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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 05, 1873, Image 2

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,1. W. ItOWKNi Killtor ami I'ublUlmr.
"The Democracy rejoiceth and
"arftvxceedingly happy.
It will do the Grant Ail mi lustra
tion editors good to live in Demo
cratic Ohio for the next two years.
William Dkub, ex-Governor of
jliio, died at Rock Cord, Illinois, Oc
tober z.i, in tiu Heventv-iirsi- vear
' of his ne. '
Rkiublicax3 refused to vote at
i s late election because they were
disgusted with their parly and de
sired its defeat. It was not so with
Democrats. They did not vote he
cause they thought there was no
. chance for success.
.The indications everywhere are
that a great political, involution is
taking place, and that the Republi
can party is fast losing its prestige
and power. All the Democracy
will have to do is to stand firm to
their principles and they will soon
gain an ascendency.
Ai.u:x is elected and we are hap
py. The Democracy, is again in
lighting trim, and .that makes us
happy too. True Democracy will
win departures never and that
makes us more happy. Let there
he no overtures to the enemy in our
future campaigns andweyill al
ways lie happy.
L Tnc first day of the silver re
sumption experiment livtheTreasu
ry department ended Jilh ti2.0 of
silver paid out, being $5 each on 50
payments. The Treasury stood
the demand like a rock. As the
Got eminent has !f3(W,00l in silver,
it will take 2,000 days, or nearly
six years, at this rate for tlie sup
ply to give out.
Tnosi: Republicans who .stayed
away from tlie election this fall,
did so because they could not en
dure the outrageous Gkaxt cor
ruption any longer. They want
ed a change; the change has been
made; it is a very good change; it
is a change that will benefit the
List Governors of Ohio.
Ai thnr St. C'hiic -
Ivlvvard Tillia lSO!i-1807
Tlios. Kirkcr (actius).. .1807-1808
S-imuel Huntington 1808-1S10
Kctnrn J. Mcis?s .1810-1814
O. Looker (acting) 1814-1814
Tlios. Wrthiugl(iu 1814-1818
Ktlmn A. Brown 1818-1822
Vllcn Trimble (udiiifr) . 1822-1822
Jcivniijih jrorrow.
Allen Tri'inblc. . . .
Diincnii MoAnliiir.
Uol.K'rt Lucas
-.Joseph Vance
Wilson Shannon .
Thomas Convin . . .
Wilson Shannon. . .
. 1822-lSL'i)
. .iS2t;-i8:iu
. . 1S32-183
T. Y. Uartloy (aclinir) . . 1 SH 184 1
Mdi'.lecai liartlcv 184-I-1S4I!
Williiini liebb .' 184I.-1S48
Sealitu-v Ford 1848-185(1
Kculicii Wood ..... ..1S.-))-1854
William Medill 1831-1850
Salmon 1. Chas 1830-1 SOU
William Dennison 180(1-1802
Dnvi.lTod 1802-1804
John Uroujrh 18C4-1S03
"lms. Anderson (:;et'g) . . 1803-1801)
Jacob I). ( 180i;-J8G8
11. I!. Haves 18C8-1872
K. I-.Nove.s 1872-1871
Wiiliam Alieii i elected
. t. 14. 187.1.) 1S71-1S70
Official Vote for Judge.
The following is the odloial vote
for Common 1'leas Jmlfje of the
several countien composing the 7th
Sub-division of the 2nd Judicial
Thomas Porter
(,'borington. DuIIadway.
Scioto 2,380
Lawrence. . . . .'.2,742
. . 1,804
. . . 203
.. .1,0311
Jacksmi .
Tike.. ..
Vinton ,
l ,::$
Dal lad ways majority
. . Luwrenco and Scioto (-(iiinlics
o'uve Mr. Ciii:itixoT(i: B,.'j2H votes;
.and Vinton, Jackson and Pike gave
him .'5,1 48 votes: majority for the
River Territory, 2,280. Lawrence
ami Scioto gave Mr. DcHadwav
i 4.2-1 votes; and Vinton, Jackson
and Pike ave him vote;
' majority for the Inland Territory,
liSI, In Lawrence and Scioto, Mr.
Ciikiukgtox received -124 more
votes Hum Mr. DcHadway received
' In Vinton, Jackson mid Pike; mid
: if In liffrcnce and Scioto .Mr.Ciii.it
1 ; iMiitiN him ii majority of 1,107 over
, .Mi'.DlTIaiway In (be same counties.
' It will be Keen that tbo rich River
Territory out voted the poor Jnlninl
-';! 'I'crritory in every way excepting
. 1 one; mid on this one way the poor
l-i ; hilimdci'H won the Judge. The In-
Iiindem of the north being too poor
Wvlmt tbe Navigator of tlio south
" forty or fifty tiincH each yeni1 to
' coiiHiilt a Judge, resolved to elect
' a Judge in their own Territory; all
. of which thev did to tbe bout of
their ability.
County Seat War in Indiana.
RICHMOND, Ind., October 29, 1873.
A nol of disguised men, fIxIv strong, at
tacked a parly o( pu'vni deputy slicrill's nard
ing tin jail at (-(ntrcvillc, which tlio woiluiu'n
aic tearing dowu to remove Ik-re to tlie new
county scat. Alter tiring one hundred shots
from sniull arms without f cm ions results, a six
pound cannon loaded wit li spikes, nails and
scrap iron were fired at the doors which, being
demolished, the mob occupied the sheriffs res
idence, which forms part of (lie jail building.
Altera parley, the deputies surrendered con
ditionally. Thirty men occupy the jail to-night,
when another attack by a large parly with
cannon, from Cambridge City, is expected,
Richmond js threatened with an attack for the
purpose. of taking the county records to Centre
ville.' One hundred armed men, with the cap
tured cannon from Cent;?vi!le. are now her 4
awaiting the sheriffs orders.
Appointments by the Governor.
The appointments at the disposal of the (iov
enior are as follotys : .
