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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 03, 1873, Image 4

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Keeping Work Ahead.
The groat trouble with most
of us is that we lay out too
much work for ourselves to do.
We get a great many tilings
half done, and work twico as
hard as need be, when the same
amount of labor judiciously ex
pended would have a three-fold
result This is just how it is in
war against weeds. We are so
accustomed to get into a flurry
about getting in the crops in
time that we forget the weed
crop is already in and going on
at a rapid pace. Wo have not
unfrequently seen the greatest
exertion in getting in seeds or
plants that would have done
just as well a week later, when
the samo time spent in harrow
ing or weeding ground would
have been equal to four times
the time at a later period.
These remarks of course apply
more to garden than to farm
work. Where horsepower is
at hand, weeds halt an inch
high, if annual Aveeds, are as
easily destroyed by a broad
tooth cultivator as if they were
but just pushing ! through the
ground; but in garden work a
simple raking up of the ground
when the weeds are just sprout
ing is quite as effective as the
best hoeing would be. An hour
or two raking of a garden be
tween the rows' of the various
crops will, in fact,' almost ren
'deV hoeing r unnecessary, and
thus save .many a hard- day's
work. '
Oiling Harness.
. A harness (writes a corres
pondent) should never be used
over six months without oiling.
I take my harness apart, or un
buckle it as much as conveni
ent, and put it into the soap
suds of the last washing, giving
it a good soaking, then take it
out upon a bench of the proper
hight for convenience, and re
move all the dirt and gummy
substance with the assistance of
a stiff brush and the soap suds.
I then find it just the time to
make necessary repairs. By
this time the water has dried
from the surface, and I then
apply the oil and a little lamp
black mixed with a common
paint-brush, and dry in the
shade ; if frozen, all the better.
When dry, wipe off with a cloth
and put together.
It is my opinion, founded
upon a forty years' experience
and close observation that har
ness treated in this manner
will last twice as long- as it
will without proper oiling and
care. The more leather is neg
lected, : the darker it will be
come, inwardly; and the dar
ker, the less life remains, and
the less good will oil do when
applied to recuperate it.
Ammoniacal fumes arising in
the stable have a strong ten
dency to eat up the oil in the
harness ; hence the desirability
of storing harness out of the
reach of his influence.
Ix is told ot a young gentle
man, whom a maiden liked but
father didn't, that at a reasona
ble hour the old gent mildly in
timated that the time for retir
ing had arrived. "I think you
are correct, ray dear sir," an
swered nineteenth century,
modestly. "We have been
waiting over an hour for you
to put yourself in your little
bed." ' The father retired
, thoughtfully.
Mrs. Iibw has been install
ed as pastor of a Western pul
pit Sweet is the savor of her
name and sweet her sanctity.
"No doubt, says the Boston
GloUf "there will be somo ex
tracts from her sermons."
Wo givo holowa list of a few of tlio host and
most )ii I it r collections of bound Piano Mu
sic, and will send any work, post-mild, on ic
eci pt of the marked price .
Address all orders to
J. L. PETERS, Mimic Publisher,
. , , ; . 4 f 69 Broadway, N. V.
Fairy Finjrors. Easy, Music Small hands,l 75
Magic Clrolo. Easy Music. Small hands, 1 76
Voungr l'iunist. For young players, 175
Pearl Drops. Easy Dance Music. 1 75
Musical Recreations. Moderate dilllculty, 175
l'luasnut Memories. " " 1 75
Golden C himes. Parlor Music, Klnkel. 1 75
Brilliant Gems, 1 75
The above are also bound in cloth, gilt
sides, price, ti 50 each.
Pearls of Melody. A collection of Music
tor advanced Players, Boards, 800
Elegantly bound in cloth and gilt, 4 00
Peters' Addition oStrauss' Waltzes, in a
. volumes, price, $3 00 iu boards, flOO.
each iu cloth. -
Bach's 48 Preludes and Figures. Cloth,. . .(5 00
" iu Four Books. Paper covers...... 1 60
Beethoven's 38 .Sonatas. Fidl gilt, 8 50
Beethoven's 81 Pianos Pieces. Full gilt,. . 2 00
Chopin's Valsus Stiff puuer covers. 1 50
Chopin's Polonaises,..'. " " " 8 00
Chopin's. Nocturnes,.. . " " " 2 00
Chopin's Mazurkas,... " " " 2 00
Chopin's Ballads, " " "2 00
Chopin's Preludes, " ' " . 2 60
Chopin's Sonatas, " " "8 50
Mendelssohn's Complete Piano Works Fo
lio Edition. Full gilt. In 4 volumes,... .26 UO
The same. 8vo. Full gilt. Complete in 4
volumes, '. 1400
The same. 8vo. Paper. Complete in 4 vols.,10 00
S ol. 1, cont'g Coiicertos.Soinitas, etc. Fo
lio. Cilt, 6 00
The same. Bvo. Gilt, 8 50
The same. 8vo. Paper, 2 60
Vol. 111. conl'ng Cupriccio, Andnutes,
etc. Folia tiilt,. 600
Thn same. 8vo. Gilt,... 4... 2 60
Tho samo. Bvo. Paper. 2 60
Vol. IV. con fug Bongs without words.
,..( books,) Folio. Gilt,..,, .'.. ., 050
The same, Bvo. UiK, . . . .. , Jt x A 8 60
Tlio same. 8vo. Pupcr, 2 60
Mendelssohn's Overtures as Piano Solos.
Cloth, 6 60
Mendelssohn's Overtures us Piano Duets.
Cloth, 12 60
Mozart's IB Sonatas. Elegantly bound.
Full gilt, 3 00
Schubert's 10 Sonatas. Elegantly bound.
Full gilt,.: ,. i. 800
Schubert's Dances. Complete. Elegant
ly bound. Full gilt, 2 00
Schubert's Piano Pieces. Elegantly b'd.
Full gilt. 8 00
Schumann's Piano-Forte Album. Elo-
gnntly bound. Full gilt, 2 60
Tho same. Papers covers, 1 60
Weber's Complete Piano Works. Ele
gantly bound. Full gilt, 3 50
Shining Lights. Sacred Songs $1 75
Golden Leaves. Vols. 1 and 2. A collec
tion of Songs by Will. S . Hays, . . . .each, 1 75
Hearth and Home, AC'ol'tiou of Ilo'cS'ng 1 75
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Sweet Sounds, " " " 1 76
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The above are also bound in cloth, gilt
sides. Price $J 60 each. Each vol
ume contains about $10 worth
of Choice Vocal Music.
Tlio Opera at Home. Cloth, gilt, edges, . 6 00
Containing principles Songs from over
25 StnndinirOneras.
Genua n Volkslieder Album. 40 Song,
English and German wonts, raiier zoo
Mendelssohn's 76 Songs. Edited aud in
part translated uy aiaciarreu. xouo.
Cloth. Full Kilt. 8 50
Tho same for a deep voice. 8vo. With
original Yvorus. 2 vols, rnper,... .caen, ou
Do. Cloth each. 3 60
Moore's Irish Melodies. With Now Sym
phonies, and Piano Accompaniments ny
Balfe. Folio. Elegantly bound. Full
irilt 850
Mother Goose; or, National Nursery
unymes. iteantiruiiy mustraieu oy tue
Brother Dalziel. (Ask for Novcllo'a
Edition, or you will get ft cheap Photo
trrnnli conv.) Boards. 1 50
The same, elegantly b'd In cloth. Fu'l g't, 8 50
sciiumann's vocni Aiuum. bu songs, wuir
Eng. and Germ. Words. Paper, 2 50
The same, elegantly b'd in cloth. F'llgilt, 8 50
Wo will send any of the above work, post
paid, on receipt of tho marked price Cata
logues containing from 15,000 to 20,000 Musical
Subjects, sent free on application. Address
J. L. PETERS. Music Publisher,
n46-ew. 500 Broadway, N. Y.
