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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, October 29, 1873, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McArthur Enquirer
J. W. BOWEX, Kill tor ami Publisher.
Rise Up, William Allen.
Ho! AH ye "rural roonter,"
Now In your timo to crow J
Kor Allan's elected (Jnv
Krnor, of O-h-i-o!
Th Democratic party's iIomiI, ,
As nil of j on iln know; ; .
But very corpse it proved
To bo in O-li-i-o! 1 , ,
Additional Locals.
Stih.; thejr, cpmH ho prfttty
Sabbath School Song Books! Anl
the more the better. Like the jTcw
oabies In hajipy families, the ''Vast
arrived alwaj-s seems the loycilest.
But what can we say about this last
la the first place, the picture oil
the title. It narrowly escapes bo
ing marvelotisy pretty. ,; Thet vy
matter of fact figuroa of jiTqb.a.
and the flying nngel detract' from
the effect; but the length-wise view
of the crystal strouni with its many
capes and islands shaded by palm
trees, and the rising sun beginning
to shine on them is ploasnig, and a
thing to dream of. '
Opening the book wo are at once
struck by its newness, Thevu wore
many contributions of new tunes,
and still more important, very maiy
of new hyruus and songs; 'ulaiostrev
cry one of which is fresh,, 'novel,
and such as one likes at first sight.
Such ones as "0 Land : 'of Rest',-for
thee I sigh. ' if .''
as "The .Morning jLandVfiS;;
as "I rest in thy love.'. .
as "By- and by."
The title of the book uel'us is
The River of Life: by II. A. I'n
kins and 'W. AV. Ikvn.v. I'dblislivd
by Omvek Ditsox it Co., 2i7 WiihIi
ington Street, Boston, Mass.
The Fhkenolouu'Ai. Joit.nai. for
November, confirms the oft-repeat-
cd opinion of the i'ress at large,
that no one can read that publica
tion without deriving some practi
cal eood. It is full of meat for the
mind, well served and savory. Wit
iiess articles like these: Rev. Dr.
Blanchard, Pres. of Wheaton Uni
versity; The Briton, the Inspira
tional Race; Our Immortality;
Growth in Character and Heart;
Conversations about Faces, with
numerous illustrations; Money, It8
Functions and requirements, which
our Capitalists should all Read;
Application of Art to Dress; Wivc
whollenpeck; Address to Young
Men: The Late Panic; "Nothing
New under the Sun;" Literary
Peddlers; Grace Greenwood's Boar;
Failures in Business; Intemperance
and Life Insurance, a clinching
statement; Wanted Careful, Honest
, Men; Coward or Hero, etc. Price,
30 cents. $3.00 per year. Write at
once to the Publisher, and secure
the volumes for 1874. S. R. Wells,
389 Broadway, New York.
Northwest Historical Association.
The Northwest Historical Asso
ciation held its 85th Anniversary
3rd, 4th and 5th of October, at
Roxabel, Ross county, and was, con
sidering the inclemency of the
weather, well attended. The pio
neer camp meeting on Sunday was
largely attended by the old and
young. Good order prevailed.
The 8Cth Annual Fair will be held
in McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio.
Tnc Mithotr House, kept by
James Miller, at Lancaster, Ohio,
is an excelletit place for everybody
to stop. The best attention is giv
en to all those who lruiy stop there
by the good-hearted landlord, or
by tho clever Clerk Ciiakles G.
Baird. The House is situated in
the business portion of tho city; is
newly and elegantly, furnished
throughout; the tables supplied
with the best to bo had; and the
rates are the most reasonable. See
the card in another yart of this paper.-'
. "
' It would be best for all "dead
beat" individuals, styling them
selves "printers," to give McArthur
a wide berth until the littlo village
is able to take care of her own
"dead beats." All "dead beat"
printers who arc determined to
ome here for tho "benefit of their
health," had better enmo well pre
pared to take care of themselves), as
printers here havcconcluded to let'
eharity begin at home."
A j Money County Orders.
"' We need money, and would be
glad if those owing us would ' "cov
er" jour f'back pay" into our pock
et . It would bo very welcoincly re
ceived Just now. But if you have
no money, let us have .County or
Township orders for tho amount of
. your indobtcdnesn,' which we' will
receive Without discount. Do not
postpone' this matter lofigcp than
tho session of Court, commencing
.n tho 10th of November. 1
, ("Hanoino over the guto" nights
' have flown. If ulie tlon't ;inI you In
tlio first time, coiiHitlcr yonrsfilf
Jollification at Columbus.
Tli 0 Democracy of Franklin . county' had a
grand jollification at Columbus last Friday
nilit. The evening's entertainment was ush
ered in with a fine display of fire-works and
the booming of cannon, the illumination of
many buildings, and a general outpouring'"of
citizens. There was no procession, the terrible
condition of the streets precluding such a dis
play. The crowd in Cipitol Square numbered
from three to five thousand, and was as enthu
siastic as could well be gotten together.
Among the speakers were Senator TuritM.ix,
General S. F. Carv, Hon. Samuel F. Hunt, Col
onel li. E. Constaule, and several other equally
weil known Democratic orators., .
The speaking took place at the west front of
the State Ifbuse. At eight o'clock Senator
ThompsoS called the meeting to order.
, The result of the. election in this State defi
nitely settles the puljey of the Democracy .111
future. There is J.0 be .no moro lowering of the
Democratic standard .there am to be no more
entangling political , alliances. ; th 0 s e
who wish to reform the government must do
so. hy means of the. Democracy alone. Their
past record is the surest guarantee they can of
fer of the fidelity to the interests of the people
in the future, Let this hu understood. Let 110
divisions bo tolerated in our ranks. Let the
best men be put forward, and with Democratic
leaders on the Democratic platform, we will win
victories in the future.
