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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 10, 1873, Image 3

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' McArthur Enquirer
j iN. rUl!SlliMAJN,
.Advertising .Agent,
cinsrcxisrnsr-A.Ti, nip.
js nn authorized ARUiit to rceicvo advertise
iiiuiiU for tli iu paper. Ho lias special ar
rangements with rullgloua, agricultural ami
oilier newspapers. .
' - '
' '
Advertisers who may wish to reach tlio
l'coiilo of Vinton and adjoining counties,
can llnd no butter medium than tlio Mc
Artliur Enquirer.
" indinl Persons having majrazlnps or
J. J lioukH nl' nny kiml thoy wish to have
hound, cnn,lcavo tlicin at this officii and Indue
tlino ran roeclvo thoin properly hound. We
have made itrrnnKoinontri woreliy wo ran at
tend to this hraiich of business at low prieos.
Green Apples for Sale
At this ofllcc. Como and get some
before they are all gone.
m - mm
Dark, gloomy weather, and
inuddy roads prevail. How lona:
they will last ia in the future,
it f
Saturday, November 29, 1873
was Ohio's birth-day On Novem
ber 29, 1802, Ohio became a State,
The Democrats have a majority
of twenty-two on joint ballot in the
Arkansas Legislature.
It is not necessary for us to state
that owing to the scarcity of money,
times arc very dull in this town
"Hard times" arc right here
Notice. All barefooted boys arc
hereby notijied to lcccp off the
Court House pavement, or the
glass will cut holes in their little
We have been requested to pub
lish the following:
will be solo next tusdy was a week
at John Hughs sicks mile on roily
rode Avon boss 4 yerrolo won cow
nnd cafe won silver smiiie won sow
with pig by me. G. Imiu.es.
The residence of George Lantz,
known as the "llluc Uall Tavern,"
about six miles northwest of Lan
caster, Ohio, was destroyed by fire
oil tho 20th of November. Loss
$3,000; insured for $1,500. ; ;
Cuba is 000 miles long, and va
ries in breadth from 11 to 1555
miles. It is just the size of an is
land and rightly located to make
another Stale of the United States.
Oa to Cuba should be the order of
Congress this week.
' Those wanting job priutiug. .of
any description done, should bring
it to The McAimiuu Enquirer of
fice. We are prepared to do all
kinds of job work in the neatest
style, nnd at reasonable prices.
Give us a trial.
H i ll
John Jones' clerk thinks it is
necessary to stato that his employ
er does not want tho oflico of Jus.
tico of the Ponce, even if ho did rc
oeivo two votes dt the late election.
We make this statement for the
purpose of doing tho clerk justice-
Dr. N.J. Dowers, Dentist. McArtliur, O
Weather-wise persons assure us
that this is to bo a mild winter,
and state in support of tho asser
tion that tho black birds and other
migratory fowls have not yet start
ed South, that tho muskrat-houses
are small and light, and that the
bass; havo only just commenced go
ing up the creeks. All thoso signs
have frt'ipieirtly preceded a severe
Consumptive persons are said to
lie .-really benclited by tlio use of
peer's Tort Grape Wine. It seems
to givo nourishment when every
thing else fails. If it docs not
cure, we heliovc ic Prolongs life in
many cases of consumption. It fact,
cases have been reported of perfect
(iures'lieing ullocled ly tho uso of
Specr'fl Wine. '
An Iowa wile eloped withi a
young fellow recently, and as soon
ns she got 'intimate' enough with
him to have' free access to his
pockets, stole. 700 therefrom nnd
traveled triumphantly hack to' her
husband. If tho hard times con
tinue such wives are going to com
mand a premium, 'tor no nmuVcaii
alt'ord to ho without at least ono: of
them. " . i
Some people' aro always , com
plaining ahoul) something. Tlicro
is ' no need of so much growling.
Ih'ciiuso tho storm of Inst Wednes
day night, bio wod fifty window
hhuttcrs of tlio second story of tho
Jourt IIouso to and fro about, sev
enteen thousand times each, dud
broko sevorul dollars worth of glass
and kopt less than ono hundred
pooplo awake half the night, wo
hear a good deal of fretting. All
this is useless'. Tho people" aro
rich' They end pay for that "glass;
Tho Shorilf or his Deputy ought to
khI fMrfT'twisdilir fill I liter
At the quarterly session of the
Board of Commissioners, which be
gan on Monday, Doc 1, 1873. tho
Board wa3 organized .by electing
Patrick Kelly President for ono
year, In pursuance of tho law enac
ted last winter. ,
In the matter of the petition of
of Martin Duffcy and others for a
county road in Wilkcsville town
if i i . .
snip, tno viewers, heretofore ap
pointed, reported that tho road
ougui, not to oo established as a
public highway. The petition was
dismissed at tlio cxpenso of tho pe
titioners. .
Tho petition of Philip Warner
and others, for a county road in
Clinton township, was dismissed at
costs ol the petitioners.
The report of tho viewers on the
county road petitioned for by C. W.
Darnctt, J. ). oliockey and others,
was favorable to the establishment
of a road from McArthur to Dun
das. Tho amount of compensation
and damages assessed to tho sever
al land owners,through whoso lands
the proposed road passed, is as fol
lows: "
E. P. Bothwell, compensation,
$78.00, damages, $128.13; Joseph
Doddridge, compensation, $89.30,
damages, $148.15; D. C. Gill, com
pensation, $77.41, damages, $172.10 ;
Eli Reynolds, componsatfon, $55.
50, damages, $172.16; Harvey Rob-
.bins compensation, $147.82, dam
ages, $303.06; D. P. Baird, compen
sation, $S7.75, damages, $153.31.
It was ordered that a part of said
road leading from tho south end of
Market Street, in McArthur, to a
point in the Jackson road north of
the residence of Levi Wyman, 1 J
miles south of town, will bo of pub
lic utility and of suflleient impor
tance to the public to justify the
payment of said compensation and
damages out of the county Treasu
ry; and no petition for review being
filed, it is ordered that tho county
Auditor draw his warrant in favor
of said claimants for the amounts
so awarded to each of them; that
the several reports of the. viewers
with the survey and plat of said
road bo recorded, and that said
road be established as a public
highway. It was further ordered
that the County Auditor issue an
order in the name of the Board to
the Trustees of Elk township, di
recting them to causes said road be
opened according to law.
E. P. Bothwell, Joseph Dod
dridge, Eli Reynolds, and 1). V.
Baird, gave notice of appeal from
the decision of the Board estab
lishing the said road and also from
tho compensation and damages,
both in manner and amount.
.The petition of the School Direc
tors of a sub-district of lb'own
township was dismissed.
A number of bills against the
county were allowed. .
The county jail was examined,
and tho Board decided that an im
provement in respect to ventilation
ought to bo mado in the jail, as
recommended hv the Grand Jurv
at the late term of tho Court of
Common Pleas.
A Beautiful Fiend.
A Beautiful Fiend; Or, Tnouon
the Fire, is the startling name of
Mrs.. D. E. N. Southworth's new
hook, to bo published in a few days
by T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Phil-
pdelphia, Pa. No words from us
arc necessary to commend this hook
toMrs. Southworth's many admirers ;
they will find in it no falling off of
tlio power that has mado her previ
ous books so attractive to thorn;
the style is spiritod and tho intense
interest sustained to the cud. All
of Mrs. Southworth's thirty-six
popular books are put up in a neat
box, prico $03.00, or, $1.75 each,
bound in morocco cloth, with a very
handsome, newly designed, full
gilt back, and will bo sent to any
address on receipt of price by the
publishers, making an elegant and
appropriate Christmas present. , T.
B. Peterson & Brothers havo lately
published a paper cover edition' of
WilkioCollins'works; Prof. Lcibig's
coiupleto Works on Chemistry; Tho
Mastor of Grcylands, by Mrs
Homy Wood; Bollehood and bond
ago, by "Mrs. Ann S. Stephens;
New and beautiful editions for, tho
Ilpllidays, of Beautiful Snow and
tho Outcast, by J. W. Watson; Mrs.
Halo's New Cook Book; Kenneth,
tho Earl of Glcngyle, G. W. M.
