIoiiircIi. Liver,
HuvrlM, KldueVH. llliulller, NervoiiB IiIkckhcm,
Jlim.liii lie, ( omLlpiitloii, ;ostlv'nwv In. Hire.
tJoii. IM il'pHiii, IIIIIiiiihiichh, Ulllou Fever,
Jiilimiiimtliiiu of tlm HowoIh, I'llen uml nil do.
iiiiiKeineiitof t Mluleiiiiil HHcuru, aimntucl
lo I'llcel H iiomIIIvi1 enn'. 1 .,..
I't UKI. V Ktih 'IAlil.K. (oiiliiliiiiiK no
'Mi'reui'V, .MlnernU, ur ili'lelcihiUHiliUKH, , -
fit'iV") ilMi'i vr Ihu folliiwluir HymptniiH r
xiililnir from dlxi-Hi'ii of the illiri't I vn iiiirniiH :
I uiiHlipiitloii, iutviii'd I'iliM, r'nlltuw nf Ihtt
piiihiii to tnu 111 nu, AclUlly or Ihu sIuiiihi Ii.
Niiihiii, llelirlliiiril. i(iihI fur fond, hull'
.... j.i. u...!..!.! 1.. II... I'll ..r n... u 1.
r.wlinuiln: i thn llvrnj, Jlunliul mid illllletiW
llrciitliliiir. rliilli'iiiiK hi llir I leu it, I link In k
sir Hiiffiieiitlnir rieiixiiiliin u lii'ii In 1 v In lt rut
in re, IHnilienlif' A'lfllin, Hot Or Well bi'fni'1'
.Ibi'HIirbt. r'ev.'r nn.l Hull I'tiiit in the llcn.1.
Jlclh lenuT In l'eriilrnllon, Yiillowncof the
Skin nml r,yp, J'ltln In th Ninn, I bout, Minim
nil Su.lrleu. lnh nf iMMit, llnniliisr In the
l'Jeh. ,A few sloxwnf Ksulwiiv1 I'lIU will
l( im.5 llm. ,yU)ti from uil Ilia aim tllHonUiri.
. 1'rlM 83 Cent r Jlox.
UA II WAV A1I..B1 Wnc.on tnr ( In h HI
r....i. . .v r:
i.-w .0 . 1 . a- 1
ar Uciul riil nnil True. Semi una lutlri
tuiu Ul UddwH A Co.. No. IU Warren, cor.
'(liuni'Ji St., X. Y., lufoiiimtion win III tliuuti.
maMM M'lll lill uillif full
ill l I MecUcinetf.Jt 1 JI'C
. ; liiij!jirinii,rr ii .ax
No Pcirion enn take theao Blttcra accaril
111; to direction, mid remain long unwell, provide
heir bone lire not dettroyed by mineral poison or oth
neant, and lbs vital organ wanted beyond tin voiii
f repair. . .
Uynficpala or IndlRottou. Headache, P.i
ft the Shoulder, CoiirIis, TishtneM of tlie Cliest, Di;
tines), Sour Einctaliona of the Stomach, Had Tast
n the Moil tli, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
lieart, Inflammation of the Luiiks, Pain in 'lie region
if the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful synipioint
ire the offspring of Dyspepsia. In these complaint
jt has no equal, and one bottle will prove a Letter guai
inlreof it merits than 0 Icnciliy advertisement.
For Feina! C'oniilrtlntii, in yniinir. or old
WUiTied or single, at the dawn nf womanhood, nr lb
turn of life, Ibeso Tonic Hitters display so decided nj
nlluence that a marked improvement is xm penei:
jble. .
For Inflammatory nml CHronlu Rlieu
mntiim and (Jnut, ltilieus, KeiuitKiit and Intel
iiitii.nl I.Vver. IJis?.ises of the lllood. l.ivel'. Kidiicv
md liladder. these Hitters have no equl. Such 1)U
se arc caused by Vitiated lllii"dt wliiji Reueralj
iroduced by derangement of the DiResliVc Oriyns.
' tfliey luouticutlo Puriruliv n well nj
s rri.ulc. noHscssinz also the Peculiar nietil of ncliu
is a powerful aRenl in relieving Congestion f Inll.aul
nation 01 me i.ivci nnu vuicerui vigniin, ' ooiou
For Skill IMsoaHru, Eiuntioni, Tetter, Sa
Hlieiini,l;lotclio, Siols, Pimples, Pustule, lloils, C'ai
lunclea, iviug-worins. Scald-Head, Sore Kyes, Kiy
lipclas. Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration of the Shin, Humor
tnd Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or natiiri
ire literally 1I11R up and carried out of tlm system in
limi t time by tlie use of these Hitter
Grateful Tlioimnuil proclaim Vinfcak till
fEKS ihe most wonderful Invixorant that over siistaiue
he sinkinc svstein.
f WAI.KK ft, I'nip'r. 11. II. McDOXAr.n & i O.
prupKistu ami (!n. Agi San ("rauciMO, C'al..
ami cur. 111' W.i-liinUtn am! Charlton Si., New Vork
' 1h YMirnofTmbl
if fit lir,. proved Dr.tJnioK
Wincoi Tar tiiliiweiiu
' merit tlmii uuy plmlb
' lircpnraUoueveron'eroU
tlio public. It In I'leli I
Ihemcdleluril qunllllcS'
Tnr, end uiiMiunlexl f
dlHenscs of Uio'l'liront
I.nnirH, performing U
Vnn.l n.,iinrlrn)i1a(nriia.
