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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 19, 1873, Image 4

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IcArtiiuk Enquirer
Summer Care of Horses.
A correspondent writes:
"The horse is of more value
-..to man than all the other aui-
.,iaU o(hs earth; he has been
the obedient and constant
friend of man for near four
thousand years, ever ready at
his master's lidding, rewarding
him with his labor in proportion
o the skill and kindness of
using him." Treat him kindly
. and gently, and he will come
from the pasture at your cal
ling; he has confidence in you;
but treat him with harshness
nnd hrntft force, and vou awa-
ken in him the worst feelings
of his noble nature, lie does
not obey you only as he is forc
ed to; if you waul him from
the pasture you must got help
and corner him and catch him
by force ; he does not like your
company; by your roughness
with him you have awakuued
his vicious nature, and made
him a dangerous and unprofita
ble servant.
But his health and comfort
we should look alter when we
require his constant labor in the
long and hot days of Summer.
Many farmers do not appear to
think or care about the comfort
of their horses, they will im
prison them of nights in the
stable on a hard floor, and even
tie them up with a ropo around
their neck, and feed them on
dry corn every meal all Sum
mer, with salt once a week.
Reader, just think of this
matter lor a moment. Suppose
you were to work for me this
season, and I should set before
you corn bread, meat and coffee
every meal, without change and
without salt, would you not
think that I kept a poor board-
ins-house ? Your horses have
the same opinion of you.
I feed my horses in the fol
lowing manner: For six horses
I fill a barrel with corn. I then
cover the corn with water, ad
ding a handful of salt I feed
them corn for breakfast, and
feed a cut mess of sheaf oats
and bran for dinner, with a very
little salt added. For supper I
feed oats. Occasionally I give
a feed of corn not soaked, and
in this way I manage to have a
chauge often. My horses are
contented; they eat all I give
them; arc never sick, and are
always ready ai?d able to do
what is required of them. I do
not imprison my horses in the
stable, but let them have the
liberty of the pasture, field or
stable, as they desire. When
convenient, I water my horses
between meals during the hot
days of Summer, but allow
them to take but little at a time
when warm.
A New Poison.
There has lately been discov
ered a poison called in.ea
which is said to be more subtle
than digitaline. It is obtained
by pressure from the seeds of
strophantus hispidus, an apoc
ynaceous plant, found at Ga
boon; and from experiments
made with samples of it, taken
from arrows, upon which the
natives pluce it, it appears that
it acts more powerful than dig
italine or antiarine, and quickly
paralyzes the heart. Three mil
ligrams kill a frog, a sparrow,
or a dog, though the resistance
of certain animals varies. A
snail, lor instance, requires
five milligrams ; a mouse has
withstood three milligrams .of
the extract (obtained by mas
cerating'tho 'sced3 in alcohol),
while the latter doso kills a
dog nearly a thousand times
, heavier than a mouse. The
heart comen to a complete
standstill after a few irregular
Housekeeping Department.
Crullers. Six tablespoon
fuls melted butter, six table
spoonfuls sugar, 6ix egge, and
flour enough tofroll.
Soda Oake. Four eggs, one
pint sugar, one tea-cup butter,
one cup sweet milk, one quart
Hour, one teaspoonful soda, two
of cream tartar.
Mountain Cake. One cup
sugar, two eggs, half cup. but
ter, half cup milk or water, two
of Hour, one teaspoonful cream
tartar, half teaspoonful soda,
PuESERViNG Chickens. Pul
verized charcoal sprinkled over
dressed poultry, after the. ani
mal heatls expelled, will pre-
serve it irom spoiling lor some
time' in hot weather.
Cleaning Kids. To clean
kid gloves, take one part of
curd Boat) and three Darts of
water. Mix with heat, and
then stir in one part of essence
of citron. A little of this rul
bed over the kid will readily
remove all dirt without injuring
the glove or leaving any un
pleasant odor.
Tea Cake. One cup white
sugar, half a cup butter, one
cup sweet milk, ouo egg, one-
half teaspoonful soda, one of
cream tartar, and flour enough
to mako it like soft ginger
bread. Flavor with the juice of
a small lemon. This makes a
good-sized loaf.
Butte r.Viilk Muffins. One
quart of sour buttermilk, one
teacupful of sour cream, two
eggs, one tablespoonful of soda,
little salt, Hour enough to
make as thick as pound cake.
Bake in muflin rings placed
upon tins in the oven, from
twenty to thirty minutes, ac
cording to the temperature of
the stove.
Beeswax. Melt the comb by
boiliug it, in water. When cool
it will form a cake on the sur
face, which may be taken off
and remclted. The impurities
will settle to the bottom, and
may be scraped off If the
first melting is not sutlicient,
remelt until clear. This makes
the yellow wax of commerce.
Washing Powder. Dissolve
two, pounds of soap in five and-a-half
gallons of nearly boiling
water, and to this add three
large tablespoonfuls of ammonia,
and one of spirits of turpentine.
In this the linen is to be soak
ed for three hours, when it is
readily cleansed, requiring but
little rubbing. Ammonia docs
not affect linen fiber as soda
Pineapple Water. To make
pineapple water, peel and slice
a moderate-sized pineapple, and
beat it to a pulp in a mortar ;
put this into a basin, and pour
in a pint of boiling sirup ; add
the juice of a lemon ; stir to
gether, cover up, and set it
aside for two hours: filter it
through a slit seive or jelly-bag
and add a quart of clear, cold
Orange Pudding. Take four
fair sized oranges, peel, seed,
and cut in small pieces. Add
one cup of sugar, and let it
stand. Into one cup of nearly
boiling milk stir two table:
spoons of corn starch, mix yith
little water and the yolks of
three eggs. When done let it
cool, and mix with the orange.
Make a frosting of the whites
of the eggs and half a cup of
sugar. Spread over top of the
pudding; and put it into the
oven for a few moments to
The contract made more than
year ago for the construction of
chain bridge over the Poto
mac, near the Little Falls, has
been annulled and relet, and it
will possibly be completed this
year. It will be entirely of
wrought iron, and will consist
of eight spans, six of them be
ing one hundred and seven-two
feet each, and the other two one
hundred and sixty feet each.
