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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 19, 1873, Image 3

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McArthur Enquirer
Advertising Agent,
i.i an uulhiirized Agent to rerievo advertise.
iiii'iiIh fill' this paper. Jin bus special hi1-mugi-meuta
ilh religious, agriciilluuil mill
III llm' HCWspapcra. '
A.lvtii-tlsei-s who may wUli to roiuli I ho
Ponplo f Vinton ami adjoining counties,
vim find no better medium Minn tlio 5I
Arthur Knqnlrnr.
BlKlilNil. Persons having ningiidiios or
lioikx of iiiiv kiml they wish tn have
Imiiiiil, can leave them ill this ofllco mill in due
tiinu i-iin receive them properly hound. Wc
huvii made ai-rangenionts weirdy wu run at
tend to this branch ul' business at low prices.
Taxes nro coming iu very slowly.
Jloncy is scarce.
.a i
Last Saturday and Sunday were
very warm and beautiful days.
1'ooit "Bob White," the whistling
harvest bird, is doomed to fall by
tlio shot of the hunter. '
Vinton Furnace has been idle
for several weeks, and will not re
sume work, perhaps, before Janua
ry 1st.
Wuo are the candidates for Jus
tice 'of peace? Tho election will
be 'ickl on Saturday, November
Dr. N J. Itowers, Dentist, McArtliur, O
att, i
C. W. Hudson has returned from
the .Marietta College, and is now
leaching school iu the Locust Grove
Thk.ee thousaud live hundred
barrels of eggs have been shipped
from the town of Delaware, Ohio,
during the present year.
Khkdkkick Fiuck returned from
the West last week, lie is highly
.pleased wtth som parts of the
great country.
mm - ...
S. J. Wintkks, one of the Con
stables of Elk township, resigned
last week.and the Trustees appoint
ed L. 1). IIahnes to fi 11 tho vacancy.
That horrible "tract" of road,
tneai' Vinton Station, of which we
spoke last week, was repaired last
!Saturdaj ' Poles and earth wcro
used instead of rocks.
a f
The miners in tho employ of the
Vinton Furnace and Coal Co., closed
work last Thursday, the coal trade
.being very dull nt present.
I)r. N. J. Dowers, Dentist, McArthur, O.
'J'tn: rustling full of autumn
IciiViV seems tlio echo of broken
hopes, that an unseen hand lias
shaken from our future.
Tub first snow in 1872, fell on
tho 20th ard 21st of November. Iu
1873, it snowed precisely ono month
J. S. Huns, doalcr in Stoves,
Tinware, etc., has put up a beauti
ful sign in front of his business
house. A huge coffeo pot will
be placed on the sign in a few days.
J. B. JonssoK,ono of tho Trustees
of Kik township, removed to Ham
deu not long ago, and the Justices
. of the Pence of the township, in
pursuance of law, appointed Hau
vev Kobuiss to fill the vacancy.
' The facilities "pr printing cards,
bill heads, letter heads, envelopes
tc, et., at the Enquirer printing
House, cannot bo excelled. We
can furnish this class of work in as
fjooil style and . at as low rates as
' any city office. Give us a call.
lr. N. JT. Bowers, Dentist, McArihuT. 0
Tub Express Company charged
us only 75 cts. for carrying a half
pound packago from Dayton, Ohio,
to McArthur, Ohio. Swindle!
Swindle!! Swindle!!! We hope
tho Legislature of Ohio will enact
a law regulating tho charges of
express companies.
iasj t tjann ;
Tiik villngo marshal has pot
"quit" holding on to tho ofllco yet,
but has "quit" Bcveral kinds of du
ties ho took a solemn oath to fulfill.
Tony Casi'AK, the Sunday well-digger,
has volunteered to defend the
disgraced cause of tho simple mar
shal. What was the mutter with that
man on Mill street last Monday
night, that ho mndo so, much
liobVi1 A Judicious cow-hiding ap
jilled furiously "would, have bceu
ut is factory no doubt especially
to tho peoplo in that community.
W. W. llELFORD.on Monday, 10th,
entered upon his second term as
County Auditor. Durlnor tho last
two year, Mr. Ikr.rouo has made
one or tlio most ellleient oflicers
that the pooplo of Vinton county
have, tailed to a responsible posi
tion. He has tho highest praise foi
Letter from Josiah Jones, Esq.
Nov. 17, 1873.
Friend Bowen: i
There was considerable surprise
manifested among my friends when
they saw my name in print, and
many marvelled thereat, and so did
I, and Polly Ann is more convinced
than ever that I'm goin' crazy or
fool-like. I tell her it takes a wise
man to be u fool, and she don't
bother mo any more with her im
pertinent ' insinuations. All my
neighbors (except a few deep-rooted
Huds) praise my letter very much,
and say it's just their sentiment ;
and now that I "got my hand in,"
I'll say some more.
While in town, tho other day, I
heard a groat deal said about banks
bustin' and hard times generally.
It's no wonder. What else can we
expect while Grant and ltadical
Congressmen (and a few Democrats
too to their shame be it said) rob
Uncle Sain of nearly all his surplus
funds, and then tax tho people to
death to make up dedciences that
Radical ofllcc-liolders defrauded tho
government out of. Then there is
Jay Cooke, and fellows of tho same
gild pots of Crant-r-who reaped
a good harvest from the govern
ment during tho war by handling
bonds and greenbacks, and doin'
about as they pleased with them.
They have got their reward by
suspending with a pocket full of
money, and the government and
peoplo are the losers. The govern
ment has been conducted upon very
lose principles, of late years, and
when everything runs at loose ends
there's sure to bo a crash sooner or
later. Wc iro now reapin'. the
fruits of the extrav&gauce of Radi
cal rule and codlish aristocracy, and
the laborin' masses hunger and
suffer in consequence. Thank God,
the day of reckon in' has conic, and
tho people are beginning to open
their eyes to tho truth of matters.
Poor Greeley ! than whom no
better or honester. man lived, was
terribly abused and misrepresent
ed, a year ago, because he was in
favor of resumin' specie payment
that his theory would bankrupt the
country and ruin, business gene
rally that ho was only an old
fossil and did'nt know anything !
And now look at their treachery
and hypocrisy. The very thiug
that Greeley purposed doin' the
Rads hre now tryin' to incorporate
into their system of financiering !
