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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 03, 1873, Image 4

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McAliTIIUK JQlllKjiu
Whitewashing and Plastering.
f f'Tlio ' nifilancholy0 (i.iys are
come, the saddest of tho year,"
wrote rllryaut, of : the stormy
months :but ' is so especially
applicable to the spring time,
when all mankind are outlawed
from their homes, that' we can
not rgfrain from (juotinir, ,the
lines. ' The rooms are stripped
of carpets 'atul(tly yjiife-w a sli
er takes possession.
, 11 -,
Ordinarily 'Whitewash is a
trial. Hard finished walls are
far preferable in . mast situa
tions, -hut, inasmuch as they aj-e
expensive, and are not jurfc -in
all rooms the only recoufce to
clean and purify the. -'living
rooms and ylliccrs of dwellings,
is lime water. "
When properly prepared and
applied, it neither scales or rubs
off, but tho trouble is, i that hi
most cases, it is not 'properly
put on. We have tried all sorts
of patent mixtures and concoc
tions of lime water, or white
wash, but all things considered,
have found nothing be 'tor .than
lime water and glue The
quantity of glua to a paitlld of
wash being about three ounces.
Slack tho lime with" water, stir
it all up together, 'do not make
too thick, p.nd add the glue
lastly, having previously dis
solved it in water. Apply this
with a whitewash brush, but do
not put too much on at a
time. Many people have an
impression that, inasmuch as
charity covereth a multitude of
sins, much whitewash covereth
a multitude of streaks, Out this
is an erroneous view of the
matter; too much lime makes
streaky places, and it is apt to
scale off! Very dirty, smoky
walls, often require to be wash
ed with strong acid, or alum
water, before the wash will lie
on at all. If the walls are so
treated, they will hold the lime
much better than without it. As
previously remarked, but little
wash must be put on at a time
and but a small surface covered
at each stroke. A wash pre
pared and applied as above,
will last a year in ordinary sit
uations. The walls of houses being
particularly exposed, are al
ways requiring more or less re
pair. Either the doors have
slammed against them and
broken out holes, or other mis
chances have befallen them, to
their manifest detriment. It is
well know how repair them, as
it is not always possible or nec
essary to call in a mason to do
it. More than this, the price
these men must charge for their
time, makes the repairs very
costly, although the work done
appears of no amount. People
do not reflect, that although a
mechanic may not be over an
hour or two at Iris work, he may
have come a long distance, and
brought many tools with him, so
that he has really lost half a
day, and must charge accord
ingly. To plaster, or repair a hole
in the wall, first clean the spot
all around it of all loose pieces,
so that the rest will be firm and
solid. Then prepare coal ashes
(not wood,) by sifting them
through a fine sieve, as fine as
meal, or Hour. Obtain some
plaster of Paris,and when ready
to apply the cement, mix about
half plaster and ashes together,
with water enough to form a
moderately stiff past. Wet the
wall, and lather all over where
the damage is, the immediate
spot only," and theu apply the
cement with a broad bladed
knife, or, what is better, a trow
el. This mixture, above de
scribed, sets hard, and dries,
without cracking, in a short
time and a knowledge of it will
save many dollars in repairs, to
say nothing of the unsightliuess
of a room with a plaster knock
ed off. .
A dull season Boarding
house pepper.
Democracy of Ohio,
,', 1V1I, That thu Democratic putty seeks
to revive 110 dead issues, lint standi liy its
prluriplcs, which are suited to nil times ami
i-1 li iimr t u iicds ; it supports tlie federal uov
eminent iu till. it constitutional authority
mill oppose nulliuYutlon anil secession. It
defends the reserved rights of the Stilton ami
the people, ami opposes conlriili:uitioii that
would Impair or destroy tliuui. lit order to
maintain and preserve ihese rights It insists
iiiioa tint Urii t construction ot tho Federal
Constitution; it resists all attempt ot one de
partment ot mo uoverniiionc to usurp or de
stroy tlio constitutional righto or Indepen
dence, of other departments; it opposes till in
tet I'erouru ly law with private uilnirs ot bus
Iness ot men. not ruipiired liy Ihu pnblle peace
id' surety, and advocates thu'grotitrst Individ,
ttal liberty consistent with ptiblic.ordcr; II be
lieve. in the capacity of tho people I'or self
government, and opposes all property ipiuliil
caiions as conditions to the right of hiu'i ngc
or eligibility to hold ollirc; it favors liberal
laws fur (lie naturalization nf foreigners; it
insist upon equal an.ll'X.irt In 'lice to all men ;
it opposes all monopolies, and denied that it
is within the prnriiido if thu (iovernnieiil to
legislation for tho lienelltof pnrticulnrrlass
es at tin' expense and to the detriment ol t'i.i
test of thu coiumiinlry ; it therefore opposes
lite system by which li huge portion of the
prnlU -producing wealth of the country is ex
empted from taxation, ami demands that nil
roiisiitulionul means lie lived to remedy this
i ly usl i.-c : it insists tliatourtaiilV laws li itltl
lie n amed w itli a a lew to revenue, and mil to
tax the coiiiiuuiiity for Hie bene II of particu
lar industries; it recognises the evils of tut ir
redeemable eurrenev. but insists that in Hie
retui 11 to specie pn.vniouts;citro stiatt tie taken
not to seriously disturb the business of the
country, or unjustly injure the debtor class;
It appreciates the ucncllts conferred by lail
roiuls, but opposes all combinations ot rail
road companies to pre, rent competition and
thus culi nice Ilic rot ui transportation ; It op.
poses all laws that give to capital and advan
tage over luhnr; it roiiiiics honesty and econ
omy la every department of (iovcrntnuut.
Federal or Slate, ami it condemns corruption,
whoever may be tho guilty parties, It is in
its very nature, ami ns a necessary result of
its principles, u party of progress', and sup
ports all measures of reform and improve
ment that are sanctioned by lustiecjoid co'ii
iii.ndcd by sound practical" wisdom.
JttnlrrJ, That the wealth of the country I
the product ot its labor, and the best use of
capital is that gives employment and liberal
wages to the producing classes; hence every
lust measure that tends to protect theiii from
oppression, and to improve their condition
and dignity their calling, deserves and re
ceives our sympathy and support, and thai
we cordially recoiiinieud llie conservative
resolution adopted tit, the recent National
Labor t (ingress at Cleveland, fuvoring arbi
tration and ((-operation.
V.VWrnf, That, although always constitu
ting a large majority of the American people,
agriculturists have never demanded ot Uov
eruinent, State or Federal, any special privi
ilege; have never infested Halls of emigres,
or Legislatures with loblivlsts ami rings, but,
on the contrary, have sitllered under dUTint
inating and unjust laws until forbearance has
ceased to be a virtue; we hereby pledge our
sincere and honest ell'orls to obtain for them
redress of grievances and eipittl and exact. jus
tice. Jitvohttl, That tho public lands should lie
sacredly reserved for actual settlers, who will
dwell upon and cultivate them, and that we
will continue to deuotiniai and oppose, as we
have always denounced and opnosed, all gilts
of Mich lauds by the Ooveruinent to ineorjior
ated couipa nies,
llrmilfnl, That the greatest danger to free
institutions is the wide-spread corruption
that threatens utter destruction to public, vir
tue; when Credit Mobil ier frauds pass unpun
ished; "when those engaged in them are eleva
ted to high olliclal position; when seats iu the
Federal Senate are notoriously purchased;
when vast sums of money are corruptly em
ployed in popular elections; when an army of
ollice-holders with the sanction of theUovcrn.
incut use their olUcinl inlluence to control
election; when bribery of Cttstoni-houso oil! -
cials is an established usage; when rings of
plunderers are the recipients of millions of
money appropriated tor public use; when of
ticial delaleatioiia are of such IVeipicut occur
rence as scarcely to excite attention; when
1'rcsidenUal Pardons relieve defaulters from
deserved punishment, and Presidential ap
pointments reward ircnit Jlotilliur and sul-tiry-giabbing
Congressmen, and when Con
gressional investigation is generally awhile-
wasning auair, u is not strange tnat men 110
giu to lose confidence iu free inslilutions, and
that the fame of the great Republic, is tar
nished throughout the civilized world. To
remedy these evils we insist that tho receipts
nml expenditures ot the (iovcrniucnt shall be
diminished; that its pul.romigc shall huetir-
lillicii anil an i.se..s unices huuilhiuii ; rimr
it shall cease to usurp functions to which it
has no title; that olliclal misconduct and fraud
and corruption In elections shall be rigorous
ly punished, ami that public virtue shall he
upheld, and wunl of it condemned, by the uni
ted voice of the people.
