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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 10, 1873, Image 4

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First Love.
People talk so much about
young love, first love, being so
strong, etc. Just as if there
was any difference between first
and last love. It is my opin
ion last love is just as sweet
and strong as first love. Love
will be love, and vou can't
make anything else out of it
A man of thirty, or even forty,
loves just as much as one of
twenty; more, for his feelings
are stronger, and he would
place his Jove on a firmer basis.
The heart has its changes and
seasons as everything else has ;
"none," however, says a writer,
"which resembles its first fresh
ness and purity." Perhaps that
is so, but where the freshness
is lost in a second love there
are strength and truth gained.
Less romance, but a more ; solid
ground-work for a life's happi
ness. There Is more of the
ideal about first love no doubt,
but by the time you experience
a second love you become more
rational. Every year we live,
more ; wisdom will have min
gled in our dream of love until
it becomes less unselfish and
more reasonable. First loye is
two-thirds imagination anyway.
I know a dark-eyed girl ;who
thinks ihe' isr; passing through
the o'ffttHofj first love now ;
-tiTW: years she will look
back at this love and laugh.
Ioften hear girls express
great horror at the idea of be
ing a second wife, for they fear
they should not be loved so
well as the first. That is
wrong; second love is often
stronger, if anything, in its
newly-awakened bliss, than the
first. The birds always sing
sweeter, the trees wave a rich
er foliage, roses are more beau
tiful, the air is fresher, when we
are in love, no matter if it be
a first, second, or third experi
By a Young Lady.
Seal-skin saofiues and jaok
ets will be quite as fashionable
next winter as last There is
no change in the cut or style
of the garments, a fact ladies
who have seal-skin on hand
will be glad to know.
The panic has reached Utah.
Business men, according to an
exchange, are reducing their
number of wives, and getting
rid of all such outstanding obli
gations as fast as possible.
A St. Louis girl signaled a
train with her parasol and pre
vented an accident. She was
awarded a free pass by the com-?
pany, and realized two dollars
xtra profit on the sunshade.
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ftf bwilinem and fenitlth. Tnoae Diaeaaee
pr the Ukla. ri , raetalee,
HeUhea and Traptfoae ats removed.
Nrofsil. Pwirr"l" tsOaeaaee) of the
i yea, Wslw ttwfiiunga, Dleere, Old
ra or any icina 01 numor ramair
vlndle nnd dlsanDeer under 1U Influence.
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medicinal pro iMrtles of Poke Iloot dives ted
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Books Which Are Books,
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brnry within Iho roach of nil readers. Htnkt
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will be sent liy return pout, on rct'cii '.o
New l'hlsofriioiny oi, Siu'iis of Chnt'ht.
n9 manifested through Temperiuuiitt
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The Patents' Guide ; or Iluinnu Doveloti-
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Mrs. IIksteh Pknuleton. Second edition,
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Constitution of Man. Considered in rela
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Selection, and showing who may and who
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History of SttU'iiVWHclicrttft ; "ThoPlun
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ism," .wild "'lr. Doddridge's Hreain," it
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Esop'a Fnbles. The People's Pictorla
i-OltKin. Iicnuniuiiy iiiiixtriiieu wuu near
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Crime. Tho hook treats of experience with
hrigandsj nights in opium dens and gambling
hells: life in union; stories of exiles; ad ,cn-
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eis and Catacombs; in cidents iu mines; vi
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Cut, Pn.
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Hugh LockHid, Defoiidaul. J ty, Ohio,
ft- ll... lain flnv nf XnviHiihor. A. 1). 1H7H
said Justice Issniid an order of altiiclimnnt In
laid case fur tho sum of ffilKI, and the same is
set for further liearingiin ine mini uny oi iu
n40.gt. Plaintiff,
The many evidences of extraordinary cures
that are daily reported as effected through
Sarsaparillian Kesolvent.
Ready ltellof and Perfect Purgative Pills, in
written testimonials from all parts of the
world, surpass in wonder the most extravagant
miracles ot enchantment. Physicians and
medical r.ien in all countries pronounce these
wonderful remedies a mystery, that neither
theirsciencoof analysis or chemical Hkillcan
explain. True, those medicines cIToct tho
most marvelous cures, and restore tho dying to
life, and relievo the must wretched pum-suf-ferlng
victim of his tortures, in from one to
twenty minutes, and although they know some
of the ingredients of their composition, amlilr.
Kadwav has published tholr formula (vilh-
holdiiigouly two uewly discovered roots), still
both French, Gorman, English and American
chemists and pharmaceutists utterly fail with
the sanio ingredients as prepared by them. Tho
great success, which theso wonderful remedies
are constantly achievinir. lies In tho srreat se
cret of combining tho ingredients together,
afteroxercisingduocuro iu selecting the pure
and gouuino roots.
Such Wonders of Modern Chemistry as the
parallel in tho History of Medicino, for there
are some intlrmities and diseases that aro con
sidered as incurable, and sure death. Yetlhc
most astounding euros have been made thro'
these remedies of some diseases thathavo nev
er been known to be cured bv medicine
SWELLING, Tumors in the Womb. Stomach,
Ovaries, Bnwols, Bright' Disease of tho Kid
neys that have been vronounccd Incurable.
CanceiY) Ulcers, Swellings, Stone In the Blad
der, l uicuiotis uoncretions, u icors una wires oi
tho Bones, Kickcts so deenly seated that no
othor medicines have been known to reach,
have been cured by the 8ABSAPARILLIAN
and PILLS.
Palsy, Paralysis, DryGangcno that threat
ens a living dentil dmly rotting away of tho
limbs and flesh Diubetcs. Involuntary Dis
charge of Water, Fungi In the Bladder (the
KnitMr Napoleon's disease),TerturliH ium
when diNcharfi'liiir urine RHEUMATISM.
GOUT, NEURALGIA each and every ono of
these complaints though but a few of tho
many other diseases. Railway's 8ar8aiarilliun
ivunoivun tins i-.u reii aiui isuany curing inuii
parts ot the world.
