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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 15, 1873, Image 4

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The Jersey Cow.
. lu answer to tho question,
'.'"What is tho special value ol
i tee Jersey cowf a Wisconsin
breeder thus tersely stated the
claims made for (lis hrecd:
"She will make more butter for
..... '
the jbpd 'consumed than any
other cow."
Food for Poultry in Winter.
A change of food is as essen
tial to the health and produc
tiveness of a fowl .as to any
other of the animallife. (live
barley, broken peas", corii,L;at,
rye, oats, and once or twice
week make up a mixture ol
corn meal, say in proportion as
follows, viz.: To one quart of
meal add three tablespooufuls
of finely pulverized charcoal and
one tablespooufttl of ground
Cayenne pepper.' Poultry fed
in this manner will be rare to
find with pip, cnyip, or feather
eating propensities.
Cornmeal and Curculio
A coiTespondtuitjsllft.ilthat
nmp' b,f i
he kept a plum-tree lVeelrom
curculios by sprinkling; the
ground under the tree . with
cornmeal. This induced the
chickens to scratch mid scratch.
The meal was strewn every
morning from the time the trees
blossomed until the fruit was
large enough to bo out of dan
ger. The consequence was that
the fowls picked up the curcu
lios with the meal, and the tree
being saved from the presence
of the insects was wonderfully
A Herd.
Usually the word herd is ap
plied to cattle exclusively, and
to them when collected as
breeding animals, rather than
when ready for the meat mar
ket. The word means a collec
tion of animals or beasts, and
so can be properly applied to
other domestic animals. In
Scripture we read of a herd of
swine. The Iowa State Agri
cultural Society offers premi
ums for herd of horses and
herd of hogs. Perhaps no other
word equally expresses the
idea. In the case of sheep the
word flock is used almost ex
clusively. The word stud is
properly applied to a collection
of horses for breeding purposes.
The Swede Turnip.
Mr. John Dey, in a
sion of Root Culture by a- Wis
consin Farmer's Club, said:
"The Swede turnip is a good
root for sheep, hogs, and young
cattle. Cows fed on them will
keep in good heart, but they
are not as good for milk as the
carrot or beet. It will pay well
to raise them. If we do not
wish to feed them we can Eell
them ; they usually bring -10 or
50 cents per bushel, and if we
say 600 bushels to the acre at
10 cents, we have $210; and
if we allow one-half for raising
and marketing, we have $120,
which would buy 200 bushels of
corn, and to raise 200 bushels
of corn wo would want four
acres of ground and expend
more to raise and harvest than
we would the turnips."
Lithographic Stone.
, New quarries of lithographic
tone have quite recently been
oiuid in Italy, near the French
frontier, and on the coast, ol the
Gulf of Genoa; from these it is
stated that an excellent quality
of lithographic stone has been
obtained. The discovery is of
great ''importance, as of late
years the supply of this stone
obtained from Germany has
been gradually diminishing in
proportion as the beds in that
country were depleted.
Housekeeping Department.
Hints to Housekeepers.
Si'onoi? Cake. Three
one and a half cup of water
one teaspoonful of cream tartar
one-half teaspoonful soda, am
two cups flour. Flavor wit
extract of lemon.
molasses, one cun sugar, one
tablesnoontul vinegar, butter
size of a hickory nut. Boi
briskly twenty minutes, stir
ring all tho time. 'When coo
pull until white.
Hardening Wood fou Pit.-
leys. Alter a wooden pulley is
turned aud rubbed smooth, boil
it for about eight minutes in
olive oil; then allow it to
to dry, alter which it will ulti
mately become almost as hard
us copper.
Excellent Drop Cakes. Two
cups of sugar, one cup of sour
milk, three teaspoonfuls of so
da ; two eggs, one teaspoonful
of cloves, one teaspoonful of
cinnamon. Stir very thick aud
drop on buttered tins.
Cui'llers. Four eggs, four
tablespoons of brown sugar, and
one of flour, well beaten togethj
ex ; add four tablespoons melt
ed butter ; mix hard, roll thin,
cut in two-inch squares, slit in
bars, fry in very hot lard! '
Tea. Water for making tea
should be used the moment df
boils. The reason assigned i,
that if it is boiling for some
time, all the gas that is in it
escapes with the steam, and it
will not then make tea of the
best flavor.
Filter for Cistern Water.
Perforate the bottom of a wood
en box with a number of small
holes ; place inside a piece of
flannel, cover tvith coarsely-
powdered charcoal, over this
coarse river sand, and on this
small pieces of sandstone.
Bread Omelet. Put into a
stew-pan one teacupful of bread
crumbs, one tablespoonful of
butter, with salt, pepper, 'and
nutmeg; when the bread has
absorbed the ream, work in
two beaten eggs ; beat them a
little with the mixture : fry on
in omelet-pan and roll up.
Removal of Ink Spots from
Colored Fabrics. A solution
pyro-phosphate of soda, it is
said, will quickly remove fresh
k stains (old ones less so)
without affecting the colors of
the fabric, as is the result when
oxalic acid, chloride of lime,
chlorine water are made use of.
Green Corn Pje. Prepare as
above, and bake with a short
under crust no top crust. If
preferred, six eggs may be used
eight long ears: but most
persons would like it best with
hut four, as then the taste of
the corn predominates.
Potato Salad. Slice two or
three cold boiled potatoes:
mash line the yolks of two hard
boiled eggs; mix with them
pepper, salt, vinegar, mustard
and oil to your taste. Dip into
this preparation the potatoes.
Chop line a few leaves of let
tuce, lay potatoes on top, and
pour over them the mixture
Iced Frcits. Take fine
bunches of ripe warrants on the
stalks, dip them in gum-arabic
water, or tho whites of eg
well beaten; lay them on a
seive, sift white sugar over
them, let them dry.. They are
very nice lor dessert or the tea
table Hunches of grapes, cher
ries or plums, may be done in
the wine way.
Vanity. Break two eggs in
to a pint of Hour; stir the eggs
and Hour together until the
paste can bo rolled without
sticking, adding moro Hour if
needed; roll very thin and work
tiio iiougii over a good ninny
times. Cut in a square form,
then cut slits inside the square
about half an inch apart, twist
thorn, then drop into heated
lard and fry half a minute.
Friendship's Letters.
Letter-writing, liko ninny otlu
good tilings, can lo run into tli
ground by execs?, una prove an
iniurv rather than n Joy inid hon-
What earthly use is there of two
lady friends allowing their corres
pondence to monopolize mora than
hatf their time? They certainly
cannot have matters of such vast
importance, to discuss that they
could not find butter employment
for tho mind.
One letter a week seems ample to
prove- friendship uninterrupted by
absence, tell tho news and exchange
small advices of dress, cfce.
This affords time for readingand
improvement, which one can
scarcely hope for by writing the
same friend three or four times in
the week, each time filling several
sheets of paper.