'WrW, That we condemn, without re
serve, the late act of Congress granting addi
tional salaries, as unjust ami tiiijustillabie,
nml ileinand its immediate and unconditional
repeal, and we denounce every member of
Congress, whether Republican o'r Democrat,
wlio supported the law or received and re
tained the money procured thereby; and we
especially denounce the conduct of President
Oraut in using the Inlluence of his high posi
tion for its passage, and whose oilicial signa
ture made it a law.
JtmnmJ, That the act of the President iu
setting up by bayonet a Onvcrnnicnt in Lou
isiana, not chosen by her people, ami having
no title whatever to'rule over them, was a fla
grant violation of her rights audof the Feder
al Constitution.
y.Vtoix, That every Department of Cover
incut being in the hands of the Republican
parly, they are justly responsible fortlieevils
and wrongs in the legislation and adniiiiistra
lionofwliic.h the country complains,
J.'rmlml, That, miller the lime-honored
Iieiuocratlii banner, with this declaration of
principles inscribed on its folds, weeugage iu
the conllict, and we earnestlv anneal to mil ri
ot ie men of every class, witlu it regard In par
ly names r past difference, to mule with us
011 terms of perfect equality in the struggle In
rescue thcCuvcriinicut from the hands ol'ills-
honest men, and redeem it from the Hood ol
corruption which threatens its ruin,"
-cwaro of Counterfeits)
ArrrxlnM,jConnTtTimm. ItUtuntti Dnaghti
milnu,ir In trll Ik, rjiMrr ftUt to mtjtr grmltr pr,tti.
il antMt lax iht mum, 1 Job JlfotPK on
..ic;.is;. All XW arm trurlhUti .ii,imo,i. Th
(iDKl'INR Vill.iro unfilling in the our. of til thoM
I'nlntuinnrlilsjiKeroiu diiwiuwitu Woh the (nnil
u.iiistltutinitiii nbjoot. Hioimodmleall cxoMniia
i.nil cur all nupprwiHun of tlio iiioumh wheooaUHii
bji (.Mid, liitlanuiution. or (Iimhv. In all caaca ot
.ori.,uo aud Wr-liml Allfrtiona, Paina in tho Hank
nail lamha, I nUuao on allvht oiorlion, I'aluitation
ot tin iloarl, IbalMrioaand Whitca. tlio mil elleut a
' "'""I'M ill otliM Diauia haifailad, andalthnuch
vmy jsiwnrful. ooiilaia aotluug barilul to till moat
u.'liiMtt, constitution.
I inailnr m KiiKbuh flimiaii and Pi noh around
c.M'l) t.otil, uivm full direction and adic.
I " 0 km 1 ink i'illa an anld at mnat dm atom, hn
f (ir ilniL'int cannot aapplj tiia okkuikk, do not
1.0 ir"iir.irit tn arcit any ooanurfoit or bocua ar.
I ds !)i.i (i.,n1 Oim Dollar to the anle nmpriator, J ob
.1. 1 IS t nrltandt Ntraat, Naw Ynrli, with nam!
or tipnua othci at which pm will rail (or tha pask,
aita.and nbotiliot tha luuiiimi Pilla aasuraly and
a.auly puckvd io plala wiatipin wUl baaeot brnturn
nnTAcS'g rn-moivic wafers
rnro fiouona, (Vii.na, AiTnMA, BHom'RiTia, 8osi
. n","l medlolne, and any child will take
tliem. 1 himaanda hare boen raaUired to health that
hart before iloapalrwl. ToatJmony ien in hnndrcdi
Ak for Hlt7AN'B i'Dl.MdNIO WA l'KRH.
rne !tn ci'iitu prr box. Job MOtSK3. 1'roDne
jmirtlandttrot, Wow York. V
I'rnpared by J. (JAUANCIKItli,
Mo. aU Km Iiinliaril, Parte.
Timed pllla arehiiilily reocniinna.led by the entire
Altrticid 1-acuity of Vrtnom aa the Tory lirst remodf
In nil cuftiwof rttiormatorrhGna.or Hominal Weakncsa;
Weak Hpino: HcpoalUi in the Urine: Nsrvoun De
bility, and all tha ghiiatlr tniin ol liaeaaia arlaine
frntn Almsnand Keeret ilabita. They run whan all
nthMrromiiiiioa fail, and have been used wilhastunl.h
inn aucxflea by thi leading French rbyaiciana diirinff
tlio pastli yoara, ranipblltnf Adriite in each bo,
er will be mil Free to any adilreaa. I'rlrn Miner
ItflX. Kent by mall, trurrly mrateit nm fill uhnrr.
r'fi'm, on receipt ol Drift by any advertised Aaent.
OSflAK (I. M08KH, fe ConTt.awOT Br., Maw Votut,
nolo tienerel Aiient (or Amerioa.
.t itooia ouTiirjiiLMQM
7,- mmJ a am'' Atrlri(0CnnniliirtAl.i4
i,Cir2rlUgO MtrUi r thM Niout to
j m w I imrrf ob thi(TnU.tnl'(i
tin 1 n rt- mytcrlMinlrellloiiioI
A UikUWl tl,ff-xmiiayium. wlih Hit
latent rtlcorci lo In prmlnnliij mij irvtutlng oOipriui,
liow 10 ri'mr ihoooiiii'ii'xIon.Ao.
Ttii-l- nu lnuri)llnjf wnrk 0 f twn fcitorJrtil noil ititf
fine i' 1, Willi iimiieroui tntrmvinf, u4 oauuIdm mlURblt
iiritriuuKnn for iIiom who nr niavrrlvd.tr oDtBpUuiur
rlnR. HilMltUN book Umtoucht to m kpi uodtr look
mI hy, an4 uotUttl etrtlooiljr tbtut tho kottta
U txiiitftlut tht txprtenuo and tdvloo e f phriloitt
mf rppuitilon li world-wide, and ibould boln ite prl
viiLo druwor ut uvtry iutl itut frmalo inroaRhom in tntt rt
ft I nlm. It omhrtr-w ovorthlnc ow tho luiijeoio f tho (a
tr:itliorium tUI la worth knowing, d nvoa tltat II
nut publfnhpl In any othr work,
fk'ui lo nny ono (frw or poitNgft) for Flflr Cl.
AililrpiaDr. liutu' Uiiruar,io, 13 W . Itlf hin itfo
tl. UuU,Uo. . s
llotlce to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Itffnit appl yln U tht iioloriani qoaoki who adrtrtUe U
tiibllo iftTi,or utlof any quink romwlltt ptraao Dr.
liiiui' work no niRtitr whaiyoardlaeutlf, or how Aoplor
aide your toudhlnn.
It. Jiuiu nocuplti doublo hontt f twoatr'twrfM
rtNiiufl 1 1 l nrlurmid bf onnit o f tho moit oolthraltd intdl
(jy,l-i'tifMitrof lhtunirf and Kuropt, aadoan baoon
Mill'. I r.Minllf or ly null, mm thodlioaooo nitnUonvd la
hi -w. niiitt and ptrloro, No. MM. Klini itroot.
b two. i Markvt aod Cb.inut, Ht. Louil, Ho.
Tlio iiuniv ttYiiU'iirutf if i'tiaon llnnry viuvh
Unit mo ilally lvjiorloil aHoilVctt'tl tlirt)uj(li
Sarsaparilli. il Eeeolvent.
Il.oolv llnliof nod I'cv.cct I'mirn tivo IMlls, ill
wiilti'n tiiHtliiioiiliilH fnmi nil piirlH of thu
win bl. Hiu'iiiiHB In MoiKli'i'llicinoMt cxtrnviigiuit
iiiliitciCK 01 cnciuiniiui'iii. j iijku'iuob oim
oiciliciil '.1011 in nil countries iiiiiiiouiicv these
woii'lci-fu! rem ci lie. it ni.VHk'ry, that ncitlicf
thcll'.H'icilCl'Of illlllljKisOl' Chl'lllivtll Kkillt'llll
oxplnin. True, tlicso nuMliclncs cllcct tho
most iiiiti'vcloiiK cures, nml re.itoro ihedviiiK to
life, nml relievo thu most wrolchcii iuin-iif-fciinif
vicliiii of Ills lorluroM, In fiinn In
ticriili inintitcs, 1 iiiul nlthoiiKh they know muni'
orine inireiiiciiirtoi uien-ciooiioMiioo, uno jm.
