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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 03, 1873, Image 3

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McArtiiur Enquirer
.Advertisinjr Agfent,
is uii authorized Agent to reelcvo advortlao
muiim mr una paper. llu liui special ar
ning-i-muiim wiiii ruugious, agricultural
olliur newspapers.
Ad vertlsers who may with to reach the
People of Vlntou and adjoining eountiea,
an And no batter medium than the He
Arthur Enquirer.
BIN1HN0. Persons having magazines or
books of any kind tliqy wisli to have
bound, can leave tlioni at this onico and In duo
lime can reeuivu mem properly uouuu. nu
have mode arriniKiiioiit worohy ws ciiii at-
toiul to tli la brunch of business ut low prices,
Tub Winter Term of the Ohio
University, at Athena, began yes
tciilay. .
0. T. Gunning, will remove to
Washington, Fayette county, Ohio,
bohio time during the present
A. W. BoTfiWELL, formerly of
this town, but now a resident of
Missouri, was here on a visit last
A Posr-oFriCE has been cstub
lished ut Milton Furnace, Jackson
count)', bearing that name. J. E,
I'Tcrree has been appointed Post
Lecture. At Y. M. C. A. Hall,
Ditiia building, en next Tuesday
evening, Dec. 9lh. Subjects, "The
Immortality of the Soul," Dr. N. J.
IJowkus: "The Destiny of the Soul,"
Kid. G. W. Pilcher. All ure invited.
,)r. N. l. Ilowore, Dentist, McArtliur, U
An election was held on Satur
day, November 29lh, for Justico of
the Peace for Elk Township, which
resulted in the re-election of Henry
Paynr. Tlio vote was as follows:
Henry Pajne. 79
Iiobert aage
A. W. Asbury. ; ....... .
John Jones
S. C. Steinbrook,: formerly Sur
veyor of Vinton county, who liul
resided in Kansas, for over throe
years, returned with his family to
.his old home, in Harrison township,
iin this county, on Saturday, No
wemher 15th. His Postofllco ad-mIi-css
is Kays, Jackson county, 0.
J)r. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, MoArtliur, O
Xiisr of letters remaining in the
Pori-office ul McArtliur, Ohio, De
cember l, 1873 J
P. 13. Buraiiaiise, Mrs. Mattle
Davis, Miss Eliza Hounold, John
,V. Joiip.h, Miss Anuio Joneu, 3Iiss
Annie II. Jones, Henry McVey,
Men. Mary Wyman.
Court. In case of McLain vs.
Mitchell, residents of Knox town
ship, the jury assessed the amount
of damages at .$1,500. This was
the second trial of the case. The
time occupied was over two days.
The motion - for a second trial in J
the Dr. A. J. Boyer case, charged
with committing rapo, was sustain
ed, and cause continued until next
term. The Dt will perhaps give
Imil in the sum of $300, fixed by
t.He Court, for his appearance at the
neAt term.
Tux Star Spangled Banner for
December, is promptly on our ta
ble, and In spite of tho threats, ar
rests and fklsc charges made against
it for its persistent exposure of
Rogues, Rascals and Swindlers, it
don't stop "waving" worth a cent'
In fact, though its publishers are
threatened, black mailod and pep
ficculed, they seem to still flourish.
I he Banner ovcrilows us m yore,,
with lorty columns or splendid
reading. Tho "Rogues' Corner" is
as cutting us ever; and instead of
one it next year gives a pair of
Charming Chromos, by Prang, and
Iptpor a year, all for one dollar. It
begins its twelfth year in January,
and everybody (no exceptions)
should read it. $1.00 a year; send
six cents for specimens to Star
Spangled Banner, Hinsdale, N. II. '
The December number of Wood's
Household Magazine is replete
with good reading entertaining
sketches, stories, poems, etc. Its
table of contents embraces tho fol
lowing articles: "A Better Coun
try," Mary Hartwoll; An Engi
neer's Yarn, Albert Williams, Jr. ;
Our Party at Sea, Rev. J. S. Breck
'inridge; Two Enthusiasts, II. -M.
OLewtral; Preseuco of Mind, Itcv.
iF. W. Holland; Our Babies, p. A.
(Gorton, M. D.; Blessedness of Rich
es, Tenoroon ; Hans Doodledee,
Rudolph Mentel; installments '.of
M.x Kromcr, author of Jessica's
First vrayer; Codfish and Potatoes,
Chaptc " "t by Eleanor Kirk; Mis:
ery JipiHu. Chapter VII, VIII, by
II. 'V. Ob.1,0"1& In addition to
th'eBo' artici'JB several protty
poems, a charming littlo Cottage
- Design, and edi torial departments
embracing Our Housekeeper, Cor
respondence, Literary Notices, etc.
The engraving for this month Is
entitled "Old Folks.'! All tho above
for only $1.00 per year or with
chromo, Yosewm, $1.60,. -Address,
Wood's Household , Maoaziwe,
Newburgb, N. Yi .
The rovhrnouth Tribune, Uepui
lieau paper, mourns pitifully about
the Sheriff's advertisements, which
the Timet, Democratic paper,
publishing for the Democratic
SlierliF of Scioto county. Wo sec
nocauso for the whining, on the
part of the Tribune, as the Times
prints the Sheriff's Sales in a correc
and respectable manner. In this
county the Republicans guiiu'i
temporary posession of the Sheriff's
office by accident, aad tho Sheriff
gives tho advertising to an obscure
sheet with a circulation of less than
200 copies weokly, and not to the
paper having a general circulation
throughout the county. If tho poo
plo are satisfied with the unnrofllii
ble arrangcmcnt,we shall not whine
about it, like the aforesaid Tribune.
