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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 03, 1873, Image 3

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McArtuur Enquirer
.Advertising- Agent,
sr. X3ZrJsr A.TX. y.ixo-
U u i .tiidio.i.o.l Ant to relieve u.lve. lio
hi. nil lor t'lis paper. J'lii Iii.h special u -r.mg.-.no.irs
with lollginiik, ui ii ulliiiut ami
I'lll.'i It i' v HJ.H.J4'.-:-.
.1. BOWEliS,
Advertisers who miy wUli to reucli Hie
People i.rviiitoii ami adjoining counties,
imii llii.l mi butler medium tli nil tin) Me
Arthur Enquirer.
BiXIilNil. Persons tin v tux i.i,'U7.ines or
books of any kind thoy wish to have
bound, i-uu Icnvo Ilium at this ollicc mi J in due
time can receive them properly bound. Wo
hnvo iiiud'earraiigemrtuts woroby wo van ut.
tcnd tu tills branch of business at low prices.
The prospect is lino fgr it good
corn crop in Vinton county this
-- m
SuitacniBR antl pay fur Tim lie
Auriiuit Enquirer. Nothing half
ho nice.
Fou Sale. Any person wishing
tu purchase an excellent Organ,
will please call at this oflicc.
The mournful music uf Katy
dids and the crickets, betoken that
summer it drawing to a close.
m i i
The Marietta and Pittsburgh
Railroad is completed to Liberty,
ten miles north of Cambridge.
Pass Book1 and Timo Books for
:il at thin ofllco. All kinds of
blank 4 hi 1 bl.mlc b.i.n'ts tor sale.
Come and seo us.
Wis tire pleased to notice that our
friend J. G. Huffman, of Now Lex
ington, Terry county, lias Ikwii
noiniuatud for Prosecuting Attor
n ey.
''JCuly ilinvu 'till dawy ovo,"
those people living in the vicinity
of Zaleski are furnished with the
choicest of cow-bell music.
NoTvvrniST.vxDixu all they say
ttaiust it, there is not an editor in
the State who would refuse to re
ceive "hack pay" from subscri
bers. '
Or. V. .1. Bower. Dentist, M.s Arthur. 0
lii Qtm
Any other writing. on the address
aide of a poital card than ihe ad
dress itself, subjects the same to
letter postage. Printing on postal
cards neatly done at this oillce.
Tun wife of n lawyer in Zanes
ville, Ohio, has sued 13 saloon
keepers in that city for selling
Jiquor to her husband, claiming
$130,000 damages.'
Fivk miles of the Kentucky and
Great Eastern road have been com
pleted, and a locomotive put on the
track to facilitate work on tho un
finished line.
ll;:MRMBi:n tho Primary Elections
on Saturday, this week, to elect
delegates to the Democratic County
Convention next Monday. Let
every township send full delega
tions. The Envelopk Trade. We make
a speciality of Envelope Printing,
and have a largo stock of dif
ferent styles and qualities for
our patrons to select from. Come
and sec our stock.
We do all kinds of plain and fan
cy job work, neater and at better
rates than elsewhere. Everybody
says so. Como and see specimens
and learn prices.
The same sum of money which
lightning rods would cost, placed nt
interest, would generally keep n
man's buildings perpetually insur
ed against loss or damago by both
(Ire and lightning.
Ay unusual number of new
houses are bcin built throughout
all parts of tho county, this season.
Tho country is keeping pace with
tho town, and both aro in a healthy
state of progress.
Thk following is tho list of let
ters remaining at tho Postofllco, at
McArthur, September 1st, 1873:
William Dalton, II. IT. Johnson,
Magglo McGifiln, Mrs. Lizzie Nor
ris, John Ithett, William Smith, and
Georgo Tetrick.
J. N. McLaughlin, P. M.
What Is a homo without a copy
of The Christian Witness or Thk
McAuTiiuu Fnquiiier? Call and
subsoi'lbo for one or both. Terms
uf Tub Enquirer $1 BO per year;
The Witness $2 per year; and the
two papers sent to qno address for
$3 00.-' ..
Tub Athons Messenger says: A
two horso wagon, nearly now, be
longing to, tho late Judge Prudon,
oarfiled. away by tho flood of 1843,
In Hocking river, and entlroly lost
jilgty flf fur more than, thirty years,
was turned np, a J,uly. freshet
in a pretty good state of preservation
near tho State dam, at Ohaiincey.
At no period in the history of our
country,' if indeed, in the history of
tho world, has music been more
critically studied,aud more univers
ally appreciated than at the present
time. Almost every cultivated
household has its musical instru
ment of some kind. The size and
expense of the Organ has nhvays
been u bar to its becoming a popu
lar instrument for general lines, but
the progressive improvements in
Cottage Organs within the last
twenty-live yearn, have followed one
auothcr so fast that now, tliese val
uable instruments combine all the
essential elements of the organ with
n portable size.
, As to quality among the various
Cottage Organs now manufactured,
if comparison, is iv test of merit, the
Ef toy must stand without a rival,
not only in beauty of finish, but
nlso In quality of the workmanship
in whatever goes' to make the "best
organ." This is secured by the
great care which is taken in ob
taining only tho VERY JSEST WORK
MEN, that can be had men who
have spent their lives in manufac
ture of these instruments. The
motto of the Esteys, when cmpory
ing workinuiij has always been
"evciy man an artist in his partic
ular departinet." This motto
which has been faithfully followed
out, has resulted in tho production
of their present superb instru
ments. , The tone and touch arc unap
proached by any other instrument
in existence, while its whole super
iority, with its peculiar improve
ments cannot be described, but
must be heard and seen to bo prop
erly appreciated. w&elt.
Dr. X, J i:iif, Dontisr, McArtliur, ().
Sheriff's Sales. The Sheriff
of Vinton county, will olfer at pub
lic sale at 1 o'clock in the afternoon
of Tuesday, September 10, three
tracts of land in Section 18, in
Jackson township, Vinton county,
one of about 43 acres, ono of 81,
and one of 80, appraised at $1,800,
as tho property of William and
Rachel Lee, to satisfy an order of
sale in favor of J. P. Cog and II. O.