Grand Jollification at Chillicothe.
? The Democrats of Ross count); had an old
fashioned jollification on Saturday last in Chil
licothe. The glorious victory ot the Democratic
party was celebrated in grand style. Every
body felt that it wns good to bp there. Ye
were there too. The big cannon sent forth its
melodious sound to the delighted people "from
early dawn till dewy eve" the sound even
reaching the ears of the happy people of Vin
ton county. The host speeches were made hy
Gov. William Allen and Hon. W. II. Safford.,
In the evening there was a brilliant display of
fire-works; and among tho pieces ot fire-works
set off was one which, as it burned, displayed
the truthful motto : lW.i. Allen, the Pride of
our State"
It seems that we are to get down to specie
payments very gradually. A Washington City
special dispatch to the Cincinnati Times ot
Friday, October 23, says :
"The first step toward the resumption of spe
cie payments has been determined upon by
Secretary Richardson and the President, and
will be put into execution next week. The
premium on gold has fallen so low that the
Secretary feels justified in ordering the Treas
urer and assistant Treasurers to nav out silver
the same as greenback currency, and to ex
change one lor the other, as may bo desired.
All bills against tho government will be aid
in silver if the parties desire : and it is the in
tention hereafter to make no distinction be
tween currency and silver. Orders to this
efl'ect will he issued by the Secretary early
next week.
Grand Demonstration in Ireland.
A dispatch lrom Dublin, Ireland, dated Oc
tober 21, says preparations are being made for
a great demonstration iu that city on tho 23d
of next month iu favor of amnesty for the Fe
nian prisoners. Immense excursion parties
from four various sections of Ireland, and even
from the United States, are expected. It is be
lieved that there will be fully a million of peo
ple at the demonstration, and live hundred
bands of music.
. A motster hog that vas raised in Athens
county, Ohio, measuring nine feet four inches
in length, four feet high, and measured around
the girth seven feet, around the neck four and
a half feet, and weighed fourteen hundred and
forty pounds, was recently taken to the exhi
bition at Paris, Kentucky. He was of the
Chester White breed and four years old.
1'lttBID ..... . .
f.nt Grant, who is living tins yenr on nn ex.
tra !f25,000 to his salary, hns fixed upon November
27th ns a day of Thanksgiving. Lotus its' Demo
crats feel grateful for tho blessings we enjoy, and with
which wo h&ve of late been specially favored, The
people of Ohio will celebrate the day with much
less Nnycs than usual.
Postal-Cards are in demand, niore than
sixlysfour millions having been used in five
months. The estimate for the first year was
but one hundred million. :
Alt.en is the first Democratic Governor
chosen in Ohio, since the days of Gov. Mkwu,
who was elected in 1853 twenty years ago. i
.Git gat credit is due the many Republicans,
who by their votes assisted in tho election of
William Allen. , .
Not for years have tho Democracy 6f Vinton
county felt as jubilant as at present. They all
feel nB though they had a new leaso on life. 1
'. i '
Allen is Bure iu a close race. He comes in
on the home-stretch.
..r: : ,'. '.., ;. . ''
; "' EXIIiniTlXO THE
' - i
, .
Year ending. September 3d, 187.1.
Rl!('L'ilt llOt . .
Hallux' a I.
I0,9S! 10
ltwpipts nft
llnlanre iu Tri-unii v
. . . a,m W
Itoccits net ..'
llltlUIX'C iu Tl'CllMIIT ...
I.M 40
l.MJ Ml
tn7 tu
Jturelpts net. .-,' , '
Iliiliini'o in 'i'li-iuiuy
.15,(WI 01
. ,4M 15
ll,S'll 111
Itui-eipts not
DIhIhii wiiiuiiU t . . .
JImUiii'i! in Tn'MMiry . .
f is, an
IM,t:.4 SB
,-.NI5 07
Township nml Totvimlitp Poor Fuiul.
Ilocolpts not.
Ila'.mici' in Tieii-iny
., ,M.57 ra
4,2(10 4j
T-i-'i sir,
U0lWilt8 lift.'. .
JIiiIhucc in Tiviwiry
11,147 fct
1,148 W
j lull-rent Section 89 Fund.
I!eoo'iiU not ...'.'.,..' fgB 09
IXsliiiiDi'iinmU , jus u
Iltiiunoc in TiT.'isiuy
in 48
rrtiK'tpnl Section SO Fund.
Ileoeints net
... M7SI!
. . . mu
I'rliuliml Heetlon 1Q Fund.
Kornlpts not
Iliiliince In 'l.'9; ?my
ium flu
. 1,445 (W
i !i Sfi
Intercut .Section 10 Fund.
iteceipts not
Disburseinonts (lo Helinol Fund account).
...i.si ;i
. .. i,m an
Iteceipls not
IJlsbiirsciKi.-n I d
IT'S 41
WJ 41
Itecoiptu net
Iinlance In Treasury
H4 74
Villi 74
Hocclpls net
IlHlauee in Tie.uurv
.$1,9!I7 7
. 0,147 m
tl jfl H7
DennaiU to Keilecm Lhu1 Sold for l'xe.
Koctipts KrcioS
Disbursements, Treasurer's per rout
llnlaiiiie in Treasury
S3 M
...tlo.NS 77
Amount transferred to County Poor Kund
Amount paid witnesses before Com. l'lem Court
" " " ' liranil Jul y
." " " " .lust ice
' " " " I'lobate Court...
" " " Cor. Inqiiost
" " Petit .Iimini
" " (Irnnd Jurors
" " .liiftii'HH Mate oases.
" " Justices oponiiiK Klec. Itetiiin.
" " ( dilutables ami HHsistauts
" " Mieritr...
