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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 01, 1873, Image 4

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4. f;
Keeping Honey.
;fb keep liouey1 nicely all the
year round, let it run through a
. jfinOr.8ieve.to-; separate. til from
particles of wax, then, boil it
gently'., in;." an earthen' vessel,
skim off tho" foam which gath
ers on the top, and cool it
jars. After
tightly, set
cool cellar.
tli em
awav in a
Frozen Combs.
The following treatment of a
frozen comb is given by a re
cent writer : Some time
since, :,a Spanish cockerel in
my possession had his coiTib
and wattles severely1 frozen. I
immediately treated him as
follows: Every; ' morning I
rubbed the afflicted parts with
a preparation consisting of two
parts of distilled glycerine and
one part of turpentine. At the
present writing the bird is en
tirely cured, the. comb and wat
tles presenting almost the same
appearance as if they had never
been "nipped." r,
Heaves in Horses.
A Michigan correspondent
gives the following remedy for
heaves in horses: Give once
daily a teaspoonful of aqua for
tis, prepared as follows : Mix it
with a teaspoonful of sour or
skimmed milk, and mix this
with bran, and the bran with
the grain feed. The catarrhal
affection of the thro?.t makes
rapid amendment under this
treatment, and the correspond
ent referred to, says he has
known a number of cases cured
by it. It should be continued,
if necessary, until a pound of
acid is given.
The Traffic in Seed.
Planting time has arrived,
and amateur farmers are pro
curing their implements prepar
atory to turning over mother
earth for the reception of the
seeds. The importance and
extent of the seed business in
this country is not very well
known. A French house in the
trade of Paris sells annually
$5,000,000 worth of seeds, but
there is no such house in the
United States. At Cincinnati
there is one house that sells
$300,000 annually, and several
others that do business amount
ing from $75,000 to $200,000
There is also a large house at
Rocheeter, N. Y., which' prob
ably sells $100,000 worth a
year. The seed business has
become a great business in al
most all the cities ' of any size
in the country, and, therefore,
the traffic should be recognized
as one of the most respectable
and important among the com
mercial pursuits. ' . e :-
Counting Cost.
A farmer, , ,011
operations, should sit down and
count the cost, whether his
capital is sufficient for his un
dertaking, lie should consider
the requirements to success,
such as drainage, culture
varied crops, proper selection of
farm stock, providing suitable
shelter and accommodation for
the 6tock, husbanding and judi
; cious application of manure, se
lection of best qualities and va
rieties of seed, and tho most
. suitable time and season for
planting, etc., and also the
adoption ol the most suitable
tools, etc., for securing the cul
ture and harvesting of his
, crops. If there be a deficiency
in capital or agricultural knowl
edge, it would bo far ; hotter, to
only 'attempt-; to' cultivate so
much as will best servo to edu
cate, and conduce to skill in the
cultivator.' The old saying,' "A
little farm well tilled,' a little
till well filled," was never truer
than at the present day. Thor
ough culture is the only culture
that pays. . 1
Housekeeping Department.
Domestic Receipts.
0fh"aiters Of an hour.
Apple Dumplings. Pare tart,
mellow apples take out the
cores with a small knife, and
fill the holes with sugar. Make
good pie crust; roll it out about
two-thirds of inch thick, cut it
into pieces just large enough to
enclose one apple. Lay the
apples on them, and close the
crust tight over them ; tie them
up in small pieces of thick
cloth, that has been well flour
ed ; put the dumplings in a pot
of boiling water, and boil them
an hour without any intermis
sion ; if allowed to stop boiling
they will be heavy. Serve
them up with pudding sauce, or
butter and sugar.
To Prkseuve Api'LES.-'-Apples
for preserving should be tart
and mellow pare them, and
take out the cores with a small
knife. Allow for each pound,
three-quarters of a pound of su
gar, a tea-spoonful of powered
ginger, tied in a bag, .and suffi
cient water to cover the apples.
Make the syrup, then take it
from the fire, and put in the ap
ples when it is just lukewarm.
Iloil then till transparent, take
them up when partially cool
put in a little essence ot lem
on. Turn the syrup from them
in the course ofi week, boil it,
and turn it back on the apples
while hot.
Craxbehkies. For each peck
of cranberries allow two pounds
and a half of brown sugar, and
half a pound of molasses. Make
a syrup of the molasses, sugar
and a little water. When it
boil put in the cranberries, and
let them boil till transparent.
To make cranberry marmalade,
boil the cranberries in just wa
ter enough to prevent them
burning. Strain them when
soft and add to each pound a
pound and a half of brown su
gar. Stew it over a slow fire,
stirring it constantly, till it be
comes veryjthick jelly.
boiling water on the prunes,
and set them where they will
keep hot, with a lemon, cut in
small pieces. When swelled
out to nearly the original size,
put to each pound of the prunes,
half a pound of brown sugar, a
stick of cinnamon, or a tea
spoonful of powdered cloves,
and if there is not sufficient wa
ter remaining to cover the
prunes, add more and stew
them in the syrup a quarter of
an hour.
. Apple Fritters. Take lour
or live tart, mellow apples, pare
and cut them in slices, and
soak them in sweetened lemon
juice; make a batter of a quart
ol milk7, a quart of flour, eight
eggs ; grate in the rind ot two
lemons and the juice and
pies. Drop the batter by
the spoonful into hot lard, taking
care to have a slice of apple in
each fritter.
Custard Pi'ddjno. Stir a
quart of milk very , gradually
into half a pint of flour mix
it free from lumps, and put to
it seven eggs, beaten, with three
table spoonfuls of sugar, a tea
sponful of salt and half of a
grated nutmeg. Bake it'three-
Washing and Ironing Bed
I am aware a great many
people never think.it worth
whiio to iron bed quilts after
washing; but I can assure
thein that their looks can be
1 A 11 A 1
wonueriuuy improved by a
careful ironing, both on tho
right and wrong sides. All
flannels should be ironed be
fore they are quite dry, but not
with a flat hot enough to scorch;
flannel scorches much quicker
than cottoif. They should be
watched after hanging up to
dry, and taken dpwn when
slightly damp, rolled up, then
ironed after a few hours' time.
This will prevent much shrink
ing. .
