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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 08, 1873, Image 3

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McArtiiur Enquirer
OCTOBKR 8. 1818.
-t xt Lri?crTnr axt
ji XT. r imiDlllllUXT,
.Advertising .Agent,
Is an authorized Agent to rcclcve advertise
ments for Wil pnpur. Hn li.-.i special ar
rangements with religious, agricultural ami
otluir newspapers.
Advertisers who may wish to roach the
I'-uplo of Vinton and adjoining counties,
can find no better medium than tho Mo
Arthur Kuquirer.
BiNntso. Persons having magazine or
books of anv kind they wish to liuvo
hiimiil, enu leave them at tliisofflne and indue
tlmo can receive thuin properly bound. Wo
liitve made arrangements wernuy wo can at
tend to this branch of biisiuos& at low prices.
Wanted. A young lady wlio
knows all about housekeeping, and
will assist in keeping subscription
. iid account books, newspaper fold
ing, etc., can find a steady situa
tion nt the office of this paper. Ad
dress J. W. Bowen, Publisher
Christian Witness and McArthur
Enquirer, McArthur, Ohio.
Dr. N. J. flowers, Dentist, MoArthur? 0.
There was quite a severe frost on
Monday night.
Nelson Richmond started for
Kentucky last week with a drove
of mules.
Mrs. William Gold gave us a
mess of nice turnips yesterday, of
her own raising.
How to pay for your Papi.r.
15i sure and bring us potatoes, tur
nips, green apples, and all kiuds of
fl m - erw
W. II. Langley, Presideut of the
Galiipolis, McArthur & Coluiubut,
Railroad, who is now in town, gave
us a call on Monday.
Tony has erected a very neat 75
cent house on thoso eleve.i acres,
north-cast of town, between the two
stumps, as previously stated herein.
Tony, is it true that you were en
gaged all day last Sabbath in dig
ging a well, near your new-house,
instead of being an attendant at
Church? Eh?
Pkdkstirans now traverea the
railroad grade Sunday afternoons,
and view the work that has been
accomplished in so short a time. It
looks like business the railroad.
Now is chestnut time. Te loca
wentihestriuting a day or two ago,
but in bumping tho tree with a huge
piece of wood, he barked his hand
more than he did the tree. As a
v iicstnutiKthc is not a success.
Tub good brother of the Galiipo
lis Ledier, will please inform us
liow much he expects to receive for
iiiaerting the advertisement of
Hudson & Co., New York City, for
six months? We're not , "look it
in" yet.
Tiiere. will bo a meeting of
:'ho!ara, teachers and others, inter
na tod in the Sabbath School of the
i'ves,byl.erian Church, In their
uhur-ch building, this (Wednesday)
ovoiiing, and every Wednesday
evening of each week thcreafter,for
the practice of singing, etc. A fuH
. tendance is requested.
ai i,,,'
in the list of ju'Oiiiiums awarded
hy the Jackson County Society, at
their 19th Annual Fair held on tho
2lth-2Gth of September, we find
the following: '
swioi'.s'r.VKKri. (statu.)
ft. II. Trimmer, pacer, time 2.41 $45 00
fl. W. Poor, pacer, time 8 4. . : IB 50
i'liuiinnn Tweed, trotter, tiinca.42 2.1 00
1.4. K. IMwartls, trotter, timuil.lXI 1 SO
(i. V,'. I'dOi', pacer, (county) time 8.45... 10 00
.1. .1. Long, " " " 2.M. . , ft 00
Dr. N. J Bower, Dcnllsl, .Mc Arthur. O
? j - 1 1 m s . ,
John M. Ciuson, many yonr-tt ago
a compositor on tho Mt'AvUui)'
Juu-riutl) and uo (if the best an
iQd boys, in hero on a sit jlfl(i1
nn absence, of abou 'tWO y'eiu!H)'i1!lv.
iua toon oair;i0yotl anriag that
tlmo bi i'iladelphia the "Quaker
t-llt!'' But John don't look the
least like a Quaker hois tho same
Mr. A. Spekh, of New Jersey,
whose Port Grape Wine has such a
wide reputation, and which physi
ciitns prescribo so generally, lias
written a good deal on tho making
and management of wine, Mr.
Speer was the first in this couutry
who introduced the art of making
wine from tho Oporto Grape, which
is now tho best wine to bo had.
