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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 17, 1873, Image 3

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Advertising Asrent,
la mi authorized Agent to reclove advertise
manu for till paper. JIo h:.s special ar
rungoiptmts wltli religious, agricultural niul
other, newspapers. " "' ' ''
Advertisers who may wish to reaoh the
l'eoi.le of Vinton aud adjoining counties,
can find no better medium than the Me
Arthur Enquirer. - : i -
frpiNn. Persons having magazines or
k hooks of inv kind they wish to hvo
bound, nan leave thorn at this office and In duo
time can receive them properly' bound.
have made arrangement weroby we can at
tend .lo Hil branch of business at low price!
.(jjils '.'of.- ths discontinued coal
mlnos in the vicinity of McArthur
will be renewed, in fl few days. . - .
8iDUWAl.it improvement has pro
gressed 'slightly on i High street,
near the School House.
The. new Catholio Church at
Frankfort, Ross county, Ohio, was
dedicated last Monday week.
i i tim '
Dr. X. J. Uowen, , Dentist McArthur,' 0
i ii i . i
No w is the time to lay. in your
winter'ssupply of fuel, while the
price is. low. ... ' ; , ' -
This is tho tlrst month of Au
tumn. How, the seasons find the
years speed nway, bearing us to
tho grave. ' ' . . . :
TnosE indebted to us on sub
Bcriptlon will bear in mind that -we
are willing to receive our "back
ry.M.' r .
' mi
TnE Mito Society, which was
held at the. residence of Mr. T. A.
Martin, last Monday evening, was
an enjoyable affair. ""'
The Quarterly Meeting of tjiie M,
E. Church, of this place, commences
lU'xtSaturttftyi.Servioes beginning
nt 10 a. m.- ..,
Wb were pleased to receive a call
last Monday from Cannix ,VaiTEt
of the flt'm of 6l Crook & Co.Day-
tO!lj,phio.J;- ... -, , . ,
H i .
The Director of the JNorthera
Pacific Railroad have decided to
locate the western terminus of the
main line ofthat road at Taconac,
Paget Sound,
Dr. N.J. Bower, Dentist, MuArthur, O
We do all kinds of plain and fan
cy Job work, neater and' at better
rutos than i elsewhere. Everybody
any (to. Come and see specimens
and learn prices. .
. . Quite a number of our citizens
attended the Ross County Agricul
tural. and .Horticultural Fair at
CUillicothc i last woek, which com
menced on' Tuesday and closed Frl
day. -
Last Friday evening a . select
party or our young folks exhibited
their social propensities in a. pleas
ant ana entertaining ball nt the
Conrt House Hall. '
Ose of thoso light-footed horses
mndo things rather lively at J. G
Shetland's stable, on Friday morn
ing Inst, by' kicking himself loose
from a wagoii, which he damaged
considerably.-'v A
I m t
, The attendance at the Cincin
nati "Exposition ' for the past eight
days 11119 been ninety-six thousand
Ou Tuesday, evening of last" woek
sixteen thousand were in atteu-
The bajlopn; coiistriicted by Pro
fessors Wise and Donaldson for
crossing the Atlantic, lias proved
tO bo Wl entire failure. After
piimplrg 400,000 feet of gas into
it, tho monster burst wide opon.
It is a thiug of tho past.
. Dr."N. J. Bowers, Hontat, McArthur, O.
1 w-f -iueqo ej t-aj aij.i...
Qx q of qur workmen suggests to
Mr. B-,. formerly a; compositor
or this; office, but now of Vanco
burg, Ky.( if ho will; forward that
ti unk, whioh he agreed to, imme
diately iifteiv reaching said place,
tlint ho would bo very much ' p.blig-.
e! iiiiWiji, ! "'; '' V
,. Tiogan Camp Meeting.wliich
closed on the'3d Inst., was attended
by from one.to hre thousand- doi
ly', tfxcdptSnriday, wheh the crowd
.numbere d about five tloiisand. The
intj'.lS as ell prqyidod with
rnlhlstorlal, Ijclp, soino sixty minis
ters, being, present . The best of
order and quiet prevailed through-
i.i.' i. ., I
j 1 1 : ii i-cii.
''iK!;iABLB.The IIoue of Will A
Co.', Zuleski-tS ' the oldest i'ni tho
town, and its reputation for fair and
honest ,, denting - i 'untarnished.
They have "oh hand a magnificent
stock" of tub '.very latest'stylcs of
dress goods, ' boots, . shoes, hats,
caps, &c., .&c.,,. which, are being of
fered at very low prides. Give them
Farst i-oa Sale. E. Ratclifk,
Pxecutor of Enoch Ruttkii, dee'd.,
Will sell the "Ratter Farm" at pub
lip sale at 10 o'clock; on Saturday,
October 4th. It consist of 102
acres; 75 cleared; balance well
timbered ; lies well for tillage; ap
ple, peach and other fruit troe?;
good hewed log and frame house;
all out buildings; grist and saw
mill; plenty of water for general
purposes, upon the premises. Sit
uated on the Chilllcothe road, one
half mile west of Allensvillt. Will
be sold In three lots, or all together,
as may bo deserved by purchaser.
One-third cash in haiul, one-third
iii'One year, and one-third in two
years, deferred payments secured
by mortgage. n3G-2t.
1 e m I '
The liveliest and grandest town
on the Hocking Valley Railroad, is
Logan, and we must say that she is,
coining "out in city style," too.
Slie has a spirit of go-a-head-otlve-ness
that fccenis to-bo instilled into
all the citizens. As many people
visit that town on business or plcns
ure, we would say that there is no
pluoo so convenient aa tho .Amori
can, House, kept by W, II. Ambrose
one of tub live men' of tho place.
Mr. Amiiuose's attention to giieBts
wins golden opinions. from all, who
enjoy tho superior accommodations
of the American, i It is eminently
a people's House, aud the citizens
of Iiogan tilyiuhl feel proud ,of it,
American Housu. Nothing con
duces so much to comfort, ease and
pleasure, as to feel at home in pub
li houses. In Columbus tho trav
eler can feel at home at tho Ameri
can House, kept .by Col. E.
