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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, November 26, 1873, Image 4

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Topsy and the School-Keys.
One of the most sagacious
little dogs in London belongs
to Mr. Nico. tho keener of
Highbury Chapel. "Topsy" is
not an idle dog ; shia busy
from Monday morning' .'till Sat
urday night; for' what with
keys to watch, doors fo attend
to, and many other things be
sides, her time is fully occupied.
Sunday is "TopsyV rest clay,
and right glad she seems not
to be expected to bark, nor do
any work ou Sunday ; tor ani
v raals, as well as men, require,
' and are entitled to, ono . day of
rest in the week. "Topsy's"
master has trained her to dis
tinguish the difference between
Sunday and week-day, and if
v -stranger were Usee her oh
Sunday, he would imagine that
she were ill, for she lies down
quietly in' her bed quite indiffer
." "entVs to Vho comes in or who
goes out. She knows that she
must not muk; any noise, - or
bark at the 'people who come
to the chapel or the school on'
" that day.
Mrs. Nice has a fine cat
which live? in the same room
with "Topsy," and she pays ' all
the due respect to pussy. When
the cafj 'Las her milk, "Topsy"
gitg ' quietly by to watch ' iW
"'drink' it, and when 'assy' has
finished, "Topsy" expects the
saucer re-filled for herself. If
she is kept waiting for her milk
longer than she thinks right,
she rinc;s the bell that is, she
taps tho saucer ; and if the first
tapping is not attended to, she
taps again and again until she
has due attention. "Topsy is
so polite that she yiniiot be
- persuaded to touch her milk un-
til the cat has had hers.
About eight o'clock in the
morning she may be seen sit-
. ting; in ! the window watching
for the boy who calls for the
keys of the day schools. These
; keys are. ''Topsy's" particular
charge She , will not allow
them to be taken from their
place on the wall unless it be
by her master or, by the person
aceustomec( to give them up at
night; and if brought in and
' not hung up in their place at
once, "Topsy" gets them, if they
are left anywhere within reach,
and hides them underneath the
carpet She then sits beside
them, and cries very pitiful un
til Mr. or Mrs. Nice steps for
ward and hangs them up in
.their usual place. "Topsy" has
no objection to the keys being
taken from their place on . Lord's
Day .morning. On that morn-
l, ing he will allow any of the
teachers to take them off the
nail, without the blightett hind
rance, or without, even looking
fter them.
. i '.Topsy;. is very . affectionate
and sympathizing; if at any time
,, )ier master or mistress ho un
. well or in trouble, she tries her
bent to comfort them by licking
their face and hands ; and it at
any time she has ofTended,and is
epoken to crossly, she holds out
her paw, and looks into their
faces so pitifully, as much as to
Say "Please fchako hands with
bi4 and be friends." It' is no
wonder that "Topsy" has many
friends who call to see her and
shake hands with her. The
affectionate little creature never
seems content to lio down in
her bed at night without first
putting out her paw, and' shak
ing lands with her master ; it
is her good nifij. y TW ihigj
Training of "this beautiful doj
reflects the greatest credit up
on her kind-hearted master.
From "Dogs and their Doings."
A number of suits are to be
instituted in Macoupin county
t,.ri..rteougbt Jexaa, cattle jpt Hie
county, . by persons, whose, na
tive herds have taken the
Tens fever froirfttbe "long
From "Dogs and their Doings." What a Teacher Should Not Do.
LyWLIlafatscLofl- ft
Never al)ow tile-UrLig. f '
Never speak -vir-df otners?
Never punish when angry.
Never talk much nor loud.
Never believe all you hear.
Never magnify small offen
ces. 1
Never .be weary iu Vell-do-
Never nse'intoxicating drinki
Never uso tobacco in any
form. , '
Never be hasty iu word or
Never compare one child wi'.h
Never threaten for anticipa
ted offences.
u Neve'pfimfse' VhatyoU'chn-notpe-rflir'U
V"' ' V
Never attempt to teach too
many things. ' ' ; V
'' Never 'speak'1 in iv; scolding,
fretful manner.
'Never' let your pupils see tint
they can vex you. ' " ' '
' Never trust to another what
you should do yourself.
Never tell a child what you
can make him tell you.
Never put off " till to-morrow
what can be done to-day,
Never yield anything) to a
pupil because be looks angry.
Never indulge in anything
inconsistent with true polite
ness. ' "Never use - a hard word
when an easy one will do as
well. -
Never tell . a pupil to do a
thiug unless convinced that he
can do it.
Nej-er riFj obbifVytfh jn
teaching, j Vj jf l
Never lefTi kWiTlt
Chief-Justice Gray of Massa
chusetts is said to be one of the
greatest men living. lie stands
six feet four inches high, weighs
two hundred and fifty pounds,
has a fine figure,! travels his
circuit on horse-back, and at
tention ! ladies! is a bachelor.
Osk of the ladies of Northern
Ohio reccutty traveled with one
ticket, four trunks, two bund boxes,
a flower pot, poodle1 dog, umbrella,
jug of milk, lunch basket, a paper
sack full of peaches,' a canary bird,
and a boy of fifteen, whose age she
gave as nine.
Des Moines is again tinker
ing with petroleum gas in lieu
of coal gas. .., ',, :
- 1 ' (JETTBE ' l
Worth of their Money
muht nomilar tan.ilv ncwMHUier, of 11 nation
al character aud reputation, is aLoutciituring
tliu tliirty-llrm year of Uh publication. To
tlioeo whuaru not pci-nonally acijiinintuil with
Ita rncritx. it nccil oulv 1)3 suitl. IU ("litoriitl?
arc 8pii'ituil; its cori-cspontV'iiiiu uxtuiiHive:
us newi vanwi, aun iroin every quarter 01
tliu Klube: its urii iiltunil (U-ii:u uncut full ol
practical (nfurnmtionj, M hMo itn litoricj), lill
Bketchcn and ininccllimy are aMuptcil to both
young aud old. and ita reports of tliu inar
luU, ofllve stock, irruin, groceries ami dry
irnoaa nru aiwnyt tliu latuKt ami uinnt relia
Thanew orunnlzrvtlou of the farmers will
find in THK TIMES a friend to tho objects
sou (flit to be xeciirod by them, and in it col
umn tlio more iuipui'tant doings of tlie
We can't do witliTIIKTIMKS. after liaviiiu
read IteiKbt vhim. bend U to 113 Appleton
St., Lowell, Jian. I A. KoIwmii.
We liuve (loiililed our lint nl Hint year, ( an t
do without TI1K TIMKs. nlllionifli I am an
old Ue.nior.rat. S. (', iiyler, Aloiite.iinia, O.
I do not know of any paper Hint is ilevotud
to all the inlerelrt of tlio Ikiiiiiiii t'aiuilv, n
mm li as THKTIMES. II. T. Traiuue, baud
Cut, l'a.
TIlbTIMKSirt very popular liere, fur one
renvoi), and (lint in. Your oiitsuokvu cuurxc
nalit thu uilary btealcra. . ,. Wynn,
1 niivu been a constant reuiler or Tilt
W KKKLY TIMKS for three yeai. anil I can't
well do without rj irvf-Vf . f'j ilaw-ll. Hay
I think it Ih the Lest uaner in tliu world. I
like the way you talk 111 regard to Congres
sional frauuu; and 1 aim like your mipport of
thu l'utron of Hiifbandry-. Ci lyou, , Val-
' yuneiion, iowh,
Jrcry Patron !' THK WKKKLY TIMKS la
mnented. freo, with a eonv of tliu "Times II-
untruled llaiid Hook," un ulevantly illuHtra-
tcd volumo of HW Mcientillc. and niixcelliiiieous
nrtlcle. illustrated with nearlv 1UU ol thu II
nest engraving, it nuo contains n diary tor
thA vear 1H74.
