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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 19, 1873, Image 2

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i Enquirer
,1. W. BOWKjif? I itur una PtfVlLhet.
will be seventv-one
November 29. On
Jll-thel,firtt "Monday iu . Jauuary,
'187-4, she' wfllTiiaVo, a bra'ii new
Dili 'j l
.j, ;iviM3 Saul that the President,
. i,..i.t. .u:.L ir
. itill recommend' ft free banking
'JI!ystm:Hntcacl of the National
i.t'i ,QfPSY :v enough for one day!
.tJ'iiThe i Democrat of : Wisconsin
("have "redeemed that 'State and
' ' elected ihelr GpmWhv 8,000
...lmyonty. . . K
aU .'. 'it
.. .
CI T-v i
vi; o omtzxM. .. uemocrais wore
elected,Jniembers of' the Senate
'ahd Hons'o' of Representatives
t at Up last ' clcdjon in lassa.-
cbugejts., , The .world does miH -
ll -
'Foin hundred men were dis-
cbafged bn the western divis
"lon of 'fii'e Panhandle road. h-
:tee-u polPttS and Lqgaus
, j ,pQrli,.QU.Tuesday,-on account of
scarcity., of funds. 1 -,
..M.l0E Ls(l- tlie sSihCuba
..emocranc cauui:iate
. .for the: .Legislature from Cava-
noga-couniy, is tlio youngest
' pndson of Adam Poe, the eel-
.eDraieu iuuianiigniervouiea
' ' The Democratic Estate Exec-
" utive ComuiitteQi Ohio, fired
. 100 gin3 on the" Capital Square
at Columbus, last week, in
hondr of the Democratic and
Conservative victories at the
elections.' .
,': " TIo.v. S. S. ' Cox, ' has been
.V elected fo Congress from the
Sixth Xew York District. We
. are delighted io see our old
' iriend reiurnod to a field where
' his labor i made profitable to
, the whole country. .
1 Don't it ou'nd odd to spSak
..of a Democratic Governor of
...Ohio? , It is twenty years last
. October sino Ohio elected her
' last Democratic Governor, be
fore the election of Allen. Wil
Uam.Medill was the last of the
old guard. Ue was elected in
October, 1853.
'We hope and pray that the
Legislature of Ohio will make a
new Congressional apportion
ment. The last Legislature
gerrymandered the State in such
a manner that the Democrats
- only elected three of the twen
' ty-one members of Congress.
. . - It is believed in Mexico, and
.even in the United States, that
Tom Scott's kborcrs on the
.Texas Pacific Railroad, after
the completion of said road, are
to be organized into an army to
conquer the, , northern' States of
Tiie Republican papers have
not" yet got through with ex
' plaining the causes of their de
feat in Ohio, and, Btrango to
: say they have not yet touched
on' the true cause. It was the
rascality and corruption of their
leaders. '. :
, That was a good point made
by Andy Joiikson - "The tax
payers never suspend 1" How
true I "Merchants, bankers, bro-
kers, and others often find it
inconvenient to pay their debts
a and ; "suspend," but the tax
l. payers , .must -always toe the
- -;
Some - pf.ho blessings of this
Radical, goyernmoht are thus
forcibly ,,por(rayid byacotem-l-iLtV-WKr
s!ye i ; "Thous-
i'ji'An U1)0II hfjusands are being
throvn out of employment
Meanwhile tho -Radical Con
j grosBmcn : are'? drawing their
doubled' Balaricp, taxes are ey
I '''ery where' increasing, ;' and
GHAUT" is '''receiving $25,000
m'oro per year than the " Prosi-
dent roccivctl iri the days ol
prosperity"; i '.
:J 1
The Spanish Authorities Shoot
American Citizens.
announcing. - the exe
' The stoamerVirginius; fitted
out in this country tor filibus
te'ring in the interest of the Cu
ban patriots, was captured by
the Spaniards a few days ago
and several of the crew, inclucl
in- American citizens, were
condemned to death and shot
Their names were Uernabe Ve
Del'sal, and Gex. Rvan.
The crew of the steamer
forryreight in number, were cap
turejl, and executed on the 7th
and $th inst., by the Spunish
authorities. The uows of the
execution of tho Vitamins crew
creates considerable excitcmeu
throughout the country. Among
those executed was Oapfc. Jo
SEni:.lviiVMOBK, commander o
the fsti Amer, a native of Florida,
a$;edo4:G. Ho entered the Naval
A'kmy at(Annapolis,in 1S11,
reiiiluue.dcidiii . the navy until
ISGI, when', he resigned, and
entoied the Confederate service
Jle leaves at Havana, a wife
and seven children, the eldest
boy -; being a cripple, and. the
youngest aged four years
A dispatch from Santiago do
Uution of Captain Fvmoke
Lf.thB, Cuban patriots, savs that
iw,,!n Ar.PAnn. wbn was
am0H? tho latter luimber offei.
the Spanish authorities a
iiiiflion dollars if they would
spare his life. The Spanish say
that Alfako came to assume the
presidency of the so-called Cu
ban republic.
