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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 17, 1873, Image 2

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J, W. BOWEX, Editor and FublUher.
State Ticket.
V i: I
Tor tibvevnov.
' '. i. ,':o i:oss.-j'M ...:.!'
.'.-' - '
' For Lttmtenant-Govemor, i '
,,I,v u; or HK'UUno, (.; Jim-
r r ' - f -
for JiWjf the Hupreiu t'uiii-t, .'1
; i ' ',' . ' '.i .r.l ' ' Tin ij ,
' For Treasurer of State, '
' 1 GEO.'WEIMER, I -
) -'; QV SUMMIT,1- -'i
i .... .(...' : . i . .v
For Attorney-General,
M.i'AVPAlTGHERTy; i-.i
i ! ituc' or- PAmm:f.' ; J' '
For CoiuihrorttApoHheTreatury,
' - iJAS, K; NErOOJMElt,. v .' l
I i' !-. f'i 'OF MABIOX. M. J ;. ?fY'
Fo Member of Board of PiilU Work,;
-uir . F.MBRPBU.., k
' ' '" For Common Plead JTmlireV'1 u
i;-.if 1 - or iACK80K'VI MO1
'. For State Senator,
County Ticket.
For Iteyreaentntlve, '
I ':.r
AmUtor, . "f-
' ' Wil&IAM ' W7 BELFOWT),
, . Prosecuting Alteriitfc'- ' " '
, . CommUgloner,
; T4r the Cpmpaigrn
FoiLR5 Cents 1 !
Tht Mo Arthur inquirer wilt lie Bent to cam
paign subscribers during lt8 camiilugn, or Tor
8 months, for 25 cents.
By tWs. means lunch gooi) may bo.tloiu; for
the cause of Democracy arid Iteform.' "' l
. Get np llvte at overy 1'oHt-oflle anilvUi of;
ery school dlsti'lct, an JleArthur Snauiw
wfll advocato ' tlio cftuse of tlie pcojtle, Ho
farmers, ueehanics and UiUpHnj pion, against
tlx back ialr' grabbers nml tlie, olicinl
tbievcg wuoaro fating oilt the suhHtimetf'ef
lh)wtAUlt1ieoule. I "'I .' 7f;;i j;
; . BEreftdy" to atcmd the 'meeting
at Zaleski, dii Tliursday n(ght,'Spp
tqmber'25tli!: Wliith iil address
ed by Gcri. Ky.'CAttv tirih Iton.'J.
A. Snivf. : ;:" J''i j i :.'.
' i'
Jubt such iue.u a4 Patrick.. KM
!.y, our cftndidftte for GomruUiioncf,
ri' nodo.l U gnayl tUo Lalovcuts of
our county.., Give him a large lua
ijority.; ; .; i
' Eveuy working man, eviery 'far
mer, eyery honest man, and' every
poor1 man Jn1 Vinton county should
go to' ZaleBki,: on '.Thursday flight,
September 25th., ;; and' hear Gen.
Carey. . ,. , j
. All who want an honest' and
i efficient State Government wiJl vote
for .WjixiAM, Allen, the friend of
Jackson n,nd the' enemy 'of ofllclul
corruption. ( pne term of AlIen'S'
administration will save InilHonVto
the State, restore public confidence
and make us all proud to own oiir-!
selves Ohioans.' - '
What "will Prosident GuAKT.sfty
when he learns that, Mortok has
; been kicked out of Ohio for defend
ing aUrr which he,., as President,
signed and ;ly which he puts an
extra $25,000 , a yoar, into his
pocket? . , . j i
! ' Each Democrat in Vinton county
should make a vigorous, personal
effort to secure the election of Al
lkn. ; In these days of political do
generacy and lilliputiaii Htatcstnau
" ship the opportunity to Vot for bo
' great and good a' man as William
. Allen rarely occurs,
i .. .m .
. Tub campaign in Ohio, in some
,; portions of tire State, is quite lively
Judge Tiu'Ruan is making effective
speeches , in Southorn Dhic, while
Hon. B. BtRNS and others are ad
dressing good , meetiugs in the
Northern portion of the State., The
Democrats are very sanguine that
they will poll more votes tiiis . year
thnij they did ht the last election.
We ask the Township Commit,-
toes to canvass their respective
townships in season and make cv
cry endeavor to get out tlio Demo
' cratia vote. It is" the Demotsrutic
year.' Success is assured with'. a
full vote. ' The whole master is I in
; hands bt the Dumocracyct thorn
'Soe to it tliat every . Dcmoerntio vo.
ter Is got out to the polls?;,; . ihm m 1
.1 i in . mi, . j in'! I
,.j ;Tie Admiijistratioi). .inet.wj 0
iVOYere, wjow uw y ouueHaytrn
Massochu setts, in t,li defea of Bek
jUvmiLj for govcrnoc of that Stalo1.