, ;. . OF THE ,
Weekly Enquirer ! I
$5 0,000 OO
Gold Pens, Pencils, Satchels, Pocket
Books, Furs, Silverware, Watches,
Musical Instruments, Sow
ing Machines, Ac
Wo place tlicso premiums within easy reach
of any of our patrons, by allowing them liber
al commissions on 12 subscribers for the
Weekly Enquirer, as follows:
For G name and 110 a crodlt of - $2 50
" iu " " aoa " " - - 6 50
" 16 " " 30 a " "... 825
" 20 ' " 40 a " " - - - 18 00
" 80 " " 00a " " - - 1800
" 40 ' " 80 ft " ... 2000
" 50 " " 100ft " - 82 50
" 75 " " 150 a " 68 50
" 100 " " 200ft ... 70 00
" 150 " " 800a . . 2000
" 200 " " 800ft " " . 1BO0O
" 300 " " 600 " . - 800110
" 500 " 1,000 ft " " - - 600 00
For those who do not desire to enter clubs,
gotten up to secure premiums on the above
plan, wo offer the following choice selection
of Chromo Premiums.
A beautiful picture in sixteen colors, 12x20
Inches, sells at reteal for 17 60.
A beautiful picture in eighteen colors., 12x17
Inches, sells at retail for $0 00. 12 00 aubscrl
hers, who do not cneer clubs for other premi
ums, can have cither one of the above named
Is a splendid picture In twenty-one colors,
size 111x27 j inches, and sells at retail for 815,
1 will pay a years tubsbriptlon, and entitle
the subscriber to this last named picture. For
full particulars sund for specimen copies,
Never before wore such favorable tnrmn of
fered for si caring a handsome premium of
glen tnilie.
The Entmlrcr Almanac ft Granger's Man
Hill lor ltrfl. Will bo sent free to nvnrv mih.
se.riber rvteivod since April 15, 1871. Address
an tenors to
li Wetw. Cincinnati, 0.
fllAll now subsrrlbors to THE CULT!
w (4, jiaying in auvunco, previous to tho close
of 1H73, will rocelvo the papor WEEKLY.from
receipt of rcmittanco to January 1st, 1874,
n iiiiuut cuurgu.
The Country Gentleman.
Volume for 1874.
for the vast forty veara. lias ranked, both In
tills country and abroad, as ths Standard
Journal op American Aokioultubi. The
Editors and Proprietory in addition to their
own personal laiwra, are regularly assisted by
a very large number of Bpecial Correspond
ents and Regular Contributors, among whom
are lncludud many loading Arrimiltnriiti. In
all parts of the Country, East and West and
by over Five Hundred Occasional and Volun
tary Writers, directly in tho ranks of the
nose farmers nnu Horticulturists or nearly
evorv State in the Union. With thn no-mmr.
atloii of so largo corps of practical men, this
Journal is intended to possess exceptional
value as the chosen Medium of Inter-eoininu-nicntion
among all classes interested in the
Product and Fertility of ths lauri-those who
Cultivate and those who Consume tho Buyer
and Shipper, as well as the first ownor of the
crop ureeaers or improved animals and
their customers Manufiuitiirnin m i.m.w.oH
machinery and those who purchase and em
ploy It Nurserymen aud fruit ralsors and,
especially, to supply fuller and better data as
to the progress, prosptwu and returns of each
successive aesson, as Ui rowing light upon one
of the most important of all questions
IVii-n to bn and wh to Mil.
TKKMS. The Country Urntlkman I
nuhJishod weekly, on the following larmi.
when paid strictly in advance) One copy one
year, ijW four ooplus, 10.00, and an addi
tional copy fr Aho yoar free to tiie aemler of
ine eiuo; ion copies, ivo, anil an additional
copy lor the year froa Lo tie sen ior of tho
i-iiiir. nr;ueiinen vopies tree.
Adilmsa T.fr
A BON, uIVbLu A)bny,
JN. X.
Tho many evidences of extraordinary euros
mature uniiyreponcu asencoteu inrougii
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
1Jn...l.. ,..! I 1 11........ 4 1k..u.-...l.. UMI l
neiiuy nuiiei iiu.i x unuvb x urgabivu x 1110, m
wiitlcn teHtimoiiinls from all parts of tho
world, surpass in wonder tho most extravagaul
lunacies 01 eucnuniiuent. rnysiciunv ami
medical r.icu lu all countries pronounce these
wonderful remodtea a mystery, that neither
theirsuiencoof aunlysis or chemical skill cuu
explain. True, these medicines effect tlio
most marvelous cures, and restore the dying to
lifo, and relievo tho most wretched pain-suffering
victim of bis tortures, in from one to
twenty ininutos, and although they know somo
of the ingredients of their com position, and Dr.
Kadway has published their formula (with
holding only two nowlv discovered roots), still
both French, Gorman, English and American
chemists ami pharmuceutists utterly fail with
the same ingredients as prepared by them. Tho
great success, which these wonderful remedies
are constantly achieving, lies in tho great se
cret of combining the ingredients together,
aftcrexorcisingduccare in selecting tlio pure
and genuine roots.
Such wonders of Modern Chemistry as tho
BELIEF ft HADWAY'S PILLS, are without
parallel in tho History of Medicine, for there
are some inllrmities ami diseases that are con.
sidurod us incurable, and stiro death. Yet the
most astounding cures have been made thro'
these remedies of some disenses that havo nev
er been known lo be cured by medicine.
t'l IVSI! 1 IHMilXT UiltVrTT-A wuffi.'
SWELLING, Tumors in tho Womb, Stomach,
Ovarius, Bowels, Bright's Disease of the Kid
neys that have been pronounced incurable,
Cancorsj Ulcers, Swellings, Stone in the Blad
der, Calculous Concretions, V Icors and Soros of
the Bones, ltickets so deeply seated that no
other medicines havo been known to each.
have been cured by the 8AKSAPAUII.LI AN
mid PILLS.
Palsy, Paralysis, DrvGangcnc Unit threat
ens a living death dally rotting away of tho
limbs and flesh Diabetes, Involuntary Dis
cliargo of Water, Fungi iu the Bladder (the
Emperor Napoleon's disease). Torturing pains
when discharging urine, 1 KIIEUMATISM,
GOUT, NEL'ltALGIA each and every one of
these complaints though but a few of the
many other diseases, Railway's Sarsaparillian
Resolvent lias cured and is daily curing in all
parts of the world. -1
In ono word, any disease no matter undor
what inline designated, that is nourished or
tliin, w atery or poisoned blood can be cured
Dr. Undwav ft Co. have never claimed one-
hundreth part of tho curative virtues for their
remedies as is ascribed to them by the people
who havo used them; for bear in mi nit, only
such disenses and complaints as Or. Kadway,
aftersiiccessful treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, were enumerated in
their curative list, so that many of tho extraor
dinary enses that have been reported awuken-
cuas liiucn nHionisnmont in the discovery ot
their remedial agents as in those who had been
rescued from death, and mado whole and
sound. -
Asmnnv iicrsons discredited their extraor
dinary power, from tho fact of their disap
pointment in tho use of other advertised reme
dies and somo believed it impossible for
simple medicines made only from vegetable
substances roots, herbs, &c should possess
such marvelous power. Vet they cnu readily
comprehend that tho simple grasses of the
ll.il.l ..... I...A:.. . I.
distillation designed by nature in the cow and
cnurn, rurnisncs us witn butter certainly the
most abundant fat, caloric or heat-mukiug
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents for the human body.
But when those people who first doubt the
cllleacy of these remedies commence their use,
tney ueeoine tncir most earnest advocates.