A dispatch from New York
City, dated November 12, says :
"Orifers have been received
the Brooklyn Navy Yard to.
get the sloop3 of war Kearsage
and Juniata ready for sea at
once. At noon to-uay, under
equally pressing orders, the
torpedo boat Admiral Porter
was launched and will be made
ready for active operations in a
few days. All officers about the
yard - are-greatly ' excited over
the news from Havana.
Tho principle discussion to
day at places where merchants
congregate, was
the slaughter
the Captain and crew of the
steamer Virginius, and the feel
ing of indignation was univer
sal. Not a voice was raised in
defence of tho act, all asserting
that the killing. of the crew was
unjustifiable, and demanded
prompt action on the part of
tinited States government.
The Evening Post says edi
torially : The report irom Cuba
publish this morning in its
very brevity makes the
Are we living in the times of
Alva? Have these butchers no
fear of the indignation of the
civilized world ? or do they
mean to provoke us so that we
shall have no alternative but to
topple their infamous and im
potent provincial government
into tho sea, and take posses
sion in the name of outraged
humanity and; lustice. The
feeling ot our citizens was rais
to fever heat hy the exec'u
tion of the four leaders. It will
now rise to boiling pitch. Cuba
her friends will hereafter
need neither money nor men."
The ravages of the yellow
fever in Momphis was ' very
graphically depicted by a Mem
phis gentlemen, at a meclinir
held in St. Louis to devise ways
ineaus of relief for the af
m ' I-
flicted city. Out of a popula
tion of fifty-live thousand, but
thousand remain there.
There are to-day in Memphis
thousand widows and or
phans dependent upon charity,
these unfortunates must bo
assisted with money, fuel, food,
clothing this winter.
A Connecticut thief who stole a
fanner's watermelons, sent tho
seeds back In a letter, requesting
r.o pian t iiiom lor next year.
That thief must bo one of the
followers of Salary Grab and In
creased Salary Grant. lie
surely wanted' to "secure pros
perity and peace for the' Amer
Republic." '
General News.
Two Savings Banks olTUtsburgh
suspended last Tnenday. Thirty
days did not yaw tlii ui.
'"Mrs." Komekt Lick, Mits. Edwin
M. Stanton, ami Gen. IIukdee, died
during the past weok.
! The London JCiiterjirise snys the
corn crop of Madison county, Ohio,
will bo fully oue-thul short. .
JosEru Rua, h well known citizen
of Madison county, Ohio, died on
the 0th inst. of lockjaw.
Tub Columbus & Hoi king valley
railroad is substituting iron for
wooden bridges between Logan und
Siiadkacii Timmons, residing near
Londonderry, lloss county, Ohio
fell dead while chopping wood, lie
was ohout 0! years of :i jc.
Jacou Dump- has sold his interest
in tho carriage shop of Dump &
Cuinmel, at Kingston, Ohio, to
James Bitler and Joseph Brown
for $1,200.
Njjakly every train going north
l'roiu,Lima,i Ohio, has a cargo of
eunters aboard, going to tho blae
swamps deer hunting.
The Fiudloy, Ohio, ' Mauufactur
ing Company intend to build over
one thousand of their celebrated N
Y. Fanning Mills and Baggers this
On Thursday of last week, nine
fisherman were drowned from a sail
boat oil' Simcoe Island,. in tho St
Lnwreuco river.
Bight Rev. John Kakly, D. D.
Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal
Church of the South, died last
Wednesday at Lyjiehburgh,' Ohii
gcd 88 years.
Two railroad trains came in col
ision near Durham, England, on
Iiuirsday lnoruing, and several per
sous were killed und injured. .
EusToftho very linost quality
lor the manufacture of glass has
been found at Mokawk Village, Co
shocton county, Ohio.
A Wisconsin thief has actually
robbed the henroost of the Chief
Justice. This is considered to be
not only larceny, but contempt of
Chicago papers are pluming
themselves upon tho filling of an or
der in that city for fifty thousand
bushels of corn for parties i n Glas
ow, Scotland.
By the explosion of a tubular
boiler in a carpenter shop in New
York City, last Wednesday, seven
persons ware instantly killed.
Andy Johnson is out in a long
communication denying that any
petitiou for tho reprieve of Mrs.
Surratt, was ever presented him.
William Alfued and Arthur
Burrs and Co., general metal mer
chants of London, have failed.
Their Liabilities are placed at four
millions of dollars.
A new comet has been discover
by Professor Cozzias, tho cele
brated astronomer of the Marseilles
Observatory, Franco. The super
stitious fear another European war.
John Smeltzek, indicted for the
murder of his sister-in-law, Barbara
Smeltzcr, was tried, in tho Fairfield
Common Pleas, tho past week, and
was convicted of manslaughter.
The steamer Atlas sailed from
Joston for Liverpool, taking over
two hundred Mechanics, looking
for work in tho old world. This is
the promised financial prosperity
the Ghant Party.
The steamer Ismalia, that sailed
the 29th of September for the
Mediterranean, is lost. The vessel
and cargo are valued at half a mil
lion. No passengers were on board.
The crew has not been henrd lrom.
If tho truth wero known It is
strongly possible that tho United
States Treasury has a false bottom.