Blount, opposite the State House
Tho American is the queen of al
hotels of that city. The order autl
prouititude with which its muaage
nient meets the wants and wishes
of their immense patronage is su
pei'b.. Give the , American a call
by all means.';. ,'
The best hotel kept in Athens is
tho Warren House, of which W,
II. McMonigal is proprietor; Wo
had. . the pleasure of testing tho
truth of what we say, a few days
ago, and would therefore commend
the house to the patronage of n;
oin- readers who may have occasion
to visit, Athens, j Mr. McMoniqal
is a most worthy and pleasant gen
tlernan, and knows how to take car
of all who place themselves in his
care. Inquire for the Warren
Houso when you arrive at Athens.
Scnvax vbcuooLS and Sunday
School workers nave long n ended
a small music book with enough of
excellent music to last a y.iar, and
at little cost. 'We are glad to see
that D. H. Baldwin & Co., of Cin
cinnati, have just published the
very thing so long wanted. It is
called "Gems of Praise," and has
thirty-four pages. : Music good and
mostly new. Prico o cents; or
cents postpaid, and $5,00 per lain
Personal. Our young friend
John C. Push, of this town, left on
Tuesday of last week for Clark Fur-
nance, Stewart county, Tennessee,
whore he has been engaged ns Su
perintendent of Schools. Ho is
young man of rare ability and will
undoubtedly make his mark in that
beautiful State. We regret to part
with you John, but hope you may
meet with the greatest success ' in
allyour undertakings
At tho last examination of teach
ers, the following named persons
received certificates, as follows :
For 24 months, R. M. Steel, and
L. O. Perdue lv 18, Alice Wood and
Lizzie Rich : 12. Julia Currv and
Lorenzo Ray; 5, Dora Carnal, Nan
cy urow, ii. u. Allen, William
urookes, Dora Swaim aud Willinm
urown. L. O. PERnnn. f!l'lr
Board of Examiners.
General News.
The Delaware, Ohio, Soap Com
pany has pi-ovon a failure.
TE west end of Columbus, Ohio.
is building up rapidly.
New Straitsville, Ohio, is to
have a blast furnace.
.. . i.. ,
Madison township, (Franklin
Cwnti:. 01',) Fair, October 1st,
oil and 4th,-
'NiBAttty seventy passenger trains
arri ve and ' depart daily from Co
lumbus, Ohio. . . . ,i :
The Hocking Canal is again nav
igablo, the damages by the flood in
July huving boon repaired.
. Jx Uarrlson county, Ohio, this
8. a On, 1,300,000 pounds of wool,
have been purchased,
TvpncHD and bilUous fever is pre
vailing at Watorloo, Fayetto'coun
ty, Ohio, some of the cases are of a
serious' nature,' ':.',',.,'.'!".". .-"'.'.'.
TflE old Buckeye House, one of
nv Rumens mnumarKS or Uolum
bus, Ohio,' Is td bo discontinued and
in A perfect panic iia reported At
Galveston on account of tho Yellow
fever. ' About elghtoen liuudred
residents left the city on Friday of
last week; 1 " 1 ' .
Strike but hear! Themistocles.
LINCOLN, Nebraska, 1873.
Employes have a right to get for
their labor aunucU as they can by
lawful , means. It is" lawful for
them to refuse work but not to
stop others from working. No ty
rant so bad as the petty tyrant. " A
poor man that oppressoth tho poor,
is a sweeping rain which kaveth
no food." On the other hand, em
ployers hare a right to hire ns
low as they can. , .
Strikes showing that laborers
aspire to better their condition-
aro a good sign. They have often
securod higher wages, or fewer
hours of work. Yet they usually
cost more than they come to.
While they last, laborers must live
on their own savings, or those, of
their fellows. , But these are small
amounts compared to f lie 'wealth of
capitalists with whom 8trikes(bring
them in collision. When tho roos
ter contends -with the horse' In
treading on toes, the," result cannot
be doubtful. ""' 1 "
,No set of, workmen are so indis
pcnsnble ns they' fancy to their em
ployers. How soon their places, if
they quit them, are .llllod by .others
from other 'localities, nationalities,
or the other sex. Twelvo or fif
teen thousand London carpenters
are now " locked out,"
If strikes persist in any unrea
sonable demand they., may loose
employment altogether by forcing
capital, to Beck new investment?
where it has uq need of ,thcui. ,Tley
will kill the. goose , that lays their
olden eggs. So long" as a strike
lasts, it stops earnings, but not out
lays; and thus it leaves the work
ing class daily poorer.
A century ago Europe was crazy
for a balance of power, . John Bull
fought for it till plus tho National
Debt, and minus a million paupers
he was nicknamed Johii Bull-dog.
nor did continental lighters fare
better. Tho end was:
" Low Em-ope balnnceil neither side prevails
For nothinsr'g lol't in tithtr of tho scales.
The longer strikes last, the more
they tend to similar nullification
Tho right to strike is, then too
much like the right to shear your
hog "great cry little wooL"
After much squealing and strug
gling there is little gain. '
English farm laborers are talking
of strikes. But what can they got?
Landlords now obtain little lnoro
than two per cent, on tho money in
their estates. Can they lower rent?
But tenants declare their profits
small, and decreasing through com
petition with the produce, or cheap
land in America, wnich yearly
reaches English markets; more easi
ly, and abundantly. Rather than
pay higher wages, tenants will em
igrato to Nebraska, where they can
buy an aero in fee simple for less
than their present annual rent.
Not a few; both tenants and land
lords, have already bettered their
condition by passing from Great
Brittain to Greater Brittain. More
will. Nor is it surprising that asso
ciations of farm laborers, after
struggles to soil their labor higher,
have devoted their funds to assist
emigration to the rich and cheap
lands of the West as the true way
of carrying labor to its best market.
Such an emigration whether
from old England or New, or any
old istate, if one has money enough
to make a new start, is twice bless
ed. It makes laborers scarce, so
that they can demand and command
higher prices. It also, gives ' him
who goes abroad a chance to rise
Where no tall trees keep down i the
underbrush. Landing in Nebraska.
the emigrant trends on a stepping
stono to higher wages to owner
ship pf the, and to elbow i room, for
his children, where the laWr mar
ket is never glutted.