Jay Cooke, and all capitalists who
were being fed at the government
crib, denounced Greeley in unmea
nred terms, and used their money
and influence for the Philosopher's
defeat, and the result is now before
the people suspension of banks
and stoppages of large manufacto
ries, and suffering everywhere.
It is a comfort to know that those
who furnished the most means to
defeat Greeley, were tho first to
go under In the financial crash.
It is my opinion that the 'lection
in Ohio, and those lately had in
other States, will teach tho Rads
to go slow. They have foundered
in a heavy sen, and the next gale
will sweep them out of existence.
Let it come.
But thars is another subject, of
grave importance, "which I saw
hinted at in a late telegram item.
Tle substance is that Gen. Butler,
who is always at the bottom of some
devilment, purposes introducing
into Congress, this winter, a bill
for the payment of tho Confederate
debt and redeem their bonds. I
think this will bo tho biggest job
"Cock-eye" ever undertook ; hut as
it is a Radical measure, all of 'cm
will say amen, and there's no know
ing what the Rads will do before
they are ousted from power.
I learn that my friend Martin
has a thousand-dollar Confederate
bond, and will back the General in
support of the bill.
Well I must now closo and look
after the cattle, and get in the
night's coal, and Polly Ann tells
mo that . tho old steer has broken
into tho corn patch. That Bteer is
like tho Radical party has no re
spect lor person or property.
, l ours in the cause,
Grape Juice.
Tho arfi of fermenting the Oporto
Grape into wine in this country has
been brougtt to a greater degree
of perfection by Mr. Alfred Spcer,
of Paasaic, Neir Jersy, than by any
other person ; in fact, he was the
pioneer in introducin and adver
tising Native Wines. Ho has pur
chased hundreds of tons of crapes
besides his own vintaare. . Mr.
Speer's success 1ms arisen from the
strict purity and vaJuablo proper
ties of his wines, for invalids and
feeble persons, and his 'reputation
extends around the world. ,
The Ilamdon Foundry Manufac
turing Company. V'vo a Urge and
superior stock goods on hand iron
waro and tin-ware, of every size
description. This is a homo insti
tution aud should bo patronized by
tlio peoplo of th is coin) ty. Miuiikal
Folky, lute of Car Wheel Foun
dry at Zalcskl, Is t,.o of the pro
prietors of tho Hainden Foundry.
A Few Words About the Railroad.
About the performance of the
work upon tlio line of thoCaUipolis,
McArtliur te Columbus Railroad,
north of the junction with the Farm
ers it Miners Railroad lin, near
the residence of Coknkmuh Karnes,
six miles north of McArthur, la
Swan township, Vinton county, wc
hear little or nothing said. What
do the people of Logan propose
doing in the matter? Surely they
do not intend to sit down quietly
and allow tho Farmers and Miners
Railroad Co., to build a road from
Urbana, Circleville and other places
in that direction, to intersect the
Gallipolis, McArthur & Columbus
road at the point near KarnEo', and
leave Logan "out in the cold." To
the citizens of Logan and vicinity,
and along the line, and those in
terested in the development of the
country and this iron and coal dis
trict, wc can say that this enter
prise is ono that is within their
reach, and will benefit them ten
fold for every dollar invested
in the enterprise. There
should not bo a moments delaj', and
with prompt action on their part, a
sufficient amount of money can be
raised in two weeks to finish the
road from Karne's to Logan. Pres
ident W. II. Lanoley has been here
for several days seeing to it, that
the work on tho lino north of town
is being pushed onward in tho fast
est manner. Ho is alive ! he wants
to see life all around him !! Pay one
thousand dollars to the company
and President Langlei will do as
much grading with the one thou
sand dollars as any other railroad
company have done with three
thousand dollars. If our Logan
friends doubt this let some of them
conic over and look at the work.
Do not sleep until the Farmers &
Miners Companly complctey insti
tute active nnd efficient measures
to insure the construction of a line
to connect with tlio Cincinnati &
Muskingum Valley ' railway at Cir
cleville, and with other roads at
other points. Within the next two
weeks, if tho weather is favorable,
the grading will be completed from
McArthur to the junction with the
Farmers fe Miners line.
Depot Hotel. A few days ago
we had the pleasure of stopping
again at the Depot Hotel, a few
steps from the Railway Depot, in
Chillicothe, Ohio. Tho House is
kept by Mr. M. Merkle, and 'is
fast growing in popularity under its
efficient and gentlemanly manage
ment. The proprietor is one of the
most affable and hospitable land
lords, we have ever met. He is
certainly a host within himself, and
there is no person who understands
bettor how to conduct a first-class
hotel than he: and he is assisted by
an attentive and courteous Clerk
Edward Merkle. Any of our
many readers who visit Chillicothe,
should not fail to stop at the Depot
Hotel, and wo assure them they
will be well cared for while there.
The glowing sun had gone to rest.
His rays hud gone fiom sight,
But another beauteous form arose,
That seemed to mo as bright
At an open window sat a girl,
At mo she looked so fond,
She looked so sweet, and then I saw
She was a pretty blondo.
and dressed in ono of tho beautiful
Dress Patterns, made from the late
stylo of Goods just brought from
the East, now for sale at the House
of Will & Co., at Zaleski, whero
every variety of the most magnifi
cent goods, shawls, notions, cloth
ing, fancy articles, are sold at low
est rates.
New Sensation. Go to the
Grand, Novel Presentation Enter
tainment at tho School House to
night. FitEscn, the Illusionist,
witli the best Ethiopian performers
of the age, will ho present. Tho
thrilling music, tho side-splitting
mirth, the fanciful extravaganzes,
the brilliant magical metamorpho
ses, will amaze all beholders and
elicit the entire approbation of the
audience. Let all attend. Admis
sion only 25 cents.
