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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 24, 1873, Image 2

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McArtiiuk Enquirer
4. W. BOWKS, Editor and PnlilUhar,
State Ticket.
For Governor,
,. ; OP ROSS.
For Lieutenant-Governor,
' ' ' OF KICHI.AND.'
' For Judge at the Supreme Court,
GVII. SCRIBNER, (shout tehm.)
For Treasurer of State,
For Attorney -General,
, For Comptroller of the Treasury,
For Member of Uoard of Fubllo Works,
For Common Pleas Judge,
For Statu Senator,
County Ticket.
For Representative,
Prosecuting Attorney,
owen t. gunning;-
Commission!-, - .
County Democratic Central Committee.
Chairman J. W. Bowls.
Secretary W. W. RKLFOKP.
Treaturer Nelson I!ichiioni.
Richard Gkaio,
Georor Lasts.
Township Advisory Committee.
Etmlt3. W. Wilkinson, S. li. Iiayncs, J.
J. Slugle.
Brown Tlioiuns Magcc, William Fuller,
John Swift, sr., S. T Wcml.
Swan Frcil. Frick, Fred. CiatUebaugli, Hi
ram Jolinsou.
Jackton John Stevens, James McGillivray,
' Amos Foreacre.
AVfc-Hatriek O'Kecffe, l'utriek Larey, J. D.
Kinon Daniel IIowcn, Ephriam Rutlcliffc,.
donn uioro.
Madiwn Solomon Shipley, John Shirkey,
Clinton Vr. S. W. Houlihan, George A.
Craig, J. M. Thomas.
JtichianlC. Y. Files, A. X. Cozail, A. J.
Jarriton Philip Argnuliriglit, Aaron
Stevens, Harvev Oozier.
U'ilkfelltii. K. Soule, John McCartney,
Jasper Booth.
aW-G. R. Hell, J. II. Martin, William
For the Campaign
Cents ! I
The MeArthur Enquirer will be sent to cam
paign luhscribers during the campaign, or for
8 months, for 23 ecu U.
By this means much good may be done for
the cause ot Democracy uiul He form.
Get up lists at every Post-ulllcc, and in ev
ery school district, as the .VcArtmr Enquirer
will advocate the cause of the people, the
farmers, mechanics and laboring men, against
the back salary grabbers and the official
thieves who are eating out tlio substance of
the working peoiile.
Vote against the " Salary Grab
bing" party.
Don't lend a Republican money
to bet-on the election.
We have ca and'ulate for Govern
or William Allex worthy the
days of statesmen and purity of
government. Vote for him !
Election Day Octobik 14.
Keep it in mind ; and sec that
your neighbors do the same. Don't
vote for a man on the Salary Grab
bera' ticket.
Thb Republican party thus far
utterly failed to indicate a remedy
for the monstrous wrongs and evils
which have grown up under Repub
lican Administration.
Let every township organize for
tho meeting at Ilamden, Thursday,
October 9th. Go in processions,
with hickory boughs all over your
wagons and horses.
Hon. William Allen, candidate
for Governor, is a farmer; and a
number of the other gentlemen on
the State ticket are fanners.
Vote the farmers' ticket!
Athens will send two Republi
cans this year as representatives to
Columbus; Urosvenor to the .Leg
islature and Reynolds to the peni
tentiary. Logan Sentinel.
There are but few counties that
can go ahead of Athens. She is a
nobl$ county.
; The Republican State Centra
Committee of Iowa has felt forced
to withdraw from the list of cam
paigu orators all Congressmen who
participated in tho back pay steal
Yet while they force them off the
stump they sustain Grant, who
approved the swindle. How con
j Ei a bribe of $100,000 Grant was
induced to uigu the Salary Grab
Bill, by which a million dollars was
taken from the Treasury, and will
continue to be taken out each year
until it i repealed. Yet the Re
publicans endorse him as a man of
"wisdom and integrity." i
The Farmer tatesniaii !
Coming to Meet
his Old Eriends
An old-fashioned Mass Meeting of
adjoining counties, will be held at
Which will be
Candidate for Governor, and the gallant old Democratic States
man, who was the associate and peer of Webtser, Clay,
and Calhoun.