"S Aitiwtiifillv cures all Cou'
t$j?3 Broucbitls, Unit
ilr &?.' ' I'u lwctt pronounocdl
opocllio lor tlicso cop
plaints. For Fains In tli
Itrenur, Hlitn ir ItucI
(irtivci or Kidney ill
nry Oi'iruns. Jnuiiillc'
or nny Uver 'oiiiluiB
It hn.inoouuul.
,t la also a unjierior Tonir,
BrstorvK Im Appcliti
Strciurthoiis tlioNTHtt'iii.
fteslorw the Wuik nnu lctiiltnol,
'nuncs tliu r'ooil ls IIj:hi
Icuiovcs Dynnciislu nml Inilic'iioi
f rcvn(it liliilitrloua H-'ovcC
Qlvca tone (oyourbynteui.
1 An ,ho lical th of tlio eystfli
?r5) will follow. Ulioro i'i uprninn
tion cl Iron ami I'oivc ltoi
more eflectuul tlinu till oUier
vhich will removo from yoi
siysU'intlin iuipnru oinl vltuUi!
blood wlilch ciitiHentlinciiHU, 1111
nt tho wunoti inn build up yon
lionltli unci Rti'cugtli It iirvo
1'nils to cure. If vim luiv
K.rnfiilni. Knriif iilou: kiIhoiii
RiwcLS' or ttio KycH or l.nra,
t'Ji. Kcrotnlti ill nny form. Tpi
nl t, - :-. 1
tor. Whllo fiwelli iir.
DnurcH. Licrrs, til crruiiuuil
rffj Iiillnminiitlon, yon can ivl
on lioiurt eti ii'd with this nretiii
rntlon knowu as llr. t'rook'
'otnpoiiitil fiyi'iij) of I'oli
Hoot. IthnniitntiKiii. Inln
Jil I,lnibr ktosii'ii. 'militn
lotions broSiciiiliiun by Mottti
FrM or other polnons, nro nl
f fttrorl bylt. For W.viiIiIIim, a
nyiiaiiiuo muss, ui.-ie isnoi t
In.; enml to IU A Irinl M il
irovclt. - . ,
Beaallfy your Comjilcxlou.
Xo rot nsmmlnt or powder, but crt n mm
Parmnnent beauty by iimllylng i niir Ii .m,
tils prepnnitlon of Iron mill i'01.0 tern
auilrfsaKiuliuiiil sculyBkiiiKofti;:,.!..,!. .....
MumireH Ihut kq low coiim oxion M 11.. . t
aHNhiicssnnd heiilth, ntul loinovu nny t.i iip
iivoiisiiaiiOiioi ineNUiii, a'titi. i-y. 1 r..
tuloit, JIIotcliPN&i:riiplUiiH. i:imI v. .
2rook' Compuuutl Bymu of I'oiio
".7 m rvsr-stMswr fsrr.l'ws'i;.
. Of Coiumbu.s,
Is 6ii(jA of tlie it'st. iiiiuingei
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
rtsjionsible company.
'Jis.ss prom ptl atlj ub((1
without li'tisralioi). ''' '' r;
V H. 0.. JOKES, Aclmv i ;
.,is .1.1
- :t- v ,r i 'v
A W..f VI . I H'. i .
t iv t -i '.. m t . . .. .
I'lili'iiU'ii nml Mniiiifni'liuvr ofij.. .
! r, it si.';.. ,'. i ''' i" "! W-tavsr
! Improvcil i 4i..j
Head !D!oc!:s,' toit-llolo BorcrsVito.
. . ' J ! o m V( i
I i. ,j . " 1 .I... in
I LAHKSiHI'lin. IV f.KT I V ,..'! b
: j.' i-i...Ui'.V J. ,' ..i-mnHSi4
' TtlK Wrint r.MIII. Ih'Iiiu imrlnlilr nil" ert
Imu k'rivuir, tu4 mm-' i . . u cl
. i j j,' . 4 . . ., rill'
Ami die licwl lill ever iniuli' for till l,lt.l.; of
gi'llllnri-uii l)Aol-lly let icIinltoHnn At 111.'
or liny, oilier i)unu-, uiut . tvarr.ilitcil sirjiul
Hour iuehiMi?iil.f- u Mi;nitn ifji tv nl
gifiiior itt: of !) llrau iii dth Mill.
Wftli'iut licltflif uf oilier ilinaiiTly-thi'
nelxbt lielnif 1,1'W imrrnrl". iici'iiH lni( onlyH
fetft wjiinru tin IU. Hour. Will gi liul HO to Ut)
IiiihIiuIii imr hour, ill' iwlliln thii tir iIuvh. IIsii
MilliloTd uoljiiuve a.itlnl'iu toiy, it 'mm' b
uiiino, uikj inoii.y KtMi iniiiHr)ferLuiiltiu.
. .. .. . j. . . . . . i it - .. .
! trlinrnnliwl In in:in fAiiri'ld.li'il (r)
y'lniriif nny uthevfiloei 1 ii-Arli fniv
41 i.i : ; :i . i . ... . v i.i. i
jff ' "J ,i.. n i ol I
j i . 'No mult enn Ih l.inn.l with it nfivr
W ' t Inb i tm to any unit An telnl wh.
n win Mni. tut ihu enilwiwiii'iil ut Ui
"PhhI lnMir, AtreiMi wmitoilt
.' mii. Jiu 1IA HIV '"
Hi n.!i im... i HirWuurH, Wi'Tlfc'
..I M .II
I Ti. M C.'
j.ni .. ....
ma ! . . . i
I'liriliuis ud nUiers cull m4 Ihu
PoMt-liuU Hui'vr..nkih(iv Jnhiiih,;
OUIitoi, , ,,. , , ... ,,, . ,...,,,.,
ti ,.,,i. ..'.i I i
- .usiixn!. ju-tu jj. .tausuuiiJi-wma
)tl rniNTl.Vf) or ovury ilPHi'f InUntf n A(J
ly Aiul promptly uxutuM tit llil oillcu.