In one word, auv discaso no mnttcr under
what nnnio designated, that is nourished or
increased by bad, impure, depraved, weak,
thin, watery or poisoned blooa enn bo cured
SOLVENT. Dr. Railway A Co. have never claimed one-
hundrcth part of tho curative virtues tor their
remedies as is ascribed to tnem by the people
who have used them; for bear in mind, only
such diseases and complaints as Dr. Railway,
after successful treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, wore enumerated iu
their curative list, so that mnnv of the extraor
dinary cases that have been reported nwaken-
euas miicii astonishment in tne discovery or
their remedial agents as in those who had been
rescued' from ilenth, and made whole and
As many nei sons discredited their extraor
dinary power, from tho fact of their disau-
liiuiiuiiuiii. in inuiiMuui uuiuruuvuruni'M icinu-
iltesaud 'ubo. Jieliovcd it impossible for
simple medicines mnde only from vegetable
substances routs, .herbs, Ike should possess
such marvelous power. Yet they can readily
comprehend that the simple grasses of the
Held, after undergoing the chemical process of
distillation designed by nature in tho cow and
churn, furnishes us with butter certainly the
most abundant fat, caloric or heat-niakin
bono, tissue, muscle, sinew and blood-making
constituents for the human body.
But when those people who first doubt the
efficacy of these remedies commence their use,
they become their most earnest advocates.
Never has a medicino taken internally, been
known to have cured Tumors, cither of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovaries or Bowels; the knife
has been the sole reliance in the hands of ex
nerienccd surgeons; but Dr. Rudway's Sar
saparillian settles this question. It has cured
over twenty persons of Ovarian Cysts ami
rumors, as wen as Tumors in mo jioweis,
Uterus, Womb, Liver, Dropsical Ell'usion,
Ascites, and Calculous Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured by
Railway's Itosolvont.
Beverly, Mass., July 18, 1801).
Dr. Uadway: I have bad Ovarian Tumor
iu the ovaries and bowels. All the doctors
said there wus no help for It. tried every
thing that was recommended, but nothing
helped me. I saw your Resolvent and thought
I would try it, hut had no faith in it, because
I h.i 0,ia-ur,.,i for ie 1 took ix bottles
of thu Resolvent, one box of Railway's nils.
and used two bottles or your Ready ltellel,anil
there is not a sign of a tumor to be seen or
felt, and I feel better, smarter anil happier
than I have for 12 years. The vort tumor
was In thu left sido of tho bowels, over tho
groin. I write this to you for tho benefit of
others. You can publish it If you choose.
From a prominent gentleman and resident of
Cincinnati, Ohio, for tho past forty years well
known to tho newspaper publishers through
out the United Stales:
NlW YORK, Oct 11th, 1670.
Dltait adw at Dear Sir: I am induced hv a
sense of duty to the suffering to make a brief
statement of tho working of your medicino on
myself. For several years I navo been nlltict
eif with somo trouble in the bladder and urin
ary organs, which some months ago culmina
ted in a most terribly nlllicting disease, which
the physicians nil said was spasmodic stric
ture in the liretba, as also Inhumation of the
kidnevs and bladder, and iravo it as their
opinion that my ago 73 years would prevent
my ever getting radically cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, and had taken a largo
quantity of medicine, both allopathic and lu
nivopat'hic, hut got no relief. I had read of
astonishing cures having been made by your
remedies; and somo four months ago I rend a
notice hi the Philadelphia Saturday Evening
Post of a euro having been effected on a per
son who hail ioiig been sulleringasl had been.
I w ent right off and got some of each your
Sursaiiarilliun Resolvent, Ready Relief, and
Kegulatlng rills and commenced taking
thoiii. In three davs I was irrcatlv relieved.
and now feel as well as ever.
.1. W. jamks, Cincinnati, o.
Price ono dollar per bottle. Sold by Drug
gists everywhere, and at Dr. uatlway's, no. 31
Warren, cor. Church St., N. Y.
Cures the worst Pains in from 1 to 20 minutes!
fiWi-NOT ONE HOUR after reading this
advertisement need any one suffer with pain.
Is a euro for every pain. It was the first and
Is thu only Pain Remedy that Instantly stops
the most excruciating pains, allays inllaiiima
Hons, and cures congestions, whether of tho
Lungs, Stomach, Dowels or other glands nnd
organs, by ono application, in from one to
twenty minutes, No matter how violent or
excruciating tho pain, the Rheumatic, lied
ridden, Iiillrm, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may suffer,
11 AD W A rs READY RE 11 EE
Will afford Instant case:
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inllummation of
ino manner, iniiiiminaiion 01 ine iinweis,
Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Dilll
cult Ilrealhing, Palpitation of tho lleartjlys
torics, Croun. Dlpthurla, Catarrh, lnlluen.n,
Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheuma
tism. Colds. Chills. A mie Chills.
Thu Application of the Ready Relief to tho
liar or parts wnuru iiiu pain or uiiucimy ux
Ists will afford case and comfort.
SO Drops In half tumbler Water will.
in a few minutes, cure Cramps, Spasms, Sour
Stomach, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Dlur
rhuiii, Dysentery, Colic, Wind in the Bowels,
and all fntiirnnf l'alns.
Travelers should always carry a bottle of
Kiuiway s ueiiei wun ineni. a lewurniisin
water will ureveiit sickness or nalns from
change of water. It Is butter than Preach
llranuy or Hitters as a stimulant.
Fever and A Hue cured for 50 cent a
Thorn Is not a remedial nuent In this world
that will cure Fever and Ague, and all Unit
Malarious, billions. Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow
and other Fevers (aided by Railway's Pills) so
quick as Railways ueauy neiioi. w ecu is per
1)11. BADWAY'S
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coted, for the
cure of all disorders of the Stomach, Liver,
llowels, Kidneys, lilailder, Nervous Diseases,
Headache. Const nation. Cost! veness, Indiges.
tlon, Dyspepsia, biliousness, Dillons Fever,
Inlliiinmatloli of the llowels. Piles and all de
rangements of the internal Visoura,warrauted
to I'lleet a nosltlvc cure.