Iliulwiiv' has iiiibliHhcil their fovniulii (witli
li.iidiinroiilv tun nctvlv discovered mots), still
bolli I' lencli, lieiinan, HiiKiixh nml Aiiu'ilcnn
cbeini.'tsaiKi iliiiiiuacetitisiii utterly fail v, itli
' the Miinie IiijjrcilientH an lut'iuired by llifin, Tlio
great kiiccoks, hlch these wonderful remedies
u iv constantly iichieviiij', licit in tho jrrent sc..
cret 01' C'lmliinin the ingredient" loKcther,
uricri'M'i'ci.siiiituccaic in nclcctinj; uic puic
and ('inline nul.
Such wonder of Modern ( hcinislrv lis the
S A I ! S A T A I ; 1 1 , 1 . 1 A N li KSi 1 1 . V K N T, I ; I '. A I
i;i;i.ii;i-: kahwa vs ri i.i.s. mu wiiiioui
iminlli'l In llie History of Aledieini', for there
arc sonic i n it 1 111 1 1 it's uiunii.siuiscrt 1 on 1 arc 1-101-sidcred
a-liicui iibli', and sine dentil. Yet the
nio.-t iHtouiuliu' cures luivo been inilde thnV
IIictC reiiiedie.sof .soinoilisi'iises tliut hiivu nov
er been known to he enrol bv medicine.
S i:i,l,lNt;, Tiiinord in the Womb. stonincb,
( ivaries, tlovuvls, llriirlit's Disease of tho k bl
ue; s ui.il lutye lieeu iionouncel iuetii'iilde,
l uuccrs. I'lceis. Swelliii'.'s. Sloni! In the lllud-
dcr, t'tilculous't'oncretioiis, I 'leers and Sores ot
Ihu Hones, ilickcts o dccilv sentcd that no
olhcr itii'ditmcH have been known to rcui'h,
linvclKM.nrtnvd bv the SAItSAl'AUl I.I.IAN
IIK-sulA HNT, uided bv tlie I!KA1 "I !!'
,1.1,1 1 t 1. 1. .
l'alsv, l'linilysis, Drytiangeno Unit tlirent
eusaliviiirf dciith daily roiliii),' nnay of the
liiubs and lle-h li:ibe!es, invoiiiulary Dis
charge of W tiler, funifi in thu Iiladder (the
c.i.iicror Naiioleoii s di.cai-'), I ovtuniiix pains
when ili.soli.iijrini,' urine, lill KI'M.U 'itjil.
tit HIT. N El li A l.t.l A each and every one of
ineso coniiaiutN though but it few of the
ninny oilier discuses, liaivav'sSiusaiarilli!in
iicoolvciit hits ciiro t iimi isilaily curing in nil
irls of the world.
Inniie word, tiny disease no mutter under
what niuiio designated, that i.i nourished 01
increased by bud, impure, di.'iruvi"l, weak,
thin, wabvv or poisoned bloou . ran becured
bv i;AI AV.- .'.MfiAl'AKII.I.lAN 1(1'.
SDI.VKNT lr. lia Iwuy.t t o. Iiavu never claliueil one
huuiireih part of Hie curative virliu s for tlieii
remedies u s isaseribed lo theiii by the people
whoiiuvc used theiu; for benr in' iniiut, only
such diseases iiud coiiipliiints as Dr. linihvuy,
alierMicces.-fnl ti ctiinient with their remedies
knew Nicy would cure, were enumerated in
thcircimitivclist.solliul ninny of thee. tiaor
dinify ea-csthul have been re'iorted tnvakei.-
c.las iiincli nsiiyiiislinieut In tint discovery of
their !'cnicdinf.'igenls its iu (lio.e w ho hint lieeu
rescue) i rout Hetitli, nnil uitiili' whole linn
Asiuuny peisons discrcilitcd their extraor
dinary power, froui llie fact of ihcir disitp
piiint incut in the use of other advertised reiue-ilios-nnd
soine ludieved It impossible for
simple medicines made only from vegemble
substances rootii, herbs, ,Vc. -should possess
such marvelous power. Yet they can readily
comprehend that llie simple, grasses of the
Meld, ilfleriiudurgoiug the chemical process of
distillation designed liy nature in the cowunil
churn, furnishes us with butter certainly the
most abundant fnt, caloric or heat-milking
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew nml blooil-iuaking
coiititucut.s for the human body.
lint when those people who'llrst doubt the
c.lie.'ii y of these remedies commence Ihcir use,
tVy become their most curliest advocates.
Never has n medicine taken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, either' of tlie
Womb. Iderus, Ovai ies or Itowels; the knife
It is been Mm sole reliance In I be huiids of ex
perienced surgeons; bill Dr. Uadway's Sar
saparillian settles this ipicstlon. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian ( ysts and
Tumors, us' well as Tumors In. the llmvels,
I'tcnis, Womb, J.iver, Dropsical Ell'udon,
Ascites, and I'aleiilous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' (irowth furtnl ly
ilndwiiy's Jtcsolvcnt.
liKvutti.v, iM as."., .Inly in, irtKi.
Dit. ItAbWAY: 1 buvu hud Ovui'liin Tunioi
In the ovaiics and bowels. All the doctors
sad t!icre was no belp for It. I tried ecr,
thing that was recommended, hut nothing
helped me. I sawyour I'e.-olvcut and thought
I would try it, hut 'had no faith in it, beciiusc
I had suil'crcd for li years, I look six bullies
of i ho licsolvcnl, one box of lladivuy's I'ilK
and used two hot ties of your Id inly lieliel'.and
there is not a sign of it tumor to hi seen or
felt, and 1 feel belter, smarter tiud lianuiei
than I have for 1'! ycai . 'i hu .vorst I Minor
w as in the left side 'of Hie bowels, over tile
groin. I write this lo von for the benetlt of
oihers. You can publish it if von choose.
Kroni a prominent gentleman and resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty years well
known to the newspaper publishers through
out the lnited Mates:
NKW Yol'.K, Oct. lllli, lh70.
Dll. Hapwav Deal' Sir: 1 inn induce I bv n
sense of duty to the sintering to make u briel
s iiteinenl of the workingof your medicine on
invsell. for several years I nave lieeu nlllicl
cd witli some troulile iu tlie liluilder ainl urin
ary organs, which sonic months airo culmina
ted in u most terribly nlllirtiiig ilisca-e, uhh li
the physicians all stild was soasmudie sli ie
lurein'tlie iirrlha. as tilso inlllliiilili.nl of the
kidneys cud hluddcr, and gave it its their
opinion lliat my uge 71 yer.rs would prevent
my e er gcli mg I auieiitiy eiireu. I luul tried
a number of pbysiciuns, anil had taken a large
(inutility of medicine, both idiopathic and ho
iiiicopin iiic. Inn got no iclicf. I had rend ol
a-touisliiiig cures having been luude by oiii
remedies; and some four mouths ajfo I rend a
nolirc in Hie riiiladelphia Saturiluy Kveiiiug
I'ost of a cure having been elfei'ted' on it per
sou who had bmg been siillcriiig.it I had been
I went right oil' and got some of em b your
Sarsiiparilliuu liesolvent, ICendy Itelief, and
Itegulating I'ills titnl coninienccd taking
thcni. in thruo davs I wits greatly telieved,
and now feel as weft as ever.
.1. W. JAMES, linclnnutl. o.
Price one dollar pi r hot lie. Sold liy Diug-gi-ts
everywhere, ami at Dr. Itudwtiy's, No. :ii
Witrien, cor. Church St., N. Y.
Cures the worst 1'iilns In from 1 to Ml ininiilesl
fl'j-NOT (IMC HOI It lifter rending Ibis
advertisement need any one sulfcr with pain.
J! A I) WA )".V REM Y 11KUKF
Is a cure for (verv )iuin. it was the Hist and
is the only 1'iiin Itcuiedy Hint Insiamly slops
tlie most cxcruciutiiig puius. allavs billamnia
liims, iiiul con s t ougcsllons, whether of the
l.tnigs, S'.oinai h, llowcis or other gland' and
organs, bv one iippllclillon, iu from one to
twenty infinites. No iiiatler how violent oi
excruciating the pain, the lilieuniniie, lii d
ridilcn, lulli in, Crip)il 'l, .Vi i vous, Netitalgii
or pros, ruled with disciisu may stiller,
Will nlTnrd Inslaiit case:
Inllaunuation of the Kidnev s, Inl1iiiiiiiititli.il of
tlie lllnd'ler, litllnnnnutioii of the liuwcls,
Congcslii.il of the l.ungs. Sore Throat, Dilli
cult llretitbing, I'alpitation of thn lleiirl.llys.
terics, t roup, Diptlieriii, Culm i ll. Intliicu.n,
Headache, Toolliuche, Neuralgiii, Itlicunin
lisin, Colds. Chills, Airuc Chills.