' ?!k -
SIM Mltbi
mi . b".t
I lie 1
a m i-
NniVMptiir, Hook uml .Joli
Printing Establishment
ovi-ioii 1
Seeiill.lSloiv CuM'tM'r llllil.liii);, illttlli SliHi'l
.Me A Itl'lll It, lllllll.
Hit.' just becaeli'tliiicil ftuiii :l 7 col mull (null
H-i'oliiinn 1 ui per, uml i.lolliel Iu new type
thiiiiihiim, ciiluiiuiK will bu ilevotuilto
General News of the Day
(iivluif .1 synupsin of t'vetiu 8 tliey oiUMif.
The intepisti. of our low 11 ttiid ciutnty will ro
ceive p.'triiculiir niie.ition. it will.' as Ucnv
tiifiii t', im
OK SK N'T I. Mi: NTS ill i.jrnnl to tnu riuht of
the pi'iiple of Ibis count rv, uver iippmii T Ui the?
"The Christian Witness"
The Orgnn of tbu Ibilstlan Union fieiiouil
( niinciliif thul. iiiU'il Situtun, m riled published
It'iini tin; 1.111111' olticp.
Having punliit-cl now typo ami nuitctliil
for our
JOlt DEl'A k T M EN T,
M' tire pivpiiieil lo 1I0 nil kliiahiil'
General Job Printing:
In tlio iH-ntvut mid lilrhet myle nf the ftrt, ami
At ICcniiioiiable Kntcn!
vou . i.s iu'r
'i . ' i i
'-i , 1.1. I
i'AMrni.r.ts, ' '
HM'll' I.ISTM,
HAI.K 1111,1.
HrillTISO TAflS.
VISITINO l.'Altl)s,
! t 1
HHirprvo t'Aitiw,
CALL C.AItllX, '
Excutod' on Short Notice !
II !! ii If on Vou Work.
..i i
I :ti ,1 i l
; ; .i.'w. bowen,
MeArlliur, Ohio.
time' Tables.
... I i 1:1, 1-. I Mi .1- , , ..1.'"
. ,.i to all rjtiNCirAx ioint8 -
Tho 'oUi Uollnblu" (tmU'iipular
n Through Express Trains Daily
A Kiiuippcil wltli Miller's i'ntunt SiiiVly
I l'blionii, Uiuiiler, uml lluirec, nml ' 1
tho Ct'lubrntuil
Weetinghouso Patent Air Brakes,
Tliu most perfect protection UKiiinst tluul
dents In t!?i worlil.
tfWKt'w mill I'li'.'imt Dny Cotiches nntl
two dally linen of l'lilliuan's l'nliice Hleoiiinir
t ni'H hid run tbriiuiili li'iini KANSAS C'1'1"
In ijnincy, Uiiledhurtf, Mutiilutu uml
Without Cliaiifio. '
AI..O, a dnilr lino of Pull niitn'b 1'aliiei) Sleep
ing t'HiH from A'lVIIISOS uml ST. .lOSKl'JI
to.iiicksoiivillviiiul Spi iiife'llohl, ttild uuw iiiid
cli'tf.'int Dny l oui li.'H iV.nii Kniivni City to I11
iliuiitipuliH 1111 1 ( ineiiiniiti wiiliout cliu'iiuc
jjii,y'p0 secure nil the nitiilein linprovn.
menu In Hiillwtiy ti nvelintf, iurcliae tickels
t ill lllO II ASMU.lL ,t ST. .1 OMF.PII SHORT 1.1NH,
uvi.l.llii till tran.-IViH, ti-nie und cliango
of cni'H,
fcay Thronsrh TlfVOts ltif Sltld n( nil pvin
isipttl ullieu.1. Fine it!ays lis low nsbynuy
route. JiAkh'u checkeil lhiiutu;h to till prin
cipal points.. ? , (). H. l.V f(jlll,
(leni'ial Sttp't.
lv. A. l'AUKKU, (jen'l Ticket Agent. .
'Ml, . .
J he I'olliiwing lire tho illvlttum'H nml fares
fioui ('oliiiubiiH, Uliio-
Mile To
a Dclewure
40 I'uiiliujrtoti ......
M tlnlion - - - -- -
ftl-4'riHtlino - - - . -
tl Shelby
!M-N. Ui'mloii ------
llil Wellington - ......
K'5 iiereu
lH-t ieveliind
IK Marion ..... . . .
llil Jiellefoiitinnu - - -
U-t Sidney
Iii I nioii .........
Hl-iMaiiBllelil -.
HW Alliiincu - - - - . . . .
lUI--Kori't - -
;;. I-inia . ......
111'.' V un Wert
llil I' t. Wiiviie .. . . ,
11:1 -snnilusky . - - - .
IU1 Voliulo .......
-'Iti-llelinit .......
V.Vi I'ttl ibitrifti - .
Wl llni:sbui-(,'li - . - -WiT
lMiiladelphiil . . . .
Mi Itiiltinuiro .....
!iWI luuiiiirk . - - . ...
U'.'l lilt it'll 1 0 ... - . .
til.V-Ninjf.irti FiiIIh - - -a.'l
Stiiiitoirii ... . --
141 New Vbrk - - - - -
Uil l'iilon vinNcw Vol
Hill lloslon via Albniiy
INS lllililllllipnli . . . .