Democracy of Ohio.
lltiolretl, That the Democratic parly seeks
to revive mi dead Issues, hut stands by Its
lirinelples, hlrh aro suited to nil limes ami
ilrcuinslunics; it supports the Federal liov
eminent in nil its constitutional authority,
ami opposes niillilk'iltioii uuil secession. It
dcfciuls tho reserved rights of tho States ami
the people, uuil opposes central bullion lli.it
would impair or destroy them. 1 it onler to
mil i lit u in mid preserve these rights it insists
upon the strict construction ol the I-Vik-rul
Constitution; it resists till attempts of one de
partment of the (iovoriiiiient to ustirji or de
stroy tlio constitutional rights or indepen
dence of other departments; it opposes all iu
torferenrp by law with private, nlluirs of bus
iness of men, not required by the public nonce
of safety, mid advocates the greatest individ
ual liberty consistent with publicorderj ithe
liovcs iu t'hecapacily of the people lor (self
government, and onnoses all property iptnlill
eations as condition.' to the right of suffrage
or eligibility to hold oiliccj It favors liberal
laws for the natural Izution of foreigners; it
insist upon equal and exact justice to all men ;
it opposes all monopolies, and dcuies that it
Is within the province of the (Government to
legislation for the benefit of linrtleiilur class
es at the expense mid to the detriment of tliu
res toft lie community; it therefore opposes
tlio system by which a largo portion of the
prolit-produring wealth of tlie country is ex
empted from taxation, and demands that all
constitutional means be used to remedy this
injustice; it insists that our tarifl' laws should
be framed with a view to revenue, and not to
tax the community for the bcuellt of particu
lar industries; it recognizes theo.'ils of an ir
redeemable currency, nut insists that In the
return to specie payments; care shall lie taken
not to seriously disturb tho business) of the
country, or unjustly Injure tho debtor class;
it appreciates the bcneilts conferred by rail
roads, but opposes all combination of rail
road companies to prevent competition and
thus enhance the root of transportation ; It op
poses all laws that give to capital and advan
tage over luhor; it requires honesty nnd econ
omy in every department of Government,
Federal or State, and it condemns corrupt ion,
whoever may be tliu guilty parlies. It is in
its very naluro, anil as a necessary result of
its principles, a party or progress, and sup
ports all measures of reform and improve
ment that are sanctioned by just ice and co-ii-mended
by sound practical' w isdom.
UeHdUvil, That the wealth of the country Is
the product of its labor, and the best use of
capital isthat gives employment and liberal
wages to the producing classes; hence every
just measure that tends to protect them from
oppression, mid to improve their condition
anil illgnlly their culling, deserves and re
ceives our sympathy and support, and that
we cordially recommend tlio conservative
resolutions adopted at tlio recent National
Labor Congress at Cleveland, favoring arbi
tration and co-operation.
Kemlenl, That, although ulwnvs constitu
ting a largo majority of tho American neonle.
agriculturists have never denianiUid ot Gov
ernincnt, State or Federal, any special privi
lege; have never Infested Halls of Congress
or Legislatures with lobbyists and rings, but,
u,i viiu ujiuini;, iiu vv suiii-rdi uiiour a I si: run -
hulling and unjust laws until forbearance has
ceased to be a virtue; wo hereby pledge our
sincere nnd honest efforts to obtalu for them
redress of grievances mid equal uud exact jus
tice. Hemhed. That the nubile lands should he
sacredly reserved for actual settlers, who will
dwell upon ami cultivate them, and that we
nut continue to denounce nnu oppose, us we
have always denounced and opposed, nil gifts
of such lands by tho Government to incorpor
ated companies.
Jletolretl, 'L'hat the greatest danger to free
Institutions is the wide-spread 'corruption
that threatens utter destruction to public vir
tue; when Credit Mobilioi-lrninls pass unpun
ished; when those engaged in them are eleva
ted to high official position; when seats in, the
Federal Senate are notoriously purchased;
when vast sums of money are corruptly em
ployed in popular elections; when an army of
iiftlcc-holilers with the sanction of the Govern
ment use their nfflciul inllueiico to control
elections; when bribery of Custom-house offi
cials Uau established usage; when rings of
plunderers tiro the recipients of millions of
money appropriated tor public use; when of
lleial defalcations are of such frequent occur
rence as scarcely to excite attention; when
presidential pardons relievo defaulters) from
deserved punishment, nnd Presidential ap
pointments reward Credit Slohilicr and salary-grabbing
Congressmen, and when Con-
gressional investigation is generally a white
wasning niinir, it is not strange tunc men ue
gin to lose confidence in free institutions, and
that the fame of tho great Iteptibliu is tar
nished throughout the. civilized world. To
remedy these evils we insist that the receipts
and expenditures of tho Government shall he
diminished; that its patronage shall be cur
tailed and nil useless ollices ubolishcd; that
It shall cense to usurp functions to which It
has no title; that official misconduct anil fraud
and corruption in elections shall be rigorous
ly punished, and that public, virtue, shall be
upheld, and want of it condemned, by the uni
ted voice of tho people.
fitaotml. That we condemn, without re
serve, the Into act of Congress granting nddi
tionnl salaries, as unjust ami unjustillabie,
a.id demand Its Immediate nnd unconditional
repeul, and wo denounce eury member of
Congress, whether liepiiblican o'r Democrat,
who supported the law or received and re
tained the money procured thereby; ami we
especially denounce tho conduct of President
Grant in using the influence of his high posi
tion for its passage, ami whose ollicial signa
ture made it a law.
Jlemlcctl , That the act of the President in
setting up by bayonet a Government in Lou
isiana, not chosen by her people, and having
no title whatever to rule over them, was a flu
grant violation oi lier rights and of the Feder
al Constitution.
finalrril, That every Department of Gnvor
ment being in the lianils of the Republican
party, they are justly responsible fortlie evils
and wrongs in the legislation ami administra
tion of which the country complains.
Jlmvlrfil, That, under the time-honored
Democrat iu banner, with this declaration of
principles inscribed on its lolils, we engage in
the conflict, and we earnestly appeal to patri
otic men of every class, without regard to par
ty names or past difference, to unito with us
on trnns of perfect equality in the struggle to
rescue the Government from the hands of dis
honest men, and redeem it from the Mood of
corruption which threaten its ruin."
New' Music ! !
J. L Peters. 599 Broadway. N Y.
And mailed, post-paid, on receipt of marked
Above and Ilclow. Sacred Song . Ily
.Inch, ft) 3d
Hack to the Old Home. Song ami ( ho
rns Stewart, ill)
lleniitlful Form of my Dreams. Stewart.