Tho last five years of Republican
control ha been marked with so
much corruption, that there is little
doubt that great robberies have
occurred under the eyes of the
Tin: Defiance l)otiwrl says:
Tho Canada shlp-tiinbermen are ur
riving in great numbers. A Thou
sand or more will bo at work this
winter in Defiance and adjoining
comities, felling, scorelng, hewing
and hauling heavy oak timber.
At Celina, Mercer county, tho
Unitod States Marshal arrested a
man named Laughbrldgo for re
ceiving more money as a fee for
collecting bck pay and pension than
law allows In such a case. Serv
ed him right.
Tub caringa of tho Columbus fe
Hocking Valley Rallrond for ten
months ending with October, 1873,
amonntcd to 1847,825.53, und for
thesamo ten months In 1872, to
$081,273.79, being an increase of
ernings for 1873 of 200,551.81
over tho same months In 1872.' i
Spanish Barbarity.
Tho Spanish autbor'liiies in. Cuba
In order to gratify a heartless npir
it of revenge, havo committed an
act which is calculated to cmbroi
them with at least one,. and probn
bly two, powerful countries. The
Virginius, registered as all Amer
can vessel, and whose right to bear
tho American flag has never been
officially withdrawn, was captured
by a Spanish gun-boat near tl
shores of Jameca. Four 'of- the
passengers taken on bo.-id the
Virginius, one of whom is aii Amer
ican citizen, or a subject of Great
Britian, have been shot at Santiagi
do Cuba. Setting aside all epics
tions of international policy, the
precipitancy with which tho act
has been committed merits tho sc
vercst reprobation. As if ellV-ciua
ly to deprive the prisoners of any
prospect of the clemency which
might bo held out to them by a dU
passionate discussion of the case.
these defenceless men wore hasten
ed into eternity within four days of
their capture. The proceeding is
barbarous, and will certainly call
forth tho iudigiiatioi-of cjvilizftd
nations. At Washington tho affair
has attracted attention, and. a ses
sion of the cabinet was held to con
sider tho affair.
Tho Jackson Standard, of . the
13th inst., says: The Democrats
had what they call a "Rise Up Bil
Allen Dance," at City Hall one
night last week. It is said that in
the first round they had sonic' of
the soldiers of the war 1812, who
were between 80 and 00 years of
Additional Locals.
A Woud ix Time. While we
have no reason to anticipate such
suffcriug in our own .town this win
tor as will uo doubt be experienced
by the larger cjtieu, yet we deem it
important that charitable associa
tions should begin to look about
and see upon whom in our midst it
may fall. Thank God, we have no
high, fieeziug, consumption-breed'
mg garrets, where widowd and or
phans die in the darkness and chill
of midwinter midnights.biit we will
have some who will need our char
ity. Thore may be some who were
st.ioug men last winter that nre now
invalids, with large families de
lending upon them for support,and
even though McArthur, Zaleski,
Hamden, and other villages in Via
ton county are yet small, they all
contain families whoro lit.llo chif
. i. I. . 1 . i i i .... ...
uicu must oe cioineci ana lea. it is
the needy poor that must be Iooke.
alter, the widow and the invalid,
is tney always have done, 'but th-.-y
need the co-operation of .all kind
hearted citizens. '
We would like to see im assoeia
tion formed of the you:igand active
men anu women who are willing to
spend less in the dance this white
and more for the need v. Uavin;'
Slich a SOCietV. the Mtimnnfu
' '
contributed, it would do good,
ibling us to care for those
who, by physical indisposition oi
helplessness, wero unable to help
Money is dreadfully scnrcL- in
Jackson, and wo must 'denend to a
considerable extent upon our sub-
scriocrs to am us. We havo to imv
money, or its equivalent, for all our
paper, ink, labor, rent, insurance,
etc., and unless our subscribers pay
us promptly, wo will be" 'compelled
to strike their names from our list.
Vc have dropped a few this week.
and will bo compelled, reluctantlv.
to drop others, unless they pay at
once. uacKson standard.
Money is in the same condition
wiln every business man in this
town, with the one exception, to
wit: Antonio Cahi-ako B.utrLi:vjoit.
Nioussjsss, a very lively and intelli
gent dandiprat, who works in tho
interest of Grant's poor panic for
six dollars per week and boa ds
limsclf, and digs a well on Sabbath
ays, instead of attending church.
Cihllicotiie can boast of as iroo'd
an eating house at tho depot as
any city iu tho Union. Posscngers
all say that at Chillicotho they "arc
sure of a good, clean and substan
tial meal. Tho Meiiki.k Bios, are
deservedly popular, and are entitled
to tlio succeHS und reputation they
havo gained. Chillicotho Adver
tiser, And wo might say thiit tho Eat
ing House is one cause of the In
crcaso of the travel on the Mari
etta tt Cincinnati Railway.
Wk have unintentionally omitted
to say that our friend, Alton. Noit
itis, formerly of this county,- but
now of Clark Furnace, Stewart
county, Tenn.,' was hero a few'dnjH
ago, on a brief visit. 1 To was ac
companied by his fomUy. We met
liin on the train, while ho was oh
10 way homo.and ho seemed hbdilv
dcuBcd with his now. homo
'I' II
K. C. SwiLYdt Hra. Madi,,
nd., write us under date of Novom.
bcr 12tht that tho Registers ii...v
agreed to print for the Ilulherl
ouso and McArthur o,1H. ii,
ds town, will bo delivered in abmt
two weeks.