!MI I inciniuiti ....
4'AI-St. 1 anils -
M'l KiuiKiist'lly
".'ill IjCtivenwoitli
Til l-nwri'iico
TIKI Topckn -
mm st. .itiM.pir
IU-.' Chictio .
4.J7 Slil wtiukvo
ItS litll'lillgtou
.'itKl I'eol ill
IMI-St. l'lttil
.I'M 1.11 l'iose
TIKI lies Jliiinea - -
u'.'l Hock I.ilanil
Kll Oninlui - -
r,lil-t'cdiir UnpliU
5111 lown City - - -
i:XI Duiilcith - -
5eJ-l-Sau r'riuioltco 1 - -
' Vh re.
, . . K,
. . . S.Oo
. M.M
. . i . . . h.m
.. !..Vl
- ','.t'0
...... a.iu
...... ti.lkj
. - 'J.70
. . , . ri.sfi
.- Il.lill
- 11.30
. - . . 6,'tt
..... I.'I.IKI
..... 15.50
- 15.fjU
. . 9 .m H.H)
...... 1(1.(10
1 j.no
k Vtl.M
. . .... 10.50
........ a.w
. ... j lli.UO
......... itl.uu
, H0.5U
. ai.SS
01. 4ft
.. '.'0.S5
.. jW.50
are subject tiu'litintf-
The above intos ol' I'uro
OH. Alllll'CKH
J'nsiii'iijrcr Ag't "Hoc Mni'," l-'oluiiibiis, .
On nnil nfler iMonday, Mity SHth, 18T1, Kx-nri'-H
Trains will lenvu ColttiiibiH nml ( rct
line uml arrive ut points miuicil below un fol
lows: SilltlllllK.
"j Sn. 4 I N'u. 11.
.1 1 :ltl rt.
4:111 p.111.
2:0!l n.ni.
11 :au
i'M't u. 111
.1:110 p.111.
l:.'Mi a.m.
( ikntline ... ! !:! n.ni.
li'vcl.ii.d.... 11:15
r.iuliilo .. ..lil::(l
Mitirtii'tt K'li li:U0a. 111.
IlocluU'r . . 1
Albany ... 11:45
UiiHtiiu. .. & : hj 11. 111.
N. Y. t.ily.. 3:)
IroMlllue... .!!: p,
6:83 p.m.
IM a.m.
:4U p.m.
:M3 a.m.
8:45 p.m.
S: W ii. in.
fltuiiuiKii.. u::ia
llnrrisbinc . 7:15 n. 111.
Illlllllllole... 10:10 .
WHliini.'toii. 1:10 p. Ill,
i'lillu.h'lphllill:15a. in.
Crvstliiii .. 11 :30p.m.
Fort Wayne.. 5;:K)ii, in.
( blui U':IOp. in.
7:43 p.m. 5:55 n.ni.
l:15ii.in. 11:V5
7 :'.'( 11:00 p. in
tNu. 4, lenviiifr ( olinnliii lit 4:10 p. in
ban ii TIhoii-Ii ( ur vin Deluwnro forSprluK'
Hold, reucliiiig Kpriiijilleld williout cliunge ul
7:'.0p. in,
Tiniii No. t, on tho l.'olumbits A IIocUIhk
Valley li'iilroml connect with No, 4 tiniii.
Tlniii;li TjckctN for Kitlo ut Athenn.
I'ASsK.NGKIt TUA1NS ifturiilng arrlvu nt
(,'iiliiinbus nt l'.'lO a. in., 11:15 u. in., nml 11:50
ii. in.
8SrPalace Day. and Sleeping; Cars
Oil AUTiiilii. ,
No. II lunvluir l.'oliimlnis at t'M a. in., on
Suiulity, rim tliiuii.'l with. nit iletelitlon, by
IkiIIi hue tiinl New York entrul ICuil wtiyrt,
lu i ivlujf nl New York on Mouiluy niuriiiiiK ut
:40u. iu.
r'or ii.irtlctiliir Informiillnii iu iciriu-il to
lliiiiuitu ticket", time, con licet iuim, uic, to nil
point. K.i.t. Vcl. Nurtli nml South, Apply to
or ui hires K, l'(llll), C'oliimbiH, Ublo.
K S. MilN'f, (lcn.Hip't
Cit-iiorul Agi'iit, Uilinnbns, Ohio.
KlTllKNii FOItl), ,
. lHini.iiirir A rniis. I iIimhImim, Ohio. '
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
rhla la tlm Short I.lno via Indliiiiupoll.
'I'lu. liiVut Thitiiiuh Mull and Kxiiiinm Vu.
soiiL-er Line to St. I.ouIh. Kiinsa I ily, St. Jo
liuili, lieiivei'.Hnu V'riitic.lsco, mill nil jioltit In
MinKiittri, Knu.iii. and l olorado,
The li.irtci-t uml only ' ill root rnitln to In
iliitiiiipollH, , Jjiirayutlu. Turru Iliiuto. (.'inii
lirld(!ii t.lty. hpiiulleld, Peorln, itui lillit loll,
( bli iiii, Mlhvillikce, St. I'tiul, limlitll poiuU
In (.liu (NurUiwiwl, . - ' , i
Hiu I in 1 in 1 1 it i j 1 1 x, I liulniintl A I,nfvetle
Itallrnnd, wilh 1 1 x I'onniwtloii, now ofl'um
piKKcnuer ihiuii I'liellllie In TliroiiKh t-'omdl
A ml Sleeilii(r I nr Scn'lco thnn nny oilier line
ri on t Inclnnnll, luivliift tliu adVHntairu of
'Ih roil I'll Dully Cur from t I IH'I n lint I to St,
Units Kilnsn ( Ity, St. Joseph, I'coiIh, llnr
HiikIoii, ( blcnito, Uiiinhii.Hiiil all inlcrinoiliiiW
polnls, iircKi'iiliiiy to I'oloiilnlH uml Kuniilicii
Hlli'll cuiniinu mid itccmuniodiitliiiii H lire
llll'nrileil by no othor i onto, .