The best strike, then, is to strike
for a region whero good laud is
cheapest, where inhabitants are
fewest, and where railroads outrun
ning settlement, bring markets
nearest.' No wonder then, 25,751
homcstoadors, or pre-emptors. have
hied claims to Nebraska farms, "and
about 0,000 have bought of Burling
ion ana Missouri River railroad,
along its track, on ton years credit,
and six per cent, interest, pay
ing on contracts since 1872,
nothing of the principal till the end
of four years, and sometimes by
prompt improvement, getting twen
ty ior cent.! thrown .off, from the
prloe of tho laud. Strike, then, for
the great West. As tho best throw
of cards Is to throw them away, so
tho best Bfriko is for a homo in the
Missouri Valley. Ho for Nebraska.
Tho Grape Crop of A Sneer's
Vineyards' in New Jerseypromise
next year to be (.no-third more than
any previous year. His Vineyards
n California, and tho products from
his New Jorsoy -vine, havo enabiod
llm to keep, a, stock, fourvears
ahead, and supply the domand for
his wines only of tho old vintages,
none (ess than four years old. Sold
by druggtits. ' ' " '
Now is tub Tuib T-Enrei Demo
crat ought to take his county pa
per, i If ho admires Democratic
principles, ho . surely can , afford
three cents a week, .to spread them,
The (iosfjof a paper -is'-no excuse
for not taking one. Not a week
passes -but that ten imes -throe,
cents' arc "spent foolishly which
might have beeii much better
vested iii a newspaper. It buys
moro, reading matter than twenty
dollars will purchase in the shapo
of. books., AJiian may read' books
all his lifo but if ho fails tr read
tho papers ho may be called ignor
ant. Without a newspaper a man
is' virtually',, out of, tho world.
The MoArthir . Enquirer is $10
per year; or 25 , cents, for the cam
paign (three months,) ;'; '
Public Sale, Georcib, Brown,
living 4 miles west of McArthur,on
the Allensvillo road, will sell at
public auction, on Thursday, Sept.
25th, all his personal rjrofjerty', 'con
sisting of 1 hbrsb, 5 ' cows, 5 head
of young1 cattle, 20 'head of hogs,
1 lowing mnchjne,"18 acres of corn
in field, lot of ..farming , iiteusUs,
household, and kitchen, furniture,
loai of memory, aud threatened im
potence, and imbecility, find a invert
.,KnJl,ur" in Hl'MPHBEINi HOME
up tin Tjtem, arraeta the ducluiyet, and im-.
parte rigor and energy, life aud Titality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands of oaeea.
ante, end aeutbr nutilon rcoelpt of perir, AddntM
vu.,ouu vi0ADWAY,tt. y. tieuu fpr ciulor.
' - OK -' '
Just Published in a Sealed Envel
ope. Price Six Cents,
A lecture on tho Natin-fl, Treatment and
Radical cm-oof Seminal Weakness, orHnpr
nintorihoon, Induced by Splf-Ahiino, Inrnliin
titry KmlHSioim, linpolencr, Nervmis Debil
ity, nnd Iinncdiincntrt to tlnrriniro eoncrnllv:
I ('onHUniptioii, KplloM' nnd Cits; Jlonlnl nncl
X liyhlCIU 1I1I'HIIIUIIV, U. lV UUDft.H L O.
CtJIjVKHWELL, Jf. 1)., nnlhor or tho "Cirwu
Book." Ac. '
Tho world-renowned iiulhor. In thl Ailmfrn-
Dlo lecture, clearly proves from inn own ex
perience thnt tho nwful coimequenccH of Bi'lf
nljiino may bo effectually roiuovcd without
lncillclncH, nnd without dtiiiKcmui) mirKlciil
onorntioiiH, boiiirleB, iiiKtritmoti Ik, rlnfr" or cor
(IihIh, pointing out a mode of cure nt once cer
tain nnd effectual, bv which every sufferer.
uo matter what bin contlUimi may be, inny
ciireiinnxcii enciipiy, piivuuuy ami rnau-iuiv
TIiIh lecture will piovu n boon to thuiiHanu!
and thoimuuds. - i - - - i
Kent under eeal, in a plain envelope, to any
addrens.oii receipt of six cents.nr two postage
flumi is, oy aimressinir mc puonpiicrs. , .
CHAB. .1. 0. KI.1NK CO., N f
187 Bowery, New York, 1. O. llox 4.K0.
, - . . ,,. dfl-lv , . . , ,
WITII ita gloom? attendant, low
aplrlu, depreailon, Involuntary
(imUaloiu, laia or aeuieii, pcrmn-r
torrhoBa. loaa nf iaw. U...1
"V"r7"E havo pureliasoil anil fitted tip the
VV fthovo mills, it'd solicit the Undo of
tho fanners of this vicinity.
Special attention glron to
And enro given to ploaso all customers. Mr.
A. A. COZ.IONS, n experienced miller, has
chnro of tho mill, aud will not fall to dual
fairly and give general sutlsfuctiou.
Flour, , Meal and Feed
Oulmml, nnd for eulo at .,
July 80,-ltfT3. COZZENS A JOHNSON.
DesiraWe anfl ProfltaWe Froper-
ty for Sale. ,;
At Zulcukl. Vinton e.nunty, Ohio, on tho Ma
rietta & Cliii'innnti rnllmad, with Mill Ynrd
of one aero, nj)d with all the nooeiwnrv nincht.
ery for Cuhtom and Mkkoiiamt VVokk. aIho,
twoaorej of land, ndjolnln the Mill Yard,
uiion which I a good Dwelling Tloune, eou
tnlniiigT Romnai Well, Cistern, Wnsh-houso,
Stable nnd other eonvenloncos, with i rapes
aud all kind of 'nplt. Also - ,
Portable Steam Saw Mill,
Now located V mile from Hope Furnace Sta
tion. U miles from Zalenkl.and cutting- from 4.-
000 U 5.000 ft of Lumlier ilnlly.nnd a set for logs
sufficient to muVe W,U(iO feet of lumber; two
two-horse Tenuis. II aniens and Wagons com
plete, connected with the Mill. -Also, -
1 1 ; 7 100 Acres of Land,1 1 ' ! '
.;j r, i 1
Situated In WrWhlnnton county, Iowa, Omllci)
from n rallmail, with Dwelling House, aud
all out bulliliiiKxr 1,0 ".ra of which are im
proved; limestone toll, niwrtotiinlinr; n very
desirable property. And nlxo, otiikh rjcR-
The Flouring Mill aid Saw Mill are in good
running ordor, and itoing a very profUublc
business. ... .
