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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 10, 1873, Image 3

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IcArthur Enquirer
moartiiur,ohio,. septkmbebw. ibt,
Advertising Agent,
Giisroxiirir.Ti. ieiio
la an authorized A gout to rcclcvo advortlso'
intuita for this nauer. Hfl h:. snocial ar
rniigoineuts with religious, agricultural and
oilier uuwpnpors.
Advertisers wnu uinj win., luiontii .
People of Vinton and adjoining count!
11 . ... ...11.. .I.. !..... ,. HI
CAD Hill, ii if uukini wvuiuiu mnii . uu
Armur inquirer.
Bindinu. Persons having magazines or
books of any kind they wish 4o have
bound, cau leave tlioin at thisofllce and Indue
time can receive them properly bound. We
hare made arrangements wereuy we cun at
tend to this branch of business at low prices.
Subscribe and pay for The Mc
Arthur Enquirer,
bo nice.
Nothing half
Severe sickness compels us to
defer comments on our County
Convention and the candidates un
til next week. Wo aro informed
that the Convention was largely at
tended, and the proceedings were
harmonious throughout.
Those wishing to attend the
great Industrial Exposition at Chi
cinuati can purchase tickets at any
station at half-fare rates, on the
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad,
which will ho good for six (C)
m t B mm.
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O
The Evvelope Trade. Wo make
jv speciality of Envelope Printing,
jinil h:ivu a largo ' stouk of dif
ferent styles and qualities for
our patrons to select from. Come
and eee our stock.
Owing to tho sickness of the fiun
ily of Kid. A. S. Biddison, of New
Lexington, Ohio, the funeral ser
mon of the late Andrew J. Mar
tindill, who died July 28th, 1873,
not preached on Sunday, the 31st
Dr. N. J. Bower, Dentist, McArthur, 0
Be sure and write plainly the
names of all subscribers and the
jinnies of Post-ofllces sent to this of
fice. Give the name of the post-of-jtk-e
as well as the name of the sub
wcribeiy when you want a name
TfTE following is a list of letters
remaining in the Postoftlce, at Za
lesiYJ, O., September 1st,' 1873: '
0har.es W. Gannon, Cordelia
Pence, David Ryan, Henry Thomp
biin, J. M. Vr. Stevens, J. It. McGan,
Elizabeth Ceulner, Dr. Gray, D.
P. Ankom, and konsall Shrider.
J. G. WILL, P. M.
Joseph Cox. living two miles
IVoin Londonderry, Ross county,
lipped 23) pounds of wool from a
thorough-bred, three-year-old Cots
wold sheep this season. The fleece
was sold to Huston, Dillon & Co.,
of the . Allen svilla Woolen Mills,
aw the is finest they have seen this
year. Mr. Cox is one of the best
sheep growers in that county.
We w'ere pleased to receive a call
on Wednesday last, from J. A.
Martin, who resided in Zaleskl,
two or throe years, , but . left that
place to fill the position of Rail
.Agent on tho Baltimore aud Ohio
Jlailroad and .branches, his hear"
Kpinrters being at Cumberland,
jMd. He was hero looking after
the business of tho late firm of
Martin & Co.
The fall term of the McArthur
Vniou Schools will begin on Mon
day, September 29, 1873. Prof. M.
K. Barnes has becu engaged as
Superintendent, The following is
ti list of teachers employed In the
various departments:
Miss Maky Hawk, 1st Primary.
Miss Hellen Holland, 2d "
Miss Katk Liston, 3rd "
Miss Lizzie Rich, Intermediate.
Miss Jennie Tucker, Grammar.
Judge' Hastings has been in a
most critica) condition during the
past two or three weeks. His
health is completely broken down
with hard study and overwork
We do not think that h?a nilnd Is
permanently injured. It is nervous
prostration. If ho would resign,
nnd divest his mind of all care and
worry, and travel during the Full,
we believe ho would entirely recov
Jackson Standard.
Tub following is a stringent mode
to get rid of flies: The smoke of
dried leaves of pumpkins burnt on
a bright fire will cause, flies to quit
an apartment instantly, or it will
kill them. Birds must bo with
drawn beforo the I operation, and
persons should not go into 'apart
ments Immediately after, as It often
caused headache. Thb employ
ment of laurel oil is also a preven
tive against flies, as they cannot
bear the smell of It. ' Babies and
persons of weak constitutions
should leave the room during this
Nine Miles west of Ashland,
Neb., August 30, 1873.
Editor Enquirer:
Our last notes were from Lud
low, 111. Since then we have been
on considerable of a jaunt througl
Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. Leav
ing Ludlow on the 18th, wo came
to Peoria, via the Indiana, Bloom
ington and Western road, where we
arrived at 2 o'clock next morning.
Being behind time, we were com
pelled to lay over three hours; then
took tho Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy route for Galesburg, where,
luckily, we made close connection
for Burlingtou, arriving there at
about 9 a. m. Here time was given
for breakfast. Tho inner man be
ing satisfied, a forward movement
wan made across the plains of Iowa,
via tho Burlington and Missouri
River route (the noted old reliable),
reaching the Pacific Junction at
11 p.m., two hours behind time,
The only alternative left us was,
either to go to a hotel near by, or
bunk in the station-house till morn
ing. Went to tho hotel, bjjt found
it already full; however, a comfort
able bed was tnado upon the parlor
floor, and sleep would have been
refreshing had the long-billed, long
legged mosquitoes been less thirsty
for blood. We fought them brave
ly, and !:ept them at bay until day
light, when we arose just as the
sun gilded the horizon on the ea?t,
aud its bright rays glimmered over
a vast prairie.
At 9 a. m. crossed tho Missouri
river aiui unmet i at iiausinouin.