It is certainly more a compliment
to friends to read and reflect, and
thereby bo able to write better let
ters than to shower them with the
same records of marriages, deaths,
gossips, and expressions of allec
tion, from one month to the
next, without the shadow of a new-
One could not say from one year
to the next without incurring the
danger of ridicule, because com
paratively few of all the friendships
sworn to and vowed in a uoxen
sweet letters, survive a twelve
month's trial. The time spent in
nurturing friendship is not lostj
but too much tending and sweeten
ing injures its growth and makes it
The friendship that requires ce
menting three or four times a.week
during absence, in not the kind to
ust. All tho glue in the world
will not save it. r
Right here it would not be amiss
propound a conundrum.
Where do friendships go when
Elm Orlou.
They play queer tricks in
Massachusetts. The Worcester
Spy says: "Mr. Daniel Marsh,
peddler well known here, was
terribly burned at Boylston yes-
erday. ' He was sitting in a
chair, when a man named W.
Adams, came up behind him
and placed a hot flat-iron upon
lis head. He removed it with
lis hands, which were also bad-
New Music ! !
L Peters. 599 Broadway. N Y,
And mailed, post-paid, mi receipt of nutria1
Above mill Hclow. Sacred Sun
.Inch, ill Si!
Hack to the Ol.l Homo. Song nml l lm-
run stcwuil. an
llcatiliful Ken in of my Iii-iiiii ..Stewart. .')
Darliiiir, Weep no inure. Hung anil Ulti
ma Hay. 35
not Ween so, Sister tlarlinc.
Smiir Stcwnrs. "()
Don't l'or(rct to Write we. Souk ami ( ho-
rutt.. Cox. ,'ij
Folt I we our bunds, Knnir or
Duct Koiiiiii'ti. a;i
t;onc to llie Heavenly Harden. Sum
you were I, would youf Snnjrshuttiick. ao
luss inc. Purling, ere we part Slewnrt. .10
Little Mind Nell. Song ami Chorus.
JIiicv. an
Utile Dan. Sonjr and Chorim llavn. 10
Lord, forever at Tliv Side Hanks. '.'."
Meet mo, llesslo, In" the. Dell ... Slew art. 0
.Meet mis Dourest, with a Kiss. . ..Hunks Ho
linv across the Sen Hays. H5
! (live men Home in t he South . I J aye. 'I1'
Sum! Sonir and Chonn I lay, lu
Only for You! Hiilluil Deliotix'. !J.1
Our Little l'ct. ISiiiik uml Churn.. Hay. -10
Papa, stiiy home. JcniperHiiee Son),'.
Hays .fl
Siivuone Uriglit Crown forme Hays. to
We pray yon Slnjr mat soup. unci.
iioliiiiu". :u
Wilt thou Weep when I nin Low?
Walker. ;j.)
I'OLK AS.Siitibenni. by Kinkel, ill cts.i
llclle of tarntoKii, I.y Victor, Hi els.; -May
l'lnwers, liy Minion, 8,1 els.
M A.LKKAS. A wakcuiiiif ol the J'.iriK l
clu,; Happy TIioukIiK !y Walker. :0 its.;
Luuu'liliiK Vt l vi). Iy t llsnll, suets.; suniit'inn,
l'cacher, 40cts.
(JOI.OI'S. t luiiHe's niul Frudiliu'H liy Jven-
kel. each 1J5 c!.
MIOJTIMI hi;. tnuiitilmii'tf, v oun,
et.; .May .Mornini?, I.v Scliiniill.riOcK; Sun-
lieuni, liy llainpcl.ltj ct.; and Willie nhy Kin-
l.ci !J,1 ctx.
MA IK II ICS. Hello or SnratonH, I.v Ilaimi
bach, 4uctn.; Molliu' I.y Kinkel, clu.
WAI.T.K.!. Inritii. UeoriocV, l,o!l'cV,
Hallie' iiin 5IaKj?ie'K, (y Kinkel, each as i ts;
Drops of Hew, fcy .Allni'd, 4U tt."j rtimliiutii, by
Miikc, U."m'U.
KOt'K HANDS. ninryllii, tt ct; .locus
I'olka, 33 i ts; I.ihc'h lume liallop, cIh.;
I'rulMo of Woman l'olkit-Mawuka all by
rem,! er.
KAI.OV l'K('KH.-lanco of the Hayma
kers, Wil.on, 75ctH.; Love'i CanwHes. Kin
kel, 40 els; My JIIiikmjiiis, Kinkid, TiO cIk,;
I'lainto den Kleiirn, Tonel, iU cts, WhlBpcrinx
Ilreczes, Wllhon, 50 cts
Any of tho above nmili'd, post-paid, on ie
ceiptol'iniec, AililreM,
n&.w. .1. h. l'KTEltS.Sg'J Uroudwny, X. Y
If you are Suffering fppm any
Broken Down ConiUollouy
Or rcqulro a Romody to
Pnrlfy aud Enrich tho Blood,
Yon will find Dr.Crorjlc'ComoniiIN.rr
n p of 1'oke Knot to pounst yrenter tncr
it, euro you mors upoodlly, anil do you
more good than any end nil othor reino
tllen ooinbliied. Tliat Pitta, Yellow,
Middy-looking ftkln is cliungnd to ono
of liOHliiiewiHiid linnllli. Tboso IlUcnitra
of tlie hkin, Iiinpl-K, Piimtntaa,
lllotplira and Krnpilonfi are removed.
NTofiiln, Nnrornlonit IiUpnanii uf tlin
V.yen, While MwolllngM, 1 1 ecru, Old
Korea or nny hind of Humor rapidly
wliiills and Ulsftppenr imilor lt lntlueneo.
wtant ! lit It 1h nnturo'n own restorer I
A loltible oxyd of Iron combined with tbo
nedleliial properties of Pok Itootdlvostod
ot all dlduxreenblo qunlltlon. It wlllcurq
ny Dlen tvIioha real or direct cntmo Is
Unit Illoml. lthenmnliiini, Piling In
JM"ilbor Hones, C'onlltii(lonslirokon
down by Morourlal or other polHoin, nro
1) cured by JU For Hyplillla, or Nynlil
1 1 lu till n t, there In not h l im oil uul to 1 U A
trlul vrlll prove it, Mold by
TOJJ l'UINTINO of every doacrlptlon nont-
ly Hud promptly executed ntlblii oflicu.
The many evidences of extrnmdliiaiT e.uiT
that nro daily reporled n ell'eeted thioiili
Sarsaparillian Eecolvont
iieuay iiener and IViTert rurgalivo l'ill:i in
wrilloii ti'HllinoiiialH fn.ai all parU , ihe
hoi Id, biirpiHitin tvoniL'i'tht newt ex tea va .nit
miriicles of piieliantini'i.t. I'liyHiciiiioi "and
medical -,ien in all eounl riin pronniiuce these
ivnieoi'M a inyiiteiv, tliat litdtlier
UHirHcieiiconi aim vi.ik in 1 . , . l .l in
explain, 'l ine, llue meiliiiiuH effect tho
most iiiarveloiiti cures, and restore the dvinii lo
life, and relievo tlie most wretched palii-sut-fi'ii:i;r
victim of his tovlii"i.s. In r,-,,,,, .,. i
ttceitty niiniitmi. uml alliioiiL'b Ihnv k
"i i iil iiii;re'iieiusm uieir coin posn ion, and Dr
uiKi.tuv mis i.iiiiu ueii iiieir roriimiji ,.-iii,.
