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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 08, 1873, Image 4

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Cheap Gate.
: A'corrospondont writes: The
old practice of building . farm
gatea with heavy lour-by-four
scantling for posts nud end
and oak boards riveted
together, tenanted, etc., caus
ing au expense of from ? to
$5 a gate, jind an everlasting
trouble to keep the gate, when
hung, from sagging I long
since abandoned. , As a substi
tute, and as forming a gate that
has never sagged for ten years,
I take five pieces of hu'h board,
each , ten feet long, oue-eigth
inch wide for the bottom strip,
and each of the others four in
ches wide. I then take one
piece tour inches wide for one
end upright, and one piece
eight inches wide for the end
piece where the hinges ought to
be. These strips are four feet
long, that being high enough
for any gate for- ordinary pur
poses. Now lay down your end
pieces; then place the eight
inch wide and ten feet long
strip for the bottom nail at
eachend to the upright with
wrought nails. Now take three
of the four inch wide strips and
lay them on parallel with the
bottom one, dividing the spaces
so as to leave four inches be
tween the two lower boards,
and six inches each space be
tween the upper ones ; nail as
before. Now turn the gate
over, and take the
strip, lay it an angle from the
bottom, at the hinge end, to the
I A .1 "111 1 ii
top oi tue latcn end ; cut it so
that it will fit it an; lay close
to the long strips ; nailit. Now
hang, the gate with stror hin
ges, .and you have a gaiP that
is light and will not sag, and
just as perfect protection against
cattle as one made by the join
er, and costing, as above stated
from 3 to 5.
Any person can put together
and hang the above named
gate in two hours. This plan
of a gate is certainly very sim
ple, but we have seen fome in
tnis vicinity mat we preier. in
these the whole gate is made
of inch boards from three and a
half to four inches wide, two
pieces being for the hiage-pOot,
fivo feet long, and the same for
the latch-post, with a single
. piece to be placed at two-thirds
of the distance of space from
hinge to latch-post, properly
braced, and all put together
with" bolts and taps to screw
up. The advantage of the
b.cdt over the wrought nail is,
that if any part of the gate
should get broken, by unscrew
ing the taps and taking the
bolts out, any part can be re
newed without doing injury to
other parts. Another objection
to the above plan for our local
ly is, that the gate is too low ;
no gate should be less than four
a,n,d a half feet high ; better to
to be five feet. However quiet
ll jjIj f T
stock may be, at times they will
be tempted to go over a low
gate, and will most likely break
it down.
A Young man in Lawrence,
Mass., who paying attention to
a girl, gave her some trinkets
as tokens of his affection,includ-
: Ing a ring, bracelets, earrings,
etc Seeing her the other even
ing with "another feller," he
tyalked up and demanded his
love tokens back, and being a
special polico officer informed
her that if she did not comply
be would take her to the police
etation. : She surrendered the
baubles. :
The average coat lor every
person arrested, convicted, and
sent to the penitentiary in this
country is $1,200, while the
cost of educating a boy in tho
public- schools is oniy about
Additional Editorial.
Something to Think About.
Gov. Morton, of Indiana, ( jov.
Noyes, ot Ohio, and Hart, of
Ohio, opened the compaigu in
this State' on the same ' day.
Noyes and Hart are candidates
on the Republican ticket' for
the ofiices ol Governor and
Lieut. Governor. These gen
tlemen sounded the bugle notes
of Republican intentions. All
three of them declared that it
was the duty of tha govern
ment to take charge of all of
tho railroads in the country.
Now, let the readers think for
one moment of this monstrous
proposition. The Pacific rail
road, in the control of the gov
ernment, has resulted in all the
Credit Mobilier schemes by
which the people have been
swindled out of millions of mon
ey. Now, if Noyes' and Hart's
ideas were carried out, and all
the railroads were under the
control of the government hat
a vast scheme of plunder would
be inaugurated. Remember,
also,that if the Republicans car
ry the State, Noyes expects to
be elected Senator to succeed
Thurman, and that Hart is to
be acting Governor, and that
Noyes would, as Senator, favor
the already mooted question of
handing over to tho control of
Congress all the railroads in
--Marion Mirror.
i The Worcester correspondent
of the Chicago Tribune, writes
that General Butler made this
confession to a delegate on the
the day proceedingtthe Conven
tion : "I ought not to have run
this year, It was bad iu.li'-
ment, but the zeal of. mine ene
my hath eaten me up. After
the Convention, he said:
"GitAXT dare not fight me, any
way. My seat, is secure in
Congress, and I can go back
there, and make a motion to
cancel the back pay meas
ure, and carry it. I never
needed the back 'pay, if the
President did." Doubtless the
action of the Convention has
convinced the General that the
people are pretty unanimously
opposed to the back pay swin
dle, and that he can best win
favor by urging its repeal.
Hox. TI. S. Buxdy draws his sal
ary of $21.00 per day under the
salary grabbing bill, and does not
say a word about it, Mr. Bcndyis
a very religious and a very loyal
man, and we suppose his conscience
and liis politics will not nennit. him
to refuse cheerful comnlianen with
the 1 aws of a Republican Congress
aim a Kcpiiijiicau President. In
the meantime, whilst quietly tak
ing bis $21.00 per day as Congress
man, lie sanctifies his soul at camp
meeting, and Drenches to the inno
cents at Sunday Schools. Grant is
great and ins worshippers lucky!
Loijan Sentinel,
Ve have known Mr. Blxdy ever
since we were a "wee bit of a boy,"
and we are sure he has more sense
than to say anything "out of
place about the drawing of that
$21.00 per day. He will not make
an ass ot himself by writing a silly
letter to excuse the outrage, either.
Nothing of that tort!
See Here!
It seems to be the tactics of the
Republican party to make their
whole fight on the Legislature in
Ohio. They know it will be very
close, and their whole effort now is
to secure a Representative where
ever they can, The choosing of a
United States Senator by tho in
coming Legislature is what they
are driving ut. They want to de
feat Tm-KMAS, so that they may
send the corrupt Xoiiis or Delano,
to that body. No Democrat or any
honest voter in Vinton county
should give them aid or comfort by
voting for Milt IUy. Vote for
Harrison Lyle, a poor, hard-work
ing man, who is in favor of Tiiui-
max, or Homo other honest man, for
United States Senator.
'I'.... n.i! i . i
jur. luuueuis are always pre
ing retrenchment and reform
what tliey mean by their hypoei
icai cant may be gathered in
way in which their rascally ri
manages matters in the District
Columbia, where they have entire
control of affairs. They have
ui) tho debt of the District to i
000,000, while tho population is
i on
ly ldout. That is n fair specimen
of tho nuuiner in which they economize-
Sixteen years ago a North
Carolina boy was threshed and
sent out to hoe corn, and that
was the last seen of him until
uie oilier day, when he came
back from" California worth
$50,000. Some parents here
.i i ......
audits ougnt to try the experi
Democracy of Ohio.