I' V RELY YKUKTABI.K. L'ontniiilng
Mercury, Minerals, or deletcrloiisdrngs,
BivylMiervii thu following symptoms re
iiiTiiuif from diseases of the digestive organs
CoiiKllimtlon, Inward Piles, Fullness of tho
blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach
fruuscu, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Full
liens or weight in the Pit of the Stomach
Swlnini nirnf the Head. Hurried anil dlllloul
llreslhlng, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking
or SiifToeiUlng Sensations when ilia lying Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs bef ore
thoHlirht. Fever and Dull Pain In thu Head
lii'llcluni'v in Perspiration, Vcl'owness of Hie
Skin and Eyes. Pain In iho Side, Cheat, Limbs
mid Sudden Flushes of bent, Hurrbig In Ibo
Flesh. A few doses of Railway's Pills will
free the system from all the sbovs disorders,
Pries US Cents par llo
RADWAY A CO.,89 Warren cor Clin-ch
New Tors.
Vltcad Fslso and Trim. Send one loUe
stnuip to Railway A Co., No. B Warren, cor,
inurc.n si., a, i. iniormsiion worm 111011
audi will ue teat you.
The A.ldine!
An Illustrated Monthly Journal,
Universal Admitted to be the
Handsomest Periodical in
the World. A Repre
sentative & Cham- .
pion of Amer
can Taste.
Not for Sale in Boot or News Stores,
THE ALDINE, while issuod with all tho
regularity, nas none 01 mo temporary or time
ly interest characteristic ol'ordlnnry periodi
cals. It is au elegant miscellany of pure,
light and graceful literature; and a collection
of pictures, the rarest specimens of artistic
skill, in black ami while. Although each
succeeding number nll'onls a fresh pleasure to
its friends, the real value and heantv or tiik
ALIHNE will be most appreciated utter it has
been bound 1111 at the -close of tho year.
While other publications may claim superior
cheapness, as coiuiiarcd with rivals of a simi
lar class, THE ALDINE is a unique and orig
inal conception alono and iinaiiiiroiiebeil
absolutely without competition iu price or
character. The possessor of a compluto vol
ume, cannot dcplicato tho quantity of lino pa-
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number of volumes for teu times its cost; and
then, there are the chromes, besides !
Tho illustrations of THE A LDLNE have won
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vor of "stool pkitcs," is rapidly yielding to n
more oducated und disc.riminniing taste which
rcgogniises tho advantages of superior artistic
finality wttli greater facility of production.
Thu wiod-ruts ol THIO ALDlNE possess nil
the delicacy and olnhoruto iinish of the most
costly steel plate, while they mmt a better
rendering of the artist's original. . .
To nuiy realized the wonderful work which
THE ALDINE is doing for the cause, of art
culture in America, it is only necessary to
consider the cost to the people of any other de
cent representations of tho productions of
great painters.
In addition to designs by tho members of
the National Acnduinv.nnd other noted Ainer
eiin artists. TIIK ALDINE will reproduce ex
amples of tho best foreign musters, selected
with n view to the highest iirtisticsuccessund
greatest general interest. Thus tho subscri
bers to THE ALDINE will, at a trilling cost,
enjoy in his own homo tho pleasures and re
lining influences of true art.
Tho quarterly tinted plates for 1WI will bo
by Thos. Mornn and J. I). Woodward.
The Christina issue for ln74 will contain
special designs appropriate to tho season, by
our best artists, and will surpass in iittrnc
tions nny of its predecessors.
rreuilum for 1874.
Every subReribqr to Til K ALDINE for tho
year 1874 will recvjvO a pair of chronios. Tho
original pictures were painted in oil for the
publishers of THE ALDINE, by Thomas Mu
ral), whose treat Colorado picture was pur
chased by Congress for ten thousand dollars.
Tho subjects were chosen, to represent "The
East" and "Tho West." Ono is a view in the
tVhltu Mountains, New Hampshire; the other
gives the Clifl'sof Green Rivor, Wyoming Ter
ritory. Tho difference in the n'aturo of the
scenes themselves is a pleasing contrast, and
affords a good displuy of thu artist's scope
and coloring. The chromos are each worked
from thirty distinct plates, and nro in size
(12xl(i)nud appearance exact facsimiles of
the originals. Tho presentation of a worthy
example of America's greatest landscape
painter to the subscribers of TIIK A CHIN K
wus a bold but peculiarly huppv Idea, and
its successful realization is attested by the
following testimonial, over tho signature of
Sir. M01 nil himself.
New Yohk, Sept. 20th, 1873.
Messrs. James Sutton Co.
Gentlemen. I am delighted with tho proofs
ill coior of your chronios. They are wonder
fully successful representations by mechani
cal processor tho original paintings.
Very respectfully,
Tnos. Mohan.
These chromos nro In every sense Ameri
can. They nro by tho original American
process, with innterinl of American miiniifac
ture, from designs of American scenery by
an American painter, and presented to 'sub
scribers to tho tlrst successful American Art
Journal. If 110 belter because of all this, they
will certainly possess nil Interest no foreign
production can inspire, and neither are they
any the worse if by reason of peculiar facili
ties 01 prouueuon nicy cost tne puiitisiiers
only h trille, while cipi
Hill in
every respect to
other chromos that are sold singly for double
the subscription price of Til K A I'. DINE. Per
sons of tnsto will prize these pictures for
themselves not for tho price tlicv did not
cost, and will appreciate tho enterprise that
renders their distribution possible.
If nny subscriber should indicate a prefer
ence for a llgtiro subject, tho publishers will
send "Thoughts of lloine," a new and beauti
ful rhromo, 14x20 inches, representing a little
itulliln lxlle Wltoio af-unlf in nycn lieli-ny tlM'
longings of his heart.
TERMS S5 per annum, in advance, with
Oil Chromos tree. For fiO cents extra, the
chromos will be sent, mounted, vuiiiisbed,
and prepaid hv mail,
THE ALDINE will hereafter, he obtainable
only by subscription. There will be noieiliic
ed for club rate; cash for subscriptions must
be sent to tho publishers direct, or bunded to
the local canvasser, without responsibility to
the publishers, except in eases where tho cer
tificate is given, hearing the fac-siiuilu signa
ture of J AMES Sl'TTOS & CO.
Any person wishing to act permanently as 0
local canvasser will receivo full and prompt
information hv applying to
JAMES fcCT'i'ON CO., Pub.s',
ivfJe&w. 08 Maiden Lune, N. Y,
Tiie National Crop Reporter
Is devoted to the publication of repoi t9 from
reliable correspondents in nil sections of the
United States, showing thu condition during
f;rowth und location after harvest of all the
eading agricultural crops and llvo slock.