" " Deputy Slieriir
" " Auditor
" ' Com. Pleas t look
" " CoiuniiHsioners .".
" " Jailor, sustaliilnj? iirisonoiti
" " Pros. Attorney (salary)
Amount paid Couno.il t'orComuiiHsioneni
V " Att'ys Hppolnlcil to defend e.rini-
" " Att'ys niipuiiited to e.vumlno
Com. Iteport
" Jlid(fO of Kleotioim ,
" " ( loilcs of KleetioiiH. ...
" " Surveyors of lioads
" ' Viewers
" Cliiiiiiinoii ;
" " Markers. .:
" " Siliool KxaiiiineiH
" ' Townsbip Ti'i-nsiiivrs Hi'lllemcnt
Sobool Kund
" " i'rolialo Jii.Ik'o
" " Township AsschBort
" I'm. Alt'y, per runt. on lines and
" " Aoooiiiilant exainiiilinfTreafury .
" " Plivwioiaim
" " Att'ys imilHtlng u protiootitlng
Slate nisos
" Auditor apinalHliiffAI. U. II. U.
and II I i ti Asaessors returns ...
" " for iiiiikliiK Com. Iteport, a yunnt,
'' " for ImloxiiiK In Keeorilor'sc'itlloe..
" ." fa r iiulexlu In ( lork'ii ollloo
" " for Printhiff lor Cotintr
" '" for Slatloiicry and ifeoords lor
oltloes. , '
" " for Koad ilinnaKi's
" " for two seta Sw an CrlU'blleld
Pro. and And . .
" " for Taxes lel'uiided
" " for expenses Hale See. ltl and HI).. .
" " to redeem lands told for ta xes .. .
" " lor JIaitinK lor Court llismi ,
' " for buildliif ( ouiilv I'nvv
" " for pub. Ilellniien't List,' lK7i . . .
" ' for Mdsu per County ollioern, re
pairs Iu Court House and Jail;
fuel, fn: ,. ,, "
" Poor Ordum deposited with to. oi.lors .
" Interest paid on ordera
Total Kxpundituros
Ilalnni'M. ,, ,
f Hill) W
r.4u 40
an )
a r.o
:l .;
l.KW Wi
au-i m
m in
Kil 75
:;:m m
7Uj wi
r.Mi i)H
S.Ujll 74
mo or
f! 40
4.I 00
UWI H'.l
1 15 01
m; uo
45 00
till 00
IV I 00
r7 HO
111) 00
II 00
8 00
IU0 00
es i)
3.V if!
uri do
4 (X)
SH b7
i 73 01
4H ar,
DO (ill
tir.O (II)
Ml 00
1. IKI :io
4-.0 41
.-.i r.o
Sil 0!)
:i M
1-1 75
lf n(l
ys ui
HV 00
Mil OH
1(1,704 14
JB1 13
County Kund , .. ,
llridKQ Fund
Poor Kund
IlulldlnK nnd Inllriiinry Fund
School and Mcliool lloutu Kuni!
Towimhlp nnd Towusblp Poor
Townslilp Koad Kund
inieresi neotion vii r mm
Prinelpnl Hoetlon m Kund
Prlnrlpnl Heo.tlon II) Kund
Teaohors' Instiliilo Kund . . . .
Hpeelal Township Kund .'.
Dnpoaits to ivdoem lands
.? IKl M-
. ,lf.H '11
. 117 81
. nV.'Cl ifd
. a,ai5 07
, i n
, 4 I'll
. ' it tl.
.. am 7i
,i J.V.) b7
!W M
fll,IV,fl 4
Per oonl. on ( iilleolloin on Hup . .- , : II I'd 70
" " J'oor Kund rollootloii of U. H. Croy ". . " A'l
" " Collnelloii IVoni Wliitlateh & Hliaip, II, , I. Innd I) 4.,
" " Interest Hvt ion V.I colleetlnn r,7
rrinoipal huetlon H) eoiiection. , ., .. j );l
inieresi noo.i ion 10 ooneeiion . . 7 ).
" " I'rliielpal hellon m eolleotldn. . ..i ., . '
" " Hiioi and oosls from Clerk and Hhnrlll' i .. ... u m
i ohm mine v). wuuiil antl lieiiurioki. . ; ,. in
" " Mliow l.loeiises , . g mi
, m 11 fl'ciu I101V Inslllitlc Kund . . . . 1 uj
jury roes . ....
" " r lues iioiii .iiisitoos. , ,j !:
Aiiiount uopusnuii 10 iTiiuoni iaii(a ,,. , J(
. l,ll !)7
Acditoh'h Okkice Vinton (!ouNry,)
WcAutiil'r, (K, Oct. 23, 1873.
I, Wn.UAM W. Hklkoiiii, Auditor of Vinton limutv. fihlo. do
h.rnliff mirtir.ll.iil ll.. r. Iu ........... ki.... V
oelpt nd Kxiienilltureii of Vinton County for the jcuf ondlnir Hen.
torn bur ad, 1tf!.l. n of roord. B
riu '.lisM Uron Reporter.
I'l lll.l.SIIBD WKKKI.V AT '. f.'
.1 A ( ' li St ) X VILLI-; ILLINOIS',
I- ' i l vim piiblioaUo:. oi' r.ipm ts 1'iom
1. i-u'tl -o respondents i, a;l si-rlions of tin
1 .i.t. . 4 f.iien, showiiiK the roiuliiion ilun ijr
u'.owLll iiiiil looiition nller lui vest of all tlio
leading iii'riciiliural orops mi l livo Nioik,
I'lwso farts ns rooeived will lie culimlHed to
the wihlK! in tho most c oiu'eu id I01111. ,.e-
C(eiirn.iied by oninprelieiisive edlloiial hiiiii
iiki ii's. In addition, all reliable intelligence
bi ai inir upon ihe abovu lo,ili e, will ho culled
from leading Kuiopeun exi liinixos and pru
seiiU'tl in Cue oolumiis of tho ttefmrter.