Iioldinjf only Iwonewlv discovered ionium still
until Krencl). liernian. 1 : 1 1 lt : i -1 1 uml A ,u,
chcmislHiind plinriuaceiitistH utterly fail Willi
i no smut! increment.:: in prcpai eii iv IIieni.T he
KCi at siiciess, wlilcli ihe.,e wonderful reineilies
iireeonsiauiiv at iiievin;r, lies In the
crei ei cniiiiuiiiiitf the in.jredii'iils
iii'tredn'iiU toirollier
and (jeiniine roots.
due euro in felecling the pure
h '..oii ler.s of itlndern Clicmlxlrv a n,
- us r.vii :i i.i.iam Kl';siii,yi;.NT, liKADV
iti'.i,ii... ,t jtAHW.W'S I'll,!,, are wiilioul
parallel lu inn History ol .Medicine, for there
are some niui inincs uiiil. IsenscH I nil in. ,.,,
ouiftvi n.s nieiii-iiiili!, aiuhntre t enth. Veiilie
in.i.d ii:..iiundiii cures have lieen made timt
incse re.iiL'tut'soi ..,.i,uMliseases t tint have nev.
r been known in lie cured iiv medicine,
OlSMWimo.N. i;tl'l''l LA U'l.l.'l.
SWKI.IJN'lj.'t'uiiiois in the Woiii'h. Ntnnincli.
Ovaries, liowels, llii;,ln's Disease nf tlie Jiil
nev h that have Inten uronoiniceil iiicneii'il...
aiicci--, 11,'crs, Mvellinirs. Mono in ilm liliiil-
tler. aleidoii-i ( oiicre'.inn i, I' leers ami Sores of
ill 3 li .iies, iiiekels so deeidv Beatetl Unit no
inner iiieiiieiues nave neon Known to veni'h.
have been ein itl by lilt) SA ItSA I' A It I LI. I AN
H l-X )T. I0NT. a tietl bv the HE A I) V It K 1.1 V.V
iin.i ri i.i..
l'al'V, I'aralv
sis, .Drylbmueno that threat
ns a livbik' tit :tlli
th-tbiily vottiiiK nway of the
limbs ami lle.b Dbilieles. InvoliintiirA' l.la
halite of Yiiiier, KiiiiL-i m Hut llladder (tlie
lOiiinenir aiiiileon' dircnsel.Torturinu' unlim
Hhen dixfhitrKin.tr urine, IJIIKI.'JI.VTISM.
itlt 1, Mil ItA btil A eaeb nml evecv one of
llieti coiiiiilaiiils tltii'ii.-li but a few of Hie
many other diseases, Kmhvav's Suivaiijirilliun
Ko-ulvcnt has euredunil isiUilv eiirinx la all
purls of the win Id.
Inono word, any (iisease no mailer under
what miine deifnitteil, that is nourished or
inereiised by bad, impure, ileinavcd, weak.
li in. W.Uery or poisoned blood cun he cured
by UADW Al'.-s SAK.SAl'AlilLI.IA.N ItK-
Dr. Kndway S: ( o. lime never claimcil one
liiuiilre til part of Hit! curalive virlurs for their
remedies as isascribed to tbeiiibyllm people
who have used them; for bear in niintl, mil v
smh diseases and eomplalnisns Dr. lladway,
ai'ieiMieressfiil trcalmi'iii with their remedies
knew ihev would cure, were enumerated ill
heir curative lift, so (hat mntiv of the extritnr
dioai'y cnes that have been reported awaken
ed as much astonishment in Ihe discovery of
heir remedial iijreiiU n.i in tbose who hail been
it", ue.l from i!i and made whole ami
Asinnny peisous t!i.-.'redite,l their extrani'
dioaiy pniver, fmni Hie fact of their disnp
poinliiu'i.i in the ue of oilier advertised reme
dies awl s.iau believed it iiupossiliUi for
stoiple iiiedicitii s infide o'.ily fitni veelHlilu
ilbstmiee.' rij.ils, iierlis, ,Ve. .should possestt
Mi h mai velf.ni' power. Vet they can readily
comprehend llial the simple (.-ras-es of (he
tli l,l. afler iinderi,oi".i; the chemical pioecss of
ilistillal inn ilesi:;;ieit by mil m e in ih.t cow ami
churn, furiii.-hc.i us w ith Puller certainly the
iie..t abnttilaiit f::l, ejiione o,' heai-iiiitkin
hoe.e, i:ue, nuisile, siiK:,v'aiid blnod-makiiiit
constiiurnts for ihe human body.
lint when llti.se pmple uho'llrnl. doubt the
e.iieaey of I hee icniedies eon, nience I heir use,
they becouu' Iheirnnt iariie-l advocah-s.
Tin-: oxr.Y sakk a si'iie iik.mkdy Foit
'i'Al'j;, 1'iX, , WOHM.-s III' AM. KINDS,
Never has a medicine taken internally, been
known lo have cured Tuui'M's, ebbec of Ihe
Went h, l.'leru.t. lUaries or Ilowcb: the knife
been lite side reliance In llie hands of ex
perienced Mirjreensj but Dr. lla Iway'.s Sar-.-apariiliiui
seltles this iiie.-tioa. 11 has cured
over twenty persons of Oval inn t ysts anil
Tumors, ns' well as 'J uniors in the. liowels,
leius. Womb, l.iver, Dropsical Kil'iHnu,
Ascites, and Laiculous ( oncrciion.i.
Tunior of 1' Yciu'n' Crow Hi Cured by
Kachlliy'N Itesolvent.
I'.kvkiii.v, JIar.s,. July is, lsc.
Int. liAi.ww: I have had Ovaiinn l'liuior
the oMiries and Imwi ls, All lilt; doctors
said there was i:o help for If. I tried every
IliiiU that was reeoiuinended, hut uotliln;
helped in". I mv your llesolvent and llioucbl
would try it, but bad no f.iiib in it, because
had siill'e'red for 1'4 years J fool; six holtles
the Ib'snlvent, one box of Itadwnv's Tills.
and used iwo bottles of your lb ady Itelief.aud
theie is not u siu'ii of il liimor to be seen or
fell, nml I feel belief, i-marlcr uml happier
lliiin 1 have for li jears. Tim ivor.-t unnor
was in the left side of Ihe bowels, over the
Kroln. 1 wrile this to you for the benefit of
hers. You can publish it if von choose,
From a prominent ire'illeuian and rcM-len! of
(.ineiiinati, Ohio, for the past forty years wtII
known to the newspaper publishers Ihiouirh-
nut the I'niled Males;
Ni:w VOKK, Oct. 11th, lKII.