It is our intention to assist the peo
pie of Vinton county in making a
far superior arrangomout soon for
the publication of the Sheriff's ad
vertisements in the county. It
would be much more profitable to
print Sheriff's Sales in papers read
by at least forty thousand people,
than in a paper read by loss than
four hundred. The Christian Wit
nets and The Mc Arthur Enquirer
are read by more than forty thou
sand people; and in the first named
journal we aro willing to insert
Sheriff'! Sales free of charye, only
charging for the five iiwMlons in
the Enquirer; If thoso interested
want'thcir "lands and tenements"
to self for good prices, this would
1m the proper way to advertise ex
New Exemptions. By an act of
the Legislature passed April 15th
1873, new exemptions of persona!
property have been made. Tho list
has been somewhat enlarged, and
for tho information of all concern
ed we append tho principal features
of the law:
1. All wealing apparel; necessary
beds and bedding; stoves and pipe
necessury for purposes of cooking
and warmino;, tosruther witli fuel
for sixty days.
z. Une cow, or household lurni
ture to the value of $15; six sheep,
or wool or cloth tucrctroin, or fur
niture to the value of $10, with
food for animals for sixty days.
J. liibies, hymn books, school
books and family pictures.
4. Provisions to the amount of
$50, and household and kitchen
furniture to tho value of $50. '
5. One sewing machine; one knit
ting machine; tools and implements
necessary to carry on the doctor s
trade, not to exceed $100 in value.
0. Personal earnings of the debt
or and his minor children for five
months previous to judgment, when
it is shown that the same are ne
cessary, to support the debtor and
his rurally.
7. All specimens and cabinets of
natural history or science, except
sucn as may be kept for exhibition
for gam.
8. Draymen (the head of fami
lies), may each hold a dray, horse
and harness; a farmer a horse or n
yoke of oxen , and wagon, and
hy8ician one horse, saddle and
bridle,' and books, medicines and
instruments to the amount of $100.
Nw Song for tub Million.
"Mother let tho Angels In," by B.
S. .Ckandall. This beautiful New
Song and Chorus has been sung by
various ' artists with unbounded
success; has already impressed
many with its Charming Melody
and Elegant Words, which aro ad
mirably adapted to the Music, sur
passes anything of the kind lately
published, will be sung by all Min
strel and Concert Troupes, during
tho season, with whom it is a greut
favorite. This Song Is not at nil
, I muit say furewell, mother,
For I am going home;
Now open wide the door, inothur,
: And let the angeli come;
And lot thorn bear me home, mother,
To that bright world above,
Where angel voloui ling, mother,
. Their tweet, iweet aonge of lovo.
. It Is one of the few songs that
touch tho heart of those who have
let the angels In, to bear away: the
Spirit of a Sweet, Darling Child.
Dou't forgot tho name. Price, forty
cents, with splendid lithographic
title page. Sent, post paid, to any
part pf 4be United States, upon re
ceipt of marked price by addres
sing F. W. Helmick, Music Dealer,
278 West Sixth Street, Cincinnati,
Saddles, Harness, etc. Those
desiring Saddles, Harness, Whips,
or anything elso In that line, we
would say, go to tho shop of H. P.
AunRost,on tho north sldo of Main
street, in this town. Ho has a com
plete assortment of goods in this line
of trade, of a superior quality, and
which he will sell at much lower
figures than elsewhere. We visited
his shop last Saturday evening and
examined his stock of goods, and
can say that their price, quality
and finish make them desirable.
Tub trial of William M. Tweed,
for fraud and peculation, termina
ted in New York City, on 19th Inst.,
in a verdict of guilty on every
count of the indictment, two hun
dred anil forty in all.
Dr. Fulta, of CincinnaUi,
Says Specr'a Port Grapo Wlno is
pure, unadulterated, of a fine flavor,
and tonlo qualities, and is unsur
passed for its restorative powers.
"New Town. Richard Craig
Surveyor 'of Vlntou county, ha
been engaged during the past two
weeks, commencing on Monday
JNov. 17th, 1873, in luying off 210
acres of land, part of the Buudy
rnrin, Bituated in Milton township,
Jackson couuty, three miles south
of Humdcn, ndjoinlug the Milton
Furnace Co. lands on tho north,
into a town of G721ots, the size of
each to bo C3 by 12G feet The
town will bo called Wellston, after
tho celebrated Harvey. Wells, who
purchased the land, 1,000 acres in
all, at $105 per acre, of Hon II. S,
Bundv. The surveying of the lots
will bo completed within a week.
It is said that two Iron Furnaces
will bo erected in Wellston during
the next six months, and that c
rolling mill will also bo eroded be
lore ino expirauon or two years,
One hundred houses will also be
erected during the spring and sum
mer, tho foundations of which will
bo commenced about tho 1st of
April next. The Jackson vein of
coal lies beneath tho surface of tho
laud, at a depth of from 31 to 72
feet. Tho coal is much better than
the Jackson coal, and will make tho
best No. 1 Foundry iron, Mr.
Well9 will make a fortune off tho
sale of tho lots in tho town,innd tho
lands ho purchased of Mr. Bundy.
Ihk Phrenological. Journal
commends itself as a niagaiuo to
all who appreciate the good, true
and improving in literature. Its
candor and liberality nud clearness
in the discussion of all topics, adapt
it to all classes of readers. Wo
welcome each number to our table
Seo tho December edition, which
contains : 1 he Evangelical Alliance
in America, with portraits of the
Dean of Canterbury, Rev. Dr. Geo.