All of snlil iimnwtv u 111 he mid nt low iirH-
cos, toKothur or sonarate, tho wholo or funl
Imll' Intercut In tho said .Vortnblo Saw Mill.
TERMS: ono-thlrtlcnsh, nn d tlieieiimlndur In
pavnientM to suit the purcha r.
Tills- Is a rni-e chiince for one or twoenergst
In men to make money. Siitim'actory reasons
given for wanting to sell. .V.Hiiad,
July Sd. 1878-tf -Znleskl.tV. -
Consisting of 300 acres, situated lu Madison
Township, Vinton Comity, Ohio, four miles
from MtiArthur, and one mile from Vinton
Station, on the Marietta, & Cincinnati Hull,
rond, nn the road lending from MnArlhur to
Athens, Ohio. 100 acres of Wood l.nn.l! t.ul.
ancn uutler rulllvatlou: 84 m.res of lloltom
Lund. Well wateiwl. Hufllelontlv largo for
two larnis. Two dwelling houses iiml nil oth.
or buildings, about 1-8 of a mllo apart, upon
the premises. In a irood iiiiliriilu,riit,o,i i,.l i
GitEATKsr Coal Rkgion '' i
On the line of said Rnllmad. thoro ai-i a
veins or low, 4 loet In thickness on tho prom
lies. One vein covers the entire truck iiriiiml
one eovors nil except 40 neros, and one covers
an utouMcnoout, uu acres. Within 80 rods of
tllO HlLlMVAT Hvlti'll. ,ntil r,-,im vi, ......
Statlou to Vinton Furnace; a switch can he
convonlcntly built across tho land to the Coal
e ns. Auv in,i'Hiin wiii,iiff .,it, . .i.i.
deserlptlou, could not doboltur than purchase
SO acras of the land holuiip; loll. U. Doming.
IIO Will ElvO nilV flll'tllKI' lli'i,,',atln lliu
uiuylHi, desired.. Will sell atabargnlu. If.
ouu half is paid at or about the time or salo,
tlie buyer mny have such time nil rliifiiiM'mt
payment, net to exceod teuor llfteon venis,
m w 11 bo satisfactory, fmiulvo npon 'tiu!"
promises of addresi . M, 11. if.M1NO, ! '
-- . iuvvh aniion v
IllV U I.IH.tf. Vlu , , ... I , ,
Legal Notices.
.lohn'lt. Mills, ct. ill., hofrs of
In Vinton
ih Allen Jlills, deecasod,
1 I'luilllttH, . .-
(;ourt of
Uo in m on
Matilda J. Llnu, Ellznbetli
Mills, ct. si., huin of Adam
i i fJuu, deceased, Do- Civil notion,
, feudiiuts. 1
Johii II. Linn, of the State of Illinois, will
take iotlee, thut John R. Mills, of Vinton
wiiiii!, wuii uu uiu oilier noirs nnu
cniuntn oi Alien mills, Uooeamwhui plnlutifls,
did ouilio Slbt day August, im, lllod their
,.."..('- ... ..,.w buiituii vuuiiiiuu i wun. i mi
ll amlfor tlie snld county of Vinton, State of
Ohio, tuliist the said John II. Linn, Matilda
j. i,in. wiuuwoi Auam Linn, ncccaned, i,u.
zabetljMllls, widow of Allen Mills, and the
heirs nd children of Adam Linn, dueeased,
defcntnU, setting forth among other things,
that tio plaintiil. are tonuuta iu caiiuon unit
nro sped In ftttlmplr, from tho md day of
Jnnulry, 1TO, of the one undivided half of tho
following reiili'stute, situated in said county
of Vliton, Oluo, to-wit: Tho west hall" of the
nortl'Oiist quarter of Section Number Twenty
(0,) iu lowiiHliip Nllinber Twelve (13,) of
nan if n uuiwir oevenioeu (!'(,) 01 limns bllli
Ject t sale at Chilliuotbu Land District, con
taiiilig HO acrus. niiu'eni' l,.(iuj
ii sain iieluudants unlawfully and con-
.u wiuity. aeeps too piniuiiiis out
lie possession thereof. That a e,or-
lecrt from Allen Wills and Elizabeth
lie to Adam I.iun, deceased, dated April
0, was frnudiilonlty mmlo, executed and
rod. That said Elizabeth was coerced
ll the same. That said deeil wna iivoi-n.
tid delivoiud without any right, power
inwriiv, o ui convey mo premises, ana
Illegally aud for the purpose of defraud
Ittiiitiftsj ns said Allen Mills nnd Adnm
won knew; thnt Allen Mills, deceased,
owned a life estate In said rcnll.v. that
heilk'd January 22d, mi, and his ostato iu
suit ruulty then torininated.
And pruyiug thut .Wendimts answer snid
peltion ; that the BUld.decu -"v,.AIlen Mills
hnj Elizabeth lu wile, aud olne. j(ls i
am potltiou mentioned ns cDects pin.-,,,,,
title nid realty, ma ho adjudged and dtf
m,.l t'riLiiAin,,..!. .n,l volJ. mid wkoUv vnca-
Vd and set Hsido, und held for naught; thnt
(lelundiiuia ruicusu; inai piuinuu imiy 'iyc
Judgment for recovery of the possession of
SIUU L'UUllV, IDUt Ull Cljllllltlliu parilliuil ma
hu onltiruiloir said uremises. that the pUin-
till'smuv Uivh judgment for flOO dumngn for
ronlsuiid iollts fium Juutiary 2(1, ltTi'S and
oiner rciicL t
And tho I'Ud Johii II. I.iim Is lwliflpl that
he is roiii jc to appear and nnswer sad pe
tition on or heforu tho third Saturday ..liter
the 1st dujl ofOotobei', A( D.1B73. , ' ,
. , JOHN R.' MII.I.H KT AT, '
i.,'. , ! Heirs of Allen Mills, ducQsori.
