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McARTiiun Enquirer
J. IV. BOWEN, Editor mid I-ublUher.
The Meeting at Hamden.
The meeting nt llnmrien, last
Thursday, wan the largest that has
been held at that place since 18G3,
and.the largest that has been held
In fhis county since 18G8. The
people came in droves from the sur
rounding country, and many were
, present from Jackson, Meigs and
Athens counties all to see Wil
t.f am Allen.wIio was probably made
Governor of Ohio'1 yesterday by a
handsome majority.
The Marietta & Cincinnati Kail
road carried passengers to and
from tho meeting at half-fare.
Farmer Aixex, accompanied by
Hon. J. II. Putnam, of Chillicotlie,.
arrived' "at 1:55 p. in. Oh the
train was Hon. Jesse D. Bmaiir,
formerly of Indiana, but now of
Kentucky, who was on his way to
West Virginia, lie had not ob
served Mr. Allen until ho had
stopped off the train at Ilamden,'
although both were in the same car
from Chillicotlie. Learning that
Mr. Allen was to spenk at Ilamden
Senator Bkight remained over un
til the G o'clock train eastward
bound arrived.
Tho meeting was called to order
by Dr. S. W. Mosahan,:' of the
Township Advisory . Committee.
Harrison Lyle, our candidate for
Representative was chosen chair
man. T. '
Major Allen was ltjeiypd-j; with
rounds of applause, and spoke two
hours with his accustojned ability,
eliciting cheers upo'i? chcers from
his audience at the happy hits
which he made. He paid his re
spects to "Indiana's-War Gover
nor," O.P. MonTc-N,and also to Jons
Sherman, Mr. Allen closed his
speech with the following senti
ments in reference to the dismem
berment of the Democratic party;
"Disband the Democratic party!
You might as well attempt to rub
out the labor system with a sponge.
The day the Democratic party
ceases to exist w ill be the last day
of civil and religious liberty-."
When Major Allen closed, the
crowd called for Jesse D. Bright,
who responded in a short speech,
eulogizing Major Allen. Mr. B.
said his presence here was purely
accidental, being en route East on
business. But he had stopped to
hear once more the clarion voice of
"Honest Bill Allen" in defense of
the rights of the people and of lib-
The Elections this Week.
The October elections which
are to take place this week, be
ginning with Monday, attract
some attention :
In Ohio the contest is for
state officers and members of
the legislature.
In Iowa the contest is be
tween the Republicans and the
Anti-Monopolists, there being
no Democratic candidates in
the lield.
In Pennsylvania the election
is for a supreme court judge
and state treasurer.
In Indiana there is to be an
unimportant election for prose
cuting attorney only, in one
half the judicial districts.
Oregon elects a member of
congress (on Monday) to suc
ceed Wilson, deceased. The
candidates are : Iliram Smith
(Rep.,) and James W. Nesmith
There is to be an election in
California to-day, for a judge of
tho supreme court and two
district judges.
A Cowardly and Villainous Outrage.
. On last Tuesday night, Nel
sonville was the scene of a das
tardly and malicious act, as has
ever disgraced the valley. Mr.
William Comstock, Superin
tendent of Brooks' coal mines,
had just finished a new house,
tho finest in town, and expected
to move into it in a few clays.
On Monday night last, it was
set on firo by an incendiary and
burned to the ground.
About ten days since, Mr.
Comstock had bought a valua
ble team of match horses from
Mr. II. A. Green, of this place
He was justly proud of his hor
ses and claimed them to be the
best in the county. On the
it' it
same nignt tne House was
burned, tho horses were pois
oned. ' ' .
Wo learn this morning that
the horses arc still liviug, but
with little hones of recovery,
4 . -j .
Suspicion has not attached to
any one as yet, but the ueuclish
spirit which prompted such a
cowardly act of scounurelism
will soon bo detected wo hope,
and the vilhans punished to tho
full extent of the law.- Logan
California Correspondence.
ALTAMONT, CAL., Aug. 30, 1873.
Euitou Enquirer:
Being permanently located once
more, I desire to renew my sub
scription to your valuable paper.
Since leaving Salt Lake and es
caping the troubles that were ap
parent for some timo in conse
quence of that little Indian squab
ble. I have encountered many
little incidents that would be truly
interesting, provided you were pub
lishing a Days Doings or Police
Virginia City, Nevada, is the first.
This is the Capitol of the State;
although a very small city, it has a
very good population. There being
24,000 miners employed in tho dif-
ercnt mines, of which there is n
vast number of rich paying ones.
Tho miners have a Union, and no
man is allowed to work for less
than H per da'. They work by
"shifts," two of which constitute a
day, 1 hours ench. To look
at the city, one would readily sup
pose the place could not hold so
many people, bnt it is estimated
there are 8,000 on at each shift.
' The miners are a jolly set, having
plenty of coin (all tho money in
circulation in Nevada and Culifor
nia is coin) seek the enjoyment so
much courted by that class, viz:
whisky and woinein
Several affrays came toiny notice
during the three weeks I lingered
there. The most noted one was be
tween an engineer at tlie Consolida
ted Virginia Mine and a " bullyj"
It appears that the bully wanted to
put a head on the engineer, who
replied that he " was not on the
muscle but - was on the shoot,"
whereupon tho bully said he would
bo "heeled"' Mxcn they met again;
which was three evenings later,
when the bully fired twice, but
without effcct,the engineer returned
the fire, killing the bully instantly.