It is related to us that Mr. Wil
liam Buktenshaw, Dry Goods
merchant of Hamdcn, in this coun
ty, has recently finished one of the
handsomest and most commodious
business rooms, 25 feet front by 70
deep, in Vinton county, in point of
light and convenience. It is "just
tho thing" for that lively villago,
and wo bespeak for tho proprietor.
tho pntronago due mm. Tho at'
tractive cstablisincnt is iu full blast
filled with a grand stock of
Godey'b Kady'sliook for Novem
her contains its usual suply pf artis
tic and literary, ornamental and
useful natter, specially adapted to
the, tastes, wants and entertain
meats of tho ladles. JFor 1874
Godey has already, made arrange
ments to keep far ahead of his rl
vnis. icrms: one copy ono year
$3; two copies $5 ; three ; copies
98.50; four copies $10; a primium
ehromo included. L. A. Godoy,
publisher, Philadelphia, To. I ;.VY
There will bo services at tho. M;.
E. Church on Thanksgiving Day,
the 27th, nt two and a half, o'clock
p. m. Tho sormon will be delivered
by Ilev. Johnson, of theresbjie-
nan cuurch.
SMIT-AVYMAN.-0a ThuMiliiy, November
l), lhi'i, nts o'clock P. M , at tlio roalilunce
of lliu hililo's parents, llviasf near McAr
innr, uy Ki-v. n. DiHiKhtr, Mr. Justin It.
Sinilli, Night 0iurutiir Ih tlm Telegraph of-
llau, ut.a'iHki, nnil Mini Eli.a A. Wyman.
Wu ruiicliml tho lUHtitoiiuooftho brides pa
rents Just ten minutes too late to witness tho
coromoiiy nil nn over, excepting tho granil
(I In nt; r, to which tlio many happy frlomls tvero
seateil .
It is mi uspeeiul plunsuro to chronicle thin
woitilinjf of our two young frlenils tho Telo
gruph Operator anil his loringiKMZA. llolli
are deserving of ihe happiness they have eon
suinutctl by wedlock.
May tlio happy pair II nd lil'o a smooth nml
pleasant running ntrcam,uutl may tlio Borrows
anil tribulations of tills world never approach
them, nor sever thoso loving hearts, tluitliuvo
placed Iu each other the ulgho.it bliss to ho
Imparted to mortals.
A supply of delicious cako sent to tlio Kn
quirrr Printing llouso was highly apprecia
ted nnil much enjoyed , by tho attaches of tho
l'KNNKKL AKISON.-.t tho residence of
the bride, Kept, liith, l:t, by Kid. II. J. Duck
worth, Mr. Kvnns l'euueol aud Miss Julia
Akison, ull of Madison county, Ohio.
rERIULL SMITHOn Monday, Oct. 27th,
lit the residence of tho bride's parents, by
Kid. H..M. Wright, Mr. Augustus N. I'errill.
of Madison township, I'iekaway county, and
Miss .Jennie lt.Sinlth,of Madison township,
Franklin county, Ohio.
WATKS MAKTIN. On Wednesday, Octo
, bor Md, nt tho residence of tho bride's fath
er, by II. W. Mctirath, Esq., Mr. William
Wtites and Miss Elizabeth Martin, both of
Pickaway county, Ohio.
toiler 23d, nt tho residence of the hrido's
father, near Newton, Iowa, bv Kid. John M.
McElroy, ussistod by Kid. C. Starbiick,
Mr. .1. P. Winsteail, of Circlovillo, Ohio,
and Miss Lizzie A. McElroy, of Jasper
county, Iowa.
nAUDKR CLARK. On Wednesday, Octo
bor 22f, at tho resldonro of tho bride' pif.
rents, noarJIonroc, Itutler countv, Ohio, by
Kid. A. Hamilton, Mr. George W. Howler,
of CirclovlllP, anil Miss Ada M. Clark, only
daughter of j. R. Clark. '
SOMERS-CLARK.-On Wednesday, Octo
ber 22d, In Chillicothe, Ohio, bv Uld. It. w.
Uiggs, Mr. John A. Homers, of Oconto, Wis
consin, and Miss Ella W. Clark, daughter
of M. L. Clark.
tobor 2.'Id, lit the Wurncr House, Chillicothe,
Ohio, by Rev. Dr. 8. McAdow, Sir. James
Crnvill. of Piokawav countv, Ohio, and Miss
Alice Thompson, of Yellow Bud, Ross coun
ty, Ohio.
RAUM RICK. On Thursday, October 10th,
at tlio residenco of tho bride's parents, bv
Kid. David Mann, Mr. John C. linuin um'l
Miss Amanda J. Rice, both of Pickaway
county, Ohio.
IHTNTER-KI'NTZ.-On Thursday. October
llith, ut tho M. E. Parsonage, in Kingston,
Ross county, Ohio, by Kid. David Mann,
Mr. James W. Hunter, of Ross countv, ami
Miss Mary A. Kuutz, of Ross county, O.
WAKNER-FISIIER.-On Monday, October
1 ilh, nt tho residenco of tlio brido's parents
in Kliolbyville, Illinois, by Kid. C. U. A.
Iliillborst, Mr. John W. Warner mid Mi km
Ella Kisbor, both of Shelbyvillo, Bhelbv
county, Illinois.
PETERS B ROUST. On Wednesday, Oct,,,
ber 15th, at tho residence of the brido's
father, by Kid. Hock, Mr. Absalom A. Pe
lors, jr., of Knst Ringgold, Ohio, and Miss
Emma Brobst, of Marcy, Fairfield, county.
tober 19th, nt Lutheran parsonage InCir
eleville, Ohio, by Eld. E. L. 8. Tressel, Mr.
, Lemuel Sells and Miss Lucinda Stone-burnor.
Special Notices.
have already gone, nnd thousauds more
aro turning their eyes towards now homes In
ho furtil o West. To those going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah.Wyoniing
Nevada, Oregon or California, we recommend
a cheap, safe, quick anil direct roulo, via Kt.
Louis, over tho Pacific Railroad, which runs
Its flue Day ('nnches and Pullman Sleepers.
from St. Louis to principal points in the West,
without change. We bcliove that tho Mis
souri Pacific Railroad has the best track and
tho finest and saftcst cqiupment of any line
west of tho Mississippi, and its connections
with roads further W'est aro prompt and re
liable. Tlio Texas connection of this rond is
now completed, and passengers nro offered a
a first class all-rail routo from St. Louis to
Texas, cither over tho Missouri, Kaunas &
Texas R. It., via Hcdalia, or over the Atlan
tic & Pacific R. It., via Vinlta. For niups,
time tables, information as to rates, routes,
Ac, wo refer our readers to 8. H. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, or
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent, St. Lou
Is, Mo. Questions will be cheerfully and
promptly tinsworod. nSj-ly
Emigration Turning;. Cheap Farms tn
Soiith-wost Missouri. Tho Atlnntio APuclilc
Railroad Company offors 1, 200,000 acros of land
in Central and South-west Missouri, at from $.1
to$lS per aero, on soven years' time, with free
transportation from St. Louis to allpurchc
ors. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wctiltht
schools, churches, nnd law-abidhig society In
vito emigrants from all points to thislnndof
fruits nnd flowers. For particulars address A .