The ninny evidences of extraordinary cures
ttiut hio daily rejiortcd as effected through
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Ready Relief and Perfect Purgative I'IIIh, in
writtun testimonials from all purls u( the
world, surpass in wonder the, most extravagant
miracles of enchantment. Pliynicinns and
modioli r.iea in all countries pronounce these
wonderful reniodi"., a mystery, that neither
tlieirseloneoof analysis or rhcuiicui .-kill run
explain. True, those medicines ell'ecl the
most marvelous cures, and restore the living lo
life, and relievo the most wretched ptiln-sui-foring
victim uf III tortures, in from one to
twenty minute!), and although Ihey know some
of the Ingredients of llmtr composition, and Or.
Railway has published their formula (witli
liohlingonly two newly discovered roots), still
both French, tieruinii, Kng'otdi and American
t heniistsnnd pharmaceutists utterly fail with
the sumo Ingredients as prepared by them. The
great success, which these wonderful rente lit s
hio constantly achieving, in the great se
cret uf combining the ingredients together,
after exercising duo care in selecting the pure
amlgcnuino routs.
Sticlt wonders of .Modern ChcniMiv m, the
S A US A I' A It 1 1,1,1 A N II list ) 1. V KNT, ItIC V I V
m-.i.ir.r HAiiwAi'B I n.i.s, are without
parallel la the History of Medicine, for there
are some inllrinities anil diseases that are eon .
sideredns incurable, and sin e death. Vet ilie
most astounding cures have been made tin.'
thesii remedies of some diseases that have nev
er been known to lieeured hv medicine.
S KI.MNii, Tiiinoin in the Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries. J'.o.K Plight's Diseiti'C of the Kid
neys that liar.; been pronounced iniurnbU',
Ca-ireis, I "leers, Swellings, stone in the Mad
der, ( 'iileul.ius t onci etion. I leers and Son-sot
the Hones, Rickets so decplv sealed that no
other ineilii'i :i -s have been known to i-eni-h.
have been cured liv tho SAUSAl'ARll.l.lAX
ltit)I.VKNi',iiiitUh the HEADY HKl.IKF
and PI U.S.
Palsy, Paralysis, Dry (..mgeuu that threat
ens a living ileatlt daily rotting nwuv of the
limbs, and flesh Diabetes, Involuntary Dis
charge of Water, Fungi in the Madder (the
Kinperor Napoleon's disease). Torturing pains
when discharging urine, ItllliU JI.VT1SM,
HOOT, X Kl! U A I.GI A each and every one of
these complaints though but a few of the
many other diseases, lladwav'sSursaniirilllan
Resolvent litis cured and isilailv curing hi all
parts of the wot Id
Inone word, any disease no matter ttiidei
lint name designated, that is nourished or
increased by bad, impure, ilonravod, weak,
thin, watery or poisoned blood can lie cured
SOLVEXV Dr.liadway & Co. linvo never claimed one
hiiudretli part of tho curative virtues for their
remedies as is ascribed to them by the people
w ho have ued them; for bear in mind, onlv
such diseases and complaints as Dr. Railway,
after successful treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, were enuuienued in
their eura live list, so that many of the extraor
dinary cases that have been reported awaken
ed as much astonishment in the discovery of
their remedial agent as in those who hnd lieen
rescued from death, and male whole and
As litany pet Minn discredited their extraor
dinary power, from the fact of their disap
pointment in the use nf other advertised reme
dies mid soiiie believed it impossible lor
simple uieilii ines made only from vegetable
substances-mots, herbs, &c. should possess
such marvelous power. Yet they can readilv
comprehend that the simple grasses of th'e
Held, afterundergolng the chemical process of
distillation designed bv nature in thecownnd
churn, furnishes us w ith butter certainly the
most nliiindnnt fit t, caloric or heat-iuaki'ng
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents for the human body.
Hut w hen those people who' first doubt the
efflency of these remedies commence their use,
t bey become their most earnest advocates.
Never lias a medicine taken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, either' of the
Womb, I' tents. Ovaries or Dowels; the knife
has been the sole reliance in the hands of ex
perienced 6itr;:eons but Dr. HioUviiy'a Sar
saparillian settles tills question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, ns' well as Tumors In thii llowels,
I' tents, Womb, Liver, Dropsical Kll'usioii,
Ascites, mid Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured 1y
Itudu uy's Resolvent.
ItuviMti.Y, Mass., Julv IS, l.stw.
Dit. IIaiiway: I have had Ovarian Tumor
in tho ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
saiil there was no help for it. I tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped me. I saw your Resolvent anil thought
I would try it, hut had no faith In it, because
I had sullVred for 12 years. I took six bottles
of lliu Resolvent, one box of Railway's Pills,
and imeil two buttles of your Ready Relief.and
there is not a sign of it tiiinor to be seen or
felt, and I feel better, smarter and happier
than I have for li years. The .vorst tumor
was in the left side of the bowels, over the
groin. I w rite this to yon for the benelll of
olhers. You can publish it if von choose.
From a promlnunt gentleman and resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty years well
known to (he new spaper publishers through
out the United Stales:
XnwYoitK, Oct. lllh, 181(1,
Dk. IIaiiwav Dear Sir: I Riu induced by it
sense of duly to the sullering to make a brief
statement of the working of your medicine on
myself. For several years I have been ulllict
eil with some trouble ill tho bladder ami urin
ary organs, which some months ago culmina
ted Pi a most terribly iilllleting dbense, which
the physicians all saiil was spasmodic stric
ture in the uretha, as also iiillaiiinlioii of the
kidneys and bladder, and travu it as their
opinion Hint my age Ti years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. 1 hail tried
a number of physicians, and had taken a large
ijiiautily of medicine, both allopuihic mid ho
iiiicopiithic, but got no relief, J hud read of
astonishing cures having been maile by your
remedies; and Mime four months ago 1 read a
notice in Hie Philadelphia (Saturday Kvening
Post of a cure havinir been effected' on a nee-
son who had long been sulTeringas 1 hud been
I went right oil ami got some of each your
arsiiiiiiriiiinn iiusoivcut, iteimy i.ciiei, anil
Regulating - Pills and commenced takm;
them. In three dnvs I was greatly relieve,!
and now feel us well ns ever.
J. W. JAMKS, Cincinnati. O.
Price one dollar per bottle. Kohl bv liruir
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Railway's, No. Hi
it arreu, cor. murou nu, a. l .
Cures the worst Piiins In from 1 to 20 minutes!
ttfiS-NOT OXK HOUR after rending this
advertisement need any one suffer witli pain.