Du. ItAl.w'AY Dear Sir: I nin induced by a
senseof ilulviollto siillerini; I" make a Uriel
lalenient of Ihe workiii'.' of your medicine on
myself. For several vears I nave been alllict-
1 with wniie trouble ill ihe bladder and nrin-
nr.v organs, which some iiiouIIih iik'o ciilinlnil-
leil in a most len iiilv uiuietiiii; iitsease, e. nicii
Ihe physicians nil said wif spasi iodic, sti ic
l tire iii lint tirelha, its al o inhumation of tlie
kn uevs and bladder, ami nave it as Ineir
opinion that my aifi'nl years would prevent
my ever jfeiiiuv ranicany ciiren. i mio irieii
iiuiuber of pli v-iciali anil had taken a larj.'e
inanniv of nieiiieiue, iioiu aiiopaiuie aim ito-
luieopalliie, but pit no relief, I had rend of
listonbhin;f cures bavin;,' been made by your
reineilies; and siiuie four inotil Us a w I read a
uoiice ill Hie riiiladelphia Sal n relay Kvcnin.i:
I'ost of n cure bavin;; been elleeted on a per
sou who had Ion:; been suU'crilixns I had liee.u
went ri''ht ml' and pit soiiit! of eucli your
Sarsanarilltaii licsolvent, Heady Hclief, and
Kek'nlatin I'ills and coinnieneeil lakinu'
thi'iii. lu three tlays I was greatly relieved,
and now feel as well as ever.
.1. W..IA.MKS, Clnclnnall, O.
Trice one tlollnr per bottle. SobHiy In u'-iri-lH
everywhere, aud III Dr. KndwayV, No. IIJ
Varren, cor. Church SI., X, Y.
Lures the worst Talus In from 1 to 20 minulcs!
fK.y'NOT .i; 'Ml K afier leadlntt Ihb.
advei tit:inent i.eetl any one nullfr with pitiu.
a run; for every pain. It Van tho llrst and
tlie only Tula licmcdy Hint instantly xtop
be most exc riirinthiK pains, allays inllamuia
lions, ami cures ctMitfcsilons, w at-lhcr of lite
u ii. .-, Sloniatdi. liowels or other i;lund mid
oceans, ny one aiipiicaiion, in ironi outi lo
Weill v in in nli'--. .so Hinder bow violent or
excruciating Ihe pitiu, the lilieuinulle, lied-
iddeu. Inliiiit, ( I n.iili',1, Nervous, Ncllinlk'ii'
or proi liaie.il wilh disea. u may sull't r,
Will nlVonl Inslunt east";
fiilluiitnialii.il of I lie K iilueys, J filln iiiltiu I lent ot
Ihe ltia dder, Inil.iuimalion of II. e llouils,
onKcstion of Ihu i,nnis, here '1'hroat, l.'illl
cull Hrc.'iHiiuK, Talpilulion of the Hi in l.llys
ti'i ics, i roui.. Dlpihcriii. Ciilarrli, (ullucua,
ileaibii lie, I o'Uliin liii, Xemnlgin, Illicuiuii
lism, Cnlds, ( hills, A;uo I hills.
'J'lm iipjilicatinn of tho lb atly li'tdlt f to Hie
part orjinru where the pain or dilllcully ex
li,U w ill afford ease uml t tnnfoi K
l Drops in it linlf tiiinbler V liter will,
lu a few iiilniiles, cine frnuips, Spa-in, Sour
Stomacli, llemll.tirn, Kirk lleii lai.lie. Diar
rhiea, Dysentery, I olle, Wind l;i tb" lloweld,
and all Inlernnl Tains,
'i'lavclers ihonld always canv nbollleof
Iliidw ay'H Itellef w ith tliein. A 'few drops la
wnler will i.revcnt sliknets op pnluu from
liaiiice of wnler. It Is beller tlinn French
liiiiinty or i'.iltrrs ns a htimtdanl,
i'-,-.rav,'E?1 A.irr) .cino.
I'livr mill Auiii. eiiced lor 0) eenln.
Thev ml a remedial (ijrent in HiIm world
Hint will cure Fever and A;:i'c, and nil Hull
Malarious, ;illous, Ht arltd, 'I'vphohl. lt llou
tuml other Kevern (elded by limliiay'H Tills) no
unit l as Il'idwnvs Heady lb lief, 6o cent per
Tilt, it A D WAY'S
Terfetdlv tasteless, eb'nanlly rnaled, for the
cure of all dlnirilci'H ot tint Hi'iumi li, I, Ivor,
towels, kidneys, l.liicPlcr, .itviiiih Diseases,
lleiltbu he, Ct.niillpution, tiiveuesr, mil "en
lion, Dyspepidn, Itdioufitens, llllioim Fetor,
Inllamuialion of the Ituwels, Tib ., ami all tlc
lanKeuieiils of Ihe l iteinul Y Isc.era.w iin Hilled
to fifed II positive cure.
VVntil.Y YEVKVAIU.i:. (.onlclclna mi
Jleretiry, Mlnetnls, or dtdeterlous ilrmjs,
tlrr;f'' Miservn Ihu following H.vni,iloiii.i re.
miliinir from tllseasen of tbo dp'o-i iva oriritnsl
t oiistliiitlon. Iinvurd Tiies. ViiUness of Ihe
blood to the Hcud, Aeldil.t of the Stomach,
Nil iiitod, Ilcarlbili'ii, Disirust for fin I, Full
nesa or wei'dit In the I'll of the S. munch,
Swdinmlilrf of tilt) Hell I, linn led ii.nl . i 1 1 i . 1 1 1 1
Itrealhlu;f, I' ltd lerlnif at the lleit 'l.l liol.InK
or Sull'orntlnif Kcnutllons w hen lu a b lnn I'os
lure, Dluinesit i;f Vision, Dnlu or Xt'i'in. h"fon'
Ihe si jlif, Fever and Dull ruin in llie Hi ml,
Dcl'K'kv,, v In Trrspiralion, Yellowness uf (he
Hkln it I lives, I'll in III Ihu Hide, I best. Mini)"
U'ul Slid leii riushfA of belli, Jim idn III the
Kleidi. A few iIi.h" of IIiiiIhii.v'h Tills will
free Hit) ityHloni Iroui ! tin) above tllMnnb'i'H.
l'rlee iiti (lent per il,,,
UADWAY A CO., M Warren cor'l linrcli Ht
New York.
Ilf jy-Jtfiid FiiIho nml True, (lend one letter
Htain. lo Itailw ay At Co., No. IW Warren, ear.
l.'hurc.li HI., N. V. Intel million worth thout
aieU will bt eent yen,
Ntmspuper, i:,itik nud.Iob
Printing Establishment
Ol'PIOIl i
SeeonilSlory UowKN'ri lliilltlinH:, Ufalil Streel
.M.;AI!Tlll II, OHIO.
Has lut been enhinred froin a T-colnnin In nn
paper, nml clothed In new tvi.e
thmiizlinul, Its columns will be ilevoied Lo
General News of t ho Day
tiiclmr a svnonsls of events as thee nenr.
The interests of our lown and iloiintv will re-
t ive parlietilnr atlentiiin. It will, as here-
tufore, lie
F SKXTI.M KNTS la rc-nrd to uu i hihiH ,.r
the people of this country, ever opposerio the
"Tho Christian Witness"
I'liu Owtn of Ihe ( bristian I'nlon lieneial
ouncil of the I'niled Slaics, u also nnblisbeil
from llie same o.'.lt'e.