Here we found a cousin, in the per
son of Mr. Jacob Datesjian, dealer
in tobacco and cigars. At his urg
ent request we stopped over till the
next day. In this place wo found
several former residents of McAr
thur. George Stinchcomu, former
ly typo in tho Enquirer office; also
his father, who is located hero in
the practice of law. Tlatte river
empties into the Missouri at this
point, which is tho largest stream
within the State, and, with its nu
rncrous tributaries, waters a most
fertile part of it. Plattsmouth is
the county town of Cass county,
and exhibits considerable thrift and
enterprise flue brick business
blocks, elegant suburban resides
ces upon the bluffs, two live news
paper offices, the Watchman, dem
ocratic, and Jleiald, republican.
The only detriment to the town, in
our estimation, is that tho location
is too bluffy for n town of great
proportions. A fine school build
ing, In the modern style of archi
tecture mansard roof, etc, is just
being completed, and is located
upon a high bluff west of town. It
makes a very showy and prominent
appearance. Our stay in Platts
mouth whs onjoyable and pleasant,
and it could not bo otherwise when
it Is known that we subsisted upon
the richest and fattest that the
town afforded. '
On tho morning of the 21st we
departed for Ashland, thirty miles
west, via tho Burlington nnd Mis
souri railroad, iu Nebraska. Ar
rived at our destination at 1 p. m.
Wo found this town overflowed
with farmers' teams some unload
ing wheat; others arriving with the
yellow stuff, whllo hundreds of
teams were hitched, waiting their
turn. Every bam, Btable, vacant
house and wood-shed was being
converted into a granary for wheat,
until sufficient rolling stock could
be secured upon the railroad to
transport it to market Seventy
five cents per bushel Is the ruling
price, and a constant stream of
wheat is flowing to tho .different
stations along tho line of tho rail
road as fast as the threshers can
thresh it.
Well, by the assistance of a
friend, we found a team that was
going by our father's residence in
the country; but on the way out we
chanced to pass tho residence of
our sister, and here we were pre
vailed upon to stop over night and
rest, and get home on tho morrow
refreshed. Wo took her advice.
Next morning, ourself, family
aud baggago wore conveyed across
tho prairies to "the old folks at
home," whero a generous welcome
greeted us on all sides, after a lapse
of years.
Since our arrival here it has been
extremely hot and unpleasant, too
hot for a pleasant visit ; yesterday
tho thermometer stood 102 in tho
shade. High! how we did sigh for
some of the shade about McArthur.
Tho cxtrcmo drouth and heat, thus
far, has' not affected the corn and
tho yield will bo an average one.
The wheat crop is quito largo. The
farmers have just finished the most
bountiful harvest yet reaped in
this productive Stato,
But wo are growing lengthy end
must dofcr. some important, items
for another .letter, iq which we shall
endeavor to give some facts as re
gurds tho climate, timber, soli and
crops of .Nebraska, and tho .induce
ments to new beginners.
Of course wo are enjoying our
selves. Wo arc in the buggy every
day, and "Fannie," the gentle, trus
ty mare, though at the advanced age
of nineteen, lias conveyed us in
safety to every point of the com
pass In a radius of ten miles with
in tho past week. We expect to
start homo next Tuesday or
Wednesdnj', after visiting the State
Fair at Lincoln. More nnon.
A Nebraska Cow at British Cattle
Two or three years ago, J. E.
Jones emigrated from England to
Canada, but found no farm quito to
his mind till he reached the Biff
Blue in Nebraska. He was too late
to obtain Government land near
Crete, and so ho bought an im
proved farm, to which ho added
various purchases from theBurling
ton and Missouri River Railroad,
bo that ho now has an estate of
2,400 acres.
To give friends at homo an idea
of his new purchase: Mr. J. last
year shipped to Liverpool a cow
raised on praino grass and never
fed with any other food. This
creature was exhibited in various
British fairs, where she was much
admired, and afterwards brought a
round sum when sold for the bene
fit of the poor in Wrington the na
tive parish of Mr. Jones.
Seeing is believing. Hence every
mail brings letters from John Bulls
to Mr. Jones, saying that they are
also determined to try theirlfor
tunes in tho unknown land from
which ho has sent such an Eshcol
cluster. Some have their capital at
command, bo that they can come at
once; others must wait to sell out
a lease or for it to expire, but will
send out boys, or friends to make a
beginning. One man asks : "Can
farming tools be bought either in
Crete or New Tor hi" This in
quirer will seo more than one car
in the freight train which follows
him to Crete filled with agricultur
nl implements, and in Nebraska
City may inspect a plow factory,
which ali neighboring farmers hold
to turn out a better article than is
brought iuto the Stato from any
other quarter. Besides, in the last
repoit of tho chief of tho Washing
ton Bureau of Commerce, it is sta
ted that during 1872 the declared
value of the mowers, cultivators, etc.
exported from the United States was
about a million and a half ($1,547,
413,) and that of these tools, $273,
711 worth were exported to England.
Mr. J. however, advises his friends
to bring with them one article,
namely, a chain harrow. Ho bids
them not to be faint hearted if their
capital is small, since they can buy
railroad acres for a less sum than
their annual rent, or annual outlay
for fertilizers, at home, and that
on ten years credit, six per cent,
interest, nothing of the principal
payable for four years, and with a
deduction of twenty per cent, as a
bounty on prompt tillage If they
buy in 1873.
About sixty wagons are now en
gaged in hauling ore from along
tho line of the Gallipolis, McArthur
and Columbus railroad, in Swan
township, to Vinton Furnace and
to Vinton ' Station. Swan town
ship, Vinton county, and Benton
township, Hocking county, are cov
ered with the best quality of iron
ore. Fred. Cradlebaugh has end-
ess quantities of ore upon his farm,
through which the railroad passes.
