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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 17, 1873, Image 2

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,r. W. UOWliN.:lltir ni . ltublUhea.
fi -' - "T - flf- - - - ---
' 'TrtK Oliio CwistitiiUonal Cimven-
tioaris iioing-tut little.--
ThjE suilarVof President Grant1
, is $133 per day. Somo of, the la
( horing lWen'fcan't even get 33 cents
per day, while others are suffering
. -.and entirely out of employment.
Remember, the Republican party
s .has a inajprityrof tworthirds in the
' House a "majority so powerful that
it can pass any bill it pleases over
: . the veto of .President Grant even
Many Representatives of Con
f gross of both parties appear to show
an anxiety to repeal tue saiarj'
Grab bill of last Congress, they
must liiakd a clear thing of it if
the. expect to people to sustain
them, lney must repeal tlie rres
i ' identBgrab as well as their own.
Wii are pleased to' see that lion
II. S. Bcndy, tho member of Coir
gresa from his district, has been
r placed -on tho Committee on Jlilo-
age and on I ublic Lands. Ho is
.'zefthb jCSiaifrntn . of jtbtj' first named
. -pommittce, , If v. . v , . .
He has introduced a bill provi
ding for relief to the sufferers in
:Afrg Morgan Jtahl: nr Ohio, in 18G:l
The people of Dayton, Ohio, arc
discussing the propriety and neees
sity of building a railroad from that
place to the Southern Oliio coal
fields. They say they must have
cheap fuel, at nil hazards. We
, would say to Dayton that this re
gion is well supplied, with the com
modity they want; and the easiest
and cheapest, and shortest way
, for them to reach it is to lend a
helping hand to the construction of
the Farmers & Miners Railroad
from Circleville, to intersect the
Gallipolis, McArthur & Columbus
Railroad, at Karnes', six .miles
north of McArthur.
Downfall of the Republican Party.
The net result is summed up in
two facts' downfall of the Republi
can Administration party and the
ascendency of the Democratic par
ty. The people everywhere have
set the seal of condemnation npon
the management of government by
the party in power, and have made
the beginning of its end. The Re
publican party cannot recover its
lost ground and prestige. It must,
from the nature of the situation;
grow from bad to worse until it re
ceives a final and finishing blow in
the Congressional election of 1874.
Additional Locals.
The two Hotels m McArthur,
the McArthur House and the IIul
burt House, have . been furnised
with Registers, without charge to
the proprietors, by "E. C. Smile v
fe Bko., Madison, Iud., Publishers
of Advertising Hotel Registers,"
but twelve business and profession
al men footed the bills, who had
advertisements inserted in the reg
isters aforesaid, at prices ranging
from $ i to figures beneath a dozen
dollars. We paid $ I for an adver
tisement of the papers we publish,
etc., but tho stupid mules cause our
advertisement to say "Thk McAk
thu Enquires is the oflicial organ
of Union county," instead of Vinton
county. . There are a number of
other stupid mistakes in the adver
tisements. Most of the type on
which the Registers were printed
is old-fashioned nud worn out.
When tho McArthur Hotels want
Registers again we shall print them
in this office, and wc are sure that
those who see them will, not be
ashamed of them in daylight. We
wish we had the .ft wo paid for
saying "Bill posting don'o on short
notice in any part of Union county."
Shame! Shame!
TnErtE are silly creatures yet liv
ing who think that because they
ttrko ft paper they "can have adver
tisements inserted "without paying
anything" for thorn. The terms of
subscription and the terms of nd
: vcrtising are separate items as
, much so as tho diffcrenco between
coffee and sugar. Suppose one of
the silly creatures should go to a
store and "buy a pound of coffee,
would the Btore-kocper be under ob
. ligations to let him have ten pounds
of sugar because he bought one
pound of coffee?.. Certainly not
Neither is it necessary for a news
paper publisher to insert an ad
vertisement to the amount of $5,
$10 or $15 for any person because
(. that person "takes tho paper."
A' difficulty occurred at Zaleski,
on Sunday night last, between
John ,Mohlboiiou oil and Gkoiioe
Darst, . residents of that town,
. which resultedin the former boing
severely cut ia th 'face, neck nnd
ehouldars by .tho last named per
Bon, '.'As' both, parties were sevorely
injured the preliminary cxamina
y tlon-of ' Pakst, before J. T. Black,
E9q., was continued until January
3, 1874"i Dmar gave bail foitf his
appearance in the sun of $500, I
Vinton County, Ohio,
Vinton County, Ohio, —FOR THE—
Receipts Disbursements and the Balances
Each Fund Remaining in the Treasury.
lr, S. Claypoole, Prnmmting Attorney, E. X. Barnhill, ami J. Jl
MfOUIlmiy, are hrrehy aipniiiteil if Vo nuii'lA-tn f.Mnu'w vithii
W. K. HASTINGS, Judge.
To the Hon. the Judge pf. the Court of
if Common
Pleas of Vinton County, Oliio:
Iu pursuance of law, .we,, tha Commissioners of
Vinton County, Ohio, submit tho following report of
our official transactions, for tho year ending August
30, 1873.
Also, an accurate statement of the financial affairs
tho comity, for tho yair ending August 30, 1373.
Monday, September 2, 1872.
IVUtionOf John MurLill Anil nLh.tlM.. Ttir u fnmit V ilitul nrnnnntjul
and view, and Survey onioreil.
Mowers' ronort of Counts It.md.Mi'tlHnn.'.i for liir Pliilin U'nrnsr
anil others read Unit time.
V lowers' reuort of a (Jountv It ii.l. notitimio l for hv fiii-tin n.iiTif
nnd others read Brat timo, and objections fllod by H. 0. Jouee, At
torney for non-resident land owner. . .
viewers' report or a County Koad, potitionej for by William R.
tlerron and others read first time.
lewers' report of a Countv Koad. ml Moncd for hv Gearm Aaiun.
son and others read first time.
Viewers' 1-eDort of a Cnuutv Riitil. nntir.lonn.1 for hv Mnvlil U.iln
and others read first time.
compared orders deposited with record thereof, and found same
Transcript from docket of Daniel Bowen. J. P.. State vs.