TKltWS: SliiKlcaulmcrlber, per year, $5 00
CIuIih of live mibsei-iboru per year, each, - 1 7S
Cluhii of ten ami upward, per year, cneli, - 1 M
send lor list ot premium, "poeiinenii, to
- . -ifV.'nMrjii
n4Sew, " Cin., b.
Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar
Contnln rtgttabU
Jitqrrylimitt nf un
rotuuliiod I wltB 1h
rien mtxiioinai nnnll
tlei of Titr. which
CIIIIH It to bniltl un
billfutnl unit rap
Ili.r rcstor x.
llHlltel ulrriivth.
lit ck-Hiixea the mom-
uuii, leiuxea ino J.lv
er, mid rnnne the
looit 10 llum. ro
aim jiiillc-iloiv it
in a r.ii rlor Ton
ir, rvkiorrx tlir np.
pell tea nilkt ri nt iii
n tlm i.)' air 111. For
1'uiua 1 11 1 ho Itreni.t.
or llnrk.rav
ft or fiUlnry lla
enp, 1iNeuiH'of tlio
Ivinnry Orgaim,
diiuiintrfl ur Hliv
l.lvr Complaint II
lia io oual, Itff.
ectnallr cure all
.11 At 'iiithat C!l. and.
Jl dlMawa of the Til Uu AT and LUNtlN,
nl naa been Tironnunoad H aneolrto for
I rCT IJn,...:,f.v. ' j"i
' Ik.. ... I'.i ' i LuM
The many evidence, of oxtru'jMlnni-y curoa
that arc daily ruporlud ax eil'ecled through
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Ready Rollof and Teifet 1'urgutlvo 1'IIIm, In
written tUHtiinoiiialx from all pacts of thu
world, aurpatudn wonder the niest extravagant
miracles of oiieliantmeiit. I'liyslclaiiH and
medical men In nil countries pronoiineu these
wonderful reinodlca a injslery, that neither
their science ol analysis or i-heiiili'al skill ean
explain. True,, these inodieineB effeet the
mostiunrvelouoiircs,uiid restore thu dying to
life, and relievo the most wretched pain-suf-ferlng
victim of JiIh tortines, In fiom mm tit
titmty minutea, aud although they know 801110
of the ingieclioptsof tludreoin position, and Ir
Kndway ban published llu'lr lorniiila (with
holdingonly two newly diseovereil roots), still
both French, Uerman, ICns'lrJi ami Ameriean
chemists awl pliannaccnlih utterly fail with
the aamo ingredients a t prepai ed by Ilium. The
great success, which Ihesu vvondei fid remedies
uro constantly nehieviiiii, lies in tho great so.
cret ot combining the ingredients together,
afturexcrcisingdiie cai e in kcieuliug the pure
and gumiiuo root h.
Inch wnndern of ln Rnt ( licmistrv as the
sAiisAi'AitiLLi.vf; rtc-oi.vk.nt, lit.vuv
parallel ia thov Hiibiry of ileilicino, for there
araaomc intlrmit ia and diftt anos that are co
nidured as incurable, aud. ure death. Yet the
most astounding cures have bueu made thro
these remodies of soinu diseases that have nev
er beun known to bo cured by medieiue.
(ONSl iMl'TlON, s: !i)H U WHITE
SW Ki.l.lMi, Tiimors in tl:.' Womli, Btomaeh,
Uvai-ies, llowols, Urigiit's Ui. ease of tho Kid
neyi that have be. ii prououiiced Incurable,
Caneers, Ileers, Swellings, stono in the Blad
der, ( nle.elous Coneietioii 1, 1'lcers ami Sores of
Ihu Hones, Rickets ij deep' eate.l that no
othui- iiiiiliciues liave b'vii known to i-eaeh,
havbeeiienred liv III.' ! Its M'.Mtil.IdAN
KBS(JLVl-:T,iiidvilMJrV' H-VDY KtLltlT
and TILLS.
. l'aly, I'lirilyoU, Drj t.augeno tlir.t llirent
ensa living ilcath-dailv ruitin-f hwiiv of the
limbs and llesh lllabe'les, liivo'.untary Dis
i linrge of Water, Fungi in the ltlndder (tlic
ICinpeior Napidi'iiu's disease), Torturing pains
when discharging urine, UH EL'M A'l ISM,
tillli'T, XEURALCilA each and every ono ol
theso coinplaiuU though hut a few ot the
many other diseases, ltndwnv'x Sarsaparillian
Kesolvenl has eiu edauil is daily curing in nil
parts of the world.
Inonu word, any dieso-iio mailer under
what nii'iie designated, that is iiuuiishod or
imrease.l by bud, impure, depraved, wink,
thi.i, watery or ixilsoned lilojil can he cured
SOLVK.ST Dr. Radway A Co. have never eliiimeil nnn
liiindruth part of the euiativo virtues for their
reaie.lioH as isaseri'ieil to them liv Iho people
wiio have u.-wd them; fu bear In' mind, 011!;
such dieii.-es ami coiuplaini-as Dr. Kndway,
afloi -rut'consi'iil trealinent wish tin ir remedii s
knew they would ciiru, were eiuiiueriited lu
llieir cuiative list, so ,liat ninny of the extraor
dinary eases that have been reported uwul.eii
e I Hi iihii It asionislinier.t in tlm discorei v of
tli. ir remedial u;;eni mis iu those who had lieen
rescued fnuu d.alli, and ina-le whole and
As many persons disrreillied llieir extinor
dinary power, from the fact of their disap
pointment in tire use of ollierudvertised reine
dies and some believoil it impossible fur
simple medicines made 0'ilv from vegetable
substanees ln.iis, lierbn, Hi: should possess
sii. h mannloiiM iiower. Yet tliey can readily
eiiiiiprelieml iliat (be simple gia.-seD of the
llel.i, alter uudei ning the chemical proevss of
distillation designeil by nature iu Hie cow and
churn, furnishes us Willi butler certainly the
most abundant fat, caloric, or hent-niaki'ng
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents fnrtlichuinun Ixidy.
lint when those people who'llrsl doubt the
ellicaey of these remedies commence their use,
they become their most earnest advocates.
Xever has a medicine taken Internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, either' of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovaries or ISowels; the knife
has been the sole reliance iu the hands of ex
perienced surgeons; but Dr. Radwav's Sar
saparillian settles this question. - it has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, at well lis Tumors iu the Howels,
I'terus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical Kfl'uslon,
Ascites, nnd Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured by
Jtad way's Resolvent. ,
- I1EVEHI.T. Mass.. July 18. 1'
Dk. Radway: I hnvo hail Ovarian Tumor
In thu ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
said there was no help for It. I tried every-
tiling mat was recummemieii, nut noiiitng
htdjicd me. 1 sine your Resolvent and thought
1 would try it, but had no faith iu it, because
I had sutl'ered for 12 wars. I took six bottles
of thu-Resolvent, one box of Railway's Fills,
aim 11RC11 iivo nonius. 01 your uea ty Jieiiri,nnu
there Is not a sipn of a tumor to he seen or
felt, and I fuel better, smarter and happier
than 1 have for Vi years. Thci A-orst tumor
was iu tho left side of the bowels, over the
groin. J write this to you fur the benellt of
others. You can publish it if vou choose.
From a prominent gentleman nnd resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past forty years well
known to the newsnniier publishers throuidi-
out thu United Stales:
nkw yoiik, Oct nth, ltrtii.