Reynolds; Tho Hoirtss in tho fam
ily, by Mrs.' Daniol; Count of Moii-
to-Christo, )yl)uinna; Tho Gypsy's
Warning, bjr Miss E. A. Dupuy;
and they will send their New Illus
trated Cntalogtio to any addrens, if
written for. . ; ,'. ' ... '
Never Surrendered. Tho "Old
Corner Storo" is a fortress that has
never surrendered, and T.'A. Mar
tin and L. D. Martin, tlio present
commanders, declare it as their in
tention to 1 fight it out on that lino
if it takes all winter," and in con
Bcquonco havo Just laid iu a grand
Bupply of Now Goods, as will bo
scon by reference to thoir' advor
tisemeut in this paper. Their stock
inJ'irfiii' iftLmit rvl.i . iiluulLJUjvn-a.-
Couitx. Among tho cases dis
posed of last week are the following:
Helen A. Will vs Goo. 15. Will.
Suit brought for divorce. Divorco
granted, and tho complainant re
stored to her maiden namo of Hel
en A. French. Tho custody of tho
children was given to tho complain
ant. C. II. Grosvo nor attorney for
Georgo Caveno vs Marietta &
Cincinnati Railroad Co. Suit for
damages; tried to a jury; judge
mcnt for 'plaintiff for $47.
Stato vs James Campbell and Ja
cob Seals; Charged with assaulting
olllcer in duo execution of his office
The defendant havingbcen arraign
ed and tho indictment having been
read to him, entered his plea of not
guilty, when ho was recognized in
the sum of $200 to ap
pear on Monday of the second week
of the next term of court.
After A session of . four weeks,
court adjourned sine die at 10
o'clock on Saturday morning, Dec.
Glii, and Judge W. K. Hastings
and the "foreign" attorneys depar
ted. It is right for us to say that
Judge Hastings, during tho very
wearisome four weeks session of tho
Court of Common Pleas for this
county, presided with patience, dig
nity and impartially, rendering sat
isfaction in all matters brought be
fore him. . .
I)r. N. J. Ilowcru, Dentist, MeAiUiur, O
ii -.
There was a terrible storm in
this part of tho universe on
Wednesday night, of last week.
Rain fell in huge torrents; the wind
blew monstrous hurricanes; all of
which was accompanied by thunder
and lightning. "Yesterday after
noon about noon" was not mixed up
with this storm. On Thursday
morning, tho inhabitants , of this
valley were surprised to see that
the streams had taken possession
of nil the meadows and low lands
within their reach. Elk Fork Creek,
north of town, was higher than it
was ever known to be. The high
water greatly damaged the hay,
standing on low lands and tho un
husked corn along the creek be
tween McArthur and Vinton Sta
tion. About 50" shocks of corn
were carried oil' John Dauoiiertv's
farm, west of Vinton Station, and a
number of stacks of hay on tho
Shry farm, near the same place,
wcro slightly wet.
a mm
Within the next eighteen hun
dred years'wc think the prusout su
pervisors of the roads in Vinton
county, should they live, will have
the roads repaired in a substantial
manner. The road leading to
Vinton Station and to Dundas
ought to put into respectable trav
eling order before 1899.
M.-NA HIKE TIN K II A M. On Tluirrdav, No
vcinher 1.1. 1KV.J, at tlio ivsidonoo id tlio
lirido's fathor, hi Zaloskl. Ohio, liv T. I'.
Mlui'k, Ks(., Mr. fii'o. McNiiinoo anil Doha
I'Vl'liiMiaiii, hoth nl' Unit hlai'o.
VAN lil II III) I! 1 ETC A I.K. On tlio 2d of
Novonihi'i'. 1M7M, hy KhI. 1). V. litmj.-imnii,
Mr. llaiiiilliin Vaii Itihhor ami Mr, llhoda
Molcall', hoth of Vinton county, Ohio.
CAMC-COUNS. -On (ho 12l.h Inst., nl; tho
rcsidcni'o of tlni hrhlu'H, in lihioiiiflcld
township, by Mr.Aniipsli'iid Sijiirlock, .1. 1'.,
Mr. C. .1. t ale and Miss Juyi io Conies, both
of Jackson county, Ohio.
WAT.TEItS-ili'.N'E.r,.-on thoHlih hint., at
Hie lVHidcnco of Davhl McNoitl in lllooni
llohl l., bv Mr. Arnistond Si'iulock. .1. I.,
Mr. ltiissiill Wallers and Jlisa Talltha 51c
Ncal, all Jackson umnty, O,
Martha Holt, died on Tucfdnv, October 5:1,
1ST:), iijfed TO yearn, 8 months liiid !i7 days.
Thus, ono of our eldest church members has
ono to tlio glowliiK realm ot perpetual day.
Kor loan years hIio llrnily kept step to liie
muHlc of Jcsiib immo and steadily maintained
tt iiohlo Christian Character. Through doep
waters ofnmicllon, and tho storm clad clouds
ol'lllo'Hconllicts, tliis daughter of tho royal
llouso or tho King of Kinag-kept a Axed
face tow ard tlio flaming crown of golden re
ward. As tho lovor of song revels in swectust
Htrnlns; so reveled this Iiuinhlo child of Clod Iu
tho blessed assurance of her Redeemers ap
proval and smiles. Tho paths of llfo often leil
through dovlous ways and varied moaudoi'
Ings, yet as the m edio is faithful to tho polo,
so was this nfl'oclioiiato wife, kind mother
una. accommodating friend, faithful to nil
things noble, good and great. When others
fullered climbing tho steep hill of Christian
pilgrlinngo sho leanliiar moro confidently
than over on tho arm ot her I-ord and Guide,
mado sum steps toward tho gato Celostial.
hen tho Sun of life becamo clouded, then it
was that her faith In Uod shono clearest' nnd
brightest. When tho tempest howlod loudest
Uieu H was that her Implicit trust in tho
Kcoat Captain of her lalvutlonwns most Im
plicit. Noblu nnd enviable follower of tho
Lanih of Uod; Ipiw fresh and over green will
remain (ho memory whon tho summer of life
thus evaded with thco recures to fond nnd un
forgctful recollection of all who survive thoo.
in tho spring tlino of I lib, you wan fair nnd
youth fid. Tho roso bnd was still on lliv
check, thy stop was llrni, tho Btimnmrs r.nnio
and thou Old'bt blooy) In nil thy perfections;
aiitum fell upon they head and tho laded roso
Ua ies were dropped beneath tlio briar nnd
upon thy silvered temple, and It was sadlv
said that with the falling leaves of tho forest,
when summer In ended thou hast fallen too,
sinking hi'iieatli tho sod of deaths bright val-
Homo call Denth's VulUiy, dark wo call It
bright to ovory faithful child of (lud. Donth
iiIiiiici 1h dark to thuono whoso lifo was unlike
tho lirtjipy Saint, lying cold nnd doad in her
I'ollln before us nnd (his sad assembly.,
'I'liesorohitlvos, these children aro sad to-
ihiy(thoy look upon tho winkled face of oflier,
wiioso mo wlnlur lies chilled upon her brow.
thoy touch tho cold Icy brow ami tlio frigid
I'liocK ovor which has passod tho last bleak
Wludof winter and tlio Inst warm lireezo of
summer nnd felt only as dutiful children foil,
but this Is a tlino whon the precious mother la
In lior Impplotit mood; whllo you ween, alio
slugs; whllo tears dim your oyos, bur's flash
with sparkling gleams of glory; whllo yon
dross In black, slio Is dressed In white; wbllo
your lips quiver with sndomotlon, lior's movo
with songs of pi lsoj whllo you mourn ovor
Special Notices.
nnils havo already gono, nnd thousands mora
aro turning thoir oyos towards new homes In
ho fertil o West. To thoso going to Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah .Wyoming
Xoviu'la, Oregon or California, we recommend
a cheap, safe, quick and direct ro ill o, via St.
