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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, August 27, 1873, Image 4

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.McArtjiuii EwiMii.
J iloiispkccpijiu Dcpai'tiiiciii,
Helpful Hints to Housewives.
Cheap Cake.Two ; cups
flour, -one of sugar, ono of sweet
milk), five tablespooiifiilsj butter,
two eggs, one teaspoon fu cream
tartar, of halt' of soda.
Crkam Cake. Three teacup
fuls siar, tIircV3pf. thick, sour
creanf, ; five,: jvplTriibaton eggs,
two' ven; teasjxionfuls soda,
Hour eifwfiff ior batter, ilavor
with lemo'n. This will make two
good-sized cakes.
..'T0.ttfe.M0VK Mll.l)Kw"f5l'0TS.
It. J., Cisne, IlJ.ask.'liow to
remoVe mililey',n'pnjL '-'lothiug.
Wet tho spots with. a solution
of chloride of soda, or with
chloride of lime, and they, will
require an application each day
ior two or three days, nnstnj'
out and bleaching in the sun
shine atter each application.'
Rice Pcdm.ng Wmroi'T Haas.
This we consider the best
pudding that comes to bur ta
ble. Take a teacupful of rice
to three pints of cold 'mic add
a little salt and sugifauU set
it into a cool ove.u:'B(Iowx.81ter
breakfast. Let -It Iswell'J mu
cook slowly till htftf an hour
before dinner, thetFIiTt :t'he
slight crust that will have form
ed, and pour in a cup full of
cream; when this has come
slowly to the scalding point, it
is ready for the table.
Jellies. In making jellies
of apricots, quinces, peaches,
apples, or plums, peel, remove
the stones or cores, cut in
pieces, cover with water, and
boil gently till well cooked ;
then strain the juice gently
through a jelly-bag, and add a
half pint ot sugar to a pint of
juice. For berries, a pound of
sugar to a pint of juice ; boil till
it ropes from the spoon, or from
fifteen to twenty minutes. In
making raspberry jelly, use one
third currauts and two-thirds
Oil from Hens' Eoo.s.
bealing properties in the
oil extracted from hens'
are said to be very great,
it can be easily made. First,
the eggs are boiled hard ; the
yolks are removed, crushed, and
placed over a fire, where they
are carefully stirred, and when
the substance is just on the eve
of catching fire, the oil sepa
rates, and may be poured off.
One yolk will yield nearly two
teaspoonfuls of oil. In the
southern part of Russia it is
jpauch used for curing cuts and
To Make Wall Pai-kr Stick.
Make, a paste of Hour as you
do for starch do not let it
boil. When cold apply to the
paper yith a brush, not having
it so thick but that it will
spread evenly over the surface,
or so thin as to wet the paper
through,. Cheap paper I find
not so cheap at last as a little
better paper.
The above directions I have
from an old and experienced
paper-hanger, and I iound them
very good this spring, as in all
my papering, (which I have
p,ut oa myself) not an inch has
, corrie off nor is a crack to be
seen. Mrs. J. S. Wakler.
Beef and Mutton Pie. Take
Render meat, pouiul it out thin,
yyl brojl it ten, minutes, then
cut off tho bony and gristly
parts, season it with salt and
pepper, butter it, and cut it into
small pieces; line a pudding
dish with pastry, put in (he
meat, and to each layer add a
toaspoonful of tomato catsup,
together with a tablespoouful of
water; sprinkle over with flour,
and cover it with pie crust, and
ornament as yon please with
pastry. Cold roast or boiled
beef or mutton make a ood
pie, by cutting them into bits
ftnd seasoning them salt and
pepper. Put them into a pie
dish, turn a little melted butter
over them, or gravy, and pour
in water till you can just per
ceive it at the top.
Democracy of Ohio,
J.'rHoh-fil, That llio Democratic, 'parly seeks
In lv vim no dead issues, liul stands liy lis
principles, which are suited to nil times iiml
i in itiuslaiices; it uiHii't Iho Federal (tor
eminent in till its constitutional authority,
iiml opposes uullillcution hihI secession. It
defends the reserved l ights of the Stilton anil
tho people, mill oppose centralization that
vvmilil impair or destroy them. In orili'r to
initiiHiiiit anil preserve these rights it insist
upon tlin strict construction ol thu Federal
tuiiil itul Ion; it resists all attempts ot onutlu
puriinuut of tho Government to usurp ur de
stroy (Ipi coflstitiitiuunl rights or Indepen
dence nf other ilopartnicnls; it opposes all iu
torlori'iicu by law with private uirairs of bus
iness ot men, not required liy tho pulilie peine
of safely, ainl advocates the greatest i li v il
ual liberty consistent with public order; it be
lieves in iho i npncily of tho peoplo for self
government, and opposes all property qualitl
cations as oomlitloiiH to thu right of sullrftgc
or eligibility to hold olHc.c; it favors lihrral
lawn lor tho iiiitiuali.ution of foreigners; It
Insist upon cipialnnd exact justice to all men;
it opposes all monopolies, ami denies that it
in witliin tho province of the Government to
legislation for the hehellt of particular class
es at the expense ami to the detriment of Mm
rest of tlio coiiiniiiuily :it therefore opposes
the system liy wlilcll H iurgo portion of the
profit-producing wealth of the country is ex
empte'il from taxation, and demands that all
constitutional menus bo used to remeilv this
Injustice; it Insists that our tariff laws should
he fnimeil witli'n view to revenue, anil not to
tax the community for the henellt of particu
lar industries; it-recognizes the evils of tin ir-
roiioeuiaiile eitrroncy, lint Insists that in the
return to specie payments; care shall Ite taken
not, to seriously itisiuro tiio Dusiness 01 ine
country, or unjustly injure the debtor class;
it appreciate too ucucnts comerreu ny ran
roads, hut opposes all combinations of rail
road companies ty prevent eouiiietition and
thus enhance the cost ot transportation; it op
poses all laws Hint jrivo to capital anil advan
tage over labor; it requires honesty ami econ
omy in every department of Government,
Federal or .State, and It condemns corruption,
w hoever may be the guilty parties. It is in
its very nature, and as a necessary result of
its principles, a party of progress, and sup
ports all measures of reform anil improve
ment that are sanctioned by justice and com
mended by sound practienl wisdom.
litohM, That thu wealth of the country Is
thu product of its labor, anil the host use of
capital is that gives employment and liberal
waires to the Dinilucinir classes: hence e.vcrv
Just mciisuro that tends to protect them fmiii
oppression, unit 10 improve tneir contiiuou
and dignify their calling, deserves and re
ceives our sympathy and support, and that
we,, coniiaiiy recouiiiienil the conservative
resolutions adopted at tho recent National
Labor Congress, at Cleveland, favoring arbi
tration and co-operation.
Ilemlctil, That, although always oonstilii
ting a large majority of tho Anioficnn people,
ariciilliii ists have never demanded of (inv
eriiment, Slate or Federal, any special privi
ilcgc; have nover infested Halls of Congress
or Legislatures wiih lobbyists and rings, hut,
on the contrary, have suffered under discrim
inating and unjust laws until forbearance has
censed to be a virtue: wo hereby pledge our
sincere and honest oll'orU to obtain for them
redress of grievances nud equal and exact ins
lice. JlcHulretL Tlint the public lands flioulil lie
sucie liy reserved for actual settlers, who will
dwell upon ami c.iiltivato thoin, and that we
will continue to donoiinoo and oppose, as we
have always denounced and opposed, all gifts
of such lands by the Uovotaineut to iacorpor
uled companies.
Jiemittnly That tho greatest danger to free
institutions is the wiilo-sproml corruption
that threatens litter destruction to public vir
tue; when Credit Jlobilierfrnnds) puss unpun
ished; when thuBO engaged iu them are eleva
ted to high otllcial position; when seats in the
Federal Senate are notoriously purchased;
when vast sums of money are corruptly cm
ployed in popular elections; when nu ar'mv of
ollii o-holtleis w ith the sanction of the Uovern
nient use their ollleial influence to control
elections; when bribery of Custoiu-lioiiso olll
cials isnn established usage; when rings of
plunderers are tho recipients of millions of
money appropriated for public, use; when of
llcinl ilclulcations arc of such frequent occur
rence tis scarcely to excite attenliou; when
I'resiilential pardon relieve defaulters from
deserved punishnieut, and I'resiilential ap
pointments reward Credit Jlohilior and salary-grabbing
Congressmen, and when Con
gressional investigation is generallv awhile
washing affair, It is not strange that men be
gin to loso coulldenco in free rnstitiitions, and
(bat the faino of the great Kepuhliis is tar
nished throughput the. civilized world. To
remedy these evils we Insist that the receipts
and expenditures of the Government shall be
diminished; tliait patronage shall be cur
tailed and all useless oillces abolished; that
11 siiiiit cease 10 usurp functions) to which It
has no title; that ollleial misconduct and fraud
and corruption in ek. lions shall he rigorous
ly Punished, and that public virtue shall lie
iipoeoi,unii wnnroi 11 conueinnoil, liy llieunl
led voice of the people.