Fisch, of Paris, Rev. Dr. Dorner, of
Berlin, and Rev. N. Sheshadri, of
Bombay; The Face -Factory No. 2;
Sketches from real life, No. 4 ; Tho
Church of tho United Brethren.
with 12 portraits ; A Chapter on Lov
ers, very amusing; Money Its
Junction and requirements, No. 2;
J. M. Buudy, of the N. Y. Mail;
"By tha.Neck until Dead;" Archi
tecture; Lecturers and Lectures;
Genesis of Geology, No. 2; Agricul
tural Hints, etc. Price, 30 cents
$3.00 a year, with excellent-p-emi-
ums. S. R, Wells, 389 Broadway,
New York.
Superintendent of State Printing.
We have seen several names sii2-
gested for : the position of Super-
imcnueni oi otato printing. We
are. noi accustomed to DroDosintr
1 1. . , . . ...
inuiviuuais ror public places, but
in una instance wo nave tne name
of a person in our mind so admira
bly qualified for tho position men
ttoned that we feel in duty bound
to make mention thereof. For the
above office we suggest the name of
Walter C. Hood, 'Esq.. lately of
marietta Times, ue is not only
one of the most talented writers in
tho State but ' is an experienced
office manager, and knows all about
printing. There is no man in the
oiaie ocuer quaniieu lor the posi
tion than Mr. Hood, and above all
ins integrity is unquestioned. We
make this suggestion without his
knowledge, and without knowing
wncincr ue wouiu do willing to nc
cept tho appointment If ho will
do so no better selection, for the
publio interest, could bo made.
Portsmouth Times,
We second that suggestion. The
people of Ohio will feel proud of
Mr. Hood.
Hard Times.
The present is a period of unex
ampled distress throughout our
whole country. Erom every State
in the Union the wail of distress is
bomo on every breeze. Banks are
smashing, merchants are going to
tho wall, and manufacturing estab-
lshments, all over the laud aro suc
cumbing to tho legitimate fruits of
ascality, Radical rule, or rather
mis-rule. The Commissioners of
charities, in New Rork City, reports
forty thousand families without
means and without employment,
who depend on public charity to
keep soul and body together, and
ho expects before long that tho num
ber will bo increased to eighty
Another Freak of Nature.
About twenty-two years aero a
man by tho name of Harmon Austin
.died in .Boardmnn township, this
county, of delerium tremens, and
was burled In tho Prcsbytorlan
burying ground In the village of Po
land, Now comes the remarkable
part of our story. A few weeks
ago, whon his remains wcro disin
terred for the purpose of removing
them to the new cemetery in Po
land, the coffin appeared unusually
heavy, and was opened, and it was
then discovered that tha body, In
place of decomposing, as is usually
the case, was lying in a petrified
state. Ths appearance of tho face
was somewhat dark colored, but
where tho clothincr had benn
which was now nothinnr but a reeu
mold tho body exhibited a life-
Canfield News.
The special attention of every
body Is directed to the advertise
ment of S, C. Swirr, Chllllcothe,
Ohio, in this paper. Send to that
House for all your snmll goods.'
Special Notices.
hava already K'no, and thousand more
uru turning their oyc toward now homes iu
lie tortile Wuxt. To thoeo going to Missouri,
Kiuisu, Nubruuka, Colorado, UUli .Wyoming
fevada, Oregon or L'aliforniu, wo recommend
chou)!, uufe, quick and direct route, via St.
Loniff, over the I'uulllu Ituilroud, which rum
Its lino Duy Couchea und Pullman Sleepers
from Kt. Ixuiia to nrincliml point in tho West,
without uhaugv. Wo believe that the Alia
iouri I'nclllu Railroad has tho bent track and
the lluest And eultutt eiiiupment of any lino
woetoftho Mississippi, und its counectloui
with roads further West are prompt and re
liable. Tlie Texad connection of this road l
now completed, uml passengers are offered A
BUrst class all-iull route from tit Louis to
Texas, either over tho Missouri, Kansas &
Texas H. It., via Sedalia, or over tho Atlan.
tic Jt PaclUo R. R., via Vlnl tiu For maps
tinio Ui lies, Information us to rates, routes,
Ac., wo refer our reiulers to 8. II. Thompson,
Eastern I'assouger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, 01
E. A. Ford, U'n'r'l Passenger Agent, tit Lou
Is. Mo, Questions will ho cheerfully and
promptly answered. n25-ly
Knilgratlon Turning. Cheap Farms in
South-west Missouri. The Atlantic Al'aotflc
Railroad Company offers 1,200,000 acres of land
in Central und South-west Missouri,-at from (3
Ml2 per acre, on seven years' time, with free
traniortatlon from St. Louis to all porchcr
ers. Climate, soil, timber, mineral wealtlit
schools, churches, aud law-abiding society in
vito oinigrauts from all points to tills land of
fruits aud flowers. For particulars address A.
TUCK, Laud Commissioner. St. Imis, Mo. 1-ly
C ii aped bauds, fuce, rough skin, pimples
ringworm, salt-rheum and other cutaneous
affections cured, and tho skin made soft and
smooth, by using tho Juniper Tar Soap,
made by Caswell, Hazard, A Co, N. Y.
IJe certain to get the Junlptr Tar Soap, as
thero aro many Imitations inado with com
mon tar which aro worthless. 4t.