Upon the lands of Joseph Cox, of
Swan township, a fine vein of red
ore, four feet in thickness, has been
discovered. The completion of the
railroad through Swan will make
io r farmers tho richest and most
independent in the county,
The editor has been under the
influence of chills and fever during
tho past week, and unfit to be "on
duty." A sufficient quantity of
the "Chillicothe remedy" quinine
will perhaps restoro him soon.
Tho Printing House is in tho care
of good and trusty men, and those
wishing any business attended to
should call early, late and often.
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad.
The following is a statement of
approximate earnings of tho Mari
etta and Cincinnati Railroad for
tho fourth week in August, 1873:
1873. 1R72.
Passengers 115,771 15,545
Freight 8(,lh! 47,)M
Mail, express, and telegraph . si,H45 8,060
.50,WU 854.8tf7
Total this month to date $178,4(11)
Total for the fiscal year,
commencing ins or inn.
uray 11,430,610 ll,S17,0Oa
Where to Buy Goods.
John W, Wilcox, of Hamden, re
turned from the city last Saturday
with a grand assortment of Dry
and Fancy Goods, suitable for this
season of tho year. The assortment
is very attractive. Look at his new
advertisement in another part of
this paper, and see how low ho sells
Dr. N. J. Dowers, Dentist, McArthur, O,
We are prepared to execute ev
ery description of Printing on Pos
tal Cards. Send us your order and
we will furnish tho Cards, and ex-
ccuto the printing neatly and
promptly, 1
We do all kinds of plain and fan
cy job work, neater and at better
rates than elsewhere Everybody
Says' so," Como' auij seo specimens
and learn prloes,
BOLAR MAPLE. On the 4th day of Sep
tember, 1H78, at the residence ot wo nriuci
tin....,. 1.. lllfll.Un.l IVlwllullill. llV A. N,
L'azad, Esq., Mr. Ahouhald Uoi.ah and
CAI.VERT-TEDROW.-At the residence of
f... J, l..r ,1m amtiH III IMlllfll-l (JUl-
J1UT. Vi IIUW, IF. lliun.i. .....
vert and Miss Almedla Tedrotv, both of
Athens comity, Ohio.
FRAME. At hla residence In Coolvllle,
Athens county, O., August , 1W3, Jlr. John
ranio, aged OS years .
CAT.DWELTi. At his rcsidonco In Carth
niretownahip, Athens county, 0.. Septom
i v m:i lr AlovHmWCulflwell. at the
advanced ago of 18 years, 8 months and IS
mi' -ii hia ivalilonnA In Alliens town
ship, Athens county, (., Sept. , 13, Mr,
jsnuc too, uged nuoiii a years.
DOWNEY. At Nelsonvillo, Athens conn--
ty, O , Bept.1 1873, typhoid lever, miss bail
ey, daughter of Mr. James and Amanda
I'uwuuy, affuu loyunrs iiiuuhiib.
tea anu Prial Proper
ty for -Sale.
At 7 nl nali I. Vlntnn onnntv. Ohio. on tlieMs
rietta Cincinnati railroad, with Mill Yard
ol one acre, and with all tne necessary maom.
nrv for ClIHTnu Anil MKKOII1NT W oltl. Also,
two acres of land, adjoining the Mill Yard,
uoon which is a gooa wwuinng uusn. wu
tnhiiiiirT Uooms.a Well. CiBtorn.Wnsli-lioit'e,
Stable mill other coiivonloncjw, with UMpes
and ail kinds ol run. Also
Portable Steam Saw Mill,
Now located ', mile from Hope Furnace Sta
tion. Smiles from Kaleskl.and cuttlllir from 4.'
000 to 5.000 ft. ofLiimbordally.and a set for logs
su lie. eiittomakeDOU.uuo lector luuiner: two
two-horse Teams, Ilarr.ess and Wngonf com
plete, connected with the Mill. Also,
ICO Acres of Land,
Situated In Washington county, Iowa, fl miles
from a railroad, with Dwelling House, and
all lutliiiildinirs: 00 acres of which are im
proved; limestone soil, near to timber; n' very
desirable property. And also, otiikk pkii
The Flouring Mill and Saw Mill are In good
running order, nud doing a very prolituble
All of said nronertv will he sold at low pri
ces, togotheror separate, tho whole or one
half interest hi tho said Portable Saw Mill
TERMS: one-thi ri cash, and tho remainder lu
niivinents to suit tl'o Diircliasor.
i ins is a rare cnance lor one or two enurgrt
ic men to make money. Satisfactory reasons
given lor wanting to sen, r .nii auks,
July Sd, 1870-tt Zaleskl, O.
Consisting of 800 acres, situated In Madison
Township, Vinton County, Ohio, four miles
1 rum ilium iiiiir, 111111 tiiiu iiiiiu-iiuiu 1 1111,111
Station, on tho Marietta & Cincinnati Rail
road, on the road leading rrom mcArtnur to
Aniens, 01110. luo seres 01 w ooii j.nnn; imi-
anco under cultivation ui acres 01 iiotiom
Land. Well watered. SiinlcionUy large for
two farms. Two dwelllntr houses and all oth
er buildings, about 1-8 of a niilo apart, upon
tho premises. In a good neighborhood aud iu
Greatest Coal Region
On the lino of said Railroad. There are 8
veins of Coal. 4 feet In thickness on the nrein
Ises. One vein covors tho entire tract ol laud:
ono covers all excent 40 acres, and one covers
nil except about 100 acres, within 80 rods of
the ltnlUvav Switch, riinnlnir from Vinton
Station to Vinton Furnace; a switch can be
conveniently mint across tne innu to uio i.oai
Vein;. Any norson wantlnK nroncrty of this
description, could not do better than purchase
8-15 acres of the land holontr toll.U. ficininir.
who will give anv further information that
may bo desired. Will sell at a bargain. If
one nan is paid at or aoout tne innu ui suie,
tho buyer may have Btich time on deferred
payment, not to exceed ten or tlflcen years,
as will bo satisfactory, Inimiro upon the
premises or nuuress n. it. uuinu.
juiy , loia-u. inioii oiaiiou i
Music! Music I!