By, K. A. liu atton, their A ttoruey. '
Ausust-Tiira-uw '
In pufsiianoo of nil order of th Vrolmto
Court, of Vinton county, Ohio, I wli.-.offcr lor
sale, at public auction, on -. -Saturday,
Ue 87tl Day of Sdt., 18T3,
At tho hour of 1 o'clock, r. u., of sld day, nt
tie door of the Court House, lu VArtliur, in
suld county, tho following dturibed roul
e-lnto, situated in said county, wlti Tho
sonth-westiiu.irter of tho north-out quarter,
nnd tho wost half of tho soutli-ei.t quui ter of
tlie north-CRst quarter of scdon number
tventy-eight (.8.) Township nmbor eleven
01,) Range nnmuor soventocn 17,) contain
fiijf in nil Illty-sovcu acrus, iora or less.
' Apm-nlsed ut ,).
TEUJIS OF SALE: One-.ilrd cash lu
hnnd, one-third In one year un ono-thiril iu
two years, from the day of sale Thodeferreil
payments to hear interest, nmlo be secured
by tuortgngc on tho premisos rid.'.
Tlio said land will lie offurodiu seven divis
on, as follows: Nnmhorl, cntninlng about
live acres, (on which the hoiiFstamu).) Num
ber 3, about seven acres. Humor 3, about six
acres. Number 4, about flvo njtu. Number 6,
about fonr acres. Number H ihout eighteen
acres. Number 7, about thliten acres. -And
will be sold in such division ILho nggrogato
sum bid for them shall equal to-tliinls of the
appraised value of tho whoi; if not, the
whole will be sold together. . pint of said
divisions may he seeu at the o ce of the Pro
bate Judge, nnd fuller cxplantions will bo
given on the day of sale.
Admlnlstrntor of tho cotatiof Mrs. Sarah
Robo, deeensod
'August, 87, 1873-41.
Josoph Bcyors, whoso plnci of resilience Is
unknown, will tako notice, lint J. o. Ross,
Elizabeth Hartley nnd Wllain N Hartley
have tiled their petition in tu urtof Coin
mon I'lefts or Vinton countvOhio, gotting up
an estate in. ft tim.pl In tb-following real
estate, situate in said Vintii) county to-wit:
Tho csst-half of the ipUVwest quarter
(B N W 0 of Section Mmher 84, Town
ship Nnmnor 10, Hnnge liinnber 10, con
taining ,80 RcrcB moril or less. , And
praying for possessson of laid premises and
the Hum of fill mesne nrlits. Said Joseph
lleycrs is required lo ansf said petition on
or beforo tho lDtb day of N
eimier, iKi,5,
(i. ROSS, et. ul.
By IT. S. Ci.aypoot.e
Seplcmbor 17, 1878-flt.
Milton II. McKInnlss. wl
ia plac.o of resi-
dencc Is unknown, will Ink
lotico Hint ,i. I,,
Ross. Eliz.lbclll llai'tlevsnil
illlam N. Uni t-
ley has lllod their petition inlio Court of Com
nion l'lons of Vinton couutt Jliio, setting up
an estate iu fenimpl In 111 following real
estate, situate In said Vlntol county, to-wit:
Tlie west-half of the miih-enst uuarter
(W N K i)
Townsliln Nuuilie
of Sect
n Number IU,
ier 10, Rno Nunibor IU.
eonininiiig hi acres more
less. And
praying tor possession of
said nrem Ises.
mid the luni of ju mesne pro
II. MeKinuiss is required to
Its. Said Milton
answer said pctl-
Hon on or ueloru the ltith
m. J
y ni Piovemuer,
. 1I08S, et.nl. ,
Ibr V. 8. C'LAYrooi.K & J. JL
ihepteinoor 17, 1S73-0W.
Atunne) 8.
(TUK undnrfllvned brut ber4 tlnlv Hniinlntoil
Klocutor of tho lust will Imd U'stuinont of
till estate of Andrew J. M:irtiniim. lain nf
Vlntwn county, Ohio, deceiiod. All persons
niiouieii 10 tlie estate, nro lsijiicsteil lo make
Immediate payment, nnd tliom having claims
nilninst the tame, will present them, duly nu-
tii'iitleutcil to tho undersign!, lor allow
Kept 8, 1873-3iv. 1
lfobate Court, Vinton
V 0'i
s'otlce Is hereby given, thnt Join Hall, Ad
m nlstrntor iltbmiinmm of the cstato of liau
nl Cox, deceased, has Hied his nocoiint tliero
w th for final sctlleincnt.anfl that tho bearing
oil ho same Is set for hearing on tho 18th day
of loptcmbor, 1873, at 11 o'clock, AL h.
, H. II. MAYO,
A ii rust .7,1873-4t ' ' . l'robaio Judgo.
Music! Music! I
Pricew From 00 to
8TEINVAY'S Pianos, acknowledged unri
valled. ,L F. HARRIS & GO'S., l'lanos, posltlvoly,
the best uiodium priced pianos made.
' jjXcoN ftCAIlltW, good aud very cheap.
SMITH'S merlcan Organs, the only Instru
pent used by Mr. I'hlllp I'hiillps, in his soug
Uur thiougli Luropo. ", .
HI A Vli'S Oi'iruns. ci'lcl, rated for their Uliri-
ty und power of tone ,
Hji'OMNGIcn'H Organs. . ,
We ai uo tferlng tho above Instruments from
tim to ilftoi'ii r cont.- ' ., , - ,
, Lo'WKR for Cash, .
Tlimitlievanlio' piivcliased elsowlierw. Call
Idler, iv ut: A a "
,Irj', 187:l-iii
McArthur, O.
Woolen Mills.
Allensville Woolen Mills.
' . - ', i -
W. nro preparod to do all kitu'to of work dolio
a Jti class woolou fuclury ,VM'n . .
Hut lifactloii will he given to alloiu ouifaiflii'rs
liignun marsos priu rain lor winii. r-,
. . . oi !.,. , , ),t,on, Ilt'STOV C'O.
JimfcifjS-om. ' ' ' 1 ' ' '
FALL 18pi 1 87S!!
i'ilil",' 'j) ', '( J, '(
Hosiery, Staple
Goods, Small "Wares; I ' ;
1 -.! .., i 1. 1 1- ., r i... i
'New Stock, Low
'..'': Prices, ' ;
d ; d iJ I! ,l
l i i 'i . i
i i.i: i k .
