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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 10, 1873, Image 4

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Southern Points.
,,Texa,s t'ottcm novor looked
l letter than at present., ,
,' . . ' '.Tue'Korth Carolina taltaeco
V growers Lave formed a State
Association. Dr, T. , W. Keer,
of Salisbury, is President, .
;' ..;? !' ' ' : ' '
l!" Two two-horse : wagon loads
of loose Granville tobacco sold
last i week at Milton," N. C,
ton S800. - '!
v-ir....- -
,; , . ' FA 'jWTtLE (firl in DalluTexas,
C iursV i' jtist.' ('"oiiiifet a, thinihle
which swallowed .last
t: Christinas. .:
A dozen Ked Men left Nush
' ' ville Tuesday'' to institute- new
tribes at Marietta nini Atlanta,
; : : i U i. - ' ' ' 7
Georgia.; '- '," : ,' ' .
On the loth inst. Chattanoo
ga voted to issue ' .$50,000 in
school bonds by a poll of 37!)
for, to lot against.
. DuRixa n recent storm in
Jones county, da., twenty trees
on one plantation were struck
by lightning.
: . Tnov, Ky., lias a pig with
six perfectly developed foot.
' it has four fore-feet : which
; branch off from the legut the
knee. ' ".
Mil. 11. King, in Texfus, has
. a pasture of 100,000 acres. M.
Kennedy in the saW State, is
content with a pasture- of 100,
' 000 acres. f
; Thirty-eight tlrousand live
hundred dollars have been sub
scribed for the proposed Hen
derson (Ky.) Car Works, and
the! remaining 11,500 have
been promised to .complete the
. subscription. '
The five-foot guage trucks
- ;. attached to cars on the . Xasli-
, ville division of the St. Louis
' ' and Southeastern road are now
h : : exchanged for. those suited to
' v the four-foot eight and a halt
-t inch guage at Henderson in
seven and a half minutes.
' Before the 'advent of Ilail
roads in the direction of Texas,
beef cattle fatted for market
would command onlv G to $10
:. per head. Now, in the face of
a long drive of from 500 to TOO
miles to Wichita or Abilene,
the same class of cattle bring
from 10 to 812 on their native
, ": The Houston, (Texas,) Tele-,
' 'graph says : "A tract of ,125
" acres prairie land, in the Wil
; liam G. : Perkins : league, on
. Buffalo Bayou, twenty miles
west of Houston, was bought at
auction, at. Galveston the other.1
day, by C. Dart, Clerk of the
United' States Circuit Court,
for 14.25, or one cent an acre.
The Charleston, (S. C.) Xem
learnK that during a storm re-
cently the lightning killed a
colored man named John Gill,
. liviug near .Winnsboro. Three
".. different casualties occurred on
the . same day on the same
plantation, and several years
ago threo men were killed by
lightning on the same place.
Savs the Charlotte, (N. C.)
Observer: "We learn that the
"l last rail has, been laid on the
, Air-Lino Railroad, and nothing
is now wanting to enable the
trains to run through to At-
lanta, save tho completion of
. ' the bridge over the Seneca
" river. It is contidently ex
'.' pected : that this will -be
.'do lib and that trains will be
running through by the 1st of
"'i September.
;; ; When you gaze upon the sun,
",? ,it makes everything else dark ;
T7 when yon taste honey, it makes
everything else tasteless : ; so
I when your soul feeds on Jesus,
it takes away iho fiwectiies. of
I . all- earthly things ; praise,
pleasure, tleshly lusts, all lose
i't't their sweetness. Kep a ; con-
flnucd.. gaze. . Jlun, looking
to J"us. JK)k,till the way
of salvation by Jesus tills up
;' ;,the vholc. horrizon, and glori
i ous and peace-speaking. So will
r,' the.World hej crucified to you,
4: and yoii unto the worldv "
Democracy of Ohio,
Wml, That tho Dvmncriklic party ni'i'ks
to rovivu no ih'iul Ihsiuw, but iitamlx ly its
in 'iuvipluii, wliicli mo hiiiti'il to nil timuM unit
i iiM'ttiiii-ttincoH; itsuppurts tlio Ftnlurul tiuv.
cnuin'iit In all iU ciinstilulloniil aiilhoi ily.
Hint niiposiii uullillcutinii ami si'cos'lun. It
iIi'I'oiiiIh tlie liwc'i-veil riglits of the Ktatux anil
this pcoplo, uiid opposes ruiitralUatuui that
nniilil inipalr or destroy thoni. hi unk-r to
in it i it tn i ii utul liicseivo tlicso rights itiiifistn
1 1 1 1 ii tin! Bli'ict vonotriii'tioii ut tlio Ki'ilmal
t iuisllliitlon; It iVHihtsall utti'iupti of oiiu ilo
parliiii'iit ol th (ioveriiiiiont to iinur or U
siioy thu coimlitiitiiiiial rik'liU or Inili'iicu
ili'ni't' of othi'r dupai'tnii'iits; It opposun all i it
lui io 1 1 co liy law with piivalu iillniiu ot Iiiin
iiu's of iiich', not n'iilml liy tlio puliliit nriu'o
of safoty, utul Hilvoi'atea tlio greatest iiiiliviil
nal lilii't ty consistiint with ptthlicoiiU'r; it lit'-lii'vi'.-i
ill thiu'apai'ily ot thu ieoplo lor nul f
ovcniiii'.'iit, anil oppose all property iiialill
ral ions u coinlilioiis to thu right of 6til)'raje
or eligiliility to holil olllro; it favors lilientl
laws for lliu iintuialijitioii of foreigners; it
insist itpuii eiiialaml txaet justice to all men;
It opposes all monopolies, ami denies that it
is within the province of the lioverninent to
legislation lor tlio henellt of particular class
es at tlio expense ami to the ilctrrlineut of tlm
re-tot" the comiiittiiily; it theieforo opposes
the system by which a large portion of the
piolli-pioilucing wealth of the country Is ex
empted from taxation, ami domaiiils that all
constitutional incins lio used to remedy this
injustice; it iosijittliat our tariff luws sliouhl
lie framed with a view to revenue, and not to
tax the community for the benellt of particu
lar industries; It rceogui.us the evils of an ir
redeemable currency, bat insists that in the
return to specie piiyiiieuUiciiresluill be taken
not to seriously disturb tho business of the
country, or unjustly Injuro tho debtor cIiish;
it amueciatestho liencllts conferred bv rail
roads, lint oi looses nil combinations of rail
road companies to prevent competition ami
inns en nance tne cost ni transportation ; u op
poses all laws that give to capital and advau
taco over labor: it renuiiej lionostv and coom
oiny in every department of (iovennaetit.
t ederni or tttato, and it candenins corruption,
whoever may bo the. guilty parties. It is in
its very nature, anil' as n necessary result of
its principles, a party of progress", and sup
ports nil measure of reform and Improve
ment tnut nre sanctioned bv justice and eo'.n
m.'iidcd bv sound m-articnf wisdom.
iWrc7, That the wealth of tho country Is
thejiroiluct of its labor, nnd tho best use ol
capttal Is that gives nnnlovnient-nnd liberal
wages to the producing classes; lieuee every
Just measure that tends to protect them from
oppression, mid to improve their condition
ami iiignny ineir caning, deserves aim re
ceives our svmpathv and support, and (lull
wo cordially recommend the conservative
resolutions adopted at tlio recent National
Labor Congress at Cleveland, favoring arhl-
irnuon anil co-operntion.
ViV.Wtvf. That, although nlwnvs constitu
ting a largo majority of the A ntcrican people,
iHri ii ulliirists have never demanded of tlov-
eminent, State or Federal, any special privi-
nege; nave never iniestiM nans 01 Longress
or Legislatures w ith lobbyists and rings, lint,
on tho contrary, have uull'oiwt under discrim
inating and unjust laws until forbearance lias
ceased to be a virtue; we., hereby pledge our
.sincere and honest efforts to obtain for tliein
redress ot grievances ami equal and exact ins
J'tmlrttt, That Ihe public lands ehould be
sacredly reserved for nctunl Rettlorf, who will
dwell noon and cultivate thoni. mid that we
will continue to denntiai.o and oppose, in we
nave inwiivs iienounceii ami opposed, nil gins
of such lands by the tlovorament to incorpor
ated eoninunlcs.