The local editor of the Virginia
Evening Chronicle is in unpleasant
predicaments. It appears that he
had been denouncing the manner
in which certain lewd women con
ducted themselves, and the next
p. m., at 3 o'clock, the lady made
her appearance at the office with a
six shooter, backed by a gambler,
and demanded a retraction. The
"Local" happened to be out and
they paraded around and finally
came upon him at the corner of E
and Taylor streets. The represen
tative of the demi montle charged
him with defamation of character,
and a retraction or bloodshed only
would satisfy her. The fearless
quill driver of the Chronicle stood
his "round like a warrior, and
would take nothing back, and his
pluck completely unnerved the gam
bler who stood with pistol in hand
is if waiting for an opportunity to
open the dance. As soon as they
found that the quill driver was on
the shoot they dropped it as a bad
ob. A day or so after bis patience
was tried in a like manner, when he
became out of patience and devoted
lalt'a column to explaining his in
tentions toward this class, and fin
ished by saying that "the next man
horrible accident happened at
the Chollar PaiosiMine, which had
a fatal result. The shaft at the
mine is 1,400 feet deep, and ore is
hoisted by means of a cago on
which a car is run and then hoisted
to the surface. From various
points along the shaft there are
drifts, and this accident happened
from the one hundred foot level. It
appears the man had taken an emp
ty car off the cage and stepped to
run the loaded one on and in so
doing gave the signal and tried to
get the loaded on before the engin
eer would start the engine; in this
he was mistaken, for both' kirn and
the car were precipitated a distance
of 1,300 feet straight down the
shaft. lie was literally torn to
pieces, and shrcads of fiesh and
clothing were found sticking to the
timbers in many places.
here iter the ruination of the beau
tiful city. These women are con
stantly to be seen in several parlor
saloons, which have several gam
bling rooms in the rear, playing
faro, keno, routelle, shaking dice,
playing cards, drinkidg whisky etc.,
to an extent which is perfectly im
possible to believe. They wear as
many pistols as any man, and fre
quently flourish them at you with
as much defiance as Red Cloud,
Spotted Tail, Captain Jack or any
other devil in human form, al
though there has been uo murder
committed by n female for some
time. As a rule all of them have
plenty of coin and make very free
use of it, betting heavy on faro,
Monte, etc. At all hours they can
bo found in the saloons drunk and
exposing their pretty (?) ankles.
(Don't imagine I participated in
any such revelry; only such things
cannot go unnoticed by the most
pious and fastidious.
Electioneering is tho excitement
in California; the Starford Club are
ahead and mean to keep bo; one
party Las split at least six differ
ent tickets, and probabilities aie
thattluy will squander lots and
not elect a road supervisor. Book
me for The Enquirer and Witness.
I think I can get you half dozen
subscribers, as there are several
here from Old Vinton.
I havo accepted a position as
Operator and Agent for the Cen
tral Pacific R. 11. at this point.
Farming is good here, so is stock
raising, and splendid crop of wheat
was raised, considering the dry
ness of the season.
Yours Truly,
A Boston firm sends 3,000
boxes of chewing gum, equiva
lent to 450,000 quids, to Ohio,
Indiana, Wisconsin and Mis
souri. Tho jaws which work
on this stuff are mostly feminine.
Additional Locals.
Gallipolis & McArthur Railroad.
For some inscrutable reason this
road seems to have fallen out of
the'remembrance of men most in
terested in its construction. It is
of vital importance to our tnwn and
vicinity that it be completed at the
earliest possible tin, communion
tion with the southern part of tho
State, is now greatly impeded, and
a vast deal 'of trade is turned into
other and more circuitous and ex
pensive routes. Vinton and Jack
son counties are crippled for want
of generous means of transporting
their valuable products, among
which iron is the King, and coal
the Queen. Some how the man
agement of this proposed road has
fallen into financial and legal diffi
culties in the very nick and turn
ing point of its most cheerful prom
ises. From what we can learn,
mean jealousies and personal rival
ies are at the foundation of tho
troubles. While Mr. Langley is
busy expending local subscription
along the line of the lower road
there are those trying to bring him
into discredit and suspicion. If the
same amount of native shrewdness
and cunning had been brought to
bear to build the road that has
been hatched and nurtured to dis
place Langley, the road would now
be alive with engines and black
with the smoke of active business.
Why Langhy should be the butt
for the tnve ioined weapons of con
tending fatio 's is the wonder of
the time and the amazement of all
thinking disinterested men. If he
were let nloi e, he will astonish us
with a firsi-class ro..d before we are
aware of it, and long before any of
the sleepy inhabitants of Gallipo
lis will be able to superscedc him.
Let Langley alone then, say we of
the upper valley, and let him have
a fair chance to carry out his well
laid plana for the development of
the richest part of south eastern
Ohio. Logan Sentinel.
We would s.-y that President
Langley is now astonishing the
people of this part of the country
with a first-class road. This por
tion of the line between Vinton
Furnace and a point about eight
miles north of McArtliur will be
ready for the laying of ties and
rails in a very few weeks, if the
weather continues favorable.