Prices From $00 to
STEINWAY'S Pianos, acknowledged uurl-
,T. F.HARRIS ACO'S.. Pianos, tiosltivelv.
tne nest medium priced pianos made.
BACON A CARUIS, good ami very cheap.
9H11111 a American wrgnnw, iiiuoiuy instru
ment used by Mr. l'hllip l'hlllips, in his song
SPANG'S Orgnns, celebrated for their purl
ty and power of touo
WOOD'S Organs.
Wo aro offering tho abovo Instruments from
ten to iiitceu per couc.
Lower for Cash,
Than they ran be purchased elsewhere Call
and see us at our rcsidenco, or address ns by
letter. We Gdarantkr Satisfaction.
M, It. 11ARNES, Agent.
July 0, 1873-3m
AicArtnur, u.
ViriTH Iti frlooray attendants, low
if .pints, depression, InvolunUrr
ftiniulana, loss of Mmcn, sperms.,
turrhora, loss of power, dlrav haul,
' --. ,lux.l.lltl mi
potence, and Imbecility, Aral m lover
sign cure in HUMPIIltEXW lion 15.
---. m uv , wiiiuvi, j.fiiJi&AAg iuava
up the system, annate tin discharge., and im,
ports vigor and energy, lifo aud vitality to the
ntira man. They have cured thousands of oak.
ymuuMvvA mm vuavt? Mill a large II
vial, wiiion la Very important in obstinate or old
aaoa, or II per ainglslwx. Bold by ALL Drug.
rists, and sent by mall on receipt of prloo. Address
CO., 604 Bboadwai, N. Y. tJsud fpr.oiular.
Just Published in a Sealed Envel
ope. Price Six Cents.
A lflcturo on tho Nature. Treatment nnd
Radical cure of Hemlual Weakness. orHncr-
matorrhoea. Induced by Keif-Alniso, Involun
tary emissions, iinpotenev, iwvoiu Debil
ity, and Impediments to Marriage generally;
onsiimnuoii, r;puopsy ami r its; .Mental ami
'hyslcal Incapncltv, o. Ily ItoilliiU' J.
ULVKItWKLL. M.D. author of I he '(:,,,.n
Hook," Ac.
Tho world-rennwnod author. In this nilmlni-
blo lecture, clearly proves from his own ex
perience that the awful consequences of self
abuse may bo effectually removed without
medicines, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, Instruments, rings or cor
dials, polntliigouta moilo of cure at once cer
tain ami effectual, by which every sufferer,
no mattor what his condition may he, may
cure himself cheaul v. urlvatolv nml' iinlii-nilv.
This lecture will prove a boon to thousandc
anu inousaniis,
Kent under seal. In a plnin envelopo, to nny
address.ou receipt of six cents.or two postage
stamps, by addressing the iinlilisherH,
en arii iii v. KJ-.1M K co,,
181 Bowery, New York, P. O. Jlox 4,nM,
keep constantly on hand at this of
yY fleeosupply of KN VKI-OPICH. upon
wnicii a nard of any description will be
printed so low that all may afford to liav a
card on tha Jiuvolopcs used by theni.
Legal Notices.
John R. Mllli. ot. al., heirs of In Vinton
Allen Mills, deceased, I t ounty,0.,
rialiilffs, I Court of
vs. i i, o in in o n
Matilda J. J.iun, Kll.alictli
Mills, ot a)., heirs of Adam
Linn, deceased, De
fmiiliuilji. Pleas.
John II. Linn, of the State or Illinois, will
take notice, that John H. Mills, of Vinton
county, Ohio, with all the other heirs nnd
ciinurcn or Allen Mills, deceasod.as plaintifls,
(lid on tho 81st ilnv AiumsL 1H7U. tiled their
petition in the Court of Common l'loai", with
in and for the said county of Vinton, State of
Ohio, against the said John II. Lluu, Matilda
i. i.inn. widow or Adam Linn, deceased, Kli
iHboth Mills, widow of Alieu Mills, and the
lllllw Bit .1 ..1.11.1 A.I t l. .1 ,
.viiv hiiii vuimiuu ui vtoiiiu uiuii uucvascu,
iivijiiuaiiift, suiting loriu among omur iiiings,
uuii me illiniums are tenants in common am
are seized in fti ImpU, from tho !15!d day ol
January, n of the one undivided half of tho
following real estate, situated in said county
nPl'Inln., .11.,.. ... ...1.. ,111.- ..0.1.:.
v. . iiimiu vim,, iii-h ii; i lit, Hfri nun or llie
north-east n iinrter of Section Number Tivnntv
fill I I I.. tn.. . - . in
in lownsiiip flumnrr i weivo (IX,) oi
nnuKU AHDiuur SRTflnii i n ii i.i ni mm s kiiii,
jecttosnleatChilllcotlio Land District, con,
iiiiiiiiiir nu licras. mnrnnr ish.
mat said delomlants unlawfully nnd cou-
ciiutj, jtvcriio iiiu finiiiiiiio tint
of the possession thereof. That a cer
tain deed from Alien Mills and Elizabeth
tniV In amil... L, ..... .ln m.l.1,.11 i,V. .....
ins wllo to Adam Linn, deceased, dated April
23, lH&u, was frnudnlonltv miulo. executed ami
delivered. That said Klizftbeth was coerced
io Hiirii i ue same. Hint sunt need was nvec.n.
ted and delivered without anv rlirbt. lunver
or aumoriiy, so to convey me premises, and
none illegally aim tor tue purpose or derniud
dig plaintiffs, as said Allen Mills and Adam
I In II U'.lll Inonrl ,!... All.... Mill.. .. 1
..ii,,, nbii .niir , mui, iiituu .i.iiin, uuuuiArcu,
only owned a life estate in said realty; that
no men .limitary au, iea, aim uis estate in
suid roaltv then terminated.