Governor's Private Secretary, llxeculive
Clerk in Governor's Office, Railroad Commis
sioner, Clerk to. Railroad Commissioner, State
Librarian, Superintendent of the- State Reform
Farm, Adjutant General of the Slate, Assistant
Adjutant General, Superintendent of Insurance,
Supervisor of Printiugantl Rinding, Gas Com
missioner, Quartermaster General, Surgeon
General, two Aides-du-Camp; ill all, 111 offi
ces. The appointment of assistants in the Re
nevolent Institutes, guards at the Penitentiary,
and the lilte, are made by the -Hoard ot Trus
tees of those institutes now, bid it is altogether
likely. that this winter the whole system will
be re-organized so that the Superintendents of
them shall be appointed by the Governor,
and shnll make the choice of their own subordinates.
When President Grant, in his Thanksgiving
Proclamation, wrote about "Frngul industry re
gaining its merited recognition and its merited
rewards," did Jay Cooke's failure, with the
loss and misery it entails on the "industry" ol
the country, recur to his mind V or was he only
thinking of roast turkeys, cigars, ami wines '?
The mechanics and laboring men throughout
the country, who have been thrown out of em
ployment hy the money panic, will be likely to
ask questions of like nature.
We can recollect when members of Congress
received only six dollars per day. At that rate
of compensation it could command the services
of such men as Henry Clay, Calhoun, John
(Juincy Adams, and others of like character
and ability. From six dollars per day Congres
sional eompeusalion has progressed tintii now
. ,, i i i i i i ii I
it is seven thousand live liiuidred dollars peri
imiuiii. And, as the pay has increased, tliei
' ' J I
tual and moral
iiitolli'ctun and "mora tone has sroiio Ibo otlwr I
Alta California.
Tin: Chillicothe Gazette nays: 'MJovernor
Allen has a colored man who d.es his market
ing and visits daily the city for the purpose of
purchasing the eatables for the new d'overnor's
table. This man seems somewhat elated at
the success of his employer, and loels thai the
plain title "Major" is not quite grand enough,
and so, on entering the meat market last Sat
urday, he pompously exclaimed, 'the (Jovern
ment wants n roast of beef.'"
An Indiana Radical who applied to the
Grant Administration for the position of Min
ister to Kussin, closed his 1 tier by saying : '"If
you can't give me that, I would have no ob
jection of being appointed a hostler in some
warm stable, where I could boss two or three
boys, as I love the horse ami have considerable
executive ability."
Ix h close vole Allen always wins, lie was
elected to Congress by one. vote over his liitli-er-in-law,
Governor McAitliur, and afterward
was elovated to the (Senate by the siune major
ity in the Legislature, lie is the winning man
whenever there in a close vote lutweon him
and liis opponent.
The Latest Failure.
One of the heaviest of the recent series of
failures is that of E. F. Xoyes & Co., of Ohio.
They failed for about 700 or 800 voles, and it
is stated are not likely to "resunu'" very soon.
Bellefounlaine Examiner.
'200 men have been discharged hy the Bay
State Iron Works, Massachusetts, and so nil
over th) country. What are the prospects for
these poor people the coining winter. A the
result of the Jcpnblicnn financial system.
William Allen, the (iovenior elect ol" this
Wtnte will he inaugurated immediately after the
assembling of the legislature in January, Pre
pare for a pilgrimage to the Capitol.
Thk Minnesota law compelling saloon keep
ers to pay ton dollars apiiiinMy (o the support
of the (State Iuebriate Asylum has yielded nvep
twelve tliousaud dollars this year.
New Advertisements.
8fcf All i;rw .iiWi-lr t Til K ( I'l.TI
1KW. I'liviiu In ii.Iv.iihv, iii't'VloiiH to the clout)
ill' l-'Vl, will receive Hit iiiii'i- W KKK l.Y,l'rnin
receipt hi' i i-m h in ! In Jiiiiuiiry ll, IHTI,
il hunt chai ac.
The Country Gentleman.
Volume for 1874.
fin-the ii"l furtv yearn, lias runktilt hntlilu
Hi U couniiv inn! uhrnail, na Hie standard
.lnril.NAI. Ill' AllKKIUAN AllKICIH.TI'Ur. Till)
Kiliton ami l'i'iiii'k'liiH, hi iiililition to their
n iHTsoiuil IiiIhiih, are i-ijf ii la rly mwlstpil uv
u very hinti! niiiulicr nl' Niiociitl ('oi'uwioiid
cm ami Ki'Kiiliti' nnti'ihtitorri. nntnni; whom
an ini Iinled many leiuliiiit.VKriiiulturlHtii,
all inils of l III' nun 1 1 , Kast ami Wont and
liy over Five lliiiiilivd Oci ail.iniil tinU Volun
tary Writer, illm-Hy in I lie rank of the
liest Kamiem mid llor: leultiii -iut id' m.itil v
every state in tint l!nii;i With the co-operation
of Kiilaiice a corp ol' praiiic.il men, thin
Journal i" iiiteinleil In pusHcm exceptional
value hi thoclinKoti Moillitni of Intur-eumiiiii-nictit
Iiiii nimin lt all elates interested in tlio
Prniliicti. and l-Yrlillly id tlio liuiil those who
Cultivate and tluwe. u lio Connimie the lliivor
mid Shipper, a well an the llrxtownerol' the.
nun llieeders of imprint-d iini'iiiils nail
their eiiHtmnorx Miii.iirni'tuier id iinnioti tl
iiinrlilnerv ami those who pin- Ii.ikl- niid em
ploy il Nurncryiiicu ami fruit in ii oin-.iad.
('-perlnlly, U)iiiipl.. fuller lind hetter ilaln iik
tn I liu pr..)(ivii. pi..-M'.iB and retin im ol'eui h
iiiecesHive KeHKon. as throw ini? Iii(lit upon one
"I tli.i in. st impi.:ti;i t ill' nil itietinim
ll'irl to iitty find ulfn it Mr..