; IsTotions, Buck
n 'I'-'bi,
.... ,
:-S. C. Swift,
'' i i '
HANNAH COX'S ESTATE. Special [...]
ands hnvo nlrcady irone. and thousands more
are turning their cyce towards now homes iu
tho fortilo West To those going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah .Wyoming
Nevada, Oregon or California,' we recommend
n cheap, tufu, quick and direct roulo, via St
Louis, over tho Pacific Railroad, which rnns
Its lino Day Coaches aud f ulliwau Bleopors
from St Louis to principal iwlnti in tho West
without change. Wo believe that the Mis
souri Pacific Railroad has the best track and
tho finest and salient equipment of any line
west of tho Mississippi, and Us connections
with roads further West are prompt aud re
liable. Tho Texas connection of this road Is
now completed, and passengers tiro offered a
a first class all-rail route from St Louis to
Texas, cither over the Missouri, Kansas k
Texas R. It., via Kcditlla, or over tho Atlan
tic Pad lie R. R., via Vlnltn. For mnpi,
tlmo tables, information as to rates, routes,
Ac, wo rol'er our renders to 8, II. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent 8b Lou
Is, Mo. (Jncstlons will ho chcorfolly nnd
promptly answered. , : ',' iiJS-ijr'
Emigration Turning. Cheap Farms In
South-west Missouri. Tho Atlantic & Pacific
Railroad Company oners 1,200,000 acre oi land
in Central aud South-west Missouri, at from $3
to $13 por acre, on seven years' tiiuc, wUhfrec
transportation from St. Louis to ull purchas
ers. Climate, soil-,' timber, vin'ineiiil wealth,
Schools, churches, aud law-abiding society In
vito emigrants from all point to. this land of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Tl'CK, Land CommUsioner. St Louis, Mo, 1-ly j
Fon Lobs of Atpetite, Dyspepsia, ludi-
gcstlon, Depression of Spirits and Ciencral
Debility, in their various forms, ' FEKR(fr '
Pno-poBATKD Elixir or Calibaya made by
Caswell, Hazard & Co., Now York, and sold
bv all druggists, is tho host tonic. Asa stim
ulent tonic for patients recovering from fever
or other sickness, -it has no equiil, if taken
during the season it prevents lever anu ague
nmlotiier intermittent fevors.. , 19-4 w
! - , I
ERRORS Olf YOVTH.-A gentlontan
who suffered for years from Nervous Pobllity,
Premature Decay, aud all thoettooteof youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering
humanity, send froo to all who need it, tho ro
clpe nnd direction for making tho simple
remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, In porfect con
fldonce, JOHN B. OGDEN, ' ' '
30-3me. . No, 43 Cedar St., N. Y,:
For Ayer's Medicines, go io O. Y. 8issons.
PiTTsnrBan, March, 1878.1
Wo have used largo quantities of Boymfr
Raumiin A Co.'s Strictly Pure White Lend,
and hnvo always fou.ad It uniformly and finely
ground, very whit and of oxccllorit body.
Ita purity we have novor questioned, aud w
ehcorfully recommend it. ' '' '."
- Master Painters.
A CARD. A Clergyman, whlloresldingln
Boutli America, (is Missionary, discovered,
safo aud simple remedy for tho cure of nerv
ous weakness, early docay, disease of tho
urinary aud seminal organs, aud tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious linblts. (Jreat numbers haver -been
cured by this noble romody.. Proinpteil by a
doslre to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send tho receipt for preparing nnd using'
this medicine, In a scaled envelopo, to any one
who needs It, Fret of Ohargt Addreas
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sis-
son's, i , , . , ,
Five Hundred Tliouaand.-fi00,000 bottles
of Groono'i August Flower bnve.becn sold in
tills State in three months. , We only ask you
to go to tho drug stores ol Gunning or Slsson
McArthur, Ohio, and getabottlorss of targ
or a regular size at 70 cents, nvcry uottie
warranted to cure Dyspopsia or I.Ivor com-
plaiut, Sick hoadncho, Costlvcncss, Heart
burn, Waterbraah, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure Wood, and all disease caused by Im
pure Blood, or deranged Stomach nnd Liver:
Try It. G. G. GREEN, Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio. ,
Station t), Blblo House, N. Y. City-
March 111, 1873-T7.H10,
To tho Hororiiijr.-TliO RoV."Wm.II. KOf-
tou, while residing la DracU aa a Missionary,
discovered Iu thnt land of medioines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, ', Sore ; Thrtat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness, This remedy hns cured myself aftor alt
othor medicines had failed. ' .,. ,.. . .
Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will send
the roclpe for preparing and using thli rem
edy, to all who doslro It, Free of Charge.
Please send an envelopo, with your mine
and address on it. Address, '
Rov. Wit, H. NORTON,'
670 Uroatlway. Sow York City.
March 19, 1873-v7,nl0. -7 .
For Kino Perfumery, go to Slssou's Drug
Store. ', . , . ' 1
The Host Place. Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quecnswnro, Glassware, Notions, Ac,
can bo had nt Davis Duncan's Btoro, iu Zo-
leskl, at all tlmos.
Coru, oaU, potatoes and produce, of every
description taken in exchange for uru4iUs, at
bis storct. In connection with ids store ho has
n Saddle aud Harness Shop, nnd will repair
anything In that line ou short uotioc ami ut
low fljfnres. Goandsoehiiu I f
MENT. . I hnvo declared n ill vldoml of IS.V lier cent
on tho above named account, piivnient to
ennunonca Mouday, September 15, 1873, at the
oiuoeoi me rrouave .puiige, aicArinnr, u
, nrw. KlLVkRT. Ir..
.' Assignee Cluolnnati Fuiuace.
Notlco Is hereby given that John T, Black
has boon duly
ailpnlnted and niifilllied Ad
dt bvul son, of the Estate of
William II. Block, deceasi-d. late-of Vlntion
nonntv. Ohio.
iilinrti, Li
Sepfombrf 10,1873-8,
New Advertisements. '
kStlAliliman co day nitor ilay. till All your
vitniity. h ummi up ana your
linKlll. tiamiianmiiiu . ..i.,d
4 II If s. lu.rtl.A At ,
QVVI7 A T KVKll tonk'v
O If liil 1 And brake up (he fiearf ul rualaily
proprietors, . , . .. .
W C. HAMILTON CO.,' . ,.