Dr. Radway Dear Sir: I am induced hv a
sense ot dutv to thu suflerlnir to make a brief
statement of thu working of your medicine on
myself. For several years I liave been alllict
cd with sumo trouble in the bladder and urin
ary organs, which some months ago culmina
ted iu a most ten-liny amictiug disease, which
tho physicians all said was siiasmoillc stric
ture in the uretha, as also inllaiiiation of the
kidneys and bladder, and gave it as their
opinion that my age":) years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. I had tried
n number of phvsicians,and had taken a large
quantity of medicine, both allopathic, and ho
mwopatliie,. but got no relief, 1 had read of
astonishing cures having bueu made by your
remedies; ami noiihi lour n'onins ago 1 read a
notice in the Philadelphia Siiliirdav Evening
i'ostof a cure having been effected 011 11 per
son who had long been salferingiisl had been
I went right oil' and got some of each your
Sarsaiiarlllia:) Resolvent, Ready Relief, and
Rcirulatiiur Fills and commenced takinir
them, In three day 1 was greatly relieved,
and now feel as well an ever.
J. W.J AUKS, Cincinnati, O.
Price onu dollar per bottle. Sold bv Drug
gists everywhere, and III Dr, Railway's, No. .'12
Yt in-run, cor. Church St., . 1 . .
Cures tho worst l'a In In from 1 to 20 minutes!
Bjpf-NOT OK E HOUR after reading this
nifvei tiBenient need any one suffer with pain.
Is 11 cure for everv iwiin. II. was the UcmI. 11ml
is thu only 1'aia Remedy that instantly slops
tho most excruciating pains, allavs iiilluinina
tlons, and cures congestions, w hether of the
l.ungs, Ktomuuli, Jiowels or other glnnos und
organs, by one unplu-atlou, in tiuiu onu to
twenty minutes. ,n manor now violent, or
excruciating tho pain, the Hheiinialle, I'.ed
ridden, Intlriii, (.'rippled. Nervous, Neuialyc.
or prostrated with iliaeaso may sutler, .
' W ill nlTord liihtniit case:
Inllaniinatloi of tliu Kidneys, Iiillninuiiitioii of
thu illadder, Inllamuuition of Ihu llowels.
Congestion of thu Lungs, Koru Throat, PHIL
cult ureaiiung, ratpitaiionoi the ileal t.llys
terics, Croup, Diplheria, Catarrh, liilliien'.a,
Headache, TWiiuche, Neuralgia, lilicuiua
tism, Colds, Chills, Ague Chills.
1 no appiieuuon 01 inu uenuv Holier to tu
part or parts where the pain or clinically ex
ists will nllord ease and comfort,
RO Drops in a half tumbler Water will,
In a few iniimti, irure Cramps, fins: ms, Hour
Stomach, Heartburn, Sick Headache. Dinr-
rhius, In sontxiry. Colic, wind in the llowels,
and all Internal Pains. '
Travelers should alwuvs carry a bottle of
KiLiivvav-H ueiiei wiui 1 iem. jv iewiironsin
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of water. It is butter than French
Hrandy or Hitters as a stiinulaut.
Fever and Alius cured for 50 cents.
There is not a remedial Buent in this world
that will cure levur and Ague, and nil thut
Malarious, llllllons, S. arlet, Typhoid, Y' el low
aad other Fevers (aided by Railway's Tills) bo
ipncK as KHdWHys uuaiiy ucuui. ou cents per
rcrfoctly tasteless, elegantly coated, for U10
cure ol -fill disorders tf tlio tittwiacli, Citer,
iievn miiiua. jinHiur, -jsamuui slM,.iaes1
Ileailache.loiistimiiion.rxwitk-imcss. Ind lores.
lion, Dyspepsia, IlillouimesB, Hlllous Fever,
anamination of tho llowels, Piles and all de
rangemcutsof thuintumal Viscera, warranted
to effect a positive cure.
PURELY V EG ETA RLE. Containing no
Mercury, Minerals, or deleterlousdrugH.
Bv1y"Observe thu following symptoms ro.
suiting from diseases of the digestive organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of (hu
moon 10 me iieau, Acuniy 01 Ihu Htomnch,
frauscn, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Full
ness or weiirht In tho I'it of tho Htomnch.
Hwiinnilngof the Head, Hurried and dilllcult
llrenlblng, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking
or Hiillocatliig .Sensations when In a lvlng Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Hols or VVehs before
tho Might, Fever and Hull Pnin In the Head,
Dejlcloncy lu Perspiration, Yellowness of tlio
Hk1 and Eyes, Fain in tho Side, Chest, J.lmhs
and Sudden Flushes of heat,1 Jtui-nlng In tho
ricsn. a iuw husks 01 nuuwav t ills will
(rue tlic system from all tho nlsuve disorders
Trice 85 Cents per Box.
B ADW AY A CO., 33 Warren cor Church fit.
Now York. 1 ,
beifKenA False awrt True. Rn'nd one letter
lamp to lladwajr A Co., No. 8 Warren, cork
7 hi., h Bt..N.Y. Infonrtatlon Worih it'JZ
i andi will bo tout jrou.
The A. Id mo!
An illustrated Monthfy" JournaXl
universal Admitted to be the
Handsomest Periodical in
the World. A Repre
sentative & Cham
pion of Amer
can Taste.
Not for Sale in Book or News Stores,
THh ALDINK, wliilo Issued with all (ho
regularity, lias 110110 of the temporary or time
ly iutorest chiiractoristlo 01' ordinary periodi
cals, it is an elegant miscellany orpine,
light and graceful literature; and a collection
of pictures, the rarest spucimens of artistic
skill, in black and whiio. Although each
Miec.cetling nmnher afTords a fresh pleasure to
V'.'l?;!8' V,10 Vl,lue n1 leutv of THK
A 1, DINK will bo most appreciated after It has
been bound up at tho closo of the vear.
V bile othor publications may claim tiuiurior
eheaiiuoss, as 00111 oared with rivals of sinii.
ur class, TUB 4LD1NE Wa uninueundsirig
inal coneeption-alone and unapiinesi'hcd
absolutely without competition iu mice or
aharaoton Who possessor ota cVmiilota" ol
iiniu, cannot doplicato tho quantity of lino pa
per mid engravings in any othor shapu or
number of volumes for ten times its cost: aud
then, tlicro are tho chronios, bosidcsl
Tho lllublratious ofTHEALDINEIiavowou
a world-wldo renutation, and in tho cuntrc
ol l.urope it is an udmlttod fact thut its wood
cuts are examples of tho highest perfection
ever attained. Tho common prejudice in fa
vor of "steel plates." is rapidly yielding' to a
more educated and discriniinntingtjiauittliii li
rngoguliees tho advantage! of suponor artistic,
quality wtth greater facility of production.
Thu wood-cuts of THU AI.DlNK possess all
the delicacy and elaborato llnlsli of thu must
costly steel plate, while they afford 11 better
rendering of tlio artist's original, ' ,
'l' fully realized tho wonderful work Willi h
1 II Hi ALDINK is doing fur tho causo of ait
cultiiro in America, it ia only necessary to
considur tho cost to tho people of any other de
cent representations of tlio productions of
great painter. -
In addition to designs by tho nicniburs ol
thu National Acadeuiy,and othcrnoted Anier
cau artists, THE ALliIN E will reproduce ex
amples of tho bust foreign, masters, selected
witli a view to thu highest artistic success and
greatest general interest. Thus thu subsuii
burs to TDK ALDINE will, at ft trilling cost,
enjoy in his own homo tho pleasures and ru
nning lull nonces of true art.