Will enliven the occasion
Will probably be made with the Railroad Companies, for the benefit of
those wishing to
Let every Democrat in the county drop his business for a few
hours, and give one day to his
great Statesman, whom you have
Come with your Hickory Wagons, Flags and Music. Come by
Delegations! Come by Railroad! Come in wagons!
Come in Carriages! . Come on Horseback! Come on
Foot! Bring your Wives! Bring your big
..Bovs and Girls! Bring your Neighbors!
By order of the CENTRAL COMMITTEE.
the People of Viutou, Jackson and
ct. 8,
addressed by
with their excellent music.
attend the meeting:
country ! Come and see the
not seen for more than thirty
$625 Per Month.
Hon. II. S. Luxdy, Republican
Congressman from this District,
elected last fall to serve two year,
is now drawing $C25 per month
$7,000 per year under an Increas
ed Salary Law passed by Grant's
Congress last March a few moments
before it adjourned. Mr. Buxdy is
not sworn into oflice, yet neither
will he be until Congress convenes
in December next. He will then
have drawn advance pay of nine
months, which will make the snug
little run of $5,625 before he is
sworn iuto oflice. Nice thing for
Mr. Ikxny ! He can stay at home
and grow rich ofl fhe hard earnings
of the laboring men and farmers!
Do these laboring men and fanners
think it is profitable to vote the
Republican ticket year after year?
According to Republican legisla
tion he has the lawful right to draw
his pay in advance. It is in accord
ance to an net of a Republican Con
gress, should Jlr. I!undy die be
fore the meeting of Congress the
t5,(J25 would be thrown away and
would be necessary .to elect a
successor. Kcauers, it matters not
whether you are a Democrat or a
Republican, do you like this way
doing business?
Since the failure of Jay Cooke &
Co., and the National Ranking
Houses, the people are beginning
doubt the Republican manage
ment, with its Credit ilobilier and
Salary Grabbing, and buying into
oflice, and all that. It will thor
oughly cooke Salary Grab candi
dates on the State, District, and
County ticket in Ohio this fall!
Down with them, before they fully
succeed in bankrupting the country
with their green back paper!
Harrison Lyle, our candidate for
Representative, is a blacksmith and
farmer, and a resident of Allens
ville, in Richland township. He is
poor, hardworking man. Milt
Bay, who is on the Salary Grab
bers' ticket for Representative, is a
rich man. Let the farmers and
poor laboring men vote for Harri
son Lyle, who will look after their
interests during tho session of the
Legislature this winter.
William W. Belford, our caudi-f
date for Auditor, is a boot and shoe
maker, and a resident of Richland
township, but is now filling the of
fice of Auditor. He is a poor man;
his qualifications are excellent;
and every vote in the county should
be given him. Laboring men, do
all you can for William W. Bel
About Voting.
State Taxes the coining whiter
are nue million higher than lost
year. This increase is made by
the Legislature that re-elected
John Shermam to the Senate. If
the people want taxes still further
increased, let them keep on voting
the Republican ticket.
Go to Ilamden, on Thursday af
ternoon, October 9th, and hear
Hon. William Allen. He will
speak there, and as this will be the
only chance our people will have of
hearing his words of wisdom,
spoken rom age and experience,
therefore all should attend the
E. Fisher, who was placed on
the Republican ticket last week for
Commissioner, declined to be a candidate.
United States Senator.
Tiiurmax, as tjnited States Sen
ator, surrounded by thieves and
corruptionists of the party nt Wash
ington, passed through this vile
nest without a blemish or imputa
tion on his character. Ho took no
Credit Mobilier stock or Salary
Grabs, and his Senatorial robes are
as pure and untarnished as when
he put them on Senator Tiiur
man's term is drawing to a close.
The Legislature of next winter elect
a successor. If the Legislature is
Republican, Delano or Governor
Noyes will be elected. Both of
these gentleman are candidates,
and both of the same style and
class of men who have been mixed
up with the corruptions at Wash
ington. A Democratic Legislature
will return an honest man like
Tuukmax. It is therefore impor
tant that the Legislature should
not be in the hands of the Grant
party. A vote for Ijarhisox Lyi.e
for Representative, and for George
Lantz for State Senator in this
District, is a vote for Thcrmax or
some other honest man, for United
States Senator, and a vote against
Notes, high taxes, increased sala
ries, etc. This very important fact
should be kept in view by the vo
ters of Vinton county. Talk with
your neighbors about it.