Darling, N eep no more, song and ( ho
rns Hays,
Do not Weep so, Sister darling.
Song Slewnrs,
Don't forget to Write me. Song and Cho
rus Cox. 83
I old we our hands. Song or
Duct Huildlcu.
tionn to tho Heavenly Giii-don, Song
ciiMiuiici'iuiii, on
Ifyoiiwero I.would you? Song,.Shiiltuck. i!0
Kiss me, Darling, ere wo part. Stewart. iji)
Little Jtlind Nell. Song nnd chorus.
Mnrv. an
Little Dun. Song nnd Chorus Hays. -10
Mint, forever at Thy Side Dunks. SS
Meet me, llesnle, iu die Dell . . . .Stewart.
Meet me. Dearest, w ith n Kiss . ..Dunks. :)
My hoy across the Sea llavs. !!"
Oh 1 Give me a Home In the South, lines. 411
Oh, Sum! Song and Churns Hays. 41)
Only for You! Jlallad Dclioux. :t:
Our Little l'et. Song and Chorus .llavs.
Papa, slay home. J emperaiiee Song,
Hays. til
Save one Hrlglit Crown forme Hays. 40
no pray you Sing that Song, Duet,
Dolplius. 1)3
Wilt thou weep when 1 am I. owl
Walker. !
POLKAS.-Sunbcam, by Klnkel, as ets.i
iiciio oi k-nratoga, ny ictor, ) cih. ; amy
Flowers, by Slinon, Sr. rt.
MAZLKKAS. Awukcnlnir ofthe Jlirds,
ns,; Happy Thoughts, by Walker, DO its,
Laughing Wave,, by Wilson, Wets.) Sunbeam
by Pearlier, 4Uct,
golops. uiurllti's sud f reddle's by lien
kel. each lift els.
SlIOTTISCIIKS. Knlal Glance, bv Younir.
W rts.; May Morning, by Mclinildt.liOrts. ; Sun
beam, by naiiipel,:iAcls,;and Willie's by Kin-
M A lit IIKS. llellc of Snratogu, bv Itauni
bach, 411 ets.j Mollie's by Klnkel, Mel.
WAI.TZKS.-Clnrlta, Gcorgle's, Loltie'o
Same's and Mairirlc'. bv hlukel.cach II.". cU
Drops of Dew, by Allurd, 4etsj Sunbeam, by
Muse. 85 els,
KOI' It HANDS.-Amar.vlls, 50 rCi .Torn
Polk a, 85 ct. Lvc' chnsn Gallop, cts.j
muse oi .Ionian j-oiKii-niasniKa nil ny
SALON l'lKCKS.-Dnnco of tho Hayma
kers, Wilson, 15 cts.( Love' Ciiitssci. 'Kin
kel. 40rts.: May Jllosmims. Klnkel. M els.
Plaintudes Kleurs, Tonel, 40 eti., Whispering
nrcer.es, v iimiii, no ns.
Any of the nbova mailed, pnit-pnld, on re-
ccipvoi prim.
w, J. L. I'KTEKH, BM Ilrnndway, N. Y
JOB miNTING of every description neat
ly nnd promptly executed At tkls oIUcu.
i ,
The many evidences: of cxtrnoi-iHnarv euros
that are daily reported ns.clfected through
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Ueady 1,'ellef and Perfect Purgative Pills, In
wrliten testimonials from all parts of the
world, surpa ss in w onder t he most extravagant
miracles of enchantment. Physicians and
niedica) r.ion in all eounlrui pronounce these
wonderful rciucities a mystery, that neither
tliclrscienccuf analysis or chemical skilleun
explain. True, those mi-ilii-ines cll'ivt, the
most marvelous cured, and rest ore died vlng to
lire, nnd relieve the most wretched pain-suffering
victim of his tortures, in from i,ic lo
tiefitti minutes, and although they kmiwsoine
of the ingredients of thoir-coinpimition, and Dr.
HadHity has published their formula (with
holding only two newly discovered rootsi, still
both French, German, F.ng'.ish and American
chemists and phuriuuocutisis utterly fail with
the same ingredients us prepared by Iheni.'l'he
great succe.is, which these wonderful remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in the grein sc.
clot of combining the ingredients together,
nflercxi iTishi'diiecare in selecting the pure
and genuine root;;.
Such wonders of Modern I'liemlslrv as the
S A USA PA 1(1 l.f.l A H Ksifn. V KN'J li K V D V
KliLIKKS ltAIVAY'SPIU,S, are without
parallel in the History of Medicine, for there
are some infirmities nnd diseases that n re con
sidered as ini-uralile, and sure death. Vet the
most astounding cures have been niadelln
these remoilie.'i of some diseases that have nev
er been known to be cured bv medicine.
SWKI.LINO, Tumors in the Womb, Htoiiinch.
Ovaries, Dowels, llright's Disease of the Kid
neys that have been pronounced Incuiiilile,
Cancers, l leers, Swellings, Slnno in the blad
der. Calculous Concretions, I-leers and Son s of
the lioncs. Jiickets so deeply seated that no
other medicines have been known to reach,
have been cured l.v I lie SAHSAI'AltfM.I AN
UKSOLVKST, aided by the liKADY KKI.IKF
and P1I.I.S.
Palsy, Paralysis, Dry Gaugene that thrent
ensaliving duiith daily rotting awav of llio
limbs and llcsli Diabetes, Divuluntarv Di
char.re of Water, I'lingi in the JHaddcr (llio
Kmperor Napoleon's disense), Torturing pains
when iti( barging urine. l.'M ICCM A'l ISM,
CHI T, KCKAi.GfA each and every oneof
these complaints lliough hut a few'of the
ninny ol her diseases, liadwnv's Sarsaparillian
liesolvcnt lias cured and Isilallv cuiingin all
parts of the world.
In one word, any disensc-no matter under
what an mo designated, that. Is nourished or
incren.-ed by bail. Impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or poiMmcd blood enn be cured
by It A l AY'S SAIWAP.VIttM.IA.N liK
SOl. K.ST.