Havlnn liurcliiHc.l new tvno nml material
W e aru pivpared to do all l.luilnof
General Job lriiitinsr
Ihe neatest ami highest htyle of Iho art, and
At BSenwoiinble ESuft!
Villi , N IIAVfc
DILI. Hi; AH.-,
I.HTTlilt II FA I is,
I III. I' I. A lis
s'l'ATF.M FNT"
I.KllAf, Hl.A.XIiS.
Fill.' IT l.lsTs.
iiltnililSTs I.A1IKI.S
HAI.K lillil.S
ell l.l. Ks;
MM I I'I'l NO TAtiS,
M'lb'IIXIS'll I HUM,
t'AI.J, t'AUDH,
r';?c;.itoJ on
Notice !
Iti'ia on Vonr Work f
J. W. I10WEN,
MoAi'Uiur, Ohio.
HI fl i fed A
1 nmmildctiirolo order nml rojair KurnMurcuf all kJmK ut tlio most rt-iisonablo jirlcos. I am
LS'oStoX'1'1 " ,k'1,,',',
March !,, is,,
T"rho vuUln avn 1,iviU,d ca:i
QMnmmw ii
Talenleo uml Jlanui'ae.tnrer of
Head Blocks, Post-IIolo Eovorc, f;o,
Ci,AaKSi;ui:u, Wk.st Va.
Till-, Grist Mills, being poilable, are on
Iron I runic, nml
And (he best Mill ever made for nil blndsof
irrindintr : run lm mi. il v i i n. t c tnr.
or any other pow er, and warranted to xrind
Hour and ileal of a superior iiialilv al
.'renter rale of speed lliiin line oilier Mill,
,,i.i,.ni. iinaiiii; or inner tl l men It v I lie
weight bein.n 1,400 poumls. oeeui.vin..: 'nnlvH
fttet. KiiiMim mi tin, n,,, io;ii .-'.a.. A .,1 .
- , .... ,1 in, i .1, in iiv
Vi'iiii l'0,',")i"' within thirty days, ihe
""t i'i"ti' Mtii-i.-ieioi'v, ii mav ne re
turned anil money un, ai ehnreM rel'u'ni'.ei!.
Hart's Post-Holo lUner,
Is Kiiaranleed lo iimho Iwo lmles lo
one of nny oilier; lines Its work rap
idly and perfect I v.
I ft" IV U KAV!
Xo lauil eaa be found wilb Ii after
rial. Sent to any one on trial who
will send inn the 'endorsement of the
Tnsi alll iter, AircnU wauled,
1 1! A II AIM',
l.btrksbui-,', W. Yn.
Funnel's nml oilier.- can see Ihe
To-t-llt.lu ib.rer al Ihe Fxyriui;!:
mm suusciMiJEiis!
Fi ve ITe-w S-abscribera
FOE ONE YDAll AT $1 50 E.lCH,
A COPY OK Tli!-.
"Tiinnofmiifi r.f ilin I'h nnfl C(,.-,fiin "
Or li ii ofu copyofTIIKMeAI.'I'lll'i; V.'.i
IH 1 1! '.'.'.i, I'nr one e.ir.
THE GREAT S M t) JJ 3 '!' fi !
I- a valuable voluiiiu of
1,304 rages, vith 500 Illustra
tion 3.
Well bound, ami cnnUlus a bir-e ainninil of
informaliim, concerniuif all ihen al. iudus
1 1 it's of our conn 1 ry. Stud Ibeimnies.
J". W-130 WICIT,
I'ii i:niiilrer, MeAilliur, O.
Vol. VII. lN7i.
0 L D A N I) N E W.
T H i: ' K O P I, V. '8 M A O A : I N K
-;if J-riiMvt K. Ilnl,:
'I'be enlarged resouri'es placed lu Ihe bands
id Ihe 01,11 ami Miiv bv Ihe plililieund liy the
proprietors, enabh' them to aiinoiiiieo a vnl
11 in tl of wilier interest Hum they hate. ccr
Mrs. (ircchounli's story, 'I'ytlionla," and
Mr. Hale's slnrv, "Cps and I" us," will be
continued and completed lu this voliiuiu
A series of short stories by Miss Merttlllh,
Mrs. Stotve, Mrs. ihiliiiv, Miss I lain, Mr,
Pel kins,. Mr, I.orlny mul otbers, bun been en-irn-red.
Vi'it. Mai Jiienti's: Series will lit) continued
la papers nn "I ho Church nml Its Kxi lu-ive
IuIiiih," "liud In Humanity." Ac.
The Merle of nrllclfn on I'd! I Ural Science,
bv irciillcnion of recoirnizcd ability, will cinn-
n lse pai.ers on 'uniiiuans, iservanm or .was-
lerkV1' ho Ballot in Knirhuid,' "Lund,"
"l lie T.nwof Maiiitinut .liirisdlellon. I'he
Imllan (JueHtlon," " The Hall'iasTO of V otnen,"
"Koual Tiisation," "Turills and I'rotecllon."
"Wliat thu Xttw Adnilnistration must do,"
"l.ahor and Wukch (JiichIIoii."
The sullied ot ctitlcal Interest in .
will he lllmitraled by ilill'i'ient Kculleuien em
Inent lu Ibclr lines of rescinth. We hIiiiII
("inn havo tlie iilcasure uf piintlnjr papern,
lunnii.'f nllieis, be I'nif. J.esKv, Mr. Hall, Dr.
Kidli.K. Ir. tini.v nml President Hill.
The Ivvainlncrlitnotconllncil in the. revleu u
Ihu publlciithiiiH of 11 few houses, but ullcnipts
lo nive sinne iice'iiint nl' the move Im.oitiiiiC
Is iii's fun, 1 Iho Krem li, Oeriniin ami Lugliidi
iiesn, ns well iiHiuir own.
'I hit itit'ord of pio(ies describes lb 8tib
s( it 11 tl ill advance wlihli Ihe wr.i-hl bus made,
in whatever illrnclhui, ,.r lu wlinloverrcxlun,
With nfieclid cefereie'e to Improvement!! Ill
domestic, life which inny bo nlleuipted In
'I'he iniiXli.lntt will bo under (ho cdiUirlul
liai Kii of Kdwiinl l i, Hale, who will Iihvii wl.
tier ii.Hlslanru Hum herelnl'orc In the niiinaifii
iiieut of lis J11urt1.il ll' pii.'liiieiil,
The beiitilU'nl hroiaolllh "riiin'.d.'l ," by
Hiiuiiualt lllllinns. Is prc.entt-d in ev, if lie
newiil and New sul.i cribcr to "Did und New"
foi-IKIH ill tl.hl. or itlft.m the 'romolllb Mill
he furnished haiidsiituely moiinle I, rowly lor
frauiinic. HlwllHII.
Subscriptions reihived by nil book II ml
iiuilniilcm at pulillliers rates.
ltllllltUTH. ItlluTIIKItS, PllbllHher',
No. Ill Washington til,, Ibisloa.
'XtT kl'l' '(instnatlv on liniul nt thlnnf
VV licit nKlipiily of I'A'VKI.OI'KM, upon
which a curd of any Uettc.rlptlon will bo
printed in low that all niliy (illord lo havo A
curd on the Unvelopoii usoil by tlium.