Tli, Land Commissioner, St Louis, Mo. 1-ty
Tnit ri'BSST and Sweetest Cod-Liver Oil
is Hazard A Caswell's, innde on the sea shore,
from fresh, selected livers, by Cahwkll,11az-
ahi) a lo,, now iom. ic is ausoiuioiy purt
andiic. Patients who novor onco taken It
prefer it to all othors. Physicians have deci
ded it superior to any of tho other oils In tho
markot. it,
A CARD. A Clergyman, wlillo residing in
South America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for tho cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, disease of tho
urinary and sominal organs, and tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful nml
vicious habits. Great numbers have been
cured by this noblo remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit tho afflicted nnd unfortunate,
I will send tlio roccipt for preparing and lining
his medicine, iu a sealed onvclopo, to any one
who needs It, Frt of Charttl Address
ERRORS OF YOUTH. A gontlenmu
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
Premature Doeay, nnd all tho eflocts of youth
ful Indiscretion, will, for tho sake of suffering
humanity, sond froe to all who neod It, tho re
cipe and direction for making the simple
remedy by which ho was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's expe
rience can uo so uy nuuressing, in ported con
fidence, JOHN B. OGDEN,
9U-SIHO, jm Mcouartn., n, i.
For Ayor's Modlelnos, go to G. W. Sisson's,
The Best PUoe. Tho choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Quocnswaro, Glasswaro, Notions, fte.,
can bo had. at Davis Duncan's Storo, in Za
lcskl, at all times. , t
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce of every
description taken in exchange for goods, at
his storo. In connection with his store ho has
a Snddlo and Harness Shop, and will rennir
anything In that lino on short notice and at
tow figures, uo auu sco mm ti
Station D. Bible House. N. V. IJltv
March ID, ltnsvl.uia .
To the Bufferlng.-Thb Rov. Wra. II. Nor
ton, whllo residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovored tn that land of modloinos a remedy
for Consumption, Scrofula, Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This romody has cured mysolf after nil
othor modlclnoi had fulled.
, Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will send
the roclpo for preparing; and using this rem
edy, to all who desire It, Free of Charge.
' Please send an onvclopo, with your name,
and address ou It. Addross,
078 Broadway. New York City
' March 10, 19TOv7,nlO. ,
For Fine Porfuraory, go to Slison't Drug
Store. . :. v .
' For ran Drag and Medietas,' go to Sis
son's. ' "
, v , PiTTBBUitait, March, 1879.
We have nseif largo quantities of lloymor
Bauman A Co.'s Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always found it uniformly and finely
ground, very white ami of excellent body,
Its purity wo have never questioned, and we
cheerfully recommend It.
Master Painters,
Nov Advertisements.
Leave oft purgative ami vlnleiil
liiedli liH'i. nun. pri'i'iram ii"J mm
iiwiiis, and a l"i' "' I'miiKf,
t, M.W.I, i n n'i liui liu ilii'l I'tinde
loin, which in n on the Kidney, Liver and
Bowels, nu 1 rumou t, lli i Impurities r (he
system, bv uipieiin.' it., niiilcl...
NATI, O, - , !
CiaDtiUia Wullliiun Watches Sunt C. 0. 1).
Tho best timl clu'K;o..-t in tho world, and
the limit accuiHle. llluslriiii'il price I";' '"''I
lowest rules i-cnt lice. AddiCM Fl. I.I.Kit
CO.,i li-iid M., I. V. iw.
K U A 1 N T, ItlltHll A S II li. V li 1 O U S
Ig thu valuable hook w give to nil. Full of
facts, llgmes ami fun. Ill pages. 60 pictures.
Mailed fur two slumps. Address
BLAUUi;&U.,71l! llnmdway. V . 'H-
An Elegant Holiday Present.
. i.r . I IN KVl.lt
nml roirniAlTS "I Hie 1'Iiksiiii.ms
Willi fac simile cony of the Decim al imi of In:
dependence, the Constitution of t ho l mien
States and Washington's Farewell Address,
with lllllne Steel Plates. Tor circulars jum
terms address JOHNSON, WILSON, N. Y.
Tho highest Medical Auth oriUos. ot l-.it-rope
ciiv the slioiigeHt Tonic, Pun Her inn
Deolisti'iient known to thu ineilual world
ii ........ i . .1 ,u nf i itiil fni'ciis. exhaustion of
the nervous system, restores viftof to the do
bililnted, idealise vitiated blood, removes
vesicle obstruction and acts directly on the
Liver aud Spleen. Price ?1 u bottle. Address,
JOHN (. KKLLUtiti, 18 Plait St., New ork.
A gouty Wanted. Send for Catalogue,
Nkv YoitK.
Write for Largo Illustrated Price List. Ad
Itreech-londlngShot tlunsf fO to$.KH). Doub
le Shut Huns, S to $150. Kinglo linns, fi to
S0. I.'i lies, fit) lo75. Revolvers, ll to -.'5.
Pistols. SI lots. Clin Material, Fishin:rTack-
lo. Large discount to Dealers or Clubs.
Army Hum;, Revolvers, &c, bought or trailed
for. lined sent by express CO. 1). to bo ex
amined before paid for. 4v.
in I iIiivh. and another $ liS in Sdavs, selling
iiiiivs "l'cter Parley." A perfect Thesaurus
nt Ailvenlures upon, anil thu Wonders beueatli
Hie great Oceans, vi.'i sidriied engravings.
Price extremely low; sells niiiiuingly Inst.
2,000 iiiori! live agents wauled for this uud the
Willi VOMI'I.KTK, rOIU IAlt lllld I'AtST-SU.MNU
history of
(tho greatest success of the season.) Alsoour
splendid new Bible, just ready nnd far excel
ling nil others, Pocket Companion unit full
circular free. Address IICIIHARD BROS.,
Pub's.. Cincinnati. O. -It.