A CARD. A Clergyman, whiloresidingin
(South America, as Missionary, discovered tt
safe and simple remedy for tho cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay,- disease of tho
urinary and seiuiuul organs, und tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
viii'ons habits, tircat numbers have bocn
cured by tills noble remedy. Prompted by l
desire to benefit tho nhiictcd and unfortunate,
I will send the receipt for preparing and using
his niedk Ine, In a sealed envelope, to any one
who needs it, Frre of Ohargrl Address
JUMlU'll T. l.NMAK,
Station 1), nihlc House, X. Y. City.
March 111, 18W-v7,nlu. '
Pittubuhqii, March, 1878.
We have used largo uuiintitfos of nurinor
Bnunuiu A Co.' Strictly Pure White rmd.
and have alway round it uniformly aud 111 cly
ground, very while and of excellent body.
IU purity we lave never questioned, and wo
necriiuiy recoiiiinend it.
T1IOM I'inOX ,t MILLKlt.
Muster PuiulorX.
who suffered for years from Xorvons Debility,
Premature Decay, ami all the ellocts of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering
Humanity, send free to all who need it. the re
cipe and direction for making the simple
remedy by which he was cured. ScnVrers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so by addressing, iu perfect con
fidence, JuJIN B. OUDKN',
SU-Sin o. No. 42 Cedur St., X. Y.
I'or Ayer's Medicines, go
Tli 8 llest Place. The choicest lot of Gro
ceries, Qucensware, Glassware, Notions, &e.,
can Uo hail at Davis Duncan's Store, in Za-
leski, at nil times.
Corn, oat, potatoes and produce of fcm-y
description taken in exchange for goads, fit
his store, in connection with hU store lus hn
a Saddle and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything iu that line on short uotiiu) tuid at
low figures. Go und see him tf
To the Suffering Tho Rev. Win. II. Nor
ton, while residing in Brazil as a Missionary,
discovered in that land of medicines a romedy
ror consumption. Scrofula, Soro Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself after all
other medicines bad fulled.
Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will send
tho roclpo for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desire it, Free of Charge.
Pleaso send au envelope, with your name
aud address on it. Address,
070 liroudway. New Vork City
March 19, 1873-vT.nlO.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sisson's Drug
For Pure Drugs and Medicines, go to Bis
on's. ,
Ilrfiilt:. rlinorful. nitfrinf niwl m-n.Dul.Fn
tllO 14flUK tilkc rnnk wlrli iIni hi.ar
IcaU of the dny. Jt ia the cheapent UryUclnss
MmruiiiiM lit ilia flrimii-iF ai i.
IV illimtiiltul ivlfh Un num.la l.a ,..7l,.l
Imitable delineator of homo life and cliarcu
aer, nas an article in every nuinoer.
a. AKTHUK, will lie coiuinenced In tho J
unry number of tho Home Maqazink.
oiiai.tr uuuurs, nveiv. sensinie ami iri
coinmeuced in tho January number.
Newest patterns for la
dies' and children's
dresses aro given by special arrangement ev
ery month. By means of thoso puiterns, ev
ery woman may now bo her own dross-nia-
TUT GDCJIT household maga-
InL DllCAl ZINK of America gives
more reading for the price, and a greater va
riety, suited to everv member of thefainilv.
young and old, than any other niugaxiue pub
lished. Fl fl B 1 1 A whole book on Flower Cul
rLUrtnLi ture. from an original manu
script, by u lady of refinement and experience
will be given during IKT1.
I LnllL niuirniilcent stool emrravinir.ths
Kugllsh copy of which sells lor 114, is sont
freo to every subscriber. .
49 Kft A YEAR is tho prlco of "Ar-
aki nk." It is for sale by Newsdealer. Pian
os, Cabinet Organs, Hewing Machines. Hooks,
Ac, almost given away as Premiums for sub
scribers. Bond for Prom i urn List. Canvass
ing Ageuts wanted evorwhero. . ,
i C CENTS will procure a specimen copy of
MAGAZINE." Send lor one
Philadelphia, Pa.
"x-r-TE have purchased and llttod tip tlie
W aliove mills, a id solicit the trade of
the fanners of this vicinity.
Bpoclal attention given to
And care given to please all customer. Mr.
A. A. COZZtCNS. an exoerlencod miller, lias
charge ot the mill, ami will not fail to deal
fairly and give general satisfaction,
Flour, Meal and Feed
Ou hand, und for sale at
July 80.-1B7.1. COZZKNS 4 JOHNSON.
A, rare Chanco.
For Particulars KriK1.
or six Samples for,l.
ddress -
I'lttslmrg, Suiiplvti..
i n i pin. hi., rn
Now Advertisements.
iX times dally
1 Proinolcs healthy action of tho Kin
VKN's l.iVBii aud JlowV.l.s; is therefore the
greatest lllood Purifier and Health Preserver
of the ago, ami prevents diseases by removing
the cause. It lias stood the test, and is the
best medicine In in-e.
NATI, O. 4w
AUK NTS' profits per week. Will
tyO I iOV prove it or forfeit o00. Now ar
tides just patented. Samples sunt free to all.
Address W . 11. CHIDESXEU, slut Hroadwuy,
New York. 4v
Tho theapmt and bent selling' Agents' llibles
in the market. For circulars, address A.J.
HOi. .MAN & CO., t)0 Arch St., Phil., Pa. 4t.
The Magic Coml) rVifTlfrz
any colored hair to a permanent black or
brown anil contolus no poison. Trado sup
plied at low rates. Address MAU1C COM II
CO., Springfield, Mass. 4w.
tf O llring you free by mail tho very best
Write at once to Pomrrot ft Co., 144 llrond
way, N. Y. 4t.
