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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 01, 1873, Image 3

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Advertising1 .Agent
la nn authorized Agent to rocieve advertise
ments. for this paper. He h:.s spoulal ar
rangements with religious, agricultural and
other newspapers.
Advertisers who may wish to reach the
People of Vinton and adjolnlnf counties,
can Had no batter medium than the Mc
Arthur Enquirer.
BINDINO. Parsons having magazines or
hooka of any kind they wish to havo
bound, nan leave them at thia ofllce and in due
time cuu receive them properly bound. We
have made arrangement wereoy we can at
ten I to thia branch of business at low prices.
Two Banks keen established at
Nelson ville, Ohio.
Tub fair at Greenfield, Highland
count)', Ohio, will be held October
15, 10, 17 and 18.
' Thk Ross County Horse Fair
will be held at Chillicothe, Ohio, on
the 9th, 10th and 11th of October.
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, 0.
The equinoctial storm has come,
and bad weather may be expected
lor a few days.
Thk schools in McArthur com
menced Monday last, under the su
p.'iintcndviiKe of Prof. M. R
Two iron furnuues and a rolling
mill are about to be erected three
miles south of Nelsouville, Athens
count)', Ohio, at tho Junction of
Snowy Fork with Sunday Creek.
Ir is a queer notion some people
have of getting angry when they re-,1
icive a duu. The party who has a
ruht to be vexed U the one who
h.-i: been kept out of what tit-longs
to him.
Thk iirst case Senator Tmciuian
ever managed ns an attorney, was
In Jackson, Ohio; and ninon the
.listener to the speech ho delivered
tnerc on the third iust., was Absa
lom WiLiiUH, his first client.
aii" .
. Tub Biuokst Yah. Mr. M. S.
S.NioEii,of Allensville,beats tlicm all
on Yam raising. He sent us a Yam
last Monday, by Nathan Dixon,
which weighed 4 pounds and 9
(ounces. Mike, you deserve the prc
imium !
Theodore Lund, the celebrated
Artist, will be in McArthur this fall
topaini portraits if a sufficient num
ber will immediately leave their or
ders at Blllinghurst's Photograph
Gallery. 37-2t
" m m a s an
Zaleski Soiiools. Tho schools
In the Independent District are iu
a flourishing condition. The fol
lowing are the names of teachers;
John D. Brown, Superintendent;
C. L. White, Intermediate depart
ment; Miss Mattie McManimie,
Dr. N.J. Bower, Deutltt, McArthur, 0
Art excellent weekly paper has
" Ueen established at Nelsouville,
Athru county, Ohio, by our friend
George' Cook, formerly of Logan,
Ohio. The" two first numbers have
been received, which present ft flue
appearance. It J entitled' The
mhonville Miner. We wish it
,C.. W. Holland, Esq., having dis
covered Iron oro on tho land of
Chester French, jienr the coal
mine on the high hill east from
this town, has hands engaged in
digging ore, and Is making prepara
tions for transporting tho same to
Vinton Station.
There will be a meeting of the
scholars and teachers of tho Pres
byterian Sabbath School,. at their
church building, on tomorrow
(Thursday) evening. The exor
cises will consist of singing, Hpcet h
s, etc. AH tho little folks, and
those Interested in the weliarc and
progress of this school, are respect
fully iuvitcd to bo present.
m a
Church MusicAL Visitor, Wc
are in receipt of this musical month
ly for September. Tbe number
is an Interesting one, especial
ly to one of a musical turn of
mind. It is published by
John Church A Co., Cincinnati,
Ohio, at $1.50 a year. A beautiful
chroino Is given to each subscriber,
and the publisher holds out liberal
aducemcnti to canvassers.
At the last examination for
teachers, tho following named per-
: sons received certificates, as fol
lows: v ' .
For 12 mouths, T. S. Fletcher,
Rudolph Rutloge, Joseph Miller, J.
M. Boblott, and Miss Addle Grip
pint for 6 months, A. R. McKlrnis,
Mollie Lent, II. II. Shivcley, Jennie
Dunn, Viola Greene, S. P. Gibson,
Jennie Curry, Nettie Strong, T. J.
Griflltb, Su'llie Pllcher, Maggie
' Harly and Julia Martin.
'I). 0. Perdue,
.. Clerk Board of examiners.
Death of Prof. J. II. Boley, the
Balloonist. We regret to an
nounce the death of Prof. J. H. Bo
ley, who resided at Allensville.Vin
ton county for a number of years.
Several months ago he left this
county for Iowa. The following
account of the shocking accident,
which resulted in his untimely
death, we find in the Cincinnati
Daily Enquirer of September, 26th :
Wapello, Iowa, Sept. 25th.
A Balloon ascension, by Prof. J.
II. Boley, was advertised to take
place ut the fair grounds near this
city, this afternoon, and a large
crown gathered to witness it. At
half past live o'clock the balloon
was cut loose, Boley hanging by
his hands to a horrizontal bar be
neath. Just after the balloon,
which was inflated with hot air,
left the ground it took fire near the
mouth. Boley did not apparently
see the fire until he was too high to
let go with safety, but held on un
til lie reached an altitude of twelve
or fifteen hundred feet, when the
canvass which held the hoop burned
away, and he fell, striking the earth
a quarter of a mile from the place
of starting. His body was fright
fully mangled, his legs being driv
en into tho ground up to his knees.