The applieiition of Ihu Heady Itelief lo the
part or 'p. il ls where Hie pain or ililliculty ex
ists w ill ulVord ease mid comfort,
!iO Drops in n half tumelr M'nl or u ill,
In it few niintiles, cine ( lamps, Spasiii i, sour
Slouiai h. Ileaiibiirii. Sick lira. 1. 1. be. Dinr-
rbo n. Dtsentcry, ( olic, Wind ill the Dowels,
and all luternal I'aiiis.
TraveleiH should ahvai's carry ahottleof
litidwny's Itelief witli lliein. A few drops in
water 'will prevent sickness or pains from
change of witter. It Is better than French
iiraudy or Hitters as A stimulant.
Fever mill Airuo cut-eel for 00 cents.
There Is not n remedial agent Iu Ibis world
that will cure l ever nml Ague, ami nil lint!
Miiliirfoos. Itlllloiis. Scarlet. 'i'viiboid. Yrllow
tind oilier revets (nlded by Itiulwnv's i'ills) so
iiiiid its Itudwnys Iteuily itelief. ttl cents per
Dot tie.
lilt. UADWAY'S
1'erfecllv tasteless, elegantly coaled, for the
curuof nil disorders of the Htoiniich, l.lver,
llowels. Kidneys, Hluddcr, Nervous Discuses,
llcmlllrlie, consiipinion, costiveitesH, millges.
lion, l)vsiepsia, llilloiisuess, llilioua fever,
Inllainiualion of the llowcis, riles nml all do
I'lingemeutsof llie internal Viscoin, warranted
lo ell'ect n p(islllve cure.
I'l HKI.Y YKOK'FA fil.K. Conluliilng no
Mercurv, MiiKiiuls, or ilelelerlotiM drugs,
BsyObservn the following ayniptoinii re
sulting from diseases of llie illgestlvo oigiins:
Constlpulioil, Inward Tiles, Fllllliens of the
blood lo llie llead, Acidity of lh stomach,
Nausea, llenrlburii, Disgust for food, full
ness or weight In tlio 'It of the Stomach,
Swimming of Hie Head, Hurried and dllllcull
llrruthlug. Fluttering at the Heart, Choking
or Sulloniliog Sensat ions when In it lying Pos
ture, Dlnilioss of V ision, Dots or Wclia before
the Sight, Fever nml Dull i'l.ia In Hie llcml,
Dellclencv Iu I'crsplnitii.ii, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes, I'liln in the Side, C hest, Eluibs
nml Sudden Klushes of heat, Ilitriilng hi the
Klesh. A few dosei of Itadwiiy's I'illa will
free the system from all thu above disorders,
l'rlce S3 C'onti per IIo.
UA I)W AV A CO., M Warren cor Uiurch Ht.
New York.
iUTylti'(l Kalso nml Trim, fend mm letter
alamo In It ltd way A Co.. Niw'I'i Warren, cor.
Church Ht., N. Y. Informutimi worth thoua-
and will uo out you.
1 .d Wuitrirfti feVi
as?. i v.. .
J Vs.--.' i sv
No Person enn tnlca thoao Bitten nccord
on to dircclKini, mid remain long unwell, nrovic a
heir bones are not destr.iyeil by niinnral poison or otln
ileum, nml th? vital orpins wasted beyond tha poii,
if repair.
Vyaiicp.ila or Imligcstloii. Headache, I'.i(
h the tdiouldeia, Coughs, Tiphtiieaa of the Cheat, Dit
lincss, Sour Kriittntioua of the Stomacli, Had T.ist
n tho Mouth, Hilk.us Attacks, Palpitation of th
fl cart, Inflamniation of the Lungs, Pain in die region
)f tlie Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptom!
ire tho offsprings nf Dyspepsia. In these complaint
it has no equal, auil one Dome win prove a Latter gii.il
mice of its merits than a lcnr.tliv advertisement. .
For Fciiinij oinplnltu, in young or old
fiurned or single, at tlie ttawn ni woniaiuiond, or tn
turn of hie, those ionic Hitters display so decided n
nlluencii that a marked improvement n soon tercq:
iblc. . '
l-.v Tiiflnmiiinf oi-v nlifl Chenille ltlinn
mnttsiii and Oout, Ililiuus, Remittent ami Intel
niltcnt Fevers, Diseases of the lllood, Liver, Kidney
Hid llladder, these Hitlers have no equal. Such l)ii
lases are caused by Vitiated ltlood, wlurh is general)
wnrlnrrd bv ileiaiU'Clllcnt of tllC DiUMtivC Ol'Catia.
fhty ftro a Gentle I'mg;iti ve m well w
a Tlf.l., i.uoab3SUlg also Ilia aci(t(.,r Ittovil of actiti
is a powerful agent in reiieving Congestion or liitl.ini
nation of the Livor and Visceral Organs, and in It 1 1 ion
Vnr Kkin Dlfirnsc... Ernnlions. Tetter, Sa
:t Ileum, lllotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, lloils, Cai
nuicles, King-worms. Scald-Ile.nl, Sore 1'yes, Ery
iipelas, licit, Scurfs, DiscXilorationsof the Skin, Humor
Hid Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or natiiri
ire literally Hug up anil carrieu out oi uie sysicm in
tlmrt lims bv the use of tJie.sc Hitters
' Grateful TUoiianntl proclaim Vikhg.mi Hit
runs the most woniurliil luvigor.-int mat ever fiisiame
he sinking svste in.
( WALKKU, I'n.p'r. It . II. MenOX M .t CO.
PnifiRists and f.eii. Agts., Sm l'rauci.sco, Cat..
nadcor. of W.i hi.ton .ii-.di;ii.iiiton St., New York
.OLD P.Y A 1.1, IikL'iitiHi I'd AND )K A b.KRS
Ten Years cf rt tiuM
xfgfl tent lina proved Dr.t'itKiV
"of?? Wlneo.J'ar to huve mo
aW-vV merit than liny nimib
ptepnrtit lou cverouerutj
tlio public. It i t rich 1
Miouiodlclnol rjitnlltlea
fe., ,.n.l l,,,,,,,,,!.,.! I
ffiJrKK rtlnensea of tho'I'hroatv
" B. perfortniiw U
ariiViT""' S. ja-S II I WML I U 1 1 lill iVUIVlU v-UltlH
eilectunlly cures all Con?'
'jaiit'W-- lidioiiig. JLlins cured
fc'2-. mnny onsen of Astlim
U'fcps (uul Bronchitis), Unit ,
not Deea iironounceit
speclfla lor theso cop.
pfnlniK. Forll'oinsfn tli
JiroHnr, Kltlo or Ittu-l
Untvel or Uitlucy
Oime.dlxeu-seMOfllio Urli
nry Oiuiiiih. JnuiMllo
or any Ur 'oiujilitlii
ithus no equal.
.t ItlMO a superior Toie.
KeNtureMlfie A)cllti
Slrenelhony IJixHystem, I
lent or (bo Weak uml 9etlitntm1,
CmiNeH Ibo I'ool Iigo
(temoves Iynemii nml Indiesliwi
3'reei(M Ji2n!ill iouu a'cvrf
Qlyea louo loj our Kj uleivi.
Jfu And the honllh of tlio gystoi
Ti will follow, 'i'lieto lmi pri fun
Hon of Iron out 1'oUe t!ot
cue ,-.,,. r. ........I .1...-. ..it
iiiiiuviii(.iuiu i, .iiia i,, , wuj.-i
which will removci Iroin yoi
Hystem tho Impuro mid vitiate
blood which ciiiiswullsense, mi
nt llioiiainotliiu build up you
licnllliniHl strength K novo
fnilM to cure. If you lutv
Kcrofulit.tseroluloUN lsem
of alio i:yesi or llni-x, o
Heroltiln lu n:iy anrni, 'ii
ier, Wliiio finclliut;, Ol
ioreH, Ulecrs, or Kerol ttloti
Iiif!:iiiiniiilioiiM, you run t,d
on beiUK curoil witli tills prepi
ration knowu Ir. Crook'
C'ompoMiKl Syrup of 1'olt
3(oot. Uhemiiiitlsin, I'oi it
i tl Ijiin) or Ulic, 4 oils! 1 1 u
lioiiHbrokeixlowii by Mcrcu
rial or other poiisons. mo in
cured by It. For Nyiihilm, n
Kj'IlIliUtio tuiut,tJiuli:i.(llOtl,
lii'j; cqunl to it, A Iriiil Mil
throve it. I
CeauUly yom Complexion.
