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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 26, 1873, Image 3

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Dyspepsia, Coughs, Colds, Headaches, Billions Attacks, Fevers, Derangements of the
Liver, and all disorders of the Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels,,
Rheumatism and Gout; and especially
m r
By this means giving Clearness to the Brain, a Fresh and Brilliant
Complexion, and Buoyancy to the body.
Is used in all diseases of the Skin, Piles, Fistula, Lumbago, Erysipelas,
Swellings, Sore Throat, Inflammation of the Chest,
Boils, Pains in the Limbs, Hheumatism, Scalds, Burns,
Sore Breasts, Diseases of the Joints, Scrofula,
Ulcers, Swelling of the G-lands, Neuralgia,
Salt Rheum and "Weaknesses.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Depression of Spirits, Sick Headacha and Nausea.
These common diseases havo their origin in the stomach. The gastric juice, when secreted from bad blood, is deficient in
those properties so essential to digestion, and unless the food is properly dissolved, the body is not suitably nourished. The
bowels become constipated, the liver torpid, and a general derangement of all the functions of the body ensue, hence the
importance of purifying the blood, and cleansing the stomach and bowels of all billious humors.
IIollowav's Tills are a most efiicacious remedy for all derangements of the digestive organs, correct the morbid condition
of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a healthy secretion of bile, and cleanse the system of all humors and
impurities, and restore the energies of body and mind.
Six to Ten Pills should be taken nightly by adults (according to the age and sex of the patient), until a cure is effected.
Liver Complaint, Asthma, and Difficulty of Respiration. '
The symptoms in the first of these diseases varies according to the degree of inflammation existing, or of that portion
of the liver which is affect id. If stagnant and corrupt humors, lodge in the liver, and are allowed to remain, a torpid and
diseased state of this most important organ is sure to follow, producing Asthma, difficulty of breathing, and other derange
ments, which, if not speedily extirpated by vegetable purging, will sooner or later end in confirmed liver Complaint
Holloway's Pills, if combined with strict attention to diet, will remove at once, by their influences over the secretions,
that congestive and unhealthy condition of the Liver which generates those diseases.
. i j Commence taking four Pius morning and evening of the first day, and increase the dose (according to the age or strength
of the patient) two pills until you reach eight, and continue this number as long as necessary to effect a cure. The Ointment
should be freely rubbed over the affected parts twice a day, for ten or fifteen minutes.
It should be remembered that all cases of this most annoying disease proceeds from a want of proper evacuations from
the bowels. The foul humors in place of being regularly and thoroughly expelled are left to generate inflammations and
swellings, commonly known as Piles, which, if neglected, will ripen into the still more dreaded disease, Fistula. The most
: aggravated cases are cured by these medicines. Two or three Pills taken night and morning will be found sufficient to
. produce one or two slight evacuations daily, and great care must be observed that no violent action of the bowels is produced.
The patient should, if possible, sit in a warm (not too warm) bip bath for a few minutes, night and morning, but if that is
unattainable bathe the parts freely with warm water, and fhen rub the anus and surrounding parts for five or ten.minutes with
the Ointment. Falling! Piles and Blind Piles require the same treatment, which, if continued for a short time -will make a
complete cure of the most obstinate attack. Great prudence must be used both in eating and in drinking, avoiding high
seasoned food, spirits, wine or malt
i .
Rheumatism, Stiffness in the Joints, Gout, Lumbago, Unnatural
Swellings, and Chronic Pains.
In all these cases the Ointment must be used freely two or three times a day, rubbing it well in, and keeping the parts
affected covered with the Ointment. In severe cases heat some sand or salt, place it in a bag, and lay it on the part affected
as hot as the patient can boar, for five or ton minutes. Afterwards well annoint with Ointment and spread thickly on Iroen or
cotton rags, and then cover over with flannel.
The Pills should bo used night and morning, in doses of Jive to' eight, according to the strength and age of the patient.
Sore Throat and Quinsy.
Use five Pills night and morning, increasing the doso by one Pill each day to tho. number of ten, if necessary. Hob the
Ointmunt thoroughly on the chest or throat two or three times a day, and observe a temperate diet.
Ulcers, Abcesses, Sores, Ulcerated Breasts, Sore Nipples,
; , "Wounds, and Scrofulous inflections.
, In order to effect a cure in these diseases, it is essential that they should dischargo freely, and that the blood should
udergo the process of purification ; bathe the parts with warm (not hot) water twice a day, and then apply the Ointment freely,
rubbing well fu -round the sores, and over hard swollen and inflamed places. (If tho sores or ulcers aro foul a little brown
sugar may ie mixed witn ine uimmens previous w applying it,) and continue as lopg as the discharge is of a thick glutinous
nature., rcrsons of robust constitution can taice six to eight riLLs night and morning, during the first -week, six twice a (lav
during the second we..'-, and four the third week, continuing the treatment until the foul humors of the blo.id are oxnurd, and
a cure affected. During tho treatment the diet Bhould be generous, consisting of roasted or broiled yitln without crathihle and
a complete abstinence from all spirituous or malt liquors,
-Diseases of the Skin, Salt llhc tint, Scurvy, Scorbutic Affections, Rtnatvorm, Scald Heads, Blotches,
- .