Gallipolis & McArthur Railroad. Grape Culture
Is fast becoming one of the leading
businesses of this country, and
that with wine making are general
ly very profitable. Mr. A. Spoor,
of New Jersey, one of the largest
producers in the East, commenced
but a few years ago in a small way
to make wine from currants, black
berries and other small fruits. He
soon turned his attention to grape
raising and planted large vineyards,
from which his famous Tort Grape
Wine is made, which chemists and
physicians say rival the world for
its beneficial effects on weakly or
aged persons.
It is expected that the grading on
thnt part of the line of tho Gnllipo
lis, McArthur & Columbus Rail
road through Jacob Clements' farm,
north of town, about six hundred
feet south of the end of the old
grade and the "Speed Farm," will
be completed to-day. There will be
a trustle of about 000 fw.t to be
erected upon a fill of from 8 to 15
f et between the old and the new
grade. The teams will next begin
work on the line near the residence
of II. II. Swaim.
The following tender missive was
picked up in the ladies' sitling
rooin of the railroad depot at Zales;
ki, one day last week:
" Dear Charles, do you love me
as much as you did a quarter to 12
last night? Say you do dearest,
and it will give mo spirit to go
down and tackle those cold beans
left from yesterday." The answer
sent was, " Yes, hoist them in, my
Funeral Notice. The funeral
sermon of late Andkew J. Martin
dill will be preached by Eld A.
Biddison, at Pleasant Chapel, three
miles west of McArthur, on Sunday
morning, November 2, 1873, at 11
At tho last examination of teach
era the following named persons
received certificates as follows:
For 24 months, Charles B.Taylor;
12. J. A. Chase. Mollio Wells, ba
dio Mutchler, Clara Strasbaugh,
Wm. M. Walker, Isaac Reynolds,
Bundy Lutslcr..
Cherry-Stone Farming.
In one European museum there
is a head of Jupiter, carved by a
great artist on a cherry stone. The
lines nro so minute thnt they can
not bo seen fully without a glass.
It is painful to see so much genius
pent up in so petty a space, and
one feels a sense of relief as he turns
to Michael Angelo's Moses, wrought
of more than life sizo in a marble
block which gnvo his sublime sliis
ol "ample room and verge enough."
Farming along the Atlantic slope
has much of it resembled "cherry
stone carving. it has been among
htuinps outliving the wood-chop
pors, among stones that are still
more imperish:ible,on land too rough
for machinery, on soils yielding
nothing uuloss drained and manur
ed, and in climates where winter
cats up all the yield of summer.
The cuergy wasted on such farms,
what would it not accomplish in
Nebraska? Finding tl$ro its ele
ment, soils inexhaustibly fertile,
self-drained, without stumu or
stone, in the latitude of Philadel
phia, and with largo choice of mar
kets, it will put forth Tl its miht
iiM reap its richest reward. Nor
is a Nebraska faun beyond the
roach of any man. Homesteads
may lie had there for loss than
twenty dollars apiece. Farms are
also offered by the Burlington &
Missouri River Railroad Company
on terms which over three thousand
settlors have preferred, even to tak
ing free homesteads. Among these
terms are low fares, prices and in
terest, first payment long deferred,
ttc, and all for farms just bucIi as
one wants, and just where ho wants
Haij.ou's Magazine for Novem
ber. ThC November number of
P.allou's Magazine is issued, and is
as fresh and nice as ever. It con
tain? the usual variety of interest
ing stories, good poetry, and line
illustrations, just snth reading mat
ter ns the people want, and will
have if they know where to find it.
For proof that the Magazine is all
we state, just glance over the list of
contents, and sec what it is com
posed of: " The Colossus of
Rhodes;" "Scones in Alaska;"
"Japanese Peculiarities;" "Tho
Picture;" "The Ghost of llendee
Hall;" "The Fated Sisters;" "Rain
of Summer;" "The Love of Martha
Quintal;" "The Carlyon Tragedy;''
"No?" "A Pair of Impostors;"
"Turning Points;" "A Visit to the
Pyramids;" "A Mandarin of the
Fifth Button;" "Thanksgiving at
Markham House;" "In School
days;" "An Fii fortunate Match;"
"Mv Dream;" "Airatliu;" "Our
Young People's Story-Teller
Nicky the Waif;" "Ruthven's Puz
zle Page;" "Curious Matters;"
"The Housekeeper;" "Facts and
Fancies;" "Fools Illustrated
(Humorous Illustrations.")
Now, that another political cain-
liaign is closed, we have more space
to devote to the general reader, and
shall give more attention to the
current news and events of our
neighborhood and country. It will
he our aim to make The Exquiiiku
a welcome guoHtto every household
in the county, and to this end we
nsk the assistance of our friends,
by sending us whatever, items muy
bo of interest to tho general reader
in their several localities Wc want
a local correspondent, lady or gen
tleman, in every town and township
in Vinton county, who will give us
every week the local news in their
different neighborhoods. Give us
the deaths, marriages, accidents,
educational and agricultural news,
Vv.ii.vas License. The law in
reference to Peddler's .License and
the power of County .Auditors to
grant the same, can be found on
page 511 of Swa:i and Snyler's He-
vised Statutes of Ohio, and on page
007 of Swan and Critchfield. If
uny person desires to peddle, it is
his duty to npply to the. County
Auditor for license "to vend anil
sell goods, wares nnd iiiercnndise;"
and if lie travels on foot, to pay the
County Treasurer $12.00, if on
horse! i.r k or in a, one-horse wagon
$20.00, or in a two-horse wagon
$28.00, per year, and proportiona
lity for three or six months: Such
licenses are good all over tho State
and a failure to first obtain licenses
before peddling, subjects such per
8oii3 to n fine of $j0.00; and ae
tion can ho brought before any
Justice where the offender may be
List of letters remaining uncalled
for in McArthur 1. O., Oct. 1st 73,
J. Crabell, Jessie Cozad, Abiga
Dill, Milly Hunsel, 15. 15. Gron, C,
r. Hill, bafali J. Kelly, James iuc
Gee, Harrison Priest, Wesley Po
land, John Hyatt, Dennis Wilson
Pr. N.J. Kowere, Dcnti.it, Mi: Arthur,
--- in
Railroad printing in a teat
I and attractive manner at this ofhYc.
