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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 01, 1873, Image 2

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McArthur Enquirer
J, W. BOWtN, JCdltor , nd Publisher.
State Ticket.
For Governor,
., . ;j OF BOSS.
,. For Lieutenant-Governor,
' f ar 'judge of the SupreineCourt,
H, C. .WHITMAN, (long term.)
C.H. SCRIBNER, (shobt term.)
" Fox Treasurer of State,
! f. f
For Attorney-General,
' -For Comptroller or theTreasury,
For Member of Board of Public Worka,
For Common Pleas Judge,
For State Senator,
of vWton.
County Ticket.
For Representative,
Prosecuting Attorney
Commlailoaer, i '
County Democratic Central Committee.
Chalrman-3. W. 110WBM.
S4crttary-W. W. BKLFORD.
Richard Graki,
Gkorok Lastz.
Township Advisory Committee.
Sagl3. W. WUkiDSon.S. II. Ifsyncs, J.
J'ro-Thoma Magoe, William Fuller,
John Swift, ir., 8. TWeetl.
Aieon Kred. Frick, Frod. Cradlcbaugh, Hi
ram Johnson. .
Jackton John Stoveus, James McGillivrity,
Amos Foreaero.
.47 Patrick O'Kocffo, Patrick Larey, J. D.
Vanderford. ,,
Vinton Daniel Bowen, Ephriain Uudclllre,
John Blore. . , , ,
jrada-on Solomon Shipley, John bhlrkoy,
J. T. Black.
Clinton Dr. S. W. MonHiian, ueorge a..
flralr. J. M. Thomas.
MMand-4:. W. riles, A. N
Coziul, A. J.
Uarrlton Philip Arganbright,
Steven, Harvey Dozler.
WttfceeeUle 11. . SOUlS, rfonn juuvarmujl
J&aner Booth.
Anoo-G.Il. Bell, J.
B. Martin, William
For the Campaign
For 25 Cents!!
TKt ilcArthur Enqulrtr will be scut to cam
paign aubicribers during the cainpmgn, or for
S months, for 35 cents.
By thii meani much good may be done for
the cause of Democracy and Reform.
Get up lists at every Post-ofllce, and In ev
ery school district, as the McArthur Enquirer
will advocate the cause of the people, the
farmers, mechanics and laboring men, against
the back salary grabbers nnd the official
t Meres who are eating out the substance of
the working peoulc.
Tuesday, October 14.
The date at the head of thie
avticle is election day the day
on which the voters make
choice of a Governor, State offi
cers, members of the Legisla
ture, and a full county ticket.
We want to impress upon the
minds of every voter the im
portance of this election. A
vote for Hon. William Allen
for Governor is a vote to con
demn Grant's approval of the
salary grab, his appointment to
high offices of those who were
polluted with the Credit Mo
bilier corruption. A vote for
Harbison Lyle for Representa
tive, and for George Lantz, for
State Senator, is a vote in favor
of sending to the United States
Senate as pure and incorrupti
ble a statesman ns Jvoai Tiiur
It is necessary for us to
speak specially of the individu
al candidates on the county
ticket, as each candidate is
well and favorably known to the
people of Vinton county. We
are free to say that seldom
have we had an opportunity of
recommending to the people of
; this county a ticket more wor
thy of their hearty support. It
- can most truthfully be said of
each and all that they are well
, qualified for the duties, of the
offices for which we have been
" nominated ., respectively all
men of experience, who will
look after the interests of the
taxpayers. . ...
Be sure and go to the meeting at
Hamdon, on. Thursday, October
9th. The Grand Fanner States
man William Allen will be
there to ulk to yon,
Ji. WWJ JJJ CIA filial
Coming to Meet his Old Friends !
An old-fashioned Mass Meeting of the People of Vinton, Jackson and
adjoining counties, will be held at
Timrsduy, et. $, 'ITS
Which will he addressed by
Candidate for Governor, and the gallant old Democratic States
man, who was the associate and peer of Weutser, Clay,
and Calhoun.
Will enliven the occasion Avth their excellent music.
Will probably be made with the Railroad Companies, for the benefit of
those wishing to attend the meeting.
