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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, September 24, 1873, Image 3

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McArthur Enquirer
a xt i,muiriv
Advertising1 Agent,
I uii authorized Agent to reclevo advortiso-
inmili for thin nniier. Ill) llS Sliccdal AT'
rmiKunientri with religious, agricultural und
oilier newspapers.
Advertisers who may wlrt to reaoh the
People or Vinton mi unjoin. v...-,
onn fliul no tetter meaium than tlie Mc
Arthur inquirer.
Bindinii. Persons having magazines or
books of any kind they wish to have
lUlllllll, It myv mum nu nun ui.,vu miiia iu
.tinio can receive them properly hound. We
llttlU lllllilD niiiiiiiiiiii.a nv.uj nv j -
tend to this brunch of business at low prices.
Tub weather is quite cool and Ml
The woods aro already taking on
a fall like tinge.
Hev. G. W. Isaminger lias remov
kl to Gallipoiis, Ohio.
It in only three weeks from yes
terday (Tuesday) until the elec
tion. lr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, MeArthur, U
Two furnaces will soon be built
..i vr 1. ....... ..,.,,,,1,.
lib iicn otiuita uiu, j-uiij iuuhuj,
It- you want blMik deeds or any
other blank come to this office. We
can supply you.
Savu the pennies! When you
get 150 bring them to this office
and get The McAuthuk Enquirer
for one venr.
The Concord Grape crop in
this county was quite short but
bweet. The hard winter killed the
'I "he suspension of Jay Cooke &
Co., nukes us think Unit National
Hunks can be cooked. They tire
not much of "a national blessing"
after all.
Get your coal house lilleil before
the roads get bad: You remember
what a hard time the people of this
place had to get coal last winter.
Nelson Richmond, Treasurer- of
Vinton county, has j net entered
upon his second term, in which ca
pacity he lias gained the confidence
and respect of all citizens.
a m m m
Dr. N. J. Mower, Dentist, Mi', Arthur, 0
Farmers have been taking ad
vantage of the splendid weather of
the past ten days to push forward
their fall plowing and seeding. The
ground in most places is in prime
condition for the harrow.
Ft is said that work was com
menced last Monday on the Mon
day Crock Branch of the Columbus
tuid Hocking Valley Railroad. It
will be completed as far as Carbon
Hill this fall. Coal will be trans
ported from the Ewino and Finley
mines in two months.
During the past four months a
number of boys have made applica
tion to learn the printing business
in this office. All of the boys, ex
cept one, wo noticed, used tobacco.
They thoroughly understand the
tobacco chewing trade. If ivo con
clude to take a boy to learn the
trade, we shall not make a selection
from the tobacco eaters. Not by
any means !
Dr. N.J. Dower, Dentist, McArthur, O.
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad.
The following Is a statement of
approximate earnings of the Mari
etta and Cincinnati Railroad for
the second week in September:
PilSNCngers lI'ViHfl
ji'voiijiiu rr.MM
M ill, cx,.ri!3H, iiutl telegiaph. s,5O0
Tot ii I
. M1,S)!1
Total litis month to dale
Total for Urn IN ill your,
I'.DIIIIIIUIIUlllK- 1st ol J mi
l,fil 4,0:10 I,21I3,150
Jon Cozad, of Richland township,
can beat everybody in Vinton
county raising Yams. lie brought
us one lust Wednesday that weigh
ed 2 pounds and 10 ounces,
Another. Our friend Jon Co
zad Is beaten. Our old friend,
Jonathan Brink, of thU town,
brought us on Monday, a Yam
of the same variety, that weighed
3 pounds and 7 ounces. He is far
ahead. Who can boat hi in?
Tub most sensible fashion that
has been known for thousands of
years is just roraing in vogue, but
it causes the corset makers to howl.
Instead of being laced nearly to
death, a largo waist is just the per
fection of stylo. Toor tortured man
may now become healthier and
happlor wives. God bless tho wo
man who started tho style, and may
her sex everywhero bo faithful fol
lowers. Those silly females who
refuso to follow tho now fashion
will go to dwell among tho angels,
Poor, miserable mortals (
Mass Meeting
Hon. J .A. &I-IA1VK,
Will address tho people of Madi
son and other townships at Zales
ki, on
Thursday Evening, Sept. 2bth,
Let the working men of the Rail
road Shops, the furnance laborers,
the miners, tho farmers, and every
body turn out and hear these able
speakers ! A special invitation is
extended to tho ladies.
Thd Zaleski Brass Band will fur
nish the music.
Free Lodgings for Immigrants.
LINCOLN, Nebraska.
The Emigrant's Home at Lin
coln, the capital of Nebraska, has
now been open one year. This in
stitution is a building at the Bur
lington and Missouri River li. R,
station, provided by that company
for the gratuitous accommodation
of strangers. Besides a spacious
day-rooin, there arc ten chambers,
in which as many immigrant fami
lies may spread their beds and
lodge. There is a kitchen with nil
conveniences for them to cook and
wash. Bathing rooms for males
and females are also provided. The
only charge ever made is the cost
of tlie fuel used.
Duriug the year more than six
hundred persons (C3G) have here
found refuge and rest. Of this
number o)5 were adults (254 male
and 111 fumalcs) and 71 children;
151 took lip homesteads on govern
ment land leaving families at thy
Home while they hunted for loca
tions, tuid 150 or in ore oiituini.;
work either in Lincoln or v,-si
of it.