The Difference.
There is a remarkable difference
in the manner in which the Demo
cratic and republican parties dis
pose of the "Salary Grab" Con
gressmen. The Renublieaus ele
vate their numerous grabbers to
high offices with lucrative emolu
ment, and invite them on the stump
to champion their sinking cause;
while the Democrats have suuk out
of sight those few Democrats who
dabbed in the grabbing scheme,
Bingham, Sawyer and Shellaisar-
ger, all supporters of the Grab,
have since been elevated to high
positions by Grant, who made the
bill a law by his signature. Mor
ton, with his certificate in his pock
et, came to Ohio and opened the
campaign at Athens! Down with
them ! !
It seems that a National Bank
isn't such a safe thing as the Ru
publicans thought it was after all
their boasting. The Government
money issued to disbursing ofllcers
and paymasters, and even Grant's
increased salary, was deposited in
the First National Bank of Wash
ington City. On Thursday last,
Jay Cooke's brother closed the
doors of the grand bank and put a
card on the outside with the word
"Suspended." As soon as Grant
heard of it ho Hew from Long
Uranch to Washington in a hurry!
Wonder if the Salary Grabbers in
tend to bankrupt the country?
Let the workingmen, farmers
and all men who labor, attend the
meeting at Zaleski, on Thursday
night of this week, and hear the
speeches of Gen. S. F. Carey, one
of the most brilliant orators in
Ohio, and Hon. J. A. Shank, of
Cincinnati. The meeting will be
held at the School House,
George Lantz, Esq., of Vinton,
is the Democratic candidate for
State Senator in this District, com
posed of the counties of - Lawrence,
Gallia, Meigs and Vinton. Mr.
Lantz is a man well known in his
own county, and will honor any po
sition in which he mar bo placed,
Galipolis Ruletin.
The Hamilton County and Vinton
County Indexes.
The Jlecord, in its defense of
Gov. Noyes, in tho matter of the
Indexes, makes a comparison be
tween the compensation received
by him and that allowed to Judge
Mayo for what tho Jleoord speaks
as similar work; tho comparison
being founded upon tho great ine
quality of population of Hamilton
and Vinton counties. Tho error
of the comparison will bo seen by a
statement of the nature of the con
trnsts compared.
The contract of Gov. Noyes, when
Probate Judge of Hamilton county,
was only to make indexes of the
marriage licenses and tho naturali
zation papers. The undertaking
of Judge Mayo is to make indexes
of all tho doings and proceedings
of the Probate Court of Vinton
county from its organization.
Granting marriage licenses and
certificates of naturalization con
stituto a very insignificant part
of the duties of a Probate
Judge ; they do not belong to the
strict jurisdiction of L Probate
Court; they aro appended 1& it ffr
convenience because that conrt is
always open. Gov. Noyes' contract
was to make indexes for these out
lying branches; Judge Mayo's is
to nuiko iudexes for all the trans
actions of the Probate Court from
the beginning of its existence; the
marriage and naturalization index
es forming an exceedingly small
..-.H.J.! HJ..W
Declination of J. M. McGillivray
for Prosecuting Attorney.
O. T. Gunning Selected to fill the
J. M. McGii.livkay respectfully
declines, to be the candidate for
Prosecuting Attorney.
Tho County Democratic Central
Committee met yesterday morning,
and selected Owen T. Ginxixo,
ate of Dundus, Clinton township,
to fill the vacancy, assured that this
action would meet the approval of
the Democracy of Vinton county,
lie accepts the nomination, and
will labor earnestly and zealously
for the ticket, and will make an
excelleut ollicer. lie has great
natural talent, and all will join in
recommending him as honest and
reliable, and possessing an irre
proachable character. His qualifi
cations are the best for that impor
tant position.
Falsehoods Corrected.
Editor Enquirer:
I wish to make a statement of
facts in regard to a small article
in last week's Jlecord.