Let every Democrat in the county drop his business for a few
hours, and give one day to his country ! Come and see the
great Statesman, whom you have
Come with your Hickory Wagons,
Delegations I Come by Railroad ! Come m Wagons I
Come in Carriages ! Come on Horseback ! Come on
Foot! Bring you'r Wives! Bring your big
" Bovs and Girls! Bring, your Neighbors!
V By order of the CENTRAL" COMMITTEE.
6 ito lift Bl f
not seen for more than thirty
Flags and Music. Come by
A Patriot's Lbtteu. The fol
lowing letter is handed us for pub
lication, of course wo cannot vouch
for its truthfulness:
CHILLICOTHE, August the 22d.
To the Post Master Gineral.
Dear Sir and Brudder : I have
been in dis 'ere town an' at
tendin' that darned nigger Clark's
convention, and I'se taken de liber
ty m in westigatin ue affairs of de
post office in dis 'ere eity. I find
Brudder Holcomb to bo one ob tie
best and most popular Post Mas
ters in my bailiwick. Ebrybody
and dar children all admire him.
His post office am de cleanest an'
de neatest in de country, I spent
some time in dimin up cle ollice
an' a blackin' ob do boots ob de
Post master an' his dark. I send
de bill: De United States to Hon.
Bob Harlan, Dr., For 4 days wages
in Chillicothe $4 $16.00
Board and feed 5 days 12.00
Blackin Boots and cleanin Post
office 5.00
Please remit at onct as I'se short.
Tell massa Grant I failed to get the
resolutions endorsing hun through
the convention but I'l pull de wool
over the eyes of the darkeys in
Cincinnati, bend on that tliirtj'
three dollars mighty quick.
lours for the money.
United States Mail Agent.
What they admit.
The Cincinnati Times (Adininis-
tion paper) says:
"We may as well admit at the
outstart that the Democracy have
put into the field nu unusually
strong ticket, and are working tor
it with unusual determination.
The Cincinnati Gazette (Admin
istration paper) says:
" The Democratic party will poll
its full strength in Ohio. It is our
impression that the ticket nomina
ted in Columbus on the 6th, will
receive more votes in proportion to
the total number cast than were
given to Horace Greeley."
Taxes in Ohio.
Under Republican rule, the
amount of taxes levied on the peo
ple of Ohio under State luws, is
nearly three fold what it was
when the Democrats held power
the State. In other words, the
amount of taxes now imposed, is
about $24,000,000, In the lust year
of Democratic rule It was less than
$9,000,000. The Republican Legis
latures have had power to stop this
heavy taxation, but instead of do
ing so, they have passed laws
encourage it
Mr. Stroko, Prosecuting Attor
ney of Hamilton Co., should not
hesitate in his duty. We have
shown that Governor Notes took
from the Treasury of Hamilton Co.
nearly $15,000 without any warrant
or law, while lie was rrobnto Judge.
He should commence an action
against Notes and his bondsmen
at once. Cincinnati Enquirer.
We hope the dcople of Vinton
will not vote for Notes for Governor,
because,if ho would unlawfully take
the money belonging to the people
of Hamilton county, ho would take
money belonging to others.
The Democratic County ticket
tho best and strongest ever put in
tho field, and every Democrat
should arouse and work earnestly
for its success. Every man on the
ticket is well known as honest, in
dustrious, and of good moral char,
Vote for Owen T. Gunning, for
Prosecuting Attorney, an experi
enced lawyer, who thoroughly un
derstands his business.
The Marietta Register (Rep) is
alarmed about Granges, thinks they
are like the Know Nothing organ
ization. The editor has no occa
sion to get scared at his own shad
The Marietta Times (Dem.) in
repelling the charges of the Regis
ter, say 8: Instead of any Attempt
on their part to curtail the liberty
of the citizen and deprive him of
his rights, they are manfully en
gaged in battling with the giant
monopolies of the land, for the
rights of the people. They don't
believe in Credit Mobilier and Tar
iff Swindles, nor Land Grabs or
Salary Grabs. It is an admitted
fact that almost the entire Legisla
tion of the country, National and
State, since the close of the war,
has been in the interest of the
money sharks of the land, to the
detriment of those large, respecta
ble and pay all classes, the farmer,
mechanic and laborer. This move
ment, if we understand it correctly,
is to counteract this legislation.
and substitute such legislation tiiat
it will not encroach upou the
rights of any. The object the
fanners is right and will ultimately
triumph, if a government of the
people is to bo perpetuated in this
Be sure that you vote for Patrick
Kelly, for Commissioner.