Do not use pnlnt or powder, hut net u inot
permunent beauty by purlfylni' vour hloo,.
lliis preparation of Iron ami l'o:,n!!io
aiukcsarouKUnndKCulyHltliiKoft iuiilj.ia-.cii
;linnt!es thut Ktilinw coitiplexiun lo (..n
.reshnessnnd lienltli, nml rouiovo n:i v iiin
tHcItiNeHHenftl Ilier-iUlii, t'iiuiili'N, l';it
ttile.iiisiotcliendioriiptioiii,, liy,,u ,-,,,
jwycliueksftiiU a houltliy complexion use n,
Jrook'n Couipouud byruu of I'onu Hu,u.
Of Coli imb us,
Is one of the best 'managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
Kates as low as any No.
responsible company.
Losses promptly
without litigation.
II. C. JONES, Acknt.
Tlie Home
I'atenteo and Maniifacliiier ol'
Head Elccks, PosWlolo Eorcr:, xc,
Clauicshi'ikj, Wkst Va.
'I'll K (irh
Iron I'liuoe
I .Mills, bciiifr portable
And the lies! .Mill ever niade for all l.lndsof
Ki'iiuliiiK; etui been.-ily atlaeluil to saw Alills
or any other power, hiuI waminlri! lo uriud
I'l. uir and .Meal of a supeilor ii.alitv ut
irreuler ralii of a peed than nnv other Sllll,
without lientinir or other illtllrullv the
weixnt ncinjr j,4isi poiiuus, ocrupi i)fc onlv 8
feet siuare on the Hour. Will i in. 20 (o'iiU
bushels per hour. If within llilnv duvs, the
Mill does not prove satlslactort, U'liiiiv he re
turned ami money and all charges refunded.
Ilart'H I'OKt-IIole ISoicr,
its iruiiranlecd toinakn two bobs to
one of any other; does lis work inp
Idly and perfectly.
No limit ran bnl'oiiuil Willi it nl'ler
rial. Hentto any one on trial who
H ill wild inn the endorsement of llie
1'ost Master. Aitenls wanted.
Cliirkslnujr, W. Va.
Farmers nml others run ion llm
I'oHt-llolu Dorer at tha Knoi'iuvu
TtT keepcnnKtnnilyon hnnd nt thlsol
yV llcensupjily of 1)N VKI.OI'KM, upon
which n card nt any description will ho
printed so low that nil iniiyniford to havfl a
Cttt'U on tlio Kiivelopcs used by them.
Time Tables.
Yhu "Did Itolliiblo" and l'opulitr
iiAiiinoai) Xjxwtj.
n Through Express Trains Daily
I'.(ttliped with Ml'.lcr'ti I'nlont Safely
I'l.itlorni, tdupler, and lluifor, and
the l elcbraled
Westinghouso Patent Air Brake:
Tho most perfect protection ngaiimt accl
dents in t!' world.
liir-y New and elegant Day Cotieltei iiud
two dully linen of I'ulliniiu'ii I'ulnee Sleeplni?
( insure run llirouKh Iioin KANSAS i.'lTY
lo (Juiney, Cid.biir;,', Jlendota and
Witliout Clianco.
Also, iidnili lineof I'ulliniinV 1'uhieeSh eii
mj;'iH Iriun A ll 1II.SON' nnd SI'. ,li).si:i')
to Jiicksonvill'j mi. I sji: iiiKllfl.l, ami new and
elegant Hay I'oiK iie.-. Iroin Kanms ( itv to lo
(liiiiuipolis an 1 1 inelniinti without clitine
JGf"Tn secure all ie modern liiiprove.
lUenif, in liailtray traveling, purclmsu tii kets
via llie llANMiui. ei sr. jiixkimi Shout Link,
Ol' I'll I'M,
nil trauxl'er.s, ferriea
and chatiCK
liviV Throiili Tickets for miIc at all priu
cipul oiliees. Faro always us low nsbynnv
rouie. i,..:raxe enei keit tiirouii to all priu.
eijia) points
O. S. I.Yr'olil).
lielieral fiitp't.
1 ieket Aicent.
i:. A. PA l,K t'-'ll, Coo-
'i'he lidlowin are Hi
from L o 1 ii 1 1 : 1, ;i (i,Ur
distances and fines
Kit res,
- .- $ KS
. "lor,
- - - a.M
Miles To
J." Delewaiv
ID rnrilinirtnii .......
fix tinlioir. . - . . . . .
I'd N. I .11 ( l(U
Ibl-Wollinjrlon -
l;ix t leveluiid --------
lit Marimi
117 Cii toli
Ill -.Mull-lield
llW-Alli.iiu e
l:l.-.-I.i ma
UK an Weil
Hi I Ft. Hnvn,
ll.'l-Miiuiiisky ......
Kit-Toledo -
J-VI-Pill.il, urjfli ....
501 1 1 it ri i -1 u i; r li - - -
I'lO'i-l'hil.ulelpliia - - - - -
5M1 llnltiiiiore -
M Dunkirk
iUI lluiralo - -
I.I.') Niairura Kails - - - -He-1
Snroiiura -------
Ill-New York
tr.l-l.'otoii via New Yoik
Mil- I'.oslou via Albuiiy - -lt-x
I iitli;niiiiii ts .....
I'-'O ( iuidunuti
- - ....... ,x(J
8. IS
. . 2.7U
..... .... o.X5
- - -I.S0
- Il.v'fl
- - 7.J15
- 1A.S4I
........ 1 .-..!
........ S.HI
--- - 10.00
- - - - 15.80
- - - - 1U.IM
- - - - I7.:i
- - - - V0.50
--- -
- - - HAU
Ml-Sl. l-oiiis'
'el'.' Kniisiis l ily
T.V.I Leavenworth -
'id Lawrence - .
flint Topekti
mi-xi. Josepli ,
tli-l hieliL'O
ri'-" Milwiiukce
IIH itiii'lioL'l.oi .......
Ivtj I'eoria - - -- -- -- -
tMi-st. Paul
pi I. a, io.e
loo Dcs Moines
Kl-ltock Island -
til Omaha
.Hil-l'edar llapids
.f'.l Iowa l itv -------
Wt Dunleith
.IvW-San Kranelsco
1 '.1,111
h'he above rates of fare are subject lo chati''
cA. Address
I'lisseu'er A a't "Ilec Line," Columbus, O.
On iiud utter .Mondiiy, May 28th, 1871, K.v
iiress Trains will leave Columbus and Crest
line and arrive at points named below us fol
lows: Minimis.
I No.
I " J. Ka il.
I idinnnT. ..11:10 n. in.
i 'rolliiit;.... l'!:80 p.m.
I len biiid.... 11:45
I'.iillulo 1(1 ;:;i)
Nitiniira K'ls 7:00 a. in.
llochester ... 1 M
Albnny 11:15
lloston.. 5;vo p. in.
X. Y. City.. . 3:110
4:10 p.m. :!15a.iii
:-'." 4:50
ll:45 7::10
4:10 5!:mip.m.
11:45 a.m. 4:40
TM 0:05
y -.tKl p in. l:;wn.ni.
U:U0 11:00
ll::io U:40
()::)5 p.m. H::i5a.m.
1:'-T ii.ui. 8:45p.iu.
1 1 a: 10 a. in.
2:40 p. in
8:15 7:00
Crestline ... .li:4S p. in.
I'itl.-burirh.. ii-.:i5
llurrisbiirg . 7:15 a, in.
Hiilliinoie.. .10:10
Vii-liiii"t'in. 1:1U p, in.
l'biliiilelihlall:lo a. in.
i reetline ... 11:80 p. in. 7:15p.m. 5:55a. in.
Kort W'uvue,. 5:80 a. in. l:15ii.m. 11:25
I bi' iitfo '. . . lj:10 p. in. 7".'0 li:00 p.m
t'lVNo. 4. learitijr Colunibiis ut 4:10 p. in
hu , ii Through ( ar via Dchiwaro forSniinir.