T INO. How either aex may fascinate
and gain the love and affections ol any per
son tlioy choose instantly. Tills simple men
tal acquirement all can possess, free, by mail,
forSocts., together with a marriage guide,
Kgyptiuu Oracle, Dreams, Hints to Ladies,
Wedding-Night Shirt, &e. A queer book.
Address T. WILLIAMS CO., Pubs.Phil.4w.
L ' For
Contlu.Co.Us, Hoarseness.
Sold by Druggjsts. 4w.
The highest Medical Authorities of Eu
rope say tho strongest Tonic, Purifier and
Deolistruent known to tho medical world
It arrests decay of vital forces, exhaustion of
the nervoH system, restores vigor to the do
bllitntcd, cleanses vitiated blood, removes
vesicle obstructions and acts directly on tnc
Liver and Spleen. Price 1 a bottle. Address,
JOll N Q. KKLLOCIU, 18 Piatt St., New V or.
'ulTirtilT of P.tm'ala MM. tnS an
irfuUd Dr. Fl tier's Vegetable Rheuniat 1
yrap. I granU It u lnlalliUs sura for Narva, Ki(
1 U4 BhcuaaUo dlHUtl. Swomto.tiUMth April! 187
IlOlWBmn M Osrsdly It. sndwlll stii.ranonwi
TI..Mm1 Daw T U IlnU...n r..M T TJ
m. unwu in, notary fvbltc, mtu
iS "'?'uVf Iturford, 'n!y. Rev.Joa.il.ms, FallaOhiirol
Utory Pamphlet k fruarantM.RTatia. tj!60 RewaWl foran il
Yuie uaoc. u Giug an mug roAiAiy.ooia ty aruggut
llr.' SalaTOaTOaW
Rltnrrli Remedy
"Jfcuros by Its mild, heal-
L t iug proeriicii,io wjiiuu
when the system, has
been put fa perfect
order with Bortor
Pierce's fioldoil
nodlcaj Discovery, which cliould
be taken Tarncstly to correct blood and
system, which are always at fault, also
to act specifically, upon tho diseased
glands of tho noso and its chambers.
Catarrh Remedy should bo applied with
Dr. Pierce's Nasal Doaclie,with
which medicine can bo carried AioA up
and perfectly applied toall parts of pas
sages and ohambcrs In which sores and
ulcers exist. and from which discunrcc
proceeds, eo successful hastbls course
of trciainieni proven, nun iiiu fuupnciui
offers 8500 Howard for a case ot
-Cold 3 Head " or Cutarrh which lie
Anniuitimrn. The two medicines with
I lntfumeiittor 82, by all druggisU.
Pumas, 1'urlfirt, ami titrfHythetu tht Synlem.
Dr. TU's IIHs nro com nosed of innnv in
gredieuts, t'lMwiueiitiliuoiig them aro Siii-hii-4arilla
and and Wild Cherry, so united as to
net vogctnor; me one, iiirougii its uilmlxluru
with other substances, purifying and ping
iug; while tho other is strengthening the sys
tem. Thus these pills are at the same time u
tonic mid a cathartic, a desideratum long
snugni ior uy inoiiicai men, nut never uciore
Ulsuovereii. inotiior words, inoy no tlie work
of two medlcino mid do it much better than
any twowo know of, for they remove nothing
from the system but impurities, so that while
tney purge tncy uiko strongmen ami nonce
thoy cause no debility and are followed by no
J)B. Tutt'b Pills have a wonderful influ
ence on the blood. They not only purify with
out weakening it, but they remove all nox
ious particles from tlie chyle before it is con
verted into fluid, mid tuns makes impure
blood an utter impossibility . As thero is no
debilitation, so tliero is no nausea or sickness
attending the opporutlou of this most excel
lent modiciue, which never strains or tortures
the digestive organs, but causes them to work
In a perfectly manner ; hence persons taking
them do not become pule and emaciated, but
on the contrary, while all iuipurjtios .are be
ing removed, the combined action1 of tho Sur
saparella and Wild Cherry purllles and invig
orates the bodv.iiud a robust statu of health is
tho result of their united action.
Price 25 cts. a box. Sold by all Druggists.
Depot its Cortlaudt St., New Xork. 4U
A New Thine under the Snu."
SUUtit Oil J'aintiiiJ in a Book!
Never before wnssuch an idea attorn pted (or
book. Illustration: evorv ono who has seen -it
pronounces it sui-kbh. Mrs. Harriot llcuchcr
Stowe's latest work.
Woiium iu Sttvrtd JIUlury,
Is a series of narrative-sketches, drawn from
Hcrliitnral. historical aud leirenilui'v souroes.
Illustrated with Sixteen Choice Oil Chromos,
after uHinlluars by tho most celebrated artists
of tlio- wonl, giving a rich aud mngnitlcont va
riety of Oriental costume und beauty. Mrs.
Btowe iu hor cliuriiiing style has written a
book lull oi interest, ana Willi u null piigo in
it, which i even if not illustrated would sell
ruplilly; lint tho "brilliant Oil-Color Pic-
I. . .... .1... ....... A..I..1
iUlUB It .UN Ml ll.llflb lllll.llt;. v. 'Ki-
nal and remarkable books over otforod. '1 no
pictures, If published seiierntely, would
readily soil for 2 each or S.IJ, while the on -tiro
book, with the sixteen pictures, together
with sumptuous blueings of tho volume, can ha
had for one-llftb of that amount. Tho book
is dubllshed In Knglisli and in Uernnm, and is
making a tremendous sensation among agents
and salesman, becauso it is absolutely new
and "has money in it." To get pleasant work
1 r.i. ......... ..i 1.. .iL.n
HUM huuii ynj . iM-ini lui Ltiiiiin, . iiii.i i, -.,
adclrtms J. 11. FORD. A CO., New York, llos
ton, Chlcugoi Sun r'nriiclmio, or Lin . . -4v.