Forty acres will also be sold in
township nine, (where is township
nine in Vinton county?) which has
been npptaised at $ 100, in which
Joseph Stewart, is. plaintiff, and
William Doles et. al. nro defend
ants. "ii-.. ia n
The Phrenological Journal for
September, now on our table, inuot
be pronounced by every reader a
capital number. Its examination
has given u;i much satisfaction. It
contains over twenty set articles,
besides shorter papers; among them
being Ilirain Powers, with portait;
Extraordinary Scientific Discovery;
Living Unto Life; Dr Iiorntius
Uonar, with portrait; Laughter,
illustrated; Good Uehavior which
every bodysliould read; Prof. J.
M. Kieil'er.with portrait; Mary Lee's
Dream, a story for teaches; Over
training;, -Curiosities of Abstinence;
Local Option, or The Temperance
Experiment at Vineland; Dr. Wil
der's Wit and Wisdom; From Che
boygan to Mackinaw on Ice; Tho
Chinese Wheelborrow, il'ustrated;
John T. Gordon, a Murderer, with
portrait, etc. Subscription price,
$3 a year. S.P.Wells, Publisher,
389 Broadway, Y. Y.
Mituoff House. During our
visit to Lancaster, Ohio, last week
wo stopped at tho Mitholf House.
James Miller is the proprietor,
nnd a more genial and popular gen
tlemen is not to be found any
where. IIo is .ably assisted by
Charles G. Bairu as Clerk, who is
always nt his place and very atten
tive to the wants of guests. The
Mithoff is ono of tho best hotels in
tho country, and wo take pleasure
in commending it to tho patronage
of thoso visiting Lancaster.
11. A. Howard, Chief Engineer of
the Gallipolis,' McArthur and Co
lumbus Railroad, was engaged dur
ing a portion of last week in sur
veying n lino between McArthur
and Vinton Station. Tho starting
point was near tho Steum Mills of
Oilman, Ward Sc Co. The Vinton
Furnace and Coal Company agree
to subscribo $25,000 and donate
two and one-half miles of railway
between Vinton Station and tho
The Port Grapo Wine of New
Jersey, is tho best medicinal wino
In tho markot, and it is said that
tho vintage of A. Speer far excell
ed any other produced. It Is heavy
in body, rich in flavor, and well
adopted for sickly persons nnd for
general family uso. Physicians
prcHcribojthls wlno in their prac
The yearly meeting of tho Disci
ples of Christ will bo held with the
church ut Four Mile, JucIchoii
county, on Thursday, September
18th, nt 2 o'clock I. M. T. I).
Gahyjn, oT Columbus; Ai 1 Fuust.
of Nelson villa; T, P, Kwino, of
Slarshflcld,' niul , o,tloya, will' ho
prchcnt, T'l'o will bo a basket
meeting neap tho church, on' Sab
bath, September 21,
County Celebration.
In pursuance to the cull of the
Executive Committee of the Vinton
County Sabbath Schools, held a
meeting in McArthur, Saturday.
August !10lh, for the purpose of
completing arrangements for the
county celebration, to take place,
Friday. September 19th. A portion
of the committee were absent.whieh
was regretted, because of tho im
portance of tho meeting. However
it is believed that they wore detain
ed on account of business, and not
for want of interest in the annual
celebration. The committee agreed
to extend an invitation to Hon. II.
S. IJl'suy and Prof. W. M. Scott,
President of the Ohio University,
to address the people on that occa
sion. These distinguished gentle
men will undoubtedly respect the
invitation, nnd may be expected to
lie present, if not prevented by rea
son of previous engagements. Other
good speakers will be secured for
tho occasion. Tho McArthur Brass
Band has been invited, also the
Zaleski and Mt. Pleasant Bands
will be Invited to enlivened the oc
casion with excellent music. The
committee decided to present to the
largest individual school present, at
the celebration with the banner
awarded to the Locust Grove School
last year. Prof. J. S. Hulick, also
has promised to bo present
with one of his celebrated Esta
We are authorized to say, that
this promises to be one of tho larg
est celebrations ever held in Vinton
county. Reports received from va
rious parts of tho county, show that
the people arc alive to the Sabbath
School work, and are preparing to
purticipato in the celebration, on
the 19th of September.
By order of Executive ( Join.
A Japanese Encounters a Skunk.
The .interview of Prof. Butler
with the Japancso Ambassadors,
as they traveled over the Bur
lington route, fills a column in the
Chicago Post. But I find nothing
thero so amusing as an incident I
have heard the Professor relate,
but wiheh he omitted in his Chicago
report probably thinking it beneath
the dignity of a Chicago paper es
pecially as the name, Chicago,
means skunk.
As the train was steaming along
near midnight, it chanced to disturb
nnd perhaps deatory, one or more
polecats. The Professor at once
inquired of Asahi, one of the young
Princes he was conducting to sur
prise their father, whether he smell
cd anything? It need hardly be
said that Asahi's answer was
afllrmativo. Tho next question of
the Prof, was, "Did you ever smell
anything like it in Japan?" The an
swer was "No, never!" "But what
in the world," asked the young
Prince, "what is it?" "A skunk," re
plied the Prof., "A skunk!" said
Asahi, "is that animal the buffalo,
or like the buffalo?"
This question was more natural
ihan we think at first. Why should
not a big smell betoken a big beast?
So the lion reasoned according to
TEsop, when hearing a cock crow in
the dark, ho trembled, believing he
was about to encounter an antago
nist more than commensurate with
But in spite of skunds Asahi and
all his compatriots eeclared they
should ever hold tho Burlington
Route among their flowery and fra
graut memories.
The old maxim was, "Follow prn
rie dogs and Quakers if you want
good land" but people now follow
skunks for within the last three
years about 5,000 land-hunters
have bought roilroad land along
tho Burlington Route, and mainly
in Nebraska. But they have al
wrys got it on ten years' credit
buyers since 1872 have nothing to
pay on tho principal till tho end of
tour years, and by prompt improve
ment, may get twenty per cent
thrown otf from tho price.