Everybody we of course include
the ladies will be highly pleased
to learn that the favorite Dry Goods
House of Dan. Will & Bros., of Mc
Arthur, has made the most exten
sive preparations for the fall trade.
Aaron Will, of the firm, returned
last week from the city, where he
had .uade a choice selection of
goods. And they have just received
a very large assortment of the most
fashionable fabrics, comprising ev
ery feature pertaining to the season,
with many new styles. The many
patrons, and the public generally,
should now goatid make selections.
The stock is really fresh, seasona
ble and complete; while tho low
prices form an attraction in them
selves. Let everybody make a note
of their Grand Fall Opening and
govern themselves accordingly.
Off for the Queen City.
1 A. Martin, of the firm of Mar
tin & Son, of this town, leftyester
duy for the Queeu City, for the pur
pose of ascertaining how low down
all descriptions of goods have fal
len recently. They are determined
that no House in this county shall
hold out greater inducements or
give greater bargains than theirs.
Iu a few days the people will be
astonished to see the grand lot of
goods they will have on exhibition
in their establishment; and then
everybody will be more astonished
at the reduced prices to which they
will offer them. The stock will
comprise of as rich, rare, and hand
some assortment as their many
patrons could desire. Prepare to
go and see.
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O
The work on the railroad Is pro
gressing finely, We are surprised
to see so much substantial work
performed in so short a time. A
large number of men, teams and
tools were added to tho force yes
terday morning. That portion of the
line between North street and the
end of the old grade on the "Speed
Farm," almost one-half mile, will be
completed and made ready for the
ties by Saturday night. It seems
that President Langley understands
tho business thoroughly. Let the
stockholders hand over the money,
as tho workmen must be paid every
15 days.
m-m-t m mm
Premium of $25. Our friend,
Samuel Trimmer, of McArthur, has
the finest and fastest horso in the
counties of Jackson and Vinton.
Last week he visited the County
Fair, at Jackson, and entered his
horse for pacing. Not having fed
the horse but little except new
(torn, nor tried his speed for some
time, Mr, Trimmer, as well as the
hundreds of people preseut, around
the Ring, were greatly surprised to
see the horse make a mile in 2:44
on the excellent pacing track, and
the judges award a premium of
$25. Tho weight of this horse
1,431 pounds.
mi i a
SnouLD a subscriber to a news
paper or periodical, who has paid
one year's subscription in advance,
remove within the delivery of an
other office before the expiration of
a year, the postmaster should give
him a receipt; the party then
should notify the publisher to send
his paper to the new office, where,
upon presentation of the receipt,
the postmaster must deliver th)
publication free for the remainder
of the time paid for.
Old and Reliable. A large in
voice of new goods, embracing ev
erything in the line, and all styles
and qualities, has just been receiv
ed at the old and reliable Dry
Goods house of Will k Co., Zalcskl.
They can suit all their numerous
customers, Go and see their splen
did new purchases and learn their
The Baughman House, at Zales
ki, kept by Mrs. Hyson and G. W.
Tinkham, is being'improved again.
A first-class Restaurant is being fit
ted up In the basement room.which
will bo kept open rt all hours, for
the accommodation of everybody.
The tables will bo supplied with
oysters and with all the substan
tial and delicacies of tho country,
while board and lodging by the day
or week will be furnished at mod
erate terms.
The Bowen House, nearly oppo
site the Car Shops, ot Zuleski,is
well adopted to insure the comfort
of all who patronize it. The pro
prietor will exert his utmost en
deavors to accommodate all who
favor him with their patronage.
The fly-wheel of tho engine of the
Hamden Steam Mill, flew into a
number of pieces a few days ago,
causing a suspension of tho busi
ness of the mill until this week,
when all is right again. The mill is
doing good work.
Gone to New York.
Ou Saturday last, J. A. Felton,
Dry Goods merchant of this town,
left for New York City, where he
will purchase a magnificent sssort
ment of goods for the fall trade in
this market. As Mr. Felton is de
termined to have the grandest
stock of goods ever brought to tho
county, he was compelled to go to
that grand city to find them. They
will begin to arrive in a few days.
Additional Editorial.
A Few Words from Clinton.
Editor Enquirer :
This is my first attempt to write
anything for publication. I have
always voted against the Democra
cy, but it makes no difference how
I shall vote this year, except I can
assure your readers that I shall
vote right. Some of my Republi
can friends are very much in favor
of a change. I have been a reader
of your Enyuirer, each week, since
January, 1868, and am very much
pleased with it. I notice that you
do not devote the precious space of
the paper to personal attacks upon
old and honest men of this county.
I see by the last issue of the Re
publican organ, that you are charg
ed with the calling "Democrats of
Clinton township, drunken sots,"
etc. What a base falsehood noth
ing of that character has ever ap
peared in your paper. Nothing can
be gained by those who publish
such base falsehoods. When the
manat the Hamden Furnace office
writes something worthy of notice
to the Republican organ, and spells
his brief name correctly, I will
write you again. I am no poet, or
I would steal a few verses from
Byron, or the "Lightenen Kalkula
tor," and cause your readers to
think I am quite smart. I earn my
living by working out of doors.