Tliruiigli TlckclH nml lIuKKHKoC'lierkl to (ill
iiolnis. ...
i'riiliiH leuvc cincinitiitl att:W a. in., 3:00 p,
in., nml U:00n.ni.
'flcketH en n be oblniiieil nt Nn. 1 lltiruet
lloue, coiner 'riillil nml Villi), I'llblle l.llnd
In sc. curlier Mitlit nml Klvcrj aluo, at Depot,
ci nncr I'luiii nml I'carl strcelM, (.Inclnnntl.
Ilnmiru to puri'liuKO tlekel via Inillnniip.
nil, Cliiclimiiil A l.tilnyrllu Itnllroiul.
II. (.. IIAUIll.NliKK,
Minder TuiuHnoi tut Ion, Ciiu'liinnll.
( . K. I.OltD,
Ciller TicknK'lcrk, Clliflnmitl,
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Hliort I.lno to llm I.fitm mid tlie Norlli
, lint
I lei nut
Uil.i I
h::xi p. in.
1:10 ii. in.
11 :45 a. in,
7:40 p.m.
V:UU " '
Alhuim ...... ,
Cliivi'lmul ,5
I hit uo . . .
liny tun
.'. 8;IUI,II
All III!
il l.Ti II, III,
,. 4:01 M' ui,
,. H:U "
:M "
. II:H0 n, iu, ,
, I :lil p. in,
, . i an
4l)sn t'ouiii'clliin in hi nt f.nncnsler forClr.
I'levllk', .uni'HVllli Hiul nil iKillit iiiiIIibCIui
r I mi ii 1 1 mu MunkliiKUlii Yiilluy It I Iron. I.
Direct rniiiiiu'tloii niiulii at iliinihu fbf
liiiyloii, HprluKllohl, ludlanapoll, ('IiIcwku
anil all lmliil Vct, Also, for Cliivelunil,
lluffiilo, I'lllHliurifli, nml nil miIiiI Kt.
i 1'u ho tlio 1 1 or kiu K Valley anil l'nn lluhdlu
loiitii to( lllcnxouml thn North wcm( III Ilia
ihorti'Ht by slxly-nlx miles, givliiK pmuuiiKun
tliu Ikuk lit of iiili:knr time nml lower uli'i
lliuu by any otliur line.
.1. YV. DOIIEUTY. Hup'l-
K. A. IK'FXL, (ifii'l Tlckot Aollt.
ilia..- periodical 8r'
Tho ' Great1 ' 'Achievemont of the
' - Kinoteenth- Century. 11 '
All the News and Full of
i Pictures. : ; i
Tim Daily tinxi-nio Is tnnllrlo ofit niiwii
pupur, publiKlicil in Now York, which hi
nchieviiiff tho most rcninrkuhlo jounmlistlc.
niic.cesMcverclii'iiiilcloil. It Ih un .fltf lit-iti
cvenluif piipev (thrco cilltloiiBilnily.) ck'iniiit
ly printed, nml conducted' by the iililoft cilitii
r'inl liilenlntlniniibk'.
Amu neHiuiici'TiiltlAtl.vUiUPHii:BttiniU
In tliu lltKt i iiuh, nml cimliihiH rcgiilnrly
The Very Ljilest vml Full
est News from all Piu'ts
of tho World.'
Hh irit'tit font urc couiiiiitn in tlio fact 'lint It
Ih mil only II newKpuner, tnu nu iiiuiriiicu
new Hpupri' us weil. l or of ilB iinjri'n arc 1111
i..l ti iili .'lioii'i. i on, 1 1 11 it inn I I re ieleiri nni'..t'il-
iliiriitlH, (reneiul nml local nev, itcniH, k'iwhIi
nnd corivsnonileiici! otl tlio froidinxt uml inot
iiitorcKtins lopli'. U'hu rcinuluinsfoiirpuBeii
1'iiiislnt of '
. v ,-.ri. t o. I 111 the lilli-l lllllll'il'MS mill .'ll lal!
slvle. uml poi'triivlnjr sec inn lei y uml fully nil
li'iiiliiiK events within t only .four Iioiim nfler
tliolr oci'iinviuvi 'i'hoHo who luive inmU
jimiiiulir in n Ntiuty, ceil fully apiireclnte Ihu
ret entcrprltx) niHiillei'led In the colleclion
uml piililiiutioii of lieu by the niil ol the tcl
CBrnph, steam priwos, uml the devuloimiifnt
ol' uur i.iiiiiiiiltic. tulenl, have been
fund of udviincliifr tlm theniy, that thf
nevL in I Mini m in that llebl would le-
Mitlt In u uewrpnuer fiirnlfhlna rexitl.tr
i.-isuoK pictured of uil ciiiTont pi-oiiinieiit
event, iliat llieory l il inciity mi ion
or: tliu ni'iviuiiiiir of thn fiilini) in the iicwhoii.