Harrison Lvli: was not con
nected with the ministry from
choice, but his name was plnced in
that connection against his will.
The fact is, he withdrew from the
ministry himself; but lie was not
turned out of the Christian Union
Church, (or the Church that the
ittle-souled creature, the Jlecord
man, calls the "Nasby Church,")
neither did I ever prefer charges
against him for any immoral con
duct, or any other person do the
same, to my knowledge.
The Jlecord man, or his inform
ant, is a base JAur. and unless they
repent, will ultimately bo found as
sociated with the Devil, the father
Allensville, Sept. 22, 1873.
Editor Enquirer:
Permit us to say that the vile
and slanderous attack made by the
Jlecord upon Harrison Lyle, Es.,
is as false and base as the pen from
which enienated.
Who should know him better
than those who have lived side by
side with him for more than 25
years, and can and do bear tastimo-
ny to the fact that Mr. Lylk is a
gentleman entitled to the confi
dence and respect of all?
Being honest, industrious, and
obliging as a neighbor, and will
compare favorably with their '-Bay"
nag for sobriety, morality and ro
spectnbility; and for his ability to
represent tho people of Vinton
county, in tho legislature. And
be asfiired that should hit never
have a ooat in the Legislative halls
without sacrificing a better man
than himself, as "Buy" did two
years ago, in deliberately beheading
J. P, Dlnklk in Clinton township,
Lyle will bo found working at the
anvil. From the tono of Raper it
is an unpardonable sin to belong
to the Christian Union Church or,
as he terms it by way of derision,
the "Nasby Church."
That dirty dog, John T. Ranch,
is a liar, u scoundrel, and no better
than a thief. Blow your dirty, fil
thy bugle, " Rai-er!" mid you will
see what cfTeet it will produce on
the 14th of October from Old Rich
A. O. K.
Allensville, Sept. 22d.
Patrick Kelly, our candidate for
Commissioner, is a practicable far
mer, of Wilkesvillo Township. Vote
for him without fail.
Additional Locals.
Court ok Common Pleas This
Court convened on Tuesday, Sep
tember 10, 187iJ.
W. K, Hastings, Judge.
G. W. Holland, Clerk.
G'.V. Holland, Deputy Clerk.
George Kaleh, Sheriff.
S. B. Winters, Deputy Sheriff.
Tho Grand Jury summoned to
serve for this term wero called and
all answered to their names. Owing
to tho illness of tho Judge, the
Jury and Petit Jury wero ordered
to be discharged to appear at an
adjourned session of the Court to
b holden Monday, November 10,
A number of cases wero disposed
of in various ways. Among the
cases disposed of were tho follow
ing: Fannie Traeewcll vs. Moses B.
Tracewcll. Suit for divorce. Di
vorce grunted.
Clark ife Boggs vx. James Ken
nai'd. Foreclosure of mortgage.
Town Lots in the Plymouth,. order
ed to bo sold by the Sheriff, to sat
isfy amount of nolo and interest
thereon being $791.89.
Isaiah Lacy vx. Thomas Katies.
Mortgage foreclosed, and a tract of
land, consisting of to acres in
township ton, ordered to be sold by
the Sheriff to satisfy tho amount of
the note and interest thereon be
ing 514.10.
State of Ohio vs. William Ogle.
Attachment for contempt. Dis
missed. State of Ohio vs. John .Hum
phrey. Attachment for contempt.
"Throw Physic to the Dogs."
The "Graphic" recently gave an
illustration of the new chromo is
sued by the Murray Hill Publishing
Company, 129 East Twenty-eighth
Street, from Bispham's painting-
" Throw Physic to the Dogs." The
subject is a little girl physicing
various specimens of the canine
race. Tho-scene is a laughable
one, and tho different attitude of
the dogs is exceedingly pleasing.
It was designed to illustrate Dr.
Foot's aversion to drugs, and ac
companies each copy of his well-
known work, ''Plain Home Talk
and Medical Common Sense." The
Doctor's practice is thoroughly
"New School," and in this way he
stards prominently out from the
rofession si successful practitioner.