'i i:i!MS. The ( iii'Ni'itv liKNTMCM tX U
r.iliiiithed ui'ci.ly. t il ihn fiillun iii; teriiiH,
he:i p.iid stiii tly in ailvanee: One copy uu
uar, -') four e.oiir... 0"-'Wi 'iml an'ailili
li'iual ropy for the e,ir f.ee to the. wilder of
:!u rliih) ton e.i;ics. 4:0, and (in ndililioiial
lopy for the year flee lo too en:!cr of the
lull. Spurlnifii roniCK free. Adilrem l.f.
THKit Tli KKR Sos, I'ldili-licrs, Alliaav,
N. V.
flroat Offers for 1S74 ! !
fil7A Five Hollar Me..olint linifiavln as
I ricnilu.il to every person
a;etiiiiK up a I liil".ijjij
(UKAI'lr A V I liKs'r.
I'ltkhsdx'n .M.vii.uixh ha the best Origi
nal Stories of anv of the lady's books, the
lied ( olo'.ed I'.i-liitUi I'lates, ' Iho best l!e
ueiptu, the best Steel Jiii(fraviii(r, .., Air. Kv
ery liniiily ou'hl to take it. It eives more
for (lie nuiiiey than any in the world. It will
contain, next year, in ils twelve ntniibcu
I'Ol'IiTKKN SI'l.KNIill) STHK1. ri.A'l Us!
SINK Ill'NDill.ll yycllll) i t Ts!
It will also jrive live lirijinal Copvriht
NnveltifK, by Mis. Ann S. Stephens, V'rnnk
l.ee lieneilirt anil others of the last authors of
Ainorica. Also, nearly a handii-d slimier -ln-ries,
nil original, lis supeih
Moil Plates
Are ahead of all others. Tlie. e plales an'
eug ( lived on sice!, I ii v Die usual
si :e.
Tkhms (Ahvay.. in advance) a year.
Two I'opie.H for f :,u; Three copic for ? I .HI
With :i eopv of the sunerh imv.znliiit (-J4 x hi)
"Not I,ot hi T Oiini: lli.i-niifc'' In the person
KclliiiK up tlie ( lull.
r'our copies forl.vi; Sis copies for HUM;
'I'en coiiies tori I (HI. Willi it it extra miiv ol
the Atuif ii.inc for Hie year I as a premium,
to the person tf.diiii;.' up the ( lull.
Five cupii ! lor ?t IM: Kithl ( opli-s lor pj tlil;
Twelve copies for 17 (HI. With both an extra
copy of (he Mai;aine. and the premium ine
.i.'lint, lo the person gelling up thr ( lull.
AddresM, iHisl-paid.
i ii aiii.ks.i. i-i;ri:iiso.
;XMi t'hectnul St., Philadelphia, l'a.
speeiinens sent :ratii if written for.
Bay Tllli Witm ss and I'ktkiiso.n sent lo
anv person one vear for W. Hi; The .Mo Allium
KxyflliKli for:!. i.-l-.VSw.
adku-u. tiikoukat ih-jhhiist
Weel.lv 1 out liliiilur,
't'ni;s.uM -rkav cvdmv.i i-ust ban been the
itreat l.iteriirv Weel.ly I -r half a renlnrv. II
A IteHiitll'nl ( lironio In every yearly
,,,.''1' "' '. '-"Mr u-i'l a.i-
vein in i aiiiivc
I l! I...1 II.M.Il l-l hI..I'I
lies and skelclK-s. Il ;;f v-. a stunt lUstoil-
al sUeti h vveil.l-. My Adder (thu (jieat
llinnoi il.) i a n-uidiii- roulrikiili.r. "'An,"
the spiciest of ol. r l.i.l v writers, also emu i i
liutes ii'u'lilai Iv. i dive Kinj;, Unisv Kvc
Iniillit, Klla Wheeler. ,Vc. ,e., ine fi-eiiieiit
It Is il heaely the work of ini lair Ji Co.,
one ol the olile'-1 mid most celelnnlcil fu nis in
lie country. A t np of this I, hrouio will be
;;iven lo even veaih -iiIim riber fur 1H74.
Hi: UK much I 'l lie price if Ipt; I'iipt is ilftv
ius loner to (li;h Mib-i-i iliers Ihiin the
inices of the other llr-t-i la-s Weeklies, and
yet friveeach of thciu a ( liioiuo besiiie.-!
TKUMS -Ahviu s in inlMim-e. n eopv
(vvilh ( lironio.) i:(Hi. four copies (and lour
hroiuos,) (s UU. si.v. eoides (anil seven ( Inn.
inns,) f l-i (J), citfht copies (ami eild ( liromus,)
fliMH. 'liiesen ier ol Ibis last club will be
entitled to u io;iv of Till: 1'dst ami of till!
lironio gratis.
One eopv ol Till: I'iist. f.'J 0.) and one of
Akthck'h IIiimk ,Maiia:'im . (if.Vi,) wild the
I fin in tn l'iiiuves of boili periodical".) will
be scut lor SI. VI. I'en cents extra iiiu-l he
ent for mailing iictuies.j
(12- len ceniH must lie sent lor erery I liro
inn ordered, tn pity the expenses uf mailing,
or K.'i cents If I lie I liroiiio Ij deireil liiiMiiiu-il
on ciird-hoiinl or niUhlln.
'ample niniilie: .- sel l unit;.-.
Address. Till: vATI UOAV KVK.N
IMi I'OST. :jll. W.iliml M.. I'liilailclidiiii.
l oll -rin: - ; -
Tlie Ue-tl. line I ( 'ouiiilclii ami l.lielip.'-l liilile
ever piili!i-licil in Auierii ii,
Si ll I no ol inn- l:llie lo one i 1
mi', utliei'.
If We Kive Higher ( omiiilt.sioii.i on oui .
1J I'le t'lan oilier lioioieK in the I'ui-
le,l state.
8WSeo our new iilan. 'now ti m:i,i. hi
iii.kh." a 1 1 m ri.ivri-: er' kss, we win
lake lileaxuie ill lastiuetliiK Anelil i-.-iii vuhk.