Is a cure for every nain. It van thn imt. ntnl
is the only Pain licmedy that instantly stops
iiiu niosi i'.eriiciiiiiiig pains, nnays iniiamnui
tions, and cureu congestions, whether of the
Lungs, Htoinach, Rowels or other glands and
organs, by one application, in from one to
twenty minutes. No matter how violent or
excruciating thn pain, the Hliotiinatie, lled
ridden, I n II i in. Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may sutler,
Will iifTord Instant ease:
Iiifianimation of the Kidneys, Inllammiitloii of
the liladdcr. Inflnmmntlon of the llowels,
Congestion of the Lungs, More Throat, I i 111 -cult
llreathlng. Palpitation of the lleurt.llvs
terlc.s, Croim. Dlpllierin, Catarrh, lnlluen.n,
Headache. Toothache, Neuralgia, Rhe a-
tism, Colds, Chills, A goo Chills.
The application of the Ready Relief to the
part or pari where the pain or tlilUoully ex
ists will till'ord ease ami comfort.
20 lirops in i lmir tumbler Wiitnrwill,
in a few miniitus, cure Cramps, Spasms, Sour
Stomach, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diar
rhua, Dysentery. Colic, Wind In the Dowels,
and all Internal Pains.
Travelers should always carry it bottle of
Iladway's Itullef with them. A few drops In
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It is better than French
Brandy or Hitters ns a stimulant.
EBVBE .A-ItTID A. 0-IT 33.
l''ovr nnil Affiiw mired for CO cents,
There is not a roDiudlal Agent in this world
Hint will euro Fever and Ague, and all that
Malar hois, billions, Hrarlet, Tvphold. Yellow
and other Fevers (aided by Railway's i'ills) so
itiiek us Railways Ready Relief, tu cents per
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for the
cure of all disorders of thn Stomach, Liver,
Rowels, Kidneys, Jlladder, Nervous Diseases,
Hcadacho, Constipation, CoBtivoness, Indiges.
tion, Dyspepsia, biliousness, lllliotis Fever,
Inflammation of the llowels. Piles and all de
rangements of the internal Vlscern,warinnted
to elleet a positive cure.
PVRKLY VEGETABLE. Coulnlulii(r no
Mercury, il In wills, or deleterious drugs.
ft-iir-Olisorvo tho following svmiitoins re.
uiun:f irom Diseases oi uio in
digestive organs:
s, Fullness uf the
CmiHliimt on. Inward Piles,
Mood to tho Head, Acidity of the Mtomaeh,
frntlsen, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Full
ness or weight in tho fit of tho Htoinach,
Swimming of thn Head, Hurried and illllleiilt
Ureal blnir. Fliitterinir at tho Heart, ( hokluir
or Sullociitliig Sen sal Ions when in n lying Pos
ture, iiimnesnoi vision, nuts or wens before
the SI it ht. Fever and Dull Pain In tho Head.
Deficiency in Perspiration, Yellowness of tho
Skis and ICyes, Pain In the Hide, Chest, Limbs
and Sudden Flushes of heat, Burnlnif In the
Flesh. A few doses of Railway's Pills will
free the system from All tho above disorders.
Price 35 Cent per Box.
UA DWAY & CO., 33 Warron cor Church Nt.
New York.
BT;VRenil False and True. Send one letter
stump to Railway A Co., No. Kl Warren, cor.
Church St., N. Y. Information worth thous
ands will ho ent you.
New Advertisements.
! Of THK
onsroiasrasr-ft. ti
Weekly Enquirer ! !
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Hooks, Furs, rtilverwaro, Watches,
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nu leuers to
nDciw. ' Cincinnati, t).
J. T I M E S
Worth of their Monej
Til K ( INl IS'.N AT! WKHKLY TIMKK, tin)
mu.-t liiuiular fnir.ilv newrimiier, oi a nation
al chiiracti i' and icp'iliition, is al.out entering
the lliii ly-tlrst year of its publication. To
those who are not personally acuti.iinte l w ith
its merits, it need onlv lie said. Its eJitoriuls
tire spirited: its eoriesnondeucc extensive
its uciv va, led. t:nd Irom everv ouailerof
the gloln", its agrii idturnl department lull of
prai'ticai luiorin.'itinn ; wore its stones, me
Letches and miscellany are adapted to both
young awn oni. aioi its repoi is oi t:ie niar
kiti, office stock, grain, gtoceries and dry
goi.iis arc iiiwavs tlicjutc.it ami most rella
'run rATitosn of iirsiiANDity.
Tlieneiv org.'ini.atiou of tlie farmers will
ilnd in Til K 'i'l.MKS a friend to the objects
sought to be tecuri'd liv tbein. and in its col
uuin- the more important dings of tho
We can't do wl(li TIIHTIJIKS, after having
rea.i it eigni years, fwmi ittoitrt Appieion
St.. Lowell. i'.Iass. L. A. Folsom.
We have doublet our list of hist vcar. I nn't
ilo wilhout I II fc, II. M I'.S. nlthoiigli lam an
old Dcmoi int. S. ( '. Ilyler, Mmt,o;;t:n','i, (),
1 do not know of any' paper that is devoted
to all the interests id tile humnu faniilv. us
nun h as 'I'll h'i'l.M LS. II. T. Trausuc, Sand
ut, l'a.
Til K TIM lis is very popular here, for one
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ilf'iirmi, mi s.llil!, stealers. , jl, ,11111,
ails len, Tenn .
I luive been a constant reader of THK
W KICK LY 'i l.M ICS for three years, and I can't
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I think It is tlie best paper in the world,
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nest engravings. It also contains a diary for
the vear lti 1.
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Continental Diiile
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Br. J. "Walker's California
Vinognr ittors ftro a pmoly Vcg
otabloprcparation, niatlo chiclly from
tlio native herbs fouud on tho lower
ranges of the SioiT4 Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
properties of which arc extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question Is almost daily askotl,
" Wbat it tho cause of the unpar
TKHS V Our answer is, that tliey
romovo tho ciuino of discuuc, and
tho pationt rccovorsj hlsj lioaltli, Tiiey
aro tho great blood purifier and It
lifo-fiiviliff iirineinlu, a perfect lieilo
vatof and Inviporntor 1 1' tlio nystuni.
Nevnr before iu tho history of tlio v.nrlil
htM mntliciua li'-'tiii coiiiiotuuleil pn.i
ResHiiig tlio roinnikiiMfl quuiii?j of Vi:.'-
EOAH UlTTEltH ill hoillillg tho Hick bt
every disoaso mu i.-t heir to. Tin e n,
a gontla Ptit'KAtivo as; well as a Toiiie,
rolioving Congestion or IulaiiiiimUnii ti
tlio Liver nnd'Vlscorul Orguns, in Jlilitm
UiHeiiscs. r
Tlio proiicriiiv; of Dit. Walk-
Elt' VlNKMAlUliTTitiwiiro A perinut, lia-
fliortitlo, Carminative, Xtilritioif, Litxa
Ivo, Diuretic, SndiiLiVH, C:nint,ir-1 .-ritntit,
Sudorific, -Alturutivi'. u:ul X-'M-Hiliou i.