J,'tmirril, That we condemn, without re
serve, the late act of Congress granting addi-
and demand lis immediate mid unconditional
repeal, and we denouiicc cverv member of
Congress, whether Itcpubllran oV Democrat,
who supported the law or received and re
tained the money procured therein ; mid we
especially denounce the conduct oi' President
(.rant in using the influence of his high posi
tion for its passage, ami whose crucial Bigaa
t(i re made it a law.
JtfuilreU, That the act of thu 1'iesldent in
setting up by bayonet a tiovorniiiunt in Lou
isiana, not chosen by her people, and having
no title whatever to rule over them, was a fla
grant violation of her rights and of thu Keder-
111 1 OIISUlUllOll.
't)tfov.-That everv Dcnurtincnt of f;over.
inent being in tho hands of the liopuhlican
party, they are Justly responsible for the evils
ami wrongs in the legislation and adniinisti a-
uon oi which me country complains.
J.'emilml, That, under tho time-honored
Deiuoeratio banner, wilb this declaration of
principles inscribed on its folds, weeiuruiru in
tins conflict, and wo earnestly appeal to patri
otic men of every class, without regard to par
ly names or past difference, to unite with its
on terms of perfect equality in the struggle to
rescue the Government from the hands ofilis-
noiiest men, aim redeein it from the flood of
corruption which threatens its ruin."
cvvaro of Counterfeits I
JOB iUOSES' 6IVVil2itB'8
I""'"'"' Vhtrt art vi'1Imi i.iU.ioib Tha
P'""" unfading in Ihtmntt .11 tho.!
luin ul nnd ri.ieroa, duuiuo. to which thi lemZZ
nun anr mi upprmsian f th lusosoa hn oauM4
Aer.oa.nl pm. Affections, r.ln. to tff jjMk
niirt LliyU J.liano on .hht .iBrtion, P. pititloi
in tho lenrt. lls-.tric..nd Whito., th.j inU St i
cur when rt other mm h.f.ild,ind "ithooih
ttiwxs&iixsr h -
n L ,C ,'''"'! l'lta ra aold atnioatdnur .tnm, bnt
nyI; llTTt ""? U' OKKUINK, do not
lia I" raiicitnil to .cc.pt .nj conntarfoU or Isirui ar
t clo but ,, On. IMI to Iho k,i, proprl.t0VjSo
or oiprrnn omra at wlocb jsn will e.M for tha ock.
it pr's. ""PP" m Mot bf rotum
,Tul"'l'!'"''n'"- '"'. BUOKI HITIS. BOBB
CII'IKNT (loH.OMrrll,!! and I.owo Ii.it. ThiV
?i"" ""Vt""' i "dioln., and mnf rhUd win uka
thsm. Thiu.nd. ban ban rastorod to hath Uml
l iPmr JiOAnaN(:lKItR,
, Va. am Kua Lombard, Wrti.
Thaa pill, araliiihb' raoomniondpd hftha anttra
Mbi calcn jrof Fr.noa aa th. T017 heat romodt
Wi,k laa; rjoixwita in tha llrlne: Nnrvou. Da
hihty, and .11 tho .liMtly tralo of JdMuuwa arlilnaT
from A buio and Hount n.blta. Thcjf run wh.n .0
other rom.di.il fall, and ban baan am.d with utnni.b
in miciiw I,, tha l.iulin. Franuh 1'by.lnian. durinc
tha mi.t II jrsar.. Vaiuphlat of Advica in ach hoi.
m will bo amit Fraa to .nr luldrau. frlco filner
IIX. Hent if ni.ll, tfnurtty aeaM from oft uUrr.
hWus, on rwaiptnf prloa branr adVoitiaad Aii.nt
(IS'lAR fl. MdftKK, l8 0nitri..Hint tir.,Nnw Vobk.
ttulo Oonoml Airent for A marioa.
WLQXXiXQ Mirrifd or tbM NtK.ut if.
m. , - imrrj oo the fthysUhijiluat
till i O Q- imrmrlMnndreMlitiiniMf
Vrt MAwVI iiittiiil yitom, with iti
UtRt dhnovfrk la pm4ae1nf n4 rrcnlitn Biprini,
bw to ftr-i'iei-ru the citmplxla, Afl.
TMl nu Intcreitluf wark f two bandrH od lily
WW, with iiiiuitirniii unfravUfi, tad ronuiaa vftlutbl
ItifiirraMiIni Tut Hiom wlivura inArrltd.vruoounipUteaiar
tl'ig. SilllUlitt IhhiIi iliBtmiKlit to Im kept under la4k
tnJhct;, iml uotlaid crloil betjt iho hoy.
1 1 eunuliirt Hi nfwrleiio b4 advl of phriklt
hie roiuuton ti worltl-wMt, mni ibnuld bln ttat pri
vate di wr of efory meJt inrl female threu(ltoni the ooiirt
th. icronruweverthlos on thtauhieetof the kd
trtlvnvtpm that I worth knowiof.tBa HMhtlaKtU
urt tuibidht! In n7tlir work.
K"Ht lonny ont (free Of pnUg) tottWj Cnitl.
Aldriil)r. ttutU' Ul.peuw.ho. 13 H . klUt fUl
8l. Luull.Uo.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Hctare npptrlnf U tha ootortom qiaeki wh ttlTtrtiM )
fmiillo pBiere,or miof nj quaok romedl! pernio Dr
lutie' wi.rk no mutter what rourttlaMMlt, r kov dpler
aLitr four eon rl It Ion.
Jr. Hilt ncuiipltf t dotibl haoat 9t Iweotf-MTrt
rMme;l eliidorl by mini f ih aioet Miebraud ntdl
en I (irnfHiiornflf itaUgouoirr and Kurnpe, Mdean haa
i Klin) trnftlty or hy ntal f, oo Mia dleeaeo mentioned la
liU ..rk. mure and per Ion, No. II it. KIbLk atrMl
Ix-twnin Uarkvtaad Cbeuut, tft. Loulf, U.
'i'bo ninny oviilcnees of extinorillnnr.v cures
that mo iliilly mpurteil nsell'ec.tcil throuK''
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
licmly ltelief uml I'erfecl urgittivc I'itls, in
Wriltiii testiiiioniiils from nil pllil.-i of the
werlil, Mut'iinsH in wimilertlieiiinstextntviigniit
mirncles of eiicliiintiiienl, l'liysiciiuis iiml
nieilicitlv.ieil In till eoiiiilrie iininiiiiiiee thine
Mmulerfu! reiiieili'.J n mystery, that, neither
thelrscieiieeiif iiiialyHisu'r clieniiciil wkillcitii
explain. True, litest! meilieliicH eU'eet the
must iiiiiiveliMisciires, ami re.ilore the ilyinjf In
life, uml relieve the must wretched paui-siil'-fcrini;
victim of bis loiiures, in from out to
limit) minutes, anil iiltliuuirh they know some
of the ingreilleiitsof their eoinposilinii, ami I'r.
i:iilwav has ptihlisheil their forniiilii (with
liohliiijtoiily two newly iliicovoreil routs), still
both l itul li, ( ; 'i in an,' J .11 1; i-li ami American
I'liemiKts ami iiliariiiaceiiliNis utlerly fail with
tho s.'iine inirrcilients as prepureil by (licni. The
jfruiit success, hieli these wontlerfiil reiueilics
are constantly achieving, lies in the (treat se
cret of combining the inxreilietits loelher,
tilei'eecclsiiiK ilue care in select ni( the pul e
anil genuine roots.
.Such woiiilers of Jloilern CbeiiiiMtrv as the
IIKI.IKr'ci ll.imVAV'S I'ir.I.S, are viiluuit
purnllel In the 1 1 inlin-y of Meiliciiic, lor t here
are some lull entities anil diseases that are con
siilereil as inciirahle, ami sure ilealh. Velthe
most I'.stniiiiiliiiK cures have been untile Hi
lliwsi) renieilies of soiim iliseases thtil have ncr
er !(! -ri known to be curcil bv ineiiicini'.