ner of lo-iluc. nml tli.it n.iuer In 'I'll K DAII.V
tiltAl'llio, The processes whicli render thin
iiiiirvollotis lu bleveineiit nn ex 1ft i n k fact mo
tlie renin ol tnu most curuiui mi.iy nun nu
enilless vurletvni experlnicnts, giiiilunny icr
I'ucti'd iliirinif tliu bunt twelve veain. limy
ilcpcnil tipiui InipiovemeutH In lithu).'iill.v
mid the nniillcatioii nhotouiHiililccaimiro. bv
Ihcir aid a picture Ih cniriiued nml inn.le
ready to in iut in I'rom twenty niiiiiites, to two
hour's. I ostlv and eltibiiiulu plates, woi-ko of
ml, sccncH nr tnreiest, niu reprouiii eininu
pieliiieil lorlli with oqtinl facility nod I lie
must scrniitilous lldelilv. Illuslrntiiiiis of
leadiiiif ovi'iiln am engraved anil iicuiiti1 lor
tin. iii'ckm even bel'oio the ui'coiiiiiiiin ill'' writ-
tun iitiriulivu or ileinoription leavca tlio liandu
ol the coinposilnr.
For the proper prntlicnl iviiiklnjf ofsoirirut
an euierprise, i nc. iiii.n iin uuii.i.h
was foiiiied bus
A Capital cf $500,000 in Gold.
mouths mid nun. ths beforo tli.) Hint issue of
TllK Da ll.v tilt At-mo, tlio must cvtensive
piepniiuioiiM ueri) mane, unit to-nay tin'.
i,u,ii ii il i u.ii .i 1 un
Tha ' Largest and Host Completo
Newspaper Establishment in
the United States.
In tliu .tfiviit work of illustrating the event
of tho day mi extensive, corp. oi mo oca
known nml must accomplished artists nro coil
Htiiullv enjrii!fi'd.
Thu Daily (JUAl'IltC ninis to lie in Hh strict
est sense a newspuiier. Strivlne alwuvKto bo
Just and truthful. It (lisi-nssi'siill iiicstlons In
duiieiiileiillv uml iuipurti.'tlly. It is not the
oiKiin of nnv party, nect, or creed. It lit al
ways hlgli-ioncil, and conliiins notliing to ol'
fenil nnv tnsto. Hh contents l'Ivu it un In -
inunso advantage over tbu "old liuhloncd"
puiers. Tbu niinuiil sulisci llier (,'ctn
n volunioof tivoiity-l'inir hundred pnUK, con
siitutliii; nvnlunlilo record of events and u
irriui hie Hanoi ainii of our tiiuo mid nros-'resn,
It pusscHse uotineiely u local inlcrost, hut is
il paper fur every reader of tho luuiriiairu. It
Is, eiiipliaticallv,
The rupee for the Household.
Term, f 12 per year, or f ) lor tlneu nionths.
'l'HK DAII.V tiltAI'HlC,
3 and 41 1'iu k place, '
Jim 11 SiineAw. 'ow York City.
von tub
It Ih ir ratify In it to us tu liil'm in the iiublic
Hint Dr. I.. I). ('. Wisbinfs I'inu '1'reo Tnr
Cordial, lor Throat uml I. ting Idse.iscs, bun
Kulueil nu rnviuetj ieiiitatlnn from tho At.
I im tic, to tlio I'm Hie loiist, uml I'roiii thencu to
nine of the llrri I'iihi II Ii-h oi' Kit rope, not t In o'
tlie pivss alone, but bv per.ons throiichuitt the
M ltfti initially beiielllted and cuicil nt his
ollli'e. While no tnililislies less, no uv oni'in.
liorlets, he Is unable lo supiily the deniniul. It
Kiiinii nun iiiiiiis ii. lupitiunuii-.
Kli.l, Nut bv slomiliitf ccillLil. but 1 v loon
eiilnirniul MM-lsti li ir niiluro lo tlnow off tbu
unhealthy niulter cullcctcil ahiiitt the tin out
nun liroiuiiiiii tubes, (i7n7. tuimnlrriuitiott,
hei onil, It iciniiies I lie i uii.e of Irritation
(wliich produce i oiikIi) of Ihu iiiueou nieiii.
britiie nnd broncliial tubes, nsvUts the liin(.'
to act uml tln nw oil' thu iiiihenllhy ccretioiis,
linil purines the IiIihkI.
Th Inl. It Isfieu from iqulllH, lobelia, Ipucnc
mid opiuin, of which must throat and lung
roinediiia uro rninpovrd, wliich allay tonsil
only, uml illsorKiinlu thu sloiiini h. It lias n
soothing elfoct on the Klointich, nclaon tho
liver mid kidney, anil lymphatic mid nervmu
roitlons, II;,, reucdiuK lo every ptirt of the
ysti'in, and In Its InviKoratlnu and piirll's'lnK
cll'ix'ti It ha Kiilned u reiiiitntlnn wlili'h II
must Hold above, uil others Iu thu market.
1 ' ANI i
avoihi si (,au ikois,
lining uniler mv Ininieilliito ilirecllnn. titer
shall not loss their curntlvo iptulitlot by (ho
line of cheap uml linptiro lli llrlcs,
Dr, I.. !' Wl.liurt'i. (illlio I'm Ion am
npun on Mondavi", Tuesday ami Wednesdays
i..... ii . ... k t.. . ...... u..i. ... i... it.
infill tf A mt IV II 1 nil i;Mi,ll.ili.tr!i iit ,'
YVin.T. Magon, Wild lilni nro associated two
roiisiillliiK phyalelKii of cvknuwIeilKed abll
M v. 'l itis opimii unity in nu
nt her Institution Injhu city,
AH letlem ni"i liOii'MfOiiibil tii' ' '
It. Qi 0. WISHART, M.Di,''
No. North Becond Ht.,
MorantlKit SO, imi,in
. -art mm
A Fine .ficrmfln Oh: nmn.