Dr. liadwuy ,t Co, have never claimed one
hundreth part of the curative virtues for their
remedies us i.nierihed to them by the people
who have used thein; for hear in mind, only
such discuses and complaints ns Dr. liadwav,
aftersnccessriil treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, were enumerated in
their curative list, so (hat many of the extraor
dinary cases that have been reported awaken
ed as much astonishment In the disenrerv of
their remedial agents as in those who bad lieen
rescued front dentil, and made whole and
Asmaiiy-peisoiH discredited their extraor
dinary power, from the fart of their disap
pointment, in the use of other advertised reme
dies and hiiiiii believed it impossible for
simple medicines inade only from vegetable
substances roots, herbs, Ac should possess
such marvelous power. Yet thee can readilv
comprehend that the simple grn-scs of the
Held, afleruiidergoinir the cheiuielil process of
distillation designed iiv naiure in tbecowand
churn, furnishes us with butter eertainlv the
most abundant t'nt, caloric, or hont-innl.dig
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
const iiiioul for the hiimun body.
Hut w hen those people who'llrst doubt the
efHcney of these- remedies commence their use,
they become their most earnest advocates.
Till: OXf.Y SAl''i: SCltK ItKMKDY KOI!
Never has a medicine taken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, either of the
Womb. I'terus. ovaries or bowels: the knife
has been the sole reliance in the liuiuls of ex
perienced surgeons: but Dr. lindwnv s sar
saparillian settles this iiiestion, it has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts mid
Tumors, as" well as Tumors in the' Dowels,
I terns, womb, I. Ivor, )roiicnl l.tlusiou,
Ascites, anil ( alculoiis Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured by
J tad way's licsolvout.
Hicvkhi.v, Jl ass., Jul v IS, ISli'.l.
Dn. Uaiiway: I have had Ovarian Tumor
in the oy,nrics and bowels. All the doctors
said there was no help for It. I tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped me, l saw your Itcwilvcnt ami thought
I would try it, but bad no faith in it, because
1 had siillereil for li veins. I look six bottles
of the liesolvcnt. one box of Hadwny's Pills,
ami used two bottles of your Iteadv Jfelief.mui
there is not a sign of u tumor to lie seen or
felt, and I feel heller, smarter and happier
than i have for 12 years. Tho ,vorsl tumor
wns in the left side of the bowels, over the
groin, i write this to you for the beiielll ot
others. You can publish it if vou choose.
I'i'oin n prominent gentleman nnd resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty years well
known to the newspaper publishers through
out the L'uileil states:
Nr.w i O UK, Oct. 11th, 1S70.
Dlt. llAliWAV Dear Sir: 1 am induced bv a
sense of duty to the suffering to maJ;o a brief
statement of the working of your medicine on
invself. for cvcrnl years I have been mulct
ed with some troublc in the bladder and urin
ary organs, w hich some months ago culmina
ted in a most terribly ntllicting disease, which
tlio pliysiciiins all said wirs spasmouie, shic-
tiire in mo urethu, as also iiinaination or ine
kidnevs and bladder, and gavo it as their
opinion that my age Ti years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, and had taken a large
quantity of medicine, both nllnihic and ho-
niieopaiiiic, nut got no loner, i uau lean ot
aslonihliiiig cures having been made by your
remedies; nnd some four months ngo I read 11
notice in the Philadelphia Saturday Kveuiug
Post of a cure having been effected on a pur
sou w ho had long been suffering as I had been
I Hi-ill I luiii wii unit g'L VI .mil .xiiii
Snr.'iipnrillian Resolvent, Ready Jielief, ami
Kcgulatiug Pills and commenced taking
llit-m. in threo days 1 was greatly relieved,
and now feol as well a over.
.1. W. .lAMfcH, Cincinnati, t).
Price one dollar per bottle. Sold by Drug-
glsis everyw here, and at or. iinuway's, .o. :w
Warren, cor. hurch St., N. V.
Cures the worst Pains in from 1 to 90 minutes!
IlMy-NOT OMO HOCIt lifter readmit this
advertisement need any one sutler with pain.
Is a cure for every pain. It Was tlio (list and
Is the only Pull) liemedy that Instantly stops
the most excruciating pains, ullavs iiillanimn
tious, and cures congestions, w hether of the
Lungs, Stomal h, Dowels or ether glands and
orguus, by one application, in from one to
twenty minutes. No matter how violent or
excruciating (he pain, the Ithciimnlir, bed
ridden, liillrin, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may suffer,'
Will alTord instant ease:
liillaiiinialloii of (he K idneys, Jiillaiumatlon of
tliu bladder, lnllunimntion ot the lloiiels,
Congestion of (be Lungs, Sore Throat, Diill
cult Itreatliiug, Pnlpitulion of the ilenil, Hys
terics, Cn.ini, Dipthcria. Catarrh, tnlliien'.a.
Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Itlieunin
tb'lil, Colds, ( hills, Ague Chills.
Tho Application of the Hnidy u.Mif W10
niirt or iiarls where Hie pain or dilllciilly ex
ists will alloril ease and comfort,
20 Drops in it liulf tumbler AViiterwill,
in a few minutes, euro Crainiis. Snasitis. Sour
Stomach, Heartburn, Sick lluadache, Dlnr
rhica. Dysentery, Colic, Wind In the Dowels,
and all Internal Pnius.
Tritvelers should always i-an v 11 bottle of
itaitway's icetiei wiui im.in. a row drops 10
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It Is better than I'lcndi
Urandy or Hitters ns a Uiniiilnnt.
l ever and Aguo l ined for 50 cents.
There I- . -I a remedial ngeut in this world
that will cure Kuver and Ague, and all Hint
Malarious. Ilillbiiiii. Scarlet. Tvi.hnld. Ynllow
and other Fevers (ahled by liaduay's Pills) so
lint-it as uaoways ueiuiy iiciicr. W cents per
IVrfectly tasteless, eleganlly coated, for the
cure of all disorders of (lie Sloiiiuch. Liver.
Dowels, Kidneys, Jiladder, Nervous Diseases,
lieaiiuciie, 1 imsiipuiiou,(.osiivciicxs, iiuiigcs
H011, llyspepflia, lliliousness, llllious Kevcr,
lnllaninialion of the Dowels, Pilcs-and all dc
luiiftemenlsof the Internal Visrorn, warranted
lo ell'ect n positive cure,
PV11KI.Y VXUKrAHI.K. Containing i,n
jin-rcury, ni iiicrais, nr iicir-icnous drugs.
flr-riu'Observe (he followinir symploins re
siillluir from diseases of Ihei ire'sl Ive omaiis
CoiiHllpallon, Inward Piles, Kullness 11I lliff
1110011 10 1 ill. iii-iiii, .ic.iuii.y 01 1110 .S.10UIIII 0,
iiiiisea, iieuri 0111-11, wisgiiHi. ior 10011, riui
ness or wuight in (ho Pit of tho Stomach,
Swlmiulmrof the Head. Hurried nnd diilb-iill
llrcnlhliiK. Fluttering at the Heart, Choking
or Hiiuocaiiug nciiHiiiiiius wui-n ma mug I Os
lo re. Dliiiiiessof Vision, I loin or Webs before
the slubl. Fever ami Dull Pain in the Head.