The Haaic Comii mwnrr
any colored hair to a permanent black or
in-own ami comma no poison. . Trnne sup
plied at low rates. Address MAUIU COMB
CO., Springfield, Mass. 4w.
To meet the urgent demnnd of tho times the
r'l.oituNcu SKWiNii Machine Co.,
have determined to
It li 1) V C K P R 1 1 li S,
And will hereafter sell their 4(15 Mnehlno for
f 1.1, and other styles In proportion,
Is the only Sewing Muehiuo that feeds the
work backward una rorwunl, or to right ami
loft, as the purchaser may prefer. It has been
greatly Improved nml Simplified, and Is fur
belter than any other machine in thu market.
ir is xoxr nu-: cheapest.
Florence, Mass., Nov. liit. Agents Wanted.
Couglis, Colfls.HoarseriGss.
Sold by Druggists. ' 4w.
Pnrara, I'uriJI, mid Slreiiytliem the Syttnu.
Dr. T nit's J'ills nro composed of ninny In
gredients, Prominent among thorn aro Sarsa
parilla mid and Wild Cherry, so united ns to
act together; the one, through It admixture
with other substances, purifying and purg
ing; while the other is strengthening the sys
tem . Thus these pill are at tho saino time a
Ionic nml a t-iithnrtiu, a desideratum long
sought for by luuilical men, but never before
discovored. In othor word, they do the work
of two medicine and do it luncli hettei than
mi v two ho know of, for they remove nothing
liiiin the system hut Impurities, so that while
they purge they also strengthen nnd heme
I hey cause no debility mid lire followed by no
Int. 'I't TT' I'll,!, have a wonderful Influ
ence on lite blond. They not only purify with,
out weakening It, lint (hey remove all nox
ious pin-ticles li mn the chyle before It is eon
verted into 11 uld, and thus, makes impure
blood an utter Impossibility. As there Is uo
debilitation, so there is no niiusea or sickness
attending the opperntion of this most excel
lent, medicine, which never strains or lorliire
the digestive organs, but causes them to work
In i: pei-tei'tlv milliner : hence persons taking
them do noOu-fonii' pale and emaciated, but
on thocoutraiy, while all lii'purllies aro be
ing removed, the combined iiullou of the Snr
saparella and Wild Cherry purities and invig
orates the body.Hud a robust state of health it
tho result of their united action.
Price S8ct4, a box. .Sold by all Druggists.
Depot 4U Cortlandt 8U, Now Xork, 4t.
"TAKES" on Sight. btef.,,::,,r,T:
vasNors, Agent amrHalesinenl IIkniiv Wakd
Bkeuhkh'h family newspaiior starts Its Fall
campaign, giving subscribers a pair of tho
largest and llnestOLKOtiRAPHS two most
attractive subjects that "lake" on sight
painted by Mr. Anderson, a contrast aud
com pun Ion of her "Wide Awake" and "Fust
Asleep." Agents have Immense suecuss; cull
It the'-best business ever offered canvassers."
Wo furnish the llghlist und handsomest out
fit nnd pay very high commissions. Kach
subscriber, old or new, recelvo without delay
two beautiful pictures. Full supply, ready
for Imiueillato delivery. Tho paper Itself
stand peerless among Inmlly Journals, being
so poiuili.r that of Us class It has the largest
circulation in the world) Kniidov tho best
literary talent. Edward Kgglcston' groat
serial story Is just beginning; buck chapters
supplied to each subscriber. Mrs. Stuwo's
long eupccted sequel lo "My Wife and 1" bo
gins In the now year. Any ono wishing a good
salarv or nn indciicndcdtbuslncss.Kliouldsonil
for circulars and tors to,). R. M 1 K N T S
FORI) A CO., N. Y., Boston, ftWANTKD.
Chicago, CI n orSnn Francisco. 4w
Wu wniil nn nirent. tnnlo or fuinnlo. In evorv
tiiwiiBhlp, to Hell tho only atnnilari.1 hook ot
nu Mini punii-ncn,
The T.arritat, mo.t Imuortnnt ami Valnahlo
HKi'KH-T book ever nuhllnhe In tho
Unltoii Slates. , ,
To every lulim-rllier. l0ll(H) per year mivril to
iivt-rv iiiiu ,i iiiif it. r.vi-r.-i mni.v wiiiii" iv,
nivu-W pvervhoilv hliva it w uou an otl'tireil,
VtO per week Hint. t-Atra 't oi him. Atteulii
111 iiiihr It ti tney rto inn niiuremi
613 Mvrlli filxih bt.. St. IxiiiIh, Mo,
.1 .... - r
'. ' ; . ) ; r. , ', ..lit'.-' i.C,..
G obdr 13ought Low for Cash
and will4fe Sold
Ten Per . Cent CuGirfli.'.'Cio!iss .'in Vinton ; County.
' . . ' 1 .. .
They aro, now Revolutionizing tlio "Vinton County Market I ' '
Tlicy hiiyi! - . .. , , ' '
("Jopcts tliat-nro lino nnd Goods that are ra're, '
OoOfl.i Unit nro rich and Goods that. will wear,
Goods that arc cheap, of quality gooil, .., .... , t,
Far hotter than elsewhere, that's well understood.
The assortment is lar-re and remarkably varied Till' JfOST COM
PLETE STOCK ever beforo offered by thin House;'
J. J.1JLJ J. J.lxLVJ2i IV A.
ITor 3Xen, Boys
Silks, Cashmeres, French
Oustoiii-3Xudo Bootg and Slioes.
Ladies' und Getlelllells, Furnlsliiug Goods.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, "Window Shades, Trunks, Valises,
Shawls, white and Colored Blankets, Ladies'
Fancy Winter Glove3, &c, &c.
A Complete Assortment of Choice
f42 Go and see their ("Jnndi !
I tetter satisfaction, and make more
vuu.ii in,y hub jiuiisi-, uuutiiiau uiuy
1 ml. a mriiiAn
j . .
-.; J I
1) A TTn UDTUiV,
liUMV JTlilrj)
mid Oliiltlreii.
and English Merinos.
men, women and children happy
maivc inein more comfortable for
t . .