Never has a mcdicino taken Internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, either of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovurics or Bowels; tho knife
has been tho sole reliance in the hands of ex
nerienced lui'ireons : but Dr. Bmlwav's Sar
saparillian settles this question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts and
Tumors, ns well as Tumors in the Bowels,
Uterus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical Effusion,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured by
iiRuivnyi itcsoiveut.
. Beverly, Mass., July 18, leco.
Dr. Kadway: 1 have had Ovarian Tumor
in tlio ovaries and bowels. All tho doctors
said there was no help for It, I tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
hclncil mo. I saw vnur ltosolvetit nml tliniifrlil
I would try It, but 'hud no faith in it, because
I had suffered for 12 years. I took six bottles
of tlio ltosolvent, ouo box of Kadway 's Pills,
ami useu two uotties oi your itcauy iteiiei.anu
there is not a sign of a tumor to be seen or
felt, and I feel better, smarter and happier
than I havo for 12 years. The worst tumor
was lu the left side of tho bowels, over tho
groin. I wrlto thiB to you for the bcncllt of
others. You can publish it if you choose.
11AA?IA11 r. JiJiAl'I'.
From a prominent gentleman and resident of
Cinoinnnti, Ohio, for tho past forty years well
known to the newspnpjr publishers through
out tlio United Stales:
NEW YORK, Oct. 11th, 1870.
Du. Kadway Dear Sir: I mn Induced liv a
sense of duty to the suffering to make a brief
statement of tho working of your medicine on
myself. For several yours I have been nlllict
od with some trouble In the bladder and urin
ary organs, which some months ago culmina-
leu in a most tummy mulcting disease, which
the ubrsiciiins all said was sunsmodic stric
ture iu tho urellin, as also iullamution of tho
kidneys nml bladder, and gavo it as their
opinion that my ago 73 years would prevent
my over gutting radically cured. Iliad tried
ft number of physicians, aud had taken a large
quantity of medicine, both allopathic and lio
uiuwpnthic, but got no relief. I hod read of
astonishing cures having been made by your
remodies; and some four months ago I read a
notice in the Philadelphia Saturday Evening
Post of a cure having been effected on a per
son who had long been suffering as I had been.
I went right oil and got some of each your
Sarsaparillinii ltosolvent, Ready Relief, and
ltuguluiing Pills and commenced taking
them. In three days I was greatly relieved,
and now feel as well as ever.
J. W. JAMES, Cincinnati, O.
Price ono dollar per bottle. Sold by Drug
gists everywhere, and at Dr. Railway's, No. 82
Warren, cor. Church St., N. Y.
JrO. b.
Cures tho worst Pains in from 1 to 20 minutes!
flSiy-.NUT ti.MS noun after reading this
advertisement need uny one suffer with pain.
Is a cure for every pain. It was the first and
Is the only Pain Remedy that instantly stops
the most excruciating pains, allays inflamma
tions, and cures congestions, whether of the
Lungs, Stomach, Bowels or other irlnnds and
organs, by ono application, in from ono to
twenty minutes. So matter how violent or
excruciating the pain, the Rheumatic, Bed
ridden, infli-m, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may stifier,
win r 1
i in iiuiini iiimuiib i:nsu.
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of
the Bladder. Inflammation of tho Bowels,
Congestion of tho Lungs, Soro Throat, Dilli
cult Breathing. Palpitation of the lleai t.llys-
terics, uroup. JJipiuurlu. Catarrh, Influenza,
Headache, Toothacho, Neuralgia, Rheuma
tism, Coliln, Chills, Ague Chills.
Tho Application of tho Beady Relief to (ho
part or oarts wlioro the pain or difficulty ex
ists will afford case and comfort.
DO Drops in a hair tumbler Water will,
In a few minutes, euro Cramps, Spasms, Sour
Stomach, Heartburn. Sick ileaduche, Diar
rhea, Dysentery. Colic, Wind lu the Bowels,
ami all In tenia! Pa ins.
Travelers should always carry a hot Hoof
Railway's Relief with them. A few drops In
water will prcvout sickness or pains from
change ot water. It is better than French
Braudy or Bitturt as ft stimulant.
Joraigu?urw? for" tio"To JiTsiT
There Is not a remedial agent In this world
that will cure Fever mid Aguo, and all that
Malarious, Billions, Scarlet, Typhoid. Yellow
ami other Fevors (aided by Railway's Pills) so
quick as Railways Ready Belief. 60 cents per
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for ths
cure of all disorders of tho Stomach, Liver,
Bowels, Kidneys. Bladder, Nervous Diseases
Headache, Constipation, Costlvcness, Indigos,
tinn, Dyspepsia. Biliousness, Bilious Fever,
Inflammation of tho Bowels, Piles and all do
ran gements of tho internal Viscera, warranted
to effect a positive cure.
Mercury, M blonds, or deleterious drugs. '
jfcrirobserve the following symptoms ro
lilting from diseases of the digestive organs)
Constipation. Inward Piles, Fullness of the
blood to tho Head, Acidity of tho Stomach,
traiiHCO, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Full
ness or weight In tlio Pit of tho Stomach,
Swimming of tho Head, Hurried and illlllnult
Breathing, Fluttering at tho Heart, Choking
or Suffocating HtmKations when Inn lying Pos
tnra. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Woln before
the Right, Fever find Dull Pain In tho Head,
IteltaitMiAv sa Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes. Pain In the Ride, Chest, Limbs
and Huddou. Flushes of best. Burning in ths
Flesh. A fm doses of Rudway's Pills will
freo th system from all tho sboyo disorders.
Frle 95 Cents par )oa,
RADWAY ft CO., 83 Warren cor Church St,
New York. ,
fjjjr Road Falso and True. Rend one letter
stamp to Railway A Co., No. 82 Warren, cor.
Church St., N. Y. Information worth thous
and will bo sent you. '
The A. Id ine!
An Illustrated Monthly Journal,
universal Admitted to be the
Handsomest Periodical in
the World. A Repre-. j" ,
sentative & Cham
pion of Amer
can Taste.
Not for Sale in Book or News Stores,
TIIK ALDINE, wlillo Issuod with all tho
regularity, nus uono oi ine tumporury or time
ly interest characteristic or ordinary periodi
cats. It is au elegant miscellany of pure,
light and graceful literature; and a collection
light c
of pici
oi pictures, ine rarest specimens of artistic
skill, in black nml white. AlthoiiLrh each
succeeding number affords a fresh pleasure to
Its friends, tho real value aud beauty of TIIK
ALDINE will be most appreciated after it has
been bound up at tho close of the year,
While other publications uiav claim
cheapness, as com oared with rivals of a simi
lar class, TIIK ALDINK Is a unique and orig
inal conception alone and uuapproached
absolutely without competition in price or
character. Tho possessor of a complete vol
ume, cnuuotdoplicnto tlio quantity of lino pa
per and engravings in any other shape or
number of volumes for ten tunes its cost: ami
then, there are the chromes, besides! -
Thn lllllbtt'ilf Inna nTTIT V. ATnnivl....,.,.-
A Wnvlil.wliln ,i,u Inf l.i u.,,1 In II.. ....
ot Kurope it is an admitted fuct that its wood
cuts are examples of the highest perfection
ever attained. Tho common prnludice in fa
vor of "steel plates," is rapidly yielding to a
more educated and discriminating taste which
regognisus tho advantages nl' superior artistic
quality wtth greater facility of production.
The WKKl-cuts of TUB ALDINE possess all
iiiu iiuiicitcy nnu ciaimrato uuisn or the most
nnntlv fttit,,! t.ltiln u'l.lli. !.,.,. aA.....l
rendering of tl"artist's original.
To fully realized the wonderful work which
TIIE ALDINK Is doing for tho cause of art
culture in America, it is only necessary to
consider tho cost to tho peopWof any other do-
vim xviici,euiai.loils oi tue nixxiuctious ox
great painters.