DeDcieiiey In Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and lOyes. Pain Iu (be Side, Chest, 1,1ml
andninlden Fltislnw of bent, II111 iiliigln Ibe
riesn. n u-w noses 1.1 jinowav s nils win
free the system from nil the above disorders,
l'rlce ait Cent per llox.
HADWAY A CO8 Wnrron cor Churcli St,
New York.
Jfj(r"Jtead Kalse and True. Hend one letter
stanii) to liadwav A Co.. No. 8'J Wm-i-en. imr.'
Church St., N. Y. liifomuitlen worth thotis-
ftiuu will uo tout you,
Now-spnpei', it, in'.; -11111 .Tub
Printing Establishment
Second Story lUnVEN'R liiillding, Alain Street
tins Just been en'arged from a 7-colnmn to an
8-ciilunin paper, and rlmhcd iu new type
throughout. Its columns w ill bo devoted to
General News of tho Day
Giving a synopsis of evouts as they occur.
The Interests of our town and county will re
ceivf particular atteiitiou, It will, us here
tofore, be
OK SKNTI.M i:.TS In legaid to me rights of
the people of this country, ever opposi-ilto the
"The Christian Witness"
The Organ of the Christian Union General
Council of Hie Cniied Slates, is also published
from the same otlice.
Having purchased new typo and material
for our
We are prepared to do all kinds of
General JobPiintinar
In the neatest ami highest style of the art, and
At Itcasoiiablc IE a let!
ClltCULAHS. . . .
Executed on Short : Notico
lti'iiiK on Vaiii' Work
J. W. liOWEN,
UoArtbur, Ohio.
..- .1'
3? ixriiit virot.. E'.vii'iiiitu.x-o !
I iniiniil'acluieto onler ami repair Furnlliireof all kinds, at the ino:,t reasonable piices. I am
i prepared to furuii.ll .-
and ai-coinp.-.ny them with a Hearse. JfejJPTlio publio aro lnvlteil to call nnd
examine ,y Stool,. . ,
M:trch tilth, 1H7-J. '
Vol. VII. 1H7.'.
T II i: Y K O I L K ' -S M A G A 7. 1 N F.
Eilil'tl ?i h.'ilmtnl E.-lulr.
Tho enlarged resources placed in the bands
of the oi.u ami Ni:w by the public and by the
proprietors, enable I hcni to aiiuoiinco a vol
ume of wider interest than they have ever
Mrs. Grecnongb's story, "Pytluniia," and
Sir. Hale's story, "1'ps and Downs." will be
continued and completed in this olunio
A series of 'short stories bv Miss Meredith,
Mrs. Stowe, -Mrs. Whitney, Miss Hale. Mr.
Perkins, Mr. Luring and others, has been en
gaged. Mrs. MaGlnoau's Series will be rontliined
in papers on ''Tho ( liiir.-.h and its Fxelmive
Claims," "Hod in Humanity," Ac.
The series of r.rlicles on Political Science,
bv gentlemen of recognized ability, will com
prise papers on "liailroads. Servants or Mns-teis-r"
"The ballot ill Kngland,' "Land."
"The Lrtw of Marntimo .luvlsdlctloii," "1 he
Indian (Juestion," "The Suffrage of Women,"
"Fiinal Tiixalion," "Tariffs and Protection."
"What tho New Administration must do,"
"Labor and Wages (Juestioii."
Tho suhiect of critical Interest Iu
N ATl'llAX IHSTOItV.AM) l'lill.l):0-IV
will he illustrated by ditl'eiviil gentlemen em
inent iu their Hues of research. Uo shall
soon have the pleasure of printing papers,
among others, by Prof. Lesley, Mr. Hall, Or.
Kellog, Dr. Gray and President Hill.
The Fxiimineris not conllned In the review o
the publications of a few hoiws, but nllcmpl"
to give some account of the more important
Issiic-i from the French, German nipt Fuglh-di
press, as well as our own,
Tho record of progress describes tho sub
stantial advance which the world has made,
in whatever direction, or in whatever region,
Willi special reference lo improvements in
domestic life which may be attempted In
Tbemagiuinc will be under Ibe editorial
charge of Kdward F. Hale, ho will have w i
der assistance than heretofore iu Ibe ninuage
incut ot its Joiirnul Department.
Tho beautiful Clironiolilh "Conlldeuce," by
Ilammalt Hillings, is presented to every lie
nowal and New Subscriber lo -old and New"
forlhcl iilf-1.00, or al fl.'i."i the Cromolilb will
be furnished handsomely mounted, ready for
framing. Sie1(KI4.
Subscriptions relieved by nil book and
newsdealers at publishers rales.
i;oul:uTS. Ititoi'H l:us. Publishers,
No. Ml Washington St., Ilorlou.
Patentee nnd Manufacturer of
Head Blocks, Post-IIolo JJorcrrj, &c.
CunKsiwiHi, Vi:st Ya.
TIIK Grist Mill.--, being p.-ilalde, arc on
Iron Frame, and
And the best Mill ever made for all kinds of
grinding; can he easily ult.-iched loSatv Mills
or any other power, ,iud w arrunled in grind
Flour and .Meal of a superior ii;alMv at
greater late of speed than inn- oilier Mill,
without heal iiiir or oih,it i'!iil:-ml,--ilio
weight being l.ai!) pound.-, neciii lug ',,idv :i
feel sipiare on the floor. Will grind ui tii ni
bushels perhoiir, II' within thirty davs, the
Mill lines not prove sal isl'uctoiy , ii'innv'be re
turned and money ami all charges rel'uiided.
Hails Post-Hole IIoht,
h I m (run I-!, I cit.l l.aoi.il-., I .. .. U..I...J 1..
one of any oilier! does lis wm k rap
idly mid peiloi-lly.
I IV ON i: AV!