The Republican Ring of Vinton
county dare not attempt hold a
meeting at this place in broad day
light. They had a meeting an
nounced for L. Danford on the 2Cth
nit, but it was withdrawn, and a
night meeting was announced for
A. Hart for last Monday night.
Hart was on hand, and told a few
women and children at the Court
House a vast amount of lies about
Judge Thurrnan. His speech done
the Democrats a great deal of good.
Come again on some dark night
Hart, and tell us why Grant wanted
his salary increased to $137 per
Vote for William W. Bclford, for
The Hamden Meeting.
1 lie meeting at llamucn, on
Thursday, October 9, which will be
addressed by Hon. William Allen,
should be attended by every voter
in the county.
Democrats, pass the news around
that Allen will speak at Haimlcn
on tho 9th!
Make a holiday, and go and hear
tho Great Farmer Statesman
the issues before tho people,
Take all your friends with you
It is expected that pnssengers
will bo carried at half-fare on the
Vote for Harrison Lyle, for Rep
No Trading Votes.
The Republicans well know
that they cannot elect a man
on their ticket, unless they re
ceive tho votes of Democrats.
Do not trade votes with them.
Listen not to their flattering
Ovku ono hundred men, sixty
years old and upwards called on
Hon. William Allen when bo was
at Hamilton, Ohio.
The $100,000 a year Grant organ
of this county wants a dirty cam
Harrison Lyle and William W.
The opposition organ of thiscom-
munity, (its circulation in other
communities being write small)
lays great stress in its misrepresen
tation and attacks on our candi
dates for Representative, Harrison
Lyle, and Auditor, William W. Bel
ford; but these attacks and misrep
resentations on tho part of the or
gan aforesaid are prompted by per
sonal and self-interested motives,
which are apparent to everybody.
The principal complaint against
Mr. Lyle is that he is a hard-working
man and attends to his own le
gitimate business, and does not go
about abusing his neighbors, the
editor aforesaid organ beingfraid
he will get tho votes of some Re
publicans. The complaint against Mr. llel
ford is almost the same, except Mr.
Belford is so unfortunate as not to
be proprietor of the Vinton Miaid
establishment, nnd have tho hoiior
of publishing an advertisementgiv
ing notice to contractors that bids
will be received for the erection tl
an Infirmary Building in Vinton
county, and then in connection with
the honor assume the impudence to
change the date in the advertise
ment, making a year's difference
in the time of the receiving of the
bids,and then charging the county
a large price for the publication of,
the notice. It stands to tho credit
of our candidates to have friends in
the opposition. All that may be
said bj' the said Republican orga;:
will not mako the slightest change.
, We therefore urge every Demo
crat and every honest Republican
to work with pcrservcranco nnd en
ergy for the election of Mr. Lyle,
Mr. Belford, and all others on our
tickct,and thereby give salary grab
bers and their tools to understand
that Vinton county will not endorse
corruption and dishonesty.
$1,2945.50 Stolen.
Thk grave cbarges made against
Gen. Noras by the Cincinnati En
quirer, for illegally drawing money
from Hamilton county while Probate
Judge, stands uncontradicted. The
Enquirer gives da)' and date and
sums of the amount illegally taken
by Noyes at $1,294.50. The Noves'
organs all over the State endorse
this steal of their master. Now, to
tho voters of Vinton county we
would say: Do not vote for a man
on the Noyks State, District or
County Ticket, because all endorse
the steal, and would encourage
Noyes to steal more, should he be
re-elected Governor, nnd have an
opportunity, just as Grant and his
Congress did after ho was re-elected
last fall.
Our Candidate for Representative.
It is reported to us that Milt.