In nilililinii in ilnul..,.a 1... I.A ...
theNational Arademy.and other noted Amcr-
vmu artists, i nr. aiiiusis win reproduce ex
amples of the best foreign masters, selected
with a viow to the highest artistic success and
orpnlpst tri.iini'iil iiititiul- ilMx.n ii.a u..i,unk
B. n". ... ..nv. .1IIQ ,IIU OUU91.11-
ors to TIIK ALDINE will, at a trilling cost,
eujujr iu mo own iiumu too pleasures una ro
flning Influences of true art.
Tim minrterlv tlntl nlnln. fnm lort-i ...ill i.
, n, "-' l...... o lot, Hill UU
by Tlios. Morau und J. I). Woodwanl.
xiiu viii isiiiius issue ror in will contain
SOCl'ial iliHiL.nn nimrmii'lnlA Ia Hina,...nn l...
our best artists, ami will surpass in attrac
tions any of its predecessors.
Premium for 1874.
f Every subscriber to THE ALDINE for tho
V.H.1KU will mnnlii. i.DU.r.l. nl.
. -" in., muvitv inu vi vurouioa, X IIU
original pictures were painted in oil for the
iuuii.iu-i.vi x nrj ji i4i'xii, uy xnomasMO-
ran, whoso great Colorado picture was pur
ity Congress for ton thousand dollars.
'lie SllhlnCLH WiirA pJiAxan in vai.w,.. . urri...
Enst" and "The West." One is a view in the
White Mountains, Now Hampshire; tho other
gives the Cliffs of Green Klvcr, Wvoming Ter
ritory. Tim rliflrnnn l.i lm UI..HA r l.
w ... ,,u nn.uiv vi vuu
scenes themselves is a pleasing contrast, and
,.uvMio n jj.ruu iii-jnuy oi tuu artist's scopo
and coloring. Tlio chromos nro each workod
from thirty distinct plates, and aro in size
112 X lfll Sllll AlllieMIMXIWin Ar.nl fu ..Imtlu
the originals. The presentation of a worthy
cniiiiu oi .inirricns greatest lanuscapo
painter to tho subscribers of THE ALDINK
was A. linlfl hill. nAenllui.lv kum. 1.1,.- . .i
its successful realization is attested by the
uMiui, xesunioiiini. over ine signaturo of
Air. Morau himself. .
Messrs. JAIIK8 Sutton ft Co.
btntltmtn.l am delighted with tho proofs
In COlOrnf vnlirrlimniiic Thnv ow. m.i...
11 . ; . .vj m. niiiiiui-
fully successtul representations by mecbaui
cal process of.tho original paintings.
ery respecuuny,
, , TlIOB. MoRAN.
vu HIW . vWHSjt,T DvUO AUItlll-
. 7 ,w vssgsuwi jkinvi ivau
process, with material of American mauufac
turo. from dettifrns of American scenery by
All Amrifnn nuintn dihI n.n.k. i
sorilMiratothoflrHt BiiccosBful American Art
IltlirnHl. If nnltltttni- nmiauca ..f all 11,1. 4.1....
will certainly possess an interest no foroitm
llrvilf w.t ifxn nun Inuulu ..:x.i
pivu.it.nwii ibii iiininiu, huii iiuiiiiurure iney
auy the worse if by reason of peculiar facilf-
tll'H 111' TiiYiiiiiPtifm t-hnu li. ..t.Il.K...
only a trillo, while ofiml in every respect to
vM.wu.wn tna uiu buiii ilNKIV lor UOUIflO
tliesubscri)ition urlce of THK ALDINK. Por.
sons of tusto will prlzo those pictures for
theinHelves not fnr Uia urifA hMv aia
cost, and will appreciate the enterprise that
renders their distribution possible. -
u any subscriber nbould indicate a prcfer-
mtoii fur u lltriirn iiiltisn. Ia ....l.i i. ..,. ..m
send "Thoughts ofllome' anew and beautl-
jui wiiuuiu, iijim niciiiTB, rvpruBunting a utile
Italian exile wIiora unpiiklnir nvm v.fi-nu in
lonirfngs of his heart.
TERMS 15 iMi r minimi. In iiilv
Oil Chromos free. For CO cents extra, the
chromos will he sent, mounted, varnished,
and prepaid I v mail.
1 11111.111.111, win nercaiter, no obtainable
only by subscription. There will benorcduc-
n,l r,..,.l.,l..i....h..l. I ..i.-.t
v. .ui vniw iuiv, i.iinn mi- BiuiHuripiions niusi
l.n a,... ft In 11... ....l.llnl .11 a. " . . .
vv B1.-1111 w iiiu j.uuiiaiiuiii uiruet, or nanacii vj
thn Ificnl elmvMuiM.i. ii'itlin.il wu.u,..ull.ill. ...
the puhlisbei's, except In cases where the cer-
I lit..,.A 1 ..1...... I.nn: j. .....
MinuLGi.((i,ui, iieainiK mo inc-siiuue iigua-
ture of Jambs Sutton 4 Co.
Anv nerson wishlnir to ae.t nnrnmnnntlv nun
local canvasser will receive full and prompt
iiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii ny uppn lug Ul
JAMES itC'TTUN ft CO., Puh.b'
nucivw. on juaiuun Lane, . y,
The National Crop-Reporter
Is devoted to the publication of reports from
reliable corrcKpomlent in all sectloui f tho
United Slates, shnwinir tho comlitinn lim ine
growth and location aftor harvest of all the
leading agricultural crops And live stock.
These facts as received will bo submitted to
tho public in the most condensed form, ac
coiniiauiod by comprehensive editorial sum
maries. In addition, all reliable intelligence
bearing upon tho above topics will bo culled
from leading Kuropvan exchnnges anil pre
sented in the columns of the Rtporttr.
A scries of five map-charts will bo publish
ed during tho year, showing the location re
spectively of tho corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco
and sugar producing crops, and give such
uiiKiiimiiuii ns vo local ciiaracior, average
product, etc., as may be shown most satisfau.
lorlly to the eye.
With the means of securing reliable Infor
mation available, the Rtporttr will bo mado
an lnilisponinlile aid alike to the farmer, the
merchant anil tho manufacturer, a source of
intelliurencu no hiisiiiinu iimn nun MflTnr.1 is.
And thoso cniriiirod In tho lalslnr of live
stock tho Rtporttr oilers the best possible
means of securing the largest return for their
labor by enabling them to dctanuianas to tho
most favorable time fur disusing of their sur
plus product. The publication of the Rtpor.
Ur having been contemplated primarily more
especially In tho interests of the agriculturist,
i.iiu muni ui uur iiiiuniiaiion Having to no de
rived from this clans to whom the largest
benefit Inevitable revert It becomes a mat
tor of importance to every one addressed that
he interest himself In several ways, viz: first
in securing for tho Rtptvtrr at Icastono rolls,
bio correspondent in his county; next, to the
oxtontof subscribing fora copy of tho work,
and lust and all the time In furnishing us
either directly or through tho correspondent,
all desirable Information,
Notice of Inaccuracies In report Trill bo
thankfully received.
Thn until !cAll.in will .! .1,.Hl..A n..
from advertisements, hut will depend uiion
its merits fur a sustaining patronage. ,
The publication will bo eomlnrutil by Co
operatise Association. An annual member
ship, costing 110. will antitlu the party to a
muviif Uia UV.1.;. i.,..- tu :i.....i. .i.
, ' If ..wjwrw llinillKIIUIIH IIIU
year, and to the series of II vo charu" 1
uiiio piin-i; nun niKun a inotnnersnip,
extra coiiies of the Wtrkly RtimrUf may be
obtained by individual memliurs at V er an-
Tn IhniiA tint nimiiliiivA H.a -..l.UMbi...i..L. ,lil
be for the Rtporttr alone is, or fur ths Charts,
each 'J.