No limit 11 be found with it alter
rial. Sent to any one 011 trial wdio
will send me Die endorsement of the
Pml Ma-fi-r. Agents wanted,
I ft A II A III',
Clarksburg, W, Va,
Kanncrs and others can nee-the
1'osMlnlo I'.uicr at the KsytMliKll
Otlice. ,
Five New Subscribers
1 a copy 'ok 'in!' '.
Or an evliit copy of Till'! MuAItTIIUIt l-'.N-,
, (HliiKltJ',.roii'-,e.ir,
is a Vllln.ll.il. vol mull of .,(:
1,304 I'agos, with 500 Illustra-
.: ticilS.' :
Well bound, and i onlaiiis n large ainouiit of
in Ti tii 11 it I iiin, eoncci-iiliig all the great Indus
tries of our eotiiilry. Semi Ibn naaies.
Address; r
cr. -w-130 w-irUiT,
Pa Kiiquiix-V, Mc ArthtiivO.
t keep coiistuiitly on band at this of
fices supply of KN ViiLOPKS, upon
which n card ol
uny tiunc.i ii.Miui will on
.rintfld 10 low that nil may nllord to have n
cum on tun Ktivvlopes used ny tiiem.
"loop i'.ooks i on all.
Books Which Are Books.
Works which lioul, I be found In every Li
brary williin the reach ofall readers, 01 lo
lo entertain, inslriicl aihl improve, ( opiel
will be sent Iiv return post, on receipt ol
VllT; ! i .;j ..
New- I'hlsogiioiny ; or, Signs of ( Imracler.
t .us. miiiiil'elci ihiough Teiiiperiiiaut am'
L llxleinul l-'owns, atid especially Jn tho "lie
man I'ace Divine," with more tlian oi.y
'i'lioioaml lllimlrltions. Ity S. li. Wi:i.LS.
. Price Y-M-
The Family Physician. A Ifeadv Pro
sci iber and H vgeiiic. Adviser. Willi liclnr.
ence to the Nature, Causes, Prevention aid
Treatment of Diseases, Accidents, andCiik
u.iltics of every kind. AVith n Glossary and
copious Index, liy .1 OKI. Sumv, M. I. II
liislialeil with ueiuiy iltKI Lugravings. One
large volume, inlemd-d for use In thefnniilv.
Price iM.OO.
How to biiiiieti-i-. A New Illustrated
ilund-lAiok of 1-brciiol.igy nnd Pliysioi-no
my, for Students and Kxnuiiuors,' win a
( li.-irl I'l-r ri-coidiiig the sles of (lie Organs
ol the liiaiu, in the Iieliueatioii of ( har
acter, wilh upwards of no Logravings,
latest and hesi, .Mu-.lin, fl.::o.
Tin. Pulenls' Guid(! : or Human Duveloi
incut through Inherited 'l'eudencles. P.y
Mrs. Hint Kit I'I'Mii.ktos. Seeond edilion,
reviaed and enlarged, one vol. Jiino. ?1..10.
Coiistitiilli.il of nrun. Considered Iu rela
tion to external ohieets. Iiv Giiokiik
( iimiii:. 'I'beonlyaulliorlzcd American K-li-
linii. no i wcnt.y engravings, ifl.i."..
Tho Hygienic lland-Hood ; a Practical
Guide lor the Hcl.-Kooni. Alphabet ically
nrranged wilh Appeudl. Ity It.T. Tkai.i'..
One vol. t'.'uio, lll.li pp. Mu.-diii. i.UO.
,' How to Wrlto," " l.'ow to Talk," How-
to llehavc," and " I'ow lo Do llusiness," ft
Hund-llook iiiilispensal-le lo;- lioi.ie Im
piovemsnt, in one vol. -V,'.-,1.").
Wedlock: o.- the ltieht liel.tlions of the
Sees. Disclosing Hie Laws of Cnnliigiil
Selection, and showing who mavan-l who
iii.-i v not Alum. A Guide for both Sexes,
if I. oil.
Oratory Snored and Scciilnr: or the
leiiiporaucoiis Speid;or. Ineliid-ng it I liair-
inan s liunie lor coiuluctiu;? I'nlilic Meet
ings according to Parliuuiciil.ii v Idioi-,.
Moiiiigeiucii. of Infimcy. I liysi'ogial iiud
.Moral TecatineiiL. lie Ax IUii:wT iimiii;, M.
H. With Notes, 'jl.ru.
Mfillnil Electricity. A Milliuai ior Slu-ileiil-i,
showing Hie inot ieiiliile. and ru
tional applicaiion lo all foiiiis of Acute, and
( lirohlc, liiseun-s by Hie different combi
nations ol DecMicity, (dilviinism, l-.lcelro-
Magnelisni. j.lagnets-l- lect: icily, ami H'u
man Jiagnetisiii. -;.(Hl.
II lstory of Snlcin Vilchcralt s "The I'lan-
cbelle Mystery;" anil ".Modern sp,rifiial-i-m."
.Willi "Dr. Dodilridgo's Dream," in
one vol. Prii-cifl.tHI.
.1-:so.' Fuljlon. The People's Pii torial
Kdilion. Iteaiilifiilly llliislraleil with nearly
sixty Kn,;mvings. Cloth, gilt, beveled
boards. Only 41.IKI.
Poim'.! Esiay rin Mon. With Notes,
lieautifullv Hluslratisl. ( loth, gilt, hoveled
bo.ir.is. 41.01).
Tlio H I it. Word in the nifjlit Ploe.
A New Pocket Dictionary and licl'erencc
llook. Kinbiaeliig Miionynis, Te.lmiciil
Terms, Ablin-nntlone. l-oreign I'lnases,
i ii ing lor the Press, I'lincluaiiou, I'roof
llciidiug, and other alu.-iblo lufurmatioii.
Plironolofilcnl Bunt. Showing the latcsl
cl.i.--ill. nl ion, and exact lo, in ion of all the
II . .1' I 1 1 r, I J. ,-M 1 l, it -, . .i:,-i ,..
show each organ on one side; and all the
gionp on ine oiin-r. hcui itv cxpie
4 Price ?!i.(l.
lneln.caieoi.nl in a Ifeglstcrod Leller. or In
a l'os,o!in-e Oitlcr for one ,-iinl all the above.
and ad. boss s. I!. V, ri.i.s, I'ubli-liei-. No. :wi
Dioaiiway, New Voik. Agents wai. ted, '
yiViili AWAY.
A l ino 'acrn!:-:!; Oil. cn:c.