These farts as received will he submitted to
tho public In Iho most condensed form, ac
companied by comprehensive editorial sum
maries. In addition, nil reliable Intelligence
icarliig uuon the above tonics will ho culled
from leading European exchnnges nnd urc-
soiitcd in the columns of tho Reporter.
A series of llvo map-charts will be publish
ed during tho year, showing tho location ru-
nectivcly of the corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco
nun sugar producing crops, anil give sues
uioiinauon ns 10 local cuarnciur, average
i runnel, etc., as may ue snowii most snusiac-
orny 10 i ne eye.
Willi the moans of securing reliable Inlor
illation available, the Re purler will ho made
misiidispensiihle aid alike hi thu farmer, Hie
merman i ami ino iiianuiaciurer, a source oi
inUdliuenuo no business man can all'ord to
And those engaged in tho raising of live
stork the Reitorier odors the best iiiMSible
means oi securing ino largest reiurn inr ineir
labor by enabling them to determine ns In the
nioHiiiivoranie iimeior uisposing oi ineir sur.
ilus iimdiict. Tho nulillcutlon of tho Reuuv
t linvliiirliiii.il f.i,it..iiinli.li,il lirliiiiil'Il V niiirn
especially In the interests oil hu agriculturist,
ino moss oi our iiiiormaiinii Having to ue De
rived from this uluss to whom Ibo largest
bcnellts Inevitable revert It becomes a mat
ter of insportunce to every one addressed that
no interest liluiseii in Severn I ways, viz: nisi
in securing for tho Reporter at least one relia
ble correspondent In his county; next, to the
extent of subscribing torn cony ol tho work
and lust and all the time in furnishing us
either directly or through thu conesiHindnnt,
nil desirable informal on.
Notice of inaccuracies in renorts will he
thankfully received.
Tho nuhllcntion will not derive Its suuiiort
from nilvurllsuiiiunti, but will depend upon
us menu inr a siiHiuiiiiug patronage,
The niibllcatlon will bo conducted bv CO'
oiicnuivo Association. annual iiieiiiner
..f.i ii.... tin ...in ....int.. ii ...
nilli, r"-oli( rivi nil! wivn.iu lnu jiiii ill
copy l o Weekly Reporter throughout the
year, n.i.i to toe series oi live cuaris,
Where a society Inn taken a mouibondiln,
extra conies of the Weekln Reitorier mav
oiitainoti ny innivinuai meiiibers at f) per an
To thoso not members tho subscription will
bo for the Iteporter alone !", or for ths Charts,
each 12.
All communications should bn addressed
TKIt, Jacksonville, 111.
Hoc'y National AgrlcultiirnliCon
gresH, juauiigur. no,
Land Agency.
Mo). JOHN W. 1IEI1KS. Manager.
SAldNA, Kan
Ileal Eslatn Business; also bavn for sale
he lands of tho Kansas Pacillc llallwnv Coin.
pirn y, iiniounflng to over 5,bo(i,ooo acres of the
uiosiiiesiraiiio in i.enirni nun western llsn
"lis ; nlso Mill Sites. Coal l,ams. Farms, C't
tin Uiincbes and (liy I'niierlv In Hall nil am
the iiiiIuIiImmIiik towns, for snln at nil itiin.a
Jijr Send for tho "Knnsiu Central Advo
Cllle." n I ll mo 82-columii lainl on our. mis wind
wo have for sale, and read all about tho great
KcystonoStaWof the Wiist. in.,
Wo glvo below n list of a fow of tho best and
most popular collections of bound Piano Mu
sic, and will send nny work, post-paid, on ic
euipt of the marked price.
Address all orders to
.1. L. I'KTKUS, Music Publisher,
6IH1 Hrondway, N. V.
Fairy Fingers. Easy Music. Small hand,!l 75
Magie Circle. Easy Music. Small hands, 175
Young Piunist. For young ulayurs, 175
Pearl Drops. Easy Dauco Music. 175
Musical Recreations. Moderate dilllciilty, 175
Pleasunt Memories. " " 1 76
Golden Chillies. Parlor Music,. .. Kiukcl. 175
llrilliant Corns, 170
The above arealso bound in clotii, gilt
sides, price, 50 each.
Pearls of Melody, A collection of Music
for advanced Playors,. Boards, 800
Elegantly bound in cloth nnd gilt, 4 00
Peters' Addition of Strauss' Waltzes, in a
volumes, price, $:1UU in boards, f 1 1X1
each in cloth. - -
Bach's 48 Preludes and Figures. Cloth, . . .$5 00
" iu Four Hooks. Paper covers, 1 (SO
Beethoven's 8H Sonatas. Full gilt, 8 50
Beethoven's l Pianos Pieces. Full gilt,.. 00
Chopin's Valses, Still' paper covers, 150
Chopin's Polonaises,
Si 00
mopiirs Aociuriies,. . ,
Chopin's Mazurkas,... " " "
Chopin's Ballads, " "
Chopin's Preludes, " " "
Chopin's Sonatas, " " "
8 00
SI 50
Aieniieissoiin's Unnplctoeriano Works Fo
lio Edition. Full gilt. In 4 volumes,... .80 00
The same. Svo. Full gilt. Complete in 4
volumes, 1400
Tho same. Svo. Paper. Complete In 4 vols.,10 00
Vol. I, cont'g Coneertos,Sonatas, etc. Fo
lio. Ciilt, 600
The sumo. Svo. tiilt, 8 60
The same. Svo. l'aper, SI 50
Vol' ".! .rnnt'iyr Cuprlccios, Andautcs,
etc. Folio. Oilt,.;.., . 000
The same. Svo. tiilt, 8 50
The same. Svo. Paper, 2 60
Vol. IV. cont'ng Songs without words.
(8 books,) Folio, tiilt, 650
The same. Svo. Uilt 8 50
The sumo. 8vo. Pnper, 2 59
Mendelssohn's Overtures as Piano Solos.
Cloth, 8 50
Mendelssohn's Overtures as Piano Duets.
Cloth. IS 50
Mozart's 18 Sonatas. Elegantly bound.
Eullgilt, 800
Schubert's 10 Sonatas. Elegantly bound.
Full gilt, 8 00
Schubert's Dances. Complete. Elegant
ly bound. Full gilt, 3 00
scliubert's rhino Pieces. Elegantly b'd,
Full gilt.