Consistiua- of K) acres, situated in Madison
Township, Vinton County, Ohio, four miles
rrom AioAniiur, ana one mno irom viuiou
Station, on the Marietta Cincinnati Rail
road, on the road leading from McArtliur to
Athens, Ohio. 100 acres of Wood Land; bal
ance under cultivation 84 acres of llottom
Land. Well watered. Siilllclently largo for
two farms, Two dwelling houses and all oth
er buildings, alMiut 1-8 of a mils apart, upon
the premises. In good neighborhood and iu
u Greatest Coal Region
On the lino of said Railroad. There are 8
veins of Col. 4 feet la thickness on the prem
ises. One Vein oovorf ths entire tract of land ;
one covers all except 40 acres, and one covers
all except about 100 acres. Within bO rods of
tho Railway Switch, running from V In ton
Station to Vinton Furnace: a switch ran be
convenlentlyibuilt across tho land Ui theCoul
Veins. Any person wanting proixirty of this
description, could not do belter than purchase
tins. .
V-15 acros of tho land lioonsr toll. R. nomine.
who will give any further Information that
nav be desired. Will Sell at a baririiln. If
one half is paid at or about the tlmo. of sain.
ino uiiyor limy nave sucn umo on ui-mrruii
pajiucut, not to exceed teu or fll'UMiir jeain,
as will bo satisfactory. Impilm iipoli tlie
promises or ntldrcsy' II. It. ItKMINti,
uiy , loij-u, v iniou oihmuh u
A Uir look, rail of gnod thiam, valuable secret
ad important Information, mtibjd for two stamps.
AddMrXB ft OO., Hi BUth ATS-Nav Yolk.
When a Panic Comes
Qoods Bought Low for Cash,
in the Eastern Market, by
their experienced Buy
er, and will
be sold
Ten' Per Cent. Cheaper ten any House in .Vinton County.
They are Determined to Close out their Entire Stock, Preparatory to In
voicing January 1st, 1874.
Cashmeres, French and English M erinos.
Bepellants, all Colors,
Custom - Made Boots mid Slioes,
. T Trunks,
JflflFTliey nre prepared, and guanantee to give satisfaction, to make
more men, .women and children happy than any other House, because
they make them more comfortable
War Has BeenDeclared !
Awful Slaughter !
While tho country is being agitated with any number of sensations
r i.- urt !..: 1 .1 . .
ii-imu ls ui niu - V irgunus iiittuer, anu ino excuemenr. among
the people is intense, yet it is not half so great as
that caused by the fearful
Hter in
of all descriptions, at the enterprising house of
Realizing that "Times nre Hard,"
wani an iney can
:" and have therefore . .,
In every department- We are now
wnicn is XMhli &au JfJUSaji THROUGHOUT, AT TEN PER CENT.
ON ORIGINAL COST ! This will give the most ASTONISHING BAR
GAINS PVir nffrreri in thin nlnrrt I Tt' mnit ln
inducements are offered Only to
uuyers. luujjitti mujjuuis, or every tlescription, taken in
Exchange for Goods.
It will rav buvers of DRY OOOTlS
mm pnees. tome ana see ior yourselves, xou will Und us still at
"The 014 Corner Store," one floor West of Court House, McArtliur, Ohio,
7. JS. Udo-rtln c&3 Son.
Nov. 2C, 1873. n46
AL90 -
Ladies' Shawls, &c, &c.
for less money. n43,
. The First Great Battle
Brilliant Victory !
"Money Scarce," and the people
get lor tlieir money,
offering our entire stock of Goods,
Cash or promptrpaying short-time
WATS CAPS Ttnfvra RirnrQ
GROCERIES, to inspect our stock
THE WKKKT.Y MIJN isltoo wlddlr known
to require nny cxtonili'il rucoinniomlatlon:
but tho reasons wliii-.h -will, we hopo, kIvo it
ninny tlioiiKitnil.s more, ara bi lolly as follows :
it Is a llivt-rato Inmily uvwHiiapor. . All the
nows of tlie ilnv will bo found in it, coiulens-
cil whon iiiiliniioi'tiint, at dill length whon of
iiiiiiiiont, aim 11 1 ways prouoiiioii 111 a cicar, 111.
tolllirllilo, uml intnrtiiiff manner.
11 in a ili-Mt-rato I'liiuiiv nunor. full of intur-
tiilnlnx and lustriictivu romlinK of every
klmt, nut contuliiliiK noiiuiiK unit cim oiltuil
the nioxt ilcllcate and Hcriipuloim taxto.
It Im a llivt-rntu storv nniwr. The boat tales
Hint roiniinvcH of current litoraturo are curo
fully soloi-tod and legibly printed in Its m
gen. . .
It Is a llrst-rate agricultural paper. Tho
iiiomt frvh and iiiHtruetivo -articles on agri
cultural topics regularly appear in this de
partment. It Is an independent political pHper.bolong
Ing to no party and wenriiiR no collar, it
II gilts for iirini-liilo, and for the election of tho
hcHt Mien to olllce. It ca)ir,iHlly dovolvs its
energies to tho exposure, of tho great corrup
tions that now won ken ami dlxgruco our coun
try, mid threaten to uniloriiiliio republican
limtltution altogether. It baa no tear of
knaves, ami asks no favors from their sup
porters. It rcuorts fashion for tho. ladies anil the
markets for the men, especially the rattle
maraeis, 10 wincu u pays parvicuiar atten
tion. Finallv.it is tho ulicanost oaoor milillshed.