For weeks past the entire force of
Grawt olllce hotJurs, under j'?
ijro nphingtoi hye jieeii, using
.tLeijc.peMt tp (loivs ip iioininaio,.!!
representative ;naii of the Adnif
(stratlotlj foV Goye'rijor,1 '(jred
MobUicr, Salary Grab!.', niut ' oil)
,Mjiei .pest ,elortri to( iioiiunalei;ino
of the Aririiui-
llillinifloa worn fun tilir 'A Inmi' 'hi'
the party 'to carry, anu ( old Bkn
was fo'reett ' to 'back-iloWn : iti Jtliw
- fe $ tfLitt LA
za.XiT3Sk:i, binoi "
. . - I t 'Mi I
! I AND . ..
Hon. J A..' SIIAIVK,
Vill address tho people, of Madi
son and other townships at Zalos-
kC .on ' ' ,', . ' '
ijtursthf Evening, Sept. 2oh.
' I' Hi 1 i. v-! 'r
Let the .working men of, the Rail
road Shops; the furnancc' Inborersj
the miners,' the farmers, and every
body turn out and hear. these able
speakers ,, , A special inyitation. , is
extended to the ladies. t
..... t . ; t ... i I -1 ' ; 1 '
The Zaleski Brass Band will ful1;
nish the music.
Harrison Lyle.
: For ! Rcpreuentiativei u Hahrison
Lyle, of Richland township,, was
seleetod by . the .couvention.';,Mr.
Lyle, is. , a good , man ,gn general
pri nestles, jinu will make an excel
lent "legislator being1 1 in(tnAtiu6'is
and 'ehergetio. :is he is a fariner,
lie is just tba kind f p, roan to lp
resent the ,yaw8n4 watch, the in-
terets of the.fyrmors and working-,
men of Vinto'tf Tpunty. lie 'is' a
scu-maao man aim ono. ior wnom
men of all classes 'ican Cheiiifully
V)to;;!iTho xioplQ ithij; "oou'nty
aped a r.ejircsentaUve. yyho.jWill.ad;,
VjOcate thecaiise ojf.jlabor against
monopoly, and 'the cause' of the
":,T i . '. ' .
toiling man 'against the1 6neroach-
fttints of the pritilcged. few. ; The
people of the eoiw'tyJtave been mjs-
repreacntctl, . -daring r the , past two
years, aii(,l we would . say . to. . the
Deiiloc'raey, that, little effort; on
their part '.will feiTecin the courtly
fronvVthiit mlSMile.' ' ALet'' every
friend of Mr. Lyle do his duty,; Do
not lejdle. . The salary grabbing
party leaders are already resorting
w iiuuges aim suuiunuges io tie
feat Mr. Lyle, and it Is "but "riglit
bt' h is f rien'ds . inf every . part of
the. c6hnty bhoiild . deiuonstrate . to
theinjhow .futile jjtlieir effortsi arc,
by giyiqg hiiu a goodnajority.Go
to wprk'in earnest,-fnen:ls.' "
Judge Thurman and the Increased
Judge Thurman and the Increased Salary.
' IIonJ .A. G. TnyiiMAN, the Deiuo-
ctatic, ynited States. Senator from
Ohio, is not drawing his salary un
der the Increased Salary law at the
rate of $G25 por month not a cent
has he drawn - nnder that law. lie
was the first.man t9 cover back in
to, the United States Treasury his
part of the Back1 Pay, and it lias
been'placcd forever out of the'reach
of his heirs. Thlrman is an honost
and ure man. . lie; yoted against
the Sahuy . Bill and has not receiy'
ed pne cent of the Back Salary, or
one cent 6f the present salary, ne
is not one of that class of small
soiiled politicians who1 is. drawing
thd galaryjat the rate qf , $625 per
mouth or almost $21 per day
and then insult 'the 'over-taxed
working-men and farmers' bv mak-
ing speeches or writing letters jus
tifying the. thicring act. Y , -
William W. Belford.
William W. Belford, our candi
date for, County Auditor, is known
to almost every man in this county,
as he has filled the position almost
Ono term. As we have said before,
he has discharged the duties of the
olllce to the entire satisfaction of
the whole people of the county.