Grand ExninmoN op National
Industry. Tho Amarican Institute
of llo city of New York, will hold
its 42d Exhibition this Fall, open
ing on tho 10th day of September
next, and continuing until late in
This Exposition promises to be
far more interesting than any which
have preceded it, inasmuch as spe
cial effort is being mado to have
tho leading industrial operations
carried on upon tho premises.
Tho American Itstituto is tho
oldest of all societies now In exis
tence of its kind, and is not in any
sense a privnto corporation.its earn
ings being devoted by its charter
to tho encouragement of homo in
dustries. For circulars, given classification
of articles, rules for exhibitors and
full particulars, addross C. W.
Hull, General Superintendent,
American Institute, New York
Some of the bad roads leadlnc
from town have been "workod."
That part of tho county road on tho
sido hill west of tho "Lano Meetlnir
House," in Elk township, has been
"patched." The township trustees
should dlroct tho clerk to glvo no
tice next spring of tho election of
Iwty-two supervisors totuke charge
of the forty-two- rods of rocky,
rough, ridiculous, wretched road
on that side hill,
Valuable Book.
"The Undeveloped West; or, Five
Years in tho Territories." Being
a complete, history of that vast
region between the Mississippi
and Pacific; its Resources, Cli
mate, Inhabitants, Natural Curi
osities, etc., with Life nnd Ad
venture on Prnirieri, Mountains,
and the Pacafie Const. By J. H.
Bfiulle, Western Correspondent
of tiie Cincinnati Commercial,
and Author of "Life in Utah,"
The National Publishing Co., of
Cincinnati, has just issued ono of
the most remarkable, and attrac
tive books of the century. It is
well know to every one thai, far be
yond tho Mississippi, and .stretch
ing over half the continent, is a
vast region which we vaguely term
"Tho Great West'" a region
abounding in the most wonderful
natural formations, rich in precious
mineral deposits, and offering the
greatest attractions to the settler
and the tourist. Though so often
spoken of, it is almost an "unknown
Mr. Beadle went into this region
for the avowed purpose of seeing
and describing it, and his journey-'
ings and observation were all gov
erned by a fixed purpose, that of
discovering and making known the
actual -haractcr, condition and re
sources of tho country visited by
him. He first traversed the States
of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and
Kansas, examining the lands, and
living and conversing with tho peo
of those sections. For five years he
kept moving from point to point,
exploring the Territories, and the
great and rich State of tho Pacific
Coast, encountering strange people
and innumerable hardships and
braving many dangers in his wou
derings among the savages. He
visited tho rich mines of Colorado,
Utah, Nevada aud Idaho; passed
into California and Oregon, and
there enjoyed peculiar advantages
for seeing and investigating the
resources and curiosities of those
remarkable Slates, lie spent con
siderable time in New Mexico, Ari
zona and Texas, and bis account
of his observations and discoveries
in those strange and deeply inter-c.-iting
portions of our country wil'
ciiunnoiid hi.s book to the careful
consideration of the scholar, as well
as to all who seek practical infor
mation or amusement. His onlv
companions in his travels in Arizo
na were Indian guides, nud ftr
weeks during his explorations in
that Territory he never saw ihe
face of a white man.
To prospective emigrants and
settlers in the "Far West," this
histoiy of that vast region will
prove an invaluable assistance, sup
plying ns it. does, a want long
felt of a full, authentic and reliable
guide to ciiinato soil, products, dis
tances, localities, means of travel,
etc. It may be relied upon, for it
contains no second-hand informa
tion. It is comprised in one large oc
tavo valuinn of 823 pages, and illus
trated with 210 fine engravings of
the scenery, lands.mines people and
curiosities of the Great West. t
The low price at which tho work
is issued brings it within the reach
of all, and tho great popular inter
est in the subject, nnd established
reputation of tho author, eombinp
to make it the best and most popu
lar book of the daj. It is sold bi
subscription only, and ngent nile
wanted in every county. w&clt
Dr. N. J. llower, Dentist, Mr, Arthur, 0
TrE Sept. number of Wood'j
Household Magazine is on our
table. Wo always have a, good
word to say for this publication;
It is such a whole-soled book so
wide awake, bo lively and entertain
ing, yet always so chaste and re
fined. It is a regular littlo go-ahead
too.ns comparison between its num
bers wilt prove. We learn that tho
li nil ofS. S.Wood & Co., dissolved
in March last, tho "Co." (S. Ef
Shutes, Mayor of Newburgh,(r
tabling possesion of the magazine,
and recalling II. V. Osborne)Tenor
oon (as editor. So, though the pub
lication really changed handf, It
has not suffered from tho manage
ment of n new publisher or nev
editor, but under the redoublod
efforts of its energetic proprietor,
has gained new force and new
attractiveness. Price only one dol
lar a year. Address.
Wood's Household Magazine,
w&el-t. Ncwburgh, N. Y.
Valuable Book. DIED.
HOWARD. At Km li Jose, California, Aug.
II, 1S74, Uev. Solomon Howard, 1. 1),, aged
(II years nud II months.
(iLICNN. At Ills residence III Alliens town
ship, Athcnscounty, Ohio, Aug. II, 1S7U, Mr.
Junius T. Ulonn, aged about 74 yours.
1IKWKTT. At tho roidoeiice of Mr. Kpliralm
llowett, In Waterloo township, Athens
county. ),, Aug. HI, 1RW, Mr. Cordon Cook
llowett, aged 71) years.
ItOIHSON. IulyS3,lB73. Allajennlo, daugh
ter of . nnd J. Uoliliisoii, fl(n. D yours nnd
U7 days.
ELLIOTT. t her home In Waterloo town
ship, Athens county, O., Auirusl Till, 1H7J,
Mil. Juliette, wife of Mr. S, I', Kllh.it. nud
daughter of Mr. C, (1. Ilolilnutt, aged about
IIT ycari.
KULLIill. At her resilience. In Dover tntvn
shin, Athens county, O., Mm. Klonnor, wife
of Illriim Culler lisq., ai;ed nearly (W your.
IIOLMKS. At hor residence. In Waterloo
township, A them oountv, ()., August 14,
IH7, Mrs, Mary, wife of Mr. Madison
Holme, ngodM years.