All oonnnunleatlons should bo adilrossci
, J'-'B NATIONAL CltOl' MHil'Olt.
TKIl, Jacksonville, 111. ., ,
C11A8. W. UltKtNK.
Beo'y National Agrletiltursl ton
gress, Managor. BO.
Land Agency."
MaJiJOHNW. 1IEKKH, Manager,
Hai.ims, Kan.
Real Kststs niiNhwiniii st.A t... .. mi mil
h. ui. r1..H- Tl'ifj:.',,""."" ""'r
- ...v V . O' Mil' 1 1 1. 1 1 W T Ulll-
panv, aiNountlng to over 5,00O,Oi Acres of tin
...,. .... .. . i,oth.i uunesuirn nnn.
",lo,M'IIHI.Cnal Lands, Farms, Cat-
tin Uiinelina mil f '11 w llH,.u..i .. I.. 11.11.: ....i
.rY... ...... ..... .... ,.rmii.j in naiuin IIHI
the niilghhorlng town, for aula at all times,
tejy-Hiind fir the "Kansas ( initial Ailvo-
v "rgB iw-oniumii land paper, see what
we have for salo, and mail all about th. great
Keystone UUte of tin YY est. St,
t " . .t-
Books Which, Aro Books;
works wtucn snouiil lo round Inovoryl.i.
brary within tlio reach of all renders, works
to entertain, instruct and Improve. Coir
will bo sunt by return post, on roccii.to.'
New rhlsojriiomy or, Signs of Charat
as manifested through Teinpermantt
Kxternul r'orms, anil esnecliilly iu tho "IU
mini r'aco Divine," with more than On
'i'hoiisn ml Illuslrttions. lly 8. it. Wklm
The Right Word in th Right Place.
A New l'ockot Dictionary anil Itei'orouce
hook. r.niui'ucing ovuonyniH, Teelinical
Terms, Abbi-evlationo, Foreign l'hrases.
Writing for thel'ross, Punctuation, 1'i-oof-
.. ucaiiiug, wiu oinur viiiuauiu iuiorinatlou.
10 cents.
Manageiiieii. of Iiifiiuey. I'liysiologlal uiu'
Moral Tceatmeut. lly Andrew Comhk, Jl
I). With Notes. 11.50.
The Family Fliyslclnn. - A Ileady lio
soriber and Hyguuiu Adviser. With Itufor
euce to tho .Nature, Causes, l'rcventlou aid
Treatment of Diseases, AcclilentH, anil ( in
ualties of every kiud. With a Glossary m
copious Index. lly Jokl 811 Kw, M. 1). Il
lustrated with nearly 000 Engravings. Ouo
largo volume, Intended for use iu the family.
Price W.00. '
Bow to Character. A New Illustrated
lland-tlook of rhrunology and l'liynloi uo.
my, for Students and txaui Inurs, witL a
Chart for recording the sizes of the Organs
of the Brain, iu tho Delineation of Char
acter, witli upwards of no Engravings
latest and host. Muslin, $1.20.
The Patents' Guide i or Human Develop
ment through Inherited Tendencies. - lly
- Mrs. Kkhtkh 1'Knim.kton. Second edition,
ruvisou auu euiurgea. uno vol. izmo.
Constitution of Man. Considered in rela
tion to hxturnal Objects, fly Ukokiib
C'OMOK. The only authorized American Kdl
tiun. With Twenty Kngravings, J 1.75.
The Hyglimlo Htmd-Iiood I a Prncticsl
' uiiiuu mr nio oicK-uooin, Aipnaiietlcallv
arranged with Appendix. By It. T. Thau'..
Ono vol. l'.'ino, 30U pp. Muslin. t'i.Ou.
" How to Write," " How to Talk," "How
to lieiiavo," ami " now to Do Jliislncss," a
lland-llook indisueiisnhlo for Homo tni-
provemsut, in ono vol. fi,25.
Wedlock t or tho Hight liulutlons of tho
nexes. iiisctosiug tuu J.aws ot coujugiil
Selection, and showing vlio may and who
may not Marry. A Guide for both Sexes,
Oratory Sacred anil Secular I or tho Ex-
leinpornuuous speuKer. inciuusng a Chair
man's Guide for conducting Public Meet
ings according to Piirlinniuntary forms.
Medical Electricity. A Manual for Stu-
iieniSj snowing mo most scientlllo and ra
tional application to all forms of Acute and
Chrohic Diseases by tho different combi
nations of ElecUiulty, (iulvnnism, Eluutru
Magnetism. Magnels-Klectriuity,and Hu
man Magnetism. $1.(10.
History of Sulom Witchcraft "Tho Plan
cnetto Mystery :" anil "Modurn Spirltua.
ism," .with "Dr. Doddridge's Dream," ii
ono vol. Price $1.00.
sop'a Fables. Tho People's Plctoria
tuition, xscautiiuuy iiitiNirnteii with near
ly Sixty Engravings. Cloth, gilt, bevoleo
boards. Onlv $1.00.
Pope's Essay on Man. With Notes.
licantiiiiny muBtrutod. Cloth, gut, beveled
boards. $1.00.
Phrenological Bust. (Showing the latest
ciassiucaiion, uuu exact, locution oi an me
Organs of tho Drain. It is divided so as to
show each Orgau on ouo side; and all tho
? roups on tho other. Sent by express,
rice $2.00.
Inelose amount in a Iteirlstered Luttor. or In
a Postolllce Order for one and nil tho above,
and address 8. It. Wells, Publisher. Nu. 3U
Broadway. Now York. Agents wanted.
C, J. BILUNGllUliST. Airunt lor Vinton
County, O.
A fine German Chiomo.
u. . ,'i.' j'
ry Tiros, w. xvor.
049 Pages Octnvo. 130 Fine Engraving
It elates Incidents nndi Accidents bovoi
the Light of Day: Startlinu Adventures in a .
liarts of tho World; Minus und .Modo of Work .
Ingtheni; Undercurrents of Society; Gamb
ling and its Horrors; Caverns and their Mvs
tories; Tho Dark Ways of W ickedness; Pris
ons and their Secrets ; Dowi. in tho Depths of
the Sea; Strange Stories of tho Detection of
Crime. Tho hook treats of experience with
brigands; nights in opium dens and gambling
hells; lifo In prison ; stories of exiles; adven
tures among Indians; Journeys through 8ew
cis and Catacombs: accidents in mines; pi
rates and piracy; tortures ol the Inmiisit.oii ,
wonderful burglaries; underworld oi tlio t, rent
cities, etc., etc.
We want agents for this work on which wc
f ive exclusive territory. Agents can make
100 a week Insclliug this book. Send for cir
culars and special terms to agents.
J. It. llUKTt A HYDE,
" A gents
.Great Industries'
1900 nnffOfl mill MSI l.niri.avln,ra it,.!,l In
English and German, written bv SO eminent
authors, including John II. Gough, lion. I.eon
' ', r.uwaru iiowinnii, uuv. It. f.ilwln null,
Philip Uiploy, Albert llrisbauo, Horace Groe-
This h'tlrlr l i.niiilnlji tilnl.. tf -ll'
es of industry, processes of manufacture, etc..
in all ages. It is a complule uncyclupudia of
up nu, i iiiuiiiiiiii-.iurus, uuu i vuu muse enter
taining anil valuable work or information on
subjects of general interest ever offered to the
public. Wo glvo our agents the exclusive
right of territory. One ol our agent sold is.1
copies In eight dirt's, another sold WW in two
wock. our agents iu Hartford sold am ia one
week. Specimens of the work sent to agents.