, xsovo-n-ia
-ovvc.ro of Counterfeits!
A", M'"'''r''vwovTt?nrEriTD. Ji.h,me.l ni.,;.i,
.. nil .Ae r.,r-.l( lo wnlrr jr,,il,,' nnfll
:'irf',!iii?1,l"on,"i,1,n,'in t-mrof"aTf thri
.....iltution i AbjL Q mmt.".!! ".cZiv,
l . V.TiY ...' k 7 '"" uioineiuo, l,n caused
: "fvriai'Udl,-hi""''' A ". rln til tho Hack
j.. it..a,t;iv:,;. v,,svi; tJft'gSt0.
m .iiuiiw uieanii iiAieiiulotl.andnluinUffll
wr iviworful. cnuiu niiUutg liuiuul to tho mo.
i! liintdDoniitittttion. '
,.lr.ll.. in l.'..li.U f M . .
. .......... ... ,... ,u ,nnaiia ana i-Toncn around
.. ; h ! tJ. civ full direction and mlvio. uuuu
t i.'iir ,lni,t cannot auppl; tliu iii-nuink, do iio
.i-le poii.I Otio Dollar to tU oolu nroprlelur. Job
?'". om. with mini
mi niiircM othc. at which you will call (urtlie pack-
l.iTH. fl.ttl It hotl.Ianf thu nuuma.n Ti : 1 1 i w
ifoly ptwkeJ iu plftin wnippan wiU bo unit by rotuxa
'i' r,.ni, ill:.:. I!, . ' -O""1". bbonchitih, Bonn
'"" iii-fll'1'l.T llIUfiATUlNO. IN.
cn-UN-r OomiiMFTiew akd I.eno IJisRisra. 'hie
h h k .Tllo0,'",", 1TB boon rostoreiltohsilth that
of mmi, Auk f..r HUVAN'S flllMlNIO WA?KR8.
li lWIlVnHl K, , ...1 4V? UB1"I
I'rjpai-wl hr J. OARANnlKKK,
,, Ji'.row Mmiuaiu, ram.
Ihoto nllU archiulibi ruoommondiHl bv Ih antlra
...v...un. . w,;u. j.,., rrance aa uifl very tipwt lomedy
In all oaara of SjiMmiilorrhma, or Snniunl Woukneiiai
Woak Splnoi ricponiu in tlio Urine: Nrroua 1!
hlllt7,-and all Uio RliMtl. train ot blaunnca arliina
trora Ahuaoanrt Haurnt IlntiiUi, Thnr ruxchon aO
otliorreniailina fall, and havrhaon uit with aatonlsb
in auooena by the Jomiln French I'liyaftlam ilurin
Oil, tlflul. I'l ..... I.nl.l ... A i L !
or willtionontl'rM toaDyaddrtM. I'lici, tfk 1 iii-r
.,. nwni uy mAil, nr.utrty .i.lf,., Jn.in all vb.tr.
",' .'."."..!"'..TV!, f1' by any advoit:(id Agmit.
t Will If fl Mllstl.'U luio.t.i u... vr -a r" .
.HoJu tlonerfcl Aicontf'ir Amatio4.
A frrivate CouDotrlor lo th
Married or ihoao about la
urry on the phyilolngionl
Utnit dlMororlci In prodnftlnj iod prtveutliig offipriui,
Dow t irrv mo cnn.iiexiou, c.
Thiil an Inicraitloij work aftwo h nnd red and xf
f innr I, with nutuaroui eunravlngi, and conlaina valunblt ,
urorQHttoo For ihow wttoara tuarrUd.arooDtcippiatamar
rlaga. SttlUUaa booh that ought to ba kept uudtr lok
and kty, and aotald aarileialr about the home,
Ilooatataa tha aiparltar and advtca of a phTilelai
who repuutloa la world-wide, and ihoild bo Id tha p ri
val drawer of averj mal and fomali throughout tha aotira
lobt. It tm brace every thiug oa tba aubicet f tb rQ
oratlra iritan that la worth knowing, and o-ucbtitat il .
Dut publiihtd Id any other work.
Scat to any one (freo of poatagc) for Flftr Oenti.
A dil re ii r. BuUi' DUuiarv.Mo. 13 H. KlgbUi tirtit
81. Louii, Uo m
Notice to the AffllcUl and UafortunaU
llefbra applying U tba notarloai qaieki who advarltta la
tn bile papera.or uilng any qoack r mediae paruio Dr
ntti' work no mattar what jfourdiMkM U( or how deplor
able yoitr condition.
lr. Hutu ooeunloa a double tieiiie f twenty-teven
rooruiti at ndorifld by aoma o f th moitoolebrnted mfnil
aa I profenoraof ihli country and Kurope.andflin be eon
lulled paraoually or by malt, on thadUaaiea meutloned in
hie worki. Office and per I ore, No. 1 1 N. Klguib airoet
be twee u Market and CLuiuut, ktu toula, Iio.
CouKlstiiiir of 300 acros. situated in MuiIIhiiu
Township, Vinton County, Ohio, four miles
from McArthur, and ono irilo Irom Vinton
Station, nn the jliiilmtn It Cineliiniill IC.ji.il -
rond, on inoroiin ieaiiiii rimn nicAi-intir in
Athens, Ohio. 100 acros of Wood I.nnd; luil
uncn tiiulei' cuUivallon; 114 ae.res of iloltoni
Land. W oil watered. Buillc entlv luriro for
two I'urms. Two dwelllnu; huiiseu and all ot li
er biilhlliiK", ahmit 1-M of a mile apart, tiimn
thu pronilsos Iu n good ncltfhboiliuoil auil iu
tno ... . . i ,
GitKATm Coal Reoion
On tho lino of enld Kallroad. There arc S
veins of Coal, 4 foot in thickness on tho prem
ises. One vein covers the entire tract ol land;
ono covert nil uxceiit4U aures, nml ono covers
all except about too acres, wiliiin nu roils oi
tho Knllwiiy Switch, run n Inn from Vinton
Hlntioii to V inton Furnace; a switch ran he
conveniently built serous the land tn the t.'onl
Veins. Any pursuit wiinlinx prneit.v of this
description, could not do hotter Until luirclniee
V acres of tho land belong lo H. It. Detulii'ir.
who will frivu any fiirtherliifoiniiitlon that
may he desired. Will sell at a buiKHlu. II
one half It paid at orabnnt tho time of tnlc.
tho buyer msy have such time on delerred
payment, lint to exceed ten Or tlfteen ycurs,
as will ho latlsfaclory. Iniiili-e unon the
premises or addrass 11. It. DKAUNO,
JulyO.lHTtJ.tr.-. Vinton Station O
-m nn.n
. .