II. If. ItlelJOlVALn A CO.,
nrugfilsls Mm. Agtt, Han Prnnolsco, Cslifor
nli t of Wwhlngton and Charlton f!tN.r.
Hold bjr nU Uraggisu mi Otmlin,
The A. h i 1 no!
An Illuslrated Mo-rhly Jomntu,
UniveiFftl Adnnttt i : to ) 1 he
KHiitisomest Pe, iodi. i iu
IhsWoila. k -Wjiii'
renUtive &r!i,i;
piou of Alii-.1
can Tasu.-.
Kot for &iile iu Boot or Hews Stores.
Tl'i: At.'d.S'lC, while issued with nil the
regii'arlt,. , lin- lioueottlr1 teinpiiniryorthne
jv 1 1. len A clia. if r.'i i.- tic n. n. : liuiry period I
lit!.'. Ii i.- .'ii i :::i.ii mi.., ellany of pure,
!,,,.!. lllld graeel'id i i : it u and ii collet'liou
A piutuivs, the iniiM spei'iuienj o( artist!,'
skill, in black a nt whin. Aldiotigh en. h
siicceoiling umuli,', aiiords a - pleasuie to
its friends, flu, reul value and beauty of 'I'll K
AI.DINK will he newt appreciated after ii ha
heen lioiind uti at the ilo;u of the year,
While other pitldieatious may claim superior
clieaiiuess, as coiiinai ed with rivals of a simi
lar chrcs, I' I It; A 1,111 N K is a uniipio and orig
inal conception alone and iinupproaclied
absolutely without, competition in price or
cliuincler. The possessor o a complete vol
ume, niuiiot depfieate tho ipiantity of lino pa
per mid engravings in any other shape or
ii li in hor of volumes for ten times its cost; and
then, there are thu chromes, besides!
The illustrations ofTHK AI.DIXEliavowon
a world-wide reoiiliition, and in tlio centres
of Kurope it is an aduiitted fact that its wood
cuts are example of tho highe.t perfection
ever attained. The common prejudice iu fa
vor of "Mod plates," is rapidly yielding to n
liiore educated and discriminating taste which
regognizes the advantages of superior artistic
iiiiality w tth greater facility of production,
The wood-cuts of T1IK ALDI.N K possess all
the deiicuev and elaborate flnishut' tlie most
costly steel idute, while thev all'uul A butter
rendering of the artist's original.
'fi fully K'nlized the woiiderl'ul work which
THK AIiPiMK is doing for tlio eauso of art
cultiii'o in Ainericfl, it Is only noeesiary to'
considur the cost to tlie people of uny other do
cent -representations of tlio productions- of
great painters.
In addition to designs by tho members of
the National Aendeiiiv.aiid other noted Ainer
cau artist , Til K AI,IIN K will reproduce ex
aniples ol the best foreign musters, selected
with a view to the highest artistic success and'
greatest general interest. Ti,us the suhierl
hers to Til K AI.DI.N li w ill, at a trilling eosl,
enjoy in his own homo the pleasures and re
fining inliucnees of true art.
The quarterly tinted plates for 1CT4 will be
by Thus. Jloran and .1. J). Woodward.
The Christinas issue for 1874 will eanlnlu
special designs appropriate tn the season, bv
our best artists, itnd will surpass in attrac
tions any of its predecessors.
Premium for 1874.
Every subscriber to TUB AMHN'E for tlio
year 1874 will receive a pair of chi-oiuos. The
original pictures were painted in nil fur tlie
publishers of TtlK AMIINE, by Thomas Mo
ran, w hose great Colorado liicture was pur
chased by Congress for ten thousand dollars.
Tho subjects were chosen to represent ''The
Kant" nd "The West." One is a view In the
W'liito Mountains, Now Hampshire; the other
gives the Cliffs of (irccn liiver, Wyoming Ter
ritory. Tlie difference in tlie nature of the
scenes themselves is a pleating coin rust, and
affords a good display of the artist's wop,i
and coloring. The chromes am each worked
from thirty distinct plates, and ate in si.,'
(lit x 111) and appearance exact fac-similes of
the origiuuls. The presentation of a worlliv
example of America's greatest landscape
painter to the subscribers of THK ALUINIC
whs a hold but peculiarly luippy idea, and
its successful realization is attested by tlio
following testimonial, over tlio siguuturo of
Mr. Mortal himself,
Nkw Youk, Sept.20th, 1873.
Messrs. Jamks 8ittqn & Co.
(itutlfiiieu.l am delighted with tho proofs
in conn of your chromes. Thoy aro wonder
fully successful representations by mechani
cal process uf t lie original puintings.
Very respectfully,
Thos. Mohan.
These r.hroinos are in every senso Ameri
can. They are by tho original American
process, with material of American manufac
ture, from dej-igns of American scenery bv
an American painter, mid presented to sub
scribers to the Mist successful American Art
.lournal. If nobeftcr because of all this, they
will certainly possess an interest no foreign
production can inspire, and neither are they
any the worse if by reason of peculiar fncili
ties of production they cost the publishers
only a trille, while eipial in every respect to
other c4nomus that are sold singly for double
the subscription price of THE AXDISE. l'r
snns of taste will prize these pictures for
tliouwolvos-ont Tor the prico they did not
cost, and will appreciate the enterprise that
renders their distribution possible.
If any subscriber should indiuiite a prefer
ence for a llgitre subject, the publishers will
send "Thoughts of Home," a new and lieauti
lnl chrouio, 1 Iv.'U Inches, representing a little
Italian exile w hose speaking eyes betray tho
longings of Ids heart.
TKK.MS ?" per annum, Iu advance, with
Oil Chromes tree, l-'or fsO cents extra, the
chronios will be sent, mounted, varnished,
and prepaid bv mail.
THE AI.DINK will hereafter, be obtainable
only by subscription. There will be no reduc
ed for club rate; cash for subscriptions must
be sent to (he publishers direct, or handed to
tlie local canvasser, without responsibility to
the publishers, except in cases where tlio cer
tilleate is given, bearing the fiie-siinilo signa
ture of Jamks SrrroN & Co.