Will drop you another line next
Hamden, Sept. 27, 1873.
Editor Enquiker:
I wish to say through the col
umns of The Enquirer, that mr.ny
Republicans do not in the least ap
prove of the course pursued by the
man who has charge of the Repub
lican organ in this county, In the
use of slang sayings and personal
abuse. More than one of our party
are ashamed of him, and ashamed
of the sheet ho sends out. As he
seems to be more proficient In this
style of composition than in any
other, the community must judge
that he was raised to it from his
earliest moments; and It is known
that long practice makes perfect.
He has practiced here since Sep
tember, 1867, and, during the cam
paign in the year following, he
practiced his dirty profession upon
Henry Reynolds, an old citizen of
this county, and then a candidate
for Auditor. He even makes it part of
his business to go to the dwellings
of widow women, and curse and
abuse them without cause. Now he
is engaged in throwing his vulgari
ty at the candidates on the Demo
cratic ticket Do not think a ma
jority of our party endorse his
Every vote for Harrison Lyle
for Representative, is a vote in fa
vor of the re-election of Thubman
to the United States Senate. Ev
ery vote for George Lantz for
Stato Scnator.is a vote for Thurhan
for United States Senator. Every
vote agaisnt them, is a vote for the
corruptionUts, Delano or Notes.
The Record says that "A. 0. K.
means II. Lyle."
John, that's another of your dir
ty lies. If from the abundance of
,thc heart the mouth speaks, just
eonoeive what a mass of '31th and
corruption is tied up In the hide of
John T. Raper.
We can confidently recommend
Spcer's Port Grape as a superior
article of Wine for the sick and de
bilitated, and all those who require
vinous stimulation and invigora
tion. We trust it will take the
place of the noxious imitations so
much in use. Physicians continue
to employ the Port Grape Wine in
their practice in all cases where a
pure article of wine is called for,
and do all in their power to foster
and encourage its production.
Our facilities for tho execution
of job work, are better than ever
before and we are putting out lots
of work. If you are in need of
cards, bill heads, shipping tags, en
velopes, blanks, statements, sale
hills, posters, of any size or quality,
plain or in colors, wo ask you to
give us a call and we guarantee
satisfaction in every respect.
Only $1 ' Per Year. 8 Pages.
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N. Y. Hun. 8 page. 1 a year. Send your
The Beat Agricultural Paper. The
Weekly M. V. fctuu. b imgus. ft it nr. Bund
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Send your dollar. ,
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The boat Paper in every respect the
Weekly N. Y. Sua. 8 pages. tl a year. Send
your dollar. Address,
37- THK SUN, N. Y. City.
Music! Music!!
Prices From J0O to
STEINWAY'SPiauos, acknowledged unri
valled. J. F. HARRIS CO9., Pianos, positively,
the bent medium priced pianos made
BACON & CARRIS, good and very cheap.
SMITH'S American Organs, theonly instru
ment used by Mr. Philip Phillips, in his soug
tour through Europe.
8P ANG'8 Organs, celebrated for their puri
ty and power of tone
WOOL'S Orgaus.
We are offering tho above Instruments from
ten to fifteen per cent.
Lower for Cash,
Thau they can be purchased elsewhere. Call
and see us at our residence, or address us by
letter. We Guarantee Satisfaction.
M, R. RARNK8, Agent.
July 9, 1813-Bm. McArthur, O.
Matt and FrofltaHe Proper
ty for Sale. -
A t ZuleaVI. Vinton countv. Ohio, on the Ma
rietta & Cincinnati railroad, with Mill Yard
of one aero, and with all the necessary lnachi
ery for Cuhtom and Mkiujhant Worn. Also,
two acres Ol 1UI1U, unjoining lim win m
ninn which la a orond Dwellinir House, con
taining 1 Koonis.a Woll, Cistern, Wash-house,
Stable and other conveniences, with Urapea
and all kinds or Fruit. Also
Portable Steam Saw Mill,
Now located mile from Hope Furnace Sta
tion, Smiles from Zaleskl.and cutting from 4,
000 to 5,00(1 ft. of Lumber dKlly.and aset for logs
Bulucient to make 800,000 feet or lumber; two
two-horse Teams. Harness and Wagons com
plete, connected with the Mill. Also,
1G0 Acres of Land,
Situated in Washington county, Iowa, 6 miles
from a railroad, with Dwelling House, and
all '.ut buildings; 60 acres of which are im
proved: linuwtoue soil, near to timber; a' very
uesiraoie property, auu aisu, uinn r
The Flouring Mill and Saw Mill are in good
running ordor, and doing a very profitable
All of said property will be told at low pri
ces, together or separate, the whole or one
hnlf interest in the said Portable Saw Mill.
TERMS: one-third cash, and the remainder iu
imvnienta to suit tho uurcliaser.