Louis, ovor tho 1'aclllo Uallroad, which runs
Us lino Day Conches and Pullman Bloopers
from St. Louis to principal points In tho West,
without chntigo. Wo beliovo that tho Mis
siiuri l'acillc llailroad has the best track and
tho finest and sailcsl cqiupinent.of any lino
west of tho Mlsslsbippl, ami lis connection
with roads further Wost nro prompt nnd re
liable. Tho Texas connection of this road Ib
now completed, and lassongeis aio offered ft
a first class all-rail route from St. Louis to
Texas, ellher ovor tlio Missouri, Kansas ft
Texas it. It., via Hedalia, or over the Allan
Ho I'acllln lt.lt., via Vinlta. For maps
tiino tables, Information ns to rales, routes,
iVc, we refer our readers to 8. II. Thompson,
lOiwtern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio, ol
K. A. Ford, U'n'r'l l'nssenger Agunt, St. Lou
is. Mo, Question will bo cheerfully ami
promptly answered. liS.I-ly
Immigration Tiirnliij;. Cheap Farms Iu
South-west Missouri. The Atlantic & l'acillc
llllllroiid C0111111111.V offors l.St)U.(ltJ0nrriaof land
ill Central and South-west M ixsourl, at frmii $a
Wfl'i per acre, on seven years' llino, with free
transportation from St. Louis to nil niiichrr
eis. Climate, soil, timber, mineral weallht
schools, churches, and law-abiding society In
vito emigrants from nil points to thlslnndor
fruits And lltm-ora. Vi.i.ii'i i.iilni.utiilil.i.i.i a
Tuck, i.iurI (.'mmiil.nlonci', St. Louis, Mo. 1 ly
Cn Arra hands, I'aco, rough skin, pimples
ringworm, salt-rheiiin and other cutaneous
affections cured, ami tho skin made soft ami
smooth, by using the JtlNll'Klt TAR Soai',
mado by Caswei.l, H.uauh, & Co, N. Y.
Bo cot-tain to get tho Juniper Tar Soap, as
thorc aro many Imitations inalo Willi com
mon tar which aro worthless. .It,
A CAtU). A Clergyman, while residing In
Mouth America, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, disi'Uo of tho
urinary and seminal organs, and Ilia whole
train ot disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits, tireat Lumbers have been
cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to bonell I the afflicted nnd unfortunate,
1 will send the receipt for preparing and using
his medicine, in a. sealed envelope, to anyone
Who needs it, free of Vmiyrt Address
Station I), llihli! House, X. Y. City.
March i:i, lST.l-vl.nlO.
rirrsiiruiiit, March, lb'K.
Wo Imvo used largo quantities of lleymer
llmminu & Lo.'s Strictly Pure White Lead,
and have always found it iniii'.hinly and Jlnely
ground, very white and of excellent body.
Us purity we have never (iiictiiioncd, ami v. c
cheerfully recommend it.
Master Painters.
KIMtOItg Ol'' YOUT1I.-A . geiitlenian
who suffered lor years from Nervous Debility,
I'leuiaturo Decay, and all the effects of youth
ful Indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering
humanity, send free to all who uccd It, thore-
cipo and direction for making tho simple
remedy by which lie was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by tho advertiser's expe
rience can do so liv liddi cs-dni;, in perfect con
:;il-;iin e. Jo. Vi Cedar St., X. Y.
l'or Ayer's Medicines, go to O. W. Sisson's.
Tlio Host Place. Tlio choicest lot nffiru-
eories, Quecnswuro, CMnsswure, Notions, &e.,
can be had at Davis Duncan's Store, in Za-
leskl, at all times.
Corn, oatu, potatoes ami produce of every
description (aken in exchange for goods, at
his store. In cumieclion with his luic 1m ,
a Saddle nnd Harness Shop, and will repair
anything in dial, linn on short notice and at
low figures. Ho and see him tf
To tho Suffering. The Kev. Wm. II. Nor
ton, while residing in Iir117.il ns a Missionary,
discovered iu that laud of medicines a remedy
for Consumption. Scrofula, Sore . Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Asllinia, and Nervous Weak
ness. This remedy has cured myself lifter all
other medicine had failed.
Wishing to henelitthe suffering, I will send
thoredpo for preparing and usiiitf this rem
edy, to nil w ho iles ire II, Free of ( barge.
I'leaso send an envelope, with your nnnie
and iiddi'fssou it. Address,
l!ev. WM. II. NOIiTOV,
(i"ill la'oadwny, New York City
March t!, 1Jl-v7,nl0.
l'or Fine Perfumery, go to Klsxon's Drug
For Pu ro Drugs mid Medicine, go to Sis-
owaro of Counterfeits!
i Mi' ii a i I.' ini.T.w
Arcnimrtr,hicaxnrrr.nvmm. Dhhmint Druijiri'lt
Hit g. nmm Mm (. num. iI.u ill oxen in mrh
w.;. All )' art ttmlhlru iraiioii. Tho
iiKsuiNR Pills reunfillnii In tho euro of all thnra
immfiiliinitdaMgoroin dlRou.ra to which tho frinlo
cennLUiition is fulijeuk '1'iiey inotlemle all excoMive
unit euro all supprcwiiun of tlio nmuios wlion onuied
li cold, Intlaniiiiniiuii. or Immim. In i.ll cams o?
.Nnrvous and Spiuul iTortions, Palm in the Hark
i'u ' .1'1n,tBla." liht, jortinn. Palpitation
hi I ho Hnurt, llynlunciinnil Whilea.thoy will olfaot
euro whon all other mciinn have lailail, and alUioucb
v.nr imworful. oontum uuthiu hutUul to Urn luoat
0 li'MTocotistmititm.
( ircnhir in KiiKlidi Ccmifin and Pronch around
cm' i bold, Ki7(., hill dirccliou anil artvico.
I no (iiiKn.sK Pill aro solil at most ilrnn atorcs.bnt
t ) .ur liriiiuuit runnot auppl tlin ukniiink, do not
l.c ui-iNia0.j in accept any ciiuiiterfrnt or Ipokus ar.
1 :U. Iiul s'lii.l tlnu Hollar to tho solo prnprlolor, .loll
..'eves, is i ..rtlnii.lt stroot. Now York, Willi name
of oxprasa nfli. o at wlitchynn will rail for tho pack
tn, and ab'.tiloof tho oknuink Pills i-onroly and
auicly paukod m plam wrapiiora will bo sout by return
....... .-. a A,TiW;Vav jv j';tcn
Ti'.oentM"'l',n",,''""H' 4 "'' Hiioni.'IIITIS, tiOTIH
,,:1ipi " , ""''" ni any elnlil will tnko
them, fliousan.la have l.opn rostorod to hoallh that
Bait hnforo rimpairpd. ToBl lmony aivm in handro.la
of oao. ABklorlUtYAN'8I'lll,llfl)NIOWAKHItS.
i' ViVr8 '.," " "ii 1 J'" r x. JOB M0S18, Propria,
tor, IS OortUn.lt Hlroot, Kovt Yorlt.
ji:i,AWAmiF.'g M'Eririo ruts.
I'rnparn.1 hy J. (lAUANCIHRU,
Tlman rnlU ara ImjMr rooominrii.lo.l by tho entlro
Mo.llcnl l acultyof trance oa tlio Tory hcrt I'oinody
In nil caws of rtporinatiirrhaii, or Komiual Woaknawi
Weak hpino: llcpoaiti in tho Uriiio; Nervous lie
tnhty, and all tho (thanlly train of Dlneaioa ariiinit
from Almsn anil Ho.irut Hnhlla. 'J'hoy cum whan nQ
othnrri.mo.lins fail, anil havo Imnniinril nlthaatoniah
InK aiiorosa by tho jnailina Krnnch l'hvii.'iam durinff
tliu iiant li ynars. Pamphlet of Advli'.i in each box.
or will tin sout l'roo toanyod.lroaa. Prleu Killer
llftx. Bent hy mail, trcurrly mntiil nm till X.r-
... ...pi, u.i roi'inpt ... i.nt.u i.y any a.lv.'xi.iKoa Airollt.
IROATt ll.MOHUM. fscnn. i.iNirp Sr.. Ksv,....
iiAo Oouoral Auont for America.