One old man lately came from
Scotland with three daughters auo
their new husbands all very poor.
The wives, at once, as "hired girls'
obtained f. and $4- a week with
board, in good Lincoln families ;
the husbands und the patriarch
soon discovered homesteads, for
eagli ot them further west, and
took possessions of those .$14 farms
By working for other fanners, they
hired a few acres plowed, and sow
ed with sod-corn. Their united
earnings will soon pay for such
houses ns homesteaders build,
Their crops will pay for farming
tools, teani9, wagons, cows, sheep,
swine, and a better house in good
Thus, working no harder, and
farming no worse, than they always
have, they will live henceforth ab
solute owners of a square mile of
land, C40 acres, ns good as any in
Scotland. Emigrations opens to
them a new heaven and a new
earth, for, in their uativo isle, they
could scarcely by any possibility,
have ever become the owners of one
single ncre.
I he B. & M. Emigrant Homo in
Lincoln, has entertained strangers
from all parts of Europe, and
through them its story has been
told in their various homes. It will
welcome more and more, and send
them on their way rejoicing.
This B. & M. railroad company
have sold along their line in Iowa,
ii'id Nebraska, within thirty-three
months, 478,988 acres to 4,525 pur
chasers, on ten years credit and six
per cent, interest. On sales made
since 1872 no part of the principal
is payable till the end of four years
while twenty per cent is deduct
ed from land prices, for prompt
Tucks are a number of men in
Vinton county who won't taka Tim
IMc Arthur Eno.uiiii;k, yet they in
variably borrow it from some one.
They think $1.50 i si more than they
can afford to pay for it. We are
glad to know, however, that they
alwayB read it "on the sly." They
will slip into somo office, store, or
other place, and study it for hours.
That's right, gentleinoii, if It is pe
nurious, It Is tho healthiest sign
known of a paper's excellence, that
It is sought for and read. Tho
bettor plan is to pay us a $1.50 and
let us send it to you during tho
Rapid Transit.
Mr. A. Si'EEit, tho great New
Jersey wlno man, has invented a
Traveling Sidewalk for Broadway,
N. Y. City. Engineers pronounco
it one of tho greatest novoltles of
tho ago, and say it is perfectly
practicable. This is tho samo Mr.
Spider who has succeeded In raising
the best wiuo in tho country, which
lias becomo so celebrated ; his Port
GrapoWIno and P. J. Bkandy arc
now being used by physicians ev
ery whoro, who rely upon them as
being tho purest and best to bo had
by driigglats.
Three Cheers for the Railroad!!!
Work Commenced at
At 7 o'clock on Monday morning,
September 22, 1873, the work upon
the Gallipolis, McArthur and Co
lumbus Railroad was commenced
in tho lot of Humphrey Lynch,
north of North Street, in McArthur:
or perhaps wo should say tho work
was re-commenced, as this old road
bed which has slept silently since the
abandonment, twenty years ago, of
the work upon the old Scioto and
Hocking Valley Railroad, north
from Ilamdcn, seven miles south-'
west from this town. At the cros
sing of North Street the fill is five
feet, and south of Main Street, east
of the Steam Mill of Gilman, Wakd
& Co., the cut will bo from two to
about four feet. The work is not
being performed by contractors,
but by tlie direction of the Rail
road Company, and under the per
sonal Superintendence of J. D.
Kikkpatkick, an experienced rail
road builder, who has been in the
employ of -the company during the
past eighteen months. One six
horse and seven two-horse- teams
moved the earth quite lively during
the daj During the day the work
was visited by largo number of
people, who were highly pleased to
witness the noble work the work
upon a railroad that shall actually
pass through this out-of-the-way
town. Coknicmus Kaunas
and John Huns, two of the
Directors of the road, were
present at the work. Mr.
Kahnes informed us that ho could
not say whether the Vinton Furnace
route or the Dundas route would
bo selected from this town. AVe
are informed by good authority,
that the cost of building tho road
from McArthui' to the Marietta and
Cincinnati Railway, at Vinton Sta
tion, will be but little more than
the cost of completing the old road
bed between here and Dundas. Mr.
ilowAiti), the Chief Engineer,
found a very good route along the
valley to Vinton Station, there be
ing only two or three short curves,
and the grades very easy. Four
bridges perhaps will be required.
Quite a favorable route was found
between Vinton Furnace and the
original survey near Eagle Fur
nace, only one tunnel being neces
sary. .Wo believe that tho Vinton Sta
tion route will be selected. Taking
all things into consideration, it is
perhaps the cheapest and most
practicable, notwithstanding the
short curve that will be necessary
in order to get around the "Brown
Hill," scuth-east of town. The
road will probably bo completed
forthwith from Vinton Furnace to
some point in Swan township,
about eight miles north of McArthur.'
Tho work upon that portion of the
road between Vinton Station and
the " Speed Farm," one mile north
of town, the total being about 3J
miles, will be tho most difllcult to
complete. Tho "distance between
Vinton Furnace aud a practicable
point in Swan township, for the
transportation of ore, is about
13 miles. Tho result of tho com
pletion of this portion of the road,
would be tho placing of Swan aud
Jackson townships in a position to
rival any country on the face of tho
globe In the production of iron ore.