Goo help tho poor. The winter,
'titn'o i:f'upOii thcmamV labor and
thc: necessaries of lil'o are hard for
them to get at this' season of the
year.1- We predict a "greater ' suffer
ing among the poor class this winter-
than has befallen then! for
yours. Financial' liien' arc predict
ing thai money matters will still
continue to grow worse, and that
hard ti mcs has but j list commenced
Lawkicnck county don't like the
voung none ny rike county on
Judge of Court of Common Pleas,
Vinton county will take the Pike
county side of the discussion
What did Lawrence want a Judge
for, when one resided iu Scioto,
next door to them?
Terms $2.00 a Ydbp, In Advance.
Farm and Household Holp.
Di'vulol Id tho (llll'usionof licaltli-ii-o.-vin;c
knouU'itxu iiiuoujf (ho people; to Al'H
cullimi, HortliMiltiin, Slock Hiitl Poul
try liaising; ffruitl'tilturu; tho Ho
vclopsnuut ol' Sult'-Sustaining
Homo l'loiluctions; Oomuij.
tiu Kcononiy; Uuful In
I'm million I'm- tliu
Hi. mo Cirilc;
Triiu SriiMice ami rio 'i-osA it imparts that
Knowli'tlKO which will lirliiji l'rollt to the
I'uriii, Thrift, lliulili and linppiuuis to tho
I'liiuily, ami inaku
"Horns the spot of earth Hiiprcmely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than nil the rest."
This MngiMino lias been receiver! with the
must fluttering evidences of popular favor,
und no publication in tlio South hag been the
recipient ol' iniivo marksot appreciation from
thu press and people. The sponUueons and
alniusl unanimous uxiirchsion of the Picks Im.
that "lliis work lills a want lonif felt in Jour
nalism. " Thus eaeouruKoil, tho publishers
II Kiiaio mi piiinJ nor oiuiiho to niako tliix
K MiiK!i-'ii(i of the Soiilli.
Tin: .Maira
One peculiar and distinguishing feature of
this work is its llealih Department. We have
made iii-riinyoineiits with Dr. J. Stainiiack
Wilson to edit the Health Department and
ii.. ...:ti f,....,. n. i. . ..... .
iu i in, i.uiii iiituiiii in nioiiiii, team ine j.uws
of Health and the science of living o as to
avoid disease and to secure health, happiness
and long- life, by obedience to those laws. In
addition to this, Im will give, under the head
of "Homo Keniedies," safe anil reliable di
rections for the domestic, treatment of di
sease; and these will bo founded on his lnii(r
expeiicncoamlobseiiution. Dr. Wilson Is a
regular plivsicinn, and is well and favorably
know n to his professional brethren as a con
tributor, for the past twenty j-eurs, to ilicllrht
.Meilicul Journals of lliu country. He is also
known to tlio people us former editor of tiie
iieniin iiepmtinc.nf' of "(iodey's I.ndy's
Honk," nnil a.s the author of "Woman's lloinn
llimk of llenllli," published hv u.
Without enlarKinjr lurtheroii this point, lite
publishers feel no hesitation in savinir thnt
Hie leiisoiis learned monthly in til i. AlaKa.ini;
ill be invaluable to everv hniisi'liobl in con.
t.iiniiij; knowledge more iinportant than anv
other knowieilife that ran bo obtained in no
it.ier way, ami aH tliis at tlio most trilling
In older lo make the work still mm e useful.
we have a ffarui and Household Department.
'I bis will contain the most choice ihouirbts
of Hie best writers on Agriculture, Horticul
ii I.'....:, ii..:..:.... i ... ' ......
.ii. i.-, i i uit i.nirMMK, i.uiiiuni.ie r.l OIIOIIIV, OlOOk
ami J'oultry Haisinj;, our Imltistrial Kosour-
eniuriiiiiiinv und instructive reading for the
etc, wiiu short Sclent flo Articles, and
I mine circle. Jn short, the Him will lie to
make the laini and Household Dcmirlincnl
of this work n treasury of useful knowledge
mm a welcome guest in every lainilv; all of
which may bo obtained at the small" cost of
i.UUayeur. Address
Atlanta, On.
Time Table To take efl'ect at 8:45 A. M., Mon-
nay, ovenioer teiij.
. . (10IN0 KANT.
Kxp. Acc,
I.eavo t incinniill.... 1U:U0h. in. 4:00p.m.
" Morion- l'':15p. 111, 0:10 "
" Inrksville. ... la-.fl " f,:40 "
" Wilmington.. 1:10 " 7:08 "
" Hee-ville 1 :3 " 7:H0 "
" AV u-iliinv ton. . . S:ll 8:011 "
" New llolliind . S:3ll " 8:33 11
' Williaiiisport. S:.ri" " 8:M "
" circlevlllu.... 3:1 " U:lfl "
" l.ancasler 4:30 " 8:30 a. 111.