Bat, the candidate on the $100,000-
a-term extra Grant ticket, is using
all manner of means to get Demo
cratic votes. He has the impudence
to go about and ask Democrats to
vote for Notes or Delano by voting
for him for Representative. No
Democrat, who believes in the prin
ciples of the Democratic party and
who desires to witness the over-
throw of the Salary Grabbers and
thieves that have obtained power in
this Government, can maintain his
principles or party organization un
less he votes for tho Democratic
candidate for Representative. This
is the office where principle is at
Haukiron Lyle, the peoples' can
didate for Representative, is an in
dustrious, hard-working machanic,
and an intelligent and honest citi
zen. All Democrats and honest
Republicans, who desire to have
reform in governmental afi'uirs will
Htand together in the support of Mr.
Lyle, the peoples' candidate. The
election of Bat would be a vote in
the Legislature for one of the grand
rascals and Salary-grab defenders,
Notes and Delano, for United
States Senator. Democrats and
Republicans, bear this in mind
when you go to the polls.
Does Milt Bay Endorse It?
Notes charged and unlawfully
took $1,294.50 for making tho re
port of births and deaths for Ham
ilton county, whiio lie was Probate
Docs Milt Rat endoruo that unlawful
Will tho voters of Vinton county
cast their ballots for Bat, when
they know he supports dishonest
Tub latest returns from the
Maine election divide the new
House into 108 Republicans,
Democrats, and 5 Independ
ents. Last year the House was
divided in 128 Republicans, 21
Democrats, and 2 Independ
ents. Thus it will be seen that
the Democrats nre gaining
ground even in that benighted,
pine-clad region.
Filthy Blackguard.
We propose to treat the can
didates on the opposition county
licket as respectable gentlemen.
Simply because a few of their
fellow Republicans have placed
them in nomination, it does not
follow that we have undivided
liberty to gather up low, vtilgar
terms to apply when speaking
of them ; and most certainly
we have no disposition to do so.
Far from it ! Common decency,
self-respect, neighborly feeling
and manly motives ought to
prompt the mulish creature who
has control of the opposition
organ although that control is
against the wishes of nine
tenths of that party in the
county, becanso he is naturally
despised to adopt-, the same
rule ; but he seems to lack the
amenities of a gentleman in ev
ery respect. The creature can
not do otherwise than abuse or
grossly misrepresent somebody.
It is in the low brute and it
must come out ; and if he can't
throw it in the face of a Demo
crat, he will sling it into the
face of a friend. Now, it is well
known by the voters in the coun-
that the Democratic County
licket is composed of gentle
men whq are favorably known
for honor, integrity and sobriety.
1 rom top to bottom no fault can
be urged against a single man.
Yet the sneaking creature goes
to the cess-pool, drags out from
the mire ol filthy epithets, all
sorts of terms and applies them
to candidates on our ticket
old citizens of this county. It
is humiliating in the extreme
to know that without the slight
est cause or reason respectable
men are to be thus treated.
Shame on such a creature!
And shame to men who will
thus indulge in it and endorse
Go to the polls and vote
early. Don't trade votes.
Filthy Blackguard. Gen. Cary at Zaleski.
On last Thursday night the
school house nt Zaleski was filled
with an attentive audience, com
posed mostly of working men, to
hear Gen. S. F. Cary, who opened
the campaign in Madison township
with one of the ablest speeches ever
made by this gifted and talented
orator. Tho meeting was called to
order by Solomon Shipley, one of
the Advisory Committee of that
township, and upon whose motion
Okville Gl'nnixo was called to the
chair. Gen. Gary spoke two and
a half hours in his usual forcible
style, and was attentively listened
to throughout. His arguments and
exposures of tho corruption, extruv-
cgance and theiving of the present
administration were unanswerable
and elicited frequent outbursts of
applause. All those who were
present were supplied with food
for reflection. We are sorry that
every working man and larmer in
this county did not hear the
Half Time. Owing to the sus
pension of the many banking hous
es, which were organised under the
Radical Administration, the work
men along the line of tho Marietta
and Cincinnati Railroad, and in the
Car Shops at Zaleski, are now com
polled to work but one-half of the
time three days in a week. This
order was received by the employ
ces on Sunday night last, and took
effect on Monday. We deeply re
gret to see laboring men thrown
out of employment at this season
the year especially.