Special Notice.
O. Dowd & Sons aro now open
ing one of tho largest stock of
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats
and Caps, and Gents furnishing
Goods ever opened in this market,
and all bought during tho late
panic, at Panic Prices, and will bo
sold correspondingly low. Those
wishing to buy fashionable cloth
ing, or hand rnado, Boots and Shoes
of first quality, will do well to give
them a call;
Our Railroad.
The woik upon tho Railroad,
north of town, is progressing very
rapidly; and we must say that we
havo never seen so much Railroad
made ready for ties and rails in so
sho. t a time almost one-third of a
mile within twelve days. "On
ward," "onward," the noble work
is proceeded with! We know that
we are safe in stating that tho gra
ding of this line of road, under tho
direction of President Langley,
against whose "administration'' so
much has been said, will cost only
one-third of the amount paid for
the grading of tho line of the Ma
rietta and Cincinnati Railroad. The
cost of grading this road will be
but a trifle as compared with the
roads which are built by contrao
tors. In this cheap construction of
a Railroad, President Lang ley has
not only surprised the people of
this region, but we think he is sur
prising even himself. When the
President engaged the services of
Mr. J. D. Kirkpatrick to personally
superintend the work, he saved
thousands of dollars for the Com
pany. Through the skill and en
ergy of President Langley, the
road will be completed within a
few weeks, to a point eight miles
north of McArthur.
And we will say that if the peo
ple of McArthur and vicinity will
do what they have re peatedly said
the' would do, namely, pay their
subscriptions promptly as soou as
tho work upon the road was com
menced; as many of ourcitizeus have
said they.would increase or double
their subscriptions. Let them
do so now. The road will then be
graded from the Marietta & Cin.
cinnati Railroad northward eight
miles or more, and leaving a fair
portion of the line beyond for the
citizens of Logan and vicinity to
furnish the means for the grading,
because it is high time for lively Lo
gan to " wake up" in this matter. If
Logan furnishes a fair portion of the
means forthwith, the road bed be
tween tho Marietta & Cincinnati
Road and Logan, will bo made
ready for ties by January 1, 187-1.
Let us hear IVqui Logan ! Come
over anu see tne work! jnow is
the tinre to move! This is destin
ed to become an important line of
road, and Logan should not fail to
"take a part in the play," and not
permit the work to rest for awhile a
few miles north of McArthur! -
Sweet Potatoes. Wo are sure
that Samuel II. Haynes, of Eagle
Township, Vinton county, where all
things grow, and good people (in
cluding lots of substantial Demo
crats) live, can beat all other farm
ers in this couuty raising
Sweet Potatoes. Last Saturday he
brought us a'fine lot of Sweet Pota
toes of the White Brazilian variety
some of which weighed 3 pounds
each. They are, we think, a much
better variety than tlicNanscmond.
If anybody has done better than
Mr. Haynes, please report to us.
As the farmers and others of this
county cannot have the pleasure of
showing what they raise nt a
County Fair, let them como to this
oflioo and make reports and we will
tell the people what they have rais
ed. Bring on your big ears of corn,"
big pumpkins,' big "taters," big tur
nips, &c.
We would call the attention of
our readers to the advertisement of
Horace Waters & Son, headed,
Waters' Concerto Parlor Organs,"
and for a description of them Ave
can't do better than to copy tho fol
"The Waters' Concerto Parlor
Oroans. We are erlad to cb ron 1 ill n
any new thlnr. or anv imnrovh,nnt
" V 4 . VIUVIl w i
upon an out one, unit l n(8 to pop
ularize music by ronnpinn-ita Bt,ur
..in. .. "" '"J
Lately Attention has been culled
a no- f.
(jcrto Stop. It is so voiced as to
havo a tone like a full, rich alto
voice; it is especially 'human' in its
tone. It is powerful as well as
sweet, and when we heard it, wo
were in doubt whether wo liked it
best in Solo or with Full Oman.
We regard this as a valuable addi
tion to the Reed Organ." Rural
New Yorker.
Dr. N. J. Uower. DentUt, McArthur, O
White Sqikrel. Our friend. Ait
thuu Camp, living on the "Old
Cump Farm," two miles from Dun
das, in this county, while out hunt
nig, on haturciay last, killed a
white squirrel. He brought the
stuffed hide of the little rodent
mammal to this office last Monday.