Pimples, etc., anQ Erysipelas
The origin of all those diseases lies in the blood, creating excitement and great irrability, and can only be cured by actinje
powerfully on the first cause the blood and thus carry off through nature's channels those morbid impurities which are
otherwise forced upon the outward surface of the body. Four to eight Pills (according to the age and strength of the
patient) night and morning for ten days will produce sufficient purging, and thoroughly extirpate the foul secretions ; and
while the internal medicine is at work, the external (the OintmcnC) must be freely applied twice a day first fermenting the
parts with warm water, in order to allow the searcning properties of the Ointmeut the more easy to penetrate. Jn all
cutaneous eruptions the outward application causes tho parts to appear more inflamed, disregard that, but presevere and the
disease will be removed.
This, in most cases is the culmination of some other disease, hence difficult of curing, yet by the joint agency of the
Pills and Ointment great relief can be obtained, and in many instances a cure affected. The Pills should be taken in doses of
6ix to eight, night and morning, and the swollen parts (especially the stomach and right side, round to the spine) should be
thoroughly ruttbed with the Ointment for an hour twice a day.
INIjjht Sweats and Restlessness.
Disorder of the Liver and many other disarrangements are preceded by night sweats. As a cure take four to six Pills
every night before retiring, (according to the strength of the patient,) use substantial food, and take all the out-door exercise
Palpitation of the Heart.
Hub tho Ointment freely over tho region of the heart, night and morning, and take four to six Pills twice a day, abstain
from .the use of all exhilirating liquids, (even tea and coffee), take plenty of out-door exercise, and avoid violent exertion of
any kind.
Urinary Obstructions Bloody Urine, Involuntary Urine, and Urine by Drops accompanied with
Heat and Pain.
Take six or eight Pills every night, and rub. the Ointment freely over the region of the kidneys. In all those 'diseases
tho hip bath should be used nightly with warm (not hot) water, and the treatment continued for four or five weeks after a cure,
to prevent a return of the complaint.
Fever and A.gue commonly called Chills and Fever.
This inveterate complaint is undoubtedly superinduced by miasma, inhaled into the lungs and stomach. It is a billious
complaint, having its seat in the liver. Holloway's Pills are singularly adapted to the euro of this most annoying complaint.
Take the Pills night sud morning, commencing with four each do3e the first day, six the secoud, and eight tho third. After
that varying the dose according to circumstances. After a chill bathe the feet in a hot mustard bath, and drink warm tea or
lemonade in order to produce perspiration. . :
Gonorrhea, Gleets.
The worst forms of those diseases can be cured by taking six Pills to ton every night, so as to thoroughly cleanse the
blood. Abstain from eating anything salt, or any kind of acids, pickles, pepper, or mustard; eat plenty of fresh meat and raw
tomatoes, avoiding spirits, wines, and malt liquors of every kind, also tea and coffee, drink one or two quarts of Linseed Tea daily,
and use an injection of one part Sulphate of Zinc, two parts Sugar of Lead well mixed with water, so as to form a weak
solution. Inject from two to five times within the twenty-four hours. In ordinary cases use only the solution of Sugar of Lead,
but in severe attacks or neglected Gleet use the compound. . . ; . '
-i ,
- .
Diseases Incidental to Women, Flooding, Whites, Obstruction of the Menses, and the Change of Life.
In all cases these Pills will be found of estimable service ; for flooding take five Pills every night on going to bed ; for
white five Pills night and morning, live separately, drink nothing but water, and keep control over tho passions. " When a
woman finds the great change The Turn of Life coming upon her, take for one week in the first month,' six pills
nightly,' this will greatly assist nature in' her operations, and purge the gross humors from the blood, and if necessary eight
pills tho; second month. This with cooling diet and gentle exercise in the open air will shortly restore the afflicted to
perfect health.
I :.
On taking tho Pills in the evening, avoid eating a rich heavy meal, and drink freely of some warm mucillaginous drink,
such as Barley water, thin gruel or flaxseed tea, which are grateful to the stomach and assist the medicine in its operation.
... ..r
i To proteot the public against counterfeits, this book is copyrighted, aud the TUADK MARK which is printed on eich ;
label is recorded in the Patent Office in accordance with the Act of Congress, 1871, and will also appear in the water-mark ol
each sheet of tho book accompanying every ix and potf the Pill and Ointment, and this guarantee giveiyty the Law will
be used to its utmost to protect the public a j ii i t counterfeits. ;.';1!"',.U j ' , . '
'. Foi sale by all Druggwts Depot 10. Maiden Lane, rfew lprk. .'
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