" . Lexington. 5:ill " fl:7 '
" I'idnaiii. 11:30 " 111:30 "
' anesville . . .. 7:()S ' Pi MO p. m,
Arr. Diesden .Inn. . 8:0(1 " 1:35 "
Leine Pillsbiirg . .., .'I:lt)a.m. 8:10 "
Air. llariisbiirgh., PJ:S0p. m. B:00.m.
' liaUiinore. .. 4:10 'j 8:40 "
" Washiiiglon .. BMJ " 10:10 "
" Pbiladeliibia.. 4:KI :10 "
" New York T:t " 1-2:30 1). 111.
" lloston ri:50a.m. 11:80 "
Kxp. Acc.
Leave linadeii .Iiinu. 8:10a.m. 4:iKlp. 111.
Zanesville (I;00 ' . 4'53
" ,. Lo.xingtoii. 11:50 ' 5:58
" lancastnr 11:00 " T:1S "
" ( irclcvillu.... p.':00 111, 5:0a.m.
' WillianiKpiirt . l..':sh! p. in. B:M "
" New Hollanl. KM :7 "
" Washington .. 1:13 " 11:42 "
" Kecsville 1:50 " 1:S1
" Wilmington... a:10 " 7:45 "
" larlisvillo.... 2:3i " 8:11 "
" Morrow S:58 8:40 "
Arr. I'iiuiuiiati 5:00 " 10:50 "
('. (',. WAITK, Hiiperintendent.
51. IiIownts, Master Tiansportation,
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Lino to tho Lukes und tbo North
As follows:
Depart Dcnart.
Athens . 0:3Uu.m. ii:15 p, 111.
Arriva Ai.lve.
Coliinihus 10:10 a. 111. ':50 p.m.
Cleveland 11:35 a. 111. 7:10 a. in,
illsbiiriih "7:ilO " S:l5a.m.
Indianapolis . .. 0:i0 " :55 " .
nicago a.m. 8:43
Xenia .. 12:35 I). 111, 8:44 n. m.
.Springilebl 1:1:15 p. 111, . 8:10 p.m.
Dayton una " :S0 "
Cl.io connection iniiilent La.'iesstcr for t'lr.
Seville, anesville mid nil iioints 011 the Cln
clniiuti and Miisklnguiii Valley Itallinad.
Direct coiiiieetioiis inline at ( oluinlius 101
Dayton, sjiirinirllelil, Indiaiiaiiolis. Chicago
and all point West, Also, for ( levelaiul,
lliiiTil.! l'ilUI,,.,rll ,,,i,l nil ,u,it I-,,..
'I'liko the iiocking Yallev and Pan Hundto
mute toChicugo ami tlio .Northwest j It it thu
shortcut by sixty-six miles, giving passengers
the hem lit of ipili ker time Mini lower ratci
than by any other line.
.1. W. DOIIKKTV.Klip't
K. A IH'KLL, Ueii'l Ticket Aifent.
Medina! Dr.-'.'- .'.. :, ;
1 be tal.oi c
:Ssysleiii,v.::!i-b 1 .1 -
io net f-iei". . '
f'JITlandi of I!-.:- ; -.
I . ill..
: vf
which lac.'ii ::,e 1
nnil;)(-',-, .'.' ,
iinge3a!idr!.:;, .',
1 .1
Qmnen r xi..l,i.n. f-
JTl1CCe!l. -'l'i-
neitrcaMirr'i-... ,
aoiTei'i ; :
?"tl'' M Jlcr t :
lo' -l"
1 1. r.t'i. .
S ciiiiiiiiiciiro, 1
KS Iniitl-umeiiLf' .
KaaasEasf':'' :
ivi4Vf.:t-Ji.k. J
inamiol It. Iiirvl.i, I'l'T.iir
. .. airnliii-' -""l"r
lalllfH II lllltr. Del'en.boif
, v !. '.., J- I'- of Itlclil.nd
.ip, , IIIMIII COIIIIIV, Ullll),
'..I tbiiHth dav of Novinnlii.i. A ii imn ..i.i
illstlcc Issued an Onler m nils.. I,, i,.,..t i.! n...
liiiuvn in ti. in for the hiiiii of $75 tti. Nahl causo
..!'"I!.".V""'' !'"' l'"''lll" Ix-nrlnK until tie
.iiii.ii j.eeeiiioci', A, I', 1K,:, ftt 10 o'clock
"5-l. PluluUlT.
ICntalo of Jacob Altaian, deo'd.
The undci'slgneil has been mnwilnivl n,i
iinalined as Ailiiilnlstiator of the estate of
acoi) Aiiiuan, Into of Vinton County, dee'd
Dated tlie Hit Ii day of Novinnher, 1H78.
' ANDltKW I(AD( lIKFK, Sr.,
M5-4.I. Ailuiluidtmlor. i
flew Ac3vcit sement3.