Land in those townships that,
before this happy event, lay locked
up so securely, would then bo open
ed to the pick and shovel of miners,
and money by the thousands would
bo invested in tho purchase of the
mineral lands. Oro mining in that
section commenced fifteen months
ago, but never attained much head
way until within the past four
months. Tho ore mines now in op
pcration aro doing splcndidby, al
though it is only being transported
by two-horso wagons. The comple
tion of the railroad would work a
aoneral revolution in mining mat
tors, and tho transportation of ore
from that rich mineral region.
Faum fob Sale. E. Ratclifv,
Executor of Enoch Rutteii, dee'd.,
will Bell tlie "Ruttcr Farm" at pub
lic sale at 10 o'clock, ou Saturday,
October 4th. It consist of 102
acres; 75 cleared; balance well
timbered ; lies well for tillage; ap
ple, poach and other fruit troes;
good hewod log and frame house;
all out buildings; grist and saw
mill; plenty of water for general
purposes, upon tho premises. Sit
uated on tho Chillicotho road, one
half milo west of Allonsville. Will
bo sold in three lots, or all together,
as may be deserved by purchaser.
One-third cash in hand, ono-third
In ono year, and one-third in two
years, deferrod payments secured
by mortgage. n36-2t.
Tiieodoke Lund, tho celebratod
Artist, will bo in MeArthur this fall
to paint portraits if u sufficient num
ber will inimodiately leave their or
ders at Blllinghurst's Photograph
Gallery. 37-2t
Wild ducks may now bo killed
without violating tho law.
Sunday School Picnic. The
Sunday School Pionic that was held
last Friday, the 19th, was a grand
success, both in point of numbers
and interest. The crowd came
pouring In, In largo delegations
from various parts of tho county
quite early, though the weather
was inclement, yet a few dark
clouds and cool shower could not
dampen or cool the order of our
wide awake Sunday School Schol
ars. The Examining Commit
tee . awarded the banner to
Jackson Township, which pla
ces her in tho proud rank
of the banner Sunday School Town
ship. Tho Pleasant Valley School
of Richland Township, was award
ed a nice banner for bringing in
tho largest delegation from ono
school. These banners they will
keep till next year, when tho larg
est delegation then brought, will
take them. ,
The McArthur and Zaleski Brass
Bands were on hand and furnished
music to enliven the occasion, Also
Prof. IIulick was there with ono of
his unrivaled Estey Organs, that
spoke in its own praise to all who
heard it. Three thousand was the
general estimate on the crowd
Great credit is due the managers
for the pains and labor, expended
in getting up tho celebration. Wo
hope next year that the entire coun
ty will be represented in this mat
The Government Swindled.
Last Thursday Jay Cooke &
Co.'s three large banking houses,
in New York, Philadelphia, and
Washington, suspended. Why they
suspended, tlie meagre dispatches
do not tell, but they do tell this,
that in consequents of their sus
pension, the Government, as usual,
is one of the sufferers.
That bank after bank will follow
suit in the East, there is little
doubt, and even the country may
feel the blow that has been dealt.
It may be only one of the many )ret
to come. Already stocks have
come tumbling down, and great
excitement prevails at Washington,
New York, and elsewhere.
On Friday sixteen more banking
houses went under.
One of the greatest inconvenien
ces to which the traveler through
this country is subjected, is the
abscence of "guide boards" at forks
and cross raods. Very often the
stranger is led miles out of tho way,
because of his inability to tell
which is tho right road. We would
call the attention of supervisons to
the following section of the law
prescribing their duties:
"Section XII. That each super
visor within his district shall erect
and keep up, at the expense of the
township, at the forks or cross
roads of any State or County road,
a post and guide board, or finger
board, containing an inscription
in legible letters, directing the way
and distance to the town or towns,
or public places, situated on ench
road respectively."
If supervisors would attend to
their duties in this particular, the
traveling public would be spared
many inconveniences.
Editok Enquiheh:
Raper's little three inch article,
last week, on the "Judge," contain
ing only or.o lie to the. Inch is a
marked improvement, and a breath
of fresh air from his sauctum, com
pared to his productions generally.
That little pit from whence he draws
supplies for the hopper of his wind
mill, must be the foulest little hell
that nature ever made. Very glad
to note the improvement of only
ono lio to tho inch, and am cheered
in his case by tho faintest hope, for
while the lamp holds out to burn
the weakest liar may return. Give
him my regards weekly during my
absence, and tell him he is not a
nuisance but a luxury that the
community would never miss.
Edward Hassey, who resided on
the "McAllister farm," cast from
Vinton Station, on tho south gidc
of tho road, and who was engaged
in digging coal for tho Vinton Fur
naoo & Coal Co., near Vinton Fur
nace, was instantly killed by tho
slato in tho mine Wiling upon him,
about 4 o'clock on Saturday after
noon last, tho 20th. He was badly
crushed; but tho body was removed
from tho entry in a few moments
after the accident occurred. Tho
deceased was known and highly es
teemed by many of our cltizons,and
the news of his sad death caused
profound sorrow. Ho leaves a wife
to mourn his untimely death. His
remains were taken to Wilkosvillc,
in this county, oa Monday last for
KRITII-BUCIIKB. On the 17th Inst,, l,y
KM J. 1'. Junes. Mr. Jaoo Kkith Ami
MiM Mahy K. llut'HKH, nil of Vmi Wnit
ominty, Ohio, t tlm ronlileuoa of tliii brlilv'a
jrnlliur, ,
lirf;iircn-KLLKn.-On tho mill Itmt., by
Klil. J. 1. Juiivh, Mr. HiNitr I. Iiuoiixk
liml Mlm MAHKIKT M. Kl.l.KH.nt tll JtllllltK'H
i'iu.mU CtiiircU, nil of Vuu Wert couuty,
Ohio. .