7.iV,"-" m .
I 1 ; 7 . ACKKfti I'T-. r tttt
AOr'xrvta wv't'xj yon.
my th os. ir. x-yox.
043 ragei Oof.nvo. 1:10 l'l no liigruvlnf.
Helnk'H Iucliicnts mid Accidents bovond
the l.lrjht of Dny; Hturllinff Adventures In all
naits of the World;Minos ami Mode of Yuik
iiijjr tlium ; I'nilcrcurrciita ofhncioty; Gamb
ling and it lliiij'iirs; Cavern and their JIy
tei icsj Tho Din k Ways ol' V IckediMfssj 1'iis
ous nml I li.'ir Secrets ; Dowt. in the Depths of
Ihu 8uu; .Sltiiiigii (Stories of tho Detection of
Ci iuie. Tho hook treiilB of experience with
hiiirumls; nights in opium duns uml Kmnhlititf
hells; life in prison; ntmies of cvilcs; ml, on -tui'csinniiii.n
Indians; Jniiiuins tliroiisr!. Suw
um uml Cntuconibf ; accidents iu hiiiich; pl-i-.les
and pirue.v; lorlnres nl tlicliiiiiislt,i)ii;
wondni l'ul bursaries; ltmlerworlil of the brent
cities, etc., etc.
Wo want nwnls lor IIiIh work mi which we
(rive exeluslvo territory.! Ajrentn run make
100 n week In selling thin book, be ml for cir
culars mid special tuilns to agents. '
IIAItTFOIII), t'ON.V,, Ol- riliCAliO, I I.I,
Ajfen t
Hill Tils'
c s
l:i(K) p.iprcs and too en(;raviiiKi priuleil in
Kmrlhdi iin.1 t;einuin, wrillcn bv ill iiiilnent
iitilliors, incliiilliix John II. Ciouttli, linn. I.cou
I use, I ilwaiil llowliind, 1,'ev. K. ICilwiti Hall,
1'hilip liipluy,. Albert lliisliane, Horace (iree
lev, etc. i
This w.irf. Is a cnuiplutelilslory of nil brill di
es of industry, nrocenscs ol'iiimiiifui-.ture: etc..
in all a es, It is a omplete eiicyclopedin of
nriH and in.iiiu I'm lures, and Is 111.' most enter.
lainiiiH and valuahln work uf li.f.iiiiiiilinu on
Millie, is ol 'k'i'.uci ul I'llerest evur oi;'ered to tbu
public. We jtive our ii);cnts (he excltihlvo
ri'hl of territory, - two ot our agent sold Vt3
copies In fllif ilajH, iinutlier sold .KM in two
week, uur titfonts In llnrtl'oril sold :Mr7 In one
weol., . pecluieiia of thu Min k sent to agent.
Address Ihu publishers, J. lt. illltli &
IIVDH, Ilurtloril, Conn., orl'ltiviigo, 111.
Books Wliich Are Books.
Works which should bo round in every LI
liinry witliln Ihu leurlt nl'all leudtns. Worki
lo entertain, instinct nn.l iuipn.ve. Copie
will I io sent liy return post, on veieiplot
New J'lilsoKiioiiiy; or, Siirns of Chat Meter,
its uiuull'i'iilcil iliiinigli Tenipeiniaiit mid
Kxtenial l oiiiiB, uml enpeciallv in tho "llr
man l-'acu Divine," with mure than (Jt
Thoiisuiiil IlluKtrttioim. iiv ,s. li. Vi:ll.
I'i ice iim
The Family riiyslcliui. A llealv' I'io
fictiber and Ilygenir. Adviser. - With'Uufor.
eueo to tho Nature, Cnnscs, 1'reveiitlon aid
Treulineiitol' DisoiiHci), Acciilenls, anil Or .
tialtics of every kind. Willi u tilussnrv aniY
copious Index. Jly Join. Sukw, M. 1). 11
lustrnteil with nenilv !U ICiiKiavings. One
linio vuliiuio, lutuiufeil for use iu tbu I'umily,
1 i ice T4.00.
How tuUiarnelor. A New Illusttntcd
ilnnd-Ilnok ot rhionology uml l'liyHiouuo.
my, lor Hlutlenta and bxaminvra, with a
Chart for recording tho sUcs of tho Urirau
ol'lho Jlrniu, in tlio Delineutlou uflhar.
ncler, with ttpwiirds of lit) KnurnviuKa.
liiteHt nml host Wuslln.fl.ia.
The ratent' Guide; or irtiin.un Develop,
incut through Inherited Tendencies. Ilv
Sir. llKMTKa I'KSIII.KTON. MPCOllll Ollilidll",
levimal and enluixed, one vol, Dhuii. (1,60.
Coiislltutlon of Man. Considered In rela
tion to Kxtornnl Objects. By Ukiikob
t iutliK. Thronly iitithorlzeil Aniericiin lidi
tiou. With Twenty Kngiavlnga, l.7a.
The H.vtlenlo Hnnd-Iiooil ; n rruclical
(iuiilu fur thu Siek-Hooni. Alj.liubeticnllv
lirrnmteil with Alipuuillx. Uy It.T. 'I K ALL.
Due vol, l-.'nio, 3W)iip. Jlusllii. $i.00.
. Ilniv to Write," " How to Till It," "How
to llehuve," and " lluw lo Do llusliiess." u
llauil-linuk iuilieiisaliln lor Homo lin
priiveiiisut, iu one vol. h'l"'.