And proving that defendants answer said
petition; that the said deed from Allen Mills
and Elizabeth his wife, and other deeds in
said nutition mentioned as effects uluintiirs
title to said realty, may ho adjudged and de-
rrceu irauiiiiieiit, ami void, aud wholly vaca
Utad and wit iwidtw-and Jil4 fur ncinliti that
nuiciiiiitiiis ruiunu, uiii jiiaiiiiuis limy lllivo
Judgment for recovery of tho possession of
said realty, nut an eqiiiuimo partition may
bo ordered olfsald nreuilHes. Hint the lilniii.
tills may have Judgment furfl(K) damages for
rents ami prouu iroiiMlllltliiry d, Wt, and
other relief.
And the suid John H. Linn is not I Hod that
he is red uired to anneal' and answer salil ne.
tition on or before the third Saturday niter
iiiu lav un) ui i-.umi;r, il. l. 1014.
JUM.1 ICi .111 J.I.N, KT Al.i,
Heirs of Alien Mills, deceased,
By E. A. Hbatton, their Attorney,
August 87, 1W3-8W
In pursnanco of an order of tho l'rolmtn
Court, of Vinton rouutv. Ohio. I will offor for
sale, at public auction, on
Saturday, the 27th Day or Sept., 1873,
At the hour of 1 o'clock, p. it., of said day, at
tiie door of tho Court House, in McArthur, in
said county, the following described ronl
ostuto, situated in said county, to-wit: The
south-west quarter of tho north-cast quarter,
and the west half of tho south-east quarter of
un, livi-iii-i-iim, tiiurwi- in section uiimiier
twenty-eight (28.) Township number cloven
(11,) Range number seventeen (17,) contain
ing in nil fia.v-seveu acres, nioro or less.
Appraised ni z,u.
TERMS OF 8ALK: Onn-thli-,1 onoli l..
hand, one-third in one venr nnd min-thinl in
two years, from the duy of salo. Tho deterred
itiynienu w oear interest, anil to bo secured
jy mortgago on the premises sold.
The said land will be offered in seven illvls.
lons, as follows: Number 1, containing nbout
Ave acres, (on which tho house stands.) Num.
bor 8, nhout soven acres. Nmnber 3, about six
acres. Number 4, about live acres. NumliorS,
about four acres. Number ft, nbout eighteen
acres. NiiinbcrT, about thirteen acres. And
will be sold in such division If tho aggrogato
sum bid for tlicin shall equal two-thirils of the
appraised value of tho whole; it not, tho
whole will be sold together. A nlnt nl' mii,i
divisions may bo scon at tho olllco of the Tro
bateJudgo, and fuller explanations will he
given on the day of sale.
lit. Mil KEYNOLDS,
Administrator of the estate nf Mm. ttnrnh
Robo, deceased.
August 87, 18T.-)--4t.
iloseuh Bovers. whose nlnen nf rendlenri la
unknown, will tnko notice, that J. U.Ross,
Elizabeth Hartley and William N Hartley
have riled their iietition In thn Court of Com.
mon Pleas or Vinton oountv, Ohio, scttiug up
an estate in ft tbnple in bo following real
estate, situate In said Vinton county to-wit:
Tho east-half of the north-west quarter
(K- x N W U) of Section Number 81, Town
ship Number 10, Rauge Number 10, con-
nu, iiiik m uc,rvs nioru ur less. AIK1
praying for possossson of said premises and
tho sum of fid lues no prollts. Said .Joseph
ltevers U rofinimil tlx nawiiKEnl,! unlllln,,
or beforo thu 1st day of N o vein lior, 1873.
.-cHciuucr o, loij-nc. Atuirneys.
Milton B. MeKlnntss. whoso nhien of resi.
denco is unknown, will lake notice that J. U.
miss, r.niaiieiii tiiinievanu iv iiiiain n. Hart
ley has filed their petition in the Court of Com-
ninilll..lnri'iiilnn.rtnl .ll.l.
"11" . 11 HUH ..Villi, , , II, DUVllll l J
an estate in fttttmple in the following real
estate, situate in said Vinton county, to-wit:
The west-half of tho north-east quarter
tu j n r. i) or Bccuon numiior a I,
TAIfllultlll VllllllLU. 10 ll,n.-A Vl.ll.A. ,11
containing 80 acres more or less. Ami
prnying lor possession of said premises,
and the sum of $50 mesne prollts. Said Milton
II. McKinniss is required to answer said peti
tion on or before tho 1st day of November,
Boptemuer a, isiMir, Attorneys.
Thk undersigned has been duly appointed
Executor ol'tho Inst will and testament of
tho estate ol Andrew J. Martindill, late of
niton county, onio, deceased. All persons
Indebted to tho estate, are requested to make
1 In, .......... .... -...1 ,l...u.. 1....:.... ..,..t
iniitiuiimiv ,ii,t iiiviii, nil,, iiiunu imviuu Vllllllis
against tiie heme, will present them, duly au
thenticated to the undersigned, for allow
Sept. 8, 1873-8W.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Vnllnn I. linn,!,!, nlunn ll,.l Inlm 11. .11 A .1
nilnlstrator dtbonlt mom' of the estate of llau-
null Cox, doeeased, has II led his account there
with for tlnnl 8elthiiiH!iit,and that tho hearing
of tltc same is set for hearlnir on tho 18th (lav
ol' September, ltfTij, at 11 o'clock, A. 11.