That he is a careful, honest, public
servant, and that under his admin
istration the' affair of the olllce are
managed with the greatest skill, is
hardly necessary for us to say. Go
and see how h'eatly he' keeps all the
books in the' ofllco-i-riot ft blot' br
a 1 mark to be seen. It is well
known that ho, is competent, Jn
every respect, and gentlemp.ily ind
industrious. .
Patrick Kelly.
No better nomination" fur the of
fice of County 'Commissioner could
have been made than that of , Pat
rick Kelly. Having served ,'ovei;
one 'term in that position1 lie Is gen
erally known in the county. He is
a llrst-iliiss iiian, a very successful
farmer, honest and upright citizen,
and makes , the best Commissioner.
He has business qualifications that
eminently fit him to look niter the
affairs of the county. We are
pleased ' to say that the , course of
Mr; Kur.tr is such , that makes him
many friends, ns he carefully at
tends to the important duties de
volving ipon him. 1 Let ns eo'ihplb
incut 'him. by. ft rousing majority
this, fiill., ,,,, f,i.; i ,
I'',., i
Wk condemn "meitibers of Con
gress and the President ! who sign-
en lis the way. the . Republican
wmveiitlon,, held reveut'y t San.
dusky, Ohio, put It to the crab-
iers.. Tilts ' is commendable and
will l ' tfiidorsed 1 by ' every ' man '
who is - honestly Ijoppoiwd - to the
Meeting and Organization of the
County Central Committee.
Tho Democratic County Central
Cominijtee, choseni hr the County
Convention! on Mbmlay, Sept. 8,
iiiol" at the Auui toils' ofllee, tni" Sat
urday! morning t last.i i Present : A.
J. Swaim, J. W. Bowen.W. W.Bel-
foi!)j, Gijanasj Lantz and, Judge
Richard Cuaio. Mr. Laktz asked
that his pliieoon the Comniitteo be
filled by tho appointment of some
one wlio had more time than him
self. Nelson Richmond was then
appointed to fill tho vacancy. On
motion the following pflicers were
chosen : ;
Chairman J. W. Bowew
Secretary V7. W. Belfoud.''
, ' Treasured Nelson Richmond.
Tlio Committee then appointed
the following Advisory Committee,
composed' ' bf " three' persons! for
each ono of tlie twelve townships
of the county: Yf, .'
KayltSA W, AVilkiuson, H. 11. Haynes, J,
J.SlKjfle. ' i " '
Brow Thomas Miirpo, William Fuller,
JohuBwift, ir.,H.T. Weed. '. ' '! . . .
tiwan I'rod. Frick, Frod. Ciailleliaiigli, Ill
ram; Julinnuu.
JueHoA Jjolin Stoveus, Jumcs McUlllivray,
Amos r orenrx.
flkl'ni hfck O'BLttoffe, PftkrTcV Uioy,J. D
VinftmltMnM Oowen, EiJlirlfim Itiwlcliffe,
,Jfidlninc SMoinon Sliinley, Jolln Slilrkev.
j'T.Dlack. .
Clinton Dr. 8. W. Jlomilinn, tloorgn A.
Graig, .1. M. Tlinmaw.' ' J.-.t.I .(..). . .
ltMland-C. W. l'lles, A. X. l ozail, A. .1.
Marrunii '-r Philip .. iaiibriglift, , , Anion
BtevtfltH. HfirviVv Diirlni.
WiihHvtttii, li rtoulo, John Mt-,Cartnoy.
A;io-U. It! Boll, ,T. . Martin, William
Stnulpy.-.i'j . .
I Now, these committeemen,, and
every Democrat, and all . who are
opposeu to me outrageous increase
Salary Laws 'passecf by the Rcprtb
ilihtn 'party ' leaders, must bear in
niind tJiat Uut divery few. days re
main for organization apd . effective
work. .This should be carried for-.
ward in every school district in the
county by ,the members of - the
Advisory, Committee Tlie ( mem
bers of ttiis Committee 'J should
meet at some 'convenient' point in
their respective townships and ap
point at least; flne 1 person iu ; each
schopljfliBtvict.tQ-aid n , jtlio , work.