Wedlock: or tho ltlirht ltclatioiis of thu
Sexes. Disclosing tlie I.invs of Conlugul
Selection, anil ehowtnu; who mac nml' who
in ay not Jinny. A tiulilo for both HeAc.
Oratory Snereil and Serulnrt or tho Ex.
leniioriincoiis Speaker. Ineliidsiiir a niair
iniin's (iitidu lor comluctiiiK I'ulilic Muot
logs iiciording to riiiliniuentiiry I'ornn.
l.fi(l. '
miinngeiueii.or Infmicy. 1'hysiologiat ami
aloi'iil Teeiitiiieiit. Ily A.MMiKW ( ouni:. M.
I. Willi Note. 1 .no.
Uledlenl Kleitilclty. A Mnminl for Hlu
dents, kliow inif the most s. icntille. and rn
tioual npolii ntiiin to all forms ol' Aeule Hlld
i.hinliic, Discuses by thu dlll'ereiit cnuibi
tuitions or i'.lccUicity, (iulvaiiisin, Illeetro
Maneti.sni, ilUitnels-lilecli icity, nnd llu
man unknot iin. WM.
II I. st nr. v of Suleni Witeliernft -'The l'lnn
chettu iMystery:" nntl "Mudcrn Spirilual
lsin,".w(lh "llr. DodilriilKu'ii Drtain," la
one vol. Price 1(1.00.
Enoii'i Fnbles. The l'eople's 1'ietorlal
I'jlll ion. lleniitil'iilly Illustrate. 1 with near
ly Sixty KiigriivliiK. Cloth, -lit, beveled
boariU. Only s.1.00.
Pope's Ey on Mnn. Willi Nolcg.
lieniitil'iillv lllusti-ateil. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. ti.UO. .
Tho nifllit'Worcl (n tla r,l(jht Place.
A New 1'oe.ket l)li'tlonry mill Hel'erenco
Duok. liinhlticin Sviionj ins, Tei liiilcnl
Tcnns, Ablil-evlntiiine, Foreign I'limses,
Writing lor the l'ross, runctuatlon, Pi-oof-Hcmllng,
uu.l other nliinhle Information.
P.hranolop Icnl Bust. Showing the latest
. ubuml Mention, uml exact locution of nil Ihe
OrgmiMof tho lira In. lt Is divided ao ns to
show each Organ on one side; nml all the
froitpu on tho other. Sent liy express.
rleu3.00. f ' " ' '
Inclose uniotiut In n. Heglstered T.ettor, or In
a I'lmtolUcc Ordor fur one ami nil the iiIhivo,
niidiiildrcKsS.ll. YYKl.LH, I'ulilishor, Jio. 8MI
Ili-omlway, Now York. Agent wanted.
New Music ! t
.' 1'UDUSIlKll BV ;
J. L PotcrB. 599 Broadway. N T.,
Ami iii(ilk-.I, post-paid, on receiptor marked
AIkivcuikI lielow. Sacreil Sonjr . . . Ily
Jiic.h. 0 3b
Hack to thu Old Home. Sung anil Clio-
ru ...Stewart.
P.cAtitlful Komi of my Dreams. .Stew art.
Dnrlliijf, Weep no inoia. Snug and Cio
ru Hay.
Do not Weep nn, Sister dnrllng.
rionti. Stewai.
Don't forgot to Wrlto ine, Song ami I ho
rns Cox.
Fold ' wo ' our linnrt. Hong or
Duet llollilleit.
Gone lo thu Heavenly linrdcn. Hong
c uaiiiiieiiiiin
ii yun were i.mouIiI youv ong..&liatl tick. :w
Kiss ine, Darllnir, ero wo pint. KU'waft, 3J
I.lttlo 111 i ml Ncll Kong unil Choi us,
Mnr.v. 81)
Mlllo Hail, Hung nml Choiiia. , . .Hav. 40
Isinl, forever at Thy Shlu Dunks, ffi
Meet me, llessle, in Ihe Dull . . Slnwnrt. 0
Moot ine, liuiirust, with a liis....Uunks. llil
My hoy ncrosH llio He.i Ilav. 35
Oh 1 (llv- mo h 1 1 ouie In the South. Ilavs. 411
Ob. haul I Song and t hortiH Day. 40
Only fur V on I llnllnd. Dclloiix, H5
Otirhltlln l'et. Song nnd ( horn. .Hay. 40
l'upn, ktity linuin, Teuipermic.e Kon'g.
liuv. 411
Rave one II litbt Crown Torino liny. 40
We pray you bing that Hung. Duct.
Doliihus. 35
Will limit V'eup when I nm LowV
i.i , . Walker. 85
r)LKAM.-uuheam, by Klnkcl, A3 Ms.!
Holla of Saratoga, by Victor, 11.1 ol.; May
t'lnwora, hv Simon, 112 i t.
' MA'A'IlK .VK.Awaki.nliigofllio lllrils, 50
tin,; Happy Tlioughts, by Walker, DO rt. ;
I-Kiiglilug W a vi, by Wilson, 50 els. i biinhouiii,
Uy lyncher, 4i)i r,
(I0l,ors.- haillu' ana Kroddlu'. by Ken-
rillorl'I.H IIlX rnlnlOlnucK. hr Vnumr.
90 el.; May Morning, by Schmidt. 60 ela.; Sun.
iioniu, uy liuiiipoi.uo cih.i nun iviniu oy niu- :
SI A IK II KH. Hello nf Saratoga, by llatini.
bach, 4(1 ets. ; Mnllle's by Klnkcl, IIAul.
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Any of tlie above malliul, post-paid, on ro.
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4r. J.L.l'lCTKKS, DW Broadway, M.Y
; Great - I ndustri

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