A series ot live niap-charts will ba puldisli
ed dm in; the your, showing tlio location ru
rtie lively (if tlioe.orn, wheat, cotton, tobaooo
and m; .:" pi'inlueiuK crops, and glvo Hiieh
imo .iMiioa its to. local character, average
pn. i.i 1. do., as may bo shown most saliufac
111: 11., to 1 lie eye.
Vi hh i'io means ofseouriiifr reliable Infor
million iiva.liihlo, tho Reporter w ill bo made
in l: ; i . . 1 1 -!i t j le aid alike to tlio fanner, the
me,. Ii.vi ! and the iiiiiniil'ii.'lurur, a source of
Dir.'1,.: ,. .1 " no business man 01111 ullord to
I!mv ,
i"' I AI1MKHS, l'l.AXTHItS,
V;:' l!i. ;oya,'oi III tho raislnff or livo
iii.i til.- .'."I'c' oll'oi'a tlio best poosible
11. a 1 1:: .-.v .! ir.if the largest return for their
'1;. ni'::i: tliem lo doteiiniiie ns to the
;i l:ii: 11 .lo I; 1110 for ilispoHing of their sur
iio.l.ici. i iie publication of tho Jlejmr
tt f bavin;.? li.';'ii cuaL.nujd.iu d piinmrilv more
cspocially iu the i i.l.';cl-'. nl Un; a.rlcultiniiBt,
Cio m.is iil'imr iiiJ.noi it inn liavini.' to bo de
rive! Iioni I !ii 1 1 ko ! 1 wli.'im tlio lnrgost
li !. oil's i 11.-v : 1 rj . revvt it In 'conies a mat
ter of i'.i:,n. tin:. v to eveiy 01,11 ii:iilre.-sod ihat
It.- fi'teivs: him-oif In '.ver.il ways, viz: llrat
i 1 ;.- i:ri 1: ir f.ii i1,.; I.', jitiytii' :it loasi one volia-).i-'
o.cro;iuKdoiit in ills county; lioxt, to tlie
t'.x'.ei.i ol'rfiiljsci ibing for a copy of the work,
110. 1 lust mid all tho lime in I'lirnisliluir us
oil her directly of ilnoiib tho cont'siiotulent,
all desirable iulortnalioii.
N.i'i:-e cl' i'.i.ice.nmrie.'. in roporl.i will he
lli iiikl'tilly received.
The. publication will not del ire IU support
r.-uiii adveitiseineiiis. bur will depend upon
li merits for sir t.iiuli'-- pairming?.
The putilli ali.ui will be condiicti'd bv Co
oiietniive Assiiciatiini. An niiiii'.ul moiiibor
Kliii, iwtiiijf to, will cut it In tlie party to a
lii i.f the ll'iti l. .Vx.cV). tliroiiglioul the
ycr, 11ml lo lltct dories of livo oli.u ls.
Uiieie 11 Eu. iety lias taken a luenibersllip,
xt' a eo;iiei of the Yt'tk'!y j'.'rportrr may be
oblaiiicd .iv Innivlihiitl nieinbeis at ?5 per au-
f r 1:1.1.
To Hio-e not members tho subscription will
I) 1 for the .'.VcrM' alone ?.'i, or for the ( hurts,
A! ceni'iii.i'li'iitlons tli.mld liu addressed
" illi': NATION A I. CK-.)I liKPUlt-
1'hU. .lack onvil:,'. Ill,
( V.'. lilii'iKNK.
."iv'y Naiiona! Agricultural Con
?i?K Mat:iirer. jjq.
V'l WIMlf llll fl.-i-lii i.t.il.i ..1. r,.. I y.....
t'uvnship, to sell Die onlv btiiiuliifd hook of
the kind published,
HI!, i-,(KH) WANTS up PI'IdKIM'
The Largest, most luiporlaiit ami Valuable
HHi'larr iiouk ever publii-liud iu the
I'liited staU'4.
nwDnWn-t-,a "V li'.-lHcm.nitf..
1 1. every utilise .'ll-vr. 5100 00 per oar saved to
cverv otie who has il. I-Jvorvbodv wants It,
ne.iily everyiitiilv buys it as sonu' as oll'orud.
fit) per oek Mire. Kxtrn Teinis. Agents
.. ... ....... 11 ,1 u,t:, ,,,, 11, ,i (imnr'ss
CONTINCNT.tl. I'll'.l.lSIIIXd Co.,
J'U Nl"'l!l sixUl s-t. Louis, Mo.
:i7-(1in-v,U'. '
Co 11 a li s? C 0 1 il s, Hoarseness,
A lI. Till. OAT JIivKAKKS,
pi t w oxi.v in lii.i i; un.ns.
Sold by i utri;isU. 4v.
WATCH FB..EE. worth m pivon
irratis to evorv live mini wlm will rut.
our nxeut. P.iisiness li;;ht ami lioiiorable. filiu
made in Sdii.vi. Sidealilo as Hour. Kvervbodv
n.iyj it. can l do without it. Must have it.
Xn Kill enlorpiise, no liiimlm;. K K X N K I) V
v. 1 riiiiioui-, i'a. 4W.
10.0CQ fmiU:
f:;..l'.'jili pii'i'siifnii. PA.ilulllu. v
' .vcnin-iiiii.