The namcSjOf the persons appointed
for' tlie several" school ' districts
hould; he reported through the
Adi'isdry Committee to the County
Central Committee. If the people
of any of the school districts w ish
to have meetings held.or documents
fpr distribution, or any information,
report j'our wants ; to the Central
Committee. 'We have every confi
dence in the courage and determin
ation of the party to assert its
principles at the polls, but much
depends upon the local organization
in j securing the attention of the
voters, and pressing upon them
the importance of action nt a mo
ment when a feeling of indifference
and disgust pervades the ranks of
the opposition party. Its leaders
in this county . have already com
menced to play the usual " game of
bluff, but ' they cannot deceive
people of ordinary sense and good
eyesight':'. We earnestly hope the
Advisory Committees in each town
ship will, heed our suggestions nud
go to work immediately. There
are Republicans in each school dis
trict who 'are looking about for
some way of getting relief from the
oppression of the corrupt party
that has increased the taxes of our
countryby increasing the salaries
of officers in every department, at
the very time they , proclaimed re
form the loudest, and these Repub
licans, who are honest and labor
day 1 after day, and are wearied
of this state of things, should be
encouraged in their determination
to put down the Credit Mobilier
part', as honest people never had
a' fairef moment to secure these
results than 'at the coming election.
Last fall that party promised the
people that there should bo a reduc
tion of the expenses of administer
ing the Government, but ns soon
as Congress assembled, the expen
ses were increased. Listen no moro
Tto false, promises of the party !
Taxed to Death.
The Radicals tax tho farmers to
death and when this great interest
seeks ' tb secure itself some relief
from the great burdens of State,
National and monopoly , taxation,
thpy are met yyith ridicule. Tho
truth is labor is overburdened and
cannot much longer bear the loud.
A day of retribution, aday of sorrow
!t snlury grabbers, to government
olllce-holders and others fatteninr
off tho sweat and toil of oil ers,
may come alas too soon. Then
derision visited upon the farmers
for their efforts to' adjust the pres
cnt honvy burdens will give place
to fur , different feelings, and tho
bono and sinew of the country dic
tate io capital its own terms,
i"; ' '' : !:
' None of thd Administration pn
Hirs dare deny the charges that Are
made against t Governor No yes,
their candidate for ., Gpyernor., ; It
Is clearly proven, that ho has been
as great a scoundrel in office as any
of tho 'Credit- M6bllierite8 or Cou
grcAs Salary Grab thieves.
The charges; are sufficient to de
feat him for any Office of 'public
trust, among boiiost and intelligent
Taxed to Death. The Salary Grabbers' County Contion.
nun. ,
A few of tho leaders of .tho Cred
it JobilieiSftliii'y-pi'bbiiig, .partv
of Vintrtir'coiAity, hirv-iii ' kiU'iul
Unit Gen. Notes; whoRwindhd the
people of Hamilton, orvnty out of
more than thirteen thousand dot-lui-ii,
while Probate1 Judge,1 'is a can
didate for re-election to thq ofllcf!
of Governor and wants to( be Uni
ted States Sen ator hi place of Judge
Thurman, concluded lo hold a lit
tle bit of A county' convention last
Monday, to help Noves into olllce,
and endorse his "grabbing" of thir
teen) thousand, dollars of the moucy
belonging to Hamilton county. The
convention 'was" 'held. "It was1 a
tlry tiffaii'-iliut' fev being present.
The- Chairman, n.iMr.: .FletchbrJ
did not kuowr hpvy to, do dijfing its;
session, nud tl(0L:e was nothing of
importance in. its entire .proceed
ings!" It Was '.quite 'weak--'Salary
Grabbing, Credit Mobilio'r,:Iiic.roas
cd taxation since, that part) elect
ed Giiant last fall, wholesale steal
ing, etc., etc., having given theni no
strength whatever! .They' are "on
the decfine." T. M. Ba- was"re'
noinlijated for Representative. It
was tke begt they: could i do ,nder
the, tircunjslancs, Nothing , was
said aiout Bay's vo.tes on tlie liq-.
nor aiill usiiary' laws. ' Pihlii' Keck
was put on for Auditor, to ;"fiH' tlie
plao$ ill! tlie ticket,"-as sbmo of
them remarked after the convention
adjourn jd,;j Our friend R risifEii,
of Zalesli, was put on for' Comrnis
sioner. lib tion't1 wiuit tl)'c''orilce,
dnd has io $500 'to 'spend. : W.'i'Ji
RANN-klA wAs "pnt up'!: for lVosei
ctiting -Atoru'ej-.; , . , What does lit
yvant wiUnsuclji .position , as tha,t?
IIe isi now Qjigal in a far more
profitablcliis'iii'ess." '' ' ;i '""
Taxed to Death. The Salary Grabbers' County Contion. Our Candidate for State Senator.