AililrpHS llin itnlllal,i,,ni .r ll lisiii m.
UVDK, Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
Worth of" their Money
. i e .4.i'.
most uopulur family newspaper, of a nation
al character and reputation, Is aUiuteiiteritig
the thirty-llrst year of its puhllvatiuii. Ti
those who are not personally mgiininlml'wlth
IU moriu, it need only lie said. IWCillkirlnls
are spirlud: its correspondunco extensive:
Its new varied, ami Irom every quarter of
ths glolioj iu agricultural dupartuiuiitl'ull of
prnctlcul Inl'urmatloii', whPu Its stories, Hie
sketches and mlscxdlany are ailaptl to both
young and old, and Its reports of the inar
keU, ofllve stock, grain, groceries and dry
Coods are always the latest unt most relia
10. ,.,! .
The new organ Ir.ut Ion of tlio runners will
find In TIIK TIM KB a friend to tlio objects
sought to bo secured by them, and In its col
umns tho more Important doings of the
We can't do with T11KTIME8, nflorlikvlng
read It eight years, bend It to 118 Applotun
Ht., Lowell, Mass. I A. FolHiun.
We have dniibled our list of last year. Can't
do without TIIK TIM KM, although 1 am an
old Democrat. V. C. llylur, Moiituiuma, O.
I do not know of any paper that Is devoted
to all the Interests of the human family, as
much asTIJICTlMKB.-H. T. Transuo, Haud
Cut. Pa. . . . , . i
TlltC TIMKS Is very jmpulnr here, for ono
reason, and that Is, your outspoken course
against tho salary stealers. W. A. Wynn,
Gadsden, Tenn,
1 have been a constant reader of THE
WEEKLY TIMES for three years, and I can't
well do without It now, W. P. Mux well, Bay
Hprlngs, Miss. r
I think It is the best paper In the world. I
llkotho way you talk in regard to emigres
slonal frauds; and I also liko your support of
the Patrons of lluobundry, J, C. Lyon, Val
ley Junction, lows,
. Every Patron of TIIK WEEKLY TIMKS is
iiriMimleil, free, with copy of tne "Times II.
lustraUid If ml Uook," an elegantly illustra
ted volume oflflO scientific and mlscellnnooui
articles, lllustratod with nearly 100 nl the fi
nest engravings. It also contains a tllary for
the year 1OT4.
TERMBi-HlngUsiibserllier, per year,
Clubs of Ave sulscrlbers por ytaj, eaclr, 1 75
Clubs of ten anil upward, per yoar, saeli, 1 60
Hunil for list of premiums, specimens, to
' ' . .11.'.. PIN. riMEHCO.,
IVIt M I 1 If Bll
Emanuel H.J'arvls.I'liilntltt, l I ' !
against . ,
James II. nates, Defendant ) '" I
Itufore A, N, Cotnd, I.' V. of Klchland
Township, Vinton county, Ohio, i ;
On thoHtll day of Hoyeiibor,A. IV. )tfrfl,siih
Justliie issued an order of attachment lb tho
floors action for tho sum of iTBOJf. Hsld caliso
s contlnucfrfnr further hearing tilitll tba
Vjilli nl llm.iin, ,n. A. II. Itrtfl at. Ill '.,
II, 1KII). at HI o'cluuk
a.m. KM AM
(UEL1I. J.
iniif an.
I A lit IU
MOdJt. .
TI -12 I ! l 'i I ii iMf I 'l I"1" ...
I manufacture to ordor nml repair Furnlturoof all kinds, at tho most reasonable prlcos, I am
and accompany them with a Hoarse, JJtaTTlia pnllio ur invited to call and
examine my Stock.
March lOtli, 1872.
( J i i! i
Hi '
to lurutsii
, Pfttcnteo anil Mfiiuifnoturer of ,
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &c:
Clarksburg, West Va. .
TIIK Grist Mills, being portable, are on
von Frame, and j
, , , ,
And tbe lierttMflfvot-" mndo for all kinds ol
grinding; can be easily attached to Saw Hills
or any other power, and warranted to grind
riour aim aieai oi a superior ipiulity at
greater rato of speed than anv other MIH,
without hentinir or other difllonlty the
weight being 1,400 pounds, occupying only
foot square on the floor. Will grind 20 to 60
bushels per hour. If within thirty days, the
M ill does not prove satisfactory, it may bo re
turned and money and all charges refunded.
Hart's Post-IIolo Borer,
one of any other; does iu work rap-
nujf ami fjunucuy
No lault can be found with it after
rial. Bent to any ono on trial who
. will send me the endorsement of the
Post Master. Agents wanted.
. IltA 11 Alt T, '
Clarksburg, W. Va.
'Farmers and others csn see the
1'oHt-lIolo Jiorcr at the Knquirkb
.SIONS '. ' .
church uivioiv.
For three dollars, we will send the Ciiuiicil
Union year to any adilrcsK.aml also give as a
Premium .either of tho following stnndurd
works, tho price of which at the bookstores or
tnroiign agents iiiihj eacn.
Smitd'8 Biule Dictionary.
,01pp.Fily lllvtraUd. .
A condensation of llinttsands of volumes of
essays, histories, travels and commentaries
lor too eliminations nun illustration oi mo
Jtililu. prewired bv Itov. Dr. Wii.i.iaii Smith.
of tho University of London, asuisted by over
seventy distinguished Divines and Authors,
of both Europe and America; or
Life and Epistles of St, Paul.
Whole n u in lo r of pages 1,075, with preface by
iiev. ur. J.KONAUD llACON.
To tho Ileirnlar A cents of our miner, we
gu tlurtu per cent, of the amount they re
ceivc, us follows:
20O '
U tsu
' UO
1 50
1 HO
1 Ul
a to
Paper alone, - - -
ami either book, . .
". anil butli books... '
" und chromos,
" chromos and either lsiok,
' chromos aud both books,
4 011
R 00
Any ono dcslrmir to beooino an Arcnt inav
receive an outllt by sending us the price of
any of the Items mentioned above, deducting
iiiu uiu ier iwiih
Wo will send C'iiukch Union to tlulu on
ho following terms:
'Ive copies, one year, for - . - 1800
Pon copies, " ...... . .i 1500
fl.. I I,.- 11 u
- mm
ev irviiiiuiii w ii linn, ur vunimiiiHionif w
thoMO who form tlioin; any one Uonlrin ft pro
mi tim lii list. kUintl tin tlui full uti..iitir
Tho Chroinoi are sent to our subse.rlbnrs liv
nut II. We pay the poHtagu.
j no jiooks are sent ny expross, anil subscri
bers will pay the express rates on delivery.
' Aitents uiav chnrve to thoso orilcrinur urn.
iniu ins flio amount extra that Is due for ex
prcHslngtho ImkiUs to their locality. Address,
UKO. U. TilULL, No. in lieekman UU, N. r.
Principles of the Church Union.
1. Whntcvor occasion mav havo etlstnil In
times pant for tho division of the Church into
separate denominations, wo hold that the of.
furls of Christians should henceforth be posi
tive and continuous toward au actual aud
vlsililn onenets.
3. While onuosed to anv such concentration
of owor as would trench upon the Inherent
liberty of tho individual Christian or society
uf disciples, we hold that tho evangelical be.
Hovers and congregations of each locality
should aim to manliest to the world their es
sential unity In faith and spirit.
. We hold those churches to bo evangeli
cal, whlc'i, maintained tho Holy Scriptures
in uo i no nuiy lniaiiioiu rmo oi inun ami
S -actio, do believe in the Lord Jesui Christ
he only-begotten of tho Father, King of
Inis and Lord of Lords, In whom dwclletli
the fulness of tho Godhead bodily, and who
was made sin for us, though knowing no sin,
bearing our sins in Ills own body on the tree)
as the only name under heaven glvon among
men whurthy wo must bo saved from ever
lasting yuuisliiiicnt. .
rye subscribe to mo auovo principles, and
are deeply IntiireiUid In tho welfare and
maintondiinoo of the C'UUHOU Union as devo
ted to their advocanv.