Iii Tor oilier lioute., in em-new plan of Mell
ln I: i 1 ill's.
AfTUTQ Wiinlril Kvervttliere. No IiiikI
illlllluO lie n trill .i.v belter than the
Axeaey for our liilile. A i Icryriiiiui maile
luring .Inly f.iod. A voun In. I y eli'ari-il
nliove nil eieio.ei III. 'm em yiiu. Wuinj
for uur ( irrulai 1 ami toniM ami ee lor your
iiel ve.
Illiintraleil Willi liiiiitlreil m' tc'iivlii(f-.
lienalilul meet ilnteii, illiiniiualeii 'l'alilel,
Hiii nun i ine i-eri nn-aie, nail uoii. enroii.
Don't fail to write lo
Continent a i. Hiiii.k
iiT-w&u-lhn. 5:i N, slxlli Ht., . i.aiii.-., Jlu
(itnii'lfu W.'l'inkluini
ami 1
KliA llvson, i'lainliir-,
llnnlel Qiiinii, Defemlenl. J
lil-forc .1. T. J'.l.u-U. .1. I. or M.oli-o.l Town
clilp, Vinton l oiinti, olilo.
On ttui -id ilay nl'i'lelolier. I V t, mt til .Imlli-e
ii.iii'il mi in . Or il' ii 1 1 o I ill i in-ill in the nliove
OitllNi-, for Ihe sum of f 1 1 l'i.
hal'l ciliuw Is -et for liriirlliK nil 'I'liesilay,
S'oveinlier 'J.'i, IH7.I. nl 3 o'i lock p. M.
lii:oilliH V. TIN K II AM,
Sovrnilin' 5, IMS-Sw.
(i('oi-ye Tliiklinin
Kll.n ItyBiin, rinliilill'.i.
Frank Cln.Muliii1, Deft.
Ileforp .1. lMllnik, .1. 1'., .Vmllfci Town,
ship, Vinton oiuitv, Ohio,
On t.holiMnjr of Oi-lober, 1K73, hii I ! .fustli-o
Ismieil an onler of Atliu-liiuent in tlio nliove
action lor tliu mnn al II-! Vi.
Hnlil rutiHe is set for limrliitf on 'I'l Ooluj,
ovenib)rl(, lb".), lit o'i lock I'. M.
' ' (iKOHUK Vf, TINKltAM.
ti.ii nvOii, '
Kfivmiiljorll, WW,
bi)i row s a...'i m. urn
r.XllllilTINO THE
Receipts aEjGDto
Foil TlIK
Year rmltnf September 3d, 187t.
Ilecelpts net
Iin.nsa 10
lU.UtsJ 1U
liltllXilO I'I'.M).
Iteerlplg net
llalanee in I n -nry .
9.IU1 fl7
Iteielpts net
ll.iluiiee in Tit my
. .. l.mi -id
... 1.81SI.H
1117 81
HecelptJ net . ,
Ilalmiee In I'n a niry .
tlTiTdO (II
. D.K'4 l.
:b.t ai
118,5m U
HeceipU nel
llnlinee in Ti-. ii-.tiry
fi,205 07
Township and Townulilp l'onr Fund.
Ilecelpts net
lllnaee in Tieaurv
... flTiTIMil
I'eccipU net. . .
lUUnce in Tieaury
(1.147 38
. 1,141 1W
ft Sit
Inteifst Section 9 Fund.
1'ee.elpts net
lliilaueo in I'nii-ui v.
Km m
i.VJ ill
"2 4S
l'ilitrliiil Stetloil !i!l Fluid.
flocrlpts net .
Iisblir.eiiifiil .
ltalanee in Tn Mirv . . . .
. . . . !M7 2(1
. . . . H4H t-i
I'llnclpHl Seetlon 10 1'iind.
Ite eiptti net . ..
Ihilance in 'I .: ; ur-.
. .!( (Mi
.. 1,4 lfi Ii8
Interest Seel ion 1(1 Fund.
lieceipts-net (lVi) 3i)
Iislniiseiueiil (to , heol Fluid aeeuiint) .'W
( OltrOKATION Fl'Xl.
Ileieipls net .
I isliiirsciuents
ll.daiii i-d.
?7(W 41
71 IS 41
Iteceipt uel
Kaliince in Tri ll .m v.
HI4 74
IM (Kl
fllll 74
UiH-eiptH nut
Jlnlaui'iyn Tie.i.iii-y.
,tU7 70
. Il,l:l7 HU
130 M
Ieiuslls l.i ICeili'i'in I.llllds Sold for Tuxes.
m 17
l!ei'C'ipt KI'o.--s
Oif.litnsciueiils, Tiea-urer's per cent
llalanee in Tii- imu v
(Ol'N'TV l'l'M).
lie.-eipU net.
.!B.f85 77
Aiiioiiul tian-fene l lolounty I'oor Fuiul
Amount iaiil vitiie--i , In-line ( oui. I'k-ilH I ini I
" " liruinl .I ii ry
" .lustii-en
I'loliate ( ourt . .
' ' ' I or. Intiuest ....
IV; it .l.n-ors
" " tliriml .hiroiir
' .In -V' ii. Stale eaxe
.liis n i -ojieiiin Klee. netliiliii.
' " ( on -lllMes ami a.-itMlllt
' hl..t-lil ... .....
Heoii f !ieiiH'
" " Coin. I'leait ( lerk
' I . i n i in . iiiiii'in
" Jailo.-. -ilaiiilnx iiriiniiiem .....
" ' I'i-ik. Aitiiruey (Milai i )
A inoiiiil fiaiil Coiiiu il I'or ( oiuiiiiKsiouei-H.
All'v ii;iiointe. to ilel'euil ei iui-
u. al- .
" " AII'.vk aii'iioiulel In exniiiiiiu
( oui l(eiort
" lwl!"i ol' KlertioiiK ... .
lerki (if Wei-tiom,.
n ' MirveMiiii'oi Itoinl"
' Viewer..
" " ( luiinine:!
' " . Marker
" ' Si liool l-Aaiiiiiii in
" Town-liii Treasurer mi ltleiiien(.