CONSli.til'TKIN, Si;ituVi:i,A. W'lllTIC
!lVKI.l.iNtl,Tii is in tho Woinh, Stoiiinch,
Ovaries, Uotvels. liriht's Disease of the Kiil
neys tliut have beeii prononiiceil inenraliie,
laiieei's. Ulcers. Swell iiiL's. Slone ill the Jiliel-
ilcr, ( ulciiliitiHt oiicrct ions, Ulcer.- nail .Sores of
the Holies, ltickels so ileeplv seatcil 'Unit no
oilier jiieuicines nave ncen known In reach,
have keen eiire.l bv the SAIIS A I' All I I.I.I A S
HiiSOJ.VHST, aiil'eilby the liKADY Uia.lKr'
aim 17
i'alsy, i'ltral vsis. Dry (iaiijfene thi:t threat
ens n living ileiitli ilaily rotting nwav of the
liinbi ami llenh Diabetes, liivoliinlarv lis
clmrife of Water, Kinijfi iu tlie nimbler (Ihe
KiiiperorNaiiolconV iliscase), Tort uriii'f pains
wlieu ilischiiririnu' urine, Ul! KI M A'l 1S.M,
t,'()lT, N'KlUA l.tir A each uml every one of
these complaints though hut a few of the
niatiy other iliseases, ltinlftiv's Sarsaparillian
liesolvent lias eineil ami Isilnilv enriiij; iu all
p.'irtsof the worlil.
In one word, nay license no matter timler
what litlino ilest'rnateil, dial is mini isheil or
Incre.-t.seil by huil, impure, ileiiravcil, weak,
thin, H alervnr poisoned blooil can lie etircil
by IIA1)VAV8 S.VHS.V1' Vliil.LI AX HK-
Dr. lladwuv & t o.' have never elnimeil nne-
luiiiilretli part of the curative virtues for their
remedies as isaseriheil to theuihvtho people
who have used them: for bear In" mind, onlv
such diseases mid complaints as Dr. Hadway,
aiiersiiccessitii treatment with their remedies
knew thev would cure, were eninneealeil in
their e iirative list, so that nitiiiy of llieext i nor
dinary eases thathave been reported awaken
ed as 111 ucli astonishment in the discovery of
their remedial tiifents as in those who had been
ie?cuctl from tlenlli, ninl made vliolo and
Asiuanv ucrsons discreiliteil Iheir cvii'iun-.
tlinury imtvcr, from the fact of their ilisai
puiiitmeiit in iheuseof other iiilvertised renie
ilies unci somo believed it impossible for
simple medicines made only from vejremhle
substances roots, herbs. Ale should possess
such marvelous power. 1 et thev cun rendily
coin jfieiieuu uiai iiieiiiiupie iaes 01 ine
HcM, aiteruiideriroimr the eheiniciil nroeess of
ilistillulionilcsi((iic.tl by tialitre in Hie cow and
eiiiici.tiinilsiies us with liutter eertaitilv the
must abundant fat, calorie or heat-maki'iiic
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew uml blooil-inakini;
constituents for the human body.
Hut when those people w ho Hist doubl the
elllcacy of these remedies cuniineuce their use,
they become, their most earnest advocates.
T.ri;, ri.N, & woiuisur alu kin ds.
Never has a medicine taken Internally, been
known to have cured 'J uniors, either of the
Womb. I'lerus. Ovaries or Itnwcls: the knife
has been the sole reliance in the hamis of ex
perienced surgeons: but Dr. Itudwuv's Sue.
saparilliaii settles (bis question, it litis cured
over twenly persons of Ovai ian Cysts uml
Tinuorr., us well as Tumors in, tho Dowels,
i icrns, u wun i, i. iver, wrnpsirni r.uiisiou,
iiseuvs, mni LUieuious Lonerelions,
Tumor of 14 Yours' (irinvlli C'uretl by
ii.uun.iy a jtcsoivent.
r.i:vt:ut,v. JI ass., .lulv IN, 1SIV.I.
llt. 1! All W A V : I have hud I Ivurimi Tiiimir
ill the ovaries ami bowels. All Ihe doctors
sniil there was no help for it. I tried every-
iiiuiK loin was reeommenileil, out llollun
helped me. I saw your Kesolvent and I Iioii.tIiI
i uiiiini try it, nur linn no rail II iu II, liecuuse
1 hail suffered for l!i years. I took six bottles
of tho kesolvent, one box of Ifiulnav's l'ills,
ami used two bottles of your item ly l.'elief.and
there is not ft sien of a tumor to he seen or
felt, and i feel better, smarter uml happier
than I have, for 14 years. The .vorst tumor
was in the left side of the, bowels, over Ihe
Ifinin. J write this to you for the benefit uf
others. You can publish It if vim choose.
i' loin a prominent ireiillemau uml resilient of
Cincinnati, Ohio, fertile pustfortv veurs well
known Ui the new spaper publishers Uirouirli.
out the L nitcd Rates:
New Yoiik, Oct. 11th, 1H70.
1JR. ItAiiWAV Dear sir: 1 am induced bv n
sense of iluty to thu sull'erinu to niiiko a Drift
statement of the working of vour niedieine on
invself. Kor several years 1 have been nlllict
ed with some trouble in the bladder anil urin
ary oritans, which some months aio culinina
ted in a most terribly alllictinir disease, which
the physicians all mid was spasmodic, stric
ture in the urclha, us also inllaniation of the
kidneys anil bladder, and kuvu it as their
opinion Unit my Hue?:) years would prevent
my ever p'tiinir radically cured. I had tried
a number of phvsicians, anil hud taken a larire
iliianlity of medicine, both allonathic niul ho-
liiiciipntlilc, hut . jfot mi relief. Ihudrtailof
iistoiiisliin cures having been initilc bv your
remeiliesj and some four months ago 1 Vend it
nntlee iu the Philadelphia Saturday Kvening
l nr.. in , i.uii; HAtlll lict'll CI1CCICII OllltpCI-
son who hail loner been stiiVerlngns I hud been.
1 went riirhl oil1 uml irot some of encb emir
Snrsiiparillian Itesolveiit, lleadv lielief.'niid
HeKulaliiiff Pills uml eoiniiienccd tnkinir
tliinu. In three, duvs I was greatlv relieveil.
llllll 1IVMV ICl- 11 cu on n it.
.1. U-.JAMKS, tineliintitl, O.
Price ono dollar tier bottle. Sold be Dnnr
gists everywhere, uml at Dr. Kadwuy's, No. 32
ti urreii, cor. 1 niircil ist a, l.
IR,. J3j. tt.
Cures the worst Pains In from 1 to SJO minutes!
JfefjfNOT OXK llol'lt after remlinj,- this
nilvertlsuiiieiit need any one sutler with pain
Is a euro for cverv luiin. It w.-is tin, iti-t uti.l
is the only Pain lleinedy that insliititly slops
VUU Hlll.1 1-AI.IUl lilllll Ulllllj, uiin s iiiiiaiiiuia-
tiims, and cures congestions, wlielher of the
I.uiiL's, .stoniacli, llowels or other irlands and
organs, by one application, in from one to
twenty minutes. ,o mutter bow violent or
excruciating the pain, the Hheuiniilie, l.cd-
riiineii, iniirin, t ripjneii, ervous, .Netilulgie
or piDstiuted with disease may sutler,
nlVord Instant ease;
I n 11 it m in nt inn of thu Kidneys, Inilanimation of
ine jiinuner, iiiiinmiiiuiioti ur tlie ISowels,
C'onigeslion of Ihe l.nngs, Sure Tlinint, Dilli
cult Jlreathing, Palpitation of (lie Ucni t.iivs
terlcs, ( roup, Diptlieriu. Catarrh, Intliieiiza,
llcndui lie, J'ool line he. Neuralgia, l.'liciiina-
ll.'lll, I.OHIH, t inns, Ague i lulls.
'1 he .ippliiuition of the Itcudy Uelief to tliu
imrt or pin ts wiiere tho pitin or aifllci-.lty ex
ists will nll'ord euse nnd eomfori.
20 Drop in ft half tumbler Water will,
ina fuw minutes, euro Crannis. Siuisnis. hour
Htoinaeh, iieartbiirn, Hick ilendiiche. Dlur-
riurn. iivsentery. t.ollc, iml iu tlui Jiowels,
and till Internal Pains,
Travelers should uhvnyH carry a bottle of
II a. I l,,.ll.. ...til. . . . ,
'"'"', " mi'" win, nielli, lew tlllHls III
water will prevent sickness or pnlns from
chnnge of water, h Is betler tliiin French
iiraiuiy or iiiucis its a atiiniiliiut,
l ever uml Ami" cured foe nil c..i,i..