A Snajipy, Wi l-.i-Awake, Populiii'
IVoplu dedi iu; a iirsl-class Family, N'sws,
I nun. mi ana t ...'nd.. ivi.ii .Newspuper, one us.
talilisiie.il over bir! -iwn veins, having a mi
tioniil iciiiilalioii. aiol a largo circulation in
Ouio :i ml a l.iacon! Males, should III oiiceuiukc
up their clubs for Tllli CLK VKI.AND
l'or the ipiaiiiity and variety of its reading
inalter it lias no superior anywhero, and as
( leveland is one of the best market points iu
Ohio, great intention is paid to a careful re-
iew of the Live Slock, lliiltert'iaia, Choose
and others markers. In fact, evoir eirorl. will
be ma deln keep Till-; PLAIN !)'' ALLlt up
wiui tne tine s, .1:1. i make 11 II welcome vlsi
lor lo the
IIO.M1-: AM) nitESIDl'.
l.ie jiir 1;V1 w ill be a slirring one. Tho II
uancial events of the day, tho nioceediiiL'S of
Congress a'i i 0,11 Maui l.egistiiture, will be
given in reliable anil eoinlenscd form, Tho
nirmni, the lie in.'.s.i Men, the Meclninhi and
tlie Aiin-an will Dud la I I I K PLAIN DUAL-
Klf sa. !i iiii'oriiiatioii as will hoof Interest to
tneni; ami a lai ve spa.'u is devoted to General
jmis -c, 1. 111 ., , i... . r;. , . !;.r Inmilv rtmilinir.
e i-Kve ...1 ir:ivcling agenls. Send
lor ;i.'ril:i.li co'ic.
Wiifunuwily ro.piil liio influence of our
0111 men. is ami pa.rim- hi exteniling ourclr
c.ulalioii. 0 append below our terms:
t Kit. ms to Tin; .vi:i:::i.v i-i.aik DKibutt.
Single copy, one year, - 00
-.iiiHie copy, ii iiioniii., - . . 1 au
To CI. fits.
t I11D1 o; 11 vo. Oil: 11, i 75
1 11:0s im ten. cat n, . . . . 1 60
two.) t r twenty or hr.nv, iae.li, - J SI5
TKIlJls 01' I) AlbV PLAIN DKAI-liR.
Daily, by mail, (10 00
mius of r,:i-i:i.iii.y plain UKALUit.
.1 cekly, Ly ma:! - - - f 1 50
Clubs of leu, . . 4 00
An cura :'!iv is ilhnce.1 t.i ')o.r'i,ii ..t
for I' Illll;: 111 leu or llhlrl'. lit it m nncll. I-ai.
eie.0.,01 ineniy o;--..i.iro al l 5;) each, thu Tr
ivkl. I'l.n.i Dealer w ill lie sent to the irnt.
ter-up cluli; and for ch.lisoi' fifty or more, at
?1 i"i, th.) Daily will I1.1 sent to the Club
Aircn-. I.' M ; ri.-i 1 ve .& ni.'i.'w
rumi-lici'sol die 1 l -e!an. Plain Dealer. 107
i'i.n:.vw. ..eiieeii mi lovelianil, Oio
ft-saciuTO.TOA'jiswir.ti: in 1 11 m mmm mm mm
Iii'lllt. i lleei tel. e:r.'iir..t ntul iii.nirHn.ul,!.
tliu-iloMK" lakes rank with the best nenoilJ
ieals ol lb- dav, II is tlio cheapest first-class
Alagatine 111 the comilry, and more thorougli
Iv i leihilled with lll.l 1 . i.. 11,..:. ...?l..1
ii.'ok.m.ic me mail ;:".v otner.
1. nil. ill , W . W 111-
........o .ui.oi a iiri.i inline 1 lie anil cliarac-
k 1, ii.is .in in ucie 111 every iniiiioer.
iiuwii w u II I in U 1 story by T,
tliiui a, win no louiiiienevil III tho Jim
uary ntuniie: of the lio'lK ,Mu.tzi.ve.
"MY fliUI 5 AftSn I A aeries of
nil Uliihv HKU B jiloasHiit,
. ........ i..-, iii.-i,, ,..'iikii,iu iin,i goon, to be
' 1 in ii'-.' .i iiii.iiry lllllilDcr.
RTTCD!nv X'wi
I iialtcrnsfbr la.
I I I I Ii I U II U dies
ami cblbli'ioi'i
iieses aie given hv s iccial ariangeiiieiit cv-
i. iiiuom, jiy uiu.iii.s 01 ineso patterns, ev
ery w oman may now l.e bcr own dress-m.
tut osjmT HiM sHiiDi.i) MAtsA.
I 111. CnCHI KIM-: el Aiueriea gives
...... t 1 i .inn.; nil i:ic price, IIIHI II grUHUir VR.
rioty, suited to every liiiinlier of thofamilv,
vo:in not I u!ii. i 1, 11 ,1 ..n ,.1 !..,, :. ....,.'
lished. ' w Vw
script, ny a la
will lie jjivou
V v bole hook on Flower Oil.
tlire. from nil oei,.in.-il nmnn.
script, ny a ladj of ivlliniuieiil and exiierlenec
will lie jjivou liurm;; sM,
"PF5Pr I!K 1;NT" is HOL'SK" a
I kHUb niiigiiilicsjiit stwl ungravlnir.tlie
Lngll.-ll cum- ol'ubieli sells I'.ii. il.l Ii ba.,1
...... ,wv,UI. ftlllj.'-.-Ii OCI .