School l-'uinl
" " rioliile .1 iii(;e
'l'ov i.sliiji AsiteNKoru
" - Cms. Aii'v. per ceiit.on linen ami
COst. '.
' " Aecouui.iiit exaiiiiiiingTreasurj-.
" ' I'liysit'iaiis
" ' Ati'ys ii;.tiug in iroseeiitinjr
' M::'eiasin
"' Aii'I'i.ii iiiioiaininK M. .V. L. U. It.
Il ml III I iik Assessoi H leUn us . . .
" " I'or iimkiiiji t oui. Itejioi t, S years .
" " for iiulevinjr In lleeonler'Hollli-f..
' ' for !:::. titir in Clerk 'b olllru
' tm C. intiii lor I utility
" ' " fo.- 'tai-oiiery uml lleions l'ir
oilii e .
'.' ! or Kn.-ai iluuiaes
'( tor two elsi Swan H CrllrlilluM
Co. .old A hi I ,
" for'l iui s rcl uii leil
' Oil- c,i.-ii..ict H.ile Sec. 10 unit VII. .
' ' ,(Ui reileeiu lands nolil for tiuen ..
" " flu- .Maitinif lor Court Itoum
" " lor liuil.llntf CoiinU-I'rivv
" " lor puli. Iie(iiiiiieiit l.lnt, IKTS . .
" for Mise er ( .until y ulllcers, re
pails in I on it limine mil Jail,
fuel, tie
l'onr Orilerii ileposlteit w llli ( n. orilei'H .
' Interest i iM on orilers
WW 00
riu 4u
:o:i so
a in
i Iio
I.MS t;ri
mis 55
A t'.l
3: 111 Wl
70 1 ( II
l'.HI 68
i,U:0 71
.MO 0.i
CHll -10
4:14 OU
!1!W IKI
145 00
30.". 00
13 00
'11 1 Oil
124 IIO
811 00
II (10
l'.HI 00
'.'5 ()
-8 UV
lil -J MJ
8 W)
4 00
'All b',
75 00
4H 25
01) (XI
ICO 00
noo oo
l.ito :in
KO 41
54 50
30 00
:i :il
ill 75
in no
. 1 si rn
8.14 81
08 50
MK) !il
:m no
l ' OH
'I'olal Kxieii(iiluieti
(111,701 14
1 1 Ml (VI
( oui.;) I'm. I iki in
llrlilKi- KiiihI s,i: l
I'oor tun I ill hi
llullilinz niul liitlriiiary Kuml fl,-l Ml
NeliiMil anil .seliool lloii e Kiiiul il.VUA 01
Ton-iiKliio mill low iisIiiii roor r uml 87.1 vn
Townslnji II.iiul 1-it il 4 in
iuteiet M'i'.iioii ; r ua i j r
I'l-lin-iiuil Mui-tion Vll Fuiul 71
I'rinciiial Sen Ion III Fuiul SO SM
t'enelieis' lintit ite Fuiul 810 71
.-sielul Townliii I'uml . ir t?
Deposits to i. li, -in la ! !i1 M
I'er i
ii out, on Collei tlons on luii ' . Ifl.l'.'O 70
' I'istr I'lliul eollei-iiou of II. . Croy 4V
" I oil. Hon i'i-oiii W lililuti li A Kharji, II, .1 I, fuiul 5 45
" Intei-i'st .'le.-i on VII eo lection . im
" " I'rlii' i'iil isj'i-tion III collection 14 IKI
" " Inleiesl Heelloll 111 rolli-i lioll 104
' " I'rlneliml hmHluii id eiillncliiia 8 50
" " Hie-s mi l costs (rom ( li-rk ami hlierlll V 111
' " ( nits -t ile v. (Jiilna ami lleiulrlekt 7 'I
" " Klinw l.ieenseM 0 (III
" " Teni Ii.mh' Institute. Fuiul 1311
' .lure Fees 4
" " Fili'eh I'roia .lilHllies Ill
" " Aiiuiiiut ili-oosileil lo reileeiu lauils K-l
I'Mitti ' "i'.iw r
Ai'ditoii'h Ocfick Vin'ion County,)
McAktiivk, O., Oct. 28, 1873. f
I, W I u,i a W. IIki.voiiii, Auilltoi- of Vinton ( ounty, Ohio, rlo
IickIi)- ceitilv Unit the lorexoiiiK is a correct nimmnent or inn l(e.
i elitn uml l-:-ieiiiliHiresot Vlntou County lor tlio year cnillnj Hejii
luoiiiei .lit, iniii, im h iHien in .n luniro.
It he a id hi (3 1
! An illustratou" 33):nhiy Jo i'nai,
Umvtisal Aiiiuirteu vo iio il.o
Handsomest Teiiodical in
theWorlt. A Ropre
isentativo & Cham
pion of Amer
cau T ante.
Kot for Sale in Boole or News Stores,
TlIK ALni.NlC, whllo issued with all tlio
reuiiliirity, has none of thu temporary or time
ly interest characteristic of ordinary periodi
cals. It is itu elcirant miscellany of pure,
light niut graceful lilerntnre; ami a collection
of iiietures, tlio rna'Hl Bpcciinens of artistic
skill, in black mid white. Altboiifrh each
niccceiliii(? ntiiuber iilVurils a flush pleasure to
its friends, tlie real value and beauty uf TlIK
A I. IM NIC will be most appreciated lifter it has
been hound up at the close of tlie year.
While other pulillcutions may claim superior
cheiijinctis, as emu ixtreil with rivals of a simi
lar class, TlIK A 1.1 'INK in a uni(iieainl 01 itf-
iiiiil .'f.iii'ni.t i.m nl.t I... ttii.l il 11 ti.iiir.tii.l.i.il
ubBolutely without coin petition in price or
character. J he nossesmir ofu eoinplete rol
uiiie, eaiino; . i ! .t: i . o the ipianl ily of lino pa
per nr.'l i';evii'(-s in any other shape or
iiiiiulicri.; i.i. ; .1.1 for ten tfinen its cosi; mid
tin II. III. -iv aie ' wlll-oinos, i . 1 1 s I
Aitr u:partmknt, 1871.