This squirrel resembles the com
mon or gray squirrel, j(Sciurus vul
garis;) iu every 'respect having
two, cutting teeth in each jaw, a
long, tufted tail, four long toes on
the fore feet, and a tubercle instead
of a thumb, and five on the hind
feet. This is the only while nqnir
rel that has ever bcon killed or seen
lit our county. If any one else has
killed or seen one, let us know
about it. As a conqueror of the
squirrel family, Mi. Camp is consid
erably in ndvancj of any other per
sou in Vinton county.
Our Railroad. TAXES OF 1878. TAXES OF 1878.
Notice to the Tax-Payers of Vinton County, Ohio.
of Taxation for 1873, is correctly stated in the following Table, showing the number of
each of tho Townships, Incorporated Villages and School Districts .in said County:
do hereby notify the Tax-payers of said County, that the rate
Mills levied upon each Dollar valuation of taxable property in
TOWNSHIPS, INC0HP0RATED TOWNS, if S ? i '3 ' S " R S i H t ' I f S
AND SCHOOL DISTEICTS. : g : : w d :5': :BH S
5' S : 8 2 : : 3 : : S Kg
:mS & K " ' CO u
i P : r : : j 3 f lf ' :
M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M.
Eagle : 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .0 1 3.8 1.95 5.00 19.95
Brown 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .5 2.00 2.50 18.00
Swan 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 1.0 1.33 3.00, 18.33
Jackson 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 1.50 5.00 19.50
Elk 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 1.0 .65 3.45 3.18 21.28
McArthur Independent School District 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .0 1 3.8 65 9.00 3.18 .5 26.33
Part Attached to McArthur Jnd. School District 8 .0 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 1.0 .65 9.00 3.18 26.83
Vinton 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 3.00 3.00 19.00
Madison 8 .6 , 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .5 3.80 3.00 .50 20.80
Zaleski Independent School District 8 .6 1.1 1 $.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .5 3.80 12.00 .50 29.80
Clinton 8 .6 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 3.78 5.00 21.78
Richland 8 .0 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .25 1.15 5.64 20.04
Harrison 8 i 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 83 5.00 18.83
Wilkesville 8 i 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .4 1.80 1.50 16.70
Wilkcsville Independent School District 8 .6" 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 .4 1.80 7.00 22.20
Knox 8 .0 1.1 1 3.5 4.1 .6 1 3.8 1.5 1.50 5.50 21.50
The undersigned will attend at his office in McArthur, Irora he 1st day of October until the 20th day of December next, to receive Taxes; after which
all Taxes remaining unpaid, will be subject to a penalty of 5 per cent.
A person charge! with Taxes may, at his option, pay the full amount of such Tuxes on or before the 20th day of December next ; but is required by law to
pay one-half of the Tax on or before the 20th day of December next, and the remaining half thereof on or before the 20th day of June, 1874. A failure to
pay one-half the charges on Chattel Property on or before tho 20th day of December next, renders the whole due, and subject to collection as in case
of Delinquent Tax. .
The Road Supervisors of the several Townships Avill take notice that Receipts for Road Tax cannot be taken unless written with ink, the amount to be
stated in figures and also spelled out, and the name of the Township must bo written on the receipt.
McArthur, Ohio, October 8, 1873-6W. Treasurer Vinton County, Ohio.
WAUNER-AKISON.- At the residence of
the bride 8 puri'iitx, in Monroe Township,
MudiHon county, O., on tho Tth iiiRt., Mr.
William W aq.nkr imd Miss M ahy K Aki
so.n, by Rev. H. 1). Duckworth.
Muy ienco and happiness be theirs.
DILLON PA VIS At the residence of tho
brido's mother, in Nelsonville, Athens coun
ty, Ohio, by Rev. (J. II. Warren, of the M
K. Church, Mr. John Dillon of Adolnhia,
lioHB county, and Miss Sun 1'. Davis.
Additional Editorial.
Look Here, Democrats!
Do not think of scratching your
tickets, neither at the top or at the
bottom, nor iu any part, but one
and all of you cast your ballots as
we have printed them and send
them from this office. Do this, and
listen not to the bickering and
slanders of tho opposite part'. Vote
a clean ticket!