Legal Notices.
John It. Mills, ot. ill., Iu'li'8 of
Iln Vinton
County, O.,
Court of
C o in in o n
Alien Mill, lic-ci'itticil,
MutililH .1. Linn, KlUiibolhf
Civil notion.
iMiiiH.ct, hi., luilrsor Ailnm
Linn, ilm'ftiwil, llc
feniliinls. John II. Linn, of tho State of Illii.rtlH, will
tnke notiiMi, that Joint H. MillH, ot Vinton
county, Ohio, with all tho other hairs nml
child mi of Allot Mills, iIocuiikciI.iis phiinlilK
iliiloiithu 2lnt ility Aiignst, ltfia, llleil thoir
petition in the Court of Common l'lciw, with
in nml for the niilil county of V inton, Htulo ot
Ohio, ngiiliut the eulil John II. Linn, Mntililn
J. Linn, widow nf Attain Linn, dceuned, Kll
znlicth Milta, widow ot Alk-n Mills, anil tho
lioiis anil children of Atlum Linn, iIwuhxihI,
tlofeniliintH, nutting forth amoutf other things,
tlmt the iliiiiitiU' mo tciiuntu in common mm
nro tsi'iwd nfee tiwph, from the Mil tiny of
Juiiumy, 1K72, of tho ono undivided linlf of tho
following rcul entitU-, Bituuleil in said county
of Vinlon, Ohio, to-wit: Tho west linlfof tho
nortli-i'ust iiiiiii ti'r of Section Number Twenty
(!),) in Township Number Twclvo (lit,) of
Kiiuge .Miiimor Seventeen (11.) of Ituiiln Mill
jecttosulu lit Chillleollio Lund Oiatrict, con
taining to ncruH, more or lean.
Tlmt miitl (lefuuilnnU unlawfully Mill con
trary to equity, keeps tho plftiiitilVu out
of tho possession thereof. That ft cer
tain ilccil from Alleu Mill ami Elizabeth
his wil'o to Adam I. inn, deceased, iliited April
2:1, 1MWJ, wan fraiululeulty mailo, executed anil
dollvereil, That tuid Eli.alieth was coerced
to sign tho sumo. That said deed was execu
ted ami delivered without any right, power
or authority, bo to convey tho' urciiiisvH, ami
done illoKiilly and for tho purpose of defraud
ing pliiimilli, iw 8uid Allen Millx and 'Adam
I. inn well knew: that Allen Mills, deemmcd,
only owned n life estate in said realty; that
ho ilioil .luiumry sWd, ltfW, and his csiute in
mild realty then tormiualeil.
And luivliior that defendants answer Bitld
petition; -.hut tho said deed from Allen Mills
and Elly.iiietli his wife, and other deeds in
said lie ti Urn mentioned as effect nluintift's
title to said realty, may bo adjudged aud de
creed fraudulent and void, and wholly vaca
ted ami m-t aside, and hold for naught; that
defendant release: that n'.aintilf inav have
judgment for recovery of llio possession of
Mailt rcmiv, inai an oiiniuuiu pitruuuii nt
be onlered (ill'Hiiid premises, that the pliiin-
tiffs nay linvo Judgment for $100 damages for
reins inn proms nom .iiiuuury zai, itfia, aim
other relief.
A ml the suld John If. Mini Is nodded that
ha iu rciiu red to nnnear and answer said int
tition on or before the third Saturday alter
tut) lt day in iictoner, a. i. iii.
Heirs of Allen Mills, deceased,
Ily E. A. lilt atton, their Attorney,
August 21, 1ST:-Gw
Joseph lleyers, whose place of residence I
unknown, will take notice, that J. li. Koss,
Elizabeth lliiillc.1 anil William N Hartley
have tiled their pel it ion in the Court of Com
mon I'leas or Vinton couuty, Ohio, setting up
mi estate m tlmple in tho following real
estate, situate in said Vinton county to-wit:
Tho cast-half of tlm north-west quarter
(K y, N V ,) of Section Number SI, Towu-
siiiii Milliner iu, lUnire Number 1U. cou
tinning K0 acres muro or less. And
praying for possessaon of said prcmiso and
the sum of r0 mesne prollts. Said Joseph
Ileyers is required to answer said petition ou
or ueioro mo ijtn day or rsovenmor, lsta.
J. (J, ltOSS, ot. al.
It.V lT.S. Ct.AYrOOt.R Si J. M, MUCilLMVHAY,
September 17, lSTl-tlt. Attorneys.
Thomas' M. Lytic and Marry Lytlo his wife,
whose place of residence is unknown, will
take notice that on the -Jlst day of July, 1873,
John M. Sloan, filed his petition in the Court
of Common l'lcas, in and for Vinton County,
Ohio, setting up a mortgage) lien upon the
following lands, situate in Vinton Coiintv.
Ohio, to-wit: The undivided (Jo) of tho east-
ii ai i oi mo norm west quarter, ami ino norm
east quarter ofthe north west quarter, and
tlie north west iiiarter,oftho north cast quar
ter of Sect fun 81, Township , Hango Id. Also
tho south oust quarter ofthe north castquar
torof Section 30, Township 1), Itiinge l!l. Also
the north west quarter of tho north west
quarter ot .lection 31 nml uicbouiii west quar
ter ofthe sou tli west ouurter of Section 110.