A tirWutr) Cotinit1ni in itia
Mrirricd or Uionn Kbunt in
timrrv on tha i.liTnluloirk'iil
. Guido.
myitiorlt'i nnl ittrelmivnnol
khiimtxiiiil iTiitrm. wLih Hi
Utnil dlnfinrnrtna Iti prodiwln ntid prtvoutlog otliprlug,
boff to jiroiorvo tho ciniijik'xldu, kc.
Thlikt au IntoroNiiuti work oTtwo hundred and iIkI?
rififjoi.wtth nunirrtiun ciigrnvlnRH, unit flouulru YiiluaWo
nfarmitlnn for ihoio who nro niarrltU.troontompUlsnitr
rltRt. mUlltfRK book th tl ought to bo knpt under look
and key, ud notUld oirelon) ilrout tha houie.
It eontatui tho iporlonce nnd adflo of phrlnlnn
wlioia rojiuiattnii li world-widi, and iliotitd hln tho prl
Vfto drawor of overjr male and Tonalo throut hont tha en lira
Rloho. ItambrKauiavvrrthliiff oa UitiaMvoiaf thKcn
rnttrairntcifi that U worth knowlu,aud nuolitbat It
Dot pnbliiheU In any other work,
fluat u any ona (freo of poitairo) for Fifty (Vtilt.
Addrvtf Dr. ltutu Ulspvuiarjo. 1 3 N. KtgUUi itroet
It. Louli, Mo. ft fl
Notlco to the Afflicted and Unfortnnato.
llfroro applying tn Ihn hotorioaf faanki who MTrtltfl la
ruhllo papora.or iitlng iny quaok nrnvdli poruito Or
tutta' work no ranttir what jourdiMaitli, or bow daplor
ablo your ouDdiilon.
Ir. Itutta oofiunlrl a don Mo hr. flirt of twetitriieTtin
mnma;l aindorNPtl hy aomoorthfl wioitotttnhratpd modi
onlproffjrtinri of thlionunirr and Rutopa, and oan lioonn
nilU'd iprionnlty or Uy mail, an thodliotpo mantlonml In
his wTk. Olliuv and purlrri, No. 13 N. Klchth atroot.
butwava llarkat aud CUainut, Ut. Loula, Mo.
Estate of Jacob Allman, dec'd.
1 lio tiiidorsl;riicil tins hcoii npiiolnti'i? uii.l
New Advertisements
Priiinotes lionUhy action of tho Km-
TiiN s i.ivkii unit jtowKi.8; is tiicrororo tnu
Kictilcst lilood Purillcr uud Ilt'iilth Preserver
of tin! iitfe, nnd irovents discusus hy loniovlnn
tho cnusi'. It lins stood the tost, nnd Is tho
hest luodicino In nsii.
NATI, 0. iw .
OKJ (( AtlKNTS' protlts wr work. Will
!!)Jl eVU pi-ovo it or l'orlVit f.MKI. Now tir
t n lfs Jut dit . n I 'i 1 . Sn in ( .Ion sent free to nil.
A.l.lnws W.ll. UliriKiiTKIt, SttT llron.lwiiy,
New York. 'hv
Tin; i.atkst liiui-if i r);i.isin;i).
The vlifiiittut nnd luxt selliii"; AkciiLs' I'.ihles
ill the nini ki't. l-'or clreuliiis, iiddruss A. .1.
110I.M AN & CO., '.HI Anil St., i'liil., I'n. 'It.
liny cloied hair to n iici'iiianunl; lilnck or
hiowii nnd I'onltiin.i no iioison. Tnnle sup
plied nt low rules. Address JVI Atl I(J COM II
CO., ripriiiKlli ld, .Mar,j. 4iv.
r!l Crlni? von free hv ninil the verv hrsl
JPO'.TJXjA.S'rxc Tie"Lrss'
Write ; lit omo lo PosiKltor &('o HI I'.roa.l
wny, S.X. It.
A lnnre book, full or nood thlnm, valuable nofwh
ftnd hniortant Informutlon, mailed for two stamps,
. AUdreiw,'Iilili ft ua, l2i Bixtb Ave.iHW Vurk,
T INU." How either sex ninv l'r.einiile
nnd iraiu I he love nnd nlVei'llons nl nny per
son lliev ho'iso iiKlnntly. 'I'hN sitnple' iiiimi
f..l llc'lllireilll'lll oil cini 'iosess. Cree, hy lll.'lil,
forSSrls., tii.itelher with 11 iiiiiiTi.'i.iro Koi'ie.
Ktcy lit i:m Ornele, Hrenini, lliiilstn Isnlirs,
Weililiiijf-Niirht. Shirt. .', A .ineer hook.
Address V. WILLIAMS & CO., Piihs.Phil.-lw.
Co ugh, Colds, Hoarseness,
PI T I P ONLY IN I!Ll;i: ll.lXKS.
Sold hy Drn'ists. lw.
Tlio highest Mediciil Aillliorilles of Ku
rope spy tho slron;:est Tonic, I'nrilier nnd
Dcolniliiieiit known to tho modicnl world
It arrests decny of vitul forces, exhaustion of
the nervous system, restores viitor to the, do
liililnle.l, cUnnscs vitiated hloo.l, removes
vesicle obstructions and nets directly on tho
Liver nnd Spleen. Price.! nlmtlle. Address,
JOHN (J. KKLLOGti, ltil'latt St., Now York.
Do. J. P. Fm.in.-Belnr iworu, ya, I graduated It tt
'nlvonltyof l'onn'a tn ISM. and alter SOycara'aiporlono
irfootod Dr.Fltlor'n VcgtnbloIlheumo(l
yrup. I guirantao it oa inlalllblo euro for tforvo, Kk
oyanaKhouaiMiadlsoasrs. Bworn to. tlila 20th April, 1S7
17 A fianrtTinxr n. u'-.
0 vuuux.i,, nuiary runU) rata
W Cl.rtfTHOa rtn Oud t? it, nnd will sat iffy any nnn wrl
winff.Modin.l'a. Ilov..f.ls.iinolianiin,Claronon,'Tow.i.lto'
.O.Srailh, l'ittfnrd,N.Y.Rov..Ioi..Hoirira. I'n IsOlinrd
i !ini..Hiiirniiy.i..iJ.,i'ranKior(i,i'nii!i,itev.i i.r
tory l'Rniihli-t(t Riiumntce.srnti. IfWI Itownnlforan ll
-iiviuvuwi4.VbUtVUVVUIUiVil..ill.UloMVM Ug UXUUll
cures nil Ilmnors from tho worst. Rorol'
nlu lo n coiiiinuii BIoU'li or XMiDplo,
Kroin two to six bottles nro wnivanled to
cure Snlt IE lieu in or Tetter, I" imp let
on lure, I3oi,s, :i'yhielni and
1.1 ver t'oinplalni. Six to twelvn hot
lies, wnrranled lo euro Scrofulous
fwolltiiirnnnd Sorc"d ell Mi In n.i.l
Slooa IriHonKi'K. liv lis voiiurrlul
J'octornl luoperllcs it will euro the mo - t
sovero recent or lliu'erino; Voiipli In I.;.!!
tlio limo ic.ulrcd hv nnv other' inedh li'ij
(mil is perfectly safe, too.-eiiinKt'.iiirh, t;,...,.
IiiK irritation, nnd vcllovii'sr forore ,s. f-'. :.l
liv nil Dnifir'.sts. It. V. I't F.Kt'ii, M.U.,
AVoi-l'.rliihiciisury, iiuiialo, K, Y.