The hook is a volume ot 900 pa
ged and two hundred illustrations,
filled with facts and reason relating
mankind, and their social and
physical status. The Graphic says
it: " It is an cncyclopedia'of use-
knowledge." A noted clergy
man of this city testifies to its mer
its, remarking: "It is a library in
itself." The Franklin Repository,
of Chainlicrsbiirg, Pa., speaks of
the picture as "a beautiful chromo,
very pleasant, and so enjoyable as
be almost good company." Xew
Vurk Express.
J. S. IIvnx, Hardware Merchant
of this town, departed for the west
on the Cincinnati Express, at 1 :30
last night. He will be absent two
or three weeks, and will visit por
tions of Nebraska and Kansas, be
ing Agent for the Atchinaon and
Topeku Putilmad, and the Burling
ton and Missouri River Railroad.
His niotlier-in-law, Mrs. Barnes.
will accompany him as far us Iowa,
where she will remain until his re
Heretofore the through mails
from Washington, Baltimore, New
York and other eastern cities, fur
Cincinnati, Chicago, and the west
have been sent via the Pennsylva
nia Central k Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne
& Chicago Railroads, but now new
postal cars have been placed on the
Baltimore k Ohio and Marietta it
Cincinnati Railroads, mid the mails
will be carried by this route, saving
about twenty-four hours' time.
. Elu. John Gold, of the firm of
J. it V. Cold, proprietors of the
.McArlhiir Nurseries, returned from
a Jive wtvks' tour through tho wes
tern counties oi" the State, on Mon
day last, bring engaged in selling
fruit trees. He was very success
ful. On .Monday morning last, aliout
twenty of our citizens took thoir
departure lor Cincinnati, to attend
the Industrial Exposition, among
whom we noticed Nelson Richmond,
Gi:or(ie Lantz, T. A. Murray, and
Ed, Stiiono. Half-fare tickets good
for six days, can be had on the
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad.
M. R. Potter, of Jackson town
ship, left on .Monday last for North
Carolina, having some business in
that State which ho desires to look
after, and which will occupy his
ti mi! for a few weeks. May helm
succensfiil during his abseiiHcl
Waldo Murray, of Clark Fur
nace, Stewart county, Tcnn., is in
Cincinnati this week purchasing a
stock of goods for the Clark and
La Grange Furnaco Companies.
I. K, IIainesworth, of Potter
Ilidgp, in Swan township, sent us a
specimen of Iron ore to bo found on
his farm. It is a very good quality.
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Weekly N. Y. Hun. 8 uages. (1 u year. Send
your dollar. - .
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37- THE BUN, N.Y. City.
Consisting of 300 acres, situated in Madison
owiifdiin. Vinton ('(unit v. Ohio, mr miles
from MeArthiir, and one mile from Vinton
Slutliiii. on tlin Marietta A Cincinnati Rail
road, on lln road leading from MeArthiir to
Athena, Ohio. 100 acres of Wood Land; 1ml
nnco under cultivation: :Vt seres of Outturn
Land. Well wutored. SiiiUciently large for
two farms. Two dwelling houses uiid all nth
er buildings, aliout 1-8 of a mile apart, upon
the premises. In a good neighborhood and In
Greatest Coal Region
On tho linu of said Railroad. Theru aro II
villus of Coal. 4 feat In thickness on tht prem
ise. One vein covers tliu entire tract of hind;
one covers all except 40 acres, and one covers
nil except about 1(H) neres. Within HO roils of
the Rnihvav Switch, running from Vinton
Station to Vinton Furnace; a switch can he
I'niiveiiion tly-.liiiilt across the land to the Coal
Veins. Am- iiuisoii wnntlnv iironcrtv of this
description, could not do better than purchase
)43 acres of tho laud helougtoll. It. Deuiiug.
who will give any further information that
tnnv lie desired. Will sell at a liiirifuiu. If
one half is paid at or ahout the time of snle.
tun Diiyer may nave siicu nine on ucunvo
pavmeiit, not lo exceed ten or tll'lcen jears,
ns 'will be satisfactory. IiKiiir upon tho
premises or address II. It. 1KMINU,
July , ltJU-tr. Vinton Station O
Dearie ana Prostate Proper
ty for Sale.