Tho quarterly tinted plates for 1874 will hu
Uy Thus. Jloran uml J. J). Woodward,
Thu Christinas issuo for 1874 will contain
snocial designs appropriate to tho season,- hv
our best artists, and will surpass ill utti ac
tions uuy of its predecessors.
Premium for 1874.
Every subscriber to THE ALDINE for thu
year 1H7I will receive n pair of chronios. 'i hu
original pictures were painted in oil for thu
publishers of THE AI.DINU, by Thomas Mo
ruu, whoso great Colorado picture was pur
chased by I ongross for ten ihoiiHund dollars.
Tho subjects were chosen to represent "The
East" and "The WesU" One is a view iu Hie
Whito Mountains, New Hampshire; the other
givesthc Clillsof Oreon River, WvomingTei
rilory. Tho din'eieiico in thu n.iliire ol' Hie
scenes thojsselves i a pleucing coiitntst. tunl
atrords a good display of the ni tist'i. scope
nnd coloring. The cliroinos are eacli worked
from thirty distinct platen, and are in size
(12 , 1(1) and nppciiriiiico exact liic-similus of
the originals. Tlio presentation of a worlhv
example of America's greatest lan.lsen.,'e
painter to tliu siihscriberH oI 'l'lIE AldilNK
wan bold but pcculiarlv happy idea, and
lis siicee.sfiil icaliation is atlested by the
following testimonial, over thu alguuturu of
.Mr.-Jloran himself.
. Nkw Yokk, Sept.SOth, 1H7:1.
Messrs. James HfTTON S Co.
iitntlemrn.l am delighted with the pniofs
In coior of your chronios. Thoy nro wonder
fully successful representations by mechanl
ea! process of tho original paintings.
Very respectfully,
Thoh. Mohan.
These chronios aro In everv sense Ameri
can. Thev are by thu original American
moeesK, with material of American niamilac
t lire, from designs of American sccnerv hv
un Aiiiurirtin painter, ami presenteil to 'sub
scribers to the first wicccsd'ul Aiiiericnn Art
Journal. If no bettor because of nil this, they
will ccrtulnly possess u interest no foreign
production can inspire, and neither nro thev
any the worse ifby reason of peculiar facili
ties of production thuv cost tho publishers
only a tritlo, while equal in everv respect to
other chronios that are soldsmglv for double
thu subscription price of'(IIE AIDINE. Per
sona of tusto will prize, these nie tares for
thomsrlves not tor the irl-ire they did not
cost, and will appreciate tliu enterprise thut
lenders men-iiicu million possible.
If any subscriber should Indicate n prefer
ence for a llifiiro subiect. tlm linliliHlicrs 11- j 1 1
send "Thoughts of Home," a now and bviiuli.
nil eiiromo, I4.ai inches, representing n hide
Italian cxilo whoso sueakinir eves betruv the
longings of his heart.
TERMS ?5 per annum, lu advance, with
Oil Chronios tree. For M) cents extra, the
chronios will be sunt, mounted, varnished,
aim prepaid ov num.
Tilli ALDINK will lierouitor. bo obtainable
only by subscription. There will be no reduc ¬
ed lor utiu rate; cash lor Kiiliscriptions must
be sent to the publishers direct, or handed to
the local canvasser, without responsihditv to
the publishers, except iu cases where thecer
tilleate Is given, bearing the fnu-Kimilo signa
ture of Jamkh Sutton & Co.
Any ueison wishing to act nonnauentlv as a
lorul canvasser will recelvo full and proiupt
iiil'ormatioii by applying hi
li-UuiVW. 1 68 Maiden Lane, N. V,
Tie National Crop Reporter
ri-m.ibutu weuki.v at
Is devoted to t he publlciitiiiu of repoits from
reliable correspondents in all auctions ( thu
United States, showlna; tho condition dminir
growth and location after harvest of all the
leaitinir nil leu lurul ciohn and live slock.
These facts as received will bo mibinittcil to
the lUibliuin tho most condensed form, ac
companied hy comprehensive editorial sum.
manes. In addition, all reliable intelligent c
bearing upon the above topics will be culled
from leading European excliangvs and pre
Heated iu the columns of the Rrimrltr.
A series of live map-charts will bo publish
ed during thu year, showing tho locution re
spectively of tho corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco
ami sugar producing crops, and give suck
inloi niation as lo local character, average
product, etc., us may he shown most satisfac
torily to tlic eye. 1
With thu mount of securing reliable Infor
nintion available, the ifrporkp will be made
an indispensable aid alike to tlio farmer, the
merchant anil tho niaiiulactiirer, a source of
intelliirencu no business man can ntionl to
TO AlUir.llfl, l'LANTEItn,
And those cnuaired iu tho ruislnir of lin
stock the RtimrUr offers Ihu bust po.slble
means of securing the largest return fur their
labor by enabling them to ill term inu as to the
most favorablu time for disposing of their sur
plus product. The publication of thu Etjutr.
Ur having been conlcuiplatcil priiuarllv more
especially iu the interests of thvnitriiniltui ht.
the mast of our luforiiiatlou having toln'ili-
iivi-n 1111111 tins iuns hi wiioiti inu largesi
bencllls Inevitahlu rovci t It bucoiiics a mat
ter of Importance to every one u kliessed thut
he interest himself hi suvural ways, viz: II 1st
In securing for thu Reporter at Icastone rilla
bin correspondent in Ills cotintv; nrit, to the
cxUmt of subscribing (ora copy of Uia
and last and all th:) time in t'lirnlsuliiifiih
either directly or through thu corresMinilciit,
nil uvniiuiiiu iiiioriimvioii.
Notice ol naccuruc les in rtiimrU will be
thankfully received.
. . " . . it,- I 1 e, , ; 1
Thu publication will not derive Its support
from advertisements, but will tlcXMid upiiii
its merits for a sustaining patronage.
Tho publication will be conducted by Co
operative Association. An annual inember
sblp, costing 10, will enlilh! the party lo 11
ui mu nrrhiinnrpiirrrr llirotlUOUl IIIC
nnd lo thu sifius of live chins'
liere 11 society has taken a nieiiibei'sliiii.
extra c., i. s of the Weekly Reintrtrr may be
obtained by individual members utt perdu
u mil. 1
To those not members tliUHiibse.rintioii will
be for tho Reporter alone 5, or for tho Charts,
each fa. I
All communications should 'be addressed
TKIt, Jacksonville, 111. 1
C'HAS, W. (iREWNK, ,,
Huc'y National Agricultural emi
gres, Manngur. ( m.
Kiiiamiel II. Jarvls, rial 11 tiff,
against i
James II. Dates, Defendant. I
Heforo A. N. Coznd. J. P. of Rlchfaud
Towiislil), liitiin county, IJhio,
On tlieHth day of Noveiubw, A. I). lH7.I,sali
Justice Issued an order of atlachmurt lie the
above action lor the sum of $7f 00. Said cause
Is continued for further hearing until tV
S4lh of December, A. I). 1813, at 10 o'clock
A.M. KM AN CKI. II , ,J Alt VI .
Estatj qf Jacob ifA.Uman, .decd.
Tho undersigned lias been apiKiluted kiiil
3ulllled at. AdniluistrnUtr of the Mtnts of
acnl) Allmaii, late o( Vinton Coiintv, dee'd.
. Dated tho 13th day of Novenilwr, 1H74,
1 - 'AHDlltW ItAIH LlKr'K, Sr.,
vib-4t. Administrator,
""Beaver street, wow orK. enww-ora.
( 0(1) UOOkS FOR ALL.