Township I), Itange 18, except the north west
(iiiarturoCthe north eas't quarter of Section 111,
Townsbip 0, Itange IB, aud asking that said
mortgage lie loreciosett, said lands sold. The
piweeds brouirht lulo court, and implied in
satisfaction of his claim, against one Thomas
ni. i.vtie, lor tne sum ol ji.TJr.'i, unit inter
est from January, SOtli, 1K73. Said Thomas M.
I.vtlo and w ife are imrtics defendant Willi
said Martin II. Uninil: said defendant lSnmil
is requiicd to answer said petition on or hc-
roro tuo lam ttav of Aovemhcr. A 1. 1S73.
liv .1. M. MuGti.MVRAY, Attorney.
September il l, 1S"3-0V.
E S-
Prolate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio,
N'ol lee is hereby given that Eliliii A.Slsson,
as Administrator of the estate of James Mu
tuality, deceased, has tiled his account there
with, lor partial settlement; and that, the
same is set for hearing on tho 17th day of Oc
tober, lb,i, hi 10 o'clock, A. tr.
11. II. MAYO,
Sepl. 22, 1H7.J-4U l'robatc Judge;
Notice is hereby given that John T. Illack
hat liceu dulv appointed and mialillcd Ad
ministrator ilt bo. ilt nan, of the Estate of
William n. muck, deceased, lalo oi niton
conntv.Ohio. JOHN T, lil.ACK.
September 10, 187D-3W.
TITITU Us gloomy tUndauts, low
If spirits, depression, luvuluutarr
laUslou. lass ot somsu. sponna
au, iuu vi iewsr, amy neait,
lass ot memory, anil thrtaUusdi
potcuct, aud Imbecility, liml a sover
eljrn cure in IU UPUlt IlV IIO.MC
.IaiT. THiatoJVEItEIONIlliMiLljY tonus
UP Uie system, ononis the ducharges, and im-,
parts vkjor aui eaurgr, life and vitality to tlisj
entire unto. Tuay liure cured thousands of oases,
trios, 15 per package of lire boxes and a large 12
Ylal, vliiuh is vary important in obstinate or old
auiaa, or (1 per single box. Sold by ALL Drug,
gilts, sud sent by juiulon reosliitof prie. Addieis
k'O.i 609 Dhoadway, N. Y. Baud fyrci'-ulur.
Just Published in a Sealed JJnvcl-
, ope. Price Six Cents.
A tectum on tho Nntiirc. Treatment and
Kadlcid cure of Seinlnal Weakness. orSper-
liiaUirrliocn. induced by Self-Ahusii, Involun
tary Knilssions, luipotency, Nervous Hehll
itv, and Impediments to Man-In no ircnernlly:
Consumption, KpilopsT and fits; Mental and
rnvsniti incnpacity, Ac. nv miur.ii i .1.
i:LVI-;l!Vi:LL, M. 1., author of tho "lireeit
llook," Ac.
Tho world-renowned author, In this admira
ble lecture, dearly proves from his own ex
perience that the awful consequences of self
abuse may bo eilectunlly removed without
medicines, and without dniisernua sundial
operntinns, bougies, instruments, rings or cor
dial, polnllngout a mode of euro at once cer
tain aim eliectuui, ny whlcli every sullui-er,
no malter what hi condition inav be. iimv
cure himself dimply, privately and radically.
This lecture will prove a boon to thousand!
and thousands.
Hent under seal. In a plain envelope, to any
address,on receipt of six cents.or two postage
slumps, by addressing the publishers,
vn Jiowcrv. wow lorn, i. u. imx 4,.is.
V, linvo purchased and Illicit up tho
VV above mills.
, a d solicit mi) trade or
the fanners of this vicinity
Hpk. iui attention given to
And faro given ai pinnso nil customers. Mr.
A. A. CO.KNS. ait exoerleniii-d miller, has
charge of the mill, and will not fail In deal
Inlrly and givu general satisfaction.
Flour, Meal and Feed
On hand, and for sale at
FALL 1873!
Hosiery, Staple Notions, 33nck
Goods, Small "Wares,
New Stock, Low
S. C. Swift,
Special Notices.
amis have already gone, and thousands mors
arc turning their eyes towards new homes iu
the fortllo Wejst. To those going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah .Wyoming
Nevada, Oregon or California, wo recommend
a cheap, safe, quick and direct route, via St.