Schumann's Piano-Forto Album. Ele
gantly bound. Full gilt,
The same. Papers covers,
Weber's Complete Piano Works. Ele
8 50
1 DO
gantly bouud. Full gilt, 8 60
Shining Lights. Sacred Songs, ?1 75
Clolden Leaves. Vols. 1 nnd 2. A collec
tion of Songs by V ill . s. Hays,. . . each, 1 75
Hearth and lloine. A Col'tion ol'lIo'cS'ng 1 75
Fireside Echoes, " " " 1 75
Sweet Sounds, "1 75
Priceless tieins. Choice Ballads, 175
The above are. also bound In cloth, gilt
sides. Price Ift 50 each. Each vol
ume contains about f 10 worth
of Choice Vocal Music.
Tho Opera at Home. Cloth, gilt, edges,. . 5 00
Containing principles Songs from over
25 Standing Operas.
German Volkslieder Album. 40 Songs,
English and German Words. Paper 8 50
Mendelssohn's 7(1 Songs. Edited und in,
part translated by Macfnrrcu. Folio.
Cloth. Full gilt, 8 50
Tho saino for a deep voice. 8vo. With
Original Words. 2 vols. Papur,....eoch, 250
Do. Cloth, eaclL, 8 50
Dioore'sirisnAiciodics. wun new svm
phonies, and Piano Accompaniments hv
llnlfu. Folio.
Mcguiitly hound.
gilt, 8 50
Mother Goose; or, National Nttrsory
Rhymes. Beautifully Illustrated by the
Brother Dalziel. (Ask for Novella's
Edition, or you will get ll cheap Photo
graph copy.) Hoards, 1 50
Thu same, elegantly b'd ill cloth. Fu'l g't, 9 50
Schumann's V ocal Album. 80 Songs, with
Eng. nnd Uerm. Words. Paper, 2 50
The same, elegantly b'd iu cloth. 1")1 gilt, 8 50
Wo w ill send auyof the above worli, post
paid, on receipt of tho marked prlco. Cata
logues containing from I.'j.wki to 20,000 Musical
Subjects, sent free on application. Address
J. L. PETEIIS. Music Publisher.
nlO-c&w. 5MI Broadway, N. Y .
Weekly Enquirer ! I
5 0,0 00 O O
Cold Pens, Pencils, Satchels, Pncket
llooks, Furs, Silverware, Watches,
Musical Instruments, Sew
ing Machines, &c.
Wc place these premiums within oasv ranch
of any of our patrons, by allowing them liber
al commissions on w suuscriuors lor ino
Weekly Enquirer, as follows:
For 5 names and $10 a credit of - 2 50
" 10 " " 20 a " " - 5 50
" 15 " " 80 a " "... 825
" SO " " 40 a " u - - - 12 00
" 80 ' " CO ft " " - - 19 00
ii 4fl ii ii go "... 20 00
' 50 " " 100 a " " - 82 50
" 75 ' 150 ll " "... 52 50
" 100 " " 200tt " ... 7000
" 150 800a " " 8000
" 200 " " 300n " " . 100 00
" 800 " O00a " " - 800 00
" 500 " "1,000 a ' " ... 500 00
For those who do not desire to enter clubs.
gotten up to secure premiums on tho above
plan, we olfer the following choice. selection
of Cliromo Premiums.
A beautiful iilcturo in sixtcens colors. 12x20
inches, sells at reloal for V 50.
A beautil'nl nlcturo In elirhteen colors. 12x17
inches, sous at renin inr finsi. zou sunscri
burs, who do not eneer clubs for other premi
ums, can have either ono of the abovo named
Is a sidendld plcturo In twenty-onn colors.
size inx27i inches, mid sells at retail for 115,
fa will pay a years suhshriptinn, ami entitle
ine sttnscriiier in tins nisi uuuieii piciuro. ror
full particulurs send for stiucliiion copies,
Never hefore were such favorublo terms of.
fured for securing n liandsoiiiu premium of
great, value.
Tho Knuulror Almnnao Ornnger'a Mnn
nnlforlKII. Will hu sent free to overv sub
scrlbor retelved since April 15, 1874. Address
all letters to
nt-ToAw, Cincinnati, O,
BWrAll now subscribers to TIIK CITLTI
I Hit, paying In advance, previous to tho close
of 1H7:I. will receive the paper WKKK LY.from
receipt of remittance to .lanuiiry 1st, 1B7I,
wiuioiii cnaigu,
The Country Gentleman.
Volume for 1874. .
for the mist forty years, lias ranked, both in
this country and abroad, us the Standahii
.Ioiihnai. or Ahkiiiuan Aiikiciii.tiikk. The
Kditors and Proprietors, in addition to their
own personal labors, are regularly assistud by
a very largo number of Special Correspond
ents nnd Itogular Contributors, nmoug w hom
are Included many lending Agriculturists. In
all pin ts of the Country, Kust and West nnd
by over five Hundred Occasional and Volun
tary Writers, directly In thu ranks of the
best Fanners and llortlculliirlsls of nearly
every Slutu iu the Colon With tho co-opur-atliiii
of 10 large a corps of practical men. this
Journal Is intended to possess exceplionnl
value us thee hoscn Medium of liiter-commii
nicntioii uniuiig nil classes Interested in the
Products mid Furl I Illy of the land those who
Cultlvnliinnd those who Consume the Buyer
and Shipper, as well as the II rst owner of the
crop iii'iieiiius oi iiiipioveii nunnais nun
their customers Manufacturers of improved
machinery and those who purclinsii and um
ulov It Nuracrvint'ii nnd fruit raisers and.
especially, lo supply fuller and better data as
to the progress, prospects and returns of each
iiM'4sslve season, ns throwing light upon ono
of the must i m m m it nt of nil questions
n nen to ouy una vneii to neii.
publlslird weekly, on the following bums,
when pnld strictly In ndvniicni One copy one
year, t'i.50: four conies. 110.00. and an addi
tional ropy fur the yunr free to thu sender nf
me ciuiii ten copies, ihj, nun an iniiiiiiouui
copy for thu year fri'o l tne sea ler of the
i'iiio. niniciiiicii oopies iree. a unless i,t
tiikk Tui'KKR A Son, Publishers, Albany,
a. i.