Kff'miirPftitf Will II l"TTTrrlWrniTT'TOP'jmi'1
Eocks Which Are Dcoks.
Wurlvsublrli shiu.ld be found in every II
braiyu llbin Ihe rem li of all leaders. N'nrks
toenlectaiu. inslniet nml iiiiiii.ve. upict
will be sent by return posi, on rei ei.it ol
New I'blsoiriimny ; or. Sinus of ( hnraeler,
as nianilesied llir.iu.uh I't'inperinniit- 11111'
Hxlei mil i onus, and especially in the "Hf
limn i'a.-e 1 i vim'," Willi more, lliiin Ol;'
'I'liounnid lllust:t;ioiis. Iiv S. It. W'ki.i.h.
I'i ice (,'i.ua
Tbo I'aiiiil.v l'bysl. bin. A Uendv 1'ie
scrllieraiid llyfceuiu Adviser. Wlih'ltefet .
nice lo Ihe Xaturo, Causes, l'reventiiiii 111 tl
Treatment of Diseases, Accidents, undent,
unities of every kind. Willi a (ilossnry anil
copious Index. Iiv ,)h:i, .sni;v, M. I). II
lurlialid with ueailv iJlAI laicuivinsrs. One
larto vnliiine, intended for use in the family.
Wow lo t'liarneli.r. A New Illustralctl
Hand-llnok of rhreiuilov.y mid l'lisioj-iio
my, fur S.ii'lcnls ami Kvaiuincrs.' witi. a
t Inn l I'nr ret ordin.,' Ihe sizes of llie. (irtriiiir
of Ihe brain, in the lielincill inn of har.
Iieter, wiih upwards ol' l-.n'rar in .''.
l!l lest Ml.il be l. Aili.'llll.tl.U
Tlio Vnteiits' liulde; orlliunan Hevelop
mint lliioiij.li Inhfiiied 'i'endeueies. Ii
Mrs. Hlisrui; l'l!r-i.,i:r(..'. Seeonil edilbiii,
levi-edand enlarged. One vnl.U'mo. ifl.SJ.
I'c.iislHut.'on of Man. Comdilcrcd In illa
tion in ..en,n obieels. !iy i;i:t.iiiii;
Co.miii:. Tlicouly iiulborii.ed Aiueriean hdi
tiiei. Wilh't'tveiity Kiijrnviu!-s, Jfl.TS.
TIte IF.VKlenle Unrxl-Hnod ; a I'nielieal
liuitle lor llie Sii-k-ltneni. Alph-ihcticiillv
arranged with Appendix. ', It. T. Tit ai.i',..
One vol. l'.'iuu, .'1H1I pp. Alusha; ilx'.ll;).
,' How lo Write," " lion to Talk," "Hou
In i;t hit e." und " llie.v to Do Dii.-dn, ss" 1.
Hl'.ild-I'.ook iaill ,lt li-able ',,r Hulill! Jm
provemsiit, In one vol. JS.Sii.
Wedlock: or Ihe Iti-jlit b'el.iliinis id' tin
Sexes, ljscliu-iut Ihe Laws t.l Cnuiujal
Seltctlnn, and sliow inr who maenad who
mav not Jiarrv. A Cuide for biilh Sexes.
Oculory Hnei ed r.ud See.i.Iiir ! or Ihe Kx
teinporiinenus S;.t aker. In, bubn;; n 1 1 1 .1 i 1--niau'.s
Oiiide fur eniniuel u, v I nldie Meet,
ius 111 eurdiiijf In I'ai li.iicci'.Uvv loi iu.,.
Ma'iiiie.cmi ii. :f 1 nfaney. l'h , siolnial uml
Moral Teei.lmeiit. be 'A.XI'UKW Com hi:, m.
I). Willi Xolis. s..HJ.
.Ileilieiil I.leeti icily. A Manual tt,r r tu
ilenl ', 1 hiivii:' jlei ii.'.-1 m ientiu- 11 ! :a
tional .ipplicii'tioit to nil loiit.s ,r A.-t.le tn:i
1 limbic i'bciiMs I.v Ihe uii'i'e.'eut eonil'l
nations of hleei.iiciiy, i.v.ivaub 111. i .1, 1
Magnet ism. .M.i:.'iieis-..eei. i.itv, and l!u
mail .Miij.'iielism. D'i.lal.
illslory of Salem V. Ileliei nl't ; "1 he rbin
ehetti! Mystery;" end ' Modern Soiritt.al.
Ism," . Willi "lir. Dnildri I,;"'., lnvani," m
one vol. iTirci.u.i.
AIsom's Fnblcs. The IVnnle's 1'irlovia
Hditinn. beautifully Hlui ruled with m ar
ly Sixty faitiTnt In;,-, (loth, beieleil
leiaiil.t. Only a.Oll.
Popn'H Kssny on M.xn. Willi .Note.
lieaui miily lllust:aled. ( lnllt, Hill, beveled
boards, if I. IN.
The: fib) Hi Word in llie ftiiTln. Plnno
A Sew I'nrlM'i I iielitimie.v ami litl'ereiiee
Hunk. I.tuliiiiidii:,' svuonyiiis, Technical
lerin.:, Abbre lalmee. ron uvn PhtaM.-,
Wlilil:, lor Hie l'1'i'..s. I'lll.rtl'lilion, I'lTnl'.
I : :i, 1 1 .1;', and nil, r Yaluati'ie liibniuat i . 1 1
Dlire 1 ioIum it tti I l."ur:.L
ei.'.-ieral. e., ,. e:.u
Miewintr He. late" I
location of nli lie
i.ranso:' l.,ain.
-Iiiiil in- b Hi-, :.a 1 1 1
-.- 0.1 llie t.ilr.
l i" -e P.'.W.
It. i:it(i. ided y I
ice ;.en: an 1 ,.11 tin
r. teat by exp.-fi-s,
Inelii.,' -iii,,. 1 nt in 1 i:ef.i lend l.etlvr. or !r
a I'
r !'i r one aie! all lie- abnie,
iVbl.l.s'. i'uM.-li No. i
1 o. i-. Aj.tiiI.. v, anled.
Iii' I!-'!', Aeeiil I"; 1 : t'in!,,i;
an i ii'ld.e '. !
II : ".'i-lv, it'-. Js'i-u
. .1. Itlt.l.lM
I t:;;t.. . ;.
:'i::;-rr:n Oh: c mo.
1 .: , t ,-i
: r.i i .-
!' i:
Ml ;;
I'D I.'.