Keep it Before the People
That Harrison Lyle, our candidate
for Representative, is a laboring
man, one too that can Vie relied up
on, who will fitly represent the peo
ple of Vinton county; who will
not treat the petition of his con
stituents with contempt, as T. M.
Bav did.
The Minority Judge.
In each Republican township in
the county, Democrats are entitled
by law to one of the election
Judges. Democrats see to this.
Republicans and Democrats,
what do you think of T. M. Bay,
who treated your petitions with
contempt, and now asks your, suf
frages for the highest office in your
Democrats, voto for William Al-
lf.o and a return to better da)'S will
at once be affected.
New Advertisements.
Ask your drugiflst for
tliis Remedy. A box
of PILLS with cash
bottle, and is
ii it Ti n .Take
uj.lil Vn r
ko Cure 1 h V Hi IV no other
N Pay. A u u r.
Don't Fokuktthk i
lLiiVI' ASK IUr RrtlS m-w
er Tonic It is the snltest.
Wakkknt. If it lulls to
euro you, Ukt youh Monky.
4w. S. C. HILLS, 61 Cortlandt St., N. Y.
In fourwoekn made il iirollt of WIS 80, sell
iiiv Hrynnt'i Librdry of t'ottry and Song; 70
IN ONK wRKCon Th Xtw outtktptr'i Man
ual, by Miss Needier und Mm. Stowo. Any
11 ve limn or womiui can hnvo an agency. .1 . U.
FORD CO.. New York, Huston, ChlcoKU or
Sao I'ruuciscn. 4w
T 1NO." How eithor sex may fascinate
and train the love and affections ot any poi
son they choose instantly. This simple men
tal acquirement all can possess, free, by mall,
forSfi cts., together .with a marriage guide
Egyptian Oraclo, Dreams, Hints to Ladies,
Wediliii(r-Nlglit Shirt, Ac. A q-icor hook.
Address T. WILLIAMS & CO., 1'ubs.PblUw.
t JIIDnCD I No we would only rail nttcn
(VlUriUtn I tion toourwKLL auokk, with
Which u man can earn (25 per day in good ter
ritory. It bores any diameter, and ordinary
wells at the rate of INI ft, iter (lay. Farm,
Township and County rights for sole. Descrip
tive book sent on receipt of 9 cents postage.
Address adiikr CO., St. Louis, Mo. E. B. VAN
DEWAN, Washington Court House, O., Gen'l
Agent for Ohio. 4w.
Couclis, Colds, Hoarseness,
Sold by Druggists, 4v.
1 WATCH FREE, worth 20, given
A gratis to every live man who will act as
our agent. Business light and honoruble. 300
made iu Bduvs. Saleable ns flour. Everybody
buys it. Can't do without it. Must have it.
No gift enterprise, no humbug. KENNEDY
A CO., Pittsburg, Ta. 4w.
Agents Wanted. Send for Catalogue.
New Yoiik.
The oldest and most reliable institution for
obtaining a Merrluuitile Education. For
circulars write to
4v. P. DUFF & SONS, Pittsliug, Pa.
Agents wanted lor the only complete history
of our National Capital; Us Origin, Growth,
Beauties, Excellences, Abuses ami Persona
ges ii 11 graphically portrayed by GEO. AL
FRED TOWNSEJj l). Bold. Stnrtling.Triith
t nl Insldo View of Washington Life. Con
KiesBional and Lobbying Jobbery fully de
tailed. Hooks rntilv. For tpeeial terms ad
dress JAMES BKTl'S CO.. Hartford, Conn.,
or Chicago, 111 . ; S. M. BUTTS & CO , Cincin
nati, Ohio. 4w. ,
in 4 iliivs, iiml another HWt in 8 days, selling
Adventures upon, anil the Wonders beneath
the great Oceans. si'-'S spirited engravings.
Price extremely low; sells nmiaingly fast.
2,000 more livo agents wanted for this and the
only COJII'l.KTK, rul'ULAll 1111(1 FAST-SKI.LINO
history or
(tho greatest success of tho season.) Also our
splendid new Bible, .limt ready anil fur excel
ling all others. Pocket Companion nnd full
circulars live. Address HUBBARD BROS.,
Pub's., Cincinnati, O. 4t,
V A T It N T
Onice, 14 Barclay St., N. Y.
(Up Stairs.)