7iVW, That tho greatest danger to free
Institutions is tho wlde-sprcm! corruption
tuat tnrcatens utter destruction to pumiti vir
tue; when Credit Mobilier frauds uass iiuiiuii'
ished; when those engaged in thoin are elevn-
uvi loiiign oniciai iKjsiuoii; wuen seaui in me
Federal Senate are notoriously purchased;
when vast sums of money are corruptly ein-
iioveu in lin minr elections: wnen an ni'iav 01
olllce-hnlders w ith the snnetion of the tiovern-
nieut usu their otticiul liiiluence to control
elections; when bribery d Custom-house oPI-
cials U an ostabllshod usage; when rings of
uluuderers arc tho recipients of millions of
money niiiirooriated fur nulilie use: wheu of-
llcial defalcations are of such freiiiuiit occur
rence as scarcely to excito ntlention; when
l'residential pardons relieve defaulters from
deserved iiiuishnient, and rresidential ))
poiiitinents reward Credit Jlohilier and salary-grabbing
Congressmen, and when Con
gressional investigation Is generally n white
washing affair, it is not strange that men be
gin to lose roulidcncc in free institutions, and
that the fame of tho great Kepiiblic. js tar
nished throughout the civilized world. To
remedy the.so evils we insist that the receipts
and expenditures of the lioverninent shall he
diminished; thai its patronage shall be cur
tailed nnd all useless unices abolished; that
it shall cease to usurp functions to which It
has no title; that ollloial misconduct and fraud
and corruption in elections shall be rigoiinis
ly punished, nml that publio virtue shall be
liplield, ami want of il condemned, by the uni
ted voice of the people.
jltiiirf, 'Hint we condemn, without re
serve, the late act of Congress granting addi
tion;!! .suiiuies, us iiii.iiisi. anil iiuiusnuiiuio.
and demand Its immediate and unconditional
repeal, and wo denounce everr member of
Congress, whether Itepulilicnn or Jieinocrnt,
who supporteti tne law or received and re
tained the inonoy procured thereby; and we
especially denounce the conduct of l'resldent
lirant In "using the influence of his high jo-i-tion
for its passage, and who90 olllcial signa
ture made it a law.
KcHiilrttl, That the net of the 1'renldont III
setting up by bayonet ft (iovernuient in Lou
isiana, not chosen by her peopl", anil having
no title whatever to' rule over them, was a fla
grant violation of her rights and of the Feder
al Constitution. ,
Iltunlred, That, even' Department of Oover
uicitt being in thu hands of tho Hepiihlicnu
party, they are Justly responsible for the evils
and wrongs In tho legislation and administra
tion of which the country complains.
JltHtilrfd, That, under the timu-lumoied
Democriitln banner, with this declaration of
principles inscrilx d on its folds, weengage in
the conflict, and we earnestly appeal to patri
otic men of every class, without regard to par
ty jiamod or post diifeienec, to unite with us
on terms of puifiTt equality In the struggle to
rescue the Government from the hands of dis
honest men, and redeem II li'din the flood of
corruption which threatens i(i ruin."
..--war of Counterfeits I
tnt) rSnQFC' 81K JAMES (TAItKE'S
tiJu 1.1'JdtO JFJOlAJLli rLLLH
.' re riirntictln COrtKTKHrmTttP. Dtuhonat Dn,a,U
rmtrarin- w I'll 1 1,4 rmmltrfiitt la moi. grtater 1.1 u(.
J'A gimiiiH the miM f .lob nfnitp m turk
-u l.itiir. AH oikm tin vmthlru imllallim: Th
iij-Ni:itTB Fills an nnfaillnx la thenraof til thoa
pninfnl nnd (UiiKurous uiiouc to which tbs fanud
c .risiil'ition i auhjoct. Tbe moderate til ncwin
iinil cnio all siippruuion of Uia meiuiM when oauMd
1 v r.ilil, iuflaiiiinsMuii, i.r h.eoM. In all oases oi
. ioi.us and Niiun Adui tlnin, J'alr.a in the Ilaek
? ul Minus, J ntiKoo nn aliirht. oiri-li'in, PtluiUUon
oi lis llimrt. Iliblarloainil IVIiitm. tlioy vilfotleut t
. i;in wlien .11 other niaanj Imvefiilcil, and alUwuiU
1'iuorfnl, oontam tivthing hartlul to the aiot
e !"'..io iwmiit'tntiiin.
i'iiiIit in Knitlish flmmn and TVimcb around
c rhl. ftd, Kires lull dlrouliun and adtiee.
; : ornriNK Pillaanaolrf iliMMtAm.iljiMi hnf
if y nv ilriiciisl sannotaupply Um fimoiNK, do not
: . ,o accniiL any nam. rmt or bo;us ar.
i i, ; ,.n 0a Duiiiir t,, ii,,, Ma proprietor, Job
: .. IS Oirtlnndt Ntreot, Nw York, wHh nam
in 'jir:i niii' at which jna will n.ll forth pack
r."., ii'l al.i.tilaof tho or.nm nils Mcurelrand
..; V rackud in plain wrai-pr wtfl t sunt by morn
ir- I'll Tr.i mmtmttmrmrk
'-uiur i4 t.i rsirsu i tmj
ltltTAXifl ittt i.rrn ninni
Cr.rn C.nioiK, Ooi.ns, sthma, BnoHrwns. goim
illlllUT, llOAIISKNKSS, DiiTirur.T Hiikatioso, Ih
rifiKNT fJoNsrMmoK ANil.r Iikei:h. They
Imvs no tn.lo of medicine, and any child will tska
th .rn. Tiiousmda hate been raslored tohMllh that
hsd hsforj dnjialrnd. Tenlim.'ny rton In hnndredi
of carrs. A.k fiir hlli'AN'H rtll.MONK! WA KKRS.
?'' ', 'V!!?'.,,''',!, ?!""'. b2,:' "V' WOWES. J'roprie.
t".: ll"i'.","'itr','eo1' M"Ti)rlc
ir rT.AirATtriE's Mrr.ciFrr pills,
rrepaiwil by J. OAltAMUKItK,
tUt, 314 Hub Isimbard. Paris.
7'i4? pills aralitMhly recouimondod by tho entire
Mcoical i".icjltyof Vranoe ae the very lir.t. rrmody
In i.ll cries of hiiornialorrhop.1, or Hcnilbal Weakneea;
W"uk ciiitifl: Iicpoiilta In the Urine; Norvous l.f
billty, niol all th RliiMtly traiu of Ldsoaar-s arialnc
finm AliiMoand rlmimt llatiita. I'bry err. when all
ol nor ni'iin'lir.a i.ll, ann have ueen lir?n wltnaatoni.n.
in .iit'.i'.i'rM l.y Hie leadinc Fmnoh I Itysltiitna durine
tan I j yo.r. Pamphlet of Advice In each bos,
'if will he .(int. lre to any address. Price Ml per
!''iv," Hunt by mail, ,ecuri( ttulrtl rum till o..r.
in r.coipf of price by any ndvertl.ed Asent.
: :a K i. .MOKI'.M. Is ikiniLANUtt lir., Nav You,
i;.r.cial Agent f ir Ara.rlca. '
&LTT1CLPlQ MnrrUa ft llioif Rlxxit to
m - i "n'T lbh)TM.i((.a;.
lill 1 1 1 O ' imBlrriMinlrlil"iuol
Iflil i1I':Hf rlf In proilt.cli.j and prtrcnUug rT)t.ugl
hf)r tt irffn v tbt vrtniflfvlmi, 4e.
TtiUli nn I Btf wrti flW tlMdnHl 4 ililf
rnxri, niih nunitroui tngravliiga, huA vnia VMluatlt
lu!(iiji)p)tlni f..t i hot wliumc mrr l4,tjreoLtt.i)iiainr
tltiR, Mtlllttlri iMAk ibKtnuitli.tab kiiutt4trict)
mirt Jtrr, " uolltH esrvlMtl mitoui I hi bnuM.
Ii e.'iiuhii iprrlmn and ariT.iM f m ptiv-lUn
liocrpitlnU irld-wld, and helrl bell lb prl
vnwdrairof vrf natatod f final tbnufhri(tbAfntlrt
alttH-. Jl rmttrttrmt tTtrftala oa tba uUi?trUiy'B
vrjiivt oviuiii iiiai l wrh knowlogiitad Bubibai It
Uit iiii'lUbd la anjr tthxr wnrk,
H-iti ioaif imi(friirput) far?lflf C(t.
Allratalr. Hum' ,lipeaar; lSjH.MUkifelbTttl
t. Uiai,M. , r ,
ITotlcd to the Afflicted mi Unfortunate
ftr-Oitvi appltliif (a ib natartoaa aaaki b adt arllw U
rtiblta mttr,nr ml at any qaaak rawdtaa araM Dr
in tu' ort( n mailer wbaiyourdiMaaala. or Imw dtplvr
fci.li'jnur (fiiflhUn.
fir. Ilttttl nrflt)t dftflk! haa f fnitf
rnnfltfl n I ndtwtMHl lif MMuflb rMattaWbrawil twit
kIvcNmh of UtliiwinUf aad Haioa,a4 pan lutnr
'' (vtfimtinll ar Uf W.r,u ibadUaM atnUnad t
I it it'.f.i, miVm and I'-rUn, N. 11 ft, Ksgktli iiml,
V twecti UrKl aad Clitat, Ml. iml, Ma. ,
The many evidences of cxtrnnnliniirr cures
thai are dally reported nsetlected tliinngh
Sarsaparillian Kosolyont.
Itemly lielief and Perfect Purgative Pills, In
written testimonials from all parts of the
world, surpass in wonder I he most extra vn gnut
miracles of euchuiilinenl. Physicians unit
medical v.ien in all countries pio'nouuce these
wonderful mnciUe a mystery, that neither
theirsi ienceol analysis or clu niicnl skill can
explain. Tine, the-o lnoillcines effect the
iiiodtiuurveliius cures, and restore tiio dving to
life. and relieve I ho inosl wretched pain-suffering
viet iin of his lortuuM, in from nut to
tirmti minutes, anil although they know some
of the ingredients ol their com nisit ion, and Dr.