Cumber and MoLain.,-
Isaac Ulloin, for use of houso nnd orchard on Infirmary
A. Atwood, building Bridge across lilackwatur
Branch, HichUnd Township,
Dr. .1. Dtiildriilyu, iiioilioiit services for Mitrv Crov,
lunHtic, , '
10 00
40 00
Tuesday, September 3, 1872.
Viewers' report of Countv lloa 1, petitioned for by l'liilip Warner
other rend second time.
Viewers' report of Countv Ui.il, pjtitione l fjr by William It.
mmi mm iriuiMM reiiii i.eroil'1 llino.
Viewer.i' report ofCountv Kuad. petitlono.l for hv Mnrtln ' num
bers renil seconil lime.
nnd ot
Viewers' report of L'ouulv lt.iii l.nr'titlnii.i t for In-1) n l 1 Mnriiu nA
others rend second time.
lewers' report of County Itou'L netitione.l fin- hv :...ivr.i s,i
ami others read second time.
( onl rnetei with Lnckheart A Co.. for l.lwiiii!m l!...u i'.ik 11 nn
Infirmary Farm, ainoiintin to .r.4 :)').
Delinquent list of cbattlcs pulilicly rend.
Gilmnn, Ward Co., Merchandise per Hunter
" " ' linrt mivnient fin Hntvlc lirhlir...
A. Murray, part payment on 'Index contract
T (innnliig, Merchandise per County olllcers,
iv. no wen, printing' lor Uountv,
Richmond, postntfo and trip ti liumdeii to collect Show
licenses ,
TotPntl rlHrk.rinirinir hrlilirn In llnlc.n Tnivit.Ul.i
I. Ankrom, repairiiifr bridge iu Jacksou Townsliii!. . .' .'
.uiivA n i rnrcc, niurcnnimise per ivonniy onieers,
L. Hunter, boarding and washing for prisoners
L. Hunter. ' " linuiHc
II. Swaim, five days service as t'onimisiouer,.... ,
II. Mwaiin. amount n.liil stackinir I imilx. r.
Chester French, repairs in Recorder's olUej)
iiiciimonn x iiuiin, iove for rrosecuting Attorney's of-
W, tillmaii.'biiluniwoii lu'ii'diir iridif.vV..'.'..V.'.,'.' .'.'.'
M. Dye, repairing bridge near llamden.
He lees, State vs. t; M. Hall
list ice and Constnbu
t 20 lit
not) on
sou oo
10 OS
171 05
s on
3 2ft
il so
l 7.1
88 00
m oo
15 00
1 00
1 EO
14 10
lit 00
e oo
4 60
Wednesday, September 4, 1872.
Richmond ft Iluhn, merchandise per County olllcer... .
Itobert Clark, supp.irt of Jolin t'e.i, lunatic,
-- ciotiiing inr sain;-, ;
$ 85
20 35
8 00
Uavll Martin
Mii'tln Duffy
Viewers' renort of (.'oinitv Il ia I. noiii I f,. i..-
others rea l third tim i n-id roa 1 established. '
Viewers' report nf County It irid, p.'titiond (brbv
aim otuors reail third time, and pr.i.-uo llns ilismlssed
lewors' report of County Ituad, petitioned for by UcorgcSamiw
ami othors.read tliinl time and road established.
i lowers- report oi bounty u .a i, petilionud for by William It.
Herron and others read third time, and further procucdin In said
road continued until to-morrow.
Petition i of I'rl M. Green and others, for tho alteration of a County
Road in Llk I'ownshlii, presented ami view, and survey ordered.
V iewers' report of County Koad, petitioned for by l'hllip Warner
and other read third tiran. Remonstrance of Itiehard Tlmms, pre
??." . A'fnoy. Road ordered to bo established . Thereupon
Itiehard Tlmms, by his Attorney, gave notico of his intention to ap
peal, t r
ALLOWED. Thursday, September 5, 1872.
Coinnilsainncrs counted tho monoy In tho Treasury, and found the
correct amoufit therein.
AJ'nwed Transcript from docket of Robert S.ige, State vs. John J.
morrow "eJ th Procco'"n& '" "wmiam Tt. Ilorrnn road until to.
Oiininlssinncrs proceed to cxamlno Inllrmary Karin.
H. II. Swalin ompowcreil as a vommiiuie to rent said farm.
Friday, September 6, 1872.
Commissioners proceed to examine Cassill Mill brldire, roceive
uio Hiiuieaniionier issuoii to i. W. I'ilcher lor WJ 00 ; being final
pnvment for building said brldirn. '
Proceeding in road, petitioned for by William Herron and others.
John Wfckoff, clearing tree from abutment of Casiltl Mill
bridge, ',. ,. ,
Transcript from (locket of Darit Duncan. State ve.' Ur'l
W.W. Bclford, Mrvir ai Auditor, for quarter ending
September 4, 187J, .
W. W. Belford, balance salary from No? ember 15, to
December 4, ltm, '
W. W. Belford, balance salar from December i, 1871, 'to
March 4, IK7 '
' W,,2,lrord' b1"6 "y froin March 4, lit June
W, W. Belford, services undor school' iawi.
" rocordlng bonds and filing as season ro. .
jr,WiI,"!,"r'1' '!"""co under act of A pril 17.' IHflT,'.'.'.".
,.?'!?' wvlees as Coiimilssloner, days, 11 miles,,.
Patrick Kelly, ". t days, SO
is n
ISO oo
10 00
10 00
(00 00
10 10
HO 00
October 26, 1872.
J'lUoJalbnndoftioorgeKaU'r, Shorlff, approveil. . ,
Oinditl'bond of JoHlah B. Martin, (Jomiiiissloiier, approved.
Monday, December 2, 1872.
VlnwuM' report of alteration of a County Uoart, petitioned for by
Url M. (ircen and others read llrst time, f '
viewers niijort or county u m V potitlonol for by John Martin
and others read first time.
Ohlclal bomlsof (iwirge W. Green, Coroner, and of Oeorgo W.
Holland, Common Pleas Clerk, examined and approved, - i
(lllman, Ward 4 Co., lumlwr for Infirmary,.,..,.