There Is not a reiiiediul agent in this world
that will c.uiii J-Vver uml Ague, and nil that
itiaiarious, iiiiiious, scarlet, Tvphold, Yellow
linn inner r overs (union nv Itauwav s Pills) so
ipilck as Itiulwuys ileaily ltelief. t) cents per
I'lM'ftil.llv lllul,,luu ,.l,i, Il
cure of nil tllsorders of the Stinnnch, l.iver,
iMveiK, moneys, iiiiiiiuer, nervous lliseuses,
lleuiluche, Const!pntion,Costivciies, IndlgeH.
tlon, Dyspepsia, Jlilloiisness, Bilious Fever,
liillaiiiiniilionof (he Dowels, Piles mid all de.
raiigeiiientsof the internal Vlneern.Hurrunleil
tu cllei t u positive: cure.
MICIV YEQKTA tSJ.K. Conliilnlng no
Jlcrciiry, Minerals, or deleterious drugs.
U-Jfi ihservn thu following; symptoms re.
ulliiig froni diseases of Ihe illgeMim oignns:
Coiisllpiitiiui, Inward Piles, Fullness (,r Hie
lilnoil to the Head, Aeiditv of the Stomach,
Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for fni Full
ness or weight Iu Urn Pit of Hie Stimuli h,
swimming or the Head, Hurried uml ilitllctilt
Ilicatliiiii'. I' lutterinir at tlin llnut ri.L l,,
orSun'ocailiigSeiisalioiiswhen innlvlng Pos
ture, Uliniicssof Vision, Dots or Webs before
iiinsiltiii. ninT nun nun rain In t he llend.
I li.lli.ii. ,.,. In l,. Ivi.l V.. II ..."
................ . . . ,:ii,pn nr.. ,,
Hkin uml hyos. I'niii In the Side, ( best, I. hubs
ami Hiiddcn flushes of hent, Jliiruluir in the
ricsn, n-w iiuses oi numvnv'a Pills will
free Die system from all thu ubiivc tllsortlers.
Price 215 Cents jier Itox,
R ADW AV . CO.. .Iltt-nrnm I I 1. u,
New ork,
JfejJrKciu! False and True, Rem! one, letter
stamp In Hadway ft Co., No. i Warren, cur.
Church fit., N. Y. Information worth thous
and wilt bo sent foil.
No Poraon enn take hi Bitter .tcconi
ng to uirectioiiii nnd remain long unwell, provide
1. -fh (I.iImumI I,u ntlnj.ml n.i.,n nv nllll
I1CU UlllcM, I'm .i'uj.. vj ......, ...
lieaus, mid the vital organ, wnttetl beyond tlir V"
U rrjirtii.
Dyspepsia or Jndlceatlon. Heailaclie, Pa
h the Shoulders, Coujiht, Tiglunew of the Chesi. Dii
liucsa, Snur lCnirl.iliuna of tha Stomach, Had Tail
n the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of ill
Heart, Inflammation of the I.unn, Pain in the rcRiou
U tlie fwllllieys, mm a liunaien uiuer pauum sviiim"'mi
Ire the offsprings of Dyspepsia., Iu these complaint
It IlilS 110 eipiai, U1U uiiq uuiiig niu ,iuTa.u a,,i;i a",H
1111CC OI ll IllCl , ui.ui m it...,...y , , ,v.v....
Ciiv Keniu'd Couiullilut., in votitur or old
n..rrlCu OT S1IIKIC, III Uic uwii ui iruui.iiimii.,,, ' .
Iiirn of life, these 'I onic Hitters display so decided t
nflucuce tti.it a marked iniprovenieut is soon pei-cef
Vor Iiiflnnmintovy nl Chroulu IlHcu
nintlsiu nnd Gout, Uiliout, Remittent and lulci
........ Tl..u. nt tin ltl.uul l.li-r KilhlOY
Ind Bladder, these Hitters have iio-eqiial, . innii D'J
lases are caused by Vitiated Blood, wlucli is gencrall
iroduced by derangement of Ihe Digrniv Organs.
:l'hey art Ocntlo Iui-ru l s well iv
i Toiiln, possessing also th. peculiar nient ol acun,
is a powerful agent in relieving Cnnittsiiun or Innain
nation of tlie Liver and Visceral Orj.uis.aud in Ihlinii
LOSI.MS3S. ... .
l'or Skin DlNcason, Erniiou, Tetter, S,i
hetini, ltiotcnes, axns, t-impies. i ii'mn-N huu, v-i
mnclcs, Ring-worms. Scald-Haid, Sore K.ycs, ICry
i? r. r:.nnin-..:... ..I li yl-in It m
LpCias, lull, OCIUis, inuiiN,iii.i. ,,.v ,-.
ind Diseases of tlie Skin, of vvliitever name or natiut
ire Itterauy dug up ana carnea no m me wyaiciii m
ihort time by the use of these Kilters
r.,kn..an ml. nrn.llin, VlVRUIV ItlT
,"ttits tlie most wonderful Invigcrant that ever sustaine
he sinking svstciu. ,
WALKKK, Piop'r. U. II. MrIM W.n & CO,
Prupgists and Gen. Agts., Sin Francisco, i:al
and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., New Vork
Ton Tenrsi of it TnlI
rullinx proved Dr.Crt)t)k
Wincof fn r to have 1110
merit than nny Klmlh
,mnarnlinn nvr.cnfTiiciiil
WtTSTi:v-v inouieitiiuiiui tjunuuL'a
& T'l'i MXi uncqiinled
aiscnses of tho Throat
ivS0s33 JJBifri,IcrfornjliiBU
rrrwi$r,. "lost reniM'kublocures.
M Jirf eltectunllycureaallCoug
''-4iiiV -, fnlila Tt hn enn.,1
uis ueou luoiiuuuucii
Bpoclno lor i nose con
plaints. For rains in til
lirciisf, Blrto r ltu'l
;rnvcli or Uldny li
rj lU'T uritiiiiii, ..uniiiv
;tl3 also a superior Tonic.
lteirtorshc Appctid
Sircnsrlljonrt tUnHyntrm,
le.torci tlie Weak anil KebtlHafrri,
'nns"H iho I'ootl lo Ili;oa
Scuiovcb Iysioisli hihI imllgemioi
Prcveirlit UlnlHrlouat revor
UlTca touu tojrourcsjatekii.
And tho health of the isystoi
will follow, 'i'lioro it u prijinri
tlon of Iron mi'l l'o!io l;t
more effecttwl tliuti till oilier
which will removo from voi
pysU'til tho inipnro mul vltfutc
blootl which c.uises tl isenae, u n
nt tlinFiiini! limo build up yot,
lienllli mul Hlroiijitli It neve
fnllfs lo cure. If ynu linv
Nerofnltt..S rtliilrtuliKe;ii
rm ol ilio lye or i;im. o
ferofnlu iu nny Joi in, Tei
tr, Wlilto fiwolli it;? . ol.
Noros. I'leetH.or heroluloa
Iiiliuiiinuilioiis, yuti eun rul
on belus? cured with this prom
ration ltnowu ns llr. ('riMiU'
'oninonnl Byrnp of I'oit
FX'&S-ii Knot. IlliennintiMin, I'niii
Jx.ti A3 .ill I.imljNor ktoitCH, 4 Dllstiiii
f'M"fi M0-1 sjrohi'uiluwu liy Mccu
Vfy rlp.t or other ixjlsonn, nro ul
H Jfy mrorl by it. For N.viiliiltH,
II Nypr.ilJtle tultit,il.i-rei,iioH
j3So Din eiiuai to IU A trial Till
lirove it.
Beaatify yoiu Complexion.
1)6 not use pnintorpowdcr, but net u mot
fermanent beauty by purifying your lilnui
lil prcpnrntlon of Iron nnd I'okn r.mi
tnnkea arouh anil Hculy skin mifuuul him mil
:hungc!i tluit Kallowr complexion to n i t t
freshness nnd health, anil removo nny I.fiin
tivollionsof ItieNlilii, I'linifiei-,, I n,
tuleH.lllotclieaAKruptlon!!. Ilyimwi
"OKycficekanuUalicultliy complexion use D,
TrooU's ConiVjouud tiyruu of l'oiio l'.out.'
The Home
. Of Columbus,
Is one of the best-managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
Kates as low as any No. 1
responsible company.
Losses promptly adjusted
without litigation.
II. O. JONES, Agknt.
Patentee nnd jMuiiufiieturcr of
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &c.
CuRKSiii-ito, West Va. ;
Til K (irlut AIIIIh, lielnn porlulile, urn on
. i ,,i . i nun, mni
Ami (lie best .Mill ever mmle I'or nil Minis of
Krlnilinjr; enn lie easily ntlndieil to Saw Mills
oi any tuner power, ami warrniite'l to Kriiul
Hour anil Alenl of a xuperior ouiiliU' lit
Kiviiler rulo ( npcei tliiin anv other Mill,
without lienlintr or oilier iliHIeultv Hie
tvWglit Ininif l,m poiinilit.oiiiiiin lnix oiilyH
feul, s, u a re on tliu Hour. Will ir'rlnil'.'O to fit)
llltulwil n II ...t.l.t.. .1 ,n. . 1 . ,1
i,.m ii, nu, j i iviiiiiii uiiriy uavH, me
i i ....I .......... ..... i. ........ .. . ' ...