I A ,
'.f. v.'.-.i.r."i.
i.n-:; jtiuiw the xvhvack
1. Y TJOS. II'. KXO.Y,
D C; I'lip's Octavo, 1 ::i l ine Ilnjri uvlii;.-i
Ke.i'ic-: I in id. i.: a:. I Ai-.-ideels beeiu
the l.i,-lit ol '..! ; m iiilni.r Ailvt iitiner. in a
p. 11 Is in' die u 01 In ; ."times and Mode nl' Work
lev' t l.i lit : I'iiiIk
1 uncut s ol S-.t iet v: t inailt-
1 1 : -j- ain; if, Urn 1
li-, it 1 he D u k
nils ilni : heir ee.
the S.'.-i; fiiiuii-e
I rinie. I'lie !
hi i'-'aiiil-.; id hi i
lu ll-; !i,e in ;u i-
11: 1 i vt-. us mid 1 in ir .My
W a, s nl' ',, t.d.ednei s: I'ii
n-l- i Im'.v,. in the Depths ol
'-1 in i, . ei llie I leteet ion ol
:. tieai.; 01 e -.iienem e tvitl
in npiiiiu ih 1, a ami I'liinliliii,:
111 exile-; 111:
tine- 11:11110 iniii,in; ;i,ui nttvs in roti,;:, .-ew-1
is uml nlacnnibi.; 11 , idenl' in iniee.-; ni-i-iles
an I nine : lori.ures 111 1 lie liiiiinnii.,1,.
vynndei Ii;! Ino nfirie--.; niidt-i tioi hi of the .real
t n r.s, en ., eie.
We ivnei aural J lor Ibis wnilion ,hich we
j! ive evi liisivti 1 . .-ii t.,i-. A'.-enls can inaf.e
.;ltMa neck in ., -lliia pe" this bun;. Send forcir.
ciilais ami special t. ru.s lo iifrenls.
.1. 1:, i:i'i::: & iiviii;,
iiAiin tiiib, i'onx'., or riiii ino, 11.1,.
A ; e n t e
' h, r..
E V4 0 for tii if
Great Industries
Pliltl p.iK'es and Mid eunravlnits, printed In
bu .-li.-li 11 nil Oeiman, wiillin bv l eminent
authors iiieltiiliiih' ibilin II, (loiiifh, Hon. I. eon
I use, ImIwiii-iI llowbtud, 1,'ev. I- l-.il villi Hall,
I'liihii lii)i!ey, Albert I'.iisliaue, Horiiceliree
ley, etc.
Tills woi k Is a complete history of all branch
es of Iniluistry, processes oI'manufuelKie, etc,
In all axes, it is a cinuplele diet. cUipcdin ol
arts and inniiulai Inn-, and I" I hit moid etiifr
ininlnr and valiiablo wot k of liil'ormal Ion on
BiiblceU ol'Kciieral in teres I. entr oll'erid to the
public. We nive our a;;enls tho exclusive
rltfht of territory. One ol our audits sold l.'W
copies in el.ttht iIii.vh, iinolbei.fold WiH lu two
week. Our agents In Hai l ford sold KII7 In one
week, -peciiuem of tho work seal In fluents.
Address the publishers, ,1. II. IICIIK &
I1YHK, ilarliVird, Conn., orl'hlciiirn, III.
iiuivl l-e.Vw.
The Oldest and Best cf the
Willi tint iiiiiubei fur January, tho Kt;r,Ki'Ttr
enters liiuil iu U'eutv-nllil Ii year. It kIciiiih
ho chol.'.e.sl iirlicles from thu eiiilrn llehi ol
forclu imi'lndii'iil lileratiiie, nml oilers
The beiil i;l"ntllle, Arllclci', INstiyn, lleviews,
( 1 il I'i'in, l:o;ri aphlcal Sl.el e lies. Novels,
Short Sloflen, Poeiiiit, Miwellaiilen und Ilia
llnesl SI'tM, H.NdllAVi.sdH,
Thu nlin of the HtMCI 'I'lC I t lo bo Instruc
tive without lielnr dull, nmi eiilerlauln(
without being trivial, . Headers win. seek
Hliiiubl kIvo It ulrliil. Terms, K. a J'Ciir; Sin-
fie copies, 411 ccnU, Hlheral lerniK in clubs,
he Kl I.I-.Ci'ltJ will lm He 11 1 wllluiiny oilier
perliKllcal lit lowest club rates, Aildremi,
K, It. H'XTOff. I'ubllHlier.
1UU Fulton mroct, N V, I
TImo Tables.
TO AM, I'lH.VriPAt, points
Thu "Old lit.diable" ,,i,. I'etmlii,.
Thrcug'h Express Trains Daily
Kuiilpped with Miller'H I'ntent Sal'ele
1 l.ltiuriu, Coii , amniuiler, ami'
tbo Celebrated
Wccti'nghouBO Patent Air 23rab3.
Tho most perfect prole. Hon nrulnsl nci l- '
denla 111 t!'i world.
&$- Svw and elepnnt Ibiy ('o.-u-heH ar.il
woiiailylmcsui I'ullman'K Palace s'eepinj
l ars are run Ihroiitili ;m k VXiAS cl rv
to tiaincy, HaleshiiiK, Meudiitu i,n,
Without Chu.e.
Also, a daily line of I'ullmaii's Palace Sh en
UM'laiH Iriini ATt II I. SON and tS'C. JOSKl'lf
le'in'i'.r iT'" sl,.l iM:lieltl, and new and
iZi i 11 y C;'"'J"'M IVl"" Jiiinsas Cit v to In.
dntnnptilis an I Cincinnati without i-hnngo
SW-y"'!'. iiwnro ull tho modern Imiuove.
via Un 5l t n,';'?'11" l'l'rt'hnHtt 1 lekels
Ma ihe Ha.xmiiai. A. sr. ,io.sli-ii Huuiit j.ink,
J!"!! iransfeis, lerrle.i ami chanjteH
fcfT Tlirmif-h Tickets fur i.al.i al. nil priu-
niNtl oiliees, l-'are always n.i low asbvanv
unite. i."MHSU ebt:eked llinm;h t,i nil p,i.
'-'i'al point,. uSi j.vniltl),
E. A. IVAIIKKi:, liim'l Ticket Su"'1-
Music. "BEE LINE."
'l'lle I'nl ln, in te i 11...
ilbluiices and fares
Fa res.
- - if s.i
'l.i a
- a. nn
... 4.-0
!. 10
a. hi
It. Uil
- y.im
...... ... i n;,
'i. in
- - - - --. ir,.r.o
I.,. Ml
- - - ni.w
from Coluinljiis, Ohio-
.Milc.i 'I'o
."i-l 'clew are. .... - - .
lu-i urdiiixtun - . . -
hs-Oitlion . . - - .
(VI Cie-iliiie
!W -N. l.o'n, Inn
1(11 -Wcilmiri. in . . .
!"-lie: ca .
I3H Cleveland
ritl Mai-K.ti - - - - -
1 1 , ninii .
1(5 - Man!l.lil
Htt-Vnn Wert
l'.tl- l-'t. ttvue
bl Slllllltlsi...- ......
Illl 'i'nleilo -
;ili lletriiil
-'.Vt-.l'IC.siiur-b ......
.0 I-l Ian jsl,!,,-;-!,
li'li l hibidei,hia . . . .
ii'il I ill 1.1 .lllll -t
'isl Dunkirk
I'.'l- liuiiiih
l.lj Xiiiiraia Calls
! il New 1 in k ......