This is a rare chance for oue or two enoi gec
io men to make money. Satisfactory reasons
given lor wanting to sen. r. an a una,
July2d,1878-tf ' Zaleski.O,
Consisting of 800 acres, situated in Madison
Township, viuton County, Ohio, four miles
from McArthur, and one mile from Vinton
Station, on tho Marietta A Cincinnati Rail
road, ou the road leading from McArthur to
Athens, Ohio. 100 acres of Wood Land; bal
ance under cultivation: 84 acres of Bottom
Land. Well watered. SutUoleatly larire for
two farms. Two dwelling houses and all oth
er buildings, about 1-8 of a milo apart, upon
the premises. In a good neighborhood and in
Greatest Coal Region
On the lino of sold Railroad. There are t
veins of Coal. 4 feat in thickness on the prem
ises. One vein covers the entire tract of land;
ono covers ail excopt 40 acres, and nn ur
all except about 100 acres. Within B0 rods of
the Railway Switch, running from Vlutpn
Station to Vinton Furnace; a switch can be
conveniently built across the land to thet'onl
Veins. Any person wanting property of this
description, could not do better than purchase
846 acres of the land bolnng toll. R. Demlng.
who will give any further information that
may be desired. Will sell at a bargain. If
one half la paid at or about the tlmo or sale,
the buyer may have such time on deferred
payniont, not to exceed ten or fifteen years,
as will be satisfactory. Inquire upon the
promises or address H. K. DKMINO,
July 9, 1878-tf. Vinton Station 0
The Home
Of Columbus,
la one of the best managed
Insurance Companies in Ohio.
Rates as low as any No. 1.
responsible company.
Losses promptly adjusted
without litigation.
H. 0. JONES, Acient.
Legal Notices.
John It. Mills, et. a!., holrs of In Vinton
Alien Mills, deceased, , iuuiiij,u.,
l'luiniffM, I Court ol
vs. I Com in o n
Matilda J. Linn, Elizabeth f l'leus.
Mills, et. nl., heirs of Adam
J.lnn, duceosod, Uo- Clvllactlon.
fondants. )
John H. Linn, of the Stuto of Illinois, will
tako notice, that John It. Mills, of Viuton
countv, Ohio, with all tho other heirs and
children of Allon Mills, deceoacd.us plaintiffs,
illil on tho iM day August, 1813. filed their
petition in the Court of Common I'loas, with
in aud for tho said rounty of Vinton, Htnte of
Ohio, ugaiust the said John II. Linn, Matilda
J. Linn, widow of Adam Linn, deceased, Eli
zabeth Mills, widow of Allen Mills, ami the
holrs aud children of Admit Linn, doconsod,
defcudants, setting forth among other things,
that the plaintiffs are tenants in common and
oro sol.otl In m (,, from tho Slid day of
January, ISHl, of tho ono undivided half of the
following realcstatf, sitnuted In said county
of Vinton. Ohio, to,wlt The west half of tho
north-east uarter of Section Number Twenty
(20,) lu Township Number 'J.' w vivo (18,) of
Range Number Seventeen (17,) of lands nib,
Joot tomiloatChlllicotho Lund District, con
taining 80 acres, mora or less.
That said defendant unlawfully and con
trary to equity, keens the plaintiffs nut
of tho possession tlioreof. That cer
tain deed from Allen Mills and Elizabeth
his wile to Adam Linu, deceased, dated April
88, 18j, was fraudulently mado, executed unil
delivered. Thut said Elizabeth wus coerced
to sign the same That snid deed was exocn
tod and delivered without any right, power
or authority, so to convoy the premises, and
donp illogally and for the purpose of defraud
ing plaiiitlffj, as cald A')ul! L11' ftd A,,!,,!l
Linn well knewi that Aljou Wills, doopased.
onlv owned a lifo estute in said realty; thill
be died January Had, Wi, nml ills ostato In
said realty then terminated.
And praying that defendants answer said
petition; that the said deed from Allen Mills
anil Klizalwth his wife, and other deeds in
said petition mentioned as effects plaintiff
title to said realty, may be adjudged and de
creed fraudulent and void, and wholly vaca
ted and ut aside, and held for naught; that
defendant re)oases that plaintjlT piny huve
Judgment for recovery of the possession of
said realty, that an equitable partition may
ho ordered off said premises, that the plain
tiffs may have Judgment for 1100 dumaices for
routs and profits from January ft!d, lbTxi, and
othpr rpllef.
And the said Joint II, Linn i not I (led that
he is required to appear and answer said )-'
tition on or before the third Saturday alter
the 1st day of October, A. I). 1878.
Heirs of Allen Mills, deceased.
By E. A. BRATTON, their Attorney.
August 27, 1873-6w
Joseph Beyers, whoso place of residenco Is
unknown, will take notice, that J. O. Ross,
Elizabeth Hartley and William N Hnrtloy
have filed their petition in tho Court of Com
mon Fleas or Viuton county, Ohio, setting up
au estate in ftt timplt lu the following real
estate, situate in said Vinton county to-wit:
The east-half Of (ho north-weat quarter
(K a N W ) of Section Number 84. Town
ship Number 10, Range Number 10, con
taining 60 acres more or less. And
praying for possessson of snid premises and
the sum of (50 mesne profits. Said Joseph
Beyers is required to answer said petition on
or before the jti di)y of 1873.
J. G. ROSS, et, al.
September 17, 1873-6t. Attorneys.