.lamwi Wyckoff, repair Prosemitlng Attornnr otlloe
Uilman, Ward ( biilUllng Trestle bridge, and work
done at Kadoliff bridge, ,
Siniacl Trimmer, work on Jail
418 74
10 00
John Oirnn. reimilhitr Jail rhimnov 1 3 50
John K. Keneily, repairing bridge North Allensvlllu, ' ISO
(Jllmau, Ward Co., merchaudisc per County ollioer 48 08
A. L. Hunter, boardlug and washing for Prisoners, 00 50
' " . Lunatics,. SII0 U0
. Trauicript train docket or A. II. Turvey, amouuted to $a IS.
Tuesday, December 5, 1872.
Viewers' report of alteration of a County Road, petitioned for by
uri Ai. uieen ami others reau second time.
, Viewers' report o( County ltoud, petitioned for by John Martin
.nl othi.rs red stieoiid timo. .
Kxamliied orders deposited by Treasurer, and found tho same to
compare witu reooru mentor. . .
George lloldren, part payment on Bolon bridge,
U . 8. Claypoole, Counsel torOomutiasiouor, ,
J. W, Bowen, printing for Couuty,
Richard Craig, makiug Commissioner report,
H. Redd, breakfast for Jury and Sheriff,
Lants A Pearce, merchandise per Couuty oCfloors,
Daries Ferrel, balanoeon Plnney bridge, '.,
Ferret A Bull, balanoeon Swift bridge,
Gllnian A Ogan final payment on Hawk bridge,:
O. W. tiilmuo, bridge plank,
1 75 00
50 00
455 iB
50 00
4 55
80 10
803 00
824 00
015 00
IS 80
Transcript from docket of N. Slmonton, J. P., amounting to
Wednesday, December 4, 1872.
Viewers' report of altoratton of County Road, petitioned for by
Url M. Ureen ami others read third time, and road established.
Viewers' report of County Road, petitioned lor by John Martin and
outers reuu mini time, una rouu, esianiisiiou.
Official bond of Nelson Richmond, Troaauror, approved
OiUcinlbondof II, B. Mityo, Probate Judge, approved.
L. 1). TIaniOH. repairing Jail 1 1 00
it. ii. i.'ounrnigo, uiuiireiii uiiuiKiiiiii-.e on I'risoners,. rJt . . . l w
I). Booth, amount paid for nhnving Prisoners,. ... ,.,p..., , 1 8(1
A. W. Ullom, plan and specillealions for Inllrinnry, tie... 45 !K
O. T. Ciiinuiug, agent merchandise per County oUlceis,. . . ., 85 40
U. W. Misson, merchandise per County olllcoro IS 05
John Mayo, examining Commissioners report 15 00
U.S. Claypoole, " " " 15(10
to. N. Ilanihill, " " 15 00
l,cvl uohinott, repairing bridge In Knox Township 10 00
f. A. Murray, part payment on Index contract ISO 01)
W. W. Belford, services as Auditor, one year iO0 00
Amount puiu lor cleaning court House aud for Postage.. 8 06
ALLOWED. Thursday, December 5, 1872.
Dr. A. Wolf, medical attendance on John Fee, lunatic,.... ( $187
" " " " " on Prisoners, .1 150
Richmond ft lluhn. merchandise our Countv otueor ' 5 N
John T. Itnper, puliltshing Commissioners' Report of 1809. ICO 00
waulngton heeum, support of John Foe, lunatic, aud
clothing for same, 83 00
Washington Kecton, 7 days, and 11 miles: services as
Couimitiionor, 2110
Patrick Kelluy, services ns Commissioner, 9 days and
SO miles 89 00
J, B. Martin, services as. Commissioner, 7 days and U
miles...... SS 80
II. II. Swann, services as Commissioner, from June 82,.. 67 80
II. II. Swaiin, two boxes for usoot Infirmary, 170
Transcript from docket of R. Sage, State vs. James Coughenour,
S54 0J. Slate vs. James Culdwell fU'ti 80, and Stuto vs. Cii.tteudeii
Awardud (Jennral Index contract iu Clerk's office to G. W. ft C.
W. Holland at 1,500 00.
Awardvdtleiier.il Index contract iu Trobnto office to II. II. M.ivo.
ht l.iVK) 00.
ADJOURNED SESSION. January 6, 1873.
Selected a site on Ilidrmni v farm, on which to erect nn Initrinnrr
buildin r, nml ordered Iciral iioliee to bo clvcn of tluiir intention t'i
cimMii'i iiuiioiug. AKo iuai senien proposals will ue receiveil at
the Auditor's oiUee lor Hie creel ion of same, until January 31, 1873.
ADJOURNED SESSION. January 6, 1873. Tuesday, January 7, 1873.
Appointed Richard Uraig to fill vaenucy in office of Coiiti'tv Sur
Commissioners go to Kngle and Richland Townships to examine
Contract with .Isnic stocks to repair a 'bridge ncrots Big Salt
Creek in Eagle Townsiiip.
January 8, 1873.
Authorize Auditor to Issue an order to Jamss Stocks, for roimiring
bridge, for $50 00. '
ordered that notice lie given that sealed proposal will lie receiv
ed at the Auditor's office, for tho building of two covered bridges
across Middle Fork of salt Creek, until 8 o'clock r. X ., on the 10th
mj oi r uurnnry, lot..
II. Redd, breakfast for Sheriff and Jury, f. . 14 5"
i.. itaynor, repairing coal-house. 8 00
u. o. i.inypooio, counsel nuu preparing notice for Com
missioners J3 oo
L. Spraguo, balance on extra work on Court ilouso and
Jan, $!75 00
January 9, 1873.
Official bond of Richard Craig, Surveyor, approved.
0. T. Gunning, two et Swan A Critchfleld, 8 80 00
Thomas Ank rom, bridge plank, g OO
Siebert ft Lilley, stationery, 8 S6
1. B. Martin, service as Commissioner 7 days and 18
Patrick Kelly, service as Commissioner 4 days aud 20
"I it w
January 31, 1873.
O. T. Gunning, merchandise per Countv Officers 10 55
neiiccca j uunier, Hoarding and washing lor lunatics.. . . luo
Sibert Lillur, lor stationery H UO
Richmond & Iluhn, lor hardware for Court House 8 25
J. W. Bowen, fur printing and stationery 3i 75
William Bolen,repairing bridge ij oo
Ordered Hint the Auditor issiln iltmlicntn rider v.. IU ir V Ti
Wolf ifr$ . (Original Order No. itf hkving been lost.)