Any person wishing to net permanently us a
local canvasser will receive lull and prompt
information hv applying to
ii'We.vw. tiB Maiden Lane, N. V,
The National Crop Reporter
Is devoted to tlio publication of renoits from
reliable correspondents in all sections itt tho
I nited States, showing tho condition during
Kiowtn nun locniion niter Harvest oi an the
lending agricultural crops and livo slock.
lliese tacts as received will bo submitted tu
the piddle in tlio most condensed form, nc
c.ompanied by comprehensive editorial sum
manes. In addition, all reliable Intelligence
bearing upon the abovo topics will bo culled
iiwm iiMiuog j-iuupeaii i-AciiHiigcs nun pre
sented in tlie columns of tho Iteiwrttr.
A series of livo inap-charts will be publish
ed during me your, snowing tlio location re
spectively of the corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco
and sugar producing crops, und give such
iiifoimation ns to local character, average
proline, ere.., as may ue snown most tatlstae.
toril v to the eye.
With the means of securing reliable, lufor
mation available, tlio llepnrter will he made
Itn indispensable aid alike to the farmer, tho
merchant Hnd the manufacturer, a source of
intelligence no business niun can alfonl to
TO I'AltUKltH, ri, ANTKK9,
And thoso engaged in the raising of livo
stock the IlcKirter olfors tho best rjo.slble
means of seen ring the largest return for their
moor oy ennui ing tneui toiietcrminoas to the
most lavoranie time tor disposing of their sur
plus product. The publication of the Ittixn:
trr having bum contemplated primarily more
especially in me interest oi tnu agriculturist,
tho mass of our Information haviuar to be de
rived from this idiiss to whom the largest
benollts inevitable revol t it becomes a mat
ter of Importance to every one addresfed that
he interest himself in several wavs, viz: llrst
in securing for the Itnitirttr nt leastonu relln.
hie correspondent in his county: next, to the
valui oi oiiosui louig jor ii copy oi mo WOI K,
and last and all the time in furnishing us
eiiuer iiirecuy or iiirougii mo correspondent,
all desirable information. ,
Notice ot Inaccuracies in reports will lo
Minus i u i iy rcceivcu.
The publication will not derive Its snpiort
inMii i,,i,ui unoon-ui", mi, win ucpniiii upon
us nieriis ior n sustaining patromige,
Tlie publleatioii will bo conducted bv Co
operative Assoclalion. An iiiinual meiuber-
snip, costing will entitle tlio party to a
copy of the Weekly Reporter throughout the
yeiir, nun o mo series oi nvu cnarts.
W'fiero a society litis taken a membership,
extra copies of tho nteklii Renorlrr niuv be
obtained by Individual members at f5 per an
To I ho.e not members the siibscrintlon will
ne ior i no jieporler mono i.i, or ror the Charts,
each 1
All coniiniiniciitlons should ho Dddressed
to THK NATIONAL tilt)!' HKl'Olt
'I'l.-i, 1....1. ...-.mn in
I I . ,1 , ,1 111 l.UII V HOT, 111.
sce'y National Agricultural Con-
gr, ss, Manager.
Notice Is Hereby irlven that John Paul as
.iiiiiiiuiniiiiioi in iiiu esiiiiu ui .isuies i am,
loceased. has II led Ids account with said es
tate for filial settlement, and that the snmn is
set for hearing on the 'illth dur of November,
18T-'l, nt 10 o'clock A. M. II. II. MAYO,
.lovuiiiooro, i muaietftiuge.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio,
Kotlce ti horoby given that Mm. Caroline
Idiom, (late Caroline Hull,) as Kxecutrlx of
the will of tieorgc Hull, ilecoimod, has tiled
her II ii ii 1 account herein; and that tho same
is set for hearing on the ftld day of Novem
ber, 1KT:, at 10 o'clock A. H.
If. B. MAYO,
lelobcr V,), JH7U. it Probst J tulgC,
1 n. mill (act an-1 onler and rejiair Furniture of all kinds, at tho most reasonable prices. I am
prepared to furnish
and a. coiiipany them wlih a Hearse. HSig"Iho paMio aro invited to call and
o.vumlno my Stock.
March ltllh, lb":'.
I'alcntce ninl .Maniifacturor of
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &o'.
Cr-AiiKSbfito, Wkst Va.
'I'llE llrlst Mill.;, bein,' portable, aro on
Iron h riiine, and
A . n ine nest .Mill ever made lor all kinds of
sii.muiji, ni ii nu easily uit.'ti-lieil toSuw Mills
or any other power, and warranted to grind
Hour and Meal of a superior iiunlitv at
greater into of speed than any other Mill,
without henlinir or oilier ililllciiltv the
weight beiiitf 1,400 pounds, occupying onlvS
feel sipiiire on the llooc. Will grind SO to"0
hits mis per hour. If within thirty days, the
.Mllldoes not prove s.-ilisl:u-lor, it ninv'be re
lui neil iiml money and nil charges refiiuded.
Hurt's rs(-lIoI(i lioror.
yp I guiiiHiiteed to make two holes to
V ?"" "'' !,"-v ! work nip-
on, ,oei p.-iiecny.
I N O rv V, A1!
j No hiull rim be I d with It nl'ler
W rtid. sent to any one on trial w ho
3 will send me the endorsement of the
l'ost Alaiter. Agents waeled.
I hiiksbiii,.', W. Va.
Fanners und others can seo the
Pnsi-llole llorer at I lie I:no,1'Ikk
ror tluee dollars, we ill send !h-' ClU'lti'll
I'NIox ,i ar to uny inldci-M- an. I .d-o v.ivu as a
rrcmr.im either of Ibe lulb iving -tanilard
woi its lh! price ol hi.-h at the ln.nl. stores or
through ageiils Is I ,ro ( a, h.
Smith's ISim.i-: Dicthjnauy.
1.017 jtt. y'unhj tlhttfh'tlii it.
A condi'iii.atliiM oi' III i.isand of v liimies of
e.-savs, hi-ori.s. Irniel. iiml i ouinienlarles
lor (ho cii.,,i.i'!.iii ,t,., ill,si!;,ti r die
Hihlii. prepared by tier. I):, vVil.Li Ui SMITH,
ni i ue i nivei--uiy oi i.'iii.i'.ii, ii -si-i,' in- over
seveulv ilir.iniguislu-.l t';,',,'S n., lithors,
oi 1,'iiui i-.ii i'kjm- (in,) .Muei ii a: or
CON'Yl!lvKF. it IIO '.V SON'S
life and Epistles of a, Paul.