II pur year will secure it for nuy subicrllier.
it is uov nuiM-HNiiry 10 ei up a emu ill onior
to have THE W KKKLV hVH at this rato.
Any one who sends a ahigle dollar will got
the paper for a year.
no 11
havo no travoling agents.
Tdk Weekly Scm. Eisht-naces. firtv-slx
columns. Only 1 a year. Mo discounts from
this rule. '
Th RKMI-Wlial.vHilM. Sml. aa IhA
Daily Sun. 4 a year. A discount of SO pur
cent, to clubs of iu or over. , ,
TUB Daily Bun.'-A larire four-iiairMnowa.
paiierof twenty-right oolnnins. Dally clr
culnllon over i 20,000. All tho news for
cents. Huhscriiitloii Ul li'o HO i-Mita a nmntli.
orW a year. Toeluba of 10 or ovor, tt dis
count of go per cent. 1 ;i , .
u4.1e.tw. ' THK 8UN, N.Y.CIty.
WK keep nouatnutly on hmid at this or
llcua supply of EN VM.OrK. iiihiii
Which a canl 01' any diwerlptlnii will 1m
pi lnUd to low that nil iiimt ailonl h.1111 u
card on tliu hnvoU ;os iiseil by tlieiu.
Term $2.00 a Year, in Advanca.
Farm and Houcohold Help.
Devoted to tho diffusion of hoallh-nrcservlng
knowlcilge among tho people; to Agrl
culture, Horticulture, Stock and Toul- .
try liaising: Friiitt'ultiire; the De-
velopmi-nt of Hcli'.SiiHtuiiiliig
Home Productions; Domes
' tie Economy; Useful In
formation for tho
II..., in -ii.
Tnio Hi lcnco ami l'rogross. 'it Imparts that
If n.,.'lf..li... ...1. ...111 1.-1.. .
...... .nu nun.., mil iirillfT J lOlll IO IDC
rami, Thrift, Health and Happiness to the
rainily, and inuku
"lloui the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dourer, sweeter spot than all the rest,'1
This Mngazlno has l(cn received with the
fllllMfc rtMtl..,-lll vlil.l.ln..u nf ......
am no pulillcatlon In the South has beon the
.... ..... .. . ... iiiuriinui npproilHlloll rilllll
the press and people. Tho Kiontauuous uml
almost unaiiiiiioiiH uxpreHslon of the 1'i-oss is,
that "this work lllli a want long felt In Jour
na sm." 1 hus encouraged, the pulilixhors
will soaro no pulns nor oxponso to make this
111 K Kin ffHTlnn rtf thn u,.,tt 1.
One pwiiliarand dlHtliigulalilng fenturn of
f ll I M aJlakV III lid II.iaIII. I h . A x a .
" ' - iv ...iniiii iMipitrdiicuv. n u nave
iiiudu arruiigouiuiits with Dr. J. Htaindauk
Wii.kom to edit the Health Department and
he wilL hum month to month, teach the Laws
of Hialth and tho sclenim ut living so as to
avoid disrate and to aocuro health, happiiieaa
and long lite, by obedieuco to thone Inws. In
ailiiltlou to this, he will give, under tho head
of "Homo Hemedles," safe and reliable di
rections for tho domostlo treatment of ill
aeasai and those will lie founded on his long
experience and observation. Dr. W IU011 Is a
regular lihysictau, and Is well and favorably
known to his professional brethren a aron
trlhutor, for the past twenty years, to ihu first
Medical Journals of the country. He is also
known to the people as former editor of the
"Health Department" of "(iodcr'a Lady's
Book," and as the author of 'Woman's Homo
Look of Health," published by us.
W ltlKMit enlarging further on this point, ths
publishers feel no hesitation In saving Hint
the lessons learned monthly In this Jdsgaxins
Will ha Invalunbto to overy household In con
taining kiuiwlndgo more Important than any
othor knowledge that can be obtained In no
other way, aud aM this at tho roost trilling
coat. .
In onlor to make the work still more useful,
W haves Kami and Household Department.
This will contain the most ehnlro thoughts
of the best writers on Agrii-iillure, Horticul
ture, Kmit liaising, Domostle Ij-oiioinv, rtioc.k
anil l-oultry Hnislug, our Industrbil Iti auur
oes, ate., witli short hilentlno Articlns, and
enuirtaliiiiig and Instriiotivu reatllug fur the
Home Ic le. In short. Mm nlui will lie to
make the Farm and Household Department
or this work a treasury or imcl'nl luiowlcihc.
ami a woleomn guest In everv flinillr; all ol
which iiihv he nliliiini'.l ml th'.i ......ll ...... ...
tl.Ula year. AildresM
- Atlanta, On,
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
On and after November , 1873, Traina will
run aa follows:
734. j ; . Jr
t : : : : -i. : : i : i : i I : : :i
&l : : : i !- 5 -A
:i is
a?:!;:: i i : i j ! . i !
; ;
: o ; ; . .
o : : : :
:o :
. w ' t a m
1 72 MM IS
lines l "lKf2! $f agggi!" ssgj
a i : : : : : : i i j i -a i :
(fsas SSSSw?' Nrw
ai::di lllllii: iif:
: : :A . : : : i,i i : K : : : :
,i t: i id : : i 1 v
ISA: : :4
H u " 7.1. v.ti -n 77 :j
u . . .1 : - 1
t :
o a a
ii : i ;
ii ;
as I
CINCINNATI EXPRESS will run dally. All
other trains daily, except Sunday.
stop between Hainden and Athens.