Offer to tlio nubile, a lantern
combining safety amlfccononiy
withelegunco and usefulness.
It cannot explode; it gives a
good light, and consumes less
oil than any other; it is not dis
turbed by tne highest wind, and
11 a glass is nroaen, it is easily
rcnliiced bv inoansof the screw.
Tliey employ no agents except
their irnveiing clocks, but their goods can be
nud from tuo dealers tnrougnouc inu conn
try, 4U
art (M most Beautiful
STOP is iks best
ever placed in any
Organ, Ititfmduad
uy an extra set
of nail. iecul
which ii nON'l'
8 Tilt It INU,
f-J.7 M'U'U H I -
K&iu-SPn KDl'lillll.
Broadwav, NTy., vM iujmieof&OO PIANOS
amiOU.A!tni'flrtcla maker, irv.
chMng AVATi:ilN, cU extremely low
prlcea for r.nnli. or part cat, anu Mianw
in mall lnontlilTfnvmmdi. New
tavelirt-cla JPlANOM.aU modern
Improvement, for 917 Z auh.iiroaiu, &m
Octavo, 70. lOIjnL,IREEO Olta
AN8,4 Mtopa, tllO 8 Stops. ftl'J3.
Illustrated t atHloKuee Diaileil. A large
dticount to Hinitlert, Chunhrt, NundaiScheolt, 7h
Hranc Socictia, etc. AOCNTS U ANTED
First Blortgag-e
7 W Cent, Gold Bonds,
Coupons payable February and August in
(Jold, It -Vein York or Ilattlmore. for salt at
W per cent,, and aecurnl inttrest Iu currency;
secured by First Mortgage', executed to Farmr
tr'e Loan and Trust (Jo. oXsio York, covering
Company's Lino, its Franchises, Equipments,
Heal and Personal Estate, at the rate of 115,
(XX) per mile on Din Ronil, extending from
Cliuluuatl toGatlrttslrtirg, the terminus of the
Chesapenko nnd Ohio Road, M0 miles.
Oovernmcnu. Htate, Citv. Hull road or any
oilier marketable securities taken in ex
change, at highest market rates, without aim
mission, and A", it O. S. K. Monde forwarded
free of charge to purchaser. PampiUii,Mitps
and roll Information will bo furnished on ap
plication to
W'ltr. FISHER ft SONS.
32 South Rt , llnlllniore, '
Ranker), Slock ami Note Ucnliers, and Fiscal
Agents of the Coin piniy; dealers In Uovsin.
incuts and Hallway securities h nil the mar
kets of I ho II. t). 4w.
Or to Banks aud Bankers throughout the
Purget, Purifies, and Strengthen) tht System.
Dr. Tutt's Pills aro composed of many in
gredients, Promincntamong them are Sursa
parilla and and Wild Cherry, so united as to
act together; tho one, through its aduiixturo
with other substances, purifying and purg
ing; while the other is strengthening the sys
tem. Tims these pills are at tho siime time a
tonio nnd a cathartic, a desideratum long
sought for bymodical men, but never before
discovered. In other words, they do the work
of two medicine and do it much hettei than
any two wo know of, lor they remove nothing
from the system but impurities, so that while
they purge they also strengthen aud hence
thoy cause no debility and are followed by no
Dk. Tutt's Pills havo a wonderful Influ
ence on the hlood. They not only purify with
out weakening it, but they rcmore all nox'
ious particles from tho clivlo before it is con
verted into fluid, and thus makes impure
blood an utter impossibility. As there is no
debilitation, so thero is no nausea or sickness
attending tne opnorauon 01 tins most excel
lent medicine, which never strains or tortures
the digestivo organs, but causes them to work
in a periec.tiv manner ; ncneo persons iiikiii
them do not become pale and emaciated, bin
on the contrary, while all impurities aro he
ing removed, the combined notion of the Sar
BHiiarella and Wild Chorrv uurillcs nnd invig
orates tho hody,and a robust state of health lo
tno result 01 meir milieu aciion.
Price 25 cts. a box. Sold by ull Druggists.
Depot 48 Cortlandt St., New -Xork. 4t.
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United States.
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1)18 North Sixth St., St. Louis, Mo.
i.Viveelnllv ilenliriicd for tho nsn of tho Mi-rll-
mi Profession, and tho Family, possessing
those Intrinsic medicinal properties which
belonff to an Old and Purs Gin.