Held, ii nclii liy Siringlie'l'l without chitne ut
t :.o i. iu.
Tniin Nn. 2, on the Columbus & Hoi king
Viilley I', lilvoud ennneet with "No. 4 train.
TbroiiL'h Ticketa for mle at Athens.
I'ASmKNOKK Tit A INS returning arrive at
Colnuibiis at 12:811 a. in., 11:15 a. in., and 11:50
it. iu,
tiirPalace Day and Sleeping Cars
On All Trains.
.No. I, leuvlnit t oluiubus ut ';:-ri a. tn.. mi
Xuiii n v. t tins I In riuiM without detent ion. bv
both IJiio nnd New York Central Hallways,
itri-i vIiik t New York on Monday nioruinir'ut
0:10 a. in.
I'or n.iitieiilur Information in reirard to
t!iror.i.'h tickets, time, couneetioiis, etc., to all
point. Ku-t. West, North and hontli, apply lo
or in in ress I.. r iiiiu, oiiimiuis, uino,
li. S. KLIXT, tiun.Sup't.
(ienurnl A lent, Columbus, Ohio.
i;i tiiA'K loiti).
Pt.Mwt.ntfi,f iftott, 1 'ni inn bus. ihlo.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
riils Is the Short Lino via linlliinupolis.
'llie (ireul. TbroiiL'h Mail and Kxpress I'ns
sencer l.lne lo M. I.uuis. Kansas t ily,fil.,lo.
ni pli, Denver, Sun r'raiii Isco, iiud all jioliils iu
Missouri, Kansas mid olorudo,
Thesliortesl and only direct route to In
diviuupidis, l.iifavetle, 'lor re Haute, Caiu
briHe l ily, hpriiilh'M, IVoria, llurliniflon,
Ihl'uo, .Milwaukee, Si. 1'aul, and all polnls
In llie Sorlhwest.
The In.liainipolis, l lm liiiiati 0, I.ufayctle
lllihimd, with its conueeLions, now oilers
luseuers liiuie I'uellilies in Tlirotijrh t'oaeh
ami Sleeping Cur Mervh e than nnv other line
1 1 urn Cini'lnnaii, bavin;; tlie udvanlairu of
i liniii'.'h Duily Cars Iroin Cineiniiati to HI.
Louis, Kansas ( ily, SI. .loseph, I'eoria, llur
UiiKton, ( liieaj-'o, Omaha, mid all iulerinediute
liilils, preseutint to Colonists and Families
sneh coniforls and iiecoiuuiodatloiis as are
llll iiiled bv no other route,
'ilirougli Tickets and lluj(raKi! (dtecks to all
Trains leave Cincinnati lit 7:80 n. in., 8:00 p,
in., mid li:0n p. in,
Tirkels can lie obtained ut No, I Iliirnet
lloii.-e, corner Third ami Vine, I'liblie l.und
in X "irner .Main and 1,'hei; al.-o, at Depot,
coiner Plum and I'earl streets, ineintiuli.
lie sure Isi purchase tickets via ludiiiiiap.
nlii, ( lui liiiittll it l.allivelle ItaMroiid,
Masler Tmnspoitation, Clncinnall.
C, It. LDltD,
ChhtfTlclict Clerk. Clui'liinntl,
Columbus & Hocking Valley R.
Miort Lino to the Lnkex nnd the North
An follows:
Depart Depart.
AlheiiK (1:111a. in. 11:15 i. m.
Arrive Arrive.
Columbus 11:85 h. in. fii-'MI p. m.
levelaml 4:1)0 p. in. 7;la. in.
I'lltshiirffli n:t5 ji mii a. in.
Indlnnapolik., . r,:rsT. " :1U "
ChlciiHO r,;atil. III. H:45
HpriiiKlleld 1 :10 p. iu. 7:41) 11.111.
Davton l:i " 0:80 "
Close connection iniident Lancaster for Clr.
clevllle, .nnesvlllo aud nil points on the Cin
uiunali and Miiskiujruui Valley Kiillroad.
iilrect connections nindu at Colunibiis for
Dayton, Hprlnifllchl, Iiidlanapnlls, CblcaKO
and all iwliiU IVejt, Also, lor Clovolund,
lliifl'nh), IMllslmi'Kli, ami nil points Kast.
Take the I lock In r Valley nnd I'mt lfandlo
route tot hleuiro and thn Northwest; it ll tho
shortest liy sixty-six miles, giving passenKCis
the beni.lit of ipilckur tiiuu aud lower ratei
than by any other line.
. A. Bt'KLI., Ccu'l Ticket AkcuU
jp Tarn it uir o !
ii.'f:'- '.'isV'Tv'VVTcXc ' 1
a M'-- . ii
1 inanulactuic lo order and repair rnruilitreof
and aeeompaiiy I hem with a Hearse. C&TTUo pulilia fti'o iuvlteU to can ttnu
oxnjttino my Stock.
March llllh, I::
Furniture !
.w-gaffcVfc .-t'-
all kinds ut the most reasonable prices.
In furiiiih
Tho Great Achiovomont cf the
Ninoteench Century.
All the New and Full of
Till! DAILY i it A 111 10 is Hie Mile, of a news
paper, published in New York, which is
achieving the most remarkable jnnnialislic
success liver chronicled. It is an eiKht-pnue
evening paper (three editions daily.) elegant
ly printed, nnd coiidurteiPby the tiniest edilo
r'ial lulent ultiiinuble.
Asa newspaper TlIK Daily ilitAVilli! stands
in thu 11 1 st tank, and contains re Kiilnrly
Thv. Very Laiowt antl Full
est Nows from all Parts
of the Wo litl.
Its j;rcut feature ((insists lu (he fart 'lint It
is not only a newspaper, but an illustrated
newspaper as wed. I our of its puuc an! till
ed wilh choice ri a.lintt mutter leleraiiis.nl
ilorinls, p'lieral aud local news, items, nossip
and coi ivspondeiiee on the freshet mill liiol
topics. The rrinailiiiijr four liases
consist of
execute, 1 iu the most limitless and aristie
style, and portraying accnralcly and fully all
leading events within twenty-four hours after
their oeciirrcnee. Those 'who blive ill ll 1 1 v
jotirnnlisin n study, ami fully uppiccinlo the
Brett t enterprise iiiaiiilesicil in inn eonect ion
and piihiiention of news liy Hie aid of the tel
egraph, stcain presses, and'tbe ileveloit'ineiit
of our journalistic, talent, have been
fond of ndviiniiiiK (lie theory, that the
next advance in that Held would re
suit in u newspaper fiirnisbin refrular
issues pictures of all current prominent
events, 'flint theory is a theory no loud
er: the newspaper oftho future is ilic newspa
per of to-dav, uml that paper Is Tin; Daily
(iltAPlllo, The processes which render this
marvellous achievement an existiiij,' fact are
tlie result of the most careful stiulv and an
endless variety of experiments, gradually per
fected during the past twelve years. They
depend upon improveiueiils 111 lithography
and the apiilicution photoirruphic cuiuoro. liy
ineir am a picture is engraven ami ninue
readv to m int in front twentv niintiles, to two
hours. ( oslly and elahoinlu plates, works of
art, scenes of interest, are reproduced and
Pictured forth with ennui facilitv and the
most scrupulous fidelity. Illustrations of
leading events are engraved and prepared I'or
llie press even ueioie tne accoiupnnyiug writ
ten nan alive or desuription leaves tho hands
of the compositor.
i'or tho proper practical working of great
an enterprise, TlIK (iltAI'llIC CO.Ml'AXY
was formed has
A Capital of $500,000 in Gold.
months and months before the first Issue of
Tim Daily UitAi'iiic, the most, extensive
pieparaiious were made, and lo-dny 'fill';
The Largest and
Jest Cor.p'.cto
ihnor.s in
the United
In the greitt work of lllmlrntiiig tho events
of the dav an extensive nova of Hie best
known and most accomplished art his areeiin
stnnllv eugayreil.
Tilt) 'DAILY (iiiAl'llIU aims to be in its slrlct
cst sense a newspniier. Strivingnhvays In be
lust and truthful, it disenssesall iiufstipn in
dependently and impailiiilly. It is not the
organ of any party, sect, or need. It is al-
tvavs iitgn-toucii, ami couiuiiis uokinog to ,o
feuil any tnsto. Its contents give 't anlin
tueuse ii'dvaiitnge over tlie "old fashioned"
pnpurs. The tiuiiiiitl subscriber gets
a volume of twenty. four hundred pages, con
stlttiting a valiinblo ruenrd of events and a
griipliic panoiiinia of our liiuo ami progress.