I'li'im, '.ii''zVi, iiml StremlthriiR thi Siitt-nit
Dr. Tint's Pills lire ooinp.-oi ol'inauy In
r.'.lient, rroiuiiienl unions I hem nie Stirsa
piu illa mid and Wildt herry, o uniled in to
act tiifrether; the one, throuih its ndiiiixtiire
with other nihstanees, piirilyin nnd pur),'
iii; w hile the other is sl.reul heniiiK Ihe sys-(.-in
. Thus these pills lire III the same tiiu'e u
Ionic- mi. I n cathartic, a desi.leral ion looi;
sought lor hy inedienl men, hut never before
discovered. In other words, they do Ihowork
ol'two medicine and do it iniiVli heltei llian
nny two we know of, for they l einovo nolhinjr
Iro'in the system hut impurities, so that while
they piirit'o they also Niri'iijitlicn nnd hence
they c.-uie no debility ami aro followed by no
Dii, Trrr's I'lt.i.s havo a wonderful influ
ence on tliu hloo.l, They mil. only piiril'v w ith
out weakenui),' It, but they rciii.no nil ii.in
ions pnrtieles from the chvlo iieforo it is con
verted into fluid, anil lints makes impure
blood an utler impossibility. As thorn is no
debilitation, so there is no niiuseii or sicklies
altcndiiiir the opperation of Ibis most excel
lent medicine, w hich never strainsnr tortures
the digestive orfiaiiM, hut causes them to work
In it perfectly milliner ; hence persons takinj:
lliein do not- beeoine l.ale nnd euineinteil, bill
on tliecoiiti'iuy, w hile all iiepurilies mil be
injf removed, the combined action of the Snr
snpurollil mi. I Wild Cherry purines and Invlir
orales tlin body, and a robust stale ol' health Is
the result of their united uel ion .
jUI'lIci! Hoots. II box. Sold hv nil UrtifrglftK
Depot -lsCiirtliin.lt St., Now Aork. -It.
A New Thins nmlcr the Sim,"
SUtr.cn OlU'iiiiitliiyi In a Hoolf
Kever before was such an Idea iittoinplail for
hnok-illustintlon; every ono who lias seen It
pronounces It Kri'Hltli. ' Mrs, Harriot lleocher
Stowo's latest work.
irw In SiicH'l History,
Is a series of nnvrat Ivo-sketelies, ilriiwn from
Scriptural, historical nnd letrendnry sources.
IIIUKlrnlc.l with Sixteen Choice HI Chronins,
niter piiintinirs by tho most celebrated aiMsts
of the word, (riving n rich nnd niniruillccul va
lid j of I )iicntal coHtiniio ami beauty, Mrs.
Slown In her chnriiiinif stvlii bus wrilten a
hook full of interest, nnd Willi a dull pn;ro In
It, which even if not illustraled would sell
rapidly; hut tho "llrllliant Oil-Color Pic
tures" Hiiikn lt i.no of the iniwt unhiue, url;.d
niil nnd remarUaliU' hooks uvM' oll'erud. The
pictures, if published seieriitely, wiiuld
reiulily sell for. t'J each of tftfl, whllu the en
tire hook, with thoslxtoen pictures, to(relher
wit h stiiiiMluoiiH hiii.lnirs ol'lht! volume, etui li'j
had for one-II! Ill of Hint iiinmnit, Tlio hook
isdiihlisheil In Kurdish uud In (iernian, anil Is
mil I; I n ir a t.iciiien.loiis seiisat'ou aiuonir iiireuts
mill snieHiiiini, hecauso It is iib:oliitelv new
iiml "has money in it," To (rotplcnmint work
mid kou.I pay, send for tonus, circulars, i'.,
address.!. II. I'll It I) ,t CO., Now York, Hus
ton, Chicago, Hun l-'niii.'isco, or tin . dw.
fir''1 i i.'ivW,yii'.f'. 4V la
Consisting. if 3'K) acres, situated In Madison
Township, Vinloii County, Ohio, four miles
froiii McArthur, find ono niibi from Vinton
Station, on lb.) Marietta ft Cincinnati Kail
road, on tho roail IcndiiiK from WcArfhur to
Alliens, Ohio. IlKlneresorWoml Lund; loll
aiii'e under riillivatloii; HI iicres ol' lint loin
Land. Well watered. Hiilllclimtly larpu fur
two farms. Two dwell Inn houses and all olh.
or buildings, ubout 1-H of it mill) aparf, III
Mm pruiuisus. In a (food neighborhood ami li
Guhatkht Coal Rkoion
On tho linn of said Itnllnmil. Thero lire 8
veins of Coiil. 4 feet In thickness on tho ))rom
Isch. Ono vein covers tho entlro tract ol bind;
one covers nil except 40 iicids, nnd ono covers
all except nhoul 1(H) noi-os. Within Ml rods nf
thn Hull way Bwikeli, roiinliiK from Vinton
Hbitlon' to Vinton Kurnaee; ft switch can be
conveiilentlyihiilltneroBS thn land ( the ( old
Volns. Any person wnnlliifr proHirty of this
description, e.oiild not (lo hotter thun purclmso
Stfi acres of the land llnloiipt toll. It. Ienilii(r,
who will irlvo nnv further liilorniaUon Ihiil
may be desired. Will sell nt it hai'Kln. If
one hull' Is paid nt or about tbe limo ol snle.
I ' iiili.i.im.illlli.hliMIIHHIll.i''Mk
War Has Been Declared !
Awful Slaughter !
Whilo tho cdiiiiliy is being agitated witli any number of sensational
reports of tlio "Virgiiiiua matter," and tlio excitement among
tho ni'oplo ia intense, yet it is not half so great as
that caused by tho fearful
Sir ii
; of all (loseriptiona, at tho enterprising liouso of
Realizing Hint "Times are Hard," "Money Scarce," and the people
want all tliey can get for their nionej,
and havo therefore
In every department Wo are now
wiiicn is r vll and UHKMll THROUGHOUT, AT TEN PEE CENT.
ON ORIGINAL COST ! This will givo tlio most ASTONISHING BAR
GAINS ever oirercd in this place ! It must bo understood that these
inducements are offered Only to Cash or prompt-paying short-time
buyers. W COUNTRY PRODUCE, of every description, taken in
exchange for Goods.
It will nav buvers of DRY GOnns. TT ATS f! APS unfiTO cirnve
.,...1 1. 1 i.
urn. uncus, ujiiu aim Hvu wv yourHcivcs. lou will lnul us still at '
"The Old Corner Store," one floor West of Conrt Honse, HcArtbnr. Ohio,
Nov. 2(5, 1S73. n 1G
The First Great Battle !
Brilliant Victory !
offering our entire stock of Goods,
GROCERIES, to inspect our stock
1 -mr .
27. Sl. IVEstrtiix cfc Son..
11 K SUN.
Till! WKEKLA' SUN is loi) wi.U'ly known
to ri'.iiiiv. tiny rxtonili'il iruomiiiviuliiliiin ;
but- liiu misuiis wlii. li will, vc Iiiiji.., pvu li
ninny IIuuimiii.Is in.ni', mo In icily u follow s :
in it Mrsl-iuto fiiiiiily jicw-piiju'V. All tin.
ni'W.s uf tin; ilny will liu'l'min.l iu it, cnnli'iis
cl wlii'ii iiiiiiiiM)rtiint, lit lull luii;;lli wli. ii i.r
in. .incut, ami nl ways ucs.-nt-il in a ck-n;-, in
tclliilili', iin.l iuli'i'tin? inaniiDi',
It isn llist-nilf (nuiity .aier. full ..I' Inloi'
tiiinin;': an. I instnu'tivi' n.'ii.linx . f . v.'iy
kinu, luil. rniitainiiii; ni.tliinx tlial can . j I i'. i I
tlui most .li'li. atu iiml m rupuliiiis tu t !.
it i li lii-sl-riitii Ktory iuinii'. Tlio lm-sl tali's
nn. I l'liinuiK't'-s uf current- literal ni l' nro eaiv
I'ully seleite.l anil legibly ii iiitei iu itsjui
)es. fl n a lli'4-raU' ni'lmillunil paper. Tlio
iiuisl lres,li,Mn. inHti'ii. llvu urli.'Us on Rgri
ciillnral tu.ii'8 regularly ii.pcar in this .!.-
It Is an iii.loppii.lcnt pulillral iiiier.li.'l.inu;
Iiil' to no party anil wearln;; im nillur. It
llitlits for ii iiiei.lu, nn.l fur tin) eloetion of Hie
lie-t men t.i nlliri'. It esperially ilevntcj in
enerKlcx to tliu cxpnsiiri) of Hie tirual fcn nip
II.iiih iliut now weaken an.l.'.iiriai couri'i.uu
try, an. I lluvu'eu lo iiii.h'riuiiii) repuliliian
lusiilutiDii altoi'i'tlier, II. lias no tear uf
l-navi", ii ml n. tli. . no l'aui.i 1'inni tlielr mip
nirler. t
ll r.'pii'lrt..l':iHliiini fur Hie lii'lies nail 111."
mark. -It for ilie uieii, e.-pi'i-iallv till) emtio
iiiurkeu, to wlii.li It, pas parli.ular atteu-
finally, It is flic elieaposl ia.er piililhliml.
tfl per year will secure it, for any sulisiTibrr.