Iiuirsiicnslhlo to Females. Good for Kid
ney Complaints. A delicious Tonic. Put up
in Cases, cnillllllllllg onu llni miuro um,.m,
and sold by nil druggists, grocers. Ho. A. M.
BlNNlNiiKH & Co., estnhlished 1778, No 15
Header Stroet, New i'ork. ew as-6in.
uiiin. Tt. McKliinlim. uli use nlnoo of resi
dence is unknown, will take notice that J. G.
Koss, Elizabeth llartlevand William N. Hart
lev has llled their petition in tho Court olConi-
J ... . - i .i.i ....hi.... tm.
nion i n un ui HiMiii r.uiiui , .in", w.MnB .tr
an estate In ft simple in tho following real
estutu, situate In said Vinton county, to-wlt:
The west-half ot the nortli-csst quarter
(W 'i N 10 X) of rViction Number 84,
Township NiiiuliPr 10, Rango Number l'J,
cnntiiinliig tO acix't more or - less. And
,,,-nvloai till' IHMSeSsloll Of Sltlll liri'lll ist'S,
and ihesiim of $MI inosno prollts. Haid Milton,
11. McKlnniss is reiiuired to answorsnm peu
tlon before the ISth day of November,
on or
itfia, ,1. ('. ROSS, et. ul.
By C. 8. Ct, tvponi.ii J.M.MoGILI.ivkav,
Boptomtier 17, 1818-8w. Attorncyt.
FALL 1873!
Hosiery, Staple Notions, Buck
Groods, Small "Wares,
New Stock, Low
S. C. Swift,
Special Notices.
have already gono, aud thousands more
are turning tliolr eyes towards new homos in
tho fertile West. To thoso going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming
Nevada, Oregon or California, w recommend
a cheap, safe, quick and direct route, via St.
Louis, over tho Pacillo Railroad, which runs
its flue Day Coaches and PuUman Sleepers
from St. Louis to principal points in the West,
without change. We bcliove that the Mis
souri Pacillo Railroad has tho best track and
tho finest and saftest eqiupment of any line
west of the Mississippi, and its connections
with roads further West aro prompt and re
liable. The Texas connection of this road is
now completed, and passengers are offered a
adrstclass all-rail route from St. Louis to
Texas, eithor over the Missouri, Kansas &
Texas R. R., via Scdalia, or over the Atlan
tic A Pacillo R. It., via Violin. For maps,
tlmo tables, Information as to rates, routes,
4c, we refer our readers to S. If. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent, St, Lou
is. Mo. Questions will bo cheerfully and
promptly answered. n25-ly
Kmlgrntlon Turning. Cheap Farms in
South-west Missouri. Tho Atlautlo A Pacific
Railroad Company offers 1,300,000 acres of land
In Central and South-west Missouri, at from $3
to $12 per acre, on seven years' time, with free
transportation from 8t. Louis to all purchas
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealth,
ichools, churches, and law-abiding society in
vito emigrants from all points to this land of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Ti ck, Land Commissioner, St. Louis, Mo. 1-ly
The Purest and Sweetest Cod-Liver Oil
is Hazard & Caswell's, niado on the sea shore,
from fresh, selected livers, by Caswell.Haz
AHD CO., Now York. It is absolutely pure
aud sweet. Patients who never once taken It
prefer it to all otbors. riiyslclans havo decl.
ded It superior to any of tho other oils in the
market. 4t.
E11ROR3 OF YOUTH. A gentleman
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
Prematura Docay, and all thocflects of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for tho sake of suffering
humanity, send free to all who need It, thero
clpo and direction for making tho simple
romedy by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, in perfect con
udonoe, . JOHN B. OGDKN, :
80-8m o. ' No. 41 Cedar St., N. Y.
For Ayor's Modlclnes, go to G. W. Sisson's.
Five Hundred Thousand. 600,000 bottles
ofUroeue'i August Flower have been sold In
this State in throe months, we only at yoa
to go to tho drug stores of dunning or Slsson
MoArthur, Ohio, nnd get a bottlorss of charg
or n reirular size at 7R cents. Every bottln
warranted to envo Dyspepsia- or I.Ivor com
plaint, Hick headache, CostivoniMi, Heart
burn, Woloilmi'., yi..w VI. mini . InditfcMion
liuyuro lllocd, and !il' lUseasn cuusc.l by La
pure lllood, or iUin.iu 1 ! tosnaeli nnd Llvor
Try It. G. G. CKKU.N. Vie;i. ietor,
Columbus, umo.