. B-. refenetco toi 1 fchfr ticket' else
where in tht)'pa)er, it will bo ; seen
that. Geoi ui ejLast,, o f Vj ntou eo u n -
ty, has recei
ed the nomination for
Staid 'Senate
,.for the 8th Senato-
rial District,
whicli' is coniposed of
the counties
Meigs and
of Gallia,- Lawreuco,
'intprj. ...With a, free
good will we hay 'Mr,, Lantz is the
very inau"for!tlio position.' He has
nevt'r'held oilco; except that' Clerk
Of the Coiirt.4 and has always beun
a faithful, coilsiatent, hard-working
Democrat, lie is generally known
tliroiighout tlib district'; and'his in
terests 'arc sil identified with ' the
prosperity ' 'on the district, ' that
lie naturally (would . be cautious
in supporting measures, should he.
bo elected, that would conflict with
that of any of his constituency.' Mr.
Lantz is, we believe, a native of
this county, and having been in ac
tive business since his boyhood, his
interests tire necessarily identical
with all classes of the people of the
district, lie has, the ability to
comprehend the true Interests of
the people as their- representative
in the Stato Senato, and . the cour
age to defend and protect those in
terests at all times. He would
make a Senator of whom the peo
ple'of 'the district wohld feel proud.
James M. McGillivray.
The candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney, is well known to the peo
ple as a man of honest purposes
and ': true to tho trusts confided ft)
him. He is a man who possesses
good traits of character, and' as the
law officer of the county would
guard , well the interests of the
whole community. Having filled
this office a few years ago, he pos
sesses all the necessary qualifica
tions. , ; . , , ,
It is really necessary that ,a
State's Attorney should under
stand how to draw up indictments
and other legal papers, und we can
assure the pooplo of this county
that Mr. McGillivray npver failed
in this matter. He would save
hundreds and hundreds , of dollars
for the county. ' '" 'rt "
ilj ;'
There is no doubt of the trjumpb
of the ' whole lietn'ocratic ticket
county ami 'Stat'e--by jncreased
majorities, if the Democracy and
nil others who are opposed to "Sal
ary Grabbers," but do their whole
duty. Let all go to work for the
cause, and wo will succeed beyond
a doubt.- . .: i
Let eyery man go to work with
a determination to elect every. maii
upon our ticket, by tho largest ma
jority it has over received. Every
thing looks encouraging for the
Stato ticket as well us tlie county.
Wjies every, Democrat liart,ey
erything, to gain and nothing a
lose, by working to promote tlie us-
cciulencv Ol tlio Democrat mirl V.
... - - i i v
ho should i do. his whole . duty.
Work I . .; . .
PitissiDENT Grant, out of a I'c'cIIiId'
of gratitude,' mitdea minister to Ja-
liaii 6ut of Jlon.' John A. Biviiiiam,
with biiV of '12.0()0 it 'v,.!- for
having voted for the Salary Gi'Ab,
! A hkw stock firm is about bcffln
organized in Pleasant and ; Falr
fiold townships, Madison -cmiutV.
Madness and Misery.
Editor ENcniEii:
i I 'uf0'-' 188110 f
Ali:til.-A 2l, f nftd frljjy) delviV'.f
' rt,wLahaliv:hichU(4be
P'V-VllVff.'VP'h w,"fthor it is or no
If nUtr A5io,'ih'ciltli'e'f
dcmiigogucs brought inri'tfj tliebAri
fiioe.td aid'in exposing j thfei.alam
iuiitions.ovtlm Roflical party, if is
certa.injy, HjjSjOQd .omen, apd I am
greatly obliged to 'itoh'nny'for seiul-
ing out tlio welcomo news. But
lihrt'ltk.'oino'fi'bm sorJio ljiore'-rella-Ido
B6uri)e,! would, .foci;. more , like
Jftklug, .at.jtljo prospect, of a
hjenltb.icr political sentiment ii) id's
little midst' riio cm "'of dema
g'ognes' is iVriiurinir' to the fltirfaeo.
in' every Stated fiv unbomproinisin
; i t i " '
'eleieittiWhic.hib,QVlly,8ayB pur tem
ple of liberty-ut. made a, don, of
thieves. , . r
ah oiement tnat liiui.s nttcr.anco
ut the hamV Wvei'itifti)1' who
loves' his country more riid 4arty
less,, and sickens at) tlosighf of(ia
debauched and truckling Congress,1
gjfusing to defend its own dignity;
an element' that fears not the lash
of1 a waning' part)',' but 'bids! defi
ance' to! tho' behests 'bf a band of
misurupulous tlejuagogtvcs. iWhose
fangs are fastened in tho Jhroat of
the nutioji, aiul( w;hosc uncovered
sins have goile before tliein" to'Hh'e
judgment, a irnctriovhil against theni!