'I'ltit 111 ...I ....tin.. a rl'!f 1.' II It I V 1.' l ......
w'orld-wido reniitiition, mill in the centres
of Kurnpe it is an admilte.l fu.-t that its wood
cuts aie exiiiuplcs of the highest ierlection
ever ntlaiiied. The coininuu prejudice in fa-voi-of'Hteel
platen." is iiipiilly yieldinif to u
more educated and ili.scriniinatiii.'r taste which
lTKoKnlises the advantatfes of superior artistic
iiualitv with Krcater faeiliiv of pioiliictinu.
The woiid-cntsol 'THU AI.OlNI-: po-sesi. all
the delicacy and elahoiate llui.-li of the must
costly steel' plate, while they i.lloid n lietler
rendering of the artist's iiriliinl.
t o fully reali.cd the wonderful work which
TlIK AI.HINK is doing for the muse of lot
culture in America, it is only necessary to
coioiucr the cost t-i the people of auvotl-.erile-r.oiti
i'ftoi-..i.ii.iiiliiiiM ifr tit.. i.t-fV.riw.il.i.i.: i.r
S.,.at palmers.
In iiildition to ilcsigns by Iho members ol
tlie National Aendeiuv.aiid oilier noted Auier
caii iirtisti, TlIK AI.I1 K H ill n prodiin; .-.-aiuplesol
the best Ionian ina.dci". seli-cted
W illi II view t.i thu hijrhi st ni llaic succc- noi.l
itieatest general iitleresl. 'Mills the Kiihseri
lieis lo Till-; AI.IH.MO w ill, at u triilinti cost,
enjoy in his ow n home the pleasures and ru
llniii); inlliiences of true ait.
Tlio quarterly tinted iiIiiIch for lt74 w ill be
by Thus Moran and . I. I). M oudwaril.
The ( lnisi inns is..ue for 1 ST I will eonlain
spui ial designs Uipi(i;nial.i to the scis,,u, ,v
our bet uiiisls, lind will surpass in aitiae'
titmii any of its predecessors.
I'reioiuni for 1874.
KveTv subsoriber to TlIK Al.DINK lor the
year JS14 will receive a pair of ehromos. Tlio
iiriirinal pictures were puinled in oil lor ihe
pnliliHlicrsol'TnK AI.OIXK, by 'I'liomas Mo.
ran, whose ,yrmu ( oloriulo picture w as pur
chased by ( impress for ten tlnnisanil iIi.,i;h.
The subject were chosen to represent 'The
Kasto nod "The Wi-sl 'i lint. U ii ii....- lit tin.
White .Mountains, New Hampshire: tlio oilier
fivellui ( lilts of Ureeii liiver, Wyoinin;,' I er
ritory. 'I'lie diil'crence in tlie n'at ure of tlie
scenes theiiiselvcs is a pleariiig eiuitra.-d, and
airords a miml display of the nrtist'H stropo
and coloring. The cliroiuos are each worked
from thirty ili-tuii t plates, ami aie in size
(14 x Hi) and appearance exact lac-sliniles of
tlie ociyiiiulH. I'lie iieseiitmioii of a worthy
cxnuiplu of America's (treatest, lambcipe
painler to the Kiihscribers of TlIK AI.HINK
w in. a hold but peculiarly happv Idea, niul
il n tiiccL-ssftil Realisation is al tested by Iho
folluwilii? tesiinionial, over tlie signal lire of
.Mr. M in n il himself.
Nt;w Voiik, Sepl.iOih, 187:1,
Messrs. .1 auhh Sf i rov .V ( o.
i'riilleii:ni. mil ilelihle i W illi Ihe piool'd
In eoioi of yuiirehrouios. 'I hey tiro wonder
fully Mirccs.-d'ul repre.ieiitatioiiK by mei-hanl-cal
proi'i'ss of the original paintings.
Xvry rcspetlfullv,
Thoh. .Moiun.
Tliese eliromiH are in every Hen se Ameri
ran. . i'j'liey are by Ihe oi iaiuiil Aniericau
procis, witti material of American maiiulac
luie, fiuiu deHijrus of Aiueiii ap. Hccnery hv
an Aincriciiii painter, and presented to 'suli
scriheis to tlie llrst successful Ainerican Art
.loin iml. If no belter bei niise of nil this. 1 Ley
will ecrlninly pic ess an interest no toreicn
proilueiioii can insoiie and neither are lliev
any (liu worse, if by reason of peculiar fin ili'
ties of pruducfioii they cost the publishers
mil v a ti illc. w hile eiiiml In everv i-esiiect lo
olber i lii'oinos that are sold 'iiikI v for double
lliesliliscriulinii pi-Ice or i III-. A I, HIM., 1'er-
soiifi of tart o will prize these pinnies for
themselves not for the price they did not
cost, iiinl will appreciate the enterprise Hint
rentiers incir iii.-trioiition possioie.
If liny HiiliHcrjhcr should inilici lie H prefer
ence for a figure subject, t Iio publistiers will
win! "Tlioiijihts of iiome," a lieu- and beautl-
nil enroino. uxini iih ius, repiesei'iiii a utile
Italian exile wliose Biieiik in eyes betiav the
l,in xi n Lf of bis be.irl.
ThKMN T3 per aiiiiiiln. In mlvaiue. w III
Oil Cliroinos Iree. Kor Wl eenls e.vtni, Ihe
ehromos will be sent, liioiinleil, vili'llislied,
niul nri'ii.'iiil Ii" mail.
TlIK AI.I'INK will hereiirter, be otilainalile
mil v by subscription. There w ill he no reduc
ed tor 'i luh rale; rah for subscriptions must
be seat lo the publishers direct, or handed lo
the ) -til riiiivns.HT, wilhout respiiiikildliiv lo
Hie pulillb-ii.s, i'i-epl l:i eases beie tin' Cel lini
ine is (liven, bcjii'ili the lilt -Hiiuile i-in .
ten- ni .(ami: hCT'ioN iv, t o.