A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for tho cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, diaoaso of the
nrinary and seminal organs, and the whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful aud
vicious habits. Great numbers have been
cured by this noble romedy. Tromptcd by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate,
I will send the receipt for preparing and using
this medicine, in a scaled envelope, to any one
who neods It, Free of Charge Address
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Sis-son's.
PITTSBURGH, March, 1872.
We havo med largo quantities of Beymer
Baumnn Co.'t Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always found it uniformly and finely
ground, very white and of excellent body.
Its puvity we have never questioned, and we
cheerfully recommond it.
Master Painters.
Station D. Biblo Homo,N. Y. City.
March 19, lBTS-vLnlO.
To the SufferingThe Rev. Wm. H. Nor
ton, while residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered In that land of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself after all
other medicines had failed.
Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will send
the rocipo for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desire It, Free of Charge.
Pleaso send an envolopo, with your name
and addresi on it. Address,
676 Broadway. New York City.
March 19, 1878-v7,nl0.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Blsson'a Drug
The Beat Place. The choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Queenswaro, Glassware, Notions, Ac,
can be had at Davis Duncan's Store, In Za
leski, at all times.
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of overy
description taken In exchango for goods, at
his store. In connection with his store he ha
a Baddlo and Harness Shop, and will repnlr
anvthing in that lino on short notice and at
low figures. Go and see him tf
Only $1 Per Year. 8 Pages.
Th Bt Family Fnpar. The Weekly
N. Y. Bun. 8 pages, tl a year. Send your
The Beet A;rleultuisa PP- - The
WeoklyN. i'.Suu. 8nges. II a year. Benil
your dollar.
Tb Basrt Political Fp.-Tho Week
ly N. Y. Sun. Independent and (nithful.
A gainst Pulilln Plunder. 8 pages. II a year.
Send your dollar. . , , . w
Th Heat Newspapr.-The Weekly N.
Y. Bun. 8 pages. II a year. Seud jou dol
l.ir. Ha all tho News. Tie Weekly N. Y.
Sun. 8 pager. 11 a year. Bend your dollar.
The Best Story Paper.-The Weoklj ; N.
Y.Bun. Spagoa. Ilayear. Bond your dollar.
The best Fashion Reports In the Weekly N.
T. sun. 8 pages, 1 a year. Bend your dollar.
Tl. best ilarkot Reports in wo " 'f.
i V. bun. 8 pages. 1 a year. ,Bend your dollar.
! . r...w l'hn Weekly N.
v u.im b nauA.. litvenr. Bell'' your dollar.
mb,,ai.. the
Tho host Paper in "i"'"- ,,
Woeklv N. Y. Bun. 8 pages. II jeur. Benil
your dollar.
XHb'sUN, N.Y. City.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
Oa. and after Noyembor 0, 1971 Tralni will
run at follows:
& mm
d3 I ! M i i.: i I : r : i i : i :
id :i
A -A.
34!?:::: : : 4
o, u
an 9
8 Ha
Miles l 1IS1MISSJ8
id!::!!: :i i
Y i-i tH vt r4 H n l T
jaijii: jjiiMii
fihiim oiO0iee t-majm
di-iaii iiiijiM Mi;
s?a: 4: ;!;! ; :
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will run dally. All
other trains daily, except Sunday.
stod between Hamden and Athens.
Legal Notices.
Mel of Olio,
For the Tear 1874.
PURSUANT to authority of law, It Is hereby
ordered that the several terms of the Court
of Common Pleas and the District Court with
in and for the Seventh Judicial District for
the year 1874 be held at the dates foUowlug,
District Court.
Washington, April 9;
Meigs, April 18;
Gallia, April 16:
La;vrence, April 10;
Scioto, April S3;
Pike, April, 87; ...
Perry, August 24; ' ' . '
Fairfield, August 17;
Hocking, August 81;
Athens, September 8;
Vinton, September 1:
Jackson, September 9.
. Court of Common Pleaa. ,
First Sub-divMon.