...in not m uve i"iu isuirniry, it in it v no I v
tiirneil uml money mul iillr.liarjfea niliiiuleil.
Hart h rost-llol isdrer,
1 1s ifiiiiriLiilcPfl In iiiiiLii tiii,, ln.li'd .ii
one of any oilier; ine its work ran-
iilly uml perfeetly.
I IV O IV 13 J A Y I
No I rt 1 1 1 1 eun lie louml n illi it nller
vial. Henl to any one on trial who
Will Hetiil inn the enilurmiineiit of tint
I'ost Master. AtrenlB wiinteil,
111 A li A lT,
Inrksliurir. VV. Vit.
Kartnei'it jtnil otluuv unit ilm
I'osl-llolO liuier ILL I III, KMnltlHUII
' Uflluu.
T7K keep eonslitntly on hnml nt llili of-
VV fll'IIIL MlltttltV III' WVL't IIUL'B ........
whleli ft turil oi Hny ilwterlptlon will lie
prlnteil to low Hint all muy arfonl to have a
curd on tho Kiivelopen iidcu by tlicm.
Tlmo Tables.
The "lilil Kellalile" anil I'opular
n Through Express Trains Daily
U Kiiulppeil with Miller's I'tiUuit Safely
I IM.itlorui, Coupler, uml llun'or, anil
II the leleliriiteil
Westinghouso Patent Air Brakes,
The iiitMt perfeet proteetlon niliiit ftccl
ilentH in t'.'n worlil.
, t;V New niul eloKunt Dnv foaeht'H ami
tviui ;i e Inii.Miil' lnll,,...... i..i l.i 1..
1 ins lire nut throujill iioin KANSAS CITV
. ...nit, 110 itiiiv-u r,.oiii!iir
to tjiiuuy, tiUiesiiuiLr, Jleinlota ami
Without ChniiKo.
Also, ailaili llneol' Piillnian's I'alaeeSleep
In.irtiiiK lioiu A'l'i IlisoN anil NT. JosKI'll
lo .l.u k-nuville ami SprluKile,, niul new ami
elemint I lay l oaelies l'riuii Knnsiis t 'ltv to lu
tli.inapoliM an 1 1 iiii liinati without eliu'iiitu
Iltf.y" To seeurtt till the liiinleen liniii-iu ii.
'!"'"','' '""'lilwny Iravelini;, piircliiise liekel
it AsaiiiAI. .-sr. JllHUI'll tSIIOIIT LINK,
"(JUINCr R0UT13,"
nytiiuinn till transleis, 'errie ami ehalisen
01 enrs.
l.-.y-TliriniLth TiekeU liirnilo at all piiu
eipal otiiies. l ine hIwiivh lis low ttshvanv
route, il.'itae eliei Keil tluoiifli to all 'prin".
. .1',,, .,.,,n, 11. rs. 1 1 i i7ni ,(
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate. "BEE LINE."
The lollowin are Ihe
finiu t'oliiiul.tis, llllio
Mile. To
!!5 Ueleware ......
IU t tuiliii(;ton - . . . .
M tiitlion - - - - .
tH Crestline -
H shelliv
! N. I.oiul
tot Wellington
I'-'."! Ilerea - - . . .
l'W-l leveianil
7!l Marino . . . .
listauees.ituil farus
' J,M
. a,5
........ '.i.-Jil
- 3.55
-- - a.w)
Ill' ilellel'onlinne - - . -
.. s.ju
ll'.' Snlney
Ill t ' it inn .........
7ll-.Miiiisil,.M j .
r - U.(K)
ltw Alliaiii u . . .
l.lj I.iuiii
Ilii Van Wert
-. n.tij
- - 0.28
' - T.8S
- - 7.4(1
l!H-l't. Wavuo
li:l Siiiuliiky . . - -.
101 Toleilo
SW i'ltttiliiii'Kli
Nil lllll l IsImii tIi
IKil I'liiliulelpliiu . . . .
- 15.50
. . . . - ... ir,.r,0
.... itj.uu
. - n.fiu
nro iiaiinnoro . - . . .
am luinkiik
.T-'l llullalo - -
til.") Niagara Kails - - -
ll'.'l SilllltOUIl -
711 New York
'171 It, 1. Inn 1 in V,.u V.,,.
k - M)
- - - - SlliW)
. KI.D0
.-- ... snot)'
. ;io.r(i
IS 7(1
!H .4,1
. - . i.K5
l-Jll. 45
11 re Hiilijuct lo.eliunr;-
W'.i llosiun via Allianv
im liulitinnpolin - . - -lx'll-l
t l)-St. Louis
iTJ Kansas ( ity - -
"'ill Leavenwortli - - - -I'tl
l.llM-reiii'ii - .
HW Topeku -
"eo .l. .llisepil - . ,
HI'J Cliirnmi .
J'7 Mi I, vi'i nt i.i.
MH HurlillLttoll
ini.1 reoria --------
W.I St. I'ii nl .
5M La Crosse -------
10U lies .Moines
5M lloek Island
Kit (llllllllll ..
ni'.l-l eilnr KapiilH
.mi lowa 1 11 v - - - -Villi
lliiuleilli - - . - - -
57-sJ-Saii ji'ruuri.si-o . .
The alnive rales iii'laie
e. AililienB
10. Foil I).
rassenger Ag't "Ilee Lino," Colniulius, O.
On ami nfter Moiulav. Mnv 2ftth. 1871. Kv-
p.esH Trahm will leuve' t'oluii'ihtis ami Cieiit-
i nits unit arrive lit points uameil lieluw us Ibl
luws: Stations.
"So.!!. N'oTj. XtirU
C 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 . . ..11 :10 n. iu.
4:10 p.m.
0:45 a.m.
mul p.m.
:.').") a. in
H:IK p. in.
1:311 a.m.
t riMliiin ... l'.'::;n p.m.
t levelauil... . 3:41
Itnll.i ii lll'.tl
Niuirara Y'lt 7:(X)u. in.
itoeiiesier ... 1 :.'(
Alliuny U:i:
llos toil rn'.'U p. m,
N. V. City.. . 3:S0
Cn'slline....l'J:r, p. in. 0::)5)i.m. H:SI5n.in.
I'itt-liiii'Kli.. 0:35 l:'.'5a.ni. 3:45 p.ui.
llarrlsliurj,' . 7:15 it. in. 11 :'.'5 3:t0 u.ui.
Ilaltiiuiiie.. .10:40 ti : 10 n.m
Wasliinirton. 1:10 p. in. :1!5
I'liilailcliitiiitll :15 u. in. 3:15 T:(I0
Crestlin ... 11 :.'10)i, m. 7:45 p.m. 6:Ni a. in.
Kurt Wayne,, 5:30 a. in. 1:15 a. in. 11 :J.",
Chien ltd 12:10 p. in. 7:V0 fl:00 p. m
ZiPNo. 4, leavinir Coluinluis at 4:10 i. in
has a Throtijjtli Car via Uulnwiiro for ijprins.
ili'I'l, reai lilti),' Sprlttgllelil witliout eliungout
7:20 p. in.
Train No. i.', on thu Coliiinlnni ,t Hoiking
Vulley It'illriiail eonneit with No. 4 train.
Throiilth Tiekets lor .ale at Athens.
I'AS.SliNliKll TUA1NH roturninar arrive at
Coluiiilnu nt IU:'M a. ni., 11:15 a. m., ami 0:50
a. in.
fitarPalace Bay and Sleeping; Can
On All Train..
Xo. 6 lenvlnjr Coliiinliuii ut 11:35 a. in,, on
Suiiilay, ruim tlirouirh without tluUuitloii, Ly
butli Lrlu uml Xew York Central Itailways,
arrivhiK at Xew Vnrk on Moinlny iiioininu; nt
li:lll a. in.
Kor iiiirlleular inl'ormatloii iu regard to
lhroti)(li liekets, time, eonnui tiiiUH, ete,, to nil
puint. Last. West, North anil South, aplily to
orttililre.s K. KOlil), Coluinlius, (ililo.
K S. FLINT, ien. Suu't.
Cenerul Arreut, Ciiliiiiilin., Ohio.
I'nHiuuiiror A irenU Cnliiinhna. flliio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
rUUistlio Kliiirt I.lno vln Iiuliuiiupoll.