Tile: Railroad engineers wero tn
;in;.;vd during the latter part of last
week in surveying between Vinton
and Eagle Furnaces; this week
I hey are surveying on the old road
bed, north of town. Jlr. R. A.
Howard, Chief Engiueer, thorough
ly understands how to lay out a Hail
road line. The lino surveyed be
tween this town and Vinton is not
only a practicable but almost a di
rect one.
Sportsmen nro looking ahead
anxiously to quail time. There is
uo sweeter morsel in an epicure's
eyes or mouth, than a nice piece of
toast smothered with quail.
New Advertisements.
The National Crop Reporter,
rrni.isiua) wkkki.v at
Ih ilovoteil Id the piililU'tilion of repoi ts from
i I'linliln runvspmuli'iiU in all siTtioiiHMf the
liilli'il Stall's, hluiwiiiK tho condition iluriiiK
Krowth and liiratioii niter harvest of nil tho
lrii.linjr aiictiUuial itom ami live Htock.
J'he.ii! t'ui'tit as ruci'ivvd will Im submitted to
lln public, in tile most condensed form, ac
companied liy comprelionHivu editorial mini
mane. In addilion, all reliable intelligence
lieariiiK tiuun IhtMiliove lopict. will lie culled
from loading KMropcnu e.vlningeg and pre
sented in the columns of tho Jieiorter.
A series of live Inap-chai'lt will bo publish
ed diirlnx the yenr, slimviufr tho locution re
spectively of lb. i corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco
nil I Kiipir producing crops, mid give Niieh
in Lin million as to lo. nl character, average
proline I, etc., us may be shown most satisfac
torily to Hie eye.
W itli the ineiins of securing leliublo infoi
iiiuiion available, the lewrter will bo made
mi in lii.pcie-ahlc aid alike to tho farmer, the
merchant and the manufacturer, a sou ire of
Intelligence no business man can uU'onl to
TO V A H Mi: US, l'HNTKIt.1,
And tlmae engaged in the raining of live
sto. k til'J Itt'ituflff oilers the best possible
means of securing the largest re turn for their
labor by enabling them to determine us to the
mml liivoruhlu lime for disposing of their mir
plus product. The publication of tho Jlejmi
ti'f having been contemplated primarily moro
especially in the Interest of tho agriculturist,
tiie inavs of our information haviiiir to be de
rived from this i lass to whom tho largest
li jicIHs inevitable revert it becomes n mat
ter of iniporlaiice In every ono uddicased that
he interest himself in several ways, viz! llrst
in securing for the lie imrtrr at loiistono relia
ble coi rcsjiundent ill his county ; next, to the
extent ol suiiscriiiing torn copy oi mo worn,
mid last and all tlie .time in furnishing us
either directly or through the correspondent,
nil desirable information.
Notice of inaccuracies In reports Will lie
than!: fully received.
run is.
The publication v, 111 not derive lis support
from advertisements, hat w:". depend upoi.
ils merits for a i-u.-lainiiig patronage.
The puhlirnlion will be conducted by t'o
operative .socialinn. An annual member
ship, costing fit), will entitle the party ton
copy of the Wttkly J!einrtt-r throughout the
j car. and to the series of live charts.
Vi nere a society lias taken a membership,
extra copies of the WnLlij Ji'eiorter may lie
obtained by individual members nt?5 per an
num. To tbnse net members the subscription will
lie Tor the JUinrtrr alone f.'i, or for the L'harts,
All ( iiiiiiniinieations should be addressed
TKIi.Jack.ionville, 111.
t H.vs, w. ;i!i:i:Ni:,
Sec'y National Agricultural Con
gress, Manager. :lo.
WITH iti ploomy nttoiuliinti, low
njilriUi UcjH'emloii, litvoluutary
nmnKiimu, loss or linen, illrruia.
torrlicrn, lots of jiower, dlzty hcuil,
long at memory, and threatened uu
pntetice, anil imhccllMy, llml lover
eljrn cure in Ill'JIl'HHKYee HOM10,
OPATIUC KPJ-X'IHO. No. ltriiiTri.
lIUIIX. TI1IS BOVIilililON KEilEDY tonus
up the Bystun, arrtwU tlis discharge!, and fnii
irnrts viinir aiul cni-iyy, lifo nml vitality to ths
entire limn. Tlioy lmvo otrnjil thousand of cine.