Perry January 26; May 4; September 88.
Hocking February 16, May 85; October 19,
Fairfield March 9; JuueS; November.
Second Sub-division,
Lawrence Jannary 87; May 5; September
Scioto March 2; June 1 ; October 19.
Jaokson February 23; May Do; October IS.
Pike March 31; June 23; November 17.
Vinton February 9; May 5; September 14.
Third Sub-division,
Gallia February 9; April 87; September If,:.
Meigs February 23; Mav 14; Octobers.
Wasliingtnr, March 2; May 21 ; October 19.
Athens March 23; June 11 ; November 10.
And it is further ordered that due record and
publication of Hie foregoing be made accord
ing to law.
Witness our hands this 10th day of Septem
ber. A. D. 1878.
T. A. PLANTS, Judges.
Stats of Ohio, Vinton County, ss.
I, G. W. HOLLAND, Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas, within aud for said county
and State, hereby certify the forgoing to be a
true copy of the original order new on file In
my oOice.
w iTNKSs my nana ana ine seal vi
lo...-, said Court at MoArthur, this 83d
I8EALJ . oy ot Beptembor, A. D. 1873. .
October 8, 18T3-3W. , Cltrk.
Thomas M. T.vtlfi and MarrT Lvtle his' wife.
whose place of residence la unknown, will
take notice that on the 81st day of July. 187.
John M. Bloan, filed his petition in the Court
of Common Pleas, in and for Vinton County,
Ohio, setting up a mortgage lien upon the
louowing lanus, sivuaie in rinwn iuunty,
Ohio, to-wlt: The undivided (y,) of the east
half of the north west quarter, and tho north
east quarter of the north west quarter, and
the north west qimrter.of the north east quar
ter of Section 81, Township 9, Range 19. Also
the south east quarter of the north eastquar
ter of SectlonStf, Township 9, Range 19. Aso
the north west quarter of the north west
quarter of Section 81 and the south west quar
ter of the south west quarter of Section 80.
Township 9, Range 18, except the north west
quarter of the north east quarter of Section 81.
Township 9, Range 18, and asking that said
mortgage ue lorecioseu, biu huub win.
nMu.Aniiiiiirniiiyltl.lntir.niirt. and anulied in
satisfaction ofhis olalm, against one Thomas
M. Lytle, for the sum or ws, ana inier.
est from January, 20th, 1873. Said Thomas M.
Lytle and wifo are parties defendant with
said Martin H. Brand; said defendant Brand
is requited to answer saia pennon on or ot
fore the 15th day of Novembor, A- D. 1878.
By J. M. MoGii.livb ay, Attorney.
Septeinbor 84, 1873-6W.
Joseph Beyers, whose place of residence la
unknown, will take notino, that J. G. Ross,
Elizabeth Hartloy and William N Hartley
huve filed tholr petition in the Court of Com
mon Pleas or Vinton county, Ohio, setting up
an estate lu; simple in the following real
estate, situate In said Vinton county to-wlt:
Tho cast-half of the north-west qnarter
(E K N W ii) of Section Number 84, TOwa
sliip Number 10, Rango Number 19, eoa.
taining 80 acres more or less. And
praying for possesssou of said promises ana
the sum of &0 mesne profits. Said Joseph
Bevers is required to answer said petition oa
the 15th day of
or before g,'
BV U.S. CLATTOOI.lt A ,T. M. MoGiLLtVaAT, -September
17,1878-et. Attorneys.
tate. v is
Probati Court; VintokCo.i OhU.
Notice is hereby given that Ellhii A. 8lson, ,
as Administrator of the estate of James Mo
Oualitv, deceased, has tiled his account there
with, for partial settlement; and that tho
"" . -'.. I .. - nn .ha 17th H lit Am
same is wi. i"r iic. iK
tobcr, 1878, at 10 o'clock, A. u. fl M ATOj
BeptU,18T8-4t.' rrobate J udgei '
J- , DAY.
The undersigned, Asslgnonof Lewis C. Day,
has decUrni! a dlvideud fMH por cent, of the
net proceeds of said assiguinent, snd the came
will Vi paid locediuisoil and after the nth
dny of October. 1K18, ut the bwdnem hou of
Hover, James Co.. iarieua,iini.. , ,
Octolier 8, 1878-8W.

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