Legal Notices.
John It. Mills et. nl., tuiin of 1 In Vinton
Allun Mills. ilovi-nHiHl, I ( ountv, ()..
I'liilnlllH, I Court ol'
vb. ! Co in in o n
Jil:itilil.i ,J. Linu, Klizilielli f I'li-iiM.
JlilKct. ill., hi'irsof Ailnin
, l.imi, ilm-.o:isn(l, Do- l lvilurli.nl.
John II. Linn, of tlm Slntcol' llliniiix, will
tnko notiro, tlmt dolin 11. Mills, of Vinton
county, Ohio, with nil tho ol!iir liolrs mill
cliilitri::! or Allen Mills, ileri-;ii-wl,n3 pliiililliU,
tU'l oa tins Slit ilny Antfimt, 17.1, liletl their
petition In thu ( onrl of Conininii 1'li'si.J, with
in ttinl lor tho sttiil (.ountv of Vinton, Stnlii of
Ohio, iixiiinst tlio Kiiirl.hi'hn II. Linn, Wiilililn
J. Linn, willow of Adam Linn, ili r.t'iisoil, Kli
znlirtli Mills, widow of Allen Mills, nnd the
heirs .mid children of Admu Linn, deceased,
doleiiilanu, eeltlnjf forth uinonj? other UiIuk.
that the ilninl ill's mo tunuiiU in common nud
nro reWMintttiinjile, from the SSd iliiv of
.laiiimry, 187-.', of the ono undivided half of the
iollowliiff leal estnte, situated lu Mild county
of Vinton, Ohio, tn-wit: The west IiulTof the
nor!h-c:i..t iuarler of Section Number Tweulv
(20,) in Township Number Twelve (12,) of
Uniiffo Xunilier, Seventeen (17.) ol- lauds biili
ject to sale nl (.'liillicollm Lund District, con
tllinnitfNI t;,-iOH. innreor Ichh.
That said defendants iinluwfullv nnd con
trary lo eijuity, keens the plaintiffs out
of tho iioFiiession thereof. That n cer
tain dcc. from Allen Mills nnd Kll.nliolli
liin wife to Adam I. Inn, decensed, dnted April
23, ltofl, was fniudulenltv made, exceuled nnd
delivered. That said Kliznheth was cocrcod
to sign the same. That said deed wns execu
ted and delivered without nny riftht, power
or Authority, no to convoy the premises, nnd
done illCKiilly und for the purpose of ilefraiul
ln liluiiitiiri, us said Allen Mills nnil Adam
Linn well knew: tlmt Allen Mills, deceased,
only owned n life estate In said rwiltv; that
ho (lied. (miliary 22d,lK7J, nud his esiato in
Bind rclty then term In uteri.
And pmj'hig that defendnnU anftwor snld
petition; that tho snld deed from Allen Mills
and EllKulieth his wife, and other deeds in
snld petition mentioned lis effects plaintiffs
title to mid renlty, ninv he adjudged and ilo
creod fraudulent iind void, mn vhollv vaca
ted anil set nside, find held fur naujpit; that
defendants release; Unit plalntitl's may have
jiiilKiueut for recovery of the possession of
siiiil realty, thnt an eijiiitahlo partition may
bo ordered ell' said 'premises, that the plain
tiffs may have judgment for 4100 damages for
rents and priillts from Jiinunry 22d, 1S72, nnd
Other relief,
And the auld John H, J, Inn is noli lied thnt
he is required to nppeiir am) answer snld per
litlun on or hefoie thu third Saturday niter
the 1st dav of October, A. I. 1BT-1.
Ileiis of Allen Mills, deceased,
l!y K. A. IIkatton, their Attorney.
August 27, 1S73-UW
In piirsunnco of an order of tho Probalo
Court, of Vinton countv, Ohio, I will oiler for
silo, nt public Auction, on
Saturday, tho grtli Day of Sept., 1873,
At the hour of 1 o'clock, r. M., of said dnv, nt
the door of the Court House, in Mc Arthur, in
mid county, tho folliiwinj; described real
.stale, situated in said countv, to-wit: Tho
soutli-westquartorof the north-east qunrter,
nnd tho west half of the south-cast quarter of
the north-enst quarter of section number
twenty-eight (S8,) Township number cloven
(II,) llanjtu number seventeen (17,) coiilain
iiiK iu nil lifty-snven ncies, moro or Icsh.
ApiM-nised nt S,K50.
TKIIMS OK SALE:-Onc-thlrd cash In
liimd, ono-third in ono year and ono-thinl in
two years, from tho day of salo. Tho deferred
payments to hear interest, mid to ho secured
Iy mortKARo on the premises sold.
Tho said land will ho offered in seven divis
ions, as follows: Numberl, contnininR nbout
flvo acres, (on which the house stands.) Nnm
iier2, about seven acres. Number S, about six
ncres. Number 4, about five acres, Numbers,
about four nci es. Number U, about eighteen
acres. NuiuIku-7, about thirteen acres. And
will bo sold In such division if the ngurexalo
Mini bid for them shall equal two-third of tho
upprnised value of the whole; if not, Ihe
winde will bo sold together. A pint of said
divisions may be seen at the oillce of tho I'ro
balc Judffe, and fuller explanations will be
f?lvcn on the day of snlc.
Administrator of thoestnte id' Mrs. tinnih
liobo, deceased.
August !;7, l:)--tt.
Joseph llevers, whoso plucn of residence is
unknown, will tnko notice, that .1. G. lioss,
Klknhnth Hartley and William N Ilartler
havo Hied Iheir petition in tho Court of Com
mon l'lens or Vinton countv, Ohio, getting up
un oKtnto mi-i" Himple in thu following real
estate, situate In said Vinton county to-wit:
Tho east-half of tho north-west quarter
(K a N W i.O of Section Number 84, Town
ship Number 10, Itiuiffo Number 10, con-t-niiiiiiK
HO acres moro or lens. And
praying for possessson of said preinines nnil
tho sum of ?5() niesno profits. Said Joseph
llevers is required to answer said petition on
or before tho 1st day of November, 1K74.
lly I'.S. CLAYroot.K & J. M. MuGii.livu AY,
September!), lH7-J-(it. Attorneys.