I'lios, JO ijerpuuknuoof th e boxen nnd large 2
Tinl, which ia very unporluut in obitinato or old
CUSOJ, ui-11 per wngle box. Bold by ALL Drug
giatt, uinl neiii by mail nn receipt of price. AiUna
O., Mi lluiMDWAY, N. Y. Bend prciulur.
'fct-ffi , n O W B K 8 T O B K 111
lu-l liiiblMinl. a lii'W edition of Or. C'ul
vi'rivcll'H Ci'li'lii'iilril :Hiiyon Hie tuitliral
fii re (v. it innil mi'lidiir) of Si-KIIM ATuHUlKUM
or Si tnimil Wi nkiii'i', Jiivoliiiilnry Si:uiii:til
l.iin-i'i. I ii i in il i-iu' Minl:il unci J'fiyHli ill lu
i'Hia. iiy. 1 . 1 1 ; i i . 1 i 1 1 1 . -1 1 1 In .Mnri lnv, rtr.; :il.-o
( iiiiniiiiillnii, l)iileMny nml I'M., IiiiIiiclmI by
ri'If-i.nliiltfeiii'e or M'xmil i'xtrnva;ritiii'.i!.
IWI n.'!! Iii ii niiile l i'iivi'lii;nj only six
in .
'1 he i I'li'liiiili'.l niillior. in Oils ii liiiiriililo us.
iv, i U ni'lv I. 'in, mi si i ales from a tliirlv vein '
Hll. '.IT: ll,l IWK'!ilT, I llll t I III! Illill'lll ill(t I'tHIM'-
iiic!iiTM olVi'11' iilni-i) may hn i ailieally rinvil
. iilii.i.i tin) ilauif.-roiis use or inlriniil lmMi
lno or Hie niiplii ntion of line hi il'i'i polntinir
nut a mono of i'il:'c ai oi'.'v ,-l:ilil,', Prill 111 mill
ifivlual, be in.'an ol v'il''!i evei'V Hnlfioer,
no in iiii' i- his l oii'lilioii may he, limy
lire liiiii.;el! I'li.'niil , iinvut'.'ly unit mil-
fr-vV'I'lilH liTtiiri'Miiralil lu In Hie lunula of
every vonlli nml every man in tint land.
Seat under Heal, in n plain envelope, to liny
Mrisa, nuxt-.Ml'l. mi rei'.'ipt of nix ceiitH, or
I wo iiof laire ntam.
Al-o. i Jr. i ri.vivK i.i. I. K'Miarriaifu uuiuiv
l i.'e.'iO rent-.
Adilrivrf th.' Publisher.'!.
C1IA.S. .1. . 1(1. INK .t CO.,
liovvorv. New lurk, l O. Ilox J.5N1.
i.n. tin raw a. ,i'-.. fitunt '.I in Miullmiii
uiMn Vii'iiiii i i '.iiili. i ihiii, tour miles
I'rj.ii Vi .V.t'mr. nnd oi.e n ib' l oin Inloii
a en. on Din lii,'ie'l.i .v :iii'!iiimitl nan
ii id. oi, tin; :'0.'. 1 li'iuliiiif riimi Mi'Artliiir to
Mlo u., 'ihio. KjO neivn ol Wood I.niiil ; lml
iiii el i d' i nil' ivn'.io'i : !H iii'.vi nl llottom
I ,.nfl. Will wa'-.'iTd. Siiilieimillv lai'Ki! for
,i ;:i in.-. I'm, il .ve!ni.-leiiin'rt nml nil olli-
r ittiil.lin-TH, n'l.ml I f m n mile iiHiil, upon
the HT.uii-e.-i, In n if i in I nel'libiirhooil unil in
Cueatkst Coal Ukoion
On the lino of mid Ilnilron l. The.ro nr
veins of ( oa . 4 feat in lb eknesH on the nreiu
i i j. (ion vein rovers the cut Ire tract ol luiiil:
or.ii i overs all eeept 4'J acres, nml ono rovers
nil except about, 1IW acres. Wllhin HO roils of
i n. It ulu-.'iv mviti'li. riinr. nir troin Vinton
niton to V nton I-urn ace: ii swllcli can no
iiiiivi'iilioitlv built fiero.is til o land to tlin Cnnl
Veins. Am person wnntlii'r property of thin
lescihition, could not do heller than iiurehaie
mis. ...
u li, i M ill irlre nnv further Information that
" I.-, ni ics of he 1 ami Helen to n . it. iieininir,
one hull' is nniil nt or about the time ol sale.
mil v be ilesircl. in sen in n narguin.
luo nuver may mivo sie u unm uu luimoini
pnvniejit, not to Kxeeed ten or llfleen j eurs.
u 'will bo nllsfaclory. liKpiIri! upnn the
iii'.Miiis-s or 'ldii:J ii. it. iir.niiMU,
1..I.. ii lull ,1' I'li.l..., Ut'.lli.n (1
.I'll I JI'l-U, -'
I.'.,w.,.lllv ileslrriieil for the lido ol tho Mull
ml rrnfHtimi, nnd th ntmliy, iKwaoHainr
thonu iitlviiMic nicdiciniil propurtlcB wine
I... In nil 4H.I. flllll I'nrA Gin.
i ...i !L , ..... i .i in Ki'iniili'it. liooil for A'
ney Complaint: A tleliciotw Tonic Put
and wild by nil drugirlstii. Krowm. o. A.