Thomas M. Lvtle and Mnrrv Lvtlo his wife.
whose place of residence is unknown, will
tuke notice that on the SJlst day of July, 1818,
John M. Sloan, filed hit petition In tho Court
of Common I'leas, in and for Vinton County,
Ohio, setting up a mortgage lien upon the
following InudH. situate in Vinton County,
Ohio, to-wit: The uudivided ih) of the east
hull' of the north west quarter, and tho north
eustqunrter of the north west quarter, and
tho north west qunrtor,of tho north east quar
ter of Section 81, Township 9, Rango 19. Alto
the south east quarter of the north east quur
torof Section 80, Township U, Range 19. Aso
the north west quarter of tho north west
quarter of Section 31 and the south wost quar
ter of the south west quarter of Section 80,
Township 9, Rango 18, except the north west
quarter ot the north cast quarter of Section 81,
Township 9, Range 18, and asking that said
mortgage bo foreclosed, said lands sold. The
proceeds brought into court, and applied in
satisfaction ol his claim, against one Thomas
M. Lytlo, for tho sun) of $1,704 03, and Inter
est from January, 30th, 1873. Snid Thomas M.
Lytlo and wife are parties defendant with
sulii Martin H. Brand; said defendant Brnnd
is requited to answer said petition on or be
fore the 15th of November. A. I). 1RT3.
BY J. M. McGILLIVRAY, Attorney.
September 24, 1873-6w.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notlco is hereby given that Ellliu A. Sissnn,
as Administrator of the estate of James Mc
Quality, deceased, has 11 led his account there
with, for partial settlement; and that tho
same is sot for hearing on the 17th day of Oc
tober, 1873, ut 10 o'clock, A. M.
Sept. 32. 1873-4L Probate J udgel
Especially designed for the use of the Mtdl
eal J'romion, aud tho Family, possessing
those Hitrhuio medicinal properties which
belong to nn Old aud I'nre Gin.
Indisponsible to Females. (,ood for Kid
ney Ooiiipliiinli. A delicious Tonic. Put up
in cases, containing one dozen bottle each,
and sold by nil druggists, grocers, Ao. A. M.
BINNINOKK ,t Co., established 1778, No, 15
Beaver Street, New York. &w36-6m.
ITII Ita trloomv attendants. lam
11 splrlU, depression, lnvoluntairjr
mlaslons, loss of aemen, ipinni.
(orTneea, lose of power, dluy head,
lou of memory, and threatened Imp
yotsnee, and Imbecility, find a lover
iaru cure in Jll Jll'tlllkuxr HOME
up the aystem, arrests the discharges, and im
parts vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cored thousands of catM.
fries, ft per package of Ave boxes and a large II
vial, which is very important in obstinate or old
eaaas, or 1 per single box. Sold by ALL Drug
tats, and sent by nml 1 on receipt of pric. Addrwa
CO., SOU Bboadwat, N. Y. Send (pr oWlar.
Just Published in a Sealed Envelope.-
Prieo Six Cents.
A lecture on tho Mature, Trontment and
Radical cure of Heminnl Weakness, or Sper
matorrhoea, Induced by Self-Abuse, Involun
tary Emissions, Impotoncy, Nervous Debil
ity, unci Impediments to Marringo generally:
Consumption, Epilepsy and Kits: Mental ami
Physical Incapacity, Ac By HOI1KRT J.
CtfLVERWELL, M. B., author of the "Green
Book," Ac
The world-renowned author, in this admlro
blo lecture, clearly proves from his own ex
perience that tho awful consequences of self
abuse may bo effectually removed without
medicines, and without dnnirerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings or cor
dials, pointingout a modo of cure at once cer
tain ana effectual, uy wiucn ovory suiroror,
no niattor what his condition inav be. mnv
cure himself cheaply, privately and radically.
This lecture will provo a boon to thousand!
anu mousumis.
Sent under seal. In a plain envelope, to any
lttllUDOn,1'll IUVUFVUI BIAVOII,nill lt,V JVObUV
stamps, by addressing the publishers.
tins. .i.i. n.JinK, a cu.,
137 Bowery, New York, P. O. Box 4,580.
"TTTTrK have purchased and fitted nn the
W above mills, a. m! solicit tho trade of
tno turni.. ji tins vicinity.
Special attention given to
And earn given to please all cuttonior. Mr.
A. A. CO.ZENH, an experienced miller, has
charge of the mill, and will not fall to dual
fairly and give genorul satisfaction.
Flour, Meal and Teed
On blind, and for sale at '
July 30,-1878. COZZKNH A JOHNSON.
FALL 1873! 18751!
Hosiery, Staple Notions, !Buck
Groods, Small Wares,
New Stock, Low
S. C. Swift,
Special Notices.
have already gone, and thousands more
are turning their oyos towards new homos In
tho tortile West. To those going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming
Nevada, Oregon or California, we recommend
a cheap, safe, quick aud direct route, via St.