X.,-'.; 1 )
Booka Which Axo Books
'""tVoi-ks which should bo l'01'iiil in cvei v
britry within Iho reach of all 1cu.tc.1s. 01 ki
to enlortain, instinct and 110,111. vc. to,.'.,
will bo sent by relurn port, 01. rucel ;(
New riilsofciioiuy 1 or, Signs or 1 h.iii.i
as manifested til 1 onh 1 eiiipeiiiiaut .
Kxienial t onus, ami espe, tally in thu "ll
mail face1 Hi vine," with more lli'in li
Tluiusiuid llli'istrttluiis. i'.y 8. it. Wki.i,.
U Uf.U f JjlSI.
Tho Flight Word in tho l(l(ilit Place.
A Nuv Pocket Dictionary mm Rel'uieiice
HiMik. Knibraoing Sviiimyms, Technical
Term, Ablnevlatlono, Koreign I'lirases,
; Willing lor the I'ress, Punctuation, l'roof-
Rciiding, and other valuable Information.
75 cents, , !,j
niuiiiiKeineii. of Infancy.' riivsiologlul 11111"
Moral 'lecntinent. Hv ANUliiw Comde, M
D. With Notes. tl.W,
The Family Physician. A Ready l ie
Kcilhoraiui llygniiic, Adviser. With Refer.
1 lice to the Niiluie, I arises, I'reventluii ai rt
Tieatmontof Dbensee, Aiyidents, (ml Cum
iiitllios of every kind. ' With 11 Glossary and
copious Index, lly Jom, Siikw, M. D. II
thutiated with pe'iuly 300 Kngi avings. Onu
. largo volume, tntoudod for uso iu tli family.
Pi lcoH.0 - , ' v
How to ChKrHuter. A Now Illustrated
llaiul-llouk of rhrcnology r.nd l'hyslocno-iiny,-irMiiteBts
and Kxnuilnura, wid., a
Cl'nu t for recording tho si.cs of the Organs
, of tho Ilrnin, iu tliu Dulinentiou of Char
acter, with upwards of 170 Engraving!,
latest ami best. Muslin, 11.U5.
Tho Patents' Guide) or Human Develop
ment through Inherited Tendeucici, ' lly
Mrs. Hkstkk I'KN'lil.ETON. becoud odilion,
revised and enlarged. Ono vol. l'Jino. 1.D0.
Constitution of Mun. Considerud in rela
tion to Kxtornal Objects. lly GKOttm
CdMUK. 1 he only autlicii i,ed Aiiierlrau Edi
tion. With Twenty Engravings, fl.75.
The Hygienic JIand-llood 1 a' Practical
Oiiido lor tho (slck-ltooni. Aljilinbctlcallv
arrsuged with Appendix, lly It.T. Tkall.
Ono vul. l-.'nio, 3UU pp. Muslin. 12.00.
How to Write," " How to Talk," "How
k to Behave' and llow to Do lluslnom," a
Haiiil-liook indlspeiiHablo lor Hoinu I111
provemsiit, in 0110 vol,
Wedlock! or the Itight Relations of the
Sexos. Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal
(Selection, ami showing who may and who
may not Marry. A Guide fur both Soxes,
Oratory Snored and Secular I or the Ex
temporaueous Speaker. Includsng a chair
man's Guide for conducting Public Meet
I'l'aiO cc"n""" 10 i'Hi;1'""u'ut'"y l'orins,
Medical Electricity. A Manual for (stu
dents, showing tho most icientillu aud ra
tional application to nil forms of Acute and
Chrohiu Diseases by the different combi
nations of. ElccLilcity, Galvanism, Eluctro-
. .Magnetism. Miigueis-Eluetricity, aud IIu
inuu Magnetism. $ii.00. ' " '
History of Biilem Witchcraft ''The Plan
chetto Mvsterv;" and "Modern' Spiritua.
ism, ".with "Dr. Duddridgu's Dream," ii
onu vol. Price $1.00.
ybop'e Fables. Tho People's Plctoria
Kdition. llenutifillly illustrated with near
ly Sixty Eugriivings. Cloth, gilt, bevelui
boards. Only $1.00.
Pope's Essay on Man. Willi Notes,
lieaiitll'ullv Illustrated. Cloth, glit, bevelud
boards. $1.00.
Phrenological Bust, showing the latest
elassillctition, and exact locution of all the
Orgunsof tho Krai 11. It Is divided so as to
show each Organ on 0110 side; an ! all thu
? roups on thu other. Sunt by express,
'l ieu $2.00.
Ia close amount in a Registered Letter, or In
a l'ostollicu Order lor one and all the above,
and address S. R, WKLl.s, Publisher. No. :iA
liiiiadwav, New York. Agents wanted.
C. J. ItlLLl.Ntilll'RST, Agent lor Vinton
County, O, r
' fubotr. ! .' .'I . I - ! . , . '
A Fine German Chi-omo.
AUENT. f ' '
ur TU0S. W. KXOX.
043 Pages Octnvo. 130 I'ine Kngravlng
Relates Incidents and Accidents bevot
the Liglitof Day; Startling Adventures n a .
parts of tho World; Mines ami Mode of Work
ing them; Undercurrents ol Society; Gamb
ling und its Horrors; Caverns nnd (heir Mvs
torlcsjTlio Dark Wavsof ".Viekedness; Prla
011s ami their Secrets; Dowu 111 thu Depths of
the Sua; Strange Stories of tliu Detection of
Crime. Tho Isiok treats of experience with
brigands; nights in opium dens and gambling
hells; life in prison; stories of exiles; adven
tures among Indians; Journeys through Seve
ns and Catacombs; accidents in mines; pi
cnics and piracy; tortures ol the iuuuisit.on
wonderful burglaries; underworld of the ft rent
cities, etc., etc.
We want agents for this work on which we
glvo exclusive territory. Agonts can mako
(100 a week iu selling this book. Send fur cir
culars and special terms to agents.
J. H. lil'RK & HYDE,
Great Industries
0? TUB fh'lTKD STATIiS. ., :
1!KI0 pages and 500 engravinu'S, printed In
English and German, written lv SO einlnont
authors, imduding John II. Uungli, Hon. Leon
Cure, Edward Howland, liov. L- Ldwin Ilnll,
Philip Riploy, Albert iliisbuuu, Horace Gree
ley, do,
'i ids work is a coinpluto history of all branch
es of industry, processes of niaiiufactura, etc..
iu nil ages. It is a complete encyclopedia of
arts and manufactures, und I1 the most enter
taining ami valuable work of information on
subjects of general Inlurest over offered Ut the
public. Wu give our agents tlm exclusive
right of lerritorv. Ono ol our agents sold l.'W
copies in eight days, nnothec sold SIM in two
week. Our agents in Hartford sold 907 in one
week. Specimens (,f tho work sent to agents.
Address Ihu iiiiblishurs, J. li. IIUKIt &
II VDK, Hartford, Conn., ur Chicago, ill.
Of TH&-
Weclcly Iiiquii'ci' ! !
S3 0f 000 OO
Gold Puns, Pencils, Satchels, Pocket
Hooks, Kurs, Silverware, Watches,
Musical Instruments, Sew
ing Machine's, Alt.
t f r
Wo il iru these premlniufr writhlfl riuiy rtncli
of an' hfonr patrons, by allowing them liber
al cuuiiulsslons on 'X subscribers for the
H eekly Kmiuirer, as billows:
Kur B names and $10 a credit of -
'.- ; I
0 50
-13 00
- ytioo
as so
(ft 50
u j(j 11 " 20 a " "
. ij " . . " , M n ." '
J 50 si ' " ' 40 ft ' " "
" IW " " 60 M ; "
" 40 " " 80a " "
. 1 no .;"'i005 i" ..."