ItK.U I Il't'l.l.V ll.l.V.s ntATK!!.
While nu ni',fi of pn'.-ei. I hVi. i.',i pi.. face by
Key. I)i. l.i;o.'ii IJacox.
TKIM:i 1" Alll-.N iA
'to the Ijegular Ag.'ios of ,i r er, we
give , iii-rci'iii. of 'he 11.110111,1 I'u v re
ceive, as toloi 1
run 1.,
1 fin
1 m
1 Ml
l'.-tlier alone, - , - 110
' and elibei- lunik, . : m
" und b"t',i book'.. - - ,"1 lib
" and elii onnis, - - -1 01
" ehiouios tin I i ! Si book, "1 tw
" rhroiiioi, and bo:ii books, I -.III
AiiliNT'S lit
Any mill iluKii'lii't lo b, e.m Ajent uiav
receive an eiilllt b, lending us lii.- pi-leu (if
any uf Hie itenp iii,ntiopid nbove, dn,:eliug
Hie thlriv per cent.
Cl.l'i; HAT KM
WVwill rend ( iii'ili lt I'Mns to Hubs on
the fullowiiig term-:
Kive ioios, one year, ',r - , - 800
Ten copies " ' ., . w
Twenty cojiles, t' " ... Mini
No prcniiniiis l'i flub.-, or conniiii-sioiis to
those who form tlieiii; any one di 'n ing a pie
liiiuni lini-t s.'iul im the I'll 1 1 aniouiit.
TltAN'-il'OUTATKl.S- Oil A Ht.'KS,
The Chronios are sent to our eulisi 1 ibers by
litnil. We pay the pu i.ige,
The Ihmks are . nt by express, ami .-ubsc.rl-bcrs
will p.iy the express rales on delivery.
Agents may 1 lunge to ihosn orderl.ig pre.
inltiins the aniouiit exlra that is due for ex
pressing the bonks to their lo.-nlliy. Address.
IIKO. liTIIUI.I., No. lleekniHii HI.. S. v.
Principles of (lie ( Iiuicli Union.
1. Whatever oec.e'lini may have existed In
times pn-t for the di vision of Die ( Iiui cli Into
separnlo denomination, wu hold that the ef
forts uf UiilHijins should lii'iiceforih be posi
tive ami continuous to nurd 1111 actual and
visible oneno.s,
2. While opposed lo any such concentration
of power as Hind, I trench upon tho inherent
liberty (if tin) liidivldunl I hi lslinii or society
of dlsclpleji. we hold that the evangelical lai.
lievers and l ougreitai ions of eucli locality
should aim to iiinnili'st lo 1 1 10 world their os
seiitlnl unity in faith and spirit.
H. We hold those churches to bo ev.lllgell
rid, will -b, 111 ui 1 1 1 11 i 11 .-, I Hie Holy S.-i iiitures
10 oe me 1111 iv iiiiaiiiinu rule 01 1,11111 and
iirnellce. do believe iu the f.oid .lesiis t hrlHt
the oiily-hegolien of the Knlher, King of
(iiigsaiiil l.onl of I.i iis, in w hom dwellelh
the 1 11 1 liens nl' the lionhi nil bodily, mid' who
was inline, sin tor us, 1111,11,-11 know lug no sin,
bcui ing our slus In 1 1 Is own Isidyonlliu tree)
a the only name under heaven 'given among
men whereby we must be saved from ever
lasting plllllSIIIIIUIIt, , .
We subscribe to tln nbeye piineliilus, and
are deeidv iiilercsled In the welfare and
mainleiidiiiicii of the t nrui'll t'NION as duvo-
unl to their advocacy.
(SI gnt ,.)
8 D Ilureluid,
II Crosby,
.1 T Durvoa,
W.M Taylor.
TV 1 lllllllllgUIII,
; V Hueins, .
T !,Clivloiv
II M Hcudder,
J (I Hnilth,
li V I'eiitecost,
W C Mcl 'nne,
I I j wards,
HH lllssell,
K I' lb wing,
H Fowler, ,
It Cameron, '
W 11 Welloiis,
J ,1 White.
W W Wnriuir,
rt I) Melius,
II I! llaltliiov,
A J Hesslous,
T I' f-t'ivenson,
A I'oslnr,
II O floiiu,
It HMtwiirlliv,
11. I-;. 1 In all,
I, irlg.es,
I ; llilliuaii,
I) II Cliaiipell.
TS Hustings,
T I WittTalinngn,
T I Woolsev,
K P Inuersoll.
T.I Mulish,
W Itower,
II Oriflon,
K P Marvin.
j). iireou,
D It llradfonl,
M Kiclinrdsuii, '
CC Suiter,
E P Parson.
J H Cloavoliind,
B II Phlpps,
C 11 Malconi,
W. Purr,
It Ibbotsnn,
U 11 Hall,
V II Flack,
BU Miner.
Books Which Are BookaT
Works which should be found in every I.h
brary within tho reach of nil readers. wrki
to eiilertain. Instruct and improve. Cop1"
will bo sent by return post, on rccoii.td
New l'lilsogiioiny 1 or, Signs of t'linrnt, '
as iiiiinil'eslud tlirough Toiupermnntt '
Kxtenuil Forms, and especially in the "Hi
man Kaco Divine," with more than On
Thousand IllustrHiolis. II y S. It. WKLLI
l'rice 5.00.
The RlfjhtWord in tha Rlolit Place,
A New l'ocket Dictionary and Reference
' Hook. Embracing .Synonyms, Technical
Terms, Abbreviatiunc, Foreign I'll ruses,
Writing for Hie Tress, Punctuation, Proof
Heading, mid other Valuable Jnforiuatluu,
75 cents.
Mnniigemeiwof Iiifimey. Physiologlal am?
Moral Teeatiiient. liv Anuhkw C'ohiik, M
' I). With Notes. 11.50.
The Family riiysleian. A Heady Pro
sc.rlbernnd Hygeniu Advisor. With'Kci'or.
ence to the Nature, Causes, Prevention at (1
Treatment of Diseases, Accidents, and Cut
unities of every kind. With a Glossary and
copious Index, lly Joki, Sliuw. M. D. Il
lustrated with nearly 300 Kngraviugs. One
large volume, inieniicii ior use in 1110 lunilty,
Prico 4.l)(l.