IT Orosby,'1
.1 T Uuryua, -W
M Taylor.
B T) Tturebiird.
'a::i I I
, Vy i Hudlngtou,,,
C F Peoins, '
TH HastlnM.
1 A i Olivier,
II M Hcuilder,
J II Hmlth. ' !
T Do Witt Talniago.
K P luuersiilL
F J'sntecost, ,, i
W C McCuuu, ,
' .1 F.dwar.U, ' ' '
i 8 It M Uitsull, ,.
El' Timing,
. 8 Fowler.
T.I Mulish, ,
W llower, :
0 II Urifton, '
w w now.
K P Marvin,
TT Kendrlck. It Cameron,
I). Ilreed. ' " -"W II Wellons,.
i n iiraiinini, . .p o wnito, ,. ,
Ullchardson, '' WW Warm), !
H', Halter, ! , , i .8 I) Helms, .
r I'aymut, ' ' II 0 llalthivox,
I I) Cleavolauil,,
A J Hesslons.
li l l llipps,
' 0 It llliss, 1
T Htevenion, ,
IA Foster,
, It C Stone, ' I ,
It I)Milrarthr, ' 1
ii. K.-irhrall
liWm, "'
I C Iinliiian,
U II Cbappell. .
i; ii Maicoin.
,1 Urenn Wood.
W. llurr; " ,
ft ibb'nls in,
U II Hail, .
J V II Flack.
U Minor,
UraLci':!! TV.:!:s;ini-; pnicluim
VlNKCAlt UlTTBRS tile most WOlltltT-
ful Invijrortmt that ever sustained
tho sinking system.
No Tei-sou can lalio thoso Hit'
tcrs according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
bones aro not destroyed by mineral
poison or other moans, and vital or
gans Wftstod buyund repair.
Bilious, llcmittcnt, and In
termittent Fevers, which aro so
prevalent in tho valleys of our groat
rivers throughout tho Unitod States,
especially thoso of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tenuossoe,
Cumberland,. Arkansas, lied, Colo
rado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl,
. Alabama, Mobilo, Savaunah, Eo
anoko, Jamos, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly bo during seasons . of unusual
heat and dryness, aro invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
ments of tho stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. .In their
treatment, 'a purgative, oxprting a
powerful influonco upon thoso vari
ous organs, Is essontially tocossary.
Thore is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they 'will speedily remove
tho dark-colored visoid matter with which
the bowola aro loaded, at tho samo timo
stimulating tho secretions of tho liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digestive- organs. ' -
Fortify tho body against dis
ease by purifying all its .fluids with
Vixkoaii Bittbks. No epidemic can
tako hold of a system thus foro-armoJ.
. Dyspepsia or Indigestion, ncad-
aoho, Tain in tho Shoaldorst Coughs,
Tightness of tho Chesty Dizzinoss, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Bad Tasto
ia the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tho Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, Pain in tho region of the Kidnoys,
aud a hundred othor painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. Ouo bot
tle will prove a hotter guarantco of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whito
Swollinga, Ulcors, Erysipelas, Swelled
Keck, Uoitro, Scrofulous inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations. Morcnrial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of tho Skin,
Soro Eyes, oto. In thoso, as iu all other
constitutional Diseases, Walker's Yin
eoabBittebs havo shown their great cur
ativo powors in tho most obstiuato and
intraotablo cases. '
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Romit
tont and Intermittent Fovors, Diseases
of tho Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladdor,
thoso Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases aro caused by vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persona
engaged ia Paints and Minorals, such as
I'luinbors, Typo-sottors, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in lifo, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of Walker's
Vtneoar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Rhoum.Blotchos, Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Soro Eyos, Erysipo
las. Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of tho
Skjn, Humors and Diseases of tho Skin of
wbatovor name or naturo. aro literally
dng up and carried out of the system in a
short time by tho use of these Bittors.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, aro effectually destroyed aud ro
movod. No systom of modicino, no vor
mifugos, no anthelmintics will free tho
systom from worms liko thoso Bittors.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or the turn of life, these Ton
lo Bittors display so decided an influonco
that improvement is soon porcoptiblo. '
Cleanso the Vitiated Blood
whenover you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimplos, Eruptions,
or Soros cleanse it whon you ilutl it ob
structed and sluggish in the voins; cleanso
it whon it is foul; your footings will tell
you whon. Keep tho blood ptiro, and the
health of tho system will follow. i
DniKRUu & (ion. AfrU., Kim r'rmiuiiuii. Ciilifor
Ula, ft oar. of Wiulilnfrtun nml Cliinlnm Si.,N'. V
Mold by all Uriifli ml. I iHalma. i
. . ro ths--.1 ,-. ,.. , ;
The Ilust, nioRt Cnmiiletn und Cheapest l)llile
; uvnr iiublinhod in Amurioa. ,
A firWTCI Sell two ofmir Illldot to ono of
nUUlUO nny other.
Vfo give Illjrhcr C'niiimlNiilonii on our 111
' - Ida tlilm othpr hnimoi lu til Uni-; t
tml HtHtiw.
BftySoflotir new plan, "no" to RKl.tm
ni.KB., A COMl'I.KTK BUtlt'lCSH., Wo Will
taka iduanuro In liiatrui'.tlng Agent eaiivani
ing for ethijr liuunea. In tmr new nliin of toll
Inn Ilihlna, j . .
afirUTQ Vtl Kvrywhoro.. No bunl
AUxjiUU Ikim will mf tinttnr than tho
Airuunv fur our lllliln. . A clurirvnian mmln
(luring July two. A Joung lady cleared
ahova all exponana 4 11). Ho ran you. Sand
for our Circular and tomn and too fur your-
IlhutraUiil with nnndroda or onsravlnita,
beautiful tel plaUM. illtunlnatod TnhloU,
gut mnrriiiKu curiinniui, unit niiuio. carua.
- Pou't ful to wrlto to ! "
' CQKTlxjKllTa,!, BSLI
and PnBt.isniNd Co..
81-w-em. 618 Mi eiith Ht-i ft. Louli, Uo
Time Tables. "
Tho "Old iielliihlo" and Popuiii'r
n Through Express Trains Daily
U ' Kmilpjioil with Mllicr'a l'nlont Snft'
I rl.'illorin, Coupler, aud liullor, am. .
1 1 tho t'clohrutud
I I i(. j ! , -if. :' J '
Westinghouso Patent Air Brake.
Tho mOBt porfer.t protection ngnlnst accl
dcuts in t!'0 world.
jff"Ncw and clccant Dny Coaehoa and
two dally linen of l'ulliuau'a PiUnco SU'cnlna
Cars aro run through from KANHA8 C'll f
to Qulucy, Ciiilenbtng, Muudotu and
Without Chans.
Also, adallyllnoof Pullman's PalarSlonii.
lMDi'llvii tf'.w.... A HW.1 1 ... ..... ....i. ....
to JaoksonvlllaandHprlngnohl, and now and
..-..j vywi..-,,ic iioiii nanHas city to lu
diauuiiuliw and Cincinnati without clmugo
B&yTo aecttro all tho modern luiprovo
meuw In Railway traveling, purr.hnHO ticket
via tho IUnnidal & St. Josiru huokt Lia,
avoiding all transfora, lorriea and changes
of earn. .
Through Tickcta for sale at all prin
cipal offices. Faro alwaya aa low as by any
route. HSggago chocked through to all prin
cipal points. O. H.XY FOlll),
Uunoral Stiu't.