Ordered that tUo Amllor mircliase n sufficient ninoont of ( nsl to
supply the County Offices for the remainder of the Winter, un j to
Opened bids for erection of inllrmary Buildliiif; and considera
tion of same publiclv.
Aiijoiirued hiiiii jreuiiiary iu, iht:i.
February 10, 1873.
A U'ftritc.l tllO PAIlfPll.'l ltt.ll.li.t. u. Cf.D...l
,i i . "unimig v . t vuicirn jinnies aoiois
Middle rork ot Salt Creek, iu Richlund Towusbip, to Joseph Stauloy
at $473 and $378 respectively.
Au-uriled tlm cniitriift il'nrnitlm. Ihn Inflmi... ll.ill.ll..n A r w
Gilmanat$S),0i5. "
Appointed J. B. Martin to superintended tho erection of said In-Onnury.
G. R. Bell, repairing fill to Moonvlllo bridge
Richard Cleiiivnts, repariug County Granary
$ 46 00
...... i .i in. 1.VUUIJ uiansir ,0W
IT. R. l Uvi.i.nU .-rill,,,, l..u. .11 i .YJ.
r. B. Davis, book case nnd desk for County Surveyor'
OUlee ' i oo
0. T. (iunulng, repuiring Clock in Recorder's Oilico 60
February 11, 1873.
PurcllAknd lhrn h lltl.l.v..! I mil. I.... a, T L W ...1.1 . ' i
. , " . ....w t.i jiHJiM Ul . a, it . uum, Rinixsi
of twenty cents each, to be act on Infirmary Farm, tutul $00. i
Aliuln c.nntmct ivll Ii I. Iffit-n ................. a .it.
lyl w vviiD.nii,h ijiitj uu vouuty jsii
W. V. Belford, sulary us Auditor, from December 4, 1872.
to date, '
i . . i.ciiuru, i-ostugo niainpH,
1 Kxpress charges on order book, .'...,'..'.'
H ashlngion 1 Kueton, as services as Commissioner to date,
Patrick Kellev. t . '
J. B. Martin, ' 0 n n u
1711 00
0 76
0 m
21 m
19 00
2$ 40
ui.ioreiiuiat the Auditor CHtimalo tho tax and Interest on thirty
Acres ot land, n .Section :., Township II, Range II), eroiieoiisly sold
for tuxes of lsi.l and Iwa, in name of John Kinney, and that he istue
.1 . . i , ,, ' "lr .,:R 'iic.Minicn lor umount due iindur said tax
..I..U, iiMiing cost 01 survey 01 sain lauds.
March 3, 1873.
Iiwoleiyervlwsat Prosecuting Attorney, y. yeai1, $ A
S. B. Ullom, work In Court Ilouso and Jail, . . J
san?onPR"Ro,l', Su'"'l'vl"0'"s receipt with record thereof and foiud
ALLOWED. March 4, 1873.
w;pw". noBMiug' ud washing for lunatir x'tL uD
-", '.viiuiKiiig nllu uouniing prison- ,
t w 11 '"'';.'"; 757R
U il-iii i",. ' I'r,nl,nJ? ' county MH0
iii r 1 . 8 '" wan lownsnip M 00
.A,,I11",on' "ll on Inllrinary Farm . . t ii
G. W. Sisson, Sundry article per County oakeri!.'.'.';.'." 14 00
March 5, 1873.
And A.nnU.l - . , . .
L J: i.h ,rr: F.r.". "rV,"i'"1M'.11' qn. round the same to
... ,,,cu,, Am,, exn in leu the Countv Treasurr
and found the requisite amount of funds therein. "-u7 .
&T'liftifcJfro ""illie par fJountyofilcer 1 m 80
Siebert A Lilley. reeonl book per Auditor... . ' ?2 S
""a6 l-. ISundT articles per tounty of-
t. A. Jfellon, m'ereha'naVs'e'periuiity offle'er .'.','.' ',.'' S m
, '.r , " wu.. v.. wunviiii ovanior ana u. IL. Bell si ha am.
!?rR70 '" tleaoulkC
foVbridrtr.urpT..OnC,','nonth0 '' the County
ALLOWED. March 5, 1873.
l.llk1S,",, 0T,l0T.' cftul,Hl'lng County Road, petitioned for br
b.,pa'u,rtr!olty,:urt ua z
Tn which nrilai II litlmnl Ttti.i i... 1,1. a h
jppeaU well from tlio asnonHinent of compoDgfttlSi and 1 dniniffJi at
A ul h.ivlirn 4l. ImOln. I.. I...... n- . J . .. '
, : " lonuo uu ,.rer 10 rrosccut ng Attorner
for 10 per cent, on lines and costs collected by said AtUiriiey. "
.V..J i .ii' i . . ." . yor, ior tue erection of
privy, on Jail lot, and approved tho bond of said Buynor for
Pari Horton. tabln anil man Air Ia,...in
T. A. Martin, muickandise per County olllcers . "!
U. 8. Claypoflleiounsel for Commissioner
Transcript from docket of Charle W. Holland',"j."i;
Joseph Thauker, total fees, $4 15,
$20 00
15 IU
Btato vi,
Washington Kecton, support of John Tee, lunatle m on
Patrick Kelly, services as Commissioner i J in
WMhlu gton lUeten, service MtftinnilMlonor "' ii ia
3. tt. Martin, ." " " J Z
W. W. Blford,lilanoe salary as for Auditor, quarter end-
, log March 4,173 t s, w
W. W. ltcirnrd. writing three bond
" " " part allowance under school law.
60 00
March 24, 1873.
Ordorod notice to be given of the Intention of the Board to build.
tno louowing oriuguH io-wic:
One covered brldjjo across Big Raccoon C'rcok, in Brown Town
One covered bridge across Little Roccoou Cruok, In Clinton Town
Ami one open bridge across Blir Raccoon. In Knnr Tnwnshln. ''
Also that sealed proposals will lie received at the Auditor's office,
until three o'clock P. u., on tho 80th day of April, 1873.