- - ' ' 4 . ' ,'. - -. 4
IVi'Tially ilesiif'ie ) I'm- ilie 11: 0 ui tlio ,!(-
ctl 'i'"it-i!iii. and t''io i''nniil .'. ii'is.OKshi'r
lllose .'(.7We lllOilic.ll'tll p'oilertil'S wlliill
beloea tu an h nnd 1'nr ('.'.
hiiiisiiensiM.: t 1 Ke'nnles. Kii.nl for Kill-
in !) Cii,pl,ti),l. A it 'lirioll i T oiie, Put lip
ill o.f "-. eoiilaiiiini.' one il'iiie.i b"Lllo eacli,
nml sold by all ilruavists, eruoers, ,Vn. A. II.
IIINMINUKit H t (I., established liW, Xo l.i
I'.eaver treoi. New Vork, ei'-.w :)5-(lin.
.0 of Counterfeits.
ii'Uatd Pi;IAl,JC PiLJJS
r'm (n.'v rprjiTitnntrnm. DUhmrst nnmi,it
.'. ' r'tnmrrfHit to miUit. ,)unter prwV..
. " ...MiM Hin U, num. .lob (li,ihP- on
''' t. ,1 i.' iiii.iiiun. -ihe
. . .vi ink Pill, am unfailinr; tn thonuraof all thono
V":1.' '.Vi1'1' U"5V7,U? oi,Y,,,,,, "bloli tha femalo
ii-ltii(limn nMrjuot, 'Hief inodraluall eicwuixt
let euro ell Uiiini;i.in i.f tlio Uieluei wlienoaiuod
y c.ijil, iiillHn.111. lion, i r diMiurii. la all CUM of
viv.iuinml Sjih, I Aibit 1,1,1), I aim In tlio Hack
. I l.imiis, . niwjii a :)l!t. ojnrlteii, Pnlplutlon
.:ie ficirt. 11. ttuiei. nml Millcs. then will (.fleet
1.' 1. lien 1J1 eil,i,r li.jun l. e.o IiOIh.i, nnd ulthonah
M r .u -i la!. cuutKia butiuuj liurtful to Ui luoat
1 te.'..Hlltttlno.
:.ir .11 l.nilijh Oominn and French around
I"" I'll '!hwmomladvl..
' . K I'lllaanaolil atmuHdniKatorna.bnt
: 1 ! st r...on.it .nptily ttiH iikmim!, d not
.oi'ci'Otit any e,,ui.t(.rl..it i.r Isigua ar.
1 titiD I lollnr m ihi nolo imipiiiilor, .lob
. ! . ",rl,..:ntl tilrmit, Nnw Vnr. with nnina
"'."'"? vhlrhjiiu will r.dl fortba pack
1 1 ti ."tof 11,0 (o-ceicn; Pills aonroly and
i .in -kU iu Ua wrufiioni will ho Boat by rstura
' 1 . 1 S, SI-llMA. fllKDII'lllTIS, H0R
'f ""' '. I 'AHM'4 H!I. llil'KICI I,T llllltATIimO, IN.
I ri p.. i (, .u.Ri'Ml t ue Lima Diskahim. IHm
I i.. :.n t . 11 0 mn ininil. nml miv olillH I11
t e s. 1.)C"..niln itM rontxirnil hlih 11,-.
.. bJt-' bMlrwI. Twtlnienr artn In hundrnria
' i''1 . i." til iii.niiiiii.) TIAr ItlUl
. "rsfer .;. .lOUMObllB, Propria.
r. '.iuTtiti!' KPEnn c riLi.s,
rriuimd by J. (JAHAN(')Klt 1(.
No. J. Hue Loinbard, Pulls,
i. "r. ru liiiilily rfwiniinonili ,1 j,y tha antlra
' ,...'iuyo i'ranr.a iui Ihovc'ry brut, vmnedr
': hpwinatorflimn.iir ttaiiiiual Waakanaat
' ,";, l'"l"it In (l.o 1'iinui Numna Da.
f.il.i.', .Ml 1,, I tlii Klnntly tr.ilu ( IdiHiAsca arl.inir
( nil A' ".jiii. Nftrot llatilia. 'IVy r mwhun afl
(u-r r.i 11. iea (nil, and hiivi biinn m-.-1 KithaBlonish.
lei: ".. r." il.y tlio li'ielinj kronch I liynii lana during
: ,! 1 i years. l'aniHhlot i.f Ailvh n In -h bau,
' ir.it 111 aunt Pras to aiiy adilrca. 1'iieo Miner
. nnt by mail, irrttnlti nli Jutn nil i,Uru
. (n rifclpt of price by any admitted Aannt
' 1; (' S'.'iSirs, Is 1:01111, nui Bi,, tluw Yonu,
- 1 . . 1 . s"?nt. for Auioriiuk .
VPin. MihJ n rXA'l ArrlriutCniinHl.r'l.tli.
JlO.Tl.XO.bCQ l.rrl.d or lbu. .Ihiiii la
- jni.rry nn ttiH iliynluliiliinl
fill 1 n I iwy.l.rlM mini irvol.iluuiol
Nw1MJ.WA.Wa u,ii.aiual.y.uni,llhlh'
latf.l dlneovirti In prnduetb.t aint ir.vvulllig oRiirlnf,
aow laprvicrv. lli.niiiiliiluii,4lo, .
Thill, nil Inlim.llu. work at lira hunArpr) and atatjr
rm.i... with Biiniarous rnRr.viDN, anil cnnl.ln. valuable
nforantlfinfiir Iho.n wan nr. runrrleil.tronnlvraiilatonitr
ll.is. HUtllll.a tioflk IIibi oti.li t to be knpl uud.r lok
anil key, autt not laid earolai.ly about Hi. bnu...