Itadway lias published their formula (with
holding only Iwonewly discovered roots), still
both r'leneh, tiennnn," Knglish nnd American
chiinisls and iihiiiiiiiicentists utterly fail w ith
the same ingredients us prepared h them. The
great success, which ihe.-e wiuulci-fiil remedies
are constitully achieving, lies In the great se-.
crei oi iiminning tlio Ingredients together,
ai'tcrexercisiiigiluecnre in selecting the pine
audgeiiuiiie roots.
Such wonders of Modem Chemistry as Hie
SAUSAPA III M.I AN It Ksi 1.' l.N V. ilK A 1 V
liKI.IKi-'.V: l!.liVAV'S l'l l.l.s, are without
parallel in tho History of Medicine, for there
arc some inlhniilies niul diseases that are con
sidered as inctti iihle, and sure death. Vol the
most astounding cures have been made thru'
these remedies of some discuses that have nev
er been known lo he cured bv medicine.
sWKl.l.lSti, Tumors in the Would, Siiuniu li,
ovaries. Ihnvels, Itrighi's Disease of the Kid
neys that have been pronounced incurable,
Cancel's, fleers, sjwcllinirs. stone in the Kind
lier, Calculous Concretions, I' leers and Sores of
the liones, Hick, is so deeply seated that no
other medicines h.ive been known lo rencli.
have been cured bv the SA lis A PA II I I.I.I A N
liKsoi.VKNT.aidedbv the UK A I) Y 11 101. 1 KF
Palsy, i'.'iraljsN, Dry llangene-thiit threat-ens-B-tiving
death daily roltiug awnv of the
limbs u'ud ilesh Diabetes, liiyoluntn'rv DIs
chaiitu uf Water. Kunel in tho lllnd.lor (the
i; 1 1 1 1 Kror N n ml em i 's disease), Torturing piiins
when., discharging urine. Jill KIWI ATTS.M,
CiOtNKl'UAUil.Y-cach and every one of
Ihi'se (vimplalats Ihotigh hut a few of the
many oiuuriuseases, itadwav s sarsaparillian
l!csolveiit lias cured nnd isilnily curing in all
nai'lsof Hie world.
In on word, nny disease no ninllcr under
what name desigiiiited, that is nourished or
increitsea ny oad, impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or poisoned blood can lie cured
l, l l I .M I V'i Ulluiiikinii I, v i
...",. i I .1 1,.T .v I ,i o I 1, 1 , ,i . ill.-
Di'.lladway A Co. have never claimed one
liundretli pari of the curative virtues for their
remedies as isaserilied to thein bv the people
who have used tlieiu; for bear in inimi. only
such diseases and coiiiiilaiuls as Dr. liadwav.
aftersuecessfii! treatment with their remedies
Knew they would. cure, were enumerated in
their r ill ative list, so that man v of theeMiaor
dinary cases that have been repoi led awal.ei:
ed.is much nstimislinient in the iliscorerv of
their remedial agents as in those who had lieen
rescued from ch'aih, and miide whole and
Asmanv nelsons tliseredlled their extraor
dinary power, from the fact of their disap
pointment in the use of olheradverlised reine-
iiies and sniuc iiclioved It nnpossililu for
simple meilicii.es made only lroui vegetable
substances roots, herbs, Vc. should possess
etu-ii uiori i-ioiis power, i ei iiiev can reaony
comprelicnd Unit the simple grasses of the
held, afterumlei'going the chemical proe.-s of
distillation designed by nature in the cow and
churn, furnishes ns wilh hullor eerialnly the
most iibuniianl fat, enlorie or heat-niaki'ng
hune, tissue, muscle, sinew and hlisnl-iuakiiig
constilticiiu forthehuiiiiin body.
Hut w hen Ihoso people wiio'ilrst doubt the
efllcacy of these renicdics coiiimence llielr use,
Ihey become thclruiost earnest advocates.
Never lias a medicine inken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors either' of the
Womh. l.'terus. Ovnrit's or Howell! the knife
hits been the sole reliance in the hands of ex
perienced nirgeons: hut !r. Undw.iv's Sur-
saparillian scales this ipicstiou. It has cured
over twenty prisons of Ovarian ( vsts und
Tiinuirs, ns well ns Tumors in. the linwels,
I terns, w onih, I.lvcr, Droiisical Kllusion,
iVscnes, uiid Cnleiiious l oiiereltons.
Tumor of 13 Years Growth Cured 1y
liiiiiuuy s licsoivent.
llKvr.iti.v, Mass.. Julv 18. l:ttl.
Dlt. Kaiiway: I have hud Ovarian 'J'unior
In the onirics and bowels. All the doctors
said there wus no help for It. 1 tried cvery-
taing mat was reeo.iiineuileil, nut iiotiung
helped lue. I saw your IJesolvi ut and thought
I would try It, hut h.id no faith in It, bi i ausc
I had suffered for 111 yours I took six holt lo
of the llesolvent, nun box of lladway's Pills,
and used two hut lies of jour Iteady lielief.iiud
there is nut ii sign of n tinuor to he seen or
felt, and I feel better, sniiirter and happier i
than 1 have for 12 years, The .voisf luinor
was in thu left side of the bowels oyer the
groin. I write this to you for the bench! of
others. You ran publish it if vou choose.
H..N.II 1 . liNAlT.
From n moniiiient i;eiilleinan and resident of
I Inciiinati, Ohio, for the past forty years vvidl
known to the newspaper publishers through
out the Cnitcd Mutes:
Nkw VotiK, Oct. 11th, 110.
Ill. Raiiwav Dear Sir: I um induced iiv n
sense of duty to tho suffering to make a brief
statement of the working of your medicine on
nivseir. i-or several years l nave been mulct
ed with siime trouble in the bladder and urin
ary organs, which some months ago culmina
ted in u most terribly alllicting disease, which
the physicians all said was siiusiii'.idie stiic-
iiueiiiiiie iirciiui, us aiso niiiaiuiiiiou oi me
khlnevH mid bladder, and iruve it as their
opinion Hint my ago V) years would prevent
in v ever getting radically cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, and had taken a largo
1 u ui! t i i y of medicine, both allopathic and ho-
iiio'opainic., our got no rcner. l mid read or
astonishing cures having been luailo by your
remedies; and some four months ago I Ve'ad a
notice In the I'hiladelphia Snturdiiy Evening
i ost oi a i are iiaving ui eu eiiecieu on a per
son who had Ion ir been sufferingas I had been.
1 went right oil und got some of each your
Sarsaoarillian llcsolvenl, Itemly Hellef, and
ftegulatlnjr Pills and commenced taking
them. In three ilavs I wus greatly relievo),
and now feel us well as ever.
J. W. .lAJIKS Cincinnati, o.
Priceone dollar per bottle. Sold by I i ug
glsts everywhere, niul ut Dr. lladway', No. '42
Warren, cor. Church St., N. Y.
Jzij. J?t. JEZj.
Cures tho worst Pains In from 1 to 50 minutes!
fit-tjr-NOT ONK IKiCK after reading this
oifvcrtlsciucnt need any one siifi'er with pain.
Is n cure for every pain. It wn! the first find
Is the only Pnin llemcdy that instantly slops
thuiiiostexcruriatiugiiiiiiis. nllavs iiillainmn-
t ions, und cures congestions, whether of the
Lungs, Moimirli, P.owels or other glands and
nigiins, by one niiplieallou, hi fioin one lo
twenty infinites. No lualter how violent or
i xcriiehilinir the liiiin. the 1,'heiiinutic. lied
ridden, Inllnn, t rippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or looniititcii won uisi.-iinc iiin roller,
Will afford iiiKtaut cii-i':
Inflami.in'.iun of thu Kidneys, In lliiunuat ion of
tnu jiia idcr, iiiiiinniuaiion oi mo iioweis,
Congeslii.il of the J.uogs, More T hroat, DilU
riilt iiieathing, Pa1iltatlon of the Heart, Hys
terics t run p. iiiptherln. Catarrh, tiillueu.a,
llendiiihe, Jootltache, Neiiialghi, Ifliuuinn
(ism, 4 olds, Chills, Ague Chills.
The application of the Heady Itcllef to the
luirt or parts wheio Ihu pain or dillicultv ex
ists w ill afford en-e and comfort.
MO Drops in H half tumbler AVutnrwIll,
Ina few minutes, cine Ciiiiiiiih. Snnsms Sour
Stomach, lleartburn. Sick Jleadaclie. Diar-
rlnea. Hysenteir. Colic, ind in the UumoIs,
nud all I n I crii nl Pains,
T'raveleis should nlwnvs carry a lint tie of
Iludway s Kelii f v,lih iln-iu. A feivilropsin
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It Is better than i'leueh
israuity or lintel's o. it stnuiiiuni.
I ever und Aeuo cured for oil coiitH.