Louis, over the Faciflo Railroad, which rum
Its fiuo Day Conches aud Pullman StVepers
from St. Louis to principal points in the West,
without change. We believe that the Mis
souri facillejKitilroad baa the host track and
the finest and saftcst sqiupnient of any line
west of tho Mississippi, and its connections
with roads further West are prompt and re
liable. The Texas connection of this road it
now completed, and passengors 8"e offered a
aflrstclass all-rail routo from St Louis to
Texas, either over the Missouri, Kansas Si
Texas It. K., via Seilalia, or over the Atlan
tic & Faclllc R. It., via Vluita. For maps,
time tables, information as to rates, routoa,
4c, we refer our readers to 8. II. Thompson,
Eastern I'nsaeuger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E, A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent, St. Lou
is, Mo. Questions will be cheerfully and
promptly answered. nS5-ly
Emigration Turning. Cheap Farms iu
South-wast Missouri. Tho Atlantio Pacific
Railroad Company oCTera 1,800,000 aero of laud
In Central and South-went Missouri, at from S
to $12 per ncre, on seven years' tin-e, with free
transportation from St. Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, niinural wealth,
schools, churches, aud law-abiding society in
vite emigrants from all points to this laud of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
TrcK, Land Commissioner, St. Louis, Mo. 1-ly
For Loss of Ai'i'KTiTK, Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Depression of Spirits and General
Debility, in their vuiiotis forms, Ferro
Puospouateu Kl.TXIK op Calisaya made by
Cabwei.l, IIizahu ft Co.,Nett' York, and sold
bv all druggists, is tho best tonic. As a stiui
ulent tonic for patients recovering from fever
orotber sickness, it lias no equal. If tnkeu
during the season It preveuts lever and ague
and oilier iutermitteiit fevers. U-4w
KltnoitS OF YOUTH.. A gontleman
who suD'ored for years from Nervous Debility,
Premature Decay, and all tho cflects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for tho snko ot suffering
humanity, send free to all who need it, tho re-
ripe and direction for making tho simple
remedy by which he was cured. ' Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, in perfect con
fidence, JOHN B.OUDKN,
80-3111 o. No. 4i Cedar St., N. Y.
For Ayer's Medicines, gn to (J. W. Sisson's.
Pittsburgh, March, lfiTS.
Wo have used largo quantities of Ileyiner
llaiiman & Co.'s Strictly I'uro White Lead,
and havo always found it uniformly and Iluoly
grouud, very white and of oxccllent body.
Its purity wo have never questioned, aud wa
cheerfully recommend It.
Master Painters.
A CAKD. A Clergyman, whiloresiding iu
(toulh America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simplo remedy for tho cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, disease of tho
urinary and seminal organs, and tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers havo been
cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to bcnellttho afflicted and unfortunate,
I will sendtho receipt for preparing and using
this medicine, In a scaled cnvelopo, to any one
who needs it, Free of Charge! Address
For I'uro Drugs aud Modlcincs, go to Sis
son's. Five Hundred Thousand.-WO.OOO bottles
of Greene's August Flower have been sold iu
this State Iu threo months. We only ask you
to go to the drug stores of dunning or Slsson
McArthur, Ohio, and gotabotttorf ofchurgt
or a regular slzo at 75 couts. Every bottlo
warranted to euro Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Sick headache, Costlvoness, Heart
burn, Waterbrash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure Blood, and all disease caused by Im
pure lllood, or deranged Stomach aud I.iver.
Try it. G. G. UKEEN, Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio.
Station I), Bible llouie.N. V. City.
March IS, 1878 v7,nl0.
To the Suffering. TIms Rov.Wm.lI. Nor
ton, while residing lit Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered In that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, nnd Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy lias cured myself after all
oilier medicines lind failed.
Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will send
tho recipe) for preparing and tialng this rem
edy, to all who desire It, Freoof Charge.
Pleaso soud an envolopo, with your name
and address on it. Address,
070 Broadway. Now York City.
March 19, 1873-v7,nl0.
For Flno Perfumery, go to Slsnon's Drug
The Host I'laeo. The choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quocnswaro, Glassware, Notions, Ac,
can bo had nt Davla Duncan's Store, in Za
leski, at all times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and product) of every
description taken In exchange, for goods, at
his store. In connection with his store ha lias
a Saddle anil Harnesa Shop, and will repair
anything In that lino on short notice anil al
low figures. (Jo and see hhn tf
Milton II. McKinnlas. whose tdure of rem.
deuce is unknown, will take not loo that J. 11.
Kohh, l.llzniietii tiartievaml V. Illlain M. Hart
ley has Hied their petition In the Court nf I om
moii Pleas of Vinlon couuty, Ohio. Netting tip
an estate in A iiii tit tho following real
estate, situate Iu said Vinlon cuiinlv. to-wlti
The west-half of the iiortb-east quarter
(V X N W kt) of Sort Ion Number III,
Township Number 10, Range Number 10.
containing DO acres more, or loss. Anil
praying for liossetslon of said pieml'ies,
ami the sum ol AMI mesne pi ollts. Said Milton
II. McKlnnlHS la resinlicd to answer mini peti
tion on or before tlm 1Mb duv of November,
IK7.1. 1 .1. I!'. UOMH, et.al.
Bv V. 6, (. l.AVroni.s H .1. M. MiAULl.lvaAV,
(September 17, IsU-llw. , Attorneys.
OH PRINTING or every description neat
ly and promptly execute aUli office,
New Advertisements.
CtTf iTTTIGo through tho Aguo perfor
Oll AHlJinaiice day after day, till all your
DIinXT vitality is used up find your
KI IV N health permanently ruined or
mke a bottlo ef our
O If l!iA 1 And brake up the fearful malady
at once. Cures ef Aguo warranted by the
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Wanted. Cash Salary, or Commis
sion allowed, strictly hoiioralile. Address,
V. A. ELLS & CO., Charlotte, Mich. 4t.
Soils at sight, everybody wants it. Apply at
oucoto 11. N. McKINNEY & CO.,
41. 10 North 7th St., Phil.
WORKING CLASS II0 a week guaran
teed. Respectable employment nt homo, day
oreveniug; no capital required; full instruc
tions and valuable package of goods sent free
by mail . Address, with six cent return stamp,
11 . YOUNU Co., 173 Greenwich St., N. Y .