It In not neces-arv to K'cl up n cluli In unler
to have Till': VI::i:il,V SL'.V at thin ralo.
ny i. no who .eiiils a single ilollar Mill ircl
I In. m el" lo" ri-ni.
Mi! have uo traveling njreiits.
Tin; M'tithLV Si'N.-Kiuht.pnuef., Ilfly-nlx
minimis. Only l u year. No iliscuiiiils'l'ioin
'I'liKSKHf-U'KCKl.VMiN. Mime ni.o m the
laily Sun, fia ear. A ili.-cniniL of ail per
cent, lo clubs of 10 ur over,
Tun Daily Si n. A larro I'.iur-paenuwts-pai.erof
twentv-elirht. eoliiiiiiiH. Haily cir
culation over h'll.diiu. All the new- for S
I'eiiN. Subscription price Ml cents a month,
orifil n year. To chilis of 111 ur eer, ll tli
count uf 20 per cent.
TDK SUN, JJ. Y. Oily.
Books Which Arc Booka
Works which shoul.l ho ri.uu.l In every I.I.
briny within the reach of all rea.lers. W'eiki
to enlertain, Instruct nn.l improve. ( upif
will he tent hy return post, on recel.io'
New I'lilsonnomy I or, Sikh of ( harm;
ns iiianilcsleil tliroiik'li Teniperniantv
l.xlei nal 1- oi iiiM, nn.l eHiiecially in the. "lit-
mail Knrit Diviuu," Willi I e lhaii Or
Thou.iiinil llliiritrtliolis, Ity S. li, M'KLI.i
Tho nieilit Word In tho Itinht Plaoo
A New I'.nket. Dlelionary nn.l l.el'eronei
Hook. Kialiraelnjf hviio'nj iiim, 'i'.-. Iinica.
'I'eriiH, Ahhrcviill!..ne, l'or.'l;ii I'liriiHes,
M riliiiK for the Press, l'lini'lnatl.in, I'limf
I'ca.lin, ami other Valuable Jui'orniatiun.
SfanuceiiH-n. of Infancy. I'hysiolofthil am'
.Moral Tce.ilnieiit. Hv AuMUvtv l.ojiilK, M
I). Willi .Note-. I1.SU.
Tim I aiolly 1'IivbI. Iiiii. A llcn.lv I'io
Hcrilier iiml llyttenie. A.lviser. M illi'ltuler.
ence to tliu Nature, Causes, 1'rcvcut inn ai .1
'I'l-.-al liii-lil of IiIsciihcs, Acciilents, aii.K in
u.illles nf every k hi. I. With a (ilos-nry au.l
enpioiiH In.lex. Hy .loci. Ml kw, M. I). II
luslruleil with neiirlv mill l-liigiavliiixs. One
lai KD volninu, Inlcn.lcil fur use in tliu family.
How ti t Imriirtop. A New Ilhmtrale.l
llanil-ll.iok of I'hreiioloiry i.n.l l'bysio) no
my, for HHulentH ami Kvianiinerit,' Mill, n
( hart for reconlinu; Hie l.e of tho Ormm
of tho liralii, in lb. i llcllneation ofC'lutr
ncl.r, with upwards of 170 Kutiruvliius
latent nn.l he.st, Muslin, fl.i!&. .
Tin. I'litents' tlul.le 1 or Iliiiiinn Develoo
im lit IhroiiKh luherlte.l Teuileiicles. Hy
Mm. II uhtkii rHMii.tiTON, Se. ollil u.lltioll,
levinetl iiml tiulnrKiMl, t.nio vol. l'Jiiio. l.").
CoiiHtlt iitlon of Mini. ( ousldiMc.l in rela
tion to Kxteriial Ol.Jectn. lly Okiiiiiik
( ouiut. 'The only nut liurl.e.l American It, II
tiun. Willi Twonty HiiKnivlnaH, jl.7,v,
Tito lfyulenle llaii.l-Iloo.l a I'rne.llcnl
I. iil.lu lor Hie Sick-Ilooui, Alihaliellcallv
iirrani-etl Willi Appen.ll. liy II. T. Thall.
Ono Vol. lOiu.i, 300 pp. iMiislin. 'J.OU.
How to Vrllo, How lo Talk," "How
t.i llebave," nn.l " How lo Do llnsin.ws," a
lliinil-Itu.ik InillHpeuHubln lor Ilom.i fin
iirovuniKiit, In nun vol. W.3.1.
XVi-.l lot. h i or the l;lwbt Itt'lalionx of tbe
tseve.s.- DlN.-lo-iii thu l.nwtt of Oin.liii'iil
Hcleclion, anil ahowinu; w ho may ami who
limy not Marry. - A liuhlti lor liolli HexeH.
II. Wt.
Oratory Sacred iiml Secular I or thn Kx-
teinpoiiiuetiiiK .speaker. Inclu.lsii(f a Clmln
iiiiiii'h ti tii.lt) for eon.liictinu; I'ublio Meel
lii(.'X lU'toiilliiK to I'urllaiiient.iry fin ins.
lMe.lleul I'.Ipctrlelly. A Hiiniuil fur Slu
tlenls, hIiow Iiik the iiiohI, nclentlile nn.l Hi
ll.. mil application lo all Ii.i iiih of Aciitii an. I
( lll'obie ilir-.-iiscs liy tho illllerenf i-ouibl-liallona
nf I'.ltN'Uilcilv, (ialviinlsin, Kleelro
MiiKnulltni. Mii),'neiit-l;iei'trie.ity, niul llu
nmn Miifrnclliin. t'MHI.
History of Hulein Wlleliernft T1io Vlnn
elietto MyMtery." ami "Moileni Mplrltuii.
Ism,1' .whit 'Mir. l).nlilil.li?tV Dreiini," li
ono vol, l'rbo !.()().
Cwop'n Fntilori. The I'eople'H l'lclorlii
l-MHIon. llentitllully HIiiHlraleil with near
ly Mlxty Knifrn vIiikm. Until, ullt, bcvolui.
lnmiil. Only 1.(W.
Popo'u Eauny tin Mnn. With NoIcm.
Henullflilly Illimtrateil. ( loth, (jilt, buvule.l
liiinrilH. fl.lM.
Phronolo(lcttl Dunt. f IiowIiik tilt) luteal
elasilli'iitiou,an.l exact locution of nil the
Oi'KiiUMtil' ibe Itrain. H In illvl.lctl mi as to
Nhow tmuli Ornan on uiiii bI.Ic; ami nil ibo
fioiipa on tliu oflinr. Hunt hy oxiiiuhh.
rlcofi.00. ,. ,
IneloHo iiuioiiut In a UttKllei'e.l kelter, or In
It I'oHlolllr.ii Orilei' for out) nn.l nil tho above,
anil iiil.lrtwH 8. H, Wki.lh, I'ulillsher, No. IMi
Ititiailway, New Vork. AKunt" w tin fan I.
I . .1, lll.LI NUIIUllST. Auont I'm- Vinton
(Jotinly, O. , , . .
fuhaif. . . , . ;
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notlco In liiuoby nlvcii II i ti t llolii'i t DhvIh,
ns (iuar.llnii of the eslalo of William .1,
'..BlMlill.llllll.llllHliliWPti .WWOMfc.!)..1.
The -Alcline!
An Illustrated Monthly Journal,
Universal Admitted to be the
Handsomest Periodical in
the World. A Repro- '
tentative & Cham
pion of Amer-
can Taste.
M for Sals in M or News Stores.