- At Zaleski, Vinton enmity, Ohio, on thu Ma
rietta A Clncliinal I railroad, with Mill Yard
of one acre, nud ith all the necessary uuiclii
erv for Ct sTou and Mkiicii ant Wiihk. Also,
two neves of land, adjoining the Mill Yard.
iiiioii which Is n gooil nwelling House, con
taining 7 ltoonis.a Well, ( iHterii.Wnsh-liuuse,
Stable and other conveniences, with tirapes
una all kinds ol f ruit. Also
Portable Steam Saw Mill,
Now located mile from Hope Furnace Sta
tion. II miles from Zaleski. nnil cuttinir from -I.
IKHI ton.OOOft. of Lumber duilv.and a set for logs
siillicient to make mKMHJO feet of lumber; two
two-horso Teams, Harness ami vwigons com
plete, connected with the Mill. Also,
100 Acres of Laxd,
Situated In Washington county, Iowa, II miles
from a railroad, with Dwelling House, and
nil out buildings; (HI acres of which are Im
proved ; linictitouo soil, near to timber; a' very
desirable property. And ulso, oTiircu pk li
nos' Ai. PUOPKKTY.'
The Flouring Mill and Saw Mill are In good
running order, and doing a very priilltablu
All ofsnld nronertv will be sold at low Ui l-
ees, together or separate, the whole or nne
biilf interest in the said l'orlablo Saw Mill.
KltMS: one-third cash, anil lliereuiaiuder In
pnvments to suit the purchaser.
This is a i a ro chance for one or two energet
ic men to make money. Satisfactory reasons
given for wanting to'sell. Siiauks,
July l. lifiJi-u .aiessi.n.
.varo of Counterfeits!
re alms't,!, OOtnrncRnrm). Phkimul Pruggiill
..It uror nt the counter r'it to Miikt nr.oter projitt.
iv.e j.uii hin tlit ttamt ". Job Alone on inch
ni-.-il;. Alt othm ure imkiJiImii toiialiuni, Tho
ui-ntine Pills ire unfailing in tin euro of ll those
.iiuiul unit dangerous (litmuses to ttliioh tus fomsle
.vohtitutluu i ubjHt,t. 'J'her modernte all axcauive
euro all Kupiiroiision of tlio uieusos nhoa caused
f cnUI, llilliiiiiniiilioii, it disoa.e. In all oaaoa ol
' . 'i . . I' i if i j.lim i.i.in, i film m tlio Hack
...i I l.lnios. lntii-io i n kliulil emrtinn, Palpitatioa
'. .in ll.iart, IbbUm-sttiul Wait,, ihoy willeffeota
.-when all u;ikt iiiouni liuve (aill, and althouxb.
. v ,i.jMLifnl, ountuiu nuthiug hurUiil to the uioat
. ' '.if ix.iiHiituuon.
i .1 .il .r in hunlish Oman end French around
w.'il. ii v-n lull direction and advice.
.i i : . : . i: l illi ara Kilil at niiiat druit itnrsf.hnt
J ; ci.nimt enpplj tlio umummk, do not
. ' I" uccniit any tiiuiilorleit or bogus ar.
' 'no Dollar lo tho sole proprietor, Job
i' ii:liuiilt Street, Now York, with name
. . , i nice ot which ou will rill for the pack-
. nt s bottle of Ilia OKNniNR Puia lecureliand
, "V"J fuiu wraupore will be sent by return
iv.yav rn.Moivio wafers
lorn I'nr.lllt. l!ni.H. ASIUMA, Dhonciiitis, Song
iii M.i.r, H'iAiii-to.is, lumun.t Huuvuimo, In
:'" - 1"K,:i:mi.h,, and Ia'm Dikkakks. The
li.ivi uo usie of niiiicino, and anv child will take
iU; I il.uiMtiuda liuve tnn roiUirod to health that
vl ti .low ilupiro.l. testimony given In hundreds
i . :l i eeiiiN m-rhnx. .1 oil MUSKS, Propria.
.: ...ithli.tStroi!t, New York.
... :.A'TAtt'ni5 upkcific 1'ir.i.s.
l r ,,itr,..l l.jr J. OAKAKOIIUIK,
N . all Hue I.lnlianl, Paris.