There Is not a remedial agent In tills world
Unit. ill cure Fever and Ague, and all thai
M.'llltriMtts. I'.llllous. ptciu'b't. i'viilioid. 'lllou-
iind other Fevers (nided by Kintwnv's Pills) so
piicK us usuwiivs lieuuv iteiier. w ceini per
hit, ItADWAY'ri
Perfectly tasteless, ciegrnlly co'iled, for the
cure of al) disorders of the .H.inliiicli. j.lvor,
Ifowcls, Kidneys. Jllndder, Nervous llisciisi's,
iii Hii.'iciie, i on.iipiinon.i o llivcni'ss, inuiges
lion, liyspcpnla, Jllliousness, lliliou. Fever,
) i 11 it tii in it t i n of tho llowels, I'ilcs and all de.
ritngenienlsof Hie inlet mil Viscera, wit rrnnleil
to Hlert n positive cure.
l'( HKl.Y YKOKIAIII.E. Conlniiilng no
SI ere ii iv, Mlnoi.ils, or (leleleriiuisdriigs.
hf'jf' iihsnrvii the lolluvtiug symptoin.i re
sul I mg from dlsi'ii-cs of I he iligestlve organs:
I oii-lipiitloli, lomsrd Piles, Fullness of the
blood lo Hie Ili ad, Acidity of the Stomach,
N'Niisrn. lli'Mrlhiiru, Disgusl for fowl, Full
ness or weight in Hie Pit of Hie Stniniieh,
Swimming "f I hit Head, Hurried ami dilllciilt
Pn iilhii'!!. rTillterlng lit the llcnrt. Cliol.luit
or hiiflocaihig HcnsHiioiis w In n ina lying I'os
I ii ... IHiiiiii ss of Vision, liols or AVehs liefoie
the Sight. Fever u Dull I'aln III tho Ilciid,
f n.ilclcncv in Persolriiiioi'i. Yeiio.vii''vH of the
Mi In mid F.ycN. Pain in Hie Slie, ( best, f.fuibs
mid Siuldeii Flushes of brut, Jluriilng In I he
Flesh. A few (loses or Kiuiwny's rills will
free tint syMcin fioin nil ths nbovc disorders,
,y yrirt Xt CenU per Ho. "
It A DWAV A CO., W Warren cor (liuirli HI,
New York. "
Br.-Hind Fitlse unit Trnoc Hend one luttet
slmiip to lliidvtny A Co, No. 8 Wfiircn, cor.
i no nn m., ,.r. iuioniiion worm inuiis-
mioxi win uit tent )on. .
.'.''. 1 ' I : ,
No Person enn tnko thcio DIttera accord
ng to directions, and remain long unwell, provide
heir bones are not tlcstmycd by mineral poi.on or otlio,
neius, and tho vital organs wasted beyond ths poin
f repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Headache, Ta)
h the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Di
liness, Sour F.ruct.nioiij of the Stomach, Dad 'fast
n the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of th
Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, I'ain in die region
if the Kiilnevs, and a hundred other painful syinpiomt
ire the offsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaint
i has no equal, ami one buttle will prove a Letter giiai
uuee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For 'ciiu!o Complaints, in young or nh
nr.rrien or siuRle, at the dawn of wonianhoorl, or th
turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so decided
ntlucucc that a marked improvement is soon pcrceii
For Inflnuiinntoi'V nnd Clivonlo Itlieu
uintlsm and Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intel
iiiltcnt Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidney
mil bladder, these flitters have no equal. Such Dis
lases are caused by Vitiated Hlond, whicn is general)
lrmluced bv derancement of the Dieestive Orcans,
lliov are n (Jsntlo I'm firm Ive at well tv
i Tonic, possessing; also the peculiar merit of actio
is a powerful agent ill relieving Congestion or Inllani
naiion of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in lliliou
'seasM' . '
Vov Skin DlNentcs, Eruptions, Tetter, Sal
iheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules. Rails, Cat
luncles, Rinn-worms, Sc.ild-llo.icl,' Sore Efelj Erf
lipelas. Itch, Scurfs, IViscoloraiionsnf the Skin, Humor
liul Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or iialnri
ire literally dug up and carrier! nut ol tin system in
ihnrt time bv the use of these Bitters
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinkoah II n
rnns the most womiemii invigorant mat ever sustains
he sinkiiur system.
rWAI.KF.U, Prnp'r. St. II. McDfJ(AI.U & t'O.
Prupgists anil tjen. Agta., ban rrnndsco, Cat..
and cor. of Wa -hingtnn and Charlton Sis., New York
Tm Yenrs of n iinlil
tout line proved Dr.fJriiol
merit thna nny Kltnlh
tlio jniblie, 11 Ih rich i
the medicinal ciiinlltiea
Tar, end unctiimlea t
duieatiea of tho Xhroat
1. n iiira. rutrlnrinliiur t
KxtZL mostreinarknblocures.
-Lti cnct"i"y cures oil Cong'
fc-Ct-s tnu VU1US. Ibuusvuiru
V'Wt. many cases of Asthn)
t'iif'w Broucltltls, tlmt
lias uoeu iironuimuou
spoclflo lor Ihoso con
plnlnip. Forloiiiln tb
lircnst, Kliln or Iljiel
(jirnvea or Hidncy lt
ary Oruanx, Jfiiumlio
or any lAvcr Complain
itliusiiocauul. .
.(isaisoaBanerioi' iuiuc.
Urstoret (tie Apivetiti
Streiialliens JeKystein,
Settoict tlno WenJt nnd IehiHtnoI,
CnnCH lto i'ood 1Ik'w
Semovea H.vupepsl.i one. liiiiij.-oMi(i
ricvcnlM Mnlnrloua Jr'eviC
Qlvet (oiio (ooui Siteiu.
And tho health of the systoi
Will folloy. 'i'heio is H pi ejmn
lion of Iron mid W.i ltoi
more edectunl t-Iina nil other
which will removo fioin yen
t-yRtem tlio Impure find vitiate
blood which ciiiiseiilhiense, nn
ut tlioimme tiinu build up you
health nnd ptrengtii It novo
InilM to cure. It you Inn
forofiila,frrolulnu t.i'.eai
pn of I lie S:je or iUira. i
fk-i-oftilrs in nny lonti, 'jTci
icr, Wtiiio SivelliiiK-. i.
Hoi'CH. I lcors, or Kf roluioti
Iiifiaiiiiiuillon i, you can rel
on belnw cured with I IiIm preiit
ration kuowu as Ir. 4'rook'
f'limtiAiiiifl Atwiivk nf l.lc
Cf!;ii Hoot. JU!iUliiiltii, l.l in
T&ifT'l.j in I,imborBoiien. Const ilu
i!iP$ A io"8 lroIit'nljwi by Morcii
Mxl'yrlal or other poisoiiH, nro ill
y enreo nyiu cor iiiiim,
ys njiHiiuou aiDa.iiioroi.-iiniii.
."h i-ijuoi vj iu a irmi nil
iirove it.
Ecantlfy yoj. Complexion.
Do not use paint crpowder, but pet a mot
permanent beauty by purifying vour Mum
Mils preparation of Iron nnd iio jnt
nakesai-ouU iuidr,culysltiiiKiif.uij'l.ii'.'..,t:
shanRDu that sallow complexion In h.i.i t
rrcslineas and health, niul lemovrt r.nv Jlriiii
tlvellisPHNOSOl IhcMkill, rlni!ik'-i, I n,
luivn.a.ioi-viivsscsriiiiiionN, il you m'
uny euui.'Kauiiu a neu i my complex mi
Jiuok'ii Compouuil Syruu of l'oke 1:..
mil t:.
Of Columbus,
la 011c of the best managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
Rates as low as any No. 1.
responaihle company. ;
Losses promptly adjusted
without litigation.
II. C. JONES, Agknt.
I'lilenteo and Manufacturer of
Head Elecks, Post-Hole Borers, 'io.
CuitKsiii'iio, West Va.
Tlty. t.rlsl AIHIm, beln: po.-talilii, ure on
Iron I in in c, and
And Um Iii-nt Mill ever inn"e for nil kinds of
hi i n. . eu ii iiui-nnuy Hum-lied loSliw ilills
or in , , .i,ir power, nod wiirrnmeil lo urlnd
Hour and Ileal of Mtperlor ii,aliiy ,,
(crcnler rule of hpeed limn nny other illll
without hcatliV or .ilher .Ifllc u-iVl,;
JvelKht l.eln,r Mot) PouihIh orciipvluit only 8
feet Hqiuire on tho I oor.' Will Lrind 20 to nn
btiKhels perhour. f vvilhln tlMff" ay,
Millih.es not prove mitlsfnetory, ll-,,iy bo re
turned and money and all ch;i,. rofuinl,.i.
Ilnrt 'ost-loI(5. i;orr.
) I l IflHUIIIllccd tl, 1,,'iln I,,.,. I.. I... .
line of any other; ,im.h M .l k rn
No mull enn l,(. I'.Mtti.l nllh il niter
'",,' s';'" l"'"'y """ " t' ''hi I who
1MII send iiiij thu eiiiloiiieiiieiii of Hie
I'nsl Milder. AjfepU wautid. I
I it a ii tin1. . ' '
' l.trksbiii-;., v. 'n.