Louis, over tho raclflo Railroad, which runs
its fine Day Coaches and Pullman Sleepers
from St. Louis to principal points in tho West,
without chaugo. We believe that the Mis
souri Pacific Railroad has the best track and
the finest and Bnltest equipment of any lino
west of the Mississippi, and its connections
with roads further West aro prompt and re
liable. Tho Texas connection of this road Is
now completed, and passengers are offered a
a first class all-rail route from St Louis to
Texas, either over the Missouri, Kansas A
Texas R. R., via Hod all a, or over tho Atlan
tic A raciflc R. R., via Vlnlta, For maps,
time tables, information as to rates, routes,
Ac, we refor our reader to S. U. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent, St Lou
is. Mo. Questions will be cheerfully and
promptly answered. oS6-ly
Emigration Turning;. Cheap Farms in
South-west Missouri. The Atlantio A Pacific
Railroad Company offora 1,500,000 acros of land
lu Central and South-west Missouri, at from (3
to (IS por acre, on sevtu years' time, with free
transportation from St. Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealth,
schools, churches, and law-abiding society in
vito emlgrauU from all poiuts to this land of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Tt'CJ, Laud Commissioner, St. Louis, Mo. t-ly
Fob Loss ot Affetitb, Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Depression of Spirits and General
Debility, lu their various forms, Ferro
PnosroRATKD Elixir of Calisata made by
Caswill, Hazard A Co., Now York, and sold
by all druggists, is the best tonic As a stim
uicnt tonic for patients recovering from fever
or other sickness, it has no equal. If takon
during tho season it prevents fovcr and ague
and other intermittent fevers. 19-4w
ERRORS OF YOUTH. A goutlfman
who suffered for yeara from Nervous Debility,
Premature Decay, and all the effects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering
humanity, send free to all who need It, the re
cipe and direction for making the simple
remedy by which lie was cured. Sufferers
wishing' to profit by the advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, in porfect con
fidence, JOHN B. OGDEN,
8O-8111 e. Xo. 42 Cedar St., N. Y.
For Ayer's Medicines, go to G. W. Sisson's.
Pittsburgh, March, 1879.
We havs used large quantities of Beymer
Bauman A Co.'s Strictly Puro White Lead,
and have always found it uniformly and finely
ground, vary white and of excellent body.
Its purity we bave never questioned, and we
cheerfully recommend it.
Master Painters.
A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing In
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, disease of the
urinary and seminal organs, and tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Oreat numbers have been
cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send tho receipt for preparing aud nslng
this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one
who needs It, Frt of Chargtl Address
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sis
son's, Five Hundred Thousand. 500,000 bottles
of Greene's August Flower have been sold In
this State In three months. We only ask you
to go to the drug stores of Gunning or Simon
McArthur, Ohio, and get a bottle n-a ofckargt
or a regular size at 75 cents. Every bottle
warranted to cure Dyspepsia or Liver com
plaint, Rick headache, Costivoness, Heart
burn, Waterbrash, Sour Stomach, Indigestion
Impure Blood, and all disease caused by Im
pure Blood, or deranged Stomach and Liver.
Try It. G. G.GREEK, Proprietor,
Columbus, Ohio.
Station I), Bible House, N. Y. City.
March 19, 1873-v7,nl0.
To the Suffering;. The Rev. Wm. II. Nor
ton, while residing In Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered In that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Soro Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, aud Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself ufter all
other medicines had failod.
Wishing to bonoflt the suffering, I will send
the recipe for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desire It, Free of Charge.
Please send au envelope, with your name
and address on It. Address,
078 Broadway. New York City.
March 10, lB78-v7,nlO.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sisson's Drug
The Rest Plaoe. Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Queensware, Glassware, Notions, Ac,
can be had at Davis Duncan's Store, lu Za
lcskl, at all times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken In exchange for goods, at
his store. In connection with his store he has
a Snddle and Harness Shop, aud will repair
anything iu that line on short notice and al
low figures. Go and see him tf
Milton B. McKinnlsa, whose place of resi
dence l unknown, will take notice that .1. 0.
Ross, Kllinheth Hartleynnd William N. Hart
ley has filed their petition in the Court nl Cum.
niou I'loas of Vinton county, Ohio, setting up
an estate in fttiimftl in the following rerd
estate, situate in said Vinton county, to-wit:
Tho west-hulf ol the uorth-enst quarter
W X N E )i) of Kectloii Number 84,
Towimhip Number 10, Itungu Number 1.
containing CO acres uiorc or loss. And
pravlng Tor piweslon of said premises,
and the sum of ir0 mesne profit. Said Miltou
II. McKinniss Is remin d to answer anld peti
tion on or hefoie llie l.Mh day of November,
1B7H. .1. C TIOSS, et. al.
My lT. 8. CLAVPnnl.K .1 M.MuUUMVRAV,
September 17, Ikih-Biv. Attorneys,
JOB PRINTING of every description neat
ly oud promptly executed at thia ofllce,
New Advertisements.
OTT I TTTJGo through the Arno perfor-
OUniVEjmance dav after day, till all year
BTTniT vtiniivy in uiwu up aim juui
K 1 1 IV nl health permanently ruined or
nmn i m kress fever tonic,
Oil LAI And brake up the fearful malady
at once. Cures of Ague warranted by the
Cincinnati, Ohio,
f iiniiscui v. uoii Linmi j ui vuiiaiiii
- 1V4.J n ol. Cslni n P-.nli-
uou t.iioweu. Mricuy noiioi'timo. a aureus.
a. .EsLiLS a tu., nan oho, juico. au
Sells at sight, overybody wants it. Apply at
once to ai. i. jnc'ivipir. i a
4t. loMorttntlibt., full.