11. Jl. MA III,
August 27, 187,1-4t Probate Judge.
TATE. Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Vnotick II lioroby given mac Harrison Wilk
inson, Administrator of the Kstuto ot John
I). Wilkinson, doeeased, has died his accounts
In tho Probate Court of Vinton county, Ohio,
for llnal settlement; and that the same is set
for hearing on Saturday, September 1!), 187.1,
al 11 o'clock Ai M. II. B. MAYO,
Aug. SO, 187il-4w. Probate J iidgo.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notlco Is hereby trlven that Mrs. Ann Bar-
croft, as Guardian of Amanda llai croft, (now
Poland) has Ulud her account lor llnal settle
ment, nnd that tho same U set Tor liearl n g on
the 4tlt day September, 1H78, at 11 o'clock
. M. II. n. Al A 1 I I,
August 13, 1878-4C. l'robato Judge.
"T7"K havn purelinscd nnd lilted up the
YV above mills, a -d solicit the trade of
tho farmers of this vicinity.
Special attention gkeu In
nd cure given to pleaso all cintnuicr. Mr.
. A. CO.ICNM. hii exiiiiileniMid lillller. bus
hnrifoof the mill, nnd will not fall to ileal
fairly and give general satisfaction.
Flour, Meal and Feed
On hand, and for snle at
July 80.-1873. CO'..ENS t JOHNSON.
JOB PRINTING of evory dosorlptlon neat
ly and promptly exocutod nt this oillce.
FALL 1875! 1872!!
Hosiery, Staple Notions, !Buck
Groods, Small "Wares,
New Stock, IjOW
S. C. Swift,
Special Notices.
ands have already gone, and thousands more
aro turning their eyes towards new homes in
the fertile West. To those going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming
Nevada, Oregon or California, we recommend
a cheap, safe, quick and direct roulo, via St,
Louis, over the Paciflo Railroad, which runs
ita duo Day Coaches and Pullman Bleepers
from St, Louis to principal points in the West,
without change. Wo believe that tho Mis
souri Pnclllc. iiullroad has the best track and
the finest and sattest cqiupment of any. line
westoftho Mississippi, and its connections
with roads further West are prompt nnd re
liable. Tho Texas connection of this road Is
now completed, and passongors aro offered a
a first class all-rail rottto from St. Louis to
Texas, either over tho Missouri, Kansas &
Texas R. It., via Hcdnlia, or over tho Atlan
tic & Paciflo (. It., via Vinlta. For maps,
time tables, Information as to ratos, routes,
&c, we refer our readers to S. II. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Pasacngcr Agent, 8U Lou
is, Mo. Questions will he cheerfully and
promptly answered. n23-ly
Emigration Turning. Cheap Farms In
South-west Missouri. The Atlantic & Paclflc
Railroad Company offers 1,200,000 acres of land
in Central and South-west Missouri, at from $3
to $13 por acre, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from St Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealth,
schools, churches, and law-abiding society In
vite emigrants from all points to this land ot
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Tuck, Land Commissioner. St. Louis, Mo. 1-ly
Fob Loss of Appbtitk, Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Depression of Spirits and General
Debility, lu their various forms, Fkrro
Piiospokated Elixir or Caws ay a made by
Caswell, Hazard Co., New York, and sold
by all druggists, is the best tonic Asa stim
tilcnt tonic foriiiiticnts recovering from fever
or other sickness, it has no equal. If taken
during tne season it prevents lever ami ague
and other intermittent fevers. 19-4w
ERRORS OP YOUTH. A gentlemnn
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
Premature Decay, and all the effects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for tho sake of suffering
humanity, send freo to nil who need it, thero-
cipo and diroction for making tho simple
remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, In port oct con
fldenco, JOHN B. OGDEN,
80-3in e. No. 4J Cedar St., N. Y.
Eor Ayor't Medicines, go to G. W. Sisson's.
PlTTSDURTin, March, 1872.
We have used large quantities of Beymer
Bntiman A Co.'i Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always found it uniformly and finely
ground, very white and of excellent body.
Its purity we have never questioned, and we
cheerfully recommend it.
Master Painters.
A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, disenso of tho
urinary and seminal organs, and tho whole
trnin of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers uavo been
cured by this noblo romody. Prompted by a
doslro to benoilt tho afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send tho receipt forpropnrlngand using
this medicine, In a scaled envelope, to any one
who needs It, Frtt of Charg! Address
For Ptiro Drugs aud Medicines, go to Sis
son's. Five Hundred Thousand. 000,000 bottles
ofGrocno'i August Flower have been sold In
this Stato In three months. We only ask you
to go to tho drug stores ot Gunning orSlssou
McArthur, Ohio, and getabottler of charge
or a regular size at 75 cents. Every bottle
warranted to euro Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Sick hondaclie, Costivenoss, Ilenrt
liti ni, Watorbrash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure Blood, and all diseaso caused by Im
pure Blood, or doranged Stomach and Liver.
Try it. G. G.GUEF.N, Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio.
Rial ion D, Blblo House, N. Y. City.
March 10, 1873-v7,nl0.
To the Buffering. Tho Rev. Wm. II. Nor
ton, whllo residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered In that land of mndiclnos a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself after all
other moilic.lnes had failed.
Wishing to bonofltthe suffering, I will send
tlioreelpo for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desire it, Free of Charge
Pleaso send an envelope, with your name
and address on it. Address,
070 Broadway. Now York City.
March 19, 1878-v7,nl0.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sisson's Drug
The Itest l'liicc. Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quocnsware, Glassware, Notions, ,tc,
cun ho had at Davis Duncan's Store, in Za
leskl, at all times.