O. W. Oilman, part payment on Infirmary contract ,000 00
D. Will Brothers, Timothy seed for Infirmary farm 0 85
Mamuei oiar rigntor way ror urldgo. . , , . 1500
W. W. Belford, one-half allowance undor School Law '
for 1878 100 00
w. w. iiuiioni, Balance first half uuder School law for
1878 .' 60 00
O. T. Gunning, counsel for Commissioners 8 00
Kuwaru cerry, support or Joua cullcador, non-resident i;;
paupor...... H581
April 29, 1873.
Awarded tho contract for building tho Wortinan bridge Iu Brown
Township to U. W. Pilehor. at $1,450.
Bobbins bridge, In Clinton Township to R. D. Edward at $1,875;
and Beckloy bridge in Knox Township to U. R. Bell at $703.
Transcript from docket of John Drake, State va. John Barrett.
Hiram Hulhort, boardlug Jury $800
J; W. Bowen, printing for County ...w. 809 00
(r. S. Newconib, stationary 105 50
W . W. Belford, writing contract and for postage, T 8-J
Robert Sage, Btraw and filling bed-ticks in Jail. 1 9 00
W. W. Belford, part salary, quarter ending Juno 6, 1878.. . 150 00
T. A. Murray, part on Index contract t...,,-J00.O0
Georgo Ilohlren, baluncoon Bolon bridge contract....::.. Siffi DO
II. C. Bobbins, repairing bridge iu Clinton Township.,... t 00
William Clark, " " " Harrison - Town-
ship ; .,. 88 00
Tiioma iMagee, support Bridget Moore, non-resident
pauper , 67 CO
catnarino ragau, support P-atrlok Riloy. non-resident
pauper 48 00
April 30, 1873.
Examined orchard, ct on 'tho' Infirmary farm and condemn the
IT . 8. Claypoole, counsel for Commissioners $ 25 00
Patrick Kelly, services a Commissioner, 10 days, 40
miles :. 8100
J. B. Murtiu, services in Comuiissionor.lOdays.lWiniles.. 8140
ALLOWED. May 21, 1873.
Met as Board of Equalization.
Township Assessors' returns not all In.
Board adjourned until Thursday, June 5, 1878.
May 22, 1873.
Ordered that notice boVlven, ttmt soaled proposal will lio recciv
in, juniiiur s onieu unui a o eioea r. 11., Juno su, ltfill, fur building
- v u,... w.. ...i..f,l,lll lkllll.1 AIMYIinillfl.
O. W. Cilinan, -part payiniMit on Bobbins lirlilgo, iu Klk r
J. W. (iold, fruit inies, and setting sumo 011' Inilriiiary'
"'"' (si uu
June 21, 1878.
Petitioned of R. T!. Me.r.nnn!rln nml nllmi-a. t,ir n f'llllt.lL. Ditml lit
Knox Townsliip, presented. View and survey ordered. '
M. J. Robertson, support or Mary Cottrill, lunatic $ 0 (10
8. H. Winters, mistiiiiiiiig lunatics 281 IK)
" " " " urlsnnors 170 dr.
S. IJ. Ullom, repairs in Surveyor's office and Jail 0 50
n. 11. jiisuup, meiiicni service reuaereil, noii-rcsldeiit
pauper sa 00
Tuesday, June 3, 1873.
O. W. Gilman. cnntcnetcil In mnrn n Itnm nn Thnrinivv rot.,. fltv
$'100 00. . '
O. W. Gil man, balance on ttobbins bridge, Elk Towu-
r, . s'liP $ S0O 00
O. w. Pileher. part on Wortinan bridge contract, BOO 00
u. i mii:, jxitoiiio.v iuus, uicnaru innms, vs. com-
Richmond & lluhn, Sundry " articlea per ' County or-
flin'rs ., , . ai 14
Wolf, Pearca ft Co., Sundry articles per County of-
iiij.a j 70
Job Lucas, hufrr.nt.tlnir fni Innnii.ia ' n mi
(i. W. Sisson, Sundries per Countv officers 89 n
B. F. Wadn. Sundry articles per County articles 81 4(1
Unman, Ward ft Co., Sundries per County officers, anil
drafts aud Biiecification for bridge 77 00
G. W. Holland, Clerk leos, Richard Tiinnis vs. Commis
sioners " a m
George Kaler, Sheriff fees, Richard Tirn'mV' vs.' Coininis-
.loiiers,... 18 81.
Lantz ft Pearco, Sundry articles por County officers 8 40
W. W. Belford. frtiiirlit nul.l nn luw nf n mi
Chester French, repairs in Jail ond Jailer's 'resilience.'.'.'.' 0 00
. P. Dunklo, Sundry articles per Deputy Sheriff for luna- .
, tins ; , 28 88
S. C. hteinbiook, abstract of field notes' or Viiitou' Coun
ty 00 OU
W. W. Belford, balance salary us Auditor, for tbeouartor
,.r ?"'l,n Juu"' ' 1873 " 0 OO
" Belford, part allowance under act of April 17. 1S07. . 100 00
Authorize the Auditor to issuoau order for $70 each month
for his salary as such Auditor..
June 4, 1873.
V- .ncn. stationery for Treasury nnd Surveyor
aslnngton Kecton, sustiuinng John Fee, lunatic. . ;
Made tho following levies to-wit:
For County purposes, 4 .1 mills on the dollar.
Building and Iuflrniary und 3 .8 miles ou the dollar.
For County poor, 0 in ills on tho dollar.
$ 6 60
30 00
June 5, 1873.
Bell, part payment on bridge, South of Aliens-
villo ,. , ... $ 200 00
G. R. Bell, (part payment on bridgi West of 'Alieiis-
Vlll,. ... . . A..A
' " WO ISJ
James Wortinan, board for Jury, May term 0 00
Onltired tllSt notice 111. n.lviui flml- iunl...l niniiMinla tM tl.A I,. .11.1
us im cAivureu oruigo, across Allinue Fork of Salt Creek, in Harri
son Township, will bo received ut the Auditor's ofllce, uatil 3 o'clock
m., Monday, July 28, 187,).
V,,".trlut ,VT alxteou hundred bushels of coal, awarded to Conrad
senmidt, at B cents per bushel, and authorize an order to lie Issued
tor same upon completion of said contract.
Ordered that J. B. Martin, repair fence on Infirmary form.