H'KSC.Mi a:, t i l.,: , I tllllj.l'l, MIH NTHIl AX.'
hi; tnv i d:: i'ii vn ii, t'lii-.K ni i;vi!,iv
..:i::.T. ,
. on, . . 1 .
ny rii:. w; kxox.
1)1:5 I'ugos (leliivo. 1::0 l ine Knuravlng
K.-lnti-.i Ineideuls I'.ml Accidents be-.nt
Hie 1.1 l. h ol' I ; ,-i:ii 1.1 in ( Ad ven I ii ics Iu a
polls ni tlio U mid; Mine and .M-ele of Work
Ingthi-ia; I iiilcrciii icnU of Society; Gamb
ling uuil lis Muriels; I avcrns and their Mrs
teries; The Dark Wnvsol",. Ii-ki-diu-ss: Pi-'is.
ons and their Seel els'; Howi. in the Depths of
the Sea; St rniiuv stories of tho lleli-ciboi nl'
Grime. The book teems of experleiue w ith
lirimiuds; nigbl i in c,hciii dens and gambling
hells; I He in pi Don ; Mm Iks of exiles; a,'. , in.
tiiicsa g Indians; ,!o,i,iics throng!, ,s-w-
eiii niol ( atacoiub.; u-.-cideiils In minis; pi
files mid pir tov; loiiorei oi nt ImpiMGon
wondei -fill burglaries; iiiiderworld of the l real
cities, etc.. etc.
V e want luenls lor Ibis work on which we
give exclusive teri-ilorv, Agents can mahe
lima wivk In selling this hi,o!t. Send i'orrir
eulais .ii.d special I -mis lo agents.
.1. It. ItCIMt II V 1)1-!,
HAim-Ullll, CONN., 01- OIIIC AIIO, l.l.
l-'Olt Til f
Groat Industries
or run i'mto stati:s.
UllHI pages and MKI engravings, prlnled
Kimlihll iiiidCeniinn.ui iili.il l.v ui .uiiiunit
authors, including .lohu li. Gong)), Hon. I con
Case, l-.dnaid llowlaud, liov, K. l-.dwln Hall,
Philip lliplev. Albert Drlsbuno, Iloracetiree
luv, Htl!. . ...
'I'll is work Is u coinplcle history of nil brtuicli.
es of Industry, orm unsiw ol'inantifactuiv, etc.,
in all ages. II Is a coiupleto encyclopedia of
ar Iji uud niaiiul'ui tines, ami Is the most enter-
I it I li i ii K and valuable work of iiiloriiiitioii on
subjects of general interest, ever uHet-vd to the
public. We glvu our nj'i'lils (be oxcliislve
rigid ol lurrdorv, (me ol our agents sold l)i:
coiii-H liM-lght days, iinotlii-r .old iillH In two
week, our agents In llarllord sold IW7 In one
week, Speeiuieiih of thu work sent lo agents.
Address the publishers, .1. II. ItllltU &
II VIM-.', ll.trlbiid, Colin,, nrClilcngo, III.
Oldest and Best of the
Eclectics. .
i 1073,
With the piiiobei' foi'iliiiiuary, thu Kci.kctih
eutei upon its twouty-liliitli jriir, H gleans
ho choicest iirlicles from the enllrfi lleluVol
foreign periodical llteviitiiie, nnd oll'ori
The best SelcuHllc. Artlcloj, Kssay. llevlews,
Ci illclsiu, lllographlcnl Skelches, Novels,
Short Slorles, Poems, iMihcelluuies and tho
llnost Stf.ki, Kmiha viniis.
The (ilinof thel'.i l.K.CTIi: is lo ho Inslrilo
live wllliout belnr dull, ami cnlortiilu jug
wllliout being til vlnl. Iteadeis who suck
Should give It a trial. Term, ''. . year; Slu
Klnroiiles. 4ftceiitn, Llbenil lei ills to clubs.
Tho hCLICCTIc will bo sent with any oilier
periodical at lowest club rules, Address,'
--,1 li. It, I'K.LTON, I'uhlliiher,
10H Fulton itrwt, N V.
' l-i . r , . ( i !" t,
.-Ml -hJ'l YfYUi
Time Tables.
Tho "Old Uellablu" and Popular
fj Tiirougii 5kpress Trains Daily
A Jiiulppud with Jliller's Patent Safety
di'l.-iuoi in, coupler, anil JSuiler, anil
-.- ,. Ihu Celebrated.
Westinehouca Patent Air Brakes,
The most perfect protection ngainst ncci
dents In tNi world, .f
i.f'S' New and elegant Day (.'ouches and
two daily lines of Pullmun's I'lilace Slceninir
Cms are run through from KANSAS CITY
to omiicy, Gulcshiirg, Memlota and
Without Cliango.
Also, n ilailv line of Pullman's Pnllice Sleep
ing Cars from ATCHISON and ST. JOSKPII
to ilae.ksollt-illu mill Slil ili,--I1ilil. Jlml lii-vv n,i,l
elegant Day Goaehes from Kansas ( Ity to In
dianapolis and Cincinnati without change
ft if To soetiro all tho moderu Iniiirove
nientsln liuilwny traveling, purchase tickets
via tho IIanniiim. & sr. dusKru shout List,
avoidlug all transfers, ferries and cli -in in-
of cars. ' "
.fcr" Through Tickets for sale at all prin
cipal ollices. Karo alw.ivs as low as by any
route, p.tfggnge checlted. through to all in in,
cijial points. O. S. LYKOItl),
' General Sup't.
K. A. PARKEIt, Gim'l Ticket Agent.
The follow-in!- nif, tin, .1 i,.f ...,u n,,,l ri,..,.a
from Columbus, Ohio-
flllli-s To . , Fares.
I'o Delewaru Ki
'.o t ariiiiigton -
M-Galion . .1-". ....
(Bi Crest lino
PU-N. London
101 Wellington
1-Ti Leren .- ....
- '.'.(ir.
. - !i.-.'ll
- - i.m
- - il.'.-ll
- -i.-io
- 1..MI
- - S.-.SO
- '.'.-in
- .1.15
. fl.lll)
- - S.70
- 5.S5
- 8.W)
- -i.-io
- li .'.-
- -1.1(1
- 5.:i:
- 7.:5
- 7 .III
. 1 : 1.00
- N.KI
- - 10.00
PM-l leveland - -
ci .Marion -
Hit I'.ellcl'ontiane j -
1 l-J Sidlli-v ....