: tiilii i rjlilulily rooominendml by tlio entire
i ol l .voltynf l'ruce as th very lirst remedy
r. .'. Il c:: ins of Hiioi-mat.irrttffia, or Seminal Woaknos. (
iSi.iu, : lii'inniu In Iho llrino: (ferrous le
jil.ty, an I all Iho sliMtlv train of Mmiukii arl.lnr
I'iij Al..:i.u ;i,t,l isaoret Hnbita. 'I'hc.y rur. when all
.H..T ro i.-i ,1. a fall, and have lieen uneil with astonish
ut mo tvHi by Itio londitift French )iiyii'iatis during;
'it " t II loir.. Pamphlet of Advice In each bos,
- -nil lu sent Free to any addresa. 1'rloe. M I lirr
.. . heat hy mail, Rtirf etttled rum all ub.tr.
no re.tintof Drine tivanv advertise Aeant.
. i: c. lliiSKH. 1h t oirn.ANW dr., Maw Youx,
..ei'id Aitonlfor Atnerioe.
.'. liK)K roil THE MILLION!
"V IT wJ . ("Yis 1 A private Cniin.Hnrtn lint
iirrivsgOi "f'd tb.e al-iul t.
. nivrrr oil Iho i1itU 'is cl
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Uli'o kesual vriletn, with tli
Inifinl dUcovcrltf Li proilui?li.,Ti.iMl iirvuua oRiriiiK,
bow to pii'tt'l'iO llit:liipl-lu,tl:o.
'HiM.mi Intpieiiiiirf work I two It u nd red tod ilitf
riUKt'.wlih uuiiitTuui men" ttiKi inrt oouUlin yiluitlt
iilnrtublliiu Un Uiomj wliu ure iiiim.od,rwbtrmplltnr
rlu,o. Hlillltlia Imki tlmioiifilit to it kit uatWr UoK
Mini key. mid not Ulil curlonly Kbotii tb Iioum.
It ei.utulin the ORerteut!ftud fttivlcs era bTiloUn
'JbuiArtfiiuiatloit li norld-wldo, anil should bo In the prl
Mo:rftarortvcrjr nult aui fmfclthruihouuhtoviit
h h. lientiracci every ihlnj oh thtiubjtctof (lit
cruttveiTito.il (hi. U worth knowlug, aiid DtughtliaiU
nut puimilinri in any otbnr work. 1
Hcut 10 nr ifrwt of poiUgo) for PlftT Cnti.
A'Mrrailir. Hutu' lU,Hmary,N9. IS N. Kifhthttratl
St. leOUU, Mo.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Itctnro pplylnn to tho uotorlnui quicki who adTtrtti In
iniMlu HMialor uhif any quark roidlft ptroit Dr.
li itu' work fin tnatur wbatyourdUfaitil.or bow dijdof
a ir your condition.
Mr. Hutti rHuiiipivi a noul.la hout of twfiniy-nfrn
rof.iui;. liiilorurd Uy nnmo o f the most celtbrHeii iQfldl-t-il
'furdMorn of ihlNiu n ti r mill Kuropo, noil can to nun
lull, l ixTRnimMr er f mat I, on iliudiiaftnei uinitluuo'l lu
Ci.i'ct nii'-I .iirl.rti. No. I J N. Klglilb iiravu
1 .w. it Jim.t i oiid ( luaiitii, f t. I.ouli, Wo.
Music! Music!!
IriccH From S1C tc
SI'IIINWA Y'S nanus, itiknowli'dgi'il uiirl
vnllcd. if. K. II A It It IS & CO'S., riaiH.s, poslllvely,
tlif. Iiest iiieilliiin prii'tiil iIhiiiis ininlii.
JIACON 4 CAItltlH, K'Hid nnil very elieiip.
SMI'i'll'r) Aiiierlriin OrjrniiH. Ilietinly hiHlril
meiil. used liy Mr. I'lillii l'liltliis, In liissuiiif
lour IIii-iiiikIi l'',iiruie.