Milton I!. McKiiiniss, whoso place of resi
dence is unknown, will dike notice that J. G.
lions, KlizahelhllartlevBiid William N. Hart
ley has tiled their petition in the Court of Com.
niiiu l'lens of Vinton county, Ohio, setting up
nu estate In fte im)lr in the following real
estate, situate iu said Vinton county, to-wit:
Tho west-hall' of the nortli-easf. quarter
(W H N V. M of Section Number ill,
Township Number 10, n.iugo Ximiber 111,
containing 80 acres moro or less. Ami
praying lor possession of said premises,
and Ihe sum of fiOmesne prolils. Said Milton
I!. McKinuiss is required to answer said peti
tion on or before tho 1st dnv of November,
lly V. S. Cl.AYPOOLR & J.M.MCLill.l.lVHAV,
September Ik 1K7.1-I!w. Attorneys.
Thk iiudcrsiioicil has been duly appointed
Executor oftlio last will and testament of
tho est at o of Andrew J.' Murtlndill, Into of
Vinton county, Ohio, deceased. All persons
Indebted to tlie estate, aro requested to miike
Immediate payment, and those having claims
against the same, will present them, dulv au
thenticated to thu umlorsigued, for allow
ance. J. A. MAliTINDILL.
Sept. 3, 1 873-3 w.
Probate Court. Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice Is hereby given, that John He'll, Ad
miulstrator (If lionin vim of the estate of Iliin
iiuh Cox, deceased, has filed his account there
with for Until settlement. mid that the hearing
of the same is set for hearing on the lHth day
of September, 1S73, ut 11 o'clock, A. II.
H. 1!. MAYO,
August 27, 1873-4t i'robuto Judge.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
I Norit'H is hereby given that Harrison Wilk
inson, Administrator of the Kstnto of John
I). Wilkinson, deceased, has II led his nccoiinti
In the 1'robiito Court of Vinton county, Ohio,
for tl ii ii 1 settlement ; and that tho sinn'e is set
for hearing on Saturday, September HI, 187:),
at 11 o'clock A. M. II. II. MAYO,
Aug. 20, 1H7.1-4W. Probate Judge,
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notlc.o Is hereby given that Mrs. Ann Ilnr
eroft, as (iuanllan of Amanda llaic.rolt, (now
Poland) has II led her account lor tlniil settle
ment, and Unit the sumo Is set lor hearing on
the 4lh day September, 187:), nt 11 o'clock
A.M. II. 11. MAYO,
August 13, 1873-4U Probate Judge.
"T7"K havo purchnsed mid lilted up the
V V abovo mills, a d solicit the trade of
Ihe fanners of this vicinity.
Special attention given to
And care given to please all customer. Mi'.
A. A. COZ'.KNS. unexperienced miller, has
chargoof tho mill, and will not fail lo deal
iniriy ami glvo genonil sntisiaction.
Flour, Meal and Feed
On bund, nnd for sale nt
July 83,-lr-1, l:OZ7.HNS X JOHNSON.
J OH PniNTlNO of every ilescrlntlon m
ly nnd promptly exocutod at Ul olUco.
Special notices.
To Kansas nnd Colorado I During tho
summer season of 187), tho Missouri I'uclllc
liailroad will sell Kxeursioii Tickets from St.
Louis lo Denver nnd return, at very low lates
of fine, and a lin o opportunity Is thereby of
fered, for lovers nf nature to view tho beau
tle.i of Colorado nnd enjoy the delightful
scenery and health-inspiring climnU) of the
1'ni'l.sof the Uockv Moiintnins,
ICaiisus, with its blond mid fertile plains, is
directly on the mute, together with all tho
other UVtern States and Territories, Is reach
ed by the. Missouri Pucille. Uailroiid and its
connect ioni.. The Texas connection of Ibis
road Is now completed, and passengers arc
u lie red a Ili'tUcUiss, all-rail route from St
.Louis lo Texas, either over the Missouri,
Kansas A Texas II. It. via Sedalia, or over the
Atlantic A Vanilla li. It. rin Vlnlla. For
maps limn Isldef, information as to rates,
routes, ,Vc. wo icier our renders to J. V.
Thompson, Southern Passenger Agent, (.'hat
lanoogii. Tenn.. or K. A. r'oinl, G'n'r'l Passen
ger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Quctinna will be
cheerfully nnd promptly answered. 1-ly
Kon Loss of Appetitk, Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Depression of Spirits and General
Debility, In their various forme, FKmto-
f'ARWHi.r., Hazard & Co., New York, and sold
by nil druggists, is the best tonic. Asa slini
uienl Ionic lor patients recovering from fever
or other sickness, It has no equal. If taken
during the season it prevents lever and ague
and otlior Intermittent fevers. l'.)-4w
Emigration Tiirnlni,'. Clienp Farms in
South-west Missouri. The Atluntio A Pacific
Railroad Company offers 1,200,000 acres of land
In Central and South-want Missouri, at from $3
to $12 per ncre, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from St. Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealth,
schools, churches, and law-abiding society in
vjte omigrants from all points to this land of
fruits nnd flowers. For particulars address a.
Tuck, Land Commissioner. St. Louis, Mo. l-1y
EKUORS OP YOUTH. A gentleman
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
Prdiiiatino Decay, and all tho effects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for tho sake of suffering
humanity, send free to all who need It, tiie re
cipe and direction for making tho simple
remedy by which ho was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, iu perfect con
fidence, JOHN I). OGDEN,
80-3m e. No. 42 Cedar St., N. Y.
For Ayor's Medicines, go to G. W. Sisson's.
P1TT8HUUGH, Marclf, 1873.
Wo linvo used large quantities of Beynicr
naumnn A Co.'s Strictly Puro White Lead,
and havo always found it uniformly and llncly
ground, very whlto and of excellent body.
Its purity we have never quculioncd, and we
cheerfully recommend it.
Minster Painters.