Corn, onls, potatoes and produce of evory
description taken lu exchange for goods, at
his store. In connection with his store ha ha
Saddle and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything iu that line on short notlco and ai
lowtlguroi. Go md seo him tf
t havo declared a dividend of 15V per cent
nu thu nlKivw iinnied account, pavment to
io in men co Monday, September IB, 1H78, at the
olllco of tho Probato Judge. McArthur, O
Assignee Cincinnati Furnace.
Notti In lun-ohy rlren that Jobn T. BIarIc
I... t.ti.i.laul Brt.t iiin1illA.a A A.
mlnlfttrator ' toni on, of tti fcnttitfl of
...in . i i . 1. -I .1 -a tM-1
oounty, Ohio. JOHN T. BLACK.
Boptcmbcr 10,1873-8.
New Advertisements.
CJTJ.T'PGo through the Ague perfor
Oil AIYCimnnce day after dav. till all you
TIIITIAT vltul"y '8 "8C(l "P n'l jour
JjUltJN licnltl1 permanently ruined or
take a bottle of our
piitth t m ifni'ca vi'vid rrrwrin
And brake up the fearful malady
at once. Cures of Ague warranted by the
aTA. Wanted. Cash Salarj', or Commis
sion allowed. Strictly honorable. Address,
ui . rue. r. ,.i i .... '
c. jl. Xduuo a, w, iimrioiiu, juiuu. .u
Sells at sight, everybody wants it. Apply nt
once to II. N. WcKINNEY i CO.,
4t. 10 North 7th St., Phil.
WORKING CLASS fOO a week guaran
teed. Respectable employment at home, day
orevoning; no capital required; full instruc
tions anu valuable package or goods sent free
by mail. Address, with six cent return stamp,
M. YOUNG & Co., 178 Greenwich St., N, Y.
P41y.Ou was one agent's proilt on iirj
ant's Library of J'oetry anil Song; S70 IN ONI
WEKK on Tin Tew JouiekMpr i Manual, by
MissBuecher aud Mrs. Stowo. Any active
manor woman can liavo an agency. J. 11.
FORI) & CO.. Now York. Boston. Chicago and
Sau Francisco. 4w.
30th Thousand in Press. Sale Increasing,
19,000 more live AGENTS wanted for our
Sond for circular and proof of the greatest
success yet. Reports just in, 184 subscribers
in six days; 100 in ono week. HUBBARD
isnus., l'uu's., Cincinnati, u. 4t.
Write for Large Illustrated Price List. Ad
Breech-loadlnir shot irnns tM to KM. Dniihle
Shot Guns, $8 to $160. Singlcgunsfl to $20. Ri
fles 18 to S7B. Revolvers iti to J'lS. Pistols t to
$8. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle. Large
uiscouut io dealers or cuius. Army liuns, Re
volvers, Sc., bought or traded for. Goods
sent by express C. O.D. to be examined before
UlllU 1U1. 4Y,
to lay the foundation for future evil consu-
are a euro cure for nil diseases of tho respira
tory organs, sore throat, Colds, Croup,
Diplheria, Asthma, Catarrh, IIoarsciioss,I)ry
nuss of the throat, Windpipe or Bronchial
Tubes, and all disaioicsof the Lungs.
In all cases of sudden cold, bowever taken,
these Tablets should be promptly and freely
used. They equalize the circulation ot the
blood, mitigate tho severity of the attack, and
will, iu a very short lima, restore healthy ac
tion to the aflocted organs.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets aro put up only in
blue boxes. Take do substitutes. If they
can't be had at your druggist's, send at once
to the agent in New York, who will forward
thcin by return mail.
Don't be deceived by imitations.
Sold by druggists. Pfff Price 25c. a box.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St, N. Y.
Send for Circular. Solo agent for United
Stales. 4w
Agents Wanted. Send for Catalogue.
New York.
A Work Intense, Intkrkst and Intrinsic
By tin gifted ion of the famous "PETER
A graphic History of the Ocean Navigation,
Adventure nnd Discovery since tho A rk. lto
plcte with startling Incidents, fearful disas
ters, piracies, perils, &c, abovo, also the
ing, Telegraphing, Ac. 225 spirited Illustra
tions. Agents JiiHt started report 101 orders
In four days, Ac, sells wondorl'ully fast. 8,000
Agents Wanted, Send for full description
and circulars.
11UUBAUD BROS., Pubs., Cincinnati, O. 4t
Office, 14 Barclav St., N. Y.
(Up Stairs )
Offer to tho public a lantern
combining safety nndjeconomy
with elegance and usefulness.
It cannot explode; it glvos a
good light, and consumes lest
oil than nnvnlher! Itls not ills.
turned by the highest wind, nod
n a glass is nruKcn, it is easily
replaced by means of tho screw.
They oniploy no agento except
then iiavuiiug clerks, hut their goods cau lie
nan ironi tne ucaiers throughout the couu
try. 4U
1 he startling drawback on nearly all medi
cine; agents lias ever been that lu their pro
cess of purgation nnd purification they also
debilitated the system. To obviate this diffi
culty, physicians have long sought for an
agent that would
Their nisoareh lias at last been rewarded by
a discovery which fully realties tiie fondest
desire nf medical faculty, and which Is Justly
regarded as the most Important triumph thai
Pharmacy has ever achieved. This important
desideratum is
. i Dr. Tntt's Vegetable Liver rill.
Which purify the blood' and remove all cor
rupt humors ni.il unhealthy accumulations
from the body, and yet piwlucos no weakness
or lassitude whatever, hut on tho contrary,
tonos tho stomnch,tuvlgnratns tho body during
the progress of Hiulr operation. They unite
the iiumtofore Irreconcilable qualities of a
Dr.Tutt'a I'lllaare tho most active and
teareliing medicine iu existence. They at
once attack the very root of (Ureases, aud
tholr action Is so prompt that In an hour or
two alter they aro taken, the pillnnt la aware
of their good effects. They may ha taken at
any tiino without restraint of diet or occupa
tion: they produce neither nausea, griping or
debility, and as a family modiiiine (hoy have
no rival.