- i '-invAnx.Airi.viuiu. ,.
Wanted. Cash Salarv, Or Commis
sion allowed. Htrlotly honorable. Address.
F. A. ELLS 4 CO., Charlotte, Mich.i 4t
! For the BEST FAMILY MHnrCAT. Hnnlr
Sells at sight, overybody wants It'' Apply nt
once to- 1 H. n. Mokinney co.,
Ill North 7th St., Phil.
vvj,. . .wjn,VHUIC VllljflUj I1IVIIV H, UttJ
orcvonlng; uo capital required; full Insfruc-
uou nuii vaiuaiiiopacKHge or goous sent rree
bvniail. Address, wltbsfxceiitrcturnstnmp,
M. YOUNG ft Co., 17H Greenwich Ht N.Y.
PtlA.OV was oue agent's profit on Bry
ant's lAbrnry of Potlry and Bong; 170 IN ONI
wjcek on The Sew llmweketpet Manual, bv
Miss Beechcr and Mrs. Stowe. Any active
man or woman enn hnvo an ngencv. J. II.
FORD & CO., Now York, Boston, Chfoago and
San Francisco. ' 4w. -
30th Thousand in Press. Sale Incroaslnir.
8,000 more live AGENTS wanted for our
Send for .circular, and proof of tho greatest
succcHsyet. Reports Just in, 184 subscribers
iu six daysjllKl in one week., .HUBBARD
BROS., Pub's., Cincinnati, O. ' . 4t
Write for Large . Illustrated i'rlco List. A1-
' '.:.!.!! .il UreSS., -,..,i- i.
1,1, a m
Brccch-loadinir shot rnns 140 to tfinn. Dnnliln
Phot Guns, f8 to t60. Single guns to $20. Ri
fles t8 to $73. RovolvcrstGtot-25. Pistols SI to
$8. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle. Large
uiscouut to dealers or clubs. Army Guns. Re
volvers. &C. bouifht or traded for. Goods
sent liy express C. O . D, to be examined beforo
paiu tor. , 4w.
Nearlect a couicnt
Wotning'is more cenntn
to my ino louuituiion lor
.- future evil conse
are a sure cure for nil diseases Of the respira
tory organs, sore throat Colds, Croup,
Dipthcria, Asthma. Catarrh, Hoarseness, Dry
ness of the throat Wlndiilno or Bronchial
Tubes, nnd nil diseases of the Lungs. - '
In n leases of sudden cold, however taken.
theso Tablets should be promptly and freely
Used. - They cquulizo tho circulation nf the
iikhhi, nuiigate me severuy oi me atiacit, anil
will, in a very short tlmo, restore healthy ac
tion to the affected organs. ;.-::-'
Wells' Carbolic Tablets are put up only In
bluo boxes. Tako no substitutes. If tliev
can't be bad at your druggist's, send nt once
wi rue ngeni: in now i ora, wno win lorwnrq
them by return mail. '
JKm't be deceived by Imitations.
Bold by druggists, ftf Price KHe. a box.
JOHN O. KKLLOGG, 18 Plntt St., N. V,
- Send for Circular, Hole agent for United
States. 4w
Agents Wanted. ' , Send for Catalogue '
Nkw Yokk,
, yAinn. : '
Su th glftti ton of lh famout "PXTKR
, A graphic History of the Ocean Navigation,:
Adventure and Discovery since the. Ark. lte
plcto with startling incidents, fearful disas
ters, piracies, perilfv Ac,, above, also the
wonukks hknkath tub bba, -Diving, Dredg
ing, Telegraphing, Ac. WIS spirited Illustru
tions. Agents Just started report 101 orders
In four days, Jtc, sells wonderfully fust 8,000
Agents Wanted. , bend for- full description
nnd circulars.
HUllilAKI) BROS., Pubs.) Cincinnati, O. 4t
11 '- " ' " T ATKNT
. .'..i-' COMPANY, -'.
Offloe, 11 Barclay St, N. Y. '
' v. ..n . im.-. -. . .(Upstairs.)
Offer to thb' -publ lo n lantern
combining safety nndjeconomy
- wiuiojeganoe anu usoiuiness.
It cannot exuloilui u sliw
goon light and oonsnmes lost
oil tluui any other; it is not dis-
iuruei ny me niguesi wino.ftim
it's glass la broken, it is easily
replaced bv means of the screw.
They employ no ageutt except
then traveling clorks, but their goods can be
hum iroui ma ousiurs tni-ougnout the conn
try- '.'.',-': 4t
The startling drawback on uoirly ull medi
cine; agonts bus ever been that Iu. their pro.
cessof purgation nnd pilvllicution tliev also
debilitated thssvstom.' To obviate this di III
culty, physicians havq long- sought for uu
agent that would ,
l'hvlr niscnrch ha at last liocu Vewiii-led by
a discovery which fully reull7.es the loudest
desire of medical faculty, and which Is Justly
rctrurded us tlie most Important triumph thnt
Pharmacy has over aclijcvmb T,hU luiportnnt
deslderauiui is .
. ,, Dr. Tint's Vegetable Liver Fill. ,
Which purify the blood and remove all cor
rupt humors and unhealthy accumulations
from tho body, and yet produces no weakness
or lassitude whatever, hut ou tho rontrarv,
tonus thostumauh.invigoratns tho body during
tho progress of their upeiat ion. Thcv u 11 1 to
the heretofore ivr-com-llnblo nunlill'es of a
' Dr. Tutt's Pills are the most active and
searching medicine lu existence. They nt
once attaok-the ;very--root ef di't'oses, und
thrfr notion is o-pvouiit'. tbsi 4u Nil h,mr or
two alter they aro taken, the piUorit is sware
or their good effocta. Tliev nuiy bo taken at
any time without restrnint of diet Or ocrupa
tiont thoy- produce null nor nausea, griping or
debility, und as a family insdioino lliey havo
no rival. 1 - - ' t"
Prlco 28cts. box. Bold br' all Drngglsti. 1
Principal oWce, IS And SO I'lntt St, S. Y. 4t.
THE I. B. & W
Is in advance of all comnetitora. It Ii th
only lino running through ears to the West.