Any pel sou wNhi!:jr to net (leriiuiii.-iill . una
local i ii'ivas-er w ill i ei ei vo luil an I pi ninpl
Info. million l.v appli lu-c to
I A M l -i I i ON .V ( i!.. I'll- s',
1.4.J -A.V. . fC .Vno im I i lo-. N. ,
-. ..if..' . .
' :'i: i'i:l: uri-1. -
lllil ;:n. n.li.w leu.
s itiilt. e in
il'l i' . 1 -i. i ),t .
-.Ill, .H-lie. l.., , .
.U Mi.l I-.-. . I
l.oi.: :
i i; . i, ii .
".I,-. a . - .
w Couiiicrfclws.
; i i.ii. iX.tr:-: r :rl.y,
.w.J l ii.ilAi.li k'ilLS
r- tlKTK'IIM - . .-? V..- -.i.
" - tti ... . .'in.'.,
"' '' '.' ' ' .'I (l n'H i.s tiifh
"-. Tho
v..i.i.t il.ocuiotif nil tli.isa
I-M !.- -. i . , fnmala
i.i-y iin.tl. O.H! nil cxfessiT4
i.t .1' i i.at.-a wIimu oiititpl
hi nil rimv el
- . I'i!i In lliu liock
l ;. Cli'lli ti, rn!iiUitiim
i . I li.lt a Ii- i' V ill i limit
t i : .(.. I, 'it. r.',. nltliuinrh
.IUi lg C-.4 Uiuilt
.' 1. er ii..a fc
i-nst '.'.n..(i
f " -ii'.'!i:li nnn and Frrrich arounl
I- : v - iil ''l:'.''ii..t un-1 .ujvi. o.
: ; "I'n :.r.j i.i''l ; l niit.1 tirns ft'rs?,bli
. t . mot i-nif I lui ih:m.-;.i-, ,I,i no!
I t .-i rr(.j. i . bi.i I'll :t . r Iuj r.
O." 1 n ull- ,.l3 j i,.i,,,i.,r, .lob
. "' V ''. w ' vk. w.ili uin
;t -i n'.ri i, ), ii w,;i mil frthe pau!;.
' " !,i'i ' ' .'.-l'i.- K I ills f-ciu-,'!)' anil
...il la i.-iu hiaejidr i-.IU bo tout br rcturQ
t.nnv rti. ".-ic w.wv.ns
rurs i .a t :.r i.s, . i":..mi, l:iiii:ieiiiiin, Hon
''. i-om-nt I'I.ihtiiimu, In.
('Ii-ii:- -i i mi-. : in ! i-mi !;ri asm. 'h,,,
Im o no ; i. it: n, s lim. is, t.u'l nn i lol I will uka
I IL;".l. 'ill.,. 11 1. lltlA 1 I. .l,.r..,l ... I....1. 1. !....
hj1 l.id.ri i,t,l. 'ji'Mmi' n ivrn tn liunilraila
of ' i ' i-KOtrlli'VAN'Sl'IM Mi'VI'' W, 1'HltS
l'i :', r.- i.. -er I. .lOIlilOiUa.l'rupiI.
tor. '" , Vi iIbii I Ji met, ,e:t York.
t.:'. . :::vVt Ff:NCii ntMCDY.
;- -iiarM lr J. OsHANdll'lIF,
Ho. lill Knn snultar., l'sns.
p lit r.re hlilily rocomini nil' ,1 tiy the antlre
I i ..-il'yn( raua ta llm v.t 1 1 -.( viuwli
:iii.'s,,i bnurint:nhon,orKoiiuiii,l Wsnloi.-.si
K'tlllOl DwruHtitM in lltn I- ,. 11.
lalily, an t nil tha Khstllr lulu el l .M-::n- arialnit
fro'H .linsieirl Ma. rnt Haliila. Thrjr r. i.-nhrn all
ntlutr tn. im ii"a fr.ll.an'l hiivshnan u-,.,1 ! .liar.iiiiilkli.
hilt auriima if I ha loaillni Kraiu li 1 I,; u l:,.i ilnriua;
tlia instil y.t.irt. I'tmplilat of Adil.ii In oi.ch huu
rtt will h-istiiit l-r W any ail'lntsn. I'rlee 1 1 nr
.f... r.
In. ill
W"sk Horn
llo.V. Kant hv mail, dfeurtlu
on ff-sirti. ut pure itrany adverli-ml .iit.
llRr AR (1. Ml.SKH. (HOoiril.AHijr Si.. Nnw Vuuu
Hole ' ii'tm:l Aaent It Amariua.
AiJioKronTiiEitiii,i,i, j
iY4C!rri5.0 II "Tied or tUon Rlmm i.t
mmi - I I'lnTf " lb vhyn.cl('4lr!i.l
riXTifiQ l-tiivnwrlifi und rflt ton not
AWW tli HVKUnl t7tiit, Willi Hit
Utfit lliinvrrlr I i (ihmIupIiij mid (irtvtBitug oirtprluf,
Low lo rjiirvo iho ufiii.iU'Xloti, kt.
Til Uli no IntftroallOif wurk f two fatlfKlrrrl kitdalntf
rinfoi, wttli nuint-rnu ainrlDit, iM oonuttHi valuililfl
hforraitlon for itiote who 110 iDrr.d,rcobt.ilftttia4rj
rlMgn. HiUIUIhk 1'ook Hi nl ought lo krp updr lna
tHdkoy, iud notltld frliiily bImui th liumt.
HonUloi ftio ifrtMM tpd f ft phTiHu
9tioisntpxulloDt Korm td, ftndibouldbtoilitirl
Tma drawer of vvorjr ntl nd faniftUthnttgrhoMliht toilrt
cluht, It tmbrcci evtrythlug o thi ntiot f th md
tmttr iTium ihtl U wertli hnanlfe, tmd uurb tliitt U
iot iulillilit rt In Mir olhtr work.