It possesses liottnerelv a 'oral interest, but Is
a paper for ever) reader of llie language. It
Is, emphatically,
Tho l'apor for the Household.
Terins, till pcryear, orid for three months.
Tint Daily (iiiAi'iiic,
Mil anil 41 Park place,
J tin 11 SniOktw. New York City
Five New Subscribers
nil pxlrtt copyofTilKMoAltTlll'UKN
gCIUICIt, I'or one year.
Is n valuable voluuin of
1,304 Fagos, with 500 Illustra
tions. Well boiinil, and conliilns a large amount of
Information, concerning all the great indus
tries of our country. Scud the niinie i.
Pub. Kiuiulrur, Mr Arthur, 0,
iAril!0.,NATUF;.g QREAT nEMDy
I'iji: Tin-:
It is grulifvlng lo us to Inform the public
lh.it. Dr. I.. 'if. Wisluut's Pine Tree Tar
Cordial, for 'I'liroat nnd Lung Disease", bus
funic. I nn covin. reiiutiitloii IroiiithuAt
luiitie to the Paclllc const, uml from llieiim to
some of the lirst I'uuiilies ol l.iiroue, not thro
llie oress alone, hut bv licr-ons tliiouirhuut the
Slates itctiiullv hem lit till and cured at his
oihec. U'hilulio iitiblishes less, so miv ourre-
tioi tors, he is uuulile to supply tlio deinund, It
g.iins nml holds Its leiiitliitiou
I lls!. Xot iiy slopning cough, but by loos
ening nnd usslting uuliiro In throw oil' thn
iinheallliv mutter cullectcd about the throat
aud bront dual tubes, wiich eiiimrt Irritation
Second, ll removes llie cause of Irritation
(which proilueus cough) of tho utttious inetti
hruiiuauil bruiicliiul tubes, assists tlie lungs
to net and throw oil the tiuliealtliy secretions,
ami pin nies tne moon.
Third. It. is free from senilis, lobelia. Iiiecne
mid opium, of wliiili most tin out nml lung
remedies are composed, which allay coug.i
onlv, and ilisorynui.'o the stomach. It bus a
soothing ell'ect on the stomach, acts on the
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic, nnd nervous
regions, ll.i.s learning In every part of tlie
system, iiiul in its invigorating and purifying
e'tl'eels it, bits gained a rcpuiiitinii which it
must hub! above nil others in the market,
llidng nn. Ier my liuinedliile ilUertloti, they
snail not lose their dilutive iUalitics by the
use ol' i liuiiji and impure urticlcs.
iTr. I tj. (, Wihai't's Oilbe Parlors are
open on Moud.iv s, Tiiesd.ii s and Wednesdays
from l a. M. lor, f. m.. lor tousultittiou hv Dr.
Wni.T. Jlugee. Wnh him uie associated two
loiisulting pliyi-lelans of tel. iow ledged iiliil
lly. This opportunity is cot olIV vd bv nnv
other Institution in tin' cily.
AH b Iteis must be aiblitsscd to
No. 33 North Second St.,
Noveuiber iO, 1K59.. (hit
Vol. VII. IHTi,
Tin-: I'koplk's Maoazinic.
I'tlit'J by EJiturJ .'. .
The enlarged resources plui ed In llie hands
of the old AM) NKW by the public nnd by the
proprietors, enable Iheni to iiniiouucu u vol
ume of u hlcr interest than tbev have ever
Mrs. (Irceiunigli's story, "Pythonla," and
Mr. Ilule's story, "I'ps aiul Downs," will he
continued and completed In this volume
A series of short stories by Miss Meredith,
Xlrs. Sl4vc, Vrs. Wbilucv, Miss Hale, Mr,
Pel kins, .Mr. Coring and others, has been en
gaged. A' rs. Muillncitu's Series will ho cniitii.UJil
In papers on "The Church and its Kxclusivo
Cluiins," "Cod In Humanity," ,tc.
The i cries of articles on 'Political Science,
by gentlemen of recognized nullity, will com.
prise piipcrson "Railroads, Servants or Mns-
IciVr llie llaliol iu Kngland." "Land,"
"The I.nw of Slurntiniu .liirisdlctioii," '"fho
Indian Otiestion," "The SulTrago of Women,"
"Kiiunl Taxation," "'i'arlll's uml Protection."
"Went the New AdiiiinUtrnllon must do,"
"Labor "' Wages tJiteHtlon."
The suhlect of criticul interest in
will be lllutainted hy dlirerent "cntlenien em
inent in tlielr lines of rrscai.in. Wo slinll
in ineir linen oi icscai.ui. nt snail
iitvo llie pleastiro uf printing papers,
otheis, by Prof. I'slev, Mr. liall, Dr.
-. Dr. (iniv and Presldeiit Hill.
soon liu vo tin1
'file Kxanilperls nuteop, lined n thprevlcwof
the publics! ions ol' a few houses, hut attempts
lo give some account or the luoru hnportiiut
issues from the Prenrli, (iunniin and English
pi ess, as well as our own.
'The record of progress ilescrilios the sub.
nt 11 1 1 Li ill itdvaiicu which the world has made,
In whatever direction, or iu whatever region,
nun i,ti'cilli reiereiico o lllipnivvllieilCS in
domestic nro which my he attempted iu
The tnitga.iun will ho under the editorial
charge of Kdwurd K. Hale, who will have wi
der assistance tnsti nerutoiore in the manage
niunl of its Joiiruul Depiirtnient.
I'liebeaulifiil ( hrinnolllli "Conliileiice," hy
llainuiaft Hillings, is presented to every Ho
ne v:i I and New Subscriber lo "(Jbl nnd New"
for PCI Ht fl.00, or at H.SB the Croinolltli will
he I'liriiisheil handsomely mounted, ready for
framing, wise IO.vM.
Suhscrlptions recleved Iiy till TiooW and
newsdealers at publishers rides.
No, I I) Wushiiigton St., lloston.
Press and Strainer.
WANTKD, Agctils nml Peddlers for our
PliKSK A N DS l li A I N KU presses and
trains Jams, Jellies, herbs, vogHiihlcs, lard)
allow, meats, cheese. &e. Over (Kl.tKXl sold III
few localities. Sells (inlck. Kvury family
wants It. Mewing Machine and other estab
lished agents are Uniting this vury prolltnblH.
Circulars free. LITTLKK1KLD i DAMK
Wi Wushluglon St., lloston, Mass. eawlO-
Books Which Are Books.
Works which should bo found in every Ll
brnrv within tho reach of all renders. Works
to eiitertitln, . Instruct and Improve. Copies
w ill hi) sent by rotiiru post, on receipt ol
Now riilnognoiiiy or, Hliriu of Cltnrsntur.
us liinullesteil tutoiigii leinperiniiiic unu
Kxtuvnal forms, and especially In tho "Hu
man I'acu Divine," with inure than Oi:
Thousand Illitstrtlhiuu. Iiy t). It. WKLLH.
Price ifu.UO.
Tho Family lMiysIoltin. A Keady Pr
seilberund llvgenlo Adviser. Willi Jtcier
eneu to tha Nature, Causes, Prevention aid
Treatment of Discuses, Accidents, undCia.
tialtlcs of every kind. Willi a Ulossnry and
copious Index. ly .Iokl Kiiliw, SI. D. 11
. lustratcd with nenily W Kiigravlngs. Olio
large volume, Intended for use in thu fondly.
Price HIM.
How to Cliurncter. A New Illustrated
llund-llook of phrenology titul Physlogno.
in v, for Sluilents and lixauiliiors, with A
t 'Inn i for recording llie sizes of the Organs
of Ihu llraln, in lltu Delineation of Char
actor, with upwards of 110 Kiiginvlngs,
lulest and best. Muslin, $1 .SO.
The Patents' Ouldo; or Iluinnn Develop
ment through Inherited Tendencies. Ily
Mrs. Hkmtkb 1'kmii.ktum. Second cilillnn,
revised and enlarged. One vol. lilino. t.Z0.
Constitution or Man. Considered In rela
tion to Kxternal )b.lects. I!y OKOltns;
( (i Mill:, 'l lie only nut hurized Auiellrnn Edi
tion. Wilh Twenty Kiigravlngs, f 1.75.