The (ireatTliiougli Mull mul lCxiness l'ns
aniiuer liiiit! Ui St, Louis, Knnslls City, 81, Jo
seph, Denver, Hau Kraui'lseo, uml all puluu iu
JIisHourl, Kansas uml Coloiailo,
'l'liesliintest mul only illreet route to In
ilianiipolis, I.ufuyelte. 'l ei re lliiule. Cuiu
liriillte City, iSpriiiKilelil, reoria, lliirlluirtoii,
( Itieatfo, Milwaukee, St. I'nul, and all point.
Ill thu Nnrlliwest.
Tin) liiilianiiMll., Clnrlunatl A Lafityetto
Kailrouil, Willi It. eonuuetioiiit, now ci tiers
pnsseiiL;ei more I'di'llitlen In 'i'lii-oiiKh Cinu'li
anil Hleepinif Car Servli e Hum nny oilier line
I'ioiii Clin Iniiutl, littviiiK tliu uilvaiitiiKO of
Thniii!,'li Ilaily Cam limn Clnrinimtl to fst.
Louis, Kansiii City, St. Joseph, i'eorla, llur
HiiKlon, lilnitfo, 4 in it li ii. mul nil iuterniuiliato
points, plesi'lillnx lo ColuiilntH anil Famlliea
sueli rouirtirta anil iieeoiuiiioilationi an are
aH'orileil liy no oilier mute.
Thioiifrli TlekeU mul lliiKguye Clin ks to till
T ruins leave Clneliinall al 7;:10 a. in,, 11:00 p,
iu,, uml 11:00 p. in.
'I irkels eau be olitalneil at Xo. 1 llllrliel
House, eiirner 'i'hlnl mul Vine, I'ltlillr Llnut.
Iiiir, iiiini'r iMnln mul If Iver; also, ut Depot,
eoriiiir I'luiii anil l'enil streets, ClnelniiHti,
He sure tsi iiiirehilst! Ilekett vm Inilianap.
nlis, I liicliiiinti A Liilayeili' Kallroail.
li. L. ItAltlllNl.KIt,
Master Ti'iiiiHporlat ion, t liiclnnall.
( .K. L(i Hi),
Chief Tluket dork. C'lnclnnutl.
Southwest. Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
hhort Line to I lie I.nko uml tiio Norlli
Ah follow:
A ri ivtt
1I::I5 a. iu.
. 4:00 p. ui.
fi::.5 "
il::m a. in.
, l:ltl p. iu.
i 1:0.5 "
11:15 p. in,
5::KI p. m,
7:10 a. in.
ll:45n. in.
4:10 "
H:45 '
7:4(1 p.m.
11:00 "
(' lllllllllllS, .
Ctevelanil ..
4 hii iixo . . . . .
Hpi'iuxllelil .:
Day tun ...
( lose riiunertion iiiailenl Lntinisler fur Clr .
eleville, .aneivlllii tnitl all ihiIiiI. on the Cin-
Iniiiiti uml M 1 1 h k i i k 1 1 1 i alley Kailrouil.
Iilrei.l t on iteet louH luililu at ( oltlllililia Tor
lliivlnu, SprliiKllehl, Iniliauapiilla, ChlcKKO
mul all imlntu West. Also, lor ( levelainl,
liufl'iilo, I'illJihuruli, anil all kiIiiIs Ku.t,
Take the lliiekliiK Valli'V anil l'nn Ifnmlle
roiito lot hleaifo ami tli KortliwcHt; It It thu
ahorti'Ht liy .Ivty-slx mile', ((ivlnir puasenxen
thu beiK.lll ol' Miilrkcr liino ami lower ralui
tliiin by n ii y other lino.
' ' ... h.tii,,nnir a.. il
.Ii tv. in III nil I I , DUJI a
. A. WELL, Gcn'l l'lcket AkciiU
I uiaiiulaeluiu lo onler mul lepuii' Kiirnitiireof all klnils, tit the most rensouitlilo iniees. 1 am
prepute,l to furnish
ami lu't'ompanv them with a Hearse. tt-;y"Xho jiublio nro iuvitoJ to oall and
S,ockl PA1U8 HOUTON.
Mimli Kith, 1KIS.
Tho Great Aoluovemenfc of tho
All thv News and Full !'
Tim Daily tiitAriiic is ttie title of a news
iianer. inililislioil in Now Vork. wliieli In
uiliievlnir tliu most reiiiurkahlu joiirualistie j
siici'i'ss ever ( iirniiicicii. it it an eijiiit-piiLio
cvenittji pnier (three eilitioim ilailv.) elegant
ly printeil, ami eonilurteii;iiy the alilest cilito
r'inl talent altninalile.
Asa newspaperTllK iUll.TCiltAPilli! stamU
in the Hint rank, nuileoiitaiiis regularly
Tlie Very Latest and Full
est Newa from all Farts
of iho World.
fls great feature consists in the fuel Hint it
is not only a newspaper, hut un illitxtntloil
newspaper as tveil. i'litir of its paifea arc 1111
uil wi'.li ehoiee reiulinn nutltei telegrainseil
iturials, general nutl local news, In ms, gossip
unit eurreitpomleiir.' on the freshest mul most,
interestiiij; tiiili s. Tlie lelllllilling four luiueis
eoiiHist of
exceuteil iu tint most laullless anil aristie.
style, uml iortrayiiijr aceurutely autl lolly all
leiiiling uvents witliin tivenly-lour liottis after
their oreurrentt'. Those who linvu lumiv
Joiiiiiiilisin a sillily, mul fully apineitiato the
(rreat enterprise nianilestutVin tlie collection
uml l iu lil i t-ii I i on of news liv the iiiil of the tel
egraph, steam presses, anil thu tlevelopement j
Ol our Jtillliuilisiiu laieni, llltvo net-ii
foml of iHlviiiieiiig the theory, that the
nt'tt ailvaneo iu that llehl woultl re
sult in n new.pnpur furnlKhlLLtt regular
issues pictures of nil eurrent piounneiit
events. Tliut theory is a theory uo long
er: the newspuper ol' ihe t ut lire is tliencM'spii
ior of to-tlay, ami that pnpur Is Tub Daii.V
CiltAl'lltu. The inoeesses wliieh render this
marvellous achievement an cist.ini; fai t are
the result of the most careful stiiily uml an
emlless vai'lely ul expoiiiiients, griuliinlly tier
leeted ilurinz the patit twelve years, 'lliev
ilejieuil upon improvements In lithography
anil the applieulioii pliiilogruiiiie emnoru. r.y
their alii n pieturu is eiigiaveil ami liinile
reaily tu print in from twenty minutes, to two
hours, ( lis tlv ami eliihuiute lilutes. works of
art, tnenes of interest, tiro leproilnteil ami
pleliireil forth Willi equal laeinty nun lite
must scrupulous lUclilv. illiistratious ol'
leailing events are esgra'veil anil pienareil lor
the press even hefore the neeonipiinyliitr w rit
ten narralive or ilesoiiution leaves the liaiuls
of the I'oiiipos.iloi'.
For the proper iiraelieitl working of so gi eut
an enterprise, TIIK UKAI'IIIC L'OMl'ANV
was Iniiiii il tuts
A Capital of $500,000 ia Gold.
months ami niontlis hefore thu first Issue of
Tun luil.v liKAPlllu, 1 tin most extensive
prepnratious wri-e luHile, mill ln-iliiv TIIK
UllAI'liiCCtJMl'ANV has
Tha Largest and Ilcut Complete
ITowcpapr.' :i;stao!iB:irit in.
tha United Etatss.
In tho .great work ofilluHtrntlng the events
of the ilny an extensive eorpH of tho liest
known anil most uoroinplislioil svlists arecnii
sliuitlv enguwil,
The I1AII.Y tlHAi'llte aims to lie In II f triet
est sense n neivslillliiir. Strlvinulttv:iVs lo he
Just niul truthful. It ilisoiissesiilliiuestliins in-
ilepenileutly unit liiipauialty. it is not me
organ of any party, seot, or ert eil. It is ul
ways high-ioneil, anil i nntuins lmlliiug to of
t'unil any tuslii. Its uuiteiits give !t un iui
mouse uilvuntago over thu "olil t'aahioiieil
papers. Thu annual stilnierllier gets
a volttnio nf twnity-l'iuir liumlieil pages, eon
stitiitlug a valtialilu roi-oi il nl' events nutl a
gruplilo punoriiina ol'oiir time uml progress.
II possesses not merely u hic.ul interest, bill is
a intiur for every retuler of the lutufiiue. It
is, emphatically,
Tho Paper for the Household.
Terms, f 12 per year, ur :l for llireu inonlhs.
Tliu Daily tiiiAi'inu,
.'111 uml 41 I'm U place,
Jim ll.Siue.tw. .Sew York City.