H"t to mijr on (ft-M or rmr) for Fifty Cnti.
AddrotiDr, UutU' Dti ptBHrj.Ktf. 13 N. fcttittiilrtcl
It. Uuli, Mo
Notice to the Afflicted tnd Unfortunate.
Ilafnro upplylni la Hit iiotnrlniiR (Ueki who .dTtmli la
tubllo oupon.or utii(( any qurk rrtuixltll pvruot Dr.
ntt' worknoinnttvr wbttourdUMMlf, or nsw dlp
t,lf yipur coudkiluii. ' '
Or. hum Kjrii.tfi 6 ii ! Mrm f Iwfntj-Mvtq
rooiiiVt' ( '')f iniiiv u f tb moiloUtiratta tiill'
!t uofaiiiri t l iti riiHtiirr anil Kmepo, oud utn btfcnit
u!fd arrHiilinlli ft- If mkiII, on ihoditpaa nioiiltorif'l til
ht nr).. o.Vo pitttmiUm, h; UN. KlgblU o.i-1.
b iwct'ii HrWl t.ul Clit .nut, rk. 101" il, Mo.
DOC:iv (JIN,
Ks)oi-lally ileklnnnl for tlm lis ol tlie -iff-ml
I'rcfi anion, ami tlm Klliplly, H,ieiialiiir
those iwfWl"'" lieiliiii liii)ii'tiiik wlllrll
Iii'Uiiil' ti nil (illlol Viirt (tin.
Iielir liensllile lo Keniiilea. (Iiiml lor KM
nry Cowpliihit: A ilulleloui Tonic. I'ut lii
In eases, eon tn In 1 01 one 1I0.111 boM'e enili,
anil sold liv nil (lriiKK"li Kioiees, Vi A. M.
niNNINUKll k 10., cslalillstlC'll lV'iH, .No 15
lli'iivnr Htreot, Naw York . t-.'i w 8J-llm.
kero e(ihluiiily yi liaii-l til Hill uf
eeu tiilill''of l-.S V -..'ll I.K, iiiui
wlllili it rari of miy (leeilillon will liu
Wlllini A
iirlnttnl no low that all may ml
tsril or Hi tuvli)n imod by
r - i
m mivm
Conio ami examine them ami satisfy yourself that I mdl ot the prices
I advertise. Having just received a LARGH STOCK, bought diii ng
the mnic for cash, when cash was SCAUCE,
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant In Ohio to Compare Prices
TSTo Trouble to Show G-oods" is
"Too Thin!'
It is trouble to show tliein, but we cheerfully niul will
lie glad of the- opportunity, for when you
sot; my goods und prices, you are.
sure to buy.
i ''.'
11 A VE TW(h--
WIIKELI1U jukI WILS(M'wSinvins Mil-
c Ii i ib e
Whicli I Will Hell sit SfjGO OO Ktich, Itegai-lax-
Ii'ioo OO. Warranted
Perfect in livory
l?cst H!iu-k niixe.l Waterproof, - - - .
(iood " "
Hest (iold "
(iood " " " . .
Good all Wool Flannel, . .
Iiost lb-own Muslin,
" i'rints, .
" (Vid'ee,
" Wliitc Sn;.i-!ir, -
lil'OWll "
And every thin;,' cls-. in proportion.
riAMDL'X, oiuo,
if I 13
I 011
1 15
I 'in
- Y
fit lani!
HI' HrllM m miiimii
Joseph: s. Htiiiisr,
lias removed lii
TL'otho Ootlgre 13nilr-ing-9
East of tlio
Wliei-o he
is clo.sinjf
out liiu,
A.G.-Mr Earg-iina, With
Yiaw of
Patented Feb. 2 and Sept, 21, 1809. M ft M it IT A til Uj
Jit - V
- aX1
I-I on s e 1' n i' n L w 1 1 i n g C o ods!
Ills Hi. I. 01 Tool Iiit. I'm lor anil Hi ill I.i;.- ves ,s ,. s(,i ,,sye, hv miv -tnMi mil -.hit. thu
eiticM. I.vt:iiv sr.ivi: w aiiii antkii, ou vnll Hn, ... r. Ii -on-. 01 evcrv Vhiiut I . ., -
Furi.lal.l.i'i: I.i-.- A i .....-...;., wl'l. I.ik s I. V,.. 1.1 UN .K, ' ,. s. -kol'
OLASH uml i.i i:i..N.su-Aiu: m the Mime ..ti.i. Jlul.l,,.. 1M) ,,t t ,,,,,,., t. ( ",;.. .
!.''"., ''V."",".' '!'' r " ' ""l '"" :" i:ilV '" '" " iH'.i!.i-iin; 1-ii.eH i...,0'
itstliey hi ih not i.-uii'l.-i-o.il. D
.sa... .
Piioiitlio.' li'ul l!iiollii-t ioi-e v ith iti-nlne is ,u'., ii.,,it( I,, i, ,'ms or Vl'l'll t st.-
sale, ami 111- li.-sl -.1-; A I.I Nil W A X 111 tin- i,:iir',( '. i! . i . en'i on !,. I, V, ,. ,..
elPewlieie. 'I'm'o .'mil's l.n-l of Hie I'us-.-o-l.i e '' ' '"
July 80. ISM-ir. , . ( , s
umrmm amvMrt7WVQsavassinravirairwA. r nr. f u mf, -ja..i,mav-,vi ,ri
- k A-ara-. -.-. ...
Tho Finest inthoWor J( !
Send for ,Illvistvat?(l Catnlog'uo
.to D. IL BA TA )v M &
CO., 1 58 resl, Jourtl i
S tx'e e ( , C i nc i 1 m m ti ,
Orders for Slice. Music 1 aufl Mnsic Bgo'ss Proinrtly Filled.
Send Six. Cents for Ssmplc Copy of
8 4: P ago h!!!
trCHolcoKt Wabbath Hcliool Muwic; CJOO pox
' . J. S. lIUUCK,'Agmtv

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