- - - - I'i.M
- - - - v(i.nt
- - - - i.u.;:0
- - - - li.yi
- - - Hi.no
- iiD.nU
11. tli
v.. ir
.11.. I.'.
l-.'ll. 15
'.ill Ibi.-lmi ill N e Voi k
:l!t-l,i.sr.iii vin a it, in,.. - -
IS', ! iiiiiu.iiiipnlis ...'..
l.v.l-in. Louis
:12 Kansas Cilv
7 if Leuveiiwoi'lh
it- I ."uvieiu e .
T'.iil- 'i tnit-i. a ..
-el- St. .,,
tl"- lli,..m
l-i -Milw-dd.ee -
li:;- I'.ni Iin .urn
--l'entiu -.
---I. .'.'it:l ......
':!- I. it r..! .
ib.i--li.-s Moines
.V'-I-I.'o"!; l-h,iid -
!l- 'iieiiia .
itit ( edn c I'.ipids
".'ill- Imta ( he - -
),.';), hi i''ranciMii . - .
ii,- iiii, ,e mte
- of ('are are subject In eliiinp
K. l'OKl).
" ollllUbllS, O,
l'li.-' i'iier As'l "liee Line,
Trains will leave Columbus end CioL
line mid ariive ui points named beiuw us fol
lows: f'oi.l-'tit s I'.iv. Mi.irr oi n. fast
i:vi'i:i:;:s t:si'i;i:,s uxi'iifss
I 'iilriitb',. I v 1 : A M iH M
i -i 1 1 . i 1 1 -1 1 .; .. 11 :i-,
Wi sleri iile .' ... II
Lett is Cenlie. 1 1 r.M
I iiid r M
I :.-(
t :-.
t Ar S:0.l II ll:-n
v '.':.i.)
t uul iii,,lo.i ... i).-.ll
1-! :vh
(.'i;e:.d! IJitlH r.;.'T
OeKon l:(; l:(,i nvn
,. r . ( Ar i:l.-. A-l d I :P! S l',-:;(l
( I.v I :.. I ; il . ',iii
-lie! by I; Pi 1 ::.n 7:'j:i
Miiioli 'i-.-yi
: e,n. i, !,
.New I., mi li ii . ..':':. mis
bo, h'-i ;! Kjiii
Vieliinliiu 5:1? I S:i'!
I.e li."aii;,e. !I:HI
:,.i:'i.,i 11:1(1 .i.tla ihl.l
Ib-r. : Ii:ti; :j:!:s !i:M
. . .. t.. W. Ip'i:ii'l :i:.Vl i(i;'.s
( lev, I-l', d ,.A:li7:lU AM 4:UI) I'll pj
I le.el'iii.l.Lv ,'7::;()a:.iA- ::.U'.'.i PI: 1.1 I'M
Krie. Ar 10:i.l t:IO 1 A M
Due1 ;il; II :r.u JtTO
Hiili'iib. il 1:10 I'M l(l:.l.j 4;('.i
Uul', tvi' 'i-ie)Lv9:"0 I'M
ilui i Ib. illoAiS r,:l.1
( orr.iiiu I'r.ii
I-.lin I in f:iil
Diii-lilliiilna III :':.')
New 1 ui k .. . Ai7:'J'l A M
.. r.tl'O A M
... d:l'l
.. 10:1
... I'M) I' M
. ! M
liui' i via N (
' II ;Wl' Mti:liJ A M
'Vraeiise, 7:10
I'tiea :.U
1::)- A M 117:03
1:1(1 ll:a.1
('ism il:io
S. iieiit t tady..
New lork
Ln.-liili . ..
t'l .' ci'itec-
no ten)
I'i: in AM II: I i 1) 2;!)0 I' M
. (i:l.i '-':l(l I' M 11 :'..() y M
..s:iti a m ! :vu r ii;.'ii i- m
l ions uiiide lit Coliiuibtei wilh
,'i. Ibiekii::; Vallev U tllroad.
the ( 'nluiii':!
i in.,i;:;li '! ii-uels lor Mile at A I liens.
f-irPaliioa Jlky unci LUccpinrj' Cars
On , lit Trains.
I'iic i :. lieiibu- inrorninlion i.l regard In
Iii mil ;!i i icl-.els. I line, eunnc'l inns, ele., to II 1 1
poir.i". I'i.i-I, West, Ninth and Sotilh, applv to
or address ,', l-'til;l, ( nb'iuhua, Ohio,
it'. S. I-'I,IN'I'. (.ea.Hup'l.
.1 as. pa ri'i-:if:o.N,
l.'eneral Aireiit, (bliimbus, oliio.
i;i 1. 1:: p. okd,
I'ttysnitirer A t,-1,1. I ', ,1 ii in lm. Ollht.
U, It M. lit VISION.
Lee ee
A I'I iv 0
A rrivo
Lea vit
Xuiiesi ille
Ib.'iu a. in.
U:IU ii. in.
Jil.'i p. in.
i:-HI p. 111.
11:1(1 "
1:;i;i "
' "
H:i:, a.m
H-M "
10,10 "
1 '-' :-,1 pin
I'illslilli I' . .
I"il:u!, Ip'l.i.
New Voi I; . .
n. i.i
1 :M p ui
ft MHl pin
nana iii
4:HI p m
4:10 ''
(l:ir, '
iivM "
N. York .. 11:10 a. iii.
I"iliulelp'ln. P.i: in p. ni.
Piiishuot.. . 1 :.'ir. u. in.
ZuniYvillo. . HrtO "
" .. H :: "
Lain aster. , lli:ail "
" " . . 10:40 "
Ciiiclnnntl. , 6;ii.) p. in.
C. C.
A rri i !
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to tbo l.nUe und the Kni tb
. TWO KKJ'ItLSSlitAfMS hailv,
An follows.;
Depart. l'epint,
Alliens (1:10 ii. in, 11:13 p. in,
A rri vn A,. 'Uit.
Columbus. .. .... 11:!I5 n. m. 6:110 n. in.
levelanil 4:00 p. in. 7:10 a. m.
1'lltsburifh H:lft " 11:4ra.ni.
Imlianaiiolis . . !,:M 11:10 "
I'liienm ;:10 . in. Bel.l "
1in iuullelil I :I0 ii. in. 7:4o u.m,
Dnytoii . ... i:oo " icho "
Close couiiection uiadit nl Laricnstor for Cb .
clevil le.. .uiieNVil In aiitl ull linluu on tholhti
clnuall ami MitHkliiKiun Valley llullii.ad.
Direct i tin licit Inns luiulii nt loluuibus loi
Diivlnii. Siii'liurlicld. JniliaiiuittiHs. CIiIc.hu.i
uml alt points Wuiil. Also, lor Cleveland,
Il'ilValo, rlllsbtiruh, ami all polnls I'.iihI.
'I'akti llie llocklnir Valley ami Pan Huinlltt
route lo ( hleuifo and thu .s'lirthweMt: lt Is Ihu
shortest I.v slxty-siti indue, iiviajf pnsr,piirttiii
tint uvni.ui in ipiuier tiino ami lower iiikm
than by any olhul- line.
U. IV. Utlll IUH l. Olip'K
H. A .DUMI.L, Uoii'l Ticket A runt. . , t

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