Democrats of Vinton County.
If you would have the Patriotic
Statesman, A. G. Thurrnan, elected
to the United States Senate, vote
for Harrison Lyle, for Representa
five. Lyle knows what you need,
and will labor, if elected, for the
good of all. See that every Demo
crat votes against the man Bay,
who represents the interests of the
rich, and of corporations, and in
dorses the Grant Salary Grabbers.
Information Wanted.
The Vinton Record will confer
favor upon some Republican voter
by telling us what was the matter
with T, M. Bay's oyes when
came home from tho Legislature
last spring. Be honest, Raper, and
The Vinton Recoi'd, of Septcm
teniber 25, 1873, said:
' "Occasionally we say something
that makes some lliin-Hkinneu suo
scriber mad. und lie conies in and
stops his paper."
How do the subscribers of the
Vinton County Grant organ like
be called "thin-skinned." ,"Thin
BkinneduLscalb"'1'"' 1 1
Rapcr says that he "don't know
this E. R. Ogan."
Ho knew enough of him to con
nect his name with some of his dir
ty lies.
Now, "Johr,'' we propose to let
you know, ns you said in your lust
issue, that you were "going to seek
for some more 'knowledge' who
this E. R. Ogan is."
He is a member of the Christian
Union Church, an old resident of
this county, strictly religious, ma
king himself nn ornament in socie
ty by his upright walk and godly
conversation, respected by all the
good people of every class,a man who
speaks the truth and lies "not ; a
man who delight in seeing bad per
sons reform and often counsels them
to forsake bad company and leave
off their vile habits.
If "John" is not beyond redemp
tion, he would do well to give Mr.
Ogan a call, and I well know that
he would plead with "John" to
leave off tlint vile und dirty habit of
lying, and that, too, for the benefit
A. O. K.
There were several Eagle Town
ship Democrats in town last week.
They feel under many obligations
to the ring for getting Wat Pilcher
to represent them in the County
Convention. Vinton llecord.
Rapcr, those "several Democrats"
was "Bill" Yaple, the man whom
slaughtered last fall to got votes for
Kalerand Holland. Oh, "John!"
you dirty, filthy liar !
Last week's llecord contains a
letter from tho pen of Marybus
llamden Furnace. While Marybus,
son-in-law of T. M. Bay, was wri
ting his communication no doubt
the remaining nine of the ten spo
ken of was engaged in prayer as they
all seem to be religious; if it were
not so, they would havo published
their letter in some political paper,
and uot that Religious Journal
"The Vinton Recon."
While the Administration papers
of Ohio, are reminding their read
ers of the " bloody war," of the old
wornoustory of "rebel Democrats,"
will they say something about the
$2,000,000 taken from the Treasury
in the Salary Grab by a Republican
Congress, a Repub'ican Senate and
a Republican President? Tell
them why tho President pardoned
Hodge, who stole from the people
$450,000. Tell them why it requires
$300,000,000 to carry on the Gov
ernment now, when before the war
it only required $70,000,000. Spell
it right out nnd let the people know
something atiout these evils. They
have had enough of " bloody war,"
and now want to put a stop to this
"bloody extravagance" of the peo
ples' money. Remember what Gen.
Cary said in his speech at Zaleski,
last Thursday night, and vote all
these plunderers out of power.
At a large Convention in Cin
cinnati a few days ago, resolutions
were adopted calling on Governor
Notes to pay back to Hamilton
county over twelvp hundred dollars
illegally drawn from the county
while Probate Judge, A failure to
do so, the Prosecuting Attorney was
directed to commence proceedings
against li bail,
Jowaro of Counterfeits I
Art t(wWl COPWIfjrMI'm, lHiHanut Dnw'U
ndmuarla til llu cmmUrSiili to makt grrattr maUl.