Kili'niei'H noil i.n...... - -
IJ?,r'."""'" ""rer "l lh" KKillriKKU
A7Kkot'1' ""'""'ly on hiiiiii nT ihii 0f
yV' ncenaupnly of KN VKI.OPKH .1
whleil cnnl or any description will b
prliihidwolowlhatall nuivll'onl to Imvo J
canl on tho Kiivelopeu uwl by them.
The Home
Timo Tables. L.
Tho-Ohl Iiellnl.le" nn.l l'opulnr '
' O.XVJtl. ,
Inrough Express Trains Daily
i:,ilpp,,,l with illllur't l'utenl Safety
1 hiUonn.t onpi,.,., and Butler, and'
thu Celebrated
Westinghouoo Patent Air Bnkos,
Tho most perrect protection ajralast acci
dents in t!o world.
U&FilULT !''"f!"nt l),,v (-'u-i' ''
nioil.iili lines ol I'ul iimu'H I'nliieo ShvniiiL'
, Ui! ,,r.r"',.ll!r"K' KANSAS TV
giiinej, CuleMiui'tt, Mendota and
Without Cliaiigo.
cl,. ,..t i, .. 1 ."oKiiein, aim new and
ilejr.iut liny l oin he from Kansas City In ln
diunapi.lismiH iiiniiimtl -witlioiii chiiii.V
,.?niM'f,li',','""v 'W i'i'rn Improve,
vlii th . ii ! v -"."'v ,;.'ivi',il-'. purchase lickets
,'" " i . .iom.i'ii nuiiiir 1. 1 ii,
avoiiliii nil Ir.insleis. ferrie.i and chalices
fe'p""l'hroujfhTiclielsloi tUe nt all prill
Clpul ollices. Kni o nlu-nvu . . I....- ui.,.
ri.-ute. l.iSstfile checlied 'through lo all prlii'.
i . 1. 1 r iiic 1 1,
,. . lleiiernl Suii't
I'.. A. lAI!h.Ml, tien'l Ticket Agent,
Tim folhiwinir me llio disCineea nud fares
iroui loiiiiiii.iis, tiiiio'
.Miles To 1'ari'H.
!;5-l)eleH are . t sr,
4il-Cai(lini;tiiii - . . 143
11.1 iiaiiou - -- --
(SI Crest I inn
II- shelhv
Wl-X. London -
l'ift Helen ......
li( lovl'lniiil -- -.
'ill .Minion ..... .........
14'.' Sidney
117 I iiioii
III- .Minisllehl
lXi Lima
lf.ii-Ynn Wert -----
l'.M-Kt. Wavne
ll.'l Sandusky-
11)1 Toledo -
5..' 1.1
sri'i-i'ittidiui'jj-h .............. j,.o
Jill llairisbiirirh ............ Mou
IslT-l'hilailelphia - . . . , in.SO
nstl lialtiiuoie ............. 13 50
'Jul I dink irk ,s,mi
ifcil liuifalo bi,(K)
Ii 1.1 Ma, 'il 111 Falls ........... 15.W)
U'-'l Mu-oiou'ii - - ni.oo
7-11 New Voile n.M)
!ITI l!oi.ton via New York -m.m
Sill llostnn via Albany --------- ut.r.0
IKS lniliaiiiipolit, ............ (i.a)
l';(l ( inciiinati .um
loll-M. Louis ik.ik)
in.' Kan-sas City sn.k
7.V.I Leavenwoith iil.no
"t LiiHreuco
7!KI 'i'opeka :w.33
HW-St. Joseph r- e.ti.00
:)1'.' Chicago 11.43
1-7 .Milwaukee n.43
IJS Jliirlingtou .. iH.Ti)
."'f reo, 111 ir,.r,5
7Mi-.st. I'atil . ; !i..ir,
fr-M La Crnsfo . !i..in
"i(l lies Moines .... e-. ill
Ml-llock Islnnd li.ii,-,
Mt 1 Munliu . :n.4Z
.'(il t.'cdar liaplds . Wl.s.1
nn lowa iny sti.nu
2:i'.l Dunleitli null
.'r,'f!-San rrniii b'co ljii.ta
The above rates of fare are subject to clian;;
. jildress
K. i't)i;i).
Passenger Aji't "lice Line," Coltiiiibus, O.
on and after Monday, May Sfllli, 1871, Kx
iiicsm Trains will leave' 1 oliiiiihus und Cre.-.l.
line nud ai'iivu at poiuU iiuined below us fol
lows: Minions. "No. a.
"r".Vo'..i." 1 No. a;
( iiIiiiiiImX . ..11 : 11 a. 111.
'l:iu p.m.
i: 1.1a.m.
J:IM p.m.
::i:i a. 111
I :Ml
ii MX) p.m.
5:0.1 .
1 .VI a.m.
11:00 .
CieslliiTe.... l'.'::;i) p.m.
Clcvelaiiil.... :l:l'
lluilnlo 1U::iO
Niagara F'ls 7:lida. 111.
Uoi liolei' . . 1:111)
Albany.... 11:1.1
llosloii fi :.'() p. 111.
X. V. City.. . ;i::-,il
Civstlinc lS:4ri p. in. t!::ir, p.m. s:S;i n.ni.
I'iUchiirKh.. 'JSi'i 1 :-.l a.m. :i:-M p.m.
Il.'irrishui'if . 7:1 n. in. 1 1 ;-" il:IUa,ui.
Jiajtinore...l0:4() 8:10 p.i
Wntliliiirtoii. 1:10 p. in. 0:J5 '
I'll i 1 a. U'l .Si Ui U :t5 it. in. :j:l.1 7:Ul
Crestline... 1l::10p.iii. 7:15 i.ni.
Km t Wavne,. tf.'M n. in. 1 :1.1 a.m.
( liicao'. .. .la:ltlp. in. 7:vn
ri:5.1 a.m.
11 :
tljys 4, leaving Coliinibus at 4:10 p. m
lias a Tliroiipvii Car via Delaw aro for .Spring.
Held, reaching Sprinlleld without i halite at
7:ill p. in.
Train No. 2, on the Columbus & Hot-kill),'
Valley U'lilroad connect wilh Nn, 4 train.
TIiioukIi Tickets for sale at Allien-:.
I'A-isKNuKlt TltAlN'S rcluruiiitf arrivo at
Coliinibus at l'i::ili a. in., 11:1.1a. in., and', l:St)
a. in.
BPakco Bay and Sleeping Cars
On All Trains.
No. 0 lcaviii); Columbus at i;Vi a. in., on
Sunday, runs through w ithout liolentioi,, by
both Kriu and New York ( entral Hallways',
nrrivliijr at New Vorli on Monday iiiurnliift'iit
(1:1(1 a. in.
For piiitleular iiiforuialloii in regard to
l!iroii(,'h tickets, time, connections, etc., to all
points Kast. West North ami Month, apply to
or address hi. FOIll), ColninlniH, Ohio.
J1'., t-. FLINT, Cien.Sup't
lieuoral Agent, Coliinibus, Ohio,'
l;i 11LN1C i'OItl),
1'io.icti irer A iron)., f 'oIiiiiiIiiih. t II, in.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Passenger Railway
to all Points West, Northwest and
flila la tho HIioil Mno via Iudlanupi.lls.
The Groat Through Mall and K.vnross 1'ns
aeiiKer Mno to St. Isiuin, Kansie. City, St. ,lo
seph, Denver, Sun Kriincisro, mid all 'nolnts in
aimaouri, Kansas and Colorudo.
Thu ehortest niul ouiy direct routs to In
diaiiapolis, J.iifavette, Torro lliuitn, t iu,,
bridgo City, SiriuKhild, 1'coriiv, lliirilnirlon,
( liicago, Milwuiikoi tit. 1'mil, hiul nil points
. In thu Northwest, -i . ..
'Jho Jmliunapolls. Cincinnati & J.nfayetlo
Kaili-oad, with Hh connection,!, now offers
pusbougem nioro facilities in Tlimtifrli Coach
ami bleeping Cnr horvice than nnvolhorllnc
lion, Cliiciiinati, hnvlng tho uilvaiitiiru of
Tlirou:;h Dully Car from t liiclnnutl to 8t,
Ixjiiis, Kauiait Citv, rit. Jo-oiih, I'corin, lltir
lington, CliicagD.Oinahn, niul all Informed mln
points, picseiiliiii' to C'idonfsH nml Faiuillt'ii
lu ll ciiiiiforU inul an oniiiioiliitliiiis nn Mie
iiil'oi'iled by no oihor route, - ,
Tlnougli Tickets nnd liaggngu Checks to all
Trains leave Cincliiuall nt 7:10 a. in., 8:00 p.
in., and p. in.
Th kels can he obtained at Nn. 1 llurnel
iiiiiise.coriier'l'iiinl and ynie, I'll')! (' l.iind -lug,
corner Main and lllver) alo, at Depot,
comer l'l n in ami 1'eail strcetn, Clncliiiuiil.
ilesiiru U purchaso tickets via linlianiip.
oi m, i iiiciunau ,c j.aiavciie naiirnad.