' xx o : -nance
For I'll li-Mil.il-s Free.
II' SI S.lllllili'S lo. ft
i .ci....... '
I'lttsliurjr. Ku;miIvI o IlJinitlll
1'1'lTHllOim, PA iillUUIlli
WITH It. ploomy nttenilanta, low
spirits, depression, Involuntary
emissions, loss of semen, .pernio.,
torrhflca, loss of power, atxty heail.
loss of memory, unit threatened Im
potent., nnd imbecility, flnil a .over,
.,.,,c'"' 1,1 miMi'niiEif jioni;,
up tho, sysUm. arrosU Uie discharges, and iin,
parts vigur and energy, hfo and vitnlity to tho
entire iriun. They huvu cured lliousund, of oaaes.
i lioo, j per puokujo of live boxes and a larce M
Ti.il, trhich u very unportaut in olmtinatB or old
uwes, or tl per siubIuTkis. Sold by ALL Dmir.
piits, uud semby nmilon receipt of price. AdJn-M
. 0., G14 Buo.dwat, V. fcicud for oiulur.
Jutniililinhcil, a new edition of Dr. Cnl
verwcll'sG'elournloil Kssay on the radical
cure (without medicine) of M-euvatouhiioka
or 8cniinnl AVenknes, Involuntary Semlnul
Lossen, Inipoteney, Slentnl anil I'lij-Bieal In
capacity, Impediment! to Marriage, etc.; alw
Consumption, Epllcpny and Fits, induced by
sclf-lniliilL'enco or sexuiil extravagance,
Jjy Price in ascalud envelope only tlx
cents. .
The celebrated author, in this adinlrahlo es
say, (dearly demonstrates from a thirty years'
successful practice, that the alarming conse
quences of self-abuse may bo radically .cured
without tho dangerous use of interim! medi
cine or the application of thu knife; pointinp
out a iiichIo of cure at onco simple, certain and
effectual, by mean, of wh ir.lt eivery sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
euro himself cheaply, privately and radi-
CWThl locturo should lie in tho hands of
every youth ami every man In the Intnl.
Sent under seal, In a plain envelope, to anv
address, pntt-vaitl, on receipt of bIx cents, or
two pusliiite sf iiiiiis.
Also, lr. ri.vKiiwi:i.iJ,s'riii-riiifre Ouiitc."
pl-lce WJ rents.. . '.
Address the Puhlishors.
('HAS. .1. f. KLINE A CO., .
IT, Howery. New York, I. O. llox 4,588.
BWAll now suhserlliers to TIIK ( I'LTI
1874jin)ie!t In advinii-e, previous In the close
of IMS, will receive the paper W KKK I.V.I'i oin
receipt of reniilliinee lo Jiinuiirv 1st, ltfTI.
w iinoi-.i. cuiuge,
The Country Gentleman.
Volume for 1874. !
The Cultivator A t'orjKTnv civti.vuiv
for tho past forty years, has ranked, Imth In
!!. ........ n.i.l .l.u.,u.l .... ,l. O.
...in uiiu.1,1 (,, nilllinil, A. I, ,13 Cl injIlKU
t-.iiitors and l'roirletors, In addition to their
own personal lalmrs, me mgulnrly assisted by
a very lurite number of Special- Correspond
cuts and KeKiilnrCnntrihutors, anion- whom
are Ineliideii many lendiiiir Agriuullurist8,dn
all parts of theC'ounlrv, Kast anil West and
ny over r ivc uuniiieii ucuasi onal aim Volun
tary Writers, directly In tho ranks of the
host Farmers nml Unrtivulturlsls of ntmrlv
every State In the Union. With the co-operation
of so largo a corps of practical men, this
Journal is intended to possess exceptional
vniiiu ut uio ciinscn .ncciiiini 01 iniur-eommu.
Mention nmonv ull classes intuivsted In the
Products nad Fertility of the laud those who
Ctiltivaleniid those who Consume the liu v.-r
and bhlpiier, ns ell as the first owner of the
crop llrocdor of . Improved animals and
tholr customers Mnuiifae.lurei-s of Improved
miichliiei'V anil (In psc who piirchnso and em
ploy It Nurserymen nnd fruit rn iters and,
especially, to supply fuller and hotter data ns
to the proifn-Ns, prospects and returns of en-h
iiiecesslveiii'aKon, as throwing lirht uisin oue
of the niiHt inipoitunt of nil qucstioni
Mitwwrn-vny rmn irii-n tn urn.
TKHMU. The Coi Nritv t.KNTl.r.HAN I
puhlfshi-d weikly, on tho folbuving UTuis.
when paid strictly in ndi nueo: Ono ropy one
-ear, 3.ou; tour eopios, iii.ou, linn an amii
loiinl i-iinv for the vour free to tho sender of
the i lull ; ten conies, t:o. and an ailditlnnitl
i opy for the year f'reo to tno sen-.'.er of the
clnh. MpeiHineu copies free. Address I.U.
tiixk Tt'vKKH A bo, l'libllshers, Albauv,
N, V ...
. . . .' r .-. , . 1 '
Ktrx!liilly.ricilpiicd for the tise ol tho Vnll
fnl J'roftuKiott, and the Family, iiussessltia
tluwu tKW"io minlieinal properties winch
hclonir tn tin Uhl and Pure iiiti.
, liiilisiicn.ililo to Females, (imxl for A'if-
V Coiim'o(. A delicious Tonic. Put up
in cssos, rontiiliilnir nnu hm lintlle uiii-h,
-...1 ...l.l 1.11 .1 ."....... I... A l
nn,, mm, ir.v 1,1 1 ,1, UfJII mm. Kl'o'i-n, ,1. l. SI.
ItiNNlNOKn A Co., eMtndriHlied 177H, No. 13
nearer aueei, rvew iom, exw aa-ttiu,
Special Notices. Railroad.