Tl, imuim, Aou (A. u Jb ftforMts M K
fmknf. All vkm an worlAfaM fnilMliou, Th
OKNIIIKI PllUtraanUlinf in Uiaeonof all thoM
ptiRiul and danwRxu diarana to which tb fmJ
tionaiitution ii ubjaoL Thar uiwlant til immiti
and eura all iiiiiprMaloii of Uiamaaaea whueaaaad
li told, Inflammation, or duaaao. In all oaaaa ol
.Vomxu and Bpiual Afloutluiia, Palna in tba Baak
au.l Uraba, Kallsua on alight Martina, Palpitation.
f the Hoart, Hj.tarlca and Whita, that will affaat
cira wbon all other niaana bava falUd, and although
turf powerful, contain noUiinA liorUul to Uit woat
a.-lcAioounitttution. '
Circular in Knaliih Oarmaa and French arotud
null bold, liToa full direction and adTlce.
I'lm iiknijinr I'illaaraaoldatmostdroaitorM.bnl
il y air aniririat cannot enppur tba oinuini. do not
Mi.Tin icii to accept any eonnianeit or bofua ar-
hut "lld One Dollar to the aola nninri.lm ' l.h
J " 'fx, IS I'ortlandt Htraet, Mew York, with nam
. and a bottle of the (Htxnraa Pilla eecnrcl and
aa (ol, aoked in plain wrappers will be lent by return
ji v.uriMM omue m wnicn vim wit. i i rntd nm afc
Onre Oooaiia.doi.iia, Ahtiima, Buonchitis, 8ou
Ihhoat, lloAMirnta, Dirvuiin.T Hhiathikgi.Iii.
bare no ta-to of medicine, and anr child will take)
tnern. Thoueenrfa hare been reetored to health that
bad before deepaired. Teetimnnr ffiTen In hundreds
of oaiae. Auk for It H VAN'S PULMONIC WAFKRS.
Prior. 35 rpnm per box. JOU MOoKS, Propria.
Uir. HMWtlandt Street, New York.
iMXAMAnnrc'B upecific puxs.
Prepared bf J. G A It A N( U K.KK
No. 814 Hue Lombard, Peril.
Thaeo pltli are hla-lilf rooommanded by the an lira
Medloal Facultrol Kranoe aa the Terr brat remed
other remn.liaa fall, and hare been uand with aatnnlan
i and
in eucoeM br tba leading- Frenob I'hreleiane during
tun iin-E .4 roars, rtunuiiiva oi Jtuwice in earn DOZ.
w will be Bent Free to anr sadraei, I'rlca SI Peri
' ', on receipt of price br anr adrertiaed A rent,
OHO AH (I. MOHKH, til UflBTUKDI bl., HnW Vou.
nole Uenarel Agent t or A merlon.
IIOX. Bent Df mall. Mrwr.fv aralrrl trim all a Aim-.
TT 4 n ,(...l''lleCee1,lerlethe
eMneaBfcai ah
jMtrrud or tboM about
niftrrv ttm tht tibvaltlmloil
tttjittrtti nd ctreUlloiiiftf
IlihaialUetl if Lean, wllh I ha
UUil dlMOTtrtM lit ttrodunltix and pravtBliag off.pr.Qf,
bow io iirtitrr tba fli.tnoltilon, Aa.
ThliLi o lnwrilB work of tw It and rod ul vlilr
fiMM.wUtl nuicroui tu ravioli, ut tjoiuJaa vtloablo
iiforattloi for idom who ar iuarrld,robUnpUUMtr
rl. Still III book tntoub la iW kapluBortofJl
uiilktf, in 4 notUld ortltMly buHhhoBM.
li tdotftlD Iht tiportuM ftdrloo r liTllo4a
ikiM ranuialloa ! world-w Id t. II. honld la tao nr.
vita draw.rof ?try tail and rBialtariiihnltlinirf
raeai arort thiol aa tat auhlMt a f tha eta
ritlva Milam
ib at li worta kMwUf.Mi; wwhWai It
am nubifi-had la anr albtr work.
Ho i to aar ant (fraa of Dailaai, far FlftT Otalf
Artdraailrr. HaiU DUpawarjr.Ko, 13 . BI4firM
It. UuU.Mt
.JTotlct to tha Affllotetl tnl tfn&rtnnjiU
Ktrora applrlflf la tha aaiariaw qaMtri h adrarllM la
tublla tBiri,ar miIor aoy ajaaaa rtiaadlao atraia Dr
iitta' work na w attar wbatf aardtaaaaa li, ar law 4aplar
ablarour aoadltlaa.