IIISXINiir.it t)., eslnbllKliuil 1TJH, No,
Ileiiverhtrect, Sow Voi'K. o.iw no-nm.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio
Notice is liiiruby if Ivon that F.liln; A. SImoii.
... A.l...l..ll..,.li. t.t thll OHllltl! or Jaiiiuh WC'
(Jiinlltv. deceiited, lias fllnd Iil nc.coimt tluiro
witli, for piirtliil nwttlemcnf, nnd 1 1 i lh
Mime Is set lor iirnriiin mo "i
tolr, ims, at lOo t iocK, . MaYO
Mipt. Si, lfifHWt. I-robate Juilgf,
Kim TUB -
Tho Rest, most I'otniilcto mid (:ienpet Itlble
over published in Amerli a,
Sell two (ifour lllble.i to one of
any other.
IC Wo give Higher t inninlssioiin on our l-
iJ Hie tiiaii oilier nouses hi mo I lil
ted States.
JlWSec our new plan, "now to pkm. hi
hi.ks." A COMl'LETE SUCCESS. Wo will
take pleasure in Instructing Agent canvass,
lug for other houses, in our now plan of Hell
ing IliblcH.
APrWWC! Wnntod Kvorywlicro. No busl
ilUjjllllJ ih'sh will pay betler lliiin tho
Agency lor our llible, 'A clergyman niade
(luring' July J00. A young lady cleared
above all oxpensee $3 10. So can you. Mend
forourClrcului'H ami terms and we for youi
sel vos.
Illustrated wish littndrcdn of engravings,
beautiful steel plates, Ilium inutcil Tablets,
gilt iiiarrlngeeertillcule, and pliolo. curds.
Don't fail to w rilo to
Continental Miiilk
ANll l'rllt.IUIIINd Co.,
ai-w&e-lliii. SIS N. Sixth St., St. Louis, JIo
have piirelinied and filled up the
W above mills, a -d solicit the Iradu of
the furmers ol this vicinity
Special altentlon given to
And care (riven to please nil customers. Mr,
A. A. t,'(i.IONS, nil experienced miller, has
charge of tho mill, and will not fail to deal
fairly and give, general satisfaction.
Flom1, Meal ami Feed
Unhand, and for sale at
July 30,-tHTl. C'O'.ZKNS JOHNSON'.
Dei' and Priie Proper
ly for Sale.
At Zaleskl, Vinton connly, Ohio, on (lie Mu-
rienii .v t inciiiiiaii ( 1 1 mill, w it n iiini 1 aid
of one nere, i.nd u mi all the n.vi'Msnrv niacin
cry for CraroM and M nui'UANT WmtK. A Uo,
two acres oi mini, n.i.ioiuing tne .Mill lard,
iiiion which is a irood Dwelling House, con
taining 7 ltiiiini.su Well, Cistern, Wash-house,
Stable and other conveniences, willi Crapes
and nil khuikui rum. Also
Now located ., mile from Hope rurnuce Sta
tion, II miles fniai Zatcski.iiuil cutting fiuui
IKJO lor,(KK) I t. of I, limber daily, mid a set for lugs
siiflleient lo make :!tKl,(iOO feet of lumber; two
two-horse renins, Harness and V. agon.i com
plete, eoiiueelcd with the Mill. Also,
100 Acri:s op Land,
Situated In Washington county, Iowa, (Indies
from it railroad, Willi Dwelling House, iiiul
all out buildings: acres of w hich are im
proved: liiiic-t'ine soil, near lo limber; n very
desirable propei tv. And also, OTimi li:n"
The flouring Mill nml saw Mill are In good
running order, and doing a very proillable
All of said properly will be sold at low pri
fs. together or seuar.ile, the whole or one-
half interest in the said I'orlalde S im Mill,
1 1'.RMis: (ine-tliirdcasb. and the remainder in
mucins , suit the pnrclinser.
i ii is is a rare en unco mr one or two eneiget-
given for wanting tn'sell. 1". It Aims.
inun to make inonni . SalisiiK'torv :cosiiis
lulyftl.lWMf .uleskl.o.
. . ; o of Counterfeits 1
M iVTlFQ till! .1 ABIES CrAllKK'S
, 'a!.nlil'ronirif ufKrrviv 1111,,.. .t n,.f.
1 ....l, r nt till tile r.iuttterr'tltJ to milk ilntilrr nTitAtn-
,1 ..M1...1H A,n the name if ,!nlj .IfilKCH on nneh
! '. A't o hm nr. t'tn il.h.u ivtttitiiimit. 'fho
mush Pilln are unfailhiK In tliouure of oil t.ho
mill nn. I iii.imi.nius dikeiisi t-i which tlio fenmlo
. ili:ti,,tiu fcuhjui't. 'J hey niuilorsleull tiiDH3ive
l i'i'.0 i.'Uiii,pii :oi,mi,l tho n,i)iiiKs nhen cnimoil
r.,l,l, i;.i:..ii,iiti,iion, i c o.Miii.e. Jn fall cum ol
Venn iiii.i S; n.i I j. fin I,,,.,,,,. iilns In Hm Hick
I b'.i.lis, . :i!,.".,!j , .1 i:iH'hl. ex. ili.i'i, l'nlpitution
10 llei.rt ;;:!...,.. .in.,1 V. Int. iMl.i.y mil olleot Ik
ii v. hrtii :. 4 .i.,t n.cioi.i h.ive !iiilo,l, aiei ulthuiiirti
' ' "' ". '''n'l.iii tiutUtj Isuruui to Uiii meat
'. c . IIIUMI.