A CARD A Clergyman, while residing iu
South America, ns Missionary, discovered a
snfe and simple remedy for tho euro of nerv
ous weakness, curly decay, disease of tlio
nrinury nnd nominal organs, and the wholo
train of disorder brought on by baneful nud
vic'ous hnhits. (Jreut numbers havo been
cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a
desiro to benellt tho nfilicted and unfortunate,
1 will HCiul tho receipt for preparing and using
this niedicino, in u scaled envelope, to nny one
who needs It, f'no Oiarit'.' Address
Vor Pure Drug nnd Medicines, go lohis
son's. Five Hundred Thousand. 500,000 bottles
of Greene's August Flower have been sold in
this Statu in three months. We only ask you
logo to the drug stores of Gunning orSisson
McArthur, Ohio, nnd get abottlorf ocuiruf.
or a regular slzo at 75 cents. Every bottle
warranted to euro Dyspepsia, or Liver com
plaint, Sick headache, Costivenoss, Heart
burn, Wnterbrash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure lilood, and all dlseafo caused by Im
pure lllooil, or deranged Stomach and Liver.
Try it. O. (1. GItEEN, Proprietor,
. Columbus, Olilo.
Station 1), Bible House, N. Y. City.
March 19, Ib73-v7.nl0.
To tiie Suffering. Tlio ncv.Wm.il. Nor
ton, w hile residing In Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered in that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself after nil
other medicines had failed.
Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will send
tho i-eclpo for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desiro It, Frco of Charge.
Please send an envelope, with your nnmo
and address on it. Address,
uev. wm. ir.xonrox.
070 Broadway. New York City.
MbicIi III, 1873-v7,ul0.
For Fine Perfumery, go to NIskou'h Drug
The Best Place Tho choicost lot of Gro
ceries, Queenswaro, Glassware, Notions, Sc.,
can be hud At Davis Duncan's Store, In Za
leski, at all times.
Corn, onls, potatoes and produco of every
description taken la cxclmngo for goods, at
his store. In connection with his store he has
n Saddle nnd Harness Shop, mid will repair
nnythlng iu that lino on sh'urt notice nnd at
low figures, (io and seo him tf
iriTII Iti Rloomy atttmlanti, low
T T (pirns, depression, Involuntary
ninlssiuiM, losa of semen, iiiemu.
toriho-n, losa of power, dixiy head,
loss of memory, amil threatened Im
potence, and ImhrrllHy, tlnd a Hover-
f,K"-cure in HiiiwpuhEYw Horn:,
up the system, arrests tlnv discharges, and im,
purts vlgur anil energy, life and vitality to thu
entire num. Thoy have cured UioiiMnils of eases.
Prioo, $ per pnekam of live boxes and a large tl
viul, which is very important tnobstinsto or old
ciikus, or 11 per singlo box. Bold by ALL Drng-
Fists, ami sent by nmil on recefptof prlne. Address
604 Bhoaoway, If. Y. Bend fpr clular.
Just Published in a Seated Envel
ope. Price Six Cents.
A ledum on the Nului-o, Treatment and
Hiullcul euro of Hemlnal Weakness, or Hour
mulorrhoca, Induced by Self-Abuse, Involun
tary Emissions, lmpoU-nry, Nervous Debil
ity, and Impediments lo Marriage generally:
Consumption, Epllcpsv and Kits; Mental and
Plivslcul Incapacity, Ac By IK I II Kill' J.
CC'LVKItWELL, M. 1., liullior of thu "(ireen
Book," Sc.
The world-renowned author, In this ndmirn
ble lecture, dearly proves from his own ex
perience that tho awful consequences of self
abuse may ho effectually removed without
medicines, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, Instvmncnls, lings or cor.
dials, poind ng out a mode of cure nt once (Tr
illin and effectual, by which eveiy sull'erer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply, privately oiul'riidlcnllv.
This lecture will prove n boon to thoiisninu
nnd thousands.
Mont under seal. In a plain envelope, t any
address, nu receipt of six cents. or two postage
stumps, by addressing the publishers,
( II AM, ,1, C. KLIN K ACO.j-i
1ST Bowery, New York, P. O. Box 4,ilNk
"TT"K keep constantly on hand at this of
VV Avon supply of F.NVELOVKS, upon
wlili n a card of any description will be
piinloiliii low that all may aflord to have a
card on tho Envelopes used hy tlieui.
WANT. .A hook containing information of
great Importance, sent free for two stamps,
Address, Mrs. II, MKT.ULH, Hanover, i'n.
80-lnie, .
New Advertisements.
' ' W T T IT TT Aml tll0r0 41,0 poison i s
Til 111 111 A friend, confined to truyn
II l.l Nlze on unretrievable, con
ill I'j demned blood," Suak.
in 1 HP FT 'J'he ti-ynnt Poison's power
Ik) A 1 1 1 i I J 1 J is cancelled and the blood
retrieved by KliESS FEVEH TON IC It en
ters the cireidationovercouies and eject'! this
Ague I'oi.-on. This remedy is warranted by
the Proprietors, toCuroAuge, A Box of Pills
FUEE, Willi each bottle.
NATI, O. 4v
"Tr7"ANTED All men wishing to make
VV money to send for aphamphlut con
tninlng instructions, etc.. which trtryhody
tiauld tMMt . J. C. TILTON, Pittsburg, Pa. 4t
toed. Kcxpeoiable employment at home, day
orevuning; no capital rcipiirod; full instnic
tions nud valuable package of goods sent free
by mail. Address, with six cent return stamp,
M.YOUNU & Co .,178 Greenwich St., N.Y.
(Jj'tig.Ol was one agent's prollt on Bry
ant's Library of 1'oftry and, Sony; J70 IM OMK
wkkk on The A'sw Jlomktptr't Manual, by
Miss Beechor and Mr:: Stowo. Any active
in it ii or woman cm havu.nn r.gctcy. J. II.
FOHI) A CO., N'jw York, Boston, Chicago nnd
Sun Francisco, 4w.
flOtli Thousand In Press. Hale Increasing.
2,000 more live AGENTS wanted for our
orcrOOO pages, onlv $2.50. Incomplete & infe
rior works are o lie red; look out for them.