11 75 11 " 1,105 11
o m i. 11 joy a ' '
11 j50 , 800tt " "
ii m mi ii uooa "' "
goo " m a " "
" 500 ' " 1,000 a " "
' 10000
- 80000
- 50000
Korthoso who do notiloslro Ut enter clubs,
gotten up to secure iirumluini on the above
plan, wo clfcr the following choice selection
of t hrouio Premiums.
A bcairtiful pletnielu si teens colors, lv30
Inelius, iciis at reteui lor wi uo.
A beniilil'ul picture In eighteen colors, 13x17
Inches, setts at mum lor uuo. 12 uu siiiiscn
hers, V lm itir not encer cltibt f'ir other pri'ini
, in :u),i'iin tiavo eliboi oiie of tlui ahoy pamod
( hro.iius. , '
Is a sidemlld picture lu twenty-one' colors,
sl.o V.lxXiy, lucilics. and sells at retail for IIU,
ft w II: pay a years lubsbrlptlon, and ontitlo
the subscriber to this Inst named picture, For
full partluuluri lend for pucimeii eoploi,
Never before were tneb favornblo terms of.
fercd for securing a handsome premium of
great value.
The Kmiiilrer Almanac A Orangcr1 Man
del I'oi JSil. Will bu sent I'reo to every suh
Hc.Hliur rvtclvc4 ililue April li, 1H74. Address
nil letters to
v Kit It AN McLEAN, '
k!W. ' v Cincinnati, a.
TTTIt koep constantly on hand at Dili of
W flceasnpiily of KNVKMJPKS, nKin
which 1 card of any description will be
printed so low that all may afford to hava
card on the KnvoUos ttivd by tbeiu.
- vM.vewi-n.
"V - ( 1 - ' m
. V '- ':' " '
I niaiHilnctiiie to ordur amj repuir Fariiltiircof all kinds, at tliu niiibt roitsouablo prlcus. I tun
,; - I, y y ; jireparotl to furnish
ami acconipany them u llli a Ileurso. JOSFTha publio an invited to call and
examine my Stock.
March lKtli, 1SW.
1 - V IF. I . -
1 :P0ST -Ff E .BORER. J X
l'atonleo and aiahiifacluror1
iluror1 of
iload Blocks, Post-IIola Borers, &o.
; XI I li (irist Mills, being purtable, aro on
Iron l-iaiiiu, and
And the best Mill ever made for nil kinds ol
lrrinilniir? cini lm i.kll.. ..11....1....1 ... o ....
" ' - " -l. lien iij j-iiw 1UII1S
or any oilier power, and w in 1 iintud to grind
F our anil Meal .,r ,1 1 11... ...
greater rate ol speed than jine other Mill,
wiihoul heating or oilier .Unicultv the!
weight lining 1.41)0 pounds, ocetipvinir onlv 8
f.ll.t U .... .1... .1 ' ' t Va.. . '.
bushels per hour. If within thirty dnvs, the
Alllliloes mil ni'iii'i. .,l ICo. .I..... . 11 .....'!.
. , -. - I----.-- ........in. 11 innv in, iu-
tiii iicd und money and all charges rul'uudud.
Hart's . Post Iloio . Borer,
1 Ultni'llllU'Cil Lo iiihW-n t
onu of any other; does its work rap-
No fault can be fotiuil with Itaftor
rial. Sent to any one on trial who
will send mu the eiiilorsuuient of tho
Post Master. Agents wanted.
1 . r , tlarksburg, y, ',
Farmers and others can sen the
Post-llolu liorer at I lie Knuiiikkk
' Olllce.
for thiuo dollui-s, we will send tlio ( HUBt'll
CxiiiN ycur In any address. and alo give as u
Premium cither of thu followimr stamlanl
works, Ihu price of which at Mie liool.stoivsor
Ihroufch agents ls4 'M la. li.
Smith's Uihm: Dictionauv.
1.017 pp. Fiurlij llhintnittd.
A condensation of thousand.. ( volumes of
ussa.s, histories, travels and coin tin narius
for thu eludiila' lolls and illustr, ton of the
llible, iirepared by Itev. Dr. Willi am ssiith,
of the ciiivcrsiiy 01 l.nnilon, nssiHted hv over
seventy dnJInguished liivlnes and .Aiithoit,
of both Kunipu uml Aiiieriia;or
Life and EDistics of St. Paul.
, lJKAtrii'l'l.LY iLLt'sntAri;::, ,
Whole number of pages 1,07.1, wiih ircl'a. o by
, . . Itev. Dr. lAoNAHl) li.u ox.
1' TKKM.4 Tu AUK NTH. .
To Ihu Ituular Agents uf our paper, wo
give thirty tier cent', of lh,i aiiioiint tliey re
ceive, as lollows:
; , ' rillCK.
t Ml
1 80
Pupur ulone, - . - ml
uml either book, '. - Uml
" and bot'n bout:, . - 5l)
n ml chronios, ' .'. 4)i
" cliroinos and uiiln-i bunk, ."()
" 1 Iiioiiioh and both IhkiI.s, , 7 0J
A uv one di)irhi,t to be oniu an . Acnl inav
receive uu 011 till Ik sending n the p. lev uf
any ol the items iiienlioiied above, deilin ting
nie viiii iv pur rum.
fl.i nitATbM 1
V u-lll uioiil f minim I'ui.iu I. I'l.tlu
thu following terms:
Five copies, one year, fur .. .. f8(K)
Ten coplos, " " : 1 ' . um
Twenty coiilos, " ... khou
No premiums to ( lulls,, or coiiiiiiIshIuiis to
those wiio luriii lliein; any one desiring a pre-
iinuiii iiiii-i. sunn us inu mu auioiiuu ., ,
The ( lit minis are sept to our schscrlliciii bv
uinil. Wu uny tile iiost.iue.
The Hooks a re sent bv cviness. nnd suhic.rl-
bers will pay the express rates uu didlvury. :
Agents may cliaige to I hose ordering pre
miums Ihc amount extra thai Is duo fur ex
pivHsing the bduks lo their loculitv. Address,
Ui;o. K.T1IUI.I., No.a1 liuekmaii St., S. v.
I'l iiiciiilt's of (he ( liiucli Union.
'1 - ; . ?.!') U
1. Whatever occasion ni.iy have exls ud In
tinun past lor thu division ol the I hiirnli into
sepnraUnliuirluiiliatloiis, we hold thut (lm ef.
forlHof Christians should lienei forili be posi
tive and coiitliiuot.H ton aril an actual and
visible onene.s.
V. While opposed lo Any such cou.'ent ration
of Hiwurivs would Ireiich upon thu Inherent
liberty sif the Individual Christian or society
of disciples, we hold that thu evangelical be
lievers and coiigregalioua of uucli locality
should aim to manliest to tho world their es
sential 1111 1 Iv In faith and spirit.
H. We hold those churches lo lie I'V.ingull
cnl, which, liinlnlnlned thu Holy Hc.ilnturus
to bu thu only Inlalliblu nllo of faltli and
prae.ilcu. do belluvii In the l.urd .lesus Christ
(the oiily-begolien of tlm Fitthor, Klnir of
Kings and Lord of I.011N, in whom dwulleth
the fiiliicsH of tlie (iodheail bodily, mill who
was linn It slit for us, though' knowing 110 sin,
hearing uiir sins lu Ills own lm ly on I lie tree)
as the only nanis under heaven given ilinong
men whereby wu must bu saved from uvur
Instiug ptinishuient.