II eatain. tb. eaporlonr. aad adrtna o 1 a phrilolaa
'jrho.o rnrnilatlnn I. world-wide, and itiould beln Ih. irl
y.to drawer or .very m.l. .nd rernal. ibrouiboul lb. .ntlra
lube. Il.rnbrac..erylbln or llia.iihi.olaf lb. ttu
irntlre .rituni lli.t I. worlli kn.wlu,aud nuobthal I.
pal iiublUhod In any elber work.
Rent to any nn. (free of aoiuie) fur fifty Ceate.
Aililrrullr. IlulU' l)liia.ary,Ho. 13 K. tlUlb itn.l
t. Louie, lie. . ., .,....,.
IToilco to tho Afflicted and Unfortunato.
ti.r.re arplylni lo th. nolorlon. qnaek. who adt.rtlio la
Iiibll.riiir.lor u.ltif any quark remcdl.. n.ru.0 Dr.
mil.' woi k no mmirt wbaiyourdl.aaie la, or bew dtplor
ei-loyour euadlilon.
ir. Hutu iNiiulr.. a dnuM. hunt af Iw.nty.Mv.o
ranuiHIl alndorand liy anm.of III. mail o.lebratw luadt .
.ill irof..mtri of llileiioiiiilrr anil kuioiia, .nd ean b.oon
nilli-'l ni'r.iiliiiUv or lir limit, on tliodluaaa. maiiUnnrd In
lilaw.irm. Illlir. and iUor, H. UN. Klabtb alraabj
b. iwa.u Jlarkvluu.l Ohu.uul, ril. Louie, Do.
-VXTls keen eoiiMtnutlv on liaml nt tlilnol
W Ih e 11 supply ol' KN VKIiOPKH, upon
which a curd of any description will bo
pi Intcd vnlnw that nil may nll'ortl to linv a
cnrt on the Knvtlopos used by tlioiu.
New Ac'vertlsemonts. -
Ask your drugc' f"f Lr IY V O
this It u 111 oily. A box j. IL I'jO.k)
or P1I.LS with rash
bottle, nnd Is n 11 r n t Take
-old Nit Ctiro I( 'i Pi v 1 her
No Piiy. A (1 li i;
'P li J T "1 Pl'ItK Ask for Kens Po
I W IN I V veri'oiilo-lllstliesalloHt.
tox"i' Kui'.fiKTi'im Waurknt. If it fails to
otiro veil, 1KT Ytit'U Monkv.
W.C. 11 AM If. TOM & CO.,
41. Cincinnati, Ohio.
tw. 8. V. II I LLH, 111 lortlandt 8t., N. Y .
in four weeks niado a inollt ol'H12 80. soil
ing Itmint's J.ihmry at roetvy and tinny; $70
in onk wkkk on J ne Jen iimiefk-teper t Man
iittl, by iMi-s ltcecher and Mrs. atowo. Any
livo man orwoinanvan havo an agono.y. .1. II.
KOHl)AC().. NewVork, llostou, Liilcnpo or
aa r ranoisoo. iw.
MJIOriEf) I No, wu would only cull ntlon
IflUitUCil 1 tlon to our evict, 1, AtKiKtt, with
Winon a man run tarn fja per day 111 good tor
ritorv. It bores any diameter, and ordinarv
wells nt tlio into of 150 ft, per day. Katiii,
lownsiup aim county rignts rorsale. Jiosc ip
tivo book sent on receiiiL of!) oejits postaire
Address A I'll Kit CO.. St. Louis. 51. 1 10. It v A
l)K w AN, Wiisldiigton Court House, O., (lon'l
Ageui lor iiiio,
?J A Q U I M fi T n M
A" wunU'd Tot tho only coinpk'to hlmorv
of our National ( anital; lu Origin, (irowth,
lluiuitft'rt, KxcolU'iici's, Ahust.' and I't'r.siniM-
,.11 ,,. I. ,,....1 1 t... I'I'n tr
f"i"i k 1 (i M(iv 1111 1 1'iMuinni uv iiijf, n
KltKU TOWNSK.Nf). Hul.1, htartlin;r,Tiull.
llll lllMMil IV. UI yWISUIIIlUU JjIH! 1011-
LiyHtiiomil nnd Lobbying .IitbbiM'V l'ully do-
dn't s .JAM KS HKTTS & CO.. llartlVud.Cdiin..
or Chicawi, 111.; S. M. UKT'r.S&CO , ( inriji-
..oil ui. L 1...
I INti." lluw either sex may lateinato
anil L'ain the love and aU'eii ions ot nnv iier-
fon they elioost' instantly. 'I his simple' men
ial acquirement an can possets, icoe, ny iitall,
fur 85 cts., toKetber villi a lunrriiiiro ;,'iiide,
I'.jtypiiuii iirucie, iireanis, units 10 J.ieliis.
eilcliiiK-.Nijrht Wiirt, tit: A cpieer liwok,
Address T. WILLIAMS CO., Pubs.l'hil.hv,
iii lilavH. and aiKillier .f l.'iX iiirlilaVN, selli
nncjiwo otodv a perio.t
UUtHIl U V I vjll I Tlioasui'tis of
Adventures upon, and tiro Wonders beneath
tun t;ivat iieeans. .o stilrltoil on;;r.ivliis
Price extremely low; sells ain.i.in - Iv last
i.tHK) mine live airents wanteil for tlii.s lind th.
only COMl'LKI'K, 1'01'l'I.AIt llll(l l'AST-Khl.l.INU
History of
Cf lie proatest success of tho season.) Alsooitr
sploinlid new Hiblo, just iciidv inn farext el-
liiiK all othom. Pocket Coiniianlon and full
circulars nee. jiuiress ;it. UllAltl) IlliU:
Pub's., C'iiioiiinati. O. ' .t.