I niniiiifnctiu-0 to ordor and repair Turnituroof all kinds, at tho most reasonable prices. I am
prepared to furnish i
and accompany them with a Ilearso. flgyTk puMio r invited to call and
examine my Stock,
March 10th, 1872.
Patentee and Manufacturer of
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &c.
Clarksburg, West. Va. '
THE Grist Mills, being portable, aro on
Iron Frauio, ami
And the best Mill ever mndo for all kinds ot
grinding: can be easily attached to Saw Mills
or any other power, aud warranted to grind
Flour and Meal or a superior quality at
greater rato of sliced than any other Mill,
without boating or other dilUculty the
weight being 1,400 pounds, occupying only 3
feet square on the floor. Will grind SO to 60
bushels pcahour. If within thirty days, the
Mill does not prove satisfactory, it may bo re
turned and money and all charges refunded.
TIart's Post-IIolo Borr,
i Is guaranteed to mako two holes to
one of any other; docs its work rap
idly onii perfectly.
No lault can be found with It after
rial. Sent to any one on trial who
will send mo the endorsement of the
Post Master. Agents wanted.
lltA HAKT.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
MM Farmers and others can see the
' r,i
Post-Hole llorer at the Enquiiieb
church union.
For thro dollars, we will send tho Cuurch
Union year to any address, nnd also give as a
Premium either of tho following standard
works, the price of which at tho bookstores or
through agents is $4 50 each.
Smith's Bible Dictionary.
1,017 pp. Finely llliutrated.
A condensation of thousands of volumes of
essays, histories, travels and commentaries
tor tne eliminations ami illustration ine
Hi bin. nreiiared bv liev. llr. Wim.iam Smith,
of the University of London, assisted by over
seventy distinguished Divines und Authors,
of both Kuropo aud America; or
Life anil Epistles of St, Paul.
Whole niimbor of pages 1,075, with prefuce by
To the Reirular Agents of our pnper, wo
irive thirtu nor rent, of the amount thoy re
ceive, as follows:
rnivm. Au&n
Paper alono, - - - 900 0 60
ll aud cithor book, . - 8 00 0
nnu noin noons, - - o ou i uu
" and chromos, - - 4 00 1 20
" chromos and eitlior book, ft 00 1 ISO
" chromos aud both books, 7 00 it 10
Anvone dosirhiir to become an Agent may
receive an outfit by sending us the price of
nny of tho items mentioned above, deducting
t no imriy per cent.
We will send Church Union to Clubi on
tho following terms:
Vive copies, ono year, for - - I8O0
Ten copies, .. . is 00
Twenty coplos, " " - S0
No premiums to Clubs, or commissions to
those who form them; any one desiring a pre
mium must send us tne lull amount.
Tho Chromos are sent to our subscribers by
innll. We pay tho postage.
The Itooks are sent by express, and subscri
bers will pay the express rates on delivery.
Agents may charge to those ordering pre
miums tho amount extra that In due for ex
pressing the books to their locality. Address,
GEO. E. TllltLL, No. Stt lleokman St,, N. Y.
Principles of the Church Union.
1. Whatever occasion may have existed In
times past for the division of the Church Into
separate denominations, ws hold that tho cf
fortsof Christians should henceforth he posi
tive nnd continuous toward an actual and
vis hie oncneis.
ii. While oiiooscd to anv such concentration
of powor as would trench upon the Inherent
iineiiy oi mo innivinuai i.nristittn or society
..I' .11.... I.. I... ..... I...I.I .1.... .1.. II I t.n
ill llini,liiun, wo Hum innb IIIU cvliliKViivni iru-
llevers and congregations of each locality
siioiiui aim to in an i lest to toe worm ineir vs
tentiiil unity in faith and spirit.
8. We hold those churches to he evangell
nil, which, maintained the Holy Scriptures
lo bo the only Infallible rule of faith and
iirncllce, do believe in tho Lord Jesus Christ
(thu only-begotten of tho Father, King of
Kings and Lord of Lords, In whom dwulloth
tho fulness of tho Godhead bodily, and who
was moo sin ror us, inougn knowing no sin,
bearing our sins in Ills own body on tho tree)
us tho only nume under heaven given among
men whereby we must be surou from ever
lasting punishment.
We subscribe to the abovo principles, and
are deenly Interested in tho welfare nnd
main tendance of the CllUUOU CXION as devo
ted to their advocacy.
II Crosby, 8 I) Iturclunl,
.1 T Duryea, W I Itiidlngton,
W M Taylor, C F Dooms,
T S Hustings, TLCuylor,
T Ho WlttTulinage, II M Scuddor,
TIlWoolsov, J 11 Smith,
K P Ingersoll, II F Pentecost,
T ! Mulish, W C MoCiino,
W llower, J Edwards,
Oil Griffon, 8 II S lllssell,
W W How, K PThwing,
10 P Marvin, 8 Fowler,
T T Kundrick, K Cameron,
O.llreeil, W II Welionl,
11 II llrmlford, J J Whl to,
N Richardson, WW Warner,
C C Snlter, M I) Helms,
K P Payson, J I ) llaithcox,
.1 II C'lonveland, A J Sessions,
II II Philips, C R Illlss,
C II Miilcom, T P Stevenson,
.1 Croon wood, A Foster,
W. llurr, RC Stone,
H Hiiffey, 11 DMscnrlhy,
ll Ihhotsnn, G.H, Thrall,
it II llnll, L Griggs,
J V II Fluck, I C lilllinan,
K U Miuvr, U 11 Chappell, .
r isiiif.i.iin isn-n...
sT ' M L linil.lllllBlslH i
Dr. J. Walker's California
Vinegar Bitters aro a purely Veg
etable preparation, mado chiefly from
tho. native liorbs found ou tho lower
ranges of tho Sierra Novada moun
tains of California, tho niodicinal
properties of which nro extractod
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question is almost daily aslcod,
" What is tho cause of tho unpar
alleled SUCeCSS Of VlSEGAR BlT-
teus 1" Our answer is, that they
romovo the causo of disease, and
the patient rocuvors his houlth. Thoy
aro the great blood puriliur nnd a
lifo-giviii? priuciplo, a perfuct ltouo
vator and Iuvi;orator ol" tho system.