(i. ilAUHINUKIl, I
Master Transporl.il ion, Cliiclnunll.
c. I(. I.OItl),
Chief Ticket Clerk. Clncliinntl.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short l.lno lo tho I.iiliea anil tho Nortli
Ah follows:
Di!, art Deiuirt.
Athoiiv ,., ... . i;io, n. in. 3iop.ni.
Ari'ivu' Acilie.
Coluiiiliiin. . . (1:111 a. in. fi:.!IU n. in.
Cli'M'liiiul .. .. .. 4 :W ii. in . 7:10a. la. -
I'itisiiiirnh nil", II i-ir.ii. m.
fnillnii.ij.oli,. ' . rii.-il " S:lll "
( hicagj fiiiifl u. in. ' H :-(.-,
piinxiicld , , , 1:10 p. in. . 7:1-1 i.ni. ,
l-'ayioii ..... I ;o.i " I! :.'!()
t lie coniiectiou iiiade si 1. no n-ti'r for fir .
clevllle, Ziinesville and nil jiolnls oil the ( lu
i'liiua',1 nml Mimklnguni Viifley llailioal.
I'lrect i oiiii. ctioiii, inadii iit Colunihua for
Dayton, hpi ingllelil, IndliiiiaiHilis. I hlcngo
nml nil polnls S'ivl. AIo, fur Cleveland,
iliilfiilu, Vitlsburgh, and nil jsiliifs Kiit.
Take tlie Hoi king Valley niul l'nn Hamlin
route to Chicago mid thn Noi tliw enl; It Is the
nlioiti'Mt by aixty-fdx miles, giving pasn'iigera
the lieiu.llt of quicker timo and lower rules
than by any other line. .' '
.1. YV. l)OIIErtT,lii,t. ,
K. A BUKI.L, Gen'l '4'leket Agent.
v- -''-r..,.i ; ty4il::;.):iV'V'.c'.l
't II M I 11 ItTl (rrl ,
Iiuaiuiliii'tiiieloorderiind repair I'tirnltiiiouf all kinds, at the iiin.it iwisrtnnlilo prices. I am
prepared lo fiirnUh , , .
ami necoiup.'.iiy Ihein wilh a Hearse. Jy'Tlio nblio ire invited to oall ami
oxamlno .y Stock. PARIS HOIITON.
March Hilii, tf& .
i .-:".
A . ;
Tho Groat Achievement of the j
Nineteenth Century. , ;
All Is c News and Full ol'
TllK DAtf.Y tiiiAiMllf islneiille of a news
paper, published in New York, which is
achieving the most rciuarkablo InuriinliMii'
success ever chronicled. It is nn cight-piigo
evening jmper (tlireii ciiiiions uiiilv.) elegniil
ly pi iiiteil, and ciiiulucteil.'lij' the alde-t edito
rial taleiit altiiiiinhle.
Asa neivspaiuiTiiKDAil.YiiltAPlllostaiiil
in tne 11 I'M nun;, ami contains regiilurly .
The Very Latest and f'nll
tst.2feMs from Jill Parts
f. of "the World, i
lis great feature consign In llicfart linL it
is not only a newsiaper, but nn illustrated
newspaper as well, l our of lis pages m e lill
ed with choice reading mallei telegiuiiis.ed-
itoi'hilri. ii-iitioi-ii I .'toil 1 a it ... 1 mod. ili'iiw. .'Ii.sill
and correspondence on the freshest ami most
interesting topics, Tho remaining four pas;eji
executed lu the most laullless and urislie
style, and portraying aeuurntely and tally all
leading events within tweiity-lbnr liourt" afier
their occurrence. Those who have lumln
journalism n study, and fully appreciate the
great eiiutrprise luauiierteii m me coiiei-uoii
und publication ot news by Hie aid of the tel
egraph, sleain presses, and tlio ilevelopemeiil
our journalistic talent, have been
fond of advancing the theory, that the
next advance In that Held would re
sult in a newspaper furnishing regular
Issues pictures of all current prominent
events. That llieory is a theory no long
er: tho newspaper ol ihefutui o Is the newspa
per of lo-day, and that paper is The Daily
OKAIMIIO. The processes which render this
intirve.tious aciiieveiitciit an cMi ting laci arc
lie result of the most careful sludy und mi
endless variety of experiment, gradually ner
fecteil during Ihe mist twelve years. 'J hey
depend upon iinpiovemcnU in lithography
iic ii pjiiicmion inoioi;i n io n ,11110: 1 o. 1
their aid a picture is engraved anil miuli'
ready to print in from twenty minute", In, two
hours. Cosily ami clabiiiate plates, works ol
scenes of Interest,, are reproduced find
pictured forth with eipuil facility and the
most scrupulous lldelity. Illustrations of
leading events are engraved and ptoparod for
the press even before Ihe 'lecniiipnnving writ
ten narrative or de.-oription le.ives the hands
the couipositoi'.
For thu proper prin t ind w nrk ini-' of mi great
enterprise. Till-: lillAI'IIIC COMPANY'
was lot-mod has . ,
Capital cf .$500,000 iii Uold,
months and months. before, the llrst LkoIio of
I'llI! K.ltt.Y tillArilie. tne uiiisl extensive
pieiiaraHoiis Mere inaile, and u-ilav Till;
OltAI'lllCCO.MPANY bus
Tho Larffcst ,'aiid. Host Conv;3':?te
ITowspapo? ' j?Bta';!ich'.nf in'
-'..fee United St?.toc...
In t he aieul work of illiistratiuir the , v . i i 1
thu day an extensive larpn of the bis)
known nml most m loinpli-he.l arlils arc eui
slaiitly engaged.
liul DAILY OUAPIIIC llllll. lo belli its slrict-
Jilrt ami ti uilifiil. It disi'.iHH.HiiiriniesMini" In-
iicpeuiieuuy na i inipaiiiuiiv, il is not l Ho
organ of any party, seit, or eiecd. it is al
ways luglt-loiii'il, unit ci.'-tliilns iiotiung to nl.
loud liny liir.tr. Its 'uulcnti, givi! 't nn tiu
iiiense advuntiigi! over the "o, ',i,l,ii.,.-ij'
papers, The aniiunl iilisi'ril.ur kU
A IOTOKIATj, T!"TC?Y o? tii;
volume of Iwcnly.fiiur hundred pages, con ,
stHnting' n valuable record of events and a
graphic panorama of our time) liud piogiess.
possesses not merely a 'ocul lulerest, hut is.
paper for every render of the language, u
is, ennihalicnlly, .
Tho l'npr.r fur tlio Household. ;
Tonus. iieryear, or.'l lor three liiotiihn.
Address, . t
TIIK DAILY CIlAl'tltf, '
:V. niul 41 Park plan,,'
Jim 11 Sine.xw. New York C'itv
Ti ANY l'K'(i;u hi;.MIN(l I S '
Piyo 2Tew Subscribers
. , A copy or THU
';; ..' , Oa-IH.IU.A.M.''
nn extra copy nf II U iinAHTHril Mtf.
. . til'llti:i:,foi iiiie)ear.
i'l ':i' ! V !'.! ..-,'i'ti.'') !: I i '
. ' is a Vitln.ihh) voliiujii.iif ',( - !;'
1,304 PflgoH, with 800 illuutra-
Well bounil, and contnliiii a lariro inuuiiiii of
Infoniiatlon, coiieernlnrf nil the great indus
tries ol our country. Maid thu iiauier). .,, ; .,,
Adilt'Msi . , i , i t, I
Pub. I'mpilrer, Mo Arthur, 0. '
."iii.f nir, -I Una
Hut Tin;
It is gratifying to us to inform Ihe pulillo
Hint Dr. 1,."). C. WisharfH I'imi Tieo 'far
Cordial, for Tluoitt and l.ung Diseases, has
gained an ntivial"J rcpt'.lal ion from the At
lantic, to the I'aciilc coast, and from thence, to
sonioof tlui lirst families of Ktirope, not thro'
the press alone, but by persons throughout the
Slates in tiiully benellttcil and cured at his
oilice. NV lii lo liu iiublirdiiM less, so snv our re
porters, he isinmblo to supply thu ilei'muul. It
gains nun luiiiis lis repuiiilioii
' I'likl, . Not by sloiniing cough, hut bv Inns
ening and nssistiug niitiiio to thiow off tho
iinliealthy matter collected about the throat
anil iiriinciiiiii iiiues, ivnrt ci-iis trritntltm,
second. It leiuiives the caiiKi, of irritiitlon
(which produces coiuih) of the mucous niciii
lirano and broncliiiil tubes, ansiHts tin, lungn
to net and throw oil the unhealthy secretions,
and purities the blood.
Third. It is free from siiuil!e. lobelia, ipecac
nnd opium, of which most throat and lung
remedies lire composed, which allay niugu
only, and disorganize the stomach. It has a
soothing ellect on the stomach,, nets on tho
liver and kidneys, and lymphatic und nervous
regions, tl'.iii reacding lo every part of the
system, and in its invigorating and purifying
e'll'eets it litis gained a icpiil.itiuii which it
mii.-'t hold above all olheiii In Ihe market.