K. A. PARKER, Gon'l Tiekot Agout.
Trains will leave Columbus and Crtut.
lino and arrive at points numcd below as fol
lows: . j
COLU'uus Div. nioiit cm. fast
EX hit K8 8 KXritxa8 SXPHKSS
Columbus.. Lv l:45AH0lf:45 4KXIPM
noriiiinirMin ii:t3 4:20
WesUsrvlilo llMil 4:S0 ..
Ixswis Centre 11:24 4:40
nela'aro j Ar 8:40 A If 11:45 5:00 ,
neiaaro.. jLy S.D5 n.M 6M ,
AbIiIov 14:14 Pit 6:30
Cardlngton ....8:31 2:8H 5:40
Gileiul 12:38 6:57
Gallon 4:05 1:0.1 0:85
CreallnA Ar 4:15 AH d 1 :1 8 6:80
8holby 4:45 1:50 7:43
Shlloh 7:87
Greenwich 7:50
Now London... 6:25 2:24 8:18
Rochester 8:80
Wellington 5:4T 8:4-1 8:43
Lo tirango : 0:110
Urafton 0:10 M ' 8:18
Ilorea -, .:7 - 8:H 0:5(1
W.'A O. W. VuTM i:0S 10:22
Cleveland ..ArU7:10 AH 4:00. PH 10:30 PM
Cloveland.Lv AI7:80AxAi:4:50pH 10:45 PM
Erie ..Arl0:20 7:10 . 135AM
Dunkirk 11:50 9:10 S-60
Iiuiriilo d 1:10PM 10:35 4:00
Bur. (vl"rlo)Lvii:80PM ...,.... 5:00 A U
UornellsvilloArS 5:45 8:25
Corning 7:25 9:40
Elmlra 8:00 10:1 '
liinghnmton... .10:05 12:0pm
New York... Art :00 ah 7:26p H
YC & ll u( Lv 8:05 411 :80p "BK10 A H
ltocllL8tor..A4:iO, 1:35a mB7:08
SyracuBO....(..,7:10 ,4:10. 9:85
Utlca 9:20 0:00 11:10
Schenectady... .12:00 H:O0
Alhanv 12:40 AH 9:45 D 8:01 p H
New York... .0:45 I:40p M 11:20 rH
Boston. 8:30 A H 5:20 p h 6:80 PM
Close connootlona mado at Columbus with
the Columbus & Hocking Valley Uallroad.
Through Tickets for sale at Athena.
BQrPalace Day and Sleeping1 Can
'i' 'On All Trains.
For liartlcular nilormation in regard to
through tickets, time, eonnuittlona, etc, to all
points East. Wcxt, North and South, apply to
or addruHS E. FOltl), Coliimhus, Ohio.
E. 8. FLINT, Gon.Sup't
General A gout, ( oliinilius, Ohio.
I'aaaonger Agi)nt,01unibua. Ohio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad
Great Throngh Paaeng;er Railway
to all Point West, Northwat and
Southwest. w
riils Is tho Short Line via Indlanapella.
The Great Through Mail ani EicnrpsiPss
aenger Lino to St. I, on is, Kanaus City, St, Jfpj
soph, Denver, San Francisco, und all poluts in
MiNsourl, Kunsas and Colorado.
Tho shortest and only direct route to In
illaniipolis, Lafayette. Torre Haute, Cain
hriilgoCity, Sprluglieid, Peoria, Ilurllngton,
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and all points
iu the Nortbwmt.
Tho Indianniiulls. Cincinnati & Lafayette.
Railroad, with its con mictions, now offers'
pusiiitngora moro lacllltioa iu Through Coach
and Sleeping Car Horvlco than ny wilier lino
I'roin Cincinnati, having the advantage of
Throtifli Dally Cars from Cincinnati to St,
Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph,. Peoria, Jlu
llngton, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and accommodations aa are
aQ'orded liy no other routo.
Through 1'ickc And Baggage Chocks to all
Trains leavo Cliiciiiuati at 8tlW g, m-i :1B P
ln, and 7:30 p. ni.
Tickets can ho obtained at No. 1 Burnot
House, corner Third and Vine, also, at Dupnt,
corner Plum and Pearl streets, Cincinnati.
lie sure to purchase tickets via Indianap
olis, Cincinnati St, I. n fay otto ltuilroad,
Hupt., Clu,
'..:!.. Gon'l T'tAg't, Cln.
. 0. a U. V. DIVISION.
Timo Tablo To take effect at 3:45 a. m., Mon.
, , day, November 3d, 1N73.
tk Exp, Aco.
LontTcincinnatl.... 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
. " Morrow 12:15 p. in. :10 "
ClarkBvlllo.... 12:43 " :40 "
" Wilmington .. 1:10 " 7:08
" Keesvillo 1:84 " . 7:80 "
" Washington... 8:11 " 8:WI "
" New Holland . 2:811 " 8:33 "
' " Wllllamsport. 8:57' " 8:54 "
" Clrclevlllo.... 8:18 " :1S
" Lancaster 4:80 " 8:30 a. in.
"' N. Lexington. 6:20 ' 9:27 "
Putnam :80 " 10:80 "
" anesvlllo .... 7:05 ' 12i40p.ni.
Arr. Dresden Jun.. 8:00 " 1:85 ."
Leavo Pittsburg 8:10 ft. ni. 8:10 "
Arr. llarrlshurgli.. 18:20 p.m. 5:00 . in.
Baltimore 4:10 " 8 no u
" Washington ., 5:45 11 10:10 "
" Phllailcrphla... 4:30 " 9:10 11
I. M.im ti .n.ii.i .. . .
XUIXV.,.., I ,W U. Ill,
lioaton .
6;Wa. m.
'' 1 Exn. 1 ' Acn.
Leavo Dresden Juno, 8:10 a.m. 4:U0n.m,
" Znnesvlllo 9:00 ' 4 '58
" N. Loxington, 0:59 " 5:58 "
" Lancastor 11:00 " 7:18
" Clrclevlllo.... 12:00 m. 5:80a.m.
" Wllllamsport. 12:22 p. in, 5:54 "
" . New Holland. 18:45 0:17
" Washington .. 1:18 6:48
' Heesvllle 1:50 7:21
" Wilmington. .. 8:10 " 7:45 "
' Clarkavlllo...,' 8:32 8:11
" Morrow 8:58 " 8:40 "
Arr. Cincluuatl... .. 6:00 " '10:60
1 CO. WAITH. BuDorlitundont
M. MOUMTS, Master Transportation.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R.
Short Line to th Lake aud the North
Ai followai '
- . J Dnnnrfc . DnnsrL
Alliens. 0:30 a. in. 1 8:15p.m.
' ' . Arrive , ,, Airlvo.
Coliimhus IfclOa. m. - 1 6:50 p.m.
Cleveland' ......... 9:85 a. m, ' ' .7:10 a.m.
Plttaburgh. ...... 7:20 " ,, 8:15a.m.
Indianapolis fl:50 8:55 "
Chicago a. in. . 8:45 "
Aenia i.,. ,.iv.nn p. m. ;n p. in.
Springfiulir 18:15 p.m. 8:10 p.m.
Uaytou .. ...i.... iM , :S0 ,
' Clnsa connection maileat Lancaster for Clr.
r.levlllo, Kaiicsville and all point on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad.
Direct connections inailo at coiuinmia rot
Davton.' fliirlnirllohl. Iiidlananolls. Chicago
ami all iioints West. Also, for Cleveland,
llnfrnlo, PIltHhiirgh, and all points East. ,
Tak the Hockiiig Valley and Pan Handlo
route to Chicago and the Nortliwost; It la the
shortcut by alxly-slx miles, giving passengers
thd hnnotlb of ciulckor' timo and lowor rates
tlianhyaAy'pW.VuB " "'
X A BcBLti Gou'l Ticket A neat.

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