Five New Subscribers
Or ait etra copy of TIIIOMoAlirill.lt KN.
tJI'lllKlf, fur ono year.
Is n valiiablii voliiinn of
1,304 Pages, with 500 Illustra
tirnoi Well IiiiiiiiiI, ami eniitiiliia a large niiioiint of
Infiiriiiallon, eone.ttruiiig nil the great Indus
tries of our country. Nemi tho till inert.
1'iib. Knijtilror, MoArthur, O.
y ISHART'S pine thee
it is gralil'ving to us to Inform the public
that i'r. I.. . C Wishart's J'liiu Treu Tar
'onlial, for Throat uml l.uug Diseases, lias
truiiieii an cnvine';; renututiou from the At
lantic to the 1'iu ilic. coast, ami fhun thence to
Mime ol the tl rst ltimtlius oi i.uropo, uni inrn
the press alone, but In' persons tlirunghout the
States tietitallv licue lllleil nud vureil nt.lii
oliice. Yt hue he nulilis hes less, so snv our re
liorters, he is nimble to stipjily the ilemanil. It
gams null iioiiis its repuiaiiiiu
i' irsl. Not iiv stoiiuinir oonuli. hut by Inos
euiiiir anil ussistiiig naliiru lo throw off tin:
ituliealthy inittter eolleeteil uhout lliolliio.lt
anil lil Diii lii.il tubes, winch ciiiium imliitinii
K'cotul. It removes the t uiise of in ilation
(wliieli proiluces cough) of the mucous mom,
Inane mni hroneliial tubes, assists thu lungs
to net anil throw oil' the tinheiiltliy secretions,
mni purines me moon.
Thinl. It is free from siiuills, lobelia, ineeac
ami opium, of wliii li most Uiroiit mul lung
renieilies are cninjioseii, wliieli allay t-oitgu
uuly, uml ilisiirganize the stomacli. It has a
soothing effect on the stoniacli, nets on the
li vet uml kiiiueys, and lymphatic niul nervous
regions, tl:.,s reaeiliug 'lo every )iart ol the
system, ami iu its Invigorating mul purifying
on oils 11 mis gameil a reputation which it
numi noiii anuve mi utiiers in mo iiiaraeu
tiltKAT AiititlC.VN
lU'iiiL' tiiuier id v Imiueillatc (iiirctiun. thev
sli.ill nut losu their iiirulive iiinlitics by tliu
use nt i limp uml niipuiv ni iii ico.
11KNIIV 11. W1SUAKT, PropV-
Ur. 1.. (.. C. Wlsliarl's Olllie I'ltrlors are
open on Mondays, Tuestlays ami Weilnesilavi
from 11 A. M. lo L p. M., for t onsult.itiou bv l)r.
AV in. I'. Magoe. Willi him tire assucliiteil two
consulting iihvslciaus ol ecUnowleilgeil niul
1ly, This Oiporl unity Is not till'creil by any
tuner iii-uum ion ni me city.
.Ml lelteis Hirst lit-iulilresseil tu
No. North Second St.,
.November SO, lhia..-(lni
Vol. VII. 1H7TI.
T II 1! V K O I' I. K ' 8 M A 0 A Z 1 N K.
EdUrd by Edmird E. Jnlt.
Tlie eniiirgeil resources ulaeeil In tliu liimils
ol'llie in. li and nkw by the public and by the
proprietors, enable Iheui tu iiiinuuueu it vol
lime of wider inteiest than they havo tyet
Mrs. tireclioiigli's ttnrv, 'rvthonla," ami
Mr. Ilnle's story, "I'ps mul Dow ns." will be
eoiilliiueil ami eomploteil iu this voiuuio
A series of short stories bv Miss Meredith,
Mrs. Mtowe, Mrs. Whitney, Miss Hale, Mr.
reruns, ,ur. i.oriug unil utiiers, nas ncen en
git tied.
A'ih. Mni'liiienu's Series will liu enntlnueil
Iu papers on ''Thu Church ami its Kxeluaivo
Clitliiis," "(Jnd in Iluinanily," ,te.
Tliu series nf articles on I'olllirnl Rclenoe,
by gentlenieii of recogni.eil ability, will rum-
prise pitpcrson "Itullrnads. .Servants or Jlns
lersr-' "ine Hanoi in j'.ngiaiiii," "i.umi,"
''I'he f.niv of Murntitun Jui isdiotlon," Tint
Indian Ouestluii." "i he Sn liago of Women
"Kuiiiil Taxation," "Tariffs ami I'roteetlnn."
" hat tliu .New Administration must uo,"
"i.uiior ami t ages ijuestioii."
Thu sullied uf critical interest in
will lie Illustrated bv different gentlemen cm
iiiunt in their lines of leseurcli. Wo shall
noon have the pleasure of printing papers,
nulling others, by i'rof. Lesley, Mr. llall, Dr.
Kellnir. lir.tirav mul l'resl, lent Hill.
The kxninlnur Is not coiillnediln the review of
thu publications oi a fuw houses, biitatteiupts
to givtt some nceounl of tha mora Impoilunt
issuus from Iho h'rench, Uurinuii niul hnglisli
press, us wen iisoiirowu.
Tliu record of progress describes thu mil).
Ht 11 n II ul ailvnneu which thu worlil lias Hindu,
In whatever direction, or iu whatever region,
Willi npoclnl riiforeneu to Improvements in
tloniestlu lifo wliieli may bu utlenipted in
The iniigazliio will bo under the editorial
charge of Kdwnril 10, Hale, who will have wi
der assistance than heretofore in the tn an ages
nientot its Journal Depart nient.
Tlin beautiful cliromolllti "Conlldeiico," by
llanunalt Hillings, is presented to every lie
newiil niul New Hiibseriber to "olil niul Now"
fnrlH?!! at (H.OO, or atfl.'i the Croniolllh will
he furnished liniulnoiuely inoiintml, ready for
fi inning. Hi.e lllxl l.
Hulisci liitluns veclevcd by all book atul
iii'Wifilenlers at publishers rntes.
IttlllKIlT . ItuoTIIKKS, I'ltlillsiiors,
No. 11') Washington Ht., Huston,
Press and Strainer.
"T ANTKD, Agftits ami 1'cMlors for our
W I'ltKHH A S UH'lit AI.N Kit preesaiiil
trains Jams, Jellies, herbs, vegetables, liiril'
allow, ineat.s, eliuosu, .te. Ovor 110,000 soli) In
a lew localities. Hells iiulek. Kvory family
wants it. Hewing Miichlmi ami oilier es tub
llslieil agents art) lliuling this very moll table.
Circulars free. 1.1 lii.KUKI.D A DAMK
KM WiimIiIihUiii Ht., Itoston, Mass. enwlO-
Jon PUiNTINti or. every description ticn
ly nud luvuiptly uxuculoil nt thltcofUco.
Books Whicb. Are Books.
Works wbkii alioiilil bu Annul In every Li
brary within Iho reueh of nil renders. urk
tu entertain, instruct ami improve. Copioi
will bu sent by return post, on receipt oi
mi': ......,' x,
Now I'lilsognoniy or, Higns of Character,
as manifesluil tlirougli Tciiipeiiiinnt and
KxUirnal t'orinii, ami especialiy in tlio"lle
- man Kuco Divine," with inoyo than Ot.
'lhousaml Ulustrttioiis. Jly H. II. Wkllx,
Price fi.HU.
The Family Physician. A ltetuly I'tu
serihurnuil Ilvgenlu Adviser. With Uufur.
encfl to tlie Nntiiro, Causes, Prevention mil
Treatnieiitof Diseases, Accidents, and(,ir
unities of every kind. With a Glossary and
copious Index. Jly Jokl HllEW, M. D. Il
lustrator! with nearly SOU Kngravings. One
largo vol iinio, Intended for use iu the family.
How to Cliitranlcr. A New lllustratod
lltiiul-Hook of phrenology niul Pbysiogno
in v, for students ami Kxaininers, Willi a
l Inn t for recording the sizci of tho Organs,
of tho llrain, In llm Delineation of Cliar
aeter, Willi upward, of 170 JCiigravlug,
latrst and best. Muslin, ?1.'J5,
Tho I'nteiits' Guide or Httiniin Develoti
nicnt tliniiigh inheiileil Temlencius. Ily
Mrs. HKsTEft PKNin.ETON. Hi'coud edition,
reviseilandonlarrjed. Ono vol, l'-'uio. $1.50.
Constitution nf Mini. Considered In rela
tion to llxternnl Objects, ily OKOkuk
CtiMUK. Tlieonlv iinllioii.eil Aniericnn Kdi
tlon. With 'Twenty lOnifravitiKs, $1.75.