WORKING CLASS $00 a week guaran
teed. Respectable employment at home, day
orevening; no capital required; full instruc
tions aim vuiuauie pucauge oi goous seni iree
nymati. Auuress, witn six cent return stamp,
M. YOUNG A Co., 178 Greenwich St., N.Y.
tptlW.OVJ was oue agent's profit ou Bry
ant's Library of Poetry and Song; $70 IN ONE
wike on Tht Neva lluutekeeper't Manual, by
Miss Deedier and Mrs. Stowo. Any active
man or woman can have an aacney. J. B.
FORI) A CO., New York, Boston, Chicago and
san runciscn. w.
30th Thousand In Press. Rale Incraaslna.
19,000 more live AGENTS wanted for our
Send for circular and proof of the greatest
success yet. Reports 'just in, 184 subscribers
iu six (lays; um in ono ween. nuuiiAnu
BROS., Pub's., Ciueiunatl, O.
Write for Large Illustrated Price List. Ad-
Breech-loading shot guns $40 to $300. Double
Shot Guns. IB to 1150. Blnirle irunstS to ISO. Ri
fles 8 to $75. Revolvors M to '!5. Pistols $1 to
$& Uun Material, Fishing Tackle. Large
discount to dealers or clubs. Army Guns, Re
volvers. Ac. bouirht or traded for. Goods
sent by express C. O . D. to be examined before
paiu lur. iw.
Neglect a Coughl Nothing Is more certain
to lay the foundation for future evil conse
aro a sure euro for all diseases of the respira
tory organs, sore throat, Colds, Croup,
Dipthoria,:Aslhma, Catarrh, Hoai-senees, Dry
ness of tho throat, Windpipe or bronchial
Tubes, and all diseases of tho Lungs.
In all cases of sudden cold, however taken,
these Tablets should be promptly and freely
used. Thev equalize the circulation of the
uiooit. mitigate tue severity oi uie shuck, aim
will, In a vorv short time, restore healthy ac
tion to the affected organs,
Wells' Carbolic Tablets are put up onlv In
blue boxes. Take no substitutes. If thev
can't be had at your druggist's, send at once
to the agent in New l oru, who win torwara
them by return mnil.
Don't bo deceived by Imitations.
Sold by druggists. KrPrice i&o. a box.
JflllN U. KELLOGG. 18 Piatt St.. N. Y,
Send for Circular. Sole agent for United
states. w
A gouts Wanted. Send for Cataloguo.
New York.
A Work Intense, Interest and Intrinsic
By th glttd ion of tht famout "fXTtS
A graphic History of the Ocean Navigation,
Adventure and Dixcovory since the Ark. Re
ulete with startllnsr incidents, fearful disas
ters,, piracies, perils, Ac, alwve, also the
ing, Tulcgraphing, Ac. SC'3 spirited Illustra
tions. Airenta lust sturtod report 101 orders
In four davs, Ac , sells wonderfully fast. 8,000
Agents wnntcu. oenu tor iuii ueacnpuun
anil circulars.
HUBBARD BROS., Pubs., Cincinnati, O. 4t
Office. 14 Barclav St.. N. Y.
Offer to tho publlo a lantern
combining safety and(economy
with elegance and usefulness.
It cannot explode; It gives a
good light, and consumes loss
on tnan auy outer; n is not uis
turbed by tlio highest wiud.am
if a irlass is broken. It is casil'
replaced by means of tho screw.
The startling drawback on nearly all uicdl.
cluetngcnts has ever been that lu their pro-
debilitated the system. To obviate this (lllll-
cuit.y, lMiysieinnn mite lung miiut. w. mm
agent time would
hn at last been rewarded by
a dlscovory which fully reillxcs the fondest
doslro of medical faculty, and which Is lustly
regarded as tlie most important triumph that
I'lmrmacv has ever achieved. This Important
desideratum Is
, . Dr. Tntt's Vegetable Liver Pill.
Which purify the blood and remove all cor
rupt humors and unhealthy accumulations
from the body, nnd yet produces no weakness
or lassitude whatever, but on the contrary,
tones thoHtomach, Invigorates the body during
the progress of their operation. They unite
inn lieretniore irreconcnauie nomine, m
l b Rl FYINti TONIC . sM .
Dr. Tutt'a l'llls aro the most actlvJThnd
searching medlcln In exlstnnoe. They at
mm ttt.ii.nk tin. vrv root of dl'Dnse. aud
thelraetlon Is so prompt that In an hour or
two alter thev are taken, the plliont Is aware
of their gooditlToct. They limy be taken at
an v tiiiui without restraint of dlot or occupa
tion! they prodiu e neither nausea, griping or
debility, and as a family medicine they have
no rivui. ..
Price S5 cts. a box. Sold by all Druggists.
Principal office, IS aud SO Piatt St., it. Y. 4t
"rum r.n. . - imp 'itSW . .
intai mi
In B .1 n a H . . a. all mmWU.u T I -
only line ranning through oars to the West.
Omnibus trausfer, ferriage, all changes and
delays avoided br running TIIHKK 8I'E.
viun n . iiinuoun
EB, As follows!
ll.YTV Yf.Il.t, a ..... .