I!fotffU That the Jicntoeratir party seeks
to revive no dead Issues, but stands by ils
principles, wlili-li ui'U suited to nil limi's rtii.l
circumstances: it Minnorts tho I'eilc.lal tinv-
Ai-iniu'iit lii nil lis ronstilutlonnl authority,
and minuses iitillillcntion una soc'st'ion. II
defends tho reserved rluhls cif tlio states mill
tho people, mi. I opposes eentruli.u!io!i that
wmiUI f in iii ii- or destroy them. Pi nnU'r to
maintain and preserve these, riirhts it insist!,
upon the strict construction of the Federal
Constitution; it resists all attempts of one ilo
nartmoiit of tho Government to usurp or de
stroy tlio constitutional right or inilcncii
denco of other depart incuts ; il opposes nil in-
IU! 10101110 11 1IIW Vlllll I'll. II II II tl I I S III Uin-
iness of men, not required by I lie public 1'C.n o
of sulufy, anil advocates tlio uri'Mcst indiviil
iml liberty consistent with pulilicordrr; Il be
lieves In t'lw capacity ot tlio people for self
irovcriiincnt. ninl onnoses nil proncrtv utiulill-
cat ions as eonilil ions to the ritflit sull'inno
or t'liuiMiiily to hum outre; il iiivors nuerai
laws lor tho nal iirnli.-alicn of foreigners; il
insisl upon eipiala.nl exaetjiisiicetoan inca;
It opposes all monopolies, ami ilenien tint it
iswilliin the province nl tlio tioveriiinunl to
legislation lor the beiiel'.t of particular ela.-i-es
at tho expense ami to tho iloli'iuieiit of tin
restoftlio community; it therefore Oiijwes
tho system ly which a largo portion of Hie
pmlli-proilin'injj; wealth of tlio country is c.
cuiptcil from taxation, anil ileniamls that all
coastitulioiinl mean lie iisoil to renieiiy lliis
injustice; it insists thatourtariii laws shoal. I
be fraineil ilh a vieiV to revenue, anil not to
tax the community for the benollt of pariicii
lar industries; it recognises the evil of tin ir
reilceinablo c,urivncy,luit insists that in the
return to specie payinenls;ciiru shall he takan
not to seriously ili'sltnb the business of the
country, or unjustly injure the ilebtor vl:?-;
it appreciates tlio lienellls conferrcil by rail
ron.ls, but oppo.-rs all combinations of rail
road companies to prevent compel iiion and
thus enhance the cost ol transportation ; it op
poses all laws, that give to capital ami ndvait
tago over labor; il ruiiiires honesty and econ
omy in every depai tiiiunt of liovernnient,
Federal or State, and it condemns coi'mptim!,
whoever may he the guilty parties. It is in
ils very nature, and as a necessary result of
its priuclplex, a party of progress, ami sup
ports nil measures of reform and improve
ment that are sanctioneil by justice mid eirji
mended bv sound practicnf wisdom.
A'tMilreil, That the wealth of the country Is
Hie product of its labor, and the bout u.-eof
capital Is Diat gives employment and liberal
waares to Ihe iiroducinii classes: hence tverv
just measure that tends to protect them from
iifiprcssiun. iimi to improve men eiuniii iuii
nun iiigniiy tneir caliiii;.', deserves mm re
ceives our sympathy iind support, and that
we r.or.naiiy recommend tue conservative
resolutions adopted III tho recent Niitinr.nl
Labor Congress at Cleveland, favoring arbi
tration uinl co-operation.
. y.VWwt, That, alt hougll always eonstitu
ting u large majority of Uie American people,
agriculturist have never demanded of (iuv-
erumeut, State or Kc.leral, nny special privl-
uege; nao never iniesic't nans 01 ongrcss
or Legislatures with l..bbvists and rimrs. but.
on the contrary, have suffered umler discrim
inatiiur mid uniust laws until forhenranee has
reused to he a vil-tiie; wo hereby plodgo our
siiiceie ami iiouesi eiinris to oiiiain lor inem
redress of grievances and eiitinl iunt exact jus
tice. Jtt'firftl,' rhat the luiblie lands sliould be
sacroiliy reserved for actual settler", who will
dwell upon and cuiiivate them, and that we
will continue to denounce ami oppo-e. as we
have always denounce.! nnd opposed, all gifts
of such lands by tlio tioveriiiuent to incorpor-at-'d
Itt 'i'liat tlio greaiest dnugor to free
instilutioiH is ilio w ido-s)ircnd corruption
that threatens uf.or destruction to luiblie. vir
tue; when Credit Mobilicrlrniuls pass uniuin
ished; when those engaged in them are eleva
ted lohigh ollicial posiiion; wlien scats in the
reucrai eniiio are notoriously purcnaseii;
when vast sums of nionev nro corriinllv uni-
ployed in popular elections; when an armv of
oltice-liolders witli the sanclionof the Govern
ment uso their oil'nial inllitenee to contiol
elections; when bribery of Custoiu-liotise ol'.).
rials isau established 'mage; when rings of
piuii'ierers aro me recipients ol Milium in
money npiirnpriateil lor public use; when of
ficial defalcations are of such fre.pieut occur
rence ns scarcely 10 excnu aueiinou; wncn
l'resiilfiitial pardons relieve defaulters from
deserved punishment, and Presidential up-
pointiiientii rewaril Credit aiolu her nnd sa -
ary-grabbing Congrcssinen, nud when l nn
gre.ssionnl iiivcstigalion is geneially awhiti-
misiuii aiuiii. ii. is not hiiauge Mint men ne
gin to lose conllileiico in free institutions, and
thai the fame of the great lfepublie is tar
nished throughout the civilized world. To
remedy these evils, we insist that tho receipts
and expenditures of the Government shall be
diminished, that ils patronage shall be cur
tailed ami ail useless (il)ices abn'iislieil; that
it shall cease to usurp fuue.tioiiH lo which it
lias no title; that ollicial misconduct ami fraud
and corruption in elections shall be rigorous
ly iiunislied, nnd that public virtue shall he
upheld, and want of il condemned, hv the uni
ted voice of the people.
I!,'hu! ii-il , That we condemn, without re
serve, the late act of Congress granting addi
tional salaries, as. unjust and liniusliiiabie,
ami demand lis Immediate and unconditional
repeal, and we denounce every member of
Congress, whether licpiiblican o'r Democrat,
who supported the law or received and re
lumed the iiioiicy procured tlierebv: and we
especially denounce the conduct of President
Grant in u.-ing the iiilliiem eof bis high pod
tioa lor its pas. age, and whose ollicial signa
ture ma 1c it a law.
Htxoh-nl, That liie ad of Uie President in
selling up by bayonet a Government in i -on -isiaua.iiot
chosen by her people, nnd having
no title whatever to rule over them, was n fla
grant violation of her rights and of the feder
al Constitution.
AVWrrrf, Thai every lJcpartnietit of Cover
incut being in .the hands of tin Republican
party, they an? lastly responsible for the evils
and wrongs in llielegislation anil ndniinistra
lion of which the country complains.
Itnwlml, That, under the time -honored
Democratic, banner, with this declaration of
principles inscribed on its folds, we on cm ire in
the coullict, and we earnestly appeal to patri
otic men of every class, without regard to pur-
ly names or past (iillerence. to iintto w ith us
on terms of perfect eipialily in the struggle to
rescue ine iioverninent iroin 1 lie lianils ol ills
honest men, and redeem it from the Hood of
corruption which threatens its ruin."
IN"ew Music ! !
J, L Peters. 599 Broadway, N Y.'