It. t-nm .
J mj m' J i.j.t M IV- i
Is in ndvnnco of all connictltors. It li
only lino yumiuu through cars to tlio W
Omnibus ti'iiiisl'or. fci-i iiii.-u. all chanires
delays avoided by ruiiniiiK TH KKK ri
COCUES, A3 follows:
' - -1 I For all points In
Iowa, Nebraska and Californi
Tho Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at I
r. if., Indianapolis atH:43 A. at., mini
tlironirlv llloominirlon. I'ciH-ln. Ualesbi.
lturlinlon, ottiimwa and ( rei-ton, arrlviiif
ij.m ah A at iu:uu A. H: .Vfc.t l 1I AI, 110111
advnncoof any other route, making but
clmngo ot cars to !
j . . .. .
Get your tickets via Indianapolis nml Peoi
-o j.
For all points In
Kuntus, Colorado and tba Routliwe
Tho Thronch Toifi'li -leaves Cincinnati at2:
P. U., Indianapolis at 8:00 p. v., re mil
through Danvlllo, Ueeatur, Jacksouvitle n
Quincy, arrivins in KANSAS CITY at l:
p.m., NUXT DA.V, hours in advance of (
Louis Hues, milking but ono chantro of cars 1
Oct your tickets vlu IndianuiKiltH, Duuvl
aiulQuiucy. .. I
it-. -
Rock Island and Davenport.
The 'riirotiL'li coach IcnyetrCinoinuati ut S '
p. u., Indianapolis at 8: 00 p. m. rumiii
tlu-ougli JilooniluBton, Peoria and Galva, li
riving at ItOCK 1KLANIJ at 10; UU A. M., I
VK.NPOKT atlltUli A. Mi, next day, maki
but one change of cars for points in
Uet your ticket via Iiidianapolia and Peorr
f I"'
Pullman's Palaca Drawing-Eoo:'
and Sleeping Cars.
Itttn through from Cincinnati to Peoria ai
Indianapolis to Kock Islaud.
Travelers to nny Western point can no
take their satchels, bandboxes anil bundle
select a comfortable seat and kern it to dest
nation. On account of tliesiliroii?h at
convenient nrrangeinentu,elegant cquipnicn
and iiuiek time, this route Is now the (re
pt'liuliir thoroitylifttrt between the Eaat in
C.W. SMITH, tien'l Manager,
JNO. W. BROWN, Gi.il. 1'im. A TkPjg"
Tadianapolis, Im
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad
Om and ul'tur Xovcmhor 'J, 1873, Trains wl
run as follows:
c .
: ;s
: :
.rfa:::::1 : : -A-
&Mii4M iiiir.iii ?M.i
H s : : : : : : :;.:::::: :s :i
j 'A Ti .i 'i tj t. r! 'St.T.'stTIfti.Tl 7! 7i V. T
a r: ; ; ; -a i ; ; ;
s A ! : :::.
: : :S
: : : d
3 TS!p.5?.?? ?S?S5f.g 5S?2
U551-MrCI' CIWHHHOC3 Ci't-l-l-"
u a
m -
a .7, i- a ' i
- u
1 vr
line. 1 "figsaggg'gg s'gg
: :tj :
S : : : a ; : : : i : i i i : ; i
a2 : : .::::! i i : )
aii i : ! IJ I : i I i i : I : i i ii
sg ! : : : :::::::: : : : :
aSSS wwn mio
a j :3 r i i i i
32 a ej a
CINCINNATI KXPRKSS will run. l.llu. All :
other trains dnlly, except Sunday.
sif wMiuvu iiuiuuuu aim vinens. .
Portsmouth Branch.
' Mall Acoominodat'n
8:45 p.m. 7:oavni.
4:21 ' -. , 8:08
:t5 1U.-W !,
Dep. Hamden '
ait. .inckson
THA INS (inwrrr ITInvrimn
For all poiuts on the Mttlo Miunii Kiiilioa I.
and at tho Indianapolis A Cincinnati Kai
road Junction for all points West.
' Vt . V. PEAHODY,
. ... . . a...u.i..u...f.....
W.II.I.ANKKS'l'F.ll, I I'l1"'"
Mas tor ot Transportation. ,
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Lino Ront
. . - East and West.
Only Uli-eet Konteto the National I
tlt, nml ullm. HrnM.1i..' Va....1. i, m..-t
::: " "-r. :, ---'l,l-'J . .,w,Biuur iu, xrsins
will run as lot lows s
. .. Lleiiai't...
8 44 Am
1 VI Pn
4 45 "
5 05 "
ilnrpers Ferry.
Waaliington June.
.... Arrivo ......
New York
..... Delist-1.
Now .York.. .
Baltimore ........
WiisliliiKton Juu'e
4 00 Am
8 00 I'm
8 50 Am
101 "
8 -to Am
1100 "
lliirncr's Fen-v...
Otn'nati fnt
Hapten -Line
65 Am " fl 40 Pin
1 H5 I'm ISSAui
8 01 " 591
8Stl " 8 it) y
8VMI " 8 45 "
10 tM " 10 (Kl
35 A m 1 SO I'm
815 " 410 "
, . ,f
ISftlPni i DO Am
184 Am 1145 Pin
45 Pin 8 00 "
800 " 4 03Am
8SII " 428
IS (i Pm nil "
5 00 " 10W
rullman Pslaott Drawlug Hot m Slcopln Cart, i
and almost cniiiil to a lli-e-Hi.le, are on all '
traius from Cincinnati to llnlthnoro and i'
Washington. KeeHcheilulu ort inclnnatl a3 I'
Marietta lUilrosd for tiineof srrlvlnir ami da
pai-unn ii-oui RlcArlhiir.
Tho advantages of Uii. route nv n i.....
Is, that It gives all travelers holdlnir thmmrl
tickets the prlvlleire of vlsitlna JTnltlmoi
I'liiiaiieipuia, nnu tno Mntionnl ( npitol fnw
Tlmo uiilckoraud t ales of fure lower than
by another routes - . ;i
The aeenory along this Itallway Is no
txpialled for graudciiron this C'outlnunt,
' to suippess .or rnsiQiir.
Tltla Una nlTsifti s,in... ...
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