How to barncter. A New Illustrated
liniid-liook nt riirenology mid Physioeuo
111 v. for 8tiuleiits mid Examiners.' wltl 1
(hart for recording the sixes of tlio Organs
01 inu m ain, 111 inu Delineation 01 t liar
niter, with upwards of 170 Kinfinvingt,
latest iiiki nest, iiiusiin, fi.xo.
Tho Patents' Guide ; or Unman DcvcIol
inent through Inherited Tendencies, lly
nirs. 11 kstkh rGNiu.i;T(iN. neeoiin euiiion,
revised and enlarged. One vol. lilino. (I.G0,
C'oiiHtltutlon of Man, C'ouslderod In rela
tion to l.xteinnl (Hijer.tH. lly liKOKdE
Comiii:, Thconly authorized American ICdi
tion. w 1 111 1 weiuy r.ngrnviiigs, fi.u.
Tho llyclonle Iliind-Kood a Practical
iiiiiito ior tno isle k-itnom, Alinialietically
arrangen wun Appendix, jiy it, 1. I llit.L,
line vol. r-'ino, auu pp. aiusiiii, yiw.
" Hoxv to Write," " How to Talk," "How
to Ilehave," and " How to Do lliisiness," a
lland-llook indispensable lor Home I ill
provemsnt, in one vol. 2.25.
AVeillock : or the ltight liulations of the
Sexes. Disclosing tlie Laws of Conjugal
Seleclion, mid showing who may and w ho
may 1101 jiiarry. A liuldo lor uotn Soxes,
SI. oil.
Oratory Sacred and Secular 1 or tlio Kx
teiiiioi'iiueous Speaker. Ineliidsng a Chair
man's (.iiiiilo lor conductlni; Public Jlect
lugs iiccordiiig to Parllainentary forms,
Mcillciil IJcitrli'lly. A Manual for 8tu
dents, showing tlie most sclentillo and ra
tional tipplii-allnii to all forms of Acute anil
t limbic Discuses liv tin) different eoinbl.
net ions of lvlecl.iicity, tialviinisin, F.loctro-
jiiagnetisiu. aiagneis-r-iectricity, ami it 11
ma 11 Magnetism. t,iM.
History of Salem Witchcraft j "The Plan
i-liette iMvslel'v:" noil MikIoi'I, Snirltiiii
Imii," .with " lr. Doddrlilgo's Dream, " ii
one vol. Price ?1.1X).
Eiop'8- Fables. Tlio People's Plctoriu
I'M it 1011. Heautifiillv Illustrated with near
ly Sixty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, bevelei
boards. Duly tl'.W.
Pope's Essay on Man. With Notes,
bountifully Illustrated. Cloth, gilt, beveled
imams. ?i.uu.
Phrenolociicnl Bust. Showing the latest
elassilicallon,aiid exact location of all lliu
Organs of tho Drain. It is divided so as to
show each Organ 011 one side; and all tho
groups on lliu other, hent by express,
j ricu f .'.uu.
Inelo.-e aniouiit In a Registered Letter, or In
a Postollico Order for cue mid all tho above,
iiml uildress a. It. Wki.ls, Publisher, No. -Ml
iiioaiiwiiv, ,ew lorn. Agents wantcit.
1 . ,1. HILMNtillL UST, Agent lor Vluton
l.Olllil,,, IJ,
A Fine German Ch.omo.
WK H KM) A.V kl.KUA.NT UlIltOMI), UOl'N'l'KI) AM
j.OrTirria -wa'T'd foii
JIY Til OS. W. KX0.V.
043 Pages Octavo, 1 30 Kino Engravings
Kelutes Incidents and Accidents huvol
the Light of Hay; Hurtling Adventures In 11 ,
parts of the World; Mine) uud Mode of Work
ing them: Undercurrents ot'Moelctv: timnli.
ling und Its Horrors; Caverns and their Wys
loiies; Tho Dark WilVM of Vi lekcdness: l'ris.
ons mid their 8ocrnts; Dowt. in tho Depths of
tho Sea; Strange Stories of the Detection of
1 rutin. 1.110 nook treats or experience with
nriganiis ; iiiguts in opium Hens and gambling
hcllsf life In lirlson: stories of exiles: 111! cn.
turos iiinong Indliiiis) Journeys througli How-
t-i n 111111 iiiiicuiiion i lici.iouiiu, ill lllllllijpi
woiiderl'ul biirulurlus: underworld of Uio Lreut
cities, etc., etc.
We want agents, for this work on wdilch we
give exclusive territory, A gouts ciin muke
iismi wis-k in selling cms noon, semi rorclr,
Hilars ami special terms to agnnls.
j. i, uvrtn hyde,
Groat Industries
1.1110 luiiros mid 600 eiiernvloes. ni-lnloil In
Knglisli mid Ceiiiiaii, written liv H0 1111 Incut
11111 t, iiiciiiiiiug ,101111 11. uoilgll, Moil, I, eon
t asc, Kdward llowlaiid, Rev. E. Edwin Hull,
Philip Itlpluy, Albert Brisbane,, lloraeo tiree.
lev, etc.
1 his work Is a com oleic history nf nil lirnni-li.
es of liuliislry, priHiesses of inaiiiifactiiro. etc.,
In all lures, It IS a coinnlcto unc.vc.luiiedln ol
urts und maniil'acltires, ami If the most enter.
I nl 11 1 UK iiml valuable work of 1 11 form at Ion on
subleels of general Interest ever offered to the
public, Wo give our agenls tho exclusive
right of territory. One ol our agents sold
copies in eight days, another sold Wis In two
week. )ur agents in Hartford sold 407 in
week, specimen of the work sent to agents,
Address 'ho publishers, J, II. llJltlt M
1111)1, Hartford, Conn., or Chicago. Ill,
Gsorge W, Tlnkliuin
Kllta Hyson, l'lnintlfrs,
Friink Clnyiulno, Deri.
liirir .1. l iiuv r 11 u.ii.M n....
n, , ... ... i.iiimrii a I,.
Ship, Vinton County, Ohio.
ln the til dny of October, 1H73, mild .liiHIi n
Issued nil order of Attachment In thn uhoie
action for the sum of f IU V5.
nam causa is set for hearing on Tuesday,
November '.1.1, 1K:J, nt J o'i lock p.m.
.Noveinliol'fi, PHil-Uw.
WK keeji noiisiaiitly on hand at thiiof-,
II, en supply or EN V ELol'EH, ilHin
Whiili 11 1 ard ol 1111 v description will ba
printed o low Hint all may alfonl to hav It
rani on the Envelopes t'sed by them. -
! Tfmi Tables.