The lfyglenlo llauil-ltoutl it Prnctlcal
(itiide for the Slck-lCootu. Aliihahetirally
arranged with Appendix. Ily It. T. Tit ALL.
Oiio vol. Ilium, fJllOpp. .Muslin. ij'i.W).
,' How to Write," " Vrow to Tnlk," "How
to llihave," and " How to Do i'.usliicsn," it
lliiiiil-llook Indistieiisabb! for Home lm
provemsnt, iu one vol. S'.'.'Ju.
Mcdloek: or Ihu Kight Kclallons of the
Sexes. Disclosing tlie I.nus of Ctiiijugal
Selecllou, and shuwing who uiuyand who
niav not Mttrrr. A Otilde for bulb Sexes,
if I. "ill.
Orntory-Snered nml Seeulnri nr tho Kx
teni.oriineous Speaker. Incliidsng a Chair-,
man's Cuide for condiieting Piihlio Meet
ings according to Parliamentary forms.
I. no.
Miiiinguiiinn. if Iiifmicy. 1'hyslologinl and
iMorid Teeiitineiit. liv ANDIIKW COUUK, M.
I). With Notes. Jt.bO.
IMedlcnl Klectrlcity. A Mliiiual for Stu
dents, showing the most scieiitiilu and ra
ti. iiiul application lo ull forms of Acute and
t limbic Di.u nscs by the dilferunt conibl
natlonsol' Klect.tlcitv, Dalvanism, Kleclro
Mugnetisin, Jlagnels-Kluctrlcity, and Ilu-.
uilin Mflgnellsiu. '-!.(M).
History of tiulcni Witchcraft : "The Plnn
chctte Mvsierv;" nml "Modern Spiritual
ism," .with "'Dr. Doddridge's Dream, " in
one vol. Price $1.00.
AZaop'a Fnblt?s. Tha People's rictorlnl
Kdition. P.ciiiitifitlly llliislriiled wilh near
lv Sixty Kiigravlngs. Cloth, gilt, hoveled
hoards. Only tl.W.
Popo'a Ernsoy on Mnn. With Note,
llciiutll'ullv Illustrated, ( loth, gilt, beveled
boards. i.00.
Tho Right Word in tho night Plaoo.
A New Pocket. Dirthinnry and Peforenco
Xook. Kinbinclng Svnonyms, Technical
Terms, Abbreviatione, Knrclgn Phraseii,
Wi lling for llie Press, Punctuation, Proof
Itcudiug, and other Yuhiiihlu Inlbriniition.
15 cent.
Phronolouicnl Bust Showing the latest
ebiSKitlcation, and exact locution of nil tho
organsnt the llrain. ll is divided so as to
show each Organ on one side; nnd all the
groups on tho other. Kent by express.
Price (2.00.
Inclose amount in a Registered Letter, or In
a Post olllco Order for one nml nil the above,
and address S. R. Wkm.s, Publisher, No. :M)
llroudway, New York. Agents wanted. .
A Fine German Ch;omo.
Act'ivra wa'T'd von
Jl Y TIIOS. II'. A'.VO.l.
043 Pages Octavo. 130 Fine KiigrHvlnys
ltelntes Incidents and Accidents hovot
the Light of Dav; .Startling Adventures In aV
Paris of thu World; Mines and Mode of Work
lug them; I'nderelirrents ofMorictv; (ininb
ling and Its Horrors; Cnvenis nnd their Mys
teries; T lie Dnrk Wnvs of Vv Icltcdness; Pris
ons and their Secrets; Dowl m the Depths of
the hen; Strange (stories of the Detection of
Crime. The book treats of experience with
brigands; nights in opium ileus and gambling
hells; life lu prison; stories of exiles; ad, en
ttirus among Indians; Journeys through Jew
els and Catacombs; accidents In unties; id
"'.tes and piracy ; tortures ol the luipiisition ,
wonderful burglaries; uudcrworldol' tho t, rent
cities, etc., etc,
We w ant agents for tills work on which we
rlvo exclusive terrilorv. Agoiits can uiako
lOOn week in selling (his hook. Hutid for clr.
eulars and special tonus tu agents.
J. It. IllRU & HYDH,
Great Industries
PKM pages nnd nOO engravings, printed in
iCnglish nn. 1 Ceiiunii, written by lid eminent
until. o, Including , John 11, (iotigli, Hon, Leon
( use. hdwniil How bind, Huv. K- ICdwiu Hall,
I'liilip Ripley, Albert liilsbnne, lloraceOreo
ley, etc..
'1 his work Is a complete history of all branch,
cs of industry, processes of tiianiifiicluie. etc.
In ull uges. It is a complete encyclopedia of
arts aud inaiiufacttircs, and H the most enter,
ladling and valuable work of information ou
subjects of general Interest over o tiered to the
public. Wu give our agents tho exclusive
right of territory. One ol our agents sold 133
copies in clyht days. niioNicr sold HUH in two
week. Our agents iu llarlford sold 3117 in one
week. Specimens of the work sent lo agents.
Address tho publishers, J. II. ltUltU It
IIVDi:, ilai tford, Conn., orChicngo, 111. '
New Music ! !
J. L Peters. 599 Broadway. IT Y.,
And mulled, post-paid, on receipt of inmkcd
.In, n tn u,
Above and llolow. Sucrei Sun if.
hack to the Old Homo, bong anil ( ho.
rus Stewart.
licautiful Korm of my Dreams. .Stewart.
Darling, Weep no more. Song and Cho
rus Hnvs.
Do not. Weep so, bister darling.
Konir Htowars.
Don't forget to W rite me. Song and Cho
rus Cox.
Kuld wo our hands.. Kong or
Duet UoUdlou.
(lone tu Hie Heavenly C-nrdcn. Hoiir
- - Cliamhorlnln,
If yon were ,wr)iilt youV 8ong..sliHttuck.
Kiss uie, Darling, ere wo part. Stewart.
Little llllnd Nell. Kong. and Chorus.
Llllleldtn. Song and Chorus.. ..Hays.
Lord, forever at Thy Sido Danks.
Sleet ine, Itessle, in the Dell ... .Stewart.
Meet me, Dearest, wdtlt a Kiss.,. .Think.,
My hov ncross the Sea M .llays,
Oh I (ilveinea Home in t)P Untitle .Hay.
Oh, Siinil Siinir nnd Churns Hnvs.
Oplv for Youl llallud... ........ .Dolloiix,
Otir Little Pet. Song and (.'horns.. 1 1 ays.
Papa, stay home. Temperance Song,
. Hays,
Save one llrlght Crown forme Ilnys.
We pruy you sing that Hons. Duet,
Wilt thou Weep when I
POLKAH.-Hunbenni, hy Klnkcl, 85 cts.I
Hollo nf liaialogs, by Victor, 8.1 ots.; May
Howers, bv Hlmon, 8.r.cts.
MAUKkAH.-Awiikeningortlio Birds, 50
cts,; Happv 'fhnughts, hy Walker, 80 ets.i
Lauglilng Wave, by Wilson, DOou.; Sunbeam,
hy Peacher, 4(tct.
OOLOPS.-Charllo'i am) rrciWlo' by Rcn
kel. each 8B cts.
SlIOTTIMCIIKS.-FatnlOlnncs, by Yovtyt,
cts.; May Morning, by Kc.hinldt.50 cts,; Sun
lion m, hy lluinpcl,86cis.;aud Wllllo'sby Klu
knl 8 cts.
MARCHES Hello or flaratoga, by Bttum-
bnch,4iicts.;Molllo'sby Kinkul, M cts.
WALT.KS.-Chirltn, Onorglo's, IMtWt,
Hallio's nnd Maggie's, by Kinkel.ennh 8A eta.;
Drops of Dew, by Allnrd, 40 cts; Sunbeam, hy
i..un a . , ,
Kol'lt HANDS. Amnrjll") 60 ct! Soon
Polka, 85 cts.; Iwo'i Chase Osllop, 85 ots.t
Praise of Wonntn Polka-Miuutkft all b
Dressier. ' . ' , . :
SALON riEOEH.-Dimfo of tho Hayma.
kers, Wilson, 15 cts.; Love's C'arnssos, Kin,
kel, 40 cts. May Ulnssoms, Klnkel, 50 cti,
Plnlnte des Kleins, Tonel, 40 ots., Whlsporlug
llreezes, Wilson, 60 ets.
Any of tho above msllod. poit-pald, ou ro
A W ...i: ) jM'Dtot'prfee, , ,
w?"' J. t. PETERS, 60 Broadway, N. V

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