And iniiiled, post-paid, on receipt of marked
Above and llelow. Sacred Song . ',v
.Inch, fn
Hack to the Old Home. Song and ( li
rus. ... . . rsleMarl.
lien ill iful Form of my Dreams Stewart.
Dulling, Weep no more, bong and ( bo
lus Ilnvs.
Do not Weep m, Sister darling.
Song SICHtirs.
Don't forget lo Write me. Song and ( ho
rns ( u.
Fold we our hands. Hong or
Duet Jltliiilleu.
Goao lo the Heavenly Gulden. Song
If ytiu were I, would yon? HoiigShallitck.
Kiss me. Dulling, eru wo part ..Stewart,
Little lllind Nell. Song nnd Chorus.
. Macy.
I.illle linn. Song and Chorus.. . May's,
Lord, forever at Thy Side Hanks.
Meet me, llcsnie, in the Dell Htownrl.
Meet me, Dearest, w ith n Kiss . ..Dunks,
My hov iic.rnss the hea Ilnvs,
ohl Give men Home in the .South I lavs.
Oil, Sam! Song and horns II.ivs,
Only for You! P.allnd. Delioiix.
Our Little I'd. Song and ( horns .Hays,
l'apa, slay home. Temperance Son'g.
Save one llrlght Crown forino llavs.
Wu pray you Hing that Song. Duet.
Dolphns, 11,')
Wilt thou Weep when 1 inn Lowf
POLKAS. Sunbeam, by Kinkel, as els,!
Hello ol'Vaiatogu, by tutor, 115 t in.; May
Flowers, bv Simon, Jijcts.
MA.i;itl(AS. AwaUenlngof Iho lllrds. M
els,; Ilaipv Thougbls, by Walker, HO cts.;
Laughing Wave, by Wilson, SUcts.; Sunhcani,
bv Poacher, loci's. 1
'GOLOl's.-charlie's tmd Freildie'K liy Ken
kel, each o5 cbi.
SHOT Tlscll KM i'ntiil Glance, by Young,
30 cts.; Alny jMornlng, by Hclimldt.riiicls.; Sun
bourn, by llaniicl,').'i ct.; and Willie's hy Kin
kel !',-rts.
MAItCilKS. Itclleorsariilogn, by liauin.
bio li. -Wets.; Mollle'shy Kinkel, 115 cts,
WALTZKS. t larlta, (ieorgio's, Lottie's,
Sallie's and ilnggle's, by Kinkel, eaeli IJucts.;
Drops of Dew, by Allard, 4()ets( Hiinheani, by
Muse, 1)5 cts.
Fol'K II ANDS. Amarylis, M els; .locus
Polka, a.r i ts.; Love's Chase Gallop, ur cts.;
Praise ot Woman Polka-Musnrkn nil by
HAI.OV PIKC'KSl. Dnnro of tho Ilnvnm.
kers, Wilson, Vi cts.; Love's ( nrcssos. 'Kin
kel, 4Uc.ts.; Jlny lllos.-iiniis, Kinkel, 51) e,l,s,
Plftlnte (les FIcttrs.Tonel. W ctl.. Wlilsporing
HreeS's, Wilson, Wets.
Any of tho alsovo mailed, poit-pald, on re.
ov . .1. L. I'KTEltS, WW nroHdway, N. V
"10B 1'IIINTING of eveiTdcscrltitlon noM.
O ly nnd prymjitly oxocuted at tlili olllco.
The many ovIdonreH of vxtnioidlniKy cures
thai are daily roxnio nsell'ecte I ihrough
i. -
iSarsaparillian Resolvent-
Itendy lie! lef and lVifocl I'urgaiivi' Pills, in
writl. u lostinmnlals Iroin all p.nM 'of the
wiiild.surpasin rtioidei lhemost exliiivn 'ant
mini, lis of Ullcltlllllnicnt. I'h, ,i..nn nnd
medlciihaen in all countrio.i inoiioinice these
nuiineriii: i-i'iiieui k a niysimv, lliat nelUlor
tlieirs.ieneei.l analysis 'or chemical skillcan
explain, 'rrue, ilie-e mcideiues eli'eet the
most inarveloiiseures, anil restore the dying lo
lire, and relieve tho most. vetelied paiu-iiiif-fering
viclinl of his turlures. in fro-ii o.s to
tier 11(1 minutes, and (dtliougli the v know some
of the ingredients of I heir com position, and Dr.
iiannnv na.i iiionsiicii ineir roriuiua iwnn
holdia g only two new ly discovered roolst, still
both french, GecniMii.' Kmrbsb nnd .Viiiei'lcnu
chiiiiislsand phiiiinacciilists utterly fail with
thoMinui ingredients as nipiired by Ihein.'l'be
great success. lii.-li ih. .so w on.lei r'ol remedies
ace iMiistanlly achieving, lies in the great se
cret of Ciiiibiiiing Ih''ingi'edicnts ii.gelhei',
ai'l.'i cxen isigiiuc ia.e in releciin-r Uie nu re
n.tgeauiiie roi.is.
..1. . .. I I' M I i : . ....
'i ,i'i"iv i . 1 1 .'Hi u iii I llc:ilSi S UlC
S lts l; 1 1,1. I AN I'l'.fOll.Vl.N 1', IfliADV
llKI.IKl'.'L li.W'WA V's 111. i.s. are without
pa nil!. 1 In the liisimy of .Meiiicine, furlhere
nremimi! inilriidne i aii liliscaes t lull aro con.
si.lerediit.ini ip-n !).. it.'dture death. Yelthe
iii'isi asiou.iding cares have Invu made tin
I lies.1 i'oiiii'.li".oi's()iiiediso:i.ses thai have nev-
r been l.uown to lie cr ied hv iliedicine.
('(INXCMPIMN. w:i;()'l'l l.A, WIIITK
IV lil.I.lN'll. 'I'uieo ") in ihe Womii. Sioinncli.
OMirieri, Howe's, liri'ihl's lihea-e of the Kid-
nevslliat have b.'eu proiiounecd liicuinhle,
Cancel's. I I; ers. Sweiliaas. Stone in lie ldad-
der. Calculi ns t '..nc V; inns. T' Ic.-.m n ml Son s of
the iitn.es, llicki'is so deeply seaiod that no
other iiiedicims have been hno'.vn in reacli.
have been cured hv the S AHSA I' A II I I.I.I A N
UK-ail.VKN i', aided liv Uie ilK.VDV lil'l.l I'A'
1'alsy, 1'ar.ily.d', Ory Gaiigene Ual threat
rn. i :i living death tltitly roiling n.tay of ibe
limbs and lit sh ilinbc'ies, Involuilfarv I'is
charge or Water, Ktingi in Uie ;iildei (I lie
KniierorrN'a poll oil's ileease), Tortuiiig Pains
when o.i-clinrgi.ig nriiie, KIll'lMAT IS.M,
GDl'T, NICCU AI.l.lA-cach and every cue of
these coiiiplaiiils-iliougli but a few of Ihe
many oiheciliease,i, lla.lwnv'H Sarsap.'lrillian
Kesoivenl has cured and isi'ailv etn n in nil
purlsof the world.