Ir. Balta aaaonlta a loabla fcaiaa af twta.r-aat-a
raomaii lindane! by aentoiha Mail aalabratad aaaO
aalirofaiioraoribliaauBUrlnd turaaalaadaaa baaaa
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rfcijiv ji ti aoa uaiiaai, a mui,
an wuraii upn ana pariaro, nw. ii Kiiota iWft
The enormous bundles of goods
daily leaving the Stol?e of
llamden, Ohio,
Is abundant proof that the cash system is a success, and the
excitement is still increasing.
I have just opened a large and complete stock of
HATS and CAPS, &c,
Cheaper than ever. I call special attention to my Stock of
Boots and Shoes. I keep a full line of custom made Boots and
Shoes from the justly celebrated factory of Prichard, Smith &.
Co., Cincinnati, O. Every pair made by hand, and warrented
to give satisfaction. Ladies, Misses ' and Children Calf and
Morrocco Shoes, sewed and pegged equal to any shop work
made in this county. Alse keep a full line of the celebrated Wal
ker Boots. All of the above goods will be sold on a very close
margin, for cash. Don't buy a auction Boot or Shoe with paper
counters and insoles because they appear cheap ; but come and
look at genuine honest work before making purchases elsewhere.
Best Prints, 11 cts. Best Muslin, 12 eta. .
All wool filling Jeans, 50 cts., best in the counA for the
money. Thirty inches Flannel, all wool, 35 cts.
Soil finish Bleached Muslin, only 15 cts.
Bleeched Muslin, 8, 9, 10, 12 J, 11 and 15 cts.
Quilt Lining, 9 cts. Lancaster Ginghams, 15 cts.
Best Check, only 20 cts., sold elsewhere at 2530 cts. The
cheapest clothing ever offered in the county.
Men's Chinchilla Coats, Only SB5.
A splendid line of striped Shawls at $3, 3 50, 4, 5, 6 50 and
7 50. A large stock of Notions, Hosiery and Gloves.
The best stock of Embroidiers ever brought to Vinton coun
ty,for 10, 12, 15, 16 2-3, 20, 25, 30, 33, 35, 37 40,50 and 75 cts.
Retailing groceries at wholesale prices. Best A Sugar 12 cts.
Best Yellow Sugar 11 cts. Good Browu Sugar 10 cts. Best Rio
Coffee 28 cts. Good Rio Coffee 25 cts. Rice 10 cts. Four bars;
Bells Soap 25 cts. Eleven bars Crampton Soap, $1. "A penny
saved is a penny earned." Don't take any man's word,but come
and see for yourselves. If vou want to' get rich and be happy
buy your goods of JOHN W. WILCOX,
moved his
Fftttntsd lib. 2 and Bft. 31,1869.
House IP x r ni sh ing G-oods!
llli stork of COOK INT. 8TO VKH a not surnuil by nnv store outnlilo or tho cltli'a. Thoia
wishing tn Ht up house ktoiliif, will llml vvarythliifr they nuwl to riirtilnh a kltchun, in
linn Ki i'iiiiv lurreiueii iHi'iiition tai tiin niniiiiini litre oi imwitrf, unci win nil orders rroma,
diamine nt WlloU'.Aly: VliiVHK- Dealers will llml it to their (tdvantityv to puruliase
warc of him. ,
Simutiiiu' ami IloclliiH rioiio with unutufHH
Hlo, niil llie boat rtlOAMNiJ WAX in the luariiet, (ie sure to call OH llliu before ixt .imaine'
elrivwliinu. Two iluurs Kfet t tliu IVt-pUli (i,
1,1 Sufla?
34 Pages!!!
Price 5 Cents. 6 Cents Post
Published by D,
Dealera in
lira re.
To the "Dodge Build
ins, dast of the
Where he
is closing1
out hiu
At Great Bargains, With
a View of
ninl (ll.nnti'li. All kinds uf FRUIT CA'.u ...
IS' '.. .
Si 1Mb
- paid, or $5 00 per Hundred..
Flanoa and Org-miw,
. Cincinnati, Ohio..

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