Never btiforo in tho history of tho world
ha a medicino been compounded pos
sessing tho romai'kablo tjuitlitius of Vix
SOAR Cittkrs iu healing tho sick of
ovory discaso man is heir t. They aro
a geutlo Purgative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
tho Liver and Visceral Organs, in liilioua
Diaeusos. v
The properties of Da. Walk-
K's Vinkoar HiTTiittsaro Aperient, Uia
phorotic, Carminative, Nutritious, Luxa
tivo, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-Irrituut,
Sudorific. Alterative, and Anti-Ililious.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vineoau Bitters the most wonder
ful iDvigorant that ever sustained
tbo sinking systom.
No I'crsou can take theso frit
ters according to directions, and ro
maiu long unwell, providod their
bones aro not dostroyed by mineral
poiaou or other means, and vital or
gans wasted beyond repair.
Bilious, Remittent, nnd In
termittent Fevers, which aro so
provalent in tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially thoso of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennossoo,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Ked, Colo
rado, IJrazos, Ilio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah, Ko
auokc, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our cntiro country during tbo
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
beat and dryness, aro invariably ac
companied by oxtonsivo dorango
mcnts of tho stomach and liver, mid
other abdominal viscera. Iu their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influonco upon thoso vari
ous organs, is cssontially nocossary.
Tlioro is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dn. J. Walkkk's Vinegar
Bitters, us tboy will spoodily romove
thudurk-colorod viscid muttor with which
tbo bowols aro loaded, at tbe saino timo
stiiniilatinjr tho secretions of the livor,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of tbo digostivo organs
Fortify tho body against dis
ease by purifying all Its fluids with
Vikkoau JiiTTKtis. No epidomio can
take bold of a systom thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Head-
ocbo, Tain in tho Sbouldors, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizzlnoss, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Dad Tasto
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tbo Heart, Inflammation of tbo
Lungs, Pain in the region of tho Kidueyi,
aud a hundrod othor painful symptoms,
are tbo offsprings of D.y spopsia. Ouo bot
tle will provo a bettor guarantoo of its
merits than a longthy advertisoniunt.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Wbito
Swellings. Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swolled
Neck, Cloitro, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Iuduluut Inflammations. Mercurial atlbc
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of tho Bkln,
Sure Eyos, oto. Iu thoso, as iu all other
constitutional Disoasos, Walkbb's Vim
KOARDirrEKsbavo shown their groat cur
ative powora in tho most obstinate and
introetiiUlo ewes. -
For Iullaniniiitory and Chronic
Rhcumatism,Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseason
of tbo Wood, Liver, Kiduoysaud Bladder,
thoso Uittors havo no equal. Such Dis
oaiics aro caused by Vitiated Blood.
'Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged iu l'aints aud Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Typo-Bettors, Gold-buators and
Minors, as thoy advauco in lifo, are sub
ject to paralysis of tho Bowels. To guard
ngaiiist this, tuko a doso of Walkrb's
Vi'NKOAn HiTTKns occasionally. .
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt- lthouin, Blotches, Spots, Pint
plos, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring
worms, Scald-hood, Boro Eyes, Erysipe
las. Itch, Scurfs, Biscolorations of tho
Skiu, Humors and Diseases of tho Skin of
whatever name or naturo. aro lltorully
dug up and carried out of tho system in a
short timo by tho uso of thoso ltittors. I
Tin, Tupe, and other Worms,
lurking iu tbo systom of so many thou
sands, aro oU'octually Oostroyod and re
inovod. No systeui of medioine, uo ver
mifuges, no antholmiuitici will froo tlis
systom from worms like theso liltters.
ForFemaloComplalnts, in young
or old, married or singlo, at tho dawn of
womanhood, or the turn of lifo, theso Ton
io Hitters display so decided an influence
that Improvement is soon porceptlblo.
Cleanse the Vitiated Mood
wbouovor you find its Impurities bursting
through tho skin la Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; domino it when you Una it ob
strutted and sluggish iu the veins; clmum
it whon it is foul; your foul in gs will tell
you whom . Keep thu lilnod mire, uiid the
health of thu svitum will follow,
11. II. I'll LOV,W,l .il CO,,
DrUfwUui A (Ion. Antn., Sua I 'i onrUuo. Cullfur
111, tour, of WunliluKluiiiiiiilCliuiltiiii DliM.V
HvUl by tril Otuf lata u4 Vnklvn,
. ..... .1...
Time Tables.
Tlie "Old Relinblo" anil Popular
Through Express Trains Dallj
Enuippeil with Miller's Patent Sal'ei.
riatiorui, Coupler, una liulTcr, auu
the Celebrated
Wostinghousa Patent Air Brake.
The most porfoct protection ngnlnut acci
dents In the world.
J6? New and eleinnt Day Coaches and
two iliiily lines of Fullmun's Palace Hlceplnj
Cars are run through from KANSAS CITY
to Quincy, Galcutiurg, Mondota and
Wltliout Change.
Also, a ilnllr lino of Pullmun'B Palaco Slceii.
Intr Cara lrom ATCHISON and ST. JOSEPH
to Jacksonville and Hpringlleld, and new and
elegant. Uny. Coaches from Kansas City to In
dianapolis and Cincinnati, vi'itliout.olumgo
JlfjyTo secure all tho modern Improve
meuts In Railway traveling, purcliaso tickets
via the Hannibal & St. Joskfu Suoht Link,
avoiding all transfers, ferries and changes
of earn.
Iw)"" Through Tiekots for sale at all prin
cipal olllcos. Faro alwaya ua low as by auy
route. BBggage checked through to all prin
cipal points. O. 8. LYFOItl),
tionoral Hup't.
E. A. PAIIKEU, Oon'l Tickot Agent.
Trains will . leave Columhtis and Crent
llne and arrive nt points unincit below as fol
lows: Colu'bus Div. Nionr cin.
Columbus . . Lv 1 :45 1 H iK :45
Worthingtou 11:05
Wcstorvflle. ,.11:1
Lewis Centre. .' ,11;44
riBlR'a Ar 2:40 A M 11:45
Deinare.. jLy S:B5 U.M
Ashley 13:14 PH
4:00 PM
Cnrdlngton ....8:81 Vl:H
.4:05 1:03
(Ar 4:15 AH (1 1 :ia
Lv 4:20
New .London
Rochester . . .