KPANU'SOrKitus, eeleliriiteil fur llieir iuri
ty iiml putver nl Inuo
We firoofferinit; tltetilinve Instrumcnti I'liini
Ion to llfteeii per ceiiU
LowF.it koh Cash,
TIiiui tlioy rnn bo purchased elsetvliero. Cull
nnil see us nt our reslilenre, ornildress us by
M. II. It AUNF.H, Airent,
July 9, lHT88mi
Mr Artlnir, O,
The enormous bundles of goods
daily leaving the Store of
'Ham don, Ohjo,
Is abundant proof that (ho cash system is a success, and the
excitement is still increasing.
I have just opened a large and complcto stock of
HATS and CAPS, &c,
Cheaper than ever. I call special attention to my Stock of
Boots and Shoes. I keep a full line of custom made Boots and
Shoes from the justly celebrated factory of Pjuchaui), Smith &
Co., Cincinnati, 0. Every pair made by hand, and warrented
to give satisfaction. Ladies, Misses and Children Calf and
Morrocco Shoes, sewed and pegged equal to any shop work
made in this county. Also keep a full line of the celebrated Wal
ker Boots. .All of the above goqds will bo sold on a very close
margin, for cash. Don't buy a auction Boot or Shoe with paper
counters and insoles because they appear cheap; but come and
look at genuine honest work before making purchases elsewhere.
Best Prints, 11 els. B(.st Muslin, 12 J cts.
All wool tilling Jeans, 50 cts., best in the coun for the
money. Thirty inches Flannel, all wool, 35 cts.
Soft finish Bleached Muslin, only 15 cts.
Blecched Muslin, 8, !), 10, 12 J, 14 and 15 cts.
Quilt Lining, 9 cts. Lancaster Ginghams, 15 iris.
Best Check, only 20 cts., sold elsewhere at 2530 cts. The
cheapest clothing ever offered in the county.
Men's Chinchilla Coats, Only 5.
A splendid line of striped Shawls at $3, 3 50, 1, 5, G 50 and
7 50. A large stock of Not ions, Hosiery and Cloves.
The best stock of Embroidiers ever brought to Vinton coun
ty,for 10, 12, 15, 1G 2-3, 20, 25, 30, 33, 55, 37 J, 40,50 and 75 cts.
Retailing groceries jt wholesale prices. Best A Sugar 12 J cts.
Best Yellow Sugar 11 cts. Good Brown Sugar 10 cts. Best Rio
Coffee 28 cts. Good Rio Coffee 25 cts. Rice 10 cts. Four bars
Bells Soap 25 cts. Eleven bars Crampton Soap, 1. "A penny
saved is a penny earned." Don't take any man's word,but come
and see for yourselves. If vou want to get rich and be happy
buy your goods of JOHN W. WILCOX,
moved his
Patented Feb, 2 and Sept, 21, 1899.
J I o n s e IP li rnishing Goods!
Hit Htuik of COOK I Nil ! VIM In not eiii'mivi1 liy nity utore out.ililit of tlio elllcn. 't'liosu
winliliilf tn "t i Iiiiiiki! t-i'piiin,, will iiml cvtM'ytllliiK ll'luy nutsil lo niriiinli H klti llun. lid
htt tr 'i'itllv iiii'tftni'il I'iirilitttiri fur tlio iiiiiuiifiiuttire uf tin v,iic, iiml will till urduri) fioniu
ilintmti f i W'lKH.i;- AI.K KliH'KKS. lleHlem will llml it tutliuir mlvantii(0 tu jiurcliueu
WHI'V ul' llllll.
Hntiiitlntr uml litiiilliiir il'inti wllli I'.fitliiertx
Biilc, itml tliu btwt SKAl.lN'U WAX 111 llio tiiiirki't. Itu stiru turitll on Mill liuttire iirclittxii(f
C'l.l'M iifri'. 'I'tvii ilonri Knit of tilt! I'tist-olliio.
July aU, ltfiH-tl.
100,10 M
34 Pages!!!
Price 5 Cents. 6 Cents Post
Published hy D.
Dealers in
wMt. -
To tlio Dodgo Jiliiltl
in ST, East or the
"Where lie
in cloying
out hioi
At G-rat Bargains, With
i a V lew of
anil illt-iinti'li . All k I mil of K It I" IT CANS fur
.1.8. IIUIIN,
M Mffi
- paid, or $5 00 per Hundred.
IiimoH mid Organs,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

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