I'm Cnion . ... j ..... .
ill-iMiiiislleld --
KH-Korest ...
115 Lima ..... .
Hi-! Van Wert .........
l'M-l-'t. Wavne - - -
ll.'l Sandusky
Mil Toledo -
VI"- Detroit
V5t Pitlsbili'lill - . ......
ooi iiarri-iiur-'ii ........
.r,Ml Laltinioi e. ..
usi Dunkirk - . . .
y.'l-lliiHalo - -
till Mag.ua r'alls .......
.'i'.'l- Surotoi-a
V-ll-New V'n k ... - . .
1171 Dosloii via New York - - -m-
Host. ,ii via Albany - - . - ,
l.sK luillminpiilij
- I.-i
- Mi.iM
- 17..-.J
- tti.r,o
- 'MM
- (i.iitl
- - -boH
- !;S.(sl
- S'.I.OU
-- ao.rsi
- - KH.00
. - II.I5
- 1 1.15
- IS 7!l
-- ir..5
- 1".U3
-- 84.45
- sn.iw
- 17.11.-.
!-'- Illl'lllllllll .
Isi-st. Louis .
7.V.I Leavenworth
T, I Lawrence .
V.m-Toiiekft j j. ..
WM-SI. Joseph
:U-.'-( hicago
I J7 Milwaukee
1 is I'.urliiiglou -.. -
7''D St. Paul .
iVil La Crosse--- -
VlKt lies Clonics
W4 liork Island
Kit Oinahii
HI. do
MI Collar liupids
.Ml, I OH ilViiy - -- -
-.'till Diililcilh
tidll-San I-'i'iinclseo 15tl..ia
'J'ho above rates of fare aro subject to chang
i. Address
Passenger Ag't "Bee line," Columbus, O.
Trains will leave Columbus nnd dest
ine and arrive at points named below as fol
lows: i.oi.i' ma lily, NiiillT pin.
KM'HKSH i:xi'tti:s'S
Coliiiubus . Lv 1:45 ah (I(':I5
Woriliington. Jl air,
Westerville H:1i
Lewis Centra. . 11 :s!l
4:00 C M
I :-.hi
4 :-(!
f. :().-.
B: Hi
7 :.')
A' :4() A M 11:45
(Lv S:55
...Pi:14 111
1-J:-2H '
1 :(W
Gallon.. . : .
Ar 4:15 AM d1:l-J K
Lv 4:S5
1 ::)
1 :5U
New London
lloeliester . . .
Wellington,. .
t.s Grange.,.
.5: 17'
. . (i:io it an
. ..:; fl:"s
S'. ft G. W. DnTsiS"- - !hrl
llevelaud . , Ail. 7:lu AM 4:00
1 0 :'ii) t-M
cieveland.Lv ,,'7:I0am. iinntlp-ii 10:15 I'M
Lrie ,. Ar 1();S0 7:1,0 1 W5 A M
iMinUirk 11 :!.ll ll:i 2-r,o
DulVa'.o ' d 1:10 fM IU:5 4:115
lluf. (yi"rle)LvS::H I'H ..
HorucllsvilleArS 5:45
( orning. , 1:3s ' .
Clmiia !:ik)
lllnghniuli.il..'. .lUait
New in k ...Ai7;il A 5l .
5:(I0 A M
. K:-r.
. l'l:0i' m
. 7:i5i' M
Itiit'dvia N
V C. II I! I
Lv t:m
ll :0l- il5-.(KI AM
Syracuse 7:10
I licit i-o
!:: a M 117:05
4:10 11:!!.-.
11:00 11,10
New ni'U. . .
( lll.ll KlllllW
:II0 liaiil
..Ui4J Alt 0:15 D :(hi p m
. l:l- V: t0 i' hi 11 :'.d v n
..H:.'lo a it 6:soi- m ::vi p m
tlons liiade nt Columbus with
tho Coliiiubus
it iiocKini: Mi ev liu i 1 i i i n .
Tbl'lllir.ll 'I'li-litl I'm- uiali, ,.i A 11....,'
Palace Day and Sleeping Cars
on All Trains.
l-'or iiarliciibir inlormatioii in regard to
through ticket.-, time, connections, ele., to all
points Kilt. West, North and Soutli, apple to
oraddresn l-' 1' Oltl), ( olinnlius, Ohio,
E. S. FLINT, Gen. Sup't.
General Agent, Columbus Ohio.
Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio.
Leave .
I.uneiisii'i- .
Lancaster. .
V:IOp. iii.
SJ : 1 5 p. m.
4:10 h. ni.
H:ir ii.m
K:5 "
4 :'.'!) p, in.
Plltshurg ... 11:10
P'llailelu'ia, 1-J ::)ii
. 1l:Mla.iii
1 :l0 p in
" Mow York.. i::)5 "
ft:0t inn
H:l() "
ll:(Kl nm
4:110 p m
, 4:10 "
(1:15 "
Leave - -N, York il;:i() a, in.
" t P'llailelp'iiv. 1!l:1() p. ni.
riirsi.urg... i:iuu. 111.
Aril io
H::io "
10:0 "
5:W p. in.
i. .
C. C. Waite
Sub't. Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R .
Short Line to the Lakes apt the North
Short Line to the Lakes apt the North west.
As follows:
Cleveland v
Pittsburg)-, '"
( blear o
41:10 a. in.
113." a. m.
4:110 p. 111.
H:IB "
B:5 "
fi-.m n. in.
1 :10 p. m.
SUft p. in,
A I. Ive.
11:110 p. in,
'7:10 a. m.
1 1 :45 a. in.
11:10 "
11:45 '
7:40 p.m.
ClosnconneclIi.il inadont fjiuieaslnr fort'li-,
clcvllle, .niicHvllle and nil points on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valltiv Railroad.
Direct connections made n't Columbus foi
Daylnn, HprlnBlleld, Indianapolis, Chicago
nnd mi iHilntH Went, Also, for Clovi'liind,
llulialo, Pittsburgh, and nil points Knst.
lake tho llnc.lt lug Valley and Pun Handle
inula to (hlniKo nd tlin Northwest; His Hie
shorleiit bv slxly-slx miles, giving pasfccngcin
t in liunt.llt of ipilckor time ami lower niton
lliauby any ulhor line,
J. W. DOHERTY, Sup't.
E. A. BUELL, Gen'l Ticket Agent.

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