...... l.n.ii ...i cm .i-viir n uiiico m 4 W
Richard Craig, making meridian line for Infirmary farm.. 3 no
Patrick Kelly, services as Commissioner H Iav.4n miles. an nn
'shi'gt'n Kecton, " " ' 10 88 " 88 2(1
J.B. Martin, " " " ' n 84 35 .uj
As board of Equalization mudo the following changes to-wit:
Deducted $203 n-oin valuation or Out-lot, No. 47, and $.115 from val
uation or Out-lot No. 01 In Wllkesvllle, in name of Fredrick
Cnrr. - .
Added $318 to valuation of part In-lot No. 70 nnd In-lot No. 77,
Wilkesvilli', in name of Eilwanl Irington.
iV.1.'"' t0 valuation of In-lot No. 3, Wilkosvlllo, In namo of if.
Miller. -
Added $40 to valuation of In-lot No. 48, Wllkosvillc, In name of
James McNeal. ....
Added $12 to valuation of In-lot No. 12, Wllkesvllle, In name of M.
Added $05 to valuation of In lot No. 42, Wllkesvllle, In name of
Margaret Deenier. .
Adilfd $32 to valuation or Out-lot No. 3, Wllkesvllle, in namo of
Jane Bain.
Added $13 to valuation of lu-lot No. 43, Wllkesvllle, la namo of
George Derry. ..... '
Addetl$4StovaliiatlonofIii.lot No. 74, WUkcsvlllo, in name of
Augustus Wells' lictrs.
Reduced Jonathau llloro's Assossiiiciit in Mad lion Towushln.froin
$3,500 10 2,500. "
June 23, 1873.
Contractor boililing an open box bridge across Cassill Run, In Knox
Township, to O. It. Bell, at $328.
Contract of building an open box bridge across Flat run In Knox
Township, awardud to Levi Robinett, ul $270.
Nancy Dowd, sowing for lunatics.. . f $4 B0
r w wt, ........ r..- ........ uu a
v. T. . liunvili III lllblll4 l.fl Ullllt.Ji OU UV
U. D. FaI wards, part payment on Bobbin bridge, Clinton
500 00
Transcript, State v.Owen Gallagher.
Patrick Kelly, Commissioner. 8 days, 40 mile.
J.B. Martin. " 4 84 "
W. Kecton,
11 00
. 40
July 28, 1873.
Contract for htilldlnr a covered brldire across Mlcldlo Fork, of Salt
Creek, In Harrison Township, awarueu to aiox. rr aru, at low.
I 80 80
J. W. Bowen, printing for County..
(1. R. Hell, nnrt navmeut on Koelon bridso. Brown Town.
- shin 125 00
O.W. ft O. W. Holland part payment on Index contract ., . 6U0 00
It, D. Edwards, part payment on Bobbins bridge, Clinton
Township ... , ' 400 00
T. A. Mu tv, spacing new Journal Index book.'. M) 00
I'nlrli k Kell V. Commissioner. A davs. 80 miles . 10 00
J.B.Martin, " 84 " .18 80
"" 8 days, Superintending Inllrmary building (0 00
Washington Keeton, Commissioner 8 days, 84 mile : 7 20
W. BELFORD, Auditor.
Or tho Receipts (including balance September 3,
1872,) and Disbursements by the Treasurer of Vinton
Couuty, Ohio, for the year ending August 30,
1873, also tho balance of cncli fund remaining iij
the Treasury at said date : j -
County , ..
tiunty Poor
Building and Infirmary
School and School Ilouso
Township aud Township Poor. .
Township Road ......
Interest, Section 80
Teachers' Instltuto '
Special Township'.
To redeem lands sold for taxes.
: Total
B KU K I I'TS.p IMU'HHK 1 11 A h A N C E,
NKT. I MKNTB. All.Vri3.
$ 12,7119 82
1I),SH5 77:
,(M1 071
1.1VI3 4(1
15.IMII Ul
85,750 20
4.0TU (11
- 1,NT2B
338 00
i .. 708 41
" 444 74
0,807 781
83 53
$105,504 88
$ 18,778 88
11,080 08
4,571 70
1,3M 4111
85.000 (H
1,107 HI
8-'5 10
. :;' 378 i
"1B 00
8,808 88
$ 60,033 86.
$ 81 00
6,0115 m
4,4m 118
M3 04
11,801 81
10,1108 05
1,350 45
-- 80 47
100 00
iA 40
819 74
8,405 54
83 53
$ 88,0o0ai
To lion. W. K. Hastings, Judge ; Vinton Count
'- Common Picas Court :
Your Committee, appointed to examine tho Report
oij ljlie Commissioners of Vinton County, O., for tho
year ending Angust 30, 1873, do 'report . that they
have examined the same and find it correct; except
one item of $50 allowed to T. A. Murray, for spacing
New Index Books, which said item, wo are of the
opinion'ls included in previous contract with said
Committee. Decmber 17, 1873.
Hereafter Santiago do Cuba will take unenviable
rank with Calcutta, whoso "Black Hole" will forever
furaiah history with one of its darkest pages. The
city in question was formerly the Capital of Cuba.'
It is a maritime city, and in 1853 containe4 a popu
lation of 21,263. It is tiie second city in sizo on the
island, and is situated on the Santiago river, she
miles from its mouth on the south coast. It is well
built, with wide streets and houses chiefly of stone.
The principal buildings are tho Cathedral, several
other" Churches, a college, and numerous convents
and 'schools. , Its port is four miles in length, is well
sheltered,, is 'defended by several ibrts, and is deep
enough for ships of the lin2. It is romantically situ
ated, being hemmed in by mountains, bub tho climate
is said to be very unhealthy.
Tim new Chief 'Justice was an old-lino Democrat.
In the days of Tanuv, he supported the Dukd Scott
view of politics and law. Originally a Now Yorker,
born in 1823, lie followed -Mr. Gkkicley's advice to go
West, and settled in Wisconsin, whora he b.icame a
local Judge. Mr. Ieuce appointed him Chief Jus
tice of Oregon, and Mr. Bucuanan retained him.
Tho Avar came on. Ho was a patriot,-joined tha Re
publicans, got into the United Senate, tlience entered
the Cabinet, and now climbs into the place made
illustrious by Marshall, Taney, and Chase, lie is
a lucky politician.