: ,.1 .ish.h (!niM and TVnneh (nrand
; v, s :i,!l ,h.( ti ion nnd aiivii o.
.. : i -I'l ceo hiil.l nt uiout (IrtTK ctnrrSihut
: .1 . ,1'HK.t kilpplj (hi, OIlNUIllK, llll Hot
I ; .Mi i'pt l'iv ciiiilf.-.'cl. it buirin r.
'ii.1 '! ;ll'.rt-i (linsiib pnipiipior, Job
. . ! .i',:l l-ircet, K vr mlt, willi nflino
-.1 ,.t vd.ii h y..u will mil for tho inck.
,1 . In.ii thn 111 xnsu 1'illt opcnroly r.ud
' -.cuc i.i iU;u WiLtcu u.U hu sout by return
!;'. ;mv vvx.it, tTitc w.ircns
,! , ,i:'., .... i',..; s, . .uii rt.1, KltoNl'lllTlS, tsORK
" ' " ,,v .-'I I'.'H II I'M' II1IEATII1NO. Ill
M ,NH M' I.IK Ml l.l'Mil llIHI'.A'.tS. The
1 Ml I..',, te u..,l,.jii,, ,.n, ,ny rhihl will tiko
,. 1 1,., 11,11 Ii have I Jul rwhired to hMllh that
'. ii' icMi.tov I. 'Iiv tinii nv iiiv!n in hunilrmla
l.i '.rllllAN'Ul'I'l.MONinWAVKHH.
:1 ",'i,! 1 . r h. v. .lOHMOSKii.l'ninria.
..l.' i. ,
!',..!t, lyi'W Veri(,
'.r:T!i-.sVfr.riFi; ru.i.s.
i : ...1.-.-...I l.y .1. OAllANrll' IM'',
.,.'. I'll IU10 limh'irit, I'ui.s.
. loli riily ri'oonaiionih'd by tho entire
..; i'.,vi.f rmicii S3 tlinvi'iy beet, ri-nicily
:;; , . ,, I ii'inniilurihii'.'i,!!!' I'l-inuiiil Wo.iloiciis;
... riiiin,-: I i.ii,-,i,s iu iho I nno; NiTviim Ho.
.'.'. i., 1 I h'I Ir. n ifIi.tKt!y tr:,iu i,f l.b..LMin arising
11 A'i i-i .. el fi Tut lliib.K. Tiny 1 i' when all
ivrrc iw 1 ! m 1 rill, hii.l hiivn linn u,.. v.il!nii!t,,iii.h
:, - I.;-1I10 limillnii Kniiich I I.)i.iuuisi1iirint
( 1 11 yti:r4. 1'iiniplilut n( .i'..icn in uach bo
..ill nr. s-nt H rn toniiyaiblrui'.a. I'iU'o ifil per
. l;OI!t hv Illnll, Wurht .it,.f ', ;i nil ol,r
. of. r i'iiiptnf iirino by any a.lv.n l isfl Aicnt
i;r.i'..-i, is i;im ii.ikii be. riuw KU1UC.
.irjT.fir Aniiio4.
m m J AiirlviWCuinel(rtolltt
XQ.lT3riUtrO 'Married or thoat Rtaoiit to
1111 ili r liiivurlt'iiud revelitlgniot
UXMiWl !iii'u-xunlTiitciu. itb tba
latflit 01i-Avrrlrf In pro-lnc.M mid ,irvtuiiu oliirlng,
Uow loitrowrrc uic"ni,'ifxiuii,o.
'Di lulu tu httoi uMtiiitf oik f two huodrodnntlilitf
pnKri,wlth omurou4 i-imrmiiiK". nd coutiini rilualilt
Iriinrtumioniorihoie whor uiriled,reot.ietnplinir
rlftfin. Utlll HIba twjk tbRiouihi to be kept uDd-ir look
nil kcj, md DntUld enroloinljr Rtwtit I ho bouit.
1 1 cnuiftiui tho ipricDc mui idvlc oft pbTiklin
-9hoireputitlonli world-wide, and iliould bln Iho prl
Tata drawer of every (nil d female tbrounhoutlhDilr
glOD(t. It eruurRCOi tVBryinmn oh luuiiiutwi .i..
critirtiTateinthal U worth knowlu,tud much that U
not puimnrmd.Q an? otoer won.
Adilreii Dr. UutU UliptJUiary.No. 12 N. Klhlhi(rtk
Ot. Luui, Uo. ,
Notice to tho Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Meforo ftpplylni Ui ths notorloui quaeki who ndrertli la
pnbllo papnn.or uilof ny quick remedUf ptrait Ur,
V-.iin' work no mRttir batyuurUiMMO.i, or bow diplor
aLleyottr ouudltlon.