Omnibus transftir, ferriage, all chnn-iM nnd
delays avoided by running Til It KK BPK
COCHES, As follows: ' '
, to T7.u,BlDtf, !? .,,;, ,, ,d
lowa,Mebra5ka and Califorfijia,
The Through Coach loavns Cincinnati at S:4Q
r. h ., jniuauapoiis ats:4S a.m., rnnni
pons at a: 45 a.m., runnluj
Burl ington, Ott uinwa and Crnston, anaviua al,
OMAHA at 10:00 A. .. NEXT DAY, hours in
advance of any ofhor roate, making (jut paw,
change of cars to '"'
iiirunsu uioouiuifrton, i-eoria, wsleslmrr,
Get ydur tickets via Indianapolis and Pedrhsi .-:
Forallpointi'ln!'' V''1
Kansas, Oolorsulo and th Bontfcw. 1
The Through Coach loaves Cincinnati at -., , i
P. M., Indianapolis at 8:00 r. if., ninuitu"
""""flu wnuYiiin. jui-t.ur, u aoHlHiarillo alio
Qulncv; arriving In KANSAS CITY -at Ui60l
- ;, ;;'-'- ,,v.i wiTmicui ni..
I.ohIs lines, making birtono change of can ton
Till Hfl 11. If 'fl lili unuivn i fii.i.J.. W fl
.' Jli.vl , I' A . pwi M. Sllll AJJa V H. II.
.GhA vnur tir.VnlA vlA ln,liunnu,lli. 1 iu...,lll
andQuincy" "T""
, Bock isn.a.:aud .Davenport.; i
Tho Through Coach leaves i,,. . ' '
r. ii, IntlianaiiolU :ut :00 r. It.Ak6
through llloomington, Peoria and Galva, a?? -rlying
at ROCK ISLAND at I0:o a. u., jl,,,
VkAiItuiT at 11: UN a. ., .4 jy, -iaanV
bu oue change pf cars for poinu lu. . , .
Got your ilckef'via Imllanupoll! aM !P$ria.!
.lii'llji'i y.'iln r U
Vim' thmnirli riAUJ..il A. .
Indianapolis to Rock Island. JTf'''
select a comfortable teat and keep it to dentin
tuition 111, lrmml IU... , I . L J
' " H,.,,.,,. ... oau VII I u It K M UfV
Convenient srrnirn,i,n,,fa aI..o,. .. I . .
... ------ - -. "BYT' ".'- " IJ"M-' wuiiiiwouh
and quick timn. tuJsi.routo. is now mgrtat
popular tlwrovghfar MirttH th 'Sut and
Jfssti'. , i , ... .i .. .. I I : i . .
C.W.SMITH, (ien'l Mavas-er.
! 'i '
, u(tianaK)lus Ino
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. TIME TABLE.
'.1-f -.- I -.! -. "Ill, I
On and after Noveiulior I). 1871 Train, win
i' li- l )'i;i!'j-unssfoUoirs-) i,
-7't-i'J.tj :i(;
- O a 4 b : : ' . '43 a
t n r i, ll si'T- ,, (
6 : : : : : .: r : :
it -ki ;,
: i ::::::: : :A:4
, ',...i., 7, ng-
aa : :.::- ::r.:- ; : :i: t
34 : : : : ":o : : : t : -.
spsn-4as ,.aosMi,4'io owtfia.
Miicgggggg satsegggs r
m a, h '. u tk
Ti :-!!:'' -: : "J'sl
j i'Mi i i"-! I' i i s i'iiltii:: i
w.uli lie -.is ;e - ;&
w ,
,. n
Miles 1 : 7SS? SKgJ523
S B !: : :,:.:, .:(.::: :,: : -a :
2i ' ! :' 'id:
LL-.. Aui.atM,- u . .1 , m -
nci-wwjOH ngmHHrt ' ,
: i i i : i : ! l : '
a a
,500 :'i ,.: : j :.,-..
75i !
r-i j ; I ! i ii; U j
,MOOOfN f 9 CO CO C9 4)9 00 w
CC f- v-4 ih ; , " f w r i 1 t 1 -1
3?a OM ......
Zi an an m mim nit
ID C-QD 000)00
CINCINNATI XXP&EH9 will mn daily. All
othortrains daily, except Sunday.
stod between Hamden and Athens. '
Portsmouth Bra.no It,
Mll ' Accommodai'n
$:4Sn. m.. 8:15 a. m.
Dep. Hamden .
Arr. JiM-ksou ' '
. ". Portsmouth'
4:24 ' Ul.Ki, )
l.js U .an
For all points on the Little Miami Rallmad,
and at the Indianapolis A Cincinnati Ball
road Junction for all points Wesa, . . L 1 1
j Master ot Transportation., !;,,) jj
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward.
i i 6n and after Monday, Nsvemborl, Trains
Will hin na frillntarsi ' '
' 1 - 1 ' -I ' t '
Oln'natl Fatt I Mai.
Jfrspretil Lit.' IJimprt
Ilai nors ForrVii
1 IS Pm
8 S3 Am
8 65
8 SO
8 48 'A'
Washington June.
-. Arrive....;,
...... Donar
New 1 ork
Baltimore , .
Arrive. ..
Washington June.
Harper's Ferry..,.
Ctiinburlaud ..,
Piirkersbiirg ......
10 00
A hi
410 "
:i 'I-'
1.64 Am
4 00 Am
800 Pn
8 60 Am
11 45 Pm
0 4 Pin
800 "
405 Am
8 51) "
J. Oe I'm
104 "
8 00 1
: M'
' rtllmln Pilsot brawinr fioota Bleeping Caii.
Which art ai comfoftablo. cleantl j ful iiMiod
and almost equal to a lire-side, are ou all
trains from Cincinnati to DiJtlmnrn 1 and
Washington. See Schedule of Cincinnati su
Marietta Railroad for tiineof arriving apd de
parting; from McArthur.
Tho advantage ot this route over till othei
is, thnt it gives all travelers holding through
ticket tlia privilero ot visiting Baltimore
Philadelphia, and tlie Natlonnl Capitol tvtm. '
Time quick or aad rates of fare Wr tliaa
by another route. J
i Ths soeftery alosg : Oils RaftWay is, not
U,1IS1JVU "r Auuuuruu lllis VOllllllOUu
V to fsufrrina or.inKaifT.
Uu offers' 'su'iierloV
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