09 RA A ;VKAIt is ibe in-lee of "Ar
Vfc w Tiii'ii's i 1.1.1-srn a-i i:ji home Mao.
Aiuxi;." It is l.irsale In Newsdealer. I'lau
os, tnl.liit'ti'ivniis, S: w';u-Machines, Hooks,
Sc., almost given aivay as Pi-eiiriiuus Ibr sub-si-nlieis,
Semi roi-l'.eiiiiuiu l.iHt, Canvass,
lug Agents wanted everwliere.
15 a
KN'l'S will iiriiciiie 11 :
iieiiieii specimen copy of
il.l.rll.'ATKD llOMli
A It I lit US
Al AI.A.IM-. ' .'..-liil fol 1,1,1,
T AlITIirnsso',
rbiladelplila, Pa.
pl-;TKi;".()A'S .MAGAZINE. .
Great Offers lor 1874 ! !
r". l-'ise :,.llar Mi r.,,li-,,; Kngruv ing as
I r: flu. am u .-v. . , person
g'ji'.ii.g vt .-. ' 1'. ''..'
I'l!!-:.l'r--- AMI J;;V,
I'l.TKi sosV M ai.aim: bus ibe best Orlgi-
i-i .-.nine- ,.: .., y ,, c. I,,;!-, Ml,s th
eeipls, llii In-. I siecl
..i-i . ii. i. . -in ,-1 ,i
tin best Ite-
III Vl.lJ.. AC, ,t,-, Hv-
i'. It Kivcs inoro
t'f no In. It will
t . c! i i.iiiulii..s
eiy laiinl.' n-.i-'i. ,,. la,
for Ho- im ii. -i' i',i,n :;r
coiitain, in ; .-a , in i;
UNi; TIUH'MAMi I .-.: 1 ;:1
1-I)t-T1.I..N t-n.l.M.i l M l.M, 1-1. ATlsj!
TV. IXVi: I Oi.illll.ll l.l.lil.tN i-attkiixh!
TV. KI.V).; .MAM.loVll COI.OIIlii) KASIIIONg 1
Mh lll'XI KI.II WODllCl Trt!
TW1..N1V-I Ol il l Ailr.S OK JU Sli:!
It will !i!-.i give lire Original fopvright
Novelties, l.y Mi,. Ann M. Sie.plicns, 'Prank
Lee lleiie.lii i anil nibe:.. of Hie In. a authors, of
America. Also, mail.- a !u:edreil slimier sto
rics, all in iiu,il. h.- .'in,, i b
Coioriiil Fashion Plates
An- a). cad ui'uil o.heis. 'I'hesu plates are
engrave i on tied, tvl.:c the usual ,
'I'll: Ji.i (Aluai,- in advnhce) fJayear.
U'lKAT i:i:ii-i"i lo-.n to 1:1. r us,
Two . opie. r.. f j.id; !,,,.(. niplcs for 50.
itb a e,.,,y ,.f Hie n;,i -rli uic...it int (SI s 10)
"Sot Lust hi t ri;:;;: ;i;k,uk" to the person
geltli.g eji the ( lab. '
l-'oiii- c,i, des !'.,. sii ,vi: ,-ojile, !'( tl 00;
leu copies for 111,,), -'a ith nn evlia i-oiiv ol
Ibe M,ii:a.:iio for ii: y, t, r i.-s. i. ils a prtMufuin,
lo Ibe per-. i, i t;i.',iu i,,i ,i:e ( lull.
1'iyec i,,ii- lorsi"; Li-rbt epic, lor Pi 00;
Helve . upli.i r,i- n iki. Willi both mi extru
copy ol I In- Mu:;iui:i;-. a,.d ibe pi-ciiiliini lust
.etiiil. lolhe peis.oi .- 11.. j, i:p Hie l.liih, .
A'ldi'Cs.. ii.i.ji,.
i n.',i!i.i:s.i. i .,.;-.,i;1;s.
:;iii'. Ui; si mil M , i'iiiliiil.-lpliia. Pu. ..
ripoeinii-iis ,.eni i.itu if written fm,
JTjivjrliiK Wir;.iiiiii.i I'M-i.tisos "ent to
any ici-mii. o le m in loi :i Till. AU:A I'-Tllt'K
LMjriiu.ii for 53 tMvAw.
A I'l'ltiitlful Chroino n every yearly
max ad i: i.i : ii, t t ( i ; it k at n vm RIht
A Weekly onlrihiilor,
" '
'I'm; sati hiiav Kvl-mvo i..u,i. i .
greiil, l.iteiurv We. l K i. i.ii '"?.."?
pitl'li -lies serial nil. r fs-fini of Am :y ' It
''iil'iri -jiinl vetdne, not ncgUet Alt-
r-n, li nr.,. , I'lyCS H KhO' ..nnv...
cal M.cii h weeklv. .Mux Ail.iir.- I Hlslorb
lluinoilst,! iv'gnbir e.Uii-. -'" (tlio great
inn spi.-liv.t o inn- .iil,v y .minor. ',
Imp s reituliii-lv. illiV - -. ilers, also con
briiibl, l-.lbi Wiicijle' tf iMtig, DiiDv Kw
cuiieiipnilvplt,, -i ' -i M, lliu frequent
''ONfi fiv '
iul's jjAri'y
it,. . .JL-ll 1 1 L V I III. l-lll' I ill U Ikilil. f
. , .. .
wnu i . i i ' . , "i. .,,,1 ,,
y,, . . .mii-ii im i inns i i-i-ii i,iiiu-, nruis III
.iii'iuntry, A ei,i, of ibis I In-oino will I...