TIIK AI.DlN'i:, whilo Issue.l Willi nil the
regularity, has none of the temporary or time
ly interest, characteristic ot'onilnary periwli
eals.. It Is an ch-Kant. iniseellanv of pure,
lik'hUiiul graceful lileratu re; anil ii collection
"f I'iclurcfi, the larcst Hpeciiueus of nrtiitti.:
iskill, in black nn.l white. Allhounh each
Miccceilinu; liiiinbt.r allor.U u 1'icsli pleasure lo
Us rriomlM, tlio real value ami heiiutv of Till:
A 1. 1 11 lt u-i 1 1 l in... i ..',..... i . i. . .
I ice ii IioiiiiiI up nt Ihu eliise of the vtar.
hilt nlhn ....1. 1 , 1... '
...... , n,-iy ciaiui Hiiiiei'ii.r
elieaj.ntw, an eoniiinrcil with rivals of a simi
Jar ela.si, TIIIO AI.DINK is a uiii.iie ami orit!
inal con.eition ahiiiti anil iinappronclic, I'
ll isolutely without competition in price or
eliauu ler. Tho possessor of a einnpleio ol
iiine, cannot ilcplicale the ipiantily or line pa
per anil oiifcravinirrt in nnv other nlmp or
iiuinliernl' volumes for ten Union its cost: uud
then, there arc lliechromus, uesklos! .
Tim illiiMratlonsoCTIIK AI.DINEIinvcwon
n wprlil-w ,o reunion,, , nn.l in tho etuilres
..1 kuiopo It n mi u,liiiliie.l fact (lint its wo,.,l
eiitn aro exninples of tho highest iierlection
evoratlaiiie.l. The common prelu.lieo in fa
vor ol "steel plates," is'rnpi.llv yiehliuir t., n
inure eilucateil nnil iliscriiniiiiitinu: tnsle hieli
reK')fni.es Ihu ii.lviintaKes ol'Hiiperlor nrtit-tii)
nuality with Kivnler faeilitvol' production.
J ho w-Miil-ruUof TDK ALDl.MO possess nil
tlie.lciicaey nnil elaborato llnish of (ho most
eosily Meel plale, whilo they nll'onl a belter
romlei iinol the ail Pa's orifrlniil.
rn,, f,.ll.l'V..'J',l.i1''1 J1'" woiiilerfiil work wlii. li
J III. A I. DIM. is lining lor the cause of art
eiilliiro in Aiiierica, it is mil v necessary to
1-ons.i.ler theeo-l to I be people of nnv olherile
I'.'nt. represeninti..ns of the prodiictlons of
Kirnl painlttrs.
In ailililioii to.lcsiRns by tho ineniliors of
liie .National Acnilciny.niul othernote.l Anier
can nrtisU.TIIli ALIUNIC will reproduce ex
auiplcsol tho best forolcn lnasleiN, selecle.l
with a view to thu highest urlistioMieressan.l
Mi-ealcst general interest. Thus the subscri
l.crMl.. 1 UK AI.DINIi will, aln trillinu; umt,
enjoy In his own li.inio the pleasures ami re
liiinil,' iiilliicuces of true art.
'I'bciiiarlerl,vtiiile,plnicfrll will he
by I ho.-. Morau ami .1. i). W Iwanl.
I'heJ lirislinas issuo for 1HTI will coiilala
SI.e.'llll O.'SI ir.. 4 it..i...i.,,.i.. .. ... i ..
, : ,,u in,, sen. -tin, iiv
tun- best aiiisiH, ami w ill (surpass in nuiae
t ions nnv ol' iu iti',.,1. ,-.,. ........
Premium for 1871.
KvcrvsubseribertoTlli: AI.DINK r.ir the
Vl'lll'IST-l u-ill ri.i.Mii-f. n n-t. .
ori'.'liuil plctiircs were pninieil in nil for (he
i' i nii.u.oi.tr, iiv j nomas ill..-
ran, whose ureal ('olmii.lo picture w.v pur
ehase.l by ( .ingress lor ten thoiihaml ib.lL.rs.
I he siihleets w eie chosen to represent "Tbe
KiiHt" nnil "The Vest." One l-t a view la i tut
Mil llo .Mountains, Neiv llaiii;isliire; th.i other
jrlvesthe ( litis nf Hi ecu llivcr, v valuing Ter
rllory. The iliil'erence Iu tho nature oftbe
Kccnes themselves is n pleiisinjf cunt cast, ninl
ulloiils a Koi ilisplay of tbeai'list'fl sooiie
uii.l tolorinif. The ehroi.ios ai.) each worucl
I rum thirty tlMiiu l plates, ami are in si, e
(IS x Hi) nm! uppcnruiice exact l'ac-:iii.iiltis of
the originals. The presenlaiion of a nurlliv
example of America's Krcate-t lamlsrai.e
painter to tho subscribers ol'TIIU AI.HiNK
was n hulil but peetiliarly happv lilcn, ami
lis sueetv sful realiatiuii Is attested l.y the
follinviiifr lesii ninl, over the HlL'iialu'i'e of
.Mr. Mo inn himself.
fcl'-w Yiiiik, Sept. SDlh, 1H7.'1.'
Messrs, ,1 amijs HrrroM .V ( o.
Unttlchieti.i nm tleli;lite. with tho proofs
Iu coioriif jourrhroiiios. They nro woniler
I'ully successful reptesentalinns bv inuclianl
eal proccsH ol' Ihe original pniiiiiii'(;s.
Very, respectfully,
Tiioh. MuitAN.
I hese chrninos nro In evurv senso Ameri
can. Thev aio by tlio original Ainoricaii
pioces.t, with material of Ainerieau mniiiilac
lure, froiii itesitrns of American scenery hy
an American painter, nail presenteil to Villi
sei ihers to the llrst successful American Art
.l.iuruiil. IT nohetter because of nil UiIh. Ihey
w ill cerluiiily possess nn Interest no ioihuuii
pio.luellon t an Insplio. ami neither nro they
any Ibe woisn if hy reason of peculiar facili
ties of proiluctlon thoy cost the puhliihcm
only a tillln, w hile r.iial In everv respect to
oilier eliroiuos Hint nr.. sol.l siul'I v lor tUuhlt.
I ho subscript inn pi loo of Til IC A 111 l INK. I'er
s.iim of lasio will pri.o these- jiielures for
theinselves-iii.t for thu prico thev ill. I not
ensl. nn.l w ill npiueelalo tbe (interiirlso that
leiuleis their ilUtrlliiilion possible.
If nny KiiliHCilhcr Hbouhl luillcalu n prefer
ence for n llitture Hiibieet, ii,,, publishers will
semi " I liouuhls of llnine," n new an. I bounti
ful cbroiii... 1 Ix'.M) inches, representing a lutle
Itiillaii cxilo whose Bpeaklnn eyes uotrny thu
loiiKinirs of his heart.
TICK. MS - iier anniiin. In nilvnnce, wllh
lil tbr us free. Kor bt cents cxlril, Ihe
eliroiuos will bo sent, inounli'tl, varuislioil.
nn.l iiifim id bv mail.
TlllC A I. HI NK H illbereafler, be obtainable,
onlv hy Hubse.rlpilon. 'l hore will he uo iviliin
eil lor cluli rate; cn-h lor kiiIikci ipl Ioiih miiit
be sent lo the luibllshers tllioel, or liau.lcl lo
tho li.cal eanvasHcr, wlihout icspoimlbilHv lo
Ihe publishers, oxcepl In eases whero die Mr
(illcnle Is kIvcii, bearliiK the lac-bhuilti simia
llirooi .1 AklUNJ ISl'TTON Jt Co. j ....
Any person wIsIiIiik In net perinnneiil.lv fcsn.
ncnl eaavasser w III recti I vo hill ami proiupt
liiloiiiitillim bv npplvlnx lo
.lAMlifi kOT'ION .fO.,l'iib.B', ,.
h lllcViv. , 6S Mahien Lanu, N. , '
Intention to Build a Bride.