Price 25cts. a box. Hold hr all Druirglsts.
Priucipal oluce, 18 and 20 l'latt St, N. Y. 4t.
t ST) G) V V
Is In advance of all com netl tors. It to the
only line running through cars to the West.
Omnibus transfer, ferriage, all change and
dolayi avoided by running TH RMS BPE.
COCHE8, At tollows: - .
For all point in
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
The Through Coach leave Cincinnati at 8:40
P. at., Indianapolis at 8: 45 A.M., running
through liloomington, Peoria, Galeabnrg.
Burlington, Ottumwa and Creston, arriving at
OMA1IA at 10:00 A. M.. NEXT DAY, hours la
advance ot any other route, making but one
change of cars to
Got your tickota via Indianapolis and Peoria
For all point in
Kansas, Colorado and the Sontbweit,
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at I: a
P. M., Indianapolis at 6:00 r. M., running
through Danville, Decatur, Jacksonville and
(Julucy, arriving In KANSAS CITY at 9:50
p. u., NEXT DAY, hours In advance ot St.
Louis lines, making but one change of cars to
Get your ticket via Indianapolis, Danville
a,uu punier.
Eock Island nnd Davenport.
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 1: 45
P. M., Indlniuioln Bi-00 r. v. ruuutng
through liloomington, Peoria and Galva, ar
riving at ROCK ISLAND at 10: 80 A. M DA
VENPORT at 11:00 A. v., next day, making
but one change of cars for point in
Get your ticket via Indianapolis and Peoria.
Pullman's Palace Drawing-Boom
and Sleeping Cars. . .
Rim through from Cincinnati to Peoria and
Indianapolis to Rock Island.
Traveler to any Western point can now
take their satchels, bandboxes aud bundles,
select a comfortable seat and keep it to desti
nation. On account of these through and
convenient arrangeme nts,elegant equipment
and ntilck time, this route is now iaj ortat
popvtar tlMrovghfur between the Eait eutd
n en.
C.W.SMITH, Gen'l Manager,
Urbana, III.
JNO. W. BROWN, Gen. Piuut. Tit. Agt.,
Indianapolis, lud.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
On and after November 9, lff! Trains will
run as tollows:
a . . -
: S A :
oowioioaH- ,.,
S : : : : : : :
?:: !
t-V ; :
ia -a
" as a ia er4eopH Oiaoa
tc W oo od f i o -m m oo oo co oiotofft
"5 3
a a
A? J::?"
3A ; ; : :
MlleslHSggg S88Eggg8 1
ft 1
: ; :
o : . . :
:so j : :
hmM lljlli i'5-ri
:i I ii ifl id
?Ai : P i ? ' '
3 ?3?.?5?. ?.?.??.SSS8. S ?
W 1" oo ad i' o vU -i eV v rt t-i ri m
: : :
f n h ot o eo to c e e p 9 t-gQ0
:i : : S u s
fti I'i-M'M"
A34 : ? : i,:.
viDt-aoaodioo '
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will rmc dailr. All
other trains dally, except Sunday. ' i i
stotl between Hamden raid Alliens. ,
Portamoath Braztelt.
Mall Accommodat'n
8:46 p. ra. i t :15 a.m.
4:S4 " 131
:4 ! . una .
Dep. Ilamden
Arr. Jackson
1 Portsmouth
For all points on the Little Miami Railroad,
and nt the Indianapolis ft Cincinnati Rail
road Junction for all points West
, W. Hit'SAllUUI,
Master of TransHrtatlon. -; ' ' ' ,
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short X.iae Roat
EaitandWeit. .
, . ..-''
Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward.
On nnd after Monday, November 19, Train
will run as follow:
line '
Harpers Ferry...'.
Washington June.
.... Arrive ......
New York
(55 Am
135 Put
t St Am
844 Am
1 18 Pia
85 "
08 "
8 55
5 61
1000 "
10 00
85 Am
10 rm
14 Put
now iora
IS 54 Am
45 I'm
800 "
8 80 "
19 06 Pm
8 SO Am
10 Pm
4 00 Am
II. 45 Pm
4 05 Am
4 SB
800 Pm
880 Am
8(0 "
Washington Juno.
Ifftrner'a Farrv .
104 -
10W ,
8 4ft Am
Parkersburg ......
H5 "
Pnllmsn Folooi Drawing Eoom Blttpinf Cor,
Which are a comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almost equal to a fire-aide, are oa all
train from Cincinnati to Baltimore and
Washington. Hoe Schedule of Cincinnati a as
Marietta Railroad for time of arriving aud ri.
parting from McArthur. '
Tho advantages of this route over allothei.
Is, that It gives all travelers holding throughi
tickets the Diiviloire ot vlaitinr llnlti
Philadelphia, and the National CaplUd frm. '
Time quicker and rates of fare lower thaa
by another mute.
The oenery along thi Railway I not
equalled for grandeur on this Continent.
to smppsRS or m si a nr.
Thi line offers snneHor liidncraienla tha
rate hoing one-third lower to and train Poa-
ton, new i ora, or any oilier ee.tftra point.
ii unifriua: gumiHui any iioacripiion ir.iu tue
Fast give direction to hip rln Ualtimm g
Ohio II. H., andln.hiiinlng East give amdi-
rei'iiona. r reigni snipped y tins rouiti will
have (linpaU'h, and be handled with car aud
save sliliineii much mouev.
Gen. Freight Ag't Baltimor
! , Utl. :oLK,
" Gen. Ticket Ag't BalUinura.
Uen. Pi. Ag't.Clneliiiiaa

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