IV c subscribe to thu abuvi prliu liilua, and
aril deeply Interested ill ' Iho welfare ami
niaiiilcuiluncu of the (. Ill' lien l nion as devo
ted to thulr advocacy. . , 1; ,
(' tyutJ.)
II Crosby, H II II 11 reliant,
.1 T Hjiryiin; 1 W I. Iludingtou, ,
WMI'ayltir, .! i i-' ItJuunis,, .. ' 1
TH Hastlnus, 'J' I. Cuyler,
T Ha Witt Tulningo,
T 1) Wuolcr, - , ..
K P lugersoll,
T,l Midlsh,
W llowur.
W W Dow, ' v
K I Marvin.
II JIHenddcr'
JIIHniilli, ' 1
) F I'eiitcexisl,
vv ; iu ci unc,
.1 F.dwiinl,
HUH Hl.sell,
k K P TIiwIug, '
H Fuwler,
,' It Cainnnin, i'i
W 11 Wellous,
IJ.IWhlUl. ,
W W Warniir, '
HI) Helms, . ,
II 1; llalthoox.
T T Kenilrlck,,
I), llreod.
j II lllllilfonl,
N lib hardsoll.
CC Halter, ,,, ;.
KPJ'avnon. '
J It Cleavulaud,
Hll Phi pps, 1 :
C 11 M nil inn,
.1 tlreouwooil, ' .
W. Iliirr,
A J Hcssl'iiis,
Ii i; ii miss, 1 :
'I' P HtiiveiiMon,
..A Fostor,
' ItCHtnne,
It DMa-arllic,
11. K. Ihciitl, "
I. Orlggs,
I V illlltnaii,
ti II Clianpel!.
9 in 1 11 ey,
R lliboisin, .
U II Hall,
J V II Flaelt,
EU Miner,
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinbgab BITTER3 tho moat wotidor
ful Invigorant that ever sustained
tho eiukiug systom.
No Person can take these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided thoir
bones aro not dostroyed by mineral
poison or other means, find vital or
gans wasted beyond repair.
Bilious, llemittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are bo
provalent in tho vallcya of our great
rivers throughout tho United Statos,
especially thoso of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Ked, Colo
rado, Brazos, Ilio Grando, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savanuah, Ro
nnoko, Janios, . and many others, .
with thoir vast tributaries, through
out our cntiro country . during tbo '
Summor and Autumn, and remarka
bly bo during seasons of unusual
heat and dryness, aro invariably ac
companied by cx tensive. derange
ments of tho stomach and liver, aud
other abdominal viscora. In thoir
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful iufluonco upon theso vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
Thoro is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dr. J. Walkkr's Vinegar.
Bittkrs, ns they will speedily rouiovo
tho durk-colured viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at tho saino tithe
Btimulatinp the socretions of tlio liver,
and gonorully restoriug tho healthy func
tions of tho dieestivo organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
ViNEQAit Bittkrs. No epidoniio can
take hold of a By atom thus lore-ormcd.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Hoad-
acho, Taiu in the Shouldors, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizzinoos, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Bad Taste '
iu tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tho Ueart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs-, Pain in tho region of tho Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
aro the offsprings of Dyspopsia. Ono bot
tle will provo a bettor gunranteo of its
inorits than a longthy advertiscmout.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled '
Neck, Uoitro, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Morcurial affec
tions, Old Soros, Eruptions of tho Skin,
Soro Eyos, old Iu thoso, as In all othor
constitutional Diseases, "Walkkr's Vin
boar Bittkrs havo shown thoir great car
ativo powors in . tho most obstinate and
intractablo eases. ' " '
For Inilanimatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittnnt Fevers, Discasos
of Iho Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
theso Bitters have 110 equal.- Such Dis
eases aro caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persona
engaged in l'uiuts aud Minnrals, such as
Pluuiuors, Typ6-scttors, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as thoy udvauco in life, aro sub
ject to paralysis of tho Bowels. To guard
against this, tuko a doso of Walkkr's
"Vcnboar IIittkrs occasionally. (
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Sult-Klmum, Blotches, Spots, Pirn
ploR, Pustules Boils, Carbuncfos, King
worms, Scald-head, Soro Eyes, lirysipo
las. Itch, Scurfs, Discoloratitms of the
Skjn, Humors nndDisoanes of tho Skin of
whatever namo or naturo, are literally
dug up and carried out of tho aystom in a
short tiuto by (ho uso of these Ilittors. 9
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,'
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, aro cfl'ectually destroyed, and re
moved. No system of motlicina, no vcr-i
mlfugos, no aiithelminiticg will froo tho
systom from worn is llko thoso Bitton. ' -
ForFcmaleComplaints, iu young
or old, married or singlo, at the duwft of
womanhood, ortho turn of lifo, theso Ton
lo Bitters display bo decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
'Cleanse tho Vitiated Blood
whonevcryouiiud its impurities bursting
through tho skin in Phnplos, Eruptions,
or Soros ; cloaimo it whon you liinl it ob
structed and slupgisb in tho veins; cleanse
it whon it is foul ; your toolings will toll
you whon. Keep tho blood puro, aud the
health of tho system will follow.
Drug-gUti & Gen. A uti., Hun I-'rnnclwo, Cullfor
nla, & our. uf Waaliluirtoii niul Cluirllnn Sti.,N.7
Holil by all llriitfulMtH mmiI Dealer.
( j 1 roit TUB
Tlio Hunt, innKt t'omiileto ami (;lion)cnt BiWU
' uvur imlilUnoil In America.
AQENTS Bul"vv0 oftir Il"'lu, to 0110 '
VVoalvo llljliirf:niiimlsslonson ourBI
bla than ul luir huuau lu the Uul
toil mates.
BWrSuo our now plan, now to ski.l nr.
HI.KS." A(xni'LlTK HUCCKHM. We Will
take ileaniii-o lu Inatriietlnn Agunt canviiMM.
I UK (ur other Iiuuhui, lu our new plan of lull
InK Itllile. 1 "
inPHIIO V'antcil Every wlicre. No lml
Aublllg non will par' liu'tur tlian tho
Aueney fur our Hlblu. A clurirytnan .ninilo
during .1 lily tX) A 1 yoiui larly ulJni-eil
nimve all cxifnita $t 10. Ho nun you. Huml
liiriKfr(;lr:iilnranilturiunilfuo I'ur your
iii'lvei. '
Illiirtti-alrfil Willi liiinrliwln or onirrnTlnr,
iH iiutirii) uinil' jilntim, Uluinlniitoir 1'alileU,
gilt iimrrliiKOi:eillli:nU', anil iihoto. carUs.
. Uun'l faU to. write lo, ii . 1 1 1 1 - 1
Time Tables.
Tlio "Old Uulliibln" ami l'eiuUr
Through Express Trains Dailj
Eiiuiiipod with Minor's Patent Sato
I'lallorin, Coupler, and IluUer, urn.
the CulubratuU
Westinghouso Patont Air Erakoi
Tlio most perfect protection against accl
dents lu the world.
fl)a"Ncw linil clucrnnt Day Coaches anti
t ui dull v linen uf l'lillniau's ralaco S!'eninu
Cars nru run through from KANHAS CITI
to tjuincy, (julefiliurg, Mundota und
A a 1 nil i. .11... .... t- t c 1
uiivtnMiiiij iiiiuui x MllMlau Bl nint'Uoni Ir (
ngCurs from ATCHISON and ST. JOSKl'H 1
to Jacksonville and HirinKneld, and now and ,
uU'gnnt.lJay Coaehes from Kana City to In- ,
iliunapolis and Cincinnati without change '
flfj?To neciiro all the modern Improve
niunts in Hallway traveling, pnrclinso tieketi '
vlu thu Hannibal & St. Josepu Suobt Line,
avulding all transfers, lorries and changes 1
of cars. 1
ftriy Througli Tickets for sale at all prln- ',
cipal ofllccs. Faro always as low as by uny !
route. HSggngo chocked through to all prln. j
clpal points. 0. 8.LYFORI), '
General Suu't.