An clement born of the fact that
few are made- rich -hy :tho j)pwers
that be, at. the expense of the nian,.
An clement which makfjs jhe niost
bull' iicaded republicans iiolieve H'nd
tremble; that' is," they1 believe' they
a're''weiglied .in the -balaAce,! aud
found wiiiitiing,!by the. wurt o.f an
outraged iiind indjgnaut-j pooplo
whoso edict lias gone forth that
America shall ' no longer plunder
Americans'.1' " '-'.''
The very best thing that Johnoy
ean' do) jft to hang, up h,is flddland
jiuiijj an outlet; foi lj is .energies in
some other line, where' trutli' and
other qualities attractive td icn
are virtues! Unkiiowni which' would
give no .oepajjion to f sp?nl of .bis
betters; for getting, in the, dirt to
puncture such nn in Hated block
head' is' pretty low i)usiness, and a
waste of time, besides tho humilia
tion onq fygla-ji) the act, ! dip has
gathered im the tdiaUercd remaius
D - i -.ill i -j t . : , ,
of his last winter's contest, and be
gins to ''exhibit! the 'compound' of
two snakes to one human, sis though
ho' thought the public had forgot
ten him..; :,;.;' ., f..:., ,
, When Mnckcy took him across
his knees, and gave him .those ap
propriate slaps for whitewashing
John T. Wilson,' silent observers
were hoping the sting might leave
behind some .lingering .sense- of
shame; but when the head is void,
it is a, difficult job to' administer
sense bj the best of human inven
tions. So the counter-irritation ad
ministered by the Jackson 'Stan
dard was like putting a blister on
the rump of a jack to check the
growth of bis ears. '
" . i ' '
He has raised himself to the stan
dard of' boot-black for salary.-steal-ers,
which is ono notch higher than
the bent of his genius would natu
rally run. How one can mingle in
politics against ' the' Republican
party, unless moved ' by 1 sinister
motives, is a problem that never
gets through .his half-inch, skull,
and probably never wilj. t His as
sertion that my appointment ns
delegate to' the Oth of August con
vention was1 solicited1 by ino, is
simply an index to the kingdom of
darkness . from whence . he draws
his political inspiration, and whith
er his party is tending; for some
arc blind, Some ai'deaf, and some
are bothfwhUfl ""the leaders, who
fear ''neither God nor man',' have
coustoht .communication, with the
boss of that "empire. Whether Ra
per, whose other uaino (s'Joun, be-
longs to tlie lirst or latter cmss is a
matter of uS impdrlan'ce, though
easily told rfww nature," designing
for shallow water, brands' hor work
with ai dollilite.stanfp. ,. If , .royal
blood 'H the ,boust jofr ljls. race, it
ended when lie beaii,',or his pa
rents ' have ' greatly sllined which
brought this livlhg: Jiidgiiient upon
theni. .villi'1) ii :.':;'
If he 1fitrtnds-,trrtpetl!i profes
sioivtif joiirnalisni !thd kst of his
days',. ps ho lies thiiH.faihn hhould
move, his den tohe jlovpcst shade,
HtnmLTony nt tho .hole with an al-,
tier brush to keep the bliielllcB ht bay
untill the frosts of autumn appear,
and theif take chip fort.ienorth polar
sen, with the flag of distress tllrown
high to the breeze ! lqW!, take
this advice for tha.lf (flye; dollar poll,
(ir wn'ip himself up In his littleness
and hide Ids' miser inn the Worlil.1
'' Tiii(c!ot'libn lnMit!i('8ta,toof
Mft'uie; liiwt Mbntlay.wfiolc, ro
Bultwl in aiDemoorntioi aiii ol
nhotit (i,tHMH orer-hHt yoar's
vote raltliouitboIiiDeniOff rats
ther:i;Work yvjUiput i)ojip,1of
success ..The ...auift, intio of
gain in, rj Ohio v ro ,wo Jiavc
hope, will givo -uu thin State iy
nearly 20,000 majority1.'
Burning of the Steamer Howard.
ST. LOUIS, September 13.
A briel dispatch justreceu'ed
tut tlit Asppciat(yl.41f?pa "pico
im fJomiri6rco hidj lap the
'qTMmer da mcsr Howard catight
firo iu .lierrluir (Vostt'idiir4livhile
lying in that place. The pas-J
sengerg a,iut . baggage were .tak
en ashore safely, aud the steam
was being scuttled, which was
the only hopd of saving her.
No lurther particulars., were re
ceived. . ,., . .-'.'.