$tl.Z.OJ was one agunt's proilt on Dry
ant's library of J'ortry and Song; $70 IN ONE
wkkk ou Tin liew ilouuketpet ' t Manual, by
Miss lleecher and Mrs. Stowo. Any active
man or woman can have an ngoncv. J. B.
FOR I) Jt CO., New York, Huston, Chicago and
San Francisco. 4w.
30llt Thousand In Press. Snle Increasing.
2,000 more live AGENTS wanted for our
Send for circular and proof of the greatest
success yet. Kcports'just in, ih-i sunscnuers
in six uavs; inn in ono wcea,
BROS., Pub's., Cincinnati, O.
Write for Largo Illustrated Price List. Ad
Ilreech-londing shot guns (40 to J"JK). Doublo
Shot lluus. J8 toIDO. Sinirlegiins toif-A). Ri
fles f 8 to I'.'i. Revolvers $0 to $'J.r). Pistols $1 to
tn. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle, l.urgu
discount to dealers orclubs. Army Guns, Re
volvers, &.C., bought or traded for. Goods
sent by express C. O . I), to be examined before
paid l'or. 4w.
Neglect a Cough! Nothing Is more certain
to lay the foundation for future evil conse
are a sure cure for nil diseases of the respira
tory organs, soro throat, Colds, (roup,
Diptheria,Astlima, Catarrh, IIoarseiicns.Dry.
iicss of tho throat, Windpipe or Bronchial
Tillies, aud all diseases of tho Lungs.
In all eases of sudden cold, however taken,
these Tablets should be promptly and freely
used. They eqiialio tho clrcid'ation of the
blood, mitigate the severity of tlie allack, and
will, iu u very short time, restore healthy ac
tion to tlie nifoctod organs.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets are put up only In
blue boxes. Tako no substitutes. If they
can't ho hud at nine druggist's, send at once
lo the agent in New York, who will forward
them by return until.
Don't be deceived by imitations.
bold bvdruggists. JMjf Price i!5o. a lox.
JOllNQ. KELLOtili.lS Pllttt St., N. Y.
Send for Circular. Sole agent for United
States. 4v
Agents Wanted. Seud for Catalogue.
New Yohk.
A Wong Intense, Intkhkst and Intiiinsio
V A1.UK.
By Hie gifted ion etf tlm famout "PETER
pa Ale v.1'
A graphic History of the Ocean Navigation,
Adventure and Discovery since tho Ark. Re
plulo with startling Incidents, fearful disas
ters, pi nicies, perils, ,tc, above, also the
WONHKI18 BKNliATll tiik MCA, Diving, Dredg
ing, Telegraphing, Ac. S'.'o spirited Illustra
tions. AKeuujust started report 101 orders
lit four days, &c, sells wonderfully fast. 8,000
Agoius vt anled. ceuu lor lull description
and circulars
II L B II AUD BROS., rubs., Cincinnati, O. 4t
Olllco, 14 Barclav St., N.Y.
Offer to the public a lantern
combining safety and(eeonomy
with elegance anil usefulness.
It cannot explodu; it gives a
good light, and consumes less
oil than any other; it Is not dis
turbed by the highest wind, and
If a glass Is broken, It is easily
renliiceil liv inioiitHnf Hie ftit-t,v.
They employ no agrntt except
their traveling dorks, but their goods can bo
nan iroiu mo ueuiurs iiiroiiguout mo coun
try. 4U
The stHrtllnir drawback on nenrlv all medi
cine; ageiila has ever been tlmt Iu' I jielr pro
cess of purgation and purillcutloii they also
UDiiiiiiHieii inesysioni. loonviuto inisiuui
culty, physicians havu long sought for an
agent that w ould
'el... I.. M.,ait,.,.l, l.na al It.ut It...... ,..1,.,1 l.v
a discovery wiiliih t'uilv roil lues tint fondest
desire of medical I'aoullr, n.ul which Is limtly
regarded as the most Important, triumph that
I'liariiiHcy uai ever acme von. t ms imionnni
iiesiuei uiiiiii ih . . .
Dr. Ttttt's Yeoetnblo Liver 1111.
Wltlell purify llio blood and remove all eor.
nipt humors and unhealthy accumulations
or lassitude w hatever, but on the contrary,
tones tlie stomach. Invigorates the Isnly during
(li n progress of their operation. They unite
tlie lierelofore Irreeonellitblu qualities of a
rt tiir HMU th mi,
l.w ',. la lllll. ba il.m n..l B...I..A Mtt.1
a. a a u a a, , . n a,,.. ,
searching medicine iu dxlslence. They at
onco attack the very root of dliensrs, and
llteir st'lion ih no prompt mitt in nit ooiir ot
tarn ItnaHutv M,. luk..,, t.ltA ,iltit,i la a,vr
of thtdr good effects. Tboy niiiy lie taken at
any time without reilralnt of diet or oe. iipa-
tiou; tney produce neiiner nausea, griping or
debility, ami as a family inedieine they have
Price S5 eta. a box. Sold liv all Druggists.