A Month's Expenses of the Government.
Washington, November 3. The payments made
bjthc Treasury Department by warrants during the
month of October last, were as. follows:
Civil and Miscellaneous $ 7,003,331 89
War ; 4,082,230 40
Navy 2,20(i,m 72
Interior (Pensious and Indians) 931,183 27
Total $14,832,805 37
Tho above does not include payments on account
of interest or principal of the public debt of the
United States.
Intense feelinsr has been excited at Madison.
' - .Cm '
W is., over the appointment of Attorney-Goneral
Williams as Chict Justice of the Supremo Court.
Not to put too lino a point upon it, it is charged that
Mr. Williams received $10,000 for his ooiaion in f;i-
' i -
vor of tho Wisconsin Central Railroad land claim
(which seems incredible), and that iu other matters
relating to that State his conduct lias ivon riso to
tho gravest suspicions. Wo are informed that Gov
ernor Wasiiuurnb strongly denounces the appoint
ment as an outrage.
True Rome (N. Y.) Sentinel pcrpetrntes the follow
ing: "Father, was Greeley elected?" twked an un
sophisticated twelve year-old of his Republican sire
Starting up with aitonishnii'iit, tho latter answered,
"JNo, why do you ask such a foolish question?" "Bo-
cause," said tho boy, "you 'said last fall if Greicluy
was elected there would be a panic, and evervbodv
says there is a panic now, ho I thought Greeley
must have been elected." That boy will niako liis
In view of tho many diflerent plans fur an "elastic
currency" suggested by tlio President and Secretary
of tho Treasury, and the dillloulty of eoimirehcndinjl
tncni, a correspondent suggests to us tho use of
gutta percha in the niaiiulacturo of greenbacks. Tills,
he says, would givo us an elastic currency that the
people could understand at all events, and oiio which
would be equally cITcetivo with the present currency
for moving tho crops.
The trouble between tho German and Spanish
Governments, growing out of tho capture of two
German vessels by Spanish ships in the Sooloo
Archipelago, is assuming a serious aspect. Tho
Gorman Government has ordered two war vessels to
be prepared for immediate service.
Tins is an ''off year." ' Tho Administration ring
grows fat lu' oJTAcc. Its orgnns batten on oJf M.
The times are perfectly aw-ful. There ia ft great
falling off in tho Admintrntion vote, and if It docs
not off-ct a remedy for tho money presure tho Ad
ministration had better pack up and be -itself.
Courier Journal.
Tins 40,000 Democratic majority in Texas, securing
Governor, State : olUccrg, Legislature and United
States Senator, is a permanent reconstruction of the
State. Its vote can bo counted on for n Di'moeriitfc
President as safely as that of 'Massachusetts can
against us.
en in rhiladcl-
Ix is said thcro are 35,000 workmen
pliia who are out of employment.' And yet they
allow Addition, Division, and Silenco to boar sway
over the city. ' .
It Tweed had gone South after tho war he
mig'iit now hro been Senator from South Carolina,
or a b)sota friend of Brother-in-law Casey. Another
instance of mUdircct talent
I ' t
7 ? T :
N$w Advertisements.
- Promotes bcnlthy ncllou of tlio Kin
vkn's Livkk nml Iiowki.h; In tliui'iiforo tlx)
greatest Illood l'urilli-r mill lloultU l'rcHi'i-ver
of Uio uxi'. (mil tmivt)ntmllsti:!ic.' by roniovinif
tboviuiHU. It bus Htooil (lie lent, unil It tlio
bunt iiitftlioiuu iu ut.- - - - ...
tTr.lc-S Just inn
AGHNTS' profits )r week. Will
urovu it or l'orfnit tOOO. Sew nr-
lllHt liltLe.ntnil. RniniiU.fi nniit. fiv.n ti nil.
AiMiHiH ,W. 11. CUIUksTEIt..!J(lT llroaihniv.
Now York. 4w
Tlio cheapeDt and beat Bulling AjronU' Illblea
in the nmrliet. For eimulnrn, Bildress A. .1.
110LMAN A CO., 030 Areli ht., I'lilK, 1'a. 41.
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any colored hnir to a pornmiioiit blink or
brown nnd emit ulna no, iioIhoii. Trnilo mip
plied at low rates. Address MAGIC I'OMU
CO., Springlleld, JIass. 4w.
CH O Hi iK you fi-co by mall tlio very best
l5c5'3r,A.sa?ic tetjss1
Wiiteat onte tol'OMKKoy&Co., 144 Ilroad
.. way, N. V. 4t.
T ING." How either sex may l'ascinnto
and eiiln tho lovo and nlfootlons ol any per
son tlioy chooso instantly. This Blmplu men
tal auiuiienicnt nil van possess, tree, by mull,
for23vts., together with a nmrriugo guide,
Kgyiitinii Oruelu, I)reuui9, Hints to Iudies,
Wcililiinr-Miflit Shirt, Ac. A queer book,
Addresa T. WILLIAMS & CO., I'ubs.rhlMw.
u For
Constis, ColdSjHoarseiicss,
- Vi XJso
Bold by DniKglstfl. 4v.
Tho highest Meilleal Authorities of Ku
rope sny tlio strongest Tonic, l'nrifler and
Duolistrueiit known to tho medicul world
It arrest deeny of Wtal-tmres, exhiuistion of
tlio nervous system, restores vigor to the de
bilitated, eleniisus vitiated blood, removes
vesicle obstructions anil arts directly on tho
Liver and spleen, l'rire fl a bottle. Address,
JOHN (j. KKl.l.OGUiite lJlnlt.St.,Ncw Vorli.