' The 'old ltcliiible" mid Popular
J Througli Express Trains Dailj
A K( 1 nipped with Miller's Patent Safer
I Pl.-illorin, Coupler, und lluiler, am.
II tho Celebrated
Westinghouse Patent Air Brakon
Tho nidst perfect protection against nccl
dents ill t!') world.
jBfjXew and elegant Dav Coaches una
ro dally lines of Pullman's Palace Kleeiiimi
t ars are run through from KANSAS t'JTV
10 i;uini-y, uaiesnurg, juemiotii and
Without Change.
Also, n daily line of Piillnuin's Palace Hleeii.
Ing I ars tVoin ATCHISON ami ST. JOSICI'll
to.Iacksoiivillaiid8priiigllold, and new and
elegant Day Coaches from Kansas City to lu
dianapolls and Cincinnati w ithout change
fry-To seeiiro all the modern Improve
nieiiis In Hallway traveling, purchase tickets
via the JlANNiHAb & St. Joskimi hiiout Link,
avoidlnir all tvutiHrcvn Ci-i-ii,. n,i .,1
of enrs.
fifoy Through Tickets for sale at all prin-
elnnl onicnu. Vnwi nl,,',,v. ,.u u 1...
routo. IWggago checked through to nil pi-iu-clpitl
points. o. S. J.VFOHI),
. tleneriil Sup't.
ii. .1. t-Alllvblc, Uen'l Ticket Agent.
TkiIii. ...Ill !.,.. , ..I , 1 ........
.,,, ,vuvu vuiiiiiiiMin nun xii-si-
llne and arrive at points named below ns lol-
Coi.u'nrs Div. NianT
cm. FAST
Kxransa kximiksh
Col inn Ims.. Lv 1:45 A u ulfMS
4:0(1 p u
4 "JO
4 Mil
11 ortiiingioii
Lewis Centre
. .11:84
M U: lo
.12:14 I'M I:W
Canllnglon ... 3:31 1S:SH
S (1:110
. .7:!I7
.. 7:WI
Ciiloail 13::ih
(jalioi 4:05 i;o:
Cresllno.. !A.'M:?,5AM
)Lv 4:i!S
1 :.'!()
Shelby 4:45
New London... 5:i)5
' 9:4-1 '
' :l)f
La C range,
(irafton... .
W. & U. W
Clovelniid .
Alb 7:10 iu 4:00 rulO:3l)PU
Clevolanil.Lv A,7:iKIAuA4:rsUi'M 10:45 PM
Erie ArlU:l 7:10 lSftAM
Diigklrk Il:Nl 0:10 a -.Ml
llull'alo d 1:10 pm HI :;tt 4:05
Ilnf. (vl' 'rle)I,v 2:31) Fii . . 7o1o0-am
HornellsvillcArS B:I5 8:85
Corning 7:'J5 1l:ii
Elnilra 8:00 10:1
lliugliiimtoii, ...HI:II5 l'J:UP u
New York... A 1-7:00 am 7:arii- 11
nuf ivln VI
Y 4' A II It!
Lv 3:05
i 11 :3(lp uri:00 a m
1 :35 A 11 117:05
itoehester. .Ar J4:20
Syracuse 7:10 4:10
I ticn tl:S0 (1:00
Schenectady... 12:00 :K)
New York...
..1-2:40 All 0:4.5
c, ,)-jiio
M 11:0 p m
..H::i0 a u 6:'tt)r u l::io P m
Close coiineetions made nt Columbus with
tho Columbus ,t Hocking Valley It-iilroail.
Through Tickets for sale at Athens.
Palace Day and Sleeping Cars
On All Train.
For particular, iiilorniution in regard tn
througli tickets, time, connections, etc., to all
points East. West, North and South, apply to
or address E. FORD, Coliiiiibiis, Ohio,
K. S. FLINT. (Imii. Sup't.
General Agent, Columbus, Ohio,
T'lissongei- A gout. 'oliiiiilnis. Ohio.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Llnototlie Lakes and tlio North
As follows:
(1:10 a. 111.
A rri vo
i-X a. 111.
. 4:00 p. m.
6:55 "
ll:)M) a. tn.
1:10 p. 111.
1:05 '
2:15 p. m.
D :BI) p. in.
7:10 a. 111,
11 :45 a. 111.
2:11) "
8:45 "
7:4D p.m.
11:31) "
Clevelanil ..
Spi iiigileld ..
I 'ay ton
( loso connection made at Lancaster for Clr.
clevllle. Znnesville mid all lioluts on the Cin
cinnati und Muskingum Valley Itailroad.
Direct connections inado at Culiimbus fin
Dayton, Sprlngllcld, liidlniiiiiolis, Chicago
ami all points West. Also, for Cleveland,
llull'alo, Pittsburgh, and nil points East.
Take the Hocking Valley and Pan Handle
route to ( hii nuo and tho Northwest: it is tlio
shortest by sixty-six miles, giving pnsscn gets
the benefit of ipilcker time and lower rates
than by any other line.
.1. w, noiiuitn, Htni'i.
B. A 1K-KL!.. tien'l Ticket Aicnt.
The Home
Of Columbus,
Is 0110 of tlio best inanriL'ed
Insurance Companies iu Ohio.
Hates as low an any No. 1.
responsible company.
Ijokscb promptly adjusted
without litigation.
II. C. JONES, Aoknt.
ii i-
" : I
, nil
') ,
' v.
"i nod Willi
lleli In uii-lh.u iiipill.
i s oi 'A iir, whl, ll
celiac II In bull, I iim
lii x. ei.k in,, .
V Afn&yl VMilCll. ll'iuXia lln, IU.
1 1,0
..... . , m.j w
mo) lii.lltf- ihi
im inIii
I, It
I tl, .
I ,..
. I i.r
is a Mp, rior
If, I 'IH'CM
lii-liii : l.lli I,'.
,i i. . ........
'OTi:;.,',.i . . I " "H s
r4',i'f?,?''i "r i. ..i.,..,
E'li'ttW-i.-iJ i''.' f ' "1'''' ''"ii"i'
N?to fV.','!'''1:( - . r"
r iim
I Mil tf
mint it
'' 4.1 .1, ,.; (..!
it I t.
- . ' ...I,, i, i , ,u. ni d
''I llitA'iiiiil VXUH,
n,iiiiii.e4 a N,i'iii ,4
ui li.iik, 'i.iy (,
H.I ill,, i,... nf ll,'
ninl Im. I,., i i
Asflifiin .,, , .
Hold by

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