Prluciiml vine, 18 and 90 1'lalt St., N. Y. 4t,
Is in advance of all competitors. II la the)
only line rannlng through cars to the West.
umninus iransier, lerrjsge, an cnancai una
delays Avoidnd by Turning TIIKKK SPE
COC1IES, As follows:
For all points in
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
The Through Coach leaves Clnoinnati at 8:40
r. ic., indianapou ai:ia A. M., running
through Bloomfngton, Peoria, Galesburg,
Burlington, Ottumwa and Creston, arriving at
OMAHA at 10:00 A. M.. NEXT DAY, hours in
advance ot any othor route, making but u
Changs of cars to
Get your tickets via Indianapolis and Peoria
For all points la
Kansas, Colorado and the Southwest,
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati att:
p. M ., Indianapolis at 8:00 P. u., running
through Danville, Decatur, Jacksonville anJ
Quincy, arriving in KANSAS CITY at 0:5
p. u., NEXT DAY, hours in advance of St.
Louis lines, making hut one change of cars to
Get your tickets via Indianapolis, Danville
and Quincy.
Rock Island ml Davenport.
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 3: 43
p. M ., Indianapolis at 8: 00 p. is. runulng
through Blooming-ton, Peoria and tialva, ar
riving at ROCK ISLAND It 10: 80 A. M., DA
VENPORT at 11: 00 a. M., next day, making
but one change of cars for points in
Get your ticket via Indianapolis aud Peoria.
Pullman's Palace Drawing-Room
ani Sleeping Cars. .
Rub th rough from Cincinnati to Peoria and,
Indianapolis to Rock Island.
Travelers to any Western point can now
tuke their satchels, bandboxes and bundles,
select a comfortable seat aud kcop it to desti
nation. On account of these through and
convenient arraugeinonts,elugant equipments
and quick tinio. this route is now th great
pnputar thoroughart teticten th Eutl and
C,W. SMITH, lien'l Manager,
llrbnnu, 111,
JNO. W. BROWN, Gen. P.m. rfi Tkt. Agt.,
Indianapolis, Iud,
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. TIME TABLE.
Ou and after November t, lfcrTS Trains will
run as follows:
sjii ;
u ,
- 3 .
a : : : : : : : : : :
ps! : i :::::::: : : :
r y -t h
lh li ;!i !;:!!! I l-
y.MflOao'tuio rir9Q9eeeQei e
:3 ;
a a
Bri2;o ox lio a.
Milesggggg SggggglSS
a :
: so
M - "
a an'
" US:
Mileal 5fSgg'gyUj
id': i i :
is ia
,H -!-- 94 9 00 hftkQCtd O1O0 C-AOOO
lliSMilf MM;!;; Ml
U :
a.l i
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will run daily. All
other trains dally, except Sunday.
stud between II am den and Athens.
ills shmti IzU
Portsmouth Branch.
Mail Accommodat'n
8:45 p.m. 6:15 a.m.
4:44 " 1:51
8:45 " 11S0
Dep. Ilamdcn
Air. .laekion
" Portsmouth
For all points on the Little Miami Railroad,
aud at tho Indianapolis & Ciuclunutl Kail
road Junction for all points West.
..... Superintendent.
Master ol Transiiortatlon.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward.
On and aftor Monday, November 19, Trains
will run as follows:
Cffi'firtHI Ftttt I trail ,
Emprtu Lin Enprt
8 55 Am
8 40Pm
13.1 A in
I 85 I'm
841 Am
1 ID Pm
4 45 "
8 05 "
8 45 "
Ilitrpors Forrv.
8tt "
8 55
5 51
8)18 '
8 45 '
Wasliliigton Juuo.
.... Arrive ,
New York
V Depart
Now York
Washington ,
Washington Juno
Harper's Ferrv...
10 00 "
10 00
I) 85 Am
815 "
II 80 Pin
8 80 Am
4 00Am
8 (S) I'm
8 50 Am
1.54 Am
tl 45 Pill
8 45 Pin
8 00 "I
8 00 "
8 JO
4X1 Am
1S04 "
8 45 Am
5 00 "
10 8
8)15 "
Fnllmin Falao Drawing Rocm aiaeulnr Oan,
hlch are as coiufortabln, eloganll vfumlslied
nml almost ouiial to a lire-side, "am on all
I ruins finin Cincinnati to Baltimore and
Wiixhln.rtiin. Uai,Ulu.l,il. Alrln..l...i ...2
M illicit a Kiillmiul for time of arriving aud de
Tits advantages of this route over alt other
Iff. lllllfc if ITlw..a All traVlll.M I,i.I.IIh.i I.
tlckota tho privileire of viailing iTiiltlmoie
Phjlsilelphlb and tbs National CaplUil fii. '
a iui., iiin.n.Hu mmvi iiii-o lower inaa
by another route.
Till, aCinAI'V adlkMO (1,1a 1lull...nw la
eiualled for graudeuron this Continent,
This line nflfofa tittAvl.," l,,.li,i.nM...'..iH
rates lining one-third lower to and from IIim.
ton, New lurk, or any olber essUint koiitt.
la onlnrlnf goods ot any ileHcrlptlou ftnui ,
Euslglve diim'tlons to ship tin Pnlt iniore X
Ohio It. It., and Inshlpidiig Ka.d glveeanie ,11-
rectiona. r reigms siiiiipinl 'y llila niuio w III
IlllVM ll.-miHl-ll. Utirl llM llMlltllMtt .'lll - ..(
save lilis'is much monry.
Gen. Freight Agt. Unit (me
L.M. ( (H.IC,
. .. " Ticket Ag'u lUltlmore
o. is. lt an.
(ieo. rasa. Ag'l., Cincinnati

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