Tho llyglonlo Hainl-Itooil ; a I'ructlcnl
Guide lor the Sick-ltcoin. Allilinbetleally
arranged with Appendix. Ily K.T. TltAl.1,.
Onu vol. l'Jino, 1100 pp. Muslin. Ifil.OO.
,' lliiw to AVrlte," " How to Talk," "How
to Itehave," and " How to Ilo lliisiness," a
Dand-llook iinlia)eusablo for lluuiu liu
ptoveinsiit, iu one vol. f'J.y'i.
Aleilloelt: or the Itlght Isolations or tliu
Hexes. Disclosing thu Laws of Conjugal
Heleetinu, and showing who may and who
mnv not Han v, A Guide for botli Sexes.
Oi ulory Sncred and Keeulnr: or tliu Kx
tenipoianeuus Speaker, liieliulsng aCliair
niitn's Guide fur conducting Public Maet
Ings according to Pitrllunicntary form).
Jlilnaceiiieu. of Infitncy. Physiologlul mid
Aiorul Teciitinent. llv Andhnw COMtlli, M.
1). With Notes. ifl.jO.
Medical Klcctiieity. A jranunl for Stu
dents, showing tho most seientille, and ra
tional npplif nliou to all forms of Acute and
Chioliie Diseases by thu different combi
nations of Kleetiieitv, Galvanism, Electro
Magnet ism. Magnels-lileetileity, and Hu
man Magnetism, f 'J.IKI.
History of Suleiu WHeliernft ; "TlicPlan
ehette Mystery:" mul "Modern Spiritual
ism," .with "Dr. Doddridge's Dream," iu
onu vol. Price 1.0O.
Aesop's Fnblea. Tho People's Pictorial
Kiiilion. I'.enutirully Illustrated wiih near
ly Sixty Kngrnviiigs, Cloth, gilt, buvelod
Imarils. OnryJl.lW.
Pope's EnBy on Man. With Note...
I'etiutifullv I lliidti JitO'l. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boiiidii. $1.00.
The FxInhtWorcl in tha Hlcjht riaee
A New Pocket Dictionary and Reference
Dunk. Kiubraeiug Kviiimyius, Teiliiilc.nl
Terms, Alibrevialiono, t'oieign Phrases,,
Writing fur the Press, Punctuation, Proof
Itcttiling, and other Vnluablu Informatluu,
Phronolonicnl Dust. Phowlng tho latest
classification, anil exact location of all tho
Organs of tho Hriiln. it is divided so ns to
show each Organ on onu side; and all tho
groups on thu other. Hent by express.
Price $'J.0!.
Inclose nnimint In a ISeglslered Letter, or In
a Post ollleo Order for one ami all the above,
and address S, II. V'Kl.l.a, Publisher, No. 8H)
Ilioadwny, New York. Agents wanted,
A Fine German Ch.omo.
aGt'ivts wA.a,i fob
HY T1I0& II'. KS0X.
01:J Pagos Octavo. 130 line Kuirravliiyy
Ilelates Incidents mul Accidents, bevoi
the Light of Day; Htartling Advcutuii'B n uV
parts of the World; Mines and .Mode of Work
lug them ; I'ndcrciirrents of Society; Gamb
ling autl its Horrors; Caverns unit their Mys
teries; Tho Dark Wavs of'iV ickodncss; Pris
ons and their Secrets; Dowu ni llio Iepth of
the Hua ; Htrangi! Hlories of thu Detection of
C i i mo. Thu book treats of experience with
brigands; nights ill opium dens ami gambling
hells; lilu iu prison; stories of exiles; ad.en
turusaniiingliitllans; journeys through Hew
ciH anil t atiicombs; accidents Iu limit's ; ui
r:ites and piracy; forturts of Hie inquisition ;
wonderful burglaries; underworld ot tliei,ren.
cities, etc.. etc.
Wu want agents for this work on which wo
give exclusivM territory. Ageut.s can mako
100 a week in selling this book. Hand for oil--cul.trs
and special terms to agents.
UAltTl'OltP, t'ONX'., or CUICAQO, ILL.
Great Industries
l.'KK) pages and W0 engriivlligs, priuled Ii
r.uulisli nnd Gel mini, w ritten by SO euilnent
mithiirs, Incliutiiigiloliii il. Goitgli, Hon. Leon
use, Kdward llowiiind, liov. K- Kdwiu Hall,
liiilip Ulpluy, Albert Drislnmo, IloraceUreo
lev, ete.
'1 bis w ork is a complete history of all branch
es olindiiHtry, processes of inuniifaeture, etc.,
in all ages. It is a complete encyclopedia of
mis and manufact ures, mid is thu most enter
taining nnd valuable work of Information ou
Httb.lects of general interest ever offered to the
public. Wo give our ngents tho exiiusivo
l ight of territory. One ol our agents sold 1!U
copies in eight tlavs. uiuiMior sold 8tW In two
week. Our agent's In Hartford sold 8117 in one
week, hpee.iuiciis of tlie work sent to ngents.
Address Iho publishers, J. It. lU'UU A
HVDi:, Hartford, Conn,, ortlilcago, III.
STew Music ! !
I'trill.IHUKD BY
J. L Peters. 599 Broadway, N Y.,
And mailed, post-paid, on receipt of marked
Above and Below, fiacred Bong . .n'yUl
, , Iileh. $0 3D
Buck to the Old Home. Hung and ( ho-
, . run... Hlewnrt. 30
Iteatitlful Fonn of my Dreams. .Htewiu L 30
Darling, Wcoji uo mure. Hung and Chu-
rus llnvs. 35
Do not Weep .. aioter ilarliog.
Hong. Hicwnrs, !10'
Dnu'l forget to Write mo. Hong and Cho
rus Cox. 85.
Fold wu our hands. Hong or
Duet JUuiiilicu. UO
Gone In the Heavenly Garden, Hong
lliHiiibeiiulii, 8.1
Ifytnl were I, would you? Soiig.,.Shnttuek. 30
Kiss me, Dulling, ere wo part. Stewart. UO
Little Jlllud .Nell. Hong and Chorus.
' ' , . Macv. 30
i.illlu Dun. Hong and Chorus. ... 1 1 a vs. 40
Lord, forever at Thv Hblu Dunks, r
Mut't 1110. ltessiu. in llm Dell SIcuili-l Mil
Meet me, Dourest, with a Kiss. . ..Dunks, HO
Mv bov across the Hea lines. 11-.
oh I (livoineailonie In the South. Hays. 40
Oh, Ham I Hong ami Chorus llnvs, 40
Only for Ytuil IJallad. Dclluiix. 85
Our Lit tin Put. Hong nud Chorus. .Hays. 40
1'apn, stay home. Toinpcrnno.o Hong.
Hays. 40
Have one Height Crown forme Hays. 40
n u pray you Hing tliut Honu. Duet.
. Duhihus. 35
Wilt thou Weep when I urn Low)1
waiitor, :
POLKAS. Sunbeam, bv Kinkol. 83 cts.t
Halle of HiiriitogK, by Victor, 85 clu.j May
Flowers, by Hilton, 'U cts,
31 A.CUIVAH. Awakenlnir of the Ulrds. 50
ols,; llappv Thoights, by Walker, 30 ets.:
Laughing Wave, by Wilson, fWcts.; Hiinlionin,
by I'eacber, 40cti.
GULOl'H.-Cliarlle'il ami r"rod(llus liy Kon
kel, each 85 i ts.
HIIOTTIHCHIES. KalnlGlanco. bv Yonnir.
Sllt'ts.; May Morning, by Hchinhlt.ROr.ls.j Suit-
ocaiu, ny iinmpuLno cts. ami v line s liy Kin
kt'Uricls. ,
MAKCI Ks.-llel uofHarnloira. bv Damn-.
ill "b. 40 cts. ; Molllu's by Klnkel, 115 eta-.
,, .... , I,',. ..llllllll. ,Il"'l K l. I., ....v..n,
Halllu'saml Maggie's, by Klnkel, each 11.1 cts.;
1 imps in new, uv Aliaru, u cis, niiniivuiu, uy
flluse, 85 cts.
HU H 11 ANDH. Aniarvlls. 60 cts! .locus
Polka, 85 ets.; Lore's Clone Gallop, 85 ets.;
Praise of Woiuaii Polka-Miisnrkn all by
Drossier. 1
HALON PI 'KH, Dtinco of tho Ilavina-
Leni. Wilson. I.'i cts Love's t'arnssos. Kln
kel, .Wets.; Miiy lllossonis, Klnkel, 50 ets,;
rniinta tie. rieurs, ronui, 4U cts., whispering
Itreeies. Wllsiiu, W cts,
Any at. the above inn I led. post-paid, ou re
ceipt ol prion.
lAw. J, h, FETEIlHtWUBroxlway, N.Y

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