La Grange...
.'.5:47 "
' 8:6s'
A G. W. Di)7K)3
Cleveland ..Arb 7:10 AH 4:00 PS
10:30 PM
Clevoland.LvAr7:30AMA4:MPM 10:45 KM
Erie Ar 10:20 7:10 1:26 AM
Dunkirk 11 :M) 0:10 S'50
liullalo dltlOPM 10:36 4:00
Buf. (vl' rie)Lv 2:30 PM 15:00 A M
HornellsvliloArS 5:45 0:25
Corning 7:25 9:40
Elmira 8:00 10:1
Uinghamton.... 10:05 12:0 PM
New York.. .Ar7:00 A M 7:25PM
YCa'iIrI 11:30PM5:00 am
Rochester. .Ar4:20 1:35 A MB7KI5
Syracuse 7:10 4:10 9:85
ltica 9:20 0:00 11:10
Schenectady .... 12 KM 0:00
Albany 12:40 AM 9:45 D 2:00 P M
Npw York 0:46 . 8:40 P M 11 SO P M
Boston 8:30 AM 5:20PM 0:30 pm
Close connections mado at Columbus with
the Columbus A Hocking Valley Railroad.
Through Tickets for aula at Athena.
1ST Palace Day and Sleeping Cars
On All Trains.
For particular inlormation in regard to
through tickets, time, connection, etc, to all
points East, West, North and South, apply to
or address E. FORI), Columbus. Ohio.
K. 8. FLINT. Gflii. Sup't.
General A gent, Cnlumlius, Ohio.
Passenger Agent. Calumhus. Ohio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Throng-li Passenger Railway
to all Points Weat, Northwest and
Call la tbe Short Line via Indianapolis.
The Great Through Mali and Express Pas
aenger Lino to St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Jo
seph, Denver, Snn Francisco, auil all poluts in
Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
The shortest and only direct routo to In
dianapolis, Lafuyctto. Terra Haute, Cam
bridge City. Bprlnguclil, Peoria, Burlington,
Chicago, Milwaukee, SL Paul, and all points
In the Northwest.
The Indianapolis, Cincinnati A Lafayetto
Railroad, with its connections, now oO'ers
passengers more facilities in Through Conch
and Sleeping Car Service than any othor line
from Cincinnati, having the nilvantago of
Through Daily Curs from Cincinnati to St,
Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Peoria, llur
lington, Chicago, Omaha, and all intermediate
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and accommodations as lire
afforded by no other route.
Through Tickot and Buggago Checks to all
Trains leave Cincinnati at 6:80 a. m., 9:15 p,
m and 7:30 p.m.
Tickets can lie obtained at No. 1 Burnet
Houbo, corner Third and Vine, also, at Depot,
corner l'luin and Pearl Rtrcct, Cincinnati,
Be sure to purchase tickets via lmlluuap
oils, Cincinnati It Lafayette Railroad.
So lit., Cin,
Time Table To tuko effect at 8:45 a. it., Mon
day, Nuvuinbor 8d, 1H13.
Exp. A CO.
Leave Cincinnati.... I0:0iia.in. 4:00p.m.
Morrow 12:15 u. m. 0:10 "
" Clnrksvlllo ... 18:43 " 11:40 "
" Wllinlngton .. 1:10 " 7:0N
" RcoRVlllu 1:34 7:80 "
" Wnhiiifto 8:11 " 8KIU "
New llollnnil . 8:bH ' S:&4 "
" Wlllliinmport. 8:67 8:64 "
" t'lrchivlllu .... 8:18 9:18 "
LancuHlor 4:30 " 8:80 a.m.
" N. Lexington. 5:28 9:27 "
" riitnnm 11:80 " 10:80 "
11 Kuiiiisvillo .... 7:05 " 12:40p.m.
Arr. Dresden Jun.. 8:00 " 1:35 "
Leave PittHliurg 8:10 a. m. 8:10 11
Arr. IliirriHliurgh.. 12:20 p.m. 6:00 . m.
" Balllinoru 4:10 " 8:40
. Washington .. 6:45 10:10
' Philadelphia.. 4:30 11 9:10
New York 7:00 " 12:30 p.m.
" Boston 6:50 a. in. 11:80 "
Exp. Am.
Loavo Dresden Juno. 8:l0a.m, 4:i0p.in.
" anosvillu 9:00 " 4M "
N. LexiiiKtou. 9:511 11 6:68 11
" Lancaster 11:00 ' 7:14
" Circlevlllo.... 12:00 m. SUM) a.m.
" Willlunmiiort. 19:22 p.m. 6:64 "
" Now llollanj. 12:45 " 8:17 "
" Washington.. 1:18 " :49 "
" Roesvlllo 1:50 " 7:21 "
" Wilmington.., 2:10 " 7:46 '
" (larksvlllo ... 2:84 8:11
Morrow 8:58 8:40
Arr. CiucJnnall 5:00 10:60 " .
C. C, WAITE, Superintendent.
M. Mounts, Master Tranapurutlun,
Columbus & Hocking Valley R.
Short Line to the LnUes anil tlio North
two kxphehhTuainh DAILY,
As follows!
,. (I:M, in.
, 10:10 a, in.
... 9:36 a. m.
. 7:20 "'
, 6:60 " .
., n. in.
..19:8.1 p. iu.
..12:15 p. m.
... 1:35 " ...
1:15 p. in.
6:W p. iu.
7:10 a. in.
9:15 a. ni.
8:44 p, m.
8:10 p.m.
Cleveland ,.,
Xenla ,,
liny ton . , ,,.
Chiso connection iimiloiit Lancaster furi'lr.
elevllln, .nunsvlllo and all lioinls on the Cin
elnnatl and Musklngiini Valley Railroad,
Diract roiinoctliins niiuhi at Cuiuiuliiit All
Dnylon, Sprlngllelil, linllanaiiolls, Chicago
and sll imlnts West, Also, for Cleveland,
Buffalo, Pituiiurih, and all points East.
Take the llockingi Vnlloy and Paa Handle
route to Chicago and the Northwest) It is tli
shortest by tlxiy-slx iiillns, giving passengers
thaoenafll of niilckor tluia and lower ratet
than by any othor lino. .
B. A BOlLl.Qsa'i Ticket Astut.'

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