., .m il ji n an) suieiiniK r tor im4.
Lkjiumiihii I Vbr p,i, ,' , , ThkI'ostIs fifty
cciiIh lower i.i ( I up :i'w;.'iimrs tlian thu
,..i,.n.H iiie.iiiiier iir,.i iftK Woi'klliw, Olid
. 'oiinio uchIiIcsI
J KIOIS -Alivai' In iiil.'ii,.,.,. n....
(Willi 4 111-oino,) -jiihi, r,mr eopie, (mid four
tliriiiuos,VM(io kix copies (ami noviin (Jliro.
. ,1 l'xm ' "I'les (ami elghtCliroiiios,)
I(I X . '1 lie semlei. this oluk. trill 1)0
entllleil to a copy of 'I hk j'oht nnil of (he
Ul in,
f Ine coiiv of Tin' 1'iiii-r.. In no ,..i ...... .
Aieriii,iil n;,uU ...V...V..: , ' !.,''"."
Prom iiiii P etiinis 1,1 -i.itii , i.i(,..,iJ .. ,,;
.. I UUI '!.." ".. Will
nu,,, . i ,-l'IHM IIVI.I'II iniiar I.i,
urn i-n iiiiiniii,. pir.iurc.'.j
fjV'IVn chilis must ho sent for every Cliro
mo ordered, to ion Ibe evniiiisi.s of i.w.iii.,..
0rS5ceilllfth(..( ll,. ouoi desli-nl ui.linti"
cai'il-bniiid or nnislii:, ,
isniiiiile tiuiuheis sent gratis,
Ai ilress. 'I'lIM s.eiruniv 'rrcu
IN(J I'OHT.BIO, AValniitHi., I'blladulpbla. "
A7"K koiiiiiMiimtnully on IiiiiiiI nt lliUof.
yV n miij .lily iif HWM.ol-KH, uiion
Wlili'h H cu I'll ui liny .lcM:i-litloii ,
priiitii'l o low tliHl till inn v iiii'iiiil in v.i i.
on the KiivuM-uiii iihim) by lliimi,,
' Coin :iiil t'x.'iiniiio tlifiii mid satisfy yourself thai I sell at tho prices
I advertise. Having j list reeeiveil n LAKGK STOCK", bnul)t din lig
the panic fiif eA.iii, avIicii r-.sir wii.- S(!ARCH.
I Poiitively tlcfy competition, and Challonga any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Trices
jSTo Trouble to
It in trouble to show thein, but we cheerfully, mid will
bo glad of the opportunity, for when you
see my goods and prices, you tire
sure to buy.
( li 1
Whicli I Will Sell at
lav lrico nt&5
Ierrect in Every
Best Black mixed Waterproof,
Good " " "
Best Gold "
Good " " ".
Good all Wool Flannel, .... .
Best Brown Muslin, -
" Prints,
1( Coffee,
' White Sugar, -
' Brown " - - .
And every thing else in proportion.
has removed his
Patontod Fob. 2 and Sept. 21, 1869.
House rurniAliiTio' tt-nAd
FuruiHlil.,itLI..V. Ami in i-uiiiiactlon wlUi
oiakh miifguKKSKH Aimi.i tlio -iiniu nii.ni.
tilKliluK Htm-Bs in tlio l (unity. 1d nut lull to
as tlioy will nut ,u miJor 1,0 1 1 f
Hpoiitliiff anil ltoofliitr ,l,H. wm, i,eutiu8 nml illMmti-li All lrlntU vi.im-.. . va -Bulo,
una t he bpht S CAIJNH WAX In thu mm lint i r . . A f ot FKUIT HANS for
elHwl,ere. TiviMluniU'iiHt i.t IU""re t"0 him before purchiiMnic
July 80, 187:1-11'.
'VILIj MEET TH J3 jVI A 11 K E T !"
S. C 3
, UIDI21tWAlvLT,
- . . . . .. .-. :
"Will Meet the Market in Prico
and Discount: ,
Show G oods" is
n n g
. Ml
OO Each, lte?u-
OO. Warranted (
$1 15
1 00
1 15
1 00
- 12
. 28
To tlio J3oclffo Build
ing, East of the
'Where he
in closing
out him
At Great Bargains, With
a View of
AND . .
Is " V, Mm iili M l&ut ' '" t,!"i"
l,7t ,;., nr. i. ..'T.?.?. nt Htor.k of
uiilt thSin i Ti-i li bef r Z? ',u,.te ""xlim.r "r:
? 1.
S. O. Swift,

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