Inoiie word, any disease-no inutler under
what ntiiuo desj''uuti'il, lliat is iiiiuri.-iied or
inerea-'ed by bad. impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or polsioii-d blumi-cnn b;1 1 in ed
MOl.VlONT Hr.llaihvay .V Co. have never claimed oue
liundrelii pact of Cue curative virtues for llicir
rciuediesas isascribed to them by the people
who have used thorn; for bear in' min i, only
such diseases and cnmpluinls its J)r. l.'tdway,
ai'lei'siiecesitful Ireatiueiit with llieir remedies
knew they would cure, were innneraled in
their e ui alive list, so that many or Ihee.itiaor
dinary cases Unit have been reported awakei:
ed as much astonishment in the discovery of
their r'Miied in '.agent' as in those who ha I lieen
rescued i'liuii death, and made whole and
Asninny poisons ili-.civi'i'e.i their extraor
dinary power, f.oi.i Hie fact of iheir di-ap-IMiiiiluient
in t lit; use of oilier mlvi rl isdl reinc
dies and siiiue believed il i:r. possioie for
simple inedieiiies made only f.-om y.yielahle
snl'siiinces ninl s, (. bs, .v.,..-lion Id. possess
such marvelniis onuer. Vettbev canreaoily
comprehend that Ihe simple ginstes; oT lli'e
Held, alter undergoing die elioiniciil pici.'ssof
disiiUalii.ii liesigued li nut live in the tnwniul
churn, furnishes in; w ilh Inilte. n'l lainlv the
most ahunilant fat, calorie or heiit-ii'.nki'ug
bone, li..uc, miiM'li'. sinew and liiu.'d-iuakiug
coiiHtitueiiiii for tile hiiuiau limly.
lint, when these people who'llrsl iloubl the
efliency of these remedies commence llieir use,
they buomo tlieii'inost earnest advocate-.
tii k (in i.y sai i: & si;i;i: Ri-Mi.iiY foi:
Never has u medicine taken Internally, been
known lo have cured Tumors, cither' of ihe
Hoinh, I'terus. Ovaries or Dowels; the knife
bus been the sole reliance in the bunds of ex
perienced .iirTcons; but Dr. Uadwa; 's sar
sni'.'irillian setiles this ipiestion. It has cured
over twenty persons of Uvariun Cysts and
Tumor, as will as Tumors in the towels,
I tems, Womb, Liver, Dropsi.al Kll'iisioii,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of la Years' Growth Cured by
Kndwuy's Resolvent.
ItKVKiit.v, M ass-.. July 1., l: VX
Int. IIaiiway: I have had Ovarian Tumor
in the ovaries and bowels. All the doelnrs
said there was no help for il. I tried every
thing tlillt Was l'iiiuu;iii.uu.l.-.t. Luv utU,
helped lie1, I saw your lte.solvenl and thought
1 would try il, hut had no faith in il. because
I had sultcred for IS years. I took six hollies
of the liesiilvent. one box of Itiidv. ay's Pills,
and used two bottles of your lieady l.'idief.aud
there is uoi a sign of ii tumor to lie seen or
fell, ami I feel belter, sinarler and happier
than I have for Vi years. The .vorst tuiaor
win in H;a , .ft fide of the bowels, over the
groin. I write this In yon for the beiielii of
o'.iier-t. You can publish' it if you ohoo-o.
I'i'iiii a prominent gentleman and resident id
Cincinnati, ( 'bin, for tiie past forty yi a is i .dl
known lo the newspaper publishers linntiga
oul the Coiled Slates:
Nt:w YOIIK, Oct. 1 lib, p.'.il.
Ilt. ii.itiW.'.Y Hear sir: I am induced I v a
sense of ilutv to Ihe suH'crlng to make a brii f
situ omen i ol l no w ori;im; or vour nienicine mi
invseir. Fur sever.'d years I have been alllic;-
ed with some I rouble in the bladder and in lu
ll rr organs, which some months ngt culiuimi
led in a iiiosi terribly alllictiug disea-.e, w hich
the physicians all sliid was siiiisiuodic strit-
lurcinlhe urelha. an nlsu inllatnalion of tiie
kidneys and bladder, and gave it as their
opinion that niv aire VM veers would prevent
my ever gelling radisallv eured. I had tried
a number ut physicians, and had In ami a lar
iitiautiiy ot inedicine, both iillopalhie and I
inieopniliie, but got no relief. Iliad lead of
astoiiislnii'' cures having been made hv your
ivinedies; and some lour months iu;o I read a
notice in the I'hilailelpliia Saturday r.vcniiig
cost ot a euro Having been eiiecteii on a per
son w ho bad long been suffering as i had been
I went ri-'hl oil' and Lrot some of em !i vieir
Sarsniiariilian Ito-olveiit. lieadv Itclicf. ami
liegulating Pills and eoininenced taking
l lit-iii. In three days I was greatly relieve. ,
unit now leel us well as ever.
.1. YV..IA.MKS, Cincllinnll. ().
Price i. ne dollar per botlle. hold by Lrug
gists, everywhere, and at lr. Itaitway's No. a
Warren, cor. Church St., N. Y.
ZEz. IcRj.
Cures Ihe worst Pains In from I to SI) luinitlcs
EMiVNiiT ONL llul it nfler reiidinir llii
liitvertiseinent need any one Mid'er w Ilh pain.
.'.i'ii'.i i",v uk Ab y nt:ui:r
Is n cure for every pain. II was the llr-t mid
is ihoonly Pain lii'inedy. (hat instanllc slops
i ne iiiosi excriieiai lug pains, anays iiilljinml
tious, and cures comret tioiis. u liellier of llu
Lung', Sloinai h, Dowels or oilier glands anil
organs, nv one aiiplicalion, In rrom one tp
twenty minules. No mailer liow violent i'
excruciating the pain, the lllieumatic, P.eits
rulilen, Inllrin, I ripjdeil, Nervous, Neurali
or pio. naled with disease may Duller,
W ill nll'onl lii.ilaiil ease:
I n llai limn t Inn of Ihe Kiilucvs, Iiillaninial ion
the llbidder. Intlamuiatiou of Iho llowelj
Congestion of the Lunirs. Sore Throat. Hi I'd.
cult llrenlhing, Palpitation of the Heart, Hys
terics, Croiin. Dlptberin, Cnliirrb, lnniii'n'z,
iii-aunciie, i ooi uacne, M'liraiia, Klienoui
tism. ( old. ( hills. Aifiio Chills.
The spplicntioii of the Heady lielief lo tint
.in , .ir iiorm w iieco mo pain or iiimeiiiiy ox
Ists will alford I'lise ami comt'oit. i
!!( Drops in ft half tumbler YVnler w II
in a few iniiiuU's, cure Cramps, Spii 'ins, Sour
Stomach, Hi aril, urn. Sick Headiicbe. Dinr-
rhica. Dysentery. Colic, Wind In Ihe Jhiwnls,
nud all Internal Pains.
Travelers should alwavs ciirrv II liottloof
itanwiiys i;t tier with llnin, A fewdropsia
water will prevent siekr.es or pains from
change of water. II is holler than French
Jivaioiy or miters as a stimulant.
1 ever ninl Akhii eurcd for nil eoiifs.