If r. BJtti vcoiipki doubl ttouii of twcnty-iTn
roimiiil ttndoraed by lonioof the moiteolebrnttd meill
ml prnfeftHtiriof thin eumrr sad Km opt, nd can beoon"
tultufj (tf-rieimlly or iy malf.ou iliodlienioa tnatiUoncd lq
nt vrk. Orilet and pnr.ora.No. 13 N. KifbLb lirtt
i.-.wtun JtuUt uud CUtauut, St. Loula, Uo. .
Of Columb us,
Is one of the bent nwnageil
Insurnnce Comoaniea in Ohio.
Hates ns low as any No.
responsible company.
LobbcsT promptly adjusted
without liligation.
TlKUiiuUirHlirniMl, AnHlKiiii'on-i'WlHi:. I'ny,
I... ,l..nl..l a illvlili.liil l,f'2UU HIT I IMll. Ill
ma pfiHMiu'lH of n.ilil ilK"iii',it. tho mine
win l.-i iil,l Li iTi'illliirB on nml niter tlin 11th
ilnv ofOitobor. 1HI3. nt tlm 1iihIih-k Ihhii.u
Hover, J win- A Lo M''nlJ'i OJ'I";
OcUibcr 8 1W3-8W.
The Home
The enormous btindlesofgoodB
daily leaving- the Store ol'
II a m 1 c n, Ohio,
Is abundant proof that the cash system id u suocoea, and the
excitement is still increasing.
' I have just opened a large and complete stock of
HATS and CAPS, &c,
Cheaper than ever. I call special attention to my Stock of
Boots and Shoes. I keep a full line of custom made Boots and
Shoes from the justly celebrated factory of PiticiiAKi), Smith &
Co., Cincinnati,. O. Every pair made by hand, and wanented
to give satisfaction. Ladies, Misses and Children Calf and
Morrocco Shoes, sewed and pegged equal to any- diop work
made in this county. Also keep a full line of tho celebrated Wal
kkr Boots. All of the above goods will be sold on a very close
margin, for cash. Don't buy a auction Boot or Shoe with paper
counters and insoles because they appear cheap; but come and
look at genuine uoxkst woik before making purchases elsewhere.
Best Prints, 11 cts. Bi st Muslin, 121 ets.
All wool filling Jeans, 00 cts , best fn the coim.A' for the
money. Thirty inches Flannel, all wool, 35 .cts.
Soil finish Bleached Muslin, only lo cts.
Bleeched Muslin, 8, 9, 10, 12 J, 11 and 15 cts.
Quilt Lining, 9 cts. Lancaster Ginghams, 15 cts.
Best Check", only 20 cts., sold elsewhere at 25330 cts. The
cheapest clothing ever offered in the county.
Men's Chinchilla
A splendid line of striped Shawls at 3, 3 50, 4, 5, 0 50 and
7 50. A large stock of Notions, Hosiery and C51oves
The best stock of Enibroidiers ever brought to Vinton coun
ry,for 10, 12, 1 5, 1G 2-3, 20, 25, 30, 33, 35, 37, 10,50 and 75 cts.
Retailing groceries it wholesale prices. Best A Sugar 12 J; cts.
Best Yellow Sugar 11 cts. Good Brown Sugar 10 cts. host Rio
Coffee 28 ets. Good Rio Coffee 25 cts. Rice 10 cts. Four bars
Bells Soap 25 cts. Eleven bars Crainpton Soap, $1. 1A penny
saved is a penny earned. " Don't take any man's word,but come
and see for yourselves. If vou want to 'et rich and be hannv
buy your goods of
JOSEPH S. IX U 0.Srs has re
moved his
Patented Feb, 2 ana Bcpt, 21, 1869.
't! v
O i I rr
? n i i l i
to HIV'),')
vi-!ii.i,;i ! Iioii-o ki'i-jiiii:', will llii'l I'Vi'rvtlilii.r t i ;y nwil in I'uriiiili u kit' lien. Ilu
li:n I'l'-l'v lo n-n-i"! '' ilitii". fin '!! uiiL.tilii' t'lii' ol tiiiw.nc, mill will llll oriloVM IVniil
li-uiu. ii ill Mill.;. iA LI'. ! I., t . itli. iio.ik'iH
WHi i! ol liim.
s,ioii;;i r irnl I! .oiin r i..i:v ivitli m iiiif
nli', mi I ,li,' ;'.l l; l.j'ili W X in i!i iiiiirUrl . W sun! to i.'iill on lilm livfoui lui.'i'lui'ilujf
oiiii:iviii'io i wo hoo:h r.ii-.i oi uu- ri;i -oii ii.
lul: :w, IHM-ll'.
34-. Pages!!!
Price 5 Cents. 6 Cents Post
PublislK'd by 1).
. Denier in
wi.4i. '
Coats, Only 85.
.urns w. Wilcox,
To tho IJodgo I3uiltl
iii, IU:TSt of the
Where lie
is closing1
out liii-i
At- 0: :at Bargiius, With
1 a View of
hi li i ii tr Gr oods!
,:X .1 .!... 'J V
i : , ;;h Mir,..i;,! hv n:iv florr oi.tii'i' of I In- i llirn. 'i'liomi
will llml it It tliulr n'lvniit i,ru to inircliaiiu
nml ilinuu'.ih. All VnU ol rRl'IT CANS for
.1. S. Ml'lIX.
omiii w ui ma
- paid, or $5 00 per Hundred.
I?ittiios niil OrfemiNj
Cincinnati, Ohio.

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