The oldest nnd most reliable institution for
olitiiiuiiij; u Meroliaiililo Kiluealion. For
oiroulara write lo '
P. DCFK ibOXS, Piltsbiiir, Pit.
Xirst Mortg-ag1
7 per cent. Goia Bonds,
Coupons payable Fthruary ami A ityiiiit In
(told. It .wio liirt' or Jtatltmnrc. tor ktilt ill
IK) cent., tintl (teriirt'il intrrt'Ht in currency ;
secured by Kimt .Vwtgtitf. executed to t'ltn'ii
er's Latin mitt Trift Co, of Xrw Yuri', covering
Company'!) Line, its Franchises, Iviuipiucntt,
Heal and Personal Kstale, at tlie rate of ifl5,
000 per inilo on (he llot.d, extendinjf from
Cincinnatito GtUMMittiy, tho terminus of Ihe
Cliosaioako and Ohio Koad, 1 III miles.
l.uvcriiiiientH, State, City, Kailroad or any
oilier uiarketablu securilie taken in ex
change, at liirthvst market rates, without com
iiisaioi, and A, cf (i. K, li, ilontln forwarded
freo ofcliai'iie to purchaser, J'nmpliltti,.Vi!jiti
and lull informal ion will ho fuiniidicd ou ap
plication to
S2 South St , llaltiiuore,
Hunkers, Stuck and Note Urokers, nml Fiscal
Agents of Ihe Company j ih'iilers iu llovein
ineut8 and Kiiihvuy sei'iirilles iu nil tho mar
kets of tlio C. tt. .vv.
or lo Ihinka and Ilaukors thioiigliout the
A(!t'iil Waniiil. Send for Ciiliiliiue,
DOMKSTlf SEW INI. .M A t I ! IN I ).,
XliW V Oil It.
..a. are lic lllosl b-jitiuilul
l mtvlo li n.l tu rcet
ill tone .ii'er tinnle.
vi,r7r.r'i x iiw i.ir.iiijiio
VI. 1 I. J. IV .
'V Tr f-'tX "''er lurr.l in t,uy
-.' iy. i vibi' ji 1 1 T T ..uo it
'.T;i'?iTUsi!a..'ll, tM tUntKCt
,fen..ijl;-?v-l M'.Fi''i:t"i' ,
!' .y, r?.Vll'f .Af '' 1J lS'B
. I'ii' f" SlaKift W H ' an .hi aa us Jul,
a it.-" ivi::5..7'.
:.:. r ,.i. -v-i,y.... f
H'l'ltt Hli
ii In.' I 'is JJ-
J'A'riO.Ti (.' t!,.
IIiilliMll t'c'..;-
isyi.S MH'I'.t!.;,
viij'.T ;?if:" - re Jtiini litirul.
SXTi Tj1 flU1 Of FE R. KO 2 . :
:; -imillH. 1 V;AIEI13 & GOi'1, 1h I
I . . ivsv, if. Y., vTil ii,,.u,oi 500 11 A .is
i . (t'J t S 'iii i,..rt:N mul.erN.ii!
.' .'i n XVA'J'i:sts,nr rxlrcuiely low
i. . 1 : eat ki.r B -li, or pin t covA, andlahi:.
' .:u!ill moiithlv r"""""1". Now 7--;
:-. .' tieai-r.'ti'.s ilAMN,all iiioilerit
I'K (M CIlK lilw, f.r -i5 rn.'.a.' nmrn, 0-
v., tin. joi iii.i:.ii:i.i ou.
i. Vis, l Mopai, (alio; Mop, (tl'25.
tlliisl ruled iilulouiiea ninllril. A large
dt.'V:r,t tfHiiulwii, ( 'it 'tri-hft, SuvtloiSitiaoU, 7lin
tit; . AUKN'fM WA NVKD
1' a t ic n r
Ollloe, li llareliiytd., x.V.
Offer tn (ho iiitbllo. n lantern
eotabi n Inn safety aiiilli'conomy
with elcftaneo and ii-erulne-s,
it on ii nut ovploiin; It (rives ii
I.'oimi ll);lit. and oonstiines less
..ii . i i i. , .... . . .
Ciire-M. nn i nun liny oilier; ii in uui uih
!'.' irfA lutbed by Ilie liiuliost wind.antl
.. t.' 'ir' il II irlnsH Is broken. It is ensllv
replacod by liioaiisof tho screw.
TIlOV mil Llll I V llll ,lrl,M llVl'I'tlt
tlioir travollnir eloi ltH, but their frufids enn 0
had from the dealers throtiiliout tho culm
try. . , 41.
J'tirytti, J'i:rlr,ani Stntifthtni the Kyiltm.
Dr. Tull'a 111 1 nru emu jiohoi! oritiuny i.
Kii'ilii'iiln, l'lDiiiliiiiiitiiiiiiiMK tlii'tn mo Mlimi
imrlllii mill nml Willi ( liurry, an uultml na to
m l Ihjci tlitn ; llui oim, lliruiiKli ll uilmlxliirii
Willi oi Iht niiljHliinron, piirlry liiu liuil pit ru
in; will to (ho otlior Ih ;uiini;lliuiiliiir lliu yn
tui.i . Hutu tliem' (illkiuu nt lliu miinii tlmu a
Ionic iiml tiitliurtli', n tlinMrittum Imin
hiiiikIiI fur I iv niuilli'iil uii'n, la.it. never lirfniv
dim (ivl('il. In cllii'i' iviiiila, II117 do tliu work
of two iiiuillclnii hiiiI iln II iniiiii liellni I linn
nnv twiiivi) kninvnf, fur 1 1 n y ri'innri! ihiIIiIiik
lin'iii llui ajutmii lint iniiiiritii'H, ho tli.it ulilli1
limy ilii'((i t In V iiIko i-lii'tithi'ii Mini lumen
limy (mi j.' iiinlolillliy anil hid I'olltiwuil liy 1111
ri'-iii'lliin. ,
Oil, Tt TT'H I'll.I.i lm(n wi'iiiliirr il liillti.