Then it it reinedial agent In this world
iiiai v., . ..ire rover nmt Ague, and all thai
iiiaiarioiis, iiiiliotis, Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow
and other Fevers (aided hv Ifadwav's Pills) mi
ipiu k as HiiilwnyN Heady llellef. (i) cents pci
Perfectly tasteless, elegiinlly coaled, for the
viiii: oi nu nisoioers oi ine sioinneli, l.lver
iioweis, ninneys, j.iaiiuer, Nervous DUeases,
iieionu ne, i iiiisiii.iinm, Lustlveiiesii, IWIiges.
Hon, Dyspi'iisia. Jliliousness, llilions Fever,
1 ii II :i i it l u it. ; i'i i of Ibe llowels, Piles and all de
raiigitinentsof the internal Viscera, v. nrranlcd
to eli'eet a posit ivo cure.
VI Itr I.Y VeillC'lAlll.H, Coiilnlnlng no
Mereiirv, .Minerals, or ilelelerliiundriigs. .
fiWdlhsorvo the followlnv HV 111 1.1. Olid ll'.
willing from diseases of the cfigo'sllve orgmist
, ..iisiiii,uiiii, un, nrii i lies, r uillll'ss of Ho
on io 1 no Jiean, Aelitlty or Hie Htoiiiuehi
Aiuisfii, iiearioiirii, insgiist ror food, Full
liess or welirbl. In Iho Pit. i.r ll... ss i ....... . !
Swimming (d the lleiul, Hurried and ilillleull
llrenlhing, I'Tutterlng nt the Hear), ( link Ing
or Sudoral ing Hensiitlons when In n lying Po.s
tore. Dimness of Vision, Hols or Webs iierini)
the Sight, Fever mid Dull Pain In the II
Di'llcieucy In Persolralioii, Yellowness of Hid
Skin nnd Lyes, Pain in the Hide, host, Lliubii
nnd Kiidilon Flushes of heat, Uurnlng In the
Flesh. A few doses of lladway's Pills will
H-co tho system from nil the, above disorders.
Prlee 9i Cent jinr Itotr..
UA inv A Y A CO., 31 AVarren cor Church St,
New 1 ork.
Ussy-Head Knlso and True. Hcnd one letter
slump loHiulway Co., No. !W Wnrren, eor,
Church HI.; N. Y, IiiforniHllon worth thoiia
ftnilt wit b aunt you.
Niiwsiiaper, Cook mill Job
Printing Establishment
Second Sinn p.owj'N's Piilldlug, Alain Street
Mi'AIi Till 1!, OHIO.
lias lust lieen enlarged from a 7-e.oluinn to an
w-cnluinii paper, ami elolhed in new type
iiiioiigiioui. ii4 columns win ne ttevoteii io
Gem-mi N'ws of iho Day
Giving a synopsis of events as they occur.
l nc interests ot our town mm county win re
ceive particular attention. It. will, ns here-
lotore, in-
AS!) li: 1!I.IS IS TllK i:PltF.SMON
OF SI'.NTIMKS I'S iii reganl lo me rights of
the people ol I his country, ever oppose:, to the
" m
The Christian Witness"
The Oriiau of the. Christian t'nlon General
Council of the I'nitcd States, is also published
iruin me same nmcc.
I III v in:' mircha-cl new Ivne ami material
lor our
T O li 1 13 V A lv T II K Tf T,
We are prepared lo do all LinIs of
(ionenil .Sol) Printiii
In Uie iieate- l and highest style of the arl.and
Ai E'casoiinl)!'!' ISalon!
I I lit T' I. A lis,
I. KG A I. lll.ANKS.
(.'ATA I .'Hi I.' FS,
Kill; IT LISTS?.
SAI.K lill.l.M
Executed on Short Notice
IBriiiK on Vour Work
J. W. 150WKN,
- HoArthur, Ohio,
fS ii.
1 iniinutiieture to order and repair Furniture of
prepitroti to iiiriiisu
and necoinp.iuy Ibcm wllh a Hearse.- J'wTJio pxililio aro fnviteil to nail nnd
Jlarch Kith, ltd.
all kiuds, at the most reasonable price!!, l uin
Patenleo and Maniii'aeturer of
TdVi Tilcrlrf Tif-fT'iV' 'l!m'i-.v" ,f-r
v-v.av.w ..w..w...,
TllK Grist .Mills, belli!; portable, are on
Iron Frame, nud
And tho best Mill ever made for all kinds ni
(rrindinj;, can lie easily attached to Saw Mills
or nny other poi er, nud warranled to rind
Flour and Meal of a superior ipialilv at
(treater uite of speed than any other !ill,
wilboiit dieatini- or oilier dillicullv the
weight beitift 1,101) pounds, nrcupvin-r 'onlv.'l
feet sitiie on the lloor. Will j;rind SI) lo'till
bushels per hour. If w ithin thirty ilav, the
.Allll does not prove sntist'ac.on', ll'niav be re
turned and money and all cliarfres refunded.
Hart's Post-Mole Dover,
) Is ifuaranleed lo nial.o two holes to
.'one of anv other; iloe.i its work rap-S-f
idly and perfectly.
IV l) Ii A V
No limit can be found wbh it alter
rial. Sent lo any one on trial w ho
will scud me the endorsement of the
Post Mu-tcr. Agents wauled.
t ( lark.-hnri.', W. Va.
&, Farmers nnd oilier can see the
ijij Post-Hole llorer at the Ksiji iiiiiit
!iV onice.
PIl JiliMT U M!
Five New Stibscrilacr.'S
rOU ONE YMU AT !J1 !j0 Ei'.OJI.
A COP'i ol'
uiisil mm,
nil viT.-irnn '
Or an extia copy of Til I'. Mi'A IMM t I! K
OI'II.'KI!, one e.ir.
is it valuable Mdiimii of
1,304 Pages, with 500 Illustra
tions. Well bound, mid cool, litis a lare unioiint of
inflirniullon iceriiinn all theitrenl iadns-
trles of (eir coiiiilry. send the iiaiucs.
Add r.
Pu Fniuircr, MeArlhur, ().
Vol. A7"!!. IfST'.'t.
'1' ii i: J k o p 1. 1: ' M A o a '. i n i;
i:,tit,il hi) .'il mi i'il K. If ilh.
The enlarged icsources placed in the hands
ol die oi.n ASH m:w by the public, ami by the
proprietors, enable, them In nunouiico a vol
ume of wider inteiesl llian they have ever
Mrs. GrecnoiiKli's story, "Pylhonla," ami
Mr. Ilule'sslor.y, "Hps mid Downs." w ill be
continued and completed In Ibis volume
A series of short stories bv Miss fileroil.lh,
Mrs. Htiiwe, .Mir.. Whitney, MIks llale, ftlr,
I'erklns, Mr, Lining unil ollieis, hits bum en
ffll ICI'I I.
.Vni. Maiilneati's Scries w ill be coulliund
In papers on "The I bun h nnd Ils I'xcliidve
( laims," "Go'l in lliiiiiitnlly." .to.
Tiie series of nriielcs on Polllietd Selenee,
bv LTrii I It HK'tl of rei'oirnl.cd nblllt v. will roiii-
p'rise pai'erson "Itallroads, Servants or Mas
1ers" "I'lui llaliot ill Liitrlaod,' "Lund,"
"The Law ol Muratiuie .Itirisilietloii." "I lie
Indian ('uestlon," " The Sull'i nte of Women,"
"ICiiualTiiMillon," "Turin's mid i'rolertlon."