K. A. l'ARKEU, Oen'I Tlckot Agent. ,
Trains will leave Columbus aud Crent
lino aud arrive at points named below a fol
lows: ' ''
Columbus. . Lv 1 :15 A it gK :48 4:00 pm
Wurtbinton 11:01 4:30
Westorville ll:l 4:ia
Lewis Centro 11 :M 4:40
UkIr'x ljVr Mt- M 11:45 6:00
ut"w" LI:M 11 iM 11 -nr.
Cardiuglon ...1:81
.13:14 ru D:.10
B 6:30
4:0S 1:M
(Ar 4:15 AM dl:13
Lv 4:U
(ireuuwlch.. ,
New London.
Rochester ....
l.e (irengo....
W. It Q. W. DnlSlS
Clevclaud . Arl)T:10 A 4:00 ru 10:1)0 m
ClevulMd.Lv i1:S0it4:&am 10:4ft PM
gi'le Arl0:H 1:10 1:SSah
Dunkirk 110 ;) -m
Hufalo dia0ralfl:W 4:05
HuX. (Ti"rle)LvI 1:30 r B:00 A 11
HoruellvillAjS 5:41 , .'...8:85
Corntlm ':2 ...t:40
Klmire B:00 10:1
liiiiKhamtou.... 10:05 12:0 P u
New Yurk.i.ArTKIO A If ... 7:25P M
Hiil'.tvlaNI f.orfw
Hyracusu. 1:10
Utira.'..; !:!)
411:30p H6:00 a H
1:!A 117:1)0
4:10 9:35
:00 11:10
New lork....
.11:40 AM 9:45 DlflPi
.0:15 1:40 p u ll:Wpx
.8:30 A II 5:30P M 8:80 PH
Clnso connections made at Columbus with
the Columbus lb Hocking Valley liailroad.
Through Ticket for sale at Athens.
figTPalace Pay and Sleeping; Cars
On All Trains.
For TiartlRiilur lntormation m reganl to
througli tickets, time, connections, etc., to all
points East, Went. North and South, apply to
or address E, FOKI), Columbus, Ohio.
E. 8. FLINT. (Jen. Suu't
General Agent, Columbus, Ohio.
Tassen ger A gent. Oil inn bus. Oh lo.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Through Pasieiiger Railway
to all Points Wast, Northwest and
This lathe Short Line via Indianapolis.
The Great Through Mail and Express Pas
senger Lino to St. Louk, Kaunas City, St. Jo
seph, Denver, San Francisco, sad all uuints ia
Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
Thu shortest and -only direct route to In
diaiiapolls, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Cam
bridge City. bpringlU'ld, luorIa, Burlington,
Chicago, Milwaukee, SU Paul, aud all points
in tho Northwest.
Tim Imlianaiwlis, Cluclunatl X Lafavetto
Raili-uad, with its connection;), now offers
pasHcngors more facilities iu Through Conch
and Sleeping Car Service than any other lino
from Cincinnati, having tho advuutago of
Tlirouh Daily I'va from Cincinnati to St.,
Louis, avaiisas City, St. Joseph. Peoria, Ilur
lliiglon, Chicago, Omaha, and all iutonuediato
points, presenting to Colonists aud Faniiliee
such comforts and accommodations as aro
afforded by no other route.
Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to all
Trains leave Cincinnati at 8:30 a. m., 5:15 p.
ih., and 7:80 p. in.
Tickots can- be oblainod at No. 1 Humes
House, corner Third and Vine, also, at Depot,
corner Plum and Pearl streets, Clnciunatl.
Ho sure to purchaso tickets via Indianap
olis, Cincinnati It Lafayette Railroad.
ti. L. HAUUINUElt,
Bupt., (Jill.
Uen'l Ti Ag't., tin.
0. a. V. DIVISIOS.
Time Tohlo To take effect at 1:45
A. v., Moa-
day, November Ud, W
' ' Kxd. 1
4:00 p.m.
8:10 "
8:40 "
7:0 "
8:00 "
8:54 "
U:18 "
iunvu t,niuiniittii.,..
Morrow .-.v... 1
" (larksvlllu.. .
" KeeHvllIu
" M'ashiiigtun. ,
' " New Hollaud
" WilliaiiiNpurt
" Circleville ....
" Laneiister
' N. lAixington
" l'utnain
10:00 a. m.
19:15 p. ui.
. 13:48
. 1:10 : . ,
. 1:84
. 8:11 "
. 9:3(1
. 9:67 "
. 4:80 "
.. BM ,
. 8:80
. 7:05
. 8:00 "
. 8:10 a.m.
, 11:5 p.m.
. 4:10
. 6:i
. 4:30 "
, 7:00 "
. 5:60 a. m.
. m.
10:30 "
13:40 p.m.
1 :35 "
5:00 a.m.
RrtO "
10:10 "
13:1)0 0.111,
11:30 "
ZnucBvlllo ...
I)reili n Jim.
Leave I'lttliurg ..
ll.lll.nhwT r
W ashingtun ,
New York....
Leavo Drcdden Juno. 8:10 a.m.
" .anesvillo 9:00
" N. Lexington.' 9:69
" LancniiSer 11:00, "
' ( Irelevllle... 1S:00 in.
" Wllliiimsnort. l'J:Vip. m.
4:00 p. m.
4-51 "
B:58 "
5 :30 a. in.
B:54 "
isuw 1101 1 ana. u.vi ,
Washington ..' 1:18 '
B:I7 "
Keusvlllo. j.. 1:50 " 7S1
" Wllmlnirtun.,. 9:10 7:45 "
Clarksvillo ... 9:89 ' 8:11 "
" Morrow 9:58 ' 8:40
Arr. Cincinnati 6:00 " 10:50 "
C. (J. WA1TE, Superintendent.
H. Mounts, Master Transportation.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to the Lakes and tho North
, Depart
Atlioni..... '., (:80a. m.
9:15 p. in.
A 1 live.
8:50 p.m.
7:10 a.m.
9:15 a.m.
9:55 "
8:44 p. m.
8:10 p.m.
9:90 '
Columbus 10:10 a. nu
Cleveland 9:85a.m.
PltUburgh 7S0 "
Indianapollt 8:50 "
Clii-gu.. ...... 1,. a.m.
Xenla ..." .19:88 p. m.
Sprlngfluld 19:15 p. in.
I av urn 1:85 ,
. Civile connection made at Lancaster for (Mr .
cloville, Zanesvllle and all poiuU on the ('In
cl'iiinti and Muskingum Valley Itallroiul,
Dlroifr cniiitectlnm mailu at Coliimliua I'm
DiiyUin, Spriiiglli'lil, Indianapolis, Chicago
ami all lm I lit West. Alio, lor I luvulunil,
Iluflnlii, 1'lltNbargh, and nil points K'at.
Take the Hocking ,Valur and Pan Handle
route to Chicago and tho aNi'tliwel It Is tliu
hiirtMk liv ulvtv-ilv inili.H. u-ivlnir iianbinirors
the litiicilt of ijtiickMr tlia aud lower rates
than liv any oilier line,
, , ,,.1 J, W, DOHEUTlf, Slip
ft. A Btiai t. Gur,i Tlchet Acufc

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