The Howard was tlie largest
steamer on tho .Western rivers,
being thirty-three hundred tons
burden. She was owned by
Captain B. It. Pegran and J. II.
Chassing, of St. Louis,1 and
James Howard, of , Jefterson
ville, Ind., and cost two years
ago $160,000. , She is insured
in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh,
but for what 1 amount and in
what ofiices is.; not yet ascer
tained. She left here Wednes
day for New Orleans, with six
teen hundred tons of freight and
a barge in tow. -
Senator Thurman.
- Senator Thurman - is known
to be. puro iHud' incorruptible.
fingers - are clean. His
hands are
1 uncontaminated.
He touched :hot the . uuoleah
things whiqh poluted' Congresi).
J.Ie is freq from (all assoc;tjions
with the Credit Mobiljer. He
touched , none of " that' money.
He did not tote for or - accept
't-heealary "graft.": ue 'attend
ed to the legitimate legislation
of thp coivn,tiy. - He advocated
and defeiided , the right, ..He
deuiounced the wrong. Such, a
man can command tne respect
ful attention' of good ' irieti of
both parties. ' ' They w;ll 'bark
en to his facts and arguments,
and heed his,, councils, in. the
' It is not sol Very long) since
the Republican politicians in
Qhio protested with the utmost
vehemence that it was not
the purpose of the Republican
patty to confer suffrage an'd of
fice bn tho 'colored man- that
all the; political -righti eujoyod
by the colored man in j the
State were conferred on him by
the(Democrats in the Repeal of
the Black' Laws. Well; last
week the Republicans of Ham
ilton county nominated a color
ed man for;RepresQntative, and
the Republicans of , Franklin
county have done likewise. The
world 'moves! ' 1 - i
. Dit. J.It.BLTHAXAM,ior many
years a resident of Cincinnati,
as Proiessor in the Kdectje
Medical College, and as Editor
of Buchanan1 Journal hJfa'n,
has bean appointed Professor hi
Physiology in the Medical De
partment 'of., the new Boston
University. , ; , ,..,
IIonkst men' who neither
hold nor 'expect ollice at the
hands of President Grant, are
very unanimous in their 6pih
ions that he should have . vetoed
the bill which contained the
Salary Grab! ,
General News.
Thk Texas cotton crop, this year,
is estimated at 375,000 bales, It
is more promising than at any time
since the war. ,. ,, i .
'. Govkusou Jacoiis of West Vn.,
has removed IIkniiy S. Wa.ki:ii
from the olljee oi Public Printer,
and 'appointed (V 15. Wi-:nn editor
of the Kanawha Chroiiiolc. ' The
Qhronido is the ; Governor's organ.
YTiik Kicknpoos and Pottawato
mies havo been removed frpia Mex
ico, to the , Indinii Toritory,; Gen,
SiiiciiMAN thinks tho excursions
upon the Texas frontier will now
be done away1 with, i ' "Y ' i''!
Tjju Geneva 'ii ward 1 S.OOlliOO-p
to the1' United States f'roui 'Great
IJritiaii, was paid into tlie Tiwsuiy
by Secretary i'lsii on the j)(.li.(. .The
iiionev was iu veiled in live per cent,
rcgistcietl bonds, to awalt 'thi; nclion
of Gohirres'H; ' ' ' 1 1 - 1 1
In the .Southern Slides the fann
ers are taking hold of the Granger's
movement und Inlgcs nre being
rapidly, iiistalleil., , .... ,!, ,,,,.
Tiip Librarian of Cringi'iiss- 'biis
recentlyj purchased a complete Jilp
of, ,the.i)vaiiiiiili.ia;uYcrtu Jfrjun
iy02 to 1H7JJ. . , . I
Ti r. ,'; .: ii li'iluMimiu t, .
"John H, Hi,a kiuuin. who murder-
cd(hls niistress JIauv Jnk .LoV-
- i
fe count,;, fbot
ago or more, has been pronouncei.
insane ny lour pnysioiiiin upon an
examination ' be fore Hid 'd'rolmto
Judge at Clilticotlic,: , The. Judge,
however, refuses to issue a warrant
pu the ground of having no author
ity In tho matter 1
rnVi XX
The eiiorin0u$"bundles ol goods
i r .vt
kj L? hi & i ' -
daily leaving tlie Store of
Is abundant proof itha the ash
I havo just oppned a large and complete stock' of.