em u nn lint lilnnil. 'l imy lint only iiiiil' Willi
nit w.'ii U.iiti Tiff It. lint limy r: 11 Hi vo nil nu.'.
hum pni tlrlin fnnn tint liivln linfmi! il la Mil.
vnrliMl i 11 1 0 . II at l niiil llnin umki'H liiiiiui'
lilnnil Iui ntti'r IniniHullillliy . Aatlmrn ia nn
iliiiillliiOnn, an ilnii'u ia nn iiMimi'ii or NkkiK'HH
HtlDUillllH Ulll 0lil'riltli)ll III' I Mm 111 tint t'Ki'l'l.
lent iiiDilliinii, wlili'li ni'H'r h Liu 1 1-o , lniiniVN
Hi illxnitlvo urxnnii L cuuma llictli In wnrk
In a inrfi'tlv nimimtr lifiirn iinrauna til 1. 1 111
llnini do tint W'umo I'liln mill 'iimiin!i"l, lint
on tlieontitrnw, will In nil ii'ntiiiif nru liu.
I11K ri'inon'il, llui ivniililiii'il iiiilmi oT Hhi iHnr
aiiiuinllii nml Wild ( hurry pniilk'H ami Itivlir
oinliii Iln) linily.ninl n roliuat atiilu ui lii'iiltli la
lliu ruaiilt nl' tluilr iiiilli'il ai'.tlun. 1
1'rlie met, ii Imx. H0I1I by nil DntgfeUla.
Uuimt W I'orlliintlt iSt,. New Xork, 4b
'' hIi-'j 11' ) ..',;) ,'l!iul
i, 11 iii!:..
Come nml examine thorn nml satisfy yoursolf that I soil nt the prices
I advertise. Having just received a LARGE STOCK, bought dut ug
tho panic for cash, when cash was SCARCE.
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Prices.
"STo Trouble to Show Goods" is
"Too Thin!"
It a troublo to show thorn, lint wo cheerfully ami will
ho glad of tho opportunity, for when you
see my goods nnd prices, you are
sure to buy.
a w . .-jt ,
I IT a vj: two
WIlfeELER and WILSOx" Sewiug. Ma-
c li i me s,
Which I Will Soli tt if,"0 OO Kach, Ilegii-kir-Price
OO. Warranted
Perfect in HJvery
I5est Black mixed Waterproof,
Good " " u .
Good " " .......
Good allWool Flannel, '- '
Host Brown Jlufslin,
" Prints,
" Codec,
" AVhite Sugar,
" Brown " - . . . .
And every thing cine in proportion.
1 OO
1 13
1 00
- 28
lariis n
has removed his
rL the Uodffo I3iiill
ins, 32ast of tho
r u .i'r ii ,. .J. .-Hlmm. r.,i?Ux,m
'iVJ'Inii -' r,t
,V'fcllrn :-r! ', 'ii
.: -.1.. ! 1. , .,-jlkiJiM.' .
ffl'i''.''.; :KSZ5Z? e5
Patented Tab. 2 and Sept. 21, 1860.
TVliero ho
is closiiiH1
out hiii
Hi'OljK OF !!Ai.l)V.,H
At G.-.TV. t!:V!l -V?rJl '
t Vi -w of
fi A
i l vn "ffTr rt r
i x .ii w a i v
1-E r 1 i'.s o W 1 1 1 11 is 1 1 i 1 1 o- Q ( o (1 s !
Us St ' I: nl ( onk In if. 1'lirlnr ami II uliii;r ilnu'S inn. a .'.ii- ii-;l'.I h: i;.t- m.fo OitlMilf the
..jti.'H. l..vr.'!YHTin'i, WAitiiASi'iii. Vim Hill iln.l :i f.il ,' ilil,,,: In ilm n,,..,..;
! iii nliin:: 1.1 in-. A11M in 1 ni'.ii'.'i linn villi iir ili i k, M. ' ii l':i li:i.: ni l It, u ni'ii' '(i.i. ,1!
IW.HS ninl i;i i:i:.kwaiii: In ihr .iinn iimiiu. y.;k,t..- ... . .n i!v (, vomnU-rc li.in.c ..
llUllllIX Slltfl-M In III. 1 1 .iiu.l , I III nut , (o a.-.w. ,1 11 ,.,n !,,f,,.,. nmvll !,..(,, - ,.1,, ....
iiitlicyv ill n.,1 in; ,niii-r.-iiii.
Mi,iutliirf tl ml 11. iiitiiiif ilnnn Willi iiii:inr.-i, k'i.1 .Ii.-.i.: Mlh.r.t .il I'ltCIi' :
null', 11ml llm lin-t sH W.INU WAX in tlio ii.tu kt 1. ...,.. i . .,',1 ,. i,,..-,, ,. ;..,.,,.. ,
lsowlir". '1'rtn iIdoih i:aU of tlm I'n.t-ollii o. .
July Ihi. lHTtl-tf. . .I.s. IIC'IN.
Tho Finest in tho World !
Send for Illustrated Catalogue
CO., 158 "West Fourth
Street, Cincinnati,
..... Ohio, ,
Orte for . Sliest Music aui Music" Jools .Promptly Filled.
.' .
Send Six Cents for Sample Copy of
. ? : T ; v, 3 ; P a g ,o"s I II . - : '
Of Choicest Hablath Hohooi MunIc; f) mv
:; (v ' ; (J.S. UUL10K, Aiit.

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