Send for circulars and see proof at the greatett
tnecfHH of vho season. Pocket Companion,
worm e iw, muiictl iree. iiuhuako inuiQ.,
l'ubs., l'hiladolphia.DosUiu and Cincinnati. 4t
Office, U Harcliv? Rt., N.Y.
Offer to tho nubile a lnntern
combining safety nndjeconomy
witn elegance unit useiuincss.
It cannot explode; it gives a
good light, and consumes less
oil thnn an v other; it is not dis
turbed by tlio highest wind, and
11 a glass is broken, it is easily
replAced by meansof the screw.
They employ no agento except
Tho startling drawback on nenrly nil medi
cine; agents has ever been that in their pro-
i-tnp"! ei sun wii iiiiti pi, i in, iiouu mcj iiiru
debilitated the system. To obviate this dilll-
(-11H.V, iiii siciiios liuve long nougiib lor au
agent that would
Their roscarcli lias at last been rewarded by
a discovery which fullv realizes tho fondest
desire of medical faculty, and which is justly
regarded as the most Important triumph that
Pharmacy has ever achieved. This important
desideratum is
Dr. Tult's Vegetable Liver rill.
Which purify the blood and remove all cor
rupt humors and unheal thy accumulations
from (lie body, and yet produces no weakness
or lassitude whatever, but on the contrary,
tones the stomneh.invigorutes the body during
tlio progress of their operation. They unite
tho heretofore irrcconc iluhlo qualities of a
Ir. Tutt's Pills are tlio most aetivo nnd
searching, niedicino In existence. Thoy nt
once attack tho very root of diseases, and
their action is so prompt that in au hour or
two after they arc taken, the pitient is aware
of their good effects. Thoy mav ho tnken at
any timo without restraint of diet or occupa
tion ; they produce neither nausea, grilling or
debilily, and 113 a family medicine they have
110 rival.
Price 25 cts. n box. Sold bv all Drujrsists.
Principal ofllco, IS and 20 Plait St., N. Y. 4t.
Home Life Insurance Co., of New York".
V"T7"ANTED District and local AGENTS
VV for this old old nud well established
Co., under liberal tkkmm. Address with refer
ences, DOUGHTY & llltL'EHL,
iw Statu agents, Cincinnati, O.
TTTANTED. Wholesale Purr.hasnst
VV Aa-cuts for tho Bnrtrain 8 wtnir
ntnclilno, liiaMii ul llaliDnri, ct.v sew
Inlftt tmil. Rent. The Stllltnt. Fitilent and Eal
ext hoek Slili'i, Strait ITttilU Machine In the
market. Better terms than nnv company
Address. JOHN A. DODGIi.
Gcn'l Agent, Dunbury, Conn,
A Wohk Intense, Intkukst and Intrinsic
Jlif thf tlM son of the famous "PETSJl
1'A V.LK 1 ." ThoremiH of hie great hintoriail
reeeareh: An AMiffeIIlHTOKV OPNAVIOA
TION nud Its MANII'OI.D JUncoreriee slnco the
Float!. Abounds Willi Starti.ino Jnridnit,
Kkakkui. imnlrrs, Lawlkss Piracies,
Bloody Jlalllee nud Glorious Achievement;
also describes Diving, Telegraphing, Ocean
Fisheries, &e. OveriWO Spirited Cuts. Sub
ject AVw. Price .?. AGENTS WANTED.
llt'BHAiii) linos., Pubs.' l'liila., lioslon and
Cincinnati. 4U
Odorless aud Non-Poisonous
FECTANT. Its daily use destroys all bad odors and pois
onous einanntloiis about your promises, and
thereby prevents contagion and disease; con
tains no poison, lias no odor, und is always
sn To,
"Diploma awarded by the American Inrti-
I'M. Tney consider it of valno as being non
poisonous and inodorous, and can recommend
it especially for nicilir.nl and general house
hold purposes whero disinfection nnd deodo
rizutlon is culled for." Ejthiiiition op 1K73.
Prepared only by TILUEN ft CO.,
it. Sold by all druggists. New York.
enerand remover of (ilnndular Obstruction
known to Materia Medico.
IT 1.1 Kl'lx'l At.l.Y ADAPTED lo constitutions
"worn down" and debilitated by tho warm
weather of Spring and Summer, when tlio
blood Is not In active cir('uliilinii,ennseiuent
ly gathering Impurities from sluggishness nnil
Imperfect action of tho secretive organs, and
is manifested hy Tumors, Eruptions, lllotclies,
Bolls, Puslulei, Scrofula, Ac,
Will's WKAHV and I.aniiiiiii from overwork.
and dullness, drow.liicss and inertia lake the
place of energy nnd vlfnr, tho system needs
a To MO to build It up anil help tho Vital
Forces to regain their recuperative power.
In thk 11 e at ok Hi mm kii, liTouently tho
Liver and Snlcen do not. iironerlv nurforni
their fiincllons ; the Clerluo and I rlnary Or
gan nro Inactive, pi-oduclnif weakness of the
sloinneli ami iulestliies und a predisposition
lo billions dcraiiiconiont.
X3X1.. -WSUXjIibB'
is piikpahed wnr.rTi.V from the SOUTH A
MERK;AN PLANT, and Is tieciillurly suited
to all these difficulties t It will c.leiinse the VI
TIATED BLOOD, strengthen tho LIFE
It Hiioi'i.n UK rHKKi.r taken, ns Juriibebn
Is proiiouneert bv medical writers the most ef
llcient PlllilFIER, TONIC and DKUIIThHU-
KNT known Iu the whole range 01 medicinal
plai t.
tiuil .1 I J. l iJjMIOII, in 11111.1, ri., .i-w inn
Sold by Di-utftlslj, Sdo agent lor the Col-
ted Stutes.
Piiue II por bottle.
Bond forClrcular
A'sfit'i of Andrew J. Jllggln, dee'd.
Tim iiiwlftiHltrnfiil hits born niintilntcd and
quid Hied as AdniinlHtratrlx of tns oslale of
Andrew J. Illgglns, late of Vinton county,
( , deceased.
jniuhi iu mni nay i miiiv, a. o. ini.i.
Aujf nt 13, 1870-8W. Adnilnlitrntor,
Is in advance of all comnetltors. It Ii th
only lino running througli cars to the West.