For all points In '
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 8:40
r. v., Indianapolis at a: 45 a.m., running
through Blooiuington, Peoria, Galesburg.
Burlington, Ottumwa and Creston, arriving at
OMAHA at 10:00 A. H NEXT DAY, hours lu
advance ol any other route, making but onf
change ot car to
Get your tlcksts via Indianapolis aad Peoria
For all points in
Kansas. Colorado and the Southwest,
The Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at :
P. If,, Indianapolis at 8:00 p. u., ruaulni
through Danville, Decatur, Jacksnnvitlo al
Quincv. arriving lit KANSAS CITY at 1):
P. M., NEXT DAY, hours iu advance of St.
i.ouis lines, making our. one cnangeoicars t
net your ticieta via muianapous, Danvius
Bock Island Rn1 Davenport.
Tbe Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at i: 4ft
P. v., Indianapolis at 8:110 p. u. runuiig
through Bloomington, Peoria and Galva, ar-'
riving at HOCK ISLAND at 10: 80 A. M., DA
VENPORT at lliOU a.m., next day, making
but one change of cars for points in
Get your ticket via Indianapolis and Peoria.
Pullman's Palace Drawing-Room
and Sleeping Cars..
Rui through from Cincinnati to Peoria and
Indiananolis to Rock Island.
Trayslor to any Western point can now
tkltA ttmir BtfhAtf Imnillwtvna anil l.a.nilluu
select a comfortable seat and keep it to desti
nation .M.nnnf.nr ,1, .1 ... - .. J
uhh.vu. vh wiwHi.i v. wi.q. bitiwil$ll .III)
convenient arrangemcnts,clegant equipments
w WUIV. I.1IUO, till. lUUbO IS UUW Hit ffrttlt
popular tKonugkfart between tht Eatt and
C.W.SMITH, Gen'l Manager,
1 ii.i..n. in
JNO. W. BROWN, Gen. Pan. Tkt. Agt.,
inlianaoil8, ind.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
On and after November 9, 1872 Trains will
run as follows:
- :
x a ia W
y 0 10 tO 10 M tr-iH-i-ltH MHQ9
:::!::::::;:: ifclia
2a :
:9 : : :
: :
MllealSggggg sasEgssa 3 -
Miie l . ""as? sSSSsS'2SHIS
: i ! : Is3 : ! I I : : ;d
a 5 i : : : : :& : i !a ' '
3 S'S'BSSSS&a 3???!3?288 " e-ff
o . : :
Mi :
: : i : :
other trains dally, except Sunday.
stod between Hamden and Athens.
g I :: : ; ; : :
1 zrAi mAl ass!
5 4 2 4 3
Portsmouth Branch.
8:4d p, m.
44 "
8 :4ft "
. 6:15 a.m.
Dep. Hamden
Arr. Jackson
" Portsmouth
Forall points on the Little Miami Railroad,
and at the Indianapolis & Cincinnati Kail
road Junction for all points West.
Matter ot Tranaitortatioa.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward.
On and after Monday, Novotubor 19, Trains
will run at follows:
I ' c
r EASTWARD. CWnall Tint Mail
Kuprett Lint Kanprt
. Depart
, Parkertburg...... 1155 Am 6 40Pm
Cumberland. ISftl'm 3)1 Am 84Aa
. Harpers Ferry.... 003 " SA1 " 1 1 p
Washington June 8 3(1 " 6x6 " 4 45 "
Arrive .
Raltlmore 8 55 " 8 45 ' (05 "
Washington 10 00 " 10 00 " 525 "
Philadelphia 9 35 Am ltOPmlSMPia
New York 0 15 " 4 10 '
New York UDOPm 8Am iMfn
Philadelphia 18 54 Am 11 45 Pin 4 00 Am
Washington 6 45 I'm 8 00 800 Pm
Baltimore 800 " 4 05 Am 8 50 Am
Arrive. ...
Washington June. BJ0 " 4M 91b "
Harper's Ferry... 13 00 Pm 8 59 i04
Cuniborland 600 " 10 8 " 8 45 Am
Parkorsburg 6 85 " 11 00 "
Pullman Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Cars.
Which are as comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almost equal to a fire-side, are on all
trains from Cincinnati to Baltimore and
Marietta Railroad for time of arriving and d
parting from McArthur.
The advantages of this route ovtu1 all olhei
It, that it gives all travelers holding throusrh
tickets the privilege of visiting Baltimore
Philadelphia, and tlie National Capitol free. '
Time quicker and ratoaoffure lower th..
by another route.
The scenery along this Railway la sot
equalled for grandeur ou this Continent,
Tills line offers superior inducinnnUi,.
rates being one-third lower to and from Bos
ton, new tors, pr any otnor eastern point.
Ia orderlni loodaof anr dnscrintlnn fmn, i..
East give dirertioiia to ship fin Kaltlmore A
Ohio It. R.,and in shipping East Klve same di
rections. Freights ahfpprd 'v this route will
nave ilespatcii, and da Dandled with care ajd
save shippers much mouev, '
V. GtirLFORo.
' Gen.Frelght A't. Rnltlmoiv
- L. M. t'OI.K,
u r. .,,. Gen. Ticket A g't. r.altimoi
0sa.ras. Ag't., Cincinnati

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