Portsmouth Branch.
Wail .
8:45 p. m.
4:21 "
: "
, 7 :SS a. ibj-
' 8:08
. 10SO I
Dep. Hanulcn
Arr. Jackson
" 1'orUuioutli
For all points on the Littlo Miami Railroad,
anil nt the Indianapolis & Cincinnati Rail
rondJiiiiclion for all points West.
. . . . Superintendsnt.
Master ot Transportatiob.. ' 4
fa 111 mlvnnnA nf All Mwnnatttna V In 41, '
only lino miming through cars to the West
v'liiuiou tiuiisiur, iurrmgc,aji cnangos anil
delnys avoided by running' THREE 81K.
COCHE8, As follows: , . ; ; f 'i""
For all iwints In
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
' .' 1
The Through Coach loaves Cincinnati at 8-40
P. at., Iiulianapolit at 8: 45 A.M., run ni 11 a
through Bloomington, I'ooria, Galeshurit
itiirllngton, Oltuniwa and Creston, arrivingoi
OMAHA at 10:00 a. 11.. NEXT DAY, hours la
advance of any other route, making but ou
change of cars to . . . 1
Get your tickets via Indianapolis and Peoria
- o
For all points In ,
Kansas, Colorado and the Southwest
Tho Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at i;
Ii" ' 1,"n"jw's at b: uu r.- m., mnuln
Quiucy. arriving in KANSAS CITY . at 0: 611
r. at.. )i EXT lAY, .hour, in advauciof 8fc
1.0111s unes, making but ono chanire ot'ears ts
iiv.t Villi 1 flplr.tra til a In.l J .... . .. i
and gfitaby. anviiit
. , -FOU-, .,
Rock Island and Davenport
Tho Through Coach leavos Cincinnati it i 4A
-., .m..o.n.pui up o: our. a. .running
through Bloomington, Pooria Snd Galva. ar
rivinv ut Itncir ur i vn ,n. Un . .. "t; !
but one chango of cars for points In
Get your ticket via Indianapolis and Feona.
Pullman's Palace Drawinff-Eoom
and Sleeping Cars.
Rum through from Cincinnati to Teorla and
Indianapolis to Rock Islaud. . ,
tEftT!?1iB.p,?i n3r1Woi!-' iwlnt'can now
nHt'Si C0"'t"u"1 "l koop it to desti-
, sowvyv u ui .iiiMii 1 1 1 IYI 1 1 ar la aa .1
nt iKann.il.M..la -.1 a ' ,B" "'V1
- - - - wvu iiiiuiiiu niiii
.. , ...,v, ..fin u IB UVW IAS II
popular thorongian Uttcecn ia Xosl
s great
C. W. SMITH, Gcn'l Manager,
JNO. W. BEOWK, Gtn, fA nH'
aauilJIUIUllV, AI1U,
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great Ntionl Short Lin Routa
XUstand Waxt. ,
Only Direct Route to the National Canl.
tol ami '..t.wi . Va"
(ill and after Mnmlnv Vauaiiiiiam ill rn I
will rim as follows: ' V . " ' "
. . . . ' Dmint-I
ONI A 111
I DA I'm
40 I'm
8.1 A III
8 44 Am
1 U l'ir
4 41 '
5 05
05 "
iirpors rorry....
lulilngUin June,
Arrlvn '
0 0.1
8 3d "
8115 "
551 '
8 DO "
8 45 "
..... VAJl.
10 00
10 00 -
85 Am
1 X) I'm
nil 1
418 "
Now Vork....i!!ii
8 30 Am
.' . h I n i.l . ih
is 54 Am
11 45 I'm
4 00 Am
0 45 I'm
800 "
8 0 '
8 00 .
4 00Am
8 00 I'm
8 60 An
... Arrive.... ,
nui. r....
4 95 '
11 v 1111c.
Harpor'i Korry...
80 "
1D04 "
8 Am
00 M
10 M
Pullman Falaos Drawlg BmBlMpii Can,
Which are as comfortablo. olegnntly fumUhod
and almost eiiual to a aru-slile, are oa all
trnlna fi-fiin I 'Im.liii.si I ... 11..I11 ... .
Washing) bm Si hiilule ofClm IiiumII ai.d
Marietta Railroad for time of arriving anil de
parting from Me A rlli nr. , "
The advHuluirfa nf llilnvmlAtn... -11 ... 1
that it gives all travelers holding thruuad
tickets the privlloira of vlsilitig Italikiir
rhllndelphls, ami the Natlo'naH apitol fi.
1 iinu gunner auy ratosolfam brwer, thoa
by another route
'The aciuerv aloatf Ihla n.it..-- 1.
ciiiiillod for f raii.leiu on this Coatluea
to sui ppkrh or rnsiau f,
TliU ll. -.... 1. ... i''
'nwriiir llllllllWIIiriltS Ilia
ibU-i being ene-thlril lower to aad fitnn M.
Ion, New link, oraiiy other ali.rn point.
oiilerlng gooilsof n.,y di.ci-pii fr,,',,, ,m;
1 Yf, ,1 "! vi liitiinnoie A
Ohio U. II., ami In slilimhig Eiist. give same ell
rectloiia, Freights WiLpfd by (Tils run , , m I
have d. spaii li, and he UhIImI Villi u,e J
save shippers imit'li nioncv. " '
V Jll-tV , ... ..
.. ' .i.in.riiiiii,
; Ueiw rrtiluht Ag'U llulriinoie
1., ii. t or.r;,

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