"; ;.No'iioe:'
lllll.'AT A.VKHiCAX ' '
!) YSl'Ii I'SfA Pit j LS,
wo it m wiJtt ar m it rs,
lieiii'c uinler uiv liiMie'ili ile diiecl.inii. lhev
shall not lose tinli- n.iiilivi' tpinlltli's by the
use in cm aji an. i nn pure an ici.es.
Ui'lXIVV li. mSJLMnV l'roi.V,
Ii.. l .' e :. .. ..it.... i,....u .
... a . i, i sin,, , , .mi i in iu . p a 1 1
open mi .MondaV", Tuesdavs and YvVd'iiuiliK'h
IViiiii I) a. u. to ,i (', ii.. tm' con .till, nii.ii by h
,i in. i . .iiugce, vi nn ami hit I'.ssoeiiit.. d two
piiisc.-iiinri uf ccl.liov Icilgeil aiiil-
ill'. Vh ll.li'l.llll'iif.' Ii -.tor .or. ii
ouiyi Jll-Lii uiioii in l ite I'lty, ,.;
All K'llc.S ill list 1. 1 Ill.llCssid I,,' '
',Vi North Secoiul St.;
. iTi'i:L7vr)iiJ.iJi?H:x,.-
Noi emherW), im,..(i, ' '; .
Vol. vn.
0 L D A N l) N K W.
T ii i; P j; o i-1. 1; ' h Jl a u a z i n u.
.';( hi E,ii rur.i r.. jitiit.
The enlarged resources placed In Ihe let, ills
or tlio old, axii nkw by thu public and bv the
proprielors, enable, them to anuoiinie ii vol
ume of wider Interest Hum they have, ever
Mrs. (iroenoiigh's story, "l' ihonlft," ami
.Mr. Hide's slory, "I'ps (ind Downs," will bo
cuiillliueil nnd ennipleieil 111 this volulno
. ij.irjes of iihin t stories by Mlsa Jleredith,
Mrs. Htuwe, Mrs. Whilney, Miss Halo, Air.
Perkins, Mr, l.orliig and others, has boon t'li
Bilged. ...
A'l'M. MaiJnenu's Series will bo conllimnd
in papers ou "Thu Church and II Ilxcltiyiyo
Claiius," "tloil In Huiuanllv," Ac.
Th wrlinof .ill Idea on ' Political Hclnnce,
by Kenllciuen of recogii.ed abililv, will com.
prise papers on ''Uullrouda, Servants ov Mas
lersV" '-Tlui llallol in Knglnnil ' "I.ninl,"
Tho f.nw of Mariii.lnin .1 urhnllction," "The
Indian tjiientiou," "'I he Hullinge of Women,"
"Kiiiiul Tiixiilion," ''Tarill's and Protection."
'Wluit the New Administration must ilu,"
'l.nboriniil Wages OueHlloii."
Tim Bublect of crllleal Inlei'iwt in
NATl'ltAlj llplloliY AMI I'MILOBOI'IIY
wllj ho lilii-tintcd by illlferenl gciilleineii em-
it.,,, I. In Until. II, i, ..l ......... ....I. nr.. ..i. ..ii
... ,,,,,. , inn. ,,11 llllllll
Mruiti linvr. II... 1. 1... ...i. .... i I....
" in. ""in.- .i iniiiiing papers,
uiiiniiKollii)iii, by Prof. Lesley, Mr. Hull, ir'
Kellog, Or. (1 ray and President Hill,
l'l... i.'. i.....; i. ..... ,i 1 1.. . i
.. w ...,iiiiiiii,;i in nut, i-.iiiiiiiicu iii i ne review or
the publications iil'nfow houses, biitalteinpls
K'vesoino acfoiinl of thu ntoro htiiiortnnt
Issues li oi it thu i'reiich, Oerumn wA l.'nglisii
press, as well asonr own. f. ,
. .... .. ....i i, ... ,.iHi,n iicnc.i roi' inu ail-
sl,i(iit.ial udvanpo which tin, world has inn 'hi,
whatever direction, or in whntovor region,
with iipet'iiil leferonci) lo ImproveineiilM In
domestic, life' which nmy he liUempleil In
,11.1. l,JI,, - . 1 V '
'io... ......... i...: ...in , i.. .1.- .. iii....i.
. ii., niiiuiir.iiM, wiii iiii iiinier um eiiiiorilll
charge of Kilw -ir.l K. Hale, who will have wl
a.... .. j., 1. 1 ii..... i. ...... ..f i.. . i
i.s..,w,fiin n iniiii in-imoiuio ill Hie lllliuilgll.
niuiib in iLn,;oiiruui i'einriuioiit. i, ( i ...
' ." (I1VKN AWkf. V ' : i
The lieliiillfnl (.'liroinollth "t'oiillihiiuiii . bv
II 1 1 1 Ml II 1 1, ltllllnirs. Ih i,resentiil In nvere He.
Iiewal nml New Subscriber In "Old and 5iow"
rur 1tfi3 at .ft.ln), or at fl.to the Cininolilh will
furnished handsoiiielv niounlei, rcaily, for
frliinlng. Hl.e IhxM. ; .
Subsi'i Iptlons riiclevcil by rill , lonk nml
liewsilealoin nt publishers niter. ' ' i
lfi, HUM'S. lliiuTHKiiM) PiibllshorHj r
: " ' " No. l:j Wa.liingtoii St., Ilostoti,''
Press and Strainer.
W ANT KIl,! AinMila nml Poildlcm for our
Pit KsiS AND STII A I N Kll-pi essca nml
trains Jams, Jellies, hnrba, Veguf nhleii, ltrdV
allow, meals, chc'so, An. Over ttl,Uit mild In
rmv loeiilltles. S.''l milek,' 1 Hvurv Ininlly
wants It. Se',liitf JfiichliKi ami ntliur e.tah
lliiliuil n)(ntt are Hurling this very profltabbi.
Clr. ulm-a rrev. hi I TLIit lKl.D' A DA MM
Wniililiigton St., Uoiton, Mutt, ttniu-.
d:ii0'.".( wit i J c'.'rvni
f? OQ1) :liOOv K)R A
Books Which Are Books.
M'.n-lr. ii'lilch kboiibl lie I'omiil to pi'i'i'V I.l-
lunry within the reach of all icndui.. W'oiks
to eiilertnlu, Instruct mid improve, topics
will bo Bent', ny rutiirn poni, on, reieipt oi
price: ' ';.
New I'lilsnirnoiii.v ; or, Signs of ( hut iielcr,
an niiinilestoil. lliiougli - i'eniM riniiiii an,'
Kxlerual forms, ami especially in the "Ih
mini Kaci) Divine," with nunc Hunt Oi.
TlioUMiind lllustittioua. ,.lly S. I. Wl.'i.i.s,
- Price f..ll. u.
The Fiiinlly Physician. A Heady Pie
Hcriberand llyguuic Adviser. With Refer,
eui'ii In the Nature, Causes, Prevention in d
Treatnieiitof Diseases, Aecidenls, and On.
unities of every kind. With a (ilosr-nry and
copious Index. Ily Joki, SHKW, Al, 1). Il
lustrated with ileal Iv Bill) I'higrnvliigs. Ono
large volume, Intended for use In the fuiuily,
Price M.lin.
Ilniv to Clinriictor. A New lllusti lilc.l
llaud-llook of l'hrenology nml Pliysiogiiii
in v, for Sluileiils and lCxainiueii', with n
t lull t for recording the sizes of Ihe Orcium
of the Plain, in the Heliiieatlou of thai -acter,
will, upwards of Till Kiigiavings,
Idlest and best. .Muslin, fl.S3.
Tlio I'ulents' Onlde: or Uiiinau Develoii
nient through inheriled Tendencies, Ily
Mrs. llKsiKlt Pkniilkton. Second million,
revised and enlarged. One vol. piuiii, ll.fili.
Constitution of Mini. Considered In rela
tion lo KMernal Objects. liy tiKOIlilK
Co.miik. Theonly itntliorl.ed Aiuerli'iiii Kill
linn. Wilh Twenty Ihigravlngs, (fbl.-j.
Tlio llyglenln lland-llood : a I'rncileal
(iuiilo for tlio Sick-liooin. Alphabetically
nrranircil with Apiienillx. Hv It. T. Tit A I.l'..
One vol. l'.'nio, XIKI pp. .Muslin. V'.UKI.
,' How to Write," " How to Talk," "How .
to llehave," and' " How to Hn llusiness," a
llaud-llook lndir),eiis,;hle for lliinio iiu
prnvenisnl, In one nd, .fa.W,
Wedlock: or t'.ia liight llelallotis of thu
Sexes. Disclosing tlie I.nws of Conlugnl
Selection, and showing who niavanii who
may not Marry. A Cuide lor Isith Sexes.
Jl.'i'l). -
Oratory Siiei'cil anil Keeuliir: or Hip Kx
teinporiineous Speaker. lucliulsngn I'haii'
man's Ouhle for comluctiiig Piihlie, Meet
ings according to Paillauientniv I'ornis.
Miinngi'iiieii. of Infilncy. Physlologlul and
Moral Teeatmunt. Itv Akihikw t ouiiK, .M.