;.t i -
Cheaper than ever. I call special attention to 1 my Stock; of
Boots and Shoes. I keep a full line of custom made Boots and
Shoes from the justly celebrated factory of PricIiakd, Smith &
Co.) Cincinnati, 0. Every: pair made by" hand, and warrented
to give satisfaction. Ladies, JMisses ami Children Calf, and
Morrocco Shoes, sowed. and pegged equal to any sliop-'work
made in this county .'Also keep; a full lino Ilia celebrated, Val-
re ii Boots. All of the above goods will bo . sold on a very close
niargiii, for cash. 1 Don't buy a certian Boot or Shoe with paper
counters and insoles, because they appear cheap y but come and
look at genuine honest work before making purchases elsewhere!
Best Prints; 11 cts. Btst Muslinj 12$ cts. : . " '.
"""All" wool filling danes; 50 cts , best "hi the community for the
money, .ahirty inches luannei,
oit liinsn Jiieecneu mtisiin,
Weeded Muslin, 8, 9,"1( 12, 14 and 15 cts.
Quilt Lining, 9. cts.. Lancaster Giughanis,,15cts,
13,.i. fl . 1 )H i
.-n-,---.i----", -r-j ., ; ,.-r
ii. - . . .. . l t. ..!.. ... ... .
lll'l 1 t k. IIIIIV Z. I I N.. Klllll
cneapesi cioiunig ever oucreu
i i ii. iT . . ii i.-
Meii's Gliinchilla Coats, Only $5.
A splendid line of .triped Shawls'at"$3, 3 50, 4, 5; 6 50 and
7 50.. A large stttck Of Notions, Hosiery and, Gloves. .,; '
Tho J)C6t stock bf Embroidiers ever brought to Vinton coun
ty ,for 10, 12, 15, 1(5 2-3, 20, 2;, 30, 33, 35, 37 40,50 and 75 cts.
!j Retailing groeies at vholesale prices.' Best A Sug'af I2 cts.
Best Yellow Sugar 11 cts.' Go'od.Brown.Sugar, 10 cts. .BestlRio
Coffee 28 cts. Good -Rio Coffee 25'cts!' Uico'lO, cts. Tour bar!
Bells, jaoap 5 cts! Eleven burs Craniptou Soap, $1. "A penny
saved Is1 a penny earned." Don't take any inan's Word,but come
and see for yourselves. ' If you want to get rich and be, happy
buy your goods of, JOIlK W. WILCOX, .
!:. Y IIAMDEN, 01110.
100.00D: Snniay tto
Price 5 Cents. .6 Cents Post
Published by 1),
. Xealers in
' ;-" -'
.,...-, ,'
i ii.
... 1 I
JOSEPH S, I-IUI-Ir, has m
.t. ! '
in J? jitenUd fib, 8 and fitfit, 81, 1800, ;
. .. .... .....
" ; '
faMft m rf, not
wI.IiIiik t ma ii linima ki'diilnij, will Hint
Iiii Kf'illy lii''n'iiil birllltlci for lliu ninniit'niM
(ii.iHiiia nt. wnui,).,HAi,iij riui;,i(i;s
wiiu r him, . ,
HiiouUnir riii) Itonfliif ilniiii wild iioiiIikwH
liklu, mill lli IkmI HK.VI.INO
HI WAX in tlio
" ..;;.i
ulHitwlmrw, Two uuiu M
July 8i),lBI,Vtr,
15.-' -
system is a success, and the
fetill increasing.'"'1 ' ' ''''' '' '
cLoriiii, ';;:'.;'":: ,;-
, ! BOOTS and SHOES, - -
HATS and CAPsj &c.;
'.'.U j:'. i ! - : i ... . ;;
alt;"voot.7oo ctsi--'
oniy io cts.cj; rcii
,.l 1. (.OKfM9
i.. j i - ' '- i' -' ' "
' SMW TH III, ..!.
in me couniy,
,Cj n p
". i .'w i 'I W., (,,.;
( ; ii .
P RAISE," ! !
- paid, op $5 00 per Hundred.
Pianos and Organs, -
." ';- ;
Cincinnati, Ohio.
To the Dodgo Ii!4
ingf, Kast of the
Where he 4
iw closing v '
At Great Bargains With
a View of, ' '.,.,!'';'
4H -
-T '.I.' II
vui y till uj they inxxl to niriilli S klti-lion. lit)
" , ; ! it
1 1 1 1 K- ior um niniiiiinnturo iiriinwAiu, nun win mi onipr. irnip
nml (llmlrli,
All klnil. of rillTIT CANS (or
miti-Mtv JJi'nr,W, i-)il oil tilm Ixiforo purclimliif
.i: . piif't .

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