. I. P. FiruiE.-B.lnj nrrn, nri, I rdiiatil it tl
'nlTMlltTof l'onn'a in and aftar S0Tfri'eiprlcno
irfMtl br. Fitter'! Vegetable Rhcamal I
yran. I gnrnU UaalnftlliUaeanforNarra, Kit
lanlIUnumaUudluaiti. 8wornto,thli2ith April, 17
F. A. OSBOUIlN, Jtotary Pitblie. fhilt
l8norjrym8SOrtOnrodb?lt, andBlllMtiffranyoneiTrl
win,Mmlia,Pa. Rer..I.R.Iliichtin.Clarenpe,Iowa.Rci
-.O.Sraith, Pltttnr1,N.V.ReT..Io.flgini.Klla(;hurcl
hlla..4o. A (Slotart ahonld wri t Dr.Fit Inr, Phlla.,f or eipt
ttorr Pamphlet t Kaarantea.RTitii. If Ml Itnward foran tl
Vablaoaw.Noouronocliarge.areallty.Sold l)j dnmgiati
air l
Dr. Save' Ca-
ntarrh liemcdy
cures lir its mild, hoa
dlHoaso yields
hen the system lias
been nut in nerfeot
order wltb. Doctor
Pierre's IJolden
Ned leal Dlnco very, which fihoukl
betaken cnrncsllyto correct blood and
system, whiehHro nlways ntlault, nlso
to act specifically, upon tho diseased
glands of tho noso und its cbnmbcra.
Catarrh Kerned v should bo applied with
Dr. Pierce' Nnal DoucIio,wiUi
tvhlclt mcdlclno can bo carried Aioi up
and pcrcctlu applied toall parts of pas
sages nnd chambers In which sores and
nlcerg cxisLaiidfrnm which discharge
proceeds, bo successful has this course
ol treatment proven, that tlio proprietor
offers 8500 Reward for a caso of
"Cold in Head " or C'atarrA which he
cannot euro. Tho two medicines with
Instrument, for t?2, by all druggists.
turuti, PurlIt; ami Strtujthtm Hit System,
Dr. Tn It' rill a-.-e eoinposcd orinanv in
Kredicuts rroiiilii(!itiiniong them lire .Saisii
liiivilla nnd and Wild Cherry, so united us to
net together; tlio one, through Its ailinixtuio
Willi other substances, miril'ylng aud purg
liiKS wbilo tlm other Is stivngtheiiing tliu svs
teni. Thus thi'Ke pills are at the sumo time A
tonic nud a entbaiili', n ileHldeiatinu long
ought lor by medical men, but never befuni '
iliiicovei oil. lnotbor words, they do tho work
ol'lwo medicine and do it niiicli l.cttei than
any twou o know of, for they remove nothluir
I'riini the system but Impurities, so that while
they purgo they also strengthen and bcuco
they cause no debility und aro followed by no
lit. Titt'b 1'li.l.s liavo il wonderful Influ
ence on tho blood. They not onlv purlfv with
out weakening it, but tlioy ruiiiiivo all nox
ious particles fioiu tlio chvlo buforo It is con,
vorU'd into lliild, and tliim niakei iinpuru
blood an utter Impossibility. An thcro Is un
debilitation, so there is no nnusea or sickness
attending I lie opiieralion of thin must excel
lent medicine, which never strains or tortures
tlm digestive organs, but causes them to work
in a perfectly manner ; hence persons taking
them do not become pale und emaciated, but
uu theeuiilraivv, while all impurities aru be
ing removed, the combined action of tlio Bnr
saparelln and Wild Cherry purl lies and Invig
orates the hod v, und n robust, Mil Ul of health la
Ihn result ol' their united action .
l'rloeiificts. u box. Muli I by Ml DrnggUU,
Depot 4H Cortlnndl St., New Xork, -4L
"A New Tiling; miller the snn."
Fittetn OU PalutlnyHin a Hunk I
Never before was such nn Idea atlein pled for
book-illustration; every one who has seen it
pmnnuiicci it Hl'l'liltn. Mrs. Harriet Jleecher
htowu'i latest work.
Woman in Sntntt IfMory,
Is H series of nnrratlvo-skntchps. drawn from
scripturiil, bistoiiciil ami Icgeuilary sources,
Illustrated wlthHixuien ( huico Oil ( lironio",
lifter piiintiugs by the iiiohI celehretcd ar.lsts
'f tlio word, giving u rich und niiiKiiillcout va
riety of Oriental costume and IjciuiIv. Mrs,
Htowo In her charming- stvlo has written a
book full of Intercut, and with a dull page in
It, which even if not Illustrated would sell
rapidly; but tho "Ilrilllaut Oil-Color I'le
In res" make it c.no of the must iinhiie, origi
nal and remarkable honks ever oirered. Tlio
pictures, If publisheil acperalclv, would
readily soil for j each or fiW, while tlio en
tire book, with tho sixteen iiletunis, tugeMier
with sumptuous blndngs ol' tlio volume, can In
foul for otiu-lllth ot that nnioiint. I he Ixxik
sdublisheil In Kngllsli unil in (leinnin, mid Is
making a tremendous sensation among agents
and iniiismnn, because it is absolutely new
and "has money in It." To got pleasant work
and good pay, send for terms, circulars. Ait.,
address.!. II. r'Oltl) A ()., New York, lies
ton, Chicago, Hun Kin m lsco, nrCIn,
j am den jiills.
"TTTT'K liavo purchased ami filled up tha
V V above mills, o.nl solicit the trndo of
tho farmers of this vicinity.
Special attention glron to
Ami io irlvfi. in niitinn fini.nM
A. A. COZZK.NK. Mil i'Xi)nrlinrM nilllni ltn
a.. Ill ....I' ...111 a a .a . .
I'lmriru nf tint mill, ni.il u lil ii
fnlrly m givo gunurul bhIIh fuel ion.
Flour, Meal and Feed
On baud, and for sale at
July80,-ltft3. ' COZZKNS A JOHNSON.
Jt Mat Rati Yora T.iri. There Is no per
son living hut rhat sillier mora 6r less with
Lung DUim-ea, Coughs, Colds or (inaiiinp
Hon, vet soma would die rather than nv is
rents for a bottle of iniHllelne (list would euro
them. Dr. A. Itoaeheu's Uernisn yrup has
UlelV Im'CII IllllOlhll C'l In tlm Plllinl rv ln..n
(ioi'muy,tui-lu wouilrauaiiM aati'mUluis
nTerr one Willi I IT It. ir you iloillit What W
say In print, rut this nut ami take It to your
Drugglat, VOi.K, 1'IKIU K A C(J., und. get a
saninle IsHtlo froa ml Eharva. nmilu
ii. U. Us BUN.
Wwdburjr, J.

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