1 1. With Notes. fl.M.
Mcdlciil Kletti'lclty. A Manual for Stu
dents, showing tho most u lcnliilc nud rn
tioniil application to nil Tonus of Acute nnd
Chrohle. Discuses by tho ilillereiit coinhl
iialionsol' i;iect.iic.il.y, onlvanisin, IJlectni
Mngnetisni. iMugnel-i;iecti icily, and lln
lii a ii Magnetism. ?'.UXi.
History of SnlemAVitclieriifl The I'laii
chettu iMvsterv:" and " Moilorn Siilritunl
lin,".willi "Dr. Doddridge's Dream," la
mo vol. Price JUKI.
Esoi' Fnblea. The People's. Pictorial
edition, licaiilji'ully illustnited with near
ly Sixty lhigrnviiigs, t bull, frill, beveled
boards. Only H1.IW. ,
Pope's Esny on Man. Willi Notes.
Ileaiillfully llliistialid. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. 1.(M.
The Rlfiht Word In the nicrlit PInce.
A ew I'ockct Dictionary and Kelerenco
llook. Ktiibr.ieiiig Svuiuiyins, 'i'eehnicnl
Terins, Abhreviniloiin, Koieign l'liruses,
Wrilingfor tho Press, Puiietiiniion, Proof-
Heading, and other Valuable Information.
7") cents.
Phrenolofilotil Bust. Pluming Ihe latest
classilli ntiiin, and exact loealioa of nil tint
organs of thu Ilraiu. It is divided eo as In
show each Organ ou one aide; and all the
aroiips on the other. Sent bv express.
' Price i.Ull. ; . .
Inclose amount In n Ieglercil f.elter. or In
n I'ostoillce Order for one and all Ihe above.
iuidaddrcasS.lt. WHi.i.m, Publisher, No. .'Ml'
UmndMiiy, New York. . Agent wanted.
A . Fine German Ch;omo.
WltSE'JU AX KI.KdANr inHUilll. JIOl'.N'TKIl A Nil
iJ'IN DKll UllO UN
. r. y rnos. ir. kkox.
I) (!2 I'ujyet Octavo. 1 no I'iue ICngrnvtiifri
Kclate Ineidcnts liud Aaclilentu bevof
III. I i i'Ii I 1 1 .. , - so Ii... . . . . .. . I . .
s. '", "i',"1 "'"i .Aiiiciuiin a iii i,
tin its ol the orld; Mines and Mode of Work
inif I hem : I 'iiiti'i-io niiij ..I' .-. .- i.
... ..... , i.itiiiii.
ling and lu Horror; Caverns and their Mis
lei ies; 'l he Dark Ways ol",'i ieliednes,'.; Pris
ons nud their Secrets; Dowi. in the lei,hsol'
... niiu .nunc in inu i icieeiiiiii or
rime. 'I In, bonk treats, of I'Mierience wild
'"jgnnilsj nlgliis in opium dous'iind gmiiliiii.-
1 1 l'l .-..II , r-l-ill ls ,11 I .,1 U'n , l I, ,,,,
lures among Indians; JoiirueVH throiiL-P K .."
ei. and ( ulaconibr.: acUilenls in iu ...... "jT
.-.mm inei piracy lorruros ol tlie I' , -;,' . .
WOlll erl'll blll Ldai icu- iowI... Islt.oil i
cilles.etc, etc" . '"" 1110 "'nt
We waul agent for Hiis r . . , .
give exclusive territory.
fllKIa week in selling t!,' a '".. ,', 1 ., " 1
culars and special Uxr , t 'enU. ' ' ' "
. ' J'tlKZti: II Villi,
, 11AK1 I'llllll, CONN., or I'lllUAliO, H.I..
Great I ndu stries
pages und UNI engravings, printed in
I'.nirlish iiiid Column, ritien I v .() imincnt
author., yieliiiling.lohii P.. Oouuli, I on, l,cou
I use, l.divaiil ilowland, licv. K. I'.'ihvin Hall,
I hnip I. iploy, Albert llrisbane, Horace tiree
ley, etc - . -
I hin woil; Is a loinpli In hiidorv of all hiamli
!" Industry, piucesscrt of nianurncltiie, etc.,
in nil ages, it, is a cnmploli) cnevcloiieilla of
amiiaiid uimitifaclures. nml U the ino.-t enter,
luining and valunble work ol' inforiuiil Ion on
i.uh.iectn of gciioi-ul Interest vwr nil'ered to tho
public. Wo give ,ir ngeiils the exclusive
right nl leriitoryl One of our agents sold UM
collies In eight days, aiiotlu-i' mid litut In two
week, our agents lu Hartford a-r; iu.nu
week. r-iH'i-lnicnii of tho work neat lo agents.
iVit'J?." .!''" j"l1"i"''N J- mm it
mil'., Hartfonl, Coan., orChlcngo, ill.
PlllVl'l-C&W. r , , . ,, , .
r :
Music. .
NeW ' Music ! !
iTiii,iniii:n ii v
J. L Peters. 599 Broadway, N Y.,
And inaileil, post-pnhl, on rewlptiif nun l,ol
Aliovo niul lleliiw. Sacred Kong. '.i. Itv
.. ,i . .Inch. HI
Hack to the (Jld Homo. Song ami Cho
rus Mcwart.
lleaullfiil Put in of my Drennis.. Stew ai t.
Darling, Weep no muie, Song nml elm-
' rua. : Ilavs.
Do' not. Weep j :o, . sister darling.
' ' ' Song. . ,: . .Sloivars.
Don'l forget in Writ) inu. Wongiuid cho-
. , HIS , Cox.
Fold wo our ' hands, 'Song or
i . Duet Iloll, lieu.
Oono to the llcnvcnly tiaiilen. Song
t hiniiherlain.
II you were I. would vouV Hiiiig..Sliatluck.
Kiss me, Darling, ein wo part. Sic win I.
I.ltlle J J li 1 1 1 1 ,Ne, Song and CIioiiim.
..','' ' ' ' ' Alaev,
I.ltlle Dan. Song and Chorus . . .lluvs.
Lord. roreverntTliv Side .,, .:. Dnnks.
Meet me, lliissiu, in the Dell . , . , Mew art.
Meet inn, Doure.t, wilh it Kiss. . ..DiinkH.
.My hoy across thu Sea, ,llayu.
(Hi! (live men Homo In tlio South.. II iivn.
Oh, Sum I Song and Clioius Iliiyr
Only for Vou! lliillnd . ... . Dnllor'
Our l.lltle 1'et. Song and Chorus .1'nvs,"
Papa, slay home. Teiuperaiico Song.
Save one Height Clown forino.... il'lv'
Wu pray yon wing tlmt Snog, Duet!
Willi thou Weep when I uiit" -J'ou-'V
1 ' Walker, !j
lTlT ir A4 -istiii,l,.,i.i I... 1.1..1. , ...
ii V.. ' ..V ""neii em.:
lollo ol iaratogn, by Victor, 111 cl.; May
Flowers, by hlnioii, ascts.
M A.CKK AH.. L .,l., cii. in...,. .,.
. . i. ,,,r '.'""""ii's i iiiunine, mi
cts,; Jlitppv Thoiighls, by Walker, IH rts,:
!.uughlng Wavo.by Wilson, Wuls.; Hiinhiiaiu,
by Peacher, .lileh, . '
uwnira-i niiriid's ond Frcihlio'B bv Ken
kel, each 115 r.
Kill '!' I'IMI :l I CS k-Pulnl lllnn..,! i,.. v..
..... . .i -. .. " . :"..".""." v.. """
, m. , nmy uioriiiiiL', ny nc.iiiii iit,nii cts. ; Mini,
hoinn, by Unniiol,ll;,ctH.Ji,ii Willie's by Kin-.
kel aiiots, , , , ,
MAIIl HUHAllidlool Siinilngt.JIn' llillini'.
bach. (cK) Mollin'H bv K Inkol, 115 cts.
WAl-TZI'.H. t lorlta.' tienrglc'A, i lilt'e'ai,
Salllu'iiiiiiil Mangle's, liy ilMkel,eiich hal ts,;
Droimof I tew, hv A Hard, 10 rti Hiiiilieuui, by
Muse, S3 cts, ....
"FuCll -I f A M t )).-'- A Tii ft i A- Hit,' til risj iloeiia '
I'olkn, i rui Love's hasii tiniiup, ijr, eis.;
Praise of Woiiiim I'lilkn-Miisnrkn-nll by
HA',o i'KCKS.-liiiiicd'df tlio lliifiun.
Item, Wilson, T.liu.; l.ove'ii Ciiif ises. Kin.
kid, Wcra.j Mav Illo'iMimv:, Klakel, r,() cts,
Plnliito lies Klein". Tonil, lil cl., VlilspiirliiK
llreiues, WIlMin, fill els. ' I '
Auy of tho nbovn nialled, iiost-pfiht. on re-
1.1 I ,1 lll'lll-ll.,!.
Ailitrew,' .... , i .
..i.u. ' 4 r t.lrrv,ii.iu umiiu...iu...l vr
n.w i v. j., a i'. a j'.i.i?, uvv .Milium nj . .

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