"What tlio New Ailiiiinistriillou iiiin.f do,"
"l.ahorand Want's (Jucslloii."
The sithlec.tof e.rllical Inleresl In
Natphai, IIistoiiV ami Pltll.osoi'llV
will he llliintrult'il by illll'ercut xciilleiiien em
inent In I heir Hues of resell l i ll. We shall
soon have the pleasure of pilnlinir papeir,
nuioiiK others, by Prof. Lesley, Me. llul!, Dr,
lvelloir. Hi. Gray and President Hill.
TliuHxniiilncr Isnotfonllnuil In the review o
Ihe puhlicallons of it few houses, but iilleiupls
lo ttlve soma accoiini or-ine iiiine important
lsucs Iroin Ihe French, Gorman and KiikIIsIi
pii'ss, us well iih our own.
Tlifl record of preRics dcscilbt's the nub
slanllill lidviinc.e whlcli Iho world has iiunie,
in whatever illre.cllon, or In whatever rexloo,
witli Hpecial releieiicn lo linproveuieuls In
iloiiicslic. life vt lib it ma)' he titlcjiiptcil in
Amoricn. ... ,
Tin) niiijriulne ivlll be tinder tho iidllortiil
charxo ot Lilward M. Hale, who will have w I
der assistance llnin lierelor.o'o in Ibo maiinmr
incut of its jouriinl Deparliiieul.
Tim beiiulll'nl Chromolllli "( 'oniblciice," by
lliimninlf Itllllnirs. Is presciileil to every Ho
newal nnd New Subserlber to "Old ami New"
fnrlHVd at .MM, or at Iho I 'roiiiolllll will
ho furnished luimlsoiiiuly inoiiiiled, lemly for
frnnlliiK. hla-lllxM. , '
Hiiliscrlpllons leeleved by l.ll hook Uinl
nuwsili.'iilers lit iiubllslieri rales,
ItonniiTS, IlitoriiKiiH, Ptiblmherii,
No, ID WinhliiKton si., Ilostuii.
-iTri keep eonstniilly on haml lit Ihlsol
VV (IcoMSIipply of UNV KLOPHS, Upon
which n enrd of nny ilesci Ipllou will he
nrlnted mlow that all inaynllord lo liavu a
I curd on tho Ftivelopen used hy them.
Yi ooi) i;ooivs you all.
,Booki3 "Wlricli Are Hooks.
i Works which should bo found in every I i
biiiry w ithin the H iicli ol all rentier.'. ork
lo eutei l.iiii. in-1 i i, i' t. and liupiove. t opic
will be sen I by return post, on receipt ut
! ,,nv PI'Isokhoiii.v : or, Sijtns of ( hatacter,
' as niiuiiK sled laroii'di 'icniiicrmiiiil. tine
Kxiei nal Forms, ami esiie.dally in the
man Fa.e Idvibe," with more Hum Oi
'I'botisaiitl Illiislrli Ions.
II.. S. I., KI.I.S.
Price ifii.Ul).
'Iho In in 1 1 v Physician. A lieadv Pie
scrilior nu. I HyL'cuie Adviser. Willi liefer.
ence to the Nalure, Causes, Prevention aid
ireiiimeuioi niseases, Accuienls, mulCas
uallies ol every kind. Willi a Glossary ninl
copious in.te. uv .101:1, silliw, ji. I. II
liisii'tited Willi neailv MM Knj," aviii(s. One
iari;e volume, Inleiiilcd for use in the laniilv
How to ( IiariKtec. A New Illustrated
I mini -I. ooi; ol I'lirentiloirv and Fhysiop.o
my, for Liltuienls nnd Lnniiiiers.' iviti i
( bai l for recoi dins the si'.es of tho orfruns
oi uie lii.i i n, in ine iiciiticaiion or ( liar
a dec, wilh upwards of I'd) Knt'iavlu'."
latest and best. Muslin, JI.Co,
The Patents' Guide t or iluiniin Develoi
ment tli!ou;;h Inherited Tendencies. l v
Mrs. IIhsthu Pksih.ktd:,'. Second edition,
levised a'.el enlaivtl. one vol. r.'uio. JfLai).
Constll utlon of jtlim. ( oiijideretl 111 reia-
liiin lo F.xteiiial Objects. liy G!!()ltOK
( oaiu. i heonly autbori.cd Amei lean t.tli
lion. With Twenty lCi';ciaviiiKs, Ifl'M.
Tlio HyKlenie I laiid-Itond t a Practlcnl
Guhlo lor the sick-ltooui. Alphiibetically
arriine.l w.lh Appendix. 11 v It. r. T'uai.i.
One vol. IMiuo, lJUIpp. Muslin'. yUH).
,' How Io M'rlte," " Ifovv Io Tnlk," "Slow
io i.eiutve, ami now in pu liishuss," a
r.uiitl-liook i.nli lens. tide lor Home Jni-
provenisiit, in one vol. .f'.'.,'.').
Wi'illiN'U : or Ibe I'uhl helatioio of tin
sexes. iiiscloMiii;' the Laws of Coniiural
Selection, ninl idiowinc; wlio may and who
may mil .tinny, .t iiunie lor ooia rscxi's
! Oratory Suercil ninl )eiilnr : or Iho Fx
i temporaneinis Speaker, luclmlsi.'; a t'li.tir
; iiiiiii'ii Guide, for conduct in? Public Mecl-
fllirs nccor. iULr lo l a c I: client n v bo-ii:
i li'l.isl.
I n n;i j. iiii'ti ;l Inlancy. I'hy.-lohiirial am!
Monil Teeatnient. lie Axintiiw Co'miiu M.
1). With 'Miles, si.-".
.Ileillcal Lleitrlcllv. A 'lianiiiil S!:.
deids, showiii.'r Ihe ir.osl n ieiit ihe 1100 m .
t iiti.li I .ipidii tition to all l.on.s .,f A 1 le and
Clt Millie. Oii.e.i. es I.y ilie liillViioil combi
llul ions of Meet. licit y, t.'aivaiiisni, Klet '
M:i;(iietisin, ,ia..'io'is.i;h'cti ieit, , nmt Hu
man MiiKnet'sin. ".'.II).
Ilislory of Snleiii M Ilelierat I j " t'lie I lan-
chetie .My.-lery;'' and ".Modern Spiritual
iin,".with "lr. I )o''eiri'l;;e'; Dnain,'' in
one vol. P; i' e f 1.IK).
Hoop's F.nldp. The People's Piito.lal
l.dilion. jSeautifully Illustrated w bh near
Iv sitv Kin-iitviiiK's. 'huh, )?iil, bevele.l
hour-Is. Only tl.UO.
I'm.'.c's F.MMi'iy ull Man. Willi Koe..
Ileaiilil'ullv lilustialed. ' loih, j;i it, bevele.l
boards. iM .0;).
TliiilliiilitWoid in ihe r i 1 1 1 1 1 Pluoo.
A New Pocket Hiclloiiary ami llcl'ercnie
Pool-. I .: 1 1 1 1 1 11 . iii.f synonyms. Technical
Terms, A hhievt:'.!! .lie, Foioi;..;i I'lira-e',
W 1 ii in.:f lor the i'ir- ., I'nin I until. 11, Pronf
l.'eir j-. ami oiher Valuable liili.rni.iC'in.