Notlco Is hereby (jlvcit In pursunnen of law,
of thn liilonll.ia of thn 'mum Issloiiersor In-i
Ion county, Ohio, to build a covered , -llltlllUK
Aimo's llltf ltiiecooii Creek, at the crwnni nt
tho .nleskl and I'nckiiiil's Mill Itond, nnur
(he i .uleskl Htcam Mill, in Mail bam towimhip,
and thq i i, ;
rititttm or ami ItnnmolranfM AutitnAhlliii
Ol llui Kiiind, will bo consldtirod ll'lllo.l In 'Ihu
Aiidiior s oiiicu or miii minify, on or unloie
whWIW e" " V: i,'!'. .v.,
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
On ana after November 9, 1813, Trains will
' , ' runiu follows : .,; .
i 6 i
sua : ; : ;
B. . : : : : : .
j : ; : :si f : : : i : : i : i id
!!;;;! -a id
1,3 g :! till WWW t t
iim lit 1 1 ! l ! ills
tOiO'eOTHOI Sl'ftHHnOOO OS t- ft
A .ft. 1
; i i :
, d
. -i .
: 9 o ' fa : :
: .s -.3
: i
Slum" :3 :d x
S?ai3S,' sits
a :
Wii v-tt-lH9t
.giii.ii:. j j i i i i j ia i :
UtOtQ09O ffj ( 4 4f
;2 a
" o offfi-or ' oi t w w w if 4rHit-
.i : : : :g : :::::::: : : :
: :::::::: : : : :
Jiff?.?????' Ss?SSS
JJydOSOOrsJtrt T-QOteie00DM 933t0
o . r. :;.:-:::;!!
T tfS to fc- 00 9 A
CINCINNATI EXTltESS will run daily. All
other trains daily, except Suuduy.
step btilwcon Hnmtleu and Athens.
Portsmouth Branch.
Mail Aceommotlat'u
8:45 p. m. 7:t'5a.ni.
4:11 " B:03 '
0:45 " 10:20 .
Iup. Ummloa ,.,
Arii .Jacks'tut
" I'onsinoiillr
or nil poinls on the I.ittlo Miami Hail road,
and at tho liidinnnpolis & Cincinnati Hail
road Junction lor nil points West,
... .' - Vv VV.l'KAIIODV,
- ' Siiiierlntendent.
W. H. L AN Kl'STKIt,
Jlaster ol Transportation. .
Is iii uilvanco of nil eoninetitont. H ta t!i
only lino ruiininu; through tins to tho West
OmnibiiR transfer, fertilise, all chaiiures ami
ilelnvs avniileil by 'running THItKE Sl'K.
COCMKS, h I'oiiows:
For all points ju .
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
Till) Tl,.....'l. Coni.h l..n,...o .1 i
r. if., Indinnupolis nt8:W) a.m., riinninr
(hroiiKli IllooinniKlon, l'eorln, (Jnlesbni'K,
Hurlinirtoii, (Mtiiinwaaml Creston, nrriviiiffiti
I i t I I 1 i 111 lilltlll 1 t V'I.IMI1 l I If n .
w ,,v, iii.uu a., n., I , HOUI'Hlll
llVIinCIt Of lltlV ill lutr 1'iiiitit ..Li.... iv.o. .....
chimps of earn (o
Oct your tickots via Indianapolis ami Peoria
It, -o
For all points in ' : '
Kansas, Colorado antl the Southwest
The TJuoucrli Couch leaves Cincinnati at 2: 15
. j.ioiiiuiinoiis nr. b:uu r. h., ninu iu
IbroiiLr h Ont.v 1 ... li....,.!.,.. i....i.n ..i
..0.. ... ..,.,, Kmp.iviiio lino
Quiuey, nrrivliiK in KANSAS C1T at 0:M
I'. M N r,. l DAI, hours in a.lvanceof bt,
n ii'.'J'."?.'.!! '2? him, '''"K- "foars to
lll'MIlObl', FT. SCOTT ami DKN VEK.
(Jet your tickets via ludiauauolis, Danvllls
nnd Quincy. ,
... ... ... . -KOU-
Rock Island DavenDort.
Tlio Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 3 18
. . ii.uiuuupoiis ui b:wi. m. runolna
tl.nuiirlt lllooniiiifrion, Henriaanil flalvrt, ar-,,'il-'i".v'!,,
J,'M;K '"''AND at 10: W a. m., DA-
I'.Nl'OljT atU:B(i P. it., next day, making
but one i liaugo of cars for poiuts in
' Noitt tints Illinois ami iowa. !I
(Jet your ticket via InUiauapolifl and Paorta.
o , . -
Pullman's Falaco Drawing-Eoom
v and slccpir-g Cari?'.""'" "
Itim fhroiiKh liom Indlnnnpolia to Toorla and
lialchhurc on the C. 11. & () H. It.
Trnvolern to any Western point can now
111 ... I I... . .' k ,i I r li..).. l.nH.l. 1 . i... '
,,i,i,,im,ai.n ii. i, i iiiiiiuien,
n. v i .....in... ia. ue scut nil. I KUDO It to nomi
nal loo. tin l.uuiii,,! ,,f IK...... I. 1
-v.....v . ... Yl.lVl.lt noil
convenient niTitinccniciits.oIoitaiit ciuiiiinonts
nnd oiilek time, this roiito Is now tUyrent
iinrrunynjitra utiwfm nm a tin una
C. W. SMITH, (icn'l JlnnnRor.
JNO. W. BllOWS, Vtn. I'ttm. ht. Aal., '
iiiuiunnpoiis, in. I.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Groat National Short lilne 'Route
East and West. v
Only Dlioetltonto to the Nntloual Capl-
. ,, tot mid i;itwurti, , ;
On mid nlltir Monday, November 10, Train
will inn as follows: ,'.
LADIWAll. If.'rtWll f,IHt Mull.
AirifeM I Line ru.iri
(153 Am
'i :i; I'm
lltl.'l "
.HHII , ":
B R5 "
(l 00
11.15 Am
ni .-i "
fl 0 Pm
s:n Am
i iimlierlanil.
H.1t Am
1 U I'll
ii: "
tm "
S3 "
Harpers Kerry
Washington Ji
it ni
MS "
10 OU "
1 '-'ll Ptll
I 111 "
... vinvu
Hall linoie . .. , .. .
asbiuwrUni. .....
New Vork
New Vork-.i.Vi.:..
U juHluigtirttJ.UU'.-
llutl.ul V li'to'l-t: .
lilXU I'm
I'iM Am
,-. J'm
8IH '
S SO A ill
II -I.". I'm
(1(10 M
10 :u'' "-
(ISO Pin
A 00 A in
foo I'm
Man Am
(ISO "
tli I,: JL'm
0 ..',
1100 "
, fiilirottii Pa'laoJ ririwitijTtocm Sleeciiuj Cart,
Willi; h are iifi iiouifori,iibl., uteiruulU f,iinlho.
an. iiliibi, L cuuiU lo a flrit-uitlu,. m n
tl.lius i.ooi t.iiieuillllll to liiUlpil,u ami
WfiHhlnktnu. 'feitHchciluio ol'Clnuluunll in!,'
.Vis5' 1 r H" " Vi 'i r','.1' 1 ' "", "f " l V' nK ,h I lo
'uiur liom niitA ..in. ...
Ondviiliitiiot lhis.routi)five.r iitliiilii.
t ll tclte all travt ltiiK huldiii thn,K
,...,... . v'.,.-. mo oa. i apui free.
,- v..iunyi.iniii.miti'r than
t -nioiti. ; I ., . , A
i TK .. alonit tit s. Itntl w, ' t. ....
.'liil'K :ZF0Jt lti;faif.r. '
5''A,i , vH' 1 i'-i ;., ,
rait- htjni I,,,,,,,. u, ,., 1ill( ,,;
ltH,.jNs;i, lrMr-lMw.1i Ptniil.
IJlo.i.'. .U rt t .l. ei ipli,,n ,',
ti'?'K IVilUiuoio A
i '-rv.f," 'M ""V"r Vtwit.,'fin'iipni di-
V'jyi tii'i T.wiVvit ill
VI w itn can: ninl
savo fhlppeiH iniicir.
v r t v'li i")

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