Omnibus transfer, ferrlugo, all change) and
delays avoided by running Til H EE SPE
CIAL 11A1I V T IMlu n u ,i.-iiwjii
cociiiis, aV foiiowsr ' rrj
For all points In i; ..I
Iowa, Nebraska and California;
The Through Coach loaves Cincinnati at 8:40
r. jniiinnaiioiis ats:4B A.M., running
through ISlooiuington, Peoria, Galosburg-,
jiiiriiugibn, (Jtiiimwa and Creston, arriving at
OMAHA at 10:00 A. M.. NEXT DAY, hours iu
uovnuueui any inner rouie, mailing but one"
chaiiRd of cars to - . ,
Got your tickets via Indianapolis ami Peoria
- o .J '.j, it
For nil iiolnts In
Kansas, Colorado and tho Southwest,
The Through Coach -eaves Cincinnati at : 4fi
r. H., indianaimlis at 8:00 p. M., running
through Danville, Decatur, Jacksonville and
Quincy, arriving In KANSAS CITY at :I
P. M., NEXT DAY, hours in advance of
Louis lines, making but one change of cars to
Get your tickets via Indianapolis, DanvillO
and (Joiner.
FOR . - ,:i '(
Eock Island d Davenport '
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati nt, : 45
P. M., Indianapolis at B: 00 p. u. running
through liloomliigtou, Peoria and Galva, ar-
riving at UOCK ISLAND at 10: B0 A. 11., DA
VENPOBT at 11: on a. ., noxt dav, milking
but one change of cait for points in . ! , , ,
nobthern Illinois and iowa.
Get your ticket via Indianapolis ami Peoi-in.
' "''I
Pollmaii'8 Palace IDrawing-Hoom
and Sleeping Cars.'- '"n"'A
Rua through from Cincinnati to Peoria and
Indianapolis to.Rock Island. , ,
Traveler to any Western point 'can now
-'-" .iiw.i DninciB, uMiiuuojies una ouniues,
select a comfortable seat nnd keep it to desti
nation. On account of these througli and
convenient arrangeinonts,clcgant equipment
and quick time, this route is now the great
popular thoroughfart between the Bust and
C. W. SMITH, en'l Manager,.
Drbanaj 111.
JNO. W. BROWN, ?. Pan. nt. Agt.,
IiidiiinaiKilis, Jud.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
On and nftcr November I), 1878 Trains , will
ruu as follows:" '
o .
u . .... 1- .
u J .0 .
)a : ; :: ;a
b- . : : : :
; : .'
OlOIOl MTHrti-ii-lv4 Cl OO
::::':..':!:! i d s,
. W ' t-'iiin- -r-iiinnnnii . ''
a :
w : : : : : : 1
SS38?S3?8 ?.22Sg 322?
W r4 nrSHrlHHrlH H
y u a.
o : ; . ;
: 0 o : h '
a 1
C a 1
fio--""ao sits
SKai3a xi2
i . C , C
: j : i i j : : :H :i
' : : o : ! '
a H ; : . ; ; .
3: : : : t , : ; 5
4 3 : : : S ::-::::: i ? it::
jit??;??.?? 'Hm
tr. W 2 ?, S S 01 99cocco3eoeoi vtcaiji
a"B ::::::
e3J :::::: '
?.??.2i?aig!8 ; ;
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will run dally. All
other trains daily, except Sundnv.
8tod between Iiamden and Athens.
Fortimonth Branch.
3:45 p. m.
4:24 "
0:4ft "
0M a, ni. 1
7:S1 '
11 .-SO
Dep. Ilnmden .
Arr, Jock sou
" l'ortsmouth
Fornll iiiitnlji on Ilia T.IkIa nnn...i n ! t -
and at tho Jndiauapolis A Cincinnati Itall
toad Junction for all jiolnts Wrst.
W.K.LANKESTEIt, l.Crint..nJut.
Master ot TrausiHirlnlion. . .... 1
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Lino Route
East aud West.
Only Direct Itouto to the National Caul.
tol and Eastward, . , , , , ;
On and after Monday, November 11), Trains
will run id follows:
Cln'nam Fatt I Mail
Smpres Litis ' IS xpres
Harners Ferrv....
6 55 Am
S 83 A 111
tl D5 Pin
844 Am
1 IS Pm
5 05 "
6 55
10 IS)
615 "
B51 "
6!iU "
8 45 "
Washington June.
New York
New York
Washington. ......
Washington June.
Harper's Ferry...
10 00 -
lt Pm
9 80 pm
4 00 A iu
8 60 Am
0!O "
1180 Pin
8 SO Am
IS 54 Am
It 4A Pin
6 45 I'm
4 05 Am
RSO " I 435
1 no Pin I 6 Ml "
100 " 10 IH
I OdS "
4ft Ala
1100 "
Pullman Palaos Drawing Reom Bleeping Can,
Which are a comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almost equal to a firo-sido, are on all
trains from Cincinnati to llnltlmore and
Washington. See Scheilulo of ( Inelnnatl hiii'
Mnrletln liailroad for lime of arriving and do
parting from McArthur.
The advantages of this route over nllolhoi.
Is, that It gives all travelers holding tliroiigli
tickets the privilege of visiting flaltiinoro
Philadelphia, and the National Capitol free, '
Time qnlukerand rates of faro lower limn
by another route. T ,
Tho scenery along this Knllwny la not
equalled for grandeur on this Continent.
ro snippssTor run a nr.,
This line offers superior Inducements-the
wntiiB tin I .i t. nnii.llilr.l IW.- ... ...1 .
ton, New York, or any oilier rnstorn point
in ordering goods ot any description fn,,,, the
East give directions to ship Tln IlaltimiH-e A
Ohio It. U.,niidiushliiiilug East give snme ill
reetlons. Fndghls sfuiipwl by tills ronlo will
luive despnts'h, and he liiindlvd Willi -iu a id
nvo shippers iiiiu li iiionv.
i' i i.r nu u,
(Jen. Freight Ag't. Ilnliliuor
L. M. ( OLE,
iion.raos. Ag'U.CIncluuftt.L

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