1 ".1 r.: nolo 1 ir:n I Hii'.t. Mm injf t 'n. inn -t
e'.:i-. ilit -til. on, e.i.d e: :i.t loeriibui of all tie
iii-iinis oi Ibe I ir.iii. Il I., 'ii viiled "i MS t. .
!i.t. eat II Ot .'.a.i .01 too .-idc; an ' e!i liie
: i.:;;'s e.i the iithei'. : 1 lit bv t-vpies,
I'ri 'e .;.'.ilti.
I'ii-b.' ane.Mii Ii, .1 i.'e.ji-l uv d l.cller. o" to
a ('..-io lie." ) i. r I'.c one a' d till the above,
.old ii.i.l '. -. li. Wi'l.i.s, Puiui.-he-, Nn. .!l
i. :i i' a; , .s. u Yuri;. .!."."ns vutnled.
I'eb .li.
V" 1-.
A i''!to :;(;: m;..; Ch. cm.
wi: .-i'sp .. ;.!.'. o vvr . Mitn .in, .m:h -,;n a
l.i: v li.' lull I'.t 1 1 i', I : I. To l. h V
M.l XV.
aU.CiV..V,?3 V yi."j.?'): f'OH
U N D IS 11 (HIO U N D
; ) 7 os. ii. i,-u.v.
Il l'i Panes Octavo. 1 :!!) l ine Knivrii vlii).'!
l.elni... Iii.'ldei.ls nil Ac-ldentt. Iwv.n
'.lie l.i..bi of i'liy; sitirCiuir Adventuti's In a
ut. is in' ihe io' Id ; .Mine; end Mod.' 1,1 W oi l;
iiiji them ; I mien iii'ienls ol'Siciety! Climb
lieir ami its lloi roiM I averns and ihelr Mys
teuer: Ihe On: I; 'i'.i s i.l' b '.eiiiei..-.; Pi'is
oils ninl iheir Secr. ts; i iv,'t. in tiie Heplhs of
liie s,eii; .-iiaiiiic mioh's oi tae rtiecii.iu ot
Clinic, I'lte ho.i1.. In llts of l l.el ieoce Willi
In ;. roi. I ; i.icuis io opium '!"".' and nambliiiK
Hells; PU' in pri. 'i.i ; i l.i i. s o etl. ; ad , en
1 mi s inn, ui'x liitilaus; bun ne! . Ihroui.':, Sen
eis and I iitai oiiil... ; ,,ei idem- In iiihick; id
'lies and piracy; initures m ihe iiupiNit.oii
V oiiil' rliil biirniariii ; tuulerworblol' I lie (.real
eilles. cb .. el'.
U'e waul tr.;ents lot' lliis ivoik on which we
I'lve exclusive tenitory. Awuli can make
vb'ilil Meek In selling this lii'Oit. ctid forcir
culars and special terms lo aifctils.
,1. P.. HI P.ll & HVDIi,
llAltvi'Oi.n, ioni., or citli'ACf), it.i..
A f e n t
I'tilt Till'
Groat Industries
ok Tin; rsi ri'ii i tai ks.
Mini unites tit.il Nil) ciurruviin.'s. nrlnted In
IdiuUhh nud Get iiiiiii, w ritten bv til inilncl.l
it ii I In ! i, lot 'lulling John li. (.otii'li. Hon, Leon
( Use, I ilwai.l Howbind, liov. li. Fdwlii Hall,
Philip lilplei, Allicrt llilsbiiiiti, llontt el.ree
ley, el.'.
T his w.nk is a couiph'le history of all branch
(s of i ml i c.t ry, processes of ma an fuel lire, etc.
ill nil iiKcs. 1 1. Is a compleln cuci elopedlii of
ni ls unit uiiinufui'liiics. nnd I- ihe most enter.
tuhihiK mid i .iluuble win k of Ii foriualioii on
Miihiiel of (eiieial tlilerei.l ever oil'ered lo the
public. We nlve our iif'eiils Ihoexiliislve
rlldif of I c ri i ! ory, One ol'otir n.:'nt s sold bl-'l
copies in iditht ilnvs, ii Mf it lit i old ill is in two
wet;!.. Our nienls in Hartford sold Ull In one
week, specimens of the work sent I on rents.
Address the publishers, ,1, II. IM lit; &
lit 1)1,, llarlloril, ( nun., or( liiciijiii, III,
nun I l-e.'vu.
Tho Oldest and Best of tho
jrtfrauuscniBE now. j?jr
With the number for.lauiiary, the Fpi.Cctiu
enters upon Its tv.'i'Utv-ululh year. If ulenns
he chidi cst arl.lcles from the entire Held ol
fotcl'-ii periodical llleialore, anil oilers
Thehesl Selcnllllii Arllcles. Usshvs, ltevlnws,
I'lillelsin, lllouiaphlcal Sketches, NovelH,
tdioi l bun lee, poems, MIseellnnleH nnd thu
Thu hIiii of the FCLIOCTIll In In he liiiitriut
tlve without belnr dull, nnd enterlaiiiliiK
Wllhout lieiliK ( 1 1 x t lit. Ilcnders who seek
Hhoiild k'vo II n trial. Teruiii, fin year) Kin
Kin copies. J. cents. Liberal lerins In clubs,
The l.( LKCl'li; will be "cut wilh nny oilier
peilodh lll ill lowest club rales, Adilress,
' L. lt.l'F.L'1'ON, l'niillsher,
l')B Fulton street, N V,
Timo Tables.
The ''0, K,.iit. ,) i'1MIlu.
iiaxiiroa.d XjXTvm.
Through Express Trains Daily
K'luijiped wilh Miller's Patent Safety
Pl.'iilorni, (dupler, and lluller, nnd'
the ('elehratHil
Wcstinglioasa Patent Air Brakes,
T he most perfect protection against ncrl
dents in t!'o world.
JtlS--Nen ninl eleptant Prnv ( oat lies nnd
two daily lines of Pullman's Palace Kt-'niiln.r
Cms lire run through iroin KANSAS CITV
to I'uiacy, Galesbui',', Jlcadoia nnd
Without Clinugo.
Also, a dully lino of Pullman's Palace Sh lmi
iujr Curs from ATUIISON and ST. JOSKI'lI
to .lacksonville ami Sprinj?lield, and new and
. ... . -..j ....... uen ji.fill O.OIIS.IS I HV IO III-
dtiinapolls ami Cincinnati without cha'n,-e
Srif"li seeurefnll t'10 mo.lern liuiirove.
iiienis In IIaiiway truveliiiK, purchase tickets
via the il AN.MiiAL .t Sr. Joski'ii Hiioiit Link,
uvohliiiK nil tr.ia-Iirs, ferries nnd chanaes
of ears.
Jfy" Tlirounh Tickets for sale at all priii.
cipal ollices. Fare always us low asbvany
route. li:0'KaKe die. ked Ihronxh to all 'prin
cipal points. o. s. I.Yl'OKI),
General Sup'l.
I-. A. PAIIKKl!, (icnl Ticket Agent.
The followini,' are the.
froin l oliimhus, Ohio'
Miles To
25 Deicware - -
It) ( itrdin'.'ton ------
(HI-Cot lino -
il Shelby ,
!KI N. London - .
bd Wellington
I'.'o-1 tinea ---------
blH -t levelntid
Il'.l liellefoatianc - . -
llrf Sidney
'Ii-Jiansllcbl - .
liiS-AHiiinci) ...
KM Forest
PI Lima
KM Vim ert
JIM I t. Wavne
IP) Sandusky . . . - .
101 Toledo
Vll'i- Hetroit
'-:) Pittsburgh - - .
.liM-niirrlsbui-jrli . . . .
dii -Philadelphia - . . .
.'ii li-Ilallouoii
r.isl liuidiirk
ld" Niaitain Fails . - -oi-l
''iiroin'ra ......
TII New Vol k
1171 Huston via New Voi
distances and fares
If Ki
.j ,(,,-,
- )iM
- M
........ . '1,15
- - 2.70
- lelll
- lo.ol)
---- - - - - iri.r.ii
- - - III.Ull
- n.oti
u - - Sil.-n
sin uostou via Album'
IrS tnilin.nupnlis . . .' .
!-()( i iii-i it mi 1 i
I.MI-St. Louis
Kiiiikus City
o.'.i Leavenworth
1VI Lawrence - .
T'.HI- I'iipekll
KM-Si. Joseph
- '.'D.oU
- - Kl.tHI
-------- liO.oll
. iw.Vi
. 1HV.I
i ;.!:
- - - ai. 15
nrusiiliieet lo chanir-
K. FtHM).
Line," Coluinbin, ().
il. ( hii-airo .
4,1 Milwaukee.
lis -Pnrliniitoii
.i".t I'u.isiii
T'S'.l-SI. Pu ii I
ir t-I.a Crosse
7t'): ties Moines
.VM Pock Ishniil
Kll Dunlin -
Mil-Cedar Ilapids
rdii Iowa Git v - - - -
VM- Hindi ilh - -
rii'i:l-S.iu Fianrlseo - -
Tiie above rates of fare
Pnsseiif;er Ajf't "l!ee
Trains will leave Columbus unit Crest
liiii' .'lie I arrive at points named below as 101
lows; Ciii.l"lil ii Iiv. Miinr eix.
I :ui) I' ii
I :'n
4: lii
r :( )
r : HI
7 :(I5
7 r.'.'l
i:m'iii:.ss Kxrukss
( t.luinbiis . Lv 1:45 A m iH'M.'i
iirlhiiij.diiu 11:1)5
estervillc ll:Pi
Levi is ( cut ro II :':i
He! a'a re.
( ariliiii;li
Galion.. .
(At :::'0a M 11:15
i Lv 2:55 11:55
1-2:1 1 ra
i . :):"d J-J r.'ri
. ...4:115 l:l)'l
t Ar 4:15 AM d I :l
(L l:"5
1 Mi)
1 ::,(!
shiloh .
tl. eenwich..
New l.oiid'iii
i.'o 'he. lor .
U eilinxtniit
I.e (iianj,'e ..
.5 :v5
r: 17
1 1, w
t It.vcland . . Aili 7:1(1 AM l;ixi I'M liit.di'jt
( levclaiiil.Lvii7::;Uv.i,i-.:,Mli')i 1():I5 I'M
I., it- r UI:M 7:lii I :'.'5 a m
liiiukirl.' 1 1 :M li:lil 8 '.Ml
I'.i.lialo . .. . ill :lll I'M 10:15 4:115
lluf. (yi"rle)l,v'.'::;i I'M 5:1-0 A M
HorncllsvilloArS r,M5 :.'.r'
I oriiliijc. 7e?5 Ilntl
I'.liuiia S;(l 1(1:1
Itinudiaintoii.... 10:ii5 pj:(li" M
New Vork ,.Ai7:lHi A M . 7:'J5l' M
lluf.(via N
CA. II 1(1
Lv B:(iJ
ll-llUr M5:0D A M
1:'J5 A M 11 7:0:.
lioeliehler .Al l:W)
sviiii'tise. 7:ltl
I'liia .. Il:'.tl
li ::(
New Vork..
i'.olou ......
I J : l! am 0:1' l 3:011 e u
(1:15 2 -.10 I' It llt'.l) I'M
S:;iu ,i m ri.-.'ii f ii ::) i m
I In." inline 't ions inado id Columbus with
Ihe (oliimhuH llockinu Valley Kailroad.
Throii'ih 'l lekcls for sale at Athens.
tterPahce Day and Sloeping Cars
On All Triilns.
Por jiiirl icidar iiiforiiml ion In regard lo
Ihn.liifli ticket..,' lino1, i ouiiei t Ions, etc., lo ull
points Last, West, North nud South, apply lo
it' tiddler, li, FOIID. I oliinihus, Ohio.
li. S. FLINT, Gen.StipT,
I AS. I ATTIillSl )N,
General Airent, ( oliiuibiis, Ohio.
I'.CG I.N K FOIl I),
Pu yi. Hirer A iron I . Col ion bos, Ohio.
(ll)IN(l CAST.
l.u nrnsier
H::ill n
y : It) t. in.
'.':I5 p. in.
4:10 p. in,
4:'JI p. in,
11:10 "
H:ri "
1I):40 "
H.I5 "
1 :bo p m
P'lladelp'ln. pj::i:
M'w i oik , n;.i.i "
n:(M) i hi
H:lo "
l:(Kl p ui
4:1(1 "
(l:!W "
N.York .. Il;.1(la. in.
P'ilailelp'la. y-f.W . in.
1:115 ii. m,
An Ivu
An I te
( llll'lllllllll
B r.'O "
W:m "
10:1(1 "
0 it'll p, m.
c. t;.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short I. Inn In the Lukes unil (ho Not lb
, lollOWH
liepin I.
Cll.i p. in,
A i rive.
fi:nn p. in.
1:1(1 a. in.
II :4fi a. in,
11:1(1 '
H: l5
7:40 p. tit,
Athens. .
( lllllllllius, ,
I levchllid ..
Plllsbiii;h , . ,
I mil tinii il is
( hli nn'i
Hpiliiiillelil .
( lose eoiilii'Cllou imidoKti LiDieiniler l',,r ( it ,
clevlllc, .aucsvllle nnd all ihiIiiIs on Ihe Cin
(Inuiill nud MuskliiKiini ul Icy llallroml,
I II reel loiiiioilloiis luado ill Columbus loi
I In v Ion, SpilnKllebl, Iniliiinnpolis. ( IiIchko
uinl nil Points West, Also, for ( leveluud,
Jiti Hi 1 1 , PIMsbiirKh, and all points Fust,
'I like the Hocking Valley nail Pun llsndle
roule lo I lilt iit) nnd tlni Northwest) Itlslhn
shnrlesl bj' slvlv-i Ix nillcii, pviitf( pasen(ri'i
Ihe bent. Hi. of ijulckci' time nnd lower rules
I lift it by any other line,
.1. W. DOIIF.H't'Y, Uiip'l. ,, '
U. A. IIuki.l, Oon'l Ticket Aneiit.
(1:10 u. in,
1:00 p. in.
h:l(l